Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 68

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Before Eugene could answer that question, Pietro’s head rolled in the corner screamed.

“conversation?! His Holiness, what kind of conversation are you going to have with those vicious corrupters!”

It was difficult for Pietro to maintain his reason. It must have been over a minute since his head was cut off. No matter how stigmatized he is, his head is cut off and if he doesn’t put the cutting edge on within 5 minutes, he’ll die. Pietro felt nervous and angry that he had only a few minutes left to live.

“Call the paladins and new recruits… … .”

“Would you like to talk to me if I offer his head?”

Euryus pointed at Pietro with a wink. He lost so much blood at those words that his white face was distorted.


“I’m sorry, Pietro. But I don’t want to go down in history this way.”

“That, what!”

“We can overcome this threat. But do you think it’s possible to break through without fuss? Somehow, there will be an uproar, and the paladins and new recruits will flock to the uproar.”

Euryus let out a long sigh and closed his eyes.

“… … How should I explain this situation to them? That Eugene Lionheart, the personification of light, rebelled, and the Crusader Sir Raphael, so loyal, joined the treason? How should I explain the wings growing on the back of candidate Christina?”

“that… … case… … !”

“I’ve thought about it a few times, but it doesn’t do any good for Protestantism to overcome or resist this situation.”

“No matter how… … ! You’re going to dedicate me, who has been leading the church together for decades?!”

“Quench your anger, Pietro. Wasn’t it your own fault that your throat was cut?”

Overhearing the conversation, Eugene snorted. Pope Eurys. There is no doubt that he was also a fanatic, but he had an aspect of the presbytery, befitting a person who had led the Protestant Church of Light for decades.

“I can share the conversation as much as I want.”

“What about Pietro’s neck?”

“I didn’t even cut it, so why are you asking me?”

Yujin smiled and shrugged. In this yard, it would not mean much if one life was added or less, but Eugene did not want to shoulder unnecessary responsibility.

I don’t know if Raphael understood his intentions. Clearly, Raphael did not like Pietro. The divine magic developed by the Faculty of Sacred Magic led by him demanded an unmiracle price, most of which was to destroy the body.

The Knights of the Blood Cross, led by Raphael, didn’t rely on such dubious and crude miracles, but there were too many Paladins in Euras.

Among them, newly appointed new knights knock on the door of the Department of Sacred Magic hoping for a stronger and more brilliant light.

“Now, wait.”

Pietro screamed.

Light soared from Raphael’s greatsword. Beshara, who was watching him right in front of him, sighed and crossed herself.

There was no sound of slashing. Raphael’s greatsword moved so fast that it was unbelievable for its size, and slashed Pietro’s body.


A stream of slashes ran through Pietro’s head. This time, Pietro couldn’t even scream. A bright light engulfed Pietro’s head, in which his head was pulverized and scattered.

“… … light.”

Beshara muttered.

“… … The light emitted from the sword that kills the cardinal… … It is unbelievably clear.”

“I mean.”

Raphael laughed as he turned off the greatsword’s light.

“… … What did you do at the Well of Light?”

“I saved a woman who was bleeding profusely.”

“… … Are you saying that he killed that many believers in the process of saving the saintess candidate?”

“I didn’t save you because you were a candidate for sainthood.”


“I got a revelation.”

It wasn’t a lie. Guided by the holy sword, he broke through the barrier of the temple. At the source of the fountain, he saw the saints who were added to the fountain long ago.

“I couldn’t stay still when they showed me such a revelation.”

“… … be there.”

Euryus smiled and nodded. The two swords that were touching his neck had been withdrawn before he knew it. Euryus lifted his right arm off the table and brought it to the cutting edge.

… … Cheeik! The flesh was entangled with each other.

“Did the revelation say to destroy the fountain?”


“It was Eugene-sama’s will to destroy the fountain.”


“… … The fact that the holy sword emits a brilliant light in Eugene-sama’s hand… … After all, are you saying that the Light was angry with the fountain and the ceremony?”

“I don’t know the light, and I was furious.”


Euryus raised both hands and grabbed the trifold crown above his head, then slowly took it off and set it down in front of him.

“Are our beliefs wrong?”

That question could not be answered lightly. Eugene stared at the Pope of Eurass in front of him. Right now, in front of Eugene was a single pope, but the entire history of the Holy Empire was contained in his twinkling eyes.

“How do I know?”

So Eugene answered honestly. I did not come with a grandiose idea to argue about the rightness and wrongness of faith. What Eugene wanted was just, right away, ‘nothing’ to happen. Everything I did in Yuras became a problem and I didn’t get caught. The troublesome and grandiose situation of turning Yuras into an enemy does not happen.

“If you want to hear whether your beliefs are right or wrong, ask him.”

Yujin turned her head and looked down.

Our eyes met Christina, who spread her eight wings.

[Christina Rogeris.]

voice in your head.

It wasn’t that it pushed me on the back. Cristina knew very well what she would do in this situation. She didn’t have to be very determined to do it. She knew Christina that she, she herself, deserved it.

The light scattered like feathers.

Cristina spread her wings wide and flew in front of Euryus.

“iced coffee… … !”

Beshara closed her eyes to the sacred figure and prayed. Euryus calmed down his trembling breath and closed and opened his eyes once.



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“… … candidate Christina. No, we can’t call it that anymore… … .”

before the words are finished.

Christina’s right hand slapped Euryus in the ear. ㅡBooooooooooooooo! An unbelievably heavy sound echoed in the audience room.

“Get one shot.”

Christina’s lips parted.

“I have come to know what I am. I know what the saints before me were like and what became of them when they died. fountain of light. I know what the truth of that vain name is.”

