Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 70

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“If you will do that, I will stop you.”

Gavid said in a calm tone. But deep inside his eyes, a red light shimmered. It was the light emitted by Iris’ Dark Magic Eye, Noir’s Illusion Evil Eye, and the Mystic Eye of Prestige, on the same level.

“I guess time passed. You, who used to be called a slayer, are now pretending to be the guardian of a young dragon.”

“It’s not about protecting the young owner of the Dragon Demon Castle. It’s to keep you in check. Even if they haven’t grown up, a dragon is a dragon. Even now, I don’t want to let you, who are strong enough, get drunk with Dragonheart.”

It’s just a light warning. Even Noir only spoke harshly, and he probably had no intention of hunting the young master of the Dragon Demon Castle.

“I got it. So, will you take away that creepy gaze?”

Noir smiled as he brushed back his thick hair. Then Gavid shrugged his shoulders and withdrew his prestige eyes. Edmond, who was watching the two of them, laughed haha ​​and went back to his seat.

“Since the two dukes are pretending to be angry and playing mischievous pranks, it’s hard for me to breathe properly. So, please, let’s talk about something else.”

“Is there anything interesting?”

“I think it depends on acceptance.”

Edmonds raised a hand from the inside of his coat. The hand lightly stirred the air, and a whitish orb the size of two fists appeared.

It was the human soul.

“I’m not sure, but… … .”

Edmond touched his horn with his fingertips and opened his mouth.

“It looks like a hero and a saint have appeared.”

Gavid’s eyes narrowed.

sun square

warriors and saints.

Edmond could not fully comprehend the weight of the two names. He was a monstrous warlock who had lived for over 100 years, but he had never experienced a ‘real’ hero or saint.

“… … A saint.”


The sword of confinement and the queen of dreams have experienced real warriors and saints. The world 300 years ago. The era when heroes and saints existed. Since then, the hero has not appeared, but the Holy Empire, Eulas, has several times presented a ‘saint’ and made it a symbol of the holy kingdom.

“Maybe, I thought.”

Moving with a leisurely gait, Noir sat down on top of an empty table. He then crossed his legs with a bewitching smile.

“The saintess candidate of this generation. Her name was Christina Rogeris, right? She looks just like Anise Slewood, doesn’t she? those fanatics. It took 200 years to finally clone Anise Slitherwood.”

“I don’t know if I’ve succeeded yet. Maybe it’s just the face. Rather, wouldn’t that side be easier to deal with on the side of the Holy See? In fact, they made Anise Slewood so ‘well’ that they couldn’t control it in later years.”

Noir and Gavid know the truth about Anise Slewood. They are demons who have lived for hundreds of years, and they know well about the saints before Anis. Although they were grandiosely called saints, the saints before Anis were incomplete beings who did not live up to their name.

It was the same with the saints after Anise. It was unknown until what kind of method Eulas used to create the saintess, but their method of making the saintess was incomplete. So far, there have been numerous candidates and saints, but among them, only Anis deserved to be called a saint.

“If it is a crude doll made to resemble only the face… … Heheung. As you said, it would be easy for the Holy See to use it. Just because it resembles anise would be a symbol of fanaticism.”

“But you are a warrior.”

Gavid did not sit down. He stood with his back to the window, staring at Edmond.

“Earl Edmond. I like you quite a bit, too, but I don’t want to hear that you easily include ‘hero’ even as a joke.”

“That goes for me too. The warrior… … Whoops. Because it reminds me of the vermouth of despair.”

The two vividly remember 300 years ago.

Among the many demons in Helmud, the great demons have the most power. The Three Dukes, who hold the title of duke along with Ryzakia in the Dragon Demon Castle. Noir Jebela and Gavid Lindman were the closest beings to Helmud’s ‘third’ demon lord from 300 years before the war ended.

after the war. Numerous demons scrambled to fight and started a new ranking, but Gavid and Noir had never been challenged by other demons. They are of a different status as demons. The most recent territory war between Noir and Iris, Iris must have been desperate, but for Noir, it was nothing more than a light play to soothe the boredom of peace.

What made these two monsters realize “death”.

It was only a battlefield from 300 years ago. great… … no.

Vermouth of Despair.

Hamel of annihilation.

the calamity of

Moron of Horror.

Anise from Hell.

Only the battle with those five non-humans made Gavid and Noir realize death. The high-ranking demons who lived in that era, who had a similar status to Gavid and Noir, were all killed by them.

Vermouth Lionheart. He was literally desperate. Moonlight Sword. Without having to bring out the destruction in the shape of that sword, Vermouth made countless demons despair just by existing.

Hamel Diners. He was the only one who could stand beside Vermouth and keep pace with him in battle, and in a sense, he was more desperate than Vermouth. If Vermouth’s sword erased everything, Hamel’s sword flooded the battlefield with blood and flesh.

Senya Merdane. She was the embodiment of disaster itself. Her magic swept the battlefield causing natural disasters. Only now, human magic has developed so much that it is possible to compete with demons, but that was not the case 300 years ago. For the high-ranking demons, human magic was insignificant and weak. However, Senya’s magic was beyond the understanding of the demons. Right now, the reason why human magic can compete with that of the demons is because Senya has changed the human magic system.

Moron Luhar. He did not back down even in the most adverse battle. He was more like an undead than ever before… … Even if his whole body was covered in blood and his limbs were blown away, he always, always led the way. And he penetrated the center of the battlefield and turned the tide of battle. Seeing him wielding an ax holding his severed arm in his mouth, countless demons used to run away in fear.

Anise Slewood. She was called a saint by humans, but to the demons, her very existence was a living hell. Just as black magic raises the undead, her miracle forcibly raised dying humans. If she had lost her will to fight through pain and fear, her miracles quelled those feelings and forced her to energize and advance. The wings she spreads and the light pours out purify her mana and extinguish her demonic soul.

—-Gavid and Noir are the few demons who survived facing those terrible humans.

From the end of the war, Noir steadily tried to dig into their dreams and break their spirits, but failed each time and almost died several times.

Gavid confronted Hamel and Senya, who had come out of reconnaissance, and engaged in a battle. However, Gavid himself suffered a fatal sword wound from Hamel and had no choice but to retreat.

“Am I saying this to upset you two?”

Edmond smiled bitterly and stared at the soul in his hand.

“This is the soul of a black magician under my command who was invited as a magician to the Holy Magic Department of the Holy See in Euras. As the two dukes know, the Faculty of Sacred Magic is the reinterpretation and creation of miracles, and it touched ancient magic as well as black magic.”

