Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 73

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“… … It’s not a bubble. Senya-sama is such a great person to be respected. The circle magic ceremony Senya-sama created is said to have advanced the science of magic for 500 years.”

“Familiar lady, if you mumble like that, you won’t hear anything. If you want to say something to me, speak louder. Look me straight in the eyes.”

Anis tilted her head and looked down at Mer. Her shoulders trembled at those cool blue eyes.

Mer crossed her legs and twisted her fingers for no reason… … Rather, she lowered her head a little more. Anise sneered at that figure and sat down on the window sill.

“Are you upset that you feel that I insulted the mother who gave birth to you? She knows that Senya is your mother, but she said that Senya and I were very close friends before.”

“… … Senya-sama is my mother… … no… … .”

“If you give birth, is there anything else you can call your mother? Anyway, whatever I say about my friend is my opinion, so please don’t argue with me.”

“Ugh… … .”

Mer said nothing more, only pouted her lips.

bubble. Anis didn’t really think that way either. It was just that the wizards waiting outside the mansion until this late in the morning gave blind respect to the gangster Senya, whom Anise clearly remembered.

Of course, Anis is also respected in Jurass. But, like Senya, she did not leave a teaching for her posterity. In the first place, divine magic is the most important law, so it was difficult to leave a teaching for future generations like magic. All Anise could do was write down a few lines or passages of the Bible for posterity.

Naturally, Anis did not like to write down passages for the Bible. Although the pope and cardinals of the time begged him to write down a few lines, he wrote only a few lines that were vague and floating without any meaning or sincerity. The words that Anis wrote with sincerity and truth were full of children’s books, not the Bible… … .

“This is my first time coming here, but… … I miss it as if I have been here many times before.”

“Are you longing?”

“yes. Senya was busy researching magic, and I was busy drinking alcohol.”

“… … alcohol… … .”

“It’s a joke. Although not very lying. Anyway, at that time, I also had to be a symbol of peace and light in the post-war era, so it was difficult to get out of Yuras. That’s why I rarely met Senya in person, so most of my communication was through magic.”

The distance between Arod and Yuras is vast, and the era was chaotic as the war had just ended, and an awkward peace was permeating. Warpgates are now opened in countries and cities, but warpgates did not exist in that era. So, it was even more difficult to meet each other.

So, Senya presented Anis with a crystal ball inscribed with magic herself. Eating a lot of mana was a flaw, but that drawback was meaningless to Senya and Anis.

Not every day, but we talked often. Insignificant gossip and whining. Stories we couldn’t share or share while the five of us wandered around the Devil’s Land together.

-Hamel is a real asshole.

One day, Senya got drunk and called. There was no need to ask what was going on. Her face is red with alcohol, and in the meantime, the alcohol continues to chug… … .

Thinking about it now, it’s very creepy, but Senya cried while rubbing the necklace that sealed Hamel’s soul on her cheek.

From then on, I talked a lot about the only dead colleague. Hamel had no family, no descendants. It’s remembered right now, but it was clear that it would be forgotten someday.

Anis and Senya didn’t like that. they were failures I decided to kill all demon lords, but I couldn’t. Senya and Anis knew very well that the current peace had been obtained through the whim and mercy of the demon king in captivity.

The world praised the four people who returned from the demon castle of confinement as heroes. I asked what happened in the devil’s realm, what kind of hardships and adversity he went through to climb the castle of confinement—- and how he was able to save the world.

I never got a good answer to that question. The world praised their journey and ending as a glorious feat, but for them, the journey and ending were disgraceful failures.

-… … I hate writing autobiographies. It sounds like you’re condescending and packaging. I don’t want to leave the story of my failure to future generations. Anise, how are you?

-This time, he is reclaiming the Bible of Light, and he said he wants to put my biography in it, saying it is the Anise Gospel. It even included a lot of good words for future generations.

– You said you did?

– Are you crazy? He knelt down in front of me and begged me, so he poured beer on me and punched me in the ear.

while talking about that

-… … How about a children’s book? I don’t reveal who wrote it, and I’m secretly putting it out to the world. How much trouble we had in Helmud.

-Is it for Hamel?

-… … what… … He’s already dead… … If we continue to shut up, the world won’t even know how Hamel died. I am… … I hate that Hamel is forgotten.

From then on, Senya started writing fairy tales as a hobby, and while feeling confident, she asked Anis to review them. Of course, Anise didn’t just read it, but added more words of her own accord. And Senya got the manuscript back, read it, added to it… … .

Obviously, the initial purpose was to prevent Hamel from being forgotten. And it was to purify and let the world know what the hero and his companions went through in the Devil’s Realm, Mann.

From the middle, too much selfishness and rubbish went into it.

‘Thanks to this, he is still remembered as stupid Hamel, even after 300 years, so isn’t it a good thing in the end?’

Anis thought so and turned her head.

familiar sight. Senya’s room, seen through the crystal ball hundreds of years ago. Senya would stay connected to the crystal ball until late at night, researching magic or writing children’s books.

Where Senya was sitting at the time.

Eugene was sitting now. He was deep in thought with Akasha slung over his shoulder.

The reason he left Lionheart’s home and came to Arrot was to seek advice from Loberian and other Mage Masters regarding the ‘Signature’.

The signature is magic that can be said to be the symbol of a great wizard who has reached the 8th circle. An original created by the Archmage himself. The realization of the magic that I have learned and pursued all my life. Signature is a great magic that the great wizard himself can be proud of, and it is not used lightly, but if you use it, it must cause such a phenomenon.

In the current era, the standard for a ‘great wizard’ is the 8th circle, and Eugene has not yet reached the 8th circle. However, the Phantasmal Flame Ceremony, which was conceived from Witchcraft’s Eternal Hall, allows Eugene to perform magic of a higher rank in the first circle.

and Akasha. With this extravagant wand made entirely of Dragon Hearts and Mer’s assistance—-the magic up to the 7th circle could now be used without any burden.

‘Though the magic of the 8th circle is impossible.’

In the first place, the magic of the 8th circle was not clearly established. This is because wizards who have reached such a lofty level enjoy inventing magic that is suitable for them and enjoyable rather than performing established magic. That’s why Eugene couldn’t use the magic of the 8th circle no matter how much he used Phantasm and Akasha.

The reason is simple. The magic of the 8th circle cannot be used without reaching that stage. No matter how much you understand it as Akasha, the circle that exists inside your body cannot create magic.

“… … ugh… … .”

An unknown number of moans came out.

Not long after Eugene overcame the darkroom, a letter arrived from the Red Mage Tower Lord—-Roberian in Arot. He sent a letter to ask if he was doing well, and Eugene replied that he had reached the 6th star of Baek Yeom Ceremony.

And a few days later the letter came back. The letter started with a congratulations on his phenomenal achievement and asked if he would visit Arot with the creation of a signature if he could afford it.

As we talked about Arot, Anise was more pleased than Mer. The reason was that she wanted to visit Senya’s mansion. It wasn’t a very difficult request for Eugene. He was the heir of the wise Senya, who had been recognized by the royal family of Arod, and was able to enter the mansion at dawn when it was closed with just a word.

