Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 71

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The dust from the explosion fluttered soundlessly. The whip that had been pierced there could not advance further.

it’s a window

The illusion was holding a long spear, but the silent spear wrapped around the whip like a skein. The mana she breathed in could not advance any further. Just as Eugene handled her mana freely, the illusion also handled her mana freely.


ㅡCoooooooooong! The mana generated by each other collided in the middle, and the ground collapsed. Yujin felt the tingling sensation in his hand and jerked the whip. If it was a simple contest of strength, he would probably win. Eugene knew that too. He was thinking of taking a break while playing tug-of-war… … .

Far from pulling the illusion, he kicked the ground in response to the moment Eugene gave him a little strength. In an instant, the distance between the two narrowed. Eugene immediately let go of the whip and ran back, but the spear stabbed the ground a little faster than that.


Eugene’s body flew higher than it could have jumped. There was no damage. She did not resist the blast and was pushed along.

Eugene looked down with wide eyes. A large hole was made in the ground. The illusion put the spear in its hand, raised its head and looked up at Eugene.

Dull golden eyes.

The face was completely different, but the color and emptiness of those eyes reminded me of vermouth.

the moment you realize it. Eugene felt chills running down her spine, but deep within her heart, a terrifying and destructive murderous intent. White salt 6 stars. Six stars rotated. The sparks created by Eugene spread across the sky in the dark room.

The illusion did not leap to intercept. The explosion that swept the ground, and the remaining mana returned to the illusion all at once. It created such a huge, rolling flame.

Eugene compared the flames that entwined him with the flames that swayed down there. She did, and she felt something out of place.

‘is it.’

Verification was not required. Eugene was boldly convinced, and did not have the slightest hesitation. That’s why Eugene fell straight down, wrapped in flames.

The flames intertwined. The mana released without any restrictions eroded the space. The ‘dark room’ created by this non-magical power, even withstands a collision with such a huge force created inside.


No weapon wielded. It’s just a plain and simple kick. However, with that blow, an absurdly high output of mana was added, so even a simple kick would crush a unit of space.

Eugene flew back just like that. The attack was so heavy that the defense was useless. Is his arm crushed? He would have tried to recover himself if he had even worn Agaroth’s ring, but now Eugene didn’t even have Agaroth’s ring on his hand.

‘Left arm… … .’

Even if it’s crushed, if you want to use it, you can use it as much as you like. Eugene fell to the ground, clutching his limp arm with mana. As she lifted her head and looked ahead, the illusion was already nearby.

He is also confident in fighting with his bare hands. However, in the fight against the illusion, Eugene could not gain the upper hand. Stretching out his fist, swinging his leg, grabbing him and tripping him… … He tries several methods, but all get stuck and spilled at the trial stage.

‘I’ll understand soon.’

In the process, I was hit 4 times. Thanks to this, Eugene limped off one of his legs, blood flowed from the inside of his throat every time he breathed, and his left arm, which had been crushed, was completely cut off from his forearm.

‘It’s fitting me.’

I can see why it was called a mirror.

Eugene deliberately fought with his bare hands, but there is no reason for the ghost to fight with his bare hands. However, the illusion fought with his bare hands, just like Eugene. He was like that at first too. When Eugene attacked with the sword in his hand, the illusion was also accepted as a weapon.

‘The difference… … A little more, about.’

He was a little faster than Eugene now. A little stronger. The same goes for Mana. His flame was a bit stronger than Eugene’s, so he couldn’t overcome it in a normal fight.

So, should I mix anomalies and try to find a gap? no. That doesn’t work either. I’ve already tried several times, but each time I was harassed.

‘That little bit more, in order to overcome.’


Eugene understood this space more clearly. It was with such conviction that he ripped off his arm.

Can you win with magic? No, no. Eugene was quick to admit. If that illusion really remains ‘a little bit stronger’ than Eugene, so is magic. And the ‘gyeok’ in magic is hard to reverse. If the level of magic itself rises, victory is far away no matter how well Eugene uses magic.

direction had to be determined. Weapon handling skills? To be honest, I wasn’t confident in going beyond that limit. No, you don’t have to be ahead of the curve in technology. After all, that illusion is that kind of existence, so rather than making the technology more perfect—- the way to defeat it is.

‘To make something that I don’t have now.’

Rather than blindly surpassing myself, adding something to myself. This darkroom is a space intended for him. An opponent slightly stronger than me. Even if that opponent is a projection of me, the correct answer is to add something new that I don’t know.

“It’s easy to say.”

Eugene glanced at his tattered left arm. … … sick. It’s been a long time since I’ve suffered this much. But she was used to the pain, even if it had been a long time, and she didn’t want to be in more pain, so her body didn’t stiffen.

The tattered arm was a hindrance. Eugene tore off his now useless left arm with his own hand. I felt the pain enough to make his head go white, but I swallowed his groans by biting his lips. Then he sparked, erasing the entire wound that drained his blood.

‘Are you trying to make a special move?’

Yujin spat out the blood in her mouth. … … I don’t want to think too much about it.

I thought of Hamel. It’s embarrassing to spit it out, but for Eugene, it was Hamel’s style that was close to a ‘special move’.

‘Parring, Lightning Counter, and Destruction Sacred Skills were used every time we fought… … .’

Although I often used Manroe, Sura Gwangsal, Dragon Burst, and Cyclone. The Hamel style is especially powerful, and Eugene himself gave it a special meaning… … .

Hamel’s secret, Ignition.

Hamel type 7, dead end.

Hamel type 9, infinite purgatory.

‘Thunderbolt is always used, so it’s not a special move… … What I’m going to add now is about a sword.’

Let’s try it. Eugene thought he was lucky that he wasn’t wearing the cloak of darkness and that Mer, whom he would laugh at later, wasn’t with him.

He put his right hand on his chest. It was full of gaps, but the illusion did not attack. His fingers dug into his chest, his heart beating faster.

Ignition has been activated. The flames, which had been extinguished in a shallow way, roared out loudly. Eugene let out a deep sigh and kicked her sword off the floor. Holding her in her only hand, she lowered her body to her position.

Then, the illusion also grabbed the sword. I didn’t see any signs of using ignition, but if that was an illusion as it was meant to be, there wouldn’t be any need to follow the ignition. Yujin concentrated her consciousness, condensed the sword steel, and started coating.

1 stack.

2 overlap.

and 3 stacks.

