Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 573

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new army

“Where in the world is the lunatic who threatens in his speeches?”

“When did I threaten you?”

As soon as they left the rooftop, Anis scolded them, but Eugene truly felt resentment. She would humbly accept the point of the speech, but it was never ‘intimidating’, she thought to herself.

“I’ve said it around the corner, but if you don’t want to hold the sword, pray for victory, what is it if it’s not a threat?”

“That’s because you were so negative. I had no intention of threatening you. And what’s wrong with praying for victory?”

“Your attitude is so unlucky.”

Senya, who had been listening quietly, clicked her tongue and shook her head.

“What is ‘pray for victory’? You have to say, ‘Please do it.’”

“What is different?”

“The words are different, and the law is different. Even if you get down on your knees and ask, it won’t be enough.”

“What do you regret about me and why do I get down on my knees and ask for it? uh? Please, while I kneel in front of so many believers and shed tears, please! Pray for me! Did you want me to shout?”

“It wasn’t that much, but from what you said, it’s a sight I want to see at least once in my life.”


Eugene grumbled as he took off the red cloak he was wearing.

“Divinity is not obtained by begging. Achievements, myths, legends, coming naturally from things like that… … When the followers think of me, they must be able to immediately associate me with the divinity… … .”

“Anything like that, I explicitly told you to pray for victory.”

“Then you ask me to pray for defeat? War, if you start a fight, don’t you have to win!”

He rolled up the cloak he had taken off and threw it in Senya’s face, but of course Senya didn’t put it on. She clicked her tongue, waving her finger at her cloak suspended in the air above her.


“I really want to lose.”

“I mean, during the three months you’ve been gone, Senya-sama’s magic has become more perfect.”

“How long are you going to talk about that bastard’s three months?”

“Just because I don’t mention it doesn’t mean that you haven’t been absent for three months, right? Seriously, even thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach.”

It wasn’t meant to be a joke. The three months that Eugene passed out were painful days for everyone, with anxiety and tension inevitably present. He hadn’t listened to all the details, but Eugene couldn’t help but shrug his shoulders as he was constantly being noticed.

“It might be the final speech, but a little nicer and grander… … Couldn’t you have given that speech?”

“What is the final speech, and why are you saying something unlucky? If you’re my saintess, don’t you have to believe in me unconditionally?”

“There are plenty of people who will just nod their heads and sing praises. As I am your saint, I need to be more calm than anyone else.”

“still… … Still, the speech response was good. is not it?”

Actually, there was nothing to ask. It is because Eugene himself feels the expansive faith and divinity.

A different feeling from forcibly widening the bowl with ignition. The divinity itself that dwells in Eugene’s existence continues to grow. The beliefs accumulated at the beginning of this world melt into Eugene.

But even this has its limits. Unlike 300 years ago, the world’s ‘common sense’ itself has changed.

This is because in the present world, demons, demon kings, and Helmud are never ‘evil’. Unlike Eugene, who knows the war era, the people of this era do not have much hostility and hatred towards the demons.

The love affair of the confined demon king who is very friendly to humans that has continued for 300 years. Despite the immediate declaration of a state of war, Helmud’s immigrants hardly left.

Rather, among the humans living on the continent, there are not a few people who want Helmud to win the war. At all, he wants Helmud to conquer the entire continent, and he wants humans to be under the command of the demon king of confinement.

Other than those who do not know the circumstances of the demon king of destruction and the end of the promise, they seem to want to enjoy the life of Helmud, which is no different from a utopia for humans.

‘I don’t have much time.’

The reason why the Union and the New Army were able to be quickly organized was not only because of the centrality of Eugene Lionheart. This is because Helmud first declared a state of war, and Pandaemonium and Babel flew in whole and established the front line. Just like 300 years ago, the demon king in captivity became an ‘invader’, so continents that did not wish to be invaded could become an alliance.

As tensions continue on the front lines, creaks will appear in the improvised coalition. Regardless of whether the officials absolutely trust and follow Eugene, the people will harbor anxiety.

The current coalition and the new army are ignoring public opinion about anti-war. If anti-war public opinion spreads nationwide, the power of the new army will be weakened even before an all-out war.

‘I might pass out again.’

In the battle against the demon king of confinement, you must mobilize all available means. Ignition will be used again and again if necessary.

The problem is: Even if you manage to win by using ignition consecutively like in Noir, if you lose your mind for a few months- the demon king of destruction will wake up while you pass out.

“I can’t help it.”

Eugene sighed and turned his head.

The demonic castle Babel floating in the distant sky was visible through the window.

