Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 66

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“The first saintess was an imitation incarnation using the ashes of the Holy Emperor.”

“… … .”

“A divine weapon that creates miracles by implanting the ashes of the Holy Emperor into the body of a young girl. An idol made for worship.”

The ancient fanatics created the light directly like that.

fountain of light

It was made using the ashes of the Holy Emperor.

Eugene couldn’t easily understand the words. Because it was a story that was so out of comprehension. No, in fact there was nothing he could not understand.

Eugene is a wizard. He learned magic in Arrot, the so-called kingdom of magic, studied all kinds of papers, and accumulated magical knowledge.

The time when magic experiments on humans are said to have taken place the most was 300 years ago. In that chaotic era, black magicians conducted human experiments without hesitation.

But the frequency was only high in that era. Experiments on humans have been consistently present throughout the ages. The wizards conducting such experiments were not unconditionally warlocks.

There are many lunatics among wizards. Such a wizard would lightly ignore duty for the sake of his own curiosity or magical inspiration. No, in fact, ‘conception’ does not necessarily require lunatic insanity or inhumanity to ignore reason.

Even for Eugene, the idea itself was simple. Magic experiments on humans are taboo, but magic experiments on monsters are not. If he can ignore the nausea and hesitation that rises from the depths of his heart, the wizard simply cuts off the monster’s body and makes fun of its existence.

The idea is simple. Leave the experiment alone, and replace the monster with a human.

The moment I thought so.

Eugene could easily understand everything Anis said.

The first saintess used the ashes of the Holy Emperor. She implanted the most ancient and highest sacred relic of Yu Rath, which had a high value, into the body of an immature girl.

What was transplanted to the first saintess was the Holy Emperor’s rib.

The remains of the Holy Emperor were imbued with enormous divine power that a living priest could never touch. The divine power that the priest could draw out by serving and praying for the light and the divine power that was directly melted into the holy relic were incomparable powers.

The saintess created in that way was worthy of being called an imitation incarnation. At the same time, it was also a sacred weapon that could easily cause miracles. The saintess was able to persecute other religions and heresies, who could be said to be enemies of Jurass, just by her existence. Many unbelievers who were fascinated by the saint converted to Euras.

“I did not live long.”

Of course it will. The incarnation implanted the light of God into the body of a girl who had no special features. The saintess created in this way was able to perform many miracles, but she could not make herself live for a long time.

“However, the first saint gave much significance to the madness of the ancient fanatics. They were enthusiastic about being able to make incarnations with their own hands, and were thrilled to see stigmata on the bodies of the saints they created.”

imperfect existence. Every time the saintess used a miracle, stigmata that had never been engraved appeared on her small body. The stigma was only a hand’s size, but the zealots believed that the stigma was proof that the Light was looking after them and that this act was not immoral.

“Since the first saint, countless saints have been created and died. Their remains become holy relics and are used as vessels to contain light… … It was transplanted to the next generation of saint woman candidates.”

Seonghwang’s holy relics were so precious that they were rarely used after the first saintess. In his stead, the holy relics of the saintess were used. Rather, it was better to use a saint rather than a saint to make a ‘saint’ stable.

However, the saints created using the saints did not perform as much miracles as the first saints.

So I supplemented it in another way.

Euras acquired several magics from a long ago mage hunt. The spoils from that hunt weren’t limited to magic. The heretic inquisitors of Euras hunted warlocks and wizards randomly and took their research results, and some wizards were captured alive, tortured, and enslaved.

Through him, research on imitation incarnations has made great progress. Among the trophies obtained from wizard hunting, the most valuable was blood magic, which was used as a medium. By combining blood magic and various researches, Eurass created a way to infuse additional divine power into the saintess she created.

fountain of light.

As long as a saintess is born, this fountain will never dry up.

“In the end, everyone is a lie.”

Anis said with a smile.

“Even the stigma that dwells on the bodies of popes and cardinals is not directly from God. The stigma that appeared on the body of the saint was artificially engraved by carefully selecting priests who were fanatical about the light and would never reveal their secrets. In fact, the stigma engraved like that had no power at all… … .”


I remembered the back of Anise I had seen in the past. The stigmata, which deepened and spread greatly every time he used a gigantic miracle. Anise’s presence was special in Jurass as well. Among the saints who existed from her distant past, Anise’s existence and the miracles she caused were by far the best.

“I was special.”

Her voice was cheerful, but Anise was no longer laughing.

“It has been like that since I was little. In that era, besides me, there were many unknown candidates… … Among them, I was the best.”

It had to be special.

The fountain of light was created and the failure rate of the method to imbue the saintess with power dropped significantly. However, it was impossible for her saintess to artificially increase her vessels. In order to make her saintess a proper imitation incarnation, she had to use the holy relics of the Holy Emperor, and although she had tried several times since her first sainthood, she had never succeeded properly.

changed the way

Mojo incarnation was impossible to conceive. So she transplanted the immature fetus into her stomach. After going through quite a few failures and using all kinds of divine magic and magic, for the first time, a baby was born from an imitation incarnation.

The infant was subjected to horrific experiments from an early age. Even before he could walk, he used the Well of Light as a cradle. He could not hold on and prolonged his dying life like that. Little by little, it was implanted into the child of the few remaining Holy Relics. He ground the bones and made them soak into the wounds. The blood cultivated through blood magic was poured into the child’s heart.

In this way, a near-perfect imitation incarnation was born in Yuras. That imitation incarnation was born with a stigma that was incomparably stronger than that of the original saintess, and as she used her miracles, her stigma increased in size and became more powerful. Furthermore, the reason why its existence could be called proof of a miracle was because she was able to perform at least some miracles by inscribing the stigma to a high-ranking priest.

“I hated this country.”

Anise murmured.

“I could never like it. In fact, I hoped that the Demon King and his tribe would completely wipe out this country.”

“… … .”

“If I had only been in Jurass, I would have lived with that hatred all my life. but… … I came out of Euras. Vermut-nim pulled out the holy sword, and I, as a saintess, joined Vermut-nim on his journey. Hamel. What do you think I must have felt on that journey?”

Eugene looked into Anise’s eyes.

It was difficult to read the emotions in those calm blue eyes. It’s been like that since the past. Anise did not always reveal herself. He hid his true feelings with a smile that was as thick as a mask.

