Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 76

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“You attacked the princess of Simuin, Lionheart, and the candidate for the saintess of Yuras.”

“Aha, you want to make it a political issue? Don’t be too picky. Do you think you can threaten me, the Duke of Helmud, with just this matter? It won’t do you any good to offend me.”

Noir’s smile did not waver. There is no benefit. It was true. Eugene didn’t want to create a hostile relationship with Noir Jebela, ‘until now’. It was the same for Anis, who was observing the situation through Christina.

“that’s right.”

It felt like thorns were sprouting in my mouth, and it was like swallowing a blade. Nevertheless, Eugene nodded his head and acknowledged it.

“I have no intention of making this a political issue. I don’t know what to do with the simuin’s princess.”

“Ahaha, it’s okay not to worry about that. This princess and that knight, they would all think of it as a dream. As long as you convince the cute babies sleeping behind me, nothing will happen. But are you going to keep making me sad?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You really don’t know? Do you know how much your bluntness hurts me?”

Noir’s expression changed again. As if feeling genuine sadness, Noir’s eyes filled with tears. Blinking her eyes a few times, tears streamed down Scalia’s cheeks.

“Why don’t you tell me your name?”

“… … .”

“Oh, of course I know who you are. But even if I already know, I want to hear from you directly. Didn’t I tell you your name too?”

Eugene didn’t answer and moved his hand in the cloak slightly. That’s all he did, he didn’t pull out his hand from the cloak.

This was one of the great advantages of the cloak of darkness. Unless she removes her hand from the cloak, even the queen of dreams cannot know what weapon Eugene will pull out.

“Are you going to pick Altair?”

Noir asked, guessing.

“Don’t even think about hiding it. I know that you, Altair, are the approved masters of the Holy Sword. That’s one of the reasons I came to this cold land.”

“so? Do you have any reason to talk to me anymore?”

“It’s really blunt. Is it because he is a descendant of Vermouth? I think it resembles the blunt point. need to chat? Of course there is! I haven’t heard your name in your mouth yet… … .”

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

Before Noir could even finish his words, Eugene spat out. Noir didn’t react right away and blinked his eyes. Then he giggled and laughed in a high voice.

“Do you hate me that much? I don’t think I did much to make you hate me… … Hehe, do you know that that resolute hatred rather stimulates me?”

Noir started walking. She began to approach Eugene with a leisurely gait.

“I’ve always been attracted to strong-willed, consistent people who hate me. I want to dig into my dreams and see the bottom. I want to make you crazy and intoxicated with the pleasure that only I can give you in a place that is not real. Of course, I can do that in real life, but I am a dreamer.”

“Don’t sound disgusting.”

“Ahaha, nice, such a reaction. It has a fresh and cute taste. They say it’s the second coming of vermouth… … The man who hated me this much was Hamel rather than Vermouth. Oh, you know? Stupid Hamel.”

there’s no way you wouldn’t know Eugene quietly operated the white salt ceremony. As purple flames rose, Noir’s steps stopped.

“… … Hmmm, indeed, more than I imagined? I don’t think I can even have fun with this lowly body and bowl.”

“I don’t want to play with you.”

“It’s cute.”

The light in the eyes went out. The unfocused eyes shook and closed, and Scalia’s body lay face down on the snow. Eugene didn’t see Scalia falling down. ㅡPass… … Something like black mist flowed from Scalia’s body.

The fog coalesced, and the dream demon that had eroded Scalia stood up.

That face was not much different from what Eugene remembers from 300 years ago. Full black hair down to her ankles. A red horn sprouted from the top of his head. Eyes twinkling like the starry sky.

“I like it.”

Noir laughed and raised a finger.

“Christina Rogeris, neither do you. Wearing the robe and wearing that rosario around my neck, I really feel like I’m seeing Anise Slewood from 300 years ago.”

“… … It is a pleasure for me to hear such an evaluation from you.”

“Right? My evaluation is a sure guarantee check. I know Anise from 300 years ago. It is an honor to know and rejoice.”

His fingers moved round and round to form a small circle. Then, the black magic power coalesced, and two coins were created.

“It is a gift.”

Coins flew in front of Eugene and Christina. Naturally, the two did not reach for the coin.

“Soon, Jebela Park will be completed in Helmud. As long as you have that coin… … .”

“I do not need.”

“Ah, don’t be like that. Come and play once in a while, won’t it be a lot of fun? No, no. It’s too self-inflicted to be begging too much. Heh, if you don’t want to come, don’t come.”

A coin floating in the air landed on the snow.

“I’m really going now, but I’ll give you one last chance. If you hold on to not going… … .”


“Okay, I’ll go. I’m really going I was going to go, but I’m a little disappointed. Would you like to sleep with me for a while?”

Yujin’s expression twisted at the sudden words. Christina glared at Noir with her pale face.

[That crazy bitch.]

Anis, too, did not hide her anger and spoke harsh words. Noir shrugged his shoulders calmly in spite of the fierce stare and intent to kill.

“Don’t take it in a strange way. It’s extremely businesslike and I recommend it as a dreamer. It means that I will show you the dream you wish for.”

“go away.”

“Okay, okay. I’m really going Oh, but… … It seems that my pranks and greetings were unpleasant, so I will apologize in my own way.”

His fingernails were elongated like sharp knives. Noir giggled and brought the claws to his neck.

“This neck may not be a sufficient apology, but sincerity is important in an apology, isn’t it?”

The lightly whipped fingertips cut his throat. ㅡPughak! Crimson blood spurted out, and the half-decapitated head tilted to the side.

Noir laughed even as blood spilled from between his lips. Then he grabbed his hair with his other hand and snapped it off.

“I hope to see you in Helmud someday.”

The moment his hair was completely torn off, Noir whispered that. His body, missing his head, fell to the ground. Eventually, the appearance of the ‘corpse’ changed. As Noir left, the corpse returned to its original form, the incubus.

Eugene glared at the corpse without saying anything. Moments later, the body of the incubus was scattered in the mist and disappeared. In silence, Christina pursed her lips. A bright light swept the surroundings once.

“… … I left.”

No trace of Noir remained in this space. Cristina let out a long sigh and sat down. Her heart was beating fast. The fear she couldn’t overcome made her body tremble belatedly.

“… … I endured it well.”

momentary silence. Anise spoke on behalf of Christina. She lifted her head and looked at Eugene’s back.

