Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 62

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Fuel is using a large amount of mana batteries created through alchemy. Judging by the amount of output that was felt, there was no doubt that it was a state-of-the-art battery. All sorts of magic was added to it to reduce weight, increase speed, control shaking and secure stability.

“The tickets are already ready, so let’s get on board.”

Cristina took the lead and got on the train.

“… … what… … It looks spacious and comfortable. It would be hundreds of times easier to use a warp gate to compromise in this way.”

Mer moved her head out of her cloak and looked inside the train. Allocated seats are special seats. Muttered prayers and hymns flowed from the general seats behind me, but when I opened the door and went inside, I could hear no more miscellaneous noises.

“Trains have a different charm than warp gates, Familiar Girl.”

Cristina smiled and continued. She trudged across her luxurious interior to her assigned seat.

“Especially sitting by the window and watching the fast passing scenery is peaceful and enjoyable.”

“… … Is it a window?”

Mer immediately showed interest. She put aside her sullen expression and took her window seat with her eyes twinkling.

“I will sit here.”

“Do whatever you feel like.”

All the luggage he brought was inside the cloak, so there was no need to store luggage separately. Eugene sat down on the wide, soft seat next to Mer and raised his head.

“What are you doing without sitting down?”

“… … ah… … .”

Cristina replied belatedly and turned her head. As she tried to take her other seat, Eugene grabbed Christina’s wrist with her face under her puzzled look.



“You can sit across from me.”

I didn’t understand why they wanted to sit in a different seat when they chose a table for four facing each other.

“Eugene! If you press this button and lie back, the chair tilts!”

“Yes, yes.”

“I checked before I came here, but it is said that there are regular sales counters in the train. They also sell snacks like sweets and candies, and they also sell lunch boxes. Will Eugene eat it too?”

“Yes, yes.”

Eugene answered in a dry voice and pulled out a magazine placed next to the chair.

It was no different from Arrot in that the tourist attractions were organized, but this booklet focused on the sanctuaries of Yuras.

A train pilgrimage package that uses an entire month… … Churches specializing in genealogy for non-believers are also organized separately, and prayers of light and Bible verses are written on the back page.

“… … You are very enthusiastic.”

Yujin muttered that and raised her eyes. Their eyes did not meet. Cristina stood with her eyes slightly lowered, and she was looking at Eugene’s fingers.

“Does this pilgrimage package sell?”

“… … It is very popular with elderly people from other countries.”

“How are you… … Are you the kind of people who want to get a ticket to heaven at a late age?”

“I can’t say that their faith is pure, but that doesn’t mean Eugene-nim has the right to think lightly of their faith.”

“Are you mad?”

“no. I’m not angry. I know very well that Eugene is a rude and mischievous person who is so unbelievable that he is a young nobleman from a noble family and a hero.”

“You seem angry.”

“What reason do I have to be angry with Eugene? In the first place, I, a saint, told the hero… … .”

“Compared to a few months ago, there has been a lot more talk about the saintess and the hero.”

Eugene smiled and closed the magazine.

“Do I need to do that?”

“… … What are you talking about?”

“I guess I don’t want to. Just say you can’t do it because it’s like X. Ah, isn’t it about the same as X?”

“… … Please be careful with your words and actions. Such behavior makes a person like Eugene feel inferior.”

Hamel, it’s not just your posture that’s bad, your behavior itself is bad. It’s low heat.

“I don’t care if you feel that way.”

Correcting your behavior is important, but once you shut up, people won’t be able to judge what rag is in your mouth.

“I know it’s easier to just do what I want to do than to force myself to correct something that doesn’t suit me.”

Yujin smiled and rested her chin on her hand.

“I guess you don’t know?”

“I don’t even want to know.”

“so. How long are you going to keep snowing? What’s the problem?”

“… … .”


It was fun to tease. It reminded me of the humiliation I felt when I was put on Christina’s back in Samar and grabbed her ass.

“This ring.”

I could feel the eyes on the ring.


Cristina didn’t answer right away. She caught her lips parting wildly, and retained her former expression. She didn’t know, didn’t want to know, and didn’t want anyone else to see that face when she let him go.

“… … ah. Come to think of it, you can feel the accessories.”

I didn’t even pay attention, and I replied that I had finally found it. Cristina was accustomed to hiding her true feelings and hiding her expression. She finally looked at Eugene’s fingers properly and smiled brightly.

“The ring finger of the left hand. Are you even engaged to someone? It is not very early among the nobility, and it is not uncommon. But if that Eugene Ryanhart was engaged to someone, rumors wouldn’t have spread… … .”

loose speech. The train rumbled off, and Mer immediately put his hands to the window and slammed her face. Cristina’s voice continued in the faint shaking.

“Ah, is that so? Is the engagement itself secret? I heard that among nobles, engagements are often mixed with political intentions, and engagements are easily broken depending on the position and situation of both families. But in any way, the label of breaking up the marriage is not pleasant to each other.”

A wide smile hides his gaze. But Yuji felt the blue eyes between the thick eyelashes staring at her fingers.

“So secretly. Of course, caring about face means being an aristocrat of high rank, and if you are going to be engaged to Eugene-sama, who is raising his stock price these days… … It must be a family with a name equaling or exceeding that of Lionheart, right? Are you even betrothed to royalty?”

Eugene didn’t answer and just smiled. Cristina didn’t like that smile. A face that flatters people. I couldn’t understand why that ring was being used to tease me.

no. I am not someone you want to understand. I felt it painfully in the Great Forest of Samar that I couldn’t understand Eugene Lionheart rationally. He is a descendant of the prestigious Lionheart and a warrior chosen by the God of Light, so he is incredibly violent, shameless, irritating, and childish.

“I think the timing is really exquisite. After parting ways with me, Eugene-nim won the match against Noktapju Generic Osman in Arrot. And recently, in Kiyel, you survived from Princess Rakhar and accomplished the splendid feat of winning 4 consecutive victories against the White Dragon Knights. Since all of these acts have raised Eugene’s reputation, it is only natural that the royal families of many countries wish to be associated with Eugene.”



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“is it?”

“yes. … … I think a ring is too shabby to commemorate an engagement to royalty, but an ornate ring is too conspicuous for a secret engagement.”

Christina was convinced that Eugene’s betrothal was royalty. Who is it? Was there a princess in Kiel? What comes to mind right away is Princess Knight of Simuin. He is said to be of good looks, and is the same age as Eugene.

