Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 578

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ㅡkeying… … .

Mary’s End. The flower bud infused with mana has bloomed. A thin line of light shot from the wide open petals.

Balzac immediately activated Gluttony in his right hand. The predator’s mouth extended beyond the palm to the forearm. Balzac’s arms stretched up and down like the mouth of a reptile.

The approaching light entered Gluttony’s gap. Gluttony immediately swallowed the light.


The gaping mouth closed, and the light disappeared. At the same time, Balzac’s face contorted. His stomach turned and blood gushed from his mouth. It was impossible to digest the magic he had just swallowed.

“It’s dark… … !”

Balzac coughed up blood and stepped back. Duduk, duduk! His left arm trembled and bubbles rose. The undigested magic had begun to tear Gluttony apart from the inside. Balzac stretched out his wand forward, forcing himself to swallow the blood he was vomiting.

Kwak! A mass of black mana was fired at Senya. At the same time, Gluttony opened again in his right hand. The magic he could not digest was vomited up. In the end, he vomited, but in that short moment, Balzac somehow interpreted the magic and usurped his dominion.

A mass of magical energy that was shot out and magic that returned. Both became attacks on Senya. But Senya didn’t feel the slightest sense of danger from that. Suddenly, the fingers stretched out in front of him drew a line.

The two magics disappeared at the same time. It’s not just covered by force. By interfering with the magic formula itself, it turned the magic into nothingness.

“beauty… … That’s the answer.”

Balzac admired as he wiped the blood from his mouth. I’ve never seen a dispel as clean as mine. I felt it in the first attack, but I felt it even more in that dispel.

everything is overwhelming Balzac felt a gap between himself and Senya that could never be bridged. I mean it’s different. No matter what magic Balzac used or tried, it seemed that he couldn’t hurt Senya.

“You took away the Empress rule… … Are you ignoring me?”

“that’s right.”

Senya answered without denying.

“Even if I don’t use the Empress rules, your magic won’t reach me.”

“haha… … It seems so.”

“One time.”

Senya’s left hand was wide open.

“With this one spell, you will die.”

A harsh sentence. Senya was sure, and so was Balzac. He smiled bitterly and nodded his head.

“Then, please don’t die… … Not once, but twice, not twice, but three times.”

“No, that is impossible. you don’t have it twice Once, only once.”

support position… … .

Purple light gathered in Senya’s left hand. Seeing this, Balzac couldn’t help but doubt his eyes. That purple light wasn’t ‘mana’. An unbelievably wicked light that belonged to Senya Merdein. Balzac knows who the light originally belonged to.

“that… … Duke of Jebela… … .”

“that’s right. It is the magical power of Noir Jebela.”

The magical power of Noir collected along with the magical eye of fantasy. Compared to the magical power Noir originally possessed, it was small, but even so, it was so enormous that it was difficult to fathom the end.

Balzac gave a short laugh and let go of his staff.

“thank you.”

death sentence. But Balzac said thanks. Senya can kill Balzac in all sorts of ways. Even if you just fire the light that was initially shot, Balzac will not be able to respond properly and he will die. However, as Senya said ‘only once’, she is sincerely preparing her magic.

Balzac felt grateful for that. Reaping the Empress rule. Senya said ‘Ignore’, but Balzac didn’t think it was just ‘Ignore’. Rather, he felt that he was ‘considered’.

‘So that no regrets remain in me.’

I knew from the beginning. Although he stands here as a gatekeeper, Balzac can never guard the gate. Compared to the difficulties they have overcome so far, Balzac is very insignificant and shabby. No matter how much Balzac struggles, he cannot be a challenge. He is not even a stone to trip over.

I knew from the beginning.

I know you are standing here. If you wanted to become an obstacle, you had to become an ‘enemy’ much earlier. From the beginning, Balzac had no intention of becoming a difficulty.

“… … A magical sanctuary.”

What Balzac ultimately wanted.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to find out.”

The left hand released the staff. But the wand did not fall. Balzac placed his staff in front of his chest and stretched out his arms.

Jiji Jiji… … His right hand parted again and Gluttony opened his mouth. Balzac swallowed a bloody breath and put his left hand close to Gluttony.

