Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 60

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Eugene answered without hesitation. At that, Ari Artel snorted at her and shook her head as if she knew it.

“I’m sorry. Stupid Hamel. You seem to want to use my strength to end the demon lord subjugation, which was not accomplished 300 years ago, but I am not in a position to be greatly involved in worldly affairs…”

“What are you talking about? Even if a dragon that is said to be a little over 200 years old is counting, how strong will it join forces to subdue the demon lord?”

“…Then why did you come to see me?”

“I need the dragon magic.”

Ariartel frowned and tilted her head.

“…what exactly do you want?”

“A magic that searches for gaps in dimensions.”

Eugene took a nearby chair and sat down in front of Ariartel.

“I don’t know the exact coordinates. I don’t know what kind of dimensional rift it is. What is clear is that this world is not very far from the dimension it belongs to. I’m also a wizard, so from my own point of view, it’s probably somewhere in the gap that straddles our dimension.”


“The forced expulsion to the outer dimension was carried out in an incomplete form, and it crossed the gap in this dimension. Even so, the connection with the world has not been severed. It seems that the contract with the subordinates is being maintained at least a little…”

“Wait… wait.”

Ariartel could not hide her confusion and raised both hands.

“Forcible expulsion from the outer dimension? So, what kind of being was banished to the outer dimension by magic?”


“…Nonsense. There is no such magic in this world. Forcibly banishing an existence is impossible even with dragon word magic. Who the hell…”

“Senya Merdein.”

Mer pricked up her ears at Eugene’s name. In her mind, she wanted to shrug her shoulders and spread her breasts wide to show off, but Mer was afraid of Ari Artel’s dragon fear.

“…Wise Senya…”

“It is none of my business whether such magic exists in the world or not. Senya did it, and it actually happened.”

“…the existence that seems to be wandering through the dimensional rift… who the hell is it?”

“Black Dragon Raizakia.”

At the mention of that name, Ariartel jumped up from her seat. Her red hair swayed like flames, and her eyes contained a great murderous intent.

Even the Dragon Fear that poured out like that was brutal. Eugene glared at Ariartel while hugging the trembling Mer more tightly.

“Oh, damn don’t do that!”

“Lizakia…! The Black Dragon! The Dragon Demon Castle’s Raizakia?! Stupid Hamel! Are you trying to save Raisakia, who is wandering through the dimensional rift?!”

Why do they keep calling me stupid Hamel over a decent name… I wonder if calling them like that is a mistake to show off their dragon-like dignity…

“Why am I saving him? I’m trying to find him and kill him, but I’m having a hard time finding him. So your help…”

“You’re going to kill that Laizakia with your own hands?! Stupid Hamel, I know you are a hero of the past, but you cannot kill Raizakia with your own power!”

“I’ll take care of that… For now, calm down, collect the Dragon Fear, and take a seat. And stop calling me stupid.”

“I… I’ll help you. Raizakia is a traitor to dragons. His misdeeds must end with the dragon’s hand… no…”

Ariartel’s eyes shook greatly. She put her hands around her head and let out her moan, then let out her long sigh and sat down in her seat.

“…I can’t… I can’t. I have another mission…”

“no. I never asked you to fight with me, so why are you making a fuss all by yourself? I just want you to tell me how to find Raisakia somewhere in the dimensional rift.”

“…Such magic doesn’t exist.”

Ariartel patted her temple and thought.

“…The gap in the dimension… If the master-servant contract with the clan remains… that the connection with the world has not been severed. However, such a contract is governed by the owner, and the contractor cannot go against it or get involved… In that case…”

Ariartel muttered to herself for a long time. Eugene left Ari Artel alone and looked around her room.

Eugene still didn’t know where this place was. Once she approached the window and looked out, the landscape of a secluded rural village caught her eye.

‘…I think it’s Kiyel… but where is it?’

Right now, this house is not a mansion for nobles or wealthy people. A small, ordinary house that could be found in any village. It didn’t seem like anyone else lived there besides Ariartel.

“…Maximizing the tracking magic… so that it can capture beyond the space and dimension… No… if you get out of the spatial unit and reach the dimension, the area and coordinates are meaningless… once you capture it. .. okay.”

Ariartel muttered for a long time before raising her head.

“… cooperate.”

“So how?”

“I’ll put the dragon magic to track down Lizakia in an artifact. However, it is impossible to find Raizakia directly with this. I need something connected to Lyzakia.”


“I like things like things that Raizakia has been dealing with for a long time. As for things, the older they get, the more they resemble spiritual spirits, and such spirits tend to have the owner’s temperament engraved on them.”

“…things… blood?”

He asked with his eyes twinkling. blood? When Ariartel asked, Eugene told me the possibility that Raizakia, now in the Dragon Demon Castle, might not be him, but Hetzling.

“…Unlike contracts, blood ties are dominant to both parties. If it really is Raizakia’s Hetzling, then we might be able to find Raizakia through him.”

After hearing that far, Eugene took Akasha out of her arms. Ariartel’s eyes wavered at the red jewel that glowed from the tip. A staff made from dragon hearts and branches of the World Tree. Ariartel swallowed a gulp, mesmerized by the mighty staff.


“Wouldn’t the dragon word magic go well with Akasha? The effect will be amplified.”

“…I’d do that, but it’s not possible to engrave dragon words right now.”

“You can leave it to me.”

Eugene answered calmly and handed Akasha to Ariartel.

“Can I come pick it up in a week?”

“…that would be… enough.”

Attitude is confused. I am a dragon, but that human does not show the dragon the respect it deserves. Rather, now I am treating it as if I were entrusting things to a blacksmith or a seamstress…

“by the way. Why did you make that…heaven genocide for Carmen-sama?”

“What is Heaven Genocide?”

Are you pretending not to know?

“…That, you know. Normally, it’s a pocket watch, but when you shout form change, it strangely transforms…”

“…Are you talking about the alchemy gloves?”

Ariartel murmured.

“…It was a chance encounter.”



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decades ago.

Ariartel, as he does every day, was enjoying his leisure time with the scenery of Dragonic Mansion floating on the wall. The lady of Lionheart who came to the mansion a few days ago. Although her personality was a bit bizarre, Ari Artel liked her appearance as well as her martial arts skills.

