Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 64

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However, the light they created was insignificant and pale compared to the light that surrounded Eugene.

The Paladins couldn’t move.

Is there a difference in the brightness of the light? No, not for that reason. Because I couldn’t dare to move. Because the very thought of having to move was wiped out of my head. The divine power they generate encourages courage and overcomes fear, but

The moment I saw Eugene’s face approaching from the front.

that face.

It didn’t distort. Rather, it was as quiet as it was quiet. The expression seemed to show no emotion, but the paladins felt a terrible murderous intent and anger from Eugene that they couldn’t believe was a hero.

The light wrapped around her body could not suppress her human instincts. Instinct roared, telling me not to move now.

Simply put, it was a lack of determination. Rather than fighting Eugene, the Paladins prioritized persuading them through conversation. too slow So when I faced it, my heart couldn’t stand it and it broke.

Enough to control and trample the instincts of the Holy Knights of the Knights of the Blood Cross, who are proud of their faith, not even other knights. Eugene’s murderous intent was ferocious and explosive.

… … gulp.

The three paladins were stiff like prey in front of a predator and did not dare to move. Breaking out in a cold sweat, swallowing saliva, like that… … They stood there until Eugene passed them.

I went through the forest surrounded by barriers. He was going to use the moonlight sword to shatter the entire barrier. There was no need for that, the light of the holy sword illuminated the path to the barrier.

The two holy relics in my left hand are still shining. Various kinds of barriers are mixed in a complex way, blocking the way. Even with Eugene’s senses, he couldn’t tell what was right in front of him.

It’s like walking through a hazy fog… … No, it’s not just a feeling. In fact, Eugene was walking in the fog. I couldn’t tell whether the road I was walking on was uphill or downhill. Maybe I’m really on the right track. Eugene had also encountered various magic and barriers, but it was the first barrier that was this powerful.

“… … After all, it would have been better to break it whole.”

Yujin muttered that, but did not pull out the moonlight sword. If he had tried to light the way with the holy sword alone, he would have pulled out the moonlight sword without further ado. However, it wasn’t just the holy sword that was lighting the way now.

Holy Grail. … … Something… … It was a strange feeling. If the light emitted by the holy sword in the right hand is a torch, then the chalice and jawbone in the left hand… … It was as if he was holding his hand.

It was as if he was guiding the way.

“… … This… … .”

Yujin muttered in a low voice and looked ahead.

“Is it miraculous?”


I hate the word miracle. It has been like that since time immemorial. People call such nonsensical and miraculous things miracles that are nonsensical, impossible, impossible, and that can never be caused by human power.

Most of the miracles on the battlefield were similar. Winning a fight that seemed like it could never be won. Defeat an enemy much stronger than yourself. Survive in a situation where you should have died. Most of the miracles Eugene and Hamel experienced in their previous lives were like that.

Hamel didn’t want to call it a miracle. Winning a battle you can’t win? Because he gave his life for victory. Defeating a strong enemy? Because he fought well. Surviving a situation where he should have died? Because the enemy who didn’t check whether he was alive or dead was an idiot. And because someone else was trying to save me.

-If you think about it, can’t all of that be called a miracle?


– Hamel. I am healing you now because I have the power to heal you. That power was given to me by none other than the God of Light, so my existence itself is proof of a miracle.

– You’re free to think so, but I won’t think so. CX We do the hardships, we fight, and you do the treatment, so why do we have to exalt them all as miracles caused by God?

-… … I do not want to argue with you on matters of faith. Hamel. I know very well that you are a tenacious, inveterate, and stubborn bastard like a worm.

-Didn’t you just call me an asshole?

– Hamel. After all, you’re proud of yourself, and you don’t like it when the gracious God of Light does a miracle for what you’ve worked hard for, right? That’s arrogant… … .

– Not me, but us.

-… … yes?

-We are great and we worked hard to make it happen. We won the unwinnable battle because we fought well. It’s just because you’re here that you heal me now. Are you a proof of a miracle? What kind of bullshit is that? You’re not a miracle, you’re a normal, living human being. is not it?

-… … under… … !

-What are you complaining about? If you don’t think so, go and bring SiX the proud god you worship. can’t you? uh? But what kind of f*cking miracle is he talking about… … .

-Then let’s do this.

I remember what Anise looked like then.

-… … All of this is not a miracle from God. Hamel. Like you said… … You, no, we… … Whoops. That’s actually arrogant. Just, everyone… … yes. This is what everyone has achieved. It’s very… … very little God’s will… … A small miracle was added.

Anis said with a smile. If you think about it, it was the first time that Anise had backed away a little, acknowledged, and understood about faith and miracles instead of pushing her own way.

little miracle.

Eugene could no longer walk and stopped in his seat.

Anise always spoke of God, light, and miracles. Smiling with the same face he always had, he raised a prayer to the god he served.

Anise believed in the existence of God. he looked like that More than anyone else, Anis was desperate for the existence of God. He had to.

Anis said that he wanted to lead everyone who died in that era to heaven. He said that he would shed holy blood on behalf of God and light up the darkness with light on behalf of God. He said that he would become the second most brilliant light after God, illuminating and guiding even those who could not enter the kingdom of heaven.

… … Sometimes I questioned the existence of God and heaven. A lot of people died. In that era, even if people died, too many died. Everywhere I went, it was a battlefield. It was an era when demons killed people, monsters killed people, demons killed people, and people killed people.

So Anis doubted the existence of God. The omniscient and omnipotent god did not descend to save the world. God did not shed the blood of his lamb instead. God, who should have been the light to light up all the darkness, did not reveal that dark era.

Every day, the sun goes down, passes through twilight, becomes night, and the world gradually brightens at dawn before dawn. The world, greeted with such brightness, hadn’t changed a bit from last night.

Desperate for those unchanging days.

When you don’t try to overcome drunkenness, but rather break down.

Hamel was the first to acknowledge the miracle of the author of God. vermouth. Its existence is a miracle from God. It’s not that God doesn’t really care for the world, but that he’s trying to save the world by giving down vermouth.

I said so.


When the battle was intense and long, he always drank.

After a fight that could be called hell. Anise was always bleeding from her back. Fortunately, the smell of Anise’s blood was covered by the smell of blood everywhere.

When Anise takes off her habit and reveals her blood-soaked back. Hamel could see how much her stigmata had spread compared to before. Anise drank while wiping the blood from her stigma and applying ointment.

“Should I have brought a drink?”

Yujin muttered in a low voice.

No answer came back.

A small, white hand grabbed Eugene’s left hand and led him. There was no smell of blood on the girl. Her white clothes, which had been soaked in her blood, were now pure white.

