Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 577

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The new army let out a cheer. to see you live. Eugene thought that it was not a grandiose and big statement, but Shin-kun didn’t think so.

The Shingun knows that their commander-in-chief is the reincarnation of Hamel from 300 years ago. He is a great hero who fought against the demon king to save the world with the great Vermut of the past, and was reincarnated in the present era to become the chosen warrior of the holy sword. And now, he surpassed even the hero and ascended to the throne.

Eugene Lionhart. It is no exaggeration to say that this battlefield where he is located and protected is the center of the myth. Look at the dark red sun rising in the sky. Along with the words, “I’ll see you alive,” that sun that lights up the battlefield is a miracle and a blessing from God.

“You say the most necessary words.”

Carmen stepped forward.

form change. The muttering of the low voice was heard not only by the new army, but also by the demon army on the other side. They flew right in, punched a hole in the camp, and shouted at the Lionheart flag that had been stuck there. Then, they suddenly heard the word ‘form change’ and turned around.

Cheer up! The coat he was wearing fluttered. The special acid that was worn inside the uniform changed and wrapped around Carmen’s body. Originally wearing an acid, this process, which is ‘transformation’ for Carmen, takes less than 3 seconds.

However, Carmen deliberately slowed down the transformation process. Because I thought it was ‘necessary’. Just as Eugene’s remarks recharged Shin’s morale, Carmen had no doubt that her transformation would inspire Shin’s courage and hope.

And I wanted to slowly show everyone this wonderful transformation that gave me goosebumps. I wanted to let those many demons who would soon be crushed to death know the existence of the cruel god of death who would give them their last.

“Reaper… … .”

Carmen liked the word.

Clack, clap… … ! The transformation that started with the torso spread to the limbs. —-Not enough. Carmen thought as she watched the forms of acid covering her limbs.

The name of her exclusive acid is White Flame Dragon. But that’s her past name. Carmen Ryanhart. She united the stars of the white flame ceremony and fabled anew. Lionheart’s silver lion and Carmen Lionheart, who was called the White Flame Dragon, no longer exists.

what is here now.

“Grim Reaper.”

The acid was stained black. An acid that was completely black like night and death covered Carmen’s body. Carmen stood on the railing in front of everyone.


Carmen turned to Eugene and said.

“No, that is wrong.”

Fingers as sharp as the Grim Reaper’s scythe held up the cigar. Carmen caught everyone’s gaze and put a cigar in her mouth. Then, with her finger holding a cigar, she pointed to the sky, to Babel, the castle of the devil in captivity.


There will be no more words than this in response to the words to see you live. don’t just go Go and come back. Normally, he would have been unable to bear Carmen’s behavior and froze, but now Eugene couldn’t. Because I felt the meaning of those words.


So Eugene answered like that.

ㅡ Hwareuk! Behind Eugene’s back, prominence soared. Christina, who had not yet resonated, spread her wings of light in the same way.


Senya didn’t fly right away and looked back at the archmages. Then, as if he had been waiting, Melchis stepped forward.

“Don’t worry, this Melchis Elheyer will do a great job.”

“If, by any chance, communication is cut off, we will return as scheduled.”

Loberian glanced at Babel and said. Right now, the executives decided to take charge of the ground – but in the worst case, they also decided to rush to Babel.

“I hope that never happens.”

Senya floated into the sky. She smiled at Mer and Raimir Ah, who looked up at her worried faces.

“Don’t push yourself too hard, okay?”

“yes… … !”

The two little boys nodded and waved goodbye.

Mer and Lymilia also participate in the ground battle. It is because the power of the two is considerable to argue that they are children. Lymilia, the dragon, will unite with Mais’ signature and become a major force in air battles, and Mer will assist the magic corps by interpreting the battlefield while communicating with Senya.

“I’m worried that something might happen.”

“Whatever happens here will be better than what we are going through.”

Senya scolded Yoo Jin-ne for glancing at the ground.

“Well, I guess so.”

After answering that, I looked in the direction of Demon Army.

