Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 587

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Black, dead blood poured out of his open mouth. Eugene gasped for breath and raised his head. He could have continued to attack, but the demon king of confinement was looking down at Yujin without doing anything.

to give despair The demon king of confinement prioritizes giving ‘despair’ rather than killing Eugene and his colleagues. Is it because he projected his despair in the distant past to make him feel the same sense of despair? Or do you want to take your own life in despair and give up your soul?

“… … .”

He bit his trembling lips. He forced himself to swallow the blood that flowed from her throat.

despair? Eugene didn’t want to feel that kind of emotion, nor did he want to feel it. No matter how strong the demon king of confinement is. Even if it seems like she’ll never win. She will not despair. She would not take her own life and move on to the ‘next’ that the demon king of confinement would say.

I want to kill the demon king of confinement. I want to kill the demon lord of destruction. want to save the world

Such longing is of the ‘now’. The demon king of confinement Eugene wants to kill is the one right in front of his eyes, the demon king of destruction is the one Vermouth is holding on to, and the world he wants to save is the current world. To be honest, the ‘next’ world is not something that Eugene knows.

I want to save the world where the world tree is rooted. I want to save the world where the light has been shining. I want to save Shin-kun, who is fighting on the battlefield below, waiting for victory. I want to save the followers of the continent who are praying for victory in the war. I want to save Vermouth, who has been going crazy and worn out, but has delayed its destruction.

To do so, do not despair. You can’t despair.

Eugene sighed and strained his knees. The broken intestines creaked and fitted together. He thought he was fortunate to have a regenerative power close to immortality. If you can’t regenerate your wounds, you won’t be able to fight anymore.

“Are you standing up?”

The demon king of confinement opened his mouth.

– Kwakjik! This attack was also invisible. But after being hit, you will know even if you don’t want to know. Swinging kicks. Eugene’s legs were broken and his body rolled on the ground.

“You know it’s meaningless, don’t you?”

After rolling around a few times, I touched the ground with my hand. The strong taste of blood came from my molars that I had bitten too hard. Eugene glared at the demon king in captivity with bloodshot eyes.

“No matter how many times you stand up, it is meaningless. Eugene Lionhart. You can’t fulfill any wish. What is the significance of a country to a hero who has not overcome the ordeal of being the Demon King?”

I strengthened my legs again. The demon king of confinement walked slowly.

“You cannot win this battle and war. No matter how hard you try not to despair, you will eventually despair at the fact that you can ‘never’ win.”

thump, thump. The right hand of the demon king of confinement became a fist.

“In the first place, Eugene Ryanhart, you… … greedy for the impossible “It” that has destroyed the world many times is now a disaster that cannot be called a demon king, and the death of an era. Just as humans grow old and die one day, it became the death that determines the lifespan of the world.”

Red bloodshot eyes saw the fist of the demon king of confinement. It was to see how the fist moved.

“In the beginning, it was eaten by undeserved greed. Even the throne of the demon king was not enough, so he coveted greater power, ate everything, and ended up devouring even his own ego. What has been completed like that is destruction. It is impossible to finish it.”

The fist moved.

“Do you think I would not have wanted to end the destruction? It was I who hated destruction more than anyone else and longed for its end. If I had perfected the finish as a warrior. Unless you let your colleagues betray you. If only I had killed my comrades who were possessed by temptation, maddened by curses, and blinded by jealousy with my own hands.”


My chest caved in. Her breath caught in her throat and her vision shook.

“A new demon king would not have been born. No one would have been able to sit on the throne. How many times, in the eons I’ve lived since then… … did I regret my failures? Can you imagine?”

Yujin crouched down and took a deep breath. The screaming prayers of saints chanted ran through her head. Wounds are regenerating at high speed. But more than that, the demon king of confinement’s attack is heavy and fast.

“I regretted and hated over and over again, longing to end the destruction born of my failure. But I couldn’t finish it. My world began to perish, and God could not save it.”

The demon king of confinement began approaching Yujin again. With a sharp scream, Eugene’s right wing lit up. Anis, who became an angel and jumped out, attacked the demon king of confinement.

“Angels screamed and died in my perishing world. Just like you now, Anise Slewood.”

Anise’s body froze in the air. The black spirit of death became the shape of his hand and squeezed Anise’s neck. Anise struggled, clutching his hand around his neck.