So, Eugene wanted to cry. There is no warmth in her grasping hand. She didn’t even feel the weight. she knows The one you see now. shiny blonde hair. Right in front of my nose, that girl I can only see without feeling anything.

I knew that I was never a living being. this… … A cruel little miracle. I didn’t want to believe that God gave it to me.

“… … you… … .”

The little girl didn’t look back. As she continued walking away, she gave Eugene her way. Slowly the fog lifts from her. However, Eugene did not want to turn her attention to such a thing. I saw her hand, her arm, her back, her hair, of the girl pulling her left hand.

“… … to heaven… … would you have gone?”

Please turn a blind eye to this immorality. If you can’t wrap it up, put the task of entering heaven on my shoulders, your servant. Please allow us to meet the reunion in the same place someday.

“In heaven… … You must have become an angel?”



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Before he knew it, Eugene was walking on a path other than the forest.

The dream that the Holy Sword showed me. Anise’s prayer.

– If we can’t go, who the hell can go to heaven?

It had to be.

Anis, more than anyone else, you must go to heaven. Eugene sincerely thought so. Eugene knows how Anise lived in her previous life.

Even for Anis, heaven had to be real.

Anise should have become the second most brilliant light after God, illuminating the heavens as she had hoped.

-We will definitely be able to reunite in paradise. If not.


The Holy Grail fell from his hand. The Holy Grail and the jawbone inside rolled together on the floor.

-God does not exist.

The place the girl led to was somewhere underground.

It is not an illusion created by a barrier.

Eugene didn’t want to see what was right in front of him. I didn’t know what emotion to look at, what face to look at, and what thoughts to look at.


The sound of dripping water was heard. At that sound, Eugene gritted his teeth. The smell of blood you don’t want to smell. Fortunately, the smell of blood now wafting through my nose belonged to Eugene. Blood flowed from her tightly chewed lips and from her wide open eyes.

have to see

I heard that voice in my head. It was his own voice. Eugene lifted her bowed head and looked in front of her.

Several pipes filled the wall… … It touches the water puddle. A pipe draws water up. The water passing through the pipe passes through the filtration device… … falls back into the fountain It was the sound of water dripping that Eugene heard.

lots of filters.

lots of pipes.

repeat integers like that over and over and over again.

A central pipe draws water from the spring and sends it somewhere.

It reminded me of a grotesque and terrible pipe organ. Eugene raised his head and looked up. Filtration ‘s’ connected to pipes. Eugene saw white orbs hanging in the air like fruits.

inside those spheres.

“… … .”

what am i doing here

what is in my hand

rolling under your feet.

what is in front of me

the one up there

somewhere with a pipe connected to it.


The sound of dripping water. Eugene once closed his eyes.

when you open your eyes

A number of girls stood over the fountain. I still couldn’t see the girls’ faces. The reason is that… … I didn’t know yet.

But with an upright anise,

I saw Cristina crying.


Anise opened her mouth. That nasty woman didn’t tell Eugene everything right now. Eugene didn’t even look for an answer.

The answer doesn’t matter.

“It must have been painful and difficult. It still will be.”

Anise moved closer to Christina, who was crying. Countless girls walked with Anise. One by one, the girls began to shrink. The girls melted like snow and became part of the fountain. But Anise and Christina did not melt and still existed.


Anis stood behind the crying Christina. Then he opened her arms and hugged Christina’s body.

“What are you going to do?”

Leaving that terrible question behind, the figures of the two disappeared. Eugene lowered her head. … … The chalice and jawbone that had been dropped to the ground were crumbled to such an extent that they could not be recognized.

“… … .”

what are you going to do

It was an aniseed question. It is the subject that wants ‘what’, and it does not say it directly.

I don’t even need to do that now.

Eugene raised his lowered head.

A spark of murderous intent engulfed his eyes.

fountain of light

Eugene Lionheart came across through the warp gate and invaded the barrier of the temple. That fact quickly passed through the minds of the Paladins and Inquisitors.

The first three interrogators encountered were subdued in an instant. The three paladins couldn’t even respond and let Eugene pass by… … .

With the situation like that, Giovanni, the captain of the Knights of the Blood Cross, could no longer order his men to keep their affairs in their hands.

The Knights of the Blood Cross didn’t ask for permission from the Knight Commander to come to this temple right now. Giovanni believed that the ceremony was sacred and holy, and as a knight in the service of God, he felt great joy to be a part of and empowered by the ceremony.

Giovanni was not the only one who had such an upright faith. He considered it an honor and joy to be with all the paladins who came with Giovanni for the sacrament. What did it matter that this was not ordered by the knight commander? This work is controlled by God. There is nothing more important than this to a follower of light.

Even if the intruder is a hero chosen by the holy sword.

The hero’s arbitrariness and runaway must never precede the will of God. Yes, Eugene Ryanhart invaded this place without seeking consent, and it was a rampage that should never have happened, causing the interrogators, who were fellow believers, to bleed.

So it must be stopped. Even if it hurts the hero in the process, it must never happen that the hero who should be the incarnation of light ruins the sacrament of light. You can heal any number of wounds on the body, but once you commit a sin, there is no turning back.

Especially if the sin is to deny the will of God and insult the sacraments of God. If committing that crime is nobler than anyone else and is a warrior who must follow the will of the light.

‘It must be stopped.’

Giovanni’s earnest and upright wish was conveyed to the Paladins. The Paladins sympathized with Giovanni’s wishes while feeling the pain. Even if the opponent is a warrior. No, because he is a warrior, he must be stopped. It must never happen that the ceremony is ruined by the hero.

Atarax had the same meaning as Giovanni. He thought that he should treat Eugene like that from the very beginning. He should have stopped it before entering the barrier… … Feeling such regret, he gave orders to the interrogators. I’m not an opponent who puts circumstances in my hands. Forget the fact that your opponent is a hero… … .

A hazy fog wrapped around the temple. Paladins and Inquisitors can move freely within this barrier. Their eyes are not blinded by the fog.

So it should be easy to navigate… … are experiencing difficulties Eugene, who must have entered the barrier, is nowhere to be seen. Hundreds of paladins and interrogators put the ruins and the surrounding forest in the search range, but none of them detected Eugene’s presence. Eugene, who should have entered the barrier, disappeared like a ghost.

‘Where and how did you go?’

After the order of the superior was issued, the group naturally split. The Paladins united with the Paladins, and the Inquisitors with the Inquisitors. They were, after all, fundamentally different groups, and they weren’t used to doing things together.

It was a squad of 10 paladins who were now searching this place. Outskirts far from the temple. A place that touches the outside of the barrier.

