Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 80

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Moron gave a loud roar and clenched his fists. I tried to jump forward like that, but Anise immediately clung to Moron’s arm and shot at me in a low voice.

“This asshole. What are you trying to do by attacking you?”

“I am… … .”

“Don’t answer me. Your voice is so loud that you can hear it no matter how low you say it. So listen carefully. You don’t do anything, just stand here.”

Eugene is the only one who said that the demon king of confinement was a ‘guest’. If Moron or anyone else steps in, that ghastly sword of confinement will have no mercy in his hands.

Lionheart’s family head, Guilade, came to the same conclusion as Alchester. In fact, the sword of that confinement did not pull out the sword, and was only focused on blocking Eugene’s attack.

Even so, I couldn’t let that fight go. So frightened, he drew his sword and tried to run forward. Carmen also took out Heaven Genocide’s pocket watch from her bosom.

“Now, wait a minute.”

Anise, who was hanging from Moron’s arm, hurriedly blocked Lionheart’s way, but she didn’t know what to say. Hesitantly, Anis closed his eyes tightly.

“Ah, ah!”

Anis swallowed the shame and screamed. As she tore at her hair, she spread her wings of light. She felt that 2 wings would not be enough for her dignity, so she took out 2 more wings and spread them out wide for a total of 4 wings.

“A revelation of light!”


‘Be still. I’m more ashamed.’

In my head, Christina screamed too. Anise kept pulling her hair and shaking her body like crazy. It’s as if you’ve been given a godsend.

As Anise flapped her wings and radiated light, the Lionheart knights who were about to run away had no choice but to stop and stare at Anise.

While Anise desperately puts off apologetics and revelations.

Eugene pushed Gavid to the wall. Gavid still didn’t draw his sword, and he didn’t even use his prestige magic eye. Instead, he only glared at Eugene with a vicious murderous intent in his eyes.

“Can I stare at your master’s guest like that?”

“this… … bastard. Knowing I won’t fight back… … !”

Kwaaaang! Eugene’s slash was blocked by Gavid’s forearm. Even the uniform, which had not been stained with a speck of dust, was completely tattered. His hair, which had been neatly combed with pomade, was also messy.

“Who wants to fight back? You can do it if you want to.”

“Are you sure you can handle it? … ! Be aware, you motherf*cking son of a bitch. The reason you can live and breathe now is because the demon lord of confinement said you were a guest. Because you said you were looking forward to coming to Babel… … !”

“I’m asking you out of the question, if I go to Babel. Will you get out of the way so we can go up to the palace?”

“Stop talking nonsense! The demon king of confinement never said a word that he would open the gates of the palace for you.”

Gavid fired at him with his eyes flashing with murderous intent.

It is 300 years long. Wasn’t there a single demon who didn’t know that he would challenge the demon king for that long time? there was. Young and energetic young nobles who were overconfident in their own strength tried to conquer Babel by force several times.

Pandemonium’s Demonic Castle Babel. A tall building with 99 floors. In the usual Babel, the staff of the control bureau that manages the security of Pandaemonium and the civil servants engaged in office work are arranged on each floor.

However, when someone who challenges the throne appears. The inside of Babel transforms into the Demon Castle from 300 years ago. Numerous traps, monsters, and demons that block the way to the royal palace are lurking there, and Gavid Lindman, the sword of confinement, guards right under the royal palace.

Among the idiots who have challenged Babel so far, not a single demon has reached the front of Gavid, except for the great Vermouth and his colleagues.

“If you come to Babel, I will behead you myself. And I will directly offer that head to the Demon King of Confinement.”

-The demon king of confinement will not let you climb the barbell comfortably. That guy, the Demon King is such an existence.

Is that too Eugene sneered, recalling Vermouth’s words.

“If I don’t go to Babel, you won’t die.”

“… … This son of a bitch… … !”

“no? If I don’t go, will you come to kill me yourself? If so, wouldn’t that violate the will of the demon king of confinement?”

Gavid’s face contorted at those words. Some things haven’t changed in 300 years. That foolish bastard is still absolutely following his master’s orders.

“… … if… … If you don’t come… … ! If you get scared and get stuck in Lionheart. I’m going to pick you up myself The Demon King of Confinement will also give you an order to do so… … !”

Once again the slash struck. ㅡ Cranky! The power that Gavid had shed created a huge crack in the walls of Lehein Fortress.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. I will definitely go to the castle of demons.”

Eugene pointed to the tattered sleeve and laughed. At that taunt, she raised Gavid’s eyebrows up.

“Don’t provoke me too much, human… … ! Even if you receive the recognition of the holy sword, and the blood of vermouth flows thickly through your body… … ! you are not vermouth Are you under the illusion that you can rise to the level of vermouth?”

“Who knows? I am Eugene Ryanhart. It’s not Vermouth Lionheart.”

“Even that vermouth wasn’t as cocky as you!”

“Of course it is, because I am not Vermouth Lionheart.”

“You’re so arrogant… … ! What the hell do you believe in and be arrogant?”

I tried to answer the question in any way.

“A revelation of light!”

Anise’s scream was heard. When I glanced over there, Anis spread her four wings and was glowing. Eugene laughed in spite of himself.


“… … what?”

“Did you not hear? say revelation. The holy sword that recognized me, and the light, said it was okay to be arrogant towards me.”

“Sounds that don’t even sound like words!”

Gavid yelled out loud. Yujin ignored the words and focused Baek Yeom-sik’s power on the holy sword.

ㅡFall away! It was the same as at the fountain of light. The Holy Sword took all of Eugene’s mana. Even though it was held by Eugene, who had no religious beliefs, it gave off a light that seemed to brighten up the darkness of this place.

It wasn’t just the Holy Sword. I felt throbbing and heat in my left hand, ring finger, which held the hilt of his sword together. A ring received from the red dragon Ariartel. The ring of Agaroth, the ancient god of war, reacted to Eugene’s mana and the light of the holy sword.

The light of the holy sword grew even larger. It was brilliant enough to light up the darkness, but it didn’t feel sacred like that kind of light. It was savage like the flames of war that burned and erased everything.


That menacing light hardened Gavid. the light moves The holy sword cuts through the space. The interval is not far. coming soon The level of attack is different from before.

The moment the light hits.

Gavid instinctively pulled out the magic sword Glory.


One part of the wall collapsed entirely. Gavid was not hurt. But he looked at the Glory in his right hand with his blank face.

should not be pulled out She hadn’t thought of that. I couldn’t resist her instincts. That sword, even if it wasn’t enough to block it with bare body, I could have just been beaten. Even if my body was smashed, I could have regenerated it.

‘… … So I decided not to. why? Because of the sacred power of the holy sword? No matter how… … .’

Gavid’s lips trembled and trembled.

“I acted like I wouldn’t pull it out, but in the end I pulled it out.”



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Eugene laughed as he lowered the darkened holy sword. Gavid’s eyes trembled at that laugh. Eugene put her holy sword inside her cloak and turned her around.