“… … But you have gained wings.”

“Yes, it is. However, these wings did not indwell me through miracles and rituals designed by you. These wings are not the false miracles you have been seeking.”

“then. Has everything we’ve done been meaningless?”

Euryus asked.

“Is our, no, the faith of all the popes and cardinals of the past wrong?”



“You must have been saved by this country you have maintained and by the light and faith you have endlessly promoted.”

recalled memories of long ago. Before she became the adopted daughter of Sergio Loggeris. Memories of living in a secluded and peaceful rural monastery.

Even in those days, she would have been watched, but the childhood Christina had no such awareness. All of her children, raised in the monastery, were alike. A child abandoned by her parents. Ordinary family, children who do not know family.

The monastery of the Protestant Church of Light took in such orphans.

Christina did not think that all the orphans who grew up in the monastery grew up right and found happiness, albeit belatedly. But she thought that she was Christina at that time—she was her life in the monastery, she was the salvation of the light that came to her abandoned self.

“And someone, you must have been unhappy with your longing.”

“Is it wrong to yearn for the light?”

“No, it’s not wrong. But you went beyond longing and wanted to create and own the light with your own hands. you guys… … Serving the light as a god, they invaded the god.”

“ha ha ha… … !”

Euryus laughed and shook his head.

“If you really know everything, take a ‘real’ miracle and spread your wings. Please answer this question. long time ago. The incarnation of the light that descended on this land—- the Holy Emperor died and left this land, leaving behind that holy sword, Altair.”

“Yes, it was.”

“However, since its prosperity, none of the followers of the light have been able to hold the holy sword. Is that all? Believers longed for the light so fervently, but the light in the high heavens did not return. He has never sent down a new apostle to take his place.”

Euryus’ face was no longer calm. He looked at Cristina with passion in his eyes and continued her words.

“That’s why the ancestors wanted to bring the light back. That is… … Are you saying that’s wrong?”


Cristina saw Anise’s memories. Now that she is Christina, she has no doubt that the God of Light exists.

“No matter what ugly things they did, they still existed and gave light.”

Artificially created a holy woman, cloned it, and used the remains as holy relics to create a fountain of light.

they had no choice but to The current era is peaceful, but even 300 years ago, it was an era of war led by the Demon King. In previous eras, wars were frequent when nations collided with nations and beliefs collided.

In such an era, the holy woman made of a divine weapon performed admirably. On the battlefield where the saintess participated, the damage of allies was overwhelmingly low. In return, the saintess’ life was short-lived, but she was able to live with countless soldiers in return.

“… … What the successive popes and cardinals have done… … The Light accepted it sadly.”

If the existence of the saintess is really wrong.

What if Yuras, who created and used the saintess, was wrong.

The light would have left them right away.

“The reason why the light does not return is because he already dwells in the believers who serve him and shines on them from the high heavens.”

“… … .”

“The Merciful Light has accepted the whole history of this country. However, you did not affirm immorality. The Light knows how fanaticism can destroy people. That is why he does not allow a subject of this country to hold the holy sword.”

“How… … How!”

“Recall the history of this country, what you have done with the propaganda of your faith. The stigmata of successive popes and cardinals. For that alone, the pope and the cardinals were considered special, and many people became followers of the light, fascinated by the symbol of the ‘stigma’.”

“… … It was to revitalize the church… … .”

“Yes, they revitalized the church with their own stigmata and self-made saints. That’s how Yuras reigned as a holy empire for a long time. The immorality permitted by the light ended there. The light did not want the holy sword, forged by my own flesh and blood, to be used as a symbol of fanatical missionary work.”

“haha… … ha ha ha!”

Euryus let out a dejected laugh and lowered his head.

“… … So if we can’t hold the holy sword… … why… … Was the great Vermouth able to hold the holy sword? Why is that descendant, Eugene Lionheart, holding the Holy Sword?”

“It was an era in which warriors were needed.”

Christina answered in a steady voice.

“The Light wanted the Holy Sword to be used purely to save the world, not to lead the age as a symbol of fanaticism. A person with such qualifications grabbed the holy sword and became a hero.”

“… … Lady Christina. you are… … Are you saying that Eugene Lionheart, not Yuras, is the hero who saves the world?”

“It was not me who chose him to be a warrior. Light himself chose Eugene Lionheart.”

“… … .”

“I was born a saint and made a saint. But to me, the life of a saintess was never salvation.”

Cristina turned her head to look at Eugene.

“… … Eugene-nim saved me like that. She looked straight at me, not a saint, but reached out her hand. Pope Eurys. you are… … Have you ever thought of saving the ‘candidate saint’?”

There was no way. The saintess candidate was just such an existence. A necessary existence for Yuras, for the church, and for the world. It was natural that the mission of the saintess was more important than the individual saintess’ personality or emotions.

“Yuras could not save a single woman who was festering in agony. How can a Yuras like that become a hero to save the world?”

Euryus was speechless and closed his eyes. Veshara shed tears as she recited the prayer over and over again.

“… … What should we do?”

At the end of a long silence, Euryus opened his mouth.

“… … What do you want from us?”

“Don’t get involved.”

Christina replied.

“Don’t you dare judge Eugene. Do not commit immorality. Don’t repeat your sins. … … The saints who have been sacrificed so far and the candidates who did not become saints… … Please remember and erect a memorial.”

“… … .”

“There will be no more need for saints in the age to come. So don’t try to make saints anymore. If you still have the relics… … Please return to where you need to go. Don’t admit that I’m a saint. You have no right to acknowledge me.”

