Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 79

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“Ah, hello, Mr. Moron. My name is Mer Merdein. The familiar created by Senya-sama… … .”

“You look exactly like Senya!”

“yes… … to… … I’m a reenactment of Senya-sama’s childhood… … .”

“Right! A small Senya made by Senya, then can she be said to be Senya’s daughter?”

Moron smiled and stroked Mer’s head with his big hand.

“Nice to meet you. I am Moron Luhar, Senya’s colleague and friend.”

After greeting each other, the four of us sat down at the table in front of us. Under Anise’s unspoken pressure, Eugene laid out the many bottles of liquor she had prepared ahead of time on her floor. Even after she left the room for a while, she brought back an armful of alcoholic beverages that looked expensive at first glance.

“Not giving?”

“True indulgent drinkers have alcohol as a snack.”

“I don’t want to… … .”

But you couldn’t ask them to bring food from downstairs. At least Eugene wanted to pour her drink into a glass, but Anise started blowing the bottle as if it were natural. Moron also blew the bottle. As the two of them started drinking like that, Eugene also blew the bottle, thinking that he couldn’t lose for some reason.

Mer looked at the three of them narrowly and drank the juice. It’s been 200 years since it was made. If you convert those years into years, Mer was never a child, but she thought of herself as an eternal child.

I didn’t want to become that kind of adult.


It wasn’t just drinking randomly. As he drank, he talked a lot. Anis said indifferently about ‘how’ he had become this way.

“Moron. Do you remember the letter I sent you?”

“I kept it for the rest of my life. It was so old that the paper was about to break, so I chewed it and swallowed it.”

“I think I said it for nothing. Frankly, I am offended.”

Anise furrowed her eyebrows and said.

The world knows that Anise went on a pilgrimage, and that’s how it disappeared from the world. However, the uppermost part of Yuras knew what Anise’s end was like and had been using Anis’s remains as holy relics for 300 years.

Morron did not know that fact. However, he knew that Anise had not gone on a pilgrimage and had died. He returns from the desert, before taking his own life in the papal throne room. It is because Anise wrote a letter to Moron saying that it was her last wish.

“There was no will, it was just a letter. The body has reached its limit, and it is impossible even to live forcibly. So I’ll just die. I will not announce the death to the world, so do not express condolences and keep it to yourself. Don’t even come to Euras. If possible, let’s live well in the future and meet again in heaven someday.”

Anise paused and poured the strong drink into her mouth. He emptied the bottle full of alcohol without taking his lips off it, then wiped the alcohol off his lips and smiled.

“It was such a letter. Thankfully Moron understood and followed my letter.”

While she cried a lot earlier, Moron’s eyes were wet with red tears again.

“There was no reason not to. Anis, didn’t you write it down in the letter? please do so I don’t ignore my friend’s request.”

“I wrote this letter because I know you are that kind of person. If I had disappeared without any letter from you, Morron, wouldn’t you have recklessly invaded Euras?”

“It would have been.”

Moron nodded without denying it.

Eugene also told how he was reincarnated after he had died. The story naturally had to be mixed with the story about Senya. Moron continued to empty the bottle and listened to Eugene’s story without interrupting the conversation.

“I am.”

After a rather long story, Moron put down the bottle he was drinking.

“I tried to find Senya a long time ago.”

It was a known fact to the world.

After Senya went into hiding. In order to find her, Arot sent her search party to the Great Forest and all over the continent. Ruhar also supported Arot. However, the search party could not find any clue about Senya even after wandering the continent for a long time.

“After stepping down from the throne, I went to Samar myself. But couldn’t find it. The world tree and the elven territory did not open the door to me.”

No matter how moronic it was, it was impossible to enter the elven territory protected by the World Tree. If it had been before, the World Tree had sealed Senya and all the elves after the Raisakia attack. It was impossible to detect even the existence of the barrier without having the leaves of the World Tree.

“Senya is strong. Since I’ve lived for hundreds of years, I thought Senya would too. I thought that the reason Senya disappeared from the world was because of the practice to fulfill her wish.”


“Are you asking because you really don’t know, Hamel? As we all did, Senya was especially obsessed with avenging your enemies. After he became the lord of Arot’s Mage Tower, he stayed there and devoted himself to making magic.”

Moron said that and closed his eyes.

“… … But maybe… … You said you were attacked by Vermouth. And to Laizakia… … It’s honestly hard to believe. But since you are saying it, I believe it unconditionally.”

The closed eyes opened. Moron gazed at Eugene and Anise with her unwavering eyes.

“As I believe in you, I also believe in vermouth. The vermouth I know doesn’t attack Senya. If Hamel needed the necklace Senya had for her reincarnation, then Vermouth would have wanted to talk to Senya. There is no reason for Senya to reject your reincarnation.”

That’s what Eugene thought. The vision of Vermouth he had seen in the darkroom also said so.

-Senya still has the necklace with your soul, but I intend to convince her to receive the necklace someday.

In regards to what I said with my mouth, Vermouth didn’t do that. After faking his death, Vermouth summoned Senya in an ignorant way.

They attacked Hamel’s tomb and destroyed Senya’s familiar guarding it. I don’t know why, but he opened Hamel’s sealed coffin and took his body outside. And sealed the moonlight sword in the coffin.

He attacked Senya, who came late, and pierced a large hole in the middle of her chest.

… … If Senya hadn’t used the leaves of the World Tree. Senya would have been killed by Vermouth there.

As a result, Vermouth succeeded in stealing the necklace from Senya. And he made Hamel reincarnated as his descendant, and put her necklace in Ryan Heart’s treasure chest.

All of those actions didn’t make sense when you put them together. Seal of the Moonlight Sword. Hamel’s reincarnation. A necklace hidden deep inside the Lionheart’s treasure chest. Those three actions can be thought of as vermouth.

But, why did you leave Hamel’s body outside the door? Why did you attack Senya and take her necklace? Those two actions were absolutely not like Vermouth.

“We also believe in Vermouth.”

Anise opened her mouth. I couldn’t doubt Vermouth with those actions. This is because the bond with ‘Vermut Lionheart’, whom he saw while wandering around Helmud, is too strong. Even Senya herself, who was attacked by Vermouth, did not resent Vermouth and said that she believed in her.

“But I think there is no doubt that something strange happened to Vermut-sama. Otherwise, there is no reason for Vermut-sama to act like that.”

“I’m not sure, but I think there is something between the demon lord of confinement and Vermouth. It may have been connected to the promise that won peace. If Vermouth is threatened by the demon lord of confinement, he might attack Senya. And even now, Vermouth’s soul may be possessed by the Demon Lord of Confinement.”

