Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 81

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“The moron at that time was not like a moron.”

“That’s right, it wasn’t like Moron. He swung his ax violently and pushed us away. On that subject, after just a few days, they hugged us, laughing like idiots, and cried uncontrollably.”

I don’t want to accept

But it is a fact that must be accepted.

“Moron hasn’t changed in 300 years. It has changed, but it hasn’t changed in front of us. Maybe it’s hiding something that has changed. If the reason is somewhere I don’t know, and Moron doesn’t want to talk about it. I’m a bastard, so I won’t be considerate of Moron. I need to see it with my own eyes and know why Moron is doing this.”

“Don’t call me an asshole.”

“Last time, I look at me.”

“I said you were no different from a bastard, but I didn’t call you a bastard. And Hamel, if all you’re doing is reducing yourself to an asshole. Won’t I become a bastard if I sympathize with you?”

In response, Yujin smiled. In the end, Anise also says that, but it is not a position that she will not go beyond the other side, saying that she will be considerate for Moron. Didn’t Anis tell me a few days ago in the first place?

-What you don’t want to show us there isn’t a monster’s corpse.

-And I want to see it at all costs if you don’t want to show it.

Anise Slewood. She was such a terrible person. In fact, Anise wasn’t the only one. She did the same to Eugene, and if she had Senya here, she would have behaved the same way as Senya.

We went through all sorts of things together. He almost died over and over again. They wandered together like that for dozens of years. The journey in Helmud changed everyone in many ways.

But there were things that didn’t change. If Moron had changed, if the long time of 300 years had forced him to change, if the 100 years of blocking Noor had made Moron change.

Hamel and Anise needed to know why they had to do that.


Eugene’s steps stopped. Underneath the cloak, Mer gasped for breath. She interpreted her space enough to overload, so it was only natural. Eugene put his hand inside her cloak and stroked Mer’s hair a few times.

[Don’t think this is the end. Next time, you have to ride me on a wooden horse.]

“hobbyhorse… … ?”

[Youjin strangely reacts often to the word wooden horse. Are you ashamed of putting me on a wooden horse?]

“I’m not ashamed… … something like that… … .”

Eugene muttered that, removing his hand from Mer’s head and pulling out the moonlight sword.

“… … Moonlight Sword… … .”

Anis’ expression hardened slightly. That sword was like that 300 years ago, but just looking at it makes my heart thump. It was shattered, leaving only the hilt and fragments. The strange ominousness emitted by that sword was still there.

At first glance, it is an ordinary sword. A sword that looks like it would be sold at any blacksmith shop. Eugene grabbed the sheath of the sword and slowly drew it out.

ㅡHwaaaak… … ! The pale moonlight formed the sword body. Still, it was a light I couldn’t get used to.

Eugene was also not used to the light of the moonlight sword. Ominous, different from the demon lord of destruction… … . Refined, but violent. Destruction in the shape of a sword, its light wriggled in Eugene’s grasp.

I have no intention of breaking the barrier. Just lightly tap on it. It was possible to adjust the power to that extent.

Thinking so, I raised the moonlight sword.

But there was no need to knock. The moment the moonlight sword emitted light and moved. As if in response, the barrier opened wide. The other side didn’t actually open like the door actually opened.

There was no feeling of floating.

As if the world had changed at will, Eugene and Anise stood in different places.

“… … what… … Did you do something?”

“no. I didn’t do anything. It’s just a barrier… … .”

Did Moron feel it first? Or did Vermouth’s barrier respond to the moonlight sword and open the door? That was unknown right now.

“Oops… … .”

Anis covered her mouth involuntarily. Horrible things were seen even 300 years ago. However, no matter how experienced she was, Christina’s body, which had no tolerance for such things, felt the rejection first.

It was the same for Eugene. He felt dizzy and grabbed his legs as he tried to sit down.

This is Rehein Yar, the other side of the canyon of the great hammer.

But there was nothing resembling ‘outside’. It’s not even snowing. It’s not even snowing. the ground on which one’s feet rest. eye-opening landscape. Everything is bizarrely distorted.

The scenery—-reminded me of Helmud 300 years ago. No matter what happened, it was not strange. A hideous and grotesque land that was no different from hell to humans.

ㅡKung, kung.

I could see the winding and twisting peaks of the mountains. As if lava had boiled and hardened, the rugged ground was full of traces of blood or something.

ㅡKung, kung.