“I think it was fortunate in many ways that Noir Jebela did not come in person. Thanks to her, we know how strong she is in this era.”




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“I was nervous in my heart. I was afraid that you would go mad and attack Noir Jebela.”

“I also distinguish when I should and when I shouldn’t. I made a distinction even 300 years ago.”

“It wasn’t like that at first. Hamel, it is entirely because of my education that you have developed such self-discipline.”

“I’ll admit a little bit.”

Yujin looked down while saying that. I saw a black casino coin buried in the snow. In the center of the small coin was engraved a grinning face of Noir.

“… … You’re right, Anise. I am lucky to have been able to measure the distance with Noir Jebela.”

Eugene reached out for Coin.

The flame of the white salt that left the fingertips burned the coin without a trace.

After all, it is the difference between late and fast.

One day, Noir Jebella is killed by Eugene.

“That’s fine.”

Eugene laughed as he wiped the blood from his palm.


When Ciel opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Eugene’s face. Ciel blinked for a moment when he saw the seemingly indifferent look in his eyes filled with subtle concern.

“Am I in the way?”

Unknowingly, those words came out.

I don’t know why I was asleep until just now. Memories are cut off in strange places. Princess Scalia frenziedly attacks, and her lieutenant Dior stands in her way… … After a knife fight that wouldn’t be strange if anyone died.

Dior collapsed. I don’t know why he fell. It wasn’t even cut by the sword, but he fell down right away, and after that. Princess Scalia looked up and… … .

I don’t remember what happened after that. I tried to recall it, but it didn’t come to mind.


Eugene replied with an insignificant face.


Ciel also answered right away. When he turned his head, he saw Xian standing a little away. Xian’s eyes were bloodshot red as he stared at the faraway snowfield, and the muscles in his jaw and neck were strained from clenching his teeth too hard.

Ciel knew what his brother was feeling right now. She empathized with that feeling. The two were twins, and the place where they were born was the home of Lionheart, who was famous for being a warrior. The comparison target was bad, but the qualities of the two were quite good. If only he had grown up to be normal and not too hasty. Unless you have been caught up in sudden and unmanageable events.

“You don’t need to be considerate.”

Ciel stood up from his seat. The non-phantom sword Zabel, which he had been holding in his hand until he collapsed, had quietly slipped into the scabbard and was hanging from his waist.

Seeing that scene, Ciel laughed involuntarily.

“That kind of consideration hurts more. It’s okay, I already know that you’re ridiculously strong.”

He insisted on going through the snowfield with Eugene. He thought nothing dangerous would happen. At least the extent of the monster’s attack? That’s it, well, there’s no such thing as a risk. Ciel and Xian’s white salt ceremony is 4 stars. Even in the history of Lionheart, there are not many people who have reached 4 stars at the age of 21. That was undeniably true.

That is something to be proud of. So, I thought it was okay. No matter how monstrous Eugene is, this journey is not dangerous. If a monster appears, use your sword instead of Eugene to clean it up, and ask yourself, ‘Have your skills improved a lot?’ I wanted to hear the obvious words like that.

“wait for a sec.”

I felt bad. Ciel knew what expression he was making now, but he didn’t know what expression he was going to make soon. I wasn’t used to this kind of feeling, and the expression was the same. So Ciel quickly turned around and turned away from Eugene.

‘It’s pitiful.’

It was sudden and unavoidable. In that situation, it was inevitable that Ciel could not be of any help, and instead collapsed too quickly and became a hindrance to Eugene.

This proud Lionheart girl, of course, did not want to accept that fact as inevitable. His pride was hurt. I felt humiliated.

Eugene, I knew it was impossible to become better than that guy, but I didn’t want to get in the way. Even if I couldn’t stand in the same place, I hoped that I would follow as much as I would not miss.

But what is this Instead of following, I got in the way.

Ciel couldn’t stand it because he was so ugly and pathetic.


Eugene called Ciel’s name. But she was so desperate to force her lips that twitched uncontrollably that she could not open them to answer Eugene’s call.

I didn’t even want to answer. Her eyes, which were barely open, twitched, and the tip of her nose twitched.

“… … don’t look Don’t even come close.”

Ciel hid his whimper and managed to spit it out. The more I thought about it, the more I felt ugly, pathetic, and funny. It was the first time in her life that she had felt so miserable.

Ciel hid the trembling in his shoulders and walked over to Cian’s side. Her vision, which opened her eyes a little earlier than hers, had already passed the stage of reducing her humiliation, and was in the midst of anger at her own weakness. Cian, who was staring at her on the other side of the snowy field, closed her lips tightly and glanced at Ciel’s face, whose tears were dripping from her eyes.

As an older brother, I want to say something wonderful or comforting words that will sink deep into my heart… … It was the same that only his heart was like that, and Xian’s mouth didn’t move well either. If I opened my mouth, I felt like I would be filled with anger and scream out loud.

In the end, Xian patted his brother on the shoulder without saying anything. That was enough for her sister. Ciel cried for a while without making a sound of whining, and Xian also clamped her teeth shut to calm her anger.

Eugene didn’t say anything to the two of them.

Got your ankle? She didn’t even think of that. Wasn’t the opponent the opponent? Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. In the first place, she was not an existence that could be fought, and Eugene himself did not want to fight Noir.


If it was forced to fight. Eugene would not have been able to leave Ciel and Xian alone. Eugene did not deny that either. Even if they are not blood related, they are siblings who have known each other for close to 10 years.

After the feelings of the two subsided a little, he told me what had happened. Upon hearing about the ‘Queen of Dreams’, the two opened their mouths wide and blinked their eyes.

“… … that… … Helmud’s, Duke of Noir Jebela. To say hello, you took Princess Scalia’s body?”


“Is that all a joke?”

“It is. greatly… … hmm… … Shit, but nobody died in the end, right? It was a prank that was not even a joke to that crazy woman.”

Eugene felt neither the desire nor the reason to defend Noir Jebella. But the truth was that there was nothing I could do about it. It was unpleasant and incomprehensible, but this attack——for Noir, it was nothing more than a playful greeting.

“… … I think we were pretty curious. That’s why, the ancestor was the one who fought directly with the dream queen… … You are Lionheart’s deficit, and you are the body to become the next head of household.”

“You don’t have to think about how I feel with words like that. The dream queen came to see you.”

Xian snorted and sighed.