“… … Our faith… … .”

“Serve the light with pure desire. Be thankful for the light that is everywhere in the world.”

“… … yes.”

Euryus looked at the light with blank eyes.

“… … I will.”

It’s done now.

Cristina felt a slight dizziness and tried to step back. But at that moment, Anise spoke to Christina in her head.

[Christina. Can I borrow your body for a moment?]

‘sister. Do you have something else to say?’

[This is my personal business. It won’t take long, so please allow me to use your body for a while.]

‘yes… … All right. I’m sure you won’t do that, but please don’t do anything shameful with my body.’

Christina was conscious of Anise’s spirit, feeling uneasy.

A conversion has taken place.

Anis was aware that it was an immorality that it would never be possible for a deceased person to seize or monopolize Christina’s body.

But there are times when it is unavoidable. For Anis, now was the time.


A sound heavier than the one from earlier shook the audience room.

It was natural. Anise didn’t slap her like Christina did, but crushed Euris’ nose with her clenched fist.


Who would have imagined that a fist would be stabbed in the face in this atmosphere? Euryus tumbled backwards with the chair.

“Open the door to the Special Artifact Vault.”

“yes… … yes?”

“No, you don’t even have to tell me to open the door, do you? Give me the key, I will open it myself.”

As he said so, Anis grabbed Euryus’ right hand and pulled out the platinum ring from his index finger. He told me to give it to him and he took it on his own.

“Isn’t it something that you might just talk like that and gossip behind the scenes? So I’ll go and check out the remaining relics myself, right now, at the Super Artifact Depot. I will look at it with my own eyes and judge that it should not exist, and I will send it away to perform the sacrament.”

“… … yes… … Got it… … It is.”

It was too much of a demand, but Euryus couldn’t resist it. For some reason, the nature of the light seemed to have changed, and it was impossible to think of rejection, especially since they were facing those eyes.

“And I will take care of things that I personally need to take care of in the special artifact storage, so please leave it unresolved.”

“yes… … .”

After hearing the timid answer, Anis smiled contentedly. She brushed her aching wrist and turned her body around, meeting Yujin’s eyes with a dazed expression beside her.

“What are you looking at?”

“uh… … hmm… … okay. It is you.”

“let’s go.”

Anise spread her wings wide and came down. Raphael, who was carrying a greatsword on his back, bowed his head to Anis while tilting his head at the strange sense of incongruity and charisma.

“Holy Lady.”

before leaving the audience room.

Beshara, who had been praying for a long time, cried and called for Anis.

“What is it?”

“… … We… … Can you go to heaven? Is heaven real?”

At that question, Anise snorted and inserted the wings.

“Heaven exists, but you have to do a lot of good deeds to get there.”

“… … iced coffee… … !”

“You know what I mean? Just because the pope and the cardinals don’t necessarily go to heaven.”

As Anis said that, she opened the door to the audience room that had been closed.

“If you want to go to heaven, do good deeds.”

audience room

I had to get used to the shift in consciousness, but I couldn’t get used to it. Cristina shook her head a few times, feeling lightly dizzy.

“… … Are you really all right, Sir Raphael?”

She asked, looking at the back of Raphael, who took the lead and guided her to the special relics warehouse as if it were natural. There was not a single drop of blood on the greatsword across his back, but Cristina could vividly recall that the vicious, sharp blade had just decapitated Cardinal Pietro.

“What do you mean?”

Raphael asked back with a tone that he really didn’t know. Cristina let out a low cough and continued her words.

“Anyway, you killed Cardinal Pietro with Sir Raphael’s sword, right? I got the Vatican’s acquiescence in the matter of Yuji and I, but Sir Raphael… … .”

“Ah, that’s nothing for the saintess to worry about.”

Raphael no longer called Christina a candidate for sainthood. In front of her eyes, I saw her spread her eight wings, and I saw her slap and punch the Pope. She couldn’t help it if Christina herself didn’t like her name, but Raphael couldn’t think of a name for her that would be allowed for her other than her ‘her saintess’.

“The Knights of the Blood Cross don’t have enough talent to replace me to dismiss me now. In particular, if they listened to the saintess’ scolding straight away, they would have to lose a lot of holy relics and miracles… … In the end, it becomes like the power of Euras is reduced.”

“yes… … . It must be so.”

“So all the more, the pope cannot discipline me. Right now next year, the ‘Night March’, where knights from each country will gather, is scheduled, but if I get dismissed or go into hiding due to a sudden illness or unavoidable circumstances, who the hell will lead the Knights of the Blood Cross to make a name for Eurass in the Night March? can you?”

night march.

A reunion between knights founded by the emperor of Kiel. It is in the name of bringing together the strengths of each country, comparing them to each other, and promoting friendship. Its true intention is to give a response to the warning to the demon king of confinement and the demons of Helmud who had previously delivered a ‘warning’ to the world.

Even if it doesn’t serve as a warning as intended. Reunification meeting—- Night March will be a big event for each country’s strength increase. A peaceful era without war for a long time. There are many knights who are considered the best, but who is the best and strongest is not properly covered.

With a sword in hand, and a chance to wield it and compare it, not only the young knights, but also most of the knights, would ignite a fire. Ranking among countries, no, between knights. Headhunting under the water. It was obvious that such things would happen, so Euras could not throw away the Crusader, the best knight in the kingdom.

“I understand that the location of the Night March has not yet been decided. Sir Raphael, do you know anything else?”

“Doesn’t the Emperor of Kiel want to open the Night March on his territory? The same goes for Euras.”

Raphael shrugged and smiled.

