Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 8

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I’m going to try this and that based on the white salt diet. There are so many things that Eugene can do by entering Mana. 

“I’ll tell the lord. You will be… tired, so get some rest.”

We parted ways with Gion in front of the annex. Eugene saw Gion off with a bright smile. 

I was told to get some rest. She was actually tired of her body. It was a body that had never screamed even once, no matter how hard it was rolled, but it was enough to feel fatigue because it ate so much mana that it was not used to. 

But Eugene didn’t want to rest. There is no one to stop her, so what is she doing? This kind of fatigue will get better if you sleep well at night anyway. 

‘Let’s take a look.’

Eugene took off his sweaty clothes and threw them away. Nina, who was running out of her outbuilding, froze at the sight. Then she turned around and went back to the annex. She was in order to bring out what Eugene needed now, such as a new uniform, a towel, and a water bowl.

“Ah… Eugene! What are you going to eat?!”



I thought so. She said Nina ran after her and ran back to her outbuilding.

Yujin stood in place and was conscious of the core in her body. star. It was just called that. Made according to the flow of white salt, the core around the heart sparkles in a round shape like a star embroidering the night sky. 


It is small enough to be incomparable to the core of the previous life. It was not to be disappointing. Hamel at the age of 13 hadn’t even been initiated into Mana. Hamel at that time was… just…  

He lived in a village where monster attacks were frequent. It was a small town. Originally, there were occasional monster attacks, but by the time Hamel was over 10 years old, the attacks had become more radical and numerous. 

To protect the village, you had to know how to fight monsters. Adults wielded swords and axes, while children wielded smaller weapons.

So did Hamel. I was given a weapon right away, and I learned how to fight…

And within a few years, the village was destroyed. The reason the monsters became radical was because of the demon lords of Helmud. A sudden raid swept through the village. The only one who survived was young Hamel.

‘…I can’t compare it to my previous life.’

He also entered Mana faster than in his previous life. She learned the vermouth white salt recipe. The size of the core she created at the beginning is also incomparable to her previous life.

Eugene shook off the bitter feeling. 

Be conscious of the star in the heart. Mana moves. With blood, with blood. Move your body while maintaining the flow of the white salt ceremony. Soon, Yujin nodded with a satisfied expression.

‘It’s good.’

Having a lot of mana in the core doesn’t mean it’s strong. The important thing is how you handle mana. Baek Yeom-sik was thorough in that principle. Even with a small amount of mana, you can feel the change in body movements. 

There, Eugene added the experience of his previous life. He has a knack for handling mana, and knows how to maximize his power. 


A clenched fist blasts the air. I only punched him once, but my muscles and bones are numb. His physical training was not neglected, but apart from that, his body was still not accustomed to the addition of mana.

‘This is something I’ll gradually get used to.’

I can’t make a sword yet. Eugene moved his body a few more times and nodded. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make it if I force it, but I didn’t want to.

‘If the core is depleted for no reason, it won’t recover even with a day off.’

Just as overexertion of the body causes bone disease, so does the core. If you use up all the mana you have, your core will be depleted. The burden must be borne by the body. 


Nina approaches. She put down the heavy water basin on the floor and, without stopping to catch her breath, wiped Eugene’s body with a dry towel. Eugene stood still and continued his thoughts.

‘I don’t know if it will be a contract.’

He had gone through all sorts of things in his previous life, but he had never signed a contract with a spirit. So Eugene wasn’t sure if he could summon the spirits with the mana he had now. 

“Step back and look.”


Nina immediately nodded and stepped back. Eugene took a slow, deep breath and pulled out Winid. 

A blue-silver blade revealed with a smooth sound. Nina winced at her and shrugged her shoulders. After taking a few more deep breaths, Eugene drew mana from her core. 

‘Try it once.’

I’ve never learned magic, let alone spirits. So, the amount of mana required is unpredictable. If so, I have no choice but to do it blindly. 

The core’s mana flows into Winid. A star circling the heart shines. Miraculously, Eugene felt a star deep inside her body, an invisible star. 

Winid’s blade trembled. This magic sword began to devour the mana that Eugene infused. Sweat flows again from her body, which she wiped off at best. The blade emits a soft light, and a gentle breeze blows around Eugene. 


Nina, who had been watching him blankly, raised her voice. The wind, which gradually grows stronger, lifts Eugene’s hair. Her mouth is dry. Eugene gritted his teeth and continued to blow mana into her. 


At one point, the breeze turned into a violent storm. Nina was taken aback and stepped back from her. 

The most surprised was Eugene. what? The wind is so strong that I can’t even open my eyes properly. Winid did not accept any more mana. 

Eugene felt a ‘door’ appearing in her body. The door opens slowly. The wind gets stronger every time the door opens. The wind that blows around Yujin turns into a whirlwind.


Eugene looked up from the center of the whirlwind. A strong wind speaks to Yujin’s head. 

[…Could it be… Hamel?]

Where did you hear that voice? Eugene’s heart thumped and jumped. 