Eugene’s limit now ends here. The flames that spread the sunspots are dyed dark blue. Just holding the 3-stacked sword makes me choke and feel like my heart is about to explode. That’s why Eugene didn’t try to hold on any longer, but took a step forward and swung his sword at the same time.

Dark blue flames cut across the world. At the center of it stood Eugene’s vision. The guy raised his sword before being swept away by the sword’s slash. The movement seemed very simple. He really wasn’t even difficult or esoteric.

Just as Eugene used an air sword, the illusion also used an air sword.

Raise your sword high.

slashed downward

The slash of the air sword disappears. It was a disheartening and shocking sight, but Eugene was not surprised. Rather, all of that gave Eugene confidence in the darkroom and illusions. I also knew why Carmen, Gilade, and Gion hadn’t told me in detail. If you know in advance, your mind may be loose in itself, and only then the meaning of the test may be less.

‘I’m not like that either.’

Just wielding a triple-layered sword puts a strain on the body. Eugene led the creaking body forward. As if the welcome responded, he threw himself at Eugene.

The lowered sword passes as if skimming the ground. In the process of soaring up, the condensed sword steel exploded with a slash. Dragon Burst. I didn’t see any fun. Before detonating the sword, the illusion slammed the sword down to suppress the explosion.

Eugene responded immediately. I pulled it out to the side so that the sword would not be pressed together. His shoulders and arms seemed to break beyond the level of creaking, but the sword path he had drawn in Eugene’s head immediately unfolded in reality.

Sura light.



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The line of the slash cut through the space. welcome? A few steps back, without getting caught in the wild dance, she cuts the slash from the outside. Kagagagak! The sword and the sword were scratched, and the sword steel was shattered. Embers scattered. Beyond that, Eugene’s eyes flashed.

dead end.

A slashing line created by the light beam. All of them are thin sword steel.

When Eugene drew his sword, the lines of the released sword moved all at once and bound the illusion. Originally, just touching the Aura Shield and the body would have to be cut into chunks of meat, but the Aura Shield entwined with illusions—-no, the ‘Destruction God’ was eating Eugene’s dead end in reverse.

Even so.

Eugene had no hesitation about the linking technique. It’s a pattern I’ve been using ever since. Drive them with the Sura light beam, lock them in the dead end, and at the end.

Move the sword back with your steps.

Taking another step, stabbing the sword.

It’s not just stabbing. At the tip of the sword, the sword steel condensed to the limit forms a small bead. The moment it was stabbed, the condensed sword steel swelled—- and exploded at the point of arrival.

infinite purgatory. This is a slashing bomb created by adjusting the sword steel to the limit. The slashes that entwined the air gathered at one point, exploded again, and gathered. When I showed it to Genos at the Black Lion Castle, it didn’t stand out in many ways, but the infinite purgatory used with six white flames and an ignition—- swept away everything in the captured space.

It should be.


Eugene laughed and put his sword back.

I saw how the illusion destroyed infinite purgatory. Hamel’s parrying and lightning counter. In a confined space, he removed all the indiscriminate slashes. But it wasn’t all right. That’s right, it’s because it’s impossible to perfectly counter that level of slashing with ‘a little bit stronger’ and faster than the current Eugene.


Even if it was covered in blood, the situation was much better for the illusion than for Eugene. It was difficult for Eugene to lift a finger any longer. His left arm is torn off, and his leg is also lame. The pain in his lungs, which he had felt every time he breathed, had gotten worse out of control, and he could no longer breathe well.


Eugene let go of the sword without regret. A bloody vision came to Eugene with strides.

“Come again next time.”

The sword wielded by the illusion cut off Eugene’s throat.


“No matter how great he is, he won’t come back after winning the first meeting.”

Pong, Pong. Carmen murmured as she opened and closed the lid of her lighter. Gilreid and Gion were dizzy from hearing that lighter so much, but she said nothing to Carmen. Even though her looks make Carmen look the youngest, to the Guillaid and Gion brothers, Carmen was her great-aunt.

“Isn’t there no one in Lionheart’s history who broke through the darkroom at once?”

“In the first place, in the history of Lionheart, it’s not common for people to reach 6-star Baek Yeom-sik.”

Carmen shrugged her shoulders as she said that.

“People who have reached 7 stars are even rarer. In that sense, this generation has been greatly blessed. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the ancestor’s grace fell upon us.”

“… … I think so too.”

Guillaid smiled faintly and nodded. Truly, this generation was a blessed generation. Although the former senator who rose to the 7th grade of Baek Yeom-sik is dead, Carmen is alive. And since Gilreid and Gion, who had reached 6 stars, were still active in their prime, there was a good chance they would break the 7 star wall someday.

In fact, more than anything else, it was a miracle for the family that Eugene, who was still 20 years old, rose to the 6th grade of Baek Yeom-sik. In addition, since Xian and Ciel also reached the 4th star of Baek Yeom-sik, the power of Lionheart’s family is strong enough to be counted on one hand in the history of the family.

“… … hmm.”

The first thing I noticed was Carmen. She stopped opening and closing the lid on the lighter and got herself up. Before long she felt the gilade and the temperature as well. The two stiffened their expressions, stood up from their seats, and looked ahead.

The door to the darkroom is firmly closed. But the three of them felt a presence approaching from beyond that closed door. Gion let out a deep sigh and murmured.

“Would it have been the right decision to leave the sword behind… … .”

Guillaid laughed bitterly and muttered. Carmen doesn’t use a sword, but Gilreid and Gion do. If you are a master like them, there will be no problem in battle even if you do not have a sword in your hand, but the situation is the situation and the opponent is the opponent, so the absence of a ‘sword’ was regrettable.

“It’s a big deal if you swing it wrong and cut off a limb or kill it.”

It is harder to subdue than to kill. In particular, in the case like now, the goal is to subdue without inflicting damage as much as possible. That’s why Carmen, Gilade, and Gion are together.

“It’s better to worry about us first than worry about him.”

Carmen spat out the cigar she was biting on. She knows how ‘well’ Eugene fights. This side has to put the ejaculation in her hand so that Eugene doesn’t get hurt, but ‘the other side’ will go crazy without putting the ejaculation in her hand.

“… … Is it better to hold out for half a day or to conquer it quickly… … .”

“You’ll have to try either way to find out.”

Carmen pulled on the glove. Gilreid tied back his long hair that reached down to his shoulders. Gion unbuttoned his sleeve.

The door to the darkroom opened.