“Where are you going?”

As Eugene turned around and started walking, Gavid involuntarily spat out that.

He still had the magic sword in his hand. However, the person who made me pull out the sword was walking with his back as if he didn’t care.

“Since you drew your sword, I will stop.”

“… … what… … ?”

“Because I don’t have to do it anymore.”

Eugene didn’t look back at Gavid until the end. Gavid stood dumbly and looked at Eugene’s back as he walked away. Then he looked at the magic sword still held in his hand. I saw a uniform that was no more than rags.

“… … .”

Gavid swallowed the anger welling up in his chest. I want to cut my back right now. But it shouldn’t be like that. The order of the demon king of confinement is absolute.

… … Still, I pulled the Glory out. More than anything else, it was a disgrace to Gavid that he had chosen Glory without being ordered by the demon king of confinement.

“Pud deuk… … !”

Gavid chewed on his lower lip and turned around. He sheathed Glory and jumped over the collapsed wall.

I didn’t want to be in this fort any longer. If I saw Eugene Lionhart’s face again, it seemed that I would not be able to maintain my reason in shame.

The Demon Knights, not knowing what to do, covered my body with fog. The black mist followed Gavid over the castle wall and exited the fortress.

“I was surprised.”

Yujin grumbled and waved her left hand. He just tried to use a little bit of strength, but Agaroth’s ring increased his strength on its own. Other times the ring of this war god is dormant, and he would respond arbitrarily to every swing of his holy sword.

“Eugene Lionheart!”

When Eugene trudged back, the emperor of Kiel shouted.

“What the hell have you done?! Attacking the Duke of Helmud!”

“A revelation!”

Eugene raised both hands and shouted. The loud cry made the emperor speechless.

“It happened.”

“… … A ridiculous excuse… … ! See you, Emperor Euryus. Is it okay to use the omnipotent and brilliant god of light as an excuse like that?”

The Emperor opened his eyes and looked back at the Pope.

“… … The owner of the Holy Sword has no choice.”

The pope muttered, recalling the incident in the throne room of the Vatican. I had never imagined that such words would come out of the mouth of such an obstinate fanatic.


Morron Luhar burst into a big laugh. It was a sudden laugh, and it was not a situation to laugh at. But she was not to Moron. He laughed loudly, enjoying the fact that the reincarnated Hamel hadn’t changed much from 300 years ago.


Aman Luhar also burst into laughter. He just laughed because Moron, his ancestor, laughed.

Anis didn’t laugh. She silently folded her outstretched wings and glared at Eugene with her flesh-filled eyes.

[sister… … .]

‘Even though he’s withdrawal from the head of the dog, God will forgive me.’

[I can’t work a miracle to heal the smashed head yet.]

‘Then let’s break some bones.’

Anis thought so and grabbed the flail.


“I was wrong.”

Eugene did not defend himself. Anyone else would pretend to listen, but it was useless to say anything to Anis in that state, so it was only right for him to say that he was wrong or spit it out quickly.

“Do you know what I did wrong?”

Three curves were drawn on Anise’s face.

smiling eyes. smiley lips. His eyes were so thick that he couldn’t see his pupils, but rather, it made Eugene’s body tremble with fear. It was because I knew very well from previous life experiences how eerie and cold the pupils beyond those closed eyelids could be.

“… … Uhm… … .”

Moron made a coughing sound for no reason. He wanted to defend Eugene with the loyalty of a man and a warrior and help to alleviate Anis’ anger. Then Anis tilted his head and looked at Moron.

“… … .”

Moron even held his breath.

He was tormented by Anis more than Hamel in his previous life. In fact, to be precise, it would have to be said that Anis was tormented by Moron. Every time Moron rushes forward ignorantly without looking back. Anise spat out curse words and had to follow Moron. He watched Moron wield her ax and hammer like mad, and if Moron was wounded, he had to work a miracle and heal Moron immediately.

Moron’s fearless courage was of great help in winning the battle. However, the reason why Moron, who stood at the forefront of many battlefields, was able to keep his limbs running and his life intact, was because Anise performed miracles so that Moron would not die or become an idiot.

When stigma pain, stress, irritation, and anger reach their peak. Anise couldn’t hold back and exploded with emotion. Most of the arrows of that bloody emotion were directed towards Moron and Hamel. So, Moron was used to seeing Anis like that and was happy with it. She was, so she smiled without notice, and she didn’t hug Anise. No matter how much Moron is a two-headed person, she was aware of that much.

“… … .”

Moron continued to hold his breath and turned his head. It was an unspoken assertion that this situation had nothing to do with him. Eugene felt a little betrayed by Moron.

‘Interrupt or not, why are you trying to stimulate Anise by clearing your throat? Dog-like asshole.’

Should I get down on my knees? Do I have to go that far? Eugene hesitantly glanced at Anis.

Now the three of them were on the top floor of the tower. … … A cold wind from the snowfields blows through the smashed windows and walls.

because of Moron. When the demon king of confinement descended. Feeling him, Moron smashed windows and walls and flew away without a moment to stop.

When I attacked Gavid Lindman, I was worried about the backlash. Fortunately, Gavid took his Black Mist and left the fortress. And Anis did his best to postpone the descent, and the Pope of Euras acknowledged the holy sword and the revelation. Moron also patted Eugene on the shoulder and hugged him, confirming that he had attacked the duke of Helmud.

Thanks to this, other kings could not argue with Eugene for his sudden actions. The emperor of Kiel had an expression that he couldn’t understand, but when even the guardian knight, Alchester Dragonic, secretly tried to protect Eugene, he could no longer press Eugene.

‘Looking at that bastard’s eyes wide open, it seems like he’ll grab the pod at some point. Well, I don’t know now… … .’

It is not only the emperor of Kiel who expresses dissatisfaction with Eugene. The Sultan of Nahama had also openly glared at Eugene.

It wasn’t anything surprising. Isn’t Amelia Merwin, the samma of confinement, openly colluding with the Sultan to add her strength? Besides that, the president of the anti-horse union and the king of officials looked at Yujin intently, but there was no way for Yujin to know the reason for that gaze.

“What are you thinking?”


Anis tilted her head and asked. His eyes, which had been closed with a smile, opened slightly and stared at Eugene. Those eyes were much colder and more fearful than Eugene had imagined… … . Eugene couldn’t answer and held his breath.

“Hamel. Why should I be victimized by your reckless, incompetent, and stupid things?”

“I was wrong.”

“Are you saying you did something wrong when you know what you did wrong? Hamel, I know that you are not truly remorseful. You and I have been together for a very long time, and I know you better than you think.”

“I was wrong.”

“So what did you do wrong?”

“Attacking Gavid… … .”

“Tell me why that is wrong.”

In my head, I could understand the reason for the attack, but it was very difficult to bring it out. When Eugene hesitated, Anise sneered and smirked.

“Look at that. Hamel, aren’t you even able to clearly explain the reason for the attack? That’s because your attack was very emotional. That’s why I can’t explain the reason coherently to someone else.”

