Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 584

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woo woo… … .

Purple magic appeared like mist and shimmered. Senya focused more and tuned the magic eyes of fantasy.

crackling noise. My concentration was shaken a little, and I began to see things I didn’t want to see, albeit blurry.

-Ahahaha… … .

A voice I didn’t want to hear echoed in my head, as if I didn’t want to see it. Adjusted the magic even more. The magic that spread as fog met Senya’s mana and became spiritual power. The demonic eyes of illusion began to open little by little as they received and consumed that huge spiritual power.

[You really are a selfish and cruel woman, Senya Merdane.]

In the echoing laughter, a more certain voice approached. No, it’s not just the voice. Her white, beautiful hand groped Senya’s cheek.

[I wanted to be Hamel’s eternal nightmare. I wanted Hamel to be forever afraid of nightmares and, deep down, wanting to have them again. I wanted to engrave myself more, stronger than Senya Merdane, better than Anis Slewood, better than Christina Rogeris. I hoped that you would regret and be sad while thinking of me.]

The hand that came up gropingly touched Senya’s eyes. Senya didn’t answer and bit his lip.

This isn’t the runaway of the phantasmagoric eyes. The power and output of the Mystic Eye are completely under Senya’s control. But – there is nothing I can do about this ‘voice’. In order to deal with this absurd evil eye, Senya’s mind must also be eroded by illusions and nightmares.

[You don’t think your actions are wrong? You don’t want Hamel to haunt her with nightmares all her life? Ahaha, aren’t you jealous after all? Hamel remembers me more than you.]

Although I don’t want to answer other bullshit. Even Senya couldn’t stand it. Budeuk… … ! Blood flowed from his bitten lips.

‘Don’t be mistaken. I didn’t hold you with those feelings. memory? under! I have the confidence to make Eugene think of me more than you.’


‘Because you finally died, Noir Jebela. but i’m alive is not it?’

Noir burst into laughter at the answer that came back.

‘It wasn’t because of a disproportionate sense of defeat that I reaped you.’

[Ahaha! Shit is pretty cute, okay, Senya Merdane. This… … It’s a ‘deal’.]

because i need it

So, I took Noir’s soul from Jebela City. He took the souls that had not perished and buried them deep within the phantasmagoric eye.

This damn demonic eye can be controlled and handled, but it is bound to fall short of its original owner, Noir. The reason Senya collected Noir’s soul was to use it as a tool for today.

[Ahaha… … When I was told that they would use me as a tool, I couldn’t help but laugh. This Noir Jebela? Because that was very arrogant. Senya Merdein, I admit that you are a very good wizard, but you are not good enough to use me as a tool.]

Noir Jebela. She giggled and caressed Senya’s eyes with her fingertips. Even though Senya felt the thrill of her soul being teased, she did not reap the magic eyes and Mary of the illusion.

this is a deal

‘You don’t want Eugene to die, do you? It’s the same for me.’

Even at this moment, Eugene and Moron are dealing with the demon king of confinement. Despite attacks from all sides, the demon king of confinement did not look at a disadvantage. Both arms, which move flexibly, block or divert all kinds of attacks, and cut them off in the middle. Even so, if a gap could be seen, no, even if there was no gap, the demon king of confinement’s attack penetrated the defenses of Eugene and Moron.

‘I didn’t want to ask for help like you if possible, but the demon lord of confinement—-is strong. I’ll do whatever it takes to bring that bastard down. I’ll even borrow your f*cking hand.’

[Your defeat and death are none of my business, but I don’t want Hamel’s defeat or death. Because he killed me Because he won over me. So he has to live on.]

Noir chuckled and withdrew his hand from touching Senya’s eyes.

[but. You bind the freedom of my soul… … I really don’t like it. That’s why I say you’re selfish and cruel, Senya Merdein.]

‘I won’t let you do as you please.’

[Not even giving rest to the dead, and taking away even the freedom of reincarnation. really… … because it’s cruel But, well, okay. Let’s make this even a sweet entertainment. You who don’t wish for Hamel’s regrets and nightmares-]

Noir’s hand went to the magic eye of illusion. keying… … The jewel wrapped in spiritual power trembled.

[I will have no choice but to release my soul.]

The magic eye of fantasy opened.


The body of the confined demon lord trembled at the huge interfering wave. He couldn’t hide his embarrassment and turned his head away.

