Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 575

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“Why did you send it?”

“one month?”

At the same time, questions flew in. What should I answer first? Eugene was speechless for a moment, and only her eyes twinkled.

“I asked why you sent it.”

“One month! You are too fast!”

The urging continued while I blinked my eyes. Even the executives didn’t openly ask, but everyone’s expression was filled with doubt and bewilderment.

“Just calm down.”

Eugene raised both hands and started to dissuade him. It was because if he didn’t, he would get hit one by one by Senya and Anis, who came closer.

“I’ll explain one by one, Senya, first calm down your mana. and… … Cristina, you too, let’s put down the flail. huh?”

It is Anise, not Cristina, who is staring at her with her eyes thinly open, but the officers except for Ciel are unaware of Anise’s existence. So Eugene had no choice but to say Christina’s name.


Although she didn’t let go of her glaring gaze, Anise put down her flail for now. Senya also pouted out his lips and cooled his mana. Only after that, Yujin sighed deeply and was able to sit down.

“The reason I sent it was because I thought I could let it go.”

“Me too… … I think I can hit Eugene, can I?”

His hand went up again to the flail he had put down. Eugene winced and shrugged his shoulders.

“No, really. I sent it because I thought it would be okay to let it go.”

“I’m asking why you made that decision.”

“Balzac had a humanity of his own. The situation was unavoidable that he was attached to the demon king in captivity, but in that position, to minimize the damage of the war. I judged that.”

“so. Are you saying you won’t kill Balzac Rudbesse?”


Eugene shook his head and replied.

“This is the last time I’ve been merciful and given a chance. He also explained it in an understandable way, but if Balzac gets in the way at the barbell… … .”

“Then I will kill you.”

Before she could finish her words, Senya spat out.

“Anyway, I was planning to return today alive. It doesn’t matter as long as Balzac is benevolent. If that guy becomes a stick of confinement and stays in Babel for the demon king of confinement. If you want to give up your longing as a wizard and focus on the staff of confinement. I, as the master of magic, will kill him at that damn Babel.”

The mana subsided, but the voice was brutal. At that remark, the archmages, who were included in the ranks, looked at Senya with envious eyes. It seemed that Senya had let go of her life and was possessed by the word ‘master of magic’.

“Sister, I want to join you too. Me too at Babel with my sister! To the demon king of confinement! I will show you the power of the strongest elemental magician of all times!”

Melchis said, clenching his fists. The motivation was great, but I couldn’t let it go.

“Only me, Senya, and Cristina will go to Babel.”


“I admit that Melchis-sama is the strongest elementalist of all times, but in Babel, you won’t be able to use that proud elementalism as you wish.”

Babel is the place where the power of the demon king of confinement is exerted most powerfully. Of course, Eugene didn’t get to the throne 300 years ago, but he told Senya, Anis, and Moron what the battle was like at that time. At that time, most of Senya’s magic was sealed in the battle with the demon king of confinement, and Tempest was hardly active.

“Melkis-sama, please take charge of the ground. If possible, remove the Pandaemonium Wall.”


In response to the question, he explained about the missiles installed on the walls. When he heard that he was aiming at all countries on the continent, the executives were shocked.

“Everyone, immediately issue an evacuation order… … !”

Honein jumped up from his seat. Among the officers of the new army, only Honein and Aman are members of the royal family who participate in the battle. He didn’t react directly, but Aman’s expression was also very dark.

“Does it mean anything? According to Eugene, that missile weapon can bomb the entire continent.”

At Ivatar’s words, Aman sighed and shook his head.

“Even so, we cannot leave the citizens in the city.”

“If you really need to evacuate, send them to Samar. The land of the great forest is very large, and it is the most mana-rich place on the continent, except for Lionheart’s home. I think we can make the Great Forest our main shelter, and the Archmages step forward and build a defensive barrier.”

At Ivata’s words, everyone turned to him in surprise. Ivata furrowed her eyebrows as she realized the meaning of the gazes directed at her.

“It’s a very insulting look… … . The natives of the forest are not savage and ignorant.”

“I didn’t think it was that harsh.”

“Anyway, if you have to, come to the Great Forest. However, it would be better not to talk about the bombing when issuing an evacuation order. It will only amplify anxiety and confusion.”

Eugene gave a round of applause at the rational remark that could not be considered a native.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh~ Ivata, you’re smart~”

Praise in the pure sense. Ivata’s eyebrows twitched, not knowing what to say. If he had a personality, he was a fiery man who wouldn’t be outdone anywhere, but he couldn’t bring his fiery personality against Eugene.

“What do you mean by clearing the wall? What kind of favor do you want to ask the best and strongest Elementalist of all time, Melchis Elhair?”

Upon learning the seriousness and gravity of the matter, Melchis began to boast.

“Melkis-sama’s handsome and great Infinity Force… … .”