“… … No matter how terrible Euras was, I felt that God was real. After all, miracles made sense to exist. My existence and everything was contemptible and miserable, but I knew the world was more miserable than that.”

I’ve seen too many things.

“I never wanted to admit it, but we were a miracle in our time. Vermut-sama, me, Senya, Morron, Hamel, and you too. We were all miracles. We could have saved the world, and we could not have saved it. … … we… … The only things I couldn’t save were those who had already died and you, Hamel.”

Eugene couldn’t say anything.

“We all would have. Everyone felt something along the way… … . has changed I trusted and relied on a God I didn’t want to believe in. I hoped for heaven, and I thought I wanted to lead everyone to heaven.”


Eugene did not deny it. At some point, the purpose of the journey changed. Hamel did not have a grandiose conviction to save the world from the beginning. Just, he wanted revenge. Since the world has changed like X and I have gone through X things, I wanted to do X things to the demons and demon kings who punished him.

since when

More than that, I thought about how I wanted to save the world. It was natural for people to die on the battlefield, but if that’s the case… … I thought it would be nice if less people died. He wanted to kill the demon king out of revenge and hatred, but he imagined what the world would be like after the demon king died.

“… … you… … .”

Eugene let out a long sigh.

“I didn’t go to heaven.”

“… … It was too soon.”

Anis laughed again.

“Actually, I could have gone to heaven. The wings on my back right now… … It is proof of that. Hamel. So you don’t have to feel sorry for me, and you don’t have to be sad. I did not go to heaven myself.”

“… … Why?”



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There are parts I don’t understand.

Anise was strong. No matter what method the Holy Empire used, it would have been impossible to capture the resisting Anis.

“… … You’ve lived in the Holy Empire for a long time. And suddenly I went on a pilgrimage. You… … Why did it become like that? Cristina… … .”

Anis didn’t answer, but raised her head and looked up at the sky.

The deep night sky was gradually fading.

“I tried to disappear.”

Anise smiled brightly.

“… … Finally, I went to your grave, prayed, and tried to disappear. The pope and the cardinals told me to sacrifice for the ‘next’ mock incarnation, but they couldn’t control me.”

If Anise decided to disappear, no one in Jurass could have stopped Anis. In fact, Anise left Yuras without any restraint and reached the desert of Nahama.

“… … But you… … .”

“I just changed my mind.”

Anise smiled and shook her head.

“I don’t like sacrifice, and I don’t want to sacrifice myself for Euras, whom I despise. but… … In the desert, on the way to your grave. Suddenly, this thought came to me.”

“… … .”

“Hamel. You sacrificed yourself for the world. You’d say the action wasn’t a sacrifice… … Everyone who saw your death there thought you had given your life for the world. You’ve been like that before. Even though I knew my body would be destroyed, I put my body at the forefront with the determination to kill the demon king.”

It was painful to listen.

Yujin lowered her gaze and clenched her fists. She wanted to say something, but her mouth wouldn’t open.

“… … Because I couldn’t help it.”

The words he said after hesitating were too ugly to even think to himself.

“… … The demon castle of confinement was terrible. It was a place where Vermouth should not be in the lead. Morron was like that too. Because the guy is ignorant of his back. If someone had to clear the way in the lead, I… … was the right person I don’t want to talk about that now. Everyone agreed then.”

“yes. It was. As you said, Hamel, someone had to clear the way there, and you were the right person. As a result, you are dead.”

“I never blamed you for my death. You guys said it several times along the way. It’s dangerous to go higher. Let’s step back and adjust our posture for now. It was my choice to reject him and keep going, and the fact that I died in the end was because I threw myself at my own will.”

“Even so, do you think we would not have been saddened by your death?”

Eugene raised his head and looked ahead.

The sun was rising in the distance.

“After all, you sacrificed yourself. I was running away because I didn’t want to sacrifice. Hamel. I’m pretty fickle. There is no other occasion… … There was none. The desert sun was so bright and hot. To be honest, I had a hard time finding your grave. Senya went into hiding… … No, it was known that he hid. I had to wander through the desert, searching for distant memories.”

Anis smiled as she recalled that time.

“I wandered for so long, thinking about many things. What if I disappear like this? It must have been a nasty gift to Euras, whom I despised. But what next? I was a miraculous being. Whether or not I disappeared, Eurass would have made a saint as he always did. But you couldn’t have made a saintess as good as me.”

If only the world had complete peace.

Anise probably didn’t have to think about the future after she disappeared.

“In fact, the biggest reason I had no choice but to worry was because I felt that my life was not far off. I’m close to perfect, but not really perfect. It was a fate that had no choice but to die, disappear, and go to heaven.”

If death was imminent, there would be no reason for Anis to worry, and the Holy Empire would have no reason to worry about Anis’ next generation saint.

But Anise had to die sooner or later. So, the Holy Empire needed a saint from his generation, and Anise didn’t want to cooperate with him. He killed 3 demon lords, so you should take care of the rest. I wanted to think so.

But while heading to the grave of the only dead colleague.

It reminded me of a violent colleague who went on a rampage to kill all demon lords. He recalled an ignorant mercenary who had no manners.

Even at the moment of his death, he left no will to his colleagues. He thought it was unnecessary. Hamel thought that his remaining companions would of course kill all the demon lords. I thought we would bring something called peace to the world as we hoped together.

However, there were still two demon lords left in the world.

Anis had no choice but to die sooner or later.

“… … Priests from Yuras came to persuade me to wander the desert.”

Dawn comes to light. Anise said with her back to the sky at dawn.

“at that time… … It’s just a whim. I returned to Jurass with them, and took my own life. I didn’t want to conceive an unwanted child like my mother did. Suicide was a kind of defiance against this filthy country that I was ready to accept.”

“… … like that… … Have you become an angel?”

Eugene saw the wings sprouting from Anise’s back.


Anis replied with a wide smile.

“My body is dead, but my soul is not gone. The light shining on me tried to lead me to heaven, but I refused to go to heaven. Like that, stay in the world.”

His gaze turned slowly to Christina.

“I was able to nest in that child.”

Eugene felt terrified at that nonchalant answer. Before long, Eugene let out a low laugh.

“You are a snake woman. know? Me and Senya always whispered like that over you.”

“Hamel. Do you really know The snake is also a symbol of regeneration and eternal life.”

Anis answered while maintaining a smile without any hint of displeasure.

