Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 65

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The stigma engraved on his forearm was familiar. The stigma on Sergio’s right arm resembled the stigma on Anis’ back, though it was lighter and less text than the stigma in memory.

“… … you guys… … .”

Sergio grabbed the hand he had spread out.

All of the divine power that was amplified by the barrier of the holy lake and exploded with ‘martyrdom’ flowed into Sergio’s hands. His stigmata absorbed all of his divine power while dripping blood.

“What is it?”

Instead of answering, Sergio covered his left arm with a red cloth over his shoulder. Then, with his bloody stigma engraved on his right hand, he clenched his fist and glared at Eugene.

“You are the devil.”

Eugene laughed silently at those words.

fountain of light

“You ignorant bastard. Who sees who is the devil?”

Eugene sighed and raised the tip of the holy sword. He saw the source of the fountain of light. I don’t know if Sergio knows the truth about that fountain, but that consciousness itself isn’t normal.

How old was Christina when she received that ritual? Since when did she stop crying at that ceremony? Eugene remembered the girl covered in blood and crying.

He cut the body of a girl who must have just turned 10 years old with a knife. As if to obliterate her existing personality, she educated the character of a saint. And just before, she self-destructed her subordinates, Atarax, by turning them into bombs of divine power as if nothing had happened.

Sergio did not respond further to Eugene’s accusation. Like those who had just died, Sergio defined Eugene as a demon. What can you say about that being besides a demon?

I can’t let that demon play with the holy sword anymore. It’s unfortunate… … Even if you kill him, you must steal the holy sword. If it is possible to subdue it so that it can no longer fight, it will be possible to somehow enlist in the light… … To be honest, Sergio didn’t have the confidence to subdue the demon in front of him.

So you must kill it.

Wow! A cross of light soared from behind Sergio’s back. Sergio stood in front of the radiant halo and held out both fists.

It was a common boxing stance. However, it was immediately apparent that the level was unusual. In particular, the halo with Sergio’s back now was much brighter and more intense than the sword of judgment that the paladins and interrogators gathered their holy power and spread.

Eugene paid attention to the dripping stigma. Anise was the only cleric who could handle that much divine power alone, even in her previous life. Although Sergio’s divine power was not comparable to Anise’s, he could definitely feel that his status as a priest was different.

Against the halo, Eugene also operated the phantom salt ceremony. The rotation of the core became more intense, and mana was amplified. Hwaaak! A flame burned.

Applying the Dragonic family’s air sword to Aura Shield is a burden. No matter how good Eugene was at mana manipulation, it was best to focus on one sword for that much elaborate manipulation and overlap.

That’s why Eugene’s flame split into two. A pale blue flame amplified by the Phantasm method. The flames were superimposed with an air sword, and dark blue flames that spread black spots.

The pure output that can be produced by the green salt method still falls short of the heyday of 300 years ago. However, the power of ‘Kanggang’ reaches its heyday when the two overlapping swords and black dots appear. Even a fairly well-known sword could not handle that ignorant and violent mana.

The holy sword is not at the level of a famous sword. It’s a useless and excessive form, but the sword body itself is never broken by Eugene’s mana. Eugene raised the tip of his sword, conscious of the spreading sunspot.

2 overlap.

Is it enough?

‘Let’s guess.’

Eugene’s body leaned forward. Sergio’s fist also came forward.

The distance between each other has disappeared. As if time was forcibly cut and pasted, the two collided without connecting ‘movement’. Not even a sound could follow that absurd acceleration.

Sergio’s fist, wrapped in red cloth, was crushed. The flames of formidable density did not even make blood splatter. In terms of strength, Eugene had the upper hand. However, the thrusting sword did not completely cut off Sergio’s arm as intended.

A bizarre sense of resistance. The sword could not advance further and stopped. Blood dripped from the stigma, and an intense halo connected to Sergio’s body. That gigantic light pushed the holy sword back.

It wasn’t all about pushing. I could see the wound healing as if time was rewinding. The cut to the middle of her forearm quickly clung to and became a fist.

There was nothing to be surprised about. The power of the stigma engraved on his right arm. The bleeding stigma made Eugene’s blood boil more and more. Anise, who had been displaying a bleeding back with alcohol by her side, shimmered in her head.

Sergio’s body leaned sideways. A long fist wrapped in red cloth skimmed the ground and soared upwards. A little later than his fist, Light followed.

The light contained the ability of the Holy Lake Barrier as it was. Mana is scattered just by touching the light. Originally, I couldn’t maintain my sword strength in front of that light, so the fight wouldn’t have been established.

However, Eugene was able to control his mana while facing that light. No matter how strong Sergio’s light was, it was not stronger than the light of the moonlight sword. Since mana control was increased by targeting the moonlight sword, there was no way Eugene’s mana would be scattered in that light.

Rather, as the light grew stronger, Eugene’s mana and flame burned fiercely. It was thanks to Agaroth’s ring resisting the light on its own.

Kwaaang! Once again, flames and fists collided. It was Sergio who was pushed back this time. He was no different from before. Sergio raised his arms again, healing his wounds.

Soaring crosses of light pierced the night sky. Light bursting from high up illuminated the sky. Ahhh! A song rang out in the bright sky.

Eugene took a few steps back and glared at the sky. Three angels with spread wings were coming down to earth. These are the angels that Anise summoned in her previous life.

Conversations with angels do not work. They receive the call of the Shinto and descend to this world, and perform miracles on behalf of the Shinto’s faith. 300 years ago, Anise used to summon an angel like that to capture the entire battlefield and create miracles where needed.

But Sergio didn’t use the angels that way. He left behind the three descending angels and rushed at Eugene.

Angels put their hands together and prayed. Then the light that had pierced the sky was focused on Sergio. The highest level of divine magic protected Sergio. The blessing of the battle class. Sergio’s speed became incomparably faster than at the beginning.

And the attack became heavy. I moved my sword in time, but I couldn’t push it away like before. Rather, Eugene’s arm jumped up. Instead of going against the reaction, Eugene followed the flow.