While Cristina and Mer look around the empty mansion and reminisce.

Eugene sat in a chair and thought about his signature.

‘… … It’s a signature… … .’

Almost all of the magic that Eugene has used so far has been learned from Acreon, and Eugene himself has never created magic. And Eugene didn’t think he had that kind of flair or talent.

Did you learn magic quickly? That’s because Eugene was born with the ability to respond to, control, and manipulate mana. It was easy to learn established magic with that talent… … Creating a new magic that didn’t exist was hard to catch.

‘That means I can’t give up.’

If he had no talent for magic or hadn’t learned magic, he wouldn’t have been greedy. However, Eugene had already reached the rank just below the Archmage through magic, so he could not give up his signature. Of course, what Eugene wanted was not the determination of being a great wizard.

Signature’s uniqueness and unexpectedness. Eugene focused on that. Even after talking with Vermouth’s vision, Eugene still wants to kill all the demon lords.

The Demon King of Confinement.

The devil’s castle, Babel. You have to climb to the top and enter the palace of confinement. As Vermouth warned, the demon king of confinement will not stand still as Eugene climbs the barbell.

‘The biggest obstacle to climbing the barbell is, of course, the sword of confinement, that bastard.’

In his previous life, Hamel was weaker than the sword of confinement. That was an undeniable fact. If he creates a plausible signature, he can become a joker in the fight against the sword of confinement. No, it’s not like it can only be used when the opponent is in confinement.

‘Lizakia. It could come in handy when catching that baby lizard.’



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I straightened the chair that was tilted back.

According to Mer, Senya laid the foundations of Witchcraft and Eternal Hall sitting in this mansion, on these desks and chairs.

… … I’ve never really believed in superstitions, but I wondered if something would flash in my head if I sat here and thought deeply… … .

“… … Hey, Anise.”

“Is there a problem?”

Yujin shook her stiff head from focusing too much. Anis, who was sitting on a nearby window sill, looked at Eugene.

“The portrait of Senya hanging over there. Didn’t he look a bit nasty?”

A large portrait of Senya hangs on the opposite wall. It is a portrait that depicts an uncharacteristically benevolent smile. Perhaps because his head was clogged up with his signature gun, Eugene felt that smile was very sarcastic.

“Senya originally had a nasty look.”

“That’s the same, but laughing like that makes me feel a little more unlucky.”

Eugene grumbled and got down from the chair. Since Anis and Merdo looked around the mansion, there was no need to stay there any longer.

before leaving the room.

I glanced at the portrait hanging on the wall. It’s a sentiment I’ve felt many times, but that smile that the portrait is making was awkward. Unlike Senya, it must have been a benevolent smile, but Eugene felt a sorrowful and empty feeling uncharacteristic of Senya in that smile.

I feel bad when I look at it. When she dies as Hamel, she remembers the face of Senya, who shed her tears, begging her not to die. In the world tree, it resembles the face that cried out that it was sorry for the subject who hadn’t done anything to be sorry for.

“… … next time.”

Eugene muttered in a low voice and put Akasha inside the cloak. I don’t know when, but next time. to this mansion. It dawned on her that she wanted to come with Senya, who had been released from the seal.

Standing in front of Senya, pointing at that portrait. I wanted to tease you just to see that goofy smile.

“Where are you going now?”

“Red Magic Tower. Since there is no reason for you to go together, even to another inn… … .”

“Isn’t there any reason to stay separately? Could it be that Arot’s Mage’s Tower is so cruel that there is no room left for outsiders?”

“If you ask me, I will give it to you, but… … .”

I was out of the mansion and walking down the street at night. Eugene stopped grumbling and looked ahead.

Pentagon, the capital of Arot, called the kingdom of magic. The night view of the streets here is beautiful enough to be called a tourist attraction in itself, but now it is late in the morning, so the only lights illuminating the streets are pale street lamps.

below it. A woman was standing there wearing a coat that was so large that it touched the ground. She covered her eyes with a butterfly-shaped mask and wore a suspicious look with her mask on as well. Eugene stood dumbfounded and looked at her woman. Mer, who was standing beside her without getting inside her cloak, pulled on her Eugene’s sleeve.

“What the hell are you doing over there?”

“Pretend you don’t know.”

Eugene immediately turned around. In order to get to the Red Magic Tower, you have to go in the direction the woman was standing, but Eugene thought it would be better to bother going back than to be caught by that half-mad woman.

“Why are you ignoring me?!”

The identity of the woman was Melchis Elhair, the White Pagoda Master. She screamed and ran out from under the lamppost.

“Little Lionheart, I mean. Of course I knew you wouldn’t be surprised. You’re very sharp, so you must have noticed what disguise I put on. But isn’t it too much to ignore?”

“Then what did you want me to respond to?”

“Baektap Lord, what the hell are you doing there? Is it okay if I ask you something like this? Then I could have a good laugh, take off my mask, and tell the joke I had prepared.”

Melchis lifted the butterfly mask slightly upward and glanced at Eugene. She hadn’t taken off her mask yet.

“… … Aren’t you curious what joke I’ve prepared?”

“I’m not curious.”

“Couldn’t you just say something if you’re curious?”

“I don’t like it.”

Eugene strode forward without looking at Melchis. Melkiss’s insides boiled at that callous reaction, but she didn’t give up and even used her magic to block Eugene’s way.

“Am I pretty?”

Melchis tilted his head to the side and lowered his mask. Her mouth was torn from side to side, no, it looked like it was torn. It was a really unnecessarily realistic picture.

Not Eugene, nor Mer, nor Anis. Didn’t react to Melchis’s face.

Late morning, pale street lights. It’s boring to wait in silence, so it’s a joke prepared for the atmosphere of a dreary autumn night… … Melkiss stood still for a moment, then with a light wave of his fingers erased the drawings on both cheeks.

“I am the owner of the White Magic Tower, Melchis Elhair.”

He changed his expression as if he had never done that. Melchis reached out to Christina with a confident smile.

“I’ve heard the story about Euras’ candidate for sainthood. Nice to meet you.”

It was Anis who was moving Christina’s body right now. She stared at Melchis without a single smile on her face.

Anis had no desire to understand the joke Melchis had just attempted. However, he was wary of Melchis’ appearance being quite beautiful and trying to joke around with Eugene without hesitation.

“Nice to meet you.”

Being vigilant did not immediately reveal him. Anis wasn’t that shallow of a personality. She responded to Melkis’ greeting with a big smile on her expressionless face.

“… … Why are you here? It doesn’t look like you’re taking a walk at night with that look.”

“Why do you ask the obvious? I was waiting for you.”

“Then why are you waiting for me?”

“I heard about it from the owner of the red pagoda. You said you were going to make a signature?”

Melchis smiled and leaned over to Eugene.

“You have to make a signature, isn’t it something you can make right after you decide? therefore. Melchis, the great mage and the great spirit consul, will help… … .”