“Actually, none of this was my intention. I didn’t go to heaven because I didn’t think I was worthy yet. I am… … What I was able to do with that child.”

Cristina was still asleep with her eyes closed. Anis approached Christina and lowered her body. Then he looked at Christina with her sad eyes and ran her hand over her cheek.

“… … Just as I was special, this child was special.”

The Holy Empire made a holy relic from Anise’s corpse. Rather than transplanting it to a later saint, he tried to clone a saint who was close to perfection.

It has gone through many failures in 300 years. It didn’t matter if the replica had a soul or not. If it is a soul, you can extract it and transplant it. The most fatal and surmountable problem was the suitability of the soul that was arranged and the body that was cloned.

The clones that failed were sent to the fountain of light without even being candidates for sainthood. In the meantime, saints had to exist, so imperfect saints transplanted with replicas were put forward. They too eventually died and became part of the Well of Light.

through many failures.

A near-perfect replica was born.

A newborn baby abandoned in a monastery. From the first stage of implantation into the cloned body, the soul of the child showed a sense of unity and aptitude that exceeded that of the existing test subjects.

The holy relic of Anise, which was kept in top secret, was added to the replica. Not broken. The child’s body, which was cloned from Anise, showed a close-to-perfect sense of unity with the holy relic.

The clone was named Christina, and was kept under various supervision in the monastery until she was 10 years old. On the way she would have been discarded if she had a seizure, but Cristina never had a single seizure.

Christina became the adopted daughter of Cardinal Rogeris.

She became the only candidate for sainthood at the time.

“In terms of perfection, this kid is better than me. This child… … You won’t have to fight for death like I did, and you’ll live for a long, really long time like Senya did. … … This child has not yet had a stigma, but sooner or later she will be able to perform miracles without bleeding from a stigma like I did.”


“… … The end of the miracle is not far away.”

Anise opened her mouth.

“Soon I will return to this child. Nothing much will change. This child will always be Christina Rogeris, and I… … As a spiritual being, it just melts into this child.”

“… … .”

“Hamel. Don’t feel sorry for that fact. This isn’t heaven, but you and I are reunited like this. I can’t help myself, but I… … As a part of this child, I can protect you on your journey.”

“… … anise.”

“I think all of this is the guidance of the light. The believers who serve him have turned ugly, but he still loves all his followers and gives them light. And through this miracle it led me to you. you… … Becoming the owner of the holy sword. The holy sword did not lose its light here. All of them are the will of light. You will fulfill a mission we couldn’t accomplish 300 years ago… … .”

“Did you and Senya write the children’s book together?”

Anis stopped talking.

She lifted her hand slowly from Christina’s cheek and looked up. She then looked at her Eugene in disbelief.

“… … Don’t you think it’s an inappropriate question to ask in the current conversation, atmosphere, and situation?”

“Then shall I cry?”

“… … I don’t want to see your crying face.”

“It’s okay to get angry, though. I’ve already been angry a while ago… … He said he didn’t like to cry. I don’t want to cry too much.”

Eugene grumbled and approached Anis.

“I’ve been feeling that there is something like X in the Holy Empire since 300 years ago. In reality, it was more like X than I imagined. what can i do that has become so.”

He stretched out his hand toward Anise.

“… … Eventually you died and became an angel. Not going to heaven is your choice. After all, there is a God, and there is also a heaven. then… … It happened. Cristina is your clone, and you dwell in Cristina… … There is nothing I can do about it now.”

“… … .”

“Because that is in the past.”

Eugene grabbed Anise’s hand.

“But in the future, this won’t happen. If I kill all the remaining Demon Kings, the Holy Empire will no longer need saints. If you want to create more saints in such a world, I will annihilate the followers of light in this world with my own hands.”

“… … foot.”

“What I have to ponder now is whether or not to cut the heads of the pope and other cardinals who did all this. Probably not. The Holy Empire is too big, and you can’t ignore its troops. They will be needed in the war ahead after all. But, I’ll make sure you don’t do any more shit.”


Anis covered her mouth and giggled.

“It’s like you, Hamel.”

“So what? A children’s book You and Senya wrote together, right? uh? Why did I write like an idiot?”

Eugene grumbled and stood Anis up. Then he looked straight at Anis and urged the answer.

“Why are you harassing people by giving me the dog-like nickname of stupid Hamel, 300 years later? Why am I stupid?”

“… … Are you asking because you really don’t know?”

“Then I know, but I don’t know, so I’m going to ask? No matter how much I think about it, I can’t understand it. If you really want to call it stupid, you should have said it to Morron, not me.”

Eugene sincerely thought so. Brave Hamel, stupid Moron. Aren’t they just right for each other?

“… … Hmm.”

Anise looked up at Eugene and smiled slightly.

“I can see that you are still the same.”

“What remains… … .”

The words I spit out did not continue to the end and were blocked.

The lips that approached suddenly closed Yujin’s mouth. She was startled and tried to back away, but couldn’t. Before he knew it, the arms wrapped around his neck tightly gripped Yujin’s head and suppressed it.

The tongue slipped between the gaping lips. Eugene looked at Anis with wide-open eyes. Anise right in front of him was smiling with his eyes wide open.

“… … Whoa.”

The lips that were touching fell apart. Anise untied his arms from Eugene’s neck and pushed his chest.

“This is why you are stupid.”

“… … uh… … .”

“Please tell Senya I’m sorry. I don’t know if you understand, but what can I do? I am already dead.”

“uh… … uh? uhh… … .”

“Stupid Hamel.”

Anise licked her wet lips and smiled.

“You are, in some ways, an asshole more than a moron.”

Anise’s figure began to disappear. Eugene’s eyes widened at the sight.

going to run away If he had disappeared normally, he would have felt a surge of sadness and even shed tears, but now Eugene couldn’t possibly feel the sadness.

“Hey, hey!”

“It’s not goodbye, Hamel. I will protect you from within this child… … .”

“Okay, apologize and go!”

Eugene yelled and grabbed Anise’s hand.

“Apologize for being an asshole rather than Moron! and… … And, that was the first time with this body… … .”

“Oops… … .”

Anise shook her head with a genuinely sorry expression.

“Will you be the first?”

“… … uh… … .”

“Please tell Senya. I’m sorry, but that’s how it happened.”

Those were the last words Anise uttered.