The Second Coming of the Great Vermouth. There was no way Xian didn’t know how the world called Eugene. Sian chewed his lips carefully while feeling a complicated feeling.

“… … so.”

Xian let go of his anger once again.

“Duke Jebela, were you satisfied with seeing you?”


“Were you satisfied with seeing you?”

Calmly sunken eyes were staring at Yujin. In the depths of her eyes, there was a mix of juvenile beatings, humiliation at being ignored, and resentment at my own inadequacies. The resoluteness that surfaced on the surface of one eye hid the wriggling emotions beneath the surface of the water.

“… … I don’t know if he was satisfied, but he said he liked me.”

“That’s all right.”

Xian nodded and said.

“It is better to gain recognition than to be ignored by those who were enemies of the Great Ancestor.”

“You say something extraordinary.”

“Did I say something strange?”

“No, I didn’t say anything strange. Anyway, this time… … hmm… … don’t tell others No one was hurt, and there’s no need to make things worse.”

Xian and Ciel nodded. They both understood that Noir Jebela was a madman beyond the comprehension of the common mind.

“What about Princess Scalia?”

Ciel opened his mouth. Princess Scalia and Dior, who had fallen face down on the snow, were moved to the side for now, but the two still couldn’t come to their senses.

“I can’t leave it like this. If left alone, it would freeze to death.”

“So, are you going to take me with you?”

“Why? Those two told me to go to Lehein on my own, and we were on our own… … .”


Ciel shook his head.

“My brother and I will go with Princess Scalia.”


“You’re going to Reheinyar’s Great Hammer Gorge.”

Ciel’s eyes were still red. But even her voice wasn’t hoarse. As if she had never cried before, she smiled and continued her words.

“In the first place, it was you, not us, that His Majesty Aman suggested we go to the Great Hammer Gorge. To be honest, I’m already sick of this snow field. I don’t want to climb more mountains for no reason, and I don’t want to go to the canyon where there’s a hammer and all. The training I do on the go with you… … .”

I couldn’t even lie about that. Ciel hesitated for a moment, then she let out a short laugh and shrugged her shoulders.

“Well, that wasn’t too bad. But, if possible, feel comfortable in your body and mind. A sled or a carriage… … I wanted to sit in a place like that and move while drinking warm hot chocolate or coffee with you? I don’t even think about that now. I just want to go quickly to Lehein and try the famous hot springs.”

“Hey you… … .”

“No matter what you say, I won’t change my mind. My brother will too. just say yes Oh, are you really worried about us? it’s okay, it’s okay Even if Princess Scalia was insane, Sir Dior was fine, right? He must have wandered the snowfield knowing how to get to Lehain.”

“… … .”

“And I mean. If something dangerous happened, it would happen while climbing Rehein Yar, not the snowfield. I don’t want to get caught up in this again. I don’t like to disturb you.”

“Don’t talk stupid.”

“I’m not an idiot, so I’m saying this after figuring out the subject. why? Do you feel sorry for me when I say this? I really hate it if that’s the case. I don’t want to be pitied by you.”

Ciel snorted and jumped up from his seat. She then went over to Princess Scalia and Dior, who were still lying face down.

“How long are you going to sleep on your own? If you’ve waited this long, shouldn’t you stand up on your own?”

“Let’s go on the back.”

Cyan also stood up following Ciel. Before Eugene could stop, Xian carried Dior’s body on his shoulders. With that, Ciel naturally carried Scalia on his back.

“If you go, you will open your eyes someday.”

“Hey, why are you in such a hurry? If you just wait until it wakes up… … .”

“I’m ashamed and embarrassed, so I don’t want to be with you anymore.”

“If I look at your face, I feel like I’m going to pull out all my hair because the heat inside me boils.”

Ciel spoke first, and Cian nodded in agreement.

“If you hold me back, I will hate you for the rest of my life.”

Ciel fired with all his strength into his red, bloodshot eyes. Those words blocked Yujin’s speech.

“See you at Lehane.”

Xian took a step. Eventually, the two left this place, taking Dior and Scalia with them. Eugene sat for a while and looked at Xian and Ciel’s backs.

“Are you concerned?”

It sounded like a teasing joke. Eugene turned her head and looked at Christina.

Eyes and lips drawing thin curves. It was anise.

“Of course I’m not worried.”

“Is it because I was reincarnated and went through childhood? Hamel, you seem more human than in your previous life.”

“I have been a person full of humanity since my previous life.”

“Well, that is undeniable. I feel fortunate though. Those twins… … You don’t hate Hamel. Jealous, but not envious. Rather, for you, Hamel, I hope to help her.”

“I know. His appearance was cute and unique, so I taught him a lot of things uncharacteristically. But Xian and Ciel are too young.”

“I don’t think age matters very much. We were all young 300 years ago.”

Anise smiled lightly and crossed herself.

“… … Of course, those twins are different from us. They are young like us, but they are born and experienced differently from us. But Hamel. Surprisingly, people adapt and change quickly. A few occasions that can’t be called trivial. willingness to do. When they are in place… … Humans can work miracles. Just like we did.”

“… … .”

“Hamel. You spent your childhood with those twins. You, who remember your previous life as it is, would not have been able to share the same senses even though you were the same young age as twins. So you have been treating them like children all along.”


“no. They are no longer children. They want to stand on their own and do not want to depend on it. Those twins have the will to do so. Those twins took apart what didn’t help. He despised himself for being weak. what they went through today. what happened so far. The emotions I felt each time. All of that will be a catalyst for change.”

Those words weren’t just about Ciel and Xian who had left this place. It was also said to Christina, who was quietly listening on the other side of her consciousness. It was because Christina felt the weakness and wanted to overcome him and move on.

“… … If you cross the death line.”

Eugene let out a long sigh and stood up from his seat.

“Survive without dying in the midst of death. If you struggle with not wanting to die, build up your resolve to kill another guy, and do it over and over again. okay. People have no choice but to become strong. anise. You and I know that all too well. Because we lived in that era.”

“yes. It was.”

“But these days are peaceful. I am… … At least, that is. After all, you’re right, I’m still treating Xian and Ciel as children. I wish I could live well in a peaceful era like now, without crossing the line.”

“That is your selfish wish.”

Anise was adamant in this respect.

