Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 67

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Promise with the Demon King.

Senya wasn’t the only one who was disappointed in the fight that ended in that way.

“… … hmm.”

Eugene undid the bandage and stood up. Cristina also stopped her prayer and opened her eyes. She looked back at Eugene with eyes that contained a little anxiety.

“What are you freaking out about? You expected someone to come.”

“… … but… … .”

“are you okay.”

Eugene said that and opened the entrance to the tent.

Someone is approaching from afar. If he wanted to do that, he could hide his presence and sneak up on him, but he is rather openly showing off his presence. It is to induce awareness on this side and respond.

“He has manners.”

Yujin muttered that and took out the holy sword from within the cloak.

I don’t know who it is, but it must be a high-ranking priest from Yuras. Another Cardinal? no… … His presence on this day was close to that of a knight. At least the rank of captain of the Blood Cross Knights.

‘No, no.’

More than that. The distance must be far enough, but the feeling of presence is very heavy. A strong man comparable to Alchester, the leader of the White Dragon Knights, is approaching this way.

‘Are you the leader of the Knights of the Blood Cross?’


Eugene stepped forward to meet him.


The Holy Yuras Empire, the leader of the Knights of the Blood Cross.

Crusader, Raphael Martinez.

Eugene had also heard about him many times.

Names that do not fall out when discussing the continent’s best.

The elder of the Black Lion Castle.

The leader of the White Dragon Knights.

Twelve Girls’ First.

The king of Northern Luhar.

The leader of the Knights of the Blood Cross.

Eugene saw a man walking from the other side of the forest.

The man’s years of life surpass even Carmen or Alchester, comparable to the dead Dominic Lionheart. However, it was hard to believe that the man approaching this side had lived for over 100 years.

A look that is not even mature. The word “young man” is an overstatement, it is the appearance of a boy. A boy with beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes… … However, those large blue eyes did not contain the slightest hint of boyish innocence. Rather, the stark and dull eyes combined with that boy’s appearance created a bizarre atmosphere.

‘It’s bizarre.’

I’ve heard the story many times, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen it. A different look from the years you have lived. That’s nothing special for a being that has reached that level.

A young body is always better than an old body. Therefore, as soon as wizards, knights, and warriors reach the stage where they can control their bodies with mana, they reconstruct their young bodies from their old bodies.

After rejuvenating the body. What to do with your ‘face’ depends on your taste and status. I’ll put on a dignified face befitting my age. Or, depending on the body, make a young face at all.

If you don’t care about the attention around you and where you sit, you’ll have a young body and face like Carmen. If you care about the gaze due to your position, you should maintain the dignified middle-aged face of Klein, the current head of the Senate, or Gilreid, the head of the family.


Raphael is too much. It looked like that in Eugene’s eyes. A young boy’s face and an immature body that matched it. He’s around mid 160’s tall? It’s not very small.

‘… … They say growth stopped in childhood.’

Raphael was especially small among the knights. He didn’t stand out much when he was young, but his physical growth accelerated beyond his mid-teens. The other knights grew taller and his physique increased with muscles attached, but Raphael’s body did not grow any further.

Even under such adverse conditions, Raphael rose to the rank of captain of the Knights of the Blood Cross. He has been able to dominate his body with perfect mana control, but Raphael’s body is still small. For half a century, that crusader has made a name for itself as the smallest and strongest knight on the continent.

“… … Eugene Lionheart?”

Raphael, who was approaching with slow steps, called Eugene. He stopped and didn’t come any further. Instead of answering right away, Eugene stared at Raphael.

definitely small The boy’s face and the old knight’s eyes, who have seen everything, don’t match even the slightest bit, and at first glance, it feels like he’s wearing a mask.

Uniform of the Knights of the Blood Cross with a red cross engraved on the neck and chest. He wore no armor, but he was not unarmed. Behind Raphael’s head was a cross-shaped greatsword taller than his height.

Raphael’s pupils descended. Eugene knew what that blatant gaze wanted to see. So he lifted his cloak and showed me the hilt of the holy sword in his hand.

“… … I’m glad you’re okay.”

Raphael lowered his head.

Eugene couldn’t easily guess what the old man was wearing that boy’s mask. Even more so, if he were to sit at the head of the Knights of the Blood Cross, he would be a fanatic of light, but through this incident, Eugene came to the conclusion in his heart that fanatics of light are incomprehensible beings.

“Candidate Christina will be with you?”

The bowed head lifted up. Raphael was still looking at the holy sword with dull eyes. Eugene pointed to the tent behind his back and opened his mouth.

“It’s over there. What is your reason for coming?”

“You’re not asking because you don’t know.”

“I know. So your attitude right now is very ambiguous. What I’ve done is probably… … that… … I don’t think it will ever make sense from your point of view. For that matter, he came alone, and he seems to have a calm demeanor.”

At those words, Raphael’s lips twitched. He smiled thinly and pointed at the Holy Sword that Eugene had resting his hand on.

“Eugene-nim has been recognized by the Holy Sword. If that’s what Eugene-nim did, it must be that there was a reason why he had to do it. And since Eugene-sama is still putting his hand on the holy sword, the god of light who made the holy sword also approves of Eugene-sama’s actions… … I like to think so.”


“Also, candidate Christina is with Eugene. I haven’t met him often, but she knows that you are a very sincere and kind person.”

“Is that so?”

“yes. If Eugene had forcibly kidnapped her, the candidate Saint would have ended her own life.”

Eugene didn’t like that.

He smiled twistedly and wrapped his fingers around the hilt of the holy sword.

“I hate that word.”

“Me too.”

Raphael smiled and nodded.

“But the Saint Candidate whom I have known and seen, raised by Cardinal Rogeris, was such a person. … … Such a saintess candidate… … It’s still hard for me to accept that I quit the sacred ceremony midway and stayed with Eugene-nim.”

“Did you see the temple?”

“It was miserable.”

I thought the expression would peel off a layer.



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“… … ah. It’s too late to check. In fact, I wonder if it’s something I really need to check… … Did Eugene do all of this?”

