Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 63

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When I opened the door, I saw a spacious room. Eugene drew attention to the cross hanging high on the wall and the religious sculptures decorating the walls and shelves.

“… … You said you were leaving in the morning, right? It’s late to ask, where are you going?”

Eugene asked as he walked into the room. Sergio, who took a few steps back, did not have the same eerie glow on his face.

“Go to the fountain of light. Since it is a sacred ceremony, it must be coordinated by a high-ranking priest.”

“It is a sacred ceremony! If I can observe that place, wouldn’t faith dwell deep in my heart?”

“I’m sorry, Eugene. Ceremonies at the fountain of light are special, so only those who have prepared for the rituals before can observe them.”

The door is closed by Sergio. He didn’t lose his smile at Eugene until the moment the door was completely closed.

“So please. Please feel God in this church until the ceremony is over and the candidate saint and I return.”

The door is closed. Sergio put his hands together toward the closed door, said a prayer, and turned his body. He crosses the hallway with a different speed than when he first came, and even passed the chapel.

Maleficarum’s Inquisitors followed Sergio. Sergio opened his mouth without even looking at Atarax, who was approaching.

“What about the fountain of light?”

“Blood cross knights are guarding the area around the fountain. The water has already risen, and the candidate saint is preparing for the sacrament in the chapel building.”

“A sacrament done by oneself is not enough. The ceremony that begins tomorrow should be different and special. That is why I called you.”


“Since I have to help ensure that the Sacrament is complete and without defects, I must hurry too. My preparations have already been made, so let’s head straight to the spring.”

“What will Eugene do?”

“There is no doubt that he is a warrior. It’s a flaw that faith is faint, but that’s what you can do from now on. What’s important right now is the candidate saint’s consciousness. I think I have enough time, but if more light dwells in it, I might need a little more time.”

“Yes, I know. But maybe someone should stay in the cathedral and look after Eugene… … ?”

“Of course it should. Originally, I was going to let one of you stay… … Eugene is much sharper than I thought. If I had to choose among you, Eugene would be very offended. So let’s leave the service to one of my servants.”


It is difficult to keep pace. Atarax couldn’t help but feel awe at Sergio, who was stepping ahead.

It has been 30 years since he stepped down from active duty in the Interrogation Bureau. I heard that he did not go to the field, but went back and forth between various churches and the Vatican to celebrate Mass and devote himself to religious studies… … There was not a single interrogator who properly followed the footsteps of the cardinal, who was well over 70 years old.

‘It has to be. Before he became a cardinal, he was called the annihilator and was close to the next director general. He became a cardinal, and he even received stigmata… … It can be said that now is the heyday of his active service as an interrogator.’

Atarax was deeply grateful to be called to this sacred and glorious ceremony.

It wasn’t just Atarax. 100 Inquisitors called by Sergio. All of them have been influenced by Sergio since before. They considered it a great favor that Sergio invited them to this ceremony.

“What about the door?”

“It is open.”

The fountain of light is far from this cathedral. It takes too long to run or ride a wagon. The reason why the inquisitors who took Christina from the station to the distant fountain of light were able to return to the cathedral so quickly because a warp gate unknown to the world is hidden in the basement and history of the cathedral.

“Perhaps Eugene-sama also noticed the existence of the door.”

He noticed that the inquisitors who had left with Christina returned faster than he did and were ambushing the cathedral.

“Close the door as soon as we have passed, and let us leave the cathedral.”

“Do I need to go that far?”

“There is nothing wrong with being careful. I don’t think Eugene-nim will find this door and won’t even try to reach the fountain of light on his own… … It seems that Eugene-nim is quite unexpected.”

Saying that, Sergio walked towards the warp gate.

“If, by any chance, Eugene-nim witnesses the ceremony… … You won’t try to understand. And you’re trying to get in the way so it’s difficult Because this ceremony is very, very important… … .”

don’t say it’s important

Sergio’s eyes narrowed calmly. Proof of a wild saint in the Vatican. After that, a new saint will be proclaimed in the Plaza of the Sun in time for the feast of Anis the Faithful.

The saintess who inherited the will of that faithful Anis-sama was formally known to the world. This saintess will be the symbol of Euras and the protagonist of the era to be with the warriors.

That is why the ceremony at the Well of Light is so important.

Sergio felt immensely honored to preside over the ceremony.

* * *

“This is Rensol, who will be serving Eugene-nim here. Please be at ease… … .”

“Isn’t this cathedral a holy relic or something like that?”

Eugene immediately asked Rensol, who had knocked and entered. He had no intention of building unnecessary conversations or relationships with the cleric, who was obvious to be a guard.

“… … Relic… … You mean?”

“Isn’t this Trecia Cathedral an old place in Jurass? If it’s been that long, there might be one or two holy relics related to the saints of the past, right?”

“… … uh… … Umm… … yes… … There is none.”

“It’s not like outsiders can’t even look at the holy relics, right?”

“The holy relic is not a spectacle.”

Rensol said with a straight face. Then Yuji immediately changed her attitude and spoke.

“My words are in vain. Recently, I realized my destiny, and with a sincere heart, I’m contemplating whether or not to take refuge in the Protestant Church of Light. If I come into direct contact with the holy relics of the saints of old, I stop thinking that faith will dwell in my heart as I receive their sincerity… … .”

“… … iced coffee… … .”

“I have no intention of taking a tour with a light heart. It’s fine even from a distance, so I just want to see the holy relic in person.”

Thanks to such persuasion, I was guided to the holy relic.

There are also different types of relics. The remains of an adult, personal belongings of an adult, or objects that touched the body of an adult or touched the corpse of an adult while alive. Of course, among the holy relics, the most valuable are the remains of saints. Then there are the remains of adults.

Under the altar of the chapel, the jawbone of a saint from hundreds of years ago is enshrined as a holy relic. In addition, several holy relics such as the leg bones and ribs of an old saint, a cross that was said to be worn around her neck, a cassock, a shroud, and a ring were present in the heart of the cathedral.

To be honest, it was difficult for Eugene to understand that the remains and belongings of a deceased saint were kept as holy relics. However, he did not show him with his facial expression, but looked at the relics that Rensol was guiding him to with thrilled eyes.

“That is the last of the holy relics kept in Trecia Cathedral. It is the skull of Saint Theodore, who served as Pope 900 years ago.”

“… … .”