“No need.”

“You’re so determined, kid… … . What’s wrong with getting help from an adult?”

“It’s obvious. There’s no way Melchis-sama will offer to help with his bare mouth, what else do you want from me?”

“What do you see me as? I just want to help you with a pure heart.”

“lie. You’re trying to ask for something later on the pretext of helping me, right? You use the excuse of teaching magic to elves as an excuse to visit your home forest often, so what else do you want?”

Eugene narrowed his eyes and stared at Melchis.

“Isn’t it? i just want to help Do you know that I always want something from you? As a distant senior, I want to help my junior wizard!”

“I can’t do that… … .”

“To put it mildly, I do not have the desire to dye your signature in my color. Isn’t that how I can benefit from you later? As a kind wizard senior who helped with the signature of Archmage Eugene Lionheart.”

Melchis smiled and tapped Eugene with his elbow. It’s just that his personality and behavior are strange, but he’s not fundamentally a bad person… … . Eugene thought so.

[The behavior isn’t just weird, it’s crazy. Aside from his qualities as a Elementalist, a human named Melchis Elhair is a shameful elementalist.]

Tempest roared in my head.


Most of the wizards’ life patterns are broken and the night and day are reversed. So, there is no curfew in most mage towers, including the red mage tower. Of course, there is a strict security system at the entrance of the Mage Tower, but Eugene, a disciple of the Mage Tower owner, was free from that security system.

“Why are you here?”

Red Magic Tower, Loberian Surface. While he was happy to reunite with his pupil after a long time, he naturally restrained Melkis, who was sitting next to her. He looked Melchis up and down, furrowing his eyebrows blatantly.

“Did you drink too much at night? No matter how much alcohol you drink, you still confuse the red mage tower and the white mage tower… … I will contact the White Mage Tower right away and call a wizard to take you there.”

“Red Tower Owner, what’s going on between us? Are you kidding me right now? Sorry, it’s rare that you joke, so I don’t think I get it… … .”

“I mean go back to your house.”

“no way… … Again, let’s not be too harsh between friends, huh?”

Melchis flinched and winked at Loberian. At that wink, Loberian took a few steps back with a disgusted look on his face.

Still, the fact that he did not deny the word ‘between friends’ was proof that Loberian was a person of rare character among wizards.

“… … ah… … Sorry for the late greeting. My name is Loberian Surface, who is in charge of the Red Mage Tower Master.”

Loberian cleared his expression of disgust, turned to Cristina, and smiled cheerfully. Then she returned her greeting with a slight bow of her head as well as a thin smile of hers as well as Cristina.

“My name is Christina Rogeris.”

“How can I call you? As far as I know, you are still in charge of the Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Alcart. Can I call you Auxiliary Bishop? Or should I call you Candidate Saint?”

“As it will be announced soon, I have stepped down from my position as Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Alcarte. And the title of candidate for sainthood sounds excessive to me.”

“Then may I call you Christina-sama?”

“If the Lord of Arot’s Red Mage Tower calls me like that, it’s an honor and I’m grateful.”

Melchis, who had been quietly listening to the conversation, waved his hand and tilted his head to Eugene.

“Ugh, isn’t that kind of conversation too unfamiliar?”

“I wonder if Melchis-nim is too lacking in respect for his opponent.”

“I am a person who shows through actions rather than words.”

Melchis smiled and raised his head. There was no way she couldn’t have heard her murmurs from Loberian. He glared at Melkiss with open irritation in his thin eyes, and Melkiss turned a blind eye and pointed at the floor with his fingertips.

“Jeok Pagoda Owner, I heard that your apprentice is slowly starting to create a signature? I’m also a wizard and I want to help as a senpai, so let’s go downstairs.”

“What are you talking about when you come in the middle of the morning?”

“Aren’t you going to sleep right now anyway? What’s the reason to procrastinate? The underground research building of the Red Magic Tower is said to be that sturdy, so let’s take a look.”

Melchis spoke eagerly, but Eugene did not follow her wishes. She didn’t get tired every other night, but she did, and there was no reason she wouldn’t sleep. Melchis screamed, but Eugene and Cristina were allotted rooms and slept late.

“Young people these days don’t know how much time is wasted. You don’t need to sleep, so what are you sleeping for? Worth the time.”

“You speak like an old man.”

“braided… … ! As a senior wizard, I will give you advice that will become your blood and flesh.”

“When you say that, you look more like an old man.”

When Eugene teased him like that, Melchis closed his mouth with his fists trembling.

‘Who’s talking about who… … .’

Mer, who had only her head sticking out from between her cloak, couldn’t bear to say the words that lingered in her mouth and only pouted her lips.

Eugene, who usually longs for cyan at her hometown, is more mature than anyone Mer has ever seen, and Anis, who sometimes uses Christina’s mouth arbitrarily, is also not easy.

“Have you envisioned a signature?”

Loberian did not guide them underground. As Melchis said, the underground research building of the Red Magic Tower is very strong, and in the past, when Eugene was living in the Red Magic Tower, he was taken care of several times.

but. No matter how strong the Mage Tower’s underground research building is, if Eugene decides to release mana, it will be destroyed even if he doesn’t use magic or raise a sword.

Loberian was well aware of that fact, so he guided Eugene to the rooftop of the Red Magic Tower, not to the underground research building, which was in danger of collapsing. This open roof was Loverian’s laboratory and practice room.

“Honestly, I don’t know what to envision.”

I thought about it a lot, but nothing in particular came to mind.

Loberian grinned and pulled out a wand from the inside of his robe. He swung his staff lightly, and a transparent curtain encircled the rooftop. The magic was applied so that the rooftop could not be observed from the outside.

“Eugene-nim is special, so it will be even more so.”

“Is it special?”

“yes. There have been several warriors who use magic in the continent’s history, but most of them have been vague. Both as a warrior and as a mage. I used a good mix of the two, but I couldn’t even call it first-class, even empty words. Except for Lionheart’s ancestor, the great Vermouth.”

Loberian was right. Archmages who have existed in history are people who have walked the single path of magic to the point of being honest. Similarly, those who made a name for themselves as knights or warriors were those who devoted their lives to combat and martial arts.

“People in the world say that Eugene is the second coming of the great Vermouth. I think so too. In fact, Eugene-sama not only reached the 6th star of the White Flame ceremony at this young age, but didn’t he also reach the level of freely using the magic of the 7th circle?”

“Yeah what… … .”

“So Eugene-sama will have a harder time thinking about it.”

Eugene tilted his head, not understanding what Loberian was saying.

It was Loberian who taught Eugene the basics and deepening of magic. He couldn’t compare him to Senya, but no one could deny that Loberian was an excellent mage. When the wizard directly said, ‘It’s hard’, he couldn’t take it lightly.

“Why are you having a hard time?”

“The essence of magic is to do what I cannot do.”

Loberian replied with a smile. As he stretched out his wand, a searing flame began to swirl at the tip of the wand.

“People cannot make fire out of their hands without using tools. But if you use magic, you can start a fire. Magic is like that after all. A skill to do what a person, no, I cannot do.”