“That’s the story of the three spirit kings, and now it’s Omega Force.”

“yes… … Destroy all the missiles on the wall with Omega Force. If possible, go into Pandemonium and wipe it out.”

“You want this Melchis-sama to invade the enemy’s stronghold and rampage?”

“Are you afraid?”

“I’m so happy… … !”

Melchis said, clenching his fists. Melchis, who loves to be in the spotlight and has a lust for fame, couldn’t help but be excited about the decisive task assigned to him.

“Although the Great Forest is large, it is impossible to accommodate all the refugees on the continent. We need to provide shelter in each country.”

“The kings will take care of that.”

“You’re good, roughly speaking, other people will take care of it.”

“Who wants me to sit in the position of commander-in-chief? It’s a seat to catch the demon king, what if you just catch the demon king?”

Senya rolled her eyes, but Eugene didn’t feel any remorse. Each person has what they are good at and what they can do. Things like political affairs were things that Eugene was never good at and couldn’t do.

“I’m not good at making barriers, so Senya, you take the archmages and do it yourself.”

“You are also a great wizard.”

“I wonder if I am a wizard these days. Where do I look, I’m a wizard? Are you a wizard with a signature? Almost no other magic… … .”

Eugene, who had been talking with a sad face, flinched and looked at Loverian’s expression. It was because he thought it was too much to deny his magic in front of his magic master, Loberian.

“what… … Everyone has their own clothes that fit them. It’s just that Eugene’s fighting style doesn’t suit a pure mage.”



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“that… … Even so, signatures are always useful, yes. In fact, what I do by wielding a sword is not much different from magic. It’s just, what I want to say is, I’m not good at things like barriers~ This is what I mean.”

When he said it as if to calm him down, even the sullen look of Loberian softened a little.

“What about Morone? Can I not call you?”

Ciel tilted his head and asked. With the achievement of the White Flame Ceremony and being baptized by Eugene, the current Ciel was able to connect the Dark Field’s Mystic Eye to the northernmost tip of the continent.

“I have to call. I will send a signal after I enter Babel, so call me at that time.”

In the decisive battle with the demon king of confinement, you must not spare your hand. Fighting alone is nonsense. The current Moron is the incarnation of Eugene and a great warrior. He is a force that can never be ruled out.

“Isn’t one month too tight?”

Said Senya, narrowing her eyes.

“Of course I know we don’t have much time. But you have more than a month.”

“Even if it is later than a month, nothing will change. On the contrary, as time goes on, people’s anxiety will grow. That’s not good for me.”

“one month… … .”

Carmen opened her mouth. She tilted her head slightly and looked at her Eugene.

“Brilliant Lion. I, us… … No, I roughly understand the meaning that there is not much time in the world. After all, we went to Daesoorim together.”

When I met the sage, Vishur Raviola. Carmen was also there. I haven’t listened to all the conversations, but I know that an era has reached the end of the current era.

“But among the executives, except for me, no one knows about it. Even I don’t know the full truth. I think we deserve to know the truth.”

“… … hmm… … .”

“We are also members of this world. We are here to protect the world and defeat the demon king of confinement.”

There was a strong determination in Carmen’s eyes. Other executives looked at Eugene with the same longing.

“Well, is it something that shouldn’t be hidden?”

Eugene let out a deep sigh. Lionhearts know the story that Vermouth is sealing the demon lord of destruction. However, the meaning of the war against the demon lord in captivity and the end of the promise were never mentioned.

I thought I’d tell you someday. Because it wasn’t something to hide.

“If I am defeated by the demon king of confinement, the world will perish.”

Eugene said with a grave face.

“Victory does not mean that the world will not perish. If you lose, the demon king of confinement will destroy you first, and if you win… … The Demon King of Destruction, like his name, will destroy the world.”

The audience was silent. He couldn’t say anything. There was not the slightest bit of passion in Eugene’s tone. He was just spitting it out as if it were natural to happen.

That’s how Eugene spoke of the destruction that would surely come within a few months. He spoke of how many times the former world had perished. He also said that he was the reincarnation of Agaroth, the ancient, mythical god of war. He also said that the reason why the world, which should have been destroyed 300 years ago, has been suspended until now is because Vermouth made a pact with the demon king of confinement.

“I don’t know why the demon king of confinement wants to turn the continent into a sea of ​​fire at the same time as my defeat. I can’t figure out the motherf*cker’s intentions. But if he had to separate himself, he would be on the side of refusing to perish.”

However, the demon king of confinement himself does not confront the demon king of destruction. It was probably impossible to confront, Yujin thought. The demon king of confinement saw the destruction of the world several times, and passed on to the next world.

maybe it’s because of that Eugene thought so. He fights against the demon king of destruction, but if he dies… … .