That’s how the sword path was connected. The holy sword cut through Sergio’s gap, connecting afterimages. Kwak Kwa Kwak! Exploding flames engulfed Sergio’s body.

The body was seen to be smashed. However, at the dispersive stage, high-speed regeneration began. Even with this much blessing… … Being pushed back in a simple melee? Sergio had a hard time believing that.

Since his days as an inquisitor, close combat has been Sergio’s specialty. Even the Doni Paladins, who specialized in combat, were no match for Sergio. Even after he resigned from the Inquisition and became a cardinal, he never neglected his training. He was both a priest and a military man.

It’s the power that made it so. Even the highest level of blessings raised through angels were layered on. In terms of physical specs alone, Sergio is ahead of Eugene. And yet… … pushed What is lacking?

‘… … The view is different… … .’

I knew. That made it even harder to accept.

What you see is different. If Sergio could only see a few steps ahead, Eugene could see dozens ahead. It controls movements precisely enough to give goosebumps, and through it, derives and responds to attacks that Sergio can make.

“… … Huh… … .”

Sergio let out a long sigh. He straightened up his regenerated body, and pulled down his rolled-up sleeves to hide his stigmata. Eugene didn’t attack Sergio any more. He stopped in place, clutching his holy sword.

“… … Please go back.”

A crackling sound approached.

A temple ruined by a fierce battle. Cristina staggered from inside. She had a hazy face, as if she hadn’t woken up from her slumber, and the light was dim in her eyes.

“… … how… … what… … ?”

It looked like he was on drugs. Cristina fumbled, moving her tongue, which didn’t move very well. I couldn’t quite understand what was going on in front of her eyes.

how much time has passed

I don’t know either. the sky… … It’s dark because the sun doesn’t rise, but the surroundings are bright. Cristina stumbled, feeling a giddy giddiness, then pressed her against the wall.

“… … what are you doing… … Are you… … ?”

Cristina saw the three angels with their wings spread, and Sergio’s back. The adoptive father, who was the subject of scorn, was bleeding. Atarax and Giovanni, who were conducting the ceremony with their adoptive father, were nowhere to be seen. The temple was destroyed in half so that it could no longer be called a temple.

what happened

It wasn’t difficult to understand. Cristina caught her breath and looked in front of her.

I saw Eugene holding a holy sword. He was looking at Christina through her blunt eyes. Their gazes met in midair. Again, it felt like my heart was being licked. Christina winced and closed her eyes tightly.

“Please go back.”

Sergio sighed again. He turned to Christina with a contorted face.

“What are you doing… … ! The ceremony isn’t over yet. Candidate saint, I’ve told you many times how important this ceremony is to you, but why did you come out of the fountain… … !”



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Every word Sergio uttered became a dagger and pierced Cristina. It had been a long time since the adoptive father had been so angry.

Last thing I saw… … .

It was 12 years ago. When she was 11 years old Christina. She received light and became a candidate for a saint, the first time she came to this shrine.

The adoptive father smiled benevolently and placed the dagger in young Christina’s hand. Cut herself, she said, and go into the fountain. Christina hadn’t understood that. The adoptive father was playing a nasty joke, she thought.

It wasn’t like a joke. When Cristina couldn’t slit her wrists, the adoptive father said nothing and glared at her. There was no violence. She concluded her prayers without words. At that time, the adoptive father’s eyes were sharper and colder than the dagger Christina was holding in her hand.

It was impossible for an 11-year-old girl to defy that gaze. I was afraid to imagine what I would lose if I rebelled.

Christina did not want to go back to the monastery. She thought it was God’s care that she was reaped by Cardinal Logeris at that time. She thought that the fact that she had the face of faithful Anis-sama, and that she became the only saint in this era by receiving her light, was a gift from the gods.

The adoptive father said that the ritual at the spring was to receive God’s grace. It was said that cutting my body with a dagger is to offer this imperfect flesh to the light. It was said that the blood pouring from the wound mixes with the spring, and the holy blood flows into the body to cultivate the qualities of a saint.

I didn’t think that was a lie. She actually doubled Christina’s divine power as she went through her rituals.

But it was only natural for an 11-year-old girl to be terrified of cutting herself with a dagger. Not once, but several times. Cut, cut, cut and keep cutting. No matter how much I cut my wrist, I couldn’t get used to the pain. Even though she had spilled so much blood, her mind grew clearer and clearer rather than confused.

So I cried. It hurts, she doesn’t want to, she cried. She begged and tried to run out of the fountain. The adoptive father pushed Cristina violently with her hand, which had always been in prayer, and made her fall into the fountain. He opened his mouth, which had always recited prayers, and warned in a cool voice.

“Please go back.”

like now.

“Candidate Saint. You are the chosen apostle of light. This is the second coming of faithful Anis from 300 years ago. Only you can succeed Anise and become a true saint.”

“… … .”

“In this ceremony… … Many problems arose. For that reason, the ritual should not be stopped. Yet, you can do it all over again. So go back Go, dip in the spring and cut yourself.”

Sergio’s low voice made Christina’s heart tremble. Christina’s thoughts were limited by her adoptive father’s faith, which had been inscribed for 13 years. She felt a fate and a fear she could never escape.

“The hero, Eugene Lionheart, is corrupted. The light chose him as a champion, but the demon himself refused to become one. So it must be punished. That karma will be shouldered by me, so the saintess candidate, please follow her karma.”

Christina opened and closed her lips several times. The curse that had been weighed down on her for 13 years outweighed the words she wanted to utter from the depths of her heart.

“Christina Rogeris.”

Eugene’s mouth opened.

Sergio’s face contorted. Cristina slowly raised her head.

“don’t go.”

This time he said it clearly.

“Just stay there.”

Christina’s eyes twitched. Eugene proudly raised her holy sword beside her.

“What does it have to do with being a hero or a saint? you know me i know you too That’s it.”

“… … dare… … Will even the saintess deny it… … !”

Sergio was angry and angry. However, Eugene did not pay attention to Sergio.

“You don’t want to go.”

“Shut up!”

“Are you worried about the aftermath?”

Eugene moved his holy sword and pointed it at Sergio.