“It did. The world has changed so much. I never thought that a world would come where black magicians would be invited to the Vatican as magic technicians.”

“That’s how the human rights of black magicians have increased.”

The Department of Divine Magic has been studying divorce magic, which transfers the soul to another body, for quite some time, and magic in that field belongs to black magic. However, since the bishops themselves did not want to be initiated into black magic, they had no choice but to invite a black magician from outside.

There are many black magicians in Arot, but most of them belong to the Black Mage Tower. Naturally, the bishops of the Faculty of Sacred Magic didn’t want anyone to know that they were inviting black magicians. As a result, the bishops searched for freelance warlocks who did not belong to other groups, and made a confidential contract with a warlock with good skills and reputation among the numerous warlocks in Helmud and brought them to the Faculty of Divine Magic.

“Did I infiltrate it?”

“yes. A contract of secrecy is only guaranteed while you are alive.”

Not really. Normally, even if you die and are reaped as a soul, you will be bound by the contract you were in during your lifetime. However, if you are a black magician of the Edmond class, you can destroy the soul with a contract bond and read the memories of your past life.

“The one who killed this guy is Raphael Martinez, the leader of the Knights of the Blood Cross.”

“aha… … That little paladin?”

Noir giggled and laughed. Edmond shrugged his shoulders and continued.

“According to the memory I read, not only this guy, but most of the priests belonging to the Faculty of Taboo of the Faculty of Holy Magic were decapitated by the Crusader’s sword. All of the dark magic that was being stored and studied there was also wiped out.”


“The Crusader threw the head of Pietro, the head of the Faculty of Sacred Magic. The penalty for execution is blasphemy. All the priests of the Faculty of Taboo were beheaded for the same crime.”



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Noir’s laughter died down when he heard that even the cardinal had died. Gavid also stared at Edmond with cold, sunken eyes.

“As the dukes know, successive popes and cardinals have imitated the agents of light by having their stigmata engraved on their bodies. Although the cardinal was executed for ‘blasphemy’, there was no announcement from the Vatican. And at the execution ceremony of the Faculty of Taboo, candidate Christina Rogeris was observing. Circumstances suggest that Pietro’s execution was also accompanied by St. Cristina.”

“hmm… … .”

Gavid stroked his chin and thought.

“… … I don’t think Pope Euryus ordered the execution.”

“Fun fact.”

Edmond grinned.

“That Eugene Lionheart entered Euras a few days before the execution. It is already famous that the young lion went to Samar with his candidate saint.”

“The Quest for Senya Merdein.”

Noir giggled and laughed.

“Looks like the search wasn’t the only reason, right? The holy sword buried in Lionheart’s treasure house has chosen its owner after 300 years… … . Ahaha! Indeed, it’s really fun. Isn’t it not enough that the little boy was given Akasha by Senya, he is also the owner of the holy sword?”

“At the time, there was only one candidate for the saintess of Euras, Christina Rogeris… … Yesterday was even the feast day of Anise Sliewood. At that time, Eugene Lionheart entered Euras. And I don’t think it was a coincidence that there was bloodshed in the Holy See, starting with Pietro.”

“Is that so?”

Noir looked back at Gavid with a bright smile.

Gavid stood with his back to the window in silence. Seeing that, Noir felt a thrill running down his spine. 300 years since the end of the war. Gavid Lindman, who was called the sword of confinement and the slayer, also became very harmful.


For demons, 300 years is absolutely not a long time. The nature of demons never changes. The era has changed and the demon king no longer wants war, so he is just making and wearing a mask suitable for a peaceful era.

Noir saw the mask of an old friend and comrade shake.

“… … I cannot belittle you.”


The thumb pressed the index finger to make a bone sound.

“People say that Eugene Lionheart is so good that he is called the Second Coming of Vermouth.”

“I don’t know if it’s really a wood comparable to vermouth… … Whoops. Are you doing great? Not to mention martial arts, but even if there was a penalty, I won against the green mage lord of the 8th circle.”

“That’s why I can’t belittle it any more. If even the holy sword acknowledged the young lion, it could truly be called the second coming of Vermouth.”

“so. What are you going to do? Duke Gavid. Are you going to go there yourself and trample the rising peak? Or will you send the sword demons loyal to you?”

“… … Why?”

Gavid’s smile twisted.

“He is truly a hero who has been recognized by the holy sword… … If you do what a warrior did, as my ancestors did. Wouldn’t that be a bad thing?”

“Ahaha… … .”

“of course. The demon king of confinement might want to eradicate the ‘hero’ who threatens the promise and peace. Indeed, in Nahama he warned the young messenger and the nations of the continent not to threaten the promise and peace. So, if the demon lord in captivity wants to keep the peace, I will gladly sever the young lion’s head with his sword. But he is, if He is silent.”

Gavid slowly raised his head and looked at the ceiling. Now this conference room is located on the 90th floor of Babel. This entire floor, not just the meeting room, is Gavid’s office.

Even the duke, Gavid, could not enter or leave as he wished from the 91st floor. From the 91st floor to the 99th floor, it is a space where the demon king of confinement exists entirely, and it is possible to climb to the upper floors only when the demon king of confinement is summoned.

“… … I will gladly respect that will. Duke of Noir. Don’t you want him too?”

“Everyone wishes.”

Noir let out a hot breath and whispered.

“I hope that young lion will run amok with the blood of his age. In order to do what our ancestors couldn’t do, I hope they start a war with the holy sword.”

“It is sad that the peace is broken, but… … if war breaks out The Demon King of Confinement will not show mercy to humans like he did 300 years ago.”

Gavid tilted his head to the side as he said that.

“Edmond. Did Eugene Ryanhart ever have a relationship with Balzac Rudebes while studying abroad in Alot? You’re close friends with Balzac, so I wonder if there’s a story I’ve heard.”

“I heard that even as a wizard, he was gifted with genius. and… … He said he hates warlocks to the point of being morbid.”

“What about Amelia?”

“They said he was a kid who broke his pet and would one day tear it apart. She didn’t even hear the details of her circumstances from her.”

“is it.”

Gavid opened his clasped hands and continued.

“… … Before deciding on Eugene Lionheart’s treatment, I think it’s worth taking a look at him.”

“You don’t intend to go to Lionheart yourself, do you?”

“I will not. I heard that the nations of the continent will unite and hold a festival called Night March in the territory of Luhar next year.”

“Hehe… … Wouldn’t anyone be able to participate in that?”

