Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 75

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“I’m ashamed too, so I’ll stick my nose in the saucer and die.”

I’m on my guard, but is there any reason for the beast king to set up a trap? As far as Eugene knew, the relationship between Lionheart and the royal family of Luhar was quite amicable. Since the war ended 300 years ago, Vermouth has strangely distanced himself from his comrades.

Morone was no exception. But after he abdicated the throne and Vermouth held an official funeral. The kings who succeeded Moron had a good relationship with Lionheart, even though they were not close.

Every year on the birthday of the head of household, letters and gifts are sent from Luhar, and the successor Xian and the princess of Luhar are talking about marriage.

“Perhaps Moron has taken refuge in a place called Great Hammer Gorge.”

Anis also knew why the location of the Night March was the Kingdom of Luhar. A brave Morron who suddenly went into hiding 100 years ago. to seduce him

“Hamel you… … Whoops. You don’t seem to like being called that much, but for now, isn’t it called the second coming of Vermouth-sama? And Christina looks exactly like me.”

“… … .”

“I don’t know if the retired Moron is secretly interacting with the royal family of Luhar, but if he is hiding in the Great Hammer Gorge… … If you find us, even from afar, when we arrive there.”

“That back body will be startled and run.”

If it was Moron, it must have seemed so. As Eugene smiled imagining the scene, Anis nodded her head slightly.

But her smile wasn’t as bright as Eugene’s.

“If Moron is what we remember it to be.”

Eugene didn’t respond right away. Instead, she stared at Anis with calm eyes. The face was Christina’s, but even so, Eugene could feel Anise’s pitiful melancholy.

“That backbone wouldn’t have changed.”

The answer was late. It was something he couldn’t be sure of, but Eugene gave it his strength and said it.

He used the warp gate again in Hamelon, the capital of Luhar. We arrived at Rosrk, a city north of Luhar. From there, he could no longer use the warp gate and had to traverse the endless snowfields himself.

“You’re going to go all the way to Lehein naked? You’re crazy.”

Every merchant I met while purchasing supplies for the journey stuck out their tongues and shook their heads. But I didn’t stop it by blindly wandering around.

It was because of the lion heart patterns engraved on the chests of Eugene, Ciel, and Xian.

“I heard about it. I heard that a festival called Night March is being held at Rehain’s training ground far away?”

“I don’t know if we should call it a festival.”

“A variety of people from all over the world will gather and enjoy it loudly and boisterously, so what is it if not a festival? Anyway, thanks to you, we merchants are enjoying the occasion.”

“I think several people have passed by already?”

“Don’t talk. Three knights and four mercenaries passed through here alone in Losrk.”

Rosrk isn’t the only way to get to Lehein, so if you count troops from other cities, the number of troops that will arrive in Lehein will be staggering.

“You bought a lot of stuff, so I’ll let you know for free. Two of the knights were small countries of the Anti-Magic Union, but the remaining one was very well known. Simuin’s Turbulent Knights. If you’re Master Lionheart, of course you know, right?”

every know A place that is always mentioned whenever the best knights on the continent are mentioned. The officials are a country that claims to be a ‘country of knights’, and there are several knights who are loyal to the royal family.

Among them, the elite, carefully selected as the most outstanding knights, is the Storming Knights. The leader of the knights there is the first of the twelve girls, the strongest knights. Like the Knights of the Wild Waves, he is always mentioned when choosing the best knight on the continent.

“What about the first… … . She was a man sharp enough to feel the demonic spirit. So she looked even more contrasting with the princess knight. He was neat and clear and looked like a single flower… … .”

Sian cleared his throat at the merchant’s muttering.

The princess knight of the simuin. Among the children of King Simuin, Princess Scalia is uniquely gifted with the sword.

“Sneaky bastard.”

“What, what.”

Princess Scalia is mentioned as the fiancée of Xian along with Princess Ayla of Luhar.

“What about the mercenaries… … It was a large mercenary, but… … ah. I wonder if something like that will happen, but since I don’t know anything about people, I have to give you a warning.”


“Among the mercenaries that passed through Rothrk a few days ago, there are those called the Black Dog mercenaries. The horse is a mercenary group, they escort the corps from other snowfields and drag them around to extort. A robber wearing the mask of a mercenary.”

This was not surprising to Eugene, who was a mercenary 300 years ago. The Merchant Company was a common customer of the mercenaries, and if they had no conscience and had the ability, they could kill the escort warriors hired by the Merchant Merchant or turn them into idiots, and then forcibly sign a request to escort them in the future. Of course, the contracts made in that way were not proper, and most of them made them pay an additional fee for the amount of time they were dragged around.

“The Black Dog guys probably won’t play tricks on those Lionheart brethren… … The snowfield is wide, and you don’t know what will happen. The best thing is not to get involved. If you see the flag of the black dog in the distance, don’t try to deal with it and go on your way.”

“Thank you for your advice.”

“By the way, are you thinking of borrowing more wolves? It’s not a large number, and if there are about 5 people, it would be better to use a wolf sled… … .”

“it’s okay.”

I also thought about riding a sleigh, but after reconsidering it several times, I realized that there was no need to use it.

“… … Wouldn’t it be convenient to use magic?”

“You will be comfortable.”

The magic to keep one’s feet from falling into the snow is not a very advanced magic, and even if it lasts for a long time, the mana consumption is not large. However, Eugene had no intention of using magic for convenience.

“You two. It’s still a 4-star white salt.”

“… … At our age, 4 stars is high.”

“I’m the same age as you and I’m a 6-year-old?”

“That means you’re a monster, son of a bitch.”

Sian furrowed his eyebrows as if his pride had been hurt.

“You weren’t waiting for me to go in peace, were you?”

Xian knows that he is inferior to Eugene. He probably won’t be able to surpass Eugene for the rest of his life. Xian was aware of this early on, and she knew very well that no matter how jealous she was, reality would not change.

Anicilla taught Xian ‘how’ to use his brother, Eugene, from a young age.

Be jealous, but don’t be envious. Even if you can’t jump over it, you want to jump over it. Even if they are not real brothers, treat them like real brothers and make them dependable. Build friendship so that you will not betray or be betrayed.

“… … Will this help?”

“Have I ever made you do anything that won’t help you?”

Yujin smiled and patted Xian on the shoulder.

It did. The reason why his Baek Yeom-shik was able to rise to 4 stars was because he received various advice from Yu-jin about Baek Yeom-shik’s training. And that advice applied equally to Ciel.


Xian made up his mind and immediately took off his shoes. Standing barefoot on the snow like that, chills ran down my spine from the chilling cold. Xian elaborately operated the white flame ceremony and warmed her body with minimal mana. Then she began to walk, creeping her feet out.