“That bastard gets fed up… … .”

“Hamel! Now your remarks are making me sick.”

“Anyway, isn’t it a little harsh to say that unlike me, you, who have learned a lot, are getting spoiled… … .”

Before Eugene’s muttering was over, the flail in Anis’ hand was fired. The adamantium attached to the end of the long chain flew as if it would break Eugene’s head. Eugene freaked out and bent his head to avoid his flail.

“Why are you avoiding it!”

“If you get hit, you die!”

“Don’t be shy. I know very well that that body is healthier than the flimsy body of the previous life.”

“Hamel wasn’t flirtatious.”

“Moron, you just shut up. And what did you mean it wasn’t insincere? Hamel was always bleeding and collapsing, giving me a hard time.”

“Hamel, who pushed himself and fought until that point, was a great fighter.”

“Just shut up.”

Anise lit twin wicks in both eyes and fired at them, and Moron quietly closed his lips.

“Hamel. It’s not uncommon for you to act emotionally, so maybe you can pass it on. 300 years ago it was. To put it bluntly… … .”

“To be honest, isn’t it a bit… … .”

“Don’t interrupt me unless you really want to quit.”


“anyway… … Hmmm, to be honest. 300 years ago, Vermut-sama was there even if you died.”

At those words, the corner of Yujin’s mouth went down. Anyway, isn’t it too much to say that in front of you?

“Since Vermut-sama was there, it was okay for you to be moderately reckless. Even if you acted recklessly and got into trouble, Vermut-sama was able to solve it. Well, there was me, Senya, and Moron. But not now. Hamel, you must have said it before? In this era, you should be like Vermouth-sama.”

“You do too much, really.”

“I think your mindless behavior is even more exaggerated! If Gavi de Lindman went against the will of the demon lord of confinement and tried to kill you, what was he going to do?”

“You bastard who is full of pride in being a sword and knight of confinement. I would never do anything like that.”

“That is something that cannot be absolutely certain. So, what did you gain by attacking Gavid?”

bung bung… … Anis swung her flail and fired. The adamantium spinning fiercely above her head flashed her bloody light. Eugene swallowed a gulp without losing track of it.

“I got a lot of confidence. First of all, as long as I don’t go to Babel, Gavid and the Demon King of Confinement won’t interfere with me. The demon king of confinement will not come out of Babel and beat me up, and Gavid will not forcefully drag me to Babel.”

“You didn’t rush to find out from the beginning, did you?”

“No, Anis, you saw him on his knees too. Her hair is oily and angular, as if it had been cut with a ruler, but now that I’m looking at it, I want to kick it… … I thought it would be better to chop it up with a sword rather than kick it… … .”

“Ultimately for emotional reasons! Hamel! What is the difference between a man who cannot control his impulses and a bastard?”

“Now you are treating people like bastards… … .”

“No, Hamel. You are close to being a bastard, but you are not yet a bastard. Now, Hamel, let’s pray. Let us put our hands together and repent.”

Anis kindly showed me a demonstration first. She clasped her hands in front of her chest in front of her Eugene’s eyes, and closed her eyes with a reverent expression on her face.

“What I want is not to say that I was wrong. It is a promise that will be passed on to the future that I will not do that in the future. So, follow me. I will not do anything reckless like this in the future. I won’t embarrass my beloved Anise from now on… … .”


‘I’ll add your name to the end if you want.’

[I-I don’t want that.]

‘really? Are you sure you don’t want to? Christina Rogeris. A liar who deceives himself cannot go to heaven or be saved.’

[I’ve already been saved, so that’s okay… … .]

‘Is it really so? Cristina, is your salvation small enough to see a fireworks display with Hamel? I’m not. I’m greedy, so I’ll think I’m saved only after making a lot of history that Hamel and you couldn’t do.’

[sister! It is different from the first time.]

Cristina screamed, but Anis didn’t answer.

“… … Do I even have to say ‘I love you’?”

“If you dislike me and hate me, take it out.”

“I love Anise and Hamel too.”

“If you open that spout on your own just one more time… … !”

“No, you, honestly, are you more upset than I am because you did something embarrassing in front of other people? yes?”

“You know, what are you asking? Hamel, I am over 300 years old if I count only years. however! Because of you, I spread my wings, trembled, and tore my hair in front of many distant descendants, crying out that I had received a revelation. You may not have seen it because you were bickering with Gavid, but while I was doing it, the priests of Euras— me! Do you know what kind of eyes the little priests, who worshiped me as a saint and learned all my actions and words from the Bible, looked at me?”

Just thinking about it made my face heat up. Anis covered her face with both hands that were holding her prayers.

Having said that, Eugene did not protest and put her hands together in front of her chest. When she thought about it rationally, she didn’t like Anise too much. It was true that he attacked Gavid without even giving a word in advance.

“I will not do anything reckless like this in the future. love in the future… … I will not embarrass my beloved Anise.”

“If you dare say the word love twice, does that mean you love me twice? Or is it that I also love Cristina, who is listening in me?”

“You stuttered… … .”

“Hamel, since you seem to be truly remorseful, I will forgive Hamel, my dear, dear Hamel.”

Anise put down the flail with a hearty smile.

“Eugene-nim is a bastard without fidelity.”

Merga muttered as she stuck her head out through her cloak. As if she had died, Eugene felt a heavy sense of guilt in her dull eyes.

“I remember everything. If Senya-sama is released from her seal one day, I will tell Senya-sama everything I have seen and heard, and all the humiliation I have suffered.”

“Do whatever you want. If Senya had a conscience, he would not be able to criticize me.”

“Why can’t you criticize me?”

“Think carefully. Isn’t it obvious? Although Senya was pierced in the chest, she did not die. It’s sealed, but it’s alive. But what about me? My bones were already shattered hundreds of years ago and stuffed into sacred relics, and my blood and flesh became fertilizer for future generations of saints… … .”

Anise spoke of her terrible past with a gloomy expression on her face. Then Mer said she didn’t know what to do, and only her lips pursed.

“Even though I now dwell in Christina, who has many aptitudes that match my own, it is an undeniable fact that I am a specter who has not attained enlightenment. I am like a candle in front of the wind, so imperfect that it wouldn’t be strange if I suddenly disappeared. Also, if Cristina doesn’t want to accept my existence and she refuses, she will… … .”

[Sister, sister! I never will. So please don’t tell sad stories.]

Anise enjoyed Christina’s screams.

“I am… … Just like when he took his own life hundreds of years ago, he will disappear without achieving anything he hoped for. Even if that is the case, I will not hold grudge against anyone. You, Mer Merdein, who treat me like a stray cat, Senya, who criticizes me for my actions, and Hamel, who couldn’t catch me… … I won’t resent you. Dirt to Dirt, Dirt to Dirt. True to the word, I will return to dust and dirt and pray for the happiness, rest, and support of those I love in heaven.”

