Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 582

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The voice was engraved in my head, unlike the clamor in my ears. Ciel, who was retrieving Zabel’s blade stuck in the black mist’s throat, looked up at the sky, startled by his sudden voice.

The demonic castle Babel floating in the center of the dark sky. This voice was revelation itself to Ciel. Eugene, who had entered Babel, gave a revelation to Ciel. There is only one action to be taken in this revelation. Ciel immediately stepped back without panicking.

“Are you Eugene?”

A nearby Xian immediately approached. Ciel nodded quickly and closed his eyes. Cian stood near Ciel as cover while wiping the back of his hand from the blood stains on his cheek.

Xian wasn’t the only one who moved like that. Gil Reid and his White Lion Knights immediately formed a circle centered on Ciel.


A black current flowed around the closed left eye. Ciel took a few breaths and then opened her closed eyes again. ㅡHwaaaak! A black sphere appeared above Ciel’s gaze.

A clumsy, oversized hand protruded from the inside of the sphere. A hand full of calluses stirred the air several times. Eventually, arms as thick as wooden beams and shoulders as solid as rocks.

The face of a man with a shaggy beard appeared on his bald head. Rehein Yar from the far north, the brave Moron came here. He looked around without the slightest embarrassment or tension on his face.

I didn’t even have to look. The vibration of the atmosphere that I felt at the fingertips that I had reached out first. The sound of war mixed with all kinds of clamor and noise. Moron’s beard trembled with poodles. After coming out of the door of darkness, Moron stood on the battlefield.

Ciel cleared his throbbing eyes and sighed. There was no chance of her failure. She has also been tested several times. However, at the moment of revelation, she reassured Ciel that she had correctly summoned her Moron. She approached Moron, feeling that the mana that had drained away like the ebb tide was being refilled.

“what… … .”

I tried to call her name, but I couldn’t.

The air around Moron changed as soon as he entered his territory. Ciel felt his breath suffocate and he involuntarily backed away.

wavy hair and beard. Morron’s face could not be seen well. But she could sense that she was Moron now, and that she wasn’t going to have the pompous expression she had seen several times before.

“is it.”

A thick voice leaked from the inside of his beard, which began to tremble with a poodle.

This is a real battlefield. It is a place where life and life collide. Moron raised her head and looked up at her. The center of the dingy sky. I saw Babel, the demonic castle that I had not conquered 300 years ago. The moment he looked at the barbell, Moron’s body shuddered. The trembling upper body leaned back greatly.


A loud roar shook the battlefield. Ciel and Xian, who hesitated near Moron, collapsed into their seats in surprise. And the battlefield stopped. Both the gods and demons looked at Morron.

“I am.”

cooong! A large foot stepped on the ground once. The thunderstorm became an earthquake and shook the battlefield. Moron once again looked around the battlefield. I saw the descendants of Bayar blocking the demonic giants. The heroes of the generation seen in Night March are active all over the battlefield, and many others are facing the Demon Army.

“Moron Ruharda.”

A powerful voice echoed through the space. Little by little fear spread on the faces of the demons who had gone through the war era. They remember the name of fearful Moron rather than brave Moron. I remember how terrifying that name was on the battlefields of the past.

“uh… … What are you saying?”

Through this war, the ambitious young demons who were trying to get closer to the hegemony of the era did not tremble in fear. To them, Moron Luhar is just a hermit who has been locked away for hundreds of years. Unlike Senya and Yujin, he has not been active recently. Even now, that voice was just loud, but other than that, I couldn’t feel anything special.

but. Even if it is a relic of the previous generation, the head of Moron Luhar is highly valuable. Before rushing forward, the intent to kill reached Moron. To that cute killing intent, Moron personally responded by holding an axe.

Woodeuk, Wooddeuk… … ! The space around the fingers gripping the hilt was distorted.

The ax moved. Pooh! The slash he wielded disappeared in the air. But the murderous intent did not go away. The heads of one hundred demons with intent to kill Moron rose to the sky all at once.

“Thank you for calling me out.”

Although it was in the middle of the battlefield, Moron turned around and looked at Ciel without any caution. Moron opened her mouth to Ciel, who was swaying.

“I want to run rampant here too, but my battlefield is not here. A voice is being heard.”

Even at this moment, the situation of Babel is conveyed in Moron’s head. So Moron couldn’t laugh any longer.

Moron- remembered the first meeting with Vermouth. Vermouth of the days when he held a sword in front of the freed prisoners, more like a wolf than a lion.

Nothing changes. No matter what the essence of vermouth is, to Moron, vermouth is just vermouth. Moron silently looked up at the sky. Demon King Babel. Morone, he didn’t think of stepping down alive there today. All Morone promised was victory.

