Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 571

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“I did as you asked.”

Senya, who was closing the window, suddenly said so.

Eugene’s shoulder trembled as he caressed his tingling cheek. ask. A request she barely conveyed with her hazy mind before passing out.

“know? The city was originally Iris’ territory, and it was said that it was a forest area where only Dark Elves lived. It’s funny, right? You’re obsessed with the forest after you’ve ceased to be an elf.”

“… … .”

“That old Iris is so hateful that even thinking about it now makes my teeth gnash. But the Dark Elves who followed her. what… … After becoming a Dark Elf, the mental state was equally bad, but there are still some elves who were forced to fall because of horsemen, or were kidnapped by Iris and forcibly corrupted?”

“what… … Maybe.”

“And, there are many elves who died from Iris.”

After saying that, Senya hesitated for a moment and glanced at Eugene’s expression. Just a few minutes ago, she woke up in three months and screamed and slapped me, asking what bullshit she was talking about. Now Senya was looking at Eugene like a puppy who had committed a bad mistake.

“… … So, as a tribute to the victims.”

Eugene looked at Senya’s face without saying anything. Senya was a little afraid of that silence. It’s because he knows how cold-hearted Eugene is when he gets serious or gets angry, even though he usually looks foolish and lacking in words and actions.

“I turned the city into a forest.”

“… … .”

“you… … You asked to erase the city. Though, think about it. Wouldn’t it be a little, no, very strange if that vast land mass were empty? Rather, it will bounce more. So, I just made it into a forest.”

“… … .”

“Well, um, there are no graves or tombstones, of course. It’s just an ordinary forest. like Samar. There is no trace of Jebela City… … .”

“good job.”

The moment you stutter and try to make excuses. A suffocating laugh interrupted his speech. Eugene continued her words, shaking her hand roughly as it groped her cheek.

“If you thought that was good, then I am fine. It was me who left it to you and fell for three months.”

“… … .”

“Thank you for your concern.”

Yujin said that and got up from the bed.

– Jjallang. It’s a small sound. But Senya heard the small sound of the two rings colliding. Senya sighed as she glanced at the necklace that was inside the thin hospital gown.

“… … This is obvious, but that consideration is. I’m not being considerate of Noir Jebela. I honestly don’t want to care where that wicked bitch dies, how, and what emotions she dies of.”

“Of course it is.”

“This consideration is given to you, Eugene Lionheart, by Senya Merdein. Both Anis and Cristina agreed. We don’t want you to be buried in the ‘dream’ of the city. I don’t want a portrait of the years that passed away from the time you will live in the future. but that would be impossible greatly… … Because it was very deep and thick.”


“There will be times when you have no choice but to look back. Whether it’s because of lingering feelings, or because of feelings, or in a dream. When… … .”

Senya’s lips pouted. She hesitated for a moment, then let out a deep sigh. She even twisted her hair on the side for no reason. Then she let out a deep sigh, and opened her arms wide to embrace her Eugene.

“If you only see empty ruins, it’s so desolate. So, it’s made of forest. I also like the forest. The forest is, um, full of vitality. is not it?”

“is it?”

“Yes, the forest is full of good energy. The fact that Senya, who was born and raised in the forest, became a great archmage is proof. And Eugene, where are you from 300 years ago? I heard you grew up in the Turas frontier forest?”

“that… … I did.”

“You can cover the gloomy memories of the past with the good memories of the future.”


Senya’s hand hugged Eugene more tightly.

“… … later, when it’s all over. I will live in that forest. Of course you too.”

“… … Do rivers flow in the forest?”

Senya’s shoulders trembled at the sudden question. She stared at her Eugene’s face with a slightly embarrassed expression, and then shook her head with a ‘tsk’ of her tongue.

“That damn bitch showed me all sorts of dreams? river? not flow yet I’ll make it flow later. I mean, it’s a separate big window. and… … And, through the good energy of the forest… … .”


A question to ask. Senya’s eyes shook dizzy. Anise, who was looking at the scene as if it were unseemly, grumbled the same, ‘tsk’ her tongue.

“Are you going to live in a forest where no one lives, are you trying to establish a family of woodcutter? Or a forest keeper? Senya, Cristina and I agree that we made a forest on that land mass, but we don’t want to live there for the rest of our lives. I wonder if it’s a villa.”

“What about the forest?”

“Since ancient times, people have to live together with other people. Look at you and Hamel, who grew up in the Hollow Forest, are there any flaws in your character?”

“I lived with an elf!”

“Elves are not people.”

“So, Anis, is your personality like that because you live with people?”