It’s not enough to not gouge your eyes out. There should be no footprints left. It seems simple at first glance, but it required meticulous and continuous manipulation of mana.

Excessive output is meaningless. What Eugene asks of Ciel and Cyan is to walk on the snow with minimal mana without sparking like a white flame.

“Ugh… … .”

Ciel was disgusted, but listened to Eugene’s words. She cradled her naked boot and walked gently over her snow. When Eugene approached without hesitation and tried to take her boots, Ciel jumped up behind her in fright.

“What, what?”

“no… … Carrying shoes seems like a bad thing… … I was going to put it inside the cloak.”



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“I hate it, I really hate it. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

“Are you afraid it will smell?”

Ciel’s face turned pale at Eugene’s question.

“You have been like that since you were little. I’ve never thought of your body smelling weird, but a few years ago you didn’t even practice outside because you didn’t like the smell of sweat.”

“When are you talking about it!”

“It wasn’t even that long ago… … . It’s been 4 years… … . Anyway, it doesn’t smell strange to you, so don’t hold it for nothing. Give me your shoes.”

“… … you… … you’re a bitch Even if you lack consideration, it’s too lacking. Do you know what I do because my body smells really bad? It’s just embarrassing and embarrassing! Get out of here!”

Ciel swung his boots around and shouted like a scream. Eugene could no longer recommend it to the strong resistance and stepped back.

“Eugene-sama was wrong.”

Christina muttered, wearing a thick fur coat. At those words, Yu-jin raised her eyes in regret.

“What am I doing wrong?”

“You lack consideration for a girl’s heart.”

Cristina clicked her tongue and shook her head. Mer also looked at Eugene with her narrow eyes and clicked her tongue together. Mer seemed to be quite pleased with Evil’s back, so she sat on it with her saddle resting on it.

A girl wearing a fluffy hat is sitting on the back of a wolf as big as a bull. The wolf is in the lead, orienting and guiding. Her twin brother and sister follow her barefoot, and her man in an oversized cloak watches her brother and sister with her stern eyes. A woman in a coat guards right next to her man.

There were several parties that left the gates of Rothrk, but none were as unique as Eugene’s. Ciel’s face flushed red at the staring gaze.

“Walking like that, when are you going to arrive? run!”


Eugene shouted, and Merga patted the nape of Evil’s neck and shouted. Evil started running on the snowy field. As a result, Xian and Ciel had no choice but to run hard barefoot.

“like this… … You don’t have to run like this!”

“You have to run to arrive quickly.”

“I wouldn’t have played in Samar!”

Ciel cried out in sadness.

Why did you wait for Eugene apart from Lionheart’s main force? Christina and Eugene together, amicably, as in Samar! It was because I couldn’t leave myself hanging around and traveling. There was a lot of training ahead of the Night March, so I couldn’t keep up with Arot, but I was able to go together this time.

But what is this? Rent a large sleigh and use magic to blow warm air around it… … I wanted to talk to each other, build a bonfire at night and make memories while looking at the stars! Why are you barefoot, chasing that big wolf’s ass?

“Didn’t you play in Samar?”

“Eugene ran, and I flew.”

Eugene tilted his head, unable to understand Ciel’s cry. Then Christina spread her wings proudly.

Of course, she didn’t spread all eight wings. The divine magic she used when moving Samar, the Wings of Light. If it was the current Christina, she would not lack divine power even if she flew with the wings of light for days and days.

“Ciel-sama, it seems you misunderstood something. In Samar, Eugene and I were faithful to our mission. Busy every day, prepared for raids. Rather, compared to then, I am more relaxed now.”

Cristina flew low and approached Ciel and whispered.

But Ciel didn’t have time to answer. It wouldn’t have been a problem if she walked slowly, but she limited the output of the white flame formula, protected her feet from getting frostbite, and manipulated her mana so that it didn’t go into her eyes while running. Ciel was conscious of even her breathing and glared at Christina.

Of course, Cristina wasn’t as hard and busy as Ciel. She fluttered her wings proudly and lay her body in the air. Her snow flurries, which came and crashed with her wind, were irritating, and she blocked her eyes with a leisurely wave of her hand.

“Ciel-nim doesn’t seem to be very relaxed.”

Ciel swallowed the swear words and glared ahead.

Sitting on the wolf’s back, Mer’s giggling appearance was unkind.

* * *

Above Rosrk.

A handsome man who was so beautiful that he couldn’t be considered a man tied the hem of his coat. He stared at the back of Eugene, who had already gone far away, and licked his lips.

“My queen.”

The whisper went not to this place, but to the queen’s domain far away.

“Eugene Ryanhart has left this place.”

Magician Helmud.

black shady forest.

Until just a year ago, this was Princess Raksha’s domain and the home of the Dark Elves who followed her. A gigantic forest that retains its pristine appearance.

However, in the present Black Shade Forest, almost nothing remained of that time. Trees were cut down in groups, and clean roads were laid on top of the compacted soil. By the undead, human, and low-level monster workers hired by the Dreaming construction company, buildings such as the capital, Pandemonium, are being raised one by one.

in the middle of it.

A statue of Noir Jebela completed in an alluring figure.


Sitting on top of the giant statue’s head, Noir Jebella grinned, showing her teeth.


An unknown merchant from Rothrk advised me not to deal with the flag of the black dog.

Perhaps the merchant said it as a warning, but it was not a mercenary group famous throughout the continent, nor a mercenary group that was famous in the borders of Luhar, and Eugene was not the target to be wary of.

What if, en route, you saw the flag from afar? I had no intention of avoiding it. It’s like ignoring advice, but why are you avoiding an opponent who has nothing to fear?


Black Dog Mercenary Corps.

I did meet the flag. However, the flag of the black dog, their symbol, did not flutter in the wind and was stuck in the snow. It’s not just the flag. The carts and sleds that should have belonged to them were also horribly smashed, and frozen corpses were buried in the snow here and there.

I looked at the corpses. Snowfield wolves, reindeer, horses, and other domesticated monsters that pulled carts and sleds. and corpses of mercenaries.

“It’s not a monster attack.”

Xian, who was examining the corpse by Yujin’s side, opened her mouth. It’s been more than a week since we left Rothrk, and Xian was standing barefoot in the snow as if nothing had happened.

And that wasn’t all. Even at this moment, a snowstorm was blowing, but the snow did not come close to Xian’s body. Mana, which is so weak that it cannot be visualized, is manipulated precisely to push it away so that it does not stick to the eyes.

“I killed it like a joke.”

Ciel was more used to looking at these traces than Cyan. The Black Lion Knights take on many tasks for Lionheart. Not all of these things were done in the dark, but the ability to examine and handle corpses was a basic skill of the Black Lion.