Moron listened to the story without opening his mouth for a while. said Anise, throwing back her empty bottle.

“Moron. Now it’s your turn. Why did you suddenly declare your retirement 100 years ago? Why are you in the Great Hammer Rift?”

“Why did you kick us out a few days ago? and press What else is that monster? I am… … I don’t think the energy she felt at that time was an illusion. Anis and I felt an aura similar to that of the demon lord of destruction in Nur.”

No matter how many times I thought about it, that judgment did not change. Nur had, albeit weakly, an ominous feeling like that of the demon lord of destruction.

So it doesn’t make any more sense. The demon lord of destruction had never left Helmud’s Lavesta for 300 years. But why do I feel the energy of the demon of destruction from the monster of Rehein Yar, the northernmost part of the continent?

“Hamel, Anise.”

After a brief silence, Moron opened his mouth.

“300 years ago. Among ‘us’, I was the first to meet Vermouth.”

“It did.”

It’s a famous story. Moron heard it dozens of times in his previous life.

Vermouth Lionheart. His hometown is the kingdom of Ashal, which was adjacent to Helmud. There is only one achievement of his that will be left in the history of the continent in that country. The kingdom of Ashal was the first to be destroyed by Helmud, who had risen 300 years ago.



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The few survivors of the kingdom were captured by demons. The demons enslaved all the survivors and transported them to Helmud. There was no such thing as a peaceful death for the warlock’s experimental animals, the toys of the demons, the living sacrifices, or the slaves transported to Helmud in that era.

Vermut was also one of those slaves, captured by demons and black magicians and transported to Helmud.

To live.

Vermouth said so. He took away the demon’s sword just with that thought. It was his first time wielding a sword, but he killed dozens of demons and warlocks with his first sword. After that, he escaped Helmud with the slaves being transported with him. In the process, he killed hundreds of monsters. He rescued slaves who were being transported. Then, he left Helmud and reached the snowy fields that the Bayar tribe used as their territory.

There he met Moron.

“I met Vermouth before you guys, and we fought together. I was a brave warrior from then on, but Vermouth was a hero from then on. Except for Vermouth, none of us were heroes to begin with. With Vermouth, we became heroes.”

“… … .”

“okay. We were definitely heroes. It’s not a satisfying form, but it saved the world. Nevertheless, Hamel and Anis. Your end was unfortunate. Hamel, you died in a fight with the Staff of Confinement. Anise, you informed me of your death in a letter. Senya went into seclusion without telling anyone the truth, and Vermouth… … dead.”

“I am not dead.”

Eugene muttered. At that, Moron silently emptied the bottle.

“… … The truth is, I thought Vermouth was dead. I saw the corpse myself and moved his coffin. In the end I was left alone. lived alone for a long time Right now.”

An empty liquor bottle stood upright on the table.

“I thought of myself as a hero and a warrior. That’s why I hoped for an ending worthy of being a hero and a warrior. As the king of Ruhar, he did not want to die while being mourned by everyone. That’s why I had to worry all the time.”


“My body did not age and my strength was strong. Even after he was over 100 years old, his heyday as a warrior continued. How should I use this power? Everyone calls me a hero, but there are no friends who were heroes like me.”

Moron’s lips twitched. He continued with an inappropriately bitter smile.

“Should I challenge Helmud again? she thought so. I thought about it over and over again, but I didn’t. This peace was obtained through Vermouth’s promise. If I challenge Helmud again, the peace will be broken. No doubt it will. And I was well aware I will never be alone, let alone the demon lord of destruction. Even the demon king of confinement cannot be killed.”

Moron’s solitude was long. His worries were not something that time could solve.

“… … The one who gave me a new mission is Vermouth.”


“Neither Annis nor Senya are gone. 150 years ago when only I was alive. Vermouth appeared in my dream and he said,

Climb Rehein Yar.

See Raguryaran.

Be wary of the end that comes over from there.


Morone continued.

“He said he was asking me.”

To Moron, who was a hero and wanted an ending worthy of a warrior, Vermouth, who had died, appeared in his dream and conveyed his request.

“100 years ago. Just as Vermouth warned, the end is beginning to roll over in Laguryaran.”

An old legend of the Bayar tribe told by Moron.

Beyond Rehein Yar, there is Ragur Yaran. land of nothing. A land not to be crossed. end of the world.

The reason Bayar lives in Lehein is to prevent others from crossing over to Laguryaran. And it is to protect the end of Raguryaran from crossing over.

Deep in the night, Nur wakes up in Laguryaran. Nooru walks the wide end and crosses Rehein Yar. A child who does not sleep is eaten by Noor.

“I believe in vermouth.”

So Moron never doubted Vermouth.


Moron of the past could not give an answer to his troubles.

As the only surviving hero, will he protect the incomplete peace he won with Vermouth?

Or, will you challenge the mission that your colleagues who left earlier couldn’t achieve?

In the car that couldn’t come up with an answer to those worries, Vermouth appeared in a dream. Moron’s reality and Vermouth’s request in a dream. Thanks to that, Moron didn’t have to worry anymore.

His body, which did not deteriorate even after hundreds of years, was suitable for following Vermouth’s request.

If the end had not crossed over from Laguryaran as Vermut warned and requested, Moron would not have been able to say that he believed in Vermut with as much conviction as he does now.

But in the end, it was as Vermouth warned. The dream Moron had 150 years ago was not an illusion created by himself. The warning became reality, and the end began to roll over in Laguryaran from 100 years ago.

“After the dream. I lived in Rehein Yar. I saw Raguryaran every day.”

It is a high and steep mountain, but to Moron, it felt familiar and low, like the mountain behind the neighborhood. Every day after the sun went down, he climbed Lehein Yar and glared at La Gur Yaran. And in the morning, I came down the mountain peak again.

“It was a busy and fulfilling day. At that time, I was not the king of Luhar. Even when I lived in Reheinyar, no one said anything to me.”

However, he was not confined to Rehein Yar. Occasionally, he attended important events in Luhar. At that time, it was still before Moron ‘retired’.

“Raguryaran has not changed at all from the scenery I saw as a child. Still, I believed in vermouth. The dead Vermouth appeared in my dream and warned me. The vermouth I know is not the kind of person who gives meaningless warnings and favors.”

“I cannot deny it.”

Eugene muttered in a low voice, and Anis also nodded in agreement.

The person they remember as ‘Vermouth Lionheart’ was a person who didn’t do well with requests from others. Vermouth does it by itself without asking anyone. If Vermouth can’t do it, he can do it no one else can.