“They said they wouldn’t stop anyone from participating in the recognized knights and mercenaries. Of course, those qualifications are the countries of the ‘continent’ that humans refer to, but… … well. If I, the Duke of Helmud, lead my knights… … I don’t know if they can kick me out.”

Of course, Gavid knows what the Night March was designed for. A warning delivered by the demon king of confinement through Eugene Lionheart. Arrogant and rude people, instead of taking the warning and taking heed, gather knights and mercenaries from all over the world to check Helmud’s trend.

‘To be arrogant.’

Gavid sincerely thought so.

“Eugene Lionheart is a hero… … Whoops. What expression would Iris make if she knew? that stupid woman The hero whom I so resented as my father’s enemy was right in front of my eyes, but I didn’t even recognize it and even took the hostage failed.”

“Did you hear the rumors about her?”

“Of course I heard. I heard you’re piracy in the territorial waters of Simuin? With the pirate flag of the black skull sticking out of the ears, they are robbing trade ships while claiming to be the crazed pirates, right?”

Noir licked her lips with her tongue, remembering Iris who was struggling under him.

“Really, did you do well not to kill me? Does that idiot really think he can increase his power by raising funds from seaweed?”

“You seem to be putting in a lot of effort.”

Edmond replied with a smile.

“Ah, did you? Edmond. You were interacting with the Kochila tribe in Samar, right?”

“They were also damaged by Iris-sama’s pirate ship several times. In the process, even the elves who were being transported as sacrifices were stolen.”

“really? Are you saying that Iris’ piracy wasn’t entirely pointless? How is the world tree and Senya’s search? Any progress?”

“Unfortunately… … There has been no progress.”

“but. I searched for 200 years and couldn’t find it, but now there’s no way I’ll find it.”

“There are also many difficulties in the search. It seems that large tribes like the Zoran tribe have recently been holding Kochila in check.”

“Can I just wipe it away? what’s the problem. No matter how many natives of Nahama die, it has nothing to do with peace on the continent.”

“Well, even if it’s still annoying, it’s at a level that can be ignored.”


Noir stared at Edmond with eyes sparkling like stars.

“Edmond. I wonder what you’re up to, but I won’t ask. If you find out in advance, it won’t be fun when it starts later.”

“I’m not trying to hide it, but… … .”

“I know, I know. So I won’t ask any more.”

Noir came down from the table waving his hands.

“More than that, Duke Gavid. Doesn’t this royalty also need to increase more members? The young master of the Dragon Demon Castle is in no position to come, let alone intend to come. Neither Balzac Rudbesse nor Amelia Merwin are in Helmud.”

“Is there a noble that you can recommend?”

“Luol Manor right next to Dragon Horse Castle. The lord of that place, Count Karad. Do you know?”

“I heard that he is a young demon with quite good skills and resourcefulness. What is your race?”

“It is a giant demon with the blood of a giant. Well, I’ll take care of the size, so you won’t bang your head on the ceiling here.”

“Why did you say that name… … Was it your compulsion for Count Karad to invade the territory of the Dragon Demon Castle?”

“No way? It’s just that I remember it because it’s cute to be aware of it and aim for the Dragon Demon Castle.”

Noir giggled and came to Gavid’s side.

“Or how about Yagon? You idiot who bit off the neck of my father Oboron and ate him. You don’t have dignity, but you’re sure of your strength, right?”

“If it’s Yagon, you might want to reconsider being a member. Etiquette needs to be instilled.”

“Duke Gavid’s eyes are too high… … Hmm, then how are they?”

Noir smiled broadly and pointed under the window. The night sky of Pandaemonium, where hundreds of airfish float. A little lower than that, there are large hologram screens floating. Among them, a cutely dressed succubus idol group was dancing on the screen Noir was pointing to.

“These are the Dream Girls who debuted this time under Jebella Entertainment Management. In the first week of their debut, they reached number 1 in Pandaemonium album sales. cute right? These are the children I raised.”

“… … .”

“Duke Gavid, do you prefer being sexy rather than cute? There is also a group called Dream Rose as their senior group. They are what Pandaemonium is in the 3rd place in cumulative album sales… … .”


“Do you prefer incubus over succubus? There is also a boy group… … .”

“Say no more.”

Gavid held on to his drowsy spirit, looked away from the hologram, and raised his head. But in his windshield, Jebelaface was smiling like a mechanical device… … .

“I also want to release an album.”

Gavid closed his eyes, not wanting to hear any more.


Ciel Lionheart glared at the corner of the arena with dull eyes.

There was Auxiliary Bishop Cristina, who had been staying as a guest at Lionheart for a few days.

Since the confrontation with the White Dragon Knights, the White Lion and Black Lion Knights’ morale has increased, and they are training and sparring almost every day. If you put too much circumstances in your hands, the meaning of sparring becomes less, so sparring is spaced so that the tips of swords barely brush each other.

As a result, there were several knights who suffered minor injuries after training. Because of their superior skills, they did not receive fatal injuries, but minor injuries such as blades grazing the skin were always common.

Of course, Lionheart has a variety of treatment methods as a samurai. Even without a high-ranking priest, they generously provided various types of potions to their families, and they also had medical staff who learned medical science academically and accumulated a lot of experience. In preparation for emergencies, huge donations are being sent to temples in the capital each time.

If an accident occurs that requires divine magic at the main house, a high-ranking priest from the capital temple will immediately rush to the main house.

… … In fact, there was no need for doctors, priests, or potions for small cuts. Knights who have risen to that level have strong resilience as much as their bodies are strong. If the wound is not to the extent of broken bones or damaged internal organs, it will heal completely in a day or two. Even the knights themselves know that my body is strong, so I don’t care about minor injuries like that.


Those knights lined up in front of Christina, claiming trivial wounds. It wasn’t that Ciel couldn’t understand their feelings either. Isn’t it because the opponent is a simple cleric? Holy Empire Euras. Even there, she was special, the only saintess candidate at the time.

‘… … If there is only one candidate, isn’t it okay to say that she is just a saint?’

anyway. The opponent is not an ordinary cleric. Among the Knights of Lionheart, there were no believers who had been baptized in the Protestant Church of Light, but that did not mean that the Knights doubted the existence of the God of Light. In any case, the god of light is a being worshiped by countless people. Not only he, but he is also the existence key that bestows the power so that countless believers can perform miracles.

So, at least once, I want to personally experience the miracles that the candidate saints cause.

“I don’t like it.”

“I think so.”