… … What if you die? What the demon king of confinement ultimately wants is for the world not to perish. If you have been living for eternity only hoping for that, what on earth makes the demon king in captivity live? Why does the demon king of confinement want the world not to perish and the demon king of destruction to disappear?

“I don’t think the demon king of confinement is an ally. That child was and still is the Demon King, and he was the first to invade the world. Just like this one. I don’t know what kind of lingering and why he does that shit, but I’m going to climb the barbell in a month, and I’m going to defeat the demon king of confinement in that damn palace. Then I will kill the Demon King of Destruction.”

Eugene let out a short sigh and shook his head.

“So it is one month. Killing only the demon king of confinement is not the end, and the longer the standoff, the more your faith in me will be shaken.”

“Save the world.”

Carmen opened her mouth.

“Prevent destruction… … .”

His voice trembled thinly. She moved her trembling hands together and pulled the cigar case out of her arms. Despite her growing tremors, she managed to open the case and catch her cigar, but the cigar ended up breaking between her fingers.

“Awesome… … .”

Carmen murmured, clutching a broken cigar. Carmen jumped to her feet and slung her jacket over her shoulders.

“let’s go.”

said Carmen, looking around at the officers. Everyone who was still weighed down by the weight of the truth looked back at Carmen with puzzled expressions.

“Uh, where?”

“Our time is short, but we have a lot to do. save the world prevent destruction. Save the great Vermouth, the progenitor of Lionheart.”

Passes! The shattered cigar in Carmen’s hand turned to ashes and disappeared.

“What we need to do now is not to be overwhelmed or frightened by the truth here. We are the cornerstone for the brilliant future drawn by the brilliant lion and the vanguard of war, light, glory, and victory. we are!”

Carmen raised her clenched fist in front of all the officers.

“War must be a spark for victory. How long will she be sitting there? Alchester.”

“yes… … yes?”

“Pick up your sword and come out. it’s sparring Then it’s your turn, Sir Ortus.”

“Why the sudden sparring… … ?”

“You ask stupid questions, Lord Ortus. What kind of training do knights like us need besides sparring?”

After saying that, Carmen turned around quickly. As soon as she left her meeting room, Alchester and Orthus, who were directly assigned to her, also raised her body.

So one by one, the executives left the conference room. Because I felt something in Carmen’s magnificent speech.

save the world prevent destruction. From the beginning, there was a resolution to “surely” win, but those missions changed the resolution even more desperately. Only one month left. Defeating the demon king of confinement is not the end. The only way to save the world is to defeat even the demon king of destruction who has come to end the world several times.

“… … Wouldn’t it be better for Carmen-sama to be the commander-in-chief?”

Everyone left, leaving only Eugene, Senya, and the saints in the meeting room. Yujin smiled and looked back at the two. The girls also actively agreed with Yujin’s words, but they couldn’t bear to nod their heads.

“I am going too.”

Senya stood up from her seat.

“Where are you going?”

“The great Shingun Commander-in-Chief told you to set up a barrier, right? So I’m going to close the barrier!”

“I’m coming.”

Eugene waved his hand without hesitation.

“I will go out too.”

“Why are you? It’s not like going to a barrier.”

“Don’t be silly. Priests of this era lack much experience in war against demons. Do you know how cumbersome it is to be educated about it?”

Anis spat as she glared at Eugene.

“And we must produce holy water! Do you know how annoying this is?”

“hmm… … Just say it if you need to. How many times do I flick my wrist?”

“Why don’t you cut off your limbs and get into the lake? If you do that for a few days, you might be able to turn the entire lake into holy water.”

“Phil… … if necessary.”

Anise sneered at the stammered answer and stood up.

“No, I will stop. Hamel, all you have to do is keep your strength as high as possible for a month. I am thinking of a way to defeat the demon king of confinement without fail.”

“hmm… … okay.”

“I’m asking just in case, but you said one month because you have the confidence to win, right?”

“that… … You have to do it to know.”

Hearing the answer, Anise’s face twisted. She glared at her Eugene, barely holding back the harsh words she almost uttered.

“Don’t say that in front of the officers or the new army.”

“Of course not. I know how important morale is in war.”

Anise let out a deep sigh at the shameless answer.

“I sometimes despair that the fate of the world is in your hands.”

“Speaking without heart. You believe me, don’t you?”

“It would be better if you kept your mouth shut… … .”

Seeing the smiling face, Anise sighed and left the conference room. The smile disappeared from Eugene’s face only after she left. He got up from his seat without a smile on his face and went to the window.

“One month.”

I glared at Babel outside the window. … … confident to win? Things like that had been vague since Gavid. Unconditionally, without fail, there was no such certainty right from the start. Because I have to win. I fought because I had to.

It’s the same this time.

You have to win.

It should be.

If you don’t win, everything is over.

don’t want that

“You have to win.”

Eugene muttered as he glared at Babel.

A month has passed.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 574Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 576
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