A purple jewel that resonates with Mary in full bloom. The demon king of confinement knew what that jewel was. —-A phantasmagoric magic eye. The demon king of confinement tried to retreat immediately, but the enchanting light emitted from the demon’s eye penetrated the demon king of confinement without giving him a chance to retreat.

‘This… … .’

My vision was shaken. The eternity in which the demon king of confinement lived began to erode.

An illusionary demonic eye that interferes with the mind. Originally, it is a demonic eye that can never reach this level, but Noir Jevela has transcended the limits of the fantasy demonic eye many times and reached the realm of incomprehensibility.

‘… … deep.’

I wanted to stop it, but it didn’t work out the way I wanted. Eugene and Moron’s non-stop attacks are a hindrance. The two saints also keep pace and hold on to the demon lord’s magical power in confinement and annoy him. In such an urgent situation, the magic eye of fantasy penetrated the spirit of the demon king of confinement quite fatally.

‘Senya Merdein. This kind of magic… … No, this is not entirely her own magic.’

Distorted, he looked at Senya’s figure from his dizzy vision. Mary stretched out this way. The demon king of confinement felt the presence of a wise man in that old staff.

‘is it.’

It seems that he didn’t just pass Mary over and stop. That wand contains the will of the wise man, Vishur Raviola. Merry’s magic blended with the magical eye of fantasy, shaking the spirit of the demon king in confinement more firmly and deeply.

“… … .”

The demon king of confinement averted his gaze without realizing it. deep darkness. Someone was standing in the dark and watching the demon king of confinement.

It’s an illusion that doesn’t exist. Know. Even if you come to see that now, the demon lord in captivity doesn’t feel any emotion.

However, the magic eye of fantasy forcibly draws out even feelings that you don’t feel. The forcibly created agitation shakes the spirit of the demon king in captivity, and in such confusion, magic and offensive power are disturbed.

“haha… … .”

In the end, the demon king of confinement had no choice but to shed a short laugh.

Quite a bit, I felt a sense of longing. The illusion that stood in the dark had the form of vermouth, but the illusion that was not vermouth whispered something to the demon king in captivity.

“Surprisingly, I don’t feel any hatred.”

The demon king of confinement giggled and muttered.

ㅡPughak! The disturbed mana was cut off. The sword of the myth, burning dark red, flew into the neck of the demon king in captivity. Likewise, a huge ax wrapped in mythology pierced the waist of the demon king of confinement.

Quadruped! Everything stopped with a terrible sound. The sword that had cut his throat could not advance to the end and stopped halfway. The ax was the same. Moron opened her eyes wide and gave strength to the axe, but the ax stopped and did not move as the body of the demon king of confinement was cut in half.

“It was so long ago.”

His neck and waist were cut in half, but the face of the demon king in captivity was calm. She is feeling the pain. However, for the demon king of confinement, this level of pain never breaks the peace.

In fact, this kind of pain is much weaker than the pain that the demon king of confinement always has. The feeling of thousands and tens of thousands of chains running through the soul. The feeling that the chain that penetrated like that is arbitrarily interlocking and grinding the soul. Compared to a curse that never heals and never loosens, the pain of this Pure Land tickles.

“too… … It’s been a long time, so it’s rather welcome.”

Senya’s eyes twitched. What she wants to create through her fantasy eye is ‘horror’. However, the demonic eye of illusion gave the demon king in captivity agitation, but she couldn’t even give her fear. Even the forced agitation can no longer shake the demon king of confinement.

The demon king of confinement smiled lightly and withdrew his gaze.


Eugene and Moron sensed it at the same time. The two tried to pull out the weapon that had dug into the body of the demon king in captivity, but it didn’t work as intended. Rather, the huge flow led by the demon king of confinement pulled the two together so that they could not escape.

“Did you see my abyss?”

The demon king of confinement tilted his head and smiled.



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woo woo woo… … Piece by piece, the mana that had been cut off continued neatly as if it had never happened. Power gathered in two fists. Eugene and Moron’s intuition overlapped. Eugene immediately let go of his sword and stretched out both of his hands toward the demon king in confinement. Moron also let go of her ax and grabbed the empty air.

Eclipse at full power was completed immediately. Just before that, Moron exerted all his might to draw out the flow of magical power holding space.

ㅡQuaaaang! The explosion of Eclipse hit the demon king of confinement, and at the same time, Moron hugged Eugene and leaped backwards.

sigh… … .

A flame that flutters and disappears. Yujin glanced at her mother as he patted her aching waist.

“Baby, be a little gentle.”

“If I was going lightly, I would have been hit by that fist.”