Eugene contemplated how to react when he saw the white skull enshrined in the glass coffin. The jawbone of a saintess and the ribs and leg bones of a saint under the altar were also very shocking… … Now it’s a whole skull.

“… … Are there any holy relics of faithful Anis-sama?”


Rensol blinked.

“A holy relic of faithful Anis-nim? He disappeared on his far-off pilgrimage, and he left not even a fragment of his remains.”

“… … Relics don’t have to be harmful, do they? Anis-sama’s priestly robe… … necklace or… … .”

“iced coffee… … Certainly it is. But I’ve never heard of Anise’s holy relic. It is not kept in this cathedral either. If Anise’s holy relic exists… … I wonder if it is kept in the Vatican’s special reliquary.”

“Express relics?”

“yes. If you are a faithful Anis-sama, then you are a great saint next to the saint of light, the founder of Euras. If such relics of Mr. Anis exist, they will be of limited quality, so the Vatican must be directly managing them.”



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I parted ways with Rensol and returned to my room. She would be reported to Sergio for looking at the holy relics, but it didn’t matter.

‘It’s a special relic… … .’

Perhaps Anise’s holy relic might be there. In a few days, I will be going to the Vatican with Cristina, so if I use my position as a warrior well, I might be able to enter the special relic storage.

‘… … That earlier… … What was it?’

pillar of light.

bloody smell.

A wounded back.

Sergio said everything there was a miracle, but Eugene couldn’t believe it. Eugene took the Holy Sword from his cloak and put it down beside the bed.

“… … Is that what you showed me?”

Samar Great Forest.

The holy sword arbitrarily interfered with Eugene’s dream and showed him the past.

“… … What did you want to show me?”

The girl with her back turned… … Was it anise? Maybe she was Christina. She did not consider it a pointless revelation.


Mer, who had been hidden inside the cloak, poked out her head. Yujin lifted her cloak slightly, feeling Mer crawling out of her.

“… … hmm. What should I say?”

“Don’t say anything.”

“But I don’t quite understand.”

“It’s all for a reason.”

Mer hugged the Holy Sword and looked down at Eugene, who was trying to sleep with her eyes closed.

“… … If Yujin-nim sleeps like that, I won’t be able to sleep next to her.”

“What does it matter if you can’t sleep anyway? Yes, Mer, you are by my side… … I’m watching so that I don’t miss the holy sword in my sleep.”

“Are you telling me to watch Eugene all night and listen to him talk in his sleep?”

“A day or two? What a surprise.”

Mer laughed at Eugene’s grumbling and got off the bed. Then she pulled a chair to the side of the bed and sat down next to Eugene.

“Well that’s okay. I’ll be sure to listen to Eugene-nim’s stupid drool talk.”

“Because you look at the Holy Sword, not my face.”

“Do not worry. But why are you sleeping like that? Is it cool to sleep hugging the Holy Sword?”

“It’s for dreaming.”


Mer tilted her head.

Eugene didn’t answer any more, and fell asleep, conscious of the holy sword in his arms.


An empty white room with nothing.

Christina was sitting on her knees in the middle of the room. This room has no windows and no lights. It’s not dark though. The reason this room is white is because the walls themselves emit such light.

Near the fountain of light, worship building. Cristina was used to this room. She wasn’t comfortable either. The day when I received the light, and the light dwelled in my body. Christina first came to the fountain of light, and she entered this room.

10 years like that. This room is familiar but still uncomfortable. The wall shining softly, and the process of preparing for the sacrament while sitting in the middle of it. Not going against anything, sitting here and making up my mind.

It is repetition.

It doesn’t change. I thought this way 10 years ago. Is it necessary? why? There is meaning to this, no, there is meaning to it. but… … Is this correct? Is this really God’s will?

Was the saintess such an existence?

“… … .”

I repeat those thoughts and ponder dozens and hundreds of times, but in the end I am left in this room. Being incomprehensible to oneself is as insignificant as a speck of dust compared to the sacraments.

Cristina learned that from a young age. That’s how she grew up. When she heard the role of the saintess, she understood the significance of the saintess. It was something Christina should not have doubted.

I lived to become a saint.

The life of Christina Rogeris is dedicated to the name of a saint. Everything that had been endured for 10 years is now within reach. Didn’t even a warrior appear in this era? The existence of the hero added more value to Christina’s life.

It wasn’t long.

Cristina opened her closed eyes and looked down. The dagger in front of her kneeling knee caught her eye. A blade sharpened to the point where nothing could be more. She had already hesitated enough, prepared herself, and made up her mind.

He immediately reached out and grabbed the hilt of the sword. A ghastly blade lifted upward. Just as this room was familiar but uncomfortable, the hilt of the sword wrapped around her hand was familiar but uncomfortable.

Christina’s face was reflected in the polished blade. A face so stiff that it can be recognized at a glance. Without a smile, the corners of the mouth drawing a straight line. Dull sunken eyes. Such a face was Christina’s essence. Most of the time, she didn’t want to laugh much.

‘… … Did you notice?’

Probably. Christina tilted her dagger so that her own face was no longer visible. She felt it in the months they wandered together in Samar, and this time she felt it in the short time they rode the train together.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Because his expression is strange.’

‘It looks like he’s laughing very hard.’

‘Compared to a few months ago, there has been a lot more talk about the saint and the hero.’

Cristina saw Eugene’s face in the tipped dagger. A face full of grumpy mischief. A mischievous smile that could hardly be thought of as a hero.

‘I don’t care if I feel that way.’

voices in my head. Cristina twitched the corners of her mouth and smiled.

‘I prefer a bond between people than a bond between a saint and a hero.’

‘Because that side is much deeper and richer.’


Christina muttered as she looked down at the dagger. There is no way that the bond between people is deeper and stronger than the bond between a saint and a warrior. Cristina thought so with all her heart. That was something she couldn’t help.

Christina Rogeris doesn’t know the bond between people. All the bonds she forged were those she forged as a candidate for sainthood. She was well aware that everyone around her was an actor in a play starring her saintly candidate.

To her, human-to-human ties were light and thin and insignificant. she had to she hoped so Christina no longer saw Eugene’s face in her dagger.

The only thing reflected is myself in a pure white shroud. Christina, without hesitation, brought her dagger to her wrist.

to become a saint.

To build a bond as a hero and a saint.

The future that we have hoped for and envisioned for 10 years will soon be ushered in.

Cristina slit my wrists with an emotionless eye.

* * *

I slept hugging the holy sword all night, but I couldn’t dream. The morning I greeted like that.