In order to find the right path without being deceived in this barrier, you must receive grace from Cardinal Rogeris, who manages the fountain of light. Without grace, you cannot get close to the temple, let alone the vicinity of the fountain. No matter how much I wander in the fog, only the outer periphery is spinning around.

So there were a lot of people deployed on the outskirts, and most of them were paladins.

Eugene knew that too.

“… … uh?”

borderline of the highest state. Something was felt. No, it has eroded. This creeps in… … The paladin’s expression hardened. They chanted prayers with trembling lips and pressed their bodies close to each other.

Paladins did not wear armor. The only time they put on their armor is when the Pope, the representative of light, orders them to prepare for a holy war. This ceremony was not a war. Sacred event by light. What is the reason to wear armor for such an event?

But now I needed armor. All 10 Paladins felt that way. The hostility that eroded their senses was just as ominous and intense.

Prayer brought forth a stronger light. The light wrapped around the bodies of the Paladins and made armor. A divine magic that can be used by all Paladins of Eurass, Armor of Light. The armor of that divine power changes shape and power according to the amount of faith you have.

If you are a paladin of the Knights of the Blood Cross, you can block the sword with armor made of light. If you set up a shield made of light, you can block even stronger attacks and magic. That ruggedness was the symbol of the Eulas Paladins.

10 paladins clad in armor of light put down their helmets in unison. Then, he raised his shield forward and drew his sword. It became a long spear that was entangled in the black light that the Paladins had pulled out.

Covered the body with a shield and connected. The window came out sharp at every crack. A shield wall of light raised without hesitation. I’ve been training to use it against super-large monsters, monsters, and enemies with a level of danger equivalent to that… … .

What stood in front of the Holy Knights now was neither monsters nor monsters.

Is it an enemy then?

… … I don’t know. The Paladins didn’t want to think of the young man standing in front of them as an enemy. Because that young man was recognized by the holy sword and was a hero who appeared after 300 years?

It wasn’t because of that. If you think of it as an enemy, you have no choice but to fight. don’t want to fight You shouldn’t fight. The will that had been trained to be resolute was as easily shaken and weak as a burning candle at this moment. The paladins and the young man in front of them,

I was afraid to fight Eugene Ryanhart.

“… … .”

Eugene stood dumbfounded and looked at the paladins.

… … fountain of light. came from its source. I wanted to destroy it altogether and go upstairs. It was difficult to figure out where the complexly connected pipes were going. I also had to think about what would happen to Sam when I destroyed it.

Not yet.

Thinking so, I came out of the source of the spring. She didn’t even walk a few steps… … came to this place

If you think about it from a wizard’s point of view. This barrier divides the space into sections and connects them by twisting them. The absolute heart and the source of the dental gland would normally have been impossible to even enter.


Unless that damn miracle guides you.

“… … Are you going to stop it?”

Eugene glanced at the holy sword in his hand. The holy sword emitted a soft light. Eugene glared at the light and twisted his lips.

“… … .”

The paladins did not answer. I couldn’t. The obvious answer to that obvious question didn’t come to my mind. don’t want to block I just want to open the way. No, I want to run away. But I couldn’t. My mouth was dry, cold sweat broke out on my forehead, back and hands, and my heart was pounding.

Fear compelled the Paladins to remain silent. The spears they were holding quietly moved forward. The shields came closer and bonded. The Paladins overcame this ominous fear with faith in God.

Eugene felt it. The stiffness of the Paladins is gradually loosening. The light grew brighter as the shield was bound. The shaking spear tip sank heavily with faith.

that look.

Eugene’s emotions exploded. Her gray hair stood up. I said Vicky. But if you stand like that without getting out of the way, isn’t there only one thing you have to do?

The flames caused by Baek Yeom-sik wrapped around his body. one step forward. That was enough. The spark that once arose burned Eugene without extinguishing and stopping.


The light was shattered. It was shot in a straight line, and the sparks that exploded swallowed up fragments of light. Eugene let out a long breath and continued on his way. The paladin’s shield wall couldn’t stop Eugene. The wall of light, bound by faith, was torn like a piece of paper by the frenzied flames. The spear he had held with determination was crushed without being able to fire it. The armor made with faith was crushed and smashed, barely surviving.

The Holy Sword made it that way. The spark that Eugene created was bigger than the light emitted by the blade. Instead of covering and illuminating the blade with light, the blade was wrapped with sword steel that was condensed and circulated in the form of white flame. In fact, there was no need to use the holy sword. This useless and beautiful ceremonial sword has very little practicality as a weapon.


Even so, he swung the holy sword. I wanted to. Altair, the holy sword that the dog-like ‘God of Light’ believed they were right unconditionally left behind in the world. I wanted to destroy the light they caused.

‘… … It’s hot.’

I didn’t even use the ignition, but my heart was beating. The hot blood is circulating too fast. Instead of cooling her body, the mana flowing with her blood warmed her up.

Fog rolled in.

The ancient barrier recognized the enemy threatening the temple. All believers within the barrier felt Eugene’s presence. Except for the three people who were performing the ceremony at the fountain, all the followers started moving toward Eugene.

Eugene didn’t know that fact. Knowing in advance doesn’t change what you have to do. Eugene never backs down today. If anything gets in his way, he breaks it down. Even if he is knocked down, if you block him, he tramples. If you catch him by the ankles, cut off his hands.

The fog shook with every step forward. The wind—- didn’t blow. However, Eugene heard the girls laughing, screaming, moaning, and crying in the distance.

What on earth is the omnipotent light and God?

The flame surrounding the holy sword swelled even more. Something rushed from the other side of the fog.

Didn’t look up. He just swung his sword. Pale sword light cut through the fog. A little later the flame spread. An intense flame, whiter than light, tore through the fog.

passed the screams It didn’t matter to Eugene how many people he had just slashed. Hostility was felt on all sides. They were furious beyond fear. Overheated emotions turned hostility into murderous intent.

The hero is denying the sacrament of light. They attacked the believers who were supposed to protect and lead them. There was no hesitation or mercy in that sword strike.

holy sword.

Slashed a believer with a holy sword. It’s something that can’t happen, and shouldn’t happen. The religious paladins shed tears. The inquisitors who were punishing the heretics bled from their chewed lips.

So I ran to Eugene.

The fog shakes. Because it was so dark, Eugene couldn’t see them clearly. But on the other side of the fog, she smelled blood. I heard the words of prayer and sobs.

“Why are you guys crying?”

Eugene has many things to write about.

Akasha received from Senya.

Lionheart’s treasure. The storm sword Winid, the thunderbolt Pernoa, the dragon spear Karbos, and the predatory sword Aspel.