If I had been beaten, it wouldn’t have stopped being sore. That’s why Eugene didn’t criticize him any more.

Instead, Eugene looked at Senya. He furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at the phantasmagoric eyes Senya was holding. sure is… … does not exist. However, Eugene felt something uneasy in the eyes of the illusion.

“Hey you… … no way… … .”

When I asked before, I did it just in case, but now, seeing the illusionary eye, I couldn’t help but think about the uneasy possibility.

However, Senya did not make any excuses for Eugene.

I couldn’t lay it out. She had her mouth half open, then staggered back and slumped back in her seat. It was the same with Noir. Her noir soul, visible only to Senya, was shocked by the abyss that had dug into her illusory demonic eyes.

“I see.”

After the fluttering myth was lifted, the demon king of confinement stepped out. The black flame that had cut his throat in half had disappeared, but Moron’s ax was still lodged in his lower back. The demon king of confinement chuckled and pulled out an ax and threw it at Moron.

ㅡ Kwak! The ax that flew in an instant fell into Moron. She narrowly caught and blocked it, but the blade of the large ax dug into Moron’s chest a little bit. However, instead of moaning, Moron screamed and rushed at the demon king of confinement.

Eugene also withdrew his gaze from Senya. She thought what Senya had done was absurd, and she was furious that she had prepared such a thing in secret. However, it was not the situation to reprimand Senya right now, and ‘that’ was necessary even for Eugene to judge. In fact, the demonic eye of fantasy succeeded in creating a gap, albeit momentarily, for the demon lord in captivity.

That’s why Eugene and Moron attacked the demon king of confinement. The entwined flames became an elongated sword.

A simple slash doesn’t even make a shallow attack. Even though he exploded an eclipse right in front of his nose and cut his neck and waist, it seems that even minor injuries cannot be treated by the demon king in confinement. Even though it is a spark of divine power that is fatal to monsters with immortality like the demon lord, it does not go deep into the demon lord of confinement. You have to cut deeper.

Myths began to overlap. The red-hot flames overlapped and completely dyed it black.

It still lacks firepower. The overlapping flames beyond the limit could no longer even maintain the shape of the sword. Does not matter. It wasn’t a slash, it was just ignorant violence.

‘Moron… … !’

A voice that does not utter through upbringing. However, Moron heard that voice and Eugene’s wishes. It was a cruel and reckless request, but there was no hesitation or hesitation in Moron.

[crazy… … !]

Anis and Cristina were also aware of Eugene’s affair. They also only spat out swear words, but did not disobey Eugene’s will. The protection of the saints was focused on Moron.

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

Moron threw an ax with a scream. The ax filled with ignorant power flew to the demon king in confinement, tearing through space. Such an attack was clumsy and slow for the demon king in captivity. Her outstretched hand created a wave before it even touched the axe, changing the axe’s trajectory. A hand holding nothing. Morron’s hand held the space.

Wood Deuk! The torn space was pulled by Morron’s grip. As a result, the demon king of confinement became a little closer to Moron. A violent fist flew in, and the demon king of confinement smiled.

It was over in an instant. The fist of the demon king of confinement took away Morron’s consciousness in an instant. A series of blows in an instant destroyed Moron’s body. she lost consciousness. But Moron’s body did not stop. The destroyed body immediately regenerates. Her broken and ruptured hand grabbed the waist of the demon king of confinement.

At the same time, Senya’s magic was manifested. The magic eye of fantasy blended with the magic eye and changed reality. The spells of magic attacking from all sides temporarily blocked the demon king’s vision.

A huge murderous intent came crashing down from above.

The demon king of confinement bent at the knees. The black new sword that was struck down was blocked by the demon king of confinement, but the huge impact was not something that could be shed by blocking it with one’s hand.


The demon king of confinement praised him wholeheartedly.

Kwaddeuk! The new sword cut off the hand of the demon king of confinement. and cut his shoulder. But he couldn’t make up his mind. The sword, like before, dug in a little before stopping.

“… … Krukreuk… … .”

Moron, who was holding on to the waist of the demon king of confinement, knelt down vomiting blood. On the contrary, the demon king of confinement raised his bent knee. Yujin glared at the demon king in captivity without letting go of the new sword that had stopped at about his rib.

“… … you… … Can’t you kill me?”

Eugene finally asked. At that question, the demon king of confinement smiled bitterly and nodded his head.

“It is a curse.”

Even if you want to die, you cannot die.

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