“1 person… … I think it is. There may be more, but for now, only one person killed the mercenaries here.”

Ciel pondered for a moment before being convinced. It wasn’t his calm face, but Ciel carefully lifted his body up and down and examined his wounds.

Eugene also agreed with Ciel’s opinion. As she said, it was one unknown person who killed the mercenaries here.

But not alone. Most of the traces disappeared as the snow fell, but it was possible to roughly guess the initial formation and battle aspect from the fallen corpses, smashed carts, and wagons.

“There was at least one person watching.”

Eugene turned over the corpse right in front of him with his feet and said. Killed like a joke That’s right. I didn’t swing my sword to kill.

Just, faithful to the desire to slash people with a sword. I didn’t kill because I wanted to kill, but I cut because I wanted to cut. Such swords are usually promiscuous and shallow. Hurt her, make her run away, let her do it… … cut from behind This open snowy field, if you decide to run away, you can run anywhere.

However, the direction the mercenaries who died here tried to escape was extremely limited. In other words, other than the one who wielded the sword, another guy was blocking the retreat. The unknown person was faithful only to blocking the escape route, and did not wield a sword.

“Who is it?”

Xian murmured.

At first, I thought it was an infighting among the mercenaries. It was said that they were of poor quality, so it would not be strange if an infighting broke out immediately, leading to sword fighting.

However, judging from the traces, what happened here was neither a battle due to internal strife nor executions among mercenaries. It was a game of massacres and executions that were staged like a prank.

“I know they’ve done things to hate here and there, but this isn’t out of resentment.”

The Black Dog Mercenaries were on their way to Rehain to participate in the Night March. On the way, he was caught by an unknown pleasure killer and was slaughtered.

Besides, this corpse wasn’t very old. It was hard to figure out the time of death because it was already frozen cold, but it snows every day in this snowy field. It’s snowing right now, and it snowed earlier, in the morning, at dawn, and at night.

Even so, the body and other remains were not completely buried.

“What would you like?”

After praying for the dead, Cristina stood up. She continued her words, looking back at her Eugene with her concerned eyes.

“I don’t know the identity of the raider, but if he is targeting those who participate in the Night March… … Isn’t it something that might come attacking us?”

“Then ask me directly.”

Eugene asked and gestured to Evil. Mer, riding on Evil’s back, was crumpling the back of her nose. She pursed her lips as she alternately looked at the candy she was holding in her hand and her body.

“The candy is red and the blood is red, so I don’t want to eat it.”

“Then don’t eat. Your teeth will rot.”

“No matter how much candy I eat, my teeth don’t rot. And since Eugene-nim told me not to eat it, I wanted to eat it again.”

Mer stuck out her tongue, which had turned red thanks to the candy. After Eugene glanced at her Mer, she stroked the forehead of the approaching Evil.

“Sniff it and go.”


“It’s better to find out first than to be on the lookout for a lunatic killer you don’t know who it is.”

“Maybe he’s a very strong guy.”

“I don’t count much when I see a knife. The guy who was looking at it might be a bit county, but if that’s the case, he’ll have to figure it out first.”

Snowfield wolves have a very good sense of smell. Even in a fierce snowstorm, this werewolf monster always finds its prey. And, as the Beast King had assured him, Evil was so clever that he understood exactly what Eugene was saying.

“Kreung… … .”

The evil who sniffed as he walked among the corpses let out a low cry. She then turned her head back slightly and she looked at Mer. Mer, who had finished communicating with her evil within a week, smiled and patted her evil ass.

Evil jumped forward. Ciel and Cyan, who had already gotten used to it, followed Evil, and Christina spread her wings of light and soared into the sky.

Thinking just in case, Eugene stood at the back of the group. With his wide-open senses, he surveyed the area around him, and if something happened in front of him, he was ready to intervene immediately.

Shortly thereafter, I encountered another corpse. They were Black Dog’s mercenaries.

The body that escaped… … No, the corpse that let it escape. As if playing hide and seek, the corpse that followed and killed. It wasn’t one or two. At first, there were dozens of corpses, but for each corpse they encountered, the number was five or six.

The more you encounter a corpse, the stronger the smell that Evil is after. The distance between her meeting with her corpse grew farther and farther away, but the Devil’s steps were more confident and her running speed increased.

The speed of the snowfield wolf that caught the target is so fast that even a decent knight can’t chase it. However, Ciel and Cyan faithfully followed what Eugene ordered on the first day and followed Evil’s speed.

Eugene felt proud of the growth of the two. Hamel in her previous life had no successor for her. Actually, Ciel and Cyan didn’t follow Hamel’s progress either, but she did well as she taught and it was fun to see them grow. The habit of mana manipulation like that wouldn’t immediately raise it to 5-star Baek Yeom-sik, but it was certain that it would be the cornerstone to climb to 5-star someday.

Those twins weren’t the only ones who were given a chance to grow up by Eugene. Gilreid and Gion, who were bothered by Eugene who went in and out of the darkroom, were at the end of the 6 star white flame ceremony. Carmen didn’t get past 7 stars, but she seemed happy saying that she had achieved enough.

-Blood Lion, thanks to you, I was able to create a new secret besides Destiny Breaker. My name is Gungnir. Yes, I think it will be a good match with Eclipse… … Wouldn’t you like to compete

-How did Carmen know about Eclipse?

-Mer told me. Eclipse… … What a great name. Blood Lion, how do you dye the sun black to create an eclipse?

That cute familiar resonated with Eugene’s image while he was developing Eclipse, and was hiding what he had learned about Eclipse. Then, he arbitrarily told Carmen the secret name he didn’t want to reveal to anyone… … .

Eugene trembled as he recalled the anger, shame, and self-loathing he felt from that conversation. She had hit Mer’s head enough then, but she remembered it again and now she wanted to jump forward right away and hit her Mer’s head one more time.

I was staring at the back of Mer’s head.

“for a moment.”

Eugene spat that out. That small voice reached the lead, and before Mer could even command anything, Evil stopped running on its own. It was a sudden brake, but Ciel and Xian didn’t drag their feet on the snow, and stopped in an unnatural and neat manner, as if someone had grabbed them from behind.

“Why is that?”

Cristina approached Eugene, who was satisfied with her heart. Eugene raised her right hand instead of answering.

A hand sign made with one hand. Christina’s eyes lit up when she saw it. Mer, who was riding on Evil’s back, let out a small exclamation.


A small spark appeared in front of the right hand that had been sealed. A purple flame created by Eugene’s method of white salt. When Eugene flicked his finger, the fireworks moved themselves and flew into the sky.