Eugene stood with a dazed face, watching Anise crumble into the light. The light did not disappear and stayed on Christina. It wasn’t just anise. The fountain of light and the source of the spring that is connected to this place. Everything there was scattered with light.

The light soared into the dawning sky. The dark blue sky completely brightened.

It was a very beautiful sight.

Instead of looking up at the sky, Eugene stroked her lips.

“… … her… … haha… … heh heh heh… … .”

After standing there for a while, he let out a dejected laugh.

fountain of light

The pipe no longer pumped up the spring water. The fountain of light, the essence of the source. all gone It wasn’t just spring water. The spheres that were connected to the pipe. Even the holy relics that were contained in it—- had disappeared without a trace.

Eugene glanced back at Christina, who was being blown away by the wind. She was still unconscious, unable to open her eyes.

Rather, I thought it was better. Things he didn’t want to see were neatly gone, but Eugene didn’t want to show Christina even that old pipe.

“… … why?”

I put my hand inside the cloak with the intention of sweeping it away. She grabbed Eugene’s finger as if Mer had been waiting. She held onto Eugene’s hand as she drew out her moonlight sword, and they came out together.



“you… … you… … Eugene… … It’s a dog. ”

Mer shuddered and pointed her finger at Eugene.

“How, how… … unscrupulous! can you work? Even in front of my eyes!”

“no… … what… … Looking back, I didn’t do anything… … .”

“lie! Eugene is a liar! Eugene could have avoided it! But I didn’t dodge! Rather than avoiding this… … lips! Lips touch, tongue… … You stayed still until the moment your tongue came in!”

“that is… … therefore… … uh… … Merya. As for people, when something incomprehensible happens, the body stops listening. I mean, my thoughts stop and I just freeze. And I felt the recoil of the ignition… … .”

“lie! You’re doing well now!”

“Strictly speaking, I am not moving right now, but the wind of Tempest… … .”


Merga squealed.

“anyway! Eugene from earlier was so lax that even I could stab him to death with a dagger!”

“Did I ever imagine doing something like that?”

Eugene desperately calmed Mer, who was furious. Mer stomped on her floor with her feet.

“I just don’t understand. Today’s Eugene has a good-looking face. But it’s not a past life! I’ve seen Hamel’s face every day at Acreon, but I’ve never thought of him as handsome.”

“That is too much… … . To be honest, I don’t have a face that deserves to be called ugly… … .”

“I felt it every time we had a conversation about this topic, but Eugene-nim’s confidence is so arrogant and groundless. How can you have such confidence in your face when you have the great Vermouth-sama next to you?”

“hmm… … I admit I was a little uglier than Vermouth, but I was much more handsome than Moron. And being handsome doesn’t necessarily mean having a good face. I had a good-looking vibe.”

“crazy… … .”

“It’s just that my handsome atmosphere didn’t come out well in the video in Akrion. No, even there… … that… … what are you… … . Aren’t the proportions pretty good? The face is rather small, the shoulders are broad, the body is muscular… … .”


“The scars on her face were drawn pretty nicely too. I’m not saying anything wrong. In my previous life, there was not a single bastard who stood in front of me and called me ugly.”

“It must be because every single person who said that was killed by Eugene-nim. Anyway, Eugene is bad. How could you do that in front of me?”

thump, thump. Mer stomped his foot again and fired. Feeling very, truly resentful, Eugene drew her moonlight sword from her scabbard.

“hey! Did I? uh? I’ve been hit! I am a victim too. But why are you talking only to me?”

“Damn it! How shameless… … Eugene-sama also enjoyed it from the bottom of his heart!”

“I didn’t enjoy… … . really. I was just shocked and couldn’t move. And uh… … she was sad too After all, my colleague, Anise, is dead. He said he would never see me alive again… … .”

Eugene said with a gloomy face and laid the moonlight sword aside. Seeing Eugene’s drooping shoulders, Mer hesitated for a moment. I regretted not being able to hold back my anger and running amok… … . Mer felt an inconsolable loneliness from Eugene.

‘… … But Senya-sama is still alive.’

Thinking so, Mer let out a cough.

“… … I will tell Senya-sama later.”

“Yes, yes.”

The moonlight sword emitted light. The moonlight that slowly pushed in erased all the machinery underground. Yujin checked the empty room and turned her around.

I walked around the ruined temple. The dead bodies were left unattended. Some of them were still alive, but Eugene didn’t know if they were alive or dead.

The heat ran through his head and ran wild. Isn’t it like giving a bottle and giving medicine to stretch out your hand now that it’s all over for a topic that went wild like that?

‘Is it X?’

I thought so. Everything was over, and the intense anger, hatred, and intent to kill had faded. So, slowly, rational thoughts returned.

… … What do you do with this? He wasn’t an ordinary low-level priest, he killed the cardinal. One of the captains of the Knights of the Blood Cross and the High Inquisitor of the Inquisition were also killed. In addition to that, the number of people Eugene killed today far exceeded 100.

… … It was excessive. Regardless of the front and back, he ran rampant ‘like Hamel’. I warned you not to stop. It wasn’t that I had any intention of killing him in the first place.

However, while not backing down and attacking… … I was annoyed that they were absolutely right and tried to block and send them back for no reason.

‘I can do something if I’m alone, but the problem is Lionheart.’

The Emperor of Kiel is greedy for what Lionheart has. What if a conflict between the empires breaks out as Yuras brings this to the fore? Of course, the emperor would try to place the blame on Lionheart.

But it won’t go smoothly. Eugene had no intention of keeping his mouth shut about this crazy matter. The opinions of the Holy Empire can be dismissed with the holy sword. If they don’t accept it, it will be a denial of the light they have served.

The power that Lionheart has accumulated over 300 years is considerable. It is impossible for Kiel to expel the entire Lionheart family from the empire. If you agree well… … .

‘Put me in prison or banish me alone.’

It seemed that he would not go as far as exile. Eugene was too proud to be accused of this and exiled. What does Kiel gain by banishing Eugene? does not exist. The moment Eugene is exiled, he will try to coax Eugene from all over the world.

‘I think I’ll put you in jail and beg you well…’ … no. That was also the case when Yuras rebelled. If the pope wants to bury this whole thing, Kiel will have no choice.’