“I denied a god who could neither stop destruction nor save the world and fell. I myself sat on the throne, tying a chain to the throne with my friend, who is starving no matter what he eats or eats, who is on the verge of destruction.”

Kwaduk! Fraud’s hand drove Anise to the ground. Cristina could no longer say her prayers. With a scream, she became an angel and spread her wings in front of Eugene.

“That’s how I was born, the demon king of confinement. I… … Why do you think he became the Demon King? Because I couldn’t possibly die. To take responsibility for my failures. In order to create the next destruction. After all existence in the world perishes. In a world where nothing survives… … I, alone, have started the beginning.”

Anise, who was pinned to the floor, stretched out her trembling hand and grabbed the imprisoned demon king’s ankle. f*ck! The light disappeared from Anis’ eyes at the kick.

“The earth was rescued from the covered sea and the mountain was cut. Released the imprisoned soul and circulated life. When the existence and civilization began to emerge in the world like that, he became the devil again and sat in the darkness. Many times, many times I have repeated it. so that the world would not perish completely. It has continued to create the following.”

Cristina’s eyes trembled as she blocked Eugene’s way. If that statement is true- the demon king of confinement, despite being a demon king, has been doing the same thing as a god.

“As the era and destruction continued, ‘it’ became a phenomenon called destruction, but the chains I tied at the beginning remain intact. That is why I will never be killed by perdition, and I myself cannot kill perdition. I compromised like that. Destruction does not end, destruction… … Accepting it, moving on to the next one.”

-Uuuuuuuuu! With a roar like a beast, Moron stood up from his seat. Blood still flowed from the severed neck, but instead of covering up the wound, Moron attacked the back of the demon king of confinement.

“So that’s what I’m saying. greedy for the impossible sometimes… … Accepting the impossible and making compromises is also necessary.”

The arms wrapped around him from behind were caught in the hands of the demon king of confinement. Compared to Morron’s thick arms, the Demon Lord of Confinement’s hands were very small, but when he began to squeeze his fingers, Moron’s muscles and bones were entangled in the grip. After breaking both of his arms like that, I beat Moron to the side.

“Are you going to kill perdition? And then you say you want to save Vermouth? Incompatible. You’re going to kill me to save the world? It is the same. The world could exist now because I started it.”

Senya staggered to her feet. She chewed on her bloody lips as she wrapped herself around her punctured belly to seal the wound.

Trembling, Merry headed to the demon king in captivity. Concentrated spiritual power exploded magic. ㅡ Kwak! However, even that magic was scattered at the beckoning of the demon king of confinement. The morale turned into black lightning and pierced Senya. As Senya’s body tumbled forward, Mary and her phantasmagoric eyes fell to the floor.

“I will praise your determination and solidarity, but the hope you claim seems to me nothing but stubbornness. How many more?”

Eugene took a deep breath and stepped forward to Christina. Cristina, startled by her startle, tried to stop her Eugene, but instead, Eugene pushed her Cristina behind her own.

“how much more… … Are you going to put up a meaningless, worthless and ignorant resistance? How much more will you be greedy and obstinate?”

“Until I beat you.”

Eugene replied. At those words, the confined demon king’s cheeks twitched. Even for a moment, the confined demon king felt irritated and angry.

“It is hard to despair. I have no choice but to kill it, even considering that it will be somewhat damaged.”

Legs point forward. arm moves So far, I haven’t seen the movement of the demon king of confinement. If you can’t see it, you can’t respond. Unstoppable. can not avoid. can’t catch can’t attack

It shouldn’t be. Anise and Morone are stuck on the floor. Senya couldn’t even get up and fell down. It’s the same situation as before, 300 years ago, when Hamel couldn’t come.

However, unlike 300 years ago, the demon king of confinement will not stop. There is no vermouth here, and the demon king in captivity will no longer make promises. Eugene also had no intention of making a promise.

for vermouth. for Senya. for Moron. for anise. for Christina. For the giants and old gods who became light. For the sage who became the World Tree. For my family, for Ryan Hart. for the world.

All Eugene wants here is victory.

‘I am.’

You must hope for a miracle. miracles have to happen I heard your wishes I found prayer. You must not fall. You must not be defeated. Do not despair.


The demon king of confinement ‘moved.’ Time and space are gone. I saw the ‘result’ of the attack, the fist, breaking through the chest and crushing the heart. I observed the future that would happen after an instant. saw this time

so it moved

Puff! The hand of the demon king of confinement jumped up. A look of surprise flashed across his face, filled with irritation and anger. It was as if he had never imagined that Eugene would defeat the current attack.