“… … .”

“To put it a little simpler, I can’t fly. But if you use magic, you can fly. If you run normally, you’ll be slower than a dog, let alone a horse, but if you use magic, you can move faster than anyone else.”

“I said something.”

Melchis, who had been listening quietly, chuckled and raised a finger.

“Hey, look at this, kid. I’m not a warrior, I don’t have a core. You can put mana on your body, but you can’t cast a sword like a warrior or a knight can. But if you use magic, you can make a blade of mana similar to sword steel, even if it’s a slightly different principle?”

Melchis opened his magic with his lips moving, and the light blue mana was gathered according to the magic formula and became a sharp blade. Certainly, that was a magical blade, different from sword steel.

“This is not sword steel. But it’s as sharp and strong as sword steel. I’m going to lose to you, but I’m sure you’ll be able to imitate a sword fight with a decent knight?”

“… … aha.”

Eugene understood what they were talking about.

Eugene is not an ordinary wizard. If you need a sharp blade or an attacking weapon, you can just raise the sword without having to create a spell and use magic. If you want to run fast, you don’t need to use speed-related magic, just get up and run.

The distinction between what can and cannot be done is different from ordinary wizards.

“That is why it is difficult. Eugene, for the Archmage, the signature is the essence of magic accumulated through lifelong training and research. Usually, they study magic for decades, tailoring it to suit themselves… … .”

“In conclusion, kid, you are a strong wizard, but as a wizard you are very imperfect. Right now, you haven’t properly conceived of your own magic, and you’ve never felt the need for it, have you?”

It was undeniable.

Ever since his previous life, Eugene was a warrior. It was the same even after being reincarnated. He knew that magic was convenient and strong, but magic had never been the main thing in Eugene’s battles. So, he had never studied the new magic I needed.

“… … What is it? To be honest, I prefer to fight with my body rather than using magic.”

“But you don’t use magic very much, do you? At least knowing the sky through magic would be overwhelmingly more efficient.”

“yes… … Other than that… … hmm… … Attacking enemies from a distance… … I often use Blink to mix in my movement. I also like giving anomalies with space magic… … .”

The more he talked, the more Yujin’s expression crumpled.

No matter how much I thought about it, I thought that it wasn’t something I could say in front of Loberian, who had helped me a lot since I was young, accepted me as a disciple and taught me magic, and always sided with me.

I don’t know what the master’s heart is like, but don’t most teachers want their teachings to be valuable to their students?

“That means, for Eugene-sama, magic is only an aid in battle.”

“yes… … sorry… … .”

“Why are you apologizing?”

Loberian tilted his head with a puzzled expression. Eugene cleared his throat and examined Loberian’s expression.

“Well, Master taught me magic at best. Didn’t I neglect the magic Master taught me… … .”

Anis, who was watching through Christina’s eyes, was quite happy with the current situation.

Hamel, who used to be violent and rambunctious, is intimidated by that neat wizard. Besides, master? It is natural for a disciple to serve their teacher, but it was something that Hamel could not have imagined in his mercenary days.

[It was raised by me.]

Anise whispered to Christina with a sense of pride.

It wasn’t a lie. From the moment Hamel joined as a teammate, Anise had been correcting Hamel’s behavior and mind for a long time. The messy snout, which was the most problematic, could not be corrected in the end, but since he is not cursing at his teacher, it can be said that it was an achievement of correction.

“Eugene. It is entirely up to the wizard how he uses his magic.”

Loberian understood Eugene’s meaning and smiled.

“Obviously, I taught Eugene-nim magic, but Eugene-nim doesn’t have to be a pure wizard. Rather, I did not want Eugene to become such an ordinary wizard. Eugene-nim’s qualities were a waste to be only a wizard.”

“Kuhm… … .”

“Eugene. As I said before, a signature is a magical essence accumulated by a mage through practice and study. The important thing is what kind of magic the wizard himself has been dealing with.”

assistance in combat.

“Eugene-sama, you don’t need magic to attack. Eugene-nim should be able to attack stronger than if he had to use magic. assistance in combat. If Eugene-sama himself wants him, that’s enough. The direction of the signature is determined that way.”

“Once you’ve decided on a direction, you have to formulate and build up. Magic causes phenomena that cannot happen. Like lighting a spark in heavy rain or causing a blizzard in midsummer. It is a well-organized technique that causes phenomena that cannot happen.”

Melchis chuckled and took off the coat he was wearing.

“If you’ve only heard a lot about it, you won’t understand it, so I’ll show you the signature of this Archmage and Archmage, Melchis Elhaire. I am honored to know that, of all those who saw my signature, few survived.”

“It’s not to the extent that it’s rare. Other Mage Masters and Lord Trempel have seen your signature.”

“When you’re in shape, don’t ruin the atmosphere with useless words!”

Melchis glanced at Loberian, then straightened his expression again.

“Little. As you know, I am the greatest elementalist in the history of the continent. I made a contract with the spirit king of lightning and the spirit king of the earth. My signature, of course, is about spirits. That name.”

Knowing Melchis’ signature, Loberian took a step back. And motioned to Eugene and Cristina to come here.

As Eugene stepped back as he was called, he looked curiously at Melchis, who stood tall in the center of the tower.

“Elemental fusion, Trinity Force.”

A light flashed in Melchis’s eyes.

ㅡKurrureung! In an instant, a black thundercloud was created in the sky of the Red Magic Tower. Formidable mana wrapped around Melchis’ body. The entire earth around the Red Magic Tower soared up.

Melchis’ body stood tall in the sky. The earth that came up from below wrapped around Melchis’ body and began to form into a certain shape.

ㅡ Kwurreung! Electricity flashed as lightning from the thundercloud coiled around the shape of the earth.

Eugene, Mer, and Cristina watched the scene at a loss for words. Melchis was nowhere to be seen.

No, should I say invisible? The one that appeared in the sky of the Red Magic Tower—-was a huge Melchis Elhaire made of clay. A doll made of clay… … To put it bluntly, that’s it. Although it was made of earth, it was not really earthy.

Elemental fusion Trinity Force. It just looked like Melchis had become a giant. Of course, that body was not the real Melchis. Melchis existed at the center of that gigantic clay doll, linking his mind with the body of the clay doll and controlling it perfectly.

“how is it?”

The Trinity Force crouched in the air, the gigantic Melchis opened its mouth… … . Her smile was the same as that of the little human Melchis.

“This voluptuous body made of clay. It fit my body size perfectly. You are free to change your outfit.”

“… … .”

“It’s not just that my signature is great! This body is no different from the incarnation of the earth spirit king, so in this state I can rule the earth to my heart’s content. And all the energy that moves this gigantic body is the power of the Lightning Spirit King!”

Melchis stretched out his huge hand. As she snapped her index finger and thumb, formidable lightning power gathered at her fingertips.

“Whoop whoop! If it were me of the Trinity Force, I might be able to put Abram in the palace with a single move of my finger… … ?”