So was the warning. Before Vermouth utters a warning, he doesn’t make the most of the situation to warrant a warning. Even so, if Vermouth spat out a warning, it really couldn’t be helped. something unavoidable. It was something to be careful and vigilant about.

“Actually, as Vermouth warned, the end is starting to roll over. What appeared in my dream was undoubtedly the real vermouth. So Vermouth’s warnings and requests are all sincere and heavy.”

“By end, do you mean Nur?”

Yujin waved the bottle and asked. A giant monkey with horns on its head. A monster that radiated ominous energy, similar to the demon king of destruction. Aman, the Beast King, had said that he was in the form of a huge serpent that Nur saw.

“In the language of the snowfield, it means the end of pressing and death. meaning not significantly different. The end of life is death. It is for everything.”

“… … It’s just a big monkey that I saw. It was the end and did not fit the grandiose meaning of death.”

“But Hamel, you said you felt bad for Noor. Anise, you must have felt the same way.”

Morron turned his head and looked out the window. Rehein Yar was visible through the fluttering snow.

“Three hundred years ago, we felt ‘end’ just by seeing a being from afar. More than anything we had seen in Helmud, its presence made us realize the end.”

Demon King of Destruction.

“I don’t know why I feel the ominousness of Noor like the demon lord of destruction. Vermouth didn’t say that either. But I never once thought that it was so important. That ‘end’ comes on its own, even though you don’t want it. I cross over from Raguryaran at will, and cross over Reheinyar.”

Moron clenched his fist.

“It has to be stopped. should not pass 100 years ago, when I first saw Noor. I thought it must be.”

There were no signs.

As for decades, Moron climbed the peak of Reheinyar. He saw Ragur Yaran. The act itself was familiar because it had been done for decades.

But that day, I didn’t feel used to it. I don’t know exactly where or how it started. However, she felt that everything was different.

That feeling intensified as I climbed the mountain. Forcibly dragging his still body to the top of Le Hein Yar. He saw Ragur Yaran. There was still nothing there, and it was a land where nothing could live.

When I looked at the land and turned my head away feeling an unknown fear.

Nur stood behind Moron.

“Do you remember when you saw the demon king of destruction?”

“How could I forget that?”

“No matter how many times I die, I will never forget the urges and feelings of that time.”

The Demon King of Destruction made his existence despair just by looking at it. Regardless of the past, present, or future, it aroused the urge to commit suicide right away. It was because I felt so much fear that I couldn’t bear without taking my own life. Far from fighting back, it made me think that we should never come close.

“The Demon King, who exuded such a presence, was suddenly ‘where we can see’. We know how many people the demon lord of destruction killed in that place. However, we do not know ‘why’ or ‘how’ such a being appeared there.”

The Demon King of Destruction was such an existence. A living, moving disaster far beyond human perception. Its territory is La Vista, but the demon king of destruction 300 years ago wandered around Helmud at will.

However, it was impossible to even guess where the demon king of destruction was moving. It appears out of nowhere without any warning. He causes destruction where he appears.

—-It was like that then too. When I looked up, there was the Demon King of Destruction on the other side of the mountain. I don’t know what he looked like. A huge phenomenon that can’t be explained in detail, like a mixture of many colors. lump of color. It seemed so.

“It’s a painful humiliation to say to ourselves, but then we got away. I’m a brave warrior, but I never wanted to fight that being. If you fight, you will inevitably die. My existence is over. I felt that way.”

Moron was not the only one who felt that way. Hamel felt the same way. As a result, everyone there fled. The vermouth shouted that they had to run away in the lead.

“I ran away. However, the being was huge enough to be seen no matter how far it ran.”

“… … It did.”

What stopped running away. It is because the demon king of destruction has become invisible.

To be precise, it was because the demon king of destruction had disappeared.

“It is incomparably weaker than the Demon Lord of Destruction. But they are similar to the demon lords of destruction.”

appear suddenly in front of you. It exudes an ominous ominous smell, spreading end and death as its name implies.

“The day I first saw Noor. I killed Nur. And declared hermitage to the royal family.”

Things were different from before. Moron hadn’t come down Le Hein Yar ever since his retirement. There was no such thing as a law in Noor’s appearance. Some days during the day and some times at night. Sometimes dozens of them appeared in a day, sometimes not even one for several days.

“That first day, I dreamed of vermouth again. The vermouth in the dream said he was sorry to me. Where are you to be sorry? Rather, I felt sorry for vermouth. His words were happy, sad, and thankful. Vermouth would not have wanted to ask me for such a favor. But there was no one else to ask but me. It was something Vermouth himself couldn’t do, so he asked me.”

So said.

“I will remain on this mountain and kill Nur. It doesn’t matter who Nur is. But no one wants that undesirable end to come, and neither do I.”

“… … How did Vermouth respond to you?”

“I didn’t answer anything. Vermouth made a face that did not suit Vermouth. And it’s gone. That was the last time I dreamed of Vermouth, but I felt the ‘power’ that Vermouth gave me.”


“My eyes are very bright. Wherever Noor appears in the wide Lehein Yar, I can see Noor right away. I know how that uneasy being is born and how it moves. I can see Cristina Rogeris in Anise now.”

Moron continued to speak as he glared at Rehein Yar outside the window.

“Nuru is an ominous existence that scares people even without seeing it. And big. Noor’s corpse, already dead, exudes ominous poison. Nur’s blood stains his eyes and kills the life of the mountain.”

For 100 years, Moron blocked Nur. We don’t know how many Noor he killed. … … If, as Moron said, Noor emits ominous poison. Noor’s ‘poison’ that he had killed for 100 years would have covered Reheinyar.

That mountain is a f*cking mountain with endless snow falling, but there is no poison that is strong enough to make you feel suicidal.

Eugene recalled what had happened in the Great Hammer Gorge. In an instant, Moron disappeared along with the huge corpse of Noor. They climbed the cliff to check, but none of the blood Nur spilled remained.

… … Lionheart’s treasure house. I remembered the darkroom leading to the basement. Magic that is not like magic. If I had to categorize it, I could classify it as space magic, but it was impossible to understand that space even with Akasha.

“Vermouth didn’t tell me about the ability, but I knew how to use it. kill noor he throws the body It is a very good ability to write like that.”

It wasn’t hard to imagine.

The other side of Rehein Yar. An invisible world that no archmage can penetrate. Moron would have placed Nur’s body there. Lest the snowy mountain he loved be polluted, he would have built it with black bloody tips and the corpses of the monsters of death.

“… … Moron, you.”

Eugene opened his mouth involuntarily.

“Are you unable to die because of Vermouth’s request?”

I had no choice but to ask.

“It’s what I hoped I’m not dying.”

Moron replied with a smile.

