Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 78

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just, just. The conversation that Eugene wanted was to eat meat and drink alcohol at a fancy table, not to enter a hot bath naked with large, muscular bodies and not even a single thread on… … .

‘And I already took a bath during the day.’

Even taking a bath during the day was done with Gargis, who had a lot of muscles… … . Eugene sighed and crossed the hallway.

“This is it.”

Suddenly, the door to the hallway opened. It was the maid in a swimsuit who spoke in a soft voice. Seeing this, Yujin unknowingly flinched.


“The bath is here.”

The attendant smiled and said. Eugene calmed his surprise and entered the door opened by the attendant.

When you think about it, it was natural. Isn’t it natural that there are servants who attend the bath when the king of a country, not another person, takes a bath?

“… … Uh.”

Still, I thought this was a bit excessive.

The room behind the door was full of female attendants. They greeted Eugene wearing different colored swimsuits. I had seen before that the Beast King was very large, but why did he need so many attendants when he was only bathing one person?

“We are here to help.”

“What can I help you with?”

“I will help you undress.”

“No, it’s okay. It’s the clothes, I just need to take them off. What do you need help with?”

Eugene muttered and took off his cloak. … … Inside her cloak, Mer could see her eyes glinting. Eugene cleared his throat and waved his hand at the approaching attendants.

“Even at home, I took off my clothes alone, took a bath alone, and put on my clothes alone. I don’t want to do anything I didn’t do here, so just leave me alone.”

“All right.”

“By the way, are you going to keep watching? I don’t like taking off my clothes in front of people. If everyone respects me, bow their heads… … No, can you please return the body?”

“But Eugene-sama. His Highness told me to treat him with utmost respect.”

“No, what kind of treat is it to take off my clothes and take a bath? Where is your highness? Are you in front of me? I’ll go find out. Gown, give me the gown for now.”

Eugene was not very used to this situation. She was not without her experience with women, but she had no experience bathing with a bathing suit attendant on either side of her. She didn’t even want to experience that.

Eugene snatched the gown the attendant was holding, waited until the end for the attendants to turn around, then took off her clothes and put on the gown.

large terrace.

The whole thing was a bath. After bringing the hot spring water from below to the top of this high tower, it is an open bath made so that you can enjoy the view from this height. This huge bathtub should be called a swimming pool rather than a bathtub.

“Young man is very shy!”

Aman Ruhar, who was soaking in the hot spring water and draped his arms over the railing, laughed. Behind him was a Rehein Yar with fluttering snow.

“You seem to be enjoying luxury differently than it seems.”

“It’s just a bath, so what’s the luxury?”

“Aren’t there too many attendants?”

“is it? I don’t know Jim. Even the servants brought by the emperor of Kiel numbered in the tens. Compared to that, isn’t Jim’s servant rather simple? Do you, by any chance, find it unpleasant for me to compare myself to the Emperor of Kiel?”

“I am not that loyal to His Majesty the Emperor.”

Eugene replied with a sullen face. Her answer was not very funny, but Aman clapped her hands and burst into laughter.

“Ha ha ha! That’s right. But Eugene, how long are you going to stay there?”

“I’m telling you now, but I took a hot spring bath earlier during the day.”

“Is there anything wrong with doing it one more time? Please don’t embarrass Jim, who has already taken off his clothes.”


Yujin sighed deeply and took off her gown. After that, I went into the hot springs. … … The scenery was pretty good.

“Is there anything else you need? food or drink. You can say anything you want. Because there is an attendant to write for such times.”

“it’s okay.”

“Do you know why Jim called you?”

“Isn’t it that you called because you wanted to share the story you couldn’t share in Hameln?”

Eugene did not immediately ask about Moron. It was Ahman who suggested that we go to Leheinyar Great Hammer Gorge, but it was questionable whether Ahman really knew that Moron was there.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy that conversation, but what do you think?”


“This night march.”

What answer do you want to hear? Yujin stared at Aman with her thinly opened eyes. Aman shook her head, bursting into her wild laugh at that gaze.

“It’s a light question.”

“I don’t understand why you asked me that question.”

“Because I judged you to be the real power of Lionheart. don’t deny Jim has eyes and ears too. You’re not the legitimate son of the original family, but the Lion Heart of the next generation will definitely revolve around you. That’s why, Jim, I’m judging that you are the real power of Lionheart.”

“The head of the household is still very correct. The same goes for Carmen-nim and the Senate Lord.”

“Of course it is. But I don’t think Jim has much to do with it, Eugene Lionhart. The reason you are Lionheart’s powerhouse is because you are overwhelmingly younger than them, and at such a young age you stand shoulder to shoulder with the elders of the family. Is that all? The ties with you are also very great.”

Aman chuckled and jumped up from his seat. As Yujin crossed the hot spring water, she looked at Aman who was striding toward her with one eye.

Even if that muscular giant approached wearing clothes, it would feel quite intimidating… … Since I was approaching without wearing anything, I physiologically wanted to back off.

“You succeeded Hamel-sama, and you are also Senya-sama’s successor. While being a disciple of Arot’s Red Horseman Tower, he is also the object of Arot’s crown prince’s favor. Also, Alchester Dragonic, the leader of the Kiel White Dragon Knights, has a deep affection for you. That son even received some instruction from you.”

“… … .”

“The only saintess candidate in the Holy Empire is close to you. The relationship, Jim judged, was more than intimacy, but I won’t say any more because it’s funny how Jim talks about matters between a man and a woman.”

“You already told me everything.”

“Ha ha ha! He is too. Shall we talk about something else? Jim and Luhar Kingdom are at the northern end, but that doesn’t mean that Jim is blind to the situation on the continent. You are the guardian of the elves, and you have formed a relationship with the next chieftain of Zoran, the great tribe of Samar.”

“What answer do you want to hear from me?”

“Honest impressions of this Nightmarch. Something hasn’t started yet, but I’m sure you’ve heard how the Night March is going.”

“They said we’d summon monsters and play subjugation.”


slam! Aman sat right next to Yujin. The huge figure gave strength and sat down in the bathtub, causing the hot spring water to sway and create waves.

“As you know, this Night March is about it. You don’t have to do anything. The gathering of knights and mercenaries, said to be the best of the continent, in one place. It’s the first time since 300 years ago that this much power has been gathered, so the meeting itself is meaningful. but! With so much power gathered, isn’t it ridiculous to do nothing?”

“Yes, what.”

“Jim wants a battle. Power, honor, chivalry, and conviction! A battle that hits all of them. Of course, battles can’t be kind, so there must be a lot of people killed or injured. But what logarithm is that? If he wins the battle, he will gain great honor. If he is weaker than his opponent and is worried about dying and being injured, can he be considered a former?”



