Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 77

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The blow did not carry the enemy at all. However, there was a huge power that could never be countered from the front. Eugene reflexively pulled Winid out of the cloak and called for Tempest’s wind.


A storm followed the trajectory that swung Winid. The ax and the sword did not come into direct contact, but each other’s power collided in the air.

Both of them must have suddenly swung their weapons, but they strongly felt the difference in Yujin’s strength. Moron’s physical strength was strong enough to be ignorant even 300 years ago. Although her eyes and appearance have been directly hit by the years, the power that dwells in that rugged body has not faded in the slightest.

‘No, rather than 300 years ago… … .’

The storm broke, and Eugene’s body was pushed back. It was a force so strong that it was impossible to know how far she would fly away if she did not resist. So, Eugene brought the wind once again and applied the brakes to his body.

So I stopped and came downstairs.

“That asshole.”

Eugene spat out curse words and crossed the blizzard. Returning to the bottom of the cliff, I saw the back of Anis standing there. Anise, who had spread all 8 wings just a while ago, had her wings tucked in before she knew it and was standing in place.

“anise. Are you okay?”

“it’s okay.”

Anise answered without looking back. She raised her finger to follow her gaze up the cliff. At the same time, Eugene looked at the top of the cliff again.

“… … Where did that asshole go?”

Moron, who had been seen before flying away, and the corpse of the unknown monster, Nur, were nowhere to be seen. When Eugene asked with a frown on his face, Anise shrugged her shoulders and looked back.

“I do not know. It suddenly disappeared in a snowstorm.”

“That ignorantly large corpse and ignorant head suddenly disappeared? Why did you drag that corpse and run away?”

“no. I don’t know much about magic, but morons and corpses are like magic… … It was gone in the blink of an eye.”

“See for yourself.”

Eugene grumbled and approached Anis.

“I’ve already put the wings in.”

“You can take it out again. And when did you take out your wings to fly? While you can fly… … Or you just jump too. You can go up to that level.”

“Christina lacks physical discipline. And when she takes out her wings, doesn’t she look divine like an angel?”

“It’s not something anyone else sees, so what… … .”

“Ah, yes. Hamel and I are the only two here right now.”

Anis said with a smile. She would have been screaming with shame in her head if Cristina was awake, but unfortunately Cristina was still unconscious.

Deep down, he expected Eugene to blush in embarrassment, but Eugene seemed insignificant. In the first place, she didn’t feel the slightest bit of shame at what Eugene himself said at the fireworks display, so why should she feel embarrassed?

“Then there is nothing you can do.”

Eugene strode closer, and suddenly put her hand on Anis’s waist. Anis’ thought circuit stopped at that positive action. Eugene didn’t care about the stiff Anise and picked her up.

“Stay quiet.”

It was a reasonable choice for Eugene Tarn. There is no Moron on the cliff right now, but when I go up the cliff again, the hiding Moron might wield the ax just like before. Of course, Anis has the ability to protect herself, but Eugene thought it would be safer to just hold her and fly away.

‘Go, go, hold the princess… … .’

In fact, Anis expected this to happen as well. But what Anise expected was that Eugene would turn red and hesitantly when he secretly suggested hugging him, rather than Eugene hugging him first. In other words, Anis was not yet fully prepared for being embraced like this.

So, Anise couldn’t even tease Eugene and just quietly held her in her arms. If he had been held like this for a long time, he would have been able to enjoy and tease him enough… … That high cliff was too low for Eugene’s leaping power, and he was able to climb up to the top of the cliff in an instant.


As soon as Eugene climbed the cliff, he grumbled and put down the anise. No, he was trying to put it down.

Anise came to her senses belatedly, and wrapped her arms tightly around Eugene’s neck. Even though Eugene had already let go of both hands, Anise gave strength to his arms and held on in Eugene’s arms. The power that is transmitted… … He was so strong that it was hard to believe that he lacked discipline.

“what are you doing?”

“… … Uhm.”

I didn’t have enough words to answer. Anise let out a clearing of his throat and slowly loosened his arms and came downstairs. Then he looked around.

“… … It’s clean.”

“I know.”

It was a monster as big as a pressing giant. It wouldn’t be strange if all the eyes on the cliff were stained with blood, just because of the black blood that spilled from his corpse. But now the snow on the cliff was pure white without a speck, and there were no traces of the body being dragged away.

“… … You are right. It’s like magic.”

Yujin laughed and murmured. Did Moron learn magic for 300 years? If she tried to learn, there is nothing she could not learn. Eugene turned her head and looked at Anis.

Anis said that the disappearance of Morron and the corpse seemed ‘magic’. Obviously, Anise doesn’t know much about magic. She’s Anise She doesn’t know how to use magic herself, she doesn’t mean her eyes are too dark to recognize magic.

This phenomenon is not caused by magic. something like magic. Eugene looked around again. She holds Akasha inside her cloak, but it is unknown how Moron disappeared with the corpse.

“… … Didn’t Moron tell you something?”

“I didn’t say anything. Hamel, you only looked at me for a moment until you returned.”

“How did Moron disappear?”

“suddenly. like magic. I don’t know exactly. Disappeared in the blink of an eye… … I said, but I didn’t really close my eyes. It just disappeared so quickly and suddenly. In a blizzard… … Just like it never existed in the first place.”

“There is only one thing I can infer from your words and the traces of this place.”


Anis nodded and replied. This cliff itself is a boundary that spans the barrier. The corpses of Moron and Nur were on the ‘other’ cliff that connects to the barrier.

In this kind of barrier, there will always be a totem to keep him. However, even with Akasha, I couldn’t see through the barrier, and when I blindly searched for the totem, I didn’t know what this cliff and beyond were, so there were too many things to be wary of.

“Let’s go down.”

Yujin furrowed her eyebrows and said.

“Moron said it too. I mean go down.”

“Since when did you listen to Moron so well?”

“Moron is older than me.”

“Moron was older than you from 300 years ago.”

“At that time Moron was three or four years older than me.”

“I am 5 years old.”

“In those days, 5-year-olds were just friends. If you put it that way, Anise, you’re two years older than me.”

“I am 3 years old.”

“… … Back then, we were equal, even though our age and the day we were born were different. But 300 years have passed, and after all, that bastard has ate the same age as 300 years old. He probably didn’t tell me to quit because he didn’t like me either, so let’s go downstairs and find out.”

