Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 7

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Gilreid bowed his head without saying a word.

“Becoming a member of the family of the head family would be better for nurturing Yujin’s future than being in Gidol. If she is not greedy to become the head of the household, Eugene will become the brother of my children as the adopted son of the main family and build friendship with her. That relationship will plant more opportunities and possibilities in the future for Eugene.”

Guillaid felt quite guilty for saying such a thing. Eugene’s qualities are superior. Not to mention Iod, he couldn’t be compared to Cyan and Ciel. There is already such a difference, and in the next few years the difference will become even greater.

However, Eugene cannot become the head of the household. Guillaid secretly wants Eugene to become the head of the household and glorify the family, but that was a contradictory wish. The fact that an adopted child of a collateral family becomes the head of a household undermines the legitimacy and honor of the original family. 

Even if the head of the household, Guilade, didn’t care about him, the world would laugh at Lionheart. Even the senate would not approve of such a thing. The main family should be superior to the collateral. The bloodline ceremony is a tradition for him.

“…I guess so.”

Jehard let out a long sigh and nodded. his son’s future. More opportunities and possibilities. I know what you mean so well that it hurts my heart. The first hard cut was his own helplessness and shabbiness. If he becomes the adopted son of the head family, he will be able to enjoy a glory that is incomparable to being the son of Jehad of Gidoll.

“…I don’t think it’s for me to decide.”

Jehard smiled bitterly and lowered his head.

“I will talk to my son.”


Eugene put down his sword after seeing Jehard’s face walking away. The face is dead, and the gait is powerless. It was clear what she had talked to Gilreid about, how Zehad felt, and why he was coming here.

“father. What’s wrong with your expression?”


Instead of acting on her own, Eugene asked Jehard directly. At those words, Zehad raised his lowered head. Some bastard’s annex was bigger than Gidoll’s mansion. 

At least the gymnasium was smaller than the keystone, but the sword his son was holding made Jehard’s shoulders droop. Storm Sword Winid. I heard the story from Gion. A sword that my son picked out from the family treasure chest. 

Even if he disposed of all the property he had in the history of Jehard’s family, he couldn’t buy a sword like that.


Jehard felt even more shabby and opened his mouth. 

“…The head of the family said he wanted to adopt you.”

“I know. I heard it beforehand.”

Eugene shrugged and replied.

“By the way, why is your father’s expression like that? It’s not like I’m going to be adopted by myself, and my father is coming into the family together.”

“…I’ve heard that too. But… I… I’m not sure. If it’s for your future, it’s right to adopt you into your family. But in that case…”

Jehard hesitated, not being able to say anything. parental restraint. Anxiety about the future. Jehard could easily imagine such a future, but he doubted that his 13-year-old son would be able to accept such a story.

“…If…you become the adopted son of the original family. It may be difficult later.”

“I guess so.”

Jehard didn’t say it in detail, but Eugene clearly understood his intentions.

“But Father. How about that?”


“There may be hard things later, but good things will happen as well.”


“father. I like it.”

Eugene put Winid into the scabbard. Then he approached Jehard and smiled.

“If my father doesn’t want to be adopted, I’ll just go back to Gidol.”


“Really. Is it because it’s good? father. I am still doing very well.”

he grew up well Eugene nodded her head and thought.

“I didn’t train mana, and I didn’t learn it from an outstanding teacher. He beat the children of the main family. I’ve done well as my father’s son. Even if I don’t necessarily become an adopted son, I will do well in the future.”

Jehard felt his son’s sincerity. It filled Jehard’s eyes with tears.

“I do not resent my father.”

big. Jehard swallowed his tears.

“I was born as my father’s son. It is because of his father that I am who I am today.”

Even Eugene acknowledged that. If Jehad had been a man obsessed with authority disproportionate to his abilities, his childhood would have been troublesome in many ways. But Jehard was not that kind of person. He respected Eugene’s will and gave for what Eugene asked him to do from a young age. 

“So Father. Please don’t blame yourself for nothing. Rather, you should be proud of it. This happened because my father raised his son well, and I grew up so well.”


Jehard finally couldn’t hold back and burst into tears. 

“I… I… want to follow your will. Rather than the glory of my situation, I want to do it for your future glory.”

“I am confident that I will be honored in the future both in idols and in my family.”

Eugene replied with a confident voice. She had confidence in that statement as well as her confidence. If you become the adopted son of the original family, you get several advantages. But it’s not absolutely necessary. 

‘It’s just a few years difference.’

You only need to train the minimum amount of mana to summon the spirits. You can do that in Gidoll as well. If the Jehard family’s mana training method is insignificant, you can use Hamel’s mana training method. This absurd body would get enough effect from the cheap mana training that mercenaries learn.

After that? It’s up to you to use even the lowest level spirits. Even if you put the wind blade on the sword right now, the sword skill will be replaced. With that alone, Eugene was confident enough to devour quite a few articles. 