Alchester, then 5 years old, was very young, but unlike his father who was not talented, he was very clever. If that child becomes the family head, the Dragonic family will enjoy greater power than before. Also, what if he made a betrothal with the Lady of Lionheart?

“…Dragon’s daily life is boring. So, dragons soothe the boredom of life through various amusements. It is for this reason that I watch over the Dragonic family. Watching a human living a short life passionately, and even a family, is a game that is quite immersive even for a dragon. It can be said that it is similar to how humans watch creations such as operas and plays.”

Contrary to what Ariartel had hoped for, Carmen did not feel any love for Alchester. It was the same with Alchester. In the first place, Carmen was 17 at the time, and Alchester was 5 years old.

There was no progress in their relationship, but Ariartel never lost interest in Carmen Lionheart. She… Carmen, because Ari Artel was weirder than any human she had ever seen.

“…Carmen Lionheart was an interesting person. When she was alone in her room, she would draw a strange magic circle on her floor and cast a spell on her own. It was a scribble with no magical powers, and the spell cast was…”

“I don’t really want to know…”

“I don’t even want to talk about it.”

I was careless.

I couldn’t help but think that way. It’s fun to watch, so it’s because I saw it too close. No, more than that, Ariartel didn’t think that Carmen would act like that.

“…One day. Carmen Ryan Hart, back from training, was obsessed with her reflection in the mirror before washing herself.”


“Don’t humans sometimes do that? Drenched hair, watery eyes, rough breathing. …Carmen Ryanhart seemed to like the way I looked, but suddenly hit the mirror with her fist.”

“…no… what?”

“…Through that mirror, Carmen Reinerhart came over here.”

Ariartel’s expression crumpled. At that time, Ari Artel hit her right in the eye with her fist, but she didn’t even want to say such a thing.

“…Alchemy gloves were in my mother’s rare, combat artifacts that change their appearance in response to the owner’s blood. I gave you the alchemy glove as a reminder to keep the meeting a secret and as a tribute to a man with outstanding qualities.”

Deep down, he hoped that he would have a good relationship with Alchester after receiving the gift. Behind Dragonic is a dragon. He made a promise with a word so that he couldn’t tell anyone, but wouldn’t it matter if Carmen herself knew. If the dragon is a family watching from behind, he thought it was an unconventional condition to consider marrying a 12-year-old boy.

…Contrary to such wishes, Carmen did not marry Alchester. Alchester himself had no feelings for Carmen. In the end, only those precious alchemy gloves were reborn as Heaven Genocide by Carmen.

“…why did you hit the mirror?”

The moment you come out of the bath, you feel that your reflection in the mirror is sexy. Not a few people have had such an experience.

Why did you hit the mirror?

Eugene couldn’t understand that fact more than anything else.


The village where Ariartel lives is in the countryside of Bolaño on the border of Kiel. This was a rural area enough to have a good match with Gidoll, Eugene’s hometown, and only then did Eugene understand what Xian and Ciel had said in the past.

“…It smells like cow dung.”

What Xian and Ciel said back then was true to some extent. The smell of cow dung and horse dung wafted through this secluded rural landscape…

“If you’re going to live, isn’t the downtown area better than the countryside?”

“I hate it because it’s noisy.”

Ariartel, who had followed her outside, muttered, squinting her eyes. She seems to be stuck in the house all day, doing nothing but looking into Dragonic’s mansion, so it doesn’t matter if it’s noisy outside.

The word… didn’t come out of my mouth.

“Don’t come looking for me yourself.”

Ariartel opened her mouth.

“This is a secluded and quiet town. It’s a place where the whole town is in an uproar just because the warp gate that leads directly to the capital is activated. Even more so, if the one from the capital is a descendant of that Lionheart, the villagers will roll their eyes and try to hold a festival.”

“…Isn’t that a bit over the top?”

“It is a town where a festival is held just because the dog next door covered the toilet for the first time. I don’t want to disturb the town, and I don’t want to attract attention because of you.”

If you really don’t want to be noticed, shouldn’t you be living in a mountain valley instead of a town like this? And with that intense red hair, you don’t want to be in the spotlight?

…I didn’t even dare to ask questions about him.

“Then what shall we do?”

“What to do? Don’t send only the wand. I have no desire to be involved with you any more.”

Ariartel glanced at Eugene while saying that.

“…Stupid Hamel. I’m just saying this now because I’m not in a hurry, but I’m very offended by your sudden visit. If you weren’t Lionheart, if you weren’t the reincarnation of stupid Hamel. I would have paid with my life for your rudeness.”

“What does Lionheart have to do with it?”

“It is true that the world has achieved peace through the promise made by the great Vermouth. I am a dragon, but I respect the great Vermouth.”

“Then why don’t you have any respect for me? I also decapitated the demon 3 times with Shibal Vermouth.”

“…I forgave the sudden visit, and I forgave you for your rude words and actions. Isn’t that enough respect?”

“I think it’s a long way off. To put it bluntly, I’m going to take care of the clan’s Horo bastard, Raizakia, in place of you and the other dragons. And the sleeping dragons will completely finish what they couldn’t do 300 years ago.”

“…End? how?”

“Are you asking because you really don’t know? I will kill Raizakia, kill the demon lord of confinement, and kill the demon lord of destruction. In the process, I’ll probably wipe out all the other high-ranking demons, and I’ll wipe out Helmud, which stretches out as an empire.”

Eugene said in a tone that it was not a big deal. Ariartel thought that everything Eugene said would never come true.

However, Eugene’s eyes were still, and his voice did not waver. I’m hungry. she is thirsty It was like spitting out a normal conversation like this. If you are hungry, you can eat rice. If you are thirsty, you can drink water. Yes, all of those are things that you can just do without any difficulties.

The words that he would kill Raizakia, kill the demon king of confinement, kill the demon king of destruction, and wipe out Helmud.