It was Eugene who walked out, but not Eugene. There is no ego in the cloudy eyes. The moment Eugene’s consciousness died and was cut off, the illusion was coiled in Eugene’s mind. Existing illusions only test the lion entering the darkroom, but the illusion that has become like that no longer tries to test anything and runs rampant according to its destructive instinct.

“… … indeed.”

The moment Eugene took a step out of the darkroom.

Huge flames erupted from under his feet and wrapped around Eugene’s body. Carmen’s expression hardened coldly at the size and intensity. She clicked her tongue and removed her coat from her shoulders.

“It must be difficult to subdue it quickly.”

How long have you been asleep?

Eugene stared at the ceiling without getting up. The left arm that I cut off with my own hand. It ran fine now.

However, the body was not completely fine. Eugene flicked his fingers, feeling his bones and muscles throb.

‘It’s not the reaction of ignition.’

Anise didn’t make his left arm grow anew. Eugene pursed her lips and smiled.

Well, it was just as I thought. Welcome to the darkroom. It is a type of powerful mind magic. The moment Eugene entered the magic circle on the floor of the dark room, secret magic that even Eugene himself could not notice must have eroded his mind.

‘After all, everything happened in my mental world.’

The shape of the space did not collapse even though the sparks poured recklessly and collided. In that fight, the illusion must have exercised physical force. I doubted it and was sure, but it wasn’t wrong.

It’s no surprise that it’s mind magic. Rather, Eugene was surprised that it was all mental magic. She clearly remembers the previous life that she suffered from Noir Jebella’s illusory demonic eye. Thanks to this, Eugene’s mental power is immune to most mental magic.

Even so, I didn’t notice the magic of the darkroom infiltrating my mind.

‘It’s not like I wasn’t vigilant.’

Yujin turned her stiff neck from side to side. Even if it was something that happened in the spirit world, the sensation of ‘when the neck was cut’ was vivid. In particular, because Eugene clearly remembered the moment he died in his previous life, he was able to more realistically realize the death he faced after being decapitated by the illusion.

“… … Aren’t you angry?”

Eugene cleared his throat and looked around.

Quite a few people were sitting next to the bed. Mer is pouting her lips and sitting in her chair, twitching her legs. Beside him, Cristina is staring at Eugene in her thinly slit eyes. Ciel tilts his head and crosses his arms.

… … Sian and Jehard were caught between them, their shoulders drooping. Thankfully and sadly, there were only two of them who were not ‘angry’ and sent genuine concern to Eugene.

“Why are you angry?”

Mer snorted. Then Christina, who was sitting next to her, answered with a twitch of the corner of her mouth.

“Mer is right. Why should we be angry? Eugene-sama did something without saying anything, and I lost my mind.”

Hearing those words, Ciel couldn’t lose. She responded with a vigorous nod of her head.

“that’s right. Why are we angry?”

Xian couldn’t bear to listen to his brother’s words. He cleared his throat and patted Ciel’s shoulder.

“no… … we should be angry Eugene: Adults got hurt because they got caught up in that bastard.”

“Brother, what did your father and uncle get hurt from being caught up in by Eugene?”

“You have to be angry… … .”

“No, I will not be angry. there is no reason to pay My dad and my uncle don’t want me to be upset about this. Not to mention Carmen. Even my brother isn’t angry right now.”

“that… … Yes, but… … .”

“Their wounds weren’t light, but they were all tired but conscious. The wound was also treated by Auxiliary Bishop Christina. But Eugene What about that guy? You were passed out all night.”

“uh… … uhh… … .”

“Right now, we are here right now. why? I’m worried about Eugene. Do you know what I mean? I’m not angry You’re worried about Eugene. You’re angry because you’re worried.”

Xian really, really couldn’t understand what his brother was saying. It felt like my head was spinning at the words that continued so quickly. Why do you say you will be angry the next time you say you are not angry? Is there a difference between being angry because of worry and just being angry?

“Are you okay?”

Ciel stood up from his seat with a worried expression on his face as if he had never done that before. Then she proudly grabbed her handkerchief and wiped Eugene’s cheek.

“Do you know how much I worried about you? Because I didn’t toss and turn all night, just closed my eyes as if I were dead.”

“… … I did the treatment.”

Cristina opened her thinly opened eyes and stared at Ciel. Ciel snorted at her and patted Eugene’s cheek with a wet towel.

“Thank you, Sister. I have seen his face every day in the same house, in the same house, with this guy for nearly 10 years, so whenever he gets injured, I feel sad as if my body hurts.”

Strictly speaking, Ciel and Eugene haven’t seen each other in the same house for 10 years. Eugene joined Lionheart at the age of 13 and left to study in Arrot at the age of 17, and Ciel went to the Black Lion Castle around the same time, so the time the two of them had seen each other every day was only four years.

“Because the relationship between me and Eugene is special. Not a single drop of blood was connected, but our bond is deeper than that of brothers. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he is my other half.”

However, it was not important to Ciel. From an early age, she was good at using what she had. In that respect, the relationship between her as brothers and not a drop of blood was enough to be used as a weapon.

[Because I’m like an insignificant kid.]

Anise, who had been listening to Ciel’s arrogance, muttered in Christina’s head.

Are you talking about a relationship after only 10 years? She didn’t tell Cristina directly, but she had similar thoughts with Anise. Isn’t the bond between people newly formed stronger and more sincere than the bond between brothers who have not been connected by a drop of blood?

“… … Great.”

Jehard, who was listening to the conversation, coughed. He didn’t know why he was sitting here like this. Worried about your only son? Needless to say, it was too much for Jehard to endure the atmosphere of the sun and the strife of words and gazes coming and going from the shadows that day.

“… … son.”

“Yes, Father.”

“I won’t scold you for worrying about your body and being reckless. You won’t listen to me anyway… … .”

“I didn’t get hurt because I wanted to get hurt… … .”

“But I am very proud and proud of you now. When I was young, I was afraid to imagine you as a grown-up… … .”

“What else are you afraid of?”

“Consider the feelings of a parent who has a son who beat up all the children in the neighborhood… … .”

Jehard himself was easy-going, and the children in the village of Gidol did not care about the authority of the name Lionheart. So, as a child, Eugene personally taught the mischievous people that authority comes more strongly from the fist, not from the family.

“But you grew up very well. Even if it’s not me, there are so many people who come to me worrying about you… … .”

“What did the father think of his son?”

“I thought it was something like Mannani. It’s just a story from when you were little.”

Jehard said that and stood up.

“There are so many people who will be worried about you, so I’ll just leave. Even the head of the household who is lying in bed will need a companion.”

