Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 574

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“Really, I thought I was going to die.”

Balzac, who arrived in front of the walls of Neran, trembled. He straightened the hem of his robe that was disheveled, then bowed his head respectfully with both of his arms.

“It’s been a while, Eugene-sama, Senya-sama, Christina-sama. How have you been?”

No one answered, let alone the three. Now, under the walls of Neran, all the officers of the new army are gathered. While instructing Eun-gwang and the other priests, Cristina, who hurried up after hearing her binge, glared at Balzac without hiding her hostility.

“Are you here to say hello?”

Christina and Anis do not have the slightest friendship with Balzac. Eugene received help from Balzac in one way or another from Alot in the past. Senya recognized Balzac as a ‘magician’.

But Christina and Anis have none of that. For the saints, Balzac Rudebes is a black magician who contracted with the demon lord of confinement, a staff of confinement of the time, and an agent of the demon lord of confinement. He was all that.

“Haha, that can’t be. If it’s a greeting, you could do it even on the walls of Babel.”

Balzac smiled and pointed to the sky. The demonic castle Babel in the high sky covers the sun like a solar eclipse. The huge shadow it created drew an ominous twilight on the ground.

“I am here… … .”

Balzac paused for a moment and looked under the castle wall. All those who fought together during the Liberation of Hauria are there. Of those who followed Eugene at that time, only Balzac did not join the new army.

“… … Coming alone to the ‘enemy camp’, where they would never welcome me… … It is to have a conversation.”

Balzac did not hesitate to say ‘enemy camp’. At that declaration, Hyridus, the owner of the Blue Tower, who once studied with Balzac in the Blue Magic Tower, let out a long sigh. It wasn’t as much as Hiridus, but the owners of Arot’s mage tower had no choice but to show their deep emotions.

“Enemy camp.”

The red pagoda owner, Loberian, twitched his cheeks and spat out.

He hadn’t liked Balzac since he was in Arrot. As long as Balzac was a warlock, the two were like water and oil that could never mix. However, apart from his dislike and hatred for black magicians, he respected and respected Balzac’s magical passion.

“conversation? I love talking! Some kind of conversation in the enemy camp that you hate!”

Melchis, the head of the white pagoda, could not stand it and gave out a squeal. Because of her position, she did not unleash the omega force, but she radiated hostility as if she would beat Balzac to death at any moment.


It was Senna who calmed everyone down. When she opened her mouth, all mana in her air stopped. Even the magic that Melchis was secretly trying to unleash did not manifest itself in a world where mana stopped. Melchis was startled and looked at Senya.

“Hey, Goddess sister, you don’t even have to step out. I’ll throw that ungrateful bastard to the ground right away… … .”

“You came to talk.”

Senya said without looking back at Melchis. At that remark, Melchis couldn’t help but feel very unfair. It was Senya who gave the first strike to Balzac, who was coming down from Babel. But now, are you going to fit in with Balzac’s ‘conversation’?

“Okay, Balzac Rudbesse. If you’re here to talk, I’ll talk to you. But are you qualified to talk to me?”

On the subject of blocking Melchis, Senya did not hide her hostility. Balzac felt mana gripping him from all sides. All the mana in this space absolutely follows and follows Senya.

Balzac shuddered at the wondrous magic and bowed his head deeply.

“As a lowly warlock and incompetent wizard, I am not qualified to talk to Senya-sama. And I betrayed Senya… … .”

“betrayal? That’s wrong, because there wasn’t a relationship between you and me that was enough to talk about ‘betrayal’.”

“Yes, Senya-sama is right. Senya-sama drew the line like that from the beginning. But isn’t it true that you are disappointed with my actions?”

“That’s right.”

Senya did not deny it and nodded her head.

“Balzac Rudbesse. I liked your wish That secret wish was very blatant and greedy, but I thought it was noble and dignified. I thought so- because your secret wish was what you pursued as a human and as a wizard. Even if you prayed for the power of the demon king of confinement, I thought your aspirations were pure.”

dismissal. A purple current flowed around Senya.

“but. If you pursue your secret wish as a ‘warlock’, not as a human and a wizard. i can’t like you That’s why I’m disappointed. In the end, are you saying that you will give up the longing you were pursuing and become the hands and feet of the demon lord in captivity?”

“I compromised from the beginning.”

Despite the cold rebuke, Balzac’s voice was not disturbed.

“From the very beginning, I was aware of my limitations. I couldn’t achieve the long-cherished wish I was pursuing alone, so I signed a contract with the demon king in captivity as Senya said. After that, he pursued his life… … .”

I heard the bowed head. Balzac shook his head with a bitter smile.

“I have decided to accept it now. Compared to the secret wish I hoped for, I myself am shabby and weak. I could never be like Senya. So, a compromise was made. It’s not about giving up.”


“I cannot write a myth like Senya-sama. You can’t be a legend. I’m not Senya. but… … ha ha ha… … Even if you can’t become a legendary wizard, can you become a legendary warlock?”