“It’s a relief there’s no Trempel balls here.”

“I wouldn’t say such a thing in front of an uncle loyal to the royal family, either?”

“Stop talking nonsense and come down. As I said before, your signature of the white pagoda is different from being outstanding and wonderful… … The appearance is terrifying.”

“It’s my face!”

“You don’t have to make yourself look like yourself.”

“I love myself.”

The huge Melchis made a calyx with both hands and rested its chin on it. Loberian made a disgusted face and looked away from the sky.

“… … The appearance is terrible, but I think the signature of Baektapju is a good example. It is the essence of the magic she has built up, and the embodiment of her ideals.”

Eugene, holding Akasha, peeped at the Trinity Force, and sympathized with Loberian’s words.

spirit union. It was not wrong. Melchis used himself as the center, combining the spirit king of earth and lightning. It was close to impossible to compose the entity with only mana, so he formed his body with soil, the power of the earth spirit king, and used lightning, the power of the lightning spirit king. With that, Melkis fully used the power of the two spirit kings, while strengthening his own magic.

“It’s unfair that I only showed you, the owner of the red pagoda. Won’t you show me?”

“I will show you without pressing.”

After Loberian withdrew sufficiently from Eugene, he signed the hand sign with both hands.


There is no need for long chanting or complex spells for this signature.

The specialty of the Red Magic Tower Lord, Loberian, is summoning magic. His signature, Pantheon of Pantheon, is because, like the signatures of other archmages, magic does not cause phenomena, but summons summons.

In it, Loberian’s pantheon has the advantage of overwhelming speed. Melchis’ Trinity Force inevitably eats up time in chants and apparitions.

The same goes for the signatures of other archmages. However, Roberian’s signature is to summon a ‘door’ from another dimension just by chanting ‘Pantheon’ after forming a hand sign.


A huge door fell from the sky. A door full of complex intaglios. After the duel with Generic in the past, Generic, who did not want to give in to the outcome, suppressed his hostility the moment Loberian fell with Pantheon.

As such, this pantheon is heterogeneous and demanding. Overwhelming speed is also a strength, but another strength Pantheon has compared to other signatures is irregularity and unexpectedness.

“This door itself is a summon that I spent my whole life creating.”

Loberian said while caressing the iron gate of the Pantheon built right next to it.

“And in the second dimension connected to this door, there are summons and summons that I have collected and created throughout my life.”

An ancient monster crouching in a dungeon deep underground. A dominant hybrid created by crossing monsters. chimera. A curse that acts as a substance that was sealed in a book of magic, etc.

Not just alive. Summoned objects such as golems created by the wizards of Loberian and the Red Mage Tower, and non-living monsters that move themselves are also asleep inside the Pantheon.

“Only I know what summons and summons will emerge from this door. By opening this door, I can free all my summons and summons to build a large army. But that alone is not enough to be proud of as a signature.”

Loberian smiled and looked back at Eugene.

“I can combine summons and summons in the door. To put it plainly, it creates a chimera inside the door. Depending on what combination you combine, the place to use it will change, and the power of the summons will also change.”

“That’s why the Red Pagoda Lord’s Pantheon is hard to deal with. You don’t know what will come out of the door, but the power of the synthetic number created by combining the existing summons is completely unpredictable.”

The Trinity Force dispersed, and Melchis jumped from the sky.

“The most terrible thing is that there are really no restrictions on the combination of summons in the Pantheon. So, by mixing 100 summons and 100 summons entirely, you can create something that only takes advantage of.”

“I never did. I don’t want to, and I don’t want to ever have to.”

Loberian smiled bitterly and reverse summoned Pantheon.

“As you can see, my pantheon is the pursuit of excellence as a summoner. I hope my signature was helpful to Eugene.”

“… … Pantheon and Trinity Force… … .”

Eugene, who was admiring it, murmured.

“… … that… … Do you have to name the signature yourself?”


“I wondered if Master could make it… … .”

“What are you talking about, kid? The signature is the essence of the magician and the realization of the ideal! Of course you should name yourself!”

Melchis made a puzzled expression and fired at it. that… … Even Eugene understands that. However, Eugene was not very confident in his naming.


Mer whispered.

“Sura light.”

“You fall behind.”


Eugene crumpled his expression and pinched Mer’s cheeks.

“It hurts.”

“Don’t lie. You don’t feel pain.”

“My heart hurts.”

Having said that, how can a human being continue to pinch? Eugene quietly let go of Mer’s cheek.

“But Eugene, I think the name Eclipse is pretty cool. Isn’t Eugene also a name you came up with after a lot of thought? It’s actually similar. Dyeing the sun black like a solar eclipse… … .”

Eugene didn’t listen anymore and stuffed Mer’s face into the cloak.

“What is Eclipse?”

Melchis tilted his head and asked, and Eugene closed his lips tightly.

‘… … Still, isn’t Eclipse better than Sura Light or Dead End… … .’

I thought so in my heart.


For Eugene, these months were more faithful and blind to magic than when he first entered magic. He re-read the magic book of the Red Magic Tower, which he had already finished reading a long time ago, recirculated Akreon from the first floor to the top floor, and seduced and threatened Melchis to borrow even the rare magic book of the White Magic Tower.

As he was so absorbed, rumors naturally spread. In fact, even if I wasn’t enthusiastic, rumors had no choice but to fly. Because the name Eugene Ryanhart was so famous.

Aside from being associated with Lionheart, Eugene was Akasha’s master and wise Senya’s successor. As such Eugene was already studying the signature and preparing to rise to the ranks of the archmage, naturally, Eugene had no choice but to become Arot’s eye of the storm.

The first to come was the royal family of Arod. The crown prince, Honein Abram, who had a crush on Eugene since he was studying at Arrot, visited the Red Magic Tower in person with Trempel Wizador, the head of the Court Magic Division. Honein lent several books from the magic library of the royal palace under the name of lending.

The next person to come was Hyridus Uzlen, the owner of the Blue Mage Tower. He worried that it would be disrespectful for him to give advice and instruction as he was not a member of the Red Magic Tower, so he only came to Eugene after seeking forgiveness from Loberian. Hyridus, like Trempel, listened to the story of the signature being conceived and gave advice from the archmage’s point of view.

The green mage tower, Generic Osman, did not come. Could it be that he still hasn’t shaken off the humiliation and anger of having lost the duel with Eugene the other day? From what I’ve heard, it seems he’s been stuck on the top floor of the Green Mage Tower since the day the duel ended.

It didn’t matter. It is unknown from what point of view the green pagoda lord will give advice, but Eugene has already heard advice from the three mage lords and the head of the Court Magic Division.

And since he had already seen Yggdrasil, the signature of the green tower master, and had understood the Divine Tree, the previous level of magic, as Akasha, it was possible for Eugene to unfold it himself.

“If possible, don’t go to Merdein Square. Don’t go to the stores in town that have green letters or patterns on them.”


“Are you asking because you don’t know? Merdein Square is the front yard of the Green Mage Tower. Stores with green letters or patterns on their signboards are stores that support the Green Magic Tower. Of course, such stores are full of wizards from the Green Mage Tower.”