“We are going too.”

Ciel, who had been slapping Eugene on the cheek, stood up from his seat. She held Jehard’s hand, strongly conscious of Christina’s gaze. Christina’s eyebrows twitched at the slightly provocative gaze.


“… … Eh, huh?”

“Let’s go, ah, burr, nim.”

Jehard had never heard Ciel call him father. Until now, the only word that Ciel had called for Jehard was Jehard-nim.

Xian glanced at his younger brother who was dragging Jehard away, then let out a deep sigh.

“Since you look fine, I’m going too.”

“Can I just go? Aren’t you curious how I got to be like this?”

Eugene asked with a mischievous smile. Xian knew the meaning of that smile all too well, so he furrowed his eyebrows and glared at Yujin.

“I’m curious, but I’m not curious. I want to ask, but I won’t ask. Like you, I’m going to take a 6-star Baek Yeom-sik and see what you’ve been through.”

“Isn’t it okay to eat 40 years old and get 6 stars?”

“pup. Wait and see, 30 years old, no! 25 years old… … to… … Because it will rise to six stars.”

“go for it.”

Eugene clenched his fist as if showing off, and Xian responded by raising his middle finger.

After Cyan, Ciel, and Jehard left the room. Mer jumped up and climbed onto Eugene’s bed.

“Why did you leave me?”

“They say it’s a place you shouldn’t take them.”

“You’re not lying, are you?”

“What am I lying for?”

Mer made a pouty face and took a seat next to Eugene. Cristina looked at Mer with her strange eyes, and she grabbed the wet towel Ciel had put down and threw it behind her.

“What have you been through?”

“I am more concerned about what other people have gone through than what I have been through. Are they all right?”

“… … hmm… … You were pretty good.”


Bloodied Guillaid, Gion, and Carmen knocked on Christina’s door. Several of her bones were broken, her skin torn, and her intestines bruised. Each of them was a wound that could not be ignored.

“The wounds of Eugene, who was carried by them, were not serious.”

“I feel sore for something like that.”

“If you ran wild, you might have damaged your muscles, right? I tried to treat everyone completely, but Anis-sama told me not to do that.”


“They say that if you treat even minor wounds like that, the habit will go bad.”

What is your habit… … Yujin grumbled and rubbed her aching shoulder. She then told me about what she had been through in the darkroom.

“… … After all, isn’t that what Eugene-sama didn’t pass the test for?”


“Then won’t the same thing happen again next time?”

“If you really do that, Anicilla-nim will try to poison Eugene-nim.”

Mer remembered Anicilla, who was holding on to Gilreid, who was wrapped in bandages and crying. Eugene was not at ease with her either. Even if she couldn’t help it and didn’t want to, she didn’t want to hurt Carmen, Gion, and Gilreid with this body.

“… … Do you know where everyone is?”

“Guilade-sama and Gion-sama are resting in their rooms. Carmen is… … .”

“You are taking a walk in the garden.”


What kind of random walk do you mean?

I thought so when I heard the story.

After actually seeing it, I was convinced. Now, Carmen’s bandaged arm was secured by a strap around her shoulder, and her other hand was on her crutches. He even put a large band-aid on his cheek.

It’s hard to say what exactly he looked like, but the man’s… … No, it was a ostentatious realization of the secret aspirations of a 15-year-old teenager.

Indeed, Carmen didn’t have a leg injury enough to require crutches, an arm injury enough to be bandaged over her shoulder, and no cheek injury enough to require a bandage. There was only a chafing on her leg, a sprained wrist, and a scratch on her cheek.

But Carmen insisted on that look. After that, I wandered through Lionheart’s garden with a rebellious look in my eyes that seemed to have a story behind it.

“Are you awake?”

Carmen, who was walking on crutches, turned to Eugene. Eugene couldn’t bear to say anything and looked at Carmen, then bowed her head.

“uh… … hmm… … sorry.”

“What do you have to be sorry for?”

Carmen asked sincerely, tilting her head.

“Your resistance was stronger than I expected, but it was a pleasant experience. Nasty and dangerous battles keep me alive as a soldier.”

“yes… … .”

“Gilade and Gion have not been able to fight like active duty in recent years, so this will be a good experience. Could it be that kid, are you feeling guilty for hurting us?”

“A little bit.”

“It is a useless idea. We got injured because we were immature. Actually, if I had decided to kill you, I wouldn’t have suffered any injuries.”

Carmen also had strong self-confidence. She smiled leisurely and glanced Eugene up and down at her.

“So kid. How do you feel about going through a darkroom?”

“It was a fun place.”

“You don’t seem to despair at defeat.”

“I try to enjoy it as much as possible. I don’t know if Carmen or others will enjoy it as much as I enjoy it… … .”

“… … What are you talking about?”

This is what Eugene thought. The darkroom is a special space, and I can’t clearly think of a way to break through the illusion right away. So, I want to make the battle with the illusion itself a practice while driving several times.

But in that case, whenever Eugene is defeated, he needs someone to stop the illusion like now. Of course, that role should be handled by Carmen, Gilade, and Gion.

“If Carmen-sama or others say no because it’s difficult, I won’t go into the darkroom until I’m sure.”

Eugene moderately provoked him.

“Don’t ignore the Lionheart of Lionheart.”

And Carmen easily fell for provocation. No, I should say he fell for provocation… … . It would be correct to say that Carmen’s pride as a soldier was ignited.

“If you challenge the darkroom again and again, it will be an unusual and good practice for me, Gilreid, and Gion. This time, the three of us had to rush to subdue you, but we were more immature because we had never worked hand in hand. But next time, I’ll stop you after I’ve come together enough, so it won’t be as difficult as it is now. If I get used to it, I’ll be enough on my own.”

“It is also Carmen-sama.”

Eugene clapped his hands and glanced at Christina. Cristina, who stood there blankly, did not immediately understand what Eugene’s gaze was trying to say, so she followed Eugene and clapped her hands along with her.

“… … Why is Auxiliary Bishop Cristina applauding?”

“I don’t know either.”


“No that… … Next time, I thought it would be a good idea to wait with you and assist Carmen-sama and the others with at least some divine magic.”

“Ah, ah, ah… … okay.”

“I’d like to, but… … .”

Eugene looked at Carmen’s expression and asked. Carmen didn’t answer right away, but thought for a moment.

Lionheart’s darkroom is a top secret even within the family. But Carmen understood that Cristina was special, and she didn’t hesitate to talk about the darkroom in front of her.

