Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 581

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I knew.

center of destruction. Agaroth’s cut marks. Vermouth was sitting there. I didn’t know what that meant from the beginning, but little by little, little by little… … Could know.

When he faced Vermouth through Ciel’s magic eye. Vermouth was in a position where he could not directly reveal his identity.

I didn’t have to listen. There, when I met Vermouth. From that point on, Eugene was already convinced that everything he imagined was true.

but stayed away I thought there was no need to be conscious. Just as he didn’t need to hear Vermouth’s true identity, he thought he didn’t need to know the bastard’s true identity.


I thought that nothing would change. No matter who Vermouth is, no matter how he was born, he is Vermouth. Vermouth, Lionheart.

“… … .”

He opened his bloody fist.

At that time, I told Vermouth. If you want to know everything. later, after everything is over. Raise Vermouth up from that damn chair, and we’ll all beat him together and listen behind the fan.

I knew it couldn’t be. In order to reach Vermut, you must overcome the demon king of confinement. The last ordeal of the demon king is to tell all the truth here in Babel’s palace and for Eugene to decide.

“The first promise never came to fruition.”

The gaze of the demon king of confinement turned to Eugene.

“Eugene Lionheart, if you came with Vermouth… … We could have negotiated an end to destruction. Just as Vermouth had hoped, he would have guided you into the belly of destruction. Even if it’s a gamble with a high probability of failure, I… … I must have bet a gamble I would never have taken.”

Hamel is dead.

“I made a second appointment with Vermouth. He returned to the depths of destruction in which he was born. As he mingled with destruction, he clung to it. And I decided to wait and see. A reprieve obtained by delaying destruction. Even if it perishes in the end, it is worth watching.”

The demon king of confinement paused for a moment and let out a short laugh.

“Time… … give. All I earn is vermouth, and all I have to do is stop the war. The time given was meaningful. The world has grown more than it did 300 years ago. The will of the continent is stronger than in the war era. And Hamel, you who have been reincarnated hold on to your divinity, climb the barbell, and arrive in front of me.”

300 years ago, this alone would have satisfied the condition. But now I can’t. Because vermouth is not here.

“This will not be the end.”

Anise opened her mouth. She glared at the demon king in captivity with eyes that did not hide her hostility.

“Isn’t it?”

“Do you want to fight me?”

“I bet there isn’t one of us who doesn’t want to.”

“It depends on Eugene Ryanhart’s choice.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Eugene.

“It is all for you after all. The reincarnation of Agaroth, who left deep scars in the destruction. An existence that connects the wishes of all the old gods. The reincarnation of Hamel, achieved by Vermouth replacing himself. Agent of light and all gods.”

It is not an exaggeration to say that 300 years after the war era existed only for Eugene.

“Even if I live an eternity in the future, there will be no existence like you now. But, even so, I have to doubt. Can you really end destruction? You, without Vermouth by your side, really… … Could it be?”

“… … .”

“Even if you answer that you can, I must assume that I cannot.”

The demon king of confinement rested his chin. The appearance of looking down from a high throne was extremely demonic.

“Determine yourself.”

“… … what?”

“Determine yourself, and give your soul to me. Neither do you.”

The demon king’s gaze turned to Senya and the saints.

“Senya Merdein. Christina Rogeris. And Anise Sleewood. Your soul is very valuable. Remains garaged to take you to the ‘next’.”

“you… … .”

“If you voluntarily give your soul, we will treat you that much. Do you want to preserve your memories? It’s a very easy thing, you know? The mad king was reincarnated with memories of the past by swearing allegiance to me.”

“… … .”

“Of course, even if you don’t kill yourself… … I’m confident I’ll kill you all. But in that case, there is no reason for me to preserve your memories. And I don’t want to kill you myself. If you do, the purity of your soul will inevitably fall a little. As for me, I’d like to avoid that. These are souls of high value, never to be seen again.”

The lips of the demon king of confinement curled up.

“… … Are you going to move on?”

“Are you saying you want us reincarnated as demons?”

Senja and Cristina spat it out with a look of bewilderment.


The expression on both of their faces shook greatly at the reply.

“It is not unconditionally reincarnated as a demon. I am… … I always brought the soul I had with me to the next one. Except in special cases, races are not chosen. just take it with you How many times have you repeated it Throw away what can be thrown away and refill it.”

“… … .”

“I can promise you this. In the eternity in which I will live, your souls will never be abandoned. If you wish, let me remember countless reincarnations. If that eternity is too much for you – it might make you forget your memory.”

Now, everyone except the demon king of confinement was silent. The demon king happily accepted the silence and continued to whisper.

“Fate tends to repeat itself. Just as Iris, who failed to preserve her memories, was led by fate and became a mad king, as Eugene Lionheart, as Agaroth’s ring flowed to you, as Ivatar Zahabu had a crush on you, as Noir Jebela was obsessed with you.”

The demon king of confinement slowly raised his hand. Then, the space cracked open, revealing a different landscape. Battlefield under Babel. The battle between the gods and demons was visible to everyone.

“Among the beings over there, there must be people who have a special relationship with you. Even among those who are not on the battlefield. Yes, Eugene Ryanhart. How is your father-in-law? Who is the servant who took care of you in the family? What about the forest elves who serve you? Other than that, how about the numerous believers who look up to you?”

“… … .”

“Such ties are bound to continue, albeit thinly, in the next era. Even if it is just passing by, the present is not meaningless.”

The eyes of the confined demon king twisted round and round.

“But if you wish to commit suicide. I will gladly reap the beings who have a relationship with you. Your soul deserves it, and the heroes you associate with deserve it.”