“I live a worthy life as a warrior. While following the request of an old friend, I am protecting the snowy mountains and snowfields that I love, the country I created with my own hands, and the world.”

“… … For 100 years.”

“Didn’t you tell me, Hamel? A life worth living as a warrior. I didn’t want to die of old age. Being a warrior, I wanted to die like a hero. Death is a distant thing to me now, but if I die out of power. The corpse of Noor, which I have accumulated until then, will prove my life as a warrior and hero.”

“… … .”

“and. A descendant of my blood will do my part to stop Nur. If you are a warrior of Bayar and the king of Ruhar, of course you should.”

“Are you not resentful of Vermouth? He didn’t explain anything to me. Why did Nur appear and why did he have to ask for this?”

“Hamel. Do you think all of that is important?”

Eugene was speechless at Moron’s question. When he hesitated without answering, Moron continued with a chuckle.

“I was the only person Vermouth could ask for. If it was I who died 300 years ago, not you, and if Vermouth had to ask someone. I would have asked you to do the same. Then, Hamel, would you have refused Vermouth’s request?”

“… … I am… … .”

“I would not have refused. It’s not just me and you. Even if it was Senya and Anis, if they were asked the same as me, they would never have refused. Hamel, Anise. What did you guys feel when you first saw Noor?”

have to kill

I thought so. An existence that exudes an ominous spirit like the demon lord of destruction. Existence itself is an unacceptable existence. So you must kill it.

“I thought so too. Even if Vermouth didn’t ask, he would have killed Noor if he had seen him. Even if Vermouth hadn’t asked for it, he would have made it his mission to shut himself up in Le Hein Yar and kill and block Noor.”

“It must have been.”

Anise giggled and replied. She buried herself deep in her couch and rested her chin on her hand.

“we are… … Even though I made many excuses, in the end I was sincere about saving the world. Even if we weren’t all like that from the beginning, after decades of fighting together, we eventually became people who sincerely wanted to save the world.”


“The war is over. The world has become peaceful. We know how desperate this peace was. Even if peace was obtained in a form different from the ideal, we gave our all to this peace. … … If an entity that could threaten him appeared, we would have killed it regardless of Vermut’s request. If it continued to appear, I would have spent the rest of my life obliterating it.”

At the end of Anise, there was another option. I didn’t want to care about the future or the future. He wanted to throw away the holy kingdom and faith that had restrained his existence. I wished I had died quietly in a place where no one was present, as I had hoped, rather than for the sake of the kingdom that I had resented all my life.

But Anis didn’t do that. In the desert where Hamel’s tomb is, he played a whim. … … He couldn’t possibly abandon the world after his death. He fought until his body was destroyed, and in the end he died. He was clueless and remembered the man he loved.

So, I gave the body of this imitation incarnation to the holy kingdom. He could have gone to heaven, but he did not go to heaven and remained in the world. I watched as the sacrificed body became a holy relic and created the next generation of saints. I hoped that the saints who were created like that would save the world.

Yujin didn’t say anything and closed her eyes.

Moron is a double body. That was unmistakable. It’s not just Moron. Everyone is a climber. Even if it wasn’t as you wished, didn’t you save the world in the end? Wasn’t it peaceful even in this form?

If so, I wish I could have lived as happily as I suffered. It was enough to live a decent life, die, and go to heaven.

nobody did that

—-It was the same with Hamel. died and was reincarnated. Even if that was Vermouth’s intention, what did it matter? Hamel had a choice. He could have lived a new life, just easy. From the beginning, Hamel did not have such a life as an option.

As if it were natural, I decided to fulfill the mission I could not achieve in my previous life. He decided to dedicate his life to his mission to kill all demon kings.

As Anise said, ‘we’ were such people.

“Show me next time.”

Eugene grumbled as he unplugged the cork.

“Moron. How many nours have you killed in 100 years. Where did you put that noor?”

“I don’t want to show it. If I wanted to, I would have shown it last time.”

“Why do you hate it?”

“Because the poison is too thick. I’m used to it, but Hamel, if you look there, your head might go crazy. The body can get sick.”

Is that why I told you not to come? Eugene sneered at that backbone-like kindness.

“You know me as some kind of X food. No matter how many dead bodies pile up, I don’t get weird. You don’t even get sick.”

swallowed the question

Then, Moron’s Eye. Moron’s atmosphere. Different from now, cold and emotionless eyes. Eyes that look like they have been blown away by the years. Like vermouth in a darkroom—- tired, cloudy eyes.

“Promise me.”

Eugene couldn’t leave Moron alone.

“After the Night March, take me there. Show me what you have seen in 100 years.”

“Are you going to leave me?”

Anise smiled and opened her mouth.

“If Hamel goes, I will go too. Of course, where you stand, I must also stand.”

“… … anise. I am… … .”

“Moron. You have no talent for lying. Are you worried about us? Aren’t those words a lie? The truth you just said is, ‘I don’t want to show it’.”

Anise did not consider Moron like Eugene. This serpentine woman had a knack for gnawing at the hearts of her opponents from 300 years ago.

“There’s nothing like a monster’s body that you don’t want to show us there.”

“… … .”

“And I want to see at all costs what you don’t want to show.”

“… … Hahaha!”

Morron rolled his eyes and burst into laughter. He nodded, then continued to laugh as he patted his head.

“You really haven’t changed anything.”

“Have you changed?”

“I tried not to change.”

“That’s it. Now that we know about your circumstances, let’s enjoy a drink from now on.”

Anise brought the bottle to her lips. That alone changed the mood.

Eugene opened her mouth while stroking Mer’s head, who was fidgeting next to her.

“hey. But Moron. Can you come here now?”

“Didn’t I tell you earlier? I can see Rehein Yar here too. The press hasn’t come out yet. If Nur comes out, he will return to kill Nur.”

Even if that was possible, he was stuck in Rehein Yar for 100 years.


Yujin muttered and tipped the bottle at Moron.

“I don’t like that word, but I don’t hate it when you call me a bastard.”

Morron also smiled and tilted the bottle.


Demon Sword Glory.

The reason why Gavid Lindman is called the sword of confinement, and the beloved sword bestowed directly by the demon king of confinement. The moonlight sword used by Vermouth, the only sword that could resist the terrible light.

I’ve hardly ever pulled it out and wielded it since 300 years ago. Even if left unattended for a long time, the blade will not deteriorate. Even so, Gavid sharpened and polished the blade of his favorite sword every day.

I especially wanted to do that tonight.

Gavid recalled the Moron he had seen a few hours earlier and the speculation he was emitting. Even when I recall it, my body feels chilly and joyful. The meeting with Moron reminded Gavid of the battlefield 300 years ago.