Bodies were strewn about not far away. A body that even Eugene knows. It is the corpse of Noor, who resembles a monkey, seen a few days ago. The corpse was a ghastly figure. … … Neatly, it’s a corpse that was killed by slitting its throat. The entire body now visible was torn to pieces.

ㅡKung, kung.

And it kept making a loud, heavy, crashing sound.

in a far and high place.

brave moron

Eugene and Anis stood still for a moment in front of Noor’s corpse. Why does the body look like this? The two had the same idea in their heads, but they didn’t bother to say it out of their mouths.

I just kept my emotions in check for a while. thump, thump. The crashing sound is heard intermittently.

Mer was afraid to stick her head out, so she crouched inside her cloak. Normally, Eugene would stroke Mer’s hair or hold her hand so that Mer wouldn’t be anxious, but he didn’t think to do that now.

It was because Eugene himself was anxious and could not afford it. Yujin, who was standing there, let out a small clicking sound and shook his head.


That was all I could think of. Eugene climbed over Noor’s corpse. Anis also let out a small sigh and followed Eugene.

It was difficult to walk on the rugged ground, as if flowing lava had hardened. Some were hard and some were not so hard that my feet went into them. It is the other side of the snow mountain, Rehein Yar, but the snow does not fall and it is not piled up.

It’s like a drawing made by a child’s hands. Bizarre forms with no coherence form the landscape.

Eugene and Anis know this world well. Now, Helmud is called an empire, accepting immigrants from all over the continent, and nothing remains of what it was 300 years ago, but Helmud of the past had a look worthy of being called Hell.

“It reminds me of the old days.”

Eugene muttered as he climbed the curved slope.

“Do you miss those days?”

“To be honest, saying that I don’t miss you is a lie. It was the time when I was alive and not dead, and it was the time when you were alive too.”

Anise smiled forlornly and nodded. She glanced down at the lump of her flesh at her feet. A corpse so disfigured that it is impossible to imagine what it originally looked like, its fragments. There are bits of flesh scattered all over the field of view.

They dragged the corpse down, randomly knocked it down, tore it apart with only their grip strength, and threw it away. I couldn’t imagine the original form of the corpse, but I could imagine why the corpse had become that way.

Eugene looked at the intestines hanging from the winding tree.

Is that rotten?

I do not know. The smell is foul and the color is odd, maybe it’s because it’s rotten… … Otherwise, it was unknown whether Noor’s internal organs were originally like that.

I also wondered if that was important. This place was a garbage dump rather than a tomb, and it was more accurate to say that the corpses and their by-products were ‘abandoned’ like garbage rather than ‘enshrined’ in the grave.



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There were many other traces besides flesh, organs, blood, and bones. There were clear scratch marks on the walls and rocks. There were places where things that I couldn’t understand whether it was a picture or a text were written.

What was the most visible of these signs?

It was a remnant of violence that had been randomly beaten and destroyed. Eugene and Anise went above and beyond those things. The more he did, the more the traces became rougher, more blatant, and more numerous. As if you want to make sure no one can come up. Maybe, like I don’t want to go down from there.


It was Anis, not Eugene, who muttered those words this time. She stepped forward herself, swinging her flail toppling her rubble. thump, thump. The sound was no longer far away. Eugene tucked her moonlight sword, still in her hand, into her cloak.

I hesitated for a moment. Should I pull out something new and keep it in my hands? In an instant, I felt that way. Is there any reason why you should? she wasn’t worried Eugene took nothing out of her cloak. She didn’t even clench her fist. She hung the flail that Anise, who had followed, was also holding, hung from her waist again.

Instead, he grabbed the rosario from around his neck with both hands. And he recited a low prayer. thump, thump. The sound was now coming from right in front of me.

Moron’s appearance was visible.

It was just as I had imagined it to be when I got behind the scenes and heard the first thud, thump.

He was kneeling on his seat, resting his hands on the ground and banging his head on the ground. Every time that happened, the ground shook as if an earthquake had occurred.

Inside the cloak, Mer held her breath. Eugene and Anise did not immediately respond. While coming up to this place, no, since Moron didn’t want to show it. Maybe I’ll see something like that, I imagined.

Eugene and Anise knew Morone too well. From 300 years ago, Moron was brave, didn’t try to look back at him, and was warrior-like. I thought it might be like that for someone else to sit down and despair, but I couldn’t imagine Moron sitting down and despairing.