“It’s useless to worry. If you wish, I’ll kill that bastard.”

“… … .”

“Actually, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want it. Even if you tell me not to kill it, I will kill that bastard.”


I didn’t doubt that. The Eugene Ryanhart she knew was such a person. He never thought he was a warrior. He has no faith in the light, even though he freely handles the holy sword. Even so, the light that Eugene emitted from the holy sword was brilliant and warm.

The adoptive father, who had risen to the rank of cardinal with upright faith—- had never shown Christina such a light. The adoptive father’s light was always cold. Every time he officiated at the cathedral, his adoptive father spoke of the grace and love of light. He said the same to Cristina.

But Christina had never felt the grace and love of light from her adoptive father. She doesn’t know what family is. The adoptive father did not regard Christina as her daughter. She naturally thought that she should be a saint, and that she is.

Similarly, Christina did not regard her adoptive father as her father. For her, her family, the one and only one of hers, has always been a fearful object of scrutiny. Her resistance to trying to escape her girl was always light and insignificant, a crude self-satisfaction.

In the end, Christina couldn’t go against her adoptive father. Christina had never been given the opportunity to do so. Prayer repeated like a curse for 13 years and the fate of the saintess.

‘… … ah… … .’


I now know that I am at a crossroads. She unconsciously put her hands together in front of her chest. When it’s painful and hard to bear… … She always prayed like this. She pictured in her head a light that was watching over everyone from somewhere high in the sky.

It was a nice sunny morning. I liked the sunlight coming down from the window of the empty room rather than the pillar of light of the Trecia Cathedral, where I had prayed every day since I was a child. I felt more comfortable in the light of the small candle that lit up the dark room than in the fountain where the divine power melted and emitted light.

“… … Eugene.”

It was like that even now.

The angel behind Sergio. light coming down from the sky. The Cross. that brilliant halo.

More than all of that, the flames on Eugene’s body felt brighter. I felt the warmth of those white, blue flames. Christina clutched her chest instead of saying her prayers. She then gasped and squeezed her voice.

“… … you are… … I am… … Even if you’re not a saint, are you really okay?”


Sergio yelled and turned to Cristina. Intense anger made Sergio unable to spit out the word ‘candidate of saints’.

“How dare you, how dare you! Are you denying your essence!”

Anger became the intent to kill. The gruesome intent to kill made Christina’s body tremble even more. But she forced Christina to open her eyes and look in front of her. It’s not that he doesn’t avert his eyes from Sergio’s murderous intent.

It is because there is Eugene behind Sergio. Cristina tearfully looked at Eugene’s face.

“… … Eugene.”

Christina spoke again. Sergio strode and stretched out his foot.

“… … you are… … .”

After the name Christina, the surname of Logaris was attached, and she became a candidate for a saint after receiving the light.

From then on, Christina’s life was marked by pain and despair. She didn’t know why she had to go through all this pain in order to become a saint. Why did the saintess called the apostle of light have to cut herself with a sword in this bizarre ritual? Was she not allowed to shed tears in pain, to run away, or to scream?

Why do I have to be confined to the confessional every day and memorize the Bible?

Why did I resemble Anis-sama and was chosen as a saintess candidate?

Why shouldn’t we pour out our pain and despair to a merciful God?

Why can’t I show my hatred and have to smile prettily?

Why does the light not illuminate the darkness cast over me?

“… … Even if you’re not a warrior… … me… … Are you saving me?”

I didn’t want to doubt that God exists. If he even doubted that, it seemed that he would not be able to maintain himself. To become a saint is not to be taken care of by God… … I thought it was an ordeal. It was best for Cristina to think so.

Right now there is only pain and despair, but someday.

I thought so. There is always despair and pain in the world. Light certainly illuminates the world, but it does not save everyone. But, but. When you die, you can go to heaven. No matter how terrible your life is, if you live righteously and serve God, you will surely go to heaven.

Read the story of the warrior.

Adventures of the Great Vermouth. From that famous children’s book, he indulged in the story of the hero mentioned in the Bible of Light. The warrior is the embodiment of light. Instead of light, illuminate the darkness of the world. Help and save people in despair, save the world… … .

Cristina liked the story. She believed that the reason the light had not shone on her was because the hero, the personification of light, had not been born in this era.

When you receive the hero’s revelation.

Cristina could not be genuinely pleased. Even though she prayed so much, the light she had never shone on herself, gave the revelation that the first warrior was born.

-If we fall and die like this, will we go to heaven?

Cristina knows that the ritual to become a ‘saint’ is horrifying.

I know it’s abnormal that I have to do this over and over again to become a saint.

“I am… … Even if she is not a saint, will she save me?”

I was afraid of everything.

I was afraid to learn about the hero, Eugene, and the ceremony at the fountain of light.

I’m in so much pain I’m always feeling hopeless. I am afraid of returning to Trecia, of being at this spring, of the fate that forces the saintess, and of the gaze of her adoptive father standing in front of her now. The whole life I lived to become a saint was bleak.

I was afraid that the hero who was supposed to light up the darkness instead of light and save people didn’t actually save me.

“I am not a warrior.”

Eugene’s mouth opened.

At that moment, Sergio jumped at Cristina. He couldn’t contain her anger and reached for Christina’s neck. She grabbed her neck like that and tried to throw it into her fountain of light.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

A spark pierced the light.

Christina’s blonde hair fluttered back. Eugene, driven by a huge wind, stood in front of Cristina and blocked Sergio. His outstretched hand was blocked by the holy sword.

“Christina Rogeris, not a saint.”

Eugene did not look back.

“I am here to rescue you.”

Cristina cried as she looked at Eugene’s back standing in the light.

fountain of light

ㅡChuck! Sergio’s hand split in two. No blood flowed, and the cracked hand immediately clung to it.

There was no pain. But Sergio felt like a nail had been dug through his chest.

What Cristina just said. Sergio wasn’t stupid enough to not know what that meant.

“you… … How dare you!”

Sergio’s eyes shone with a vicious murderous intent.

He could not accept Christina’s denial of being a saint rather than the hero’s corruption. It is to deny the essence of existence. It means that a person denies that he or she is a person.