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Aman’s voice grew stronger.

“of course! I tried to understand the thoughts of the emperor and other kings. If there are enemies on the continent, they are Helmud and the demon lords. It’s funny how we bleed each other before we’ve even dealt with them. But Jim thinks he should bleed if necessary.”

“… … hmm… … I understand the purpose of the Night March, but shedding excessive blood in training… … .”

“It will be overwhelmingly less than the blood shed in a war between nations.”


“This is what Jim thinks. The knights who came here can’t be said to be the strength of the country, but they can be said to be the symbol of the country. If they collide with each other—wouldn’t that be called a small war?”

no way.

“In Jim’s opinion, what we need most in order to stand against the great enemy of Helmud is unity. The continent is wide and the country is many. So many kings! So there’s no disagreement. Listen to each other to take care of each other. What do you think?”

“Yeah… … Why do you keep asking for my opinion?”

“Young people’s opinions are important.”

“… … Your Highness talked about unity, and that means uh… … Do you want to call it continental unification?”

“Ha ha ha! It is impossible to unify the continent without waging a real war. It’s not like Jim and Luhar have the power to unify the continent.”

Aman chuckled and slapped Yujin on the shoulder.

“but. If you properly collide the knights mobilized in the Night March—- and gain the upper hand, you will gain great honor. You might be able to reduce the rival country’s knights. If we go a little more radical there, it will be possible to intimidate the kings who have come here.”

Those words weren’t something to spit out while bathing naked in a hot spring. Yujin was dumbfounded and stared at Aman. I understood why he was called the Beast King.

“Ah, don’t get me wrong. Jim is saying that it might be possible, but I have no intention of actually doing that. but… … Um, wouldn’t a coercive unity be possible? I think so. At least if you unify the command like that and start, won’t your hands and feet move smoothly against the enemy?”

“Huh… … .”

Yujin laughed and shook her head.

“Your Highness’ words are so violent and sudden, I don’t know how to react. But, Your Highness, Your Highness says Helmud is an enemy… … Didn’t Your Highness open the door to Luhar and allow the Helmud demons to enter?”

“Only Ruhar was closing the door to Helmud across the continent. Jim considers Helmud as an enemy, but he thinks the civilization they built is amazing. So I opened the door to Ruhar for exchange.”

Aman grinned and stared at Eugene’s face.

“Couldn’t you, did you think that Jim opened the door to Ruhar’s Ruhar with Helmud’s advice?”

“I thought there might be a possibility. Didn’t His Highness always refuse to join the Anti-Magic Alliance?”

“Anti-Magic Union! hahaha! A bunch of rabbits that couldn’t even be that fox? It’s a pity that Jim lacks something, so he has to join their pack? They will shrug their shoulders proudly for being allied with Jim, but Jim has nothing to gain but shame for being allied with those little rabbits! How can I, a descendant of the Dragon King, join hands with Helmud and play the role of captain of the rabbits?”

Aman laughed and patted Yujin on the shoulder again. The laughter that had lasted for a long time died down.

“You are careful.”

The lips parted in a small smile. Aman slowly turned his head to see Le Hein Yar through the flurry of snow.

“Perhaps what you want to ask me is something else. I haven’t said a word about it.”

“I am not sure what Your Highness is talking about.”

“Have you seen His Majesty the Dragon King?”

The question was sudden. The curved eyes, like a smile on the corner of his mouth, calmly sank.

“Lehein Yar, the gorge of the great hammer. I heard reports that you went there. Eugene Lionhart. Did you see His Majesty the Dragon King there?”

“Why do you think so?”

“Yes, I wanted you to see His Majesty the Dragon King.”

“… … .”

“Don’t worry about the answer.”

“Why did you want him?”

“You are called the Second Coming of the Great Vermouth, but you do not resemble the face of that great hero.”

Aman chuckled and turned to Eugene.

“But I thought that the young Lionheart’s talent would surely be recognized by His Majesty the Dragon King. And next to you was Christina Logaris, a saintess candidate who looked exactly like the faithful Anis. If the two of them go to the canyon of the great hammer, wouldn’t the dragon king come out out of curiosity? I was expecting him.”

“… … The Night March was held here in Lehain. It may be a hasty conclusion, but I thought this Night March itself was to summon the reclusive Dragon King.”

“That’s not all, but it’s one of the reasons.”

“What the hell is your Majesty the Dragon King doing in the Great Hammer Gorge?”

“It’s just as rumor has it.”

“The canyon was not a place to be secluded in peace.”

“I must have seen something other than His Majesty the Dragon King.”


Aman did not immediately respond to Eugene’s answer. He rested his arms on the railing and thought for a moment.

Soon, Aman scooped up hot spring water with both hands and splashed it on his face.

“Bayar calls the monster to press.”

“What is he like?”

“I don’t even know about that. what is nour The only one who knows exactly about him is His Majesty the Dragon King.”

“Your Highness said that the Gorge of the Great Hammer is where the legend of the royal family descends.”

“I also said that it is a place where descendants of the royal family are reborn as warriors. Isn’t everything true? The Gorge of the Great Hammer is the hideout of His Majesty the Dragon King. Ruhar’s ancestor resides there, so it’s true that this is where the legend of the royal family descends. A royal descendant becomes a warrior. hahaha! That too is true. In order to succeed to the throne, he must climb that damned snowy mountain with his bare body and meet the Dragon King at the Great Hammer Gorge.”

Aman continued, stammering into the distant past.

“It is… … It’s a place where ominous beings lurk so much that you wouldn’t even think it’s a hero’s hideout. You must have felt it when you saw Noor, but the ominousness that the monster emits… … It stimulates the primal fear that humans have a hard time shaking off. To become the king of Ruhar, you must face that fear and move on. Climb the cliff like that and have an audience with the Dragon King. Jim also met His Majesty the Dragon King 20 years ago. And someday, my son will also go to see His Majesty the Dragon King.”

Aman remembered 20 years ago clearly. youth. He has no doubt that he is the most fearless warrior in Luhar. The Vice King told Aman to climb Le Hein Yar and reach the Valley of the Great Hammer to prove himself as a warrior.

No preparation was allowed. He couldn’t even hold a weapon. bare body only. She had to climb that harsh snow mountain alone.

Aman was not afraid of it. He knew that all sorts of monsters lurked in Rehein Yar, but from the very beginning young Aman’s body had the power to beat and kill monsters with only brute force.

