Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 576

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opening of the war

“Oh God.”

reverent calling.

Yujin opened her eyes. She was deliberately conscious that she was in a deep sleep. It was to bring her mind and body into optimal condition. Thanks to this, even though she had just opened her eyes, her eyelids were not heavy and her mind was not dazed. Rather, Eugene, who had just opened her eyes, stood sharper than ever, both in her mind and in her body.

“My, my God.”

little whisper. Eugene turned his head. A low call came from right beside me. That call reminded Eugene of the distant past.

“On purpose?”

Christina tilted her head at the sudden question.

Even Eugene himself thought that it was a right door. Christina and Anis are unaware of this ‘memory’. Eugene scratched his head briskly, erasing the vague remnants.

“Why are you calling me that all of a sudden?”

“Today’s Eugene should be a god more than ever.”

Christina replied with a thin smile. that, more than ever. Yujin smiled wryly knowing the meaning and weight of that answer.

“It’s not just me calling it that. Eugene. my god Everyone in Shin-kun repeats that.”

“I know.”

Eugene answered by placing a hand on his chest. You can hear the ‘voice’ just by being conscious of it. In the month leading up to today, the voice continued to grow without diminishing. Prayers and beliefs from all over the continent and from the gods gathered here.

As today got closer, it had to grow. For a month, the continent was busy shaking. The missiles and bombings were not reported, but the evacuation by war itself terrified the citizens. The new army gathered in Neran felt fear just because the war was imminent.

I sought God to forget my fears. God is no longer far away in this world. In this world now, God is very close. The God who will answer prayers, confront the devil, and bring victory to war is right here. Knowing that, the prayer never ceased.

“The preparations for the opening of the war are over.”

Christina whispered. She lowered her head as she clutched the rosary around her neck.

“Everyone is waiting for Eugene’s command.”

“You said you didn’t want to.”

“On a day like today, be willing to do it, my God.”

The head that had been lowered was lifted again. Anis, who had changed before she knew it, glanced at Eugene and shot at him.

“If you, the commander-in-chief, do not declare the start of the war, who will do it?”

“If it’s qualifications, Senya is enough, and if it’s popularity, Carmen-sama… … .”

“Please, my God! You know how important today is!”

Anise shot at Eugene with a grim expression.


Yujin smiled and got up from the bed. Anise’s shoulders trembled at the sudden change of atmosphere. Eugene, who got off the bed, put his hand on Anis’ shoulder and said.

“Today is an important day. A day that could be the end of this era. Or, a fork that could change the end.”

“… … Oh God.”

“But let’s not be too pious.”

Anise’s eyes trembled at the words that came back.

“Could it be that you were being pathetic to ease my tension?”

“It’s true that I was trying to ease the tension, but what I don’t want to do is real.”

“You really… … !”

“It is true that I am your god, and it is true that you are my saintess. It is true that today is an important and special day. But let’s not be so special.”

As Eugene said that and stretched out his hand, a nearby large jar floated into the air. Anis blinked her eyes several times, unaware of Eugene’s intentions.

“Stand back.”


“Back off. It might bounce.”

what the heck Anise still couldn’t understand, but for now, as Eugene ordered, she stepped back a bit. In the meantime, the jar that had come to mind came forward.

Eugene immediately reached out and grabbed the jar. The empty jar was quickly filled with water.

“What are you doing… … .”

Before Anis could finish her words, Eugene lifted the jar above her head. ㅡChwaaaaagh! The cold water that was filling the jar spilled out.

“how… … What are you doing?”

Anise asked, frightened. Eugene brushed her wet, sunken hair a few times before reaching her hand toward the black cloak draped over her coat hanger. Cheer up! The flying cloak wrapped around Eugene’s body.

“Cold water friction.”


“To re-arm your mind.”

Her hair, which had been drenched in cold water, was dry in an instant. Eugene slapped her on the cheek with both hands and passed Anis.

“let’s go.”

Anise blinked as she chased Eugene toward the door. Soon she was put and her laugh burst out and she nodded her head.

“Yes, Hamel.”

“That sounds a lot better than being praised as a god.”