“… … What did you just do?”

Xian tilted his head and asked. Then, as if Mer had been waiting, she let out a laugh.

“What is that? It’s a signature that Eugene-nim worked hard on in Arrot… … .”

“Mer Mer, be quiet.”

Eugene opened his eyes and looked at Mer. Then Mer pursed her lips and grumbled.

“Are you not going to attach Merdein anymore?”

ignored He didn’t have to close his eyes. Just as Eugene had hoped, the sparks that flew far away connected with Yujin’s vision.

There is a limit to the radius that humans can detect using mana. However, if you use mana to create magic, the detectable distance greatly increases depending on the wizard’s level.

This flame itself is not Eugene’s signature. Just as Osman, a generic green top drink, went through several stages, including Divine Tree, to create the signature Yggdrasil. This spark is magic included in the steps to reach Eugene’s signature.

something that was offensive to the senses.

I definitely saw it through the flames. Pretty far ahead. There are people. Two people are standing. Three people had already become corpses and were scattered. One who has not yet become a corpse is kneeling in his eyes, a sword slicing through his throat like a saw blade.

“It’s crazy.”

Eugene grumbled as he extinguished the flame. He hadn’t properly imagined the identity of the assailant, but what he had just seen was a completely unexpected person. He honestly didn’t want to go further. Because he didn’t look normal at all.


Before putting out the flame, our eyes met. I don’t know yet if he will figure this out and approach me.

As Eugene felt, he was still there. If that side couldn’t detect it, he wouldn’t have to encounter it, but if that side sensed it and was vigilant, changing the target and continuing its madness. Before the premature sword flew, he decided that it was necessary to encounter it.

Because he was a man of such a position.

I wasn’t in any hurry to move. Mer and Egil also fell behind. It was because I didn’t want to stimulate the other side, leaving the comparison of power.

come first? Or would you just leave without paying attention? The latter is unlikely, and I thought the former might be the right one… … The attackers did not move.

The two of them remained where Eugene saw them.

“… … ugh… … .”

Ciel’s expression darkened.

There was hardly any snow here. So the floor was full of bright red stains. The hotness of the freshly spilled blood had already cooled, but the fishy smell unique to a freshly dead corpse and the smell of spilled filth were strong. It bleeds more than a simple corpse and emits a lot of stench because it was killed that way.

Eugene wordlessly opened the cloak. Mer thought the devastation was terrible, but she felt no fear. However, he did not go against it and went through the gap in the cloak opened by Eugene. Cristina let out her little sigh and uttered a prayer for her corpses.

“… … no way.”

Xian, who was putting his hand on the sword at his waist to be alert, opened his mouth hesitantly.

“… … Princess Scalia Animus?”

Two people standing in front of me.

The two wore armor with a pale purple hue. I didn’t wear a separate winter clothes suitable for this cold land. That armor looks like metal, but it doesn’t cling to the flesh from the cold. Mithril is famous as a metal that has its own mana, but it is an armor made entirely of Orihalcon, which is more precious than that. That armor perfectly protects the owner’s body from all sorts of harm, even without any magic inscribed on it.

The armor of the servants called the acid, made entirely of Orihalcon, is the symbol of the King’s direct riot knights.

The knight holding the bloody sword raised his head. It was a knight who decapitated the corpse right in front of him like a saw. Because of the acid, I couldn’t see the curve of my chest, but I was short and thin enough to be considered a man.

and crest on the chest. The pattern embodying waves and whirlpools is the symbol of the Wild Wave Knights, and the eagle roaming over it is the symbol of the royal family.


The helmet covering the head is opened. The helmet was pulled back like a hood, and the red hair that was pressed down inside it spilled out.

“It is majestic.”

The princess of Simuin, nicknamed ‘Princess Knight’. Scalia, the vice-captain of the Wild Wave Knights, opened her mouth.

“You know who I am, but don’t bow your head, lower your waist, or kneel?”

Orange eyes flashed between the messy bangs. I don’t know what the hell happened, but the eyes were out of focus, and the dark shadows were thick under the eyes.

“Your rudeness is an insult to me. Perhaps you are colleagues or family members of the ruffians you just punished? I thought I punished everyone, but was there still soggy filth left?”


“Shut up, you bastard. I, Princess Bone, did not allow your filth to open its mouth.”

Cyan spat out in embarrassment, but Scalia opened her eyes and shot at it like that. Then she swung her sword, which was still in her hand, away from her blood.

“I thought I had killed enough, but this pure white land is still full of filth. good night. Princess Bon, on behalf of the barbaric king of Ruhar, will personally engrave on meat that the destination of immoral people is only a painful hell.”

“Wait, Princess Scalia… … !”

“Don’t call out my name with that filthy and vulgar mouth, filth! The stench coming from your snout makes me sick!”

Scalia yelled, and Xian covered her mouth in surprise.

stink? I can’t… … While Sian’s eyes fluttered, Scalia strode towards her, breathing hard.

“Hey, hey… … oh my god?”

Ciel looked at Eugene in confusion.

The opponent is the princess of Simuin. He was not the kind of person to retaliate with the same harsh words just because he was making harsh noises.

And no matter how you think about it, the current Scalia was very strange. Eugene, as well as Ciel and Xian, are wearing uniforms with the lion heart pattern on them. However, Princess Scalia, far from recognizing the lion heart pattern, was showing her anger and hatred, asking if she was a colleague or family member of the dead mercenaries.

“… … princess.”

The other knight, who was watching Scalia stride, opened her mouth. He also wore an acid and covered his face with a helmet. It was the voice of a young man full of sighs.

“They are neither the companions nor the family of the mercenaries that the princess punished.”

“Then why are you being so rude to the princess? Why do they still not show homage to Princess Bon?”

“This place is not a government official, and their status is not low enough to lower the knee in unconditional respect for the princess.”

“Dior! It is difficult for the princess to understand what you are saying. This princess, I… … My head is dizzy. I can’t see well in front of my eyes. Who are they?”

“They are the descendants of the great Vermouth, the young lions of Lionheart.”


Scalia was startled and stopped. She looked back and forth between her sword in her hand and the front of her, then shook her head vigorously.

“… … No way. I don’t see them as Lionheart’s messengers… … .”

“It is because you are too tired. Princess, please listen to me… … .”

“stop! I won’t listen. how… … ! How can this Scalia Animus not attend the gathering of the best knights from all over the world!”

Scalia cried out and sat down on the spot.

“If it’s because of fatigue, you can take a break right away. Dior, prepare for a rest right now.”


Man, Dior, still not taking off his helmet, bowed his head in reply. When he raised his lowered head again, his gaze beyond the helmet stayed on Eugene for a moment.