Moonlight Sword.

But I didn’t want to use anything else. Only the holy sword is used here. They wanted to deny everything in this place with the sword that the god they sobbed and cried out left in the world.

The flames burned fiercely. Eugene continued to advance with a bloody and ominous glint in his eyes. The sword moved every time his fog shook. Screams were heard and blood spattered or spilled. Some dodged the swinging sword and charged. It was only a little too late to fall.

It seemed to be wielded randomly. But he couldn’t reach it. If you approach it prematurely, you will be cut. Even if you approach with caution and determination, you will be cut. My back was pushed up in impatience. The slash I felt was pierced into my body.

The formation of the Paladins changed in the endless tragedy. Blindly blocking only gives the numbers on this side. I couldn’t let it go any further.

Dozens of paladins memorized the same prayer. The armor of light that protected their bodies was scattered, and the entire formation of the Paladins was covered.

Hwaaak! Huge wings of light spread out and scattered the fog. Eugene looked straight at the scene.

The holy power that dozens of paladins united. As faith increased and prayer continued, the light expanded endlessly. The sky was dark as the sun had set immediately, but the light emitted by the paladins illuminated the surroundings as brightly as the sun that came down to the ground.

Huge wings of light soared high into the sky. The prayers of the Paladins increased. That mighty cry sounded like a hymn.

The wings that soared high enough to pierce the night sky fell down. Innumerable feathers of light rained down on Eugene like a meteor shower.

Yujin glared at him and raised the holy sword. That was the moment. Quadduk! An intangible force pressed on Eugene’s body. While the Paladins spread the Yam Gospel, the Inquisitors gathered their prayers and raised their strength.

The power that now puts pressure on the body is different from the general magic Eugene knows. However, he did not feel the unique temperament of divine magic.

It is probably one of the ancient magics such as blood magic. Wizard hunting led by the Holy Empire hundreds of years ago. Maleficarum’s heretic inquisitors monopolize the magic they gathered in the past by driving them into heresy.

The pressure holding on to the body continues to grow stronger. It wasn’t just sin. It interferes with the flow of mana and neutralizes it so that it cannot resist.


Eugene laughed and rotated his core. round salt. The mana output from the core increased exponentially. keying! Agaroth’s ring on his left ring finger responded to Eugene’s explosive mana.

A ring left by an ancient god of war who must have died a long time ago. Now, Agaroth’s will is not left in this ring, but this ring, which has existed for a long time, has an aura similar to the owner’s temperament engraved on it.

Agaroth’s ring recalled the mythical battlefield while watching the feathers pouring down from the high sky. She’s the ring. She knows what to do when she’s like this.


Agaroth’s ring caressed Eugene’s pouring mana. The divine power in the ring made Mana stronger. Lightning sparks mixed with the flow of mana.

The inquisitors no longer had a control spell and began to disperse. There are few magics more than this when it comes to holding onto beings. It was best to hold Eugene for a very short time even though not one, but dozens of interrogators were simultaneously holding on to control.

The moment the chain of control is broken. The pouring feathers were already touching Eugene. But he couldn’t harm Eugene. The flames that erupted in a runaway ignited the feathers in reverse. Countless feathers became embers and flew away.

In the middle of it, Eugene raised the holy sword. Something was mixed with the mana controlled by the Phantasm method. It’s different from a lightning bolt. It felt strange, but not out of control. Agaroth’s divine power remaining in the ring, rather than flowing separately from Eugene’s mana, flowed as one.

Lion Heart Baek Yeom Sik.

Dragonic style air sword.


Lightning added to the flames that covered the holy sword. Lightning drew the mana in the air into flame. Just like that, sword steel and flames swelled. and then it decreases again The empty sword binds the incompletely inflated sword steel with mana, and coats the sword steel repeatedly.


Kwurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring! The paladin’s yam gospel changed its form. The wings gathered together became a huge sword made of light.

If you hastily interfere with the two forms of the Gospel of Yam, you will be swept away together. After the interrogators retreated to the vicinity of the paladins, they chanted prayers and added sacred power.

The sword of judgment emitted a more brilliant light. Eugene looked up at the sword and held his holy sword with both hands. Agaroth’s ring gave off a faint light. Crunchy, Crunchy! Sharper lightning seeped into the flame.


Condensed air sword. Dark spots spread across the white and blue flames.

The sword of judgment fell towards Eugene.

The flame engulfed the light.

fountain of light

Mer covered her ears inside her cloak. Outside, I could hear the sound of the world tearing apart and collapsing. scream. sobbing. It was all things Mer didn’t want to hear.

Those voices and the emotions that Eugene conveyed made Mer suffer. So Mer closed her eyes tightly. She knows she shouldn’t stop Eugene. Even though Mer felt it, Eugene’s anger was justified.

‘… … He’s not using magic.’

Eugene’s use of magic allows Mer to intervene in some way.

If Eugene runs amok with magic. Mer would be happy to serve as an assistant for Eugene. He must have calculated the direction so that Eugene’s magic could pierce his heart and smash his head more thoroughly and mercilessly without missing.

If, at all, Eugene’s mana runs out on the way and he can no longer use magic. Mer would have been willing to give up even the mana that made up her familiar’s body to Eugene.

‘… … me… … He’s taking care of me.’

Knowing that made Mer feel even more painful. She knows that Mer will interfere if she uses magic, so she doesn’t use magic at all. So she did nothing but Mer curled up in the deep darkness inside her cloak.

Hoping the storm outside would pass.

“… … eww… … .”


He groaned and raised himself up. what the hell happened… … I didn’t understand well.

Joining was a bit late. She was too far away from the fighting. While traveling with her subordinate inquisitors, she saw the light of the yam gospel. The Knights of the Blood Cross’ yam gospel is a sacristy that was created with the assumption of an all-out war with the count-class demons. Could it be that he even spread the yam gospel to subdue one Eugene Lionheart?

such a question. I saw the wings of light oxidized by the flames. I saw the blue-black flame collide with the sword of judgment.

From there, the memory was cut off. Caught in a storm that erupted in a crash? Hemoria took the mask off her mouth as she groped her memory.

“Wow… … !”

As soon as he opened his mouth, red blood poured out. It wasn’t a direct hit, it was just swept away by the aftermath, but part of its organs were destroyed. Hemoria caught her breath and looked around her.

None of the interrogators who were moving together were standing. Some were not even visible. Hemoria felt great confusion and rewound her disheveled cloak.

going a little further

I couldn’t walk any further and stopped. It was difficult to comprehend the scene unfolding before my eyes. It was obviously flat in front of me… … The ground was not visible. There was a deep pit, as if it had existed a long time ago.