It has to be. Now, the demon king of confinement has released the chains that restrained him. The power that has been released and brought out. The immortality that Vermouth said he would cut off 300 years ago, and the immortality that had lived for eternity, and the mana stored for the next world are being consumed.

Instead, he got absolute confidence from the demon king of confinement. The conviction that defeat does not exist in this battle.

That conviction has just been partially denied. The result, which was never going to go wrong, has changed. In the stopped time, the eyes of the demon king of confinement and Yujin met. A light shimmered in the depths of his bloodshot eyes. Despair was a light that could never be seen.

“… … I finally saw it.”

The light in his pupils has become a myth. The embers that had been extinguished fluttered again and sparks blazed. The sticky darkness could no longer cover the light and swallow it. that buck Eugene took a step forward.



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ㅡHwaaaak… … ! The light burned even on the faded wings. The spread wings became a halo and illuminated the darkness. The spreading light reached Moron and Anis. Broken bones and torn muscles were reconnected. The closed eyes opened. The two stumbled and got up from their seats.

“Did you see it?”

The surprise disappeared from the face of the demon king in captivity. He jumped out and grabbed his right hand again, continuing his words.

“Do you really think so?”

The fist disappeared as soon as the question started. At that moment, Eugene’s field of vision expanded far. How the demon king of confinement moves. The rapid attack, which had not been seen until just now, was now visible. To be precise, Eugene’s divinity saw through the strike point before the attack landed.

The trajectory is not yet visible. However, if the strike point was detected, the minimum response would be possible without being helplessly beaten as before. I thought so and moved his hand.

“Mr. X.”

I immediately felt regret and spat out swear words. It was too much arrogance to show but to accept. The new sword that blocked the point of impact exploded while emitting light, and the arm that was later attached was also broken and torn. As Eugene jumped back, the demon king of confinement let out a laugh.

“It must be what you see.”

It’s a completely different story to respond perfectly just because it’s visible, but the demon king in confinement couldn’t help but be a little more surprised by ‘seeing’. To say that the invisible began to be seen –

‘Eugene Lionheart is now growing in this battle.’

Are you used to continuous attacks? You might get used to it if you watch it several times, but there was a gap that I thought would never be narrowed. The confined demon king couldn’t help but feel terrified that he had narrowed the gap by growing on his own. I felt like I had to admit this too.

Eugene Ryanhart’s overwhelming strength is his ability to grow. The fact that he has reached that level in just a few years is not because he is simply the reincarnation of Agaroth and Hamel.

‘Does it get stronger every time it crosses the dead line?’

Eugene is not alone. In this battle, Eugene is not alone in fighting the demon king of confinement.

Moron’s roar shook the darkness. He inflicted fatal wounds that would not be strange even if he died several times, but he got up again as if he were an undead and rushed at the demon king of confinement. Even if he hadn’t died, there would have been fear and pain at the moment of his death, but that kind of emotion didn’t exist in Moron’s eyes. What dwelled in his pupils was only hostility and murderous intent towards the demon king in captivity.

The sense that Eugene reached was also connected to Moron, his great warrior and incarnation. As Moron rushed forward with a roar, he felt as if time slowed down as his senses expanded.

I felt intuition that it was not an illusion or delusion. Even at the slower time, the demon king of confinement’s attack was quick, but the sharp sense of bristling foreshadowed the attack’s arrival point.

Morone did not escape. He didn’t even try to defend himself. Rather, he responded to attack with attack. He didn’t swing the axe, but ignorantly threw his fists out.

ㅡ Kkwajijik!

It sounded like the world was breaking apart. Morron’s arm muscles swelled and burst, and her fists were crushed. Moron, however, did not back down. Even though she broke it like that, she couldn’t move forward even with the demon king’s fist in confinement. I definitely felt like I was ‘blocked’.

[Hamel, what the hell did you do?]

Anis, who had returned to the light, asked in surprise.

“I didn’t do anything.”

Eugene spat that out and looked at Senya. After recovering from their wounds, Senya and Yujin’s eyes met.

“I have to do something more from now on.”

The gaze that slipped down met the illusionary eye.

– Ahaha.

The laughter he had heard in his nightmares echoed in Yujin’s head.

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