‘… … any.’

Gavid thought as he straightened his jet-black blade. Moron’s pupils, which had sunk dimly.

300 years is by no means a short time even for demons.

And for humans, it will be far too long. No matter how strong and outstanding a human being is, it wears out over a long, long time. Just as a huge rock is weathered by long rains and winds, humans have no choice but to do the same.

‘I thought I could look forward to it.’

Moron Luhar had a madness born of 300 years of experience. Gavid, deep down, expected that madness to erupt into violence.

However, Moron did not do that. She showered insults on Gavid, but she didn’t pounce with her weapon drawn and screaming like she used to.

“He’s not like a human being.”

Gavid muttered as he stared at the light-sucking magic sword.

Moron’s fighting spirit put his body on the line. Moron expected to attack. But that didn’t happen, so Gavid had no choice but to pull out his sword while calming the enraged speculation that had been drawn out. Demon Sword Glory. The glory bestowed by the demon king of confinement. Whenever he wanted to go on a rampage, Gavid brought out Glory as he does now. He calmed the urge to rampage as he raised and polished the blade.

Just as Glory calms Gavid Lindman’s madness.

Moron must have something like that.

It would be foolish to call it a sense of kinship, but Gavid guessed so. The eyes of Moron approaching from the other side of the snowy field were as violent as a beast that would bite the leash at any moment. However, that violence disappeared as if it had never happened before arriving in front of the castle gate.

‘Is it because descendants of blood are watching? or not… … Is it because he saw an imitation incarnation that looked just like Annis Slewood? Or was it because he felt the blood of Vermouth Lionheart?’

Eugene Lionheart did not resemble Vermouth Lionheart in appearance.

However, the splendor that Vermouth possessed also belonged to Eugene. A talent that can hardly be considered human. That talent will one day create a hero who can even touch the neck of the devil. The ‘blood’ of Vermouth that had reached that level was flowing in Eugene Lionheart’s veins.

Moron must have felt the blood. He couldn’t believe that the warriors who fought alongside Vermouth didn’t feel him.

… … Either way, it was disappointing for Gavid. If Moron had rushed into madness. Gavid must have had a reason to fight Moron.

“Don’t stand there and come in.”

Gavid muttered as he put the magic sword into the scabbard. The door to the tent opened by itself, and Amelia Merwin, standing across from her, smiled.

“Isn’t it too simple for Duke Helmud’s quarters?”

“Isn’t this my manor?”

“They will give you the castle if you wish. Or should I build a castle for you?”

“It’s still rude.”

Gavid smiled and nodded. Amelia Merwin. That woman refers to anyone as ‘you’. The only thing that rude black magician doesn’t refer to as you is the demon king of confinement. If Amelia had been rude even to the demon king of confinement, Gavid would have cut his head right away.

“It is a pleasant and grateful offer, but I will decline it. I feel comfortable enough in this tent.”

Amelia snorted at the answer. The darkness under her feet soared and became her chair. Amelia sat down in front of Gavid and crossed her legs.

“My taste is still nasty.”

Behind the seated Amelia. Hemoria stands with a bone bite in her mouth. Breathing heavily, she glared at the top of Amelia’s head with her flesh-filled eyes, then she met Gavid’s gaze once and shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s a mix of many things.”

Hemoria’s red eyes. Sharp teeth biting into bones. Besides that, Gavid felt several things. He looks like a human, but he is not human.

“Are you still obsessed with beings like that?”

“Did you forget I hate questions like that?”

“Ah, excuse me. It’s been so long since I met you. Was the last time you saw it 70 years ago?”

“I forgot those old days.”

Amelia replied with a smile. She continued by jokingly running Hemoria’s legs behind her.

“Aren’t you asking why I’m here?”

“I have known you for 200 years. I haven’t seen you as often as I’ve known you, but I know you’re a very mean wizard. Judging from him, I think you’ve come to ask me to join you in a wicked plan.”

“They say they use monsters for joint training.”

Amelia shrugged and opened her mouth.

“Very, very many monsters will be summoned. The wizards of Arot, and the wizards of Nahama. Of course, I also decided to help them summon monsters.”

“is it.”

“If you invest a little magic, I could make a very nice fuss here. how is it? You can get a lot of fun out of that commotion.”

“An interesting proposal.”

Gavid laughed softly and nodded.

“But I will decline. Personally, I’m interested in the fuss you’re about to create, but the demon lord of confinement won’t want him.”

“Did you come all the way here?”

“I didn’t come to the north to be your strength. I just wanted to look at the hero and the saint with my own eyes and measure them. Actually, didn’t you expect me to answer like this?”

Amelia did not deny that. Because she guessed, as Gavid said, that she would be rejected.

In the first place, Amelia herself wasn’t even serious about what she had just said. Even if he summoned a large army of violent monsters, the power gathered in the Night March would quickly wipe out the large army of monsters.

‘Things that don’t need to be done if I don’t help myself.’

Amelia neatly put aside her lingering feelings.

“Then let me ask you something else. You may have expected it to some extent, but there is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. That’s why I was stuck in that sandy desert.”

“Are you worried that I might intervene?”

“No duke other than you will intervene. Noir Jebella will be very interested in watching, and Raizakia, that demon dragon, will too. But you are the sword of confinement, right? If I act to break the peace that the demon king of confinement desires… … .”

“The Demon King of Confinement respects the freedom of his servants.”

Gavid doesn’t know exactly what Amelia is up to. But she knew that she had been preparing for a long time. And she also knows that the demon king of confinement is not very unrelated to that.

It’s not just Amelia Merwin. A samma who made a direct contract with the demon king of confinement. Edmund Codlet and Balzac Rudbeth also have a long-cherished wish to be wizards. These are very cheeky and presumptuous wishes in the eyes of Gavid, but the demon king of confinement did not limit the long-cherished wishes of his servants. Rather, he gave unlimited freedom to his servants and helped them achieve their long-cherished wishes.

“I don’t know what you are going to do. As the Demon King of Confinement knows, he didn’t tell me to stop it.”

“I wish I could tell you clearly. No matter what I do, he will not come to kill me.”

“That’s not for me to decide. if… … If what you’ve done is too much, if the demon lord of confinement feels pain in his heart and orders you to bring your head. I have to follow that order unconditionally.”

Amelia didn’t like the answer. However, I was convinced that that answer was the best answer I could hear from the confined sword. So she nodded her head without asking further.

“I don’t give orders like that.”

There was no reason to stay in this tent any longer, so I tried to retreat. But he couldn’t. A voice suddenly came out of the shadow under the light.