Beneath it were scattered more than 100 paladins and interrogators. It was a miserable disgrace. Some were not even left intact. Even those who were barely breathing seemed serious enough that it would not be strange if they died at any time.

Hemoria couldn’t believe what she was seeing was real.

Knights of the Blood Cross. When discussing the best knights on the continent, it is a knighthood that always comes up with a name. The Paladins belonging to that place were only those with excellent skills and deep faith in Euras.

Maleficar Room. A Heretic Questioner who has been loyal to the Protestant Church of Light for hundreds of years. A long time ago, he faced demons and evil wizards, and in this era, he is a hunter who hunts renegade apostates and wicked pagans.

In other words, it is an armed group that forms a double wall in Euras. Even if the captain level person didn’t belong, more than 100 paladins and inquisitors… … Eugene Didn’t get in the way of a Lionheart and got hit like that?

“… … .”

Hemoria said nothing.

I just closed my mouth and held my breath. Her fingertips trembled and she trembled. The gloves on her hands did not hide her tremors. She closed her fists to hide the tremors.

I didn’t want to avert my gaze. But I was afraid to look straight ahead. Little by little, her red eyes fell down.

I heard footsteps approaching.

Eugene Lionhart is coming up from the pit. He was walking slowly up the steep slope, carrying a holy sword that fluttered with light flames.

The expression… … It was grave. He had no feelings left for what he had done. Hemoria did nothing. She just stood there, watching Eugene approach.

the distance gets shorter Hemoria’s gaze continued to fall downward. I saw a deep pit. I saw the Crushed Paladins. Several bodies of interrogators were also seen nearby. The red cloak, which could be said to be the symbol of the Maleficarum, was drenched in blood.

“… … .”

Hemoria’s lips parted slightly. It shouldn’t happen. A hero killed a believer? no. Hemoria didn’t think it was a problem. She forced her head up and looked at her Eugene.

that eyeball.

I couldn’t possibly think of him as a warrior. The holy sword now held in Eugene’s hand was not radiating its own divine light. All that surrounds that sword is a shimmering flame. Eugene Lionhart has no faith. Those pupils couldn’t possibly feel that they were warriors who were incarnations of light.

I knew very well what those eyes were. The eyes of an unbeliever who are never guided. Far from believing in the light, the pagan eyes denied and hated it. The eyes of the corruptors that will fall to the bottom of hell.

The moment he felt that, Hemoria’s body surpassed the instincts he was feeling. She overcame her fear and reached her feet. her lips parted. Immediately, red patterns appeared on Hemoria’s cheeks.

Hemoria’s nickname as an interrogator is the guillotine. This is her tinnitus four years ago, when she was only 17 years old.

The Holy Empire, which has reigned as a religious nation for a long time. People living in this country know best how tractable and convenient a religious fanatic is.

That is why new religions were constantly being born in the Holy Empire. Leeches derived from the Protestant Church of Light, slightly changing the doctrine, adapting to the convenience of the followers, and whispering only pleasant words to suck the followers of light little by little.

There was such a new religion four years ago. A wizard from the higher circles sat on the pontoon, and he raved about the magic he had created, calling it a miracle from the gods. There were even quite plausible private organizations such as magicians, mercenaries, and knights involved in crime under the head of the head. At that time, the number of pagans who were fascinated by the new religion exceeded several hundred.

That new religion disappeared from the world in just one night. The little girl carried by Atarax the Punisher blew their heads off.

The guillotine was obtained in this way. The pattern on the cheek spread to the bottom of the ear. Hemoria opened her mouth, feeling the heat on her cheeks. Her eyes were still glaring at Eugene, unblinking. She took great pride in being an inquisitor who punished heretics and apostates.


In Hemoria’s eyes, Eugene was no different from a demon. No, it was the devil himself. There was no way that much murderous intent and hatred could stay in the hero’s eyes. There is no way the hero can deny the light.

Eugene didn’t care about Hemoria. She didn’t even care. If he blocked it, he would cut it, and if he escaped, he would leave it alone.

… … something weird I felt that way. The instinct that melted after crossing the line of death dozens or hundreds of times made Eugene move.

Hemoria opened her mouth and bit the air. That moment. Eugene acted according to his instinct. Didn’t move too much. I didn’t know what it was, so I just moved a few steps to the side.


A part of the flame that had been around Eugene disappeared. It was clear what had happened. From that distance, Hemoria opened her mouth and bit her.


got it figured out Are you biting off where your eyes are directed? In that respect, it’s similar to Iris’ Dark War Magic Eye… … To be honest, the power was incomparable.

He fought Iris in his previous life as well. He also had a fight just a few months ago. In fact, even without such experience, it was never difficult for Eugene to fight while being conscious of where his gaze was heading. Eugene pulled his body forward, which had been leaning on his side.


A voice came out of Hemoria’s mouth.


A voice that spits out one letter at a time. It wasn’t just words. Like a dragon, the words he uttered were imbued with magical power.

Hey hey! The melted mana in the air vibrated and rushed at Eugene.

The commands Hemoria spewed out didn’t even produce spells like dragon words. But she forced Mana into motion, making it carry out simple commands.

Mana holds on to Eugene’s body. Just as Hemoria commanded, Eugene’s body stopped. Immediately, Hemoria opened her mouth wide.

I understand once again. that monstrous spirit. It’s sudden, but it doesn’t have as much power as proper magic. If this side’s ability is outstanding, it can be easily shaken off with force.

When Hemoria’s mouth bit the air once more.

Eugene’s body, which should have been stopped, accelerated. He shook off the mana holding her body with force and charged at Hemoria. The sight shocked Hemoria. But she couldn’t stay stunned.

“Write, run, lose!”

Mana came from above. That’s how Yujin’s phantom salt ceremony became stronger.

“Back, Frame, Ryo!”

Mana tried to twist her entire body. One step was enough for her to dissipate that power.


Mana tightened his throat. She didn’t even have to shake it off this time. Eugene’s holy sword was already flying towards Hemoria’s body.

“porridge… … .”

Hemoria shouted once more, but the word was not completed. The holy sword severed both of Hemoria’s legs. Before her body collapsed, her holy sword moved again and severed both of her Hemoria’s arms.

Quadang! Hemoria’s body fell to the floor, with both legs and arms severed. Hemoria screamed in her maddening pain. Even so, she glared at Eugene with her eyes full of resentment.

The tattoo on his cheek twitched and his lips parted. None of the words worked. Fist… … He could not wield it and was cut off. He couldn’t move and his leg was amputated.


He screamed and bit the air.