“No, I have a lot of problems with my personality in many ways. When I was young, all around me were garbage, not people. So, we shouldn’t have our future children go through the same process as we did.”

irene of the future Yujin’s shoulders trembled slightly as they started talking about it naturally. However, Eugene could not bear to refute that Anis was wrong.

Even Eugene himself admits that Hamel, who lost his parents on the border of Turas and became alone, has a different personality. On the other hand, what about ‘Eugene Lionheart’? Isn’t Eugene’s personality very good when he grew up with the kindness of his father Jehad in the secluded but peaceful country estate of Kiel? Didn’t Hamel’s shitty personality eased quite a bit as he grew up as Eugene?

“Right, what about your father?”

When I thought of Jehard, I suddenly felt worried. Before leaving for my Bella City, I explained his rough situation, but if his son hasn’t come to his senses for three months, he must be worried.

“Instead of you not waking up, Christina and I worked hard to convince you.”

“I did too. Jehard-nim ​​must have thought it was Christina.”

“Zehard is staying at his home. He was ambitious, but isn’t it a little too much to come and stand on the battlefield with a sword?”

Currently, Anicilla, Jehard, and Princess Isla are in the main house. Elves and dwarves who suffered from horse disease remain. In addition, all the troops of the main family, who are capable of fighting and willing to participate, are gathered at the outpost of Neran.

Only a unit and an apprentice were left for border defense, and the same goes for the Knights of the Black Lion. In addition, the collateral also voluntarily supported it, so it would not be an exaggeration to say that Lionheart’s total strength was gathered at the current Neran outpost.

Ryan Hart is not alone. All carefully selected elites from each continent are gathered in Neran. Thanks to this, Neran is now the most crowded military city on the continent.

“Except for the officers, most of the troops are in Neran. I was just in Neran because of my magic corps training.”

I hadn’t heard who the executive was, but I had a rough guess. Among the Paladins who were appointed by Lionheart, it must be the leader level and the archmage of the 8th circle or higher. It was difficult for Eugene to understand that such an official had to remain at the Vatican. Isn’t it right to place it in Neran, where the front line is right in front of you?

“It is for Eugene-nim.”

Cristina, who had changed before she knew it, replied politely with her hands together.

“Isn’t it something that someone might assassinate Eugene, who hasn’t regained consciousness? The demon king of confinement will not order it, but the state of war has been declared and the demons have already moved. The demons, blinded by the sense of justice, may decide on their own and try to assassinate Eugene.”

“The Vatican’s defenses are strict, but it’s something you don’t know about. That’s why I left the officers in the Vatican.”

“So, did you try?”

“Was it six times?”

Senya tilted her head and looked at Cristina.



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“Among them, there were high-ranking demons within the 50th rank. Well, if I kill you, there’s no need to go to war. Perhaps he hoped the Alliance would respond with repeated assassination attempts.”

“In fact, when Senya-sama made the first assassination attempt, she tried to shove Meteor into Pandemonium, which came into view.”

“I was just a little scared. I didn’t get stuck.”

Senya protested with an expression of regret. Seeing that, Yujin couldn’t help but feel relieved. He might have woken up not in the Vatican, but in a temporary barracks on the front line.

“Then, now that I’ve come to my senses, can I go to Neran?”

“Where are you going?”

Senya jerked her head away and stared. At that gaze, Eugene couldn’t help but blink his eyes. He’s sober and his body is fine, so what’s the reason to stay in the Vatican?

“Why did they put you in the Vatican in the first place? It would have been nice to have it laid in Neran or Lionheart’s home.”

“uh… … I know… … . Why did I go to the Holy See… … .”

“This is the center of the faith in light.”

Cristina walked lightly to the window in the other direction.

“In order to open the eyes of Eugene, who has not been able to wake up for a long time, I thought that along with treatment and nursing, prayer was needed.”

Eugene recalled the sight he saw right before he opened his eyes. Countless small lights and a voice calling Eugene’s name. A cold sweat broke out on Eugene’s forehead at the thought. Meanwhile, Christina pulled back the curtains over the window on the other side and opened it wide.

“… … .”

A huge square in front of the Holy See. I could see that there were a lot of people gathered there. All of them knelt in place, hands clasped together, heads bowed deeply.

It’s a prayer. There were so many people sitting in one place and praying, and I could hardly hear even a murmur.

Be quiet, close your lips, and say it in your heart.

“All of them are followers of Eugene-nim.”

Christina whispered with a proud face.

“Of course they are not all. Believers praying for Eugene’s resurrection are all over the continent.”

“… … .”

“Now that you have opened your eyes like this, before you go to Neran, shouldn’t you come and give a short speech in front of the faithful?”