Ciel murmured,

Mer, who was beside her, nodded. Mer glared at Christina as she licked the lollipop she had received from Annie Silla’s room earlier with her tongue.

What do you not like?

Mer knows the truth about Christina. So she knows she can’t help it.

Ciel doesn’t know the truth about Christina. They don’t know that the smile that doesn’t seem to waver under any circumstances is actually a well-made mask, and that all the pretense is their own way of life stemming from an unfortunate past.

I don’t know what Eugene did during the few days he went to the Holy Empire. He doesn’t even know about the fountain of light. They don’t even know that Christina Rogeris has the soul of faithful Anis, a hero from 300 years ago.

What Ciel knows.

As soon as Eugene received a letter, he left for Yuras.

I don’t know what he did there, but while Eugene was in Jurass, the most splendid and magnificent festival in the empire, the Anise’s Birthday, overlapped.

Right after the first day of the festival, Eugene brought Christina, the Auxiliary Bishop.

The reason is? To cure horse disease, an incurable disease that kills elves. Ciel also liked the elves in the forest, and among them, he sincerely felt sorry for the elves who were terminally ill due to horse disease. So, Christina Rogeris, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Alcarte and Candidate for St. It was understood that she had decided to stay at Ryan Hart’s home to heal her elves.

but… … But something doesn’t like it. Christina heals her knights in that way after her training is over, and when the sun goes down she goes straight into the woods. To heal the elves? It seems that way, but… … .

very strangely.

Ciel saw more of Christina with Eugene than with the elves. The two of us aren’t doing anything special together. Ciel stole it, no, I looked it up.

If Eugene is meditating in the middle of the forest.

Cristina sat a few steps away and looked at Eugene with a thin smile on her face. That was all. Even when Eugene finished her meditation and practiced by moving her body, Christina watched her practice with a smile on her face, standing at a distance from Eugene out of his way.

Ciel glared at Christina over there with thinly opened eyes.

Christina was smiling lightly as she healed Lionheart’s knights with divine magic. That smile and the one he showed to Eugene in the forest were different. When we run into Eugene in the hallway of the mansion, when we say our little regards, when we ask, ‘Eugene-sama, do you have any special plans today?’ Do you have a good night?’, ‘Eugene, good night’, and ‘Eugene, did you have a good night? How will you have breakfast? iced coffee… … At the family table with the rest of Lionheart, you mean? Then I’ll have to sit down at another table, it’s different from the smile you put on when you say, ‘Please dine with me next time’… … .


Desiira, who was returning from personal training in the forest, found Ciel and Mer. What the hell are two people who don’t normally look like each other doing standing behind a pillar? What the hell is going on that sparks fly in Ciel and Mer’s eyes? Desiira approached Ciel purely out of curiosity.

“Hey, hey, Dejaira. don’t just go… … !”

The window on the third floor of the mansion. There, Xian, who had lowered his body and looked down at the gymnasium, called out to Dejaira in fright. He lowered his voice as much as he could to restrain Didira, but he couldn’t stop Desiira.

Because I can’t hear your voice? no. Although he listened, Didira did not understand why he had to stop. I’m just approaching it out of curiosity, but what’s the problem?

“Ciel, what are you doing there? Are you spying on Auxiliary Bishop Christina?”

Xian’s face turned pale at that direct question. He didn’t have the confidence to watch anymore, so he closed the window and drew the curtains.

“Something like this pig… … !”

Ciel’s selling has begun.

* * *

housekeeper’s office.

Four people were seated in this large room.

Gilade Lionheart.

Gion Lionheart.

Carmen Ryanhart.

And Eugene Ryanhart.

Among the three people sitting across from me, Gion was the one with the most embarrassed expression. He blinked his wide-open eyes a few times before realizing that he was opening his mouth wide enough for his jaw to ache. So he closed his mouth for once.

After that, he thought again about what he had just heard. He wasn’t saying it hard enough to get it wrong. I just didn’t understand it well.

“… … ha ha ha!”

So Gion laughed. He laughed briefly, interrupted a few times, then shrugged his shoulders with a sigh.

“I’m getting shabby.”

Gion Lionheart.

He was born as the youngest of three siblings.

The eldest brother cared for his younger siblings from a young age, and was born with the character and qualities befitting the eldest son.

The younger brother was sad and had little greed. He didn’t have the qualities to compete with his big brother, and he didn’t have the ambition to be bloated.

Gion, the youngest, has the strengths and weaknesses of both older brothers. He was born with enough qualities to compete with his big brother, and was the owner of a character without corners. At the same time, he was as greedy as his little brother.


Just like Guillaid, Gion had heard that word many times since he was young. He has never been arrogant. Since he had given up on the household from the very beginning, Gion could live freely. He swung his sword as he wished, and wandered around many countries.

He picked up a sword at the age of 7 and wielded it for 30 years.

Only then did he manage to reach the 6th star of Baek Yeom-sik. It was Gilreid and Carmen who poured that much time into the sword.

“… … Since they called me suddenly, I thought it was a place to celebrate becoming the captain of the 5th division.”

“Although that is something to celebrate. Gion, it was certain that you would become the captain. It was no surprise.”

Carmen replied, putting an unlit cigar in her mouth. That thick cigar hung over Carmen’s lips at an exquisite angle, so it didn’t tilt down, and it didn’t leak. To Eugene, that was an astonishing skill.

“But it’s surprising enough that he reached the 6th star of Baek Yeom-sik at the age of 20.”

“The horse is 20 years old.”

Gion laughed and shook his head.

“Eugene. That child has only been introduced to the Baek Yeom Sik for seven years.”

I can still remember that moment clearly. After her bloodline ceremony was over, and after Eugene became the adopted son of the family. Gion took her Eugene to the spirit vein deep in her forest. It was there that she first interacted with Mana and guided her through the White Flame ceremony.

—-Who can believe? 13 years old. A little too late to learn mana. No matter how thick the mana is in the spirit vein, 13-year-old Eugene immediately felt mana as soon as he sat down and manipulated it. And as soon as she was taught the white salt ceremony by Gion, she operated the white salt ceremony alone without any other assistance.

“Doesn’t everyone know that he is an outrageous genius?”

Carmen sneered and put down the cigar she was holding. She and her Gilreid had already heard about the accomplishment of the Baekyeom Ceremony from Eugene a few days ago. I was surprised enough at that time, so now I can maintain my composure without surprise.

“… … I know that, but it’s hard to believe.”

Gion cleared his surprise and cleared his throat.