“…but Eugene. If you move in as an adopted child, you will be given more opportunities.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“I’m just worried that you won’t be hated by your family…”

“father. You’ve seen me since I was young.”

Eugene laughed and stabbed Jehard in the stomach.

“I’m not the kind of person to get hit anywhere. didn’t you hear? On the first day I came here, I sounded the original song.”

“I almost fainted when I heard that…”

“What are you thinking? Anyway, it’s okay not to worry about me. Rather, you should worry about your father.”

“Worried about me…?”

“This belly fat.”

Eugene stopped poking and lifted Jehard’s belly with both hands.

“The rice served at my hometown is much tastier than at my house. My father doesn’t even exercise much, so if I eat this or that at my hometown, my stomach will grow fat in no time.”

“Huh… Heh heh.”

“If you want to see my future, take care of your health first.”

“Yes… you are right.”



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Seeing his son’s nonchalant appearance, Jehard burst into laughter. The agony of feeling powerless and shabby became ridiculous.


Jehard put on a solemn expression belatedly.

“…Your name is Eugene Ryanhart. I, the son of Jehard Lionhart.”


“Your name… was coined by me and your mother who left earlier. Don’t forget that fact.”

“I’m not a fool, will I forget your name?”

Yujin giggled and nodded.

“Even if I become an adopted son, the only real father who gave birth to me is Jehard Ryanhart.”

Jehard nodded quietly. Apart from his solemn expression, tears flowed. He hugged Yujin without crying.

‘In the end, they become adopted.’

Eugene thought in Jehard’s arms.

‘Even though it’s annoying, it’s worth accepting because there will be many things to take.’

Eugene did not even want to become the head of Lionheart. I don’t know if it will be like that later, but if she already reveals her greed for the position of head of household, she will be subjected to a lot of annoying checks. 

‘I don’t know if other people will believe that.’

Concubine Theonis and concubine Anicilla. The two have no choice but to keep Eugene in check. 

‘… dissatisfaction and containment… crush it from the front. Did you just ignore it?’

Of course, Eugene preferred the former.


The banquet to conclude the blood ceremony was held that night. 

Jehard wasn’t the only one invited as a guest. The content of the blood ceremony was only disgrace to the family, but Gilade invited all the children’s families to the banquet as if he was not ashamed of it.

This blood relationship ceremony was not meant to embarrass the main family, but to give the meaning of blessing the victory of the collateral family. 

Anicilla liked her husband’s decision. 

Eugene Lionhart wins. 

I thought it was the second best, and I didn’t really want it. However, in the end, Eugene overtook the main family and won the championship. It was shown off by holding a banquet, so as a result, Xi’an’s defeat was insignificant.  

“Stay proud.”

Anicilla stood upright in a gorgeous robe. Her cyan, which had been stretching her shoulders as she did her death, flinched and she looked at Anisilla. 

“The defeats that have already been suffered are unavoidable. A duel or a bloodline ceremony. But don’t show your frustration.”


“You are my son. I, the son of Anicilla Caines. Even if you lose in a duel and show an embarrassing appearance at the Bloodline Ceremony, the fact that you are my son will not change.”

Xian did not fully understand the meaning of the words. However, I vaguely felt it, so he nodded his head and widened his shoulders.



“You will always be compared to that child. Everyone who sees you will remember you losing the duel with Eugene. They’re going to laugh at the fact that they didn’t win the blood family ceremony for the first time in the history of their family.”


“It can’t be helped, it can’t be done. draft. feel ashamed But don’t be discouraged. No matter who laughs at you, you are my son, and you are the enemy of Lionheart.”


“I can’t help the past. So Xian, the future is important.”

Anicilla glared at Eugene and spat out. With that, she squeezed Xian’s hand tightly. Xian felt her mother’s hand tremble slightly.

“I will work hard.”

“…okay. my dear son.”

Eugene became the adopted son of the original family.

Theonis and Anicilla had heard about it since yesterday. It was natural, but I protested. But she couldn’t change her husband’s will. For the glory of Lionheart’s hometown. Her husband’s words were filled with a cause for Lionheart.

Anicilla wants to serve the glory of her children rather than a cause. But she was also greedy for raising Ryan Hart’s name. With her own greed, with her mother’s wishes, 

I saw the reality of the original family, which values ​​the legitimacy of blood. 

“Eugene can’t be the head of the household.”

Anicilla’s voice lowered.

“But Xian. Don’t settle for that fact. Because you don’t know what the future will be like. You have a lot of disadvantages, so you have to work even harder to become a family head.”


Xian did not droop his broad shoulders. He nodded and looked in the direction where Eugene was. 

“…but don’t become enemies with Eugene for nothing.”

“…are you brothers from now on?”


brother Anicilla did not want to acknowledge him. However, her answer was different from her true intentions. 

“Let’s build brotherly friendship. That child, make it so that it can be your strength. You… have time.” 


“Don’t look down on me for being an adopted child. equal to you. Play together, practice, build memories. Don’t let that kid hold a grudge against you. Like that… make that child, one day, be able to help you.”