“It’s cute.”


“Anyway, isn’t it respecting Moron’s will? Hamel, you stubbornly wandered around looking for this place… … Are you afraid of being pushed away by Moron again?”



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“Don’t say anything strange. Moron is alive, and he must have circumstances… … .”

“That’s called respect.”

Anise smiled and turned around. Pursing his lips and thinking how cute his bashful face was, he leaped off the cliff.


After coming down to the ground, I belatedly thought about it. It’s too high, so I’ll ask you to come down. If so, she could have been held like a princess once again… … !

Anise hurriedly looked up at the cliff with belated regret. Yujin, who hadn’t come down yet, was looking down at me with narrowed eyes.

“… … Uhm.”

Anis cleared her throat, trying to soothe her disappointment.

When I returned to the tent, an evil with drooping ears was waiting for me. As the unknown monster died, the ominousness that reminded him of the demon king of destruction disappeared. Because of that, Evil didn’t crouch in fear as before.

After a while, Mer also quietly poked her head out of her cloak, and Christina also came to her senses. She felt ashamed and blamed herself for not being able to resist her and she fainted.

[It is natural to faint. Christina. Don’t you have no tolerance for such an existence?]

“Even we who went through all sorts of things 300 years ago almost fainted from a guy like that.”

“… … Wasn’t that being the demon lord of destruction?”

“But it was similar. Don’t take it lightly, it’s like instinctive fear, so it’s hard to go against it without experience.”

I finished the meal that I hadn’t been able to soothe like that. I boiled the porridge that had already cooled down and ate it, but the taste was worse than usual.

two days later.

Eugene and Christina left Rehein Yar’s territory and arrived at Rehain’s training ground. It was a fortress surrounded by high walls, but it was not just a fortress, but it had the shape of a village like a castle attached.

The main users of this place are the Knights of the Kingdom of Ruhar. However, the people living in this village are the Bayar tribe who have not left the snowfield. They manage the fort here from the moment it was built and live in the village.

Most of the Rangers of Reheinyar are natives of Bayar who were born in this village, and the young warriors dream of someday going to the capital, Hamelon, and being chosen by the king to become a knight.


Eugene, who entered the fort, muttered such feelings.

It wasn’t just the fortress that was big. Natives of Bayar who live in the village. Like Moron, the king of Luhar, and the snow mountain rangers, the natives were all tall and big. Eugene is quite tall, too, and none of the native men in the fort were shorter than Eugene.

Of course, aside from the natives, the fort itself was enormous.

It was for the night march. As soon as Luhar was confirmed as the location of the Night March, the Beast King massively expanded Rehain’s fortress. Eugene did not know how many knights and mercenaries were coming to this Night March, but the size of the expanded fortress seemed to be sufficient to accommodate all the visitors.

“… … burning river… … .”

A hot steamy river runs through the outskirts of the town. Maybe thanks to that, it wasn’t that cold in the fortress even though it snowed quite a bit.

“You are not allowed to enter without washing and wearing anything other than a swimsuit.”

“I won’t go in.”

“Originally, it is not a place for outsiders to come, but many outsiders who came this time seem to be misunderstanding. This is the end of the northern snowfield. Bayar is a native who never left this place. So I know you are ignorant and barbaric.”

The villager who was guiding Eugene and Christina shrugged. He was also one head taller than Eugene.

“But we are not as ignorant or savage as we think. That burning river… … It feels so good to go there when it snows, but that doesn’t mean we go there without washing. If you want to, go to the private hot spring at home. That river belongs to the village, so we shouldn’t bother our neighbors.”

“Is that so.”

“Lionheart is a friend of the founder of the Dragon King. It’s been 300 years, but Lionheart is a friend of the royal family of Ruhar. If Eugene Lionheart wants to jump into that river right away… … .”

“Who has already jumped in?”

“I didn’t jump in. I walked on the hot springs saying it was amazing. Without taking off your shoes.”

“It must be Carmen… … .”

“How did you know?”

“Carmen is the only person who enjoys such eccentricities in Lionheart. As a member of the family, I apologize on behalf of you.”

“I have already received enough apologies.”

Lionheart departed a few days before Eugene, and thanks to prioritizing movement, he has already arrived in Rehain. However, Princess Cyan, Ciel, Dior, and Scalia have not yet arrived. Eugene was worried about them in his heart, but because Anise had said something, he didn’t blindly search for them.

“The Lionhearts are staying in this mansion.”

The villager guided them to a large mansion close to the castle.

“Excluding the public baths in the castle and village, this is the mansion with the largest hot spring bath.”

The castle is home to the kings and royal knights of each country. Four days until the start of the Night March. The king of Ruhar has yet to come, but the kings of each country have already arrived in that castle.

Pope of the Holy Empire, Euryus.

Emperor of the Kiel Empire, Straut II.

Alabur, Sultan of Nahama.

The King of Arrot, Dyndolph.

King of Simuin, Galabert.

King Rigos of the Kingdom of Flavor, who is the head of the Anti-Magic Union, as well as the kings of the Empire and other major countries comparable to it, and other kings belonging to the alliance. Right now, most of the rulers of the continent, except for Helmud, have come to this fortress.

“Then, please be at ease.”

The villager finished guiding and went back. Eugene looked up at the nearby castle for a while.

I could feel several eyes from there. The arrogant gazes that do not even feel the reason to hide it. The ‘height’ from which the gaze started is different. I could clearly guess. Not all kings are the same. An empire is superior to a kingdom, and even a kingdom is divided into large and small nations.

The Second Coming of the Great Vermouth.

If not the next patriarch, the young lion of Lionheart who will definitely lead the next generation.

The rulers who held the kingship were paying attention to Eugene.

“… … Eugene.”

“Don’t do anything rude. I’m just looking at you, but what?”

Eugene smiled and turned his head.

“Look carefully from a high place.”

Eugene entered the mansion with light steps.


In Night March, Lionheart mobilized 100 knights excluding the family of the head family. 40 white lions and 60 black lions.

The White Lion Knights, who protect the home, originally had a large number of them, so it wouldn’t be a big problem if 40 members left, but the Black Lion Knights were not like that.

The Black Lion Castle is located on Mount Uklas, the border of Kiel. Beyond is the Great Forest of Samar. The natives of the great forest who try to smuggle into Kiel by crossing the mountain at every opportunity, and Kiel and criminals from different countries who want to cross the border to escape punishment. The black lion’s duty is to protect Gaheon, but he is recognized for his strength and convenience in Kiel by defending the border of Mount Uklas.