Currently, there are only 3 people in Lionheart who have reached 6 stars of Baek Yeom-shik. Gion, the leader of the 5th Division of the Black Lion Knights, and Eugene.

And Carmen alone is the only one who surpassed 6 and reached 7.

The walls of the 6 star white flames are high. Right now, Carmen’s younger brother and the head of the Senate, Klein’s Baek Yeom-sik, is also staying at the 5th star.

“… … Have you already explained the changes you will face when you reach 6 stars?”


Guillaid answered in a calm voice and raised his hand. ㅡ Hwareuk. White flames wrapped around Guilade’s body. He operated the white flame ceremony and moved the flame with his fingertips.

Its appearance was a little different from the commonly known white salt ceremony. The tip of the flame, which had been burning fiercely, became sharp like an awl, and eventually bent like a crooked blade.

Baek Yeom-sik has a big change as he rises to 6 stars. As Eugene guessed, the experience accumulated through training and battles so far, no, ‘I’ who uses Baek Yeom-sik becomes assimilated with Baek Yeom-sik.

Gilade’s white flame style looks like he’s wearing countless blades rather than flames. In the end, it is a flame of mana that has been refined to the limit, but at the moment Gilreid wishes, that sharp flame will become a ‘blade’ as it is meant to be, and will pour down a slash of white flame.

“… … This is entirely my own spark.”

Gilreid muttered with a bitter laugh.

Come to think of it.

Eugene had never learned anything grandiose secrets or secrets from the head of the household, Guilade. It was the same with Xian and Ciel. Carmen always accompanies Ciel and trains him and watches over him, but he never teaches Ciel any special skills.

The only thing that the adults of the parent family taught the children ‘Like a Lion Heart’ is, to put it in an extreme way, the Baek Yeom Sik. They teach you how to use weapons, how to fight, and many other things, but to be honest, you don’t have to be a Lionheart to receive those lessons.

Right away, Eugene was taught a secret technique called the air sword by Alchester. However, Lionheart, who is said to be the best martial artist on the continent, does not have a secret weapon like an air sword… … .

“It can’t be helped.”

Gion also sighed deeply and started the white salt ceremony.

His flame had the exact opposite temperament to Guillaid’s. If Gilade’s flame was a sharp blade, Gion’s flame felt like a leisurely flowing wave. Gion’s tendencies and habits melted into it, and it was a flame optimized only for Gion.

To put it very simply, changing the nature of the mana that makes up the flame. Other people may not know, but Eugene could imitate such a flame. But such imitation could not imitate even the potential of their sparks. Therefore, there was no special secret technique such as an air sword in Lionheart.

“In the end, my own innate nature is projected onto the sword. Baek Yeom-sik dissolves its true nature in flames. If he announces in advance the changes he will have after reaching 6th grade, he will become conscious of him from a young age.”

“I can’t say that it’s unconditionally bad, but if you don’t do it right, you might end up chasing an illusion and sticking to clothes that don’t fit your body.”

Carmen stretched out her gloved fist proudly. The white flame-style flame she caused wasn’t very big. However, the mana constituting the flame was condensed with more power than it seemed.

“So it was deliberately hidden. It means to pursue one’s own martial arts without being conscious of it and reach the realm.”

Eugene watched the flames of the three people and operated the white flame ceremony. The star in the heart rotated, and the flames burned violently. The sparks created by Eugene were much bigger and brighter than the other three. At the same time, he was threatening to be eaten and burned just by getting close.

“… … indeed.”

Gion looked at Eugene’s flames and smiled bitterly. anger. He shook his head, extinguishing the flowing flame.

“I understand why my brother called me too.”

“It’s impossible to hit the hand.”

Carmen murmured. While listening to the conversation, Eugene put out the flame and tilted her head.

“Actually, I haven’t heard the details.”

I thought we were going to have a party to celebrate since we reached the 6th rank of Baek Yeom-sik. After hearing the story for the first time yesterday, Guillaid and Carmen, who saw Eugene’s fireworks—- rather than congratulate them, showed tension for no reason.

“… … Do you know about the basement of the main house?”

“I know. There’s a grocery store in the basement, right? Accommodation for the attendants of the head family and… … There is a treasure trove further down.”

“More than that.”

I couldn’t even know. Eugene stared at Gilade without questioning.

“… … There is a room called the darkroom in the far basement of the main house.”


“Like the spirit veins of the forest, it is a legacy left by the great ancestors for future generations. One of the reasons why the original family had to be located in the same place for 300 years… … .”

“Simply put, this is it.”

Carmen interrupted Guillaid and spat out.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”


“You have to break a world today.”


“To be reborn.”

Should we have this conversation? Eugene thought seriously. Isn’t Carmen just talking about herself on her own? But for such a thing, Gion and Gilreid’s expressions were serious and serious.

“… … hmm… … If I break a mirror… … Do I have to break the eggs?”

“… … What are you talking about? Stop joking around in this situation.”

‘This Mr. X… … .’

When Carmen straightened up and scolded her, Eugene’s eyebrows crinkled.

“There is nothing difficult about it.”

Carmen raised her finger and pointed at Eugene.

“You go into the darkroom, look at yourself, kill, and be reborn.”

He said he didn’t think it was difficult… … .

Eugene couldn’t understand Carmen’s words.


Deep underground in Lionheart Mansion.

The secret place there is only open to a few of Lionheart’s savvy descendants who have reached the 6th rank of Baek Yeom-sik.

dark room.

Carmen called that place a place where one world is destroyed, I look back on myself, I die, and I am reborn. Eugene wondered what kind of bullshit that was, but through the words of Gilreid and Gion, he was able to understand the darkroom more accurately.

“A place where I face my own illusions?”

“To put it simply, yes.”

Gion scratched his chin and replied.

“Welcome to that… … I don’t know if that’s the right thing to say.”

“It’s like looking in a mirror, right?”

“well. I don’t think it was quite the same as in the mirror. In a sense, the visions you face in the darkroom were ahead of me.”

The words of Gion, Carmen, and Gilade were slightly different. What you see in the darkroom is entirely up to you.

“The appearance… … different. In the end, ‘me’ is projected, but I didn’t think it was necessarily the current me.”

“It feels immature at first.”

Guillaid muttered.

“Only at first. Bestiality to understand the opponent and defeat them with swords. The immature ‘me’ projected by the darkroom changes. As I am now, and better than I am now.”

“It’s not just unmanned people.”

Carmen put her cigar on her fingers and crossed her legs.