“Killing over 100 Paladins and Inquisitors, Punisher Atarax and… … also… … Who is it?”

“If you’re talking about the captain of the Knights of the Blood Cross, that friend’s name is Giovanni.”

“Ah, yes. Giovanni… … Sir, Cardinal Sergius. I killed them all.”

Throughout all of this conversation, Raphael’s expression did not change. He kept the same smile as before, and his calm eyes seemed to be treating all of this like an extremely businesslike report.

“You did a great job.”

said Raphael.

“Yeah what… … It happened.”

Eugene replied. Then there was a brief silence between the two.

… … Is this conversation right? Eugene felt such a question in his heart. Isn’t Raphael’s reaction too much? Still, since he is a paladin representing his country, his loyalty to the empire and religion and his faith in the light must be high.

Raphael’s face looked really calm. However, Eugene did not let down his guard. From my experience from my previous life, the more I couldn’t understand what he was thinking and the more bizarre his attitude, the more absurd madness he had.

“Ah, candidate Christina.”

Cristina, who was waiting in the tent, came out. It was quite a distance from the tent, but Raphael saw Christina come out and smiled and waved her hand.

“I’m glad you’re unscathed.”

“Didn’t you say you never met often?”

“That doesn’t mean we are indifferent. I also taught the flail that candidate saint woman deals with.”

Cristina tried to come closer. Eugene tried to raise her hand to keep her from approaching, but Raphael raised her hand faster than that.

“Candidate Saint. Don’t come over yet.”

“Sir Raphael… … .”

“I still haven’t decided exactly what I should do.”

Eugene laughed at those words. He asked, looking down at Raphael, who was shorter than himself.

“What are you thinking about?”

“I don’t think I need to talk about that. It’s something I don’t really want to do myself, and it won’t be a good thing for Eugene-nim either.”

“Why do you not want to do it?”

“Yeah… … I mean, I came to see the temple. Cardinal Sergio was strong, and Giovanni’s friend was also a captain, so his skills were very good. Atarax in the Maleficarum is also not to be taken lightly. There are about 170 Paladins and Inquisitors who died.”

Raphael shook his head.

“Since such a tragedy happened overnight, Eugene must be incredibly strong. That’s why I’m telling you, honestly, I don’t really want to fight with Eugene.”

“Isn’t it okay if we don’t fight?”

“If I could, I wouldn’t have come here. Eugene-sama must be well aware of how absurd he is.”

“Isn’t that right?”

“yes. Eugene-nim has done such a great job. Aside from thinking that I don’t want to fight, when I only looked at the revealed facts and thought about it. I must fight and kill Eugene no matter what.”

“It would have been easier if he had not come alone and brought other paladins.”

“I couldn’t help it. The shrine and the fountain of light here are secret even within the church… … I came to see exactly what happened here.”


“Honestly, it was beyond my imagination. I saw the corpses that Eugene killed, and they were very… … It was great. That kind of ruthless sword fighting would be hard to see in this era.”

silence again.

“It is the Holy Father who sent me here. After confirming what happened at the fountain, he completely subdues Eugene and brings him to the Vatican… … He ordered his neck to be brought.”

“Oops… … Sir Raphael thinks that is possible?”

“I’ll have to do it to find out. Among the knights of the Holy Father, there is no knight as strong, faithful, truthful and loyal as I am. That is why I had no choice but to come.”

“What are you going to do now? that sword. Do you want to pull it out?”

“I’m still thinking… … only. Eugene-nim, how about running away?”


“I am saying this because I think it will be easier for me to motivate myself. If possible… … Leave the candidate saint here. Eugene, please run away alone.”

“Are you serious?”

“This is what I am saying after thinking a lot about it. I don’t want to engage in sword fighting in front of the candidate saint’s eyes… … Seeing Eugene-nim stand proud like that, my faith is shaken a little.”


“Oh, I forgot to tell you. that… … before turning swords against each other. May I ask you a favor?”


There was no anger, hostility, or murderous intent in the conversation. However, Eugene felt the peculiar smell of metal. It was as if she was talking to a sword with a mouth. It was the same for Eugene, but Raphael did not need a warm-up process.

If the paladin, wearing that boy’s skin, made up his mind to do so, he would immediately unleash a maddening murderous intent. If necessary, he would be angry and hateful for the deaths of his subordinate paladins, cardinals, and followers of the Inquisition, and he would hone all the emotions generated by that into murderous intentions and put them on that greatsword.

If you’re the type of person who thinks that kind of fighting and killing is messy. As shown in the conversation, gaze, and attitude so far, he wields his sword extremely businesslikely.

“Please pull out the holy sword.”

Raphael opened his mouth.

“Show the light of the holy sword in front of me.”

“Sir Raphael! Eugene… … .”

“I dare to tell you, Candidate Saint Christina. I won’t listen to you What I need now is the confirmation I need to make my judgment.”

Raphael took a few steps back. Eugene still stared into Raphael’s cloudy eyes and nodded slowly. This was not the first time he had been asked to pull out the holy sword and show the light.

When Eugene pulled out the holy sword and caused light.

All the followers of light admired Eugene as a hero. On such a subject, after learning that Eugene was out of sync with their point of view, they changed their evaluation of Eugene as easily as flipping their palms.

“Is this okay?”

The blade of the holy sword pulled from within the cloak radiated light. Shining from the holy sword was not at all difficult for Eugene. Just holding a sword. I had to be conscious of the light.

Eugene himself had many questions about this ‘light’.

When Eugene kills the followers in the temple. The holy sword did not emit light as Eugene had hoped. Wanting to get out of Eugene’s grasp, he didn’t even burn his hand. Rather, he guided Eugene to find the right path in the fog of the temple, and at the last moment of killing Cardinal Sergio, Eugene burst into a brilliant light without expecting it.

As if to prove the divine punishment that Eugene said.

On such a subject, ‘Light’ also lent its power to all the clergy of the temple. Sergio even summoned angels using high-level divine magic and even used stigmata.

in Eugene’s hand.