Moron always stood at the forefront of the battlefield. Moron took charge of him, and everyone entrusted the vanguard to Moron as if it were natural.

Yes, it was natural in those days. Because Moron is brave, never looked back, warrior-like, strong, and never fell.


Eugene called Moron in a quiet voice.

He has not experienced the time of 300 years directly. The same goes for anise. She died and became an angel, but after her death most of her time was asleep. So they couldn’t feel how long and terrible 300 years is for humans.

But Moron is different. He lived 300 years. All his comrades except himself died, and he endured the disappearance alone. He could even choose the opportunity to die peacefully and happily, with everyone’s blessings.

did not choose Moron wished to die like a warrior. The warrior death she thought she thought everyone else was.

Vermouth entrusted the mission to Morron, who was in agony.

Moron gladly accepted the mission.

For 100 years, he alone blocked the ominous monsters whose identity was unknown. After issuing an imperial order to prevent anyone from crossing the Great Hammer Gorge, he wandered the top of the snowy mountain alone. He was wary of Noor, who did not know when or where he would appear. I glared at the end of the world where there was nothing. Moron is strong. brave. don’t look back Do not despair. don’t fall

just worn out Hundreds of years of storms and storms have worn away Morron’s mental strength. His body was still strong, but hundreds and thousands of corpses piled up in this space. The poison that the corpse emits. Moron was gnawed by the reality of being left alone as he left his loved and depended colleagues and his descendants first.

The dead comrades appeared in front of Moron. Although he looked different from hundreds of years ago, Moron recognized his comrades.

I don’t know if Moron himself thought of himself as the same ‘brave Moron’ as he did 300 years ago. But if he met his dead comrades again. If they called themselves the same as they did 300 years ago, they would have thought that Moron should show the look everyone remembers 300 years ago, not the broken look.

The Moron that Eugene remembers.

It was such a climb. An idiot who doesn’t know how to use tricks and thinks ignorantly and simply.

“Climb up.”

That’s why Eugene called Moron an asshole again this time.

The thump, thump, thump stopped. The figure of Morron, who had his head on the floor like a machine, stopped as it was.

Morron raised his head from the deep dug ground. He didn’t look back immediately. He stayed still for a moment, then he shook his head slowly.

“I don’t want to show this.”

Moron stood up. It’s a back turned look. Eugene looked at the back of Moron, whose muscles were bulging. No scars whatsoever. Big and wide back. But strangely, his back seemed small.

“So what. It’s a matter of being late or fast, you should have seen it in the end. Have you forgotten about it? After the Night March, you decided to show me this place.”

“It was this place that I promised to show you, not my ugliness.”

“Did you forget what I said?”

Anise’s voice trembled slightly at first. But she soon caught on to her emotions and forced a smile as usual.

“Moron. I said I’d like to see it at all costs if it’s something you don’t want to show. From the time I was born to the time I die, I haven’t had many wishes come true, but thanks to you, I have had such a rare experience.”

It wasn’t that Anis hadn’t imagined Morron’s appearance like that either. She was a saint, and she healed and saved countless people. In the process, she saw countless people dying without being able to save her, and in the end, she even failed to save herself.

That’s why Anis knew well how people are broken and broken. She was able to run away in desperation at everything. She didn’t run away. Beliefs, missions, things like that work like a curse at the last moment.

Anise did not regret having died like that. Yes, because she could have chosen her death.

But Moron is different. He didn’t choose death. He could not be helped or saved by anyone else.

“Even the head… … If it was broken, I would have healed it. Moron, your head is still strong enough that not a single drop of blood will flow. It’s nice that I don’t have anything to do.”

Anise sympathized with Moron. His heart ached, and he felt like crying. However, the feeling could not be expressed outwardly. It seemed that Moron would not want him, and neither did Anis.

“… … you.”

Moron grinned. He blankly looked up at the sky, then slowly turned around. He showed his own face like that.

It was as Anise said. Even though the ground and the mountain were shaking his head, there was not even a small scratch on Moron’s forehead, let alone blood.

However, the face was quite different. The impression she had seen just a few days ago was the Moron she had known from before, but the Moron she is now—- the same as when they met again in the Great Hammer Gorge. Cold, emotionless eyes. Eyes that seem to have been blown away by the years. Like vermouth in a darkroom—- tired, cloudy eyes.

“You… … It hasn’t changed. It’s the same as before.”

Moron muttered to Eugene and Anis with such eyes. At that, Yujin laughed and shook her head.