“Mr. X.”

Eugene swears and gets up from the bed. This damn room was too nice to have daylight. The sunlight coming in from the window stings my eyes so much that it hurts. That alone was irritating, but there were no curtains on the windows to block the sunlight.

“You don’t look like you had a good dream.”

Mer, who was sitting next to the bed and reading the Bible, giggled. Eugene squinted her eyes as he looked at the pages of the Bible, which were quite thick.

“Are you having fun?”

“It’s more fun than I thought. hmm… … If you think of it as a novel.”

“Is it funnier than the children’s book written by Senya?”

“… … Don’t look at me so sneakily. No matter what Eugene-sama says, I don’t think it was Senya-sama who wrote that children’s book.”

Eugene licked his lips at Mer’s exasperated words. Then, he glared once at the holy sword placed next to her. She arbitrarily invaded her dreams and showed her the past, and this time she even went mad alone and showed something. She lays out her plate to show as much as she wants, but this time she doesn’t show anything.

“Shall I break it down?”

“If you do that, the zealots of Yuras will catch and kill Eugene.”

Mer got down from her chair, tightened her eyes, and put on a solemn expression. She then brought her hands together in front of her chest and took a prayerful posture.

“Sacred Punishment! I mean by shouting I know that Eugene is strong, but wouldn’t it be scary if hundreds or thousands of fanatics who were prepared for martyrdom attacked?”

“I don’t know if it will be scary, but it will be annoying.”

Yujin said that and glanced at the door. A presence was felt beyond the closed door.

“I’ve been waiting there for about two hours.”

“… … He is an unreasonably sincere person.”

“It’s probably to keep an eye on Eugene.”

Outside the door, Rensol was waiting. As soon as Eugene opened the door, he spoke to her with a wide smile.

“Eugene. Did you have a good night? How would you like breakfast? I can take you to your room if you want, but if possible, how about having breakfast in the dining room?”

“hmm… … What’s different about having breakfast at a restaurant? Whether it’s the composition of the menu… … .”

“No! I hoped that the other clergy of the cathedral would somehow welcome Eugene… … .”

“… … me? Weren’t things about me unknown to the common clergy?”

“ah… … You don’t have to worry about that. The other clergy of this church know that Eugene of the Lionheart family visited as a friend of St. Christina Candidate.”

Rensol lowered his voice to a whisper.

“It’s just because the name ‘Eugene Lionheart’ is so famous. The young priests seem to want to meet Eugene and talk about the gracious light.”

indeed. Eugene put on a puzzled expression. Those priests really want to evangelize Eugene, so they don’t want to meet. The church’s finances and clergy’s pockets are filled with donations from believers and patrons. Since Lionheart is a prestigious family recognized by everyone on the continent, it must be that they want to make ample donations by establishing strong connections.

“… … Meals will be served in the room. I don’t have to go out alone, so please bring me your meals on time.”

“ah… … That’s really pitiful. The chapel at noon, when the sun rises the brightest, is very beautiful… … .”

“Wouldn’t that beautiful chapel be crowded with clergy and believers?”

Yujin grumbled and looked out the window. Believers who came to worship were standing in line from outside the cathedral. Eugene had no desire to associate with other priests or followers.

So I just locked myself in my room. Every morning, lunch, and dinner, I refilled the meals Rensol brought me several times. The whole time she was awake, she held her holy sword, focused her mind, and tried to respond.

But nothing happened. It was possible to create light in the Holy Sword like it was used before, but the back of the girl I saw yesterday was nowhere to be seen. I fired the holy sword over and over again, but nothing special happened.

so i slept I hugged the holy sword and slept soundly until morning. Maybe it’s because I longed to make her dream come true… … I could dream

in a dream

Eugene ran on the fluffy clouds… … . Why he ran was unknown. However, he knew that the cloud he was running on was actually not a cloud but sweet cotton candy.

After jumping around on cotton candy like that… … At some point, cotton candy became a lake of chocolate. In the middle of the lake, Mer was driving a boat in the shape of a duck. She crossed the chocolate lake with a paddle loaded with marshmallows in her hands. She then bit off a moist marshmallow, and she rescued her floundering Eugene from drowning in a chocolate lake.

Eugene! Eugene has become chocolate!

“… … What kind of dream is this?”

dog dream.

Eugene scratched his head and threw the holy sword. The sharp blade pierced the floor, but that didn’t bother Eugene.

“Eugene-sama has a really dirty personality.”

said Mer, who was chewing on a piece of chocolate by the bedside. Eugene saw a skewer of cotton candy and a wrapper of marshmallows next to Mer.

“… … Is my cloak your storage?”

“More than a storage room, it is my home. Whatever I keep at home is my heart.”

“Strictly speaking, you are not the landlord. I am the landlord, and you are the tenant. I don’t count.”

“I’m paying. My presence is of great help to Eugene, right? Imagine, Eugene. What if I wasn’t by Eugene’s side? Eugene must have been very lonely and bored. Right now, I’m by Eugene’s side, talking to you, right?”

“… … hmm… … .”

Eugene couldn’t deny that.

“So Eugene-nim. Didn’t you have any dreams?”

“I was dreaming.”

“What is your dream?”

“Dog dream.”

Yujin grumbled and pulled out the holy sword stuck in the floor.

Two days in the room. It wasn’t pointless. Because he held onto the Holy Sword so hard, he was able to come up with a few hypotheses.

It doesn’t appear in the light of the wind, and it doesn’t interfere with dreams. If so, I can’t help but think that the chapel was a special place. A pillar of light and a holy sword. What if something touched the holy sword there?

After two days of verification, now I have no choice but to look at the chapel. Just as Cardinal Rogeris was away, there were no inquisitors to watch.

‘… … Second day.’

I thought of Christina.

The ritual at the Well of Light is said to last for three days, so the ritual will end tomorrow. Eugene doesn’t know what the ceremony at the fountain of light is like.

something that has to be done.

Wouldn’t Christina’s ceremony at the fountain be like that? Eugene thought so.

If Cristina had said ‘I don’t want to go’, Eugene would have made Cristina not go to Sam.

But Christina didn’t say that. The ceremony at the fountain is important to her, and Christina herself puts a lot of meaning to her saintess. Eventually, she and Cristina made their way to the Well of Light. While desperately hiding the expression that she did not want to go, she appeared resolute, resolute. She left Eugene just like that.