* * *

I saw the front line of the border area from the watchtower of Neran’s wall. The Great Plains, which takes several days by carriage. Originally there should be Alcart Parish over there, but not now.

Helmud’s capital Pandemonium. … … Really? Yujin laughed and shook her head. Although far away, Eugene’s eyes see the scene of Pandaemonium straight ahead.

I’ve been to Pandaemonium before. A city that is incomparably developed compared to the capitals of other kingdoms. A concrete building with dozens of floors. A mechanical fish that uses mana as energy to fly around the city, watch over everyone, and maintain peace. Cars running on the roads instead of wagons and golems sweeping the streets. Pandaemonium, which I saw a few years ago, was more than Jebela City, a city that was incomprehensible to conventional common sense.

It is the same now. Eugene’s common sense couldn’t understand that Pandemonium. The demon castle Babel, which reaches the 99th floor, returns to its appearance 300 years ago and floats in the sky. Similarly, Pandaemonium has also changed from what we saw years ago.

But it is different from 300 years ago.

You can see devices tightly packed on top of the black and high walls. It is different from a cannon. big… … Something like a metal stick was pointed at me. In the sky above it, the aero fish that had been monitoring the city flew quietly.

I looked inside the wall. The appearance of the city I saw a few years ago remains. Buildings became other buildings. There is no horsepower car in sight either. Instead, there were a lot of odd-looking mounts with metal armor and long gun barrels.


It’s the first time I’ve seen a tank like that. It’s not just a train either. Bizarre rides that I don’t know what they are. The streets are full of monsters and demons. If the super-large monsters trapped in La Vista hadn’t been annihilated in Nahama, even those monsters would have gathered in Pandemonium.

‘Total power.’

All immigrants who originally lived in the capital and demons who refused to participate in the war were all evacuated. Now, in that huge city, nothing exists except for war.

Yujin laughed and shook her head. I thought that demons and monsters would naturally gather, but those machines and vehicles whose purpose was unknown… … what the hell?

I do not know. But I could feel it instinctively. ‘War’, one of Eugene’s divinities, felt a thick bloody smell and ferocity in all of them. All of them are weapons for war.

“What the hell are you doing?”

The one who created all of that must be the demon king of confinement. The reason why Helmud has developed incomparably to other countries is because of the existence of the demon king in confinement. Helmud itself is an empire created, led, and maintained by the demon king in captivity alone.

‘There was nothing like that in the Shinhwa Age.’

If so, those weapons are from a ‘different’ era. A distant ancient weapon that the demon king of confinement came through and was destroyed immediately. Helmud’s civilization itself must have been created with the technologies that the demon king in captivity experienced and eventually perished.

There was no weapon like that in the war era. At most, cold weapons were the mainstream, and if it was difficult to expect artillery fire from battle mages, they would mobilize cannons or ballistas.

Why, 300 years ago, didn’t they mobilize such a weapon? Eugene also vaguely knew the reason. I don’t know exactly what the purpose of the demon king of confinement is, but as long as the demon king of destruction exists, conquering the continent will end the world. In the first place, conquest and reign are not the purpose of the demon king of confinement.

Then what is the purpose of the demon king of confinement?




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Senya, who stood beside her, raised her voice. Eugene withdrew his gaze from staring at Pandaemonium and looked back at Senya.

“Look up.”

Senya spat out with a stiff face.

the moment I heard that. She didn’t have to look up to feel it. unspoken gaze. But never calm, a bloody and huge presence. Eugene clicked her tongue and raised her head.

sky. The demonic castle Babel floating without moving. I could see the demon king of confinement standing on top of the castle wall. It is not looking down on the ground. Right now, the demon king of confinement is looking at Eugene.


At that gaze, Yujin’s shoulders trembled slightly. The gaze of the confined demon king was never emotionless. Now, the demon king in captivity is looking down on Eugene with certain ‘feelings’.


Right now, the demon king of confinement is looking down at Eugene as if expecting something.

Lips do not open. All that is conveyed is the gaze. However, Eugene twisted his lips and smiled at the expectation-only gaze, where the slightest boredom and free spirit did not exist.

Eugene and the demon king of confinement looked at each other for a while. Soon, the demon king of confinement turned around. Chains connected like a cloak behind his back wrapped around the body of the demon king of confinement, and soon the demon king of confinement disappeared.

A shadow soared in place of the disappearing demon king of confinement. Someone walked out of the swaying shadows.