“Get out of the way!”

Sergio glared at Eugene and yelled out loud. Naturally, Eugene had no intention of stepping out of the way. I felt Cristina behind me start trembling. But she didn’t back down, Cristina tried to use her divine magic, picking at her rapid breathing.

It was to help Eugene. However, Eugene shook her head and raised her holy sword. Took. He lightly pushed her hand back, and a small force pushed Christina’s body back.

“I am protecting your body.”

“but… … But Eugene… … !”

Cristina looked at Eugene in bewilderment. She wanted to help Eugene somehow. It was part of her learned fear. Although she had been told that Eugene had nothing to do with her, she had a hard time imagining herself as Cristina or not being a saint. Having become that way, she suffered to face what value she had.

So I wanted to help. He wanted to prove that he was not worthless and that he could do something for Eugene now.

Eugene shook his head.

“Don’t overdo it.”

“… … ah… … .”

“Look there.”

Christina looked at Eugene’s back as she clutched her heart. That back was incomparably smaller than the light that Sergio created. However, that gigantic and brilliant light could not surpass Eugene. Cristina closed her eyes involuntarily as she watched the shadow spread widely in the backlight.

And when I open my eyes again

The sparks from Eugene ate away the light. ㅡQuaaaang! The kicked ground was shattered, and Eugene’s body was shot forward. Sergio, who was standing not far away, screamed and stretched out his hands in front of him.

I thought to block the advance, but failed. With a roar, Sergio’s body flew backwards.

Sergio glared at Eugene with open eyes and stretched out his left hand. His body, shattered by the crash, was already regenerating. Cheer up! His bones were shattered and a red cloth came loose from his limp left arm. The shot cloth wrapped around the holy sword.


Sergio yelled. The angels flying with him stretched out their hands in response to the wind. The brilliant light connected to the cloth, and the flames surrounding the holy sword were suppressed by the cloth.

[Eugene! Whoa, take out the moonlight sword!]

Mer inside the cloak freaked out and shouted at Eugene. She knew that the cloth was an artifact with high enchantment power, and that the divine magic that Sergio was using now was a powerful sealing-type divine magic.

No matter how strong Sergio’s seal was, a moonlight sword could break the entire seal. There was no way Eugene didn’t know that.

You know, you don’t write. It was almost certain that she would later be criticized for being ignorant, but Eugene did not break her stubbornness.

In this fight, only the holy sword is used.

So decided. Cristina, who had been watching from far behind her, let out her short scream.

The flame, which was so intense, couldn’t get past the wrapped cloth. Sergio confirmed that the flame was sealed and jumped at Eugene.

The stigmata on his right arm were already drenched in blood. The blood that oozes out is now flowing in a stream beyond the level of dripping. Sergio clasped his bloodied hand.

Fire! The light that burst from his hand became hundreds of swords and surrounded Eugene.


Mer screamed. Eugene’s eyes quickly scanned the surroundings. There was no room for her to get out. The holy sword was wrapped in cloth, and the flame was sealed.

However, Eugene felt that the flame was not extinguished. The sword steel created by the Phantasmal Flames does not fade and wriggles under the cloth. Eugene twisted her lips and ‘concentrated’.

Hundreds of holy swords rushed towards Eugene. That alone would have been enough, but Sergio was not too sure of victory. The angels opened their mouths and sang hymns. A huge hand of light appeared from the ground and sky. The four hands that appeared like that followed the rushing sword and wrapped themselves around Eugene.


The sound was very small. But Sergio couldn’t ignore the sound. A sound you shouldn’t hear. An intense foreboding that follows. An ominous fear that sends goosebumps all over your body. An unexpectedly reached death line forced Sergio to make a choice.

‘If I continue like this, I will die.’

Sergio did not dismiss the hunch. when he hurriedly took a step.

Lightning exploded in all directions. In the meantime, the fire flickered. Sergio saw the other side of light and flame with his eyes wide open. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the absolute sealing power of the fabric was being torn to pieces. The color of the flames suppressed beneath it was much darker and more ominous than before.

Hundreds of swords rushing towards Eugene were caught in the flames. The flame engulfed the light. 4 hands followed. I tried to spread it out wide and grab the entire space where Eugene was standing, but I couldn’t. Sparks exploded and hands scattered.

Blood trickled from his tightly closed mouth. Using the seal that suppressed the flame as a reverse, he condensed the mana that made up the Sword River. On top of that, sword steel was superimposed once more.

3 stacked air sword. More and more sunspots are spreading. The hand holding the holy sword trembled slightly at the enormous and powerful output. Eugene cupped his trembling right hand with his left and raised his holy sword over his head.

“ah… … !”

Christina looked at the holy sword with blank eyes.

Sergio’s shoulders trembled as he watched the flames from the front.

“… … Holy sword… … How far are you going to insult the holy sword… … !”

look at that flame It is an ominous light that cannot be believed to be the incarnation of light. To Sergio, those flames were hideous and ugly. Isn’t it completely lacking in the warmth and brilliance that light and holy swords should have?

Sergio shuddered and stretched out his right hand. Angels with spread wings stood behind Sergio.

ㅡHwaaaak! A beam of light was woven from the bloody right arm, creating a huge bow. And the halo made a brilliant arrow. A bow of light that boasts the highest level of power among divine magic. The light emitted from that bow pierces the existence, ignoring the magic barrier and the aura shield.

I saw Eugene standing with a holy sword, and Christina behind me. If he shoots arrows like this, even Christina will be caught up in it. —-If you don’t run away, that is. Sergio exclaimed, glaring at her Cristina with her twinkling eyes.

“Be purified!”

Quarrrrr! All the light existing in this space gathered at one point.

Christina felt the great power. Sergio expected Cristina to run away in her fright, but she didn’t. Rather, she freaked out and ran to Eugene. It was to protect Eugene from that vicious attack.

The moment he saw him, Sergio shot an arrow in a mad rage.

I heard Christina running from behind. She’s fine, it’s too late for her to say that. In fact, she didn’t necessarily have to verbalize it.

rushing arrows. A light that burns both eyes. Eugene pursed her lips and lowered the holy sword on top of her head.