I wanted to respect that decision. Christina doesn’t want Eugene’s sympathy. All she wants is to become a formal saint and build a bond with the hero.

The saintess and the warrior… … Eugene couldn’t possibly empathize with or sympathize with such a relationship, but he knew that Christina’s wishes were desperate.

I thought so.

* * *


The believers who had filled the chapel until sunset went home, and the clergy went back to their lodgings. As midnight approached, the vast chapel became quiet without a single person.

Dark places are rare in this chapel. It didn’t matter. He used stealth magic and even blocked his presence. So I sneaked out of the room and entered the chapel.

Eugene looked up and saw a pillar of light. Light pouring from the glass on the walls and ceiling. I didn’t take out the holy sword and put it inside the cloak. It becomes annoying to take it out and hold it for no reason, then run wild while emitting light on its own like the day before yesterday.

[Are you not dazzled?]

Mer wondered at Eugene looking straight at the pillar of light, so she asked. She couldn’t look straight into that light. It was so bright that I couldn’t see it well, and the eyes seemed to be white and red.

‘It doesn’t look good.’

Eugene’s eyes see through even darkness. She can look straight into the sun no matter how bright it is. But the light couldn’t see through. The closer you try to look at the center, the more your pupils get itchy and your field of vision shakes.

If you can’t see it well from a distance.

you’ll have to get close Eugene jumped into the sky from the pillar of light. He tried to fly up to the ceiling at once, but his body didn’t fly as lightly as he thought. As if the light had weight, it pressed down on Eugene’s body.


Eugene laughed and raised Mana. So slowly I went back to the light.

Although the ceiling was quite high… … Wasn’t it that high? Eugene realized something on the way and looked down.

I couldn’t see the bottom. there is only light Below seemed infinitely low, and above seemed infinitely high. The light that weighed down my body… … From a certain moment, he led Eugene.

Is Ascension like this?

Eugene had a sudden thought. In the Bible Sergio gave, there were many stories of saints who ascended to heaven and went to the side of the light. Perhaps Anis ascended to heaven like that and became an angel.

‘… … That… … .’

The end of the light, which seemed infinitely distant, is approaching before we know it. It was so bright that it was hard to see, but Yujin opened her eyes thinly and saw the other side of the light.

… … slapping… … I saw a bowl of rice.

300 years ago. Traveling with his colleagues, he slept almost every day and ate food by himself. The order of meals was always changed, and each tableware was set aside.

Morron’s rice bowl was the largest, followed by vermouth. Unexpectedly, vermouth ate a lot of rice. And Hamel is third.


He did not put food in his own rice bowl. She used the large bowl to hold holy water. When I opened the lid of the large keg that I sometimes stocked up on, Anise ran first and drank from her bowl.

Anis called the bowl the Holy Grail.

At the end of the light was a rice bowl, no, a Holy Grail. Eugene looked at the half-tilted Holy Grail with blank eyes. There are cracks here and there, and teeth are missing… … It must have been. That is the Holy Grail of Anise. Light pours from the Holy Grail.

‘… … why is that… … No, rather than that.’

Eugene moved closer to the Holy Grail. If I forcibly pulled it out, it seemed obvious that irreversible sadal would happen. So, without reaching for the Holy Grail, Eugene took out Akasha from inside the cloak.

It was to find Anise immediately through the dragon magic. A faint light emanated from Akasha’s dragon heart. The unfolded dragon magic was connected to Anise’s Holy Grail.

A little more.

a little deeper.

A little closer.

My vision was consumed by the light.

I saw a girl standing in a pile wearing a white dress.

He didn’t stand with his back turned like the last time I saw him. Age is… … At most, it must have been a little over 10 years old. Long blonde hair and blue eyes.

bloody smell.

Little by little the smell gets stronger. The more she does, the more blood splatters on the girl’s clothes. Blood dripped from both wrists onto the floor. It’s not just the wrist. Ankle, calf, thigh, belly, side, chest… … Blood lines are drawn all over the body and blood flows.

But the girl’s face was determined. The girl stood there, covered in blood, without a single frown on her face, as if unaware of her pain.

The girl’s spilled blood collects on the floor. Then the blood flows like a river flows.

There is another girl.

The girl was very similar to the girl next to her, but there were a few differences.

Dots under the eyes. and facial expression. Lines of blood were drawn one by one on the girl’s body, but she couldn’t stand tall like the girl next to her. She chewed her lips in pain, squinted her eyes, and eventually burst into tears. The girl’s tears flowed along with the blood.

The girl next to her doesn’t look at the crying girl. The girl’s spilled blood flows down the floor and collects at the feet of the crying girl. The blood pouring out of the crying girl mixes in a pool of blood. and… … Then the blood came back up again and seeped into the girl’s wounds.

Eugene looked at it with blank eyes. Naturally, she recognized it. It was Anise who put on her determined expression, and Cristina who was weeping beside her.


The moment you think so and try to reach out your hand. The distance between Anise and Christina grew far away. And many girls stood in between. The new girls didn’t resemble Anise the way Christina did. However, in the middle of the river of blood that started with Anise, they shed blood together, and the river of blood created in that way continued to Christina… … .

“Look carefully, Hamel.”

a girl

Anise opened her mouth.

She was still a girl. She didn’t even spread her wings, as she did when she appeared in the form of an angel. Instead, she raised her bloody hand and stretched it out to Eugene.

“This heinous bond.”


The moment Eugene called that name.


The light went out. The walls and ceiling of the chapel pouring out the pillars were smashed. Countless shards of glass poured down as rain. In the middle of it, Eugene stretched out his hand toward the falling Holy Grail.

The moment I grabbed the Holy Grail. A strong memory was engraved in Eugene’s mind. This holy relic traced the traces of Anise.

“… … .”

Eugene couldn’t understand what was going on in his head.


“My God, what the hell is this… … .!”

The pillar of light of Trecia Cathedral, which had been showing off its majesty for hundreds of years, was smashed. Light and shards of glass mix together and pour down. In the middle of it, Eugene looked down at the Grail and Akasha with blank eyes.


But I couldn’t quite understand it. stuff with a soul. holy relic. Among them, the remains are rarer than other relics, and they are part of an adult beyond being close to an adult.

Maybe that’s why it looked closer than when I tested it with the necklace on. Blurred, but recognizable.

Trecia Cathedral.

pillar of light.

The altar that exists below it.

Akasha’s dragon magic pointed through Anise’s Holy Grail to the holy relic under the altar.