After the upheaval led by Iod a year ago, the strength of the Black Lion Knights was greatly increased. However, most of the knights who were reinforced at that time were young collaterals, so if the original elite were mobilized in the Night March, only new knights would remain in the castle.

The vice-captain and half of the existing elites remained in the castle. As a result, there were quite a few newcomers Eugene did not know about the black lions in the mansion.

“… … .”

It wasn’t just a face I didn’t know very well. Eugene looked at Gargis, who was sticking his chest out this way as if to show off. Just as Didyra joined the Black Lion Knights, Gargis also joined the Black Lion Knights.

“… … .”

Eugene didn’t say anything, then turned his head and looked to the side. Next to Gargis was the captain, Genos. Originally, the unit he was in charge of was the 2nd Division, but after Dominic’s death, Genos’s 2nd Division was renamed the 1st Division.

“… … hmm.”

Eugene coughed lowly at the gaze that was directed in this direction. It had been quite a while since I had met Genos or Gargis. … … Eugene felt embarrassed by Genos’s eyes that filled her with tears.

‘It’s a great achievement.’

The last thing I saw was Black Lion Castle a year ago. At that time, Eugene was also unbelievably strong, and was showing an absurd growth rate. 1 year after that. Eugene’s achievements were enough to astonish Genos.

Genos did not accept the surprise he felt as complete astonishment. He also thought it was natural. Genos knows that Eugene is Hamel, a hero from 300 years ago. Even though the body is a 21-year-old, the soul that dwells in it is not a 21-year-old youth, so that explosive growth is only natural.

… … However, Hamel in his previous life hadn’t learned Lionheart’s ‘White Flame’. She learned a completely different training method from her previous life, and even learned magic. So, for the first time in Ryan Hart’s history, at the age of 21, she rose to six stars in the white flame ceremony.

Genos felt sorry for the fact that there were other Lionhearts by his side. If it hadn’t been for anyone else, Genos would have shed tears praising Hamel’s greatness.

Even now, the desire to do so is like a chimney. Genos slightly turned his gaze to the side. Can’t believe he’s 23… … I saw Gargis’s face.

“… … Anything to tell me… … ?”

First of all, Eugene looked at Genos and asked. She had a lot to say, but she couldn’t do it with Gargis by her side.

“hmm… … You had a lot of trouble coming.”

“Where is the head of the family?”

“You went to the castle to discuss the schedule here with the Senate Lord.”

Eugene nodded and looked at Gargis. Gargis was still pushing his open chest forward.

“… … Why are you doing that?”

“Let’s go take a bath.”

I thought it was out of the blue, but there was no reason to reject it. When she glanced behind her, Christina also had her eyes twinkling. She did not, of course, have her eyes light up in anticipation of her mixed bathing.

I moved the snowfield for almost a month. Magic kept the body clean, but it was not something magic could soothe the desire to enter a hot bath.

In the end, Eugene and Cristina followed Gargis to the bathhouse. The bath attached to this mansion was an open-air bath that used the entire backyard.

“Do you want me to go in too?”

“Stop talking nonsense and go with Cristina.”

He handed over the pouting Mer to Christina and entered the men’s bath with Gargis.

“Have you seen the residents of Bayar?”

“I saw it.”

“They all have great muscles. The hot springs here are said to be of great help in muscle growth.”

“I see… … .”

“Congratulations on reaching the 6th star of Baek Yeom-sik.”


“Aren’t you going to congratulate me?”

“uh… … hmm… … Congratulations on becoming a black lion… … .”

“I didn’t come to take a bath with you because I wanted to hear such congratulations.”

Onsen was amazing. I remembered what Morron had said about the ‘hot river’ of his hometown. Vermouth also had a few words to say about this hot spring. Did he say that even just soaking the body relieves fatigue considerably? Actually it was.

– It’s not just fatigue. The hot river flows with mineral water that cares for sickness and wounds, so illnesses are cured and wounds are healed just by soaking. It was especially good for the skin, so women liked it.

indeed. Yujin opened her eyes thinly and looked at the hot spring water she was soaking in. Mana was thickly dissolved in the water.

… … The water was splashing. Wanting something, I looked to the side and saw Gargis twitching his muscles… … .

“… … body… … hmm… … It has gotten better.”

unspoken pressure. Yujin put on a puzzled expression and said so. Only then did Gargis nod his head in satisfaction.

“There seems to be a lot of controversy about joint training.”

“Is it because of the danger?”

“yes. No matter how careful you are, a blind knife can easily take a person’s life. If it was a single group, all the knights gathered in Lehein belonged to different affiliations. If you mix it with political reasons, you can intentionally sharpen your blade.”

The purpose of the Night March is to unite the nations and knights of the continent. Even in children’s war games, if they are injured and unlucky, they will die, but it is impossible not to have victims in the training of knights.

“The training of the Night March is a friendly battle between knights. And wasn’t it supposed to be an occupation battle in the field?”

“I made that decision, but it seems that the Sultan of Nahama is now complaining. They say that this snowy field is completely different from the desert, so the warriors and assassins of the desert cannot demonstrate their skills.”

“So what do you want to do?”

“It sounds like you are going to summon a lot of monsters in Rehein Yar and do a subjugation. Although it is a sudden proposal, we are supporting the opinion of the sultan of various countries.”

“What’s up?”

Eugene knew why the Sultan made such an offer.

Since ancient times, the desert of Nahama has had many mage dungeons. It was because the climate of the desert made it easy to create an underground dungeon. If there is a faction in Arot that is divided into magic towers, there is a faction in the desert that is divided into dungeons.

The sand magicians of Nahama are also mages belonging to the dungeon sect. But that doesn’t mean that dungeons and magic towers are equal. If the two were truly equal, Arot would not have been able to monopolize the name of the kingdom of magic.

Aside from the quality and number of wizards, the difference between Nahama and Arot. Arot’s royal family does not obey the Mage Tower. But the Sultan of Nahama makes the dungeons of the desert obey. If Nahama’s sultan made an opinion to ‘summon’ a monster, it means that he brought in dungeon mages specializing in that kind of magic.

‘It seems he doesn’t want to reveal his powers transparently.’