Eugene’s lips trembled and trembled. He swallowed in a gulp, barely closing his lips parted by despair.

“nine… … Why? I really need to… … .”

“This is the last chance to explode your faith before entering the war against the demon king of confinement.”

“Is faith the bomb? Let it explode.”

Although she replied with disgust, Christina’s opinion itself was not wrong.

A duel with Gavid relayed to the continent. And Jebela City, which was destroyed in one night. Faith in Eugene, not ‘light’, must have risen endlessly during the three months he was unconscious. And before going to war, he raises his faith to the limit with a speech to the believers… … .

Anyway, ‘training’ doesn’t have much meaning to Eugene now. Even if you meditate, your strength itself will no longer increase. In a desperate struggle with Noir Jebela, he expanded the vessel to accept faith. It was no longer confined to the form of the Levantine.

but. Even considering that, the divine power of light is too great. Even if you resonate with the saints, use ignition, and unite with the Levantine, it is difficult to handle all the divine powers of light.

so you have to take it

What Eugene needs right now is to take away his faith in the light. The light that has been accumulated over a long period of time, no, the faith accumulated in many other names, and the divine power born from it, are made into ‘Eugene Lionheart’.

It was a method that could not be used in the battle with Noir. However, it can be used against the demon king of confinement who declared wartime and established the front line. A war that threatens the entire continent. The Second Coming of the era 300 years ago. If defeated, the continent will end.

save the world for the world This was a great cause in any era. If Eugene steps forward. If you shout out to me for victory. Even the followers of light and other gods will yearn more earnestly for the victory of the war, for Eugene Lionheart to defeat the demon king of confinement.

“… … .”

If so, Eugene’s divinity will expand, and the container to accept the divine power of light will grow as well. Even without using ignition, you will be able to handle that enormous divine power, and if you use ignition, you may be able to discuss death with the demon king in confinement.

I understand in my head.

“Huh… … .”

I understand, but speaking, I didn’t want to do such a terrible thing. What the hell are you supposed to say in front of so many people? Even when I held a press conference after revealing that I was Hamel, I just wanted to kill everyone or just die, but should I do that insanely embarrassing thing again?

“What are you worried about? Everyone over there is you or a follower of light. Even if you suddenly poop, they will shed tears, saying it’s a miracle.”

“Eugene-nim doesn’t poop.”

“What… … what bullshit is that? How come people don’t poop? Even if you eat dew, shit will come out.”

“Please, Senya, please don’t talk about things that look messy and lacking. I mean, when Eugene-nim recites Shingo in front of his followers, he would never do such an act.”

“Why are you acting as if it was decided that I would give a speech when I didn’t say I would?”

“Aren’t you going to?”

“no… … If you have to… … uh… … no… … Because I have to… … I’m going to… … .”

“If you don’t, I’ll read your will.”

Senya smiled mischievously and whispered in Eugene’s ear.

The moment he heard those words, goose bumps ran through Yujin’s entire body. history? The wills he left for Raman before leaving for Jebela City. If he was alive, he said to burn it unconditionally… … .

“Raman is a dog!”

“Uh-huh, calm down, he didn’t betray you.”

“But why!”

“Since you’ve been sleeping for so long, I figured you wouldn’t know when to go! If you die, you won’t have to leave a will!”

“So you’re saying that I didn’t even die, but you rushed to hand over the will?!”

“no? When he was at Ryan Hart, he alone held your hands and said, ‘What shall I do with the will…’ … I overheard him sighing. So I took it.”

Are you proud of that now? Eugene stared at Senya, her eyes quivering in disbelief.

“I didn’t read it because they said they would commit suicide by cutting their throats if they read it, don’t worry.”

“Don’t play with Eugene’s determination, who even wrote a suicide note.”

“I struggled to read the will I left for you.”

“I swear to the Light that I never did, Senja-sama saw it not me, but Anis-sama.”

“… … speech… … .”

He spat out while grinding his teeth.

“Because I will… … Give me the note, burn it right away.”

“I have speeches if you need them.”

Senya smiled and took out a thick paper roll from the inside of her robe.

“This is a speech written by Carmen Lionhart herself. how is it?”

“Are you really the devil?”

“I’ve been in love with myself for three months and worried people. Isn’t this level of anger acting cute?”

Having said that, Eugene was unable to answer. He clenched his fists tightly and let out his anger, then let out a deep sigh.

“I don’t need a speech. I’ll just say a few short words as I think of them.”

“Do whatever you feel like.”


Eugene narrowed his eyes and stared at the inside of Senya’s robe.

“What is the phantom demon’s eye?”

Senya’s shoulders trembled.

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