It is blatant seduction. Let’s give up on saving the current world and move on to the next world together. Remember the past just like everyone else, live in the next era, die, and then the next again. let’s repeat it


Eugene opened his mouth.

“Next time, even after that, are you saying you won’t end the destruction?”

“Because I can’t.”

The demon king of confinement answered.

“You should have known from the conversation with Vermouth. I cannot kill the demon lord of destruction, and the demon lord of destruction cannot kill me. That is why I have no choice but to live forever.”

“… … Right.”

-I cannot attribute the hope that is you to the demon king of confinement.

The ghost I encountered in Hauria said so.



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“If I die to you, I will never be able to kill the Demon King of Destruction.”

I told the specter to leave it alone if you feel any regrets.

“If I die by you, I will never be able to save Vermouth.”

I said I’d take it. To the words that you can do it, you replied that of course you can.

“You’re looking for vermouth?”

The demon king of confinement let out a laugh.

“You already know, don’t you? It is impossible to save vermouth. He is an alter ego, not a fragment of destruction. And now he has been assimilated while sealing the demon king of destruction. To kill the Demon King of Destruction is to kill Vermouth.”


“If it’s not this time, I can’t even take on the challenge.”

Senya answered. She chewed her lips and squeezed Mary. -Hwaaaaaaa… … ! Mary’s petals opened.

“I haven’t been able to reunite with Vermouth-nim. So, let’s see his face for once. I decided long ago that I would crush that noble face with my own hands, that I would make my nose bleed ugly.”

An angel’s ring floated on Anis’ head and lit up. Eight wings spread out from its back.

“If it’s for Vermouth, you can’t defeat destruction.”

“For me, meeting Eugene is a miracle. The next thing to offer this splendid miracle to your chain? Throwing away the world I was born in and met Eugene? How could you do such a thing?”

Cristina also grabbed Rosario. The demon king of confinement laughed at the answers that came back and grabbed the armrest of her throne.

“You mean to save Vermouth, kill destruction, and even save the world? I’m too greedy. impossible. Is it worth giving up ties and futures? Many variables appear in eternity. Just like your existence is. Isn’t it something you don’t know? Maybe, someday, someone else will end the destruction. Perhaps destruction will disappear by itself.”


Eugene shook his head.

“I must. ‘Cause I’ve been living for it Because there are people who have longed for me to do him.”

“To get him through, you have to get over me first.”

The demon king of confinement slowly rose from his throne. Kirik, Kirik… … As the chains of cause and effect he carried crumbled, he became a cloak again.

“Do you think it is possible?”

Eugene didn’t answer right away and looked around.

Our eyes met Senya. Senya squinted her eyes, as if staring at her, then lifted her robe slightly to show her left hand. She raised her middle finger proudly.

The saints’ eyes met. Anis, like Senya, was displeased with the gaze seeking confirmation. She glanced at Eugene through her narrowed eyes. But Christina was not displeased. Rather, she felt even greater trust in Eugene’s gaze.

“We think it is possible.”

Eugene lifted the Levantine aside. ㅡ Hwareuk. The flames that flowed from the inside of the blade of the glass blazed and burned.

“What do you think?”

That question did not go to the demon lord in captivity.


ㅡ Kwajik.

A huge crack went through the darkness that had fallen before. The cracks that had spread in an instant fell down, and before long, they shattered into pieces.

“A stupid question, Hamel.”

Long hair with a shaggy beard. The big man jumped into the darkness.

“Does it need a reason to save the world and vermouth?”

Morone was not here. But he heard the whole story through Eugene. -Kooung. Moron, who got down next to Eugene, raised his head and glared at the demon king in captivity.

“If you have to fight the demon lord in captivity to achieve that, then of course you have to fight, right?”

A huge ax with the tip slightly cut off was slung over Moron’s shoulder.

“So it is possible.”

Moron showed this and laughed.

The throne is no more. The demon king of confinement stood on top of the empty stairs and looked down.

Horror Moron Ruhar. Disaster Senya Merdein. Hell’s Anise Slewood is over there. Christina Loggeris, who has gone beyond a fake incarnation and reached a true saint, is there. Eugene Lionheart, who was Agaroth, the god of war, and Hamel of annihilation, is there.

“… … is it.”

The demon king of confinement shook his head and laughed.

Geek, Geek, Geek… … The chains began to vibrate. The darkness that enveloped the palace shook. All the chains melted into space began to connect to the demon king of confinement.

At that moment, Helmud’s magical power was concentrated on the demon king of confinement. All the magical power that moved the empire that spread throughout Helmud returned to its original owner.


The demon king of confinement came down the stairs one step at a time. An absurd sense of intimidation oppressed everyone. But no one flinched. The opponent is the great demon king who has lived forever and the emperor of Helmud. Being like that is natural.

“It’s different from 300 years ago.”

At that time, there was nothing special for those who reached the palace. Although he was a far-off strong man by human standards, he was insignificant in the eyes of the demon king of confinement. But the sense of duty was worth watching. Faith was good. Hate was great. Poison was cool.

What about now? A sense of duty, faith, hatred, and self-righteousness—everything is greater than in the past.


“Can we change the ending just because it is different?”

The demon king of confinement came down the stairs with a smile. As always. Moron took the lead. He sighed and clutched his ax with both hands.

ㅡ Kwaduk… … ! The power of gripping the ax handle so hard that it might crush it. The ax trembled and emitted light. Eugene’s divine power moved according to Moron’s will.

Moron ran into the demon king of confinement.

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