The sultan made that opinion, and other kings supported it.

It was obvious. If power and power collide, you can clearly grasp each other’s power. It’s not a bar fight, it’s a night march where knights from all over the world gather. Whether it’s friendly matches or training, the honor of the country and the Knights are at stake. You can hide it if you want to hide it, but as much as you hide it, you will be defeated, and that will soon lead to a loss of honor.

However, if the opponent is a monster, there is no need to worry too much about that problem. The Sultan’s proposal was a proposal that scratched the itches of the leaders of each country who were dissatisfied with the Night March itself.

Why was the Night March held?

It is because the demon king of confinement gave a warning to the world. A warning that the demon king of Helmud, who had been silent for 300 years, might break the peace and threaten the continent again.

Who first heard the warning? That’s Eugene. However, the emperor of Kiel, who had been reported by Lionheart, never summoned Eugene.

—-It was like that even with Alot. During Eugene’s hearing, Dyndolph, the King of Arot, delegated authority to his son, Honein, instead of attending the event.

The wise Senya’s successor. The Second Coming of the Great Vermouth. —-The one who heard the warning directly from the demon king of confinement. As the king of Arot, there must have been plenty of reasons to want to meet and talk with Eugene. Even so, Dyndolph did not meet Eugene and kept a thorough distance.


Eugene’s expression crumpled. In the end, this night march was a plausible meeting in name only. The kings of each country do not think that the demon king of confinement will seriously break the peace. I did understand it to some extent. If he wanted to do that, the demon king of confinement had the opportunity and power to do so from the very beginning.

-I think I showed enough goodwill and respect to the descendants of Vermouth during those 300 years.

-I accepted as freedom that they did not show favor to me and did not respect me. However, it is difficult to mistake continued favor for a right.

-With freedom comes responsibility. Freedom without responsibility is just indulgence. Descendants of Vermouth. To Lionheart, tell everyone. Do not encroach on my favor. If you don’t fear me, I won’t respect you anymore.

The demon king of confinement under the desert gave such a warning. It was a very blatant warning. A night march is no different from a demonstration of force in response to the warning from the demon king… … Eugene… … It was doubtful whether the gathered power of the continent could surprise the demon king of Helmud.

‘I don’t know if we’ll be able to do that even if we’re perfectly united, but everyone’s thinking about hiding my food bowl.’

In Eugene’s opinion, this is because the demon king of confinement’s warning was both blatant and lax. I’d rather warn you that I’ll trample the continent in a few years. The demon king of confinement left considerable room for warning. If you don’t respect me, I won’t respect you… … . After all, doesn’t that mean that if you are in awe, you will always respect it?

-Your ancestors made a pact in exchange for freedom, and now the end is drawing near. The time has come for the stopped wheel to roll again.

-Someday, we’ll have to make an appointment again. Who can make a promise on behalf of Vermouth and stop the wheel?


Eugene murmured in a low voice.

Even the words were ambiguous, so it was only natural that the kings leading the country be careful about their attitude. In this era of peace that lasted for 300 years, which king would really want to hope for and prepare for war? At least he must have hoped that war would not break out in his generation.

If the Night March ends like this, things will change.

First of all, the Anti-Magic Alliance, which is tickling the borders of Helmud, will withdraw its troops en masse. It will be decided that it is ‘awe’ for the demon lord and avoiding war. If I didn’t do that earlier and did it after the Night March, it would be for the Anti-Magic Alliance to build up my pride. No, this Night March itself is ultimately to build the pride of continental nations.

‘I think I’ll wake up if I get beaten a little harder.’

Eugene jumped up from the bathtub. Perhaps because the hot spring water was hot, it seemed that the heat was rising quickly in her head as well. In the first place, the Sultan of Nahama was the one who now protested against the contents of the training.

Nahama invaded Turas for hundreds of years. There is a suspicion that Helmud is overseeing their invasion, and that the demon king of confinement may have urged it.

It had been like that for 300 years, but Eugene didn’t like Nahama very much. The f*cking Assassins of that country were teenagers who prioritized only taking care of their own interests while stabbing their allies in the back even on the battlefield.

‘The sultan who commands ten sons is, of course, ten sons. It is probably the command of the demon king of confusion.

… … The demon king of confinement? What are you afraid of? It was a rational thought, but Eugene ignored it. In fact, Eugene didn’t know how the Night March ended. Even if the kings hid their rice bowls and crouched down, it was clear what Eugene would do.

It would be helpful if the allies had more power. However, in the opinion of Eugene, who went through the war 300 years ago, having a large number of people was not very helpful in a battle with a demon king.

Because of the damn necromancer. Naturally, as the scale of the battle increases, the number of corpses also increases, and the necromancer uses all of the corpses as the devil’s army.

‘I don’t like large-scale wars either. If I had the ability, I would go into the castle alone and kill the confinement.’

[That’s an arrogant idea, Hamel.]

‘This bastard. How are you talking to me when you don’t even have Winid?’

[What a surprise… … Winid is just a catalyst, you signed a contract with me, Tempest.]

Eugene knew that too. However, I was surprised that Tempest, who hadn’t talked to Winid very much before holding Winid, started talking to him at a time like this.

[Hamel. How can I keep my mouth shut, since you sincerely dreamed of the Northern Expedition and came close to it?]

‘That bastard’s beating… … .’

[You and I have the same attachment. 300 years ago, we couldn’t conquer the Northern Devil’s Land. Like a miracle, we got another chance, so this time we have to make a northern expedition.]


[However, Hamel, it is impossible with the strength of the two of you and me. Miraculously, Anise nestled in the saintess and gave her strength, but her strength is still lacking. It was the same 300 years ago. The main players in beheading the demon king were a small number of subjugation forces, including Vermouth, but you were able to deal with the demon king because the power of the continent held the demon king’s forces in various places.]

Eugene did not deny that fact. It is true that Vermut and his colleagues played an active role rather than the Continental Army in the battle against the High Demons or the Demon King, but the Continental Army also played a big role in the battles that took place throughout Helmud.

[In order to achieve the Northern Expedition, troops are needed, Hamel. So let me suggest.]

‘what. You want me to become the head of Lionheart? Where is the need for that? This family is a family with the honor of being a descendant of Vermouth. If that is the case, the entire family will stand up and prepare for war… … .’

[I’m not talking about Ryan Hart. Hamel. You will become the emperor of Kiel.]