“… … If Eugene holds a wedding ceremony, I will personally attend and give the blessing. But Eugene, please don’t forget this fact. I would like to respect Eugene’s freedom in marriage, but Eugene is a warrior who has been revealed by the God of Light. Please think of that mission first… … .”

“Isn’t that an engagement ring?”

“… … yes?”

“When did I ever say that it was an engagement ring? … .”

Yujin laughed and lifted the ring on her finger.

“It’s just a magic ring.”

“… … A ring like that… … Why are you wearing it on your left ring finger?”

“I didn’t wear it because I wanted to wear it, but it was attached on its own, saying that I should wear it here, and the contract said something.”

“… … Why are you saying that now?”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?”

Christina’s eyebrows twitched. She clutched at the hem of her skirt, then straightened her expression as she stood in amazement. Then Chimi swallowed her anger and gathered her hands in front of her chest and said her prayers.

“… … I mean, why didn’t you say it first and then later?”

“No what… … Isn’t it my freedom to speak first and speak later?”

“Because Eugene-nim spoke late, I misunderstood and made a fuss.”

“I said that late because it was funny.”

“Eugene-sama… … Eugene has a very mischievous personality. What’s fun about mocking people in front of your eyes? All warriors must have the character to be admired as a saint. No matter how talented Yujin is, one day he will subdue the demon king and benefit the world! Eugene’s personality is so ugly that we should never emulate him.”

“It’s too much to say that you’re ugly for playing a joke… … .”

“Eugene-nim is trash, so you should accept it sweetly.”

said Mer, who was clinging to the window. Cristina nodded her head in agreement. In the end, instead of protesting, Eugene licked her lips again and stared at the window.

Eugene had no choice but to agree with the statement that it had a different charm from Warp Gate. Scenery passing by much faster than you can see from inside the carriage. A mechanical rattle that can be heard without any displacement. Eugene especially liked the large windows.

Suddenly, the train left the city and was running through a quiet field. I saw the white city that had left in the distance. In fact, the scenery is not much to see, but Mer was mesmerized by the scenery, unable to take her eyes off her window.

By the time the sales counter had passed three or four times.

“… … Aren’t you going to ask why?”

Christina opened her mouth. Mer, who was sitting next to her, had already eaten two of her lunchboxes and had forgotten to put an armful of cookies on her lap.

“what reason?”

Cristina closed the worn-out Bible she had read too much. Eugene was also familiar with the Bible. Even in Samar, she is the Bible she looked at every day. In particular, Christina used to open the Bible and read it every morning and night when she just woke up.

“I did not write down the details in the letter I sent to Eugene. It was partly because things like the proof of a saintess weren’t worthy of being included in a letter, but I think that letter and my current actions convey great displeasure to Eugene.”


Eugene tilted his head and looked at Cristina’s face.

“… … After all, the proof of the saintess is to be done by the Holy See? But why is she going all the way to Trezzia? She’s just comfortable staying in Euretia.”

“Because I also need a lot of preparation.”

I thought it was already too late, but when I asked why, the answer came back straight away.

“In the Diocese of Trecia, there is a fountain of light that is said to have been left by God a long time ago. I will stop eating and drinking for three days from tomorrow and soak myself in the spring.”

fountain of light… … Eugene searched for her memory. She had heard of it in the past. Everyone was drinking to some extent and chatting about the mysterious scenery of their hometown.

– What’s so mysterious about that? There is a world tree in the elven territory where I lived. Hey Hamel! Do you know what the world tree is?

-Isn’t it just a f*cking big tree? There was a large apple tree behind the house where I lived as a child.

-Are you comparing the apple tree and the world tree? So I hear you’re ignorant… … ! … … what to do… … I can’t help it. When I’m out of this damn place later, yeah, when it’s all over. I’ll expand your knowledge and take you to the elf’s territory.

-no… … I don’t really want to go… … If you go there, you’ll find that Chicnard bastard, and there’ll be a lot of elves with similar personalities on tops similar to that bastard.

-… … What’s up with you? and… … And this son of a bitch. I’ll take it for you, but I can’t thank you silently… … ah! I see? Standing with the elves, your face will look like a dented trash can lid. Are you worried about that?

– Should I kill him?

-Don’t worry, standing with the elves and not being embarrassed is that vermouth and anise over there… … hmm… … Hmm… … just like me

– A hot river flows near the snowfield Bayar tribe.

– Hey Moron. I understand what you want to say, but don’t make up things that don’t have poetry. Your tribe is over there in the far north. What kind of hot river in a place where the snow piles up like a mountain and there are blizzards every day?

-Leave it alone, Hamel. Moron is more of a country boy than you, so when you talk about this, you’re at a loss for words. It’s a snow field here and a snow field there, and all you see is snow, so you might want to invent something.

-… … As a warrior of Bayar and son of Snowfield, I do not lie. A really hot river flows near my tribe.

-No, why does a hot river flow in a snowy field? Why does the flame become a river and flow? Does that make sense, kid?

-It’s not a flame, but it’s a place where smoke like flame flows along with the river. If you don’t believe me, ask Vermouth. Vermouth often bathed in that hot river with me.

-… … It was a spring of water heated by geothermal heat. That hot water is a stagnant, flowing river. I’ve been led by Moron a few times, and it was a pretty good place. I’m just soaking my body, but my fatigue is relieved considerably.

– It’s not just fatigue. The hot river flows with mineral water that cares for sickness and wounds, so illnesses are cured and wounds are healed just by soaking. It was especially good for the skin, so women liked it.

– Anise, did you hear? It is. are you going? huh? i’m going So you should go too.

– After the war, we can all go together. At that time, I will be the chieftain of Bayar. If I ask them to empty the river for their friend, the tribe members will gladly give it to them. In that wide river, all five of us bathed together… … .

-You crazy child. What do you take a bath with? I’m going to do it with Anis, so you guys do it by yourself. Hamel, if you steal, I’ll kill you.

Such insignificant stories. After the fight, they were talking about what to do after leaving Helmud. Anis, who rarely spoke on such topics, opened her mouth while drinking, perhaps because she was quite excited that day.

-… … It’s a mysterious place… … There are several places like that in Yuras.


– Everyone, everyone, be quiet. Moron you asshole! keep your mouth shut Anise is trying to talk! Senya! Fill up your anise glass!

-… … .

– I’m sorry, Anise. I’ll keep my mouth shut, so keep talking.