Most problems are solved by keeping the pope’s mouth shut.

how? Eugene faced the fanaticism of light in this temple. They called Eugene’s behavior a depravity. The choice of light was not wrong. Eugene Lionheart’s ability is suitable for a hero. However, Eugene Lionheart’s personality has been corrupted… … .

It was invincible logic. They evade the true meaning of the light, claiming that their actions are according to their faith. It started with the Holy Knights and the Inquisitors, but it was questionable whether a proper conversation would work with the Pope, who stood at the top of those fanatics.

‘… … If I reveal that I am Hamel… … .’

So far, it has been roughly resolved by revealing the previous life. However, the opponent is the Pope of the Holy Empire. Revealing that he was Hamel did not seem to solve the problem. What if the holy sword emits light? That alone isn’t enough. something a little more… … Like a sure miracle… … .

“Can you come down when you wake up?”

Yujin looked back and grumbled.

Cristina’s shoulders, which were drooping in the wind, trembled.

“I’m in a state of total body and mind right now… … Is it difficult to summon a spirit?”

“… … Uhm… … .”

Cristina cleared her throat and came down from the wind. She did not raise her bowed head. Her clothes, which had been drenched in her spring water, were already dry, but she pulled at the collar and brushed off what Christina was so uncomfortable with.

“… … you… … .”

messy blonde hair. The ears under it were burning red. Eugene took a step back with a complicated expression on his face.

“… … What do you know?”

“hmm… … Hmm… … Ughhmm… … .”

Cristina coughed in succession and lifted her head slowly. Her face was red. Her gaze met, and she lowered her head again. In response to that blatant response, Eugene’s expression became more complicated.

“hey… … .”

“under… … Hamel.”

Christina stammered.

“ah… … No, no. Because that’s a past life… … . I am… … I’ll just call you Eugene. yes. That is the right thing for me.”

“What do you know?”

“that is… … That’s it. Ah, Miss Anis… … A memory came to me… … no… … It’s not just my memories, it’s like my consciousness itself has become a part of me… … .”

Cristina grabbed her messy head and spoke gibberish.

No wonder she was confused. Anise’s spirit dwelled in Christina. She had been like that for a long time, but with this incident, Anise’s soul was awakened. In this way, her consciousness was shared and memories were added.

Thanks to this, Cristina learned what a saintess was, what kind of rituals took place in this well, and what her identity was.

All was the cruel truth to Cristina. Most of what she believed to be true all her life was denied. I know that all of that is unmistakably true, but honestly, it was hard to accept right away.

… … And that’s not all. Eugene Lionheart is the reincarnation of stupid Hamel, a person from 300 years ago.

“Please understand, Hamel. Everything is difficult for this child to accept, so please watch over me for a while… … suck.”

Christina covered her lips with both hands. Eugene twitched his eyebrows as he looked down at Cristina, who had collapsed in surprise.

“… … anise?”

“no… … No, no. I am not Mr. Anise.”

Christina stuttered in response.

what just happened Unexpected words came out on their own. In my head… … Confusing. Things that are hard to understand and hard to understand. At the end… … .

A face that was too close even though it was close.

quivering eyes.

The touch of our lips, and the tongue that was pushed in… … .

“… … Aaaaa!”

Cristina screamed like a sigh and closed her prayers with both hands.

[I didn’t know that the memories would be conveyed.]


A voice in your head. Christina looked up in surprise.

[I’ve unintentionally surprised you. Please understand. Actually, I thought about leaving you and ascending to heaven, but I think I will have to stay here for a while, even for you and Hamel.]

Eugene couldn’t hear Anis’ voice. But she could get a rough idea of ​​what was going on from Christina’s expression and the way she looked around as if she had hallucinations.

“… … This voice… … .”

Christina’s expression slowly hardened. A revelation she heard for the first time.

Eugene Lionheart is a warrior who has been foretold by light.

Vermouth’s soul did not enter heaven.

… … The voice of ‘light’ that conveyed that revelation.

[I just became a messenger. Revelation is not a lie. The God of Light is not as omnipotent as you and other priests think, but he is. However, you can’t directly get involved in this world.]

Anise’s voice continued. The tremors slowly stopped in Christina’s body.

[So don’t even deny the existence of light. you are… … Whoops. It’s inevitable if you don’t want to claim to be a saint, but it’s clear that your existence and power are miraculous. The miracle you have, Hamel… … No, if you want to write for Eugene Lionheart, I’ll help you.]

‘… … Mr. Anise… … .’

[I know. I’ve been through the same thing as you, and I’ve always watched what you’ve been through since childhood. Now that you have broken everything, it is only natural that you distrust the light. Christina. It doesn’t matter though. Even if you distrust the light, it doesn’t change that your existence is miraculous. Also, the light that cares for you will not leave disappointed in distrust.]

Cristina continued her prayer in silence.

Gradually understanding progressed.

If the gruesome ritual at the Well of Light had been completed, Christina’s blood would have been replaced with the spring water. If everything went as planned, Cristina would have been baptized with the holy relics in the Vatican’s ‘thront room’.

And Christina’s back must have had an anise-like stigma.

[I don’t want that. Even if you are made more perfect than I am, the forced stigmata will eat away at your lifespan.]

“… … .”

[That’s why I can’t leave you yet.]

Cristina slowly closed her eyes. She was embarrassed, but she understood. Anise will exist within her Christina for the time being, and she will support the miracles that Christina causes with her own divine power. To replace her stigmata with her own soul.

She died long ago but refused to enter Heaven. She left the world to keep her promise to her dead colleague first. She was thus reunited with her mate, but she still refused to enter her heaven.

It was to fulfill a mission that could not be accomplished 300 years ago. From now on, Anise will bear the pain that Christina should bear for Christina and work her miracle together. and someday When Cristina becomes old enough to not need Anis’s help, she will spread her wings and fly to her heaven.

Tears flowed from the closed eyes. The sublime of refusing to rest until death, feeling the pain of the soul and trying to save the world. All of the saints raised by the Holy Empire were false, but Christina couldn’t possibly believe that all the former saints were false. Even if their existence was artificial, they were all saints… … .

[Are you not drinking holy water?]

‘… … yes?’

[You don’t seem to enjoy it… … If you are kind to me, please enjoy holy water for me from now on. And if you ever feel an embarrassingly embarrassing urge to Hamel, I’ll do it for you… … .]

“What are you talking about?”