Eugene, who had come out to the bath and drank cold water, was so surprised by that sudden statement that she vomited up the water.

‘What are you talking about?’

[It’s not impossible. Even that Moron became the king of a country, so why couldn’t you, Hamel, become king?]

‘no… … . that… … .’

[If it is impossible to ascend the throne as the emperor of Kiel, how is the prosperity of the Holy Empire, Euras? If you want to be a seonghwang, I don’t think it’s impossible. Rather, it would be easier than becoming the emperor of Kiel. Eugene, you have a holy sword. And Anise from 300 years ago and Christina Rogeris, a saint of the time, are fully supporting you.]

‘… … .’

[Imagine a holy woman holding a shining holy sword and spreading eight wings following you. If you want to be a scourge, who will question your legitimacy in that fanatical nation?]

that… … It seemed so. Eugene imagined himself as the pope for a moment. He wears a pure white priestly robe, wears a golden crown on his head, and prays with a benevolent smile like a saint… … .


I couldn’t possibly imagine it. If he wanted to, he could, but he felt that if he became pope, he would plunge many of Juras’s subjects into hell… … .

‘I will not. can not.’


‘I have to do it, but… … I am… … I don’t want to.’

[Don’t you want the king’s power?]

‘Oh, I don’t need it.’

Eugene put on his clothes, ignoring Tempest’s voice.

Looking back, I saw Gargis, who was still in the bath, pouring hot spring water on his arm muscles. Eugene left the bath while sticking out her tongue at the strange and incomprehensible action.

Christina and Mer didn’t seem to have gotten out of the bath yet. I thought about going up to my room and resting, but the heat on my head hadn’t gone away yet. Eventually, Eugene put on her cloak and left her mansion.

Snow was still falling from the sky. The weather wasn’t very good for a walk, but it was nice to cool off the hot springs. Eugene started walking aimlessly.

There were many people, no, many knights in the streets. They did not wear armor until inside the fort. different uniforms. After a short walk, Eugene realized that this ‘area’ was assigned to Kiel. Perhaps because he wanted to show off the might of the empire, the emperor brought three elite knights. The best by far is the White Dragon Knights led by Alchester, but the Black Eagle Knights and the Silver Sword Knights are not far behind either.

Knights with black wing patterns engraved on their chests. They are black eagle knights. They looked at Eugene with curiosity and wary eyes, but did not dare to come and talk to him.

Eugene had no reason to approach him either. The staring stare was annoying, but I just walked past it. After walking a little further, I saw people in clothes that were not like knights.

‘It’s a mercenary.’

I heard that several mercenaries with forces comparable to those of the Knights came to Lehein. Seeing what was around here, it seemed to be a mercenary group active in Kiel. I thought that he would start a fight without knowing the subject, but that didn’t happen. It was natural. Being a mercenary does not mean being ignorant. If it’s a large mercenary group, in some respects it follows more strict discipline than the knights.

Eugene walked half a circle around the castle.

‘This one… … .’

It was easy to understand. Just as the emperor of the empire stayed at the height of the castle, the imperial people were assigned areas close to the castle. Opposite Kiel is the area of ​​Euras. Yujin turned her head at the looking gaze.

There was a fear in his eyes that he couldn’t hide. I figured out why. The people hiding in the alley and watching Eugene were the Maleficarum’s heretic inquisitors, clad in red cloaks. Eugene couldn’t even recognize their faces, but he guessed who they were by staring at him with ‘that’ eyes.

‘Are you a survivor of the fountain of light?’

I killed quite a few then, but not all of them. The lucky guy would have lived with his injuries, and the luckier guy wouldn’t have run into Eugene.

“What are you looking at?”

There were a lot of people staring at me on the way here, but Eugene never said it first. But this time, he opened his mouth first. Eugene opened his eyes and shot at them, and the Heretic Questioners who were looking this way were startled and disappeared into the alley.

“Why are you staring at me?”

Yujin grumbled and turned around. I took a few steps forward… … The moment I tilted my head at the strange presence felt behind her.


I heard that. Eugene immediately looked back. One of the Heretic Questioners who had been staring at Eugene until just a moment ago was lying on the floor with his entire face sunken.


Eugene looked into the alley from which the Heretic Questioner flew.

An unexpected face was there.

fountain of light.

There, Hemoria, who had cut off his limbs, was holding the Heretic Questioner’s neck with an arm she did not know where she had attached it to.


Eugene did not recognize Hemoria for a moment.

Hemoria still covered her mouth with an iron mask, but the mask wasn’t as neat as it had been before. She bent an iron plate that looked like it had been ripped out from somewhere with force, covered her mouth, and secured it with a piece of cloth.

“uh… … .”

Actually, the biggest reason I didn’t recognize Hemoria was because I never thought that Hemoria would be alive.

At the Well of Light, Eugene severed the limbs of Hemoria as he attacked. It didn’t cut her throat, but Hemoria’s wound was fatal. Is that all she is? Eugene kicked Hemoria, with her limbs cut off, down a deep pit.

There were few survivors from the Well of Light. But no one survived the pit. Even Raphael, who looked there, didn’t talk about the survivors.

“Were you alive?”

after finding out later.

Yujin blinked and asked. It was surprising that Hemoria was alive, but that was all Eugene felt now. I guess she was very lucky. She didn’t even think she did.

But no matter how lucky you are, it is impossible for a severed limb to grow anew. So Eugene stared at Hemoria’s arms and legs.

It has limbs that must have been severed. It didn’t look fine. Hemoria’s limbs were tightly wrapped in dark bandages.

“… … Hoo-wook.”

The sound of compressed breathing flowed from beyond the iron plate. There was no emotion other than surprise in Eugene’s eyes, but Hemoria’s eyes did not.

The eyes that were wide open as if they were going to tear were originally red, but now they were even bloodshot and congested even more red. The veins in her neck, which gave her strength, also twitched, and her hemonia’s chest throbbed as her breathing became more intense.

“Hoo-wook… … hook.”

If it was like the past, I would have made the sound of grinding my teeth. The current Hemoria couldn’t even make a sound like that, and only let out tight breaths. At the sound of her breathing, Yujin put on a puzzled look on her face.

“What are you biting?”

Yujin asked with a calm face.