Legendary Black Mage. The blatant declaration chilled the audience. Eugene’s eyebrows furrowed while he was silent as he understood Senya’s position and mood. The executives, who had shown their anger and hostility, now began to notice Senya. This is because Balzac’s remarks went beyond directly opposing Senya’s wishes and could also be called an insult.

“… … .”

Senya didn’t react and stared at Balzac. In the green eyes reminiscent of emeralds, emotions were obliterated, as jewels do.


After a while, Senya answered. ㅡWoe! The electric current that had been crackling around Senya until just now had disappeared.

“Then, with what qualifications do you come here to ask for a conversation?”

Senya asked with a smile. There was no laughter in Senya’s voice and emotions, except for her facial expression. Balzac answered without avoiding the dry gaze that was different from his inorganic body.

“I’m here to talk as an agent of the demon king of confinement and as an envoy of Helmud.”

“I was mistaken.”

Senya snorted and took a step back.

“If you came here with that qualification, I have no reason to talk to you. I have no reason to attack you. It’s not worth it.”

“That statement is very painful for me, who respects Senya-sama.”

“It sounds hateful to say you respect me, but I won’t tell you not to. But I don’t respect you anymore. If you stand before me at Babel. I will get rid of it without respect and courtesy.”

“At Babel?”

Eugene opened his mouth. He glared at Balzac and grinned, not hiding his irritation.

“Do I really need to get rid of Babel? I think we can just put it away now.”

“haha… … I understand what you’re saying, but… … .”

Balzac raised his glasses with a puzzled smile.

“Like I said, I… … He came as an agent of the demon king of confinement and as an envoy of Helmud. Of course, all of my qualifications are recognized by the Demon King of Confinement. If I don’t go back… … .”

“well. I don’t think the demon king of confinement will be angry if I kill you now.”

“Actually, I think so too. Even if I die, the demon lord of confinement won’t feel the slightest bit of anger.”

“Then can I kill you?”

“If Eugene-nim does that, there is no way for me to escape. But first I want to talk.”

“good. If it’s a will, there’s nothing I won’t listen to.”

Eugene readily replied. At the word ‘will’, Balzac’s expression was even more difficult. He nodded slightly and pointed to the wall.

“I don’t think you have any chairs for me, so how about that? A little walk and talk.”

“good. You have to do at least one last request.”



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This time, Eugene nodded happily. Balzac’s expression became even more puzzled at the word ‘last’. Balzac cleared his throat briefly, then turned around and started walking up the ramparts.


“You can do it alone.”

Cristina and the other executives waved lightly and refused to catch up. before taking a step. Eugene glanced at Senya.

“Do whatever you feel like.”

Senya answered in a still cold voice. Anger, annoyance, disappointment. Those feelings were so blatant that it was hard not to notice. Hearing that answer, Eugene followed Balzac.

The two of us walked like that. Balzac’s steps were subtly fast, and after a little while, he had already walked quite a distance. When I glanced back, the figures of the officers seemed small. Of course, this distance is not a problem. With the skill of the executives, everyone could reach this place in an instant.

“How long are you going to walk? Are you really going to walk until you can’t see them at all?”

Eugene grinned at the back of Balzac’s head.

In fact, there is no need to call an executive. From the beginning to the present, Balzac is within Eugene’s gap. No matter what Balzac did, Eugene was confident that he would kill Balzac in an instant. It is natural. There is so much difference in skill and level between Eugene and Balzac.

So Eugene did not understand more. Balzac must have been well aware of Eugene’s ‘power’, so why did he stick to the demon king of confinement?

Due to the nature of the demon king of confinement, if Balzac refused to participate in the war, he would never have forced him. But Balzac dared to enter Babel. Did you think that the demon king of confinement would protect you? It can’t be. The demon king of confinement will never come down from the palace. More than that, Balzac is the vanguard of Babel, and is destined to die while blocking the hero.


Balzac, who was walking ahead, opened his mouth. At the same time, he slowed down and came closer to Yujin. What the hell is this kid doing? Yujin put on a sad expression as she thought about that.

“Please save me.”

“… … what?”

Yujin’s cheeks twitched at the words that came out of nowhere.

I did not misunderstand Balzac. This reaction came because I heard it straight. Eugene looked at Balzac in disbelief.

“What did you just say?”

“I told you to save me.”

Balzac’s expression was extremely serious. He continued his words while looking directly at Eugene.

“Do not kill me here, please return me alive.”

“… … why me?”

A serious face, a steady voice. So Eugene couldn’t understand even more. When I asked with a blank smile, Balzac continued.

“If Eugene shows a little mercy, it will be easy for me to return alive. Senya-sama has no intention of killing me here today.”

“That’s Senya’s idea, not mine. And all the executives will want to kill you here today. Yeah, why don’t we vote? Let’s decide your disposition by majority vote. Perhaps your execution will come out unanimously.”

“Of course it is.”

“You know, why did you come? What did you come to talk about?”

“The reason I have no choice but to come is because, as I said, the Demon King of Confinement has entrusted me with the role of an envoy. I have come here to convey the will of the demon king of confinement.”

“What does it mean?”