The wind spirit king who bestowed blessings on the storm sword, Winid. In his previous life he had seen Vermouth invoked several times.

[How are you? Could it be that he was reincarnated?]

‘How the f*ck do you know me?’

[Vermouth’s colleague. Can you forget your soul?]

Three hundred years have passed, and the face has changed. But the soul hasn’t changed. 

Spirits are spiritual beings. The wind spirit king, Tempest, remembered Hamel’s soul. 

[…You remember me too.]

‘What happened? I didn’t call you.’

[It’s been a while since I’ve been called by Winid. He wanted to see if Vermouth’s descendants would use it, but he felt the memory… the soul.]

The wind is getting less and less. Tempest’s voice that resonated in his head whenever that happened was also mixed with noise. 

[How could this be? Reincarnating with memories… and also as a descendant of Vermouth? Is that Hamel?]

‘Why didn’t Vermouth kill the Demon King?’

How were you reincarnated? I do not know. She died in the castle of the demon king of confinement, and when she came to her senses, she was crying as her newborn baby.

‘Tell me, Tempest. Wouldn’t you have been on the journey of the Devil’s Land together? Why are the demon kings of confinement and demons of destruction still alive after three hundred years?’



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[I don’t know what vermouth means.]

Tempest replied.

[All I know is… In the decisive battle with the demon king of confinement… Vermouth took the sword.]


[…I don’t know exactly what happened at that moment.]

I can’t hear Tempest’s voice very well.

[…the fight there was… fierce, but the end was futile. Only Vermouth and the demon king of confinement stood at the end. Vermut, who finally gathered the sword, did not kill the demon king of confinement or go to the demon castle of destruction… Their journey ended in the demon castle of confinement.]

‘…don’t f*ck with me.’

Eugene gritted it. 

Did the journey end there? 

According to the story handed down, the brave Vermut and his friends drive the demon king of confinement to the brink of death. However, the demon king of confinement escaped without dying and asked the demon king of destruction for help. 

Vermouth swore to Hamel’s death. He said he would kill all demon lords. Of course, Eugene had never heard of such an oath, but the contents of the storybook did. 

Thus, the warriors’ party heads to the demon castle of destruction. However, he was unable to kill the two demon kings who joined forces, and instead made a ‘promise’ to bring peace to the world… 

‘Don’t be mean.’

The taste of blood in the mouth. My mind is dizzy.

‘What is the promise? Why such a promise, why? You said you had a sword? You didn’t kill the demon lord in captivity…?’

[I am also about promises. I don’t even know what vermouth means.]

‘They say they don’t know anything, bastard.’

[Only those who were there know the promise made there. From the moment Vermouth drew the sword, I couldn’t intervene in that place.]

‘Those who were there…? I heard there was no one standing aside from Vermouth and the demon king of confinement? It’s not like everyone was losing their minds…! Are you going to ask me about the corpse of the dead vermouth?’

[There is no time…]

Tempest let out a long sigh.

[You can’t summon me with your insufficient mana… I forcibly opened the door, now I have to close it.]

‘Answer me and go!’

[You said you don’t know, but why do you keep asking… why do I have vermouth…]

The wind subsides. Tempest’s voice cracked.

[…Next time… when your strength is enough…]

Eugene held on to his staggering body and glared at Winid. 

[Then… someday… I hope we can meet again.]

“f*ck you.”

Eugene couldn’t stand it and spat out swear words. 

“Speak… properly…”

The wind disappears.

Eugene fainted from a nosebleed.

mana training

I woke up in the bed I had been using for days. Nina, who was standing by her side, let out a startled sound, but Eugene immediately raised her hand to restrain her Nina. 


“Sah, I’ll get someone.”

“No, it’s okay. Just stay still.”


“Still. Don’t say anything.”

Yujin sighed and shook her head. There is no confusion of memories. He clearly remembers what happened right before he collapsed and what kind of conversation he had with Tempest. 

The throbbing headache remains. A feeling of emptiness inside the body. It is an unfamiliar sensation to 13-year-old Eugene, but it is not unfamiliar to Hamel. run out of mana It squeezed out all the mana that was not much.

‘…because Tempest descended directly.’

Just opening the door to the spirit world sucked all the mana. In addition, Tempest descended for a while, using his own strength. 

That is something that Tempest himself must bear a considerable burden. Spirits have great power, but they cannot open the door to the spirit realm with their own strength. Since he was about the size of the King of Spirits, he could open the door while shouldering the burden. 

‘I guess he was flustered too.’

I forcibly opened the door, shouldering the burden myself, and descended to confirm the truth. The reincarnation of Eugene—- Hamel is a bizarre thing that the spirit king of the wind, Tempest, would do.

‘…I was reincarnated with the memories of my previous life intact, but it would be surprising that I was reincarnated as a descendant of Vermouth.’

The spirit remembers existence as a soul. Tempest recognizes Eugene as Hamel, who uses Winid…

At that fact, Eugene sighed and laughed. 

After accepting reincarnation,

Eugene could not completely shake off the vague, unpleasant concern.