He ate the falling snow and climbed the snowy mountain while chewing the raw flesh of the monsters he had caught and killed. During the trial period, all rangers nearby also withdraw. No one showed Aman the way up the Great Hammer Gorge.

After wandering in the snowy mountains for a while.

When, for the first time in my life, I felt an irresistible fear.

Even though ‘Nur’ was out of sight, it terrified Aman. If you run away in fear and come down the snowy mountain, the ordeal will be a failure. If he gives in to terror, he cannot become King of Luhar. He can’t call himself a former Sarah.

Aman endured fear on the spot for several days, then climbed the snowy mountain again. So he reached the Great Hammer’s Rift. press… … saw.

“What kind of Noor did you see?”

“It was a giant monkey with horns.”

“The Noor I saw was in the shape of a huge snake. The presses you and I have seen are different in appearance, but the essence is probably the same. And Jim collapsed in his seat in terror before he could even see the giant snake. For four or three days, he felt fear, shame, and anger there.”

“… … .”

“Now that I think about it, the Noor that terrified Jim in the ‘first’ was… … It wouldn’t have been that snake. Noor, who frightened Jim, must have been killed by His Majesty the Dragon King. Jim is not in front of me, and I have been unable to move for days, frightened by Nur, who died immediately. But it seems you didn’t sit down halfway.”

“… … yes.”

“I think Jim did very well in sending you to the Great Hammer Rift. You are braver than Jim in your youth. Maybe he’s braver than Jim now. … … Didn’t His Majesty the Dragon King tell you something else?”

“Go down,” he said.

“is it… … .”

Aman smiled bitterly and nodded his head. He reached out his hand once more and tapped Eugene on the shoulder. The hand wasn’t overpowered like before.

“How was your Majesty the Dragon King? Wasn’t he the brave warrior who jumped out of legends and fairy tales?”

“It seems so.”

“Ha ha ha! It’s an ambiguous word. However, I will forgive you. Even if His Majesty the Dragon King forced you to withdraw, the fact that His Majesty the Dragon King appeared in front of you would mean that He acknowledged you too.”

As Aman said, he stood up.

“It was a pleasant conversation.”

“… … What are you going to do with the Night March?”

“Didn’t I tell you before? That’s just what he said, Jim doesn’t really intend to go on a rampage. Think of the conversation I had with you here as Jim’s joke.”


“of course.”

Aman brushed off his wet beard and walked out of the hot spring.

“I’ll let the luggage go first. You can enjoy this bath as much as you like.”

“I will go too.”

“Now I tell you, your body is wonderful. It’s quite old, but what about it? Among Jim’s relatives, there is a female warrior who has not married yet… … .”

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it.”

Eugene replied disgustedly.


Knights from all over the world gathered on the fortress walls. Lionheart also joined the group.

The assembly was sudden, but no one in the assembly was dissatisfied with the assembly.

the other side of the snowfield.

A black fog is rolling in. The fog did not dissipate even in a blizzard, and eroded the snowfield from the edge of the field of vision like dusk spreading. it’s getting closer and closer Obviously, the sun rises high in the sky and it is the brightest time, but the snowfield seen from the castle wall gradually becomes a dark night.


Hamel knew what that black mist was. I knew who the flag bearer was leading the fog.

The man rode a horse as black as the darkness, and wore a flag of red inverse star on a black background over his shoulder. Even in the bitter cold, the man wore a neat black uniform, and his hair, neatly combed with his pomade, was undisturbed even in the strong wind.

“… … The sword of confinement.”

Cristina muttered, standing next to Eugene. That existence shows no hostility or intent to kill. It’s approaching like this, but it hasn’t even shown off its presence. So, no one among those gathered lost their minds.

Even so, the priests of Yuras held hands, licked their lips, and recited prayers. The light that emanated from them did not try to push back the approaching darkness. I focused on illuminating the surroundings so as not to be eroded by the darkness that was trying to come here.

At the center of the light was Pope Euryus. He presided over the miracle, feeling the throbbing stigma. The leader of the Knights of the Blood Cross, Raphael, unknowingly grabbed the Claymore from his back.

“Gavid Lindman.”

Eugene muttered the name softly. Like Noir Jebela, a name you can’t forget. However, the sensation Eugene felt now was more severe than when she encountered Noir Jebella in the snowy field.

At that time, Noir only used the body of a low-level incubus as a vessel, not the body. But the upcoming Gavid is different. That’s not an alter ego. 300 years ago, the demon tribe, who was the strongest among the demon tribe under the command of the demon king in captivity, is approaching this fortress in its own body.

“… … You didn’t come alone.”

The face of Gilreid, who was standing near Eugene, was distorted.

The fog led by Gavid. A descendant of a legend from 300 years ago.

‘Black Mist.’

It was a nightmare that existed in the territory where the demon castle of confinement was located. Numerous knights headed for the territory, hoping for the honor of conquering the demonic castle in confinement, but all but Vermut and his party were wiped out on the outskirts of the territory instead of reaching the demonic castle in confinement. It was that black mist that had carried out the massacre.

But the infamous Black Mist was annihilated 300 years ago. It was a feat accomplished by the great Vermouth and his colleagues at the forefront of the death squad. Eugene remembers that day clearly.

Territory of Confinement Pandemonium. On the red plain where day and night did not exist, Hamel swung his sword beside Vermouth. Morron opened the way while becoming bloody. Senya screamed and unleashed her magic, and Anise vomited blood to light the darkness.

Numerous knights followed him. The knights who saved their lives in battles in various places and harbored murderous intent and hatred for the demons all their lives were mixed with the drifting fog.

The reason he knew that the battle was over—- was because the surroundings were no longer dark. The nightmarish black mist no longer stayed around. The legend of the Black Mist, which was called the nightmare of Pandaemonium, came to an end that day.

However, now Eugene’s eyes could see the same black fog as before.

‘… … About 100 people.’

Eugene looked through the mist with thinly opened eyes. I saw around 100 Demons riding horses, dressed in the same black uniform as Gavid.

After the war, the Black Mist was a demonic knights that Gavid Lindman personally trained. Since the promise, Helmud has never invaded another country, nor has he ever shown off how strong his country’s forces are. Therefore, it was never known how strong the new Black Mist would be compared to the Knights of the Continent.

Now, the knights of the continent encountered the black fog for the first time. But no one thought to compare my sword with the knights in the fog.

It was because of the existence of Gavid Lindman leading the fog at the forefront. He still doesn’t show any hostility or intent to kill. He’s not even showing off his presence. Even so, the knights of the fortress could not take their eyes off Gavid.