Kurur… … ! A heavy vibration sounded from inside Gluttony. Before long, gray-white mana spewed out from the inside of Gluttony.

‘It’s the magic of destruction.’

Eugene, who stood back and watched the battle, clicked his tongue. It wasn’t hard to guess what the source of that mana was. Nur’s forces poured out of Hauria. Balzac took an active part in the battlefield and ate Noor. It must be the magic power gained through him.

‘The magic of destruction disintegrates existence. Even incarnation is no exception. If a human possessed that kind of magical power… … .’

Why didn’t Balzac run away? Why did he say he couldn’t help it and stay in Babel?

I understood a little bit. From the beginning, Balzac did not have much ‘time’. How could he maintain his body, but as long as he ate that much of the magic of destruction, Balzac was on the verge of dying sooner or later.

“Whoa… … .”

Balzac took a long breath and concentrated the magic of destruction. At the same time, confined magic poured out of his left hand. After pouring out all the magical power of destruction, Gluttony in the right hand vomited the next magic. The magical power obtained by preying on demons and monsters. And all the mana Balzac has.

Different types of magic power and mana were entangled and compressed. Senya silently watched it and moved Merry.

ㅡJijijijik! The guided magical energy wrapped around Mary’s petals. At the same time, the manifested mana began to mix with magical power.

Senya and Balzac were using both mana and magic at the same time. But the results were not the same. If Balzac was forcibly holding on to something that did not mix, Senya’s mana and magic were in perfect harmony.

spiritual power. A pure essence drawn from the intersection of mana and magical power that have changed differently.

“iced coffee… … .”

Balzac gasped in admiration as he swallowed the blood. Even in Hauria, Senya didn’t have that kind of power.

If I had found out earlier, would it have been possible for me? Balzac smiled again at the question that arose. There’s no way it’s possible. That is the realm of magic. A power that only a magical goddess can wield, beyond legend and reaching myth.

“thank you.”

Balzac said thanks again. Can I see something like that before I die? For that, you can die. He thought saying thank you a hundred times wasn’t enough.

thought at the same time.

Magic is something you can’t help but love. You can’t help but be fascinated. Talent for magic doesn’t matter. Love is what you can do even if you lack talent. I don’t expect anything in return for love. I just love and have been loving.

How could you not love that wonder?

“It is done.”

The preparations are complete. Balzac grasped the wand with a trembling hand.

Kururureung… … ! The wand vibrated with a sound like thunder. Coordinating the unmanageable power, the staff began to break. The same was true of Balzac’s body. Her face, originally bloodless, turned pale like a corpse’s, and Gluttony’s teeth clashed with each other.


Senya asked.



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“doesn’t exist.”

Senya nodded at the answer that came back. If the reply came back that she regretted it, she would have been even more disappointed. He said he was a wizard, a warlock, and a staff of confinement, so it would be honorable to die with that trivial fidelity.


The spiritual power gathered at Mary’s end was no more than the size of a fist. Compared to the power and size that Balzac had gathered, it was incomparably small. But the class is different. Balzac, of course, knew that, and so did Eugene.

He blocked Christina’s path and took a few more steps back. If you get caught up in that power, it won’t just end.

“Goodbye, Balzac Rudbesse.”

There was not the slightest regret or regret in the words he uttered. There is no reason for Senya to have such feelings for Balzac. A minimum of respect for the foolish warlock who devoted his life to magic, yearned for it, and longed for its end. I only put such respect into this magic. His intent to kill Balzac, who stood in his way as a black magician, was solid.

Spirituality moved. A light the size of a fist flew slowly towards Balzac. Balzac looked at the light with wide eyes. Knowing that that light would determine the end of my life, I wanted to see everything clearly with my own two eyes until the last moment.

And Balzac also shot magic. The light exploded as the wand shattered. Unlike Senya’s, Balzac’s magic was ferocious and savage. Before two magics collide with each other. In case of emergency, Eugene made a sanctuary with Prominence and surrounded Christina and himself.

Two magics collided.

explode or break. I never heard anything related to that. The collision was not accompanied by such a phenomenon.