The jawbone of a saintess 400 years ago.

Why did Anise’s holy relic and Akasha’s dragon magic point to that jawbone?

Eugene couldn’t guess.

I didn’t want to guess.


The fallen glass shards collided with the floor and shattered. In the middle of the roaring sound, Eugene was standing in the middle. Debris piled up on my head and shoulders, bounced, and was deafeningly loud.

There was no sound in Eugene’s ears now. Even if thousands of tens of thousands of these glass shards were shot, they would not pierce the skin or bleed, but it throbbed as if being torn to pieces with a sharp knife.

It felt that way. Eugene stared at the chalice of Anise he was holding in his left hand. An afterimage still lingers in his mind. Girls standing there bleeding. The expressionless Anise, the crying Cristina, and the countless girls who existed in between.

Eugene couldn’t even see the girls’ expressions. I felt nauseous. The indescribable smell of blood still hung on the tip of her nose and did not leave.

“… … Eugene?”

Rensol and several clerics hesitantly approached Eugene. They had a hard time understanding the situation. The destruction of the pillar of light, which has been the pride of this cathedral for hundreds of years, confuses the mind, and it was even more incomprehensible that Eugene Lionheart was at the center of it.

Just looking at that… … It appears that Eugene has smashed the pillar of light.

why? What is the reason for that? Priests who did not know about Eugene thought so, and Rensol, who knew that Eugene was a hero, thought that Eugene could not be like that.

“Fine… … are you? Hey, please come over here. The wall may collapse further. It’s too dangerous… … .”

What a babbling voice.

I heard the sound of my heart beating faster than that. I gripped my empty right hand hard enough to crush my bones. Breathing was dependent on the thumping sound. Eugene gasped for her breath and raised her head.

The altar of the chapel was visible. Thanks to the shards of glass that fell from above, the altar and its surroundings were also full of broken glass.

As I stepped toward him, shards of glass shattered under my feet. As Eugene began to approach the altar, the bewilderment added to the faces of Rensol and the priests. They couldn’t read Eugene’s intentions, but they could read the atmosphere he was conveying.

“Eugene. What are you trying to do?”

Rensol approached Eugene with a hard face. But he took only a few steps and froze in his place. It wasn’t just Rensol. All the priests who tried to stop Eugene stopped moving as if they were frozen.

[Eugene… … .]

Under the cloak, Mer spoke to me. She couldn’t afford to answer. Eugene roughly suppressed the overflowing life and kicked her altar.

Quaang! The altar could neither topple over nor fly away. As soon as Eugene kicked it, it turned into powder and scattered. So the altar was removed, and placed on the hollowed floor, her saintess’ jawbone was lifted.

“you… … Eugene… … .”

Rensol stuttered and called Eugene’s name.

That is the jawbone of a saintess from 400 years ago. Among the holy relics enshrined in the Cathedral of Freccia, it is a rare first-class holy relic that is paired with the skull of St. Theodore.

“my… … please put it down I don’t know why Eugene is doing this, but I shouldn’t touch it… … .”

Didn’t listen. Eugene threw his jawbone into Anise’s chalice and turned him around. The priests couldn’t follow Eugene as he left the chapel.

[…] … Eugene. Are you okay? Are you okay?]

“are you okay.”

He answered as he left the chapel.

It’s a lie. Eugene thinks to himself, the current self is not very good. It was not uncommon for emotions to boil to this extent.

When he saw the Death Knight made from Hamel’s corpse in the desert tomb. When the Varangi attacked the Sycnads and the Elves in the Great Forest.

At the Black Lion Castle, when Iod took the ritual sacrifice and faced the remnants of the Demon King.

But the emotions that boiled then were blatant and certain. Anger, hatred, those feelings. But now I don’t know. It’s as intense as it was then, but I’m still not sure if this is anger or hate.


in fact.


Eugene knew what he was feeling and what he was thinking. She just didn’t want to admit it. Eugene chewed her lips and reached inside her cloak to pull Akasha out.

Mer took Eugene’s hand. She peered up at Eugene with an uneasy expression, sticking her face out of her cloak. Senya’s green eyes trembled with anxiety.

Eugene didn’t know what kind of expression he was making now, but now he knows. Her face reflected in Mer’s eyes looked unfamiliar to her.

“are you okay.”

Eugene said so once again. Even though she knew it wasn’t okay, she couldn’t help but say it. Mer also felt that feeling. She knew now that she couldn’t hold on to or calm Eugene, that she didn’t deserve it.

So, without saying anything, he let go of Eugene’s hand. Eugene lifted her Akasha while receiving Mer’s worried gaze.

The jawbone of this saintess is from 400 years ago.

Anise was born 300 years ago. Eugene could not accurately understand the gap of 100 years. He didn’t even want to understand. But in the end it’s the same. Even if I didn’t want to, I had to. He had to know that if he didn’t want to admit it, he had to admit it.

I could still hear the sound of my heart beating loudly in my ears. She swallowed her labored breathing and unleashed Akasha’s dragon magic.

ㅡ Cranky.

Something flows into my head. A relic from hundreds of years ago. The connection with him was projected into Eugene’s head.

It didn’t look neat. Because it’s so long ago—or, because it’s so damaged? I don’t know which one, but I saw a video mixed with crackling noise.

Abominable bonds.

Girls soaking their feet in flowing blood. Anise, Christina, and several other girls. It wasn’t Anise who was at the forefront.

Even before Anis, there were girls who bleed, no, girls. There was no face. Of all the girls, there were only two, Anise and Cristina, whose faces were clearly visible. the faces of the other girls,

there was no It’s not that it doesn’t look good. Literally no face. It’s not even covered by a haze of fog. No eyes, no nose, no mouth, nothing. It was grotesque and creepy to see girls with blank faces lined up bleeding.

My eyes went to one of the girls standing in front of Anise. She said that girl, like the other girls, had no face, but what she lacked was not only her eyes, nose and mouth.

no chin So the face is cut in half. It was painful for her to breathe. Eugene knew that the girl was a saint from 400 years ago. What about the girls next to you? What about the boys standing between Anise and Cristina? I already knew who they were. Like emotions, it was just something I didn’t want to accept.


Yujin grabbed my neck and walked forward. Her chalice and jawbone were swallowed together by the light.

There will be more to show. I’m fine. No problem. ready to see Eugene muttered that, and Anise, with an expressionless face, closed her eyes.


collapse and disappear All the ‘saints’ standing there collapsed like sandcastles, mixing with their spilled blood and becoming part of the flow. The red flow became a whirlwind spiral in the center of Eugene’s field of vision.