Anise had said that and deliberately paused once. He catches his breath, and he puts on the most benevolent smile he can ever give.

“Even if my existence is only a specter, I love you.”

Moron shed thick tears. Mer also sniffed. Eugene put on a sad expression as she approached Anis and spread her arms around Anis’ body. Mer, also in her cloak, pouted out of her body and clung to Anis.

“I was wrong. Anis-sama is grumpy, but she’s a nice person. I love Anis-sama too… … i love you.”

“I love anise, too.”

Morron also cried and hugged Anise, Eugene, and Mer at once with his huge arms.

Amidst the many hugs, Anise smiled with satisfaction.

* * *

next day.

Eugene woke up in a room in the mansion assigned to Lionheart.

The conversation with Moron with Anis, no, Christina lasted until late in the morning, but no suspicion was raised. Who would doubt that the great hero, the brave Moron, who faced the devil 300 years ago, would give advice to the warriors and saints of today?

In addition, Moron did not sleep, and invited all Lionhearts who participated in the Night March early in the morning. It was to give advice and good advice to his friends, descendants of the great Vermouth.

‘That asshole won’t say anything useless… … .’

Since dawn, Moron has been asked to do so. It is not known that Eugene is Hamel’s reincarnation, so he tells them to be careful with their words.

Gavid Lindman and the Black Mist, who left last night, never returned. Moron was wary of him in his heart. As he said in front of the castle gate, he seemed to be seriously thinking that Gavid might be plotting a scheme somewhere in this wide snowy field.

But Eugene was sure Gavid wouldn’t do something like that. He is a man full of pride and loyalty. Although he had withdrawn in disgrace, he had no plans to avenge him. What if Gavid drives his Black Mist over the fortress? In Eugene’s opinion, it was something he didn’t need to be wary of in the first place.

“What’s up?”

Eugene went out for a walk on the castle wall and laughed.

Now, Christina was not by Eugene’s side. First of all, Christina’s nationality is Holy Empire, her title is Bishop of Light, and all bishops belong to the Priests of Light in Euras. So, now Christina was on the side of the Light Ming Priests.

Outside the fort, the training is in progress holding an angle in its own way. A collaboration between Arot’s magic corps and Nahama’s dungeon faction mages. The army of monsters summoned by summoning magic is clashing with the knights.

The ones facing the monsters now are the knights of the Anti-Magic Union. And behind them, the healers of the alliance and the clergy of Euras were preparing for any unexpected situation.

He was working hard, but in Yujin’s eyes, he didn’t notice. To begin with, monsters and monsters differ in standard. And since the ferocity of monsters possessed by demons and normal monsters cannot be compared, that combat training is only plausible to the eye.

I thought it couldn’t be helped. As Aman Luhar said, this Night March is meaningful because representatives from most countries on the continent gathered. Especially yesterday, the demon king in captivity came and went, so now in the castle of the fortress, the kings must be struggling and talking about the future situation.

In the meantime, you can’t leave the knights unattended, so let’s train them first. It’s a trivial training, but you can have a sense of superiority by comparing your strength with other knights. In the process, headhunting of knights will also take place, and they will sign exclusive contracts with the gathered mercenaries or be knighted.

“You look boring.”

The presence approached without hiding. Eugene didn’t react much, so the voice spoke first.

“It’s not fun because I’m just watching.”

Yujin turned her head and looked behind her.

A man as tall as a mulberry was staring at Eugene.

Commander-in-Chief of the Stormtrooper Knights. Twelve Girls’ First.

Ortus Hyman.


Simuin’s Exceed is an extravagant magic armor made entirely of Orichalcum. I had seen what Dior and Princess Scalia were wearing in the snowy field, but should I really call it the commander of the knights? Orthus’ exceed had many differences from the two.

A large inscription engraved in the center of the breastplate. The symbol of the Storming Knights, which embodies waves and whirlpools. Unlike Princess Scalia, the royal family symbol is not engraved on it. But something much more valuable than that is embedded in the center of the whirlpool.

A red gem the size of a thumb. Eugene recognized what the jewel was. It wasn’t that I had good eyesight. It’s just because Orthus’ armor is so famous.

dragon heart.

It’s not like Akasha or Bloodmary used the whole dragon heart. But even if it’s only part of it, a dragon heart is a dragon heart. Orthus’ Exceed is a treasure whose value cannot be converted.

So, that Exceed was not Orthus’ property, but one of the national treasures of the Simuin. In addition to that, Simuin owns several weapons and exceeds that use parts of Dragon Heart as his national wealth.

It is a keepsake of a sea dragon that has been protecting officials since ancient times.

It is a sea dragon that has been protecting the southern seas and seamen for a long time, but that dragon was also fatally injured in a battle with the demon king of destruction 300 years ago. The sea dragon returned to the sea he was guarding, died, and gave his remains, including the dragon heart, as a gift to the royal family of Simuin.

‘The dragon’s bones, scales, and even a dragon heart, albeit in part. They say it’s the best armor on the continent, but it looks like it.’

It was the first time he had seen it up close like this, and Eugene honestly felt admiration. If quite a few knights wore that armor, their skills would jump several times.

Even so, Orthus didn’t seem inferior to his armor. The exact details would have to be known directly, but Orthus’ prayer seemed to be enough to be called the best knight in the country.

“Are you measuring my skills?”

Orthus opened his mouth. He wasn’t even tall compared to his tall stature, but it felt sharp like a well-forged sword. The bangs and side hair were cut exactly in half, the skin was pale, and the dark circles under the eyes were dark.

Putting her skills aside, her impression was very depressing.

“I am sorry if you were offended. Standing so close to the famous Sir Ortus Heyman, I can’t help myself.”

“I am not offended. As the name is so well known, it is common for one’s skills to be judged. So how is it?”

“I do not know. I think it’s more accurate to know when you touch a sword than to feel from a first impression.”

“Sounds like a provocation. Oh, it’s not unpleasant. I felt it yesterday too, but you seem to have that kind of personality.”

Orthus answered with a smileless face. Are you really not offended? Eugene stared at Orthus’ face.

“… … ah. It must be sudden that I came suddenly.”

“Honestly, yes.”

“My son and… … I heard that Princess Scalia owes you.”

At those words, Eugene remembered what he had heard from Xian and Ciel.

Princess Scalia’s madness and rampage was due to the dream queen’s mischief, but she couldn’t let Princess Scalia know about it. She can’t help it because it’s Eugene, but she can pass over the commotion, but Scalia is the princess of Simuin. When she goes on a rampage, calling Noir Jebella’s prank an attack, things become a nuisance.

So Cian and Ciel agonized over how to explain to Princess Scalia, but luckily they didn’t have to make excuses.

When Princess Scalia and Dior woke up, they recognized that they had been poisoned in the process of chasing and killing the Black Dog mercenaries. A kind of poison that causes mental confusion and rampage. maybe magic. Although the acid deciphered the poison, it went wild ‘for a moment’ and attacked Eugene’s party while rampaging. I was overpowered, I lost my mind… … .