Am I really Hamel? Is it Hamel from 300 years ago, the same as the memories from his previous life? 

Maybe… I’m not reincarnated, I’m just an existence with Hamel’s memories added to it. 

‘Even so, the memories are certain.’

it doesn’t matter what I was comforted in that way. I didn’t want to attach great significance to the essence of existence. i am me I thought that was enough.

‘Tempest called me Hamel.’

That completely erased any unpleasant concerns. Eugene chuckled and shook her head. 

“…Eugene-nim, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. How down have I been?”

“About half a day…”

“I’m worried.”

“The head of the household and Gion-sama are coming to the annex.”

“I don’t even need to do that.”

Yujin turned her head to see the closed door. Thanks to the accumulation of mana in her body, her physical senses also became sensitive. He felt the presence of people hanging out outside the door.

“Open the door. You must be very worried about me.”

It was worth it. She made a lot of accommodations, adopted him, and gave him a hug. In addition, he inherited the Baek Yeom Sik, which can only be mastered by the bloodline of the original family, and opened up the spirit vein. 

He collapsed on the day he trained mana like that. It was something that Gilade and Gion jumped in astonishment.

As soon as Nina opened the door, Gilade and Gion came in. Gillaid sighed in relief as he saw Eugene sitting on the bed and approached. 

“Are you okay?”


Eugene replied with a smile. I couldn’t see my own face in the mirror, but Eugene’s face was pale without any blood. Gillaid and Gion looked at Eugene’s face and exchanged glances for a moment.

“What happened?”

The lucky thing was the temperature. While leaving the spirit vein and returning to the annex, Eugene was perfectly fine. However, not long after returning to the annex, Eugene collapsed.

Thanks to this, Gion had no choice but to feel a lot of anxiety. It was Gion who let Eugene inherit the Baek Yeom Sik and guided Mana. What if a mistake was added to the process and something went wrong with Eugene’s body? Gion believed in his ability, but he was not free from anxiety.

“I heard the story beforehand.”

Gilade continued.

“When you held Winid, a big… wind blew. Did you summon a spirit?”

It was an obvious question, but Eugene hesitated for a moment without answering right away. how do i explain this Should I tell you a dirty lie? 

“The wind spirit king has descended.”

There is no point in completely revealing it. But somehow it has to be said. There are too many eyes that have seen the advent of the Tempest. It is impossible to cause such a storm just by the descent of a single spirit.


“He said he had been called after a long time and wanted to see who I was.”

“What is that…!”

Gilreid and Gion could not help but be astonished. Three hundred years after our ancestor, the great Vermouth. The ancestors of the main family who wielded the storm sword were not alone. Of course, most of them had summoned the wind spirits with Winid’s help.

However, the Wind Spirit King, Tempest, was as discerning as the position he sat in, and since Vermouth, no ancestor had descended the Wind Spirit King.

“Is that really…?”

Gion swallowed and asked. There was no reason for Eugene to lie like that, but it was so shocking that he had no choice but to ask. 

“yes. The wind spirit king is… Umm…”

Eugene frowned in an attempt to blatantly express that he couldn’t remember. He continued, tapping his hand on his throbbing head. 

“…they say my strength is still too weak. Next time… when I have enough power. After saying that he looked forward to seeing you again someday, he passed away to the spirit realm.”


Gillaid, who had been listening to the story blankly, burst into laughter. He shook his head excitedly and sat down on the chair next to the bed.

“…Eugene. You are truly… amazing.”

Yujin didn’t answer and just laughed. Gilreid stared at Eugene and put his hand in her arms.

“I heard from Gion what happened in Yeongmaek. In less than an hour, he felt mana and made a core in the style of white flame. That alone is surprising… to get the attention of the wind spirit king.”

This is unprecedented. But isn’t everything about Eugene unprecedented? It is unprecedented for a collateral to win the Blood Family Ceremony, to become an adopted son, to become the owner of Winid, and to inherit the Baek Yeom Ceremony from the spirit vein. 

‘I felt mana in one day and accumulated it in my body. This is also… unprecedented.’

Guillaid felt pure pleasure in that fact. The wind spirit king took notice of that young child and even descended on him himself. It could be called the rise and fall of Lionheart.

“Drink this.”

What he took out of his chest was a small potion. 

“It will restore the depleted mana. Just promise me you’ll lie in bed for the next few days without straining yourself.”

“Your body is fine.”

“Promise me anyway. If you overdo it and hurt your body, you will regret it in the future.”


Eugene nodded without insisting further. Mana recovery potions are as valuable as their effectiveness. Eugene gulped down a bottle of potion in front of Gilade and Gion. 

Mana fills up in the empty body. Eugene was not taken aback and immediately operated the Baekyeom ceremony to fill his core with mana. Depleted cores do not become full. The amount of mana that can be contained in a potion is not great. Still, after emptying the whole bottle, the headache and stiffness went away considerably.

“After a few days of rest, Gion will take over your guidance.”

Gilade stood up.

“Originally, I was going to go on a training trip again after finishing the Blood Ceremony, but… I can’t possibly do that.”

