Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 580

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Demon King of Confinement

“I cannot kill vermouth, and vermouth cannot kill me.”

A voice was heard.

“So all we could do was wear out the mind with excruciating pain.”

I heard clattering footsteps.

“But for me, pain was something I got used to to the point of disgust long ago, and now it’s really ‘nothing’. Pain can never wear me out In the first place, I have very little left to even wear out.”

The sound of chains clanking was heard.

“Vermouth is different from me, and… … Thought. Unlike Vermouth’s source, the personality of ‘he’ is as human as his drunk form.”

Eugene stood still and listened to everything. The demon king of confinement appeared with a sound and climbed the stairs in the eyes of Eugene, Senya, and the saints.

“Actually there, Vermouth got frustrated and tried to collapse several times. But he managed to stand up again and pounce on me.”

This is the center and top of Babel. before.

“It wasn’t pointless. Vermouth, as he himself said… … I was breaking my chains. Not to die, not to be killed, not to be frustrated. It’s not over. If so, is there a way?”

The demon king of confinement standing at the top of the stairs turned around. He looked down at everyone who had reached this place and smiled lightly.

“I made a promise.”

The countless chains on his back became a throne. The demon king of confinement sat on a throne of self-made chains.

“I returned the soul of Hamel Diners. Didn’t kill Moron Luhar, Senya Merdane, or Anis Slywood. The war has stopped. I made the time that Vermouth could endure as a reprieve from this world.”

Eugene didn’t answer and glared at the demon king in captivity. But others were not silent. The saintess opened her lips.

“Why did you make such a promise? With that promise, you… … What are you getting?”

It was Cristina who asked the question. She was born in this era. Without the promise of 300 years ago, Christina Rogeris would not have existed.


The demon king of Yupe answered with a smile. That answer didn’t sound like an answer coming from the mouth of the Great Demon King who had reigned for eternity.

“What I got from the promise is hope. The present world does not end, there is no need to move on to the next one, and the disappearance of the demon king of destruction makes me happy too.”

“The world… … What caused the war… … Are you… … !”

“It is out of necessity. It always has been.”

The demon king of confinement closed his eyes for a moment.

“… … Even now, the world cannot overcome destruction. Even if it perishes like the previous world did. Even so, there is something to be gained from the ‘promise’. It is possibility and memory. Because this era was special. If I go next We can induce a new trend by recalling the ‘previous’ era.”

“… … you.”

Eugene opened his mouth.

“I knew vermouth.”

Eugene chewed his lips and glared at the demon king of confinement.

“No, of course, you know. but… … Your attitude I just saw. Just like vermouth and before… … .”

“I know what you mean.”

The closed eyes opened. Dark eyes fell on Eugene from her throne.

“300 years ago. The promise made here, in the presence of Babel, is the ‘second’.”


It was an expected answer, but the shock when it was confirmed after hearing it in person was not light. He chewed so hard that his molars shattered and blood burst from his gums. Blood dripped from his clenched fists.

“The first appointment was- Khazad. The place where Vermouth first plucked out his true nature to imitate a human. I met Vermouth there.”

This is the point at which the demon lord of slaughter has not been subjugated. From the snowfields in the north to Alcarta, the forefront of the demonic landscape was the domain of the demon king of slaughter. Because he was the lowest in rank among the demon lords, he was used as an advance guard for the invasion, was the first to be hit by the continent’s repulsion, and was the first to die among the demon lords.

Kazad is the domain of the demon king of slaughter, and is close to the demon castle. Another demon king invading the territory. Such a thing was not a hindrance to the demon king in captivity. The slaughter, misery, and madness, he knew that not all demon kings were the same.

“He was- a mysterious being. He’s not a demon king, he’s not a demon, he’s not even a human. he is nothing That’s why he wanted to become a human being.”

The demon king of confinement could not forget the thrill of that moment. the eternity he lived. In a world repeated many times, there was no one like Vermouth. He was a huge variable and possibility that only exists in this era.

The world shook. Chains melted into space moved. The first promise, confined so that even Mana could not remember, was revealed.

The landscape of the palace has changed. The stale air, dull vision, and the scenery deep underground.

The demon king of confinement knows this place. The era he passed through, the era that had previously perished. An altar built by those who worshiped the demon king of destruction. Was it buried underground as the era perished, swept away by the sea, resurfaced and reassembled? There are many such things in the world.