“What am I afraid of that makes me avoid them?”

“I’m not saying this because I’m worried about you, I’m just worried about the wizards of the Green Mage Tower who will fight with you and get beaten up. It is pitiful and sad that the tower owner was beaten and humiliated in public, but if they were also beaten, they could explode and commit suicide.”

He didn’t ignore the advice Melchis gave him with a tut. In any case, Eugene had no reason to go to Merdein Square, to a tavern or restaurant, or to a shop selling magic items in the city.

In that respect, having Cristina and Anis together made Eugene feel at ease. If Christina was in charge of Mer, who had been begging her to go to a restaurant in the city whenever she had free time, Eugene could comfortably concentrate on the idea of ​​the signature.

ㅡBlack Mage Tower Master.

Balzac Rudbesse sent letters to the Red Magic Tower and to Eugene several times. It was a letter congratulating him for standing on the stepping stone to become a great wizard, and that he would be of any help if he needed advice on his signature design.

but. The owner of the Red Mage Tower, Loberian, deeply hated warlocks, and Eugene was no different from that. Even though the world has changed drastically over the past 300 years and the position of the black magician has changed, to Eugene, the black magician is just a black magician.

Of course, having recently been to the Holy Empire, maybe the warlocks of these days are actually very good guys… … . In particular, I thought that Arrot’s Black Mage Tower would be a very humane and common sense magic research facility.

Still, a black mage is a black mage. Just not swearing at each other in the face and not blindly trying to kill was proof that Eugene had endured a lot and adapted to this era in his own way.

“You finally made time for it.”

eventually met It was Loverian, not Eugene, who first broke his heart at Balzac’s fervent request. He doesn’t like Balzac, but he respects him. Although he hates warlocks, he admits that Balzac himself and the Black Magic Tower he controls do not cause much trouble.

Same Magic Tower. The Archmage, who will undoubtedly leave his name in the history of the continent, sends a letter every few days, so even Loberian could no longer ignore it. So, Loberian secretly invited Eugene to meet the Black Pagoda Lord, and Eugene pretended not to win and accepted the invitation.

“I was curious about the Black Mage Tower.”

While answering that, Eugene looked up at the Black Mage Tower.

Located in a remote location even in the capital Pentagon, this mage tower, like its name, is pitch black, as if it were carved out of obsidian. Also, black roses were in full bloom in the plaza under the magic tower, and the atmosphere of the space itself felt gloomy and shady.

“That rose. Did you intentionally make and plant it like that?”


“Why did you do that? Aesthetically, I don’t think it looks that good.”

“I was planted to think that way. Like me, the wizards belonging to the Black Mage Tower don’t get a very good look from those around them, and I want them to just ignore them rather than explain them. If you plant a lot of roses of that ominous color, won’t they come near you even if they’re in a bad mood… … I thought.”

Balzac smiled and looked around.

The plaza of the Black Mage Tower was very crowded. Most of them were lovers who enjoyed dating. A flower garden with a variety of colors is common, but a flower garden full of black roses is rare in the world. As a result, the Black Square was inevitably famous as a dating spot for lovers living in Arot.

“This was unexpected, but I don’t think it’s bad. Looking down at the black rose garden from the tower is quite enjoyable.”

I really couldn’t have expected it. Eugene glanced at Balzac’s smile, then looked up at the Black Mage Tower again. Only the color was different, but the shape of the mage tower was not much different from the red mage tower or other mage towers.

“I don’t know what you’re expecting, but the inside of the Black Mage Tower won’t be much different from the Red Mage Tower. There is no such thing as a human corpse, of course.”

“According to rumors, the land where the Black Magic Tower was built was a cemetery a long time ago. Even now, in the basement of the Mage Tower, unidentified corpses that died or went missing in back alleys are piled up.”

“Alot is a developed country. It is a country with excellent security, and magic melted into life to the extent that it relied on magic for most of its life. How many unidentified bodies can be found in a country like this?”

“Aren’t you in a bad mood?”

“It’s okay to hear so many misunderstandings. Rather, Eugene-sama’s doubts are classic, so I feel welcome.”

Balzac smiled and opened the door of the Black Mage Tower. Eugene followed him in and focused his senses, but he didn’t smell the rotting corpse as expected. As Balzac said, the scene inside the Black Mage Tower was not much different from the Red Mage Tower.

“I admit that necromancy is a representative form of black magic, but necromancy is not all of black magic.”

Balzac knew that Eugene was looking for the smell of a dead body. He guided Eugene while maintaining a relaxed smile.

“And I don’t really like necromancy. After all, the only thing necromancy can do is to raise the dead body up or summon the soul and manipulate it, but isn’t that too obvious as magic?”

“I don’t hate it for moral reasons.”

Eugene asked while staring at the back of Balzac’s head. Balzac was silent for a moment at the question, but then burst into a wild laugh and nodded his head.

“yes. To be honest, yes. The reason I refrain from necromancy is that the obvious magic of necromantics just doesn’t appeal to me as a mage. My fascination with black magic… … The fact that he can achieve things that cannot be achieved with ordinary magic by receiving power from the ‘Devil’ that exists for sure. Like divine magic, it was that you could use miraculous magic by leaning on the demon king.”

The Black Mage Tower also had an elevator that moved with magic. Balzac got into the elevator first and pressed the button on the top floor, while Eugene boarded the elevator a step later.

“I say this, but I do not disregard the necromancy. It’s just that I don’t like it, but necromancer is also a great magic. Right now, Amelia Merwin, one of the samma of confinement like me, is also a necromancer with formidable abilities.”

Amelia Merwin.

The moment her name came out, Eugene’s lips twitched.

That name was hardened deep in Eugene’s chest. Amelia trampled Hamel’s grave with her dirty feet, and she turned Hamel’s corpse into a Death Knight.

At that time, Eugene wasn’t strong enough to kill Amelia. now? I honestly couldn’t be sure. Amelia’s presence in the catacombs was so strong that even her Eugene had no choice but to be cautious.

“If the Black Tower Lord and Amelia Merwin fight, who will win?”

The elevator reached the top floor. Again, Balzac got off first. While guiding Eugene as he walked ahead down the hallway covered with black carpet, he turned around at the sudden question.

“You are asking an outrageous question.”

“Isn’t that a question that everyone likes and wonders about?”

“I should be, but I’m not asking myself directly.”

“Ah, if someone asks me that, I’ll be happy and answer honestly.”

“If that answer gives you the upper hand, then yes. If I fight, I will lose to Amelia Merwin.”

Balzac smiled bitterly and turned his head again.

“Are you really losing? The Lord of the Black Tower is the Lord of the Black Tower, isn’t he the great wizard of the 8th circle? I heard you were a genius wizard who was chosen as the next blue tower master before becoming a warlock?”

“A genius wizard. Do you think there is a mage who was not called that among all the mage tower lords? In the wizarding world, the word genius is very light.”