“Is it because of me?”

“yes. I think we should prioritize cultivating your qualities rather than our training.”

“I don’t want to take away the time of the head of household and Gion-sama.”

“Don’t think so. Because I want to teach you myself.”

The temperature was spoken. He smirked as he patted Yujin on the shoulder.

“Ah, of course I will teach Xian and Ciel too. The head of the household will help too.”

Eugene is special. However, he shouldn’t show excessive favoritism only to Eugene. Iod, the eldest son, left the family home and headed to Arot, but Xian and Ciel remained at the home. He must impart instruction equally to them. 

‘I wish I could take it as a good stimulus.’

Hearing that Eugene had returned from the spirit vein in less than half a day, Xian and Ciel immediately went to the training ground and started training. Guillaid had high hopes for Xian and Ciel as well.


After Gilade and Gion return. 

Eugene called Nina. 

“I will prepare the meal.”

“No, before that.” 

Eugene got down from the bed and held Winid in his arms. 

“What happens from now on is a secret between you and me.”


“If I fall, don’t tell anyone.”

“…do I really have to do it now?”

“Probably won’t collapse, but I have something to check.”

Eugene blew mana into Winid after requesting that. Nothing like that happened before. Yujin felt a little dissatisfaction and narrowed her eyes.

A palm-sized spirit hovers around you. Sylph, a low-level wind spirit. A lump of wind that doesn’t even have a proper shape. It is normal for Eugene to summon only sylphs with mana.

‘Have you heard anything from your king?’

Eugene tried talking to Sylph just in case. But no answer comes back. Conversation is impossible with the intellect of a lower spirit. Eugene licked his lips and stretched out Winid.


First of all, Eugene was conscious of that. Then, the shapeless wind winds around the sword body. Eugene glanced at the thinly trembling blade and swung at Winid.


Nina shuddered at the eerie sound. Eugene sent Sylph back to the spirit realm after trying to wield Winid a few more times.

‘Tell Tempest. They say if you yell at them, they’ll die.’

Sylph still didn’t answer. However, knowing that his king had been insulted, he sent a whirlwind and made Eugene’s hair flutter before returning to his spirit realm. 

‘…There’s no way Tempest would lie like that.’

I just can’t understand myself. Eugene sat down on the bed feeling mixed feelings. 

‘…Think rationally.’

Don’t add unnecessary emotions.

three hundred years ago. 

Hamel is dead. Vermouth, Senya, Anise, Morone. Colleagues who climbed the demon castle of confinement. 

It was a tough journey. The demon king of confinement, second in rank, was strong enough to be incomparable to slaughter, misery, and madness. Climbing that demon castle was just as difficult as killing another demon king. 

‘…I died…’

when viewed objectively.

Hamel was strong. It wasn’t as much as vermouth, but it was next. Now that Hamel was dead, the four remaining of him would not have been able to deal with the remaining demon lords.

Climbing the confined demon castle, he was exhausted and even Hamel died. It is questionable whether it is possible to defeat the demon king of confinement in that state. If that’s the case… I’d rather retreat and promise the next one.  

‘…was it all over there?’

Only Hamel died. The four, including Vermouth, were resurrected in Helmud, the demonic realm. A promise you don’t know what. The only ones who separated him were Vermouth and the demon king in captivity.


that’s very annoying Demon lords who were rampaging to trample on the world, why did they change their will and make a promise? Who the hell made the offer first? What is the content of the promise? 


Thinking alone will not give you an answer. The memory of his previous life has stopped since his death in the demon castle of confinement three hundred years ago. The memories after that… Most of the contents of the children’s books that young Eugene came across.

‘I’ll have to go to Helmud someday.’

Helmud three hundred years ago was a terrible place. Monsters with only the nature to kill and eat humans roamed around, and the demons occupied various parts of Helmud and marched to invade the land of humans. Corrupted wizards–the black magicians were fawning over the demon king they served and hunted humans. They wanted to become demons, and as such, they wanted to see the truth of magic.

It was a hell of terrible and ugly desires.

But not now. Two hundred years ago, Helmud accepted humans, and the demon king and demons showed kindness to humans as if they were painting over the atrocities of the past. 

People no longer think of Helmud as hell. I think of it as a tourist destination where you can experience a unique, romantic and decadent amusement that cannot be experienced in other countries.

The demons who took the lead in the invasion are reparations from the war and volunteer in neighboring countries. The black magicians who had been fawning over the demon king were themselves victims, and they were emotionally involved, and eventually built a black magic tower in Arrot. 

In Eugene’s opinion, everything was shit. 

Demons volunteering? He must have been stealing his soul through the back hole. Black Mage Tower? That would be the hotbed of corruption. When it comes to magic, if the blind maniac accepted the warlock, the reason was obvious. The truth is unknown, but all sorts of ugly things are going on in the Black Mage Tower…

‘Helmud, Arot, Yuras, Luhar…’

Eugene clicked his tongue as he recalled the places where his colleagues from the previous life remained. 