“We died once. Especially since I died the fastest. No wonder it hasn’t changed.”

“Me too. My life was also quite tragic, but I committed suicide while doing what I wanted to do and drinking to my heart’s content.”

“I am.”

Moron laughed.

“I tried not to change. She thought it couldn’t be. However, against my will, I had no choice but to change little by little.”

“It’s a long time for humans.”

“I know. 300 years is a long time. But I didn’t want to change. I had to do that, and I thought that I could fulfill my mission only when I was sure as myself.”

a few days ago.

-Are you unable to die because of Vermouth’s request?

When Eugene asked that question, Moron replied with a smile.

– That’s what I wished I wasn’t dying.

-I live a worthy life as a warrior. While following the request of an old friend, I am protecting the snowy mountains and snowfields I love, the country I created with my own hands, and the world.

-I didn’t want to die of old age. Being a warrior, I wanted to die like a hero. Death is a distant thing to me now, but if I die out of power.

“I must not fall.”

-Nur’s corpse, which I had piled up until then, will prove my life as a warrior and hero.

“This is the mission that Vermouth has entrusted to me. It’s the only one left alive, a request entrusted to me.”

Vermouth asked, and Moron chose. Because Moron wanted him.

Morone does not resent Vermouth. Vermouth gave no explanation. He did not say what Nur was or why it appeared. He didn’t even say why he was asking this favor.

However, Moron does not resent Vermouth. It was because he knew very well that only ‘brave Moron’ could do such a thing.

“… … I am OK.”

Morron shook his head vigorously.

“It’s just a little dizzy. As you must have felt, Noor’s miasma is deadly. don’t get used to it In particular, I killed them for too long and too many times. That’s why sometimes I can’t control many things inside of me.”

“so. You can’t control yourself, so you’re solving it like this?”

“It’s embarrassing and ugly. I knew I wasn’t like a warrior, so I didn’t want to show it. The more I think about it, the more angry I get with myself. So I was banging my head.”

“Fool. If I hit my head, will my anger go away?”

Eugene muttered as he opened and closed his hands. At that, Moron only smiled.

“Hamel, Anise.”

Moron’s mouth opened. Her voice sounded like her weary eyes.

“Isn’t that enough now?”


“Hamel, you said you wanted to see this place. Anise You said you want to see what I don’t want to show you. After all, you all saw what you wanted to see.”

Eugene saw Moron’s fingertips tremble slightly.

“I don’t know how you got here. Even if I go out, I might be able to come back in. Don’t do that. i still… … I couldn’t calm down properly. I don’t want to show myself like this anymore.”

Moron felt Eugene’s gaze. He curled up his trembling hands to hide them, and turned his body.

“Return to Fort Lehein. Perhaps Nour will appear again. I am… … I will return in two days.”

“For those two days, if Nur doesn’t show up. Are you going to bang your head on the floor like before?”

“It’s not even painful for me.”

“I guess so. Your body is unnecessarily strong, and if you do too much self-injury to your body, you won’t be able to follow Vermouth’s request.”

“I am not doing this just because of Vermouth’s request. Hamel. Like I said before, any of us would be like me.”

“know. I can’t leave the monster who is Nur or whatever, so even if it were me, I would have lived here killing Nur. Then, on the way, he thought he couldn’t do it, so he committed suicide.”

“It’s not like that, Hamel. You weren’t that weak a warrior. None of us would have committed suicide without fulfilling our mission.”

“Then he must have gone mad and broken.”

Yujin muttered that and looked at Moron.

“Like you are.”

“… … I’m not crazy. It wasn’t even broken. It just doesn’t work out.”

“I wish it could be. You may think it’s a long time ago, but the battlefield we fought on… … .”

Eugene laughed and kicked the thing in front of his feet. ㅡPeruk! Noor’s head, which was compressed, was blown away by Eugene’s kick.

“Well, it’s full of monsters worse than the ominous monsters. If you hold on to a guy like this for over a hundred years, you who were ignorant and full of energy might not be satisfied. My blood boiled once, but I think I might not be able to calm down.”

“Hamel, Moron… … .”

“Be still, Anise.”

Eugene did not listen to Anis until the end. Anise sighed at the flashing gaze and took a few steps back.


Anise murmured,

“I take it off.”

Eugene smiled and replied. He shoved his right hand inside his cloak and raised his gaze high. There was still a place to go higher.

“Hey Moron. I want to go to the top of this mountain.”