Noise created distortion. The terrifyingly red spiral became the quiet, submerged surface of the water. Shining and beautiful… … fountain.


The sound came from under Eugene’s feet. It was the sound of the floor crushing and leaving footprints, unable to withstand the footsteps that stretched too far. Eugene tried to control his raging emotions, thinking about the situation, no, what he needed to know.

fountain of light.

don’t know exactly where If you see things that are not known to the world, you will be in a secret place even in Trecia. projected… … It was not inside the building. dark night sky. Old pillars… … It looked like an old temple that could be called a ruin. Where are you? There was no place like that in the cathedral.


Christina is there now. Eugene continued walking. I don’t know what the fountain is. I don’t even know what the ritual is going on there. She said Christina needed the ceremony, if she herself wished it. No matter how dubious the ceremony was, Eugene wanted to respect Christina’s choice.

See, Hamel.

this heinous bond.

Anis in the form of a girl who raised her hands covered in blood.

Cristina, who was also in the form of a young girl, was crying next to Anis. Ever since we met her in Eurasia, her attitude has been strange. respect, i.e. Eugene caressed his stiff cheek.

‘Since when have I been so considerate of others?’

when the thought popped into my head. Eugene didn’t hesitate any longer. ㅡQuaang! The ground on which Eugene’s feet rested was shattered and he collapsed.

Eugene turned his back to the purple night sky of the city, which was too bright. The wind that he relied on supported Eugene’s body. After flying high enough to see the huge Cathedral of Trecia, she lifted Akasha.

The dragon heart emitted light. With open eyes, Eugene saw the myriad magics contained in the cathedral. Most of it was magic about the maintenance and aesthetics of the building. I didn’t use Akasha to see something like that. Eugene removed those numerous magics one by one. Mer was assisting, but there was so much magic information coming into my field of vision that my head was pounding.

I’d rather have a headache than that. Far from disturbing my thoughts, the throbbing headache sharpened my mind. deeper, deeper. My eyes slowly became bloodshot from this gritted concentration.

The red eyes penetrated deep into the basement of the cathedral. found. Eugene’s lips twisted. On the first day I came to Yuras, I remembered what Mer had said.

I don’t know if it’s used for pleasure, but there really was a warp gate unknown to the world deep under the cathedral. I even found a path leading to the basement. So there was no need to stay like this any longer.

Eugene went straight down and headed for the underground door leading to the clock tower.


The voice interrupted. It was Rensol. He blocked the entrance to the clock tower with some priests.

“Bar, please go back to your room. What are you doing? why… … Why the holy relic… … .”


The voice you exhale is unfamiliar. Eugene walked briskly without stopping.

“Did Eugene break down the pillar of light? why? Come on, please explain.”

It seemed that he had no intention of getting out of the way with words. Eugene immediately started an affair. He had no intention of hurting Rensol, who just stood in front of him. It just makes them move aside so they don’t bother you more. want an explanation? How can I explain the emotions I’m feeling right now and the things projected in my head?

It was Eugene who wanted an explanation in the first place. So, Eugene closed his mouth and swung the wind.

ㅡHwaaaak! Rensol and the clergy were frightened and raised the light. The barrier of divine power blocked the way. that bright light. Just by looking at it, it was as if the bloody smell I felt earlier was wafting around again.

Kwaaang! The wind blew the priests aside. The wind did not disperse, but gathered together and even smashed the door of the clock tower. The road opened like that, and Eugene’s feet floated up.

So, Eugene jumped into the clock tower at once. Then he found the underground door he had found earlier and swung the wind.

Quaang! All the statues standing along the walls were smashed. A secret underground door that opens only through elaborate manipulation. Eugene didn’t want to do that, so he smashed the door down.

After passing the stairs leading to the deep basement, we arrived at the basement with the warp gate. The magic light wasn’t on. The door is not connected.

A warp gate must always have a wizard attached to it that coordinates the connection of the door. However, there was no one here except Eugene.

It was an obvious thing to think about. After Cardinal Rogeris left with the inquisitors, he closed the door of the warp gate completely.

“… … under.”

Eugene let out a dry laugh and moved towards the warp gate. Mer, who read that image of her, freaked out and pulled herself out of her cloak and grabbed Eugene’s shoulder.

“This is ignorant and dangerous!”

“Let go, Mer.”

“Yu, Yujin, please calm down. Warp Gate is the highest level of space magic! Just by creating a gate, you have to be in the 6th circle, and just by maintaining the connection, you have to have a magician in the 5th circle.”

“You think I don’t know that?”

“You see! So now I’m drying it! The fact that you are trying to do this even though you know it means that Eugene is not in his right mind right now!”

Mer is right. The warp gate that connects long distances is the highest level of space magic. Eugene’s level as a wizard is the 5th circle. With the help of Akasha and Mer, he could use magic up to the 7th circle, but the warp gate connecting long distance coordinates was too risky for Eugene to forcefully open the door.

A warp gate has a unique wave for each connected door. The waves resonate with each other to open doors and maintain a connection. Of course, only the magician who manages the warp gate knows the magic that creates waves. It is impossible to open the door unless you know the spatial coordinates of the fountain of light and the waves required for resonance.

“If you use it as a arithmetic device and even use Akasha, you might be able to forcibly match the waves. But if you connect like that, you know that you can’t help but be insecure, right? Space magic, especially magic that moves long distances like warp, is too risky when it fails. If the connection goes wrong… … .”

“You don’t fail.”

“… … yes?”

“It’s okay to connect unsafely. The wave after that can be tuned right in the middle. To never be out of sync, to be connected unconditionally.”

“that… … That is absolutely nonsensical. To coordinate and fit the waves in real time without knowing the coordinates of the exit… … ! No matter how much I do, such a calculation is impossible. That is not the realm of calculation!”

“Don’t worry, I don’t intend to make you do it.”

Eugene removed Mer’s hand from his shoulder. Then she pressed Mer’s head down and pushed it into her cloak.


“Don’t come out, stay calm inside.”

It was tightly tied so that the cloak wouldn’t open at all.

I moved Akasha and pointed at the warp gate.

6 circles. It was difficult to understand when he first held Akasha, but as he went through the civil war in the Black Lion Castle and continued training in the basement of Lake Honga, his level of magic increased. Perhaps because of this, the spell itself was immediately read.