“Seriously, if you wanted to ease the tension between me and Cristina, hmm, there could have been other ways.”

“I just woke up. I just did it to wash.”

Yujin smiled and opened the door.

In the long hallway, except for Senya and the archmages, the executives were lined up. Knights and warriors who have nothing to do with magic. Eugene looked at Carmen, Gilade, and Gion standing closest to the door.

“Did everyone sleep well?”

Yujin smiled and asked.

“I was trying to sleep well.”

Gillaid said with an embarrassing laugh.

As today got closer, there were many people who could not sleep due to tension and excitement. Most of the new soldiers were like that, and so were the officers.

It is unavoidable. The opponent is the demon king of confinement who has reigned for a long time. If we consider the worlds that have crossed over, the time when the demon king of confinement reigned as the demon king could even be discussed for eternity.

“You seem to have slept well.”

“I tried to sleep well.”

Gion laughed at his trembling answer. But the other executives hardly laughed.



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The war begins today. Eugene, Senya, and Cristina will climb Babel- and the remaining Shingun will intercept Helmud’s offensive on the ground.

To be honest, I’m not afraid of ground combat. He had already experienced the battle between demons and monsters in Hauria. Carmen, Orthus, and Ivik also experienced despair in battle with the ‘Demon Lord’. No matter how tough the battle on the ground is, it won’t be much different from the battles so far.

The problem is Babel. If Eugene’s group rushes into Babel and is defeated by the demon king of confinement – everything will end regardless of victory or defeat on earth. That’s something even executives can’t help it. So, the faces of the executives had no choice but to be dark.

I know Eugene is strong, but… … The opponent is the demon king of confinement. The defeat of the eternal Great Demon King, the executives could not imagine.

“You lack faith.”

Eugene could feel the anxiety that was transmitted. He put his hand on his chest as he passed between his officers.

– Hwareuk. Shinhwa (God’s Fire) bloomed near the heart. That alone changed the atmosphere in the hallway. Sparks permeated the air that had been frozen with anxiety and tension.

“ah… … !”

Ivata let out an exclamation involuntarily. He turned his head and looked at Eugene’s back. Eugene’s existence, passing by the executives, felt like a lantern in the dark night sea. Eugene walked in front of him, and just by looking at his back, the anxiety and tension that had settled in his chest disappeared.

no. And that’s not all. Ivata felt something different in Eugene’s back. It’s as if he has become a different person. And it’s like Eugene became someone else’s back. Oddly enough, Ivata took the feeling for granted.

“haha… … .”

Alchester let out a low laugh and clenched his fists. Her hands, covered with cold sweat, were dry.

lack of faith? That’s right. You can’t think of Eugene’s defeat. His victory should not be doubted. Alchester swallowed a laugh and looked at Eugene’s back. A huge back that I could never have imagined when I first saw it a few years ago.

“It is brilliant.”

Carmen grinned and murmured.

Among the executives here, only Carmen was unconcerned. She felt no tension, no anxiety, no fear. She never doubted her Eugene’s victory, and was sure that her Dragon Claw would help her reach a brilliant future beyond her captivity and destruction.

“Is it not enough?”

Yujin glanced back and answered. But she didn’t answer anyone. All the executives in the hallway were already standing behind Eugene with unflinching faces.

“I was just asking.”

Yujin smiled and looked ahead again and walked. The door at the end of the hallway opened by itself.

This building is on top of the walls of Neran. Eugene opened the door and immediately walked on top of the castle wall. cloudy sky. The sun is not visible in the dark clouds that look like it will rain at any moment, and the sky is dark. But it won’t rain. Eugene glanced up. Those clouds are not clouds. The sky in this area was just covered with the magical power of the demon lord in captivity.

“The weather sucks.”

Yujin murmured and lowered her gaze. He stopped walking and turned around.


The moment I lowered my gaze, a roaring roar ensued. This place has not yet become a battlefield, but the battle cry is right in front of you, so it is close.

under the high walls. All the new forces gathered from all over the continent, who were confronting each other on the plains with Pandaemonium in between, shouted at Eugene.

“Coming soon.”