“There is nothing there. It is not worth seeing.”

“That’s for me to see and judge.”


“Come to think of it, your descendant told an interesting story.”

The capital of Luhar, Hameln.

Aman Ruhar, who broke in in front of the statue of Hamel and Moron, said this with a smirk at Eugene.

“I heard you said it yourself. 300 years ago, you were the second strongest person next to Vermouth. So, you are stronger than me.”


“Coming to think of it, I was also very curious. I’ve been going around with Vermouth and I’ve faced him a few times, but I’ve never had a proper match with you.”

Moron turned his head again and looked at Eugene.

“And the anise did a good job.”

A dream seen through the Holy Sword in the Great Forest of Samar.

“you. I told you while weeping on my grave. He said he wanted to fight with me someday. You or me, who was the greater warrior?”

“… … I don’t have to fight with you Hamel. i know you I admit you. You are greater, braver, stronger than me… … .”

“Do you really think so?”

Yujin tilted her head and asked. Moron did not answer and glared at Eugene. Seeing that gaze, Yujin smiled and nodded her head.

“I don’t think so.”

The hand inside the cloak held Akasha.

“Don’t do anything stupid, Hamel.”

“I never thought I would hear those words from your mouth.”

Eugene’s white flames sparked purple flames. Moron watched her and clenched her fists.

Eugene saw that Moron’s pupils had a dim light.

“I will not use any weapons. Because you are my friend.”


“But I will use magic. Your skills aren’t the same as in your previous life, so you can use magic that you couldn’t use back then.”

Akasha prepared Eugene’s signature.


Anise, who had already stepped back, shook her head and grumbled.

brave moron

Fight Moron.

fight and win

‘There’s no way that’s possible.’

Eugene didn’t think about the possibility of winning from the beginning. Even if he puts all his strength into it, his chances of victory are slim, but it is too much arrogance to fight Moron without using weapons.

‘Ignition is… … I don’t really want to write. Given the situation, yes.’

It is not important to fight and win.

I don’t know what Moron will think, but Eugene thought so.

Actually, I want to fight and win. In my previous life, when I was Hamel, it wasn’t that I hadn’t thought about it. 300 years ago. Just as Moron wanted to fight Hamel, Hamel also wanted to fight Moron.

But things have changed so much since then. Hamel became Eugene, and Moron lived 300 years. That time wore Morron’s spirit, but his ignorant powers reached a new peak.

What about Eugene? There are countless possibilities. However, it did not fully bloom. According to Eugene’s assessment, if he did his best, he wouldn’t be weaker than he was in his previous life. If you look at what you can do, there are more than in your previous life. However, it could not be evaluated that he was unconditionally stronger than in his previous life.

At that time, Hamel in his heyday was a guy who was good at killing enemies like a ghost, even though his abilities were not diverse.

And, the present Moron would not be able to win even if Hamel in his heyday came.


Moron opened his mouth. He was looking at Eugene with eyes that he could not understand. I don’t know why he suddenly has to fight. What changes when you fight?

Nothing changes. Perhaps, Hamel was trying to say these words after winning a fight.

Hear me out because I won.

If it was Hamel, those words and actions were very suitable. However, isn’t that the story when Hamel won? Are you so excited that you can’t fathom the difference in strength?

“This has no meaning. i am with you… … .”

Eugene did not listen to Moron until the end. She took Akasha out of the cloak. I decided not to use a weapon anyway, so I took off my cloak and threw it back.

“Yu, Eugene!”

Mer, who belatedly adapted to the miasma behind her, stuck her head out. She didn’t understand why it was like this, neither did Mer. She twisted her body under her cloak and tried to get out, but her fear was not completely gone and she hesitated.

Adaptation is enough to keep you from losing your mind, and even that is possible because more than half of your existence is hidden in the subspace of the cloak of darkness. I was afraid that if I went out like this, that ominous aura would ruin my existence as a familiar.

“Leave the assholes alone.”

Anise lifted her cloak. She put her head between the gaps in her cloak and caught a glimpse of her outstretched mer, then threw her cloak over her shoulders.

Hwaaak! Divine power became light and covered Anise’s body. Only then could Mer feel a sense of security.

“Go, thank you… … .”

“There is nothing to say. Mer, you and I are having a hard time because of the idiots.”

“… … Anis-sama, won’t you stop Eugene-sama?”