3 stacked air sword. The dark spots that were gradually spreading exploded all at once. At that moment, the flames that made up the sword were completely eroded into black.

Arrows were crushed. The light dissipated without leaving any fragments. Backlight hit Sergio. Angels spread their wings and wrapped around Sergio. Even its wings were burned. The three angels disappeared one after another.

A black line drew the space.

Cristina sat down, unable to run any further. for a moment… … It happened in an instant. I thought light was coming over here, but suddenly it was night.

Eugene stood in the middle of it. Cristina swallowed her gulp, not fully understanding what had happened.

What Sergio didn’t understand was the same. in the dark… … swept away Half of the body is gone. Only the upper body was barely left. Even that was a miracle of stigmata. The light emitted by the stigma protected Sergio’s right arm and half of his body.

“… … Kreuk… … .”

Not even a voice came out. When she opened her mouth and breathed, the sound of the wind leaked out. Sergio managed to raise his head and look ahead.

I saw Christina without a single wound. Her enchanted eyes were unable to leave Eugene. Seeing that, Sergio gritted his teeth.

that face.

With the same face as faithful Anis-sama, I dared.

I saw the right arm wrapped in light.

The light emitted by the stigma was too small to illuminate the darkness… … .

I saw a holy sword that did not emit light.

I felt despair over it all.

At the same time, I felt a strong sense of mission.

The consciousness of the saintess candidate was no longer important. In the first place, ‘that’ has become an existence that can no longer be called a candidate.

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to create another saintess candidate with that same aptitude, sense of unity, and perfection. But isn’t there a great flaw in the most important character?

like a miracle… … existence.

When Cristina was first born, Sergio was sure the light had worked miracles. It was a hasty certainty. Just as the hero corrupted himself, the saintess candidate also corrupted himself.

Then you have to redo everything from scratch. Kill the fallen hero and retrieve the holy sword. Discard the fallen saint woman candidate. If it is accomplished, the light will surely give another miracle.

‘… … It must be purified.’

If I didn’t kill those demons and let them loose on the world, something terrible would surely happen. Sergio had no doubts about that certainty.

‘… … Holy Spirit… … .’

Sergio moved his groggy right arm and placed it on his chest.

‘Live in my spirit and flesh.’

Bloody fingers dug into his chest. The wriggling stigmata traveled through his fingers to Sergio’s chest. This is the final miracle. Even stigmata cannot replace the price. Rather, it is a miracle that can only happen when you give everything in your existence to the stigmata.

The result would be a beacon of light without ego, but Sergio gladly accepted this martyrdom.

ㅡLight bloomed in the darkness.

The small light gradually grew in size. Stigma spread all over Sergio’s body. When the stigmata covered the whole body. The body turned into light. It looked like an incarnation of light.

A beam of light pierced the darkness.

Eugene felt pain for the first time here. She thought she had twisted his body just before, seeing his left arm tattered as it was swept away by the light. If Agaroth’s ring had not been protected, it would have been so powerful that his left arm would have been ripped off or destroyed.

Eugene clicked his tongue and wrapped the cloak of darkness around his body. A light swept across her left arm. Sergio became a luminary in the form of a human and stood high in the sky. With just their presence, the sky was bright as if it wasn’t night.

“… … Look.”

Sergio looked down at Eugene and Cristina on the ground.

“This is the mighty light. It is the power of God that illuminates the whole world. You fallen demons, can never dirty this light… … !”

It wasn’t even worth talking about. Eugene measured the light that Sergio emitted.

3 overlaps.

Can it be destroyed with a single sword? Is it enough to penetrate the protection of the stigmata?

I was not good at guessing. That rotten miracle was way too out of line.

If he took out the moonlight sword that deviated in the same way.


… … There is no point in using the moonlight sword.

Not using magic, not using other weapons, sticking to the holy sword.

It was a soul.

‘You are too stubborn. Why are you fighting like that?’

The voice seemed to whisper in my ear.

“Unlike you, I differentiate.”

Eugene smiled and brought his tattered left hand to his chest.

“I have to do this now.”

Like Sergio’s hand, bloody fingers dug into his chest. But Eugene prayed and relied on faith or light and did not hope for a miracle from him. He only gave himself to kindle the spark.


Ignition exploded the core. Eugene controlled mana while listening to the beating of his heart.

Mana, who was running amok, left Eugene’s tune and created the 6th star. Eugene felt her whole body tingle and she laughed.

6 stars of the white salt ceremony. The situation was not suitable for leisurely contemplation of the resulting changes. According to Eugene’s will, the rapidly increased mana was concentrated on her holy sword.


It seemed that the weight of the air had changed. Sergio was now the light itself, lighting up the sky, but it felt like it was falling down. It is an illusion. It can’t be. Sergio did not doubt the omnipotence of the Holy Spirit dwelling in his body.

the light fell down The dazzling sky seemed to collapse entirely. Eugene did not take his eyes off the wonderful sight.

The light was as bright as mine, but Eugene’s eyes saw everything clearly. That light, which was too fast for the eyes to follow, was now very clearly visible.

Rather, it seemed a little slow.

Ignition, which unfolded at the 6-star stage of Baek Yeom-sik, gave Eugene a distant view.

“… … under.”

Eugene let out a dry laugh and raised his right arm.

“Nice to meet you.”

It was not unfamiliar.

The holy sword, entwined in dark blue flames, cut through the sky.

A formidable force shook Sergio’s consciousness. His body was not smashed. He didn’t even fly back. A force as great as this was tightly controlled. The slash only erased the ‘light’.

Just like that, only Sergio’s body remained in the sky. He didn’t understand what had just happened. Even so, he saw Eugene kicking the ground. The fast-approaching eye light gave Sergio great fear. He belatedly opened his mouth and screamed, trying to get away from Eugene.

I couldn’t. Violent flames blocked Sergio’s back. There was no more sun or light in the sky Sergio had turned his back to. The only thing that existed there was the spark that Eugene had created.

Eugene raised the holy sword with a grave face.