That, too, is the trick of Noir Jebela. Noir’s hypnosis easily captures the human mind and alters memories, even without using the magic eye of fantasy. Thanks to that, Princess Scalia and Dior didn’t even remember meeting and talking with Eugene.

“I heard from the princess and her son that it was your skill to subdue the two rampaging wildly unscathed.”

“… … hmm… … Perhaps because of confusion, the two of them couldn’t show their original skills… … .”

“There is no need to save face just because Dior is my son. I have seen yesterday’s commotion. Dior is sane, he’s doing his best, and even if he’s 10, he won’t be able to match you.”

Orthus spat out in a quick voice. It was only for a moment, but Orthus’ eyebrows furrowed as he spoke of Dior. Eugene was not unfamiliar with that expression.

‘It seems that parents who are polar opposite are not very different.’

Theonis, who was talking about the dulzin iod, had a similar expression and eyes.

While Eugene roughly guessed Dior’s circumstances, he felt doubts. Even so, I thought that even though he was his son, the undervaluation was too severe. When Dior received the sword from Princess Scalia, he was not comparable to Eugene, but he was enough to be called a genius somewhere.

‘Or maybe my father’s eyes are too high.’

It occurred to me that it might be. Right now, Dior is two years older than Eugene. There is no law that says he must be strong just because he is a few years older, but he thought that once he reached the age of a knight representing his country, he might place excessive and heavy expectations on his son.

“Stop talking about the ugly son.”

on the topic he brought up first.

“In the snow… … The accident between Princess Scalia and my son. I didn’t tell that to His Highness the King, Sir. Princess Scalia didn’t want him either.”

I heard the image of Princess Scalia through Noir Jebela’s mouth. She is the vice-captain of the Knights of the Wild Waves, and is called Princess Knight around her and is regarded as one of the symbols of the knight kingdom’s servants.

However, Scalia’s own skills are not good enough to become the symbol of the Knight Kingdom. Princess Scalia herself knew this fact early on, and tried to live up to the expectations of her surroundings. She didn’t sleep, practiced hard, and worked hard. However, since it didn’t turn out the way she thought, darkness dwelled in her heart, and she was simply harassed by Noir Jebella.

Dream horse is so bad quality. If there is darkness in her heart and she is not satisfied with reality, she will naturally fall into a dream. The Dream Demon plays with her dreams with her malice and greed.

It was Princess Scalia’s own will that killed the Black Dog mercenaries. As Scalia’s lieutenant, Dior could not disobey her wishes and followed her. The brutal killing method is an expression of anger over the usual accumulated stress. Being afraid of falling asleep due to insomnia must have piled up more stress, so it’s only natural that your hands get rough.

If that’s all there is to it, there’s no problem.

However, the vice-captain of the Storming Knights, whose name always goes up and down when choosing the best knights on the continent. that princess knight. He was only poisoned in the process of killing the mercenaries, and wielded the sword indiscriminately in a frenzy?

If that fact were known, there would be no such disgrace. Of course, as Princess Scalia, she would want to cover it up, and Ortus, who had allowed her sudden action, would want to ask in his own way.

“I know what you mean. But Sir Ortus. I broke up with Princess Scalia on the way.”

“I heard that Princess Scalia first asked for forgiveness from Lionheart’s twins. And if I ask you again, you will take care of telling the story to her twins.”

Saying that, Ortus glanced outside the wall. The squad of summoned large monsters was being defeated by the knights. Orthus clicked his tongue as he looked at it disapprovingly.

“Even if the weak countries gather together, is it a weak country in the end?”


“You know, don’t you? The knights fighting there are the Guardian Knights of the Anti-Magic Union. It is a knighthood made up of knights who made a name for themselves in a small country. There are quite a few numbers, but very few talented people.”

Orthus’ finger pointed at the Guardian Knights.

“I see a man standing over there. Regillas, leader of the Guardian Knights. How do you see your skills? I assure you, there is not a single knight among Lionheart’s White Lion Knights who can be confident that that man can unconditionally overwhelm them.”

“Um… … .”

“For my part, I don’t know why you hesitate. Isn’t the White Lion Knights a prestigious knights that want knights whose skills are recognized anywhere on the continent to join them? On the other hand, what about them? Not great skill. It’s a skill that can prevail in a small country. It goes without saying that the Guardian Knights, a collection of knights like that, are ragtag.”

The words Orthus uttered were thick with contempt that could not be hidden. When Eugene didn’t answer, Orthus cleared his expression and shrugged his shoulders.

“Looks like I’ve been rude. Please understand. It’s not that I don’t like them as a knight. It’s just that I’m annoyed by their ugliness.”

“What do you mean by ugly?”

“The reason the Night March was held. What is the reason why I, the Knights of the Storm, and His Highness the King, came to this northernmost land from the warm south? Isn’t it because the Anti-Magic Alliance showed off its trivial power on the borders of Helmud?”

indeed. Eugene nodded her head.

Orthus was not wrong. The demon king of confinement had warned him about it. However, the responsibility did not entirely lie with the Anti-Magic Alliance.

The reason why the Anti-Magic Alliance acted so boldly was because the Holy Knights of Yuras acted together with the Guardian Knights. For a long time, they have been stationed in a place that is close to the border of Helmud, saying that they must subdue Helmud and kill the demon king.

“I don’t like them even more, even though they did this hard work for them… … It’s because he didn’t show any apology. I have no choice but to despise him for being weak and shameless. When this Night’s March is over, they’ll pull back the troops stationed on the border as usual. Hiding behind the back of the Holy Empire. I understand that the Anti-Magic Alliance is practically a vassal state of the Holy Empire, but I can’t like it.”

“Is that so.”

Eugene gave an appropriate response. He seemed to be very proud of him, perhaps because he was a knight representing the servants of the kingdom of knights.

‘I don’t like this bastard.’

Ever since his previous life, Eugene had never liked a guy who was a knight and condescending.

“Did you come to see me to talk about the strong and excellent knights?”

So I asked in a crooked tone. Orthus looked at Eugene for a moment, then shook his head slightly.

“I’m here to make an offer.”

“What do you mean by proposal?”

“You should know. In addition to the original purpose of this Night March, various self-interests have been added. Of course, I do not intend to disparage the original purpose. The demon king of confinement visited, and the great hero Moron Ruhar is currently in this fortress.”

Orthus turned and looked back at the fort’s castle.

“Currently Lord Morron has a talk with Lionheart’s knights, but during the Night March, knights from different countries will also have a talk with Lord Moron. The leaders of the continent will also discuss the future with Lord Moron. I don’t think that training is trivial, but just knowing the will of the demon king of confinement and being able to talk with Sir Morron is worth the Night March.”

Orthus stopped talking for a moment after saying that.

“Purpose beyond purpose. I’ll be honest. I was trying to encourage you to come to Simuin.”

“You don’t seem to be thinking about that right now.”