“You guys, come here and sit down.”

Scalia spat.

“Come and talk. Why are you wandering in the snow? And why did you stand in the way of Princess Vaughn?”

“I was on my way to attend the Night March as a member of Lionheart.”

Sian covered his mouth and answered. Then Scalia snorted at her and shook her head.

“Don’t lie, vulgarity. If you are really a member of Lionheart, why are their appearances so shabby? Where are the brave Lionheart knights?”

“that… … .”

“Your lies are exposed! How dare you deceive and ridicule the princess you saw. Cut your throat right now… … .”

“Then why is the princess wandering the snowfield with only one knight?”

Yujin, who had been listening silently, opened her mouth.

“I saw the people the princess killed. Black Dog Mercenaries. I heard that the quality was bad, but the method of their execution was very excessive compared to the crime… … .”

“Do you dare to judge the nature of that sin? You don’t deserve it!”

“What qualifications do such princesses have?”

“This princess responded to the cries of the common people to punish them. Why are you wandering the snowfield with only one knight? It’s a week ago. While crossing the snowfield, the Princess and the Knights of the Wild Waves stopped by the village of the natives to take a break. However, the village was so plundered that it was difficult to survive the immediate cold!”

Scalia roared.

“It was a plunder carried out by mercenaries worse than trash, who stopped by the village before the White Rang Knights. This princess! The people of the village felt sorry for them, and they distributed the supplies of the Wild Wave Knights to the village. I wanted to punish them with my own hands. Because it is right. However, leading the entire Templar Knights to punish only one mercenary is too much.”

While Scalia chattered, Dior prepared for a break. He pitched a tent to block the wind and snow, and spread a wide tent over his eyes. Then he rolled a small orb over it, which swelled greatly and emitted bright light and heat.

“So Princess Vaughn alone wanted to pursue and punish them, so the leader of the Stormtrooper Knights, loyal to the royal family, willingly allowed Princess Vaughn’s righteous will. So, Princess Bon was wandering the snowy fields with her servant, Dior, to kill the trash. Lady, did you say that the method of execution of the princess was excessive? They were sinners who deserved a painful death! The villagers plundered by them would have suffered from starvation in the bitter cold and froze to death if Princess Bon hadn’t taken care of them. Isn’t it right that the sinners who brought him on have to suffer and die?”

As Scalia chattered, she climbed up and sat down on top of Dior’s tent. She didn’t take off her exceed, but grabbed her orb with both hands and hugged it.

“So I… … them… … .”


“No, no. Dior. I am OK… … . I don’t need a break.”

I tried to close my tired eyes. Scalia did so for a moment, then she gritted her teeth and tossed the orb she was holding outside the tent.

“Not required. don’t need this the sword… … no… … nope I need to get some rest… … .”

To the subject who said he would take a break, he said he didn’t need a break and said he needed to rest again. Scalia’s condition was incomprehensibly strange.

“… … Come and sit down.”

Dior opened his mouth.

Scalia didn’t say anything more, chewing her lips and hugging her bent knees.


“Sorry for the late introduction.”

When Eugene and the others came under the tent and sat down, Dior sighed and opened his helmet. The face that showed up was a handsome man who looked as young as his voice.

“My name is Dior Heyman. He belongs to the White Rang Knights and serves as Princess Scalia’s lieutenant.”


Xian reacted first to that name. Xian opened his eyes wide and stared at Dior’s face.

“… … Perhaps Sir Ortus Neumann… … .”

“This is my son.”

Ortus Neumann. This is the name of First, the leader of the Wild Wave Knights and the apex of the Twelve Girls.

At Dior’s introduction, Eugene also searched for his memory. He had heard of it while being educated at Ryan Hart’s home. According to her memory, Dior was the same age as the deceased Iod, two years older than Eugene and the twins from the family home.

The Neumann family is one of the leading knight families in terms of civil servants, and his father is the first, who is always mentioned when discussing the best in the continent beyond the first civil servant. Thanks to this, the children of the main family had heard Dior’s name many times since childhood and were told to be vigilant.

‘I heard that he stood out from a young age.’

Just like Xian, Ciel and Eugene looked at Dior.

I know you’re great for your age. In fact, that’s because Eugene’s eyes are too high, so he only sees it that way, but the momentum felt in Dior is outstanding enough to become a member of the Storming Knights.

However, when I think of my father, who is the first member of the staff, I felt a little lacking. Right now, Alchester’s son, Rio, is the owner of genius qualities that even Eugene can’t help but admit, and since Xian and Ciel are also compared to Eugene, don’t they have enough talent to stand out in Lionheart’s family? But what about Dior? I know he’s brilliant and strong… … I didn’t feel anything surprising.

‘Well, he’s probably not as obvious as it seems right now.’

when viewed through flames.

Scalia didn’t notice that gaze, but Dior did. That’s how our eyes met. So, Eugene did not hastily judge Dior’s ability.

“Please forgive Princess Scalia’s poor attitude.”

Scalia herself behaved violently with royal authority, but her lieutenant, Dior, was unwilling to assert that authority on her behalf. Nor was she utterly ignoring Scalia. Dior turned her head to check Scalia’s condition.

As I had felt during our conversation earlier, Scalia’s condition did not seem normal. She was chewing on her parched lips and pulling her hair around her fingers. Dior sighed and opened her mouth.


“Stop, Dior, I know what you mean. So don’t bother spitting it out. I, Princess Vaughn, will not follow your words.”

“Princess Hana, don’t you feel that your illness is serious?”

“Sickness? Fatigue has accumulated from lack of sleep, how can this be called an illness?”

Scalia squinted her bloodshot eyes and glared at Dior.

“I am fine. It’s just that this land has a very different climate from Simuin, so I haven’t been able to adapt yet. In a few days at the latest, you will sleep soundly and feel fine. So, Dior, don’t speak any more words that Princess Bourne doesn’t want to hear.”

“… … .”

“Princess Bonn will walk around for a while. You, Lionheart’s messengers. If you want to go with Princess Vaughn, you may stay, but if you intend to disturb Princess Vaughn, please leave immediately.”

Scalia jumped up from her seat without waiting for an answer. The helmet that had been thrown back covered Scalia’s face again. Dior hurriedly got up and tried to follow Scalia, but Scalia glared at Dior with eyes shining from inside the helmet.

“Don’t follow me. The present princess does not go far. My head is distracted and dizzy, I just want to walk around a bit by myself.”

“but… … .”

“I know your concerns, but Princess Bon will not listen to you.”

Scalia spat out in a shrill voice and jerked away. Dior stood there for a moment, looking at Scalia’s back with her worried eyes.

“many… … You must be sensitive.”

Sian quietly opened his mouth.

