Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 572

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Of course I thought he would ask, but I never thought he would ask at this timing. Senya’s face, who had been giving her medicine with a mischievous smile until just now, hardened. She hesitated for a moment, then nodded her head.

“You said that too. I will take it.”

“I’m asking where you are.”

After a short sigh, Senya opened her robe.

“… … .”

A necklace hanging around Senya’s neck. A jewel like a purple diamond. Eugene’s eyebrows twitched.

I didn’t expect it to be the shape of a real pupil, but to think that it would be made of jewels and worn around the neck. The reason why Eugene was especially surprised was that he didn’t feel any special energy even though there was a ‘phantasmagoric eye’ right in front of him.

“It’s sealed.”


“huh. It’s hard to deal with. Magical power also flows through the iron.”

Senya let out a deep sigh and lightly touched the necklace with her fingers. So the seal was lifted for a while.

why did you seal it? Why is it difficult to handle, and it is said that mana flows through it? I could immediately figure out why. The moment Senya’s magic seal was lifted, the jewel emitted a bewitching light.

ㅡHwaaaak! An immense amount of magical power poured out of the jewel. And the magical eye of the fantasy that was invoked arbitrarily synchronized with the magical power.

Kurur… … ! The whole room vibrated and began to ooze and sway. This is not reality. It’s just that the magic eyes of illusion are consuming mana and running amok.

Yujin furrowed her eyebrows and looked back. She was looking at Christina’s expression. Fortunately, unlike Noir Jebella, that ‘phantom eye’ does not subdue the opponent’s mind and forcibly drag it into a dream. It is because it is Noir’s own authority, not the magic eye of fantasy.

However, the runaway caused by randomly receiving and consuming mana without restraint becomes rather a blatant mental attack. That’s why Cristina also felt a slight headache and couldn’t help but frown.

Christina’s face disappeared with a crackling noise. The illusory demonic eyes projected the image of Noir that Eugene remembers at will. Noir looked back at Eugene and smiled at her. That smile was also the one Eugene remembered.

– Hamel.

and voice. Eugene clicked her tongue to clear her mind. That alone shattered the illusion. Noir’s face disappeared, and Christina returned to her true form.

“Do you know why it was sealed?”

Senya sighed and touched the jewel. Then, all the mana that poured out was returned, and the power of the illusionary eye disappeared.

“I don’t know what illusions you all had. That’s how tricky it is.”

“Can’t you handle it at all?”

“What do you see me as? I can handle it. Although very tired and irritable. It also consumes energy. That’s why I usually seal it like this.”

Senya grumbled and closed the robe she had opened.

“Still, um, it’s nice to have such high-quality, pure, and endless magic. It’s much stronger than Amelia Merwin’s magical power, so Senya-sama can use it well.”

“… … .”

“Actually, even if I don’t control the magic eye of illusion, I can create spiritual power by combining this magical power with my mana… … .”


possibility of not knowing. Eugene’s eyebrows wrinkled. He stared at Senya for a moment, then opened his mouth again.

“Could it be the soul of Noir Jebella in the phantasmagoria… … Do you have any thoughts left?”

The face and voice of Noir that just appeared from the rampage. What if it’s not just a fantasy? What if noir’s remnants remain in the magic of fantasy?

Eugene had no choice but to keep that in mind. When he killed Noir, he did not use his divine power or his divine sword. Noir’s soul did not perish.

-If I were reincarnated like you someday. So if we meet by chance.

The words Noir had whispered before dying made Eugene’s head dizzy.

could have been destroyed. I couldn’t even use his divine sword because I couldn’t use his divine power. The ominous light of the moonlight sword melted into Levantein could be used.

what was not written.

In the end, it was because Eugene also thought of the ‘someday’ that Noir said. I couldn’t bear to extinguish Noir’s soul. Because I don’t want to destroy it. So, just… … just had to kill

“… … doesn’t exist.”