-… … What comes to mind now… … It is a fountain of light.

– A fountain of light? What else is that?

– As the name suggests, it is a spring that emits light. At first glance, it seems that it is not water, but light. water… … hmm. It’s not quite as hot as Moron said, but it’s quite warm.

-okay? that’s interesting. We can go there together later, right? If you soak in it, your skin gets better like the river in Moron’s hometown.

-If you go in normally, it might have that kind of effect.

Anis said no more.

‘… … I couldn’t go with you, but I did see the world tree.’

I didn’t see the hot river that Moron was talking about, but that river was now famous as a tourist attraction in Luhar.

Yujin smiled bitterly as she recalled the past. If she hadn’t died in the castle of the demon king of confinement, would she have traveled to many places together like the talk of the town? She grumbled that at the time she had already been together for a dozen years and she asked what else she was traveling with.

“… … Is there a need to completely stop eating and drinking? It’s not like you have to empty your stomach and take a bath to make your body cleaner.”

“It’s not just about washing yourself. saintess… … No, it is a sacred ritual in itself for a saintess candidate to soak in the fountain of light. I have already entered that spring several times since I was a child.”


Eugene suddenly asked.

ㅡShoot! Suddenly, black darkness fell over the interior of the train. Mer, who was still looking out of her window with her enchanted eyes, took her hand away from her window in a fright. The train had entered the tunnel.

The magic of the ceiling reacted to the darkness that fell, and the soft lighting was revealed. It wasn’t just light. A thin line of light entangled on the ceiling, drawing a sacred painting.

Perhaps because the name of the train is the name, the torch on the ceiling was the image of Anise praying with her eyes closed. It was the most common composition among many torches depicting anise, but the figure of anise drawn with lines of light in the dark sky created by the tunnel looked like a constellation.

Christina hoped the darkness would hide her expression. No, actually, her expression didn’t change much. But she felt a little shaken. now? The corners of her lips seemed to stiffen.

I closed my eyes once and woke up. She made up her mind, which had flinched and frightened her.

do you know something It couldn’t be. At the time, the only candidate for sainthood was Christina. Therefore, the baptism that the saintess candidates periodically go to the fountain of light to receive is monopolized by Christina this generation.

This means that it cannot leak anywhere else. Christina knew better than anyone else how secretive and thorough this baptism was.

“… … I don’t understand Eugene’s question very well. Are there any unusual ways to soak in a spring?”

“From its name, it is the fountain of light. And you’re a candidate for a saint. If you have been soaking your body like a ritual, you are asking if there is something special like a ritual.”

did you mean that Christina’s agitation quickly subsided. Rumble, rumble. The train continues running. Hwaaak! After exiting the tunnel, the darkness lifted.

“… … I wear a white coat.”


“yes. Different from the priest’s uniform, everyone wears a white robe from top to bottom and enters the spring. I can’t get out of the spring without changing for three days.”

“What if I get hungry or thirsty on the way?”

“Even the process of enduring him is a ritual.”

“What if I want to go to the bathroom?”

Mer, who had been looking out the window, turned her head quickly.

“You’re not letting it go little by little, are you?”

At those words, Eugene crumpled her face and looked at Mer. Christina did not try to hide her expression this time either. She opened her eyes and looked at her Mer, who shrugged her shoulders and smiled innocently.


“… … Anyway, I must be back in Trecia for the ceremony.”

“good. That there is a reason why it should be so. then… … Why did you ask me to come today? Just three days later, when you enter the Vatican, you could just ask them to come.”

Cristina took a breath to keep her voice from shaking.

“… … Cardinal Rogeris wants to meet Eugene.”


“I don’t know the exact reason. Isn’t it unusual for a doctrinal cardinal to wish to meet a hero?”

“Maybe it’s about you.”

“… … Maybe.”

“Guess what?”

“Honestly not. My letters to Rohanna would have been monitored and their contents checked.”

“The letter’s cipher magic has never been broken.”

Even in the Red Magic Tower, it is a top-level security level magic that only a few people other than Eugene, Loberian, and Hera know about. This magic ‘must’ leave a trace in the process of unlocking the password and hiding it again.

Christina was not informed of the decryption method. So, in order for someone else to dispel the magic of the letter, they must enter into the disarming process through some of the spells revealed on the surface.

so caught up If you unlock it once and re-encrypt it with the technique you figured out in the process, Yujin will definitely notice it. However, the code magic had never been changed in the letters Christina had sent.

“… … but. I’m not sure the cardinal didn’t figure out that the letter was sent to Eugene via Rohanna.”

Cristina shook her head and murmured.

“Didn’t I tell you that I was a trusted friend?”

“It is true that I am the only friend I interact with after leaving the monastery. But the Cardinal may have even watched Rohanna.”

“Your adoptive father is very obsessive.”

“… … As you can see, I was special from a young age.”

Her resemblance to Anise is enough to attract attention, but she has even become a saintess candidate. No, perhaps the cardinal assumed such a future and took Christina as his adopted daughter. The fact that there was only one candidate for sainthood at the time, Christina, and that her appearance looked so much like Anise made Eugene have several thoughts.

‘I don’t know how to go into detail. Cristina also said that she knew that I was a hero through a revelation.’

The pope or cardinal who received the stigmata received the revelation of the birth of the saint. It might not have happened in other countries, but it was something that could happen in this Holy Empire.

“… … Are you offended?”


“About something I didn’t tell you beforehand.”

“If I had really been offended, I wouldn’t have gotten on this train in the first place. I’m not a coward, so I guessed it from the first time I asked to go to Trecia Parish.”

“… … but… … .”

“why? Should I jump off the train now? Or should I get off at the next station? Is that more comfortable for you?”

Cristina did not answer the question I asked with a smile.

“… … I do not know.”

I didn’t even know how to answer correctly. Cristina remembered Cardinal Rogeris, whom she had seen since childhood.

“… … If Eugene-nim says he’ll get off at the next station, I won’t hold on to Eugene-nim. All of my actions were rude, and it was like taking Eugene by force.”

“People get really tired just looking at you.”

“… … yes?”

“Didn’t you shut up because you needed an excuse like that and then open your mouth now? If I got on this train after hearing the circumstances beforehand, you will have no more excuses.”

Cristina forgot the answer and looked at Eugene blankly.