The god of light despised the imitation incarnation of a real saint and the ceremony that completed him, and caused divine punishment.

At the same time, he lent light to other believers.

Anis said that the god of light loves all believers and bestows light on them.

It would be better if the god of light responded to Eugene’s will and withdrew his light from the priests in front of him. Eugene would have been able to act very freely by using his position as a hero.

But the god of light doesn’t do that. The god of light was more indifferent than benevolent. He left the corpses of his incarnations to create an imitation incarnation of a saint, and silently gave light to the inhumane experiments that Euras had been conducting for hundreds of years to perfect the incarnation.

hundreds of years like that.

It is true that Eugene is a hero who has been recognized by the Holy Sword, but the zealots of Jurass—-especially the pope and the cardinal, who know all this behind the scenes, and lie that the stigmata they carved themselves came from light. Even if Eugene brings out the truth of the tragedy, he will not regret or repent. The fact that Raphael Martinez came here alone right now also allowed me to guess what they were thinking.

The pope and the cardinals will completely bury this.

“… … .”

Raphael stared at the shining holy sword for a while. Then he raised his hand and grabbed the hilt behind his head.

It is impossible to pull out a greatsword in a straight line from behind. So Raphael pulled the hilt of his greatsword toward his shoulder. The belt wrapped around his chest moved together, and the greatsword slung over his shoulder.


The cross-shaped greatsword slowly slipped out of its scabbard. Raphael grabbed the greatsword he drew with both hands. Eugene stared at Raphael without turning off the light of the holy sword.


A light rose from Raphael’s greatsword. That simple light was so brilliant and deep that it was incomparable to the paladins he had seen a few days ago.

“… … .”

Raphael silently compared the light. A light shone in the darkened eyes. He looked at his great sword with a smile on his face, then nodded slightly.

The greatsword spun around. Raphael supported the greatsword that had been cut by his side with both hands, and then knelt down on the spot.

“Respect to the brave.”

Raphael lowered his head. Eugene still couldn’t figure out Raphael’s intentions. Raphael raised the greatsword supported by both hands high above his head.

“Worship the light.”

Raphael raised his head. He looked up at Eugene beyond the brilliant light and put the greatsword raised above his head in front of his lap.

“What are you doing?”

“The Holy Sword recognized you. Even though many believers were killed, the light did not fade, and it still shines brilliantly.”

Raphael lowered his head.

“… … The light is still bright in your hands, so what Eugene-sama did was not a massacre of believers, but a divine punishment with the light.”

“Do you really think so?”

“As a believer, I don’t have to separate all that truth. I just follow the bright light.”

“You don’t think I’m corrupted?”

“If that much light arises from the hands of the Corruptor, then Corruption is right.”

Raphael shook his shoulders and laughed.

“I have believed in the light and been loyal to the Order for a long time. In the meantime, I’ve seen so many things, and I’ve forced myself to believe. secret shrine. A ritual no different from abuse. The remains of the lost saints of ancestors. A secret conversation between the pope and the cardinals.”

“… … .”

“The Hana Light mercifully gave them a brighter light than anyone else, and it also gave light to me, who was suffering and imagining disbelief after guessing everything. So, in the end, I thought that “this side” was the right one… … Seeing Eugene’s light, this side wasn’t always right.”

Raphael stood up.

“So let’s go and cut the Pope’s head.”

“… … yes?”

“Pope Euryus awaits my return in the throne room of the Holy See. Cardinal Beshara and Cardinal Pietro are also with Euryus.”

“… … .”

“You can cut your throat at once rather than three people together. There are quite a few paladins assigned to the Vatican, but if I lead the way, I can easily get to the throne room.”

“for a moment.”

“There are escort knights that Euryus personally accompanied, but their number is 10 and their skills are similar to Giovanni that Eugene-nim killed.”

“wait for a sec.”

“I think the real problem is Euryus, Beshara, and Pietro. Eugene said he killed Sergio. Did he use the light?”

“I did use it… … .”

“indeed. The merciful light illuminates all beings of faith. Thanks to that, we will have a very difficult time killing the pope and the cardinals.”

As if it was natural, Raphael added himself to Eugene and tied it to ‘we’.

“What I recommend is, of course, a surprise attack. That requires Eugene’s help. If you pretend to be subdued by me and enter the throne room together, we should be able to kill the cardinal by surprise. Even so, Euryus leaves behind… … hmm… … The problem is this. If you can’t kill Euryus with one sword, the Paladins, Inquisitors, and Priests will come, and if you succeed… … .”

“Wait, wait!”

Eugene hurriedly shouted and cut off Raphael’s words.

“I have no intention of killing them.”

“But don’t they deserve to be killed? They will want to kill Eugene too.”


“Maybe it is, I think. I heard that most of the sacred relics stored in the special relic storage are gone.”

“… … yes?”

“I don’t know why. Isn’t Eugene involved?”

Eugene recalled the fountain of light and the holy relics that acted as filters and water purifiers inside the mechanism. All of them turned into light and disappeared in front of Eugene’s eyes.

‘Are you saying that the holy relics of the Holy See also disappeared?’

That holy relic would, after all, be the remains of the former saintess.

“Most of the special-class relics that have been stored since the beginning of Euras have been lost, the fountain of light that was considered a sacred place has also disappeared, Cardinal Rogeris has died, and the Holy Knights and Inquisitors have also been killed in droves. So, of course, the pope and the other cardinals will try to kill Eugene or hold him accountable.”

“They are priests after all. Can’t you see the light of the Holy Sword and convert like Sir Raphael?”

“I’m not converted, I’m disillusioned.”

Raphael smiled calmly and said.

“I was disillusioned from the start, I just needed another trigger. But the pope and the cardinals will be different from me. To them, Eugene is a hero who suddenly appeared, a whim of light. They will revere Eugene as a miracle, but if they had to, they would not hesitate to call Eugene a corrupter and a demon.”

Just like Sergio did.