At the Well of Light, Eugene drove Hemoria to the brink of death. I don’t know what Hemoria will think of it, but Eugene thinks that what she did with Hemoria at that time was neither a fight nor a battle. Just, an intrusive thing blocking her way… … It was nothing more than an act of removing stones, bugs, and other trivial things a little too radically.

resentment? Hemoria individuals do not have it. At the fountain of light, Eugene was just furious, determined to destroy or kill everything that stood in his way. It wasn’t that she didn’t particularly dislike Hemoria for swinging her sword at her, though she wasn’t entirely out of touch with Hemoria’s cutting off her limbs then.

It was the same even now. I solved all the emotions at the fountain of light then… … now? If Hemoria didn’t try to kill her while using her evil like then, she wouldn’t bother killing Hemoria.

‘It can’t be.’

The situation was also unfavorable. If I had met him somewhere else, I would have killed him cleanly. Isn’t it in the middle of the night march?

“Aren’t you going to grind your teeth?”

Eugene tilted his head and asked Hemoria. … … Kwadeuk! In response to that question, I heard the sound of something grinding inside the iron plate. It wasn’t the sound of grinding teeth.

“Ugh… … .”

The Heretic Questioner, who was caught in Hemoria’s hands, lost consciousness right away, and the place where the moaning came from was the back of the alley.

Eugene walked calmly and moved to a position where he could peer into the alley. He didn’t have to see it in person. The smell of blood, which I hadn’t felt before, was now very thick.

‘It must have been hidden by magic.’

When I glared at the glancing interrogators. There was nothing inside the alley. The reason why I can smell blood and look into it now is because the interrogator who used the magic became a blood clot.

It wasn’t just one or two. In the back of the alley, ten interrogators lay on the floor covered in blood. It was clear who did it. Eugene smiled as he looked at Hemoria’s hands covered in blood.

“Is that okay?”

Hemoria’s eyebrows twitched at the grinning question.

Kwakjik! Her interrogator, who was gripping her neck, slammed her to the floor, then raised her finger at her Eugene, her red eyes flashing. I thought she was going to mess with it… … Hemoria didn’t, she rather saw Eugene and snapped her finger at him to come here.

At that action, Eugene burst into laughter. Where did she get her confidence from with her weird limbs? Isn’t it pitiful to ignore her when she asks to come like that? Eugene smiled and stretched her foot into her alley as Hemoria called.

As Eugene moved, Hemoria stepped back. Hemoria was also concerned about the eyes of the people around her. Eugene found even that funny.

“What can you do to care about the eyes around you? Wouldn’t it be better to come out of the alley?”

Eugene smiled and asked.

“If you get beaten up in the middle of the street, someone else can stop you.”

Hemoria’s eyes widened at the obvious provocation.


As soon as Eugene entered the alley, the suppressed cry vomited under the iron plate. Hemoria rushed at Eugene, exuding her fierce murderous intent and hatred.

Is it faster than the Well of Light?

just that much.

Before Hemoria could do anything to Eugene, Eugene’s hand reached out first. Her outstretched hand caught the uvula of her hemoria. At that moment, she couldn’t even let out a hemoria gasp. The power she ran through vanished in vain, but the power she stretched out from her Eugene so easily slammed Hemoria’s body to the ground.


Hemoria struggled on the floor. Eugene grabbed the arm of Hemoria, who was swinging fiercely. Should I pull it out like this, or should I twist it and break it? She decided to make a decision after beating once.


His elbow joint twisted, and Eugene’s eyebrows furrowed. It obviously broke and snapped joints, because it didn’t feel like breaking bones.

The reason soon became clear. What the dark bandage wrapped around was not an arm made of bones, blood, and flesh, but darkness formed in the shape of an arm.

“… … Lee X.”

Darkness overflowed between the bandages. Eugene contorted her face, sensing what kind of darkness it was. The moment he was about to crush Hemoria’s head.

Eugene just stopped. The bloody presence made my body shudder. But the accidents did not stop. First of all, Eugene tried to ‘measure’.

‘Worth a try.’

There were too many variables for this kind of hunch, so you wouldn’t know until you actually fought it. Still, compared to two years ago, it is a great improvement. ‘At that time’, I didn’t think I would be able to win even with all the means I had. It’s come to a level that can be done in two years.

“… … my pet.”

As if it had been there from the beginning.

A woman covered her mouth with a cotton thread came out of the shadows in the alley.

… … Amelia Merwin. Covered in a bright red robe, she looked the same as she did two years ago.

“Did I do something rude to you?”

Amelia pulled back her hood and twisted the corners of her mouth. The only thing that smiles is the lips. Her purple eyes were calm, but deep within, a terrible murderous intent wriggled that could destroy her mind just by looking into them.

“You still like messy pets. … … Didn’t you originally have another pet?”

“you… … The broken pet? The kid is fine. He didn’t bring me here.”

Eugene did not understand the current situation well.

pet? Is it Hemoria? why? Eugene glanced down at Hemoria, who was still wriggling on the floor.

“Since when did the Heretic Questioner of Jurass become your pet?”

“What are you going to do knowing that?”

“I’m just curious.”

“It’s a simple story. The bitch you cut off her limbs and threw into the hole. I picked it up.”

Amelia pulled a goat’s head staff from the inside of her robe. As he waved the wand lightly, darkness began to spread under Eugene’s feet. Eugene stared at the darkness without moving. I wanted to interfere, but I didn’t.

Amelia is the enemy. I don’t know about other warlocks, but Eugene had a reason to kill Amelia. He thought there was no need to reveal his hand to such a sure enemy.

“Kreuk… … !”

Hemoria, which had been spread under her feet, wriggled as if in a fit. It was only for a moment, but Eugene saw the earnestness in Hemoria’s eyes. Of course, Eugene did not extend her hand to her Hemoria’s earnestness.

The darkness consumed Hemoria’s body. Soon, Hemoria’s body soared from Amelia’s shadow. Amelia smiled as she glanced at Hemoria, who was gripped by her darkness.

“… … so. Which one did the disrespect?”

“Which one?”

“I don’t want to joke with you. ‘Cause I remember you you killed my pet in the desert Didn’t you forget? at that time… … If the Demon King didn’t have mercy, you’d be dead to me.”

“You know. It’s unfortunate for you that you didn’t kill me then.”

“A damn grave robber.”

Beyond the cotton thread, Amelia’s lips twisted. Eugene smiled at her anger.

“Who is calling someone a grave robber?”