“If you were not recognized by the Holy Sword, I was going to promise you a lot as an envoy to His Highness. No, His Highness would have stepped forward directly without me.”

It wasn’t even the first offer. Even while in Arrot, he received such an offer from Trempel Wizador, the head of the court mage, and Abram, the Crown Prince Honein.

Eugene is the adopted son of Lionheart. In a prestigious family that values ​​legitimacy, it is impossible for both of them to become heads of households. However, Eugene is not good enough to become the head of the family, so he has excessive abilities.

So, it is assumed that those who do not know Eugene well are dissatisfied with the situation that they cannot become the head of the household. That’s why I suggest you to give up Lionheart by offering satisfactory conditions.

“Since you’ve been recognized by the Holy Sword, I don’t think you’ll be greedy for the honor promised by the officials. So I’m going to make another suggestion. No, more like a request than a suggestion.”

“What is your request?”

“Princess Rakshasa Iris.”

Orthus said, furrowing his eyebrows.

“I think you know that name well.”

Of course I know. Now, Iris is going down to the South Sea to piracy, but before going to the South Sea, she took Eugene hostage in Kiel and tried to steal the elves from Lionheart.

“no way. Are you trying to say that Carmen and I became pirates because we couldn’t kill Iris?”

Eugene also furrowed his eyebrows and spat out.

So far, I’ve been able to respect Ortus moderately, but what if he says bullshit about taking responsibility for not killing Iris? He is the leader of the Wild Wave Knights and sleeps first, and Orthus is just a bastard not worthy of respect.

“Could you say such a shameless thing?”

Fortunately, Orthus wasn’t even a bastard. He shook his head vigorously, genuinely perplexed.

“No one is to blame for Princess Rakhar’s escape from Kiel. It’s nothing compared to the sword of confinement, the queen of dreams, and the demonic dragon. Isn’t Princess Raksha also a monster among monsters who has lived since the war 300 years ago?”

“What is it? It seems like they are shabby pirates now.”

“Shaw… … I don’t.”

Orthus’ eyebrows furrowed even further.

“She is such a strong monster. And the sea is very wide, and there are many pirates. She took control of most of the pirates of the South Sea in just one year. At first, she had only one shabby pirate ship, but now she has dozens of pirates under her umbrella, calling it a crazed pirate fleet.”

Do you mean that much? Eugene narrowed his eyes and looked at Orthus.

“As her power increased, Princess Raksha’s plundering became bolder. Raiding big merchants, taking over trade ships, and very troublesome. I sent a subjugation fleet several times, but to no avail. That monster’s demonic eye runs away, but one is good at it like a ghost.”

“I tell you from my experience, I ran away even though there was no need to run. If Princess Raksha had made up her mind and confronted the simuin’s subjugation fleet, the entire fleet would have been sunk.”

“… … I think so too. Maybe Princess Nachal doesn’t want to lose the maritime power and capability of the official.”

“Since they are attacking the merchant corps and trade ships, isn’t Chuck already lost?”

“Not necessarily. she’s pretty… … You have flexibility. They raid and occupy, but they don’t loot everything. Take an exorbitant toll and release them again. … … Sometimes there are elves on board, or as slaves… … Although they rob them if they are in transit. Other than that, nothing special. The mighty pirates in the South Sea usually do that. It must be some kind of custom… … .”

“I know roughly. Take the toll, and give some of it as a bribe. isn’t it? To be honest, it seems that Princess Nachal’s bribes have flowed into the royal family as well.”

Orthus was speechless at Eugene’s grin. He glared at Eugene for a moment, then let out a long sigh and nodded his head.

“You are right. Even before her power grew as much as she does now, Princess Raksha had been giving bribes to the top leaders of the navy. Of course, even more bribes flowed into the royal family.”

In addition to taxes levied on merchant merchants and trade ships, they also take bribes. Merchants robbed by pirates will shed bloody tears, but those who take bribes don’t care about such bloody tears.

“… … It’s not like I left Princess Rakshak alone for the sole purpose of bribery. she is strong She is so talkative that she can’t help it with all her power. And the sea is wide, and there are many pirates. I thought that if Princess Rakshasa rallied that many pirates, she would be able to control the pirates in reverse.”

Is that all there is to it? Eugene naively did not believe Orthus’ words.

Probably, no, definitely. The officials must have wanted to make Princess Nachal the national power. He would have hoped to use Princess Nachal as an asymmetrical power while exchanging bribes while permitting piracy and exchanging trades he wanted with each other.

Princess Rakhar and Iris were enough to make her greedy. Already, Iris turned her back on Helmud after being defeated in the land battle against Noir Jebela. So, he must have wanted to coax Princess Rakhar well and build a relationship enough to grant the royal family’s ‘request’ even if he couldn’t give her a title.

‘It doesn’t look good. Of course. That crazy bitch is hoping for the revival of the Dark Elves and the revival of the frenzied demon king.’

“so. What did Princess Rakshak who got along well with?”

“The monster has gone too far now.”

“Looks like you’ve started paying less bribes.”

“… … Let’s stop talking about bribes. Wouldn’t that be a good story for someone else to hear?”

“Why are you telling me that?”

“Didn’t you tell me? I want to ask you a favor.”

As Eugene scratched softly, Orthus’ voice was a little annoyed.

“You are a warrior recognized by the holy sword, and isn’t Princess Rakshak your enemy too? So, when I subdue Princess Raksha, I want you to help me.”

“A hero is not a volunteer.”

“… … What do you mean?”

“It is Sir Ortus’ freedom to ask for help, but there is no reason why I should oblige unconditionally with a burning sense of justice.”

“Even at this moment, Princess Rakshasa is digging into the sea and committing evil deeds.”

“Isn’t it the official who didn’t catch that idiot early and let him play freely?”

“… … I know we have a responsibility. So, I will also participate in the subjugation of Princess Rakhar. His Majesty the King also expressed his intention to have the elite of the Turbulent Knights participate in the war, and the maritime power that the officials are proud of… … .”

“You don’t need a large fleet for subjugation. If you want to, you can even cross the sea on a single boat. If you have the strength, you should be able to kill Princess Raksha by yourself without accompanying the knights.”

When Eugene replied, Orthus’ lips twitched.

“Are you saying you have that kind of power? Even I don’t have the confidence to stand up to Princess Rakshak?”

“It’s not necessarily me. that’s what the saying is. Anyway, I know Lord Orthus’ story well.”

“then… … .”

“I know, but that doesn’t mean I will. didn’t you say A hero is not a volunteer.”

Eugene raised a finger in front of her chest as if showing off. As she made a circle with her index finger and the tips of her thumbs, Orthus’ pupils fluttered. What was that vulgar, worldly gesture of the hand? I thought so for a moment, but when I thought about it carefully, Eugene Ryanhart was the one who raised the middle finger to the demon king of confinement yesterday.

“… … that… … that… … hmm… … How much do you want specifically?”

“I used to make coins with my fingers, but I have a lot of money, so I don’t need money. How about an acid?”