It is a question and a conversation that can be unpleasant. Perhaps deep down he felt annoyance and anger, but Balzac did not show him.

“Amelia Merwin is a genius, just as I am a genius. And me and her are fundamentally different.”

“What is different?”

“Edmond Codlet and I were originally wizards, and we made a contract with the Demon King of Confinement for our own purposes. Most, no, almost all warlocks are made that way. I was originally a wizard, but I don’t think I’ll succeed as a wizard, so I’ll make a contract with the demons… … In order to pursue a magic that is different from the ordinary, I turn to the warlock.”

The top floor of the Black Mage Tower. At the end of the black corridor is Balzac’s office. It was a neat black door without any fancy. Balzac did not reach out, but the door opened by itself and welcomed Balzac and Eugene.

“Long ago, when Eugene said he was going to the desert, I warned him about Amelia Merwin.”

-She is special.

-She was a great black magician before signing a contract with the demon king of confinement.

“Amelia Merwin. She is also a wizard by nature, but she is a foreign being who became a warlock herself without making a ‘contract’. Do you know what she means? Amelia Merwin said that although she was human, without a contract, she understood her demonic energy herself and refined it with her magical power, and she unleashed black magic.”

There was no way Eugene didn’t know what that meant. Magi is an ominous power originally allowed only to demons and monsters. In order for humans to freely deal with demons, a contract with demons is essential.

but. Occasionally, among humans—a very small number of people would control demonic energy on their own. Even 300 years ago, there were a few such people.

Eugene was well aware of what became of a black magician who had been reborn like that. Such people become the masters of a terrible and heinous fate. Although human, he does things that are not like human beings, and although he was born as a human, he essentially becomes like a demon.

“As far as I know, there is no one in Helmud in this era who has mastered the magic and entered black magic on her own like Amelia Merwin. In other words, me and Amelia Merwin have different abilities as warlocks. That’s why the demon king of confinement treats Amelia Merwin specially and gives her a lot of freedom.”

He was a giant from the beginning, but he is a giant more than he thought. On the contrary, hearing such a story calmed Eugene’s heart. If Amelia Merwin is that strong and special, she just needs to be ready and ready enough to kill her when she’s convinced.

“Please don’t think of it as a shabby room. I don’t like things that are messy and messy.”

Balzac naturally changed the topic. Just like he said, Balzac’s office was so shabby that you wouldn’t even think it was the office of the Mage Tower Master.

No, rather than shabby, there was nothing there. A large desk and chair. Couch for reception… … There were no bookshelves, which are common in a room like this, and there were no items such as unknown magic tools.

“It’s nice to be clean.”

“Don’t stand, sit down comfortably. What would you like to drink?”

“It’s enough. It doesn’t matter what kind.”

Hearing Eugene’s answer, Balzac moved his fingers. Then, from the shadow under the sofa, something like a small doll rose up.

After a while, a shadow puppet came up on the table and took out a large teapot and teacup from inside me and started setting them on the table.

“It is an ordinary familiar.”

“Did you make tea in that body?”

“Please. The shadows of the Black Mage Tower are all connected. When I make a request to the galley downstairs, food or drink is sent through the shadows.”

I listened to the explanation, but I didn’t want to drink the tea that protruded from the shadow’s body. So Eugene put the teacup in front of him and just stared blankly at Balzac.

“How is the concept of Signature going?”

The blatant gaze might be burdensome, but Balzac leisurely asked, putting the cup on his finger.

“The idea is over, and now we’re building a spell.”

“It may not be easy to connect the basic techniques, but actually, that step is the most enjoyable in the conception of the signature.”

Creating magic is like formulating a formula with a pre-determined answer. Either by disassembling and inserting other magic formulas, or by creating formulas from zero on your own. In some way, the answer that was initially decided should be expressed as a phenomenon.

If it’s signature magic, the answer you decide will become an absurd and impossible fantasy. How it manifests and what happens has already been decided—but creating a formula that satisfies the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of such magic to manifest is a complex task that will make your head explode.

but. As Balzac said, it was true that the present stage was the most enjoyable. By accumulating various magic formulas, linking different magics. If so, the magic technique inevitably becomes complicated and lengthy, but once it has taken shape to a certain extent, it goes into the work of shaving. It is to filter out the unnecessary technique and smooth it out so that the desired phenomenon occurs even without this part.

“To ask about the form and technique of the signature… … I won’t do it because it’s off topic. Could you tell me your name, though?”

“name… … .”

“Why is that?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”

It’s a lie. It was decided, but it was not completed, so it was embarrassing to say the name first. And, as most of these processes are, the result will change little by little by compromising with reality.

For Eugene, the name I’ve decided on now was made with the assumption that it would manifest when I first conceived it, but what if it compromised on the way? What if I change the route because I don’t want to? Then the name I decided on wouldn’t suit me, so if I told you in advance, wouldn’t it be very embarrassing later on?

That’s why I didn’t even tell Loverian and Melchis. However, he unintentionally informed Mer, who, upon hearing the name, clapped her hands and said:

– Better than Dragon Burst.

“… … What is the name of the signature of the Lord of the Black Tower?”

“It’s blind.”

It was simple and sounded good.

“Are you covering your eyes?”

“It’s similar, but I can’t go into detail. If Eugene tells you about the signature you’re thinking of, I’ll be happy to tell you what magic the blinds are.”

“My signature hasn’t been completed yet, but the black tower lord’s blinds have already been completed, right? Isn’t the Lord of the Black Tower too weak to exchange information with each other?”

“It doesn’t matter. Even if I know what my signature is, it’s hard to deal with it. Well, that’s the case with all other archmage’s signatures.”

Balzac said it lightly, like a joke, but his words were thick with the pride of an archmage. Eugene was curious about Balzac’s signature, which showed such confidence, but he did not want to reveal the unfinished signature to him, who had contracted with the demon king of confinement.

“First of all, this.”

Balzac raised his hand. Then, the shadow created on the floor wriggled and soared up.

Eugene stared at the old notebooks and books on the desk. All of them were written by hand, not printed.

“What is this?”

“Before I became a black magician. This is the research material for the signature that was conceived when it was mentioned as the next mage tower master in the blue mage tower.”

I said it insignificantly, but if that was true, those old notes had astronomical value.

At that time, Balzac was not the Archmage of the 8th Circle, but he was a research material to realize more than the magic that the top-level wizard, who was on the verge of becoming an Archmage, devoted his life to. It was obvious that an absurd amount of money would move if he bet on Arot’s black market as an auction item right away.

“Can you give this to me?”

“It doesn’t matter to me because it’s discarded material. And don’t you think Eugene-nim would also imitate the signature designed from that material?”

Balzac smiled and pushed the research materials to Eugene.

“I am providing this material in hopes that it will help you learn the tricks of building, refining, and honing your spells.”

“It’s so good that it’s burdensome… … Would you like some money?”

“I will decline. Anyway, I don’t have students, and I’m embarrassed to look at past research materials at my level now. Oh, please don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I’m ashamed of being lousy. only… … .”