“Hamel is calling me.”

Whoops, whoops… … ! Moron slowly bent his knees. Sensing what was about to happen, Ciel and those around him immediately stepped back. The action was right.

Kwaaaang! With the explosion, the ground sank into a hollow, and Moron’s gigantic body leaped up to Babel.

“… … .”

Quaang! Moron broke through Babel’s walls and entered. Only then did Ciel manage to close her open mouth. The battlefield, which had stopped for a while, started moving again right after Moron leaped. Ciel also swung the javelin again.

I can’t hear Eugene’s revelation anymore. I thought it had to be. Because Moron-sama was called, it means that the battle with the demon king in captivity will begin. Excluding the great Vermouth, the heroes who were defeated in the past cross over time and challenge the demon king in captivity again.

‘Can I win… … ?’

I don’t want to be conscious of it, but I couldn’t help but think about it. Like most of the executives, Ciel could not imagine the defeat of the demon king of confinement.

But as much as that, Eugene’s defeat was unimaginable. It is unsettling but unbelievable. Moreover, Eugene is not alone in fighting the demon king of confinement. The wise Senya, the faithful Anise, Christina Logaris, and now the brave Moron all headed to Babel. If that were to be the case, the officers in charge of the battlefield would also head to Babel, prepared for death.

so it’s okay You must believe in victory, not defeat. We must focus on the battle here. The difference in capabilities of the executives was overwhelming, but the power of the demon army, which mobilized monsters, black magicians, and even the undead, made the battle tense.


It happened in an instant. The sky turned black. The darkness surrounding Babel spreads like ink. The sun created by Eugene is alive and well, giving power to Shingun. It was the same with Babel. The magical power that moved the empire that the demon king in captivity gathered was endowed on the demon forces on the battlefield.

“Ahhh… … !”

The demons trembled with joy at the endless power. The monsters changed their bodies as if they had repeatedly evolved. Warlocks also pierced the wall with only their strength, and the undead they raised up were completed in an instant. Even humans and mercenaries who did not know how to handle magic received the grace of magic.

The magnitude of the force is different. The magic of the demon king of confinement can spread magic to millions of demons as a matter of course. The gap in the capacity of the executives was narrowed simply by strength.

“Oh my… … !”

Gilreid looked up at the sky in bewilderment.

Near the sun of divine power, I saw Lymilia wearing Mais’ battleship. Lymilia, who bombarded her breath and magic several times, burned silver ore, the elite of the Order of Light, and cast miracles on the battlefield, but was staggered by the spreading magic power.


The barbell shook with a loud sound. Lymira screamed in surprise. Raimira, who barely maintained her altitude, and the people on it looked at Babel.

Moron, who broke the barbell and went in, broke the barbell again and popped out. Gilreid widened his eyes, not understanding the figure. As if chasing after Moron, who had flown to the outside of Babel’s realm, chains shot out from inside her broken wall.

Moron turned over in the air. Crackle! A sharp fist crushed the chain from the front. Although the sky is nowhere for his feet, Moron did not back down at all. Rather, Moron grabbed the chain he broke with his fist and pulled it back into the barbell.

“You bastard!”

Babel’s Prelude. Eugene shouted with a pathetic expression. I never thought I would be knocked out in one blow by the subject who rushed at me with great force… … !

“Then why are you running so ignorantly?”

Senya, who spread Mary wide open, also scolded. She prepared an illusionary eye from the inside of her robe.

“I am not a coward.”

Moron replied, holding the chain firmly in his hand. A blow struck. It broke the wall and flew out, but there were no injuries.

Pudeuk. Thick veins sprouted on the backs of Morron’s hands and arms, and her muscles twitched. Moron stopped in the middle of her stairs and glared at the demon lord of her line.

“Do you want to pull it down?”

The demon king of confinement asked. Moron’s power, which even grabbed and crushed space, could not even stir the demon king of confinement that was connected to the chain he was holding.

Kirik, Chirik. The chain was pulled tight. Morron’s eyebrows twitched. Geek… … ! Morron’s feet began to pull towards the demon king of confinement. Moron made a face of disbelief and gripped her chain tightly. thump… … ! Even sparks flew from the grip of the chain.



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cooong! Morron’s feet pressed against the floor. Her body leaned forward, and her outstretched arms folded. Her chain, which was dragging her, was pulled toward Moron in an instant.