Senya sighed and shook her head.

“I can’t help but worry about that, but Noir died right in front of us. the soul… … You must have gone where you were supposed to go.”

“You have a precedent.”

Eugene laughed and said in a joking tone.

“When I died 300 years ago. Who was it that encased my soul in this necklace and kept it?”

“that! You kept it for a reason. uh? You even wished for it as a will! In a world where all demon kings are dead! Because I want you to be reincarnated!”

“Yes, yes.”

“anyway! That damn dreamer is dead. Someday, whether you reincarnate as a man, a woman, or an animal! It’s none of my business, and there’s no remnant left in the magic of fantasy!”

“Then why are you running out of control?”

“Did the Moonlight Sword go out of control because it had an ego? They go on a rampage because they forcibly handle powers that do not suit their circumstances!”

Taking the moonlight sword as an example, Eugene couldn’t ask any further.

Well, what is the reason for Senya to collect Noir’s soul, and if there is something left in the demon of illusion, what is the reason for hiding it. Rather, if such remnants remained, Senya would have annihilated them right away.

“You, stop talking and quickly get dressed. You don’t have to give a speech!”

“Are you doing it today? … ?”

“Then what about tomorrow? huh? Or the day after tomorrow? You’ve been sleeping for three months, but you’re going to drag on for more time, right?”

I’ve been thinking a little bit, but I’m going to have a person like this. Feeling sad, Yujin grabbed the lower hem of her hospital gown. She then lifted it up proudly.


Senya turned her head while screaming at her abs, which had become even clearer because she was dry.



Christina and Anis screamed the same. However, the saints did not turn their heads and only slightly covered their eyes with their hands. With your fingers wide enough.

“You, what are you doing?”

Senya blushed and fired.

“Tell me to change your clothes.”

To be honest, Eugene didn’t understand that reaction.

Even Moron had taken off his upper clothes 300 years ago, and on the battlefield where supplies were insufficient, Hamel had no choice but to wear rags that were no different from taking off. Besides, aren’t there quite a few times when your clothes weren’t yours even after fighting a battle in your current life?

“Do you want to change in front of someone?!”

Although he didn’t say it directly, Senya felt unfair. There are times when you can’t help it and times when you can’t. And now, of course, wasn’t the time.

“There are a lot of things to argue about, so what should I do?”



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“etc… … I’ll be turning my back Get changed.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to leave the room?”

“No, because you might run away because you don’t want to give a speech.”

“Am I a kid? If you don’t want to do it, run away.”

“Anyway, no. Change gently… … .”

ㅡ Hugs.

A shadow in the corner of the room suddenly soared. Eugene blinked her eyes, wanting something for a moment. The fact that he didn’t feel any hostility at all, and the trivial conversation just now disturbed Eugene’s judgment.


Ciel burst out from the darkness lingering in the shadows. It wasn’t just Ciel. Gilade and Gion, Xian and Carmen. Alchester and Ivatar, Orthus, Ivik, Raphael, Honein and the archmages. All the officers of the new army came out of the darkness together with Ciel.

“… … .”

The power of the dark eyes that eroded into the shadows so that Eugene prayed every day to come to his senses, and to easily check his condition.

I understood the situation belatedly. With a stiff face, Yujin pulled down the hem of her jacket that had been rolled up as if nothing had happened.

“… … .”

Everyone was silent. I found out later that Senya, who hastily returned from Neran, went to Eugene’s room. So, all the executives came to Eugene’s room with Ciel’s magical eye. Why, Eugene, who woke up after three months, tried to take off her clothes in front of Cristina and Senya.

“Oh my, oh my… … .”

Melchis blushed alone and covered his cheeks with both hands. She whispered as she crept behind her in the darkness she had just stepped out of.

“what are you doing? Don’t be careless. Everyone wants to go back, since he came back from the dead, shouldn’t we let him write a moving history?”