Eugene said in a tone that he could just do the things that couldn’t be done. Ariartel couldn’t help but feel confused by that. She is a young dragon who has just escaped hatchling. She was not even born 300 years ago when the war was in full swing, and only after Vermouth made a promise and the world became peaceful, she awoke from the egg.

Didn’t go through war. But I know how terrible the war was then. Dragons live for eons. The dragons, who barely survived the battle with the demon king of destruction, said that the most feared and terrible being in the eternity they had lived was the demon king of destruction, followed by the demon king of confinement.

You can’t fight destruction.

The dragon’s will that Hamel heard. It was also a lesson that all dragons inscribed in their hearts through excruciating pain. Ari Artel heard it directly from her mother before she went to sleep. The mother warned Ariartel, showing the crushed scales and the scars underneath.

You must never go to Helmud.

Don’t try to avenge your clan’s enemies with Raizakia.

Do not confront the demon king of confinement.

Don’t stand in front of destruction.


Ariartel no longer used the word ‘stupid’. I can feel it now. What is in front of you is not 20-year-old Eugene Ryanhart. 300 years ago, the hero who challenged the demon lords who broke the wings of all dragons. The protagonist of the war who accompanied the journey of killing the three demon kings.

“…Ariartel, the manager of the cradle and the only dragon with open eyes, wants to ask you. Hamel Diners. Are you…really going to kill all the demon lords?”

“Then, shall I make a promise with them on my fingers?”

Eugene replied with a snort.

“I’m the kind of person who prefers to swing a fist and a sword rather than promise.”

“…is it.”

There was no need to recommend an oath.

Ariartel saw hatred and murderous intent at the bottom of those calmly sunken golden eyes, neither subdued by time nor extinguished by being swept away.

Hamel, no, Eugene Lionheart will kill all demon lords. Even if I can’t achieve it because of my strength, I will move to kill the demon king until I die.

“…That cloak.”

Ariartel noticed the cloak of darkness that Eugene was wearing. That’s a great artifact that can’t be touched anymore. The interior finish is engraved with the highest level of spatial magic, and the exterior is full of defense techniques against form change, physical, and magic.

“…good enough, but lacking in defense given the enemies you’ll have to face.”

Ariartel raised her hand. The empty space split open, and Ariartel’s hand entered the gap in space.

“…I am managing the goods of dragons who have gone to sleep. As a descendant of the prestigious Lionheart, you don’t really need jewels or gold coins.”

What Ariartel took out from the gap was an ordinary-looking gold ring.

“I hope this will help you on your journey.”

But Eugene noticed that the ring was far from ordinary. Unlike the outside, the inside is black. Even if you focus on it, small letters that are hard to see are densely written on the inside, making a formula.


“Agaroth’s ring. Do you know its name?”

“I don’t know. Who is that?”

“…It is one of the ancient gods that disappeared in the mythology centered on the god of light. If you were born into a prestigious aristocratic family, you would have received a lot of education.”

Faith that can be said to be the leading role in the present world. The god of light worshiped by the Holy Empire, Yuras. The religion is widespread not only on Euras but also on the continent.

The god of light is not the only god. Euras adopted the Protestantism of Light as the state religion, but other countries, except for Euras, do not have a state religion and guarantee freedom of religion.

So, there were many gods that each country or nation worshiped. Many people in Nahama believe in the gods of the desert and sand. There are many officials who are famous for chivalry and serve the god of knights and honor. There are many beliefs in Kiel, but the god of fertility and prosperity is second only to the god of light.

In addition to the gods that have been handed down like that, it is said that there were many more beliefs than this in the distant past.

“Agaroth is an ancient god of war. That era is a distant past that even dragons living through the ages cannot look back on. This ring is an artifact descended from that mythical age.”

The ring that left Ariartel’s hand flew to Eugene. As Eugene stretched out his left hand toward the ring, the ring was placed on the ring finger of his five free fingers.

“Why is your ring finger?”

“Contract, union, promise. Rings on the ring finger have had various meanings since ancient times.”

stinging pain. The ring shrank to fit Eugene’s ring finger, sucking blood. Immediately after that, a transparent film that was invisible to the naked eye covered Eugene’s body from under his uniform.

It was clear that something was covering the skin, but there was no sensation. When you brush your skin, you can still feel the texture of your skin. I could pluck the hairs on my forearm with my fingertips, and when I pinched them, I could feel a shallow pain.

“The ring will protect you from deadly threats.”

Ariartel continued.

“I can’t absolutely protect you, but. It will be of great help in the fight against your enemies.”

“Give me some Akasha.”

Ariartel handed over the Akasha and glared at the ring. Then, the enchantments engraved on the ring began to appear one by one. Ancient magic… If I had to categorize it further, would it belong to divine magic?

‘…interpretation is impossible. It doesn’t seem to use mana as power.’

I’m looking at magic, but it’s impossible to extract and use it separately. All divine magic is like that. Magic, but not magic. So priests and paladins say that the power they use is a ‘miracle’.

‘…to the defense barrier… is this… healing magic? It’s the kind that forcibly activates the body’s regenerative powers. And that’s to the limit… What’s fortunate is that it’s triggered by my own will.’

understood. Agaroth’s ring. The healing magic inscribed in it gnaws away the life span instead of forcibly healing the body that has become an asshole right away. take away the future Eugene wonders why this ring made a contract through the ring finger and sucked blood. I also understood why the owner of this ring, Agaroth, was a war god.

On the battlefield, it is to fight by raising the body that should die again and again. Eugene smiled and clenched his fist. Even if you have no choice but to use recovery, after that, you should take enough rest and replenish the energy you sucked in. Regeneration cannot be abused in combat. It depends on the severity of the wound, but if you recover from one or more fatal wounds, there will be no next one.

‘It’s impossible to use it in parallel with ignition. I’d rather endure the recoil.’

I thought about making the ignition run wilder and bursting the heart, then healing it with Agaroth’s ring. It was an ignorant method, but it was clear that it would not be as efficient as imagined. I’m going to self-destruct to match my asshole.

‘It’s best to treat injuries separately. Insurance for when you can’t help it… I’m so glad I can control it myself. There is no need to cure it, just heal it to the point where the body can withstand it, and once you survive, you can fill up the cut off lifespan.’