Xian quietly nodded. This little kid has mixed feelings for Eugene. 

The humiliation of defeat. petulance. anger. 

The overwhelming skill that Eugene showed at the Blood Ceremony. admiration for him. Envy. awe… 


If it had been just a few days ago, I would have been angry at those words. But the present Xian was not like that. Rather, I felt a subtle sense of shame.

“…uh… mother.”


“How should I… be friendly? Uh, can’t your mother tell me? Be nice to me…”

It was childish, but Anicilla looked at her son with pitiful eyes.

“Tell Ciel.”

If I hadn’t had eyes to see, I would have been scolded.

Anicilla sighed and shook her head. 

Ciel was with Eugene. 

Jehard is surrounded by adults from other collaterals and is talking about this and that. Among them, Gargis and Desiira’s parents were particularly polarizing. 

“You have a wonderful son.”

“You’re going to be adopted by the family, right?”

“What kind of training did that child do?”

“I heard that Jehard will also become a member of the family.”

“I heard from my son that he is very strong for his size.”

“Can I get some advice about my child’s education?”

“My family’s secret muscle growth drug doesn’t even exist in the head family. Aren’t you interested?”

“It is fate that we met like this, and we will continue to arrange a place to promote friendship among collaterals.”

“This growth drug is effective for children, but it works for adults too. Of course, proper medication and exercise should go hand in hand, but Jehard seems to need it.”

“Oh, well, that’s good. The men were supposed to go hunting next month, right? At that time, Jehard will come too.”

“If you run through the mountains and sweat all the time, Jehard will become addicted to the taste.”

Jehard had no choice but to answer yes to the words from all sides. 

Eugene did not want to be singled out by those overbearing adults. So he left immediately, but Ciel followed Eugene’s footsteps. 

“From now on, we are siblings.”

“Are you okay?”

“I feel strange.”

Ciel laughed and grabbed Eugene’s collar. 

“There were only Sian oppa and Iod oppa, but he suddenly had a younger brother.”

“What bullshit. Brother?”

“Your birthday is later than mine.”

“What does that matter? It’s not even a difference in years, it’s only a few months difference. What kind of brother are you?”

“I became a little sister because I was born five seconds later than my older brother.”

Eugene was speechless. 

“…That and this are a bit different.”

“Why is it different? I became a younger brother by a few seconds. You’re a few months behind me, so you’re my sister.”

“No, because it is different.”

“Why is it different?”

Why is it different? Even Eugene, who had memories of her previous life, couldn’t come up with an appropriate answer to that question.

“…That… I’m not your brother or sister. My parents are different… so I can’t be your sister.”

“But they are siblings.”

“Nominally, but essentially, we are strangers. That’s why I never call you sister.”

“Can I call you sister?”

“I hate to die.”

“no way.”

Ciel’s lips pout. She strangled her Eugene, pulling her collar around.

“Call me just once.”


“It is not difficult.”

“I hate what I don’t like.”

“If you keep doing that, your sister will scold you.”

“Don’t give a damn.”

“Your manners are too harsh. I will tell my mother.”

“Come on. No, but why are you holding on to it?”

Eugene shook off Ciel’s hand in annoyance. Ciel’s lips pouted even more.

“Why are you being mean?”


“Stop… stop.”

Yujin shook his fist and said. Ciel looked at Eugene and stuck out her tongue.

“Don’t cry, fool.”

“I guess so…”

“I wanted to hear from you, but is it that hard to call you once?”

“I am very difficult.”

Calling a thirteen-year-old kid sister?

‘I’d rather die.’

Eugene sincerely thought so.

mana training

“I will not unconditionally make him a disciple.”

Iod suppressed his throbbing heartbeat and looked at Loberian. Those twinkling eyes are full of anticipation and earnestness for the future. However, Loberian was in a position where he could not unconditionally grant that young desire.

“The Red Mage Tower, which I am the owner of, uses summoning magic among many other magics. So, when you go to Arot, you will first take a systematic aptitude test.”

“What if… what if I have an aptitude for summoning magic?”

“If so, I’m happy, but you won’t be able to become my disciple with just enough aptitude.”

Loberian drew the line like that. Iod showed a look of disappointment for a moment, but he changed his expression when he was aware of Guilade and Theonis sitting next to Loberian. 

You can leave this stuffy family.

That alone is a joy. Being able to leave the family and go to another country without necessarily becoming Loberian’s apprentice made Iod’s fingertips tremble.

“There are so many wizards who want to be my apprentice.”

Loberian continued.

“At Arot, Lionheart’s status as the fittest will not represent you. I can’t take you as a disciple unless you have the talent to defeat the other wizards.”


“…Arrot won’t treat Lionheart, but I’m Gilreid-nim’s old friend before I was the owner of the Red Mage Tower… You’ll have many opportunities. He will protect you from voices criticizing discrimination, and he will provide an environment in which you can perform magic that suits your aptitude.”