“What Eugene-sama should hope for is their understanding, not their conversion. They are people who have been on too high, have seen a lot, and are ready for a lot. They will demand from Eugene what they have lost by Eugene, and in my judgment it is impossible to fulfill their request, so it is better to kill them.”

“What do you think you will ask for?”

“I could have him assassinate one of Helmud’s three forces to prove that he is a hero… … Hmm, that’s too irritating to the demon lord of confinement. Complete naturalization in Yuras is too easy… … ah. That’s a good asking distance. Pope Euryus will probably ask Eugene to assassinate the King of Ruhar.”

“… … yes?”

“The king of Ruhar, the beast king, Aman Ruhar. The country has repeatedly refused to join the Anti-Magic Alliance led by the Holy Empire, and has started interacting with Helmud in recent years. King Aman’s own strength is also worthy of being the best on the continent, so it can be said that he is the pope’s eye thorn.”

“Why do you do that to me?”

“No matter how intrusive it is, the pope himself can’t step forward, and Euras can’t wage war against Luhar. That’s why we use Eugene. Putting a restraint on your mind in case you fail. That way, even if it fails, the link to Euras won’t be revealed, and Kiyel or Lionheart will take care of it.”


“Or we can cut off Eugene’s limbs and make them holy relics.”

“Then, that’s the demand, let’s talk about convincing them.”

“It seems impossible… … .”

Raphael muttered with a grave face. Eugene ignored that and turned his head away. Cristina was standing in the distance.

“Christina. Come here.”


“Don’t just come, do it.”

what else is that Cristina was momentarily taken aback, but she soon understood what Eugene was saying. She sighed and put her hands together in front of her chest.

When Christina took a step.


Eight wings soared from her back.

“Won’t you understand if I show you that?”

Eugene spread his wings and turned to Raphael, pointing at Christina approaching.

Raphael’s mask was smashed.

He opened his mouth wide and expressed pure admiration and emotion that matched the boy’s face.

audience room

If a country has national power enough to be called a great power, there is only a difference in troops, but at least one air corps is in operation.

There is a griffin army in the Kiel Empire, and the Black Lions of the Lionheart family each have their own wyvern. Likewise, the kingdom of Luhar also has a subspecies of wyvern, Ice Wyvern troops.

Among the various air corps, two are unique. The Magic Troops of Arot, the Kingdom of Darkness, prefer to fly using summoned beasts or familiars rather than separately breeding flying monsters. And in the desert kingdom of Nahama, Sphinx, a large monster, is being operated like an aerial battleship.

The most classic among the monsters used in the flying corps is the winged horse Pegasus. There are two places to breed the Pegasus and operate them as flying troops: Sea Kingdom Simuin and Sacred Empire Yuras.

The symbol of the leader of the Knights of the Blood Cross, Raphael Martinez, is not only a huge cross sword.

Even in this huge divine empire, there is only one god horse. The word of the sun that is said to have received light. Apollo.

“It’s propaganda.”

Raphael gestured toward Apollo and said, That huge horse with a golden mane was not lacking in being called a divine horse. Even if it’s just the size, it looks like it’s more than twice the size of a decent warhorse. In addition, two pairs of wings different from the usual Pegasus.

“… … It’s huge.”

Apollo approached with a heavy hooves sound, spreading his four wings wide. In that appearance, the sleek image that comes to mind when you think of Pegasus did not exist at all. Quite a few mid-sized monsters like ogres and trolls would shrug their shoulders if they stood in front of that Apollo.

“Of course it has to be big. The Vatican propagates that Apollo is a Pegasus illuminated by light, but that guy is a holy hybrid created by mixing crossbreeding, magical biology, and holy magic.”

“… … divinity… … what?”

“Sacred hybrid. Not only Aporo, but all the Pegasus of the Holy Horse Cavalry of Euras are such divine hybrids. It is true that Apollo is the best of them all.”

Apollo approached and poked his head at Raphael while making a tantrum. Raphael blinked his dull eyes and stroked Apollo’s head.

“… … Such a story would not be unfamiliar to Eugene-nim. Isn’t that why he broke the fountain and sent out divine punishment?”

“What does Sir Raphael know?”

“I don’t really know anything. I don’t even want to know. The ugly truth of the Protestant Church of Light, which has reigned as a great religion for hundreds of years… … Well, those things I don’t know. What is important to me is that no matter how ugly the church may be, the light exists. That’s all.”

Before getting on Apollo’s back, Raphael got down on one knee and bowed his head to Christina. Then Cristina hesitated and stepped on Raphael’s knee with her foot. Raphael carefully supported her on Christina’s back, raised her up, and placed her on her saddle.

“Eugene-sama too.”

“I don’t need one.”

In fact, Christina would not have needed such consideration. It is unknown how Raphael, who has stopped growing since childhood, will accept this, but Eugene and Cristina are taller than Raphael… … .

“Then let me sit in the front.”

Apollo had a wide back and saddle for his size. Even with three people on board, the saddle was comfortable, and the legs did not shake. Raphael sat in front of him and held the reins.

“Again, once you start your descent into the Vatican… … Eugene, please pretend to faint. I believe that if you are a master of Eugene’s level, your fainting performance will be excellent.”

“Don’t you want to pretend to be dead rather than faint?”

The important thing is not to be noticed by the Paladins who protect the Holy See. Getting caught from the start makes things very cumbersome. Eugene understood that, and if he pretended to be dead, he was quite confident. When he had just become a mercenary, he used to shove his body into the gap between his corpse and hold his breath in order to survive in a tough battlefield.

“How long will it take to get there? I don’t know exactly where this is, but isn’t it quite far from Trecia Cathedral?”

“If you ride an ordinary horse or carriage… … hmm. It would take a day just to get from this forest to the Treccia train station. And it will take about 6 hours to take the train from History to the capital, Eurasia. But at the speed of Apollo, we can reach the cathedral in four or five hours at the latest.”

Raphael paused for a moment and looked back at Eugene.

“If Eugene hadn’t broken the warp gate, we would have been able to get to the Vatican much faster and simpler.”

“Thanks to destroying it, wasn’t Sir Raphael able to come after three days?”