“And if I said I wouldn’t go after hearing the reason from the beginning, that wouldn’t even matter. What do you hate? But the cardinals will think of me as a rotten bastard. At most, a nobleman like a cardinal asked to meet him in person, but it ended up kicking him out for not liking the young guy.”

“… … that… … .”

“This is why you are tired. Your excuses are for me, not for you. You made a mistake, you were rude, so I left in the middle… … . If you do this, you will protect my position and only your faults will be highlighted.”


Cristina couldn’t believe that the young man sitting in front of her was three years younger than her.

“Is it necessary to prepare such an excuse for me? What will happen if I meet your adoptive father? Is Cardinal Logaris plotting a scheme to attack me and steal the Holy Sword?”

“… … that… … That’s not it. It can’t be, can it? This is just my… … In terms of personal, mood… … .”


Cristina was visibly taken aback, her expression distorted. She clutched her knees with her trembling hands.

“… … I am afraid.”


“… … Cardinal Rogeris… … To Eugene about me… … Maybe it’s unnecessary talk… … .”

What else do you mean?

Eugene blinked his eyes, unable to answer the question. That’s why Christina’s answer was surprising.

“… … what… … If you peed on the blanket when you were little… … You’re not talking about that, are you?”

“Of course not. What I hate and fear is not like that… … I wonder if Cardinal Rogeris is trying to force and change the bond I want to forge with Eugene.”

“The bond you want to build with me is the bond between a hero and a saint, right?”

“What else is there?”

“Isn’t the bond that Cardinal Rogeris wants, after all, that kind of bond?”

“… … The saintess is me. I am also the one who forms a bond with the Hero and Eugene-sama. My first meeting with Eugene was a revelation from God, and that’s how I became a saint.”

Cristina couldn’t fully understand what she was saying. The fear and disgust hidden in her unconscious confused her emotions. She doesn’t want to let Cardinal Rogeris and Eugene meet. She hates bonds being broken.

… … Is that all? After all, you just don’t want to be disappointed, do you? She had heard stories of warriors since she was a child. In the Protestant Church of Light, the hero is the incarnation of light, so the place where the hero exists is always bright.

Trecia Parish. The place where I lived for 10 years until I became an adopted daughter, left the monastery, and became an Auxiliary Bishop of Alcart. It is a peaceful and quiet place befitting a parish ruled by a cardinal.

But not for Cristina. Through her revelations, she felt the presence of God. She saw Eugene draw the holy sword right in front of her eyes. That’s how I realized the existence of the hero.

that warrior.

in the parish of Trecia.

while I am immersed in the fountain of light.

“… … I am… … .”

Regarding the suspicion raised by Eugene, he monitored the cardinal’s activities and looked around carefully whenever he went to and from the Vatican.

It all made Christina feel a twisted sense of fulfillment. little resistance. Even if she didn’t achieve much, Christina felt satisfied in doing so.

It was the same even now. Cristina prepared an excuse for Eugene, hoping he would get off at the next station. If Eugene really goes down, Cardinal Rogeris will be disappointed in Cristina, and Cristina will get some satisfaction out of it.

Yes, that’s all. Christina ignored the feelings that were circulating in her subconscious.

“… … sorry. It seems that my reason was clouded for a while due to the burden of what was to come. Please do not mind.”

Merga glanced at Christina’s face through the window. The strangeness of her condition was so blatant. Eugene looked at Cristina with her narrow eyes, but she said no more. As if to indicate that she didn’t want to talk anymore, she opened up her bible and started reading again.

“… … Jew.”

Yujin snorted and rested her chin.

“I prefer a bond between people to people rather than a bond between a saint and a warrior.”

“… … .”

“Because that side is much deeper and darker.”

Vermouth was a warrior, but to Hamel, he was just an unlucky vermouth.

Senya was an archmage, but to Hamel, she was just a violent swearing Senya.

Moron was Bayar’s great warrior, but to Hamel, Moron was just an asshole.

Anise was a saint, but to Hamel, she was just a drunkard and treacherous snake-like Anise.

Hamel would have been the same to all of them. 머저리, 개새끼, 병신, 그 여러 가지 잡다한 형용을 더 해,

just Hamel.

The five people from 300 years ago were bound together by such a bond.

Eugene and Hamel were sure of him.

* * *

The train arrived in the parish of Trecia at night.

Although it was night, the sky was dark, and the ground was bright with light. Before arriving, I felt it while looking through the window from afar… … This city has too much light. Most of the buildings are also white, so the light from the street lamps erected on each street feels brighter.

“The reception is too much.”

Yujin snorted and looked out the window.

Cristina couldn’t help but laugh. She looked out of her window with her hard face. Black helmet, red robe, and black uniform. Only the Heretic Questioner of Maleficarum was the only one who dressed like that in Euras.

They weren’t the only ones who came out to meet them. Paladins dressed in pure white uniforms that contradict Maleficarum.

A red cross crosses the center of the uniform. The Knights of the Blood Cross, directly under the Holy See. The elites of the two most powerful organizations in Jurassic force are waiting at the station.

Eventually, the train stopped completely—and the door opened. One by one, the interrogators and knights who had been hired came up on the train.

“I’ll tell you in advance.”

The sound of footsteps coming closer. Eugene turned his head to look down the aisle and crossed his legs.

“I know you’ll be beaten if you make a sound.”

military mother. The neat black bobbed hair underneath. metal mask.

Hemoria squinted her red eyes and glared at Eugene.


Eugene tilted his gaze and looked at Hemoria. Hemoria did not avoid that gaze. rather conscious. ㅡKung! The thick-heeled walkers she was wearing made the sound of her heavy footsteps.

silence after that. Even the Knight of the Blood Cross, who came in with Hemoria, did not open his mouth. He was standing behind Hemoria, and from the looks of it, Hemoria seemed to outrank her knight.

‘The affiliations are different, but it’s not like that if they’re grouped together.’

Are you still practicing silence? Just as she was thinking about that, Christina stood up.

“… … Hemoria Inquisitor. I haven’t heard of anyone coming to meet you.”

Only then did Hemoria react. Instead of vocalizing, she moved her hands to sign language.

Eugene can’t speak sign language. He had no intention of learning. I don’t know if it’s for someone else. Even if you learn it right away, the only person you can use is Hemoria, who grinds his teeth, and you don’t meet her often or have a deep relationship, so where is the need to spend precious time learning sign language?

“Do you know how to sign language?”

“… … I know how to do it.”

“What is he saying?”

