Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 583

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A heavy shock spread from within. Blood mingled with fragments of organs flowed from his mouth. Eugene spat out the blood that clung to his neck and pulled his body from the wall.

“I’m really surprised.”

I never thought that the demon king of confinement would come to close combat. It was because such a fighting style did not fit well with the demon king of confinement that he had seen so far. Even in the battle 300 years ago that I heard from Senya, Moron, and Anis, the demon king of confinement had never fought like that.

“Nothing different from you.”

The demon king of confinement opened his mouth. behind his back. Moron left the ax that had been suppressed and attacked the demon king of confinement with her bare hands. The demon king of confinement raised his hand without looking back.

grasp! Moron’s fist grazed the imprisoned Demon King as if it had slipped on oil. The demon king of confinement grabbed the forearm of the fist that was passing by and threw Moron to the floor as flexibly as water flowed.

“Like you can handle a sword, a spear, an ax, or a bow.”

The body does not move as if it were its own. The moment you touch it, the power drains away and you are swung around as you please. It was an embarrassingly unfamiliar sensation to Morron, who had complete control over his body.

Even now it is. Moron couldn’t tell if the right arm that had been grabbed from his forearm was really his. The joints and muscles are fine, but the arms do not move. I couldn’t even feel the power, let alone feel it.

“me too… … There are many things you can do. All weapons can be handled. Same goes for magic. We had plenty of time.”

His gaze, which moved slowly, turned to Senya. The demon king in captivity grinned when he saw Merry wide open and the psychic power whirling around him.

“Because they dealt with magic before ether was divided into magical power and mana. Of course, demons… … I am familiar with the authority as a demon lord.”

“It looks like you haven’t cooked it to the limit, right?”

Senya spit it out without panicking.

Crunchy, crunchy… … The whirlwind of psychic power had a definite murderous intent. The absolute rate expressed at the same time captured the demon king of confinement.

“You took pride in dealing with magic for such a long time, but you couldn’t see through the sage.”

“It’s extreme, I can’t deny it. The limits I thought I had reached are now outdated. And I had no choice but to give up and sacrifice many things in order to live forever as the Demon King.”

The demon king of confinement replied with a bitter smile. what did he give up? He didn’t hear it himself, but Senya could guess. It was because he felt that his spiritual power and mana strongly rebelled against the demon lord in captivity.

That being, true to its name ‘The Demon King’, controls only magical power. Neither mana nor spiritual power could be handled. I don’t know what it was like in the distant past, but to the demon lord in captivity today, mana is a force that can’t be handled.

“But I didn’t give up on this.”

The open hand was slowly clenched into a fist.

Kirik, Kirik… … Strangely, the chain connected to the demon king of confinement emitted a scream-like sound as the strength of his fists increased. It felt as if the power of the demon king of confinement, his body, were bound by chains.

“What I have had since I first existed. What gave me glory and despair.”

ㅡPuddeudeuk! Morron’s body, which had been pinned to the ground, spun around. He gave up on freeing his captive arm, and escaped his bondage by crushing his shoulder. Yes, the location is on the floor. However, even in that uncomfortable posture, Moron pulled out extreme power and smashed his fists.



Before Morron’s fist could reach, the demon king’s fist fell. A book stuck in the pit of the stomach. Morron’s mouth opened wide, and his blood spurted out. The demon king of confinement pulled out his fist and raised his bent body.

“most… … What you are good at.”

Eugene swallowed dry saliva. It is because the atmosphere of the demon king of confinement suddenly changed. That demon king, who was always surrounded by boredom and boredom, now felt as if he had become a different being.

A speculation that shudders the space. A killing spirit so blatant that it would be unimaginable that he was a demon king of confinement. The demon king of confinement stretched out his feet as he threw away Morron’s arm that he was still holding on to.

“… … Hey Morron.”

Eugene opened his mouth to Moron, who was on the floor.

“Are you alive?”

Morone did not respond. But she could feel that Moron was barely holding her breath.