There was no spark on the blade. What was now held in Eugene’s hand was a beautiful, ceremonial sword that seemed unlikely to be used in real combat. That was all.

Eugene pierced Sergio’s chest with a ‘sword’ that did not shine.


heart was pierced Sergio’s body shook greatly. He stood with his mouth wide open and looked down at the holy sword piercing his chest.

The pierced heart is beating.

Sergio realized him and put a smile in the middle of his face. he didn’t die Rather, this approach turned into an opportunity.

Sergio stretched out his arms wide open to Eugene. That’s how he raised the light again and tried to purify Eugene entirely.

A small light arose.


The light was not the light Sergio had caused. It was the light emitted by the sword piercing his heart.

“ah… … !”

Sergio quickly became conscious of the stigma, but the stigma didn’t give it the same light as before.

The light of the holy sword grew stronger and stronger. The more he did, the more Sergio’s body collapsed. There was no way this would happen. why stigma? Why, the holy sword, in that devil’s hand… … Does it emit such a brilliant and beautiful light?

“Rain, light… … .”

Words that stutter. didn’t listen Eugene twisted and pulled out the holy sword that was piercing his heart. Sergio staggered back and grabbed my chest. He licked his lips and looked at Eugene,

I looked down.

Christina sat down and looked up at the sky with her eyes wide open.

“… … Oh my… … .”

obvious words.

The sword he swung cut Sergio’s throat. His head was swallowed by light. The spread light swallowed Sergio’s body.


Like fireworks at a festival.

Sergio’s body exploded, drawing countless embers. Eugene fell down with his back to the scattered embers.

Eugene left the scattered light behind and slowly fell to Christina’s side.

It was night again.

Cristina was slumped in her seat, unable to move. The things that happened in front of her eyes—-I still didn’t understand it well. All of this felt like a dream to Christina.

never a nightmare

“Did you tell me?”

Eugene removed his hand from his chest and approached Christina.

Cristina took her eyes off the night sky and looked back at Eugene.

“I came to save you.”

Yujin smiled brightly. Her body wasn’t all right. Her left arm is tattered, and her head hurts. Her heart hurts too.

Still, the body moved.

“… … ah… … .”

Cristina was speechless. She covered her mouth with her hands and sobbed.

The sky is dark. It was night, so it was natural that it was dark.

But Christina felt that the sky was very bright now.

“… … iced coffee… … .”

Cristina sobbed and hung her head. It was impossible for her to smile. She wanted to at least put on a different expression than her crying face, but even that didn’t go her way. I couldn’t take out any of the masks I’d always worn since I was young.

So Cristina just cried. She didn’t hide it, and she shed tears as her emotions surged. She cried with a face that was no different from when she was young, making a sound that was embarrassing even if she felt it herself.

She cried too much to cry, so Eugene quietly reached out to Christina. It was difficult for her to watch her still, so she tried to wipe away at least some of her tears, but Cristina, who was crying out loud, took hold of Eugene’s hand. Then, as if she had waited, she buried her face in Eugene’s chest and shed tears.

“… … hmm… … .”

I feel sick… … .

No matter how short it was, Ignition’s recoil was never light. Every time Cristina cried and rubbed her face against her chest, Eugene felt her muscles tear, her ribs shatter and her heart throb.

However, you can’t push away crying so sadly.

“… … Budeuk… … .”

Eugene clenched his teeth to keep from moaning.

I accepted Christina’s tears for quite some time.

fountain of light

“… … hmm… … Hmmmm… … .”

Cristina let out an awkward cough and stepped back. She cried so much and sobbed that her eyes were sore and her voice hoarse. She cleared her expression as Cristina glanced at Eugene’s wet chest.

“… … uh… … How did you come here?”

It was a question far too late to ask, but I couldn’t help but ask it anyway. Cristina still didn’t quite understand all of this.

fountain of light. Even in the Holy Empire, there are few priests who know of its existence. In fact, even Christina did not know exactly where this fountain of light was. Coming and going only uses warp gates unconditionally, and those warp gates are managed by one of Cardinal Sergio’s henchmen.


Eugene answered while wiping his hands from his tear-soaked breasts. Christina’s face flushed red every time she wiped her hands. Only then did she realize how much and how long she had been crying and burying her face in her chest.

“… … energy… … miracle.”

Cristina stammered out.

… … miracle? I couldn’t help but shake my head. Cristina did not hate the word miracle.

Although the experience as a saintess candidate was horrifying, she believed in the existence of God. In fact, as Christina, she could not bear not to believe in the existence of God, but for Christina anyway, her ‘miracle’ was caused by God.

“… … Eugene… … Didn’t you believe in miracles?”

I know Eugene doesn’t believe in God. He had seen this happen right in front of his eyes, so it seemed that Eugene would never believe in God for the rest of his life. Christina was puzzled by Eugene’s ‘miracle’.

“I believe in small miracles.”

Yujin muttered that and turned around. She tried to walk on her own… … The moment he reached out, his entire body staggered. It was because of Ignition’s recoil. Then Christina rushed over and helped her Eugene.

“divination… … Are you all right?”

“I don’t think it’s very good. My left arm hurts more than anything else.”

The left arm swept away by Sergio’s light. The bones are twisted and the flesh is crushed. Eugene couldn’t help but think that it was fortunate that his arm wasn’t ripped off at all.

“ah… … Chi, treatment. I will treat you.”

Cristina hurriedly tried to conclude a prayer. However, Eugene shook her head and refused and walked in front of her staggeringly.

“… … Where are you going?”


Christina’s expression hardened at that answer. She hesitated for a moment, then took one deep breath before opening her mouth.

“… … in that well… … What are you trying to do?”

“I intend to destroy it altogether.”

Other than that, I didn’t think of anything else. Whatever value that fountain had in the Holy Empire, Eulas, it was none of Eugene’s business. In the first place, he invaded this place and killed hundreds of paladins and interrogators. Killed Cardinal Sergio Loggeris, who was next in line to the Pope.

It was ridiculous to look at Yuras now, and Eugene wanted to erase that terrible spring from the world no matter what anyone said. No, it’s not enough just to erase that fountain. I will erase the basement, the pipe, and everything that can be said to be the source of that spring. And I will hold the pope accountable for all this.

