Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 588

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Senya let out a deep sigh and opened her illusionary eyes.

Time passed like that. Just as the demon king of confinement was dragged into a dream that was not real for a while, Eugene and Senya also had the same dream by the power of the fantasy demon’s eye.

A gap in time stopped for a moment. In the middle of a dream far from reality. Eugene tilted her head and glared at Senya.

“Are you crazy?”

First of all, Eugene asked. She spoke sharply, but Senya was not quick-tempered and shrugged her shoulders in her intimidation.

“Maybe, just in case, I didn’t think of that. I really didn’t know that it was like this. Are you thinking of becoming a necromancer?”

“that… … that’s a bit harsh Knowing how much I hate warlocks… … .”

“Eolssi, you’ve been studying black magic with a lot of interest, right?”

“that! It’s because black magic is magic after all. And Eugene, you know that there are many different types of black magic. Are you going to learn necromancy just because I’m crazy?”

“Why do you say that!”

It is not without precedent. When Hamel died 300 years ago and the demon king of confinement returned his soul. Senya sealed Hamel’s soul into his necklace, despite his comrades’ objections. It was to make Hamel naturally reincarnated and reincarnated after killing the demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction someday.

Of course, it was completely different from the ‘reincarnation’ that Vermouth wanted, so the necklace was eventually taken away – but it is true that Senya held onto the ‘soul’ of the past.

“Now, now, calm down.”

A voice mixed with laughter. Eugene closed her eyes tightly without realizing it.

“… … Why is that?”

Eugene spat out without opening his eyes. Facing Eugene like that, Senya’s face couldn’t help but feel natural annoyance. Even a snoring dog could tell that Eugene is now extremely agitated and in emotional turmoil.

“There are two reasons. However, I didn’t have the confidence to perfectly handle the fantasy demon’s eye. It could be used, but I decided that there was not enough time to get used to it enough to handle it to the extreme.”

“… … the other one?”

“I didn’t want you to regret all your life and have nightmares.”

“… … .”

“You’ll say it’s okay, and you’ll get used to it. And me, Anis, and Cristina have the confidence to erase the lingering attachments in you. But human emotions don’t just disappear cleanly.”

“so. Are you saying you’re going to stuff my soul so I don’t regret it? Sometimes when I think of regrets, so that we can meet briefly, what, is that so? If you were going to do something like that, I wouldn’t have killed you in the first place… … .”


Senya shouted loudly.

“What the hell do you think of me! Do you think this Senya-sama collected souls so that she could play with the remaining souls?! I am!”

Senya gasped for breath and stomped her feet.

“After everything is over, I will marry you.”

“… … what?”

“I will marry you! … … What about Anise and Christina… … If they want to… … I am willing to work with you.”

“radish… … what are you saying… … .”

“After that, I will put this soul into the familiar.”

Eugene’s mouth was half open.

“I’m going to shove this soul into the body of an ugly, hideous familiar. And I will put her on a leash and put her in the garden of your and my newlyweds’ house as a guard dog.”

Are you insane?

“Then you won’t have nightmares in the future either! You will never have nightmares looking at the face of a bastard tied up in the garden of your and my newlyweds’ house.”

“Even if I become a hideous familiar, I am me.”

Noir, who was puffing out his cheeks in front of Eugene, responded quickly.

“Isn’t the fact that you tied me down in the first place proof that you fear me?”

“What’s going on?”

“My soul has not perished, and will be reincarnated someday. There’s no guarantee that my memory will be intact at that time, but- Ahaha, between me and Hamel… … There is a very dark string of fate. Someday, the reincarnated me will surely be able to think of Hamel.”

Noir did not back down from Eugene. She stared at Eugene’s face with a sweet smile.

“To make me a hideous familiar… … Isn’t it because I’m afraid of the fate that ties me and Hamel?”

Senya didn’t answer and glared at Noir.

Of course, Senya had no such fear. To tell the truth, he was thinking of making Noir a makeshift Romana familiar, but he didn’t necessarily want to make it look like an ugly mutt. Sooner or later, if Eugene completely overcomes the nightmare and shakes off the remnants of emotions, then he was willing to let go of Noir’s soul.

However, if you insist on such a meaning, isn’t it like playing with Noir’s absurd remarks in the end?

“… … I don’t need a familiar.”

Eugene let out a deep sigh and said.

“For you to fight today. And for me… … I understand you did this. But, I really don’t need a familiar. just… … When everything is over, free your soul.”

“… … okay.”

Senya pursed her lips and answered. Compromising at that point was good for building self-esteem.

“So, how long are you going to ignore me?”

Noir slowly reached out his hand. Yujin felt the approaching hand and quickly stepped back.

“You know I’m here, Hamel. It’s me, Noir Jebela. Noir Jebela, whom you stabbed in the heart, kissed, and left with a face about to cry.”

“… … .”

“Is it because this reunion is awkward and embarrassing? Has the touch of my lips tasted at that time still not gone? Ahaha, the necklace continues.”

“Shut up.”

“You’re going to answer in the end, but why do you keep trying to close your eyes and ignore it? And Hamel, I’m in a position that I can’t turn off even if I want to turn it off. Do you think I would have wanted to reunite with you like this?”

Noir slightly turned his head and glanced at Senya.

“You know, I mean, I was very happy with my death. It was the perfect death I had hoped for. We destroyed each other, and I died with deep feelings for you.”

“… … .”

“But, in the end, it turned out like this, didn’t it? It’s the wicked witch’s fault for arbitrarily using my soul as a tool. therefore.”

Noir’s hand approached again.

“Open your eyes and look at me, Hamel. After all, this is just a short nightmare.”

A hand slowly approached and caressed Yujin’s cheek. Eugene sighed and opened her eyes. She saw Noir, who looked no different than when she was alive. Seeing her like that, she couldn’t help but feel complicated emotions.