“You and Cristina keep asking. I mean, why don’t you dry it? Those idiots won’t listen even if I try to stop them. They don’t listen to me when I speak, so I’ll have to step in between them to make sure they stop. Why should I do such a tiring thing?”

Anise’s expression crumpled.

“I’ll leave those idiots who don’t listen to me even if they talk. Duchess must have its own solution.”

“but… … .”

“I know what you are worried about. But Mer, who do you know me as? Even if the two fight randomly, I can heal you if you don’t die. Hamel, a bastard, must have trusted me to do that. So I’m very, very annoyed. In the end, shouldn’t I perform a miracle for those idiots?”

[sister. If you don’t want to do that, wouldn’t it be better to mediate between the two of you right now?]

‘Stupid Cristina! Also, you are not deep in thought. If left alone, Hamel will become a half-asshole and seek a miracle from me. Don’t you want to look down at the weakened Hamel? Don’t you want to see Hamel at peace in the miracle you cause?’

It was so shady that it was unbelievable that the words the saintess had uttered. So Christina was shocked, but she couldn’t answer ‘no’ to Anise’s words.

[…] … sister. At that moment, you have to exchange with me.]

‘Do not worry. Cristina, keep that in mind too. It’s not just moments like this, you have to share with me when you need to enjoy together.’

The bond between Christina and Anis deepened.

While that conversation was going on behind the scenes, Eugene prepared to activate the signature built into Akasha. A signature created with the help of several great wizards in Alot. It’s still incomplete, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to activate.

In a confrontation between wizards, speed is more important than magic scale, power, and sophistication. The one known as the fastest signature is the Pantheon of Red Pagoda Loverian. Eugene’s magic teacher.

It guaranteed the ‘speed’ of Eugene’s signature of the Loverian. This can’t be slow.

The tremendous magic formula unique to great magic is not built only in Akasha.

Eugene’s Phantasmal Flame Ceremony is not just for exploding mana output. It got a motif from Senya’s Eternal Hall, and replaced the circle magic ceremony with the star of the white flame ceremony. The Phantasmal Flame Ceremony created in this way records the magic spells like the Eternal Hall, and makes it possible to unleash most of the magic.

White salt 6 stars. Now Eugene’s star doesn’t stop spinning. The round salt diet was completely integrated into the white salt diet and evolved.

I had a star in my heart. Akasha and the starlight resonated. The reason why the signature technique is shared between Akasha and Phantasmal Flame is because it is necessary to imprint this ‘magic’ itself on Eugene.

Therefore, a chant is not necessary for this magic. The magic unfolds immediately just by resonating Akasha and the phantom flame ceremony.


A purple flame rose from Eugene’s left shoulder blade. It looked like a flickering fire, wings made of flame. The single wing of purple flame rose higher and higher and spread wide.

“Hamel. what the hell is that?”

Moron did not back down and saw the single wing of flame spreading behind Yujin.

Despite living hundreds of years, Moron was still a stranger to magic. However, she knew that Eugene’s magic was unusual. At first glance, those wings were made of flames, but I didn’t feel the heat as hot as the flames.

Instead, I felt an indescribably huge and sophisticated mana. no, it looked Even with Morron’s bright eyes, it was impossible to read even the magic form, but he could see that the flames that made up those wings were huge and sophisticated mana.


I didn’t mean to spit it out. When Moron asked, Eugene answered with a brusque face. Then Moron blinked her eyes, and she let out a loud laugh of her own.

“It is a wonderful name.”

Moron felt the vermouth of 300 years ago in that flame. At that time, there was no name of white salt ceremony, but the pure white flame created by vermouth was as huge and bright as it was. Although Morron’s mana was huge, it was incomparable to Vermouth’s flame.

Besides vermouth, I felt Hamel from 300 years ago. Hamel’s mana was not huge and intense like Vermouth’s flame. However, Moron couldn’t even imitate her mana, which was so sophisticated that she didn’t even have a gap.

The moment I thought so. My clouded mind cleared a little. Moron took off the fur pelt that was draped over her shoulders. Then she threw it behind her, just like Eugene did.

“Hamel. I still don’t want to fight you.”

Morron’s muscles began to twitch. thump, thump. As if pumped up, the muscles swelled, and Moron, who had already grown, began to grow bigger and bigger.

“but. You must have a reason to fight me. I don’t know what it is, but I do know one thing.”

Brave Moron.

He looked down at Eugene, shaking his wild hair. Those eyes didn’t look dull and tired like before. Eugene saw the clear light in Moron’s pupils.