‘… … I don’t know what it is.’

Eugene glanced at the holy sword still in his hand.

break the fountain It seemed that Eugene was not the only one who wanted that. Holy Sword Altair. Even now, this unknown sword was leading Eugene closer to the spring.

It was like that from the beginning. It was the guidance of the holy sword that allowed Eugene to go to the source of the fountain of light. And when he cut Sergio’s throat at the end.

Eugene hadn’t tried to raise the light of the holy sword. The Holy Sword generated light on its own, decapitated Sergio, and engulfed his body with light before exploding it.

Like a true divine punishment.

‘… … god of light? or not… … .’

Eugene stood in front of the fountain of light with a mixed feeling. She felt Christina’s body tremble slightly as she was supporting her. Eugene said, looking at Christina’s stiff face.

“If you’re having a hard time, why don’t you wait in the back?”

“… … No matter how strong I am, I will be able to move better than Eugene now.”

Cristina took a short deep breath and looked up at Eugene.

“And I… … There’s no reason to back out here, is there? Eugene. I want to break this spring and erase it. How many times have you longed for it?”

And that’s not all.

Christina felt a certain longing deep in her heart. I want to break the fountain. I want to erase… … . It wasn’t that kind of aspiration. It was hard to explain exactly, and it was difficult for her to judge for herself why she was the way she was, but she thought she couldn’t back down.

Eugene slowly stretched out the Holy Sword.

The way to break is simple, but there are various ways. It seems that there is no need to use an air sword, and if you just pour sword steel and swing it, you will be able to get rid of this spring entirely.

But Eugene didn’t do that right away.

Instead, he focused his consciousness on the silently vibrating holy sword.

The holy sword led Eugene’s hand as it did when wandering in the fog. The blade emitted a soft light. Eugene glared at it and stepped forward as the holy sword guided him.


Walked into the fountain of light. The more he did, the stronger the holy sword trembled.

Cristina never thought she would enter the fountain again. So she couldn’t go in with Eugene, and she froze on the spot for a while. Eugene continued walking all the way to the center of the fountain without looking back at Cristina.

“… … oops… … !”

Cristina clutched her trembling chest and let out a few deep breaths. Then she cautiously reached her foot to follow Eugene. The moment her bare feet, wearing nothing, touched Sam.

It was as if all the pain she had suffered in the past at this fountain was engraved in an instant.

There are no wounds on the body. He didn’t even cut it with a knife. His blood didn’t even flow. However, for Christina, this spring itself was a huge trauma. Her adoptive father, who had been forcing her destiny as a saint all her life, died, but that did not mean that all of her Christina’s trauma was gone.

Christina herself knew that.

But instead of hesitating for a long time, Cristina went ahead. She, Christina, was by no means a weakling. I knew that if I sat down or stopped, bound by those terrible memories, nothing would change from before. So she had to face it.

I raised my head and looked ahead.

I saw Eugene standing in the center of the fountain. He didn’t go further, but turned her head to look back at Christina. The moment I saw those calm golden eyes. Christina unknowingly grabbed her collar.

I didn’t want to look embarrassing.

I thought so. Being a hero and a saint doesn’t matter. Now, I know that. But even if he wasn’t a hero, Eugene Lionheart was a brilliant person.

—-The trembling in the chest stopped. Cristina came towards Eugene with her face sunken in peace.

The light of the Holy Sword became stronger.

Eugene felt the light guide him and turned the holy sword backwards. Then he plunged the holy sword into the center of the fountain.

There was a great ripple in Sam’s sleep. And the whole spring bubbling, and the holy power dissolved in the water swelled up as if being guided by the light of the holy sword.

The sudden light dazzled her eyes, and Christina closed her eyes once.

when you open your eyes

A small girl stood in front of Eugene and Cristina. Cristina was startled by the sight of her girl and took a step back from her.

“… … me?”

In Christina’s eyes, that little girl was her past.


Eugene was not greatly agitated. He smiled bitterly and called the girl by name.

anise. At that name, Cristina trembled her shoulders and looked back at her Eugene.

“… … ah… … .”

Then I saw the girl’s face again. After hearing the name ‘Anise’, I thought that that face was a little different from when I was young. However, the only difference is the atmosphere and the eyes.

There are countless statues and portraits of ‘Anis the Faithful’ in Jurass. Cristina had seen Anise like that since she was a child. She also knew that her face resembled anise. However, when she saw a painting or a statue, she felt that ‘she resembled her’ and the feeling she felt when she saw someone who looked exactly the same in front of her was bound to be completely different.

“… … hmm.”

The girl’s lips parted.

She touched her expressionless cheek once, then looked around. Sparkling Sam… … After looking around her fountain, the girl looked up at Eugene and Christina, who stood in front of her.

I felt that the eye level was different. The girl caressed her emotionless cheek, then she smiled. Christina couldn’t help but feel an eerie feeling at that smile. The face of a smiling girl. It was because her smile was the same as the smile of the ideal saint that Christina had practiced while looking in the mirror since childhood.

Eugene couldn’t smile at the girl.

“… … You are a nasty woman.”

The girl was still smiling. hug! As the girl took a step, the light that covered Sam enveloped her body. Just like that, her girlish appearance changed. No, she has grown up. Her body, which was just over 10 years old, has grown into a figure that Eugene knows well.

“… … ah… … .”

Cristina was so shocked that she could not speak properly. ‘Anise’, who has grown into her prime, made Christina feel as if she were facing a mirror.

Soon, Christina’s face went white. Even though she resembles them, they are too similar. … … It couldn’t have been a mere coincidence. Cristina slumped back in her seat, covering her mouth at her rising nausea. The thoughts she didn’t want to come up made her head dizzy.

“… … yourself.”

Anise’s mouth opened. She spread her eight wings and approached Christina.

“Please don’t hate me.”

Anise lowered herself to meet Christina’s gaze. She used to cry so much. Tears welled up in her Christina’s eyes again. That’s how terrible and repulsive Christina’s imagination was.