“Times do not flow as we wish. Humans living in this era are weak and light, so they have no choice but to get caught up in the huge flow. In particular, those twins are Vermut-sama’s descendants. As long as their name is Lionheart, they have no choice but to stand at the forefront of the upheaval of the times.”

“… … .”

“When I have to, I will walk myself into the line of fire. or not… … Will you eventually abandon everything and run away? That’s not for you, Hamel, to decide. A man’s destiny must be his own.”

“… … You can cry out that you don’t want to go, and you can get caught up in it even though you don’t want to.”

“If you don’t want to get caught up in it, you can just run away. It is also something you have to deal with on your own, to compromise and be stubborn and then get caught up in it.”

“Your words sound like masochism.”

“If you heard that, you heard it right away. 300 years ago, I didn’t let my destiny be my own. I didn’t even run away. I didn’t even want to go. I was stupid, and I couldn’t disobey the order of the Holy Kingdom, which was wrapped up as the will of the light. As a fool, I saw countless deaths, felt my weakness and the horrors of the times, and despised myself for not running away.”

Anise stood up. She looked down at Hamel, who was still sitting, and smiled.

“But in the end, I was the one who made the final decision. I followed Vermut with my will. With my will, I crossed with Vermut-nim, Hamel-nim, Senya, Moron and the Demonic Realm. And of my own will, I ended my life in the end. What could have changed me… … Whoops. non-trivial occasions. willingness to do. Because they were.”

“I crossed a lot of dead lines.”

“Yes, that’s right. Anyway, what I want to tell you is simple. If you are really for your brethren, do not treat them as children. Respect their will.”

“It’s been a while since you taught me.”

Yujin smiled bitterly and stood up from her seat. I turned his head. Xian and Ciel’s backs were no longer visible.

“… … but anise. If you cross countless dead lines, people become strange. It’s broken.”

“At that time, you just have to care for them as much as you love them. Just like we did 300 years ago. do you remember Hamel. When we crossed the sea together and subdued an army of monsters and demons. you are… … The smell of so many corpses and blood kept me awake at night.”

“Was it just me? We all did that back then. Except for that bastard Vermouth.”

“Because Lady Vermut was resolute, we were able to catch our swaying hearts. We depended on each other and held on so that no one would be broken. Hamel. There is nothing difficult about it.”

Anise’s smile changed slightly. She opened her eyes, looked at her Eugene, and smirked.

“All it takes is for you to be like Vermouth-sama to the twins.”

“Si X, don’t say disgusting things.”

“To be ashamed. Didn’t you long for Vermouth-sama deep down?”

“When did I!”

“Now, don’t deny it. It’s not that embarrassing, is it? At that time, not only you but all of us admired Vermut.”

“I am not me. I’ve never admired that bastard Vermouth to me… … .”

“A rival you want to beat? Wouldn’t it be more embarrassing to say that with my own mouth?”

“I am not ashamed. For me, vermouth… … that… … I don’t like being better than me, so… … disassembled… … I want to defeat it someday… … .”

“Stop, stop! I feel like my limbs are all shriveling up. How can you say that with your sober, sober mind?”

“shut up… … I am… … I am not ashamed.”

It’s a lie. As if she had drunk strong alcohol ignorantly, both her stomach and her face burned. To be honest, I wanted to tear off the spout that had spewed out on its own.

“Are you really not ashamed? Hmm, then how about this one?”

Anise smiled and approached Eugene. Then, with his long outstretched fingers, he caressed Eugene’s chest.

“… … I followed Vermut with my will. With my will, I crossed with Vermut-nim, Hamel-nim, Senya, Moron and the Demonic Realm. Of my own will, I ended my life in the end.”

“what are you doing? Same as what I said before… … .”

“And with my will, Hamel, I loved you.”

My face was so hot it felt like it was about to explode. Eugene freaked out and stepped back. Anise giggled at Eugene’s reddened face.

[Poem, poetry, sister!]

‘How are you? This is my will. Or, Cristina, would you also muster up the courage to open your mouth to this atmosphere?’

[I am… … I’m not… … .]

‘Not really.’

Anise enjoyed making fun of Christina.

“… … I also like Eugene with my own will.”

The cloak of darkness opened. Mer looked up at Eugene with a pouty face.

“But Senya-sama, I love you. And Senya-nim, Eugene-nim… … .”

“Stop it, Familiar. You shouldn’t be saying that for yourself. It will be fun to see Hamel’s reaction if Senya does it himself.”

“shut up.”

Eugene suddenly raised his hand and slapped my burning cheek. Mer’s mouth fell open at the sight.

“Are you crazy?”



Ignoring the tingling pain on his cheek, Eugene suddenly jumped forward. Then, Evil, who had been silent, shouted vigorously and started running.

“Let’s go to the canyon of the Great Hammer!”

Anise’s giggles could be heard from behind.


A lot has changed since entering Rehein Yar. First of all, the weather was damn right. In the snowfield, there were still times when it didn’t snow, and there were times when the sunlight was warm.

However, it was difficult to even see the sun in Lehein Yar. The sun must be floating somewhere high in the sky, but the blizzard driving like a maniac made it impossible to even know the color of the sky. As the snow fell non-stop like this, it made me think that the white, cold things pouring down from the sky were different from garbage.

It wasn’t just snow. Sometimes, no, quite often. Hailstones, larger than stones and smaller than rocks, also rained down. The hail was hard enough to shatter quite a few people’s heads with one blow.

“It looks like some bastard’s mountain was using magic.”

Yujin grumbled as she glared at the flying snow and hailstones.

Senya was so ignorant that she always used magic to cause natural disasters when large-scale battles began. Among them, Blizzard, which poured out murderous blizzards and hailstones over a wide area, was Senya’s favorite magic.

Of course, the blizzards and hail here were nothing compared to Senya’s blizzards. No matter how many days and days Eugene was hit by these hailstones, his head was not broken or his bones were crushed. Not wanting to be beaten, he cast a spell around him to block out his eyes and hailstones.

But even if it doesn’t hurt, isn’t it natural to feel bad after being beaten?


Evil also cried out at the disgruntled voice. Entering Rehein Yar, Evil suddenly followed Eugene. She understands that Eugene protects her from snow and hail.

“The higher you climb, the harder it gets.”

Even Christina, who had a lot of patience, was tired of this mountain. Except for Noir Jebella’s attack, no, mischievous greetings, I didn’t experience any problems in the snowfields. Most of the monsters were frightened by Eugene’s presence and didn’t come close, and they were able to withstand a snowstorm.