“They say they came here on the orders of Cardinal Rogeris. It was decided today, so it was impossible to deliver, so I ask for your understanding.”


female candidate. It was not unusual for the Holy Knights to meet and escort Cristina, who would officially become a saint in a few days, but it was suspicious that even the Heretic Questioner was involved.

“… … good.”

Yujin loosened her legs and rose from her chair.

“I don’t like the sound of your flinching, and the last time you started a fight with me first was a bit like shit. What about that, didn’t I punch you in your stomach several times, rub your ears, grind, and kick you? That’s why, let’s alleviate the feelings that we thought were mutual shit at that time.”

What else does this mean? Christina looked at Eugene in surprise. I’ve heard that Hemoria and Inquisitor Atarax met Eugene at the Black Lion Castle, but I’ve never heard of them fighting.

That’s not a nice word to hear. In Hemoria’s opinion, she herself had never quarreled with Eugene at that time. She just did what the Heretic Inquisitor should be doing.

The Maleficarum is the faithful servant of the light, and the hammer of the gods to judge all heresy and darkness. The judgment seat of the Maleficarum is equal for everyone. In the first place, in this era, what the Heretic Questioner mainly hunted were mostly renegade believers, not warlocks.

Even the hero cannot avoid going to the Maleficarum’s judgment seat. Rather, because he is a warrior, he must be tested with stricter standards than anyone else. Eugene Lionhart. Is he really qualified to become the owner of the holy sword? Wasn’t it only because of the special blood that had come down from the ancestors that he could hold the holy sword and generate light right now?

I tested it because I had doubts. Of course it had to be. Admitted. Eugene Lionheart was a monster, and he deserved to be called a hero.

The moment I entered this passageway, Eugene’s first words floated in my head.

… … It’s not that I’m not making a sound because I’m afraid of being hit. fear? I overcame that right away during my apprenticeship before becoming an interrogator. She had suffered a terrible pain that could not be compared to the one beaten by Eugene, and had seen terrible things.

I didn’t come here with the intention of arguing and fighting. So Hemoria resisted grinding her teeth. Instead, she sent her sign language towards Eugene.

“Don’t interpret it.”

Christina, who was by her side, tried to open her mouth. Eugene blocked her Christina’s mouth a step ahead of him. Then she stared at Hemoria’s complicated sign language.


Eugene nodded slowly.

“I don’t know sign language, but I can answer.”

Again, Eugene can’t speak sign language. However, even Eugene had a sign language that he knew well from his previous life and used in a useful way.

“… … .”

Hemoria’s eyes twitched. She wondered how to react when she saw the two towering middle fingers. If it had been like usual, I would have gone as far as revealing my uncomfortable feeling… … .

“Would this be the answer?”

Eugene smiled and felt satisfied. This sign language was a highly versatile sign language that could be used in any situation and conversation. It is very simple, as it only requires one finger to be raised, and the meaning is comprehensive.

In the end, Hemoria didn’t continue the sign language anymore and gave Christina a glance. Her gaze was enough. The Knights of the Blood Cross and the Heretic Inquisitors of Maleficarum gathered outside the window. Cristina let out her short sigh and nodded her head.

“All right.”

After hearing that answer, Hemoria and the paladin turned around.

“… … Eugene. I guess I should go to the Well of Light first.”

“Weren’t you leaving tomorrow?”

“… … Since the ritual is a ritual, it is said that a little more preparation is required. Wouldn’t it be better to prepare and finish early than to take your time and be late?”


Eugene called that name.

“Isn’t it okay not to go if you don’t want to go?”

“… … What are you talking about?”

Cristina laughed lightly.

“I, who is nothing more than a saintess candidate, will become an official saintess. I’ll prove him, announce it to the world, and gain everyone’s recognition as a saint. … … All I feel about this job is the pressure. I never once thought I didn’t like it.”

Cristina said that and took her first step, passing Eugene. Her Eugene saw Christina’s back as she walked ahead of her. Her shoulders trembled, or her fists clenched… … It didn’t look like that. Her Christina’s back was firm.

It seemed so.

“You worked hard to come a long way.”

As soon as I got off the train, I heard a voice. It was a voice that Eugene also remembered. The Heretic Questioner of the Maleficarum. Hemoria’s teacher, Atarax, took off his helmet and approached Eugene and Christina.

“I don’t know if the disciple told the story well.”

“If I really wanted to tell the story properly, I would have sent someone other than the one who can’t speak and only speaks sign language.”

“ah… … That’s it too. sorry. All I could think of was that Candidate Christina was good at sign language.”

Atarax bowed his head.

“I will tell you again right now. Candidate Christina St. You will be escorted by the Knights of the Blood Cross and the Maleficarum to the Well of Light. And Eugene Ryanhart. You will go to Trecia Cathedral with me and Hemoria.”

“Is there any reason why I shouldn’t go to the Well of Light?”

“Formality and tradition… … That’s it. Eugene-sama is also a Lionheart, so you should understand.”

“I don’t really understand. Ever since I was little, I thought that Lionheart’s traditions were all rubbish.”

haha. Atarax laughed and put his cap on his head again. The words I spit out mean nothing. As long as the line was drawn with formality and tradition, there was no room for Eugene, his foreigner, to interfere. The opponent is the Holy Empire that has been maintained like that for a long, long time.

“I will take you there.”

The Knights of the Blood Cross approached Christina. Christina didn’t look back at her Eugene and headed straight for the Knights of the Blood Cross.

He did not take his eyes off the distant back.

Knights move. There were dozens of people, but the sound of their footsteps was not disturbed. The Knights of the Blood Cross of Euras is a knighthood that is always mentioned whenever discussing the continent’s best knights. The Crusaders, the leader of the knights, did not seem to have come, but the speedy movements of the Knights of the Blood Cross contained a different nobility and firmness than those of the White Dragon Knights of Keyel.

The inquisitors of the Maleficarum are mixed in the circle created by enclosing it. The group thus created completely concealed Christina’s appearance.

“… … Can we leave too?”

Atarax smiled and asked.

A carriage was waiting outside the station, and beyond that I could see a city that was so bright that I couldn’t believe it was night. As if they wanted so much to claim that it was a diocese ruled by a cardinal, there were statues of statues in the history, in the square in front of it, and even throughout the city.

Treccia Cathedral was beautiful and magnificent enough to be seen from afar. Eugene saw the tall cross and the spire that surrounded it. It looked more like a castle than a cathedral.