Of course, I couldn’t go right away. It is impossible to go to a distant foreign country with such a young body.


Eugene sighed and rubbed his stomach.

My hungry stomach rumbled. 


What should I say?

Since last night, Xian stayed up all night worrying about that. I barely fell asleep, but I had a damn dream. In her dream, Xian dueled Eugene, and was defeated again. 

Xian in the dream was a Minotaur.

I experienced the scene I saw at the blood system ceremony in my dream. He became a Minotaur who couldn’t radiate sword energy, and was dismembered by Eugene. 


Xian, who came out to the gymnasium, shuddered and shook off the remnants of his dream. But her frown didn’t seem to straighten. Xian caressed her eyes, which had been stitched up several times in her dreams, and chewed on her lips. 

“What’s wrong with you brother?”

“What am I?”

“Your expression is dead. I didn’t even eat breakfast.”

“My expression is like this. I ate the same breakfast as usual.”


Ciel stuck out his tongue and laughed.

“I know everything. Is it because of Eugene?”

“What does that have to do with him?”

“You decided to learn together with Eugene starting today. I know you care about that.”

“Because it is not!”

“Look, he gets angry faster than usual. Why do you take out your anger on me when you’re mad at Eugene?”

“…I’m not angry.”

“What are you concerned about?”


Xian clenched his fists while glancing at his mean brother. 

“…to be honest, it bothers me.”

“Your mother told you to be close.”

“Does that make sense?”

“I used to be. Shall I tell Eugene?”


“I want you to be friends with your brother.”

At those words, Xi’an’s shoulders shook and shook. As for her mother, she couldn’t possibly make that humiliating request to her sister who was a few seconds younger than her…

“I will take care of it.”

Sean sighed and closed his mouth. 

I saw Eugene walking from the annex far away. Xian’s eyes widened. Winid, hanging from Eugene’s waist, was very visible even from this distance.  

“He said that Baek Yeom-sik is one star.”


“It took a very long time for my brother and I to become 1 star Baek Yeom Sik.”

“Not for very long. In one month, he was one of the fastest among the ancestors of the head family.”

“Eugene became one star in less than a day. So, which one is the fastest?”


“I heard from Uncle Gion that Eugene felt mana as soon as he entered the spirit vein. Did we take more than four days?”


Xian answered in a sharp voice and glanced at his younger brother. Ciel giggled, finding his brother’s reaction amusing.


Ciel stopped teasing her brother and waved goodbye to Eugene, who had approached him.

“Why do you keep living in the annex? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just live with us in the original mansion?”

“I do not want to.”

Xian received the words like a deaf moon. Yujin nodded her head as she looked at her with regretful eyes.

“I hate it too.”

“I’m good.”

Ciel smiled bashfully and pointed at Winid.

“I heard you summoned the wind spirit king from Winid?”

“It is a lie.”

This time, Xian took the word. His heart secretly approaches Eugene, but Xian couldn’t possibly act like that. The young Xian was still unfamiliar with the feeling of awe, and even more unfamiliar with the crush it produced. 

“Except for the great Vermut, there is no ancestor who summoned the Wind Spirit King from Winid.”

Eugene snorted at those words and pulled out Winid. Then Xian flinched and took a step back from her.

“What… what is it?”

Eugene didn’t answer and blew mana into Winid. Then the wind came together and turned into a sylph. Seeing that, Xian smiled in relief.

“Is that the wind spirit king?”


Eugene proudly listened to Winid. Then, the sylph entwine the blade. Xian opened her mouth halfway at the sight of the wind-crafted blade.

“That… is it swordplay?”

“Does this look black to you?”

Xian’s face turned red at the laugh that came back. Eugene swung Winid a few times while looking at Xian.

“Do you want to do sparring?”


“You use swordsmanship. I will use this.”


“Let’s just play around. Or should I bet? If you win…”

“Oh, no.”

Xian immediately shook his head and stepped back. 

“I… Today… I came to be taught by Uncle Gion. I didn’t come here to fight with you.”

“Are you scared?”

“…I wasn’t scared.”

Xian replied and gave Ciel an earnest glance. She hoped that her brother would somehow defuse the situation. However, Ciel ignored Xian’s glance and she just smiled.

‘Bad girl.’

Fortunately, Eugene backed away before Xian made any excuses. 

“Don’t get into a fight for nothing.”


“First of all, they are brothers. Let’s get along.”

Yujin smiled broadly and extended her hand to Xian. Xian looked at the hand and Yujin’s face for a moment. 

“Don’t you know how to shake hands?”


“Let’s get along. brothers.”

“…uh, uh uh…”

In the end, Xian nodded and held Yujin’s hand.

“Shake my hand too.”

Ciel, who was watching from the side, quickly intervened. Thanks to this, Eugene was able to hold Xian and Ciel’s hands with both crossed hands. 

“Since I was born before you, sister.”

“Shut up.”

So am I your brother?

Xian thought about that for a moment, but when he saw Yujin’s twinkling eyes, he shut his mouth.