If I hadn’t understood it as Akasha, I would have died suddenly after overusing it without knowing anything on the battlefield. Eugene sneered at the war god’s mischief and viciousness and clenched her fist.

“What kind of weapons do you give me?”

“…weapons you will no longer need.”

Even the storm sword, Winid, is a powerful weapon that can be counted in continental history. Besides that, Lionheart has several weapons. Weapons powerful enough for a dragon to roll its eyes and attack. 300 years ago, Vermouth found and monopolized the weapons of the Age of Myth that were hidden all over the continent. Even among the goods of dragons that have gone to sleep, there is no weapon more than Lionheart’s.

“I want to decide what I don’t need… but it seems cumbersome and cumbersome to manage the goods, can’t you just leave it all to me? Use it well and put it away neatly, and a little bit of money and jewelry…”

“If you pass through the full-length mirror in the living room, you will be able to return to Dragonic’s mansion.”

Ariartel said no more and took Akasha away from Eugene.

“After I engrave the Dragon Word Magic, I will send the wand to Lionheart’s mansion. Don’t come any more.”

It seemed that he had no intention of entrusting the entire dragon’s goods.


A week at the Dragonic family has yielded more than initially thought. She learned the sword from Alchester, met her dragon, Ari Artel, and was told that all dragons except her had entered her sleep phase. She also got an agarrott that will be her insurance in the worst case scenario.

The biggest achievement was that he was able to pursue Raizakia’s whereabouts with the dragon word magic to be engraved on Akasha.

There was a condition attached, however, that he needed an item that Lyzakia had used for a long time, or the blood of a Hetzling he gave birth to. However, unlike the time when I was looking for it without any clues, it was very meaningful that I had a definite method.

‘Anyway, I have to go to Dragon Demon Castle after all.’

That would be the most accurate, but it couldn’t start right away. Will you attack Ryoma Castle head-on, or will you go into hiding? Either way, going to the ‘Dragon Castle’ means going to Helmud. In particular, Yongma Castle is a place where human hatred is rampant enough to be said to be the best in Helmud.

‘…not just Lizakia…’

The dragon magic that will be engraved into Akasha has a complicated formula, but its use is simple.

tracking magic.

‘…Maybe I can find a fragment of the moonlight sword through that magic.’

There are too many and strong guys to kill. If the moonlight sword restores the power it had 300 years ago, it will be of great help when killing them.

‘…and… vermouth.’

Hiding death for 200 years.

Punching a hole in Senya’s chest.

‘Open my coffin and leave the moonlight sword.’

The one who stole Seya’s necklace and got involved in reincarnation, and brought the necklace to Lionheart’s treasure chest.

You might be able to find the bastard you don’t know what the hell he’s thinking.


‘…Maybe we can find anise or moron too. Anise… um… became an angel… but then does he guide you to heaven?’

“Huh… Heh heh…”

‘I think Moron is still alive. You said you were fine 100 years ago? Hopefully he won’t die in the meantime. If you go to Ruhar’s castle, Moron’s treasured items will remain…’


“Why do you keep procrastinating?”

Yujin frowned and looked ahead. I saw Liu drooping his shoulders and his tears dripping down his cheeks.

“…isn’t hyung sad?”

“Am I going to die? uh? Or are you dying?”


“No, why are you crying? What makes me so sad about going back to my house?”

“I can’t learn more from you…”

“I taught enough to teach. Liu Dragonic. You have nothing more to learn from me.”

It’s better to say this than to be coaxed. Regarding the subject that had been annoyed just before, Eugene placed his hand on Liu’s shoulder with a solemn expression on his face.

“Sweat instead of tears, boy. As much as the sweat you shed, you will become stronger. In your practice, do not forget my teachings.”

“…yes yes.”

“Listen to Lord Alchester. Don’t fool around by trusting in Father’s authority. If you don’t know how big the world is, you might fall for someone scarier than me.”


“I’ve been teaching you for a week, but don’t come to Lionheart on your own, thinking you’ve formed a great bond with me.”


Liu didn’t understand what he was saying and asked back. Eugene pondered for a moment, then retold it enough for her 10-year-old to understand.

“Can I go if I want to? and ask first. If you say no, don’t come. okay?”


Liu smiled brightly as he imagined going to Lionheart to meet Eugene.

Of course, Eugene was going to say no for whatever reason if Rio said he was coming.

‘I played with the kids 7 years ago, but I can’t play with the kids again when I’m old.’

In fact, if you think about your previous life, aren’t Xian and Ciel now children?

Then what about me? Are you old?

Eugene erased the thought from his mind.

‘It’s better to be young than old.’

From her previous life, Eugene left others alone and was tolerant of herself in many ways.


There was no change in the mansion when he returned. It was only a week, so it was natural.

“Rio Dragonic. How was it?”

housekeeper’s office. Gilreid, who was listening to Eugene, suddenly opened his mouth.

“He was young, but he was a genius.”

The moment Eugene answered that, Carmen, who was sitting next to Guilade, opened the lid of the Dupont lighter.

‘How long are you going to do that…’

Yoo Ji-eun felt such a question, but did not pay attention to Carmen. He tried to ignore it like that… Pong! Carmen flicked the lighter once more. Eugene held back a sigh that climbed up from the inside of his throat and moved his eyes to look at the Dupont lighter.


“A genius. I don’t like to say it easily…”

profit. A finger flicked the lighter and made a spark.

“If you say that you are a genius, does that mean that the next Dragonic family head is a genius higher than you or comparable to you?”

“It is not. In terms of quality, is it slightly better than Xian?”

“Not very good news.”

“It is only when it comes to quality. Xian and Liu are so different even though they have different innate personalities. Liu… um… is quick to satisfy. But Xian is not satisfied.”

I seriously thought about it and came to that conclusion. It’s only been a week since I’ve seen Liu, but in that amount of time, I can get some insight into her innate nature.

Liu Dragonic. His innate qualities are very good. He is also passionate about learning and practicing. He is also proud of the blood that runs through his body and the family he was born into. In other words, it means that the environment you have is good.

good too good too

Liu is the only legitimate heir to the Dragonic family. If about 20 years pass like this, Rio will unconditionally become the head of Dragonic.