It was a pointless outburst. Eugene jumped over Hemoria’s fallen body. Then, after glancing at her hemoria with her emotionless eyes, she kicked her in the stomach.

Wow! It was impossible for the dismembered Hemoria to resist the kick. It wasn’t just a kick. The mana that infiltrated the moment it was pierced crushed Hemoria’s intestines.

Hemoria’s body tumbled into the depths of the pit. Eugene looked down at the pit he had made for a moment. I saw a few people still breathing.

Shall I bury it entirely?

I thought about that for a while, but I didn’t do it myself. Rather, I hoped that there would be someone out there who was lucky enough to save his life. He hoped that by surviving like that, he would doubt the faith he had believed in all his life. Leave that doubt in my heart and rot together. He hoped to raise doubts about God’s existence to others.

Eugene turned and walked forward.

The thick fog and barrier were swept away by the storm of flames that Eugene had created earlier.

Thanks to that, I could see the temple in the distance very well.

Until they reached the temple, they were not disturbed by anyone. Most of the Paladins and Inquisitors to interfere and block are lying in the pit. Other than that, like the inquisitors brought by Hemoria, they were swept away by the storm after the sword of judgment was shattered.

the temple.

It looked very old. at least 300 years. No, it must have been long before that. Eugene pours water into the spring with the girls who existed before Anise, and the saintess from 400 years ago. He thought of devices that shouldn’t exist.

what’s going on here

What is a saintess anyway?

The reason why the Holy Grail of Anise resonated with the jawbone of a saintess in 400 years.

Yujin had the truth pictured in her head. He just didn’t want to connect them one by one, and he couldn’t guess the answer to the underlying question.

why so far?

… … What is Cristina?

“… … Eugene.”

I stopped walking.

After passing the path leading to the pillars and pillars, he came to the center of the temple. In the place where the altar should have been, there was a large fountain emitting a soft light.

fountain of light.

Cristina closed her eyes in the center and slept as if she were praying. The calm spring water covers Christina’s body like a blanket. … … golden fountain. Like its name, the fountain of light was beautiful because it shone brightly.

So it looked even worse.

Cristina, immersed in the fountain, was bleeding. Even though she was bleeding so much, her expression was calm.

that face. The face of the girl who had been crying in pain was overlapped.

The smile that felt like wearing a mask all the way from Sun Plaza overlapped.

Shaking over trivial conversations on the train, the unconscious smile overlapped.


He said that he went into the fountain several times since he was young.

When I asked if I went in normally. She answered a few breaths late. She put on her mask so as not to show emotion.

How many times have you worn a mask like that?


Now I know what Christina was afraid of. She was obsessed with her saint. She spoke of the bond between the saint and the hero, and she said that she would be willing to give her life for the hero.

That consciousness is not normal. Even if they were misunderstood as black magic, there would be no excuse. Cristina, who was so obsessed with her holy woman, would never want her hero, Eugene, to see this. Cristina knows that Eugene has a dim sense of her heroism. She knows that she has no faith in the god of light.

That’s why I wouldn’t want to see it even more. So, I tried not to bring Eugene to Trecia. He even prepared an excuse for Eugene.


In fact, I would have just told him not to come. If we hadn’t met in the square. Unless you’ve been on the train together. Eugene would not have come to Trecia. just don’t know anything She would have waited for Christina to return.

But Christina didn’t. On the subject she was afraid to know about herself, about her saint, about Sam. She did not want it to be known that she was a candidate for sainthood, having been educated like that since childhood and raised according to Cardinal Logeris’ intention.

I rode the train with Eugene.

He revealed his mask, showed discomfort and fear.

– If you don’t want to go, don’t you have to go?

Eugene regretted asking that question then.

The question is wrong. I shouldn’t have asked the question.

– All I feel about this job is the pressure.

– I’ve never once thought I didn’t like it.

I felt that those words were lies. She still let her go. That, she thought, she respected Christina for her determination to embrace her.


Such consideration did not suit Eugene. That day, what she had to say to Cristina on the train was not a question.

don’t go.

I should have just said that.

Was it already too late No, it’s not too late. Eugene continued to walk towards Sam. A saint and a warrior, those things had nothing to do with Eugene.

Even if Christina is not a saint.

If she wants a bond, she will. Not that hateful bond of blood to blood, but the bond between humans and fellow humans.

-If there is a hero in the world, he will surely not hesitate to do what is just and right.

If Cristina wants Eugene to become a hero.

Eugene was willing to be a hero for now.

“… … Eugene.”

Sergio Rogeris.

He let out a long sigh and loosened his hands in prayer.

“… … Don’t come any closer. Now, we can put it on fire.”

“… … .”

“Eugene-sama… … You have committed too many sins. No matter how much Eugene is a hero chosen by the light, it is too disrespectful to invade the ceremony directly supervised by God. Eugene… … You killed the believers you were supposed to lead. You have soiled this supposedly sacred ceremony with blood and soiled feet.”

Sergio clenched his fist. Giovanni, weeping at the death of his men, also raised himself. Atarax also looked back at Eugene with bloodshot eyes.

“… … Go back now. There is a confession room in the cathedral, so there… … Please wait. I’m willing to listen to Eugene’s confession… … .”

“Divine Punishment.”

Eugene opened his mouth.

I raised the holy sword in my hand to the side.

“I am.”

The intent to kill became flames and swallowed his pupils.

“I will kill you all.”

My heart was beating fast as if it would explode.

“They said that the hero is the incarnation of light.”

Ominous and hideous flames wrapped around the holy sword.

“For me to slaughter you guys with this dog-like sword. It is the will of the light that you worship so much.”

I don’t know if it’s really the light’s will to slaughter those lunatics.

In the slaughter so far, the light of the holy sword had never exceeded Eugene’s murderous intention.

The light did not illuminate this place.

fountain of light

When the word divine punishment came out of Yujin’s mouth.

The three people who stood in the way could not hide their expressions. If you were a righteous and sincere follower of light, it was only natural that you would be furious at Eugene’s words.

It is a divine punishment. No matter how much Eugene was a hero who was recognized by the Holy Sword, he was never allowed to say such things.

In Juras, warriors are considered to be light incarnations. Light itself cannot be.

Eugene is not a follower of light. Like the great Vermouth 300 years ago, he did countless miracles to save people and not save the world. That is why it requires rigorous verification.

In the end, even though these three admitted that Eugene held the holy sword, they could not sincerely admit that he was a hero. It wasn’t enough to infiltrate this holy and sacred ceremony, and slaughtered faithful followers of the light. He packaged the unacceptable act as a divine punishment.

“… … dare!”