But Rehein Yar was different. This mountain was eventually connected to the snowfield, but it felt like a rough terrain that existed in a completely different area. Compared to this place, Samar Great Forest seemed like a good trail for a walk. The monsters in this mountain were fearless and ferocious, and even if Eugene did not hide his presence, he attacked them with fangs and claws.

[This is the northernmost point of the continent.]

The northern kingdom of Luhar, even there, was a vast snowfield at the northern end. And Rehein Yar is a snowy mountain that rises at the northernmost part of the snowfield. This is the end of Luhar.

– The Bayar tribe protects the edge of the continent.

When talking about his hometown, Moron would say it with a face full of pride.

– The monsters and monsters of the Devil’s World are ferocious, but the monsters that live at the edge of the continent that our tribe protects are also ferocious. To me, who has been hunting them since I was young, monsters and monsters feel like gentle sheep.

– It’s grumbling. You were surrounded by monsters the other day and almost died.

-Even mild sheep can kill people if dozens or hundreds of them gather and surround them.

-Why is the mild sheep trying to kill people in the first place?

When I asked, Moron did not answer for several hours and kept his lips tightly shut.

-… … The name of the land that the Bayar tribe guards is Lehein. I miss my hometown. Climbing further north from Lehain, there is a mountain range of snow and ice high enough to reach the sky. Rehein Yar. Lehein means north in the language of the snowfield, and Yar means mountain. In other words, Rehein Yar means the northern mountain.

-hmm… … Is there any reason to brag about the name… … .

-Bayar means brave in the language of the snowfield. The warrior of Bayar means a brave warrior. I am Moron of Bayar, Moron the Brave.

-okay… … .

-But it’s not Rehain or Rehein Yar that is really the end of the world. Beyond Rehein Yar. There is Raguryaran. land of nothing. A land that should not be crossed. end of the world. The reason why Bayar lives in Lehein and Lehein Yar is to prevent others from crossing over to Laguryaran. And to protect Raguryaran from crossing the end.

– What do you mean?

– The old legend of Bayar. Or a story to scare a child. When I was young, I heard a lot of such stories from my father and mother. Deep in the night, Nur wakes up in Laguryaran. Nooru walks the wide end and crosses Rehein Yar. A child who does not sleep is eaten by Noor… … .

-What is Nour?

– Just a freak. Didn’t I tell you, it’s an old legend, and it’s a story to scare children. I was no longer a child. And as a warrior of Bayar, he was very brave. So, to prove my courage, I crossed Rehein Yar alone.

-So, have you seen Raguryaran?

-It was a large land. It was a land where Heaven was very angry. The sun, the moon, and the stars do not rise. The cloudy, dirty sky like snow trampled by dirt feet extends all the way. Standing on the highest peak of Rehein Yar, you could see the wide sea at the end of La Gur Yaran. frozen sea. There was no pressing. No one lives on that land, no one can live.

300 years ago, we talked about that over a campfire.

When talking about Bayar and the snowfield, Morron’s eyes sparkled like a child’s. Those clear eyes didn’t match Morron’s size in the slightest, but Hamel at the time told Morron’s story without making fun of him.

-Actually, rather than hearing it like this, I just want you to take me someday.

-Are you going to the snow field with me?

-I don’t know when this damn war will end, but when it does… … You will be bored and relaxed in many ways. I don’t think it’s bad to wander somewhere you’ve never been before.

-Hamel, if you go to the snowfield with me. I will help you become the second most beautiful female warrior in our tribe.

-What is this asshole talking about?

– Senya, don’t worry. If you wish, you could be paired with the second bravest warrior in our tribe… … .

-Don’t bullshit.

-But why the second?

– You’re asking something obvious. Yes, I am the bravest warrior in the Bayar tribe. Does Senya want to marry me?

– Search.

– I thought you would hate it. The most beautiful female warrior in my tribe should be with me, the bravest warrior. So, Hamel, the second most beautiful female warrior for you… … .

-Follow me!

Eugene recalled Senya’s voice that had been shouting at that time. Then, she looked up at the snowy mountains that were so high that they were far away.

Rehein Yar blocking Laguryaran, this mountain range was high and large. Although they were climbing the mountain with the guidance of Evil, they did not know how long they would have to climb to reach the Great Hammer Gorge.


Evil, who was guiding me, stopped. He sniffed his nose, then pricked up his ears and looked out over the blizzard. But he didn’t open his eyes fiercely or let out a menacing cry like he did when he found a monster.

Eugene stood tall on the spot without passing by Evil. Cristina, who had been following her closely, stopped in her place before a bright orange light came on beyond her blizzard.

They were the Rangers of Rehein Yar. They were clad in thick snowsuits, and each held a magic fire that glowed orange. I noticed it from a distance, but as I got closer it was clear how big the rangers were. The three rangers, who had stopped at a sufficient distance, were each well over two meters tall.


Her eyes shone through the thick goggles. The Ranger in the lead recognized the Evil. The ranger looked back and forth between her tail-wagging Evil and her Eugene.

“… … Ryan Hart?”

“This is Eugene Ryanhart.”

“This is Christina Rogeris.”

“Why are you guys with Evil?”

The ranger’s voice was gruff and slurred. He seemed to be able to hear and speak common languages, but he was not very precise in his pronunciation. Because of the winter clothes, hat, and goggles, they couldn’t even recognize their faces, but Eugene guessed that they were the descendants of Bayar.

“His Majesty the King of Ruhar lent me Evil. He said he would show you the way to Lehain.”

“It is not on this mountain that the Night March is held. Please go down.”

“The Great Hammer Gorge of Leheinyar. It is the King’s Majesty that recommended that I go there. I came here along with Evil as Your Majesty wished, but do I really have to go down again?”

When Eugene answered like that, the rangers didn’t answer right away and exchanged glances.

“If His Majesty allowed it, I would step aside, but the two of you might be in danger.”

“I came here with two people, but I didn’t feel any danger.”

“The Great Hammer Gorge is the border of Rehein Yar. The closer you get, the more dangerous it becomes.”

“What, do more monsters come out and become more ferocious? Or does it make the weather worse?”

“no. There is Noor in Great Hammer Canyon.”

press. The monster Moron spoke of 300 years ago. When Eugene tilted his head, the Ranger continued.