“… … The saintess of Euras has had a deep relationship with Lionheart since 300 years ago. It is not an exaggeration to say that she is, in fact, a member of Lion Heart.”

It’s not even a member, is it? Eugene thought so.

“Originally, it is impossible for outsiders to come into the dark room, but Lionheart is breaking away from this disgusting and useless tradition. So, in fact, she is a member of Lionheart, so she is a saint… … .”

“I am still a candidate for sainthood.”

Cristina told Carmen that.

“… … I think it’s okay for a saintess candidate to enter the dark room. You won’t be able to treat me in the future, but it’s a big deal if you get seriously injured because I can’t treat you. In preparation for such a case, it is also for the family to have a saintess candidate who can heal wounds on standby.”

“It is also Carmen-sama.”

“I’ll let you convince Kaju and Gion.”

Carmen ran her bandaged hand over the side of her head.

“… … By the way, Mr. Carmen. It’s the kaleidoscope you see in the darkroom before the visions appear.”

“Did you decide to call it a kaleidoscope? Wouldn’t it be cool to call it the Event Horizon?”

“… … Do you see your previous life there too?”

Eugene tried not to react to Carmen’s words. Carmen’s expression changed the moment she heard the word “reincarnation”.

“Eugene Ryanhart. Do you believe in past lives?”

“I don’t think there’s anything unbelievable… … .”

“You’re too young. I don’t believe in past lives. For me, I am the only one who lives and breathes in this place. I exist and prove only myself.”

I felt very bad when I heard that Carmen’s past life was denied, and that she was young when she said that she believed in the past life.

“I thought you were precocious, but are you still a boy who hasn’t woken up yet?”

“… … .”

“I don’t know what you mean, but I’ve never seen anything like a past life in a darkroom. I’ve never heard such a story from Gilade and Gion, and I’ve never heard of it from the dead Lord Doynes either.”

Carmen clicked her tongue and approached Eugene, patting him on the shoulder.

“So Eugene. Don’t be disappointed that you didn’t see your past life in the darkroom. I understand that the previous life you believed in was denied, but in the first place there is no previous life.”

Eugene barely held back his anger. She then recalled her ‘previous life’, which she had seen in the darkroom.

The life of Hamel, who died in the demon castle of confinement.

appeared after that.

‘… … What was it?’

The battlefield was full of blood, but I couldn’t see it well.

A man who staggered.

mountain of corpses.

the man sitting on it.

Eugene grabbed the necklace.


Gion and Gilreid replied that they did not see anything like their previous life in the dark room. It was unknown in the case of ancestors who had already died a long time ago, but it was certain that seeing a ‘previous life’ itself did not exist in ordinary cases.

“Couldn’t it be that my memory got confused because I was so immersed in the illusion? It’s me, I don’t know exactly what kind of vision you saw, but from my experience… … uh… … Welcome is a little different from me now. yes?”

No, it’s not.

After Hamel’s life dates back from death. What was seen ‘next’ was a man other than Hamel. I don’t know why the man was projected in the dark room.

‘I don’t have such memories.’

I thought about it again and again. However, no matter how many times it was repeated, the conclusion was the same. For Eugene and Hamel, such memories did not exist. Have you ever walked on a battlefield full of corpses or built a mountain of corpses… … there was no


I have never wandered the battlefield with my shoulders drooping in despair. As a mercenary, Hamel was always full of venom, and he never felt despair on the battlefield with Vermouth.

I have never sat alone on a mountain of corpses. There were a few mercenaries around with such a bad taste, but Hamel preferred to just slaughter them all and pass by rather than bothering to build a mountain. While traveling with Vermouth? If you did that, you would have been scolded by Senya, beaten by Anis, and scolded by Moron… … .

‘A previous life of a previous life?’

At that thought, Eugene was dumbfounded and laughed. Yes, since the previous life exists, the previous life of the previous life must exist… … ‘Why’ did the darkroom reflect the previous life of the previous life?


after returning to the room.

Eugene called Christina.

“I want to talk to Anise for a minute.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Cristina yielded the ceremony without any objection. Rather, she felt rejected by Anise rather than Christina. As soon as she took control of her body, she immediately approached Eugene, and she slapped him on the forearm.

“Why are you calling someone who is resting well?”

“You called for a reason, did you call because you were bored?”

slap! Anise slapped Eugene on the forearm once more.

“So you deserve one more blow. If you’re going to call me like this, I’ll call you once or twice for no reason. What else is there to call for a reason? indifferent.”

“no… … Didn’t you hate being called… … ?”

“Yes, I hate it. Because I don’t want to take Christina’s place.”

Anis snorted and sat down on Eugene’s bed. Right after that, Anis realized something and his eyes twinkled. She looked around Eugene’s neatly arranged room and smiled mischievously.

“For luring a grown-up woman into a room. Aren’t you putting too much trust in Christina’s chastity? A wolf in sheep’s clothing lurks inside the child.”

“Are you talking about me?”

“Huh, how about that? Hamel, what do you think? Do you think I am a wolf?”

Anise crossed her legs with an alluring smile. Eugene looked at Anise with her trembling eyes, then let out a deep sigh and waved her hand.

“Will you look at me like a wolf?”

“Are you saying you want to be eaten by me who became a wolf? A shameless and insidious person. Do you think it is your specialty to seduce women by acting like an innocent, ignorant idiot like you are now?”

“Lure someone, lure them… … .”

“Tell me honestly, Hamel. How many women have you brought into this room so far?”

“Don’t say anything strange. What is a woman? The only women who came to my room were Ciel and Nina.”

Ciel, Nina. Anise remembered the name clearly. Nina is the chamberlain in charge of the star floor here. Usually, the chief chamberlain is a chambermaid who is older and more experienced, but Nina, the chief chambermaid on a separate level, is 23 years old, and she is the same age as Christina.

The reason was that Nina was an exclusive attendant who had been in charge of Eugene from the beginning. So Anis has been constantly conscious of Nina in Christina.

“… … Hmm. If it was that attendant, there would be no problem.”

“What else is there to be no problem with?”

“Because she makes a thorough distinction between public and private. The only personal feeling she has for you, Hamel, is that of a sisterly affection. Ciel, she is different from that cheeky young lady.”

Cristina also silently agreed of Anise. Earlier, the image of Ciel fawning over Jehad and going out with him lingered in her mind. father. Cristina seemed like she couldn’t do anything like Ciel.

‘I can do it for you.’