The mana drawn from the white flame ceremony flowed into the warp gate. ㅡWoe! The space between the facing pillars was distorted and illuminated. The space is ready to open, but it does not resonate with the wave of the door that follows.

If it was simply reading the spell, there was no other way to do it. However, Akasha does not read spells, but helps her understand magic. Eyes throbbed. Eugene licked her lips and added a high-speed chant.

didn’t want to help But really couldn’t help but do nothing. Mer inside the cloak let out a deep sigh and synchronized with Eugene’s consciousness.

And I realized how absurd Eugene was trying to do.

Warp gate understood as Akasha. In addition, he uses the search magic of Dragon Word Magic to scan the connection to the door on the other side. The magic itself is inversely calculated with the minute traces left on the other side of the closed warp gate, and the spatial coordinates of the other side are predicted. Inject mana into the warp gate for each of the innumerable coordinates derived in this way to create a momentary wave, and repeat it to match the wave for each coordinate.

crazy This was simple ignorant labor wearing a mask of magic. It’s not something a single wizard could do. It is impossible even for a great wizard to connect warp gates over and over while performing this amount of calculations at the same time. Isn’t it possible If you do this, your mana will be depleted immediately.

But Eugene can. Akasha compresses the mana used for magic. Offers calculation of Merga coordinates. Recover mana by adding the Phantasmal Flame Ceremony so that it is not wasted. Senses bristled to the limit detect changes in waves. It doesn’t matter if they coincide. If there is only one moment that coincides, do not miss it.

When the bloody tears that flowed from his wide-eyed eyes form on the tip of his chin.

I pushed Akasha forward. There was a ripple in the distorted space. Eugene did not collect any more mana and poured it out. The ripple is getting bigger and bigger. Mana pushed into the connected road knocked on the closed door.


The distorted space was filled with light. The warp gate is connected. Mer inside the cloak was exhausted and sprawled. At this point, it seemed that even the pause of a function I hated so much could be pleasing.

‘… … no.’

Mer shook her head.

Eugene slowly walked to the warp gate. This door is connected to the Well of Light. She didn’t want to imagine what she would see there. You’ll see it soon anyway.

Eugene passed through the warp gate with his tired eyes closed.

* * *

fountain of light.

This is a sanctuary where the grace of a god that has existed since ancient times resides. Among the numerous priests of Juras, only a few priests whose faith has been verified are aware of the existence of the fountain of light.

Among them, only a handful of commanders were able to directly see the fountain of light, but the paladins and interrogators who were mobilized for this mission felt great honor and excitement just that they were protecting the fountain and the candidate saint here. .

It wasn’t even a difficult task. A temple deep in the mountains. This is a hidden place protected by many miracles and magic. It is impossible for wild beasts or anyone else to enter, even by chance. They were on guard for several days just in case, but for two days after the ceremony began, not a single rabbit, let alone a person, came close to the temple.

I didn’t let my guard down either. It was unacceptable for the paladins and inquisitors who were mobilized for this holy sacrament to be lax, saying that their duties were not strenuous. If I had been that flexible, I wouldn’t have been called to this ceremony.

The Knights of the Blood Cross, called the Shield of Light.

The Maleficarum of the Inquisition, called the Hammer of Light.

The paladins and interrogators who were recruited from there felt it at the same time. The warp gate that was supposed to be closed has opened. Someone passed through the warp gate and arrived near the temple. I never thought this would happen, but since it happened, what I had to do was simple.

[…] … His Highness the Cardinal.]

[I know.]

A call that is conveyed in your head without using voice training.

Sergio replied with a smileless face. I didn’t get up on my knees. It was impossible for Sergio now to move directly.

It wasn’t just Sergio. Two people kneeling together and praying. Giovanni, one of the captains of the Knights of the Blood Cross, and Inquisitor Atarax. Originally, this ceremony was conducted by Sergio alone, but this time, the ceremony is special. So, among the mobilized Holy Knights and Inquisitors, those two with strong divine power were assisting Sergio.

[…] … It looks like Eugene has a warp gate.]

[Should I capture it?]

Atarax looked at Sergio’s expression and asked.


Sergio did not immediately show his rising emotions.

[If possible, let them die on their own. If it’s impossible… … Isn’t it unavoidable? You all know how important this ceremony is… … . Even if Eugene-nim is offended right now, I have to send it back.]


[I will tell you that.]

How did you come? The warp gate was obviously closed. I heard that Eugene Lionheart has excellent aptitude as a wizard, but isn’t it impossible even for a great wizard to connect warp gates at will?

[…] … Amazing.]

calm down emotions

He muttered with a dull face. Impossible, unbelievable, amazing. Yes, that’s what humans do. It is nothing compared to the miracles that God causes.

Sergio put his hands together again for prayer and looked ahead.

A soft light shines through.

The water springing up from deep underground shines even in the dark. Water has a slight warmth. There is no special smell. It’s not just water that just shines. That water has a much stronger sacred power than the holy water baptized by the high-ranking priest himself.

in the middle of the fountain.

Cristina, dressed in pure white like a shroud, is immersed in the light.

Blood is flowing from the countless wounds on his body. Christina’s blood mixes with the spring water, but the spring does not turn red.

Sergio, who had been watching him, slowly got up. He took out the dagger that had been submerged in the spring, grabbed it, and approached Christina. Essence full of divine power. No matter how much you cut it, the wounds are healed by the grace that melts into the light.

This sight is truly miraculous. Sergio looked down at Christina, who closed her eyes as she uttered a prayer.

“Candidate Saint.”

I opened my mouth and called out, but Cristina did not answer. she didn’t sleep Her consciousness is awake, but her body doesn’t move as she wants. Her eyes are closed so she can’t see anything. Some senses were faint, but others were ten times more sensitive than usual.

“You have to be patient.”

from the previous ritual.

Cristina sat in this fountain and cut herself with a knife over several days. She continues, over and over, her wounds where the light heals, until her ritual is over, she cuts and spills her blood. The senses, which have become dozens of times more sensitive than usual, deliver enough pain that it would be better to go crazy or die, but this spring never drove the monk’s mind crazy. Rather, it awakened her consciousness to such an extent that carving her wounds was repeated.

It was only on the first day that Christina cut herself in this ceremony. From her second day, Sergio stigmatized Cristina instead.

Adaptation did not take place. The pain is also stronger than before. don’t know where to draw He shouldn’t be afraid of him. The light is warm and cozy. He repeated the thought and recited a prayer in his heart.