But this altar has no meaning or mystery. No matter how much he worships it, it is impossible to connect with the demon king of destruction. Now, this altar is just an old ruin. No matter how much sacrifices and prayers are made, ‘this’ or ‘that’ cannot appear.

“What are you?”

So the demon king of confinement had no choice but to ask directly.

That being is worth questioning. no. Any recent phenomenon is worth questioning. There are too many things that did not exist in the eternity repeated by the demon king of confinement.

The Demon King of Destruction runs amok too much.

Never had anything like this before. It’s not that he’s not very rampant, but this era is particularly riotous. That doesn’t mean the riots continue. It just jumps off in an instant. It appears suddenly, sweeps the area, and disappears.

It’s not just a riot. In this era, the demon king of destruction is making a ‘contract’.

Originally, the Demon King of Destruction had no retinue. I don’t know if it was a long time ago. At this point, that being wouldn’t even have the will to have a follower left, and there wouldn’t be a need for that. Strangely, in this era, no, in recent years, contracts are being overused.

“… … I am.”

The presence opened its mouth. It looked like a cloudy fog with ominous energy, but the moment he uttered his voice, it changed into a different shape.


Gray hair and golden eyes.

“Vermouth… … Ryan Hart.”

The demon king of confinement knows that name. It’s a name I knew a long time ago, and a name I’ll never hear again. That is why, on rare occasions, the demon king of confinement showed his passion.

-Kiririk! The chains protruding from space bound the limbs of the boy who called himself ‘Vermouth’.

“That name.”

The demon king of confinement spat out. All sorts of emotions appeared on his face.

“you… … how to name it What does that name mean… … .”

The words that had been stuttering were cut off.

chained beings. A sense of presence. No, before I came here. From the time he had no choice but to come here, the demon king of confinement guessed what that existence was. It’s just- I didn’t expect to say that ‘name’ with such a similar personality.

“… … is it.”

The demon king of confinement let out a long sigh and removed the chains. He looked at the boy again.

Was it only about fifteen years old? The mysterious atmosphere emanating from his gray hair and golden eyes– the confined demon king thought of the distant past. Of course, the ‘him’ that the demon king of confinement remembers was not a boy’s appearance, but if he was a child, he would be the same as that one.

“why… … The demon king of destruction moved differently than before. It’s because you fell out. Well, this wouldn’t have existed in the eternity he’d been through. Should I fill it up as much as it falls out?”



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At that murmur, the boy who called himself Vermouth Lionheart chewed his lips. The demon king of confinement sighed once again and stared at Vermouth.

“What do you want?”

“End of perdition.”

“What a contradiction. Destruction will be further accelerated by your falling away. Destruction, which appeared like a phenomenon, is now rampaging to satisfy hunger. Perhaps destruction will descend sooner or later.”

“If it were you, you could stop it.”

Vermouth did not retreat an inch and faced the demon king of confinement.

“Wouldn’t it be impossible for you to chain and suppress the rampage of destruction?”

“Why should I?”

The demon king of confinement asked again.

“If you are a fragment, you will know. I, the demon lord of destruction… … I have no intention of fighting. What I want… … .”

“It’s about maintaining the status quo.”

The answer that came back without listening to the end. However, the demon king of confinement did not show any displeasure. Rather, with that answer, the demon king of confinement became more interested in Vermouth.

“As it has been so far, moving on to the next after destruction. You would like that, but wouldn’t that be the ideal?”

“You speak as if you can fulfill my ideals.”

“I know how to end destruction.”

Vermouth raised his hand.

“But I can’t do that right now. It takes time.”

“Everybody needs time.”

The demon king of confinement muttered.

“Your story, like your existence, is very interesting. But it’s difficult to ask for time blindly. Why should I give you time? that time you… … .”

The demon king of confinement stopped talking. After thinking for a moment, he smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“no. how to use your time what… … Don’t ask me what to do It is necessary to observe in ignorance.”

“If we have time, we can put an end to destruction.”

The words repeated like a parrot. It had to be. Vermouth’s will strongly desired the end of destruction.

The demon king of confinement was silent again. end of destruction. Those words sounded very sweet even to the demon king in captivity. Having seen countless iterations, he couldn’t help but love these variables.

“How much time do you need?”