“No matter how well people are self-objectifying, everyone imagines an ‘ideal me’. slightly better than I am now. A little faster, a little stronger, a me who can do what I can’t do right now.”

The darkroom projects such a wind. It does not add significant changes to myself. However, the ‘me’ projected by the darkroom is superior to the present me.

“The darkroom is a place where I train myself by facing such illusions. So it is also a very harsh place.”

Guillaid looked back at Carmen with a wry smile.

“… … Me and Gion couldn’t overcome the ordeal of the darkroom at first. Thanks to that, I caused a lot of trouble to Carmen-sama and the former head of the Senate.”

If you are defeated by the illusion of the dark room, the illusion will cover you. There is no such thing as a special ego for him. It’s not like I’m being taken away by illusions for the rest of my life. According to precedent, the time to be possessed by the illusion is half a day at most.

However, since you don’t know what will happen during that half-day, the masters of the hometown who have already overcome the darkroom are waiting at the entrance.

“It was pretty hard at the time. And this time I think I will suffer even more.”

I see what you mean.

Gilade, Gion, and Carmen are well aware of Eugene’s skills. You shouldn’t just think of it as the stage of the white salt ceremony.

Carmen remembered how skillfully Eugene fought when fighting Iris. The same goes for Gion and Guilade. They had seen Eugene since they were young, and they recognized from the bottom of their hearts that Eugene’s skills might be superior to them in some ways.

And since Baek Yeom-sik had risen to 6 stars, if Eugene were to be taken away by an illusion—- it would not be easy to subdue him.

“… … An ideal country.”

Yujin was deep in thought with a small voice. indeed. The illusion of the darkroom was a headache for Eugene as well.

ideal me Eugene could imagine it so simply. Eugene remembers his past life. Although she quickly built up her power after being reincarnated, she has not yet caught up with ‘Hamel’ from her days wandering around the Devil’s Realm.

‘… … Can you win?’

Think soberly.

‘If you use an air sword in the ignition, the instant output is boiling, no, the body follows it better than in the previous life, so you can overwhelm it in an instant. But if I can’t finish it with one sword, I lose.’

With that conclusion, Eugene raised his head.

“Can I bring a weapon?”


Carmen answered immediately.

“I go into the dark room naked. Don’t worry if you can’t hold a weapon. The moment the illusion appears, you will have a weapon in your hand.”

I tried to make up for the lacking part with a weapon I had never used in my previous life.

“What if the self I imagined was so absurdly strong that I couldn’t possibly defeat it?”

“The great ancestors gave us trials that we, the descendants, could overcome.”

Carmen answered. She winked at Eugene in secret from Guilade and Gion.

“I imagined myself as a dragon before I went into the darkroom, but I never encountered an illusion of myself as a dragon. The vision I saw then… … I was only a little stronger than I was back then.”

but. If an illusion that is as strong as one imagined really appears, it will be impossible to overcome in the slightest. Eugene subtly gave strength to the word ‘dragon’ and ignored Carmen, who continued to wink.

“And in the darkroom, you don’t always see illusions.”

Gilreid chuckled and laughed.

“I’ve never wandered between death and death yet… … I think the path from entering the darkroom to meeting the illusion might have resembled a kaleidoscope.”

“A kaleidoscope… … You mean?”

“okay. The country passes through the things that human beings have experienced in their lives. Perhaps that is also the magic of the great ancestors. An illusion appears from the past that has passed by like that.”

great vermouth.

He was an excellent warrior and, at the same time, an excellent wizard. The magic he used was in some ways equal to Senya’s, and Senya herself admitted that fact.

“What if I defeat the illusion?”

“… … White salt doesn’t change.”

Gion muttered.

“Your Baek Yeom ceremony won’t be incomplete, but if you defeat the illusion in the dark room… … You will be able to feel a remarkable change.”

As for that, even the three people who had already overcome the darkroom could not give an accurate answer. The 6-star White Yeom Sik is different from the previous White Yeom Sik, and creates a flame completely tailored to me. It is impossible to imagine what kind of change that spark will cause again until you overcome the darkroom.

“All right.”

After answering that, Eugene stood up.

“I have nothing else to prepare. Can’t we go right now?”

“… … It is good to be young.”

Gion trembled and stood up from his seat.

“If you lose, I will definitely stop you, so don’t worry too much.”

“Even if you lose, you can try again until you win. As long as your heart is not broken by defeat along the way.”

Carmen glanced at the temperature and said. At those words, Gion cleared his throat and put on an embarrassed expression.

“I was defeated more helplessly than I was prepared for, so there is no reason to be disappointed.”

“The more you are accustomed to victory and do not know defeat, the more easily your heart breaks. … … Blood Lion Eugene. So I’m a little worried about you. Because you have been an invincible genius since childhood.”

“Can I be honest? My heart is scratched more by Carmen-sama calling me a blood lion than by defeat.”

“Why? Rather, isn’t it motivated? I didn’t have a fancy nickname like the Blood Lion when I was your age. Of course, now I have the nickname of the Silver Lion, which is cooler than the Blood Lion.”

Carmen put on a proud expression, as if she was genuinely proud of that nickname. Eugene ignored Carmen and took off the cloak of darkness that was wrapped around his body. She wondered if it would be better to go and talk to Mer or Cristina, but she felt it was not necessary.

I don’t know how long it will take to get over the darkroom. Eugene never overconfided himself. She would have to go in and see for herself, but she didn’t think she could get over it at once unconditionally.

‘It’s good that it doesn’t matter if you fail. It means you can do it again and again.’

I don’t know how Baek Yeom-sik will change after overcoming it. Aside from that, Eugene liked that he looked back on himself and overcame it.

The illusion I encounter in the dark room is stronger than I am now.

But it’s not outrageous. Carmen imagined herself as a dragon, but what appeared before her was not such an illusion. Eugene thought of the vision as the realization of a certain possibility.

To put it bluntly, it might be called the me of the future. The form in which the possibilities and ideals that I have now are embodied. Even if it was an illusion, meeting such an existence and being able to put swords face to face made Eugene’s heart flutter.

‘… … perhaps… … .’

Why did Vermouth make such a troublesome thing for his descendants? To train the descendants of the distant future? It could be, but… … .

I stopped thinking about it.

Gilade, Gion, and Carmen lead the way to the underground treasure house.

Eugene took off his cloak and followed him. It’s the first time I’ve been to the treasury since I pulled out the holy sword.

The lion doorknob of the treasury door drank Gilreid’s blood, and the door opened.