If that Black Mist was a descendant of a legend, then Gavid Lindman was a legend itself. He does not draw his sword and does not show off his presence, but he is a sword of confinement.


The horse leading the fog stopped. Gavid sat on it and looked up at the fort. At some point, the black fog came to a place not far from the fortress. Gavid stared at the knights on the wall for a while. Then Gavid got off his horse with a thin smile. He took a few steps forward and planted his flag slung over his shoulder into the ground.

A red pentagram floating in the center of darkness. That was the symbol raised by the demon king in captivity 300 years ago, and now it was the symbol of the Helmud Empire. After showing everyone in the fortress the flag of the demon king of confinement, Gavid politely lowered his head.

“I apologize for coming here without asking permission or giving notice. But please don’t be too angry. You are the ones who did not invite Helmud to this event.”

The purpose of the Night March is to guard against the Demon King of Helmud. So, of course, Helmud didn’t invite. Who could have imagined that the sword of confinement would lead the black mist and recklessly storm into Lehain Fortress?

“Will you open the gate?”

Gavid did not take the silence of the kings seriously. His presence was still calm, but his voice was heavy enough to crush the entire fortress. The weak among the knights of the wall felt their hearts pounding uncontrollably.

“Cannot open.”

The first to answer was the Pope of Euras, Euryus. He glared at Gavid without turning off the lights around him.

“You sword of confinement. Duke of Helmud. You are an uninvited guest at this banquet. The light that protects this place rejects you and that black mist.”

“Pope Eurys. Unfortunately, unlike you, I cannot hear the voice of the light. If the light is really rejecting him, and the reason is not because he is a demon, but because of the darkness of the fog. I will make sure to walk through the darkness of the fog.”

“that… … .”

“Could it be that you and the knights behind your back are demons, so you are rejecting them unconditionally? If that is the case, it is very unfortunate. It was 300 years ago that the Protestant Church of Light fought against demons, calling them unconditional enemies.”

“I would have said I was an uninvited guest.”

The one who received the new word was the emperor of Kiel, Straut II. He frowned and placed both hands on the railing of the castle wall.

“Duke Lindeman. Your visit is sudden and rude. To you who have lived 300 years, no, more than that, we who have not lived less than 100 years will look like children. It’s normal. However, the demon king of confinement you serve said this in the past. I will say that as a leader, you are equal, living a long time and reigning as the king of the demons, and a king who rules a country while living less than 100 years.”

“… … A personal letter sent to allies of Helmud 180 years ago. I am well aware of the contents of the letter. Those personal letters sent to each country were filled with the mercy and respect of the demon king in captivity.”

“I am so glad you know him. Duke Lindeman. Isn’t there any reason to unconditionally listen to the uninvited you asking to open the castle gate? Or, is it the will of the demon king of confinement that you came here?”

“That is not true. It is your own opinion.”

“… … then… … You mean, unlike the demon king in captivity, you don’t respect Jim, the emperor of Kiel, and other kings?”


Gavid grinned.

“I never expected to hear those words from the mouth of the emperor. Yes, as the emperor said, the demon lord of confinement respects you. But how are you guys?”

“… … .”

“I wonder why you guys are here. We know what this event called the Night March is for. The demon king of confinement would not consider all of this as a ‘problem’, but the thoughts of the person who is loyal to the demon king are different. This could develop into a problem.”

“What do you want to say?”

“Kings of the continent. Do you want to wage war against Helmud?”

ㅡKooung. Gavid slammed the flag on the ground again.

“This event itself is a disquieting disregard for Helmud and the demon lord in captivity. The person claiming to be his sword only came to see the hostility toward him. Need another reason?”


Aman, the Beast King of Ruhar, laughed loudly.

“Enmity! You talk funny. Look, Duke Lindeman. We are rather worried about the enmity between the demon king of confinement and Helmud. We gathered here to prepare for the fearful future. Do you want to go to war with Helmud? Ask the opposite. Duke Lindeman, does Helmud want a war like 300 years ago?”

“I do not know the intentions of the demon king of confinement.”

“What about you then? Do you want a war between humans and demons like 300 years ago?”

“It doesn’t matter what you mean. I absolutely follow the demon lord in captivity. Beast King, you have a great misunderstanding.”

Lindman smiled and shook his head.

“Certainly, it is disrespectful for me to come here. You are aware of that. The demon king of confinement didn’t even order me to act. I came here only because of my own opinion. You guys don’t respect Helmud, the demon lord of confinement? That you might be preparing for a war against Helmud?”

Gavid paused for a moment. Gavid, who was looking up at the castle wall, moved his eyes.

“All of that is none of my business. If you want a war, you can start a war. So you say ‘misunderstanding’. I did not come here to punish you with a sword for not respecting the demon lord in captivity.”

“… … What do you mean?”

“If war broke out again, the demon lord of confinement would be sincerely sorry for the broken promise made 300 years ago. He himself is a blind servant of the demon king in captivity, and does not wish for his master’s sorrow. Therefore, I dare to understand the will of my lord and become an ambassador of peace. The reason he expresses his desire to participate in this event and asks to open the door is because, as a knight representing Helmud and the head of the Black Mist Knights, he wants to connect with the heroes of this place.”


“A lot of heroes gathered in front of me right now. I would like to name and praise them one by one, but I won’t bother mentioning them because you guys don’t take me seriously.”

Gavid smiled and bowed his head. the moment he bowed his head.

“I’m fine, so tell me.”

A murmur could be heard nearby.

… … It was Carmen. She stared at Gavid’s pomade-smoothed hair as her eyes twinkled with anticipation.

“The silver lion of Lionheart. Praise Carmen Lionheart.”

… … Eugene… … I didn’t understand that feeling very, very much. Eugene lived at the same time as Gavid, and he almost killed him, so he didn’t have any good ideas.

But isn’t Carmen different? For her, the sword of her confinement, Garvey Lindeman, is a legend and a strongman who has lived from 300 years ago. So I thought maybe I would want to hear the evaluation with my own mouth.

“Among many heroes.”

Gavid raised his head. Could it be that he heard Carmen’s voice? She couldn’t hear anything. Although the distance between Gavid and the wall was still quite long, if Gavid wanted to hear it, he could even hear the footsteps of the ants climbing the wall.

“Descendants of the great Vermouth.”

Carmen’s lips twitched. As she waited for her next words, she prepared her response.

I couldn’t help but laugh at how good it was. Carmen doesn’t even admire Gavid Lindman. I was just in awe of that transcendent power. He also has a sense of well-being. It also has hostility. Still, wouldn’t it feel good to be recognized by a strong person like that?