So the demon king of confinement asked a question. talk about this topic. The demon king of confinement could never refuse. Even if all of this is meaningless, this experience itself will cultivate the eternity of the demon king in confinement.

“The time until I kill the slaughter, misery, and madness, and find you.”

“haha… … If you have your natural nature and strength, you could do that right away.”

“Discard this.”

The hand he was holding moved close to his chest. The demon king of confinement had no idea what Vermouth was trying to do. Before long, Vermouth’s hand went into my chest.

“have… … I do not want.”

It denies existence. But there were no lies. With sincere hatred, Vermouth pulled out the ‘destruction’ that existed in his body.

The destruction pulled out of his chest was in the shape of a rugged sword. An ordinary sword with no special features. A sword that can be used by anyone and will be available on any battlefield. However, unlike its rough appearance, the magical power flowing from the sword was ominous and devastating.

“I am.”

Putting the plucked destruction on the altar. Vermouth gasped for breath and glared at the demon king in confinement.

“As a human, demon lords… … I will kill you and find you.”

“… … .”

“This is a promise. I… … if i go to find you The Demon King of Confinement. you… … .”

“Are you asking us to cooperate in seeing the end of destruction?”

The demon king of confinement laughed lowly and shook his head.

“You are asking for too much mercy from me, the demon lord. Is it not enough to chain destruction and give you as much time as you wish?”

“Because you weren’t the demon king from the beginning.”

“You are telling a nostalgic and ephemeral story. Yes, he wasn’t a demon lord from the beginning. However, what is here right now is the ‘Demon King of Confinement’.”

The demon king took a step back and whispered.

“Give me the time you want. However, cooperation is not unconditional. just give it time The next negotiation… … haha. Vermouth Lionheart. After you defeat the slaughter, the horrors, and the frenzy. Let’s do it when we reach Babel.”

“After that.”

voices overlapped.

Khazad underground disappeared and returned to Babel’s palace. The demon king of confinement, sitting on the chain throne above the stairs, continued.

“Vermouth Lionheart headed for the northern snowfield. what he did in the snow Of course you know.”

Slaves who were transferred to the Demonic Realm.

“A young boy kills demons and warlocks and frees slaves. The world was thirsty for such heroic stories.”

At the time, the snow fields were used as major trade routes for transporting slaves and other plundered goods. The tribes, including Bayar, faced the demons as much as possible, but the snowfield tribes, which were not united and moved according to their own rules, had many shortcomings compared to the demons.

At such a point, vermouth appeared. He freed the slaves and colluded with Bayar and Moron.

A short period of time for a boy to become a young man. Vermut united the forces of Bayar and other tribes and freed the slaves in the north. And he became a ‘candidate’ of the hero and was invited to Yuras.

“… … Are you saying that everything was Vermouth’s intention?”

“Didn’t you expect that?”

The demon king of confinement asked again.

“He designed a lot. Killing the three demon lords and reaching me is not an easy task. It takes a lot of preparation to do it. How to become the center of the world. Who should I have as a teammate?”

“… … .”

“I would have arranged it before we split up. In the midst of destruction, looking at the world… … who has the potential. Who should I have as a teammate?”

“… … The alter ego of destruction, I said.”

Senya opened her mouth. She was here 300 years ago. She suffered defeat and she despaired. There was a time when she resented Vermouth for not telling the truth and acting as she pleased. She tells Vermouth, he’s almost dead.

“How could that be?”

Senya furrowed her eyebrows and glared at the demon king in captivity.

I knew right away that there would be some kind of relationship between Vermouth and the demon lord of destruction. However, Senya couldn’t understand ‘how’ Vermouth was separated from the demon lord of destruction.

sensed at the same time. The separation of Vermouth and the Demon King of Perdition. That would be a fatal flaw for the demon lord of destruction. The reason why the demon king of confinement dared to make a promise was probably because he also confirmed the possibility of ending destruction through vermouth.

“It hurts.”

the moment you hear the answer.

Everyone looked at Eugene. Senya finally understood. Cristina also covered her mouth. But Anise sighed. Only then did she know why Eugene had been avoiding speculation about Vermouth’s existence.

“The wound that Agaroth carved on the demon lord of destruction.”

The demon king of confinement continued.

“Vermouth Lionheart was born from that wound.”

I shouldn’t have been born into this world.

Eugene clenched his bloody fists.

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