“You are not weak.”

Anise hugged Christina and whispered. Cristina was speechless and continued to sob.

Eight wings slowly descended and wrapped around Christina’s body. Anis pressed her own forehead against her Christina’s and closed her eyes.

“… … ah… … .”

Christina’s blue eyes trembled. She tried to comprehend the clear image that was passing through her head, but it was something she could not accept with her sober mind. Her consciousness faded away, and Christina’s eyes widened in a daze.

Anis let go of their foreheads and closed Christina’s eyes. Then he carefully laid Christina in her fountain.

“… … Hamel.”

Anise stood up. She turned to her Eugene with her usual smile.

“… … I thought that expression wouldn’t suit you. Maybe it’s because my face is different from my previous life… … That expression suits you quite well.”

Eugene raised his hand and touched my face once. distorted face. She felt her cheeks twitch. Eugene smiled and shook her head.

“… … What did you do?”

“It made me understand.”

Anise looked down at Cristina, who closed her eyes.

“… … this… … The poor child is just like me.”

“… … What is it?”

Eugene let out a long sigh and looked back and forth between Anise and Christina.

“… … I am… … I saw the source of this damn fountain. You must have led me there.”

“I didn’t want to show the truth.”

Anise’s smile wavered slightly.

“Hamel. You’ve seen it, so you know, but… … It is not something an ordinary person can easily understand.”

“… … We have seen countless terrible things since the old days.”

300 years ago was such a time. The black magicians who sold their souls to the demons did all sorts of terrible experiments that deviated from the norm without any moral concept. There were several magic workshops of black magicians near Helmud, and the most common thing in such workshops was human experimentation using captured slaves.

Eugene had seen such workshops several times in his previous life. he swept away erased from the world Of course she had to. Anise too, she did. She freed the captive slaves and healed their wounds. She burnt the warlocks who were experimenting with holy magic, and smashed her head with her own mace.

There were always people who couldn’t be saved.

People who have been too ‘experimented’.

Warlocks used to be preoccupied with creating magical creatures and weapons for use in warfare, but such experiments make humans non-human. A chimera created by mixing humans, monsters, monsters, and other things. A living sacrifice to increase the power of black magic. There were also many slaves used to create and test new magic.

Anise volunteered to decorate their ‘end’. She euthanized broken and dying people and non-human beings by covering them with light. She always recited a prayer with a sad face.

Leaving this painful world, please enter heaven.

“… … The source of this spring.”

Eugene let out a long sigh and said.

“It was more terrifying than the black magician’s workshop I had seen in my previous life. I can’t… … It was not something priests who serve the god of light would do.”

A filter connected to a pipe. What was inside was countless ‘relics’. The words were sacred relics, the remains of saints who had died long ago. The fountain of light goes through the ashes and forcibly ‘dissolves’ the divine power into the fountain. Then it flows through the central pipe into the fountain.

“It was necessary.”

Anis answered in a calm voice.

“Saints are, after all, beings who are created that way. This poor child is like that, and all the saint woman candidates who existed before this child are like that. … … me too, yes And many saints before me are like that.”

“… … But you and Cristina look special.”

Eugene recalled the vision he had seen at the fountain’s source.

lots of girls. the face… … Invisible, girls. Their presence was faint even in the illusion, but the presence of Anise and Christina was clear.

It was like that even now. Anis was definitely present in this ‘miracle’. She spread her eight wings as if she had descended from the World Tree, and stood in front of Eugene as if she really existed.


Anise nodded.

“Me and this child are special. She was born with aptitude, sense of unity, and perfection that can be said to be overwhelming among the saints and candidates before.”

Aptitude, unity, completeness.

Eugene didn’t want to accept that.

“… … You are kind, Hamel.”

Anise stared at Eugene with a thin smile.

“I know you are not stupid. You already have a vague idea of ​​what I and this child are. Still, not saying it directly is to be considerate of me lest you be offended if your guess is wrong.”

“… … I just don’t want to get hit by you.”

Yujin muttered that and averted her gaze.

“… … In fact, I don’t even want to know. I don’t even want to check. Whatever the saintess is, it has nothing to do with me. You’re just Anise, and that’s Cristina. Other than that, what is important?”

“… … Hamel.”

Anis approached Eugene.

“You don’t have to look away. You don’t have to and understand me and this child. I don’t want to get that pity from you. I want you to understand me, just as you are. I’m sure that kid will think so too.”


Eugene smiled bitterly. It was something she couldn’t possibly deny.

“… … What are you?”


Just as Anise had hoped, she asked directly.

“You and Cristina. No, the saintess… … What is it? Why is that happening in this fountain?”

Anise stood in front of Eugene with a bright smile on her face.

“A distant ancient time. The god of light who first descended on this land. He forged the holy sword Altair with his flesh and blood, and shed light on the world. And he created a religion and founded Juras.”

The founding myth of Euras. The story of the Holy Emperor who first raised up the Holy Empire.

“That primeval incarnation has long reigned over Euras, and has been a beacon in turbulent antiquity. With him as the head, faith was transmitted to the world, and various gods were born and disappeared. … … The Holy Emperor reigned for a long time and protected Yura and his subjects, but he did not live forever. He eventually descended to the world as an incarnation, and he had to return to the sky from which he descended one day.”

Anis looked into Eugene’s trembling eyes.

“The prosperity was leaving, and many church members felt fear. The light has risen to the sky, fear that the world will be immersed in darkness again. They hoped that the light would send another incarnation, but a new incarnation of light did not occur in Juras.”

hoped for light

“Craving wanted a new object of worship. Light is always there… … It is abstract to serve. Therefore, a more reliable object of worship was needed, the incarnation of light.”

“… … .”

“Ancient Euras needed many symbols, not just the pope. Symbols for fanaticism. A stigma that is said to dwell on the bodies of popes and cardinals. It served as a symbol for the Light to care for this world, and to choose ‘hands-on’ my agent. So many church members came to worship the pope and the cardinals like gods.”

“… … The saintess… … .”

“It’s a symbol of worship, like the pope and the cardinals.”

Anise’s smile twisted.

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