“It’s a monster to be pressed, but it’s different from a monster. It’s not even a monster. You can feel it when you see it, but it is impossible for me to explain it with my own mouth.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I said it was impossible to explain. If you’re not afraid of Nur, continue up the mountain with Evil. If the two of you, with His Majesty’s permission, are willing to go to the Great Hammer Gorge, the rangers won’t stop you. However, the rangers cannot guide you two. If you don’t like risk, please go back like this.”

Perhaps thanks to the king’s permission, the rangers did not actively block Eugene. However, it was not easy and simple to get out of the way. This is because Eugene’s surname is Lionheart, and Christina Logaris, a candidate for a saint of the Holy Land. It was because the two of them came to the Great Hammer Gorge at the invitation of King Luhar.

If the two of them die on their way to the Great Hammer Gorge. That responsibility must be shouldered by the King of Ruhar.

“I came all the way here, what?”

Eugene laughed and stretched his foot forward.

I didn’t think of anything like a political issue. Isn’t it supposed to go up and down? King of Ruhar, Beast King Aman Ruhar. He said that in the Valley of the Great Hammer there is a royal legend. And he said that it is a place where descendants of the royal family are reborn as warriors.


300 years ago, Moron said there was no such thing as Nur in Reheinyar and Laguryaran. Is the legend of the royal family that the Beast King spoke of Nur? The royal family of Ruhar, the progenitor is Moron. Doesn’t that mean that the legend of the Great Hammer Gorge was also handed down from the mouth of Moron?

“Please be careful.”

When Eugene didn’t stop walking, the rangers no longer blocked the road and stepped aside.


“They say it’s a monster that lives in this mountain. Moron told me 300 years ago.”

“Anis-sama says she’s never heard of it.”

“Yeah, that’s right. When Moron told me about Noor, Anise said it was no fun and drank like a madman by herself in a corner.”

[What should I do if it wasn’t fun?]

Anis grumbled, and Cristina involuntarily let out a footy laugh.

After meeting with the rangers, I climbed Rehein Yar for two full days. He didn’t lag in the middle, and he didn’t procrastinate with unnecessary breaks. It’s just that this mountain is f*cking right, it’s too high, and even Evil’s speed has a limit.

When guiding the snowfield, the evil ran very fast, but while entering Rehein Yar and climbing the mountain, the evil’s speed gradually slowed down. It kept sniffing, keeping an eye on its surroundings, turning around to find its way.

Reheinyar is as tall as the Uklas Mountains, where the Black Lion Castle is located. From that mountain, it would take time to pinpoint the Great Hammer Gorge.

The rangers said that Hammer Canyon was dangerous, but during the two days of climbing, Eugene couldn’t sense the reason for the warning. Although the number of monsters and the frequency of raids increased, he did not think it was enough to be warned.

the second night. I spread a barrier to block the blizzard and set up a large tent that I had been using all the time in the snowy field. Just like in Samar, Eugene and Christina alternated night watch.

If there was a difference from then, thanks to the presence of Mer and Anis who didn’t sleep, the time to keep watch wasn’t boring. While Eugene was on watch, Mer was fooling around, and while Cristina was on watch, Anis was chattering about stories from 300 years ago.

“The hot springs in Lehein. Am I going in with Eugene?”

“Are you crazy?”

“I brought a bathing suit. Eugene, don’t you have a swimsuit?”

“It’s not a matter of whether I exist or not, it’s not just us entering.”

“Are you ashamed of other people’s stares? I’m fine. I am a servant.”

“Stop talking nonsense and go in with Cristina. Or go in with Ciel.”

“Your Jin might want to see me.”

“I don’t want to see you.”

“Then, how about Senya? With Senya… … Hoho, mixed bathing, wearing a swimsuit… … .”

Yujin didn’t respond and kept her mouth shut.

Mixed bathing with Senya. Senya in a swimsuit. I don’t want to imagine both of them, but I kept imagining them in my head… … .

[Christina, did you hear? That nasty familiar is seducing Hamel.]

‘sister… … ! I need to sleep.’

[How can you be such a liar? Kristina, I feel deep within your heart a fiery flame boiling as hot as the flames of hell.]

‘sister! Although I have been through many things, I am a priest who believes in the light. Even if you are a sister, please don’t say that there is a flame of hell deep inside my heart.’

[oh… … I’m not talking to the Saint of Light, but to Christina Rogeris. Why do you keep trying to hide it, Christina Rogeris. Seeing you now… … Hehe, it’s just me.]

‘Ooh… … .’

[So don’t hide yourself either… … Hehehe… … .]


Recalling the memory of the fireworks, Christina covered her ears and screamed.

A miraculous moment, beautiful and sweet like a dream, imprinted in her mind. The memories she wanted to hold dear all her life were being tarnished by Anis’ mean teasing… … .

“It’s a surprise.”

“Why are you suddenly screaming?”

Eugene and Mer looked at Christina at the sudden scream. Cristina, who jumped to her feet, pursed her lips for a moment, then slapped her burning cheeks with both of her hands.

“ah… … I had a nightmare.”


“yes. An ominous and sinister demon appeared in my dreams and gave me creepy whispers.”

“no way… … Are you Noir Jebela? Did that filthy prostitute dig into your dreams?”

“yes… … yes? Oh no. Not the dream queen. Just, yes, devil… … It is the devil.”

[To say that I, who was the most brilliant saint of light in the history of Yuras, is a devil… … This is blasphemy.]

Anise grumbled, but Cristina did not deal with it.

Cristina calmed her trembling heart and looked outside the tent. The corpses of monsters that had approached during the night and dawn were scattered all around. Half of it was Christina’s flail and her head was smashed, and the other half was mangled by Eugene’s magic.

“… … Why don’t we move on from now on?”

“Aren’t you getting enough sleep?”

“The devil’s whispers blew away all my fatigue.”

Christina opened the tent door.

It was dark enough to sleep comfortably inside, but it was not dark at all outside the tent. Everything was hazy because of the fierce snowstorm, but the sun did not set high in the sky. It was a familiar sight. Strangely, the sun did not set from Rehein Yar.

“If you are okay.”

Evil, who was crouching outside the tent, also got up. After stroking Evil’s head once, Eugene cleaned up the tent he had spread out.

There was no need to hurry any longer. Beyond the blizzard. High and rugged cliffs shimmer. From this distance, the soaring cliffs looked like the heads of giant hammers.