Liu himself is aware of that. He knows how much his father, Alchester Dragonic, the greatest knight of the Empire, loves him. He also believes that knights who are loyal to his family will one day swear allegiance to him as well.

“I believe that for a person to become strong, in addition to qualities and hard work, virility is required.”

It’s hard to harbor miasma in Rio’s environment.

what about cyan? Heir to the prestigious Lionheart. It wasn’t like that from the beginning. Anicilla was not a legitimate wife, and Xian was not the eldest son either.

“Since she was young, Xian had to constantly prove herself. The environment was like that, and even though I was better than him, my very good existence drove Xian even further. But it’s not broken, is it? Xian grew up well.”

“Not as much as you.”

“But anyway, I’m not going to become a family head. In any case, Xian was a better environment to harbor venom than Rio, and so was the nature of it. Isn’t Carmen-sama familiar with that?”

At that, Carmen smiled. If the family head had to be decided by force unconditionally, then of course the next family head would have to be Eugene. Xian himself is also aware of this.

I didn’t give up. I was desperate to qualify because I knew I lacked qualifications. Now that the right of succession has been secured, it might be a bit loose, but Xi’an is still concentrating on training every day.

Gasols are also supporting Xian. As a rule, people tend to support those who are lacking in something rather than those who are flawless and who work hard with vehemence.

“Rio can’t beat Xian.”

Youth, friendship, and trust. All things Carmen likes. She nodded her head, holding back the tickling of her fingertips.

“It is a beautiful word.”

Carmen stared at the ember in her hand before closing the lid. Guillaid also had a happy face. 7 years ago. I had a lot of concerns about this and that when I first brought Eugene as an adopted son, but now, those concerns were not in my head. On the contrary, lately, Guillaid has been feeling that he is lacking in himself.

After seeing Eugene’s sword in the last match, he felt even more keen on it. At that time, Eugene’s sword lit a fire in everyone’s hearts.

“Shall we go for a walk together?”

After leaving the office, Carmen started talking to me. out of the blue? The reason was obvious. Eugene smiled as he watched Carmen lick her lips.

I want to ask directly, but it seems that my mouth doesn’t move freely. Carmen put on a frustrated expression and opened and closed her mouth over and over again.

“Why did you hit the mirror?”

Eugene openly asked what he was really curious about.

Carmen knew what the question meant.

Shameful memories of the distant past. Others would blush and pretend they didn’t know or make excuses, but Carmen didn’t. It was natural. Carmen wasn’t ashamed of herself at the time.

“He wanted to break me.”


“An egg is a world.”

What are you talking about?

“In order to be born, you have to break a world.”

“…not an egg, but a mirror…”

“My reflection in the mirror. me in the mirror Another opposite reality. You could call it an egg too. What if I stretched out my fist in front of the mirror?”

Carmen’s fist was raised.

“When I touch the mirror, my fist and I meet… that’s how it breaks. I longed to be born that way.”


“And I was actually born anew. That chance encounter led me to another world. Eugene. If you know the story… you’ve met it too?”

“I can’t tell.”

Meeting with Ariartel. No promises of dragons were made. However, Eugene decided to pretend that he had made a promise. Any further conversation with Carmen on this subject would be mind-boggling…

“Then there is nothing you can do.”

A body that made a promise to each other. Although she wanted to have a deep conversation and communicate about the mysterious experience, Carmen also understands that it is impossible to break a promise. Carmen stepped back with a sad expression on her face, and Eugene swallowed a sigh of relief.


Confirm that Carmen is far away.

Yujin lowered her head and looked down.

“Is it good?”

A gasp was heard from downstairs. As he approached the stairs with a snort, Xian, who ran up quickly, stopped in front of Yujin.

“What, what do you mean?”

“What else are you pretending not to know about the topic that jumped up so quickly?”

“No… uh… I’m just a bit surprised…”

“The kid has a bit of an insidious side since he was young. Even if you do, it’s only worth it.”

“You’re talking too much to your brother…”

“If you stole a good word, you should be willing to accept bad words like this. So, are you okay?”

Sian couldn’t answer and just coughed. Of course it was good. Who in the world would be offended by hearing self-praise in an empty seat?

“…That… I’m just saying this in case you misunderstand, I didn’t steal it, I overheard it. As you know, my father’s office is right above my room.”

“Isn’t the soundproofing good…” “Hmm, maybe that’s the case. Because the extension of the mansion was completed in such a hurry…”

“I have to tell Anicilla-sama. Those bastards from the builders took the money and ate it up and did the construction like a piece of cake.”

At those words, Xi’an’s eyes moved left and right.

“…No, I don’t even have to tell my mother… I just heard you and my father’s voices well today… My ears are a lot better than usual…”

Instead of replying, Eugene stared at Xian with thinly opened eyes. A penetrating gaze. It felt like a needle poking my skin. Sian sighed as he twisted his body around.

“…Ah, I’m curious, so I might as well listen…”

“You naughty bastard.”

“I didn’t steal anything bad or something I shouldn’t have heard… Hey, what are you going to do from now on?”

“What you do every day.”

“I knew it. Will you look at my sword for the first time in a while?”

Sian changed the topic and waved the knife in his hand. It seemed that his body was warmed up by the praise he heard from above.

“It’s good.”

There was no reason to refuse.

The dance hall attached to the mansion was also greatly expanded, but there were too many knights in training. Eugene and Xian were greeted by the knights and left the mansion grounds and headed for the forest.

“Is it because the elves are alive? If you practice mana in the forest, it feels like you are doing better than usual.”

“That doesn’t feel right, you asshole. It really gets better. And what does that have to do with elves living there?”

“No, well… They say that elves originate from fairies living in the forest. So, with elves, the forest becomes a little more special…”

“I’m telling you in advance, don’t force your taste while babbling at the elves.”

“…what the hell do you think of me?”

Xian was startled and turned his head. Eugene recalled the obscene books she had been indulging in since she was a child, and the women dressed in racy outfits with bunny ears and headbands adorning the covers.