All those words make Iod’s heart beat. However, Iod could neither answer hastily nor laugh. He looked at Theonis and Guilade with sullen eyes. 

“…it’s your choice.”

Gilade opened his mouth.

“You don’t have to look at me. If you want to go, you can go.”



Theonis, who had been silent, gazed at his son. 

“This is the opportunity my father gave me. Be grateful.”


“Why is there any reason to hesitate? From a young age, you showed a greater interest in magic than handling weapons such as swords and spears.” 

Iod hesitated, unable to answer.

“I called several wizards from the capital for you, but unfortunately they are not suitable to be your teachers.”

There was an absurdity in those words. The mages invited from the capital to teach Iod magic were highly reputed mages who would have risen to a considerable position in the mage tower if they had stayed in Arot. 

The reason why they couldn’t become Iod’s teachers was because Iod himself wasn’t immersed in magic. This stuffy family suppressed Iod’s desire and freedom. 


Theonis’s eyes narrowed.

Iod was afraid of his mother’s gaze. He was much more afraid of his mother, who always stayed by his side and monitored his actions, than his father, the head of the household.

“We must not forget. You are the son of Lionheart. I am the son of Theonis, and I will become the head of the family.”

I hate that word. afraid. heavy. Iod couldn’t answer and lowered his eyes.

“Please don’t forget that fact at Arot too.”


“As a mother, I’m just encouraging my son.”

Guillaid tried to dissuade him, but Theonis glared at her husband with cold eyes. She doesn’t agree with her husband. Eugene, I don’t like bringing an unknown child into my parents’ house. quantum? It’s not even funny. Is it still not enough even after taking her concubine and making her twins?

I don’t even want to send Iod to Arot. If Iod, her son, went to Arot, it was almost certain that the damn Anissilla would go mad with her joy. 


Theonis knows he has no choice but to send Iod to Arot. That resentful son was the legitimate son of the original family, but he was not born with the qualities appropriate for his lineage. Even nature is weak and clumsy. Even if he stays with his family, Iod’s skills don’t improve. 

“…the iodine.”

Theonis cupped his son’s hand. She stopped talking and stared into her son’s face. Iod forced Theonis to meet her eyes. 

That night.

Theonis talked for a long time in Iod’s room. 

Tomorrow, Iod leaves for Loberian and Arot. Theonis wanted Iod to become a disciple of Loberian. Even if he couldn’t do that, he hoped to increase his strength by interacting with various wizards in Alot.

I hoped to create a bond that would support him and the strength that he could not get from his family.

“You are the son of Lionheart.”

Theonis had asked for it several times.

“Yes, yes, mother.”

Iod did not look up and repeated the same answer.


the day after the banquet. Many of them left their homes. Loberian went to Alot with Iod, and Gargis and Didyra returned to their families with their parents. 

The outbuildings would have to be empty as the places that did not need to remember their names would have left, but the attendants moved busily from early morning.

This outbuilding will be used by Eugene and Jehard in the future. Guillaid tried to bring them into the family’s mansion, but Eugene didn’t want him. 

It was a consideration for my father, Jehard. If you live together in the mansion of the original family for no reason, Jehard has no choice but to notice the family of the original family. Living separately in a separate building is more comfortable for each other.

“I hope to go along well.”

Nina bowed her head. Her situation did not change. As Eugene requested, Nina continued to serve as her exclusive attendant. 

Nina knew that it was Eugene’s consideration. 

“Is there anything I need to bring from Gidol?”

“I’m not here, so pack your things, Dad.”

Jehard couldn’t rest even though he felt the stinging headache of a hangover. From now on, he had to go to Gidol with the workers of his hometown. Since he will be living in a separate building from now on, he has to take care of what is left of Gidoll’s mansion. 

Knights who have served Jehard for a long time. servants and workers. We cannot bring all of them, but we will select those who wish and bring them to our home. Those who will manage the mansion without an owner must also be left behind. There would be numerous people who would voluntarily choose to stay in the mansion if the salary was generous.

“It’s much better to have things in the annex than things in our mansion, so don’t take care of things you don’t need.”

“I still don’t feel it… Really… Will I ever live here…?”

Jehard smiled and looked back at the annex. You must have realized it several times, but the reality still feels like a dream. 

‘…It’s real.’

Seeing his son’s grinning face, Jehard felt his heart swell. After giving his son a hug, he climbed into the wagon prepared by the workers. 

“Go and make sure you brag.”

Eugene smiled and saw Jehard off. 

The morning of the first day of living as an adopted child went like that. Normally, he would start training, but Eugene didn’t and stood alone in the gymnasium. 

Today was an important day for Eugene in many ways. It was not only the first day of living as an adopted child, but also the first day of initiation into mana after being reincarnated.

Mana training begins with recognizing mana. Mana exists everywhere in the world, but no matter how conscious it is, it is invisible to the naked eye. Like the senses, mana can only be perceived after it has been developed. 