“Are you going straight to the church?”

“Is there any place you would like to stop by?”

Atarax, who sat across from him, asked. Eugene, Mer, and Atarax are the only ones in the carriage. Hemoria sat outside in the driver’s seat.

“It is the first time I came to Yuras. Could you recommend some tourist attractions in this city?”

“I am at a loss as to which place to recommend to Eugene, who is not a follower of light. So, why don’t you take this opportunity to convert to the Protestant Church of Light?”

“I will decline.”

“It’s funny that the hero has no faith… … .”

“Unfortunately, the Kiel Empire where I live guarantees freedom of religion. If the Great Ancestor had established a family in Yuras, I would have worshiped the god of light… … Oh, don’t get me wrong. However, it does not mean that I have disrespect for the God of Light.”

Eugene took his eyes off the window and continued. At that, Mer, who was sitting next to her, looked at Eugene and Atarax alternately. They are afraid that something violent may happen.

“… … Faith does not have to be outwardly evident. Read the bible, pray, worship God. Everything else is just an extension of faith. It is a small amount of faith that Eugene recognizes the existence of God in his heart and does not doubt that he believes in him.”

“I did not come here to hear such words.”

Eugene had no intention of making his attitude ambiguous. It’s faith, so I’m fed up with such stories. In particular, the followers of light have been tenacious and tenacious since 300 years ago, and their logic has been reckless.

“If the only tourist destinations I want to introduce to you are religion-related, let’s just keep going. To be honest, I’d rather just stay at an inn on the street than that beautiful cathedral.”

So the conversation was cut off. Atarax had no desire to force Eugene to share his faith. The order given to Atarax and Hemoria is to take Eugene to Cardinal Rogeris in Trecia Cathedral. After that, the two will go straight to the Well of Light and join forces there.

Uncomfortable questions run through my mind. Eugene hated this situation. It’s not just the situation. The Holy Empire itself has been stuffy and suspicious since 300 years ago. In his previous life, he had never been directly involved with the Holy Empire, but the situation in this life was different.

It was all because of this goddamn holy sword and the determination of being a hero. Eugene crumpled, conscious of the holy sword inside the cloak.

‘… … no. Is it up to me to use it?’

The fountain of light is unknown to the public. However, Eugene learns that there is a fountain of light in the parish of Trecia, and also knows that Anis was periodically baptized in the fountain of light 300 years ago.

Treccia Cathedral is an old building that existed 300 years ago. Perhaps there are items related to anise there.

if you find it You might be able to learn something about Anise by using Akasha’s Dragon Word Magic.

* * *

I had never tested it against a holy sword.

It didn’t work out. If the moonlight sword projected the darkness that engulfs and shakes the whole mind, the holy sword only projected dazzling light. I didn’t feel the confusion as if my mind was collapsing like the time of the moonlight sword, and someone else didn’t interfere like the demon king in confinement.

Just, it was blinding. Even after working magic for a long time, the feeling did not change. The heaven that Anise was talking about… … The god of light, no, maybe vermouth. I thought that it would be a projection of Lionheart’s treasure chest, which had been stored for hundreds of years, or the inner part of the Vatican, which was said to have been stored before that.

The holy sword only showed a bright light to Eugene. He was honestly disappointed, but he also felt that he couldn’t help it. The light I saw at that time was so bright that even a single point of darkness couldn’t exist, and even Eugene, who didn’t have the slightest bit of faith, felt sacred enough to feel something.

Trecia Cathedral.

This place, too, was filled with light, modeled after the god he served.

The central groom was wide and magnificent. The front wall was splendid by pouring the extreme of glasswork, and there, brilliant light is connected to the floor like a huge pillar.

A white cross hangs high on the glass wall that pours out light. The pure white cross did not lose its appearance even in the bright light.

It’s not just the cross. A little lower than that, there were various shapes that did not spread in light or create shadows. Angels spreading their wings, singing and dancing. Adults sprouting wings beneath them and ascending as angels. devotees praying.

Eugene looked up at the pillar of light for a moment. If you are a sincere believer, you may feel a sense of overwhelming emotion at that light, a believer becoming a saint, and a saint sublimating into an angel. Eugene couldn’t feel the thrill. However, I thought it would be great if it was directed to seduce a believer.

“You don’t have a face full of faith.”

A voice came from behind. The voice was a little surprising. The senses were sensitive enough, and there was no reason to dull them. The chapel was large enough for tens of thousands of people to enter, but Eugene was the only one present here.

That was until I heard a voice. Eugene calmed down his surprise and looked behind her.

A white robe over a black suit. The white cross necklace hanging around his neck does not move in the center of the black robe he wore, and the crest symbolizing the Protestant Cardinal of Light is engraved on the red cloth that hangs over his left shoulder and extends down his chest.

Sergio Rogeris. He was a middle-aged man with a benevolent face. But his priestly gentleness was faint. The body hidden in his clerical robe looked sleek and strong, and the light in his eyes between the smiles was also like the light, so there was no blur.

It was natural for Eugene to feel that way. Just because she is a priest, it is a prejudice to say that she only prays or recites or uses healing magic in the rear. Right away, Anis was also good at wielding a mace on the battlefield and breaking the heads of demons, and Christina also said she knew how to handle flails skillfully.

A priest is also a priest. In particular, Sergio Logaris was a high-ranking inquisitor belonging to the Maleficarum, an inquisition before becoming a cardinal, and was a monk who had not been ordained a paladin. If Sergio had not ascended to the rank of Cardinal, he would have been the head of the Malefica Room.

“Thank you for this meeting.”

Sergio stood at the end of the chapel. However, Eugene heard the voice close as if he could hear it right next to him. If it was the cardinal of Yuras, he was the owner of one of the most powerful divine powers among the numerous priests. If he was mentioned as the next interrogation director, he should be familiar with combat.

‘He must be used to messy work.’

Sergio’s face was full of a benevolent smile, but apart from that, Sergio’s past did not give a very good impression to Eugene. Not only the paladins but also the interrogators were mobilized for this ritual… … Is it because the ceremony is special? Or was Sergio summoning him personally?

“What are you thankful for?”

“I never imagined in my life that I would ever meet a warrior. Eugene Ryanhart. The hero before you appeared was the great Vermut from 300 years ago, and before that, heroes didn’t exist at all.”