“However, it seemed that the opening venue was almost set to be Jurass. That’s why the pope wanted to keep the Beast King in check, even using despicable tricks.”

The Vatican’s special relics are located in the basement of Baekwon Palace, just like the audience room. Bishops and archbishops can also enter other relics with permission, but only popes and cardinals can access the special relics from generation to generation.

I arrived in front of the strict high-class relics warehouse, but there were no people blocking the entrance. The paladins guarding this floor bowed their heads deeply on their own before Raphael could even speak, and backed away on their own. Chlorination (念話), one of the high-level divine magic. Even if it’s an artificially engraved stigma, the Holy Power of the Pope is unrivaled, so his flame must have been an order to all the Paladins guarding the Baekwon Palace.

“I’m going to step back from here.”

Raphael stopped walking.

“I’m also curious about what’s in the Special Artifact Vault… … However, it is not something you should go in and check. I will return to the Knights of the Blood Cross.”

“Thank you for being with us.”

After Cristina concluded her prayers, Raphael knelt down with a smile.

“It is an honor to be able to participate in the event of St. Please, I will pray that the light will come upon all that the saintess does.”

Raphael finally turned around after saying those words.

empty hallway.

At the end of it is a circular white door. Cristina moved toward her door, caressing the platinum ring on her finger.

As he brought the ring up, a complicated crack spread across the door. Then, the crack split open without a sound, and a path was opened for people to pass through. The highest level of security magic comparable to Lionheart’s treasure chest. Eugene followed Cristina into the special relics vault.

“so. What did you come here to find?”

Eugene asked, looking at Christina’s back.

“… … I came to check whether the remains of the sisters and other saints remain as holy relics.”


When Eugene asked with a puzzled face, Cristina slaps her lips in surprise.

“hmm… … Hmmm. Anis-sama is really mischievous. It would be nice if you could at least speak to me and lend your mouth… … .”

[I didn’t do anything, so why are you using me as an excuse?]

‘Sister, please.’

[Christina. I just felt very disappointed with your actions. You will continue to use me as an excuse for your mistakes, and sometimes you will cover my skin when you realize your shady desires, right?]

‘A shady desire… … ? what the hell is that… … .’

[I am worried about this. Cristina, wouldn’t you pretend to be me and kiss Hamel… … .]

“Kuhm! hmm! Hehehe!”

Cristina thumped her chest as if she had heard it, and let out a clearing of her throat. At the same time, dozens of prayers came to her mind at the same time. Even Anis got fed up with it and stopped talking to Cristina.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, it is fine.”

Christina replied with a smile on her face.

“It is said that the sacred relics of previous generations have already returned to the light, but if there are any other holy relics that should not remain, we will perform the sacrament and return them to the light. and… … .”

Cristina looked up and looked around the inside of the Special Artifact Depository.

“… … Anise’s keepsake. Part of it remains here, so we must retrieve it.”

Returning the relic to the light is important, too. Recovering Anise’s belongings was the real purpose of entering the Special Artifact Storage.

It is not a mere memento. The keepsakes of ‘Faithful Anise’ are, in a sense, worth more than the remains of her or her sage.

[It will be for you.]

Anise has spoken.

[My keepsakes here are… … Because it was used all the time in the demonic scene 300 years ago.]

There are various castle relics in the special relics storage. no, there was Most of the inside of the glass cabinet where the relics were placed was empty.

Watching the scene, Yujin clenched her fist once and then opened it. That empty glass cage reminded me of the filter I saw at the source of the fountain of light. It’s just that the water doesn’t flow, but it’s not much different either. Originally, there must have been holy relics of former saints in that glass case.

The things that remain undisappeared.

There were various types of ‘bones’. These are the remains of saints other than saints. In addition, there were several weapons, from holy objects such as crosses, rosary beads, and rosaries to daggers.

“… … her.”

Eugene walked with Christina and let out a short exclamation.

“Do you have this left? Very nice to meet you.”

It was built on a pillar made of gold, not an ordinary glass cabinet.

Although overall worn, the mace was subtly stained with a black and reddish color.

Anise has been using it for 300 years, and it is a vicious weapon that has shattered the heads of countless demons.

“… … I am… … I don’t have the confidence to handle a mace like Anis-sama… … .”

[If you remove the head and connect the chain, you can use it as a flail.]

Cristina reached out and grabbed the mace as if possessed. … … heavy. Christina also wielded her flail from a young age and was confident in her strength, but her Anise’s mace was too heavy for her to hold with one hand.

[If it’s not this heavy, you won’t be able to break the demon’s head.]

Anise said.

[This is an artifact made by carving out the whole piece of expensive adamantium, prepared since I was a child. He entered the fountain of light with me from the beginning, and was smelted with my holy blood and the light of the fountain.]

‘… … .’

[Not only that, even when I am unconscious, I have been steadily infiltrating the Precious Blood and using it as a catalyst for miracles. In Helmud, I drank the blood of countless demons and reaped their souls, and baptized and purified them with my holy blood and light every day… … I dare say, in this era, this mace is probably the second most effective weapon to kill demons next to the holy sword.]

Christina looked down at the mace she held in her hands and felt her heart beat. Knowing her origins clearly made her mace feel even heavier. As Anise said, this mace would be the second most lethal sacred object to demons after the holy sword Altair.

“Seeing that makes my side ache for no reason.”


“When was it? We couldn’t even supply it, so we ran out of liquor, but Anise had stocked up a few bottles for her quota. So me and Senya tried to steal alcohol without Anise’s knowledge… … I mean it got caught along the way. Senya cowardly ran away with space magic by herself, and there was a time when I alone had my ribs shattered by Anise’s mace.”