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

when that name is called. Carmen looked back at Eugene with a face that betrayed expectations. I wish I could say it openly like that. Eugene frowned at her expression and glared at Gavid.

“Gossip about him could be heard even in distant Helmud. The world says that the young man is the second coming of the great Vermouth. While he is also the successor of the wise Senya.”

Eugene waited for Gavid’s next words while feeling countless stares on him. Needless to say, Eugene was not at all happy about Gavid’s ‘acknowledgment’.

“… … Aren’t you the owner of Altair, the holy sword of light that no one has acknowledged since Vermouth? What does that mean… … haha. you know best A warrior who succeeds Vermouth.”

“Have you been recognized by the Holy Sword?”

The moment Gavid finished speaking, such voices erupted from everywhere. That Eugene is the owner of the holy sword is a fact known only to a few in Lionheart, as well as to the Pope of Eurass and Raphael.

“And Christina Rogeris. It’s the first time seeing her in person, but… … It’s really strange that he resembles faithful Anis. You can believe that she is the reincarnation of the Saint of Light who performed that absurd miracle.”

Christina’s face also turned pale at Gavid’s mention. Gavid smiled and continued.

“Euras seems to still want to keep it a secret, but I feel so intensely that my whole body shudders that I am a saint of light that Christina Logeris can only acknowledge. There were many saints before her faithful Anis, but she herself thinks that Anis is the only person worthy of calling herself a saint. But now I have to change my mind. Christina Rogeris. You must be a saint like Anise.”

I had heard from Balzac Rudbess, the master of the Black Tower, beforehand. The dukes of Helmud know that Eugene is the owner of the holy sword. As Gavid said, he had faced Anise directly, and since he was a demon who was incompatible with her divine power, he could strongly feel her saintly presence.

“Among the many heroes here, I have a great interest in the hero and the saintess. Please refrain from other misunderstandings. I’m not trying to harm those young people by calling them warriors and saints. However, remembering 300 years ago… … I wonder if I can build friendship with your ancestors that I couldn’t.”

‘That dog.’

It’s called a pierced mouth. Eugene gritted his teeth and glared at Gavid. In Christina’s head, Anis also spat out harsh curses uncharacteristic of a saint.

“So please, heroes, kings. open the gates Please give me a chance so that I can interact with you and form a relationship.”

Gavid took a step and said. The words he uttered were a request, but the black fog behind Gavid—-wriggled as if he were going to open the castle gate and enter.

The kings looked at each other for a while. I didn’t express my opinion, but everyone’s eyes were firm. Even if this night march would be an event with a good appearance, it was impossible to bring the sword of confinement into the fortress.

“The gate… … .”

“Open it.”

Aman, the owner of the fortress, opened his mouth.

However, his words did not carry on to the end. A huge voice, unbelievably human, covered Aman’s voice.

Yujin was taken aback and turned to the direction the voice came from. It wasn’t just Eugene. Everyone on the wall turned their heads in shock at the sudden voice.

Gavid was the same. He was shocked beyond surprise. The place where the voice came from—- Rehein Yar where the snowstorm is raging. The snowfield that leads to it.

A man was walking in the snow. When he first saw it, the man was far enough to be caught at the edge of his field of vision.

Despite being gigantic, the man was not ridiculously tall like a giant. However, the man’s steps, like those of a giant, quickly shortened the distance to the fortress.

In the blizzard, black hair was scattered. The man had no weapon. He didn’t seem needed. A strong body developed enough to be said to be an extreme realization was both a weapon and an armor.

“… … A Moron of Horror.”

Gavid couldn’t believe it, muttering a name that was a symbol of fear to demons 300 years ago. 5 people who don’t look like those humans. One of the names that made Gavid Lindman feel death.

A name that always stood at the forefront on the battlefield where countless demons were slaughtered in that era. A man who always led the way, even when his whole body was covered in blood and his limbs were blown away. He was a man who penetrated the center of a battle that could never be won and turned the tide of battle. He was more like the undead than the undead, the one who instilled pain and fear into the demons without knowing pain and fear.

Brave Moron.

The progenitor of Luhar, who was secluded, has returned.


Eugene opened his mouth wide and looked at the approaching Moron.

Its body was the same as it had been in the Great Hammer Rift a few days before, but it was not holding an axe. In fact, it was not something that Eugene knew what Moron was holding.

“That dog… … .”

He swallowed the swear words he almost uttered without even realizing it.

pup. Instead, he spit out curses in his heart. When people visited at most, they didn’t even talk properly and kicked them out blindly. While maintaining the atmosphere, he behaved as if he could not come down from that cliff.

‘Wielding an ax at a friend I met after 300 years with a face that I would never see again. twin cubs. Rather then he said that he would go find it.’

Eugene cleared his bubbling stomach and adjusted his expression. I never thought that Moron would come down from the Great Hammer Gorge and come directly to Lehain Fortress.

It was the same with Aman, a descendant of Moron. As far as he knew, the founder who went into seclusion 100 years ago had never come down from the Great Hammer Gorge since then. After the founder’s seclusion, a new tradition was created that the descendants of the royal family should be tested for the throne in the Valley of the Great Hammer.

“also… … .”

Aman’s eyes moved. His gaze turned to Eugene and Christina, who were looking at Moron. They were the only two that came to mind as the reason for Sijo’s sudden descent from the mountain.

“… … Moron Luhar.”

Gavid muttered. The black mist that had conveyed the tension he was feeling began to wriggle.

The Demon Knights, hidden in the fog, put their hands on the hilts of their swords, preparing for an unexpected battle. Then Gavid immediately raised his hand to calm his fog.

“Were you alive?”

“As you can see.”

“It’s been 300 years since we met again. We may have had a chance to meet before, but neither you nor I wanted to meet.”

“Say it for granted. Gavid Lindman. I hated you all the way from 300 years ago. I hope you like me.”

“… … Rather than distinguishing between good and bad, I am reluctant. For me, you were an unmistakable enemy.”

“I’m glad you don’t like me. I still hate you.”

“Then why are you telling me to open the door? If you don’t like me, you don’t have to open the door.”

“Because I don’t think you’re going to go away.”

Morone replied. He stopped, staring at Gavid and the black mist behind him.

“If you don’t open the gates of the fortress, will you go back? Can you swear that I won’t spread that ominous fog and make your nights in the snow uneasy?”

“The only person who can force me to swear is the demon king of confinement.”

“I guess so. You will not back down.”

“You really think I’m going to do a cowardly night raid? Moron Luhar. I don’t do that.”

“That’s something I don’t know. You said you wouldn’t swear. So I don’t trust you.”