[sister… … please… … !]

Anise enjoyed Cristina’s screams and smiled wickedly.

“Hamel. Calling me out of your room and not Cristina… … . It must be because there is a reason, right? I am looking forward to it.”

“What do you think about your past life?”

Eugene immediately asked about the question.

Anise glared at Eugene for a moment. He said he was looking forward to it, but in fact Anis didn’t have any expectations at all. She remembered Hamel from her previous life too well. Her mouth and actions are rough, but she never crosses the line.

“… … I don’t know anyone else… … Isn’t it funny that you ask about your past life? A topic that has already been reincarnated.”

“I am a special case. I’m asking for someone else’s story.”

“I am special too. I am… … Because it is a created being. Your question is not about me, so let’s talk in general terms.”

Anise’s expression changed. She continued in a calm voice, caressing the rosary on her neck.

“According to the doctrine of light, the dead are divided into heaven and hell according to their previous karma. And only those who have paid off their sins in hell are reincarnated and reborn on earth. In other words, in the doctrine of light, the cycle of life is a journey to reach heaven without pain. past life, present life, future. It is a life in which everyone is struggling because they cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.”

“You’re not saying that’s unconditionally true, are you?”

“How could I? That is only the doctrine of light. From what I’ve experienced, heaven is real, but you don’t have to go to heaven unconditionally. Just as I was left on earth.”

“Then what about hell?”

“Hell is… … well. I’ve felt heaven, but I’ve never felt hell. Hamel. I’m not saying that the doctrine of light is necessarily correct, but not all the old Bible teachings are fictitious.”

If another priest had said something like that, Eugene would have snorted as well. However, these were the words of Anis, who was born in the Protestant Church of Light, saw and experienced all sorts of things, and died, becoming an angel.

“I don’t know if hell exists or not, but heaven is real. Souls who do not ascend to heaven, or who do not qualify to enter heaven, are reincarnated on earth.”

Christina’s voice lowered. She pursed her lips and smiled.

“Then Hamel. Hell may not be otherwise. This world itself is hell, and not being able to find peace after dying is the punishment of hell, right?”

That hardly sounded like a joke. Eugene stood silently, pondering Anis’s words.

A life struggling to enter heaven. Eugene’s case is special, while others do not remember their previous lives. Of course, they also have past lives, but… … Memories are lost in the process of dying and being reborn.

“… … Then Vermouth dragged me down to hell again.”

Yujin smiled bitterly and sat down. Originally, Hamel’s soul should have been obliterated by the lich’s curse. However, when Vermut made a pact with the demon king of confinement, Hamel’s soul was returned. And her soul did not leave this world, and was enshrined in a necklace that was a keepsake by Senya’s magic.

“… … We all dragged you down to Hell.”

Anis murmured. It wasn’t Senya’s arbitrariness that made her necklace contain a soul. Everyone said let’s do it. At that time, Anis doubted the existence of heaven, but after killing all the remaining demon lords, he longed to ascend to heaven with his comrades.

“And Vermouth-sama herself also called hell.”

“… … .”

“Me and Senya are the same. I don’t know Moron, but ‘we’ could have made it to heaven, but we were left in this hellish world.”

“For the world?”

“for you.”

Anise laughed.

“It was for us again. Eventually it will be for the world, but we wanted to kill all the demon lords. Vermouth… … I don’t know why he didn’t go to heaven and faked his death.”

“Did you see Vermouth’s corpse?”


200 years ago.

The founder of Lionheart and the warrior who saved the world. The great vermouth is dead. The Kiel Empire held a hero’s funeral as a state funeral, followed by a procession to commemorate the hero’s death from all over the continent.

After returning from Helmud, Vermut cut off all contact with his colleagues, but Anis, Senya, and Moron also attended his funeral.

Even the sky was saddened by the death of the great hero and tried to pour down rain, but Senya’s magic collected the tears of the sky and cleared the dark clouds and made it clear. Moron, the king of Ruhar, took off his crown and carried Vermouth’s crown himself.

And Anis, as a saint of the Holy Empire, recited a memorial address.

“Yes, I saw.”

Eugene heard the story himself. At that time, there was no doubt that there was a dead body in Vermouth’s coffin. If the corpse was fake, there was no way that Senya and Anise would not have noticed, even if they didn’t know the body.

“At that time, Vermut-sama was truly dead, and her soul did not stay. I naturally thought that Vermouth-nim had ascended to heaven.”

But Vermouth’s soul did not ascend to heaven. Because of this, Anis gave a revelation to Christina in this era, and tried to personally check Vermouth’s coffin in the castle of the black lion.

“Perhaps, Vermouth’s soul may be held captive by the demon lord of confinement.”

“The demon king of confinement promised peace in exchange for Lady Vermut’s soul… … .”

“It’s just speculation, though. If that’s the case, I have to admit that, as you said, this world itself is hell.”

Not the way Eugene liked, but Vermouth saved the world. He deserved to go to heaven more than anyone else in the world. But Vermouth did not ascend to heaven. Eugene tried to pursue Vermouth’s whereabouts through Akasha’s dragon magic, but the red eyes and the sound of chains dragging prevented Eugene.

Demon tribes and demon kings receive souls in return.

Helmud encourages humans to sign contracts of souls, and countless people have their souls bound to Helmud’s demons and demon kings. They can neither ascend to heaven nor reincarnate. According to the contents of the contract, he is tied to the ground and only works for the demons and the demon king.

—-The empire of ghosts who have been deprived of reincarnation.

That’s Helmood. If this world itself is a hell where reincarnations are repeated without being able to ascend to heaven, then Helmud would fit the term hell.

“Hamel. I don’t know how the darkroom projected past lives that you don’t know about. Ordinary people cannot even remember their past lives. But you remember ‘Hamel’.”

Did that specialness affect the darkroom? Eugene grabbed her necklace.

“… … I didn’t see it to the end.”

Eugene’s life projected by the darkroom.

Starting from childhood, he disappeared from Eugene Ryanhart now.

Hamel’s life began from the moment he died in the confined demon castle.

A man’s life was reflected behind him. Eugene did not see how the man died. Did he collapse and die while wandering around the battlefield full of corpses in despair? Is he the same person as the man sitting on top of the mountain of corpses? He wasn’t sure of anything. The time the man’s figure was projected was too short.

“Hamel. A past life that you don’t know about isn’t necessarily important, is it?”

Anis put on a worried expression and reached out to Eugene. She continued, caressing her tightly clenched fists.