Yujin recalled the distant past and wiped her side.

“No matter how much I think about it, Anise was too much at the time. The shattered ribs tore my lungs, so I can’t breathe, and the pain is terribly painful. Anise broke my leg without healing it.”

[Stealing among colleagues? That’s Hamel’s son of a bitch’s fault.]

“Eugene-sama was wrong.”

“Who said I wasn’t wrong? I just said it was a bit too much… … .”

The next sacred object was also well known to Eugene. The rosary that Anise wore around her neck the whole time.

[Just holding it in your hand accelerates the recovery of divine power and amplifies the power of miracles.]

A glass bottle that contained ‘real’ holy water, not alcohol.

[Like Mace, it is a sacred object that has been imbued with blessings since I was a child by entering the fountain of light. You can make holy water just by putting water in it without cumbersome rituals and treatments. The holy water created in this way disperses demonic spirits and burns the blood and flesh of demons. If additional miracles are added, it can become a potion with an excellent effect, although it is not as good as an elixir.]

Cristina hung the rosario around her neck and put the vial in her bosom. Then, holding the mace in her hands, she approached her final relic.

A pure white robe with a red cross on it. Eugene looked at the grove and she smiled involuntarily.

In the past that Eugene remembers, Anise always wore that robe. The red cross on his back and the white lining never once had blood on it, but Anise always had blood on his back hidden by that robe.

[It will be convenient.]

Anise said.

[For ten years of sleeping in Helmud, that robe has never been soiled. His blood never spilled. The cross is always clear in red, and the white background is made to be pure without any blemishes… … It is a symbol of an ostentatious saint.]

‘… … Will it suit me… … .’

[It suits me, so of course it suits you too. The robe itself is miraculously amplifying, and I don’t want to leave any of my belongings here. So Christina. Let them all be yours.]

Christina hesitantly wrapped her robe around her body. It was definitely her first time wearing it, but she felt the robe fit and snug around her body, as if she had worn it around her for a long time.

[Don’t be conscious of me.]

Wearing an anise robe, wearing a rosary around her neck, holding a holy water bottle in her arms, and holding up a mace.

[You shouldn’t be me. All of this is added to help you on your journey, not to transform you into me.]

Without answering, he caressed Rosario. It was something he didn’t have to answer. Cristina smiled lightly, feeling Anis’ consideration. She was not weak enough to feel confused about her own identity at the slightest change in her dress.

Christina Rogeris.

The person who had called her by that name was right in front of her.


Christina opened her mouth.

“Would you please go back first?”


Eugene asked without embarrassment. Christina laughed, hiding her heavy mace inside her robes.

“It doesn’t matter where you are, please stay at the inn in Euresia.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I am… … There is little work left to do.”

Christina continued as she looked around the archives.

“Among the sacred relics here, there seems to be nothing to be returned to the light to perform the sacrament. After all, they are remains, but the relics must contain miracles.”

“I guess so.”

“but. There are other places I still want to check out. … … There are probably more disturbing relics in the Inquisition or the Department of Sacred Magic than here.”

The places where research on ancient magic such as blood magic and black magic were conducted at the same time were the Heretic Inquisition and the Department of Sacred Magic.


It is not difficult to say that you will help.

But Eugene didn’t say that. Because she didn’t tell Cristina to help. It’s not that she can’t speak. Christina did not want Eugene’s help. She wanted to finish things related to her saintess with her own hands and send condolences to her remains.

“… … Two days later, there will be an event to celebrate Anise’s feast day at the Plaza of the Sun.”

Cristina cleared her trembling voice before continuing.

“Let’s meet there at noon when the sun is at its brightest.”

square of the sun

Two days after leaving the Vatican.

Pope Euryus and Cardinal Beshara begged him to stay at the Vatican, but of course Eugene had no intention of staying at the Vatican.

So Eugene stayed at a luxury inn near the Plaza of the Sun.

In the season when the feast of Anise is near, it is difficult to find a vacant room, no matter how rich, high-ranking, or good-looking the family is. However, if the Holy See directly asks for a room, even the owner of the accommodation is willing to give it to them. Eugene has been locked in a luxurious lodging for the past two days.

There was nothing I had to do or want to do anyway. Mer secretly wanted to tour the city, but as soon as she entered the dorm, she saw Eugene sitting in the middle of the living room as if she were natural, and she gave up her expectations.

Lion Heart’s White Flame Ceremony.

For two days, Eugene watched the number of stars increased to six. Each time the white salt ceremony was operated, the six stars slowly rotated around the heart.

Even when it was only 5 stars, there was no such thing as a rotation of the core. Does the way Baek Yeom-sik operate change just because it has one more core? I thought so at first, but as a result of watching the rotation of the core for two days. Eugene was able to come up with his own guesses.

‘I think it was just transformed to suit me?’

I thought it was ridiculous, but I couldn’t think of any other answer. Right now, Yujin’s 6 stars are spinning as if they were holding a ringworm ceremony even though they did not hold a ringworm ceremony. However, it did not mean that it was not possible to use a separate round salt ceremony.

The moment I became conscious, the rotation of my core, which had been slow, became violent and quick. The Phantasmal Flame Ceremony, which started immediately like that, generated mana with a high output that was incomparable to that of a five-star enemy. Lightning sparks were also perfectly melted into that torrent of mana, and the lightning sparks, which were not easy to handle even at the age of 5, could now be handled as easily as ordinary mana.

‘The fact that there is no need to switch from white salt to round salt… … That the process of preheating has disappeared. And the output and limit line of the core has increased.’