“About the timing of the opening of the war.”

“haha… … .”

The answer came back without hesitation. Eugene let out a short laugh and shook her head. Kwap. Following her emotions, she naturally grew bloody knuckles in her fists.

“It’s an open war. Yes, it’s just a confrontation right now. Do you think the demon king of confinement has no intention of attacking first?”

“Isn’t that the promise that Eugene-nim and the demon king of confinement made in the first place? Until Eugene-nim climbs Babel, the demon king of confinement will not start a war.”

Balzac paused for a moment and looked up at the barbell.

“… … But the moment Eugene arrives there, a war breaks out. All troops currently gathered in Pandaemonium will invade the continent.”

“I guess.”

“For now, most of the troops are demons, but as time goes on, Helmud’s opinion will change. Even the demons who refuse war will instinctively lean towards the smell of blood from afar. Even giants who have been reclusive since Kamash’s death may join the fight. I am well aware of the skills of the officers of the new army, but the quality of the general soldiers will be overwhelming.”


The difference between demons and humans is unavoidable. Of course, Balzac’s remarks are the case when the war is prolonged. Eugene had no intention of prolonging the war. This war will end in a day or two at most.


said Balzac with a sigh.

“I think it would be good to reduce the sacrifice as much as possible either way.”

Balzac raised his hand and pointed at the walls of Pandaemonium.

“A while ago, when Senya-sama attacked me. Pandemonium’s response… … It wasn’t my intention. Of course, that wasn’t the intention of the demon king of confinement. A soldier on the wall fired it to protect me. Didn’t Eugene-sama see the power of that missile?”


“yes. It has several names in front of it, but that one is called a missile.”

Recalling ‘Magic Missile’, one of the basic attack magic, Eugene looked back at the ‘Missile’ installed in Pandemonium. I couldn’t believe it was the same name.

“That missile will not be used in an all-out war against the new army. Because the power is too strong. but. Eugene… … The moment I lost in a confrontation with the demon king of confinement. All missiles of Pandemonium will be launched towards all countries on the continent.”


“The moment Eugene is defeated, all those missiles will burn the continent. First of all, we will aim for the capital, which can be said to be the center of the country, and will be launched sequentially to cities with large populations. Distance isn’t an issue. All the lands in this world are within range of it.”

“… … .”

“Kill all humans on the continent… … It’s impossible. The obliteration of humans is not the goal. There will be tremendous damage, but humans will survive. There, again, humans will have to make a choice. Will he surrender to Helmud, or will he die fighting back with hatred and vengeance.”

Balzac let out a short sigh and shook his head.

“It is so cruel. I don’t wish for that. If the new army surrenders, the continent will not become a sea of ​​fire. And Helmud will actively accept surrenderers.”

Eugene opened his mouth.

“What are you talking about?”

“It is an invitation to surrender.”

Yujin narrowed her eyes at the answer that came back.

“ha ha ha!”

In the end, laughter came out.

What a surrender! Of course, that was Balzac’s personal recommendation, which had nothing to do with the demon lord in captivity. Because there is no reason for the demon king of confinement to recommend surrender. That’s why Eugene couldn’t help but laugh. When Eugene laughed like that for a while,


After laughing for a long time, Yujin reached out her hand. Balzac flinched and took a step back. But Eugene’s hand did not attack Balzac. He pointed to the barbell floating high in the sky and continued with a giggle.

“I won’t kill you, so go. Whether you go to Babel or run away to another place.”

“… … Eugene.”

“The reason I save you is because you seem to be trying to prevent damage in your own way. Yes, even if it’s the idiot way of asking me to come down dead- to surrender.”

“… … .”

“Then let me live. Only this time, I mean.”

It can kill, but it doesn’t kill. let go alive Only this time. If they meet at Babel even after saving them like this, then, Senya will kill Balzac before Eugene steps forward.


Balzac asked again.

“I thought that due to Eugene’s personality, he would never surrender, but isn’t it something that can be discussed with others?”

“Because it is pointless.”

Eugene replied with a smile.

“Surrendering doesn’t change anything. Whether or not the demon king of confinement shoots that missile or whatever, I… … As long as you can’t overcome the demon lord of confinement. It will all end.”

“… … .”

“Oh yeah. The time of the opening… … I asked. Yes, in one month.”

Having said that, I turned around. She laughed for a while, then said something she didn’t know the meaning of, and without much hesitation set the day for the opening of the war.

Balzac looked at Eugene in bewilderment. However, Eugene didn’t say anything more and started to walk back at a leisurely pace.

“… … yes.”

An answer that makes no sense. But Balzac was able to infer something from that answer.

A monster that ate gluttony in Hauria. ominous magic. Demon King of Destruction. A promise made by the great Vermouth. The demon king of confinement whose intentions cannot be grasped.

“I’ll see you in Babel in a month.”

It’s not about not surrendering. It cannot be resisted.

If you can’t overcome the demon king of confinement, the world will perish.

Understanding that, Balzac bowed his head.

A bright smile appeared on his darkened face.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 573Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 575
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