“… … If that’s enough… … .”

“With a dragon heart stuck in it. As far as I know, among Simuin’s national treasures, there are two more exceeds with dragon hearts embedded in them… … .”


Orthus yelled out loud. Then he recalled the gazes around him and quickly adjusted his expression.

“That’s the official’s national treasure. I cannot give it to a stranger.”

“Then I will spend 50 years and return it. I can’t help it if you don’t like it. Later, if Princess Raksha led a pirate fleet and invaded Simuin… … Maybe because of bad luck, the capital and the royal palace will fall, the national treasury will be opened, and the precious national treasure will become the spoils of Princess Raksha… … . That worries me very much.”

“Puduk… … .”

When Eugene mumbled with a look of genuine regret, Orthus gnashed his teeth without realizing it.

Even the snort listening to this conversation would know that Eugene’s words were a joke. The furrow between the eyebrows deepened, and the tightly clenched fists trembled. There were many words he wanted to say, but Orthus couldn’t bear to pour out those harsh words.

The problem was not with Eugene’s skill, but with Eugene’s holy sword.

The opponent is that rake princess, Iris. A primordial Dark Elf who is a hybrid but close to pureblood, who can be said to be a direct descendant of the mad king. Since he decided to deal with such a monster, he decided that he needed the help of the holy sword. In addition, if Eugene is included in the subjugation party, wouldn’t Saint Christina Rogeris also follow?

“… … Your request is… … I get it. As for that, I will tell His Highness the King and discuss it.”

“If 50 years is too long, I’m willing to agree to 25 years in half with a major blood loss.”

“words… … ! Let’s raise it, and after the discussion is over, let’s negotiate again.”

“I have no intention of getting bitten further from 25 years, so there is no need for negotiations.”

Orthus could not stand it any longer and turned away from the spot. Then, without saying hello, he jumped down the wall first.

“Oh hey, it’s cool inside.”

Eugene waved his hand at Orthus’ back as he walked away with a bloody spirit.

brave moron

Four more days had passed since then, but Orthus did not visit Eugene again.

‘I guess I’m not in a hurry yet.’

Wasn’t it an unconventional proposal to shorten 50 years to 25 years?

Eugene also had the idea that one day he would have to find Iris wandering in the South Sea and kill him. But honestly, he’s dropped a lot of priorities.

The first thing to do is to visit Helmud’s dragon castle. Find the Hetzling of Lyzakia that will be there, and kill it if possible. Of course, before that, through Hetzling, you have to find Raisakia beyond the dimension.

Iris and the other Eunwon are next. Judging from what Ortus said as a request, it seemed that the officials thought that Iris was a nuisance, but hadn’t yet thought of subduing it as soon as possible.

And the biggest problem with Iris’ subjugation is that the sea is too wide. In addition, Iris’s Dark Magic Eye exerts great power even when attacking, but it is also an ability that specializes in escaping.

What if Iris escaped in the middle of that wide sea using the magic eye of darkness? Not only Eugene, but no wizard in the world will be able to stop Iris from escaping.

‘Compared to Noir Jebella, Iris is pretty crazy.’

Thinking so, Yujin brushed the snow off her cheek.

two days ago.

Moron left the fort. On the wall of the hallway, that backbone only wrote the words ‘I’ll be back’, and didn’t say anything to Eugene and Anis. So suddenly, in the middle of the night, it disappeared.

The reason could be guessed. Why Morons Suddenly Disappeared? Isn’t it obvious Rehein Yar, beyond the Great Hammer Gorge, Noor appeared.


Yujin grumbled, thinking of Moron.

After coming to the fort, Moron was very busy. On the first night, Eugene and Anis and I drank and chatted until dawn. After the demon king of confinement went, she started Lionheart, had conversations with knights from each country, and attended the kings’ meeting.

He briefly observed the training of the knights, gave them similar advice, and held a small banquet with the Bayar tribesmen living in the fortress. He also spent time with Aman Luhar and White Fang. Even though he had already finished the conversation, he came to Ryan Hart’s mansion and met with people who had Ryan Hart’s surname and told them various stories.

In particular, Moron liked Gilade and the twins. Her face didn’t look much alike, but Gilreid’s long hair seemed to remind her of Vermouth. Her twins hesitated because Moron was difficult, but she acted like her caring grandfather, and she looked after Xian and Ciel’s swords.

—-Moron did not sleep for a single moment in the fortress. because of the press Even though he was busy for two days in the fortress, Moron continued to be conscious of Reheinyar. Because you never know when Nur will appear.

Two days ago, Gearko Nur appeared. That was something that Eugene and Anis could not help. If I had come back that morning, I would have gone to Moron and cursed at him. It’s been two full days and he still hasn’t returned to the fort.

So Eugene and Anis climbed Rehein Yar in search of Moron. In order not to cause needless worries, I briefly explained the circumstances to the head of the household, Gilreid. I decided to be tested by the brave Moron in Rehein Yar. Although it was a hasty explanation, the great hero’s test had enough weight to convince others.

“Actually, it’s because Moron is a double-headed man.”

Eugene glared at the light flickering on the palm of his hand and spat out.

“Since that bastard is daring and acts like an asshole after collecting knights, everyone thinks that if he was a moron, he would do something like this.”

“You talk too much to Morone.”

Anise opened her eyes and looked at Eugene.

“When Moron was with us, he was still an asshole, but he didn’t act like an asshole even to my descendants and to the people of our present age.”

“It seems unnecessarily solemn. They say that a seat makes a person, but I guess it really is.”

“Hamel, you were already dead at the time, so I don’t know. Moron 300 years ago was pretty amazing. Moron is the one who pioneered this unexplored, cold land at the northern end with only physical strength. At the time, people on the continent called Moron the pioneer king of the north, the king of miracles.”

“Honestly, I heard Moron didn’t do it alone. I heard that you also helped the founding of Ruhar by pressuring the pope of Jurass?”

“It was the same with Senya. Vermut-sama also provided a significant portion of the pioneering funds. However, it was because Moron’s strength and will was upright that he pioneered this land and established a kingdom.”

It was a fact that there was nothing to overestimate. Yujin licked her lips and glared at the flickering flames.

“Anyway, isn’t it that the reason why the two of us agreed to go looking for Moron was because he thought that Moron deserved a sudden test?”

“It is a pretty plausible title. The progenitor of Ruhar who returned after 100 years, the great hero from 300 years ago. He, a living legend, tests the heroes and saints of the present era… … . Isn’t it like a legend or a myth?”

“Actually, I’m going to find Moron, who has disappeared on his own.”

Like last time, there was no need for Evil’s guidance. Because she had left the Great Hammer Rift the other day, leaving a magical milestone for the next time she would come back to find Moron. Right now, the embers on Eugene’s palm were guiding the way while searching for that milestone.