To put it simply, the 6-star Baek Yeom-sik had a core that kept rotating even if Eugene didn’t bother to use it, so he was able to emit high-output mana the moment Eugene desired it. And since it continues to rotate, the amount of mana continues to increase. What does increase mana mean? This means that the fundamental output is steadily increasing.

High-output mana, no matter how much it supports the body, inevitably puts a burden on the body. In order to endure the burden, one should not neglect the practice of the body. Ignition’s recoil is that the body that can’t withstand the output is broken, and if it’s not as much as ignition, if you manipulate mana to the limit, your body will be damaged.

but. There is a ‘line’ where the body can no longer be broken by its own power. The moment the body is completely united with mana, the body is reconstructed through mana without using magic. Rather than rejuvenation, it is closer to metamorphosis, and the reconstructed body becomes strong enough not to be damaged by its own mana output. Except for cases like ignition.

‘I didn’t expect to reach that line so quickly.’

I thought as I clenched and opened my fists. 20 year old body. It is a fresh body that does not need to be reconstructed. But being able to withstand the increased output was nice and gratifying.

‘Even though I can’t stand Ignition… … Well, I wasn’t expecting that either. If you use a 6-star ignition and even an air sword… … .’

Eugene imagined the extreme of himself now. When you stack 2 blank swords in a 5-star white flame ceremony. At that time, the output that could be instantaneously produced was barely approaching Hamel’s heyday in his previous life.

When you kill Sergio.

Eugene used ignition in Baek Yeom-sik’s 6 stars, and made 3 stacks of public swords. The sword at that moment was the same as when Ignition was used in its heyday.

‘Baek Yeom-sik’s 6-star Ignition is stronger than his previous life. If you stack the air sword to the maximum, it is similar to Ignition in its heyday. … … Is the problem also persistence?’

Ignition is too much of a burden. On top of that, even for Eugene, the Gongsword had a limit of 3 stacks, and it was close to impossible to sustain him for a long time.

‘You don’t have to use a sword. Since I also have the Moonlight Sword, if I use Ignition to support the Moonlight Sword… … .’

The Demon King of Confinement?

Eugene wasn’t that arrogant. He was realistic and negative enough to be harsh on himself in this matter.

Even if you use everything you can use to the limit, wouldn’t the demon king of confinement disappear with the flick of a finger… … . It was difficult to imagine because I had never personally fought the demon king of confinement, but it seemed likely.

‘I don’t think I’ll go crazy with Noir Jebela or Gavid Lindman. Still, how can I mix well with Iris? The moonlight sword from the beginning… … No, that’s not okay. The moonlight sword is also imperfect, so the light could go out in the middle of a battle. I’d rather hide it throughout the battle and at the crucial moment… … .’


‘What happened to the white salt ceremony? Does it transform like this when it becomes 6 stars?’

It didn’t seem like the change of becoming a 6-star was the rotation of the core. What if, as you guessed, the white salt meal itself was modified to suit you?

Eugene thought of the person who reached the 6 star of Baek Yeom-shik in Lion Heart. Doines Lionheart is dead… … Currently, there are only 3 people in Lionheart who have surpassed Baek Yeom-sik’s 6-star rating.

The owner of the house, Guillaid.

Gion became the captain of the 5th Division of the Black Lion Knights.

Carmen, captain of the 3rd Division of the Black Lion Knights.

Among them, Carmen’s Baek Yeom-sik is a 7-star, and he is the one who jumped over the infamous evil wall in Lionheart’s history. He was adopted by the family and learned the Seo Baek Yeom Ceremony, and although he had heard many stories, he had never heard of the Baek Yeom Ceremony changing when he reached the age of six.

‘If I go back to Lionheart this time, I’ll have to ask… … .’


The thought stopped. Mer, who jumped out of her cape and grabbed Eugene’s collar. Eugene was stunned by the hot action and blinked her eyes.

“Do you know how many times I called?”

“… … I thought it was Senya… … .”

Eugene shook his head as he let go of Mer’s hand.

The thought was too deep. Meanwhile, Mer, who looked just like Senya, pushed her in the face and grabbed her by the collar like Senya, and her thoughts stopped for a moment.

“… … Hehehe.”

Hearing Eugene’s muttering, Mer poked Eugene’s chest with her elbow with an arrogant smile.

“I was going to get angry, but I will forgive you. Yujin-sama was thinking of Senya-sama enough to confuse me, right?”

“no… … what… … okay.”

“But, Eugene-sama, please keep this in mind. I am not Senya. She is Senya-sama’s daughter… … No, no, it’s a servant.”

“okay… … .”

“but! Even if I don’t get angry, I have to point out. Do you know why? I am doing this not because Eugene-sama ignored my call! It’s because Eugene-nim came out looking so cool.”

Those words made Eugene more difficult to understand. Did she come out dressed up? What kind of dog shit is that?

“Why did you come here to wash your hair and take a bath?”

“Then why don’t you wash when you go out?”

“You brushed your teeth, too.”

“Your mouth stinks if you don’t brush your teeth.”

“What does that matter? You just have to keep your face close enough that you don’t feel bad breath. Eugene-sama, did you brush your teeth in case your lips get closer?”

“What is he saying… … .”

“And he changed his clothes. why did you change? You just have to wear the clothes you wore the day before. Or are you wearing the clothes I picked out for you!”

“You seem to be mistaking my gender.”

“What am I? Eugene is a man. Where is the room for illusion in that?”

Merga tilted her head and replied. In response, Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and slapped Mer’s forehead with her fingertips.

“By the way, SiX, why did you choose a skirt for me, and an intense red one? uh? Where did you get those corny fishnet stockings from?”