“… … Your words are still hard to fathom. If you say you don’t trust me, why do you say you’re bringing the Black Mist into the fortress with me?”

“The snowfield is wide.”

Moron spread his arms wide and said.

“If you hide in this wide snowfield and do dirty and cowardly things, I can’t detect him. This pure white snow field is defiled by you. But if you come inside the fort, I can watch you. Everyone else in the fort will watch over you, not just me.”

“… … I’m hiding… … Do dirty and cowardly things. haha! That is both funny and unpleasant.”

Gavid’s lips twisted.

He takes great pride in being called the ‘Sword of Confinement’, and has been practicing his own chivalry since 300 years ago. No matter how his enemies judged Gavid, Gavid himself considered himself the only knight of the Demon Lord of Confinement.

“If someone else had said that in front of me, I wouldn’t have held back my anger. But Moron Luhar, if it was you who said that… … forgive me ‘Dirty things’ that demons and humans think of are probably different.”

“You have often plotted dirty and cowardly things since 300 years ago. The Black Mist spread throughout Pandaemonium to disturb the rest of the warriors and ambush them. They attacked Hamel and Senya, who were out scouting. While having that skill and strength, in the demon castle of confinement, you put your subordinates ahead, and you yourself waited on a higher floor.”

Moron shot with both eyes flashing. Gavid couldn’t answer at that moment and blinked his eyes.

Why is that dirty and cowardly?

“… … 300 years ago. The number of troops from the continent pushed up to Pandemonium was considerable. Although the Demon King’s forces in captivity were strong, they were far short of the humans in numbers. A night raid was desirable for a small elite to effectively deal with a large army.”

“It is not fair.”

“… … The meeting with Hamel and Senya was accidental. Just as they were scouting, I was just scouting.”

“I know.”

Gavid’s eyebrows twitched at the answer. Gavid continued, feeling the tightness in his chest.

“In the demon castle of confinement… … Putting subordinates first? That is an embarrassing word. I am the sword of confinement. It is my role to protect the confined demon king’s side under any circumstances. When you break into Babel, I… … It may be problematic to say in this era of peace, but first I wanted to block you and slaughter everyone. But that didn’t work out.”

“Why not?”

“Because you acknowledged that you were strong. If I, in the urge and emotion of the moment, had blocked you guys first. If I died in the end after fighting over and over again. Who is guarding the side of the demon lord in captivity?”

“Is it because of that loyalty that you fled at the end?”

to that question.

The expression disappeared from Gavid’s face. He glared at Morron with a bloodless white face.

“It reminds me of a shameful past.”

“It is true that you fled. You, who stood in front of the palace gate, had to be decapitated by Vermouth’s sword.”

“It was the will of the Demon King. An order to hide and not block any more. The grateful and merciful Demon King said to prioritize the preservation of life over the conviction of a knight who wanted to fight to the end.”

“It is true that you fled after all. you were lucky if… … If only Hamel had been there. There would have been no room for you to escape.”

“… … Moron Luhar. There is no point in this conversation. As long as you don’t want to upset me.”

“Are you going to fight me?”

“I am warning you because I have no intention of fighting.”

“I have no intention of fighting you either. Unless you’re up to something dirty and cowardly.”

Morron snorted and pointed to the closed castle gate.

“Gavid Lindman. I don’t know what you’re up to. But, as you said yourself, if you want a relationship with the heroes of this era. Prove that with your actions.”

“I don’t decorate anything like that.”

Gavid raised his hand proudly. Then the shimmering fog dissipated, revealing the demonic knights.

“There are no lies in what you say. I am… … We care a lot about the heroes of our time. In particular, Eugene Lionheart, a descendant of Vermouth, was recognized by the Holy Sword. Cristina Logaris, a saint who looks exactly like Anise.”

“I am interested in both of them.”

“How do you see it? Moron Luhar. I am… … I haven’t even spoken a word yet.”

Gavid raised his head. He stared at Eugene and Christina standing on the wall and continued.

“I can feel the vermouth from Eugene Ryanhart, and the anise from Christina Rogeris.”

“It offends you to mention that name, as you were not friends with them. And Vermouth was more handsome than Eugene Lionheart, and Anise was more warrior-like than Christina Rogeris.”

Eugene didn’t know how to react to those words. I admit that Vermouth is handsome, but isn’t this reincarnated face more handsome?

‘Sister, what does it mean to be a warrior?’

[The warrior Moron is talking about is breaking the head of a demon with a mace, so don’t take that idiot’s words seriously.]

thump, thump. Moron continued walking. He stopped in front of the closed gates.

“Gavid Lindman. Let me tell you this one thing. If you want to talk and connect with Eugene Ryanhart and Christina Rogeris. You will have to ask my permission first.”

“Do you want to cherish and protect the descendants of old friends?”

“Yeah, I don’t like that word. protect you? from what is it from you Then you.”


Moron clenched his fist. That’s all. However, Gavid felt that the current Moron was bigger than that gate, than the fortress, no, than the snow mountain Lehein Yar seen from afar. It had been a very long time since I felt such intense pressure.

‘… … I haven’t felt like a human for a long time, but… … If such a person lives for 300 years, will this happen?’

Gavid thought as he felt his skin tingle.

“Are you trying to harm Eugene Ryanhart and Christina Logaris?”

when the question comes out of your mouth. Gavid felt that Moron was bigger. Power that has been trained and perfected to the point of admiration. Gavid stared at Moron for a moment, then shook his head.


I have no intention of doing hakoji. Gavid wants the continent to start a war. It may be different from the will of the demon king of confinement, but if an inevitable war breaks out—- the demon king of confinement will no longer be able to show mercy to the continent.

The vanguard of that war must be a hero and a saint. Its existence will become the cause of war.

So Gavid had no intention of harming the two of them. I just want to take a look at my enemies someday. That heart was unmistakably sincere. It was also sincere when he said that he wanted to connect with the heroes of the continent who are living in this era.

To kill happily in one day’s war.

“I am not thinking like that. Wherever… … I just want to be in a relationship. If they don’t want a relationship with me, I can be satisfied with just watching them from afar.”

Gavid took a few steps back. He slowly raised his hand and straightened his clothes.

There was not a speck of disarray in the black uniform. There was no snow or dust adhering to it. Even so, Gavid calmly took off the top of his uniform and checked to see if it was buttoned correctly. Only then did Gavid politely bow his head and ask.

“Could you please open the door to the fortress?”

Morron, who had been looking at him blankly, nodded. The feeling of intimidation that had been exuding completely disappeared as if it had never happened. Moron stood with his back turned and stretched out his hand toward the gates.