“Hamel. You can’t beat me.”

“You have to do it, you know.”

Eugene smiled and replied. Embers began to fly from the flames behind her. Feathers embroidered the sky with every flap of its wings.

“If you have the confidence to beat Jung.”

Eugene unbuttoned his sleeve. In fact, there is no point in unbuttoning a single button. Perhaps, before long, the clothes will become rags.

“Don’t dodge one hit, don’t block it, and hit it.”

I thought it was a shameless statement. But she didn’t expect rejection.

“good night.”

Moron is such a guy. Moron spread his arms proudly and opened his chest wide. Eugene glared at her face and clenched her fist. Purple flames covered Eugene’s body.

A step taken was never light. Moron said he would neither block nor evade. If so, this blow would be the biggest and possibly the last chance for Eugene.

beat the Moron knock it down I know it’s not going to solve the problem. However, Eugene wanted to defeat Moron if possible.

Wanting to prove that Hamel is stronger than Moron? No, it wasn’t that kind of problem.


I didn’t like the talk of a friend who was tired and old after living for hundreds of years. No matter how much you try not to change, people change little by little. If you’ve lived hundreds of years, you’re bound to change even more.

But Moron did not accept that fact. Brave Moron, he did not want to show to his comrades that he had been ruined for hundreds of years.

Eugene didn’t like that. she didn’t like it So she wants to beat Moron. vermouth. 그 개새끼가 멋대로 맡긴 부탁을 사명으로 삼아, 이 지옥 같은 곳에서 뭔지도 모를 괴물들과 싸우던 등신을 패서, 주저앉혀서.

Eugene’s foot kicked the ground. He accelerated with all his might, and filled his fist with sparks of mana overflowing. It’s too strong a force to use against a human who promised not to evade or block it.

But Eugene did not hesitate. The opponent is human, but not human. Moron Luhar. There’s no way that Eugene didn’t know how strong and strong that head was.


just in case. I thought of a place where I could finish it in one blow. heart? I don’t have the confidence to penetrate that thick chest muscle. so the head. Shall I aim for the chin? Or should I honestly stick it in the center of my face.


I decided to just hit where I wanted to hit. He broke his fist, which he had wielded with all his strength, in the air and slammed it into Morron’s cheek.

It didn’t feel like hitting someone at all. I pushed her power as it was, but Moron’s head didn’t turn sideways at all. Not even the sound of her cheekbones being crushed, of course. Kwadeuk! The sound followed later. The flames that could not break Morron’s body were scattered in her air.

‘You monster.’

Thinking so, Eugene immediately exploded mana. A series of explosions engulfed Moron’s body. Eugene backtracked from the explosion.

“Didn’t you say one? Hamel.”

Morron stood tall in the flames. Her black hair was flowing and light emanated from her bulging eyes.

Hwaaak! Moron shook his head once, and all the flames that engulfed his body dissipated. cooong! Morone started walking.

His muscular right arm was lifted to the side. Her thick fingers curled into her fists.

Even with that, Moron became the center of the world in Eugene’s eyesight. Nothing other than Moron was visible. That’s why Moron’s presence was huge.

“You can avoid it.”

Moron said. If it’s the usual Eugene, if he hears something like that, he’ll rather avoid it. Because pride won’t allow it.

But now I couldn’t think of that pride. If you block it, it will break while defending. So you have no choice but to avoid it. How, where and at what moment?

Eugene didn’t think much about it.

Moron threw a fist.

Just as he had intuition, the power in his fist was unmatched by ignorance. Eugene shuddered as he felt the enormous force crushing him from the front.


Power swept the ground. It didn’t end there. The power that did not diminish in the slightest pierced the air and completely annihilated the peaks in its orbit. Looking back at the sight, Mer’s mouth fell open.

[I, if I get hit with something like that, I will die… … !]

Cristina screamed too. However, Anise rather snorted and grumbled.

“Still, Moron’s spirit doesn’t seem to have gone very well.”

“That, that, what does that mean? Morron-nim tried to kill Eugene-nim!”

“If I had tried to kill him, I would have stretched my fist harder than that. If you can’t avoid the punches that even hit you, Hamel is an asshole.”

I erased the mountain peak with just one fist stretch, but that’s what I did with my hands? Mer looked up at the vanished mountain peak, unable to comprehend it.

—-Blinking his eyes a few times, the mountain peak that had surely disappeared appeared intact. This is not reality, but a quarantine space created by Vermouth’s magic.