He couldn’t flinch at Eugene like his younger brother.


Time flies so fast.

Early moning. When I looked in the mirror, I had a sudden thought. Yuji brushed her shaggy hair back and stared at her face in the mirror.

17 years old.

It has already been 4 years since the blood ceremony was over and he became the adopted son of his family. His face still has a youthful look, but his body is almost grown. Eugene looked at her wide open chest and shoulders and was absorbed in emotion for a moment. 

‘What a great body.’

It’s something I’ve realized several times in the 17 years I’ve lived in this body, but I can’t get tired of it. 

face first. handsome. It’s not because it’s my face, it’s a handsome face even if you think about it objectively. I don’t think Hamel’s face in his previous life wasn’t that ugly, but if you put it next to the reincarnated Eugene’s face, there would be a difference between an elf and a human.

‘It’s not up to the Orcs.’

I didn’t want to disparage the face of my previous life to that extent. Eugene patted her smooth cheek and changed her expression from place to place. 

The bad-tempered eyes have not changed since childhood. This, too, was heavenly in its own right. Since I was young, I put strength on my eyes, so it’s fortunate that I didn’t have wrinkles. 

‘My eyes were worse than this in my previous life.’

Yujin straightened out her frown and smiled broadly. 

is this really me? 

I graduated soon after that rude thought, but I am amazed every time I see this handsome face even after living 17 years. 

‘Your blood is good.’

Eugene thought as he lifted his gray hair. As the body grows, so does the gray hair. Whenever Eugene saw this hair color, he would think of Vermouth.

There was a reason for indulging in this sentiment from morning.

13 years old. After entering Mana, Eugene practiced Mana every morning without missing a day. 

and today.

Eugene has reached the 3 star rating of Baek Yeom Sik.

‘Be quick.’

I feel the split core around my heart. three stars. 3 stars of the white salt ceremony.

‘too fast.’

After training mana, I realized it several times.

The White Flame Ceremony is a mana training method with performance that is incomparable to those learned in previous lives. Even with little mana, it was optimally efficient, and the speed at which mana accumulated was fast. There was no superfluity in the process of spreading the accumulated mana throughout the body and making it power.

However, the reason why he can achieve such rapid achievement… is not only Baek Yeom-shik’s excellence, but also because Eugene’s body accepts mana ‘well’. 

‘…It’s nice to have a great body…’

Sometimes I feel a creepy feeling.

‘It’s already this fast. Later… what will happen?’

Overt, not subtle.

It is a pleasant thrill. Yujin smiled at her face in her mirror. 

‘The power of my previous life will not be enough.’

Eugene Lionhart. This body makes me have many expectations. I don’t think I can satisfy this body with only the memories and experiences of my previous life. Eugene had been convinced of that fact for several years.

Hamel was a great talent. He knew how to handle all kinds of weapons, although not as much as Vermouth. He didn’t learn it formally, but Hamel’s skills were honed and forged on the battlefield to die for. It is a technique that has been honed through thorough practice.

Hamel made a name for himself with that alone, and mistook himself for a genius. That’s how he met Vermouth… he realized he wasn’t a genius.

Becoming a colleague of Vermouth, I went through a lot. His skills went even higher. He does, and he adds a lot. 

‘Not enough.’

It is not enough just to acquire the power of a previous life. In order to utilize this handsome and greedy body, you need to add other things as well as memories from previous lives. 

‘Most of them know how to do it.’

He knows how to do it very well.

Swords, spears, axes, bows, etc. Most weapons are skillfully handled. To kill, the things I learned to live. Techniques that were confirmed in the Magic Realm. 

lack. It’s just the difference between slow and fast, it’s still there in my head, so it’s something I can definitely do with this body someday. If what you can do anyway is fixed, shouldn’t you use your time more efficiently?


“I need to learn magic.”

“What bullshit?”

Xian took a deep breath and raised his head. That monstrous fellow moved his body like that, but he didn’t show any signs of exhaustion.

At first, the heat soared… but I’ve already looked up at that relaxed face for four years, so I’m used to it now.

“I’m going to learn magic.”

“Then what bullshit are you talking about?”

Xian sighed with a puzzled expression. During the past four years, Eugene was not the only one who grew up. Xian was also very big. Of course, Xian didn’t realize that fact. Although they were the same age, Xian was only slightly shorter than Eugene.

And in terms of skill, there was a huge difference. 

“I mean this morning.”

Eugene did not stand Xian up. That self-respecting kid doesn’t want to say that he’s lost even if he loses, and doesn’t gratefully accept the hand that reaches out to raise him up. Even if you don’t raise your eyebrows with insults or anything like the first time, you accumulate hard feelings in the corner of your heart.

“I’m practicing the white salt ceremony as usual.”

“You can’t.”

Xian’s eyes tremble with anxiety. He gritted his teeth and jumped up from his seat. Yujin smiled at the sight. 

“This is what happened.”

The mana spread throughout the body gathers in one place. heart. The three stars cored there resonate. Interlocking rotating stars explosively amplify mana. 