Former black magic tower master and current staff of confinement, Balzac Rudbeth. He stood on the ledge of the castle wall and looked down. The pupils behind the transparent glasses drew a round curve.

Balzac jumped off the railing. He flew through the sky without falling. He wasn’t going down to pandemonium. Balzac was approaching the walls of Neran where Eugene and Senya were now.

“What is that bastard?”

Eugene was dumbfounded and spit it out. With what kind of face and confidence are you coming this way?

The reaction was rather peaceful. Senya, who was standing next to Eugene, immediately stretched out his index finger after seeing Balzac flying here. Dismissed! Mana flowed from Senya’s fingertips. Huge mana, compressed in an instant, flashed from his fingertips.


With a loud roar, light shot from Senya’s fingertips. Eugene, who had never thought that Senya would shoot her magic, opened her mouth wide and looked at her side.


Senya asked with a calm face.

“why? that’s what i’m saying! What are you?”

“You can see it. Balzac, I cast a spell on that bastard.”


“I’m trying to come this way, can you just leave me alone?”

“no… … Yes, but… … .”

“I made it clear.”

The voice subsided a bit. Senya looked up at the sky with frowning eyes and continued.

“When Balzac was studying with me and other mages in Acreon. You sure warned me. One day, if, become an enemy and challenge me to a fight. At that time, I will kill you unconditionally.”

Since Balzac Rudewes was a black magician who contracted with the demon lord of confinement, it was inevitable that they would become enemies someday. Despite being aware of this, Senya did not kill Balzac. At that time, Balzac took a position closer to an ally rather than an enemy, and as a magician, he ardently followed Senya.

“He was a pretty good wizard. It would have been better if he wasn’t a warlock, but even if he was, as long as he didn’t act like a warlock in front of me. He was such a great wizard that I thought it would be okay to leave him alone. I also liked Biwon.”

So, they allowed me to participate in the study. Senya’s signature ‘absolute law’ is the culmination of the magic of all existing great wizards, including Balzac’s research.

“If you turned me into an enemy, wouldn’t it be because of that reason and confidence? At this distance, if you can’t deal with even this level of magic, it’s not worth treating it as an ‘enemy’.”

The magic she just fired was light and weak in Senya’s opinion. Of course, that is Senya’s standard.

Eugene smiled and turned his head again. The light sent by Senya was already crossing the sky and approaching Balzac.

That was the moment. The weapons installed on the walls of Pandaemonium moved.

ㅡ Kwagwagwang! Metal sticks were fired with a roar. Like a ballista shooting arrows. It didn’t look like an ‘arrow’ at all, but a metal bar shot through the sky in a tail of flame.

“What is that?”

Even Senya opened her eyes wide and made a sound of surprise. Perhaps Balzac was equally taken aback by the roar from behind, and he flinched and turned around. Then he let out a deep sigh and flew rapidly into the sky.

A metal rod ejected from the castle wall passed where Balzac had been.

fast. Eugene thought so. It doesn’t look like magic, but it’s much faster than most magic. power? Eugene was more curious about the power of that ancient weapon than Balzac who had risen into the sky.

“Senya, don’t chase Balzac and run into him.”

I wanted to know the power of what was fired. Senya nodded his head and reaped the absolute rate he had enchanted. The light that had been fluctuating in pursuit of Balzac subsided and flew in a straight line.

clashed Kwaaaaang! An explosion occurred with a roar that seemed to rip the sky apart. It was such a big explosion that the ground beneath it was overturned and a slight vibration was transmitted to this place.

“What about magic?”

“He’s healthy.”

Senya frowned and spat out. I felt that the power of the explosion was great, but it was not enough to offset and dissipate Senya’s magic. There was no class or mystery in that explosion that would extinguish Senya’s magic.

However, the problem is power and numbers. The number of weapons that filled the castle walls seemed to exceed hundreds. What if they were shot all at once? The officers of the new army would be able to see even with an explosion of that power, but ordinary soldiers could not.

“Reap the magic for now. Because it seems like you shouldn’t attack Balzac.”

Eugene grumbled and pursued Balzac. He had risen to a height outside the radius of the blast and was coming this way again. The difference from the first time is that Balzac is vigorously waving both arms above his head. He was a blatant hand signal not to attack.

“Are you calling me here to kill me?”

“I guess I really want to kill you.”

“You don’t want to kill me?”

“I want to kill myself too. But before I kill you, let’s hear it.”

Eugene said that while glaring at Balzac.

“Don’t shoot!”

Perhaps feeling that waving his arms was not enough, Balzac was shouting in an unusually loud voice.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 572Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 574
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