“If that’s the case, sure.”

Eugene blatantly glared at Xian’s crotch. The gaze was so fierce that it gave me chills. Sian wrung his legs and frowned.

“I’m going to die of regret, really…”

The gymnasium in the back of the forest was much quieter than the mansion, but it wasn’t completely empty. Eugene stopped walking in front of him and looked towards the gymnasium.

From above the sleek-looking wyvern, I could see Didyra wielding a dragon. Both hands holding the reins were trembling pitifully, but it seemed that they were practicing the wyvern’s riding method.

Ciel had a pathetic expression in front of Desiira. Ciel was riding the wyvern as well, but she sat comfortably on top of the wyvern and crossed her arms without holding the reins.

“Isn’t that what it is? A wyvern is completely different from a horse. They don’t even jump on their feet, they fly around.”

“I don’t have wings, so I don’t know the senses.”

“therefore! I mean imagine See, I got it wrong from the sitting position. It’s annoying to move your wings when you sit there. A little further… A sense of unity is important, a sense of unity. Desira! Your needlessly big ass should stick to the scales of a wyvern!”

“My, my butt isn’t big…!”

“Is it time to care about that? A sense of unity! Do you, do you really not know how to do anything? stick some more! Bow down, stop pulling the reins! I mean, hold it in your hand as if it were wrapped tightly.”

Ciel let out a sigh without even breathing. As his words continued, Desiira’s shoulders trembled, but Ciel’s beatings did not stop.

“Don’t think about your body being comfortable, think about the wyvern that is now under your big ass. On a sunny day like this, I can’t go anywhere to play or rest, and I think of me who came out to teach you! I think of Yongyong who keeps spreading and folding his wings to show you a demonstration!”

“Ooh… uh…”

“don’t cry! What if you cry? Is it all over when you cry? also! You fell off again! No matter what they say, hold your ground! Even if you get stabbed in flight and your intestines spill out, hold on to the reins…”


Just listening to it made me shudder. Xian looked at Dezeira’s shrugged shoulders with pity. He seemed pitiful when he whimpered like a puppy in front of Ciel, despite the fact that he always talked back and had a temper during the Blood Ceremony or in the forest of the Black Lion Castle.

“No… brother, do it in moderation…”

“Brother, be quiet. I’m not even saying anything wrong! You have to learn it properly when you learn it so that you won’t be a nuisance to the members later.”

I knew Xian and Yujin were watching, but what did that matter? The shooter must guide his juniors strictly and reliably. A mistake in a horse fight ends in falling off the horse, but a mistake in a dogfight ends up falling far below. If that happens, Desiira himself will die, and the ranks will be greatly disturbed, causing damage to other knights.

“It’s all right, but what?”

“…No, but a little more kindly…”

“I also felt that I had taught you many times, but it is better to be scolded clearly than to be too nice.”

“What did I do…”

Xian’s lips, which had been singled out for nothing, pouted out. When Eugene took my side, a smile appeared on Ciel’s lips.

“…Hmmmm, look closely, Desiira. I’ll show you how to make a wyvern walk.”


“Tears! I mean, pay attention. Our Yongyongi’s walking has a reputation for being elegant and sophisticated among the Wyverns of the Black Lion Knights.”

Ciel tugged at the tip of his chin and made a haughty expression. Then he pulled the reins lightly. She tried to lead, imagining that she would walk like her model with Yongyong.

However, Yongyong took a few steps and did not move. It was because the fact that she had been beaten by Eugene the other day and had her scales torn off was still vivid in her memory. Instead of moving closer to Yujin, Yongyong let out a squeaky moan and shook her head around.


Light poured from Ciel’s eyes. Shame on you in front of your juniors…!

“…Dizeira! It’s because of you.”


“Because you acted foolishly earlier, Yongyong had to repeat the demonstration several times. That’s why you’re tired and can’t move!”


“Am I wrong? Are you saying you weren’t being stupid? Then prove it. Fly!”

“Mo, I can’t.”

“Stupid Desire!”

Ciel shot down like that and got off Yongyong’s back. Then, he walked lightly and came closer to Yujin.

“How was Dragonic’s Mansion…”

I smiled and asked.

Ciel’s face hardened.

“Why don’t you talk?”

He saw the ring on Eugene’s ring finger.


“Why don’t you talk?”

Ciel’s expression gradually changes. The eyebrows go up and then down, the tips twitch and the brows gradually narrow. Lips try to spit out words, then swallow them, tremble and distort. And the eyes coolly cool as if ice were poured into them.

It was the first time Xian had seen his younger sister make such an expression. But she understood her sister’s wrath through the instincts in her blood and her genes.

I realized how insignificant the ghosts that I was so afraid of as a child were. The real horror was right in front of my eyes. Right now, her sister, though scarier than her ghost, was real, unlike her ghost, and stood right in front of her eyes.


Even Designer felt the fear. She was behind Ciel’s back, watching Ciel’s brachial triceps and rear deltoids wriggle as they wrapped themselves in her uniform. slap Desiira swallowed her gulp. Ciel imagines slapping Eugene with all his might right now, and is contemplating whether or not to do so.

“…what… what is it.”

Eugene doesn’t stutter for a while, but at this moment, she couldn’t help but stutter. That’s why Ciel’s life was sudden and intense.

Ciel is.

In my head, I recalled the lineage of the Dragonic family. The owner is Alchester Dragonic. She has only one wife, and her only child is 10-year-old Liu Drag Nick. That is to say, the engagement with the Dragonic family did not go ahead. But most of the love between a man and a woman happens suddenly. There must be many young servants in the mansion of the long-established aristocratic family Dragonic.

…A romance between a young nobleman and a handmaid? Ciel knew full well that romance novels dealing with such topics were in high demand, but I, the guy who wields a knife, moves his body, sweats and is only absorbed in eating meat? With a lady-in-waiting from a family other than mine? Or… Or are you one of the knights loyal to House Dragonic? Among Dragonic’s knights, who was the female knight?


Ciel straightened his expression. The striking muscle for slapping was no longer wriggling. There’s no reason to hit him in the first place. Although she was involuntarily full of strength, Ciel twitched her lips and smiled anyway.