—-Passss! Mana, shaped in pure white light, wraps around Eugene’s body. Her Xian looked at it with wide open eyes. White flames wrapped around the whole body. A flying lion’s mane. 

“Damn… don’t…!”

Xian’s voice trembled. Because he also trained in Baekyeomsik, he knew what the shape of mana that Eugene embodied meant. Wrapping mana around the body like that, creating white flames worthy of the name Baek Yeom-sik. 

Baek Yeom-sik reached 3 stars.

“Does that make sense?”

Xian was so unfair that he felt like dying. He entered Mana 7 years earlier than Eugene and trained in Baek Yeom Sik. Just like that, three years ago, he reached the second star of the Baek Yeom ceremony.

And so far, Xian’s achievement has been 2 stars. The young star in his heart seemed to stretch, but did not stretch further. But… that nasty son of a bitch, who entered mana 7 years late, has already reached Baek Yeom-sik’s 3 star.

“It makes no sense.”

Eugene scattered mana with a relaxed smile.

“Because I am a genius.”

I am ashamed to declare it with my own mouth. I used to think so. But now I admit that being humble is ridiculous. This body was born as a genius, and even has memories of its previous life.

Hamel in his previous life was not a genius, but Eugene is.

“I want to kill you.”

“Brothers can’t do that.”

“No way, you beat me to death every morning.”

“You asked me to fight every morning? don’t do it if you don’t like it I do not care.”

Xian chewed his teeth and glared at Yujin. Sparring every morning was a way of resisting frustration in Xi’an’s way. 

To be honest, Eugene liked Xian’s attitude. 

At first, I thought it was just a kid with a double body. Perhaps thanks to being adopted and getting into trouble, Xian’s life-like side has improved a lot. 

“…but why magic?”

“Because I never learned magic.”

“So you want to learn magic? Funny bastard… How are you going to learn? Would you like to call a teacher from the capital?”

“I’ll have to talk about that with the head of the household.”

“Are you serious? No, why are you saying you want to learn magic right now?”

Xian could not understand Eugene. If you have as much talent in martial arts, why don’t you focus on what you’re good at and even dabble in magic? Even when you’re old enough to eat.

“Aren’t you too old to learn magic?”

“Seventeen is young enough.”

“A horn. Have you forgotten the story of brother Iod?”

Xian let out a blank laugh and brushed the dust off his body. 

“Right now, when you were 15 years old, 2 years younger than you, you were trying to learn magic, and you are being treated like an idiot in Arot.”

“There’s nothing a kid can’t say to his older brother.”

“Did I say something wrong?”

Xian protested, but shrugged at Eugene’s gaze.

“…don’t pretend to learn magic for no reason, stay at home. …If you say you will learn magic, your father will shed bloody tears.”

It seemed so. 

Iod Lionhart. The eldest son of the main family went to Arrot with the red mage lord, Loberian, right after the blood ceremony was over four years ago.

…I couldn’t become Loberian’s disciple. He remained in Arot, as if his qualities were not bad, but he did not stand out as much as expected. Now, four years later, Iod is still on Arot.

From what I’ve heard, he was learning magic from a wizard belonging to the Red Mage Tower… It didn’t seem like he was achieving much. Thanks to this, not only the position of the owner of the red mage tower, but also the prestige of the head family became difficult. He sent his eldest son to the Red Mage Tower, giving him connections at best, but isn’t it like he’s clinging to the Mage Tower with his insignificant talent?

“Even if the head of household shed tears of blood, Anicilla-sama would cheer.”

“…Mother might be like that.”

Xi’an muttered and glanced at the mansion of the original family for no reason.

“Ha, but your mother doesn’t hate you either.”

“Sometimes, whenever we run into each other, you open your eyes savagely.”

“Because you beat me like a dog.”

“You can’t afford not to. You want to lose?”


During sparring, it was Xi’an who asked him to fight properly. It was because I thought that my skills wouldn’t improve if I looked at them carelessly, but Xian had been feeling deep regret for saying that for a long time.

Eugene had no mercy in Dalian. If he sees a small crack, he will come right in and beat him up. At the same time, he points out that there is something lacking, but it is easy to understand and there is no mistake.

“…Are you going to Arot?”

“If you are going to learn, you should learn it properly.”

The best way to learn magic is to go to Arot. 

‘There are things I want to find out.’

I want to trace Senya’s actions in Arot. Such a desire has existed for a long time. It’s not just Senya. Neither anise nor moron. I want to properly know how my friends from 300 years ago lived after returning from the demonic realm, and what it was like in the end.

‘Even at the family home, there were hardly any records about them.’

The record about the ancestor, Vermouth, was also ambiguous. He searched for this and that for 4 years, but there were almost no records of the hero and his companions who had returned from the Demon Realm. 

‘This necklace too.’

Eugene was conscious of the necklace on his neck. A necklace that I have been wearing ever since I took it out of the treasure chest four years ago. The owner of the Red Mage Tower personally checked Mana’s memory, but couldn’t read her memory that this necklace was Hamel’s keepsake.