“It was a gift from Melchis. He said that someday, when I become a great lady, I will want to wear it.”

“Shall I kill you?”

[I think so.]

Eugene muttered, and Tempest agreed.

“… … It doesn’t matter. What’s really important to me is that Eugene came out on a date with that double-personality saint dressed up.”

“What does he keep saying… … . What kind of date is a date?”

“You’re not serious, are you?”

“… … Dating is okay. okay. But it’s not specially decorated. I just went outside, so I washed up and changed my clothes. What did I put on my hair, did I put perfume on it? Or did you wear something fancy and expensive?”

“Yujin-nim has a great face and proportions, so she looks great no matter what she wears.”

“uh… … uhh… … I appreciate the compliment, but anyway, I’ve never been particularly decorated… … .”

“That makes it even more of a problem. It’s not particularly decorated, but it looks like it’s decorated. What should I do if the insidious saintess makes a strange misunderstanding after seeing Eugene’s current appearance? Senya-sama, Senya-sama, what should I do!”

“What misunderstanding are you talking about?”

Fortunately, Eugene didn’t have to answer Mer’s whining. The voice from behind her felt like salvation to Eugene. He sighed and turned around to look behind him.

I saw Christina wearing a white robe. Anise’s robe from the Vatican’s Special Relics Vault. Cristina tucked the hood of her robe under the hood and looked at her Eugene and Mer.

“… … ugh… … .”

Mer couldn’t help but feel slightly intimidated by Christina’s appearance.

– Close your eyes.

Mer could still clearly recall the voice and the blue eyes.

“Did you wait long?”

“No, not really.”

Noon, Square of the Sun.

We made a promise and parted ways. There must still be a little time before noon, but the sun high in the sky was warm and bright. Under the sun, the statue of Anise is flying with a pair of wings wide open.

April 13th.

Today is the feast day of Anise. Euras has as many saints, saints, and anniversaries as history, but the feast of Anis is celebrated as grandly in Euras as the founding day or days related to prosperity.

The festival takes place all over Euras, but the most crowded place is Euresia, the capital. During the week-long festival starting today, the Sunnyside Anise Train will run free late into the night, and city carriage fares, as well as the cost of restaurants and most shops in the city, will be tax and tithe free. In addition, a parade starts on the streets and fireworks explode at night.

—-The center of the festival is right here, the plaza of the sun. Even now, the plaza was full of people, waving their hands toward the statue of Anise floating in the sky and praying.

However, with so many people, Eugene’s surroundings were quite secluded. And other people did not dare to come close to Eugene. It was thanks to the mana that Eugene intentionally shed and the complex suggestive magic. That’s why most people recognize Eugene, but don’t try to get close to him.

“… … Uhm.”

Christina cleared her throat and looked up. Characteristics of Anise. It is a symbol of the Plaza of the Sun, and is called the best among the numerous statues, ruins, and religious artworks that exist in Euras. Christina, too, used to offer her prayers whenever she saw that icon, feeling deep emotion in her heart.

[The evidence is a mess. My wings aren’t that shabby. And that character made my face benevolent and benevolent like a mother who gave birth to a child, but my face felt a little sharper than that.]

In the future, I won’t feel the thrill like before. Christina put her hand inside her cloak, ignoring Anise’s murmurings in her head. Her eyes were fixed on Mer, who clung like a cicada to her Eugene’s chest.

“Mr Mer.”

“what what what… … yo. this.”

I rolled my eyes while answering. What humiliation is this… … !

Mer lowered the corner of her mouth as she remembered Senya, whom she had broken up with a long time ago. She had never missed Senya, her master and creator, as much as now… … .

“You know what? This square is very wide.”

“… … I guess so.”

“If you go out of this square to the outskirts, there are other squares and streets, which are called gourmet streets.”

Mer’s eyes trembled.

“Strictly managed and surviving the competition, the delicacies that make it hard to believe that it is a stall… … Particularly during these festivals, local and foreign markets are permitted to set up stalls if requested in advance. Do you know what I mean?”

“what… … I don’t know.”

“It is an opportunity to enjoy the taste of the continent.”

What Christina took out from within her arms was a rosary bracelet to wear on her wrist.

“This rosary is issued only to high-ranking priests above the bishop. Yuras is a place where the welfare of priests is very good. Especially in Eurasia, you can get the best treatment in any store just by wearing this bracelet on your wrist.”

“… … .”

“That also goes for stalls. No matter how long the line is. If you show this bracelet, you can order the next one right away without having to line up. Of course, I can do the calculations with this bracelet.”

Mer’s eyes fluctuated.

“It’s not just stalls. Any restaurant or store can use a bracelet. Ordinary people would have a hard time going to 10 stores in a week-long festival, but this bracelet… … If you do, you can enjoy all the stalls and shops in half a day, assuming your stomach allows it.”

Camouflage permission? Mer didn’t have to ask for permission from a disguise that didn’t even exist. The stalls of the festival, what a thrilling echo!

“… … But it’s a pity. I will be in this plaza today, but I am not going to use the street vendors or restaurants because I have no appetite.”

“That, like that… … !”

“If Mer-sama wants it, I can lend you this rosary today… … .”

At those words, Mer had no choice but to have a long silence and worry. Even as she kept her mouth shut, her time continued to pass. ㅡDeen, deen, deen… … I heard a bell announcing noon from a clock tower not far away.


And at noon and on holidays, the gimmick built into Anise’s statue was activated. A sophisticated mechanical device borrowed the power of magic engineering moved and changed the posture of the statue.