There was no great weight or presence in the voice. It was just a voice. But Gavid and Amelia knew all too well what it was.

Gavid and Amelia jumped up from their seats, pale faces. Hemoria, who was standing in her corner, tilted her head at her, not understanding the sudden sound of her voice.

“I don’t want to trample on your efforts and hard work.”

Eyes opened in the dark. Still, there was no presence. But unlike the voice, those eyes cut off Hemoria’s consciousness just by looking at them. Hemoria fell to the floor, but Amelia couldn’t look away from what was happening right behind her.

“… … your majesty… … ! How did you come to this humble place… … !”

Gavid bowed his head deeply and sighed.

I heard the voice coming down from the top floor of Babel, the demon castle, many times. However, it had been a very long time since Gavid felt the existence of the demon king in captivity and met his gaze like now. It made Gavid’s body tremble with joy.

“I’m not here to scold you.”

The demon king of confinement said. Still, he only revealed his eyes in the dark. Amelia felt her body tremble and clenched her fists.

“… … then… … Are you here to scold me?”

“I would have said. I do not want to trample on your efforts and hard work.”

“… … .”

“If your wish comes true, you will receive great honor. If you don’t achieve it and fail, the price is yours to pay. Amelia Merwin. My servants, including you, have made the same contract as me. Have you forgotten him?”

“… … Could I have forgotten You are giving me as much magic as I want.”

The contract with the Demon King is simple. Amelia is always supported by the demon lord’s magical power whenever she wishes. It is a great power, but she cannot use it freely. The power of the Great Demon King destroys even the black magician who made a contract.

However, it is possible to tune it to the point where it is needed, as long as it is needed, and not to be broken. Not only Amelia, but all the sammas in confinement had that level of talent.

There is always a price to pay for contracts with demons. The most common price is the soul. When it dies someday, its soul becomes the property of the contracted demon. It was the same with the contract with the demon king. When Amelia dies, Amelia’s soul is taken by the demon king of confinement.

And that’s not all.

The Demon King uses reverence as his strength. Just as worship and faith make a god a god, reverence for the demon king makes a demon king. That was the absolute difference between the demon king and the demon tribe.

The demon king is such a being. To be in awe of the name of the ‘Demon King of Confinement’ by other beings. To be afraid of the Demon King. With that alone, the status of the ruler of Helmud increased, and the power of the demon king became stronger. To the demon king, fear is a kind of sweet awe.

If Amelia runs amok for my long-cherished dream. The world will feel fear at the name of Amelia Merwin, who ‘contracted with the demon king of confinement’. Even that fear becomes the power of the demon king of confinement.

And if one day Amelia dies. The soul of the terrible warlock feared by the world, along with all the feats of his lifetime, the power he accumulated, and the horrors of the world, will be added to the imprisoned demon lord.

—-Amelia trembled as she imagined the ending. Naturally, Amelia did not want to meet such an end. All the black magicians who contracted with the devil, no, with the demons, would be like that. Because of a contract in exchange for a soul, death can never be a rest. That’s why many black magicians struggle to change their ending, and Amelia was no different.

“Did Moron come?”

The demon king of confinement muttered.

ㅡQuaaaaaang! The moment he finished speaking, a gigantic force blew away Gavid’s tent. All that flew was the tent. The moment the power came over, Gavid immediately created magic and protected this space with a barrier.


Gavid roared and grabbed the hilt. But he didn’t draw his sword. It’s because the demon king of confinement didn’t tell him to draw his sword. However, he did not pull out his sword, and the huge murderous intent he spewed covered the surroundings beyond the barrier.

The black fog that had gathered all of a sudden stayed behind Gavid. The fog cleared, and the demon knights knelt down in unison.

A shimmering ray of darkness. Red eyes opened in the middle of it. Among the Knights of the Black Mist, not a single demon faced the confined Demon King, but their instincts intuited who the owner of the darkness and pupils was.

“Moron Luhar.”

Eyes moved around.

Moron raised his bowed body. She flew straight from the castle top of the fortress. Until recently, he had been drinking happily with Eugene and Anise, but now Moron had no trace of drunkenness left. All that exists is enormous hatred and intent to kill.

“confinement… … !”

Moron opened his tightly closed lips and called the demon king of confinement as if vomiting blood. —-The first one to intrude was Moron, but before long others came. Eugene, wrapped in purple flames, fell beside Moron, and Anise, spreading his wings of light, stopped behind Moron.

“I didn’t want to make a fuss.”

The darkness squirmed, and a voice came out.

People started pouring in. The first to come were the Knights of the Blood Cross of Euras. Raphael, who had been running from the front, changed his expression. dark, red eyes. The moment he caught it, Raphael immediately pulled out the Claymore on his back and kicked the ground.


Anis shouted. The enormous divine power carried by the shout made Raphael’s body stand tall in the air. Raphael looked up at Anise with surprised eyes, then put down the claymore with a slight nod.

The Knights of the Blood Cross confronted the Black Fog. Before long, Lionheart and Kiel’s White Dragon Knights arrived. The increasing number of knights surrounded the black mist to prevent it from escaping.

It’s just for looks. Eugene clenched his fists and stared into the darkness.

The kings of the continent have arrived.

The Pope of Euras gasped, clutching his throbbing chest. It didn’t even cause his miracle, but blood was flowing from the stigma carved on his body.

The Emperor of Kiel stared into the darkness with bloodshot eyes. He didn’t stare. I couldn’t. Not wanting to compromise his dignity, he kept his back straight, but his legs, faithful to his instincts, trembled.

Even though he is the emperor of the empire, it is the demon king who has reigned by force for a long time. And that demon king of confinement was a great demon king who was particularly strong among the many demon kings that existed. The power of emperors is meaningless in front of the overwhelming power of the demon king of confinement.

“I don’t want to be misunderstood.”

The demon king of confinement muttered. —-The darkness wriggled and moved.

Ahhh! Gavid uttered a voice full of awe and knelt in his seat. Amelia couldn’t stand up any longer. Even though she was arrogant, she had to get on her knees now.

“I’m not here to break a promise.”

Darkness became flesh and clothes. Thus, the demon king of confinement stood alone with his body. The body belonged to a man with pale skin and red eyes, but it was unbelievably beautiful. The demon king of confinement continued his words while caressing the horn that sprouted from between his hair.

“If you misunderstand and be wary of my coming, I hope you don’t think so.”

“… … I heard you warned the world.”

Moron glared at the demon king in captivity with bloodshot eyes.

How could I forget that look? 300 years ago. The demonic castle of confinement that was terrible. On the top floor of Babel, I met that demon king of confinement.

And despaired.

“It did.”