Although he is working hard to manage his expression, Xian’s tender heart is already marked with a large scar. It’s been well over a year since she and Princess Scalia had a wedding talk, and instead of receiving a friendly greeting from the princess, she only heard words like dirty, vulgar, filth, stench, and nausea.

‘Still, the King of Luhar recognized me and patted me on the shoulder… … .’

It felt like a broken heart before we even formally said our goodbyes. The more he thought about it, the more his heart ached, and Xian’s shoulders drooped.

“… … Originally, the princess was suffering from mild insomnia even at the officials.”

Dior smiled bitterly as he sat down again.

“Like this kind of disease, the princess’s insomnia is a disease of the mind. Still, when he was at Simuin, he used to fall asleep, albeit lightly, but now that he comes to this snowy field, he can hardly fall asleep.”

“That I can help you with.”

Christina opened her mouth.

“Sorry for the late introduction. My name is Christina Rogeris from Luhar.”

“ah… … Are you a saintess candidate?”


“You said you could help, but what exactly did you mean?”

“Among the divine magics I deal with, there are magics that calm the restless mind and lead the restless mind to a peaceful sleep. As Sir Dior said, most insomnia is a disease of the heart that is difficult to treat, but my holy magic will be able to take care of the princess’s heart a little bit.”

I didn’t think much of the benefits that could be gained by doing him. Despite her compulsive education, Christina is a priestess, and her priestly duty is to lead suffering people to a peaceful light. Her Anise, who shared her body with her right now, was also incredibly bad as her saintess, but she did not take care of herself to save her.

“I don’t think it was because of insomnia.”

Eugene opened his mouth.

“You just did that. If the princess tried to fall asleep, he could fall asleep.”

It was Scalia who said she would rest. But she sat down, and feeling drowsy, she immediately shook him off. Chewing her lips, plucking her hair, and squinting her eyes trying to close. And she went out to take a walk around the area, but Eugene felt that even that was an act to shake off her slumber.

“It’s not something I dare to tell you about the princess’s circumstances.”

Dior looked out of the tent with a puzzled look on his face. The snow and wind were getting stronger, and Scalia was nowhere to be seen.

The princess knight of the simuin. The nickname is the same as the symbol representing the royal family and the officials who are called the country of knights. It is true that Scalia’s rise to the position of vice-captain of the White Rang Knights added such specialness, but it was also clear that her skills were strong enough to be recognized within the White Rang Knights. As for the depths of Rehein Yar, which is said to be the most dangerous in the north, there are no monsters that can threaten Scalia in this snowfield.

“… … I must find the princess.”

Scalia’s skills were well known to Dior. But even so, he couldn’t be left alone. The latest Scalia is strange. Dior knew that all too well.

“We will go.”

Eugene also quickly rose from his seat. When he said that right away, everyone except Dior looked at Eugene with surprised eyes.

“Yes, I look forward to meeting you in Lehain.”

Dior said that with a natural face. Dior went outside without tidying up the tent he had spread out, and Xian, who was blinking in surprise, looked at Eugene.

“Are you going? why?”

“Why, why am I, you son of a bitch. So what are you going to do?”

“no… … Seeing Sir Dior, he seemed a little perplexed. I might be able to help… … .”

“What help? Princess Scalia isn’t even a child, and she went out for a short walk. Why do we have to find Princess Scalia, who has nothing to do with it?”

“That’s it… … .”

“Maybe Princess Scalia needs my help?”

Xian muttered with his droopy shoulders, and Cristina asked another question.

“You said it before. Princess Scalia’s insomnia isn’t that she can’t sleep, it’s that she doesn’t sleep on purpose. I don’t know why, but Princess Scalia isn’t normal.”

“Eugene is right.”

Ciel also nodded in agreement.

“Princess Scalia is not normal. Didn’t we almost get attacked by the princess right now? She said that her mind was so clouded that she couldn’t distinguish what was right in front of her eyes. What’s annoying is that she’s the princess of Simuin. No matter how much we are Lionhearts, we can’t lay our hands on the princess.”

After the two of them said that, Christina and Xian didn’t object anymore.

[Can I leave now?]

Mer, who was inside the cloak, asked. However, Eugene did not open the cloak, but rather tightly gripped it. It wasn’t grumpiness. Mer read Eugene’s mind in her mind, and she let out a small sound of surprise.

“… … ah.”

Christina let out a little surprise. She couldn’t read Eugene’s mind, but it was because Anise was talking to her in her head. Cristina sternly caressed the flail strapped to her waist.

When I came out of the tent, the snowstorm was intensifying. Again, Evil took the lead, and the party began moving across the blizzard.

“Don’t go far.”

It’s not the first time we’ve been through a blizzard. However, Xian and Ciel were unusually warned. I didn’t ask why. The voice, as cold as the raging snow, seemed to refuse to ask questions.

The silence heightened the tension. The exact reason was unknown, but Xian attached the shield of Geddon that was hanging on his back to his left forearm. Ciel also grabbed the hilt of the magic sword Zabel, which he had hidden inside his cloak.

The first thing I felt was, of course, Eugene. Instead of opening his mouth directly, he drew out the white salt ceremony. Ciel and Xian stopped walking at the sudden release of mana.

ㅡHwaaaak! The light from Christina drove away the blizzard. Spreading wings of light enveloped her surroundings, and a large star of the cross appeared beneath her feet.

Eugene turned his head and looked behind him.

Snowstorms do not invade the castle. Outside, on the other side of the blizzard so fierce that it was hard to see, someone was standing.

It was Princess Scalia, whom we had broken up with earlier.

“… … Something… … .”

Xian murmured. He raised Geddon’s shield and glared at Scalia. Her blizzard intensified, but she focused her eyes and could see her face.


I had felt it before, but now Scalia’s face was even more strange.

Eyes that used to be out of focus, now there is no focus at all. The eyelids are lifted, but Scalia’s pupils are not open. The sunken eyes, without a single light, felt like they were dead.

“Where has Sir Dior gone… … .”

“Avenge your sins with death!”

Before Xian’s muttering was over, Scalia yelled out loud. A wide-open helmet covered her face, and dark blue mana soared and enveloped Scalia’s body in an explosion.

ㅡ Kwak! The snow she was stepping on scattered and evaporated all over her. Scalia rushed through her blizzard in an instant.


Before we could respond first, Dior, who was galloping on the other side of the blizzard, blocked Scalia’s way. he shouted in a voice full of bewilderment and spread her arms in front of Scalia.

“Hey, stop! They are Lionheart’s… … .”

“You dare to stand in the way of this princess?! You don’t deserve it!”