“radish… … door!”

Aman, who came to his senses belatedly, shouted out loud. Without waiting for the gatekeepers to move, he jumped off the wall himself.

It was a conversation between living legends. So I dared not intervene in the conversation going on below. The conversation is over. Aman didn’t want to have the Dragon King, the founder of Ruhar, whom he respected, open the castle gate with his own hands.

“It’s been a while, man.”

“Thank you for remembering… … It is an honour.”

“I remember all my descendants. I’m not so stupid that I even forgot the name of the last descendant who visited me.”

Moron grinned and patted Aman on the shoulder. Although she was huge, she seemed smaller than her size as she stood next to Moron. It was because her presence was different.

Aman looked at Moron with envious eyes and bowed his head deeply. Then he pushed the gate of the fort with his own hand.

It was a huge and heavy door, but Aman pushed it open as easily as a door. Aman did not go in first and bowed his head to Moron once more.

The knights of Ruhar, who were on guard on the wall, rushed down and jumped down. Bayar’s tribesmen living in the village had already come to the street in front of the gate.

Emperor of Kiel, Pope of Ruhar. Excluding Helmud, the leaders of the only two empires on the continent. They were not in a hurry, but they did not dare to remain on the walls. He came down a little late and greeted the returning hero with his knights. Numerous knights stood on the streets and made a path for Morron to pass through.

And so the march began. Moron accepted the greetings of the kings with a smile. He walked while receiving the respectful gazes of the knights as if for granted.

“Are you not going in?”

Gavid was still at the gates. The Knight of the Black Mist right behind him politely asked, and Gavid shook his head with a smile.

“Let’s go a little later.”

That road is not for Gavid and the Black Mist.

Anything like that could be respected.

* * *

There was no opportunity to be alone with Moron.

It was a very natural thing. The progenitor of Ruhar, who was thought to be dead, who was secluded 100 years ago. Dragon King, Moron Luhar. he came back unexpectedly

Immediately after the march, Moron went to the castle of the fortress where the kings were staying. The kings, including Aman, also went to the castle with Moron. It was not something that Eugene would know what to say there, but it was obvious. He asks about the reason for hiding and why he came back… … We will discuss what to do with the Black Mist with Gavid Lindman, who eventually came into the fort and abandoned it.

Gavid and the Black Mist are staying on the outskirts close to the castle walls. There was room in the fort’s buildings, but Gavid declined and made the empty outskirts clearing as a campsite.

I said I was interested and interested, but Gavid didn’t come in contact. He only made eye contact a few times on the ramparts. It would be to respect Moron’s warning.

‘It would be nice if you would.’

Eugene already didn’t want to get involved with Gavid. Like Noir Jebela, Gavid is also an existence that Eugene cannot handle. Interest and interest, just that much. Destiny?

‘That’s f*cking.’

Eugene snorted and walked away. Cristina, who stood close to her, could tell she was nervous. She ran her hand through the hem of her robe, ran her hand through her hair, took a deep breath, and adjusted her expression.

“Are you okay?”

“Okay, it’s okay. I am just perplexed.”

I haven’t switched to anise yet. That was Anise’s insistence. The owner of the body is Christina, and Anise is only there. So, first of all, Cristina has to face and say hello. There was no chance to say hello at Lehein Yar, so it should be even more so.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. just… … hmm… … Because it’s a step back.”

“For me, etc… … Hmmm, isn’t that what you would call it?”

I didn’t have a chance to be alone, but Moron invited me. Aman, the Beast King, came to Lionheart’s mansion and told him that Moron wanted to meet him.

Just like that, Eugene and Anis climbed to the top floor of the castle tower and were walking down the corridor. It was the hallway Eugene walked through yesterday. Aman only guided them downstairs, but did not follow them any further. It was because Moron wanted to have a quiet conversation with only the three of them.

Thanks to this, there were no other signs in the hallway on the top floor. Even so, you should be careful with your conversation, but perhaps because it is where the king resides, there is a high-level defense magic on the top floor, so there is no need to be careful with your words.

“I’m not going to be called that. You heard me talking to Gavid Lindman earlier.”

“He was full of dignity, befitting a great hero from 300 years ago.”

“The words he spat out were still like an asshole… … I thought it might be because I’ve gotten older, but I’ve become a bit more prepared.”

Yujin muttered that and looked ahead.

end of the hallway. A room with a closed door. After taking a deep breath, Eugene approached the closed door.

‘That asshole. I’m not going to swing the ax again after calling it here, right?’

I hope so. Eugene snorted at her and grabbed her doorknob.

But before Eugene could open the door, it opened from the inside. No, the door was ripped off on its hinges. Eugene, who was holding the doorknob, flew into the air with the door.


Moron shouted in a loud voice. He blinked his wide eyes and looked ahead. Cristina gasped and swallowed her breath, forgetting to even say hello to her.

“Where is Hamel?”

“Hey, you bastard.”

Eugene was still hanging in the air holding on to the doorknob. He was dumbfounded and kicked Morron in the shoulder, punching him in the face.

“Why would you break down a perfectly fine door… … .”


Moron shouted again. thud! Moon and Eugene fell down. Moron spread her arms wide and hugged her Eugene.

“Looking back, I still can’t believe it. Hamel! I never thought I would meet you again like this!”

I was out of breath.

Eugene struggled, being buried in Moron’s hard, huge pectoral muscles.


may die

I sincerely thought so.

The tightly swollen and deeply split pectoral muscles pressed Eugene’s airway exquisitely. He struggles to escape, but the strength of Moron, who embraced him, was far beyond Eugene’s imagination. With his back held so tightly that he couldn’t lift his head, Eugene’s body gradually began to dig into Moron’s muscles… … .

‘main… … perishing… … .’

Apart from not being able to breathe, the pressure on the body was so strong… … .

Eugene flinched as if he felt his head spinning. Even at that moment, Moron cried out Hamel’s name. … … The top of his head was hot and damp. It was because of the thick teardrops shed by Moron.

[Christina. If you go that way, Hamel might die.]

Anise couldn’t look any longer.

[Do you think you can stop that backside with your slender hands? Cristina, the flail you hang from your waist is in the perfect shape for ramming that backbone’s head. Even if you swing the flail with all your might, that stone head won’t get a scratch.]

‘But Sister, how could you be so rude to Moron-nim, who you’ve never met… … .’

[Look, Cristina. Hamel is about to die!]

Cristina, at a loss for what to do, made up her mind at Anis’s words.

After resolutely tilting the side of the robe, she pulled out the flails fixed to her waist and thighs. She spun the pendulum at the end of her chain through the air, then blew it into Moron’s head.