The demon king of confinement nodded. okay. Every time he moved his hand, the chains that gripped his wrists clattered.

“I gave one room. If you fear me, I will respect you. If my favors are not violated, I will not be the first to end peace.”

“… … The demon king of confinement.”

Neither the emperor nor the king opened his mouth. Lionheart’s family head, Gilade, stepped forward. He wanted to sit down right away, but he gritted his teeth and resisted the intimidation of the demon king of confinement.

“I am… … The head of Lionheart. Call me Gilade Lionheart.”

“I know your name. Dear descendant of Vermouth, what do you want to ask me?”

“Warning… … I want to ask you about the ending. You, my adoptive son, have made a messenger of warning. You said the end of the promise was approaching.”

“The promise was not forever.”

The demon king of confinement tilted his head. Those red eyes went beyond Gilreid and turned to Eugene.

“300 years ago. Your ancestor, dear Vermouth, made a pact with me. It was a promise for peace.”

“… … .”

“I do not speak of the promise. Because Vermouth didn’t want him. Hana descendant, do not misunderstand the ‘end’ of the promise. The end of the promise is inevitable. You fear and respect me. Even if I do you a favor, someday the end of the promise will come.”

“then… … ! Wouldn’t it be nice to re-schedule? If you need me… … .”

“Who can replace Vermouth?”

The demon king of confinement said with a smile. Those words were not entirely directed at Gilreid. These were the words to be handed to everyone who sees the demon king of confinement in this place, and the demon king of confinement was looking straight into Eugene’s face.

“No one can replace vermouth. The reason the promise was made was because that being was Vermouth Lionheart.”

The voice of the demon king of Yupe stopped. He moved his eyes that had been looking at Eugene and gazed at Moron.

“Stop being reckless, Moron Luhar.”

Moron’s condition was not serious. A harsh breath escaped from between his clenched teeth. Her wriggling muscles looked like they were going to go wild at any moment.

“You killed me right here, nothing changes. On the contrary, coming close to me will hurt you.”

“Kreuk… … !”

“Don’t you have other karma besides killing me?”

ㅡ Kwakdeuk! Morron’s teeth were smashed. He glared at the demon king in captivity with bloodshot eyes, then took a deep breath.


Moron nodded and murmured. He blinked a few times, then took a step back, bursting out with his wry laugh.

“I want to kill you right now. I want to achieve something I couldn’t do 300 years ago.”

“Do you think that you alone can achieve what you couldn’t accomplish even though you fought with Vermouth, Senya, and Anise?”

“No, I don’t think so. I thought I wanted to attack you and die.”

Morone answered honestly.

“But now I cannot die like that. So I won’t fight.”

The smile of the demon king in captivity slightly changed at that answer. He stared at Moron with a smile and nodded his head.

“I respect your answer.”

The smile disappeared from the face of the demon king in captivity.

“Moron Luhar, you are not the only one. Kings of the continent, knights who serve them, mercenaries wandering the battlefield, warriors. I respect your will. I know why you all gathered here.”

A low voice whispered.

“So I’ll step back from here. If you wish for war, come to my domain, Pandemonium, as your ancestors did 300 years ago. Climb up my demon castle, Babel, and aim your sword at me.”

The body of the demon king of confinement began to scatter into darkness.

“If you wish to do so, I will gladly wait for you there. Is this enough reprieve, Eugene Lionheart?”

Suddenly, the demon king of confinement called Eugene by name. Even as he dispersed into darkness, he stared at Eugene with thinly opened eyes.

“The owner of the holy sword. A descendant of Vermouth.”

Eugene didn’t answer and glared at the demon king in captivity.

“Are you going to climb the barbell?”


Vermouth’s voice came to mind.

-Like you did, standing in the presence of the demon king of confinement. Let’s meet his body. What happens after that, you have to experience for yourself.


Yujin licked her lips and smiled. He raised his middle finger proudly toward the dispersing demon king.

“I don’t know when it will be, but I will make sure to go.”

“You bastard!”

Gavid, who did not think that he would show such a gesture to the demon king in captivity, shouted out loud. However, the demon king of confinement rather laughed as if he was having fun. He shook his head as he grabbed Gavid by the shoulder as he lunged forward.

“Don’t be rude.”

“your majesty… … !”

“He is my guest.”

The demon king of confinement whispered. Gavid contorted his face and lowered his head.

Right before disappearing, the demon king of confinement looked at Eugene with a smile and said,

“I look forward to the day you come to Babel someday.”

With those words, the demon king of confinement disappeared.

Gavid knelt down and lowered his head until the demon king of confinement completely disappeared.

… … customer. The demon king of confinement certainly said so, and Gavid did not have any complaints about those words. The disrespect shown by Eugene Lionheart deserves to be killed hundreds of thousands of times, but the demon king of confinement told Gavid ‘don’t be rude’.

‘Until you come to Babel.’

Gavid chewed his lips to calm himself down. Only then did he get up from his seat.

No, before getting up.

Eugene’s sword fell on Gavid’s head.


There is no way that Gavid Lindman, the sword of confinement, could not have foreseen the anticipation of the blade falling on his neck. The detection was done early on, and the reaction was only delayed.


The reason was very simple. He didn’t understand why the sword fell down his throat. Just a moment ago, the demon king of confinement stood here. It wasn’t true, but he respected the insignificant humans gathered here and manifested as a body, even in darkness.

until just a moment ago. It means that the demon king of confinement was in this place.

And Gavid Lindman is the Duke of Helmud, the sword of confinement, and the only knight of the demon king of confinement. Countless people were watching him, but Gavid was not ashamed to bow his head on his knees for his master. So until the moment the lord left this place, he knelt down and bowed his head.

on his own neck. As if beheading a sinner, the sword fell.

The light that wrapped around the blade that had been slashed down revealed the darkness. The brilliant storm of light did not swallow Gavid as he had hoped. Gavid, backing away, raised his head and looked ahead with a bewildered expression.

I saw Eugene holding the holy sword, Altair. He looked back at Gavid, who backed away.

An incomprehensible surprise. Gavid was taken aback, and Eugene was not. He tilted his placid face and glared at Gavid.

Gavid wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand the situation. Amelia, who was on her knees as well as Gavid, glared at Eugene with her eyes mixed with murderous intent and irritation. Her divine power is a power that is incompatible with black magic. She took a long step back so as not to get caught up in it, but if she was caught in that light, it would have been very, very painful.

“you. What are you doing?”

Amelia asked, her lips twitching. Her pet, Hemoria, hadn’t regained consciousness yet, and Amelia’s hands held her by the nape of her neck. She’s a disobedient pet, but I couldn’t let her die so absurdly.