I wished I hadn’t died. Even 300 years ago, there were many times when Moron was on the verge of dying and collapsed. That’s why he’s a bastard. He rushes in blindly, gets hit, gets knocked down, gets back up again, and attacks as if he had just been knocked down.

The demon king of confinement came one step closer. The doubled pressure hit Eugene. But Eugene did not back down. The stronger the pressure, the brighter the flames around Yujin burned.

ㅡQuaang! Eugene kicked the ground. The distance between each other has disappeared. The sword that suddenly appeared went in to cut the demon king in captivity. At the same time, the left hand of the demon king of confinement moved. His wide open left hand blocked the sword that slashed his side.

Kwakjik! The knife in his hand broke. I didn’t care. In Eugene’s right hand, a short spear was clutched before he knew it.

stabbing window. The right hand of the demon king of confinement moved along with the spear. The feet and waist also moved together, raising the body to the side. Whoop! The spear narrowly missed from his waist and was caught in his right hand.

“The Power of Horror.”

The demon king of confinement whispered. The spears that were about to appear under the feet, on the back, above the head, and on both sides were chained before being created.

“Funny to write to me. Who the hell do you think gave Luintos to the demon king of misery?”

Crackle! The spears tied to the chains and the spears that were caught directly broke. Eugene leaped into the air without regret. However, the demon king of confinement had no intention of letting go.

Geek, Geek, Geek… … ! The demon king of confinement clenched his fists, twisted his shoulders and twisted his waist. Every movement was accompanied by a shriek from the chains.

When the demon king of confinement threw out his fist. The chains screamed the loudest. The cloak of chains connected to the demon king of confinement shook greatly. The shot fist scattered mana.

Eugene reacted immediately to that terrible power. Prominence built a sanctuary barrier. The saints assimilated into the light also memorized prayers at the same time. Eugene himself made a huge hammer and slammed it into his fist.

However, the fist of the demon king of confinement thoroughly destroyed all obstacles blocking the front. The power of the crushing weight was pierced with a hammer, shattered the overlapping barriers of the sanctuary, and even the prayers of the saints were erased with the screams of the chains.

That moment. Senya’s magic was activated. Vines growing from all sides surrounded the demon king in captivity. The chain tried to respond to the vine, but the vine corroded the chain and finally grabbed the demon king’s arms and legs.

“The magic of divine power.”

The demon king of confinement glanced at both legs and left arm caught in the vine. Eugene no longer existed where his fist was aimed. It was a leap forward in this short span of time.

“Surprising, but not enough.”

ㅡQuaaaang! Merry’s magic attacked the demon king in captivity. It was a bombardment that would threaten even the demon king, but the confined demon king only smiled and stretched out his hand.

“You couldn’t tie your right arm.”

A loosely spread hand drew a soft curve. That one movement changed the flow of the world. That flow defied even Senya’s absolute rule. The bombardment that should have reached the demon king in captivity pierced the empty air following the twisted flow. Flashing light, the ceiling of the palace flew away.

“Even if the limbs were tied, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference.”

The demon king of confinement giggled and tore off the vine. Senya couldn’t help but stare at the demon king in captivity with an expression of disbelief.

Just now, it’s neither magic nor authority. Just as Moron drags and rips space with ignorant power, the demon king of confinement did something similar. However, what the demon king of confinement did was absurdly high enough to disobey the absolute rule.

… … Neither magic nor authority? It causes such a phenomenon, but if that is not magic and authority, what is it?

“Hey, this is a different story.”

Eugene grumbled as he got down next to Senya, who was dumbfounded with astonishment.

“I heard that the demon king of confinement doesn’t seem to be good at close combat? Instead of closing the distance, pouring magic power and sealing it with a chain?”

“… … You fought like that 300 years ago.”

Senya pursed her lips in genuine regret.

“Oh, is that so? Then it seems that bastard looked after you a lot 300 years ago. Or they didn’t think it was worth the effort.”

Roaring… … The sparks of mythology scattered around the wings on its back gathered and became an angel. Anis clicked his tongue and reached for Moron, who was lying on the floor.

[The bastard who died before that only lived in his mouth.]