“You robbed my grave.”

“A statue of Hamel? zeolite? I guess that was a treasure worth a lot to you too?”

“That is a history that has not been revealed to the world. It was something only I knew and owned.”

“Don’t f*ck with me. You don’t deserve to own them.”

“So you’re saying you deserve to own it? Aha, you must be qualified. You are the descendant of Vermouth and the successor of Senya.”

woo woo… … ! An ominous sound echoed from Amelia’s wand. Her jet-black hair began to sway with the darkness.

“So what? It is a tomb that has been abandoned without anyone looking after it for 300 years. It was I who found it. So everything in that tomb is mine. Statues, tombstones, even corpses!”

“Aren’t you going to be messy?”

When Amelia showed her strength, Eugene did not back down either. Mana, guided by her white flame ceremony, became a purple flame and wrapped around Eugene. Amelia’s cheeks twitched at the enormous force.

‘… … Is that possible?’

It’s only two years. At that time, Eugene was nothing more than a bug that Amelia could trample and kill without much effort. The reason she couldn’t be trampled to death was because of a personal letter from Balzac Lude Beth, who was like a dog, and the reason she had to let go without doing anything was because of the mercy of the demon king who was confined.

‘… … With the current preparation… … Is there no guarantee that it can be killed?’

Amelia weighed Eugene’s strength and her own preparation. She didn’t think she was lacking, but when she faced Eugene, she lacked her confidence that she could surely kill. And even if she really killed Eugene, the aftermath was a problem. Amelia, she judged, was not ready to leave this place.


The seething darkness quickly subsided. She wanted to tear her to death right now, but Amelia suppressed her heart.

Well, there will be opportunities in the future. She felt the murderous intent and hatred displayed in Eugene. The reason for that innocent murderous intent and hatred was not well understood, but those feelings are not the kind of feelings that can be cooled.

One day, without fail, Eugene Ryanhart will come to kill Amelia Merwin.

‘I can kill it then.’

Amelia put the wand back into her cloak. As she thought of the future, Amelia felt a thrill that made her body shudder. Eugene Lionheart’s corpse will make a nice pet… … .

Amelia licked her lips and laughed.

“There are so many things I want to say and say to you. Let’s be patient here.”

“It’s okay not to be patient.”

“Don’t provoke me. Isn’t it the same with you that you’re in trouble because you’re colliding with me? Do you really think that Lionheart will protect you? If so… … Whoops. I’ll tell you this much. No matter how strong you are, if I try to kill you. No one will interfere here. Either I die or you die Lionheart, not far from here, will only see the body of one of us.”

Do you mean spreading the barrier? Eugene recalled the warning from Balzac Rudbesse, the master of the Dark Tower. He said that among the samma of confinement, the strongest was Amelia Merwin.

In other words, Amelia Merwin is the most powerful black magician of the present age. It was difficult to imagine the solidity of the barrier that the Archmage had decided to open, but if it was the barrier opened by the strongest black magician of the present age—- as Amelia said, it was clear that without one of the two dying, there would be no interference from the outside.

“good. Be patient here.”

Eugene, who glared at Amelia for a moment, also nodded.

“so. Amelia Merwin, why are you here?”

“You are asking an obvious question. I am supporting the Sultan of Nahama. I do not take his orders, but as a sage I help him.”

“Are you saying you are part of Nahama’s power?”

“Part of it sounds like an odd thing, but let’s just say it is. why? Does it sound strange to me, who signed a contract with the demon king of confinement, to support Nahama instead of Helmud?”

“It’s nothing new that the demon king of confinement has released contracted warlocks to freedom.”

“Still cocky. It was like that then too. In the grave, you were arrogant even when death was natural. I don’t like it, but I enjoy it.”

“Are you happy?”


Amelia tilted her head and smiled.

“Someday when you are truly over death. If I were to execute that death. I am… … I wonder with what expression you will say, with what expression you will die. At that moment, would you be as cocky as you are now? Even as I scan your soul, will you show me hatred and intent to kill? It gives me chills just to imagine it.”

“Crazy bitch.”

Yujin laughed and raised her finger.

“Don’t talk nonsense that won’t come true, take good care of your new pet.”

“That’s pretty helpful advice. I let go of the leash for a while because it seemed to want to go for a ‘walk’… … I never thought you would do something like this.”

Amelia looked around with a downcast gaze. After seeing the Heretic Questioners covered in blood. Amelia clicked her tongue at her tsk.

“I thought I had smashed enough. Are you still attached to that religion? Did you think that your fellow Inquisitors would save you? It wasn’t. They called you a filthy corrupter and tried to redeem you, right? That’s why you put them on the floor.”

Amelia didn’t look at Eugene anymore. She stared at Hemoria, her pupils curling like crescent moons. Caught in her darkness, Hemoria trembled at the sight of that gaze, but opened her eyes wide and glared at Amelia. As if she wasn’t frightened by that gaze.

“Why are you wearing that on your mouth?”

Amelia whispered. She reached out her long fingers and caressed the iron plate covering Hemoria’s mouth.

ㅡBooooooooooooooo! That gentle touch soon turned into a fierce slap. Hemoria’s body shook violently, and her head turned to her side. The iron plate covering her mouth fell down.

Hemoria’s mouth was gagged. It wasn’t just a gag. A dog-bite bone was held tightly to her mouth like a muzzle.

Hemoria glared at Amelia, blood dripping from her clenched teeth.

“ah… … excuse. Pet discipline should be done alone.”

The hand that had slapped touched the nape of Hemoria’s neck. Amelia looked back at her Eugene and smiled her eerie grin.

“Here, let’s get along well with each other. When I see you here, I will greet you with a smile. I hope you do too.”

Amelia’s last words were those.

She grabbed Hemoria’s hair in her hand and dragged her along like a dog on a leash as she walked down the alley. Through the tightly clenched bones, Hemoria let out a rough breath. Before long, the figures of Amelia and Hemoria disappeared into the darkness.

“Crazy bitch.”

Yujin shook her head and murmured.

Amelia said she picked up Hemoria from the Well of Light. I didn’t quite understand the words, but I wasn’t curious about the exact circumstances.

So, without thinking further, Eugene left the alley.

… … night march. There were so many unexpected encounters. I met Noir Jebela in the snowfield, I met Moron in Lehein Yar, and I met Amelia Merwin in Lehain.