“Ahaha… … .”

Noir smiled brightly and let out a laugh.

ㅡKoo-gu Palace… … The nightmare began to shake. Senya looked around in bewilderment, but Noir was not surprised. She said as she withdrew her hand from caressing Eugene’s cheek.

“Dreams are shattering. If it’s my estate, I can’t dream for a long time here.”



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“… … I guess so.”

“I tried to show the nightmare to the demon king of confinement, but… … It didn’t work out. His abyss was deep, and the reality he lived in was more horrifying and hopeless than any nightmare. Mystic Eyes of Illusion cannot arouse fear in him.”

“I guess so.”

Eugene answered in a subdued voice. The demonic eye of illusion was activated several times, but the spirit of the demon king in confinement was not shaken. On the contrary, Senya’s feelings after looking into the abyss of the demon king in captivity were shaken.

“It’s ridiculous to say that I’m already dead, but the situation is hopeless, Hamel. The demon king of confinement has a lot of energy. Hamel, you seem to have gotten a little used to the demon lord in captivity… … Even so, I can’t imagine the defeat of the demon king of confinement.”

“You couldn’t even imagine your death. but he died in the end I killed you.”

“It was an ecstatic death.”

Noir smiled and caressed his chest. Even now, I can vividly recall that moment.

“Whether you can imagine it or not, it has nothing to do with me. Are you saying the situation is hopeless? know. But I do not feel despair.”

“Do you think you can win?”


Eugene shook his head.

“I think we should win.”

Confidence is far from lacking. That is no reason to despair. What Eugene has to do is to use all his strength to defeat the demon king of confinement. It’s to fight to knock it down.

“If that is your wish.”

Noir raised a hand. A purple gem, a magical eye of fantasy, appeared on her hand. Noir chuckled and lifted her jewel up to her eyes.

“This dream queen, now deceased, will do her best to help your wishes come true.”

The jewel’s light melted into Noir’s eyes. At the same time, the nightmare completely collapsed.

The spirit that had been lost in a fleeting dream returned to reality.

Returned reality, Moron and the fist of the demon king of confinement are in contact. ‘The feeling of being blocked.’ The demon king of confinement laughed after enjoying the feeling he felt after a long time.

“It doesn’t look like you had a nightmare.”

The whispered question was not directed at Morron. Instead of answering, Eugene spread his wings and took off.


The moment I approached the confined demon king, I felt the heartbeat of divinity. Yujin was startled and looked back at her. Senya, who was holding her Mary, also looked puzzled.

The magic eye of illusion floats alone in the air. Senya’s spiritual power was added to the blurry ‘illusion’, and it gradually took shape.

[oh my god… … !]

Anise screamed. You can’t forget that look. Noir Jebela. When she was dead, she appeared beside Senya. Even that look-

“what are you doing?!”

[I became an angel.]

Noir whispered.

[If you claim to be a goddess of magic, shouldn’t you have at least one angel?]

‘Whoever wants… … !’

[It’s you who said you would use me as a tool, Senya Merdane. So don’t be too angry. Resonating with you like this will be more helpful now.]

The magical eyes of fantasy shone in Noir’s pupils. At the same time, Senya understood. Resonance with Noir, who had once challenged the throne of the evil god and invaded the divine by far beyond even the demon king as a dreamer, further enhanced Senya’s divinity. With that, the phantom demon’s eye became Senya’s miracle.

ㅡKoo-gu-gu-gung! The palace was shaken. Senya’s will was added to Eugene’s light that drove away the darkness. Her divinity dwelled in her spiritual power, which she ruled over. The two divine powers did not collide with each other, but blended into one. The sanctuary and the sanctuary were mixed and suppressed the demon king of confinement.

this sense.

Know. Yujin was astonished, but immediately raised his new sword. The sanctuary and the sanctuary mingled and became one. The magic eye of fantasy became Senya’s miracle and changed reality. This is the palace of the demon king in captivity, the sanctuary of Eugene, and the sanctuary of Senya, and it is real, but it is intertwined with fantasy and dream.

Myths bloomed. A blade of glass appeared in the air. – No doubt. Eugene laughed and continued to create sparks.

Holy Moonlight Sword Levantine. The sword that had been driven into Eugene’s chest reappeared. didn’t stop at one. Eugene wished, and the sanctuary with the magical eye of fantasy realized the wish as a miracle.

Levantine continued to grow. lack. I felt dizzy and tasted blood in my mouth. Blood dripped from his nose as well. The saints who were resonating also embraced Eugene’s men and swallowed their moans. More, stronger than what was embodied in the nightmare I had in Jebela City. Impossible in real life, but possible here.

Dozens of Levantine. There, Eugene longed for ‘more’.

ㅡ Hwareuk. Sparks soared from every glass blade. Flames overlapped with flames. The firepower of the air sword, which was overlapped several times, was enough to distort even the blade of the glass.

“… … haha.”

At that sight, the demon king in captivity couldn’t help but laugh involuntarily. He knew that the dozens of Levantein aimed at him were by no means false. All of that exists in this space. Even Moron, who blocked the demon king of confinement, was stunned by that absurd sight, but immediately grasped the situation and jumped down next to Eugene.


The demon king of confinement laughed and murmured.

All the Levantine attacked the demon lord in captivity. The power that would not be strange no matter how many times the world was destroyed was concentrated in the demon king of confinement.

The demon king of confinement did not back down. Rather, he smiled thickly and headed towards the Levantine bombardment.

How many times the power to destroy the world? That was not a reason for the demon king of confinement to retreat.

The demon king of confinement knows a far more terrible destruction than that.

How many times have I seen the world perish?

The fist broke the flame.

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