“They said if I hadn’t died and came alive, I wouldn’t have fought.”



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Eugene replied shamelessly. Moron, touched by Anise, opened her eyes and raised her body.

“I fell asleep for a while.”


Eugene grumbled and raised his hand. Cristina, in the same angelic form as Anise, politely placed the sword in Eugene’s hand.

The demon king of confinement stood in the dark and watched it. With such a bond- I couldn’t help but think of a lot of feelings for the demon lord.


The magic power calmed down.

“There are not many people who stand before me with the name and mission of being a hero. You now are the best among the so-called ‘heroes’ I’ve seen in my entire life.”

I clenched my right hand.

“Strength and skill. Desperate for mission.”

I held my left hand.

“A bonded trust in which neither of the other imagines betrayal.”

In particular, that trust gave a lot of impressions to the demon king in captivity. 300 years is a long time for humans. Even that long time did not wear away their trust.

Anise tried not to care about the world after her death. However, she died as a saint in the end for the sake of Hamel’s death and her companions.

Senya devoted her life to magic to avenge Hamel. Even though he was driven to his death by Vermouth’s runaway, he did not resent Vermouth until the end.

Moron killed Noor for over 100 years as a request from Vermouth who appeared in his dream.

Hamel is. Even in his sudden reincarnation, he did not abandon his past beliefs. He did not suspect his colleague’s betrayal. He ended up here under a different name, in a different body.

The demon king of confinement.

I know how difficult that bonded trust is. In the face of too much despair, even the most solid bonds become fragile and weak. Trust is scattered by betrayal in the face of despair, and belief is bound to be turned over like the palm of the hand in the face of fear. More than anyone else, the demon king of confinement knows better. He was despair and terror in most cases.

There were times when I stood in front of despair and fear. There were times when she stood up unbending and cried out for trust and conviction. There were times when I was hit by the blade of betrayal in a weakened bond. There were times when I saw the betrayal of a trusted colleague. I also witnessed the comrade becoming uncontrollable despair and fear itself.

“so that.”


A huge presence pressed the palace. The demon king of her confinement lifted her foot proudly.

“I will make the demon lord an ordeal.”

Moron ran forward. Eugene also ran out together. It’s been 300 years since the two worked together, but neither of them felt awkward. This is because it is not shallow enough to be forgotten in 300 years. Moron was in charge of the left side of the confined demon king, and Yujin was in charge of the right side. Moron held an axe, and Eugene held a sword.

It wasn’t just about past experiences. Eugene’s divine power was passed on to Moron. Thus, the two accidents were connected. Moron’s bright eyes and Eugene’s intuition became one.

It made the best attack, but the demon king of confinement neither backed down nor hesitated. He didn’t stop walking. At the same time, both of his arms moved.

Kwagwagwang! Axes and swords attacked from both sides were blocked by fists. None of them were broken. The fist of the confined demon king moved leaving countless traces, and the ax and sword were slashing and violent.

Christina and Anis also began to pray. The two pushed away their magical powers with prayer, and bestowed blessings on Moron and Eugene’s wounds. Making Eugene and Moron focus entirely on the battle. That was the role of the saintess from 300 years ago.

A blinding melee. Senya concentrated his consciousness and saw the movement of the demon king in captivity. It is to stop the demon king of confinement at the decisive moment and inflict a meaningful blow. At the same time, she prepared a robe-covered phantasmagoric eye.

It’s sealed so that you won’t recklessly fire illusions around you just by taking it out, but you still have to break the seal in order to ‘use’ it properly. Senya bit her lip and tore off the necklace. A purple jewel was wrapped around Senya’s left hand.

‘There’s nothing to rush about, but… … .’

To be honest, I’m reluctant to use it. I don’t even want to use it if possible.

No regrets.

[Even if you lied to Hamel?]

He doesn’t even think his actions are wrong.

[self-centered person.]

I don’t want to make you suffer from nightmares for the rest of your life.

[It’s cruel to me.]

‘That’s none of my business.’


A sonorous laugh echoed in Senya’s head.

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