‘I’m reluctant from the start.’

My appetite was dirty, perhaps because I met a woman who was unlucky and wanted to kill. Eugene spat while looking back at the alley where Amelia and Hemoria were just before.

I didn’t feel like taking a walk anymore. Still, the heat that rose to his head cooled down.

Eugene returned to Lionheart’s mansion with a wrinkled face.

“Where have you been?”

Ciel approached with a twisted face. When he left the mansion, he hadn’t arrived in Le Hein, but it seemed he had just arrived.

“uh… … hmm… … walk.”

“I went for a walk, why did your expression look so rotten?”

Eugene stuttered in embarrassment, but Ciel’s expression was very calm. However, perhaps because she hadn’t washed for several days, her face was scuffed up and her outfit was dirty.

It was unavoidable. When she was with Eugene, she had magic, so it was possible to wash without hot water.

Xian and Ciel acted apart from Eugene in the middle of the snow field. Even thinking about it now, it was sudden and reckless. Most of the amenities needed for the journey were in the cloak of darkness. Although Xian and Ciel also had subspace backpacks, they contained only emergency food for a few days.

Even a knight who handles mana does not feel the cold at all. If you wash your body in that cold snowy field, you will get sick… … . So he couldn’t even wash for over ten days. He wandered through the snowfields to find food. He melted his snow and drank water.

Despite going through that arduous journey, Ciel’s face remained unconcerned. In fact, she wasn’t even calm at heart. I was just being patient. She hadn’t had anything to say in a long time, but she wanted to show a dignified side to Eugene.

“… … Are you okay?”

“what? I’m fine. It’s okay.”

“no… … It doesn’t look good. I seem to have lost more weight… … .”

“Don’t be rude. I never gained weight.”

“I know that. He’s lost weight since the last time I saw him.”

It wasn’t something I said for nothing. Ciel’s cheeks were sunken more than he had seen before.

“It’s because you suffered.”

Ciel replied with a calm face.

“Look. you suffered But what are you okay with?”

“Originally, hardships should be done at a young age.”

“What is he saying… … . Where is Xian?”

“My brother went to the bathhouse to take a bath as soon as he arrived. I’ll tell you in advance, don’t say useless things to your brother.”


“I came all the way here with Princess Scalia, but she was very hard on me. Speaking of which, I mean Princess Scalia. It’s a personality buster. that… … hmm… … It’s not that my personality was weird because of my insomnia, it’s just that I have a weird personality.”

Ciel furrowed his eyebrows, remembering Scalia’s rampage during the journey.

“To be honest, I wanted to do away with Princess Scalia several times along the way. I did it, so my brother would too.”

“Sian was very happy that he might be engaged to Princess Simuin… … .”

“I liked it because I didn’t know the truth. You wouldn’t be betrothed to Princess Scalia unless her brother went crazy?”

“But why are you not washing?”

Ciel’s expression stiffened at that question.

“Why do you ask that? Are you saying that my body stinks?”

“No no, I don’t smell anything. It’s just that Xian is washed, so why don’t you?”

“I will wash too. I was going to wash I was just waiting to see where you went. Do you have anything to say to me?”

“will do… … word?”

Eugene thought for a while. Ciel didn’t say anything more and was staring at Eugene, but I felt intense pressure in his gaze. … … I thought I should give a good answer.

“… … hmm… … . great job.”

“Don’t say things for granted.”

“good job.”

“That is natural too.”

“I’m glad you came back safely.”

“That’s right.”

Hearing that, Ciel smiled brightly. It wasn’t a big deal, but it felt like his body was burning. She raised her body from her seat and looked up at her Eugene.

“Are you worried about me?”


“You shouldn’t worry about me. Aren’t you worried?”

“Of course you were both worried.”

“Still, did I worry a little more? Tell me honestly, I’ll keep it a secret from Xian.”

“I was equally worried about both of you.”

“At times like this, even with empty words, you say that you worried about me more.”

The answer was not disappointing. Rather, I thought that answer was like Eugene. Ciel giggled and twisted his hand inside his cloak.

“I brought you a gift when you came. Reach out your hand.”


Eugene held out his hand without thinking. Then, Ciel placed the snowball she had hidden under her cloak in Eugene’s hand.

“… … .”

“Are you cold?”

Eugene looked at the wet, cold snowball and at Ciel’s playful smile.

“If we were a little younger, we would have gone out and had a snowball fight. I know that? My older brother and I had a snowball fight with you when we were little and threw stones into a snowball.”

“Don’t you know that?”

“I thought you didn’t know because you’d never been hit by one of our snowballs.”

“I didn’t get hit because I knew there was a stone in it. … … I can do a snowball fight if you want. I will win, just like when I was younger.”

“I won’t. Me, my brother, and you are no longer children.”

“Hey, it’s fun even when you get older and have a snowball fight.”

“I will, but I won’t.”

Ciel stuck out his tongue and turned around. Yujin shrugged her shoulders while watching Ciel walk away lightly. The snowball on her palm was already melting. Eugene threw the snowball back.


Mer, who was sneaking up to surprise Eugene, screamed after being hit by a snowball.


“… … hmm.”

Yujin looked ahead with a confused expression. Right now, Eugene was at the castle of Lehein Fortress.

“Your Highness is waiting for you in the bath.”

The knight of Ruhar White Fang, who guided us to this place, bowed his head. Eugene nodded his head without straightening his expression.

The Knights of Ruhar, led by the Beast King, arrived in Rehain in the middle of the night.

Eugene had no interest in the power of continental nations involved in the castle layer. However, since he had come this far, he had no choice but to know even if he did not want to know.

snow outside the window. The spire on the other side houses the Emperor of Kiel and the White Dragon Knights, who closely guard the Emperor. The nearby spiers are the Pope, escort knights, and archbishops of Jurass. In the palace below, the kings and knights of the countries who did not enter the tower separately stay.

Ruhar is not an empire, but this fortress belongs to Ruhar. So the tallest tower became the Beast King’s quarters. this top. its top layer. Eugene clicked his tongue and started walking again.

‘What kind of bath is this?’

Late at night, the Beast King suddenly sent a messenger to Lionheart’s mansion.

-I would like to continue the conversation I had with Eugene Ryanhart in Hameln.

Since the king of a country singled out so much, I couldn’t refuse. He even had no reason to refuse. Eugene also wanted a conversation with the Beast King.

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