Tempest was right. He had to kill Melchis El Heyer immediately.

Eugene gritted his teeth and glared at Melchis.

“Not like that.”

“No, what isn’t it? Even if it’s really not, Senya-sama and Saint Christina will be sad if you say no.”

“Because it’s not Mr.”

“Seed? did you just call me Mr. Did you completely forget when you were young? Don’t you remember how good this older sister was to you when you were a cute human kid?”

“Ah sir… … .”

“Again? yes, go ahead what’s behind Mr. Is it a foot or an arm? uh?”

Melchis waved his arms and legs proudly. Yujin’s fists trembled at that nasty look.

can’t i kill it? Can not be done. It’s hard to believe with that behavior, but Melchis is a human who can argue that he is the strongest on the continent. Among the executives immediately in front of me, Carmen would be the only one who could see Melchis’ strength and match.

“… … .”

If it was a world where a madman like Melchis had to discuss the continent’s strongest man, wouldn’t it be better to perish? That lunatic is the world’s greatest elementalist? Eugene sincerely thought that for a moment.

[Melchis Elhere is not a bad Elementalist.]

Suddenly, Tempest’s voice was heard.

‘You stupid bastard. Are you infatuated with that woman? … !’

[Don’t get me wrong, Hamel. I do not approve of Melchis. But she is not the terrible person I was when I first had her prejudice, so she judged so coldly.]

You looked too deep into the abyss. Yujin thought so and gasped to relieve her anger.

“Are you okay?”

Gilade hurriedly approached Eugene.

“Your breathing is irregular. You’d better rest a little more.”

He was just angry and his breathing was rough. There’s no way Gilreid wouldn’t notice that, but he aimed to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

“Brilliant lion, your halo is more brilliant than before, but your body is shabby and withered.”

Carmen, who simply wanted to say ‘brilliant lion’, shook her head and sighed.

“… … Is it really not like that?”

Ciel glanced at Eugene suspiciously. Xian let out a deep sigh and came to Gil Reid’s side, spread her arms wide and hugged Eugene.

“I’m glad you woke up safely.”

Are they just brothers? Eugene hugged Xian in the same way, feeling a subtle emotion.

“You didn’t get married while I fainted, did you?”

Xian’s face contorted at the quiet question.

After the disturbance was settled, Carmen and Melchis were forced to take an oath.

Never, never intrude on a speech. Do not speak out. Do not mix in with the crowd and induce the chants. don’t scream Never do anything, just listen.

In fact, he told me not to listen and not even look at him, but Carmen went so far as to say that he could never do that, so I had no choice but to compromise.

Vatican of Eurasia. Once a year, there is a service presided over by the pope for each birthday of the Holy Family. At that time, the pope stands at the highest point of the Baekwon Palace and looks down on the square.

“This way.”

It was a sudden request, but it was not at all sudden to Pope Eurys. Of course, he was also in a position to think that Eugene should give a speech, and it was Euryus’s opinion that he gathered the believers in the great square in front of the Vatican to pray.

That’s why Euryus was willing to open the roof of the Palace of Baekwon.

“Are you really not going to wear the Holy Crown?”

The pope asked with a sad expression on his face. In his hand was a splendid five-tiered crown adorned with gold and precious stones. It is a crown made only for Eugene, which is incomparable to the three-tiered crown that the pope wears in public.

“How do you use something that looks so heavy? I will break my neck.”

“But in this historic speech… … .”

“Even if I die, I won’t use it. In fact, I don’t even want to wear a cloak like this.”

“Eugene is the Emperor of Yuras.”

“Who said that… … .”

Yujin grumbled and looked down at her clothes. A red cloak in a splendid white and gold color combination. This is also the clothes of Emperor Yuras prepared by the pope.

“Right now Eugene is not speaking as a member of Lionheart. As the commander-in-chief of the new army and the prosperity of Juras, he is giving a speech before going to war against Helmud and the demon king in captivity. so… … .”