“that… … me too… … I am very curious.”

Gavid sighed and let out the rising emotions. The prostrate knights of the Black Mist all rose up and stood behind Gavid. They haven’t pulled out their swords yet, but they gather their intent to kill as sharp as blades and fire them at Eugene.

It felt like a huge wave crashing over. However, Eugene had gone through too much to be intimidated by such a murderous intent. So, without changing a single expression on his face, Yujin threw the holy sword in his hand upwards.

Again, Gavid didn’t understand what Eugene was doing. Why did you throw the holy sword you were holding well?

Soon, I understood why. The moment the Holy Sword was released from his hand. Eugene immediately pulled out a huge bow from within his cloak.

It is a strangely shaped bow. There are no protests. The bow stick is as tall as Yujin’s height, and it’s so fancy that it doesn’t seem practical.

It’s just for looks. Gavid knew what that bow was. Brain light bow Pernoa. One of the ancient weapons that Vermut Lionheart had, and it is unknown how he found it.

“this… … madman… … !”

Gavid’s face contorted. Eugene bent her fingers, enjoying the embarrassment of Confinement’s knife, whose expression had rarely changed. ㅡFajik! Eugene’s mana became a demonstration.

Lightning Spark goes well with the Thunder Light Bow. Originally, the Thunder Light Bow ignorantly consumes mana as much as its power, but the mana imbued with lightning sparks creates a demonstration of the Thunder Light Bow without much consumption.

Jajeon Ilseom (紫电一閃).

He liked the name that popped into his head, but Eugene couldn’t bring himself to say it. This name will remain in my head for the rest of my life.

Purple lightning shot out. The output of the arrow was incomparable to when he shot the brain light bow in the past. Everyone who was staring at Eugene was stunned by the power of the arrow. Gavid was the same. Gavid reflexively placed his hand on the demonic sword Glorie hung from his waist.

‘Don’t be rude.’

‘He is my guest.’

The moment he tried to grab the hilt of Glory. The master’s voice rang in Gavid’s head.

can you forget That was what the demon king of confinement had just said.

The lord said he would look forward to that human coming to Babel.

My lord told me not to be rude to that person.

The lord said that person was a guest.

All of that suppressed Gavid’s impulses. For him, the sword of confinement, every word of the demon king of confinement was an order that must be followed. So Gavid didn’t catch Glory.

ㅡQuaaaaaang! Purple lightning soared into the air. Gavid didn’t back down or dodge. He didn’t even pull Glory. Swinging his right hand like a knife, he bent the trajectory of the rotating flash upward. That’s all. Gavid’s body does not shed a single drop of blood from this attack.

But the sleeves are torn. Gavid glared at the ragged sleeves and gritted his teeth. But he had no time to complain. Before the electric current emitted by the light bow was gone, a huge and heavy attack blew Gavid’s body backwards.

Dragon spear Karvos. I can’t fire multiple shots, but this blow is ignorant and strong. The power of an attack that gathers high-output mana into one point and fires it is comparable to a dragon’s breath. In the past, the total amount of mana was insufficient, so he couldn’t shoot often and the power was not good, but now Eugene was able to pull out the power of the spear without difficulty.

“It flies far away.”

Eugene chuckled and shoved the spear into his cloak, holding the holy sword with both hands.

Magic spear, crushing weight, and moonlight sword. I had no intention of taking out these three weapons. No matter how much Gavid Lindman absolutely follows the words of the demon king of confinement, if he takes out those three weapons and pushes forward, he will pull out the demonic sword Glory.

Gavid does not draw Glory.

I won’t even use that obnoxious prestige eye.

I will follow the command of the demon king of confinement to the extent I can handle it.

Signature is not written. The more you hide a trump card, the higher the value when you take it out later. So, Eugene honestly jumped forward, holding only his holy sword.

“Me, stop that madman!”

The Emperor of Kiel, Straut II, shouted out loud. He didn’t understand why Eugene was attacking the Duke of Helmud. At most, the demon king of confinement gave it away, so what was the reason to stimulate Gavid Lindman here?

“Lord Alchester! right now, right now… … .”

“I don’t think it is necessary.”

Alchester looked ahead with thinly opened eyes. He didn’t claim to understand every aspect of Eugene. But he thought there was no way that talented genius would attack Gavid for no reason.

‘Hero of the Holy Sword… … If you want to continue the legend of the founder, Eugene Lionheart. You will someday head to Helmud as a warrior.’

Alchester has a very high opinion of Eugene. To the extent that he even passed on the secret sword of the Alchester family. And not long after Alchester taught him how to use an air sword, Eugene even succeeded in overlapping the air sword.

A natural talent for martial arts. Is that all? How broad and thoughtful his mind was, too, and he generously passed on the art of handling mana to his young son, Liu. Eugene, who was seen in the Dragonic family, never showed a cocky and arrogant appearance.

‘The present opportunity to experience the sword of confinement to you like that must be a valuable experience that cannot be exchanged for a thousand gold. In addition, the demon king himself in captivity called you a guest and promised to treat you, so that loyal knight of the demon king would not be able to take care of you… … .’

The more I thought about it, the more I thought about it, and Eugene’s actions were both bold and clever. So Al Chester nodded his head with a hearty smile. At the same time, she felt heat boil in her chest. If one day, Eugene Lionheart declares that he will stand tall as a warrior and go to kill the demon king.

ㅡAlchester Dragonic. He is proud of his ancestors. His ancestor, Oryx Dragonic, instead of heading to Helmud 300 years ago, remained in Kiel, which was in chaos due to war, and lived his entire life as a guardian knight protecting the empire.

It was honorable and right. But sometimes, sometimes, I used to think like this.

Like that great vermouth. Like the dumb Hamel, the wise Senya, the faithful Anis, and the brave Moron. I imagined what it would be like if the name of the ancestor Liu Dragonic was engraved in history along with the great heroes.

‘I’m lucky.’

Right next to him, King Straut II was glowing, but Alchester thought with a light smile.

If one day, Eugene Ryanhart raises his holy sword high and finds an ally to challenge Pandaemonium’s Babel together. Alchester thought that he wanted to join the heroic story that will remain in the history of the continent by putting down his position as Duke of Kiel and even the Dragonic family.

Of course, Eugene didn’t fight to see Gavid’s skills for the sake of the future, as Alchester thought.

‘It’s perfect for venting anger.’

That was all. Since Gavid couldn’t freely draw and wield the sword, he just wanted to pour out the emotions accumulated from his previous life.

“That madman.”

Even if no one else knew, Anis knew why Eugene was doing that. He may have made a careful decision in his own way, but in the end, Hamel’s damned personality exploded.

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