“What is that ring?”

I couldn’t guess even after thinking about it, so I decided to ask.



Yujin widened her eyes at the question. ring… … ring?


did something Eugene raised his left hand up and stared at Agaroth’s ring on his ring finger.

It was clearly inserted, but there was no sense of heterogeneity, and it didn’t bother me to move my hand. Eugene looked at the ring and at Ciel’s face.

“… … received… … .”

“To whom?”

It was a difficult question. Ariartel gave me this ring. it’s a dragon She didn’t make any promises of her own about her, but she didn’t mean to open her mouth recklessly.

“I can’t tell.”

Eugene replied with an awkward smile. If she knew it would be like this, she wouldn’t say she got it. The moment she felt that kind of regret, she saw Ciel’s pupils fluctuate. It wasn’t just her eyes. Two fists clenched tightly. Her slightly parted lips were mashed by her teeth.

“Can you say, can’t you? why?”

Ciel had no intention of getting too excited. She was rationally cool and straightforward, and she wanted to be treated that way. However, the original human mind and emotions do not listen to the words of the opposite sex.

In addition, people are often incapable of objectively judging their emotional state. Anyone can see that he looks angry, but he is not angry.

In fact, it’s not that you can’t judge, it’s that you appeal to others because you don’t want to admit it, because you’re ashamed, or even knowing it yourself.

So did Ciel. She wasn’t very upset, she thought. She has no reason to be angry. ring? What is it? She thinks it’s nothing, but it’s not a natural thought, it’s just a desperate defense against herself.

Ciel Ryanhart, 20 years old. She is more of a person who teases rather than being teased, who makes her angry rather than angry. So she didn’t want to accept the more complicated yet simple irritation. She still trembled her fists and chewed her lips. She was an outright appeal to Eugene.

“… … uh… … are you okay?”

Chills ran down my spine. Eugene took a step back and lowered his outstretched left hand. That moment. Ciel quickly reached out and grabbed Eugene’s wrist.

“… … Hmm.”

Ciel’s eyes twitched as he glared at the ring. A plain gold ring. There are no expensive jewels in it. No, is gold right? Maybe it’s plating or some other mineral. Thinking so, the light of the ring on Eugene’s ring finger seemed faded.

“… … Doesn’t that look very expensive?”

“I don’t know the price, but… … .”

“It’s not like a member of Lionheart’s family wears cheap clothes… … .”

Ciel’s words cut off. He saw the gap in his shirt and the old necklace hanging around Eugene’s neck. As Ciel remembered, Eugene had been wearing that necklace for seven years already.

Guilade knew that the necklace came from Lionheart’s treasure chest, but Ciel and Xian didn’t know that. The reason was simple. 7 years ago. Eugene came out with a necklace and two Winids from Lionheart’s treasure chest. Gilreid didn’t want her children to be jealous of Eugene and not get along because of it.

So Ciel and Xian made their own guesses about Eugene’s necklace. If you look at what she wears around her neck until she sleeps without taking it off, isn’t it a memento of her late mother?

‘You fool… … !’

A cheap and old necklace that cannot be called a luxury item even in empty words. But that necklace is probably her mother’s keepsake, and to Eugene, it must be the most precious treasure. He forgot its existence and said that he had wrapped baubles around him… … Ciel looked at Eugene, not knowing what to do.

In fact, the keepsake was correct. Not now, but from a previous life, a keepsake from my parents. Now, it doesn’t mean much, it’s just something from my previous life, so I’m wearing it around my neck.

“… … uh… … .”

brother’s crisis. Xian thought that now, like an older brother, he should stand up for his younger brother. But how? I had to open my mouth once. Thanks to this, Eugene and Ciel’s eyes went back to Xian.

Xian saw Ciel’s eyes twitch. A younger sister who was born seconds late. Her eyes, which always contained her playfulness and mischief, are quivering with her pity.

“you… … You are a frugal person.”

haha. Xian laughed and opened her mouth. This time, she spit it out, but… … Wouldn’t it be better to say something other than that? Xian looked at Ciel’s and Eugene’s faces alternately.

“That half… … uh… … Looking at what you wear on your hand, there must be a special reason that ordinary people can’t understand… … .”

Ciel’s eyes slowly returned to their usual light. Hehe, a snort of laughter. It was consciously uttered, and it never came naturally. But she was sure that Ciel was perfectly hiding her agitation and controlling her emotions.

“… … Why can’t you tell who gave it to you?”

“Isn’t privacy something to be respected?”

Eugene answered like that.

That was the worst answer. Ciel’s eyebrows rose upward, and cold sweat broke out on Cian’s forehead. Desiira never wanted to interfere in that conversation. So, she pressed her hips against the saddle, maintaining an unstable posture on the Wyvern’s back. While Mer inside the cloak felt her frustration, she ate the snack while listening to the conversation.

“That ring!”

Xian hastily opened his mouth.

“It means that wearing it on the ring finger of the left hand has a special meaning, right? So you can’t say it’s private?”

“… … What is it? M Why are you so interested in finger rings?”

“Everyone, of course I’m curious. you are my brother You didn’t wear a ring until a week ago, but suddenly you’re curious and concerned about wearing a ring on your ring finger, right? Muu-, of course, it’s your freedom to do such a thing… … .”

“No, I misunderstood something. This is not that kind of ring.”

Yujin laughed and waved the back of her hand.

“It’s not even a fancy ring. It’s just a magic artifact. Not being able to tell who gave it… … .”


Xian shouted out loud. He hurried over to Ciel’s side and quickly put her arm around her shoulder.

“I see! If it’s magic, it can’t be helped. What is magic? It is a very mysterious and secret thing!”

“… … what?”

“So there is nothing you can do. If it’s magic, you can’t say it carelessly. If you see that you don’t speak clearly in your personality, there must be a reason for that.”

“that’s right!”

Mer also stopped listening and poked her head through the gap in her cloak. She continued, wiping the corners of her mouth smeared with the crumbs of her cookies.

“That ring is a ring with a magical promise. For those of you who aren’t wizards, I don’t know, but the ring finger on your left hand symbolizes contracts, promises, and connections. And magic takes such rituals very seriously.”