Great Hammer Canyon.

Eugene and Christina were now at the valley leading to the canyon’s cliff. If you hadn’t decided to spend the night here, you’d have already reached Maul Canyon yesterday. I heard the warning from the rangers, and I decided to stay the night before moving because I thought I wouldn’t have to rush or rush.

“It’s nice to move, but why don’t we go after breakfast? You are on duty today.”

“… … To be precise, it’s not me, it’s Anis-sama.”

“I don’t want to eat Anise’s pork porridge, so why don’t you do it… … .”

“Anis-sama told me not to talk about being full. Anis-sama’s porridge is a complete meal that focuses on efficient absorption and stamina charging. And if you enjoyed Anis-sama’s cooking in your previous life, why do you say you don’t want to eat it now?”

“then… … Because I had to eat that too. And there was Senya, who had more horrible cooking skills than Anise… … .”

“Segna-sama’s cooking is excellent.”

“To a subject I’ve never eaten properly.”

“It can’t be helped. And Eugene-nim just said that too. At that time, in a situation where supplies were not enough to eat even those, Senya-sama was the one who cooked so that I could eat even the most miserable ingredients. That’s right! Senya-sama’s cooking skills aren’t bad, are they?”

“Yeah no Senja was the worst cook among us. Anise was next. Moron had more food to eat than the two of them. The best thing was vermouth.”

“Lady Annis said that Vermut-nim did everything better than Hamel-nim.”

“Swap it with anise right now. And I’m going to hit an anise, can I?”

“It’s not possible. This is my body.”

Christina replied with a determined face. In the end, preparations for breakfast began, but in fact, Anise did not do it herself. Anis only gave instructions in her head, and it was Cristina who moved her hands.

[Let’s add wine.]


[Don’t you know? Wine catches the smell of meat and enhances the flavor of the dish.]

‘But this kills…’ … .’

[If you add red wine, the color of the porridge becomes bright.]

There was no shortage of ingredients thanks to Eugene’s generous preparation in advance. Cristina did as Anise instructed and poured the wine into her boiling pot.

While the hideous breakfast was being prepared, Eugene cleaned up the bodies around him.

It snowed heavily throughout the night, but the monsters that had attacked were so numerous and large that they were not completely buried. I had to eat the tasteless food, but I didn’t want to eat it while looking at the monster’s corpse… … . It wasn’t a big deal until 300 years ago, but it’s not even in that era, so where is the need to follow the past?

“… … .”

Eugene’s body froze as he threw the monster’s corpse with a wave of his hand.

Christina, who poured a bottle of wine as instructed and watched the boiling wine color the ingredients, also stiffened. The evil that hovered around him crouched down and held his breath.

Mer didn’t just freeze, she collapsed on the spot.

The familiar, Mer, is very sensitive to changes in mana. Eugene immediately hugged her Mer and led her inside the cloak. No matter what happens here, the inside of the cloak is a separate space, so it’s okay. It wasn’t until she got inside the cloak that Mer let out a choked breath.

[Yu, Yu, Yujin.]


Mer freaked out and called out to Eugene, and Tempest’s voice was heard even in the silent Winid. Before I knew it, Christina was by her side. She looked up at her Eugene with her pale, tired face.


It wasn’t Christina who was pale. Like Mer, she briefly lost consciousness, while Anis took over her body.


Eugene nodded.

ㅡWoe! Eight wings rose from Anise’s back. Eugene also operated the white flame ceremony and wrapped purple flames all over her body. The two ran out of the barrier without hesitation.

Suddenly, the snowstorm stopped. Naturally, it did not stop. As if it had been cut off along the way. It wasn’t snowing from the sky. Even so, the world still looked hazy, like in a blizzard.

running and flying

Even so, the distance from each other did not fall, and the distance from that place did not seem to be narrowing.

Great Hammer Canyon. Eugene was unfamiliar with the feelings she felt now. hate and fear… … A mixture of those kinds of emotions, viscerally reluctant. I don’t want to get closer, I feel like I want to get away unconditionally. Although it was unfamiliar, it was not the first time she felt this emotion.

Once 300 years ago.


Eugene and Anis had the same question. I’ve only seen it once, but it’s an irresistible horror… … I don’t understand even though I’m watching. heterogeneous.

still have to kill.

‘Why are you here?’

Demon King of Destruction.

That unknown existence, 300 years ago… … I was in Helmud. Like other demon lords, the demon lord of destruction never left Helmud. He didn’t show up often.

Its existence was first witnessed in Lavesta, where most of the dragons were annihilated. The territory of the Demon King of Perdition, far away from Pandaemonium, the capital of Helmud.

After that, the demon lord of destruction—- wandered around Helmud like a natural disaster. The army that met destruction without luck was completely annihilated. 300 years ago, when Hamel and the others saw the demon king of destruction from afar. 50,000 Nahama troops stationed there disappeared without leaving a body.

Do not fight the demon lord of destruction.

As Vermouth warned, the demon lord of destruction was such an existence. A being that cannot fight. All demon kings were like natural disasters, but the demon king of destruction, like its name, was the living and moving destruction itself. However, after the war ended, the Demon King of Destruction no longer wandered Helmud, and went back to Lavesta, where he first emerged by slaying the dragon, and remained silent for hundreds of years.

… … I didn’t understand. This is not Helmud. Rehein Yar, the mountain that blocks Lagur Yaran, the end of the world. What is the reason for the demon king of destruction, who has been silent for hundreds of years, to leave his territory, Lavesta, and come here?

‘… … No, it’s different.’

I thought again. I have yet to see the demon king of destruction with my own eyes. It’s just that I’m feeling the same, no, similar feeling I had when I saw it then.

‘It’s not the same. It’s okay if I do it now I feel it, but I’m not running away, I’m going over there. What lies ahead is not the demon lord of destruction.’

So what? … … Oboron. It reminded me of that guy who was one of the children of madness.

After the death of the Demon King of Madness, he entrusted himself to the Demon King of Destruction. He was eventually killed by his son, but Yagon, who killed Oboron, is still staying in La Vista, the domain of the demon king of destruction.

‘The family of perdition? Is that why you feel this way? It’s not the demon lord of destruction, but I received that power… … .’

I don’t know. Judgment is not right. I thought I’d take a look at it. Anis made the same decision. Eugene and Anis did not think of running away unconditionally like they did 300 years ago.