The weapons used by Vermouth no longer remain here. Eugene owns the Holy Sword, Storm Sword, Devouring Sword, Thunder Light Bow, and Dragon Spear, Xian owns Geddon’s Shield, and Ciel owns the Secret Sword.

deep in the treasury.

A large canvas with nothing painted on it is in an antique frame. The canvas was as big as a single person. Gilreid’s steps stopped in front of him.

“Set an example.”

Saying that, Gilade pulled out the seal of the family head from within his bosom. Eugene put on a puzzled expression, but Carmen and Gion knelt down on one knee and bowed their heads. First of all, Eugene followed them on one knee.

And Guillaid also knelt down. He held the seal in his hand respectfully with both hands and brought it close to his canvas.

The pure white canvas began to sway. Then, delicate lines were drawn and colored.

A portrait of the great Vermouth, the progenitor of Lionheart, appeared. That look was very familiar to Eugene. Gidoll’s mansion where he spent his childhood, and Vermouth’s portrait, which also exists in several of his parents’ houses.

that nuclear power plant. This is a portrait of Vermouth first drawn 300 years ago. Although enchanted to keep the painting from fading, the original has a different elegance than other portraits copied in the same way.

Eugene stared at the portrait with blank eyes. It’s that portrait I’ve seen many times since I was a child. A face with a pale expression, the same as the Vermouth from the previous life that Eugene remembers. However, Eugene could strongly recall the vermouth of her previous life from her portrait just because it was her original source.

“… … The door to the darkroom leads to this portrait.”

Guillaid carefully placed the seal on the portrait. ㅡWoe! Then, Vermouth’s portrait disappeared, and a ‘stairway painting’ leading to the basement appeared. After confirming that, Gil Reid first raised his body and stretched his feet toward his canvas.

Although contained in the canvas, it was not a painting. Guillaid walked down the steps of the painting on canvas, and Carmen and Gion followed them down. Eugene got up belatedly and entered the canvas.

‘… … That’s absurd.’

monster baby.

Eugene sincerely thought so. She reached into the cloak she had taken off and squeezed Akasha. However, this ‘space magic’ is completely incomprehensible. Is this really magic? I can understand that it is a different world created by isolating space… … .

‘… … Is this magic?’

down the dark stairs Eyes that can see through most darkness, but this darkness cannot be seen. Even though she was holding Akasha in her hand, she couldn’t see the magic that made up this space—- no, the other world.

Eugene read most of the magic books of the Hall of Space in Akion. The wizards who put their names there must have had a reputation as masters of space magic in the past, but this space did not lead to any magic written in the magic book. is it different? Or is it just the extreme of heterogeneity?

It was impossible to know, but Eugene was confident of this. No archmage would be able to magically understand this place.

And Eugene is also a wizard. Although he had not reached the level of a great wizard yet, Eugene dared to define this world according to his own subjective beliefs.

It’s not magic.

“This is where we can go.”

After a long flight of stairs, we reached the bottom. On the other side of the thick darkness, I saw a door that emitted a soft light. Guillaid pointed to the door and said.

“Open that door, and walk down the road. If you walk, you should be able to reach a place where the magic circle is densely drawn.”

“You don’t have to sit down. The moment you pass there, the darkroom will already ‘show’ you.”

Gion said that and patted Yujin on the shoulder.

“… … Again, it’s okay to lose. Rather, it’s strange that he hasn’t suffered a single defeat. me too… … To be honest, I have the same thoughts as Carmen. You’re not used to losing… … .”


Eugene laughed and shook his head. He put down the cloak he was holding and said.

“I lost a lot. So I am used to losing.”


“It’s just unknown.”

Not ‘Eugene Lionheart’, but ‘Hamel Diners’ suffered countless defeats. Most of that defeat was by Vermouth. To be broken by defeat? tell me something It was broken as much as it was defeated, and it only raised it up again.

So, without hesitation, Eugene walked forward. The door reached through the darkness——without reaching out a hand, it opened itself and welcomed Eugene.

I stretched out my feet.

The world has changed. It was dark enough to not be able to see well before entering the door, but it is rather bright here. no, it’s white A white space where nothing exists. This space resembled the mausoleum of Vermouth in Black Lion Castle.

However, there were no temples like mausoleums here.

“They said it was a darkroom.”

Outside the door, it was dark enough to be called a darkroom, but this place, far from being dark, was white. So it made me feel even more uncomfortable. … … Core’s mana fluctuates differently from Eugene’s consciousness. Eugene walked through the dark room while calming Mana.

I saw the magic circle Gilade had told me about. A magic circle with bizarre patterns densely engraved on the floor. Before entering the place, Eugene looked at the text of the magic circle for a while.

It looked like an ancient language, but I couldn’t interpret it. It was impossible to even read.

“… … Where did you learn this kind of magic?”

Eugene gave up reading and entered the magic circle.

But nothing happened. I’m sure I entered the magic circle, but the magic didn’t unfold.

“… … what?”

Eugene grumbled and continued walking. His unstoppable steps went outside the magic circle.

That moment.

A slight dizziness disturbed Eugene’s head.


Yujin stood dumbfounded and looked ahead.

I saw the face of a boy I knew well.

The boy wore sandbags that weighed more than his body weight on his limbs, wore heavy armor, and wielded a large spear. It was Eugene of the past. Starting with that, the past of ‘Eugene Lionheart’ appeared one after another.

I grabbed Winid.

For the first time, sparks of mana were raised in the body.

Studied magic at Arot.

In the desert tomb, he raised the light of the moonlight sword.

I pulled out the holy sword from Lionheart’s treasury… … .

Eugene watched all of it. As time passed quickly, the boy became a young man. And the young man’s ‘now’ appearance was scattered and disappeared.

The new thing that appeared—- the end of the previous life. Hamel’s death. Eugene looked at Hamel, who was dying with a huge hole in his chest, with a grave face.

dating back to the end Hamel’s life is longer than Eugene’s. Eugene has a beginning and she hasn’t gone through an end yet, but Hamel has both a beginning and an end. From the moment of her death, she has seen many things.

I can never go back to my past life.

I’ve seen a lot. Hamel’s heyday. The immature days before heyday. A mercenary before becoming Vermouth’s colleague. before that. much more immature and weak.

A boy who lived in a small town lost everything and harbored hatred for the demon lord. He did nothing, he did not want to live in silence, as war orphans abounded in his day.

There was no grandiose sense of justice. You made me like X, so I will make you like X. With just that thought, the boy grabbed a toothless sword and became a mercenary.