It was because Balzac’s magic disappeared the moment he touched it. The magic of destruction that Balzac had gathered while cutting his lifespan. The mana and magical power obtained by devouring the existence and devouring it. Everyone was meaningless in front of Senya’s magic. Rather, the extinct magic flowed into Senya’s magic and increased the power of spiritual power.

“iced coffee… … .”

I was neither embarrassed nor shocked. Because I knew it would be like that. So Balzac smiled brightly and stretched out his right hand. The slow approaching death takes on the form that Balzac longed for all his life.

A little more if possible.

With that thought in mind, I opened Gluttony. Her wide-open mouth swallowed the approaching death.

“… … .”

Senya’s magic was consumed by Gluttony and disappeared. Balzac stood for a moment with his left arm outstretched. A moment later, Balzac barely opened his quivering lips.

“thank you.”

Senya did not respond and lowered Merry down.

“Magic is… … .”

Balzac continued his cracking voice slowly.

“So wonderful… … Great.”

Crunchy, Crunchy.

Balzac’s right hand cracked and began to crumble. With every breath, I could feel my internal organs disappearing. The being devoured by Gluttony becomes a book and sticks on the bookshelf inside Balzac. The same goes for magic. Just as Akasha understands magic, Balzac’s Gluttony can understand the magic that devoured it.

But the magic I just ate- I can’t understand it at all. The first time I saw Witchcraft. The same feeling as when watching Eternal Hall. I’m looking at the answer sheet, but I can’t understand it. Is this a magical sanctuary?

Balzac chuckled and covered his chest with his left hand.

“To be able to finally see this kind of magic and die. There can be no death more than this for a wizard like me.”

“When you die, it seems you don’t die with the stick of confinement.”

“Because I was a wizard from the beginning.”

Balzac replied with a smile. He couldn’t stand up any longer and sat down helplessly.

“… … finally… … May I ask you one question?”


“Is this the end of the magic?”

Balzac asked desperately. Senya does not know what kind of answer Balzac expects. He had no intention of living up to expectations. But he said yes, so he wasn’t lying.

“There can be no way that this is the end of magic.”

So I answered honestly.

“Even this goddess of magic still can’t fathom the ‘end’ of magic. Even I am exploring the end. In fact, I’m even thinking about this now. Is there really an end to magic?”

“There may be an end to my existence, but magic does not. If magic has infinite possibilities, there should be no end.”

“iced coffee… … .”

Balzac nodded, making a sound of exclamation or sigh.

“thank you.”

Balzac said his last thanks in a voice so faint it was hard to hear. He could no longer raise his head and dropped it.

“Even this… … magical… … en route. whooping… … okay.”

All internal organs were completely destroyed. And even the body began to disappear.

I closed my eyes because my vision was blurry. She didn’t bother holding on to the consciousness that was about to be cut off. The body perishes, but the being does not perish. Balzac felt his soul bound by his contract. Despite this annihilation, the contract is firm, and after the annihilation of the body, Balzac’s soul will return to the devil in captivity.

“It was good to be a wizard.”

Balzac laughed and murmured.

A life that was determined to die immediately. I didn’t even think about living in the first place. I don’t mind dying to Eugene… … I thought about it, but I thought that if possible, I would like to be killed by Senya. Due to Senya’s magic he admired, he wanted to die.

that wish came true No, he met the best death beyond what he had hoped for. With this ecstatic aftertaste, Balzac’s soul will return to the demon king in captivity.

That’s it.

Balzac was satisfied and died laughing.

The broken body turned to ashes and disappeared. Mary, who had bloomed, closed again. Senya kept her mana and magic power and looked in front of her.

The door is open, there is no gatekeeper.

“let’s go.”

Senya turned to Eugene with a nonchalant face and said. Eugene also nodded her head as she removed her barrier.

“It was simple.”

“Then, did you think I could do classics?”

“Since you grandiosely blocked the front as a gatekeeper, I thought there would be a trump card.”

The former black magic tower lord. A black magician who has been suspicious ever since. Balzac Rudbesse.

“I died in vain for being suspicious until now.”

Eugene grumbled and walked towards the open door.

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