Scalia roared and slashed the sword over Dior’s head. She was not a sword meant to intimidate. The sword was full of power enough to cut her body in half with a single blow. So even Dior was frightened and drew his sword from his waist.

Jjoong! Dior’s departure was much later, but his sword received Scalia’s sword without a crowd. Despite receiving it from below, Dior’s body did not bend at all.

“this… … !”

Surprised Xian tried to help, but Eugene raised his arm to the side to block Xian from going. Then Xian looked at Eugene in confusion.

“what? why?!”


Eugene did not explain exactly. ㅡ Kwak! Another crash was heard in front. Scalia distorted her face and slashed her sword like an axe, and Dior did not back down from the spot and took Scalia’s sword.

His skills were quite good. He guessed that he was hiding a skill beyond what was revealed earlier, but Dior’s ability to withstand Scalia’s fierce attack was like that of a son of Simuin First, no, more. It was not known exactly how much mana was output, but it seemed clear that his sword skills alone were superior to Scalia, the vice-captain of the Knights of the Storming Waves.

The current Scalia is insane. However, even the sword was not dulled by the influence of the spirit. Rather, Scalia was swinging the sword with all her might because she was insane. But her sword couldn’t defeat Dior.

“Um… … !”

Dior, though hastily intervened, was genuinely perplexed. I don’t know why Princess Scalia is going crazy. What is clear is that now, Princess Scalia doesn’t even recognize Dior, let alone Lionheart’s children.

“Dirty, trashy pirates. Did you come to kill the princess who left the sea and saw this pure white land? You, aren’t you the mercenary I killed earlier? Why are you alive and not dead? Oh ho, that’s right! You sold your soul to the evil demons!”

Every time Scalia’s lips moved, incomprehensible words flowed out.

It’s not just that it’s embarrassing. Dior, he did not want to show himself to Ryan Hart’s children. But couldn’t the maddening Princess Scalia’s sword be pointed at Lionheart’s son?

‘First of all, subdue… … .’

I am concentrating on defense, but there is no end to this. Dior had no choice but to compromise and try to subdue Scalia properly. Having made up her mind, I gave strength to the hand holding his sword.

Finally, to appeal to her gaze, she met her eyes with Scalia. Dull eyes could be seen through the eye sockets of the helmet. Eyes that don’t seem alive… … .

“Prince Scalia… … .”

Dior’s words did not follow.

Sufficient distance for eye contact. It seemed to have narrowed suddenly. Has the gap closed? No, it was only the gaze that approached.


Dior’s body hardened like stone. He couldn’t even control his body, let alone swing his sword.

“Your body is too weak.”

A voice came from inside the helmet. The voice belonged to Scalia, but it wasn’t Princess Scalia who uttered it.

“Or is the bowl too trivial? A low-level incubus can’t help it.”

The helmet of the acid was wide open. Scalia raised her head in the middle of her flowing red hair. A myriad of starlight rose from her eyes that had no light.

Forced sleep, dream-in-dream (夢中夢).

There are no signs. Mana does not waver either. Capture it in your field of vision, and force the opponent to sleep the moment you wish. This is an authority that any high-ranking dreamer can use, and in her case, it is more powerful than any other dreamer and can forcibly put her opponent to sleep.

the moment you fell asleep. You don’t have to do anything else. dream dream. Just like its name, it repeats the moment you fall asleep and drags you into a world of infinite dreams.

“… … Oh my goodness.”

Scalia blinked.

I was thinking of putting everyone to sleep. But it failed. Only two were asleep. The dream in the middle of the dream could not be manifested and was blocked. Those two on their knees were simply asleep.

“Divine Barrier… … It’s amazing, but I don’t think it’s enough to be blocked by the barrier that was opened informally.”

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. She tilted her head, drawing a smile on Scalia’s face. She laughed to the fullest, but Noir’s mind kept thinking.

Noir’s body is in the Black Shade Forest of Helmud, far away from here. The reason she was able to come here was because she used the body of a low-level incubus, a member of her family active in Losrk, as a vessel.

As a result, the current Noir could not use either the powerful power of the body or the magic eye of fantasy. He didn’t even think it was necessary. It was only a practical joke to bully and play with Scalia in her dreams, and eventually put Scalia to sleep, somnambulizing her and taking control of her body.

‘I was going to lead you into a dream and lick it… … .’

Noir opened his mouth with a deeper smile.

“It’s fun.”

Even at this moment, Noir continued to use forced sedation.

But Eugene and Cristina did not sleep.

“What are you all about?”

Noir tilted his head and asked.


It was as if my brain was frozen cold. Eugene tightened her open eyes and tightly clenched her fists.

Power of the Dream Demon, Forced Sleep. That authority that forcibly puts the target caught in sight into sleep is a little different from magic and closer to the strong suggestion side, and it is an authority that all dreamers have.

The strength of authority follows that of a dreamer.

Because a lowly dreamer has to look into the eyes and make suggestions for a long time, he mixes alcohol and drugs, as do the lowly succubuses of Bolero Street.

If you are a dreamer of intermediate level or higher, you can fall into forced sleep just by exchanging glances and talking without any miscellaneous help. It is no exaggeration to say that dream horses, like the name of their race, burrow into dreams, so when and at what moment they can put their prey to sleep is the measure of their rank.

An authority so strong that it puts you into forced sleep as soon as you put it in your eyes. It’s not even about putting one person to sleep.

The moment our eyes met is fleeting. There was even quite a distance, so it wasn’t even a proper eye contact. This response was not enough either. As her anise dwelled, Christina’s divine power increased explosively, and the type and level of divine magic she could use also increased.

Even so, forced sleep could not be completely prevented. It may be that Christina’s divine magic has not yet reached the peak of Anise, but it is because the existence that controls Scalia’s body is of a different ‘class’.

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella.

‘… … More than 300 years ago… … .’

The inside of the tightly clenched fist throbbed. The fingertips, which were gripped too tightly, dug into the palms, causing them to bleed. I couldn’t help it. If I didn’t concentrate and wake up like this, I felt like I would fall asleep right away.

Noir’s forced sleep 300 years ago was not as powerful as this. She had never pierced the barriers of Anise because of her forced sleep, which she spread with her single body. So, her past noir tried various methods to harass her Hamel and her colleagues.

Surprise was the most common. Sometimes, he pushed with the number of dream demons. He used the magic eye of fantasy openly and reversed reality and dreams.

now? Eugene glared at Scalia, no, at Noir, who was staring this way.

Eyes filled with countless starlight. It is the same eye as Noir’s symbol, but that eye is not a fantasy demon’s eye. An insignificant vessel, a low-grade incubus. Recalling what he grumbled about, it wasn’t even Noir’s body that took control of Scalia’s body.