Sergio came over. He didn’t feel the pressure typical of a strong man. However, Eugene was well aware that the quiet presence that did not reveal itself was strong enough to be difficult to deal with. One step, one step. It was hard to find a gap to squeeze into even those peaceful steps.

‘Be strong. Considering the special characteristics of monks… … It’s embarrassing. It’s very awkward.’

Although he had never fought divine magic, Eugene knew well how tricky magic was. Like magic, spells and mana are not certain. The ambiguous power of faith and divine power is too wide to be unexpected.

“… … May I ask you a favor?”

Sergio stopped walking without completely closing the distance from Eugene. Then he opened his mouth in a respectful tone and bowed his head.

“Can I confirm with my own eyes that Eugene is a hero?”

Instead of answering verbally, he lifted his cloak. Eugene grabbed the hilt of the holy sword Altair from inside and slowly pulled it out. Sergio’s eyes were filled with emotion at the sight of the holy sword in Eugene’s hand. He put his hands together and looked at the holy sword that Eugene had lifted.

It felt like my grip was being sucked in.

Eugene flinched and looked at Altair’s blade. Unintentionally, Altair’s blade was vibrating thinly. And he was getting brighter.

“… … Oh oh… … !”

Sergio’s eyes trembled and he knelt down on the spot. Pillars of light pouring from the walls and ceiling were directed at Eugene. Eventually, the light emitted by Altair met the pillar of light in the chapel.


Altair’s light swelled greatly. It’s not about meeting and connecting. Altair became the source of the Pillar of Light. The light pouring from the walls and ceiling was shattered and scattered by Altair’s light.

Just like that, a storm of light raged. The red cloth over Sergio’s shoulders fluttered in the light. Without closing his eyes, he saw Eugene in the center of the light and the holy sword in his hand.

Eugene did not see Sergio.

The light that surrounded and scattered him was so bright and intense. I couldn’t even see Sergio’s figure, not even my own body.

in that light.

Eugene took on the inexplicable smell of blood.

I could see the back of a young girl, still immature.

‘… … anise?’

With that name in mind, Eugene took a step forward. At that moment, the light faded.

There was no more bloody smell or girl.

Eugene stood still and put down the holy sword.

“… … Oh God. Thank you for this miracle.”

Sergio prayed without getting up from his knees. Eugene stared at the blade of the Holy Sword without saying anything. The trembling of the sword body stopped. It doesn’t even emit light. Even the pillar of light that surrounded Eugene returned to its original position.

‘… … miracle?’

bloody smell.

A wounded back.

‘Something like this?’

Eugene couldn’t believe that what he had just seen was a miracle.


“I have to leave here in the morning too.”

Trecia Cathedral is a historic building boasting a history of hundreds of years. However, not only the central chapel, which can be said to be the symbol of this cathedral, but also the surrounding annexes and even the corridors we are walking through, showed no signs of aging.

“Are you leaving for another place after calling me to come?”

Eugene asked while looking at Sergio’s back. At that, Sergio laughed in a low voice.

“sorry. Because I wanted to meet Eugene at least once… … .”

“I should have met you at the Vatican in five days anyway.”

“Yes, it is. But aren’t there just the two of us, Eugene and I?”

Still Sergio laughed. The laughter and the words he spat were very blatant. Yujin smiled silently, moving only the corner of her mouth.

“It seems that Cardinal Rogeris wanted to test me.”

“I will not deny it.”

There was not even a moment of silence in the answer. Eugene saw Sergio’s unmoving shoulders and the red cloth flowing down his left side to his chest.

That priestly robe has a certain meaning. The black robe worn inside represents darkness as it is seen, the white cross worn around the neck indicates that light exists even in darkness, and the white robe worn over the robe symbolizes that darkness can never exist above light. do.

The red cloth hanging down from the left shoulder symbolizes the determination to willingly shed blood and become a martyr for the cult of faith and for the god of light, religion, pope, and believers.

“How did you want to test it?”

“I have already seen that Eugene-sama is an unmistakable hero.”

Sergio recalled the image of Eugene with the holy sword drawn. The pillar of light that illuminated the chapel, which should never have moved, headed towards Eugene by itself.

The holy sword resonated with the light, lighting up the entire chapel. That brilliant storm of light was an unmistakable miracle, and Eugene, who held the holy sword high at the center, was the warrior of light.

“… … but… … .”

Eugene Lionhart. There are no more tests for him to be a hero. If Pope Euryus, as well as the other cardinals, saw the same storm of light as before, they would have no choice but to acknowledge Eugene as a hero.

“… … The warrior is the incarnation of light. How can I, a mere servant of light, test the hero?”


Yuji smiled and nodded.

“Cardinal Rogeris. You don’t mean that I’m a hero, but you want to test me as a human being.”

“Please don’t be too upset.”

“I know that you were the Heretic Questioner of the Maleficarum.”

“It was already 30 years ago.”

“Time does not change a person’s character. Isn’t the reason why a large number of Heretic Questioners were mobilized this time because your breath still touches the Maleficarum?”

“I can’t deny that. However, it is not intended to be used for private reasons. Just because this ceremony is much more important than before… … .”

“Doesn’t the fact that you’re spying on me right now belong to private reasons?”

Sergio’s steps stopped. He looked back at Eugene while clearing up his surprise. Eugene was looking at Sergio with a young innocent smile.

“There were two Heretic Questioners who guided me to this place. Atarax the Punisher and Hemoria the Guillotine. however… … It’s amazing. The number of interrogators watching me right now is far more than two?”

To say it was amazing was not an exaggeration. Even if you add up all the Heretic Questioners who left with Christina, there were more people watching Eugene now. Even if you roughly count the number of interrogators hiding, there are 100 of them.

“… … haha.”

Sergio let out a low laugh and raised his hand. Then, the signs that had been hiding under surveillance went away one by one.

“Because the hero, Eugene, is just as important as the saintess candidate’s consciousness.”

“so. Have you tricked my attention by making some of the inquisitors leave with Cristina, and have you placed the inquisitors throughout the cathedral so that I don’t notice?”

Eugene did not wait for Sergio’s answer. He twisted the corner of his mouth and let out a sharp exclamation.

“It’s a situation that I can’t help but misunderstand. If I didn’t prove that I was a hero, or even if I did, if I didn’t meet the Cardinal’s standards… … What were you trying to do with me?”

“… … .”

“I know that the Inquisitors in Maleficarum are good at messy things. So, did everyone rush out and put a knife in my body? If you kill me, would you cut off an arm and take the holy sword?”


