Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 579

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Passing through the gates of Babel, the road to the original nature.

I remember it. 300 years ago, this place was full of monsters, demons, undead, and chimeras, and there were many traps.

But now it is empty. It seemed that there was no one else in Babel, except for Balzac, who died after being blocked by a gatekeeper, and the demon king who was in captivity in the palace.

‘Because it’s pointless.’

Eugene thought as he passed the desolate garden.

A garden where there is not a single weed, let alone a single flower. Actually, I don’t know if you can call this place a garden, but looking at the neglected sculptures here and there, it seems that it was once used as a ‘garden’.

‘Even if I reproduce the things from 300 years ago, it’s impossible to stop me now.’

Too much time has passed. At the time, I had to risk my life to break through the barbell, but that’s not the case now.

Rather, it raises more questions. If it was ‘Vermouth’, he would have been able to break through the garden by himself even then.

But it didn’t. Vermouth also struggled quite a bit at Babel. Even before Babel, when fighting the demon king of slaughter, misery, and madness. Vermouth always did its best. He never thought of it as acting.

To put it simply, Vermouth had no choice but to do so.

‘… … .’

I’m guessing. Certainly, there is. It is also acknowledged. But I didn’t want to be conscious. are ignoring

But now it won’t be possible. Didn’t Vermouth tell you? Vermouth’s identity. promise. Purpose 300 years ago. What the confined demon king longs for.

After knowing all the truth, what decision does Eugene make? That is the last ordeal of the demon king of confinement. Gear nose Eugene reached the barbell. Now, I’m heading to the palace.

So now I can’t help but be conscious. can’t be left out Eugene will learn the truth from the demon king of confinement. And – you will have to decide.


decide what

-After knowing all the truth, what you decide is the final ordeal of the ‘Demon King’.

I don’t know. I can’t guess that much. Eugene glanced down. She could see her hands trembling with tension. She is feeling a subtle fear.

… … The battle with the demon lord in captivity is honestly terrifying. I’m not sure if I can really defeat that outrageous Great Demon King. I’m afraid of losing and ending everything. I am afraid that the long-awaited longing for the existence of ‘me’ will become futile.

And I’m afraid of the truth.

“It reminds me of the old days.”

When you pass through the garden and reach the nature. Senya suddenly opened her mouth.

“After passing here, the shield of confinement blocked it.”

“that’s right.”

“After that Hamel, you died.”

Anise said. Yujin smiled bitterly and nodded his head. The Babel that Eugene remembers ends there. This, how much sacrifice did she make to open the door. Eugene saw the firmly closed door to nature.

There are no more gatekeepers. Closed doors simply open. Eugene slowly approached the door.


Senya and the saints nodded. I can’t feel the presence on the other side, but I don’t know. Eugene stretched her hand toward the door, conscious of the Levantine within her cloak.

-Kikkiik… … .

However, the door opened so easily that the tension felt futile. The inside is empty. I saw a corridor that I had been through so hard 300 years ago. Eugene swallowed a gulp and walked inside first.

Iron gruck.

The sound of chains was heard. I don’t know if it’s anywhere else. You should never ignore the sound of chains here at Babel. From the moment Eugene broke into Babel, the demon king of confinement would no longer show mercy.

Eugene was startled and pulled out the Levantine.

“… … ?”

He tried to take care of the saints and Senya at the same time, but he couldn’t. Because there was no one around.

is this an attack? If it was something like that, he must have sensed a sign in some way. Even if Eugene didn’t feel it, Senya would have responded.

‘attack… … No, this is not an attack. no hostility whatsoever is it magic Or authority?’

Babel is the domain of the demon king in captivity. All phenomena occurring here are supervised by the demon king of confinement. Eugene looked around without any tension. I could see things shimmering in the black darkness.

is a chain A myriad of chains melted in the darkness. Chains are wrapped around this entire space. Little by little, as the darkness faded, something else began to appear. Soon, Eugene came to a realization.

It is a memory. The ‘memories’ that took place in this space, confined to chains, begin to appear.

“Has everyone fallen down?”

The demon king of confinement opened his mouth. Eugene flinched and looked in the direction from which the sound came. At that moment, the darkness suddenly lifted.

Kurung… … .

Curling… … .

The uppermost floor of the Devil Castle Babel, the palace where the demon king in confinement resides. A place Hamel could not have reached 300 years ago.

It is the scenery there. I knew it without anyone explaining it. The walls all collapsed. There isn’t even a ceiling. That’s why I could see the cloudy gray sky with dark clouds.

Beneath the sky where red lightning roars. The demon king of confinement is standing.