The missiles installed on the walls of Pandaemonium are not moving. However, the unknown mounts and weapons inside the wall were placed behind the Demon Army. I had thrown the flag in case the army would advance first, but the big hole in the camp had already been filled with other units.

They- they’re not marching yet. Instead, he was glaring at Eugene with a bloody gaze. They are waiting for Eugene to rush into Babel.

Among them, the one with the deepest intention to kill is the black mist of the vanguard. Although the leader, Gavid, is dead, they still show off their unrivaled presence within the Demon Army, wearing a black mist.

‘Your magic power has grown. Is it the demon king of confinement?’

It was a few years ago that the demons of the higher ranks were directly endowed with magical powers by the demon king in captivity. I heard that the Black Mist, which did not belong to the hierarchy, was excluded at the time, but it seems that it was newly enchanted while preparing for war.

It’s pretty tricky. If the Black Mist belonged to the Demons hierarchy, then all the top-tier Demons would have been filled with the Black Mist. Those who were originally specialized in combat gained the magic of confinement.

“It’s better than 300 years ago. it is not so?”

Senya, who was watching the ground together, murmured.


I couldn’t deny it. 300 years ago. A death squad that gathered on the Red Plains with Babel right in front of them. It was the death squad that was exhausted to the point of exhaustion and had nothing to stake except their lives.

As the name suggests, most of the death squad died in the Red Plains. This time – it’s different. Eugene glared at Babel with cold eyes.

Yes, it should be different than it was 300 years ago. At that time, Eugene and Hamel died in Babel. In the end, I couldn’t get to the top.

“I’ve been thinking about it.”

Babel is getting closer. ㅡWoe! The prominence behind his back fluttered loudly, and the feathers of flame shot far ahead. A space leap took place. Eugene passed the front of the barbell and moved to a higher place.

“You don’t have to go through the front door, do you?”

Senya laughed at the voice she heard from above. The magic that spread close to Christina moved the two to Eugene’s side.

“You tried it 300 years ago.”

“At that time, we couldn’t break through the barrier that covered Babel, so we had no choice but to enter through the entrance. But do you think you can break through now?”

You can see the chains tightly surrounding Babel. 300 years ago, they couldn’t break through that chain, so they had to break through from the outer gate.

“Right now, there will be no obstacles in Babel except for Balzac.”

The Shield of Confinement has been vacant for 300 years, and the Sword of Confinement has not been appointed since Gavid’s death. With the Black Fog, the bodyguards, on the ground, Balzac alone is the only one blocking the way to the palace.

Perhaps, like 300 years ago, traps, monsters, and the undead lurked there–but, to be honest, those things were not treated as obstacles to the current force. Whatever stands in your way, you can clear it as soon as it appears.

“I will, but.”

A black flame burned. Eugene grabbed the Levantine and glared at her barrier.

“I want to destroy that first.”

Qurrrr! Sparks erupted from the blade of the glass. Even Senya laughed at that simple statement. She pulled Mary out of the inside of her robe and leaned closer to the Levantine.



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“It’s the same thing I want to destroy.”

Chain of Confinement. And Babel is the wall Senya has been trying to overcome all her life.

A light shimmered at Mary’s end. The scattered petals flowed into the flames of Levantine and burned to ashes. However, magic did not disappear and was added to the Levantine. Crunchy, Crunchy! A flash of electricity added to the flame. Eugene lifted the heavier Levantine over her head.

“You do as you please.”

Naturally, Cristina had no intention of stopping Eugene. She was the same as Anise, so she didn’t bother occupying herself. She stood behind her, Christina bringing her hands together and saying her prayers.

The Levantine split the sky. Dark red flames pierced the barbell like lightning falling from the sky. Kwaaaaa! The chains surrounding Babel’s space were shattered by the flames. The barbell vibrated as if it were about to fall.

ㅡWow! A great roar was heard from the ground. It was the sound of the Demon Army, who had been staring at the sky, starting to advance all at once.

I ignored it. Eugene once again raised Levantein up. Babel’s barrier was completely cut with a single sword. The current Babel is just an ominous demon castle floating in the sky without any barriers. Eugene saw the center of Babel. Broad and lofty nature. Hamel died climbing there 300 years ago.