Sergio shook his head.

“I thought it might be right to do that, but I wouldn’t have gone that far. but… … As for me, I had no choice but to be wary of the fact that Eugene was not a devout believer and that his faith was weak.”

“so? What are you going to do now?”

“I believe that people are correctable. Even if Eugene is not a follower of light right now, I believe that one day, thanks to God’s grace, he will become a believer.”

Sergio’s hand slipped into his bosom.

“If Eugene-nim hadn’t shown such a brilliant light. I would have done my best to get Eugene to convert to Protestantism.”

in what way? I didn’t even ask about it. How the Heretic Questioners treat unbelievers, apostates, and pagans has been famous since 300 years ago. For them, interrogation was synonymous with torture, and there were rumors about forced conversion to be used as a tool for religious propaganda.

“… … But I saw it with my own two eyes. There is no way that faith does not exist in the heart of Eugene, who shone so brilliantly. Eugene. Did you know? A warrior is an incarnation of light. Eugene-sama seems to have a faint sense of that, but Eugene-sama is the light itself.”

What Sergio took out of his bosom was a thick Bible. He grabbed the Bible with both hands and politely handed it to Eugene.

“It is faith to reveal and inform the light embracing in the heart. Please, receive this Bible and convert yourself to the religion.”

Eugene looked at the Bible blankly and then reached out. In his honest mind, he wanted to slash Sergio’s head with this Bible, but it was obvious that doing so would be very annoying.

“Is this all?”

I threw the received Bible into my cloak and asked. Sergio looked at Eugene with a light smile, then turned around and started walking in the lead.

“There are several things I would like to say about the candidate saint.”

I thought of Christina, who was conscious of her expression the whole time on the train. She was wary of Eugene meeting Cardinal Rogeris, her own adoptive father. She dared to prepare an excuse and intended to get Eugene off her train.

“… … According to the revelation, after meeting Eugene and visiting Daesoorim for several months… … It seems that the saintess candidate has changed a little.”

“Are you not happy with the change?”

“yes. Shouldn’t that be the case? I have been teaching Candidate Saint since I was young. … … Before she became a candidate for sainthood, as her adoptive father, I educated her so that she could grow up as a proper believer of light. After becoming a saintess candidate, she educated me so that I would not lack anything to be reborn as a saintess.”

“hmm… … I have no idea what the cardinal is trying to say. What is the change in Cristina that the cardinal felt, so that he is not happy with it?”

“I’m referring to the letter that was sent via Rohanna Celis.”

Is it that way too? Eugene laughed unfazed.

“I don’t think you saw the contents, did you?”

“Because I didn’t want to invade that much. However, if I wrote the proud content, I wouldn’t have to use cryptographic magic and send it through an outsider.”

“Aren’t you an outsider?”

“yes. Rohanna Celis has the role of soothing the weary heart of her saintly candidate.”

Sergio said without hiding him.

“It’s not just Rohanna Sellis. All the clergy who stay in this Cathedral, including me. Believers who voluntarily take charge of the affairs of the cathedral, and believers who live in the parish. The archbishop of Alcarte diocese where the candidate saint is an assistant bishop and other clergy… … So many clergy and believers are taking on different roles in relation to the candidate saint.”


No, it’s not normal. I couldn’t help but think that way. According to that statement, most of the people around Christina are actors and watchers related to her uniqueness as a candidate for sainthood.

“For more than 10 years, I have been teaching and hoping that the candidate saint would grow up properly and be reborn as a saint. Thankfully, the candidate will soon become a saint, and she will light up the world by assisting the hero who has appeared in 300 years.”

Sergio paused for a moment.

“… … Please do not be offended. Eugene Ryanhart. You must be a warrior, but you are markedly lacking in the faith of a warrior. I hope that the candidate saint will guide the warrior and lead him to be a devout believer. however… … Rather, it seems that the saintess was influenced by Eugene.”

“How about you say something cool? I think it would be annoying to talk around like that. As I listened to this… … .”

Yujin laughed haha ​​as if to listen and continued.

“Is it like X? I think it is. Oh, sorry. Wouldn’t it be unpleasant for a warrior to curse like this? I don’t want to curse too much, but I think that word is very appropriate to express how I feel right now… … .”

“it’s okay.”

It was a word thrown to shake his emotions, but Sergio didn’t even get a shake. I thought he was indeed a priest who had been praying for decades.

“The reason that Candidate Saint could not guide Eugene and rather was influenced was because of my insufficient education.”

“I guess you want me to go to church holding hands with Christina?”

“If that happens, it will be a very happy and gracious thing. But I don’t think Eugene-sama would do that… … I will ask the candidate saint to lead us so that we can pray together.”

“I think it is excessive in many ways. Shouldn’t faith come from the heart, not compulsion? And Christina isn’t even a 10-year-old, and she’s going to be a full-time saint now. Even if the cardinal is Cristina’s adoptive father, I think it’s presumptuous to interfere like that.”

“If the candidate saint has unwavering and perfect faith. There is no need for me to interfere.”

The end of the long hallway was near.

“… … Eugene. Please do not test the candidate saint’s faith. Eugene is already a warrior with great light, but Saint Candidate is an apostle of God who has received the light. If Eugene continues to test the candidate’s faith and make her shake… … If the candidate saint completely doubts my faith.”

Sergio stopped in front of the closed door.

“… … Maybe God will reap the light that has been given to the candidate saint. If that happens, Saint Lady Candidate will become an ordinary human being, and will not be able to stand by her hero, Eugene-sama.”

“It is I, not God, who chooses who will stand by my side.”

Eugene passed Sergio and reached for the doorknob.

“You don’t have to be a saint to stand by my side. Cristina loses her saintly powers, and what if she’s my fault? I think God is very small, and I will take Cristina with me.”

“… … haha… … .”

A smile appeared on Sergio’s face. Eugene saw the ghastly glow in her eyes that curved with her laughter.

“… … Even if Eugene-sama thinks so, the saintess candidate won’t think so. He has worked hard to become a saint, and she failed to become a saint… … She’s not a saint, she can’t imagine herself. especially… … You know these times are special.”


“For 300 years, the hero did not appear. All the saints who have existed since the faithful Anis are symbols of Euras, and have become saints after death. That was it. However, with the appearance of the hero in this era, the saintess can finally be with the hero like a saint.”

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