Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 570

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The deadline that Vermouth predicted was one year.

Of course, Eugene has no intention of filling that year. The deadline wasn’t certain, and Vermouth’s notice was only about how long he could endure. To put it simply, within a year, the demon king of destruction that Vermouth was holding on to would awaken.

What will happen then? Like in the mythological age, will Nur spread on a grand scale? Or, like the end of that time, will the demon king of destruction come down and wipe out the world?

I hoped it was the former. If the Demon King of Destruction descends directly, time is running out, even if it’s running out. If it is the former, it may take a little longer.

But before that. You have to climb the barbell. We must defeat the demon king of confinement. In order to reach the conclusion of saving Vermut and killing the demon king of destruction, you must first go over the demon king of confinement.

Thinking like that, I couldn’t imagine that the demon king of confinement was in a hurry. It’s a problem that I’ve been fainting for 3 months.

“Exhibition posture… … .”

Eugene groaned as he held onto his pounding head.

I heard the story from Anis.

It was a month ago that the demon king of confinement declared wartime.

In the past, Gavid Lindman would have been announced as the grand duke instead of the demon king of confinement, but Gavid Lindman died.

Even so, the demon king in captivity did not directly reflect his appearance. Former black mage lord. Because Amelia Merwin became incapacitated, she is the only confined samma who is alive and well at the moment.

Acted as an agent for the demon king of Balzac Rudebes’ confinement. All the screens in Helmud turned on arbitrarily, broadcasting the image of Balzac.

The promise made 300 years ago has been broken. Sooner or later, elites from all nations on the continent will invade Helmud. All demons who wish for war must gather at Babel.

Helmud does not avoid war. The humans who betrayed mercy will come to Pandemonium and challenge Babel on their own.

And die in Babel.

To summarize what I declared as an agent, it was like that. The first thing that was done after the declaration was the large-scale evacuation of immigrants who were not demons living in Pandemonium.

‘I thought it might be a hostage.’

Well, it is unlikely that the demon king of confinement will take Helmud’s immigrants hostage. Not long after the extreme evacuation policy was implemented, Pandemonium became a pandemonium just like its name. In other words, only warlike demons who wished for war were infested.

and a week ago. Pandemonium has moved to the borders of Helmud… … .

“After Helmud declared a state of war, the nations of the continent immediately began preparing for war. After each country recruited elite troops and recruited mercenaries, they deployed them on the border of Euras, close to Pandemonium. And your paladins gather here in the Vatican… … .”

“Wait, wait.”

I tried to listen to it all the way, but I couldn’t hear it all the way through. Eugene hurriedly raised his hand to stop Anis from speaking.

“Well, I don’t quite understand. Pandemonium has moved to the borders of Helmud… … ? That’s why you deployed troops on the border of Yuras?”


“no… … What the hell does that mean? Pandemonium is… … How do you move?”

I do not get what it means. Pandemonium is at the heart of Helmud. In the first place, Helmud’s ‘Empire’ was founded 300 years ago, centered on Babel and the Red Plain in front of it. Today’s Pandaemonium has become a cutting-edge city that is incomparable to the capitals of other countries, but 300 years ago, it was the Red Plains where the death squads marched.

“It is literally.”

I thought it was inevitable that Eugene was flustered. Even Anis himself, who said this, witnessed the movement of Pandemonium a week ago and had no choice but to be the flagship.

“It will be faster to see it than to explain it in words.”

Anise sighed and approached the window. When Eugene, who had fainted for nearly a hundred days, woke up. Too bright light can damage the eyes. That’s why Eugene’s room was dimly lit and had only dim lighting.

But it’s not without windows. Anise pulled back his thick curtains, and even pulled back the screens that were blocking the windows.

“It’s dazzling.”

“If you lose your sight, I will be your eyes.”

“No, you can just treat it.”

“What a reaction to hearing these romantic whispers.”

Anise grumbled and opened the window wide. A bright light instantly illuminated the room.

My eyes were sore and sore, but after blinking a few times, I soon got used to it. Judging by the tilt of the sun, noon had already passed. while thinking about it

“… … what?”

My voice couldn’t help but tremble. Eugene grabbed hold of his staggering step and approached the window. Then he grabbed the window frame with his hand and stuck his head out the window.

“Do you understand what I mean now?”

The distance is far. This is the Holy See in the capital of Euras. Change is a long way off. However, ‘that’ could be identified as a faint dot even from this distance.