Such ‘development’ is largely divided into two categories. 

breathing and exercise. 

Breathing is training by accumulating mana dissolved in the atmosphere through breathing, and physical training is building up mana by moving the body. Neither is easy, but if you have to say, breathing training is superior to physical training. If you completely embody your breath, you can receive mana with each movement. But physical training is difficult.

In his previous life, Hamel trained mana through exercise, and later converted exercise into breathing with the advice of Senya and Vermouth.  

‘Lionheart’s mana training method is breathing.’

Of course, you can’t train mana just by breathing unconditionally. Breathing to train mana requires a similar technique to magic. 

“You came out early.”

Gion Lionheart. He drew two horses and approached Eugene. Eugene was not surprised and bowed his head toward Gion. 


After the banquet, Eugene was called by Guilade. She became the adopted son of the main family, and since her bloodline ceremony was over, she had to enter Mana in earnest, so it was to tell her the detailed process. 

Spiritual vein.

A land where mana gathers. 

Deep in the forest of the original family, there is a spiritual vein that only the blood of the original family can enter. It is not a place that occurred naturally, but a spirit vein created by the great Vermouth three hundred years ago. 

Only the children of the main family can enjoy the power of the spirit vein. The reason Xian could already emit sword spirit was because of Xian’s own outstanding qualities, but Young Mac’s help was also great. 

‘Artificially creating a spirit vein. A monster is a monster.’

It was difficult to understand even with Eugene’s common sense. So, did you mean that the flow of the earth was forcibly twisted to create a spirit vein? Has it been maintained for three hundred years? 

‘Crazy guy.’

It seems possible with that vermouth. But… Rather than admiring Vermouth’s dignity, Eugene couldn’t help but feel a twisted dissatisfaction. What the hell happened to his mental head in his later years, did he even create a spirit vein to ensure the glory of his descendants? 

‘Having more than ten wives, giving birth to dozens of children, talking about legitimacy, separating the main family from the collateral line, and making a bloodline ceremony…’

There was a great gap between the Vermouth that Eugene remembers and the Vermouth, the progenitor of ‘Lionheart’.

“Are you nervous?”

“I look forward to it.”

Yujin smiled and answered. He puts aside his doubts and sympathy for Vermouth. Anyway, Eugene became the adopted son of the main family, and thanks to Gilreid’s consideration, he was able to enter his spirit vein. Gion decided to directly assist with the initiation of mana. 

“It is not easy.”

Gion said.

“Mana… it definitely exists, but you can’t feel it. I will help you, but you will have a hard time as a beginner.”

“is that so?”

“huh. Mana is easier to feel the younger you are. The older you get… the more you feel. Your body gets used to not feeling mana.”

Even Eugene knows that. Just as the senses that are not in use become dull, so does the feeling of mana.

“Cyan and Ciel started to learn mana from the age of six. Iod… My sister-in-law is so polarized that I started to learn mana from the age of five.”

Gion looked back at Yujin with a wry smile.

“I was initiated at such a young age, but it took Xian and Ciel three days to feel mana. The iodine was… um… a week?”

“Did it take long?”

“No, it is very fast. Children of the collateral are usually initiated into mana around the age of four, but it seems to take a month just to ‘feel’ mana. It would take several more months just to gradually build up the mana she felt that way into her body and be fully conscious.”

Eugene nodded slowly. Gion glanced at Eugene and added hastily.

“Ah… you won’t take that long. It’s because there is a spiritual vein to make you feel mana quickly and easily. I will help too.”

“How many days will it take me?”

“Um… ten days…?”

Gion said with a shy smile. It’s a lie. I think 10 days is very fast. Thirteen isn’t too late to start mana, but it’s not too early either. 

‘Your veins don’t always make you feel mana…’

So the temperature came. He has to stick by Eugene’s side for the time being. 

“First of all… it’s important to feel the mana. The spirit vein is a place where mana is thick, but besides that, I will send mana directly into your body.”

“Can I feel better?”


This was also a huge perk. To think that a master of Gion level would assist from the introductory stage of mana. 

‘I’m sure he takes good care of me.’

I thought I would get some mana stones. I can’t imagine letting them enter the spirit vein and attaching a guide to them.

“Ten days… then, do I have to spend ten days with Gion-sama in the spirit vein?”

“It’s a spirit vein in the middle of the forest, but everything is there. It’s not big, but I have a house… Daily necessities and food will be brought by attendants.”

“Wow, that sounds like fun.”

Eugene smiled like a child and said.

‘What about ten days?’

Behind that innocent smile, I thought about that.

‘It takes less than ten minutes, man.’

It’s just that I didn’t accumulate mana through training, but it didn’t mean I couldn’t feel it.

‘Well… though feeling it and accepting it into your body are two different things.’

There is anticipation. 

Will this handsome body eat mana well? 

Deep in the forest far from the mansion. There is a cozy cabin. It was said that Vermouth made the spirit vein 300 years ago, but the cabin looked tidy as if it had received steady maintenance and repairs since then. 