Someone else had painted over the memory of the necklace.

In Eugene’s opinion, only Senya or Vermouth could do such a thing. why? I don’t know why.

But… if I had to think about it, it seemed that it would be Senya, not Vermouth, who would play pranks on the necklace. The Vermouth that Eugene remembers was not the type to do such a thing.

“…that… if you go to Arot…”

Xian let out a sigh while putting on a puzzled expression.

“…Ciel will be disappointed.”

“What’s up?”

Eugene laughed incredulously. 

“Ciel who hates me when he sees me?”

“That is not true.”

I said that, but Xian was not convinced by my words.

Ciel Lionheart.

The sly kid has been going through puberty since the beginning of this year. She doesn’t cling to Eugene like she used to, nor does she talk to her first. Perhaps her puberty is quite severe, she doesn’t come out well in my room. He doesn’t skip training, but like before, she didn’t train with Eugene and Xian.

‘I hate the smell of sweat.’

It was for that reason. Thanks to that, only Gion and Gilade were busy. The two spent half of the day teaching Ciel and the other half teaching Xian and Eugene, in line with Ciel suffering from puberty. 

“…Anyway, if you go to Arrot, Ciel will be disappointed.”

“Do you think I will change my mind just because I feel sorry for Ciel?”

“A unlucky baby.”

Xian’s fists trembled at Eugene’s grin.

“Aren’t you thinking about Jehard?”

“My father will be fine without me.”

That’s what Xian thought. Jehard, who was initially uncomfortable with the life of his family, became completely accustomed to it over the years. Now he periodically goes hunting with other collateral heads, and occasionally drinks with Guilade or Gion all night. Even that Anicilla was getting along with Jehard quite well.

Of course, Eugene was well aware of the reason. Anicilla does not show much hostility towards Eugene. She’s not super-vigilant, but she’s well aware that it’s better to get along with each other than to show hostility outright. 

But Theonis.

As Iod’s mother and wife, she is openly wary of Eugene and Jehard. After Iod failed to become Loberian’s apprentice, Theonis’ nervous personality continued to sharpen its edge.

‘I’ll have to pay a little more attention to Theonis.’

Theonis must have been more sensitive if Eugene said he was going to Arot. It’s not a problem that can be solved by Eugene himself. It’s something that needs to be passed on to the family head and Gilreid. 

“…Where are you going?”

“To meet the head of the household.”

“Are you leaving right now?”

“I need to get permission quickly.”

Eugene answered that and left the gymnasium. Xian stared at Yujin’s back as he walked away, then let out a deep sigh. 

“…Why do you say you are learning magic?”

Xian grumbled and chased after Yujin.


Although he went to visit him, he did not go straight to Gilreid’s room. Eugene accepted the greetings from the attendants of the head family and conveyed the business, and soon after, the chief chamberlain personally guided Eugene.

“Think carefully and decide.”

“I’ve already thought through it enough and decided.”

Sian held back a sigh of relief and swallowed it. Come to think of it, it was also ridiculous to hold him so he wouldn’t leave. If that monstrous bastard gets his hands on magic and starts immersing himself in it, wouldn’t he be lazy in his martial arts training? 

‘I’d rather go well.’

Right now, Eugene is ahead of him, but in the next few years, Xi’an will also rise to the 3rd rank of Baek Yeom-sik. Xian decided to see this as an opportunity. Of course, Xian had no intention of being satisfied with Baek Yeom-sik’s 3-star rating. He wanted to reach 4 stars by all means until he became an adult. 

‘…will it work?’

I honestly don’t think so. In the history of Lionheart, there is no one who reached the 4th rank of Baek Yeom-sik before becoming an adult. Even the ancestors who made a name for themselves as geniuses, as well as Gilade and Gion, only stayed at Baek Yeom-sik’s three stars before becoming adults. 

In other words, even if Baek Yeom-sik reached 3 stars at this age, it is a quality comparable to that of the geniuses of his ancestors. 

But that thought made Xian’s taste bitter. Eugene and Xian are 17 years old. Eugene rose to the 3rd rank of Baek Yeom Sik today. 

At an unprecedented speed… It’s not once or twice that the monster’s son changes the history of the family… Xian sighed deeply and looked at Eugene’s back. Eugene was entering the room after hearing the answer through the door. 

‘…me too…’

Xian forced himself to swallow a sigh trying to come out again and turned around. It has been 4 years since Eugene came to the family. Xi’an suffered countless defeats from his bloodless, outrageous brother. 

Those many defeats taught young Xian a solid lesson. Frustration is only a nutrient for more frustration. It is much more helpful to shed a drop of sweat during times of frustration. 


Even that, Xian himself did not realize. A childhood when I was wrapped up in a blanket in frustration and trembling in despair. There was one time when Eugene opened the door and came in and kicked Xian in the butt. 

‘Do you think I’ll be playing while you’re doing this shit?’

Even while Xian is frustrated, Yujin continues to practice without days off. So the difference gets bigger and bigger. Xian thought of him and headed to the gymnasium.

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