“I don’t know how a being living now can recall a previous life. I don’t even want to know. Because it doesn’t matter. You are Hamel and Eugene, but I will not differentiate between them.”

“Because I am just me.”

“Yes, me too. As Cristina is Cristina, I am Anis. … … Isn’t that enough?”

“I’m just annoying.”

Eugene grumbled and shook his head.

“It was Vermouth who made that darkroom. I don’t know when he intended to reincarnate me, but that son of a bitch meticulously reincarnated me as his descendant. Expecting me to come to my parents’ house ‘of course’ and enter the treasure room, I also brought a necklace.”

“Isn’t it difficult to anticipate that? Hamel, if it were your personality, you would certainly have tried to invade the main house and rob the treasure house.”

“… … I didn’t rob it, but I would have robbed it when I was old enough and strong enough to do so.”

Eugene couldn’t even deny that fact.

“I don’t know if this white salt dish was made for me to cook… … .”

“You must have learned. Didn’t you have a sense of inferiority and longing for Vermouth-sama from your previous life?”

“Inferior family? Do you agree?”

“Don’t pretend it isn’t. Everyone knows how dishonest you are. Fortunately, the current head of Lionheart is a generous man, so he readily accepted you as his adopted son. What if you weren’t adopted? Could you have given up on that Vermouth-sama’s white salt meal?”

Instead of answering, Eugene put on a puzzled expression. If you didn’t become an adopted child and didn’t learn the white salt meal… … At first, she thought there was nothing she could do about it, and she must have learned the Jehard family’s red salt diet or the mana training method she learned in her previous life.

But have you ever learned that? If you had enough strength, wouldn’t you have attacked the main house with the excuse of being curious and stole the white salt meal… … . No, that was too ignorant of a way to think for yourself.

‘Since you’re a friend of your ancestors, you could have learned how to cook white salt while insisting.’

Anis smiled and grabbed Eugene’s wrist.

“I see what you are thinking. A darkroom created by Vermouth. Do you think there might be something like a message left for you there?”

“… … Because I saw something strange.”

“Do you think your past life is a message from Vermouth-sama?”

“I don’t know. I knew the darkroom was a gift for me.”

Yujin said that and stood up.

The state that was reached in the previous life, in the head. The illusions projected in the darkroom do not reach their prime. However, he was close to his prime, and he seemed to fight like Eugene thought.

Gion said that when you overcome the illusion of the darkroom, the flame of the white flame style changes. I don’t know exactly how it will change, but Eugene focused on the battle with the illusion itself rather than the change of Baek Yeom-sik.

Darkroom’s illusion is a little stronger than Eugene’s, and a little faster. The standard method of strategy in the dark room would be to add something new that I do not have and that the illusion cannot do. If she focused purely on that, Eugene was confident that she would overcome the darkroom within four or three days at the latest.

That’s not enough.

“… … If you want to catch Raizakia, you have to reach the level of your previous life.”

Somewhere in the dimensional gap.

Raizakia is wandering there. I couldn’t expect Anise’s help in killing him. Although Anise dwells in Christina, Christina has not yet been able to perform a miracle like Anise did 300 years ago. Furthermore, if she went into a gap in a dimension other than this world, in the worst case, there was a possibility that Anise’s soul would be ejected from Christina’s body.

So Eugene had no intention of taking Anis with him on the hunt for Lyzakia. Same goes for Christina. The girls couldn’t quite understand it, but Eugene had no intention of reversing that decision.

‘It’s not enough to follow Hamel.’

Hamel 300 years ago was strong.

but. Was it possible for Hamel to kill the Demon King alone? There’s no way it’s possible. Even the demon king of slaughter, who was at the bottom of the hierarchy, was able to kill five people after fighting for several days.

There is nothing to go to the Demon King. Kamash, the head of the giants who was the son of the mad king. Hamel and Vermouth fought together to defeat him. And the imprisoned Carl Gavid Lindman was the only thing to get him back even though both Hamel and Senya risked their lives.

Even Hamel, who was so strong, was unable to single-handedly subdue the high-ranking demons and the demon king. Eugene calmly judged Hamel’s status 300 years ago. Iris would have been able to slaughter alone, but the demons above it are unreasonable.

It is difficult to gauge how strong Raizakia is. Senya was mortally wounded and exiled Raizakia to the outer dimension. It failed and fell into the dimensional rift, but there was no doubt that the black dragon Raizakia had unleashed a great magic that could not be countered.

It was impossible for Senya 300 years ago. Because you completed Eternal Hall? No, according to Anise’s appearance at that time—- it wasn’t entirely Senya’s power that expelled Raizakia.

Hundreds of elves there supported Senya’s body. The roots of the World Tree protected Senya and the elves and gave Senya strength.

‘First of all, I can’t do it like Senya.’

Hamel from 300 years ago cannot kill Raizakia alone.

So I had to surpass Hamel in every way.

two days later.

Eugene went down to the darkroom again. Gilade, Gion, and Carmen were also together.

[It just went well. The knights’ injuries were too light to treat, so let’s use their bodies as a training ground for miracles.]

Cristina also came down. Of course, I couldn’t go inside the dark room, but I was able to get to the entrance. If Eugene runs rampant like last time, and Carmen, Gilade, and Gion stop Eugene. Cristina will assist and treat the three.

‘sister… … Are you serious?’

[Sure, Cristina. In fact, the battlefield is the best place to quickly raise the level of divine magic, but isn’t there no war in this era? Therefore, this rare opportunity for treatment should not be missed.]

‘but… … I am not yet confident in the miracle of attaching and regenerating a severed body.’

[Do not worry. Even if you can’t sprout limbs, who will blame you? The resentment will be carried by Hamel, who will cut off their limbs.]

Of course, Eugene had no intention of cutting off their limbs.

“Then, I will go.”

Eugene said cheerfully as he walked toward the door to the darkroom. Gion looked at Eugene’s back with curious eyes. No matter how much battles take place in the mental world, dying while being unilaterally suffered by illusions is as vivid as reality. How can you laugh and be happy like that?

“There is also Auxiliary Bishop Cristina’s divine magic, so I think it would be good for us to fight one by one.”

“Then I will do it first.”

They weren’t laughing and enjoying themselves, but Carmen and Gilade were also motivated.

“… … Wouldn’t it be better for me to do it first? I’m also the youngest… … .”

“Are you saying you’ll be considerate of me now that I’m older than you?”

“Auntie, I don’t mean that… … .”