“Wait a minute. Although there is nothing to see.”


Gion fell off the horse first. He took a set of keys from his bosom and unlocked his cabin one by one. It’s not just a lock. Without the permission of the family head, it is impossible to open the door even with the right key.

Meanwhile, Eugene got off his horse and looked around. I had been in the forest only yesterday, but not this far. 

Eugene looked around the dense trees. Small animals and insects are also seen. But there are no monsters. This huge forest is managed as part of the main family’s estate.

‘If you look at the atmosphere, it looks like an elf will appear.’

Three hundred years ago, the demon lords of Helmud started rampaging, and the races that suffered the most damage were the non-human elves and dragons. As Helmud’s ominous power grew stronger, elves died, and dragons fought against the demon king and died in droves.

…Even now, when only two of the five demon lords remain. The two races could not recover from the disasters of the past. 

“come in.”

Eugene turned away after being soaked in complex sentiments. 

“It is clean.”

“It has some kind of magic on it.”

Gion answered and guided Eugene. The two went down the stairs leading to the basement. 

“Can we start right away?”


Gion flinched and turned to Eugene. He blinked his eyes for a moment, then nodded his head with a wry smile.

“Do whatever you feel like.”

Being ambitious is a good thing. But Gion couldn’t help but feel a little concerned. 

Eugene Lionhart. That kid is very good. Gion acknowledged that fact. Although he did not personally see the duel with Xian and his performance at the Blood Ceremony, he could feel it just by hearing the story. What’s more, the movements of the body that are familiar with the behavior. It’s so light that you can’t think of it as a child who hasn’t trained mana. 

‘…There is a difference between using the body well and handling mana well.’

Gion was well aware of that fact. He is also a race that has been called a genius since childhood. However, even though he had a great talent for martial arts, it took him a very long time to get acquainted with Mana.

‘I hope I don’t get frustrated after looking forward to it…’

Gion was worried about that. He is aware of his talent, and the more he is proud of him, the more frustrated he is. 

I must be a genius why can’t you do this? 

Gion in his childhood took quite a bit of time to overcome his frustration with him. He eventually crossed the wall, but the process of first getting into mana and mastering him was very arduous.

‘…It’s when I’m full of confidence.’

Eugene’s existence is also unconventional in Lionheart’s history. It is the first time that a child of the collateral family defeated a child of the parent family in a blood relationship ceremony, and it is the first time that a child of the parent family is adopted. In addition, he received Winid from the treasure house and was allowed access to the spirit vein. 

Even grown-ups are shocked. How proud and proud a mere 13-year-old child would be of himself. 

Whenever such a thought came to mind, Gion’s expression sank in confusion. I know it’s a hasty worry, but Gion can’t help but worry that Eugene will be frustrated by facing the reality.

If Eugene had read Gion’s thoughts, he would have grabbed his stomach and laughed. Frustration with genius? I’ve already experienced that kind of thing three hundred years ago. 

great vermouth.

Several times by his side, I realized what a ‘genius’ was. Compared to him, there is not a single person in the world who can be proud of being a genius. Only Vermouth can claim the word genius. The word genius exists for Vermouth.


Hamel was well aware of that fact. 

‘Stupid Hamel.’

The first time I saw that name in a children’s book. Eugene thought he wanted to tear the anonymous author to death. But if you think about it calmly, it wasn’t a very wrong statement. 

Hamel was clueless. Senya, Anis, and Moron did not regard Vermouth as a competitor. Colleagues who have crossed life and death together. friend. he thought so 

Hamel did the same, but only he wanted to surpass Vermouth. Only he was against Vermouth’s opinion. 

“Sit in the middle.”

The basement was a joint with nothing in it. Gion continued, pointing to the center. 

“First of all, try breathing without being conscious. Being conscious of the mana around you is the beginning.”


Mana exists but cannot be felt. To build him up in your body, you must first be able to feel mana. The full-scale ‘training’ can only begin after that.

“The mana training method passed down in the family was inherited from our great ancestor, Mr. Vermut.”


waited for that

“It started out the same as the collateral, but now it’s completely different. Too much time has passed… and collaterals cannot inherit the origin.”

The great Vermouth drew a clear line between the ancestral family and the collateral.

All collaterals are rooted in the original family. Yujin’s ancestors were also members of the main family in the distant past, and were pushed out of the main family because they could not become the head of the household. 

The ancestors of the collateral who were pushed out like that are subject to an irresistible ban. 

You cannot pass down the origin of the mana training method learned in your family to your descendants. What collaterals can pass on to their descendants is only subclasses different from those of the original family. Its subtype was also created by vermouth, but of course it is less effective than the original type. 


Mana arises in the body of Gion. Mana of pure white light wrapped around Gion’s body. 

It was as if the body was covered in flames. 

Eugene does not know the name Baek Yeom-sik. 

But I did remember that unique look. 