“Yes, it is. If the warp gate had remained, it might have been someone else, not me.”

“In the end, it was fortunate that I was cautious.”

“yes. You did very well.”

“however… … Sir Raphael. Are you really okay? I can’t help it because there’s no other way, but Sir Raphael has many other ways and doesn’t he have much to lose within the castle?”

At the question posed again, Raphael shrugged.

“If I look at the other methods allowed to me, either dragging away Eugene and candidate Saint, or killing them. And that’s what I don’t want to do. Like Eugene said, I have a lot to lose, but if I can only protect it by doing something I don’t want to do, I’d rather lose it.”

“oh… … .”

“And I, as a follower of the Light, want to confirm. Eugene, a hero, and Saint Candidate, who obtained four pairs of wings. If the pope and the cardinals do not bow their heads in front of the two and insist that their faith is unconditionally right and high.”

Raphael’s lips twitched. In an instant, Eugene saw the intent to kill wriggling like a snake beyond the boy’s face.

“… … That is blasphemy and must be punished. I am a body that is revered as the most outstanding paladin in the church. I pride myself on being the sharpest sword of light in this era. In front of me… … If you blaspheme the unmistakable light. How could I leave him behind?”

Apollo spread his wings. Then, a soft light enveloped Apollo, and it quickly soared into the sky. Eugene held Akasha inside his cloak and looked at Apollo’s wings.

I could understand why Raphael said ‘sacred hybrid’. Apollo’s Wings. Like an artifact enchanted with magic, several magics were inscribed on it. The wings looked more like golem-like hextechs or artifacts implanted into the torso, rather than sprouting from parts of the body.

[Terrible… … .]

Mer muttered. Arot’s Mage’s Tower is also conducting such an experiment. But at least Arot does not promote the product of such an experiment like Jurass, claiming that it is the grace of light or proof of a miracle.

“… … .”

Christina looked at Apollo’s wings with mixed eyes.

She too had seen Apollo when she was a child. She is a shinma with four wings. As a young girl, Christina was thrilled by the light emitted by Apollo and was convinced of the existence of her god. She and she comforted herself. The light certainly exists, so being chosen as a saint in this era was a gracious thing, she said to herself.

But now Christina has learned the whole truth. Although the process and purpose of existence are different, Apollo and… made of propaganda of light… … A candidate for a saintess who is an imitation incarnation. After all, it’s not fundamentally different, is it?

Christina saw the feathers that made up Apollo’s spread wings.

Feathers that seemed to be bathed in sunlight one by one… … However, the light of that feather is artificially created. Even Christina, who had little knowledge of magic, could feel it.

Just look at it now Apollo’s flight is fast enough that the scenery on the ground changes rapidly, but the wind does not blow from the front. I’m flying so fast, but my body sitting in the saddle doesn’t shake at all… … .

[Don’t think about it, hug your waist.]


Suddenly, a voice of reproach came from inside my head.

[Christina Rogeris. How many times have I not admonished you in your prayers in the past few days? Just as it is true that you are an unfortunate being, it is also true that you are a miraculous being.]

‘… … yes… … .’

[And you are very lucky. This also means that I was lucky enough to call it a miracle. You won’t spend dozens of years wandering in terrible times, terrible battlefields, like I did. You don’t have to worry and worry about the proof of God’s existence. You and I who dwell in you prove the existence of God.]

Cristina couldn’t quite resist the voice in her head. She was quite confident in her arguments, even Christina, but that great saint of 300 years ago was very good at pushing Christina without giving her room for resistance.

[Anyway, you have your own salvation. From now on, you don’t have to go through painful rituals, and you don’t have to feel the pain of stigmata like I did. Most of the pain you will feel will be borne by me.]

‘I… … I don’t want him Mr. Anise.’

[Even if you don’t want it, I’ll do it, and you get a drink in return. and Christina. You should have called me Sister?]

‘How dare you… … .’

[Or should I call you sister? Actually, I think it’s funny to distinguish between a sister and an older sister.]

‘… … Anis-nim can’t do that?’

[No. You and I are our spiritual alter egos. Although there is a time period of 300 years, we can say that they are sisters. I want to cherish my bond with you, unless you call me sister… … I am so sad and sad that I feel like crying.]

‘… … .’

[This is also one of the regrets that I could not achieve in my lifetime. I was older than Senya, but Senya, who was so arrogant, never called me sister. Rather, he ignored me and looked at me funny, and he and Hamel stole and drank my precious holy water.]

‘Yes… … did you?’

[yes. So, I have resentment for not hearing my sister’s voice. However, since you, a shy person, are hesitant to call me sister, I will concede on the line of calling you sister. Christina Rogeris. What the hell is the problem? Isn’t the title Sister among nuns commonplace?]

‘Ah, I see. Sister Anise.’

[You do not need to add a name.]

‘… … yes… … sister… … But… … I didn’t understand the first scolding because I was inexperienced. Sister, could you say that again?’

[Christina! I don’t know who you look like, but you have a very clever side. Pretend you didn’t hear it, do you want me to push your back? What a fool!]

‘Oh, no. I really, really haven’t heard.’

[Listen then. Christina. Do you know what I regretted the most before I died?]

sudden question. Cristina didn’t answer right away, but pondered for a moment. The regret left by that faithful Anise… … Actually, it was a question I didn’t have to worry about.

Christina took a deep breath and replied with a confident look on her face.

‘It’s because I couldn’t kill the Demon King of Confinement and the Demon King of Destruction.’


‘then… … Hamel… … No, Eugene and many other people… … ah! What didn’t save the world?’

[no. The thing I regret most is not enjoying life.]

‘… … .’

Christina’s thoughts stopped at that stern answer.

[Listen up, Christina Rogeris. We have been unhappy since the moment we existed. Do you admit it?]

‘… … yes… … yes… … .’

[After misfortune, we barely got a chance to be happy. Because we were born this way and have suffered all kinds of hardships, we deserve to be happier than anyone else in the world. Especially me! He wandered in that horrible demonic realm for more than ten years, and tried to save countless people even while feeling the pain of stigmata almost every day.]