At the same time, the demon king of confinement flew up from the stairs. Spreading the cloak of chains like wings, he fell into the center of the palace. Moron’s ax aimed at the demon king of confinement.

wielded an ax she reached out It was so to see with her eyes. However, Moron’s ‘hand’ did not feel touched. Didn’t even make a sound. Moron’s ax just stopped in front of her chain that wrapped around the demon lord in captivity.

In the middle of the chain, the demon king of confinement raised a finger. The long index finger pointed at Moron. A black light flashed.

A chain popped out of the tiny twinkle. Morron, hit by a straight chain, flew backwards. A terrifying shock shook his intestines. But Moron gritted his teeth and endured. He raised his ax high as he braked his flying body. The attack did not end with one attack. Chains rushed through Morron like spears, and the ax that swung down on them smashed them.

“Don’t act like an asshole… … !”

Eugene lowered his body and exhaled.

Hwareuk. Shinhwa, which was born near her chest, covered her entire body. Eugene’s flame flickered in the royal court full of magical power. Resonating with the light, the saints spread their arms.

Hwaaak! A bright light was born in the midst of magical power. Anis recited a prayer, and Christina put her outstretched arms together and prayed. The born light turned into countless rings and pushed away mana.

[The light… … !]

Anis murmured in admiration. 300 years ago, it was her best to summon a glimmer in this palace. But now she is able to sing the light without any discomfort. It was only natural that Eugene, her divine power itself, was here.

The demon king of confinement, who quietly landed on the floor, opened his mouth.

“It is bright.”

The demon king of confinement pointed his finger at the saints. Immediately, Eugene’s foot spurred the floor, blocking the saints’ path.

It is not something that can be prevented by blocking the front. Magical power exists in this bright light. Black magic spread over the saints. At that moment, the flames of Prominence enveloped the saints.


The saintess became the light and resonated with Eugene. The demon king in confinement admired the wings spreading with the bright light.

He has never witnessed ‘how’ Eugene fights. The battle in Jebela City could not be observed due to Noir’s interference, and Balzac, who served as the gatekeeper, was killed by Senya, not Eugene. Even if Balzac had been killed by Eugene rather than Senya, Balzac would not have been able to bring out Eugene’s sincerity at all.

“Have you grown since the duel with Gavid Lindman?”

The distance that was not too far narrowed in an instant. The demon king of confinement naturally thought that Eugene would wield Levantein, but even at the moment the gap was narrowed, Eugene’s hand was empty.

Soon, the demon king of confinement smiled. Levantine, the catalyst connected to the light, saw through Eugene’s chest without taking the form of a sword.


As if responding to the dry evaluation, Eugene’s hand was raised. The flame that wrapped around his hand became a sword. He didn’t think it would reach from the first blow, but for now, Eugene swung the sword he was holding in his hand to suit the purpose.


Sparks scattered in front of my eyes wide open in surprise. It was the ‘fist’ of the demon king of confinement that broke the myth. The legs of the demon king of confinement moved as if they were slipping. Due to that movement, Eugene could not see the demon king in captivity, even for a moment.

But intuition forced me to respond. Eugene followed his intuition and swung his hand. The scattered embers became countless blades and tore through the space. The demon king of confinement did not back down or create a barrier to defend. The slowly outstretched hand gently brushed the rushing blade.

That alone changed the trajectory of the blade. Even though divine power and mana had reached, there was no backlash. The method of the demon king of confinement was flexible enough to feel as if he had reached it but not reached it. Thanks to the twisted trajectory, the relationship between Eugene and the demon king of confinement was wide open.

“Is it surprising?”

The demon king of confinement asked. Instead of replying, Eugene immediately punched her. At the same time, Moron attacked the imprisoned Demon King from behind her back.

The hand that started late met Eugene’s fist. It seemed to be firmly blocked from the front, but the wide open hand wrapped around Eugene’s fist without the slightest strength and wrapped around his forearm like a snake. An ax falling behind your back. Chains were not used. Instead, the other hand took the axe.

I thought the strategy of the confined demon king was similar to that of a wizard who did not allow melee combat. Or, like most demons and demon lords, he thought that he would use a strategy centered on high firepower based on overwhelming magical power. Senya, Anis, and Moron, who directly fought against the demon king of confinement 300 years ago, said the same thing.

But it’s different. As the demon king of confinement said, this was very unexpected.

Super close combat without the use of weapons. It is a martial art that uses the opponent’s power or drains it completely, not overwhelming power based on infinite magical power.

“It’s been a while since I moved like this.”

Morron’s knees bent at the returned power. Eugene immediately tried to free his entangled arms, but before he could, the hand of the demon king of confinement reached Eugene’s chest first.


A wide open palm lightly tapped Eugene’s chest, and Eugene’s body slammed against the wall.

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