The high-density mana it handles always manifests itself in the form of pure white flames like mine.

When he walked forward with him wrapped around his body, the fluttering sparks of mana would look like a lion’s mane.

mana training

“The collateral mana training method has its roots in the subclass red flame ceremony.”

three hundred years.

During that long period of time, the red salt ceremony inherited by the collateral family went through various transformations for each collateral family. As of now, almost nothing remains of its original form. 

However, the variously modified red salt formulas did not reach the power of the white salt formula. Even after a long time, the sub-ryu could not jump over the head-stream. The wisdom and efforts of the collateral descendants did not reach the great Vermouth.

Lionheart’s family is well aware of that fact. Therefore, the origin of Baek Yeom-sik did not change from the beginning. Because it doesn’t have to change. What is the reason to add to what is already complete? 

“What you will learn is the white salt meal.”

Yujin, who was staring blankly at the flames of Gion, nodded. Although the name Baek Yeom-shik is unfamiliar, that appearance is not unfamiliar. A look that made me frustrated several times in my past life. 

Hamel had not been able to jump over that flame until the end. 


I feel bittersweet for such a past. But the excitement in her heart does not cool down. 

“Of course, you can’t learn right away. Once you feel the mana…”

“I feel it.”

Excitement urged Eugene. Eugene didn’t listen to Gion’s words until the end and spoke up.


“I’m feeling the mana.”

The temperature was speechless. He stared at Eugene with his eyes wide open, then burst out laughing in disbelief.

“It’s an illusion.”

It was understandable. If you are overly immersed, your head can create strange illusions.



How do I convince you of that? Gion pondered for a moment, then moved Mana. Intangible mana moved according to Gion’s will and hovered around Eugene.

“look. I can’t feel it yet…”


Eugene pointed to my left thigh.

“Mana is pouring in from this side.”


Gion’s face stiffened. No, it can’t be. Gion moved mana again. This time, instead of concentrating in one place, disperse them. The lightly dispersed mana wraps around Eugene’s body.

“Here, this way, up, down again. How long are you going to do it?”

Eugene moved his hand back and forth according to the flow of mana. Whenever that happened, Gion’s mouth continued to open. Eventually, Gion took a few steps back and shook her head vigorously.


It may be that only the senses of the body have developed extraordinarily. Gion changed the movement of mana. Mana, who had touched Eugene’s body directly, stepped back from a distance. 


This time, Eugene pointed in the direction of mana flow without hesitation. Gion felt dizzy. Is this possible? A 13-year-old kid who has never practiced mana before, a kid who has never developed a sense of skill, feels mana as soon as she is initiated? 


He didn’t even pour mana directly into his body. He felt mana alone. He expected that if he could feel the mana in ten days when he directly assisted him, it would be very fast. But even if Eugene was fast, he was too fast.


Gion shook his head and approached Yujin. 

“…This is a bit of a stretch, but it would have been nice if you were born in your family.”

“You’ve become adopted.”

“Quantum… yes, it is.”

Gion laughed bitterly. He sat down in front of Yujin and held his hands.

“…If you feel the mana, you can start right away. From now on, don’t say anything, just focus on what’s going on inside your body.”


The succession of the white salt ceremony begins. Eugene closed his eyes and was conscious of his body. Soon, mana began to flow from Gion’s hand. The mana that passed from her hand to her hand was scattered from Eugene’s body into numerous branches. 

A body that has never accumulated mana. However, it was so unbelievable that Eugene’s body accepted mana ‘well’. That fact surprised Gion again. 

‘Genius… no, this is…’

Gion’s eyes trembled. He adjusted the flow of mana to be a little stronger. Breath of mana, not physical training. Being conscious of the mana she swallowed with her breath, and making it flow through her body according to the established rules, is the mana breath.

Eugene felt how mana flowed through his body. 

It is the heart that becomes the center of the mana that spreads throughout the body. 

Mana wraps around the heart. There, mana dwells in the blood vessels connected to the heart. Mana flows with blood. Although they flow together, the flow of mana does not completely follow the flow of blood. 

‘…It’s a monster.’

Gion slowly let go of the mana flow. But the flow doesn’t stop. Eugene was already adjusting the mana in his body. don’t rush Slowly, so your body can accept it. That alone made the temperature startling.  

“…don’t stop breathing.”

Gion spat out in a trembling voice.

“Think of it as swallowing the mana of the spirit vein with your breath. Just like that… Guide the swallowed mana according to the flow of the white flame ceremony. Heart… with heart.” 

Eugene didn’t answer. He concentrated and remembered the flow of mana. Then he swallows the mana with his breath, and guides it to her heart. 

Gion stopped holding Eugene’s hand. He stood up from his seat, unable to close his half-open mouth. And he took a few steps back.

“…yes… well… I’m doing it.”

What I said was considered ridiculous. Are you doing well? Is it possible to say such a thing? I just said it because I didn’t know what to say. 