Gulch of the Great Hammer.

On that cliff, something moved.

“… … Yagon… … .”

Eugene stopped walking. She thought she couldn’t get any closer, but before she knew it, Eugene and Anise were at the bottom of the cliff.

“… … silver… … I don’t think so.”

Yagon’s father, Oboron of Ruin, was a bear. His son, Yagon, would also be a bear.

But it wasn’t the bear that stood on the cliff. As big as a giant… … monkey? Gorilla? It had vicious horns running on its head, but its appearance resembled that of a monkey. A huge body covered in pure white fur. A monster that stands on two legs and has both arms. no… … Is it a monster? The ominousness emitted from it was similar to that of a monster, but it wasn’t exactly the same. Above all, this uneasy energy was decidedly different from that of monsters.

-It is a monster to press, but it is different from a monster. It’s not even a monster. You can feel it when you see it, but it is impossible to explain with my own words.

The warning given by the ranger two days ago.


Eugene muttered as he looked at the monster standing on the cliff.

The ugly eyes looked down at Yujin. Its mouth fell open, a long tongue sticking out from between its sharp teeth. Black saliva that looked like venom dripped from his tongue.


The monster lowered itself. It felt as if I was about to jump off a cliff at any moment. Eugene put his hand inside his cloak. He was about to draw his weapon.

ㅡ Poof.

Even before Eugene drew his weapon.

The monster’s head fell to the ground. The snow that had stopped began to fall again. Amidst the fluttering snow, an ax that had not been stained with a drop of blood was slung over the shoulder of the giant.

Eugene was speechless and looked up at the cliff.

Someone was standing with their feet on top of the severed head.

“… … Moron.”

Eugene called the name of a friend from 300 years ago.


giant man. The Beast King Aman Ruhar and the rangers of Reheinyar were both over two meters tall, but the man standing on the cliff looked a head taller than them.

The fur, whether it is a beast or a monster, is draped over his shoulders like a cloak. Her left arm was wrapped in an armor of unknown material, but that was all the armor the man wore. Even in this frigid weather, the man was not wearing a thick winter coat, so the muscles of his rugged arms and chest were exposed. Those thick and huge muscles made the already tall man even bigger.

An ax slung over your shoulder. Its rugged appearance resembled an ax wielded by a woodcutter, but it was large enough to cut down a giant tree with a single blow. In fact, the man severed the gigantic Noor’s head in one blow, and even though he swung it like that, not a single drop of blood flowed from the axe.

hair fluttered in the wind Amidst the fluttering fuss, the man’s eyes slowly descended.

Moron Luhar.

There was no way Eugene and Anis would not recognize him. Unlike 300 years ago, he is growing a shaggy beard, but if Moron grows a beard, he is Moron in the end.

I bet it is.

Eugene and Anise stood still for a while. Moron, although I called him by name. After that, I couldn’t say anything else.

Are you taller than you were 300 years ago? It’s bigger than it was back then. Because you’re covering your left arm with some unknown armor? Because you’re growing a shaggy beard? Yes, a Moron is a Moron.


Eugene and Anise looked at the eyes looking down this way. Those eyes were so cold that you couldn’t think of them as Moron, and they didn’t have any emotions. Have you not heard that the name ‘Moron’ is called? Maybe. When his name was called, Eugene was so startled that he couldn’t say it out loud.

I couldn’t understand the atmosphere that Moron was giving off now. If Eugene was the only one who came here, it wouldn’t be strange for Moron to be wary of unknown outsiders.

But right now, by Eugene’s side was Cristina, who looked just like Anise. Even if she couldn’t recognize the reincarnated Eugene, there was no way she wouldn’t recognize Christina—-Anis. Even now, Anise was spreading all eight wings.

“… … Hey Morron.”

Eugene calmed down and called the name once more. There were too many things that I didn’t understand. I don’t know if that monster is the ‘Nur’ that appeared in the old legend of Bayar and the rangers warned about.

Eugene and Anise felt the ominous ominous feeling they felt for the demon lord of destruction in that monster. It wasn’t the kind of thing that could be called an illusion. The ominousness that made him stand up instinctively was the ominousness possessed only by the demon king of destruction among the demons and demon kings he saw in Helmud. Of course, compared to the demon lord of destruction, it was far too pale, but that monster reminded me of memories from 300 years ago with only a faint presence.

Why is such a monster on this mountain? And why is Moron, who left the castle 100 years ago and went into seclusion, here? There were so many things I didn’t understand.

“You bastard.”

Actually, what does that have to do with anything?

A colleague from 300 years ago is still alive. I don’t know what the circumstances were, but the Moron standing up there looked very fine. She didn’t fake her death like Vermouth, didn’t get sealed with a hole in her chest like Senya, and didn’t end her own life like Anise.

So Eugene kicked off the ground and jumped high. The cliff was high, but Eugene reached the end of the cliff with a single leap. Moron’s gaze, which had been looking down, was lifted upwards. Eugene and Moron’s gaze met in the air.

cold eyes. Moron’s pupils that Eugene remembers were not like that. It is dull and muddy as if it had been destroyed by wind after 300 years of experience. —-In the darkroom, he looked exhausted like Vermouth sitting on a chair.

Eugene was about to fall off the cliff. At that moment, Moron lightly shook his head. Before Eugene fell off the cliff, Moron waved his hand. She was a light touch, but the wind that followed was huge like a storm. The snow that had covered the cliffs was blown away by the huge wind pressure.

The crashing wind blew Yujin’s body backwards. He didn’t think that Moron would push him away, so Eugene was carried away by the wind and flew away in an instant.


Eugene was dumbfounded and shouted. He immediately controlled the wind spirits and stopped the wind. Then, pushing my body with a stronger wind, I came closer to the cliff again faster than the speed I was pushed.

“Go down.”

The lips parted between the bushy beards. Moron stared at Eugene’s face and continued.


Maybe it’s because it’s called a climber? It’s a completely different face from the previous life, but Moron called Eugene by that name.

… … go down? Eugene’s face twisted. Climbing this f*cking mountain, I met Moron after 300 years. There were so many things I wanted to ask Moron. But go down?

“f*ck it.”

Eugene didn’t want to follow that. When Eugene returned to the cliff and fell down again, Moron smiled with his beard twitching.

The ax slung over his shoulder was raised. Morron held the great ax in one hand and swung it into the air at her.

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