How could I forget that look? 300 years ago. The ‘castle’ I’ve been staring at many times.

It reminded me of the battle on the Red Plains. The moment I ran across the battlefield to rush into Babel. While fighting against the black fog led by Gavid. At the moment when the plain became truly red as it was stained with the blood of the death squad and demons.

Everyone glared at that castle.

“… … Babel.”

Babel floats across the sky. Its appearance is different from Babel in ‘Pandemonium’. It’s not like a 99-story building. This is what it looked like 300 years ago. A dark and gloomy old castle that seems to have expressed the word ‘Mawangseong’ as it is.

As if the demon dragon Raizakia’s domain, the Dragon Demon Castle, was floating in the sky. Babel floats in the distant sky.

“… … A week ago. The demon king of confinement moved the entire Pandaemonium there.”

Anise said with a sigh.

“that… … It was an incomprehensible sight. Literally, Pandaemonium flew through the ‘sky’ and moved to that place.”

“… … Where is it?”

“It is right in front of Alcart Parish.”

Where the borders of Jurass and Helmud meet.

“The only thing floating in the sky right now is Babel. Pandaemonium came down to earth a week ago.”

Eugene also remembers it because he has been to Alcart several times. The name of the city located at the northern end of Juras is Neran. After passing through the gate there and crossing the open plains for several days, you will arrive at Alkart, the territory of Helmud. Currently, Pandaemonium descends on the border plains.

“Crazy bastard.”

Yujin laughed and murmured.

Should I consider it to have saved me the trouble of crossing Helmud? or not… … Do you think we’ll end the war right from the front lines of Helmud? Either way, it’s something a confined demon king would do.

Anyway, if Eugene is defeated by the Demon King of Confinement in Babel, the Demon King of Confinement will immediately invade the continent, just like he did 300 years ago. That’s probably why Pandaemonium itself was moved to the forefront.

“… … There was a declaration, but not all demons gathered at Pandemonium.”

Anis said with a long sigh.

“Young demons don’t know war. It seems that there are quite a few among the older demons who are more satisfied with their current life than the war.”

“It will increase over time. is not it?”

He glared at Pandaemonium in the distance and spat out.

I wouldn’t feel the ‘war’ right away, so I just didn’t dare go to the battlefield. However, the ferocity of demons is their nature. As time goes by, the number of demons gathering in Pandaemonium will increase.

“Even so, the superiority in forces is on our side. The birth rate of pure demons is not that high.”

Helmud is the largest and most powerful empire on the continent, but the percentage of pure demons relative to its territory is not that high. It is because demons live too long and the concept of parents and children is vague. Now, the number of human immigrants has exceeded the number of demons.



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Of course, no matter how small the number of pure demons is, considering the difference between the strength of demons and humans, Helmud’s military power is at a level that cannot be ignored. Even if elite soldiers from all the countries on the continent gathered here, they would not be able to gain a significant advantage in a power struggle with Helmud.

In fact, the biggest problem is the demon king of confinement. Regardless of the number of allies or the number of Helmud, all of that is meaningless to the demon king in captivity. To put it simply, this war depends on ‘when’ the demon king of confinement is defeated. The longer the war, the more demons will move in various places in Helmud. Demons who did not participate in the war will be guided by the smell of blood and release their instincts.

“It’s fortunate that the front lines are right in front of us.”

Eugene muttered as he closed the window. If Pandemonium and Babel had been left where they were, it would have been a headache to get there. Warp gates would be impossible to use in a wartime situation.


Eugene frowned and looked back at Anis.

“Balzac, that bastard has acted as a proxy for the demon king of confinement?”



“How do I know that? It must have filled the vacant staff seat of confinement.”

“Come now?”

“Wasn’t it you Hamel who didn’t consider that suspicious warlock an ally?”

“That’s the case, but I never thought I’d really stick to the demon king of confinement.”

In the battles thus far, when Balzac was involved, he was Eugene’s ally in every case. He wasn’t very trustworthy, but he never tried to betray.

I even thought about leaving my life in case I didn’t know. The idea that Balzac might betray the demon king of confinement. But in the end it turned out this way.

“Well, even if you want to betray, you’re in a position where you can’t betray.”

In Samar and Nahama, Balzac made enemies of the staffs of other confinement. Even the demon king of confinement himself did not punish Balzac for that.