Balzac put on his glasses and stared at the research materials. Beyond the glasses, dark blue eyes frowned.

“It’s embarrassing to look back on the days when I was overzealous and innocent. That’s why you can’t put that material in the library of the Black Mage Tower. The warlocks of this Mage Tower respect me, so I don’t want to show them my shameful days.”

“Are you saying it’s okay for me?”

“Eugene, you hate me, don’t you? Rather, I hope that you will think of me a little bit through that material.”

“I am thinking that the Lord of the Black Tower might be one of the kindest people among the black magicians. Another thing is certain, the Lord of the Black Tower treats me the best out of all the black magicians I’ve ever seen.”

It was true. All the warlocks he had seen in his previous life either tried to kill Hamel or ran away in fear, and that was the case in Eugene’s life as well.

But Balzac doesn’t want to kill Eugene, nor does he want to.

It’s to show favor to the talented younger students. It’s the same with the other archmages, except for the green tower master… … It was difficult for Eugene to tell whether Balzac’s favor was genuine or whether it was to lure him into becoming a warlock.

‘I said I’m not gay… … .’

Could that really be a lie? By the time Eugene was seriously thinking about that, Balzac opened his mouth again.

“The reason I asked for a meeting like this is because I have something else to say to Eugene-nim.”

“I knew it.”


“Hasn’t it always been that way? When I left Alot, I warned her about Amelia Merwin of Nahama, and even put her personal letter in her hand to save her life from her. And when I came to Arot during the last hearing, he warned me that Princess Rakhar would contact me.”

Balzac, who had been quietly listening to Eugene’s words, burst into laughter.

“I hear and see. Actually, I want to meet Eugene casually, but since Eugene doesn’t want him… … I always force myself to meet when I need to, so it seems to be like this.”

“that… … Doesn’t the Lord of the Black Tower get married?”

“Please do not make any strange misunderstandings.”

Balzac was unusually straight and gave strength to his voice. So Eugene swallowed her last words and shrugged her shoulders.

“So, are you trying to warn me again? Is it possible that Princess Raksha will come back?”

“I don’t know what Princess Rakshal did when she turned her back on Helmud.”

Balzac took a sip of the tea he hadn’t drunk yet and set the cup down.

“I would like to ask you a question first… … I heard that there was a civil war in Lionheart’s Black Lion Castle the other day. What exactly did Iod Lionheart do?”

“You must have heard the rumors, haven’t you?”

“I heard that you instigated a civil war and committed immorality. I heard he performed an evil ritual… … It was so funny what Iod Lionheart was doing and what he was doing. Rumor has it that Iod Lionheart attempted treason to become the family head… … haha! It must have had some other purpose, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.”

“It’s hard for me to tell you.”

“The evil ritual that Iod Lionheart performed must be black magic, right? Then I might be able to talk from the warlock’s point of view.”

That was a pretty tempting proposition. At that time, what Iod had done was interpreted quite clearly. The diary he wrote because he was full of show-offs was full of details about what Iod was going through and why he did what he did.

The remnants of the Demon King that remained in the Demon Spear and Crushing Weight. The ominous existence dwelled in the dark spirit, and enticed Iod, who had the blood of the original family, to perform an evil ritual. If the ritual was successful, the remnant would have become the dark spirit king with a body, and if not stopped in time, he would have become a new demon king.

—-That is an interpretation given from the perspective of the red pagoda owner and the white pagoda owner. Eugene perfectly remembered your magic circle, so he was a little curious about how the Black Tower Master would interpret the magic circle.

I’m just curious. I had no intention of announcing it. A black magician like Balzac might be able to perfectly reproduce the spell he taught me once.

‘… … In addition to drinking… … .’

Hector Lionheart.

He’s not strong enough to care about, but I was quite curious about how he escaped from the spot without dying.

“Did you want to meet me because you wanted to ask about that?”

“There are other reasons too. Of course, I am not talking about research data.”

Balzac laughed, putting down his glasses.

“Helmud is paying attention to Eugene.”

“… … yes?”

“To be precise, the other dukes except for the Duke of Raizakia in the Dragon Demon Castle.”

The Sword of Confinement and the Queen of Dreams.


Those two are also beings with many old emotions, including regrets, to Eugene.

Regret, of course, is regret for not killing him 300 years ago.

In fact, I didn’t even have a good chance.

Hamel was alone with Senya when he was confronted by Gavid Lindman, the sword of confinement. Senya at that time was also a great magician, and Hamel also had skills that could be said to be in his prime–

I was about to die. He even used ignition to somehow get only Senya to escape. He was honestly prepared to die. In Hamel’s opinion at the time, if he were to share the value of his life now that he was facing the imprisoned demon king’s castle, of course Senya had to survive and return to his comrades.

… … Fortunately, Gavid retreated first, but if the battle continued, Hamel would have lost his life before reaching the Demon Castle of Confinement.

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. Neither did she have a chance to kill her. Since the middle of her wanderings in Hell Mood, Noir would dig into her dreams whenever she saw a gap, and use her fantasy eye to turn her reality into her dreams. Every time she does, with the help of Anise and Senya, she manages to escape from the dream within the dream and the dream in reality.

The two demons who were difficult and powerful even 300 years ago are still alive. So regret was inevitable. If Hamel from 300 years ago had been stronger, he could have killed Noir Jebela and Gavid Lindman.

“… … Pay attention.”

—-What Eugene felt now was not only regret. She is also feeling alarmed. She couldn’t help but feel this way.

300 years ago, Hamel was weaker than Gavid Lindman. He had never fought Noir Jebella, but to be honest, it would be impossible for Hamel in his prime to fight and defeat the Dream Demon Queen alone.

That Iris also became stronger after training herself for 300 years. An empire of demons ruled by a demon king. Eugene was well aware of how much the demons valued rank. Gavid and Noir have been sitting on the Duke’s seat for a long time of 300 years and reigning over the heads of countless demons.

‘Iris said she left Helmud after being defeated in the territory war against Noir.’

Even so, I didn’t think that Noir was a strong player several times ahead of Iris. It was clear that they had advanced, but it was clear that the gap between Noir and Iris was far, far away.

It means that the current Eugene cannot afford it.

“The dukes of Helmud seem to be very idle. I care about people from distant countries.”

“Eugene-nim is not ordinary. Descendants of the prestigious Lionheart… … In particular, Eugene-sama is even called the Second Coming of the Great Vermouth.”

“What could it be? Rumors are something I can’t help.”

“The problem is that the reason why the dukes pay attention to Eugene is not entirely because of rumors.”

Balzac stared at Eugene with thinly opened eyes.

“… … The dukes know that Eugene-sama has been recognized by the Holy Sword.”

Instead of answering right away, Eugene searched for his memory.

Have you ever pulled out a holy sword in public? does not exist. In the Great Forest of Samar, it has never been picked at all. When Iod performed a ritual in the Black Lion Castle. Then he drew out the holy sword. Afterwards, he proved to the Heretic Inquisitors that he was the owner of the holy sword.

and a fountain of light.

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