Even the boy disappears.

‘… … From now on.’

The ideal me in my heart.

I, who is stronger than I am now, appears as an illusion.

Eugene prepared himself as he had been told before, and straightened his posture. She doesn’t have a sword in her hand yet. The illusion has not yet appeared. But she will appear soon… … .

“… … what?”

The entire darkroom was distorted. Eugene felt that way. Something else is mixed into the white space where nothing existed.

I smelled blood.

Hundreds and thousands, no—much more than that. A battlefield where corpses are strewn about like common trash. I saw a man staggering across the battlefield. Since he was already walking far away, all Eugene could see was his shoulders drooping, weighed down by despair.


change again The smell of blood did not change. However, the man did not stumble across the battlefield as before. Rather, the man was sitting on top of a mountain of corpses piled high, with a greatsword clad in his flesh and blood slung over his shoulder. This time, Eugene couldn’t see that face. The man sitting with his back turned was looking at a distant battlefield.

‘… … Who is it?’

Yujin looked up at the man with surprised eyes. The man now sitting atop a mountain of corpses, and the man staggering across the battlefield before that. I couldn’t see his face. Maybe he’s the same person. If you come closer, you can see his face.

The necklace is hot.

Whoa! A mighty wind swept it all away. Eugene suppressed her wind-blown hair and looked ahead with her bulging eyes. The battlefield full of corpses and the men were nowhere to be seen.


Numerous weapons appeared. Weapons that Eugene has been handling since his previous life are stuck on the floor. Before he knew it, a common, long sword was in Eugene’s hand.

“… … what?”

It wasn’t just weapons that appeared.

Like Hamel in his previous life, his face and body are full of scars.

‘Eugene Lionheart’, who had a rougher appearance than Eugene now, stood looking this way.


I couldn’t think of a battlefield full of corpses and men. He had already disappeared, and another being appeared out of nowhere, staring at Eugene.

mixed up

That thought came to me first. That suddenly appeared was the Hamel of 300 years ago, but also the modern Eugene.

Yujin stood dumbfounded and glared at him. Indeed, that didn’t feel like an illusion at all. It wasn’t close, but my keen senses sensed its presence.

… … low breathing.

Everyone is breathing the same way. Instead of being consumed by excitement and tension, as if you were contemplating the whole situation from a few steps away. Although both hold swords, their fingers are loose. The whole body is like that. just standing there

I don’t know if he has an ego, but if he really is a projection of ‘me’, then he’ll be looking at the other person like Eugene.

‘… … Is Hamel melted in Eugene Lionheart?’

It seemed so.

It was cut short, but the color of her hair was gray, a symbol of Lionheart. And golden eyes as sharp as those of a beast. The physique… … Is that one a little bigger?

‘I don’t think this body will grow any more… … No, no. that’s not my future It’s just a projection of the ideal I imagined.’

I have no complaints about this body. It is a body that is so good that it cannot be compared to the previous life. However, since the life he lived as Hamel was longer and more passionate than the life he lived as Eugene, Eugene still clearly remembers the body of his previous life.

Besides, Eugene Ryanhart has yet to transcend Hamel Diners. Although it can overwhelm with instant output if various conditions are met, Hamel is still ahead in terms of overall balance.

Hamel’s height was slightly taller than Eugene’s. It’s not to the extent that the difference between the intervals widens… … Eugene felt the longing and ridicule of her as she looked at her haunted appearance and the scars on her face.

“I never thought those nasty scars were anything more than me.”

Are conversations possible? I asked such a question, but the illusion did not answer. what. It’s not something she uttered in anticipation of an answer.

“Rather, those scars are proof of my immaturity.”


His fingers gripped the hilt tightly. With just a little bit of strength, the atmosphere surrounding Yujin changed. I see weapons stuck in the ground. Everyone is familiar with it. Like Vermouth’s weapons, they were ordinary weapons with no special abilities. … … My heart is beating with excitement.


The phantom flame ceremony operated in an instant caused a lightning spark. The body accelerated in an instant and jumped through space. Its movement was so fast that it looked like a magical blink. In an instant, Eugene closed the distance from the illusion and swung the sword he had placed around her waist.

There was no conflict. She didn’t even brush lightly. The phantasmagoria dodged the sword so neatly and perfectly that even Eugene himself exclaimed in admiration. It felt as if this side intentionally swung the sword.

The illusion’s body shakes. His presence, which was strong even when confronted, faded when he got closer. That means it’s difficult to read. Eugene pulled his body back, feeling terrified. However, the illusion sword was only slightly faster than Eugene’s evasion.

It was not directly beige. The aura shield raised just before blocked the slash. It’s not over. The left arm was hidden by the body. Shoulders sway and arms move. Before I knew it, another sword was gripped in the illusion’s left hand.


Eugene unknowingly made a surprised sound.

The space was cut, cut and cut. The welcome did not make a sound of cheering. The swords in both hands wriggled as if they were alive. It seemed so. Adjustment of the interval was impossible. Eugene’s accident was cut into small pieces by the too-quick attack. Eugene’s body, which was defending against the slash and letting go, was pushed back little by little.

Eugene knew how to use most weapons from his previous life. No, he handled it very well. knife? It was a weapon that Eugene was particularly confident in handling ‘well’ among many weapons.


Handling one sword is not the same as handling two swords at once. Eugene also handled twin swords well from his previous life, and during the rampage in the Black Lion Castle, he overpowered Hector Lionheart with dual swordsmanship.

However, in Eugene’s too high standards, ‘double swords’ fell short of the standards she set for herself. He never once thought he handled better than he handled a single sword. That’s why I didn’t use twin swords well in my previous life, and that was the same even after reincarnation.

‘It’s not a little better.’

It was to the extent that a single sword could not penetrate the gap. What if you use the same twin swords? They will be slaughtered without being able to reverse the difference in their capabilities. —-Break! It was covered with sword steel, but the sword body began to crack from repeated clashes. Eugene took a step back, and the illusion advanced greatly and swung his twin swords.

The slashes crossed, and Eugene pushed his sword between them as if he had waited. Instead of exploding the sword steel wrapped around the cracked sword, it condensed it.

ㅡQuaaaang! The re-swallowed sword steel shattered the sword. Fragments split into hundreds of pieces exploded at the illusion. Without checking the result, Yujin let go of the hilt and jumped backwards.

The location has been checked in advance. metal whip. The moment I grabbed it, the whip danced in the mana that was blown into it. As the mana of the White Flame Sik dwelled, the whip became a long flame.

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