‘Sister’s story is the model for all priests of light.’

[What do you mean by that? I tried and saved countless people, but I couldn’t save my own life. How do you think I would have lived in the peace that the demon king of confinement mercifully gave me? About 70 years from returning from the Demon Realm to death. I couldn’t enjoy the peace or life I gained from pity.]

‘… … .’

[In order to somehow prepare for the distant future, I shut myself up in a monastery in the countryside and educated the spoiled kids. It was almost my only pleasure to listen to popes and cardinals who came to visit me from time to time and ask for some blood. In this way, I prayed repeatedly to nurture future generations and to make myself a perfect incarnation of light. Even that failed! I did not become a perfect incarnation alive. I tried to hide myself to f*ck the church, but I couldn’t even do that because of that f*cking Hamel.]

Is that Hamel’s fault?

Cristina couldn’t figure it out, but she didn’t answer and quietly kept her mouth shut.

[In the end, my life as a saint was full of regrets and failures. But the merciful light did not lead my soul by force, but embraced it as an angel. That’s how I was able to remain in the world and dwell in you.]

‘yes… … Yes. What a gracious thing.’

[Yes, that’s right. What a gracious thing! But what are you doing? While wearing this amount of grace, you sympathize with the plight of a certain foal and substitute yourself. Why should I, who lived so miserably, be swayed by your sadness, not mine?]

‘that… … thing… … .’

[Listen carefully, Christina Rogeris. We were unhappy, and we deserved to be happy. A saintess is, after all, an illusion, and the purity of the flesh has no effect on her miracles.]

‘that… … such a stupid… … ! How does Sister know that? no way… … .’

[Don’t get me wrong! I have lived my whole life like a saint. However, after dying like this and becoming an angel, I only realized that the body has no value and is insignificant when it comes to light and miracles.]

‘that… … that… … .’

[Why are you talking nonsense now? Christina, didn’t you rub Hamel’s butt hard with your lust?]

‘Ah ah ah ah ah! Sister, it is not. I want to take care of the wounded Eugene… … .’

[Yes, yes, I understand. I’ll make another concession for you, the insidious one… … Christina! Now your posture is very unstable, so I am more anxious inside you.]

Cristina cleared her expression and checked her posture. She sat at the very back of Apollo, holding her torso with her legs. And her hands were down and holding the saddle. … … It wasn’t that unstable.

There was no problem even if it fell one by one. The miracle engraved on Apollo perfectly prevents the fall of the nose. Not only that, Christina was able to spread Anise’s wings, so she just had to spread them and fly if she fell… … .

[no. My wings are just a veneer. It is impossible to actually fly.]


[Isn’t that important? Christina! Hurry up and hug Hamel’s waist.]

‘I dare… … No need to… … .’

[If you don’t like it, I’ll force you to move. Do you know what that means? It means that I will take away the initiative of the body, and you will not be able to do anything but watch from the inside.]


[I will do more than you can imagine. Don’t you, the insidious one, rather want that side? Comforting that there was nothing I could do about it, and trying to do Kannon in peace… … .]

Cristina no longer listened to Anis and raised her hand. She then hesitated for a moment before placing her hand on Eugene’s waist. Her hard side, free of any flab, was wrapped around her hand.

“… … Uhm… … Ughhmm!”

Cristina coughed in embarrassment. She imagined Eugene turning her head and giving her a chuckle, but Eugene didn’t respond.

“What have you been thinking about for so long?”

“Hmmmm… … I meditated and prayed for a while.”

Since Raphael was in front of her, she couldn’t mention Anise. Cristina, relieved that her Eugene didn’t frown, cautiously stretched her arm out a little further. Just like that, the moment she tried to lean her body more while holding Eugene’s waist tightly… … .


A hand protruded from within the cloak and hit the back of Christina’s hand with a spicy touch.

“Don’t cross the line.”

“… … What line have I crossed? Mer, don’t get me wrong. In order not to fall off the horse… … .”

Mer put her head out and silently glanced at Christina. Cristina, knowing that her excuses were lame, slightly avoided her gaze and released her hands from her embrace of Eugene’s waist.

“Close your eyes.”

Cristina’s mouth opened on its own.

“It might just throw you off the hook.”

Christina didn’t bother to shut her mouth, which moved freely. Instead, her Mer’s mouth was wide open. She pursed her lips and looked at Cristina’s face, then pulled herself away and fell into Eugene’s arms.

“Yoo, Yu, Yujin-sama!”

“know… … I know… … It’s hard for me to say anything… … .”


“excuse me… … hmm… … Don’t be too mean to him… … .”

“If that familiar lady is considerate of me, I will.”

In the end, Mer could no longer criticize Christina. Thanks to this, Cristina held her Eugene’s waist during her flight, and Mer flew through the sky half-embracing her Eugene’s arms.

“… … ha… … .”

Yujin got caught in the middle and let out a long sigh.

Ryan Hart.

I missed that peaceful mansion.

* * *

The capital of Euras, Eurasia. At the heart of the great capital is the magnificent and beautiful White Palace.

Holy See.

In the sky, Pegasus with four wings spread is circling. The beloved horse of Raphael Martis, the leader of the Knights of the Blood Cross, and the divine horse bestowed by the light, Apollo.

The knights guarding the Vatican bowed towards the ‘light’ rotating in the sky. Of the hundreds of paladins assigned to the Vatican, only Crusader and God Horse Apollo have the privilege of being able to descend directly from the sky over the Vatican to the central White Palace.

“A lot. How many are there?”

“There are 500 Paladins alone. About 200 of them are Knights of the Blood Cross, and the rest are paladins from other units. And if you add the recruits, you get thousands. Yuras is so huge and has done so many things… … I have many enemies.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“In fact, rather than enemies… … Hmm, this word might be funny to Eugene. It is because of the fanatics that the Holy See has a lot of security.”


“I thought you would laugh. Believers living in Euresia aren’t like that… … Occasionally, believers from the countryside come to the Vatican blindly in order to meet the Pope and even touch his collar.”