Senya’s voice was clearly audible even amidst the shouts that roared across the plains. Senya, who appeared next to him without any sign, glanced at Eugene and poked his side with his elbow.

“You said it was okay, but you were the one who sent me in to sleep.”

“I didn’t expect you to sleep this late.”

“It is still noon. It’s not like I slept late enough. So, how are you?”

Eugene got down next to Senya and asked with the archmages in her field of vision.

“I did everything I could.”

The busiest thing during this month was the magic corps led by Senya and the archmages.

They connected the entire Great Forest of Samar to the World Tree and built a strong defense barrier, and also built defense barriers in the major cities of each kingdom. At the same time, various magics were installed on the plain, which would become the battlefield, and magic scrolls were mass-produced to assist the new army. Christina, Anis, and the priests also prepared to mass produce holy water and prepare divine magic, but their suffering was incomparable to that of Senya and the wizards.

“I went to Rehein Yar in the middle of the night.”

Rehein Yar becomes empty when Morron is summoned. In order to artificially prevent Noor from appearing, Senya’s magic is needed. Thanks to that, Senya was in Rehein Yar until just a while ago.

“What about Pandaemonium?”

“It was empty. I don’t think there’s any follow-up. It is impossible to hit our rear.”


Yujin smiled and looked ahead.

Pandemonium was nowhere to be seen. I can’t even see the end of the plain. Beyond the god army was a large army made up of demons and monsters. It seemed that all the monsters raised in Helmud had gathered on this plain. It’s not that there are only demons. There is a mixture of humans everywhere. There were not many, but there were giants, and a few beasts.

“Let’s bang and bump into each other with all our might, is this it?”

“… … Battles on the ground won’t mean much to the demon king in captivity.”

Senya glared at the barbell in the dark sky. Even if the Demon Army on the ground is annihilated. There would be no meaning to the demon king of confinement. The demon king of confinement is a great demon king who can sweep the continent as much as he wants alone.

“I am not.”

Eugene’s left hand is still resting on his chest. Shinhwa emitted a stronger and stronger light.

“If this is a war, I want victory.”

The left hand of the chest fell. Yujin raised his hand above his head in front of all the gods. ㅡHurt! The myth wrapped around his left hand blazed and burned. Eugene grinned and lightly threw the fireworks into the sky.

Whoa! The flames rose high and swelled like they exploded. A dark red sun was created in the dark sky covered in magic. Just like Agaroth in the Age of Mythology, Eugene created a miracle called the sun by using his divine power.

“Ahhh… … .”

The new soldiers forgot to shout and looked at the sun in the sky as if possessed.

Everyone knows. It looks like the sun, but it is not the real sun. But for the new soldiers here, on the battlefield, that artificial sun was more brilliant than the real sun. I shouted to forget the horror and fear in my chest, but now I don’t feel the fear and fear even if I don’t shout like that. Rather, emotions such as faith and courage overflowed.

“sanctuary… … .”

Anise looked back at Eugene in admiration.

Even during the battle with Noir, Eugene’s sanctuary did not cover such a wide area. However, the current Eugene did not even show prominence, and turned the entire plain into a sanctuary. Within the sanctuary, followers can fight tirelessly. Injuries are healed quickly, and mana is also added to divine power. Just by the rising of the sun, the power of the new army increased several times.

“Due to my personality, I can’t say anything grandiose.”

Eugene reached out his hand while receiving all the Shingun’s gazes. – Woe! The flag of Lionheart, which had been planted on the wall of Neran, flew into Eugene’s hand. Yujin grinned, remembering the advance in Hauria.

“All troops.”

Kirik, Kirik… … The flagpole in his hand emitted an ominous sound. The full mana that was blown into it became a flame and wrapped around the flagpole.

– Kwaaaang!

The flagpole was shot out of Eugene’s hand. The flagpole that flew through space pierced the body of the biggest giant in the Demon Army’s battle line. The spark that exploded the moment it penetrated exploded the giant’s body, and the demons and monsters around it were caught in the explosion and turned to ashes in an instant.

“Let’s live and see.”

words spoken with a smile.

In the middle of the enemy camp, the flag of Lionheart fluttered.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 575Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 577
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