Paladin of the Knights of the Blood Cross. Giovanni’s eyes rolled over. He led the giant and directed it forward, generating divine power. The reason he was able to rise to the rank of captain among the hundreds of Knights of the Blood Cross was because he had always followed the light and had faith. Because he was determined to dedicate this one body and his whole life to the light.

That noble faith became a brilliant light. Giovanni stretched out his hand to the side, covering the giant in armor of light. ㅡWhoops! The large hammer that had been leaning against the wall flew into Giovanni’s hand.

“… … Eugene.”

Sergio also looked at Eugene with cold eyes. He shook his head as he rolled up the wide sleeves of his clerical robe.

“You said something you shouldn’t have said.”

Eugene gave a twisted smile in response to those words.

What not to say? You talk like that to a subject who is doing something he shouldn’t be doing. No, not necessarily from their point of view. There is no awareness of what not to do. Those lunatics are now convinced that the ritual they are performing is sacred and correct.

They don’t understand that the hero Eugene is doing this. It was the same with Eugene. Eugene did not understand them. he won’t understand Whatever the circumstances, Eugene didn’t know.

I saw Cristina lying in the fountain, bleeding.

The images of countless girls projected by the Dragon Word Magic flashed through my mind.

I remembered the face of Anis, who was staring at me with an emotionless face like a doll and eyes that didn’t even shine.

Eugene breathed in a passionate breath and took a step forward.

The response appeared as if he had been waiting. Giovanni kicked the ground. The hammer he wielded was heavy for its shape and size, but not slow. Giovanni approached with incredible speed and swung a hammer at Eugene.

Kwaaaang! A deafening explosion. Eugene’s body flew backwards. Giovanni was confident in the feel of his hands. he couldn’t escape couldn’t stop it It was evident that he was tired from coming this far. The deaths of his subordinate Paladins were by no means insignificant.


Giovanni gave a great shout and ran forward. He is chasing Eugene, who was beaten and flew away. Atarax and Sergio also jumped after Giovanni.

Consciousness cannot be suspended for long. Since the scars that were carved on the candidate saint have already been mostly healed, it is necessary to carve the wounds again and let the spring water seep into the wounds.


I looked at the three of them with murderous eyes. Although she was hit with a hammer and blown away, she suffered no injuries. The impact was so subtle that Giovanni didn’t even notice it, and he deliberately let his body fly backwards.

It was because he was worried about Cristina, who was immersed in the fountain.

Percussion! Eugene, who had been flying for a while, jumped a little further back with her feet planted on the floor. The three people who were fiercely pursuing were already near Eugene.

That gigantic paladin. I don’t know who. The speculation expressed is unusual. Probably one of the captains. Atarax’s movement was also excellent. Like the Assassin of Nahama, he hid his presence and was aiming for Eugene’s gap.

Sergio stands out in terms of skill. Since he received the stigmata and became a cardinal, it goes without saying about his divine power, but it was clear that he was not an opponent to be ignored just by his movements.


The hammer cut through the air and closed the distance. Eugene’s eyes did not follow the hammer’s trajectory. He measured the distance wide enough. If this is enough. judge so

Eugene’s arm moved. The holy sword she was holding loosely wriggled like a snake and soared. Compared to the hammer Giovanni wielded, the Holy Sword was thin and fragile enough to feel like a skewer. It didn’t matter. The extremity that warriors and knights talk about was funny to Eugene. His skills, trained in hundreds and thousands of battles and overcoming deadly, cut off Giovanni’s attacks with futile ease.

jjoong! The hammer bounced upward, and blood spurted from Giovanni’s grip. A little less grip would have missed the hammer. Giovanni couldn’t believe it. How could a sword wielded in such an unstable position be so fast and heavy?

‘Light… … !’

According to the prayers in his head, the armor of light that Giovanni wore changed. Divine magic encouraged him. Torn wounds healed instantly. The bestowed grace made Giovanni’s body stronger.

The hammer that bounced up fell down again. Giovanni moved like that.

Eugene did not go along with Giovanni’s offensive. He pulled his body forward, which had been bent behind him, and stretched his feet wide forward. dismissal. Lightning flashed. It was only one step for Eugene, but Giovanni did not feel it.

Didn’t see. before the hammer even hits the ground. Eugene was already passing Giovanni. He couldn’t even see its movement, and there was no way it could be possible to pursue a sword that moved faster than that.

The pure white flame looked like a wavy line. The line touches Giovanni’s armor of light. ㅡKagagak! The light has been cut out. The armor of light, which is as strong as faith, was shattered too easily.

Atarax, who was watching him, raised his arms high. Pooh! The skin on both of his wrists burst and red blood poured out.

blood magic. It is an ancient magic that was treated as black magic and died in the mage hunt initiated by the Holy Empire a long time ago. The Holy Empire analyzed the magic collected from the magic hunt and handed down the judged magic, not black magic, to the Heretic Questioner.

Blood magic is magic specialized for combat. Magic is different from magic that draws mana through circles or cores and implements magic through spells. Blood magic dissolves magic in blood itself and uses blood as a medium to create magic.

The spilled blood multiplied. Atarax’s feet stood up with so much blood that it was impossible for one person to pour out. Waves of flowing blood hit Eugene.

Eugene was not taken aback. waves of blood. That red color rather conveyed more fury to Eugene. The sparks created by Eugene swirled around his holy sword.

Wow! the waves crashed Scattered blood poured like rain. All of that was an attack threatening Eugene. Each drop tried to pierce Eugene like a bullet.

In the middle of it, Giovanni hurriedly adjusted his posture. There was no more hammer in his hand. Because Eugene’s sword, the holy sword, shattered the hammer. Giovanni felt intense indignation at the fact and clasped his hands in front of his chest.

Giovanni’s divine power drew a huge cross on the floor. Atarax recognized that holy magic and immediately raised his holy power and scattered light in the air.

gender barrier.

Hwaaak! A cross drawn in the sky and on the ground connected a beam of light. Eugene tilted his head in the middle of it.

“oh… … Oh oh..!”

Giovanni’s body trembled. The light that brightened the space dwelled on Giovanni.

Eugene knows this magic. They don’t know, but Eugene was never ignorant of divine magic. Rather, he knew more about holy magic than most high priests.

300 years ago.

He fought with faithful Anise for ten years. All kinds of knights participated in the great battlefield of that era, and among them, there was the Holy Knights of Euras.

gender barrier. It is a barrier that strictly controls the flow of mana and temporarily amplifies the priest’s holy power. However, in a miracle that transcends logic, there will always be a reaction.