Raphael lowered his gaze as he said that.

Right now, Eugene was in front of Raphael, but he couldn’t sit properly and was drooping over the saddle. It is the setting that he was overpowered by Raphael and taken to this place.

And Cristina was sitting quietly behind Raphael. According to the setting, Christina was caught up in the rampage of the fallen hero. While she was being kidnapped, she was rescued by Raphael.

“They can’t see Eugene.”

Raphael said.

“In their eyes, Apollo will only look like a huge light. That is why this Apollo is called the god horse.”

“Can’t you give it to me?”

Eugene immediately asked, and Raphael was speechless.

“… … The ceiling of Baekwon Palace opens. Going down directly from the sky to the palace of Baekwon is a privilege granted only to Apollo and me.”

I was ignored.

“If you go down in a straight line from the ceiling, you can arrive in front of the audience room in the basement of Baekwon Palace. The pope and the cardinals will already be waiting inside.”

“Are they not considering Sir Raphael’s betrayal at all?”

“yes. For decades I have lived as a loyal knight and worshiper of the Light. If they thought I would betray them, would they have sent me to Eugene-sama?”

Raphael chuckled and pulled Apollo’s reins.

“I don’t like that very much either. they… … They have no awareness that what they are doing is blasphemy. They are convinced that they are unconditionally right and fulfill the will of the Light. Not very wrong. For the benevolent light has always illuminated them brilliantly.”

The circular ceiling of Baekwon Palace opened, revealing the entrance to a straight passageway. Apollo folded four wings and descended slowly down the aisle.

From there, Eugene started playing dead. He no longer spoke to Raphael, killing her presence and breath. Cristina also adjusted her expression and made her familiar mask and draped it over her face.


She didn’t completely trust Raphael. He had come all the way here, but he assumed that everything Raphael had said was a lie and could have been an act. Surprise in the audience room. Raphael’s sword might not be aimed at the neck of Eugene, not the cardinal or the pope.

So Eugene hid his right hand inside his cloak. Instead of holding the holy sword, that hand held the moonlight sword. In any situation, he was convinced that breaking through was possible if he scattered the light of the moon lightsaber.

I trusted Christina and Anis. Raphael might betray, but the two never betray.

‘… … I feel good.’

Eugene felt a tickle in his chest. The tension of not knowing how things will turn out. Even so, there is a colleague who ‘never’ betrays. It was hard to be conscious of the presence of comrades who were taken for granted on the battlefield 300 years ago.

Especially in a predicament like now.

The basement of Baekwon Palace. ‘An audience room.’ This is not the residence of the pope. A place to have an audience with the light that exists in the lofty sky. where revelation is given. Where the light chooses the pope from among the stigmatized priests.

Originally, Christina would have been transplanted from other holy relics here, and would have gone from being a candidate to a saint. After all of that, Eugene and the Holy Sword would have been proven brave before the Pope and the Cardinals.

After all, all those rituals.

It means that the hero chosen by the Light must prove himself once again to the Pope and the Cardinals.

[Christina Rogeris.]

Inside Christina’s nervous head, Anise spoke.

[You are not something that should be acknowledged by them.]

Cristina stood on the ground with both feet.

[Rather, they will have to prove their faith to you.]

Raphael supported the limp Eugene with both hands. And he strode to the door of the throne room.

I didn’t even have to knock.

The door to the audience room opened.

room for you. It reminded me of a judge. There is a long white table in the head seat, and three middle-aged people are sitting across it.

The seat Sergio Loggeris should have sat is vacant. Beside him sit two cardinals in clerical robes with red cloth over their shoulders.

A middle-aged man with a triple crown on his head, wearing a platinum ring and holding a staff in his hand, sits in the center.

He was Euryus, the Pope who had led the Protestant Church of Light for decades.

“You worked hard, Sir Raphael.”

Euryus opened his mouth. He saw Raphael standing below and Eugene unconscious.

“I want to hear what you saw and what you did.”

“Of course, I will tell you without a single lie, Your Excellency.”

Raphael bowed his head and said.

“But before that, please tell me first what to do with this corrupt person.”

“Come closer. Even though he has fallen, he is a person with a status, and he must be a warrior chosen by the light… … .”

said Euryus, raising his staff. The platinum ring on her index finger emitted a soft light, and the light spread as if resonating with the staff. Raphael did not raise his lowered head and raised both hands supporting Eugene high.


Raphael did not speak separately. Instead, he lightly tapped Eugene’s waist with his fingertips. Then he slowly moved towards his top. As Raphael approached, Euryus rose from his chair.

The other cardinals did not rise from their seats. Their eyes were on Christina, not on Eugene. Eyes that want to ask a lot. It was not condolences for the dead Sergio, but only the progress of the ‘ritual’ and the perfection of the saintess.

The distance gets closer.

Euryus slowly held out his staff.

Raphael lifted Eugene higher as if offering a sacrifice.

Raphael’s fingers tapped Eugene’s waist once more. This time it was stronger than before. Eugene’s body, which his fingers tapped, floated slightly upward.


Lightning moved. Eugene was shot out of the air with a big bounce on his back. Terrified, Euryus thrust his staff forward. Pooh! The bursting light engulfed Eugene’s body.

The moonlight sword pulled out of the cloak cut the light in two. Opening the road like that, the left hand pulled out the holy sword. A sharp slash at the same time as the sword. Euryus’s right arm, which was holding his staff, was severed and bounced into the air.


The cardinals, who were trying to respond quickly, were unable to move from their seats. It was because Raphael’s greatsword, which rushed in in an instant, stopped in front of their necks. Raphael drew his greatsword close together and thinly decapitated them.

“… … What do you want to do?”

His right arm was severely cut off from the forearm, but Euryus did not scream. Rather, he glared at Eugene with cold eyes and asked.

The holy sword and the moonlight sword were crossed. The two swords squeezed Euryus’ neck from side to side like scissors.


Cristina nodded at the call and stepped forward.