The statue of Anise, which had only been flying while looking down at the ground, knelt down high in the sky and took a posture of prayer. After that, the spread wings fluttered once, and feathers of light embroidered the sky.

Mer looked up at the scene without a word. At just the right time, the sunlight hit the wings of the statue and created a beautiful color. At the sight, Mer put her hands together and prayed.

‘… … I’m sorry, Miss Senya.’

Would it be okay for a day or so? It’s also the birthday of a colleague from 300 years ago, so I wanted to commemorate him… … By no means were they blinded by the stalls of the festival.

Come to think of it, I made a promise to Anicilla and Zehar to buy souvenirs for me when I returned from Yuras. Mer has been loved by her so far, so I had to buy her souvenirs. So she thought.

‘There’s no way Eugene-nim would go buy souvenirs. There is no chance other than today.’

So it is unavoidable.

‘Senya-sama said that if you receive a favor, you must repay it.’

In other words, this is not to succumb to the temptation of food, but to practice Senya-sama’s teachings. You might have something to eat if you get hungry along the way, but the main purpose is to buy souvenirs. Mer calmly left Eugene’s arms and walked out of the cloak.

No further conversation was necessary. Cristina put her rosary bracelet on Mer’s wrist with a benevolent smile. Mer took her bracelet and turned slowly.

I looked at Eugene once.

I made my way forward, then stopped and looked back.

“… … Can I ask you something?”

“Yes, as much as you like.”

“… … now you… … Are you Cristina? Are you Anise?”

At that, Christina smiled and tilted her head.

“Which one?”

… … Mer didn’t want to think and give an answer. However, I hoped it would be anise. If so, it is really unavoidable.

Mer bowed her head and turned around again.

“… … be careful. Don’t follow strange people, ignore even if they give you candy… … .”

Instead of answering, Mer raised a fist with a rosary bracelet on it.

“Let us go too.”

Cristina, who pressed the hood down a little more, approached. Today’s square is the most crowded of the year, and the statue of Anise is right above it. So she, Cristina, did not want to reveal her face, which was so similar to Anise.

“Where are you going?”

“I haven’t decided, but… … Since it came out like this, wouldn’t it be fun to watch the festival together?”

Cristina answered and took a few steps. Then, as she suddenly remembered, she turned to Eugene.

“… … Hamel. Do you know who I am?”

“Did you decide to call me Hamel too?”

At that question, Cristina blinked for a moment and then smiled.

“I thought the acting was good, but Anis-sama’s acting isn’t very good.”

“Do I really need to act?”

Yujin muttered that and raised her finger. I know why Christina is wearing her hood. She is understanding too.

But Eugene didn’t like that very much.

A gentle breeze blew Christina’s hood back. Cristina freaked out and tried to grab her hood, but the gust of wind blew her hood and her hair fluttered.

“Christina Rogeris.”

Eugene called the name directly.

“Why hide your face when you’re not guilty?”

“… … but… … Someone might recognize me… … .”

“How are you? If someone recognizes you, will anything bother you? it will happen Don’t hide it though. You are you, and anise is anise, and if someone sees your face and pushes you, I will make it go away.”

Eugene grumbled as he passed Christina.

“It was noon and I was hungry, so I was going to have lunch. can’t it be You gave that bracelet to Mer.”

“… … Pooh.”

Cristina, who stood there blankly for a moment, approached Eugene with a short laugh.

“There is one more rosary, don’t worry.”

The exposed face felt somehow awkward. Cristina caressed my cheek for no reason and followed Eugene.


‘… … Yes, sister.’

[Do you understand my feelings?]

Anise whispered.

[I quite liked Hamel’s nonchalant consideration.]

Maybe those words are coming out of your mouth.

Cristina was afraid and ashamed of it, and swatted me on the lips.

square of the sun


While walking together, Cristina called Anis by name. In fact, she didn’t even need to be called that. Anis was already reading Christina’s image.

[I hate it.]

Anise answered without hesitation. She said, because for her this answer was natural. Christina felt the resoluteness of her Anise’s answer that she would never back down.

[I also have quite a lot of regrets in my life. From time to time in the future, there will be times when I will borrow your body. But this is not the case now.]


[Why are you asking the obvious? It’s because lingering becomes greed. I’m used to being patient, but what if I become impatient? It’s better for me and for you not to do this.]

‘We deserve to be happy. It is the Sister who said so.’

[…] … This… … not happiness It may turn out to be misfortune. Christina. I like you very much I don’t know how long I will remain in this world in this form, but as long as I remain, I want to be like a good sister to you.]

Anis was silent for a moment. Christina did not rush Anis’s answer. The pace we walked together naturally slowed down a bit. Eugene glanced at Christina, who kept her mouth shut, but she did not inquire into the reason for her silence.

[…] … If lingering becomes greedy. I may be wanting more and more.]

‘I will do my best to listen to what Sister wants.’

[What if I want to completely take your body away? What if I regret my death and long for life by completely possessing your body?]

‘If Sister wishes, I will gladly yield my body. A sister deserves to be happier than I am.’

[…] … You are truly a man of insidiousness. On a subject I believe I will never do.]

‘It’s insidious for me to doubt my sisters.’

At Christina’s answer, Anis let out a chuckle.

[you… … if you’re really okay with it. All right, Cristina. We will gladly accept your offer. instead.]


[The sun… … until evening. Until then, just use your body. Let that brilliant light from the sky illuminate the earth, so that I do not dare to harbor sinful desires.]


Cristina smiled lightly at the answer she got. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.



‘Happy Birthday.’

Consciousness shifted.

Anise burst into laughter at Cristina’s words. congratulations Anise died 200 years ago.

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