And yet, as powerful as this, forced sleep… … The answer was obvious. 300 years was a long time, and during that time Noir did not play. Noir Jebela. In this era, she has surpassed the “Queen of Dream Demons” and has reached the level of a demon lord.

‘I should have killed him 300 years ago.’

Eugene thought so.

[I should have killed him 300 years ago.]

Anis thought the same. Even 300 years ago, it was a demon tribe that had risen to the highest level. I never thought I would reach a higher level without being complacent. I didn’t have a good chance to kill him, but I regretted that I had to kill him even if I had to overdo it.

“Are you on your guard? cute.”

Noir, who was still tilting his head, smiled broadly. She continued, twisting her fingers through her Scalia red hair.

“You don’t need to be too scared. just that… … Well, it was a light prank. You belong to the young age among humans, right? But to me, it’s a far-fetched baby, baby.”

While Noir continued to speak in a laughing voice, Eugene and Cristina exchanged gazes in silence.

That thing in front of me was not Noir’s body. It was fortunate. If Noir’s body had come directly to this place, the fight would not have been successful with the current power.

Even considering the various possibilities, it is impossible to kill Noir at this stage. It was impossible for even Hamel from 300 years ago to kill Noir alone at that time, so there’s no way it would be possible to kill a stronger Noir.

‘If it’s not the main body, I might be able to kill it, but… … What does it mean if you can’t kill yourself?’

I calmly thought about it and suppressed my murderous intent.

[Do not spread your wings.]

Anis thought the same as Eugene.

Fortunately, there is no such thing as having a ‘dream’ like forced sleep or a dream.

Anise was in Christina now. He’s used to being attacked by Noir. As much as Anise herself is not an ordinary existence, her mental power far exceeds that of humans.

It was the same for Cristina, so it was impossible to dig into Cristina’s dream, no matter how noir it was. It is no exaggeration to say that the heroic party from 300 years ago was not sunk by Noir thanks to the existence of her saintess.

If you allow Noir to enter, she will notice that Christina is infested with anise. Of course, it wasn’t Anise’s wind. So Anise whispered to him not to spread his wings. When she spreads her eight wings, she gets Noir’s undue attention.

“It’s not that you’re scared.”

Noir smiled cheerfully.

“Babies these days are very brave. Far from being frightened by me, they felt anger and murderous intent. Even like a baby, you’re holding back those emotions diligently without exploding, right?”

“… … then.”

Eugene opened his mouth.

“You drew your sword and attacked, shouldn’t you feel any emotion?”

“no way. Because it’s a light joke? I mean, it’s a cultural difference. Think of it as the difference between demons and humans. Besides, I didn’t really mean to kill you.”

Noir giggled and pointed at Dior, who was lying on the snow.

“Isn’t that the case with this young knight too? When my surprise was intercepted, I was able to kill this knight. That’s how it is even now. Since you are sleeping quietly without knowing the world, here I am with this sword!”

Noir raised his voice and swung his sword.

“… … I might even kill you! don’t you? So it’s a joke, a joke. A little too extreme for humans? But to me it is a harmless joke.”

The sword he swung stopped right in front of Dior’s neck. Noir chuckled and threw the sword he was holding back.

“Are you offended?”

Didn’t answer. Eugene was still focused and glared at Noir. Noir shrugged his shoulders and shook his head in a brief silence.

“This is true. Kids these days are so lacking in humor. In this age of peace, there’s no reason for me to attack and kill the children of Lionheart, right? Then it will be a big deal.”

“Is the princess of Simuin okay?”

“That’s why I didn’t kill you. This princess has put too much effort into living up to the expectations around her. He doesn’t sleep and trains hard, but his skills are honestly just so-so. He’s not bad, but he’s not good enough to be praised as a princess knight.”

A trembling hand caressed his cheek.

“It’s a waste of looks and youth. It would be nice if I could enjoy life in moderation without digging into the sword. Do you see what I’m talking about? I wasn’t attacking this princess, I was helping her. It’s heaven, but I can’t help it… … Isn’t it pitiful not to be able to sleep?”

“It’s not that I can’t sleep, it’s that I hate myself.”

“It’s because I’m scared. No, was my joke too much? After I showed her my dreams a few times, I was scared and hated myself. It wasn’t even a very serious nightmare.”

“Simbo is nasty.”

Eugene pursed his lips and smiled.

“The reason we penetrated and took control of Princess Scalia’s dream is because we know that we cannot treat the princess of Simuin carelessly.”

“Originally, pranks are fun only when they are nasty. It would have been more fun if your sword had hurt this pretty princess… … Ahaha, kidding, kidding. Don’t stare at me too much.”

Noir waved his hand and continued.

“Do you know who I am?”

“Queen of the Dream Demon.”

“How did you know? no fun! I tried to introduce it with a lot of weight and even a solemn expression, but I couldn’t do that.”

“… … I guessed it because Princess Scalia didn’t want to sleep. She never thought that she was being targeted by the dream queen.”

“Should I feel good? Or should I say imaginative… … Or, should I say Lionheart?”

Noir stared at Eugene with twinkling eyes.

“that’s right. I am Noir Jebela, Queen of Dreams. Do you know what its name and existence mean? I can do anything. What about Princess Scalia? It’s just a joke. what attacked you? This is a joke. It’s not even an attack to me. Not digging directly into your dreams?”

The smile disappeared from Noir’s face.

“Because Lionheart deserves more respect than the country of simuin on the other side of the sea. The progenitor of Lionheart, Vermouth Lionheart. He was a terrible man to me, but he was an awe-inspiring presence. So I respect the Lionheart, the descendant of that vermouth. Likewise, Anise Slwood’s… … Fufu, I respect you for having the genealogy of a ‘saint’.”

The expression disappeared, but Noir’s eyes still twinkled like stars in the sky. As the gaze turned to Christina, she unconsciously grabbed the flail of her waistband.

“Well, for me, it’s really just a joke and a greeting. What was it about Princess Scalia? Unfortunately, my body is in Helmud. Right now, I’m here using the body of a low-level incubus… … Isn’t it embarrassing to show that low-level look? That’s why I dug into the princess’s dream. queen and princess. If you bend over for a long time on my side, wouldn’t it be a good match?”


When Eugene asked with a creaky tilt of his head, Noir smiled broadly again and clapped his hands.

“Right, hello! why? Don’t you like it?”

“Whatever the intention. It’s true that you tried to force us to sleep and play with us in our dreams.”

“Oh, is this a joke? Look around. Everywhere you look, it’s snowing and the wind is blowing hard. Wouldn’t it be more fun to have fun in a wonderful place created in your dreams than in a place like this? I mean, I wanted to.”

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