‘… … O omniscient and omnipotent god of light. Please watch over my soul. Illuminate my soul with your light and wash my blood. Please burn my passions with light and engrave that light on me.’

The blade touches the skin. From that moment on, an eerie anticipation was transmitted, but Christina did not tremble.

‘Let me forget pain and despair and take care of the sheep. Rest them in light. Let it be reborn as light. Send your light down wherever I exist and walk. Your apostle is a lamp that will light up the darkness and will be a torch, so please use this body as firewood to brighten the world.’

The blade pierced the skin. The pain that seemed to break my mind began to spread. But Christina’s closed eyes did not quiver. She didn’t even groan.

‘… … Light that illuminates the darkness of the world, have mercy. Please hear this prayer. Brilliant and holy light, spark that first lit up the world, dwell on me, your servant.’

I couldn’t see anything in my closed eyes.

It was full of black darkness.

fountain of light

Eugene slowly raised his bent back. The throbbing headache was fading, but the pupils were still sore. If I could, I would have plucked out the entire pupil and washed it in water.

“… … A lot.”

Yujin raised her head and murmured. There were about 200 signs moving from afar. There was nothing to think about for a long time. Paladins and Inquisitors. The warp gate that should not have been connected was connected, and he noticed that Eugene had crossed over.

The approaching speed is fast. Eugene already didn’t want a pointless collision. However, they will not understand Eugene’s wishes. It wouldn’t attack on sight, but it was certain that it would send it away with irritating remarks.

‘… … Where is it?’

I know it’s somewhere in the mountains, but I don’t know exactly where. Actually, it wasn’t even a big issue. There are paladins and inquisitors nearby. There is a fountain of light somewhere here. The video projected with the Holy Grail and the jawbone… … old temple. I looked around, but there was no such temple in sight.

It was obvious. Rumors about the fountain of light are not known to the world, so the temple is hidden.

Eugene lifted the Akasha he was holding.

You can see the magic that dwells everywhere in the space. Most of them were divine magic, so even Akasha couldn’t understand them. A complex barrier that combines two types of magic, magic and divine magic. It is difficult to break through with pure magic.

If so, wouldn’t it be okay to break it? It was an ignorant method, but Eugene did not ponder for long.

After destroying the pillar of light of the Trecia Cathedral, I came out with the Holy Grail and the Jawbone. We connected the closed warp gate and arrived at this place that must have been forbidden. There are already several lines that should not be crossed. Now there was no reason to hesitate because of the ignorance of the method.

“… … what?”

I tried to pull out the moonlight sword.

However, the hilt wrapped around his hand inside the cloak was not the moonlight sword. Holy Sword Altair. It moved on its own and entrusted itself to Eugene’s hands. Eugene’s eyes widened.

“To a subject that showed me nothing when I so hoped for it. What are we going to do now?”

Who is moving this holy sword? god of light? If so.

Eugene wanted to destroy Altair. I didn’t want to care about how much value it had and what kind of symbolism it had. I do not like it. So she wants to shatter.

Anise’s Holy Grail and the saint’s jawbone showed them.

A river of blood that began to flow from the past, which may have been when. Anis with an expressionless face, and Cristina who was crying. Countless other girls who would have existed. Beings so thin that you can’t even see their faces.

Abominable bonds.

“… … god?”

Eugene pulled out the Holy Sword while gnashing his teeth. Just like that, he tried to smash it by slamming it on the floor. If you don’t get smashed by it, yes. He wanted to drench his blade in the blood of the zealots who worshiped this hideous being as a god.

The moment I was about to slam the holy sword on the floor.

A pale light wrapped around the blade. Eugene flinched at the sudden light and stopped. The slowly spreading light enveloped Eugene’s body.

It wasn’t just the holy sword that shone like that. The chalice and jawbone he was holding in his other hand. The two sacred relics were emitting light as if responding to the light emitted by the holy sword.

Eugene stared at the light for a while. Then she started walking, laughing.

Even near the warp gate, there were paladins and interrogators on alert. The affiliation is different, but the mission is the same. However, the orders given to each were different.

Giovanni of the Knights of the Blood Cross. He ordered his knights to ‘politely’ persuade Eugene to return.

Atarax of the Maleficarum gave another order. He has served Cardinal Sergio Loggeris for many years and knows exactly what he wants. And unlike Giovanni, he had first-hand experience with Eugene.

polite persuasion? There was no way that Eugene Ryanhart would follow the persuasion. The qualities of a hero are perfect, but the lack of faith is too lacking. On top of that, his personality was rough and violent, so no matter how politely he begged him to return, there was no way he would listen.

So Atarax ordered the use of force from the beginning. Either quickly subdue and hold him, or send him back to the warp gate he came from. It was a rough method, but in Atarax’s opinion, that was the right way.

When Eugene started walking with the holy sword.

Six people jumped out of the bushes. Three paladins in blood cross uniforms, and three interrogators wearing red robes and military caps. Among them, there was no face that Eugene knew, but of course six of them recognized Eugene.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

The paladin spoke first. He felt a moment of awe at the shining holy sword in Eugene’s hand. And when I saw the bowl glowing together in the other hand, I felt a sense of wonder. And that wasn’t all. The six people standing in front of Eugene could not have imagined that the bowl was the Holy Grail that Anise used.

“No matter how much you are, you must not trespass here.”

“Please go back like this… … .”

While the Paladins continued to speak, the Inquisitors kicked the ground. Light flashed from the inside of the fluttering red cloak. It is a surprise that has not been discussed with each other. Moreover, their movements were too sharp for suppression.

Eugene was not taken aback. Rather, it was better to attack first like that. He didn’t wield a sword. The interrogators came right in front of them, but they didn’t even stop.

I didn’t even think about what abilities they had and what they could do. That meant nothing to Eugene.

ㅡ Kwajik!

In the eyes of the Paladins, that was violence that could only be called ignorance. Without any skill, he swung the ferociously concentrated mana and slashed it down. That was all.

It was just such an attack, but none of the interrogators succeeded in resisting it. One was pinned to the ground, and the other flew sideways, smashing trees and rolling on the ground. And the other flew back in the same direction he threw himself.

Paladins felt a chill run down their spines and changed their stance. The prayer recited in my head generated divine power. The time was nearing midnight, and the night was dark, but the holy light that surrounded the bodies of the paladins pushed the darkness away.

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