The light emitted by the eight wings covered all the light that existed in the throne room.

audience room

Spreading wings blocked the door and walls of the audience room. Euryus looked at Christina wide-eyed, forgetting that she had to regenerate her severed wrist.

Wings are a symbol of rank. According to what is recorded in the Bible of Light, when Seonghwang, the incarnation of light, descended to this earth, the angel whom Seonghwang called and favored the most had six wings.

the yuras.

I have been obsessed with reproducing such miracles. However, there are only two wings that can be spread with divine magic. Depending on his strong faith and divine power, he could make his wings bigger and brighter—- but he couldn’t increase the number of wings he really wanted to reproduce.

Several attempts have been made to artificially lengthen the wings. It didn’t work out. Attaching a few more wings to Pegasus, which had wings since birth, was a simple task that was nothing short of a miracle, but it was not easy to artificially attach wings to a human without wings.

In fact, if I had been satisfied with ordinary wings, I would have been able to put dozens of pieces on my back instead of six.

I didn’t want plain wings. wings of light. Wings made of light. Wings spread miraculously. Even the pope and cardinals who had artificially engraved their stigma could only open two Wings of Light.

So the three couldn’t take their eyes off Christina.

Look at those 8 shining wings. These are not artificially created wings. Those wings were undoubtedly a miracle and divine prestige. These three people could also spread their large and brilliant wings, but even if they spread their wings at the same time, it seemed that the light emitted by those eight wings would not be able to invade.

It shines so brightly… … It is not dazzling even when viewed from the front. The light kindly caressed and permeated the eyeballs, stirring the soul.

“… … ah… … !”

Cardinal Beshara let out a low exclamation and closed her eyes. A single tear ran down her cheek.

But Cardinal Pietro, who was by his side, did not shed a tear. He glared at Christina with her eyes wide open, rather in disbelief. Then he rolled up her fist inside her sleeve and squeezed it.

Raphael, who was pressing the two necks with his greatsword, looked into Pietro’s eyes. The feeling that slowly spread was neither awe nor worship.

So Raphael did not hesitate. Kwadeuk! The thrusting blade decapitated Pietro’s head like a guillotine. Pietro himself could not have imagined that he would behead him in this way. He bore the stigma on his forearm, and was one of only three Cardinals in the Holy Empire.

Raphael didn’t care about that. He performed a miracle that deserved recognition, and if he didn’t, he deserved to be punished.

Pietro was decapitated before he could even raise the light. Raphael grabbed Pietro’s hair, which was rolling around on the blade. ㅡChuck! The blood that gushed out belatedly stained the walls and ceiling of the throne room red.

“… … uh… … .”

Blood splattered on Beshara’s cheek, who was right next to her. He looked to the side in bewilderment. Pietro’s body, with his head cut off, was staggering.

It wasn’t just Beshara who was flustered. Both Christina and Eugene were taken aback. Pope Euryus gaped in repeated amazement. Only Raphael lifted Pietro’s head with a calm face.

“… … why did you kill Are you afraid?”

Eugene was so dumbfounded that he stuttered. To that question, Raphael answered by shaking Pietro’s head from side to side.

“I won’t die like this.”

“No, that’s nonsense… … I cut her throat, how can I not die? Even Cardinal Sergius would have died if he had been decapitated… … .”

“Pietro is the president of the Faculty of Sacred Magic. It is different from Sergio, who was a martial artist from the Inquisition. Isn’t it?”

f*ck! Raphael hit his shaking head against the wall.


Then Pietro opened his mouth and screamed.

The sight made Eugene feel dizzy for a moment. Among the high-ranking demons, there were a few who did not die even after being decapitated, but he had never seen a human who did not die even after being decapitated.

“Ra, Rapha, Raphael! you… … How dare you!”

Pietro cried out, splattering blood. His voice was full of hissing wind, perhaps because his throat had been severely cut.

“hurry… … neck quickly… … ! You have to put it on your body… … !”

“If you stay like this for five minutes, you will die, right?”

“you… … dare… … !”

“I guessed, but actually seeing it like this is really horrible and disgusting. Are you saying this is truly a miracle? It looks like evil black magic to me… … .”

“Crukreuk… … !”

“I’ve always wanted to slit your throat at least once. Please don’t feel too sad. Pietro. Among the recruits who joined the new army, you have been conducting various experiments by enticing poor chicks who lost their parents and are in poor circumstances.”

“you! Don’t assume that what you know is always right… … ! That is, for the development of miracles… … .”

“I didn’t cut my throat to argue with you.”

Raphael threw Pietro’s head back as he said that. His head hit the wall and landed on the floor.


Because Raphael had cut the head of one of the cardinals in the first place, Eugene was feeling very uncomfortable. I glanced up and my eyes met with Euryus, whose neck was touching the moonlight sword and the holy sword.

“… … Eugene Lionhart. Are you going to kill me?”

“Do you speak short?”


Euryus’ eyes twitched.

“Can’t you understand the situation? You don’t die right away if your head is cut off like him, though?”

“… … .”

“Listen, I am a warrior recognized by the Holy Sword, and according to your doctrine, I am the embodiment of light. yes? And the pope is the vicar of light. Surely, isn’t the incarnation more like a god than a substitute?”

“… … that… … .”

“why. You, like Sergio, am I corrupt, damn that?”

Euryus looked at Eugene without saying anything. after a while He let out a long sigh and nodded his head.

“… … Well sir. Please refrain from your anger and take care of Pietro’s head.”


“Eugene will not understand, but Pietro has done a lot for the Light over the decades.”

“Is it a product that doesn’t die right away even if its head is cut off?”

“… … This is the result of repeating miracles on my body. Sir Raphael says that Pietro did bad things to the young recruits, but it was all to make the new soldiers stronger. What would the Holy Empire, Yuras, have a strong army and use it for? We want to keep Helmud in check… … .”

“I’m not here to hear that.”

A light rose from the holy sword. Euryus’s eyes narrowed at the light that streamed down the side of his neck.

“… … Let’s talk, Eugene.”

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