“Okay, I know. That’s why you’re wearing this instead of the Lionheart uniform. but sex doesn’t work no.”

Eugene cut off the pope in disgust. Even the pope nodded his head politely, not recommending any more at the intimidating feeling that was subtly revealed.

“… … Before your speech… … Promise me a few things.”

Gilade, who was standing there with a worried face, approached.

“Please, in that speech… … hmm… … Please do not use profanity.”

“Of course I won’t.”

“and… … Also, don’t say anything threatening.”


“If the war is defeated or the situation is unfavorable, even civilians have no choice but to be forcibly conscripted… … . If you don’t want to be like that, pray for victory… … . This kind of threat.”

“… … .”

How did know?

I got goosebumps. It was as if my mind had been read. However, Eugene did not show it with his expression.

“Of course I will.”

I was going to come back quickly after giving a speech like that. I’ve been told not to do it outright. So what kind of speech should I give? When Eugene’s hair turned white.


A shout was heard through the open door. When he heard that Eugene, who had just woken up, would give a speech right away, all the believers who had been praying silently in the plaza went wild.

“… … .”

The more time is delayed, the more the believers will have expectations. You’ll think how much time it takes to give a great and moving speech.

Eugene is at a disadvantage here as time goes on. What is needed now is bold determination and action. Eugene swallowed his breath and stepped forward.

“iced coffee… … .”

Cristina held up the hem of Eugene’s cloak with an ecstatic expression on her face. As the saint of light and Eugene, she bowed her head deeply and followed Eugene’s path.

came out on the roof The shouts grow louder as you head towards the railing overlooking the plaza. Along with that, Eugene felt the hot heat inside her chest. He felt an ever-growing faith. Christina was right. The act of giving a speech here and now is expanding Eugene’s vessel.

“… … .”

I recognized it with my head and realized it with my body, but my thoughts didn’t work properly. What should I say?

I didn’t even have time to think. arrived in front of the railing. It’s not enough to fill the plaza, people are out on the road. It is the window of the building and there are people even on the roof.

“I am… … .”

once you open your mouth Even though she spoke softly, her voice was amplified at will. It’s not just Eurasia. Even before Eugene opened his eyes, preparations for his speech were here. Right now, Eugene’s speech is being broadcast all over the continent, just like the duel with Gavid.

‘Damn it.’

Maybe I should have used Carmen’s speech. I didn’t bother to read the contents, but it would be plausible even if it was difficult to say soberly. But regret is too late. Eugene continued to speak.

“The reincarnation of Hamel… … This is Eugene Lionhart.”

Even though I just said my name, the cheers responded immediately.

“A splendid lion.”

Carmen, who was watching from behind, whispered in the midst of shouts.


Raphael also muttered.

“Shingun Commander-in-Chief.”

Even Alchester muttered. Eugene couldn’t utter those titles.

“While I am asleep… … A lot has happened. The demon king of confinement and Pandemonium landed on the border for war, and the demon king Babel rose to the sky.”

I just wanted to go home. Or he wanted to go to the battlefield.

“The 300-year-old promise is coming to an end. Soon there will be war. for the world… … .”

I can’t help it more than this

“To be honest, I would rather just kill the demon king in captivity than the world. It was like that 300 years ago, and it is the same now.”

It’s better to say it out loud than to say it out loud.

“I will not ask you to hold a knife to those of you who have never held a knife. Rather, pray for the world, no, for me. That helps more.”

I didn’t think this was a threat.

“The Union Victory.”

It was quiet.

“For me to kill the demon king of confinement.”

The cheers stopped before anyone knew it.

“Pray for my victory.”

Eugene quickly turned around. Her eyes met Christina’s, her lips parting as she let go of her cloak. She pretended not to see. She sprinted away from the ledge, as if running away.

The invitation to prayer, which could hardly be called a speech, was over.


But with the shouts, faith exploded.

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