Her cheeks twitched and a smile formed. Eugene held Levantein high once again. As soon as the flames rose, they became a slash and were fired. Myths were driven into the nature of Babel.

The castle collapsed with an explosion. It seemed so. The castle, which seemed to be collapsing, shook greatly and became a black fog. The fog that swelled like a cloud swallowed the entire castle.

“That… … .”

Yujin frowned as she glared at the mist. Mist caused by magic, black magic. Eugene knows what the darkness is in that fog. Before Eugene could say anything more, Senya took a step forward.

“Put the Levantine in and back off.”

A cold voice. As instructed, I put the Levantine in and stepped back. Instead, Senya stretched out her merry and walked forward. The fog that enveloped the entire castle swayed like a living creature, but no one was wary or afraid of the fog here.

Instead, I felt anger and murderous intent. Senya chewed on his lower lip and glared at the mist.

It is not difficult to destroy or break from the outside. But Senya didn’t bother to do that. If you want me to come inside. If you think that it will become a battleground in your favor.

I thought I would go in and destroy it myself. Thoroughly, from the front, I thought I would overwhelm you.

Senya didn’t let go of her glaring gaze, and walked towards the mist in silence. Eugene and Cristina did not stop Senya. It was because of his trust in Senya, but also because he knew that it would be impossible to stop Senya at a time like this.

Senya, who entered first, was swallowed up by the fog. Eugene, too, walked into her mist, leaving Christina close to her side.

My eyesight was darkened. It’s not that you can’t see in the thick fog. The fog had blocked the vision itself. blind. It is the signature of Balzac Rudbesse.

“I thought you could use it below.”

Eugene blinked his invisible eyes a few times. The fact that blinds have lethal power in large-scale battles was realized in the past battle in Samar. If millions of new troops were blinded at the same time, great damage would have occurred.

Of course, I was wary of such a thing and prepared for it. If Balzac had lowered the veil of blinds on the ground, the sun created by Eugene would have immediately torn the veil apart.


Eugene tilted his head. The view was blocked, but it didn’t mean much to Eugene. This is because the other senses are intact even if the eyes are not visible. In fact, there is no need to rely on other senses. With just a few blinks, the blocked vision returned.

“There’s no way this kind of magic can work on me right now.”

Yujin grumbled and looked around. Cristina also regained her sight on her own. Right next to Eugene, she let out a short sigh.

“You didn’t listen to Eugene’s advice.”

I didn’t kill him, I sent him back alive. He even advised me to run away. Cristina stared in front of her with her thin eyes.

In front of the tightly closed castle gate.

Balzac was at the gates.

“I never thought you would try to enter the royal palace. If you do, won’t my position as the gatekeeper be ridiculous?”

Balzac smiled as he slightly raised his usual spectacles.


Senya, who was glaring at Balzac, tilted her head and muttered.

Blinds are alive and well. However, Senya did not lose sight from the beginning. One of Senya’s signatures, her Empress Rule, allows her to dominate magic that is of a lower level than hers. Originally, Empress rules had various restrictions on ‘black magic’, but if you add ‘absolute rule’, you can control even black magic.

“The door is already open, do you need a gatekeeper?”

Balzac’s shoulders trembled at the cold voice’s words.

“… … haha… … .”

Balzac immediately looked back and let out a dejected laugh.

A door that had been closed until just now. The door, which contained various magics so that it would never be opened, was wide open before Balzac even noticed.

“The door… … Although it was opened. If you don’t let them in, isn’t it the same as being closed?”

Balzac smiled bitterly and looked ahead again.

“Balzac Rudbesse.”

Senya’s mouth opened. she continued as she stretched her mary forward.

“What are you in front of me now?”

“… … .”

“I am the Black Mage Tower Master? Wizard? black magician? The gatekeeper of Babel?”

“It is everything.”

Balzac replied. A black staff appeared from the drifting fog. Balzac held the staff in his left hand, and stretched out his right hand towards Senya.

“And also the staff of confinement.”

blah blah The palm of her right hand cracked and a small mouth appeared.


Senya nodded.

“Then die.”

Mary flashed a light.

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