[I really enjoy how innocent you are. It looks like it would be fun to tease.]

Inside my head, Anise chuckled and laughed. Cristina said a short prayer of her own without further reply.

“… … Are you done?”

“… … Uhm… … Hehehe… … .”

“Tell Anise. I won’t be able to do it right now, and I will defeat you when I die and meet you in a place called heaven.”

In fact, I still wanted to lose. But if you do that, won’t it be Cristina who gets beaten up? Eugene clicked her tongue and shook her head.

-It’s not goodbye, Hamel. I will protect you from within this child… … .

I didn’t even listen to the end. I hope it meant something like this

Eugene thought it was a relief that she didn’t shed tears over the breakup with Anise. If she had shed tears at that time, she was afraid to imagine what kind of teasing Anise would have used her Christina mouth.

“… … Let’s make it clear so we don’t get confused. Christina you… … uh… … call me Eugene Understand? Anise will call me Hamel anyway.”

“… … Yes, Mr. Hajin.”


“no… … No, Mr. Yumel.”

“what are you doing now?”

Cristina smacked her lips a few times.

“… … Anis-sama is really mischievous. According to tradition, he was said to be as warm as the morning sun.”

“Originally, I can’t believe the old stories. Can’t you just look at me? Children’s books say that I am stupid, but where do I look?”

Cristina narrowed her eyes at that grumbling and glanced at Eugene. For some reason, I felt like I could hear the sound of laughter in my head.

“… … What are you going to do now?”

“It’s impossible to go back to the cathedral.”

I didn’t feel like I was going to have a good time going back. The biggest problem was that Eugene wasn’t feeling well right now. It’s not so much that you can’t lift a finger, but you have to rest for two or three days to recover.

“… … I think it would be better to destroy the warp gate that leads to this place and recover your body somewhere. what comes after that… … To be honest, I want to stand out without trying to deal with it for nothing.”

“Are you serious?”

“Then would that be a lie? I went on a rampage because I had my eyes closed, but when I go on a rampage like that, I go on rampage without even thinking about dealing with it. But what can I do? But if it really pops out, the head of our head of household, who is already stressed here and there, will come off.”

Eugene muttered as he walked staggeringly. Cristina, who came belatedly, supported Eugene’s body.

“anyway. If you’re going to pretend to take care of yourself, your body needs to be fine.”

“… … It’s just because of me… … .”

“It’s not because of you, so don’t say that. And what about you? Why are you looking at me with guilt? You’re the one who went through something like X.”

A thin smile spread across Christina’s lips at those harsh words. Mer glared at Christina’s face with her sparkling eyes.

“Don’t get too attached.”


“Don’t cling to me.”

“I’m just supporting you… … ah.”

Cristina smiled and nodded. She then lifted up the helpless body of Eugene, who carried her on her back.

“Hey, hey!”

“It reminds me of Samar Forest.”

Christina’s hands supported Eugene’s hips. Eugene’s face contorted at the rising humiliation. Mer couldn’t even react to that bold action. Mer parted her lips and stiffened, and Cristina began walking in front of her, patting Eugene’s butt.

The morning sun was warm.


Near a completely ruined temple. There is a huge hole that does not match the surrounding terrain. It was a hole made by Eugene a few days ago.

A tall woman stands at the entrance. She tilted her head, looking down deep inside herself, seemingly endless. The half moon softly lights up the night sky, but the dark begins to spread from the woman’s back as the starting point.

The darkness created by the woman enveloped the surroundings like fog and settled deep inside the hole. After spreading the darkness like that. The woman walked down to the end of the hole, barefoot and barefoot.

If you walk down a little, you can see the body. It looked like he was desperately trying to climb out of a hole. However, as if it was unreasonable to come out of a hole this deep with a broken body, most of the dead bodies lay on the marks that looked like snakes had crawled on them.

Most of those corpses had their fingertips clogged with blood and dirt, and were crushed. Although his body had already stiffened a few days after his death, his face, contorted with pain and fear, remained. She fixed her gaze on the woman’s face one by one and went deeper and deeper.

The thin cotton thread covering the corners of his mouth twitched. Every time I went down, an unpleasant stench weighed heavily on the space.

The smell of blood and intestines. The smell of decay that began several days after death. The smell of death concentrated in countless corpses. The woman felt a little aroused by the smell. It is a peaceful era without war. It is hard to find a place where so many corpses are buried in one place.

Even these corpses. It is not a worthless corpse with low status or no status, no matter how many people die. The woman saw the uniforms worn by the corpses. The red cross on her chest is the symbol of the Knights of the Blood Cross. And that red cloak is the symbol of the Maleficarum of the Inquisition.

There are well over 100 dead bodies. Not everyone died instantly. Quite a few would have survived, but they couldn’t get out of the hole due to severe injuries and exhaustion.

However, human life is very tenacious, and there are not many people who have been able to breathe. They murmured their dying voices and chanted prayers or sought God. There were voices begging for help. Some of them had already lost their minds, muttering incomprehensible words.

The woman paid no attention to them. There was no reason to save her. The darkness spreading with every step took their lives. The souls collected in this way did not ascend to the sky, but melted into the darkness.

the bottom of the hole.

The woman’s steps stopped. The place was dark, without a woman causing darkness. The smell of death, concentrated to the limit, made breathing pleasant. The woman lifted her veil and smelled her stench. She then looked down at her a little with her delightful eyes.

There was no land at the bottom. There were no bodies piled up. red blood. It is pooled at the bottom as if rainwater has accumulated.

I could see the ‘debris’ of the corpse floating in the pool of blood. The woman’s lips, which were closed, formed a thin smile. She stretched her foot towards the pool of her blood, her purple eyes glowing.

ㅡ Hugs!

A ripple spread across the puddle of blood as he walked. The water surface lifted thinly, exposing the lower floors. Bodies that look as if they have been gnawed. Clear blood, too much for what they spilled.

“I wanted something because Atarax died.”

Punisher Atarax.

To the woman’s opinion, he was a rare, awake priest.

In this era, black magic is not unconditionally persecuted. It is impossible for demons to rise to the position of bishop, but if they wish, they can enter the Protestant Church of Light and become a priest.

But the Heretic Questioner. Instead of having a big prejudice against black magic, it would be difficult to imagine a case where you want to understand even a little bit.