Even so, in the end, Balzac is a black magician who contracted with the demon king of confinement. If the contract partner was a low-ranking demon, it would be possible for the black magician to use his wits and usurp the contract, but there was no way such a trick would work against the demon king. Balzac can never betray the demon king of Yupe.

‘Even if that’s the case, I’d never expect to act as a deputy for the demon king of confinement.’

Gavid is dead and Noir is dead too. All of the other confinement sammas also died. As a result, Balzac naturally became the only aide to the demon king in captivity.

‘Did you aim for that?’

Considering that he helped kill the other warlocks, it’s not very likely, but… … The Balzac that Eugene had seen was not ambitious about power. However, he did not actively wish for war like the high-ranking demons. What Balzac pursued was his own ideal.

To become a legendary wizard that will go down in history.

“It’s not like he’s trying to become a legend by killing me or Senya.”

If so, Balzac is an idiot. Eugene sincerely thought so. No matter what Balzac does, it is impossible to harm Eugene and Senya.

What kind of plans does this guy have? I don’t know if he has a plan, but if he meets Balzac in Babel. If Balzac stood in the way as an enemy.

Eugene would not hesitate at all. Senya would too. Whether we meet in Babel or on the battlefield, if it is an ‘enemy’, we will kill it unconditionally. I will destroy the ideal of wanting to become a legendary wizard.

“By the way, where is Senya?”

“At this time, you should be leading the magic corps of the new army.”

“that… … I was going to ask you earlier, but I gave up. I don’t know, so I’ll just ask. Why is it Shingun?”

“Of course, Hamel, it’s an army led by you as the commander-in-chief.”

Yujin’s eyes trembled at the answer that came back with a calm face.

“Hamel. You are the Emperor of the Holy Empire, Yuras, the representative of the Allied Powers, and the Commander-in-Chief of the God Army.”

“Who do you want?”

“All the leaders of the coalition agreed. So, who is out for three months?”

“It’s not something I want to do… … ! And what else is Shinhwang?”

“Euras is a religious nation that serves the light, and the pope is a religious leader. And you, Hamel, have been entrusted with divinity by the Light. Isn’t it?”

“… … .”

“You are also the light, so how is Shinhwang?”

“I am… … I said I don’t want to be a king… … !”

“Do not worry. It’s only in name, but the Pope will take care of the state affairs as before. And even though he is the representative of the alliance and the commander-in-chief of the new army, no one wants you to manage the alliance and the new army.”

Anise snorted and said. He said he didn’t want to do it, but he couldn’t help but feel a little irritated when he said that openly.

“why? I might have the qualities of a king that I don’t even know about.”

“My God, Hamel, are you seriously saying that? I’ll admit that you have charisma, but to be honest you don’t have the talent of a king.”

“… … .”

“You, who often act alone and don’t care for your own life and run to the front by yourself, are kings! Just imagining it is terrifying. Hamel, if you become king, all your servants and knights who serve you will become mentally ill from stress.”

It’s something I can’t deny, but hearing the story openly made my heart ache. Eugene pursed her lips and muttered.

“… … You just have to be brave.”

“You seem to be talking like a motherf*cker.”

“You talk too much.”

“I will correct it. That just sounds disrespectful to Moron. As for Moron, he founded the country and ran it well.”

Eugene clutched his chest, unable to refute. He looked back at Mer and Lymirah with some hope. However, neither of them could stand up for Eugene in this matter, so they quietly kept their mouths shut and averted their eyes.

I thought it was only natural that the stubby-haired Mer would do that, but I didn’t know that even Raimirah, who was on her side no matter what, would avoid staring at me… … ! Eugene’s fists trembled with regret and sadness.


The window, which had been closed at best, burst open. The one who suddenly raised her head was Senya, who was said to be leading the magic corps. She looked at Eugene with her tear-filled eyes.

“you you… … ! I finally woke up… … .”

“Hey, who is better, me or Moron?”

Before sharing a tearful exchange, Eugene first asked about that.

“… … what?”

“Which is better, me or Moron?” … .”

“You, now, waking up in three months, do you think that what you say to me is right?”

I don’t know what kind of conversation they were having to ask such a question, but this one thing was certain. Right now, Eugene shouldn’t have said such a thing.

“… … hmm… … .”

I could see the tear-filled eyes being consumed by anger. Yujin hesitated for a moment, then smiled awkwardly.

“hi… … ?”

blah blah!

Senya’s fist slapped Eugene’s cheek.

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