Paladins who fight within the barrier of the Holy Lake pay the price of amplified power with their lifespan. As far as Eugene knew, only Anis was the one who performed such a miracle without too much pressure. The only price she had to pay was the deepening of the stigmata on her back and the bleeding on her own.

“… … under.”

Yujin’s lips opened and let out a laugh. The ring on her left ring finger throbbed. Agaroth’s divine power sensed the barrier and resisted. Even within the Holy Lake Barrier that controls the flow of mana, the sparks that Eugene created did not falter.

That appearance made Giovanni and Atarax resolve. That flame that does not fade even within the barrier of the holy lake. A gritty power of unknown origin. Different from the god of light… … .

“… … The power of heresy… … !”

The Heretic Inquisitor, Atarax, of course, saw through to that power that belonged to the pagans. How, how could that be? Atarax jumped into the barrier of the Holy Lake, tears of blood pouring from his eyes wide open.

“Sir Giovanni! Eugene Lionheart is a heretic! He believes in a pagan god!”


Giovanni also shed bloody tears. The owner of the holy sword is a heretic! Anger and lament became strength through the barrier of the Holy Lake.

all of that.

To Eugene, it seemed like a rotten skit. Condemn! Punishment! At the words Atarax shouted, he raised his holy sword aside.

The two jumped together. Although the place they belonged to was different, their faith in serving the light sincerely was the same. It was necessary to punish that terrible heretic who had put on the skin of a warrior and deceived the light. Even if he was martyred in the process, he was willing to give his life for the glory of light.

Atarax charged, blood pouring from his arms. Giovanni rushed forward with the light wrapped around his helmet.

In the meantime, Yujin’s body shook like a haze.

Sergio did not enter the holy barrier. From a few steps away, he saw what was happening within the barrier of the Holy Lake.

The moment Eugene’s body shook. The Holy Sword was divided into dozens. The symbol of Lionheart, the white flame ceremony. The uniquely refined mana is manifested as pure white flame, and after training, the flame is wrapped around the body. Like the name of the family, it flutters like a lion’s mane.

It actually looked like that. Eugene spread her dance, scattering sparks like a mane. But the color was white and not pretty. The color of mana that was repeatedly condensed and painted over was dark blue like the dawn before dawn.

“… … How… … .”

Sergio sighed and took off his hat.

“You mean an ominous light?”

Blood poured out.

Atarax couldn’t keep up with blood magic. He stumbled backwards. The blood evaporated before becoming magic, and his outstretched arms split into dozens and fell. Even that wasn’t enough, that blue-black flame hacked through Atarax’s chest and belly.

Giovanni, who charged directly, did not even stand up. The last word he shouted was ‘condemn’, which he repeated like a parrot. His body split into four parts, and finally his head fell off.

“… … what is this… … .”

Atarax trembled and murmured.

I knew that Eugene Ryanhart was strong. I also knew that he was the main figure who suppressed the civil war in the Black Lion Castle in one night. He had seen himself play with Hemoria like a child with a body that wasn’t even normal. He also heard that he survived by encountering Princess Rachal, and showed outrageous swordsmanship even in the battle against the White Dragon Knights.

But isn’t this too much… … . There is a degree to strength. It wasn’t even using magic. It wasn’t even using Lionheart’s other treasures. Arming the holy sword that should be used for the light with a special power… … .

swung just swung Atarax couldn’t even see the sword dance properly. So did Giovanni. block avoid He cut himself without even having time to think about it.

Training to become the captain of the Knights of the Blood Cross. The battles he went through until he became a high-ranking inquisitor. Everything was meaningless in front of the sword dance.

The price… … different. How the hell could this be? To be harassed like this by a servant who only serves the light, a corrupt person with an unknown pagan faith… … .

“… … devil… … .”

Even though the level was different, I felt a terrible murderous intent and hatred in a different sword dance for a long time.

The holy sword’s flame evaporated Atarax’s blood magic all too easily, and the blade cut through flesh and bone. that creepy. The light that Atarax had served all his life contained murderous intent and hatred that had never existed.

… … How could that be? Why didn’t the holy sword burn that cultist’s hand?

Holy Sword Altair.

A sword that has been dormant in Lionheart’s treasury for 300 years since the Great Vermouth. Among the Lionheart family heads after the founding, there was not a single one who drew light from the holy sword.

However, Lionheart was able to ‘hold’ the holy sword. The reason why the Holy Empire couldn’t retrieve the holy sword from Lionheart for 300 years was that the clergy who served the light more than anyone else could not even hold the holy sword.

… … why?

Thoughts I didn’t want to be conscious of cluttered my head. Atarax gasped and stomped her backwards. Why doesn’t the holy sword burn that devil’s hand? Why does the holy sword slaughter the followers of light from the hands of the devil? Atarax’s eyes trembled.

He recalled the many things he had done so far.

For the light, for the sake of God. What I have been doing to become a more faithful servant, to more reliably hunt heretics. Apostate Hunt. Pagan Hunt. The study of ancient magic and black magic. Incubation room in the basement of the Interrogation Bureau… … .

‘Divine Punishment?’

The words Eugene had uttered came to mind again. She couldn’t feel the same anger as before. Atarax felt the fear of being denied his existence and his whole life. Was it really not right? why? I never missed a worship service. It was blood shed for the light. Everyone was right. God looked at him and always gave him a warm light. The sun that always makes the sky of the capital, Euresia, clear and blue, is proof of God’s existence and care… … .

I bet it is. The sky is too dark now… … .

“Don’t deny it.”

A voice came.

Cardinal Sergio Rogeris. He no longer had a gentle face. Just like when he was an interrogator called an annihilator, he walked into the barrier of the holy lake with cold eyes shining.

“The light will open the gates of heaven to your martyrdom. You, Sir Giovanni, and all the faithful martyred here fighting the devil. You will be guided to a paradise full of light.”

“… … Your Highness Cardinal… … .”

“Everyone here will put their names on the memorial to Jurass. You who tried to stop the devil until the end will be remembered as saints.”

“… … iced coffee… … !”

“So please.”

Sergio raised his hand. On the sleeve of his right arm, which was rolled up, a ‘stigma’ glowed softly. Atarax closed his eyes and rejoiced at the heat that started from his back and spread throughout his body. So he slowly fell forward.


A storm of light erupted from the direction Atarax fell. It was a huge explosion caused by divine power. The explosion that exploded with Atarax as the catalyst annihilated the body without a trace, tearing through the darkness and attacking Eugene.

The air swords overlapped. The holy sword was once again wrapped in dark blue flames. Eugene’s slash cut through the storm of light.

Beyond that intense light, Sergio was standing. Backlit, he stretched out his right hand to Eugene.

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