The woman had a meeting with Atarax, whom she secretly contacted in the past. Atarax then showed an upright attitude and asked for advice on the dark magic, the main enemy of his group. No, Atarax’s attitude at that time was close to threatening.

We, the Inquisition, can catch and kill you at any time. So if you want to keep your life, cooperate with the demand.

The woman knew right away that the request was nothing more than a plausible package. It was because the black magic that Atarax had sought advice from was not the kind to be dealt with as an enemy.

I thought it would fall someday.

He wanted to see the moment when his arrogant illusion that the Light would forgive and condone all the injustices he committed was shattered. If a cleric who reached that level were corrupted, how unique a taste would permeate his soul. Such interest and greed caused her woman to secretly brand the young Atarax.

“… … There was no trace of Atarax’s body. There was no soul left. Did he rise to heaven as he had hoped and clung to? Or did the soul itself disappear… … . Whoops. Personally, I really wanted to see the end of him.”

It wasn’t self-talk.

The woman stared at the being floating in the center of the pool of blood. All of her limbs are severed, leaving only her torso and head. Of course she deserves to die, but she didn’t die.

“Depending on how you use blood magic, it makes you obtain immortality comparable to that of the undead.”

whispered the woman.

“Do you know? You have distinguished that blood magic does not belong to black magic, but in fact it is not necessarily so. The source of blood magic originated from vampires who used to suck and drink blood.”

Hemoria continued breathing that seemed to be cut off.

“Vampires have particularly high immortality among the demons. They can be revived with just a drop of blood. Is it the same with blood magic? Instead of unconditionally needing blood vampirism like a vampire, multiplying one’s own blood with mana and magic… … Whoops. In your case, it seems that even ordinary blood magic has been overcome.”

“… … you… … .”

Hemoria’s lips opened. She glared at her woman, squeezing her hoarse voice.

“… … Amelia Merwin… … .”

The three demons of confinement.

Desert Dungeon Master. black thorns. Death Answer. Amelia Merwin was especially eccentric and powerful among the black magicians in captivity, so she had many nicknames. The Ashur Desert, which she controls, is designated as a forbidden area by the Kingdom of Nahama, and access is restricted.

“why… … you… … Here?”

“Did you tell me? I came to see Atarax’s corpse. It’s a pity that I didn’t get to see the decay alive, but I thought I’d make it undead if the corpse was still there. Oh, don’t you know If the corpse remains and it has been dead for only a few days, it can be used to fortify the dead soul.”

Amelia smiled and raised her hand. Then a staff made of her goat’s head and several bones was placed in her hand. Charrrrrrrr! The magic power released from her wand evaporated the blood.

“But Atarax’s body was missing. There were many other corpses, but they were all useless and worthless. I think I did well to come down to this deep bottom. It’s like finding a jewel on the side of the street.”

“… … let go… … !”

Amelia’s magical power wrapped around Hemoria. Her hemoria twisted her body in an attempt to free herself, but the only resistance her dismembered body could offer was her back and shaking her head.

no. In fact, other resistance was possible for Hemoria. Her blood magic is controlled by Amelia’s magic. To be a little more certain, by narrowing the distance… … The moment Amelia’s magical power was about to pull Hemoria’s body closer.

Patterns appeared on both of Hemoria’s cheeks.


The simpler the language, the stronger the power. You don’t even have to hold on for a long time. Just make it stop for a moment.

Hemoria’s mouth opened wide and bit the air.

ㅡ Kwajik!

Amelia’s head tilted to the side. More than half of her neck had been bitten off and gone. Her gushing blood stained Amelia’s cotton yarn and her clothes red. It was natural for her to die as a human being.

But Amelia did not die.

The tilted head straightened up. The gushing blood stopped. Amelia chuckled and caressed her missing neck.

“Blood magic and spirit magic. All of these are magic hunted by the Holy Empire. And those teeth… … .”

Amelia saw Hemoria’s sharp teeth.

It’s not just teeth. A curse close to black magic. A tooth made by concentrating all of it. The idea of ​​putting the teeth made like that into the gums is insane, but… … .

“It was designed to optimally use the magic that the body itself possesses. No matter how much magic you train at an early age, it’s hard to achieve optimization like you. If you have such a talent in the first place, it will be revealed in other ways, but you are specialized only in blood magic and spirit magic, and other things are not so great.”

Hemoria’s eyes trembled.

“I was honestly surprised. Holy Empire… … No, I thought the Inquisition would understand magic and black magic this much.”

“all… … shut up… … .”

“ah. I guess you don’t know It’s not just Atarax. You Inquisitorial Bureau have contacted warlocks in each era. I don’t know who I contacted before, but I’ve given dark magic advice to two Inquisitors before Atarax.”

Hemoria’s face turned white.

“why? Are you disappointed? Do you hate that the Inquisition you belong to actually has ties to a warlock, and I, Amelia Merwin? what now come I rather admired them. The quest to understand even dark magic for the sake of the god they serve is rare even for wizards.”

Amelia giggled and scanned the wound. Where her touch passed, new skin grew and her wounds were connected.

“Ah, among them, Atarax was quite an interesting person. It’s so fun to threaten me without knowing the subject and show confidence that the light will protect you unconditionally… … .”

“teacher… … Master… … ! Don’t insult my father!”

Hemoria twisted and screamed.

father! A big smile spread across Amelia’s face. She strode over and grabbed Hemoria’s hair. She forced her head up, then pressed her face together and looked into her Hemoria’s eyes.


The feeling came over me. The fear of death seemed to pour from the other side of their eyes. Hemoria couldn’t speak any more, and her body trembled. The lingering mark of the curse, which he could no longer hold on to, disappeared from his cheek.

“… … Father?”

Amelia giggled and grabbed Hemoria’s chin with the other hand. She opened her mouth like that, then thrust her fingers in and caught one of her sharp teeth.

Poududeuk! Blood gushed from the tooth that had been forcibly pulled out. But Hemoria couldn’t even scream. Amelia shrugged her shoulders as she turned her pulled teeth back and forth.

“Did you eat humans?”

Hemoria’s face turned white.

“The corpses here. Those who are not corpses. Aren’t they all your friends? You ate your comrades to survive at the bottom.”

“Oh, no. I am… … .”

“Are you going to excuse yourself for not eating it yourself? Do you know how funny that is? You use blood magic, and you drain the blood from the body here and the body of the bouncer. I tried to use it as your blood and heal the wound. A few more days and you’ll probably have recovered enough to get out of this hole on your own.”