“Aren’t you going to fall down?”

The demon king of confinement looked down and asked. that look. Costume. 300 years ago, it was the same as the one I saw on the Red Plains. Now this is a memory from 300 years ago.

“… … .”

It was Vermouth who heard the question. Vermouth, covered in scars, was tattered as if it would collapse at any moment. That’s how Vermouth stood, and he was in the best condition.

“Moron Ruhar has fallen.”

Morron is lying in front of Vermouth. Moron was so miserable that it was believed to be a corpse. His limbs have been ripped off, his side torn open, and his intestines spilling out.

Nevertheless, Moron was still alive. dim light… … It was thanks to covering Moron’s wounds.

“Senya Merdein has also collapsed.”

Senya was lying down next to Vermouth. A long sword was clutched in her hand. It is proof that she has not been able to use magic the way she wants. Even in such a situation, Senya did not back down and attacked with her sword. That’s why Senya’s injury was not like a wizard. Not as much as Moron, but she also lies down with the same injuries as her warrior’s.

“Annis Slewood fell too.”

Anise lies behind Vermouth. Her whole body was drenched in blood.

It wasn’t that he was attacked, wounded, and bleeding. The cost of overusing divine magic and miracles. He shed as much blood from his stigmata as he dyed his pure white robe into a red one. Even so, Anis did not give up his prayer until the end. Anise knelt down, lost his mind in a prayerful position. Thanks to this, Moron and Senya were able to survive despite serious fatal injuries.

“Everything was meaningless.”

The demon king of confinement continued.

“Vermouth Lionheart. Everything that you, who did not exist in fate, intervened in and tried to change, is meaningless. The ax that the strong incarnation of Mu who was born in the cold land couldn’t reach me. The magic child of this era couldn’t show off magic in front of me. Even the imitation of a saint made by fanatics who claim to be the Holy Empire couldn’t reveal my magical power.”

Vermouth doesn’t respond and hangs his head. The expression of the demon king of confinement floating in the sky changed slightly. He smiled painfully, as if he was genuinely sorry.

“The mythical masters who watched the world perish and jumped into the belly of a giant. They gave up the believers who served them and the era they lived in, and tried to resist the destruction of the ‘next’, but even that was meaningless. It is difficult to defy fate.”

“… … .”



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“They may have had hopes and aspirations, but in the end they failed. But I don’t want to laugh. How can those who have never lived eternity measure eternity? Hamel Diners. Agaroth’s reincarnation is born human, and destruction does not wait for him to realize his divinity.”

“… … .”

“Maybe all these distortions were caused by you.”

Vermouth’s shoulders trembled. Those words would be words Vermouth would never want to hear. Maybe, maybe, really. I think of it so many times that I can’t count.

‘It can’t be.’

‘I’m not wrong.’

‘I’m not wrong.’

It must have been a word he desperately avoided.

“I know you were desperate.”

The demon king of confinement said.

“You, born suddenly, were convinced of the existence and significance of yourself. He did not hesitate to become a seeker. Even though God did not acknowledge it, he became a hero. Vermouth Lionheart. You took Morron Luhar out to stay in the cold. He doubted God’s will and confirmed the existence of God to Anis Slitherwood, who secretly looked forward to the end. It taught Senya Merdein, who did not know the world and only wanted revenge, what the cause was.”

A clump of chains appeared on the palm of the demon king of confinement. As the chains that had been united came loose, a sparkling light appeared.

“And you met Hamel Diners. A mercenary wandering the battlefield. Hamel, who was lacking in prestige and skill at the time, was recruited as an ally. It had to be. Hamel must have been the ally you most needed.”

“… … .”

“I understand. At first, you must have been immature and weak. You must have a friend who will fight alongside you. Moron Luhar, Anis Slwood, and Senya Merdane are great teammates. But in the end it’s not enough. What we need most is Hamel Diners.”

The gaze of the demon king of confinement moved. A young light flickered in his palms. that was the soul. The soul of Hamel who died by the curse.

“But Vermouth Lionheart. When you were born everything started to twist. Unlike before, the Demon King of Destruction rampages wildly, and the new sword Altair, the sword for Hamel, is now in your hands. And- the moonlight sword.”

The moonlight sword was held in Vermouth’s hand. Vermouth chewed his lips carefully and glared at his moonlight sword. Those eyes trembled as if looking into her private parts.

“Part of the destruction you plucked out to imitate humans. But you- in the end, you’ve reclaimed some of the things you buried yourself in. because you needed it? I was in a hurry after all. Your whole journey has been like that.”