“I should have told you not to call me that.”

A light flashed in Carmen’s eyes.

[It’s cute.]


[Aren’t they the distant descendants of my colleagues? It’s troublesome to count the genealogy of those times, so I think it’s Vermut-sama’s grandson and granddaughter… … . It’s very cute.]

Cristina covered her mouth with her hand, wary of the words coming out of her mouth.

Eugene walked through the pure white darkroom. Soon after, I saw a magic circle drawn on the floor. Eugene climbed onto the magic circle, expecting that his past life would be reflected this time as well, but like the last time, he couldn’t see his past life.

Instead, an illusion appeared immediately. Nothing has changed from two days ago. Eugene alternately looked at the vision standing in the dark, the weapons all around him, and the sword in his hand.

“… … hmm.”

Yujin tilted her head and smiled. He tossed the sword in his hand roughly backwards, then raised his fists with both of his hands.

“Should I do ‘today’ with my bare hands?”


Anicilla Caines.

She maintained the dignity of a hostess of the prestigious Lionheart under any circumstances, but she did not insist on her dignity even in front of her beloved husband after getting married. She lifted herself from her bed, rubbing her sleepy eyes as she just woke up.

“Are you going today?”

“So it is.”

Gilreid answered in a weak voice. Annie Silla felt her heart aching on her limp husband’s shoulder. When she looked closely, her face also seemed to have sunk a bit.

All of that was because of Eugene. It’s already been over half a year since that child challenged Lionheart’s secret ordeal. At first, he challenged once every ten days… … Gradually the gap was reduced.

The problem was that the ordeal was not the kind that Eugene could handle alone. When Eugene challenges trials, not only Gilade, the head of household, but also Gion and Carmen are tested. Gilade himself never said ‘it’ was an ordeal, but Anicilla felt it was no different from an ordeal.

“I am also Lionheart’s hostess, and I remember when you were tried, so I didn’t say much until now… … Eugene, isn’t that child overdoing it?”

“… … There is no corner like that.”

Gilade had no choice but to admit that fact. After roughly tying his gray hair into a string, he began wrapping the band around his knuckles.

“But I can’t blame the boy for his zeal. I myself have been moved by his enthusiasm.”

“… … Gilade.”

“As your wife must have felt, the trials the child faces are not entirely for him. I, Giondo, and even Carmen-sama are benefiting from that child.”

Really? Annie Silla opened her eyes and looked at her husband’s back. She then let out a deep sigh and got out of her bed, tying the back of her gilreid back.

“It seems that Carmen-nim has passed the stage of having fun. I don’t think it would be strange if Master Gion ran away at any time.”

“that… … I think so. I would have run away with Gion about a month ago if it hadn’t been for Gazoo.”

“As expected, Eugene, that child is strange. No matter how young she is… … How could that be?”

What I couldn’t understand was the same with Guilade.

The ordeal in the darkroom overworks the mind. Being killed by an illusion does not mean that one’s true mind will die, but the intense and realistic experience is enough to cause mental disorders.

Guillaid also suffered death by failing about four times after trying the darkroom for the first time. The sensation of his throat being cut, his heart being pierced and his body being sliced. It took him quite a while to completely shake off the vivid memory.

But Eugene has already repeated it dozens of times. She was worried about being challenged too often, so I tried counseling or mind-cleaning from a priest, but she didn’t even bother.

Rather, if Auxiliary Bishop Christina hadn’t been at Lionheart, I wouldn’t have been able to take on frequent challenges even because of physical fatigue. Christina’s healing magic was too good even for Guillaid to feel… … .

“… … Then I will go.”

Gilreid forcibly pulled up his will and left the room with a wooden sword. Of course, he wasn’t like this from the beginning. Just a few months ago, it was only once a week that Eugene would take on the challenge at the earliest. Even if the cycle is shortened, it is too short.

There were no intervals along the way, and I was challenging the ordeal every day. Carmen, Gilade, and Gion do not dislike training. Rather, I like it. It’s just that I didn’t practice as intensely or as zealously as I did when I was young.

White salt 6 stars.

The wall to climb to 7 stars is too high. It is not that he abandoned his aspirations as a military man just because he sat in the seat of the head of the household. Gilade, and Gion too. He aspires to one day cross the wall and reach 7 stars. Carmen also aspires to reach 8 stars for the first time in Lionheart history since Sijo.

If hardships and trials are necessary to overcome the wall and reach the high level of nothingness, the battle with Eugene, who was eroded by illusions, was a great hardship and ordeal. Unlike the fact that this side had to keep circumstances in their hands, the illusion had no circumstances. Unconditionally trying to kill the opponent. Without Cristina’s assistance and treatment, she might have been mortally wounded several times.

At first it was.

Eugene was not the only one who achieved success through repeated trials. At that time, those who subdued Eugene also achieved success. I couldn’t help but be mentally tired and exhausted, but now I can subdue Eugene without a big crisis or injury. It was impossible to fight one-on-one like Carmen had insisted on, but it was possible to fight one-on-one for a while if the goal was not to completely subdue.

‘… … Maybe I’ll reach 7 stars before the Night March.’

The early morning sky is dark blue. It is already the end of autumn, and the air at dawn is cool.

About half a year until Nightmachi. The kingdom of Luhar in the north is a place where it snows all year round, so next summer you won’t feel the scorching heat.

“Are you here?”

The entrance to the underground treasury. Others came first. Eugene’s eyes twinkled with enthusiasm, but the others did not. The trained body recovered from fatigue, and the spirit was washed away with divine magic.

No matter how much it is, it can’t be helped until it’s less motivated. Right now, they came here yesterday, the day before, and the day before, and three days ago, from early morning, and returned to their rooms at midnight.

“… … Even though… … Don’t you think doing it every day for three days in a row is too much?”

Carmen sighed and asked. Gion, who was crouching next to him, also nodded in agreement with him.

“I haven’t been able to go back to the Black Lion Castle for over half a year already. Sir Genos is in charge of the knights I lead, but… … Anyway, isn’t this a bit much? I came to my hometown a month after I became a captain and led the 5th division, and I haven’t been able to go back for half a year.”

“That would be fatal… … . Now, Gion, if you go back, the knights of the 5th division will think of Sir Genos as their leader more than you.”

“So it is a problem.”

conversation going on. Cristina didn’t speak directly, but she wasn’t entirely without complaint. During this six-month period, her divine magic developed surprisingly. But was that half a year really faithful to ‘Christina Rogeris’?

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