Amelia’s hand rested on her hair. slap! Her limbless body of Hemoria fell into a pool of her blood. She saw bodies submerged in puddles.

In fact, it was so badly damaged that it was hard to recognize as a human corpse. It wasn’t Hemoria that killed them. Hemoria merely spliced ​​blood from dead bodies… … .

I thought so.

“I like this. It’s fun just that the Heretic Questioner, who unconditionally served the light, secretly contacted the black magician and studied black magic… … The story of having a daughter without telling others. And even the story that the daughter sucked the blood of her comrades, paladins, and other inquisitors in order to survive.”

“no… … no. I am… … .”

“Even that daughter is not a proper human being, but a kind of chimera? I came all the way to pick up your father’s corpse, ahaha! You are more enjoyable than your father.”

Hemoria barely lifted her head and looked up at Amelia. The purple eyes that glowed in the dark were terrifying. Hemoria uttered her prayers to her light, as she unknowingly pursed her lips.

“Do you still find the light after being like that? I’m not a believer in the light, but I can say that with confidence. Light isn’t an asshole, will you take care of a being that did something like you?”

“I am… … I’m for the light… … .”

“Your father said so too. Maybe she didn’t die after saying that? If Light really cared for you, you wouldn’t have your limbs cut off, and your father wouldn’t have died. No, no. If the light really cared about the world in the first place, your father wouldn’t have made you. Your very existence is an insult to the light!”

f*ck! The wand he swung hit Hemoria’s back.

“As an idiot you don’t even know what you are, let me tell you. You are not a normal human being. Do you know what I mean? It is a chimera created by mixing humans and various other things.”

Hemoria’s trembling stopped.

“Your father is Atarax? That’s probably because part of your genes were forged from Atarax’s extracted semen and blood, from my point of view as a warlock and sorcerer. Your kinship with Atarax is only a handful of sand. Don’t you think so yourself? Right now, the blood you’ve drawn out to survive for the past few days, and returned to your body, will be thicker than the blood you inherited from Atarax?”

“no… … Oh, oh, no… … .”

“No, what is it? Why deny this obvious thing? Oh, it could be. You fanatics first deny everything other than light. It’s okay, I’ll understand. I want your personality and beliefs to be very, very strong.”

Amelia’s magic lifted Hemoria’s body upward.

“That’s what makes training fun. Do not worry. I won’t kill you, but rather give you what you want. What if your limbs were cut off? Should the limbs be back? ah… … But what is your name?”

Hemoria didn’t answer. she couldn’t answer The words that Amelia poured out with a giggle. The truths Amelia spat out casually and teasingly shook Hemoria’s mind.

“Aren’t you talking? Then I have no choice but to listen to it next time. So, let’s understand this first. The light didn’t protect you. I didn’t take care of you dying. you couldn’t help it? yes that’s right. If the light cared for you, you wouldn’t have to suck the blood of your comrades.”

Amelia said in a pleasant voice and dragged Hemoria away.

“Do you know what I mean? The light you serve is not kind like prayer. Then what should you resent?”

A voice was heard from afar. Hemoria saw a small light in her faltering vision.

that light.

It was in the hands of the devil. The devil came to Hemoria with an unbelievably terrifying murderous intent and hatred for being of this world.

The light to take care of Hemoria and the other followers shone in the demon’s hands. And she danced with the devil

“… … Knocked up.”

Grinding teeth in his tightly closed mouth.

* * *

Two days after the ceremony at the Well of Light.

Eugene and Cristina stayed in a tent set up deep in a large forest. It was a magic artifact that he had been using since he wandered the Great Forest of Samar.

Although the recoil was shallow, Eugene stayed in bed for two days without straining himself. Cristina nursed such Eugene, and at mealtime she went out of the tent to hunt small animals or gather grass.

Sometimes, when Mer offered to take over nursing, Cristina knelt down and prayed. … … She no longer uttered her prayers out of her lips, but deep within her heart she was conscious of the light.

Every time that happened, I heard Anis’s voice in my head. When I heard her voice like that, a soft light enveloped Christina’s body.

“I don’t think you need to turn on the lights at night.”

The light surrounding Christina was moderately bright. Unlike the lights turned on by magic or the sun in the sky, my eyes did not hurt even after looking at it for a long time. And it wasn’t as warm as her campfire, but it was quite warm, and Mer liked that it warmed her body appropriately, rather than hot, no matter how close her hand was.

“I think it would be great to read. It’s nice to snuggle up and sleep on a cold winter day… … .”

Mer stopped talking and glared at Eugene.

“Of course, Eugene-sama can’t do that.”

“When did I say I would do that?”

“Sometimes, if Anise-nim tries to steal that body and hug Eugene-nim, you have to say it firmly. Say no, no. Did you know?”

“Am I Annie?”

“Eugene-nim sometimes acts like a child.”

“Don’t say anything to me and stay away from you or him. Why do you keep interrupting me while I am praying?”

Mer was lying on the thigh of a kneeling Christina.

“I like that it is soft and fluffy. It must be a feeling that Eugene will never know for the rest of his life. Ah, just because I said this, you secretly tried to find out the texture… … .”

“Stop it, man.”

Yujin grumbled and unwrapped the bandage on her left hand.

It was a hand that had been crushed two days ago, but thanks to Christina’s miracle, it was completely healed. Even the bones that had been shredded were completely fixed while the bandages were being applied, and no nerves were severed.

‘… … surely. The miracle power is stronger than before.’

Christina’s miracles hadn’t been compared to other priests before, but the healing magic she used in the Great Forest of Samar hadn’t reached this level.

It was thanks to the anise dwelling in Christina. One day Christina will reach the point of regenerating her severed limbs like her anise.

Eugene expected such an occasion, but at the same time felt concerned. In the end, isn’t it like holding on to Anise, who has already died a long time ago, and making her suffer?

‘… … no… … for a moment. If you think that way, you feel sorry for me. By reincarnating a person who died 300 years ago… … Mr. Vermouth, you bastard.’

Anise knew nothing about vermouth.

Eugene knew that Vermouth had pierced Senya’s chest, but he didn’t seem to know anything else. It had to be. After returning from Helmud, Anis had no separate contact with Vermouth.

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