Every time Eugene breathes, the rich mana of the spirit vein moves. Since you have just entered mana, there is a limit to the amount of mana your body can accept. It had to be. But now, Eugene was directly denying that common sense. 

‘You’re crazy.’

It wasn’t just the temperature that surprised me. Eugene was also amazed at the performance of the reincarnated body. It’s not difficult to feel mana because I have memories of my previous life. The same goes for breathing mana. 

But even taking that into consideration, this body is too good at receiving mana. You could feel the mana in your body increasing with each breath. Of course, it was very realistic because there was no mana in her body, but it was true that her mana sensitivity was too good even if it was good.

‘…But there are limits.’

There was an end to the mana that this young body could accept. After concentrating for a while, Yujin opened her eyes with a long sigh. Her whole body was drenched in sweat and felt uncomfortable.


Quite a long time has passed. Even so, it was an overwhelmingly shorter time than Gion expected, but what Eugene did during these few hours destroyed Gion’s common sense.

The mana of the spirit vein has decreased to the point where you can feel it. It will fill up again with time, but Eugene accepted the limit of mana that his body could handle in just a few hours.

It took Cyan, Ciel, and Iod several days to feel mana. 

It took a longer time to accept mana into the body and create a core.

It was the same with temperature. But Eugene felt the mana as soon as he sat down, immediately breathed in the mana, gathered him around his heart and formed a core. In the process he had little help from Gion. All he did was guide Mana in the beginning and let him know the flow of the Baek Yeom Sik. 

‘…The size of the core is also overwhelming.’

It’s a size you can’t believe that you’ve just started mana. If you don’t know the circumstances, it’s a size to think that you’ve been training mana for at least a few years. 

‘It’s usually much smaller than that…’

Gion also started with a much smaller core than mine, and steadily trained mana to increase the size of the core. 

“…You are a monster.”

Gion finally said so. Yujin briskly wiped the sweat running down her cheeks and smiled with her calm face.

“Is that a compliment?”

“Compliments… I mean.”

Gion muttered in a blank voice and helped Eugene to his feet.

“…that… well… let’s go back.”

How should I explain this to my brother? Gion thought so. 

‘Thank you, Vermouth.’

Yujin grinned as she recalled her former colleague.

On the way back, I heard about Baek Yeom Sik.  

The biggest difference between white salt and red salt is the division of the core. No matter how much you develop and practice the red salt ceremony, there is only one mana core you can have in your body.

However, the core of Baek Yeom-sik goes beyond a certain level. In this way, more mana is efficiently stored in the body, and the power of the core is amplified by resonating with the split core.  

The cores split in this way are counted as ‘stars’. 

The great Vermouth, the founder of Lionheart and the creator of the White Salt Ceremony. He had ten stars in his body. In the history of Lionheart, only vermouth has reached the 10th star of the white salt ceremony.

“My older brother and I are six stars.”

A level that can’t even be compared to the great vermouth. However, in the history of Lionheart, there are only a handful of people who have reached the 6th rank of Baek Yeom-sik. 

“Cyan, Ciel, and Iod… are 1 star. I don’t know about iodine, but the twins will be able to become 2 stars in a year or so.”


“…I don’t know.”

Gion replied with a bitter smile. The ridiculous sight he saw in the spirit vein made Gion’s answer cautious. 

“In my case… it took me 8 years to go from 1 star to 2 star. My brother was similar. Since Xian and Ciel entered Mana at the age of 6… If they become 2 stars next year, it will take 8 years just like my brother and I.”

“Then will it take me eight years?”


Although I can’t guess the time. 

“You will be much faster than that.”

Gion was certain of that fact. In the history of Lionheart, there is no child who felt mana as quickly as Eugene and entered the Baek Yeom Ceremony. Right now, Eugene’s core seems to be bigger than Xian’s when he was 10 years old.

“It never takes more than eight years. Unless you’re… lazy.”

“I will work hard.”

Eugene replied with a smirk. Laziness, it won’t happen unless your head is smashed. I was reincarnated with a body that was overwhelmingly better than my previous life, but I don’t want to rot this body out of laziness.

‘Besides, I’ve learned how to train Vermouth’s mana.’

How many times have I been frustrated by that f*cking white flame, the shining lion’s mane? Stupid Hamel couldn’t overcome Vermouth until the end. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t do it like Vermouth.

Can I do it like Vermouth now?


Eugene did not want to be like Vermouth. What he wants is to go beyond vermouth. He had no intention of taking pride in it. If it’s a power he got for free, he should use it gratefully.

‘I don’t know if I’ll be able to reach 10 stars… once I’ve cooked the white salt meal.’

Of course, I’m not going to follow suit. You have to dig deep to find out, but if there is something that bothers you, it will undergo its own transformation.

‘I’ll have to try it while learning.’

Hamel’s abilities are no better than Vermouth’s. Eugene knows that very well. Still, he will be better than most of them, and maybe even better than all previous Ryan Heart heads.

‘I’ll have to figure it out.’

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