Adamantium collided with a human head, and I heard a sound that I couldn’t believe. Cristina was nervous inside, but she was shocked to see Moron’s forehead, which was not even scratched, let alone a drop of her blood.


Still, Moron came to his senses, perhaps because he had been hit once. He stared into Christina’s face, twitching her tear-stained eyes.


Then she cried and cried again. Moron’s arms were wide open, and Eugene’s body fell to the floor. Morone walked past her sprawling Eugene and approached Christina.

“ah… … hello. Morron Luhar. I am… … .”

“Christina Rogeris! You really look exactly like Anise. A few days ago, it wasn’t like that, so I couldn’t even say hello properly.”

“yes… … yes.”

Christina looked fearfully at Morron’s wide open chest.

twitching muscles. oncoming steps. Moron seemed intent on embracing Cristina, as she had just done to Eugene.

“Hey, you bastard… … !”

Eugene, who had been sprawled out, stumbled and stood up. After coughing a few times, he threw a bullet made by condensing mana into the back of Moron’s head.

bang! It was a bullet with quite a bit of power, but Moron’s head didn’t even tilt forward.

“I’m going to hug you and f*ck you! I almost fell behind because of you!”


Moron stopped walking towards Christina and smiled. He looked back and forth between Eugene and Cristina, her tears running down her cheeks and her laughter bursting out.

“I never thought I would meet you like this. So I, I am very happy with this meeting.”

As Moron cried and laughed, Eugene could no longer express his dissatisfaction. Eugene gave her a bitter expression as he patted her aching back.

“Is the anise in you?”

Moron’s question flew to Cristina, who was speechless. Cristina was startled, then cleared her expression and nodded her head.


“Meeting you is fun and mysterious, but if you don’t mind, I’ll allow you to say hello to Anise as well.”

“Of course I will.”

Cristina bowed her head and closed her eyes. After a while, her Christina’s shoulder shook slightly.

“Have you become a little wiser after living 300 years? Or is it that your eyes widen?”


“Yes, that’s right. I am that Anise Slewood. But Moron, how the hell did you recognize me? The you I remember was neither smart enough nor discerning enough to recognize you just by the wings you spread at the bottom of the cliff.”

“Because it became visible.”

Morron said, wiping away the thick teardrops.

“100 years ago, my eyes became very bright. It is a change that came about because I lived in a place where it was supposed to be. anise. I see two souls inhabiting its body. The souls of the two of you are twins, no, they resemble and are connected as if they were originally one. It doesn’t look like a distinct form, but I feel familiar with your soul.”

“… … Did you see the soul? what… … .”

“And Hamel. So is your soul. Familiar, welcome, and missed. Even if your body has changed, you are definitely Hamel.”

Tears continued to flow even as I wiped them away.

Eugene was heartbroken to see Moron, who was tall and had a grim face, crying like a child. It was because it reminded him of the dream that Anis had shown him in the great grove of Samar, in which Moron cried uncontrollably at Hamel’s tomb.

“… … hey stop crying We met like this, why do you keep crying?”

“These are noble tears that even a warrior should shed.”

“Leave me alone, Hamel. No matter what you say, Moron won’t stop crying. You don’t know, but even 300 years ago, Moron was more stubborn than anyone when it came to his own tears.”

When Hamel died in the demon castle of confinement. Everyone there was in tears.

However, when considering only the ‘amount’ of tears, it was Moron who cried the most. Senya wailed, and Anise wept quietly in a sense of piercing despair. Vermouth cried as she glared at the ceiling leading up. Morron, slammed the floor with her fists, creating a fountain of tears… … .

“It is better to leave the moron alone when it cries. If you let them cry for about an hour, they’ll stop… … .”

“No, you shouldn’t leave it alone. Anise, Hamel. Come closer.”

Moron opened his arms wide wide, his eyes wet with tears. The bodies of Eugene and Anis stiffened at that blatant appearance. But Moron didn’t care. Moron came closer to the subject who told him to come closer.

Huge, thick arms hugged Eugene and Anise together. Eugene and Anise did not escape from Moron’s arms despite the subject’s unwilling expression. Sticking together as if they were one. gave to Moron. Complaint is… … That the Moron is too big. And she cried too much.

‘My hair is damp… … .’

Moron’s tears wet the crowns of Eugene and Anis.

been held for quite some time. In the meantime, we didn’t have much conversation.

We just realized each other’s existence.

Even though he died once and was reincarnated, Hamel is now here as Eugene. Even though Anise is dead, she is here in the form of dwelling with Christina.

And Moron is here too. The three realized, touched, and felt each other’s existence. They were simply hugging and hugging each other, but that time was precious and precious to each other.

… … I thought it was nothing. Oddly enough, Eugene felt like she was going to cry. With Hamel’s body, she’s never felt like she’d cry so often.

‘It’s because of the vermouth.’

Vermouth is the ancestor of this body, so if there is something ugly about the body that I don’t like, it’s all because of vermouth. Yujin thought so and held back tears. Looking at Anise, who was next to her, she was already quietly weeping.

Seeing that, I realized that I didn’t have to hold back my tears. So Eugene also cried. It doesn’t cry a lot like Moron, but just a little bit. Just enough to calm the emotions that have risen up.

The time of crying and hugging is over. Anise got away from Moron as if she had been waiting, and washed her hair hastily in the bathroom attached to her room. Eugene stood beside Anis and washed her hair together. Moron did not do that, but she took the quilt of the large bed as a towel and wiped her tear-soaked face and beard.

“… … Are you not asking anything?”

The wind that Yujin called in dried her wet hair. Anise sat down on the empty sofa, combing his dry hair with her hand.

“Moron. For you, we at this time will not be convinced.”

“However, the two of you are in front of me now. I am also alive. To me now, that is the happiest and most important thing.”

“I envy you being able to think so comfortably. But Moron, you must know what happened to us here. That way you’ll feel like telling me what you’ve been through.”

Moron blinked at Anis’ words. Hasn’t wisdom increased? Anise clicked her tongue and crossed his legs.

“Well, it’s not a difficult story, is it? Since we met after hundreds of years, let’s talk about each other and solve the problem. Coincidentally, inside Hamel’s cloak, there are many drinks that will help you enjoy the story.”

At those words, Eugene’s cloak opened by itself. Mer, who was inside, poked her head out.


“… … I also want to say hello to Segna-sama’s colleague, Moron-sama.”


Morron made a loud noise and was surprised. He strode closer to Eugene, leaned over, and met Mer’s eyes.

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