Thanks to this, the movement speed increased significantly. The last time I came, I had to match the speed of Evil, but now I don’t have to. Eugene held his head high as he extinguished the flame in his palm.

end of the field of view. The canyon of the Great Hammer shimmers. It’s still quite a distance, but if we move like now, we’ll be able to get there in half a day.

“The problem is the barrier. What are you going to do?”

“If I thought about that, I wouldn’t have come this far. is not it? While we were crossing this blizzard, the roads diverged and Moron may have returned to the fort.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll slap Morron in the jaw.”

“You’ve got your chin cut. I’m going to stab you in the back of the head.”

“great. Hamel, I will stay inside for a while, so please take care of Christina so that she is not in danger.”

Anis and Cristina’s consciousness changed. Cristina stood there, blinking her eyes a few times, then crinkled her eyebrows as she shivered in the cold.

“Don’t you think it’s too much?”


“Sith… … Anis-sama!”

In conversations between just the two of us, we always say “sister”, but calling her “sister” in front of other people was somehow embarrassing.

[What is the difference? As I said before, isn’t the title Sister special among nuns?]

Even so, Anis hears it by replacing the title “sister” with “sister” at will. Cristina knew that, and was ashamed to speak in front of her… … .

“It is understandable that he only wants to change his body when he has a lot to say. It is understandable that you leave most of the walking on this cold and uncomfortable land to me. By the way, Lady Anise is so vicious that the moment she switches with me, she loses all the miracles that prevent the cold.”

[It’s fun to see you shivering from the cold. And this is also for you, Christina.]

“What the hell is that for me… … .”

[How nice would it be if you hugged Hamel to overcome the cold when you suddenly felt cold?]

Cristina’s lips, which had been spitting out voices filled with dissatisfaction, twitched.

[I expected you to do that without even knowing it, but now that I’ve said it, it can’t happen. Since this has already happened, next time, try consciously hugging Hamel. If you hug him because it’s cold, Hamel won’t reject it even if he’s embarrassed.]

“Why suddenly? Stop talking.”

“ah… … The devil, the devil is whispering in my head.”

Christina blushed and stammered.

* * *

The time for the sun to set has passed, but there is no night in Rehein Yar. Eugene glared at the blizzard-blown sky, the distant sun, and the towering hammer-shaped cliff below.

The last time I came, I pitched a tent and camped near here. But now I didn’t have to. Because neither Eugene nor Christina felt the need to rest.

The gorge of the great hammer seen here had a completely different atmosphere from the last time. No, the Great Hammer Gorge was originally like this. The sudden change of mood at that time was the appearance of Noor.

Now, there is no aura like when Nur appeared. I couldn’t see the hideous monster, and I didn’t feel the ominous resemblance to the demon king of destruction. Yujin clicked her tongue and resumed her stopped steps.

“Should I hug and run?”

At the bottom of the cliff, Eugene turned to Christina and asked. Cristina didn’t answer right away, but hesitated for a moment. Then, through the cracks in her cloak, her eyes met the glimmering Mer. She thought for a moment about hugging her because the gaze was sly and spiteful, but… … .

“Uhm… … it’s okay.”

After being hugged, it seemed that I couldn’t bear the shame. She knew Anis would tease her, especially in her head, to the point where she wanted to commit suicide, but Christina didn’t have the confidence to deal with the teasing and keep her composure.

[Why is there so much shame? You’ll lose a lot of things from me if you linger around like that.]

‘… … subtract… … To be robbed?’

[I can think of dozens of things to take away from you, but it’s too embarrassing to recite them one by one.]

It was a joke again. But that kind of teasing made Christina have wild imaginations. Her snow continued to fall and the wind blew and it was cold, but Christina’s face was hot despite the cold. After clearing her breath, she spread her wings of light.

The top of the cliff was the same as last time. There is only a lot of snow, no other traces.

Eugene, who was expecting bloodstains in her heart, did not hide her disappointment. What if you really did cross paths with Moron? Aside from being pissed off, in that case Moron will come back and find Eugene and Anis.

‘They said that he could see Rehein Yar from afar.’

Eugene hovered over the cliff for a while, concentrating.

Here, the canyon of the great hammer is the ‘border’. The forefront of Nur’s appearance in the world. The other side of Reyhen Yar, where Moron piles up Noor’s corpses, also starts here.

‘It’s hidden too well.’

Akasha, who understands all magic, is already in Eugene’s hands. However, it was not easy to find the magic hidden in the cliff.

… … I remembered the darkroom. It was impossible for him to understand the magic there, but he remembered some of the magic formulas that made up the darkroom.


[I am concentrating.]

Mer, inside the cloak, answered right away.

Now she is linking her consciousness with Akasha and interpreting this space itself. It takes a lot of time to interpret the entire space without any clues, but I didn’t have any clues because I got some clues in the dark room.

“It’s also hidden deep.”

[Yeah, that’s right. I don’t know what Nur is, but Morron said it, right?]

It emits ominous feelings like poison. Even if you kill it, that ominous feeling won’t go away. Even an ordinary corpse emits sea poison when it rots, but if the corpse of Nur, an ominous lump of miasma, rots… … If the bodies were piled up for 100 years. Rehein Yar would not have been able to maintain its current appearance.

[Severance of space. Or quarantine… … Eugene-sama knows what to prioritize for that kind of magic, right?]

‘It has to be secret.’

[Yes, and it has to be solid. It should never be noticed from the outside, and it should never be able to penetrate from the outside. Because there is a clue, there is me, and there is Akasha… … I think you can find it. But I don’t know if it’s possible to break through.]

‘There’s not really a way.’

[…] … Are you going to use that outrageous sword?]

Moonlight Sword.

[I don’t know what that sword is… … It might be possible to create a gap in the magic barrier that is not like magic. But Eugene, what are you going to do after that? Morron is not a wizard. If this barrier is the power entrusted to me by Vermut-sama, it’s a one-of-a-kind thing. When the barrier is broken with the moonlight sword, it may be impossible to repair the gap.]

‘I don’t even think about breaking it.’

Eugene replied while holding the moonlight sword inside his cloak.

‘I’m just knocking on the door. So that Moron inside can notice the abnormality outside the barrier. If you don’t notice, Morron isn’t inside. Maybe it’s a dull idiot.’


Eugene didn’t want to think about it.

“I’ve come this far, but to be honest, I’m hesitant.”

Cristina was following Eugene as he circled the cliff. It was a sudden voice, but Eugene noticed that Anis had taken the lead in the body again. Because they changed so many times, they learned the subtle difference in accent between Anise and Christina.

“What are you hesitating about?”

“Moron didn’t want to show us the other side. Because the poison is thick. Because it might make your head go crazy. because you might get sick. By making excuses like that.”

that Moron. He made excuses for not being good enough.

“Behind the scenes, there’s something Moron doesn’t want to show.”

“What was it like?”

“Hamel, I knew you would say that. You are still as inconsiderate as you were 300 years ago.”

“anise. You’ve seen Morron’s eyes too. Here, when I first met Moron. Did she forget what Moron was like?”

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