“… … okay?”

Ciel’s expression softened.

“No way! Also, as Xian said, magic must be secret. That’s why I can’t tell you, yes!”

Actually, I wanted to watch more. However, it seemed like it would lead to catastrophe if left as it was, and that was not what Mer intended. To be honest, it was quite fun to see Ciel’s fresh appeal in Eugene’s cape… … .

‘… … If Senya-nim returns, everything will be in vain.’

Mer was already enjoying the superiority of a winner.

“… … How are you?”

me too

The simmering emotions quickly subsided. Ciel smiled as he quickly waved Eugene’s hand up and down her.

“It can’t be helped if it’s magic. Couldn’t you tell me sooner?”

I got excited about stupid things. Ciel knew Eugene very well. Her low-quality brother has been secretly indulging in obscene books hidden in his room since he was young, but as far as Ciel knows, Eugene has never been like that. She is incredibly stoic, blind to the self-denial of performing herself.

‘Did I encounter a wandering wizard hiding his identity?’

It is a family headed by Alchester Dragonic, who is said to be the first knight of the empire. It was a family that was a little behind Lionheart, but it was likely that there was a hermit wizard who hid his identity among Gasol.


Desiira cheered from behind. The wyvern, which had hardly moved until now, moved and flapped its wings as Didyra led the reins.

“Ciel, look! My wyvern has spread its wings!”

“Shut up, Desiira!”

Talking to you when you’re in the best of times Ciel let go of Eugene’s hand as he glanced at Didyra.

* * *

A week later.

Eugene got up from the bed and blinked his eyes.

Akasha was floating in the middle of the room.

He told me to bring it… … It was literal. Akasha flew through the sky from Bolaño in that village and arrived at Eugene’s room in Lionheart Mansion.

“no… … That’s right… … What if someone picks it up or gets hit by bird poop… … .”

Of course, the basics of invisible magic were thorough defenses against unexpected accidents, such as a protective barrier that would not be contaminated by rain, wind, and dust. However, Eugene grumbled and reached out to Akasha.

There is no change in appearance. But the moment you hold the cane in your hand. Eugene’s vision shook once.

‘The mana circulation system has improved.’

300 years is a long time. Although this Akasha was a wand created by the dragon itself, it was a bit outdated in the modern view of magic. Ariartel, the dragon, saw through to that point and improved the circulatory system to match the latest.

‘but. When Akasha was created, the circle magic formula was not established… … .’

As a result, there was some waste and delay in the circle magic performed with Akasha.

“You mean that dragon learned Senya-sama’s circle magic formula?”

Mer, who was in the cloak she had taken off, peeked out her head.

The bloody Dragon Fear that Ariartel poured out.

A week had passed since returning from Dragonic’s mansion, but Mer couldn’t forget the horror she felt then and crawled into the cloak every night.

“It’s probably because the circulatory system has been improved according to the circle magic formula.”

“That’s right! Senya-sama’s circle magic formula is so good that even dragons recognize it?”

“What’s new… … After all, most wizards other than dragons learn circle magic.”

“The cases learned by humans and those learned by dragons are completely different! Even the dragon, the manipulator of magic, has no choice but to admit it! After all, you are Senya-sama!”

Mer made a fuss and wriggled out of the cloak. She then jumped up and she climbed onto Eugene’s bed. She had a calm face, but just by thinking about the dragon, she remembered the fear of receiving Dragon Fear from the front.

Eugene also felt Mer’s shallow tremors. So she said nothing and pulled her blanket and wrapped it around Mer’s body.

“… … hmm.”

I focused my consciousness and started linking with Akasha. What has changed from before and what has been added. It immediately made sense in my mind.

‘The recoil of upper circle magic has been reduced. The composition of the formula has also become smoother and faster… … .’

Currently, Eugene’s level of magic is the 5th circle. With the help of Mer and Akasha, it is possible to use magic from the 7th circle. However, to be honest, it was burdensome in many ways to use it in battle.

With the improvement of the circulatory system, the burden of using upper circle magic has been greatly reduced, and the efficiency of mana has improved. I hope you can provide this kind of service. Eugene smiled and stared at the dragon heart decorated at the tip of Akasha.

I could see the magic that Ariartel had engraved. Dragon magic that does not consist of magic formulas. How to use… … Eugene stood up as he understood the information coming into his head.

“… … hmm.”

After looking around, I remembered the necklace. Eugene took off her necklace and tried to resonate with Akasha.

ㅡWoe! The dragon heart’s light flickered once. At that moment, an image of someone appeared in Eugene’s mind.

‘It’s me.’

The blurry appearance of a past life. Overlaid on it, I saw the current appearance. Are you illuminating the engraved soul? The place… … After injecting a little more mana, he could see the scenery of Lionheart’s home.

‘Coordinates are… … I can’t read it. It seems that the projection of space is not very close. Yes, Ariartel said. When you get out of the space unit and reach the dimension, the area and coordinates are meaningless. If you find a solid link… … .’

Eugene closed his eyes and understood the reality of the dragon magic. She finds a connection to Lizakia, and resonates Akasha. If the object is positively linked to Lizakia, she can forcefully open the portal and reach the rift where Lizakia is drifting.

‘… … Space coordinates are not fixed. always changing little by little That’s why it requires complex calculations.’

The calculation of coordinates was abandoned and the search range was extended to the dimensional unit. Instead, it projects the space the tracking entity belongs to, albeit from afar. Suffice. Eugene smiled and reached for the cloak of darkness.

I was thinking of trying it out in several ways. The first thing I brought out was Winid. I took the Akasha, and immediately the sword body trembled and Tempest reacted.

[It’s an unpleasant magic.]

“Please cooperate.”

[Hamel, if you wish, I cannot refuse. But keep this one thing in mind. So far, countless beings have identified the spirit realm and tried to cross it. There were also several dragons among them. However, no one is allowed to enter the spirit realm.]

“Why don’t you just be clear? Know that you will die if you come across the spirit realm.”

Eugene grumbled and made Akasha resonate with Winid.

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