“… … .”

“Because it was twisted. You must have thought about it several times. Since you were born, everything went wrong. Because you preempted Hamel’s fate. haha… … In the end, it was also something that could not be helped. Destruction did not wait for Hamel to wake up.”


Vermouth opened his mouth.

“It’s not over yet.”

“no. finished.”

The demon king of confinement shook his head.

“You, who are only fragments, cannot defeat me. What you had to do was not to come and defeat me as a hero. It was to stand in front of me with the inexperienced Hamel.”

“You, the way… … If you open… … .”

“I am the Demon King. Vermouth Lionheart. You ask for too much mercy from the devil. I have already shown you enough mercy. did not destroy the world. He calmed down the Demon King of Destruction, who started rampaging wildly. You and your colleagues waited here until you defeated the other demon lords first and came to me. In the whole process, I waited for Hamel to realize his divinity.”

Kirik. The chain wrapped around Hamel’s soul again.

“I know how difficult it is to defy destiny. In order to defy fate, one must have the qualifications and power to do so. And you lacked the qualifications at the end of the last. After all, Hamel died as a human without realizing his divinity.”

“… … .”

“If you reached before me with Hamel. Even me who despaired several times… … I would have accepted the possibility. Even if he wasn’t sure about it, he would have hoped for a possibility that was nothing more than a thread. I would have gladly led you and Hamel into the belly of destruction.”

“It’s not over yet.”

Vermouth spoke again. He continued his words as he turned the moonlight sword in his hand upside down.

“The Demon King of Confinement. I know that it is impossible for me to defeat you.”

“Me too.”

The demon king of confinement replied with a sad smile.

“Just as I cannot kill the demon lord of destruction, the demon lord of destruction cannot kill me either. we are… … so bonded forever.”

“But I will be able to snatch Hamel’s soul from your hands. I’ll be able to make sure you don’t kill Moron, Senya, Anise.”

“haha… … Don’t you want to admit that everything is over? Then ask me, Vermouth Lionheart. What would you do to take Hamel’s soul from me? The only way to bring the dead back to life right now is to make them undead. But you know that that method corrupts Hamel’s soul and deprives him of his divinity.”

“I’m not bringing it back right now.”

Quack! The moonlight sword pierced Vermouth’s chest. Vermouth put his moonlight sword into his body with his own hand.

“I know that you, now desperate again, will show no more mercy.”

Even though his chest was pierced, not a single drop of blood flowed from Vermouth’s mouth.

“You will act the same as last time, and as you have repeated several times. With the countless causes and effects woven into your body, along with everything bound by your chains, we will move on to the next one.”

“Because it is right for me.”

“It’s not right for me.”

Vermouth’s golden eyes turned gray.

“For me, this era is the last. It is right for me to do this now. So I won’t ask for mercy. I will make it impossible for you to do that.”

The smile of the confined demon king changed at the answer that came back. He opened his lips as he slowly moved down.

“Are you going to make it impossible? how?”

“I will break the chains you have pulled by accepting the curse of eternity.”

Ominous magic wrapped around Vermouth’s body. The shimmering magic power looked like flames and mane. Vermouth slowly raised his hand and pointed at the demon king in confinement.

“I cannot kill your being, but I can break your many chains.”

“You are overconfident in yourself. Can you, who is nothing more than fragments, really do it?”

“can do.”

Vermouth took a step forward. ㅡPughak! A different color was added to the magic of destruction that shimmered like a flame. A myriad of colors mingled with the flames and shimmered. The demon king of confinement murmured as he looked squarely at the magical power that wrapped around Vermouth.

“It’s not just fragments.”

The demon king of confinement realized that he had misjudged vermouth.

“Vermouth Lionheart. you… … What do you want?”

“Prevent the destruction of the world now.”

“Is that the longing of a warrior? or not… … Is it the longing as an alter ego of destruction?”

“I am not a warrior.”

Vermouth replied.

“This is a longing for me and everyone.”

Vermouth answered in a steady voice. In response, the demon king of confinement was silent for a moment, and then nodded with a short laugh.

“Haven’t you despaired yet?”

If he had begged for mercy, it wouldn’t have been worth dealing with. However, even in this worst situation, the being who was revered as a hero even though he was not a hero, and who was saving a human while not being a human, chose an extremely heroic and humane action.

At that, the confined Demon King couldn’t help but laugh. For him, that appearance was lost in despair long ago. That’s why the demon king of confinement laughed and whispered.

“Then prove it to me. that it’s not over yet. That you should not despair yet.”

Vermouth, clad in tangled colors, stepped forward.

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