Moron did not lower his outstretched fist. He tilted his head as if he couldn’t understand. Eugene was not swept away by his fists. She managed to dodge.

But I don’t know how I avoided it. By moving your body? If so, Moron could not have missed it.

The magic… … I said I would write Even Moron knows what kind of magic Blink is. Right before being swept away by fists, did you escape with Blink?

‘It’s strange.’

Moron closed his outstretched fist.

It is not visible from the front. But it was detected. this large space. Hamel’s presence continues to move. The speed was so fast and complex that Moron could not understand it.

Each of the feathers of Prominence replaces the spatial coordinates.

Therefore, the field of view and coordinates required for Blink are not required. Even the distortion of space, which must be seen at the moment of blinking, is hidden by the flames of mana forming feathers.

The wider the space, the more exponentially the jumping-off points of Prominence. And that’s not all. The fluttering feathers continue to wander, so opponents cannot predict the jumping-off point.

Prominence creates an infinite path to dig into the opponent.

My eyes were puffy and my head was throbbing. She couldn’t help it. Right now, Eugene’s spirit is linked to countless feathers.

Thanks to this, Eugene was able to capture Moron from any direction. You can see Moron’s front even from behind Moron’s back. It is information that is directly engraved in your head, unlike what you see with your own eyes. Not only how the body moves, but also how the ‘mana’ itself moves and reacts.

An ignorant and gigantic force moves. Moron gave up pursuing and predicting Eugene. In the first place, that wasn’t Moron’s organ, nor was it his preference. don’t know where it might appear when might it come over?

If so, just sweep them all away.

Morron’s fists were raised high. Understanding what he was about to do, Anise’s expression twitched and pursed his lips. Then, a barrier of dazzling light protected Anis.

Moron lowered his raised fist. At that moment, Eugene was in the sky a little far away. The feathers flying there were a stepping stone for Eugene.

The fist fell, and the force created an explosion. The power that had swept the ground surged into the air. In this way, Moron covered the entire space she sensed with power.

In that gigantic storm, the feathers of Prominence floated about as if they would be swept away at any moment. But it never really went away. Deleting all the feathers was an obvious strategy for Prominence, so he prepared for it from the conception stage. Since power is power, it is difficult to endure for a long time.

It is enough to hold out for a while. Numerous feathers moved according to Eugene’s will. Just before the power soaring up to the sky attacked Eugene—- the embers that made up the feathers burned intensely. Purple flames stuck together.

The sun dyed so black was born.


Moron did not understand what had happened to him this time either. I slam his fist down, and an explosion goes off… … Up until that point, Moron had led, but the sunspots that appeared within it were not led by Moron.

It was small. It was a very small, black dot. But what kind of power is this? Moron was flying in the air, caught up in the explosion of the sunspot and eclipse.

“… … under!”

Moron burst into laughter as he looked at the dingy sky. Instead of raising his body from the air, he spread his arms out wide.


Feathers of flame float. lightning strikes The acceleration of the thunderbolt was added to the successive leaps in space. Purple sparks and lightning are burning the sky.

With all of that, Eugene appeared right in front of Moron.


Moron’s body fell to the ground.

brave moron

After condensing mana into an ultra-high density, Eclipse induces countless explosions from the inside, just like the Phantasm. He grafted an air sword onto the small sun he created. As the coatings on the surface overlap, the blast inside the sun becomes more intense.

As the explosions accumulate, the power tied to the shape of the sun increases exponentially. And sunspots spread across the sun, gradually turning black. When the sun is completely black, the eclipse is complete.

Numerous feathers derived from prominence have several functions. The most important and centered feature is coordinates. Those coordinates only respond to Eugene’s mana.

That’s why ‘Leap’ is much faster than Blink. One-winged Prominence is the command tower. Numerous scattered feathers respond only to the signal of Prominence. At the moment of desire, Eugene can move anywhere with the scattered feathers.

It is not only used as coordinates. Feathers become Eugene’s other eyes and senses to observe the space. Even if the opponent is too fast to follow with the eyes, it can be pursued with dozens or hundreds of eyes. Even if the number of opponents is overwhelming, you can capture all of them by prominence.

The reason why various functions were added to Prominence is that these wings, feathers, and magic itself were thoroughly created for the purpose of supporting combat. In addition, Eugene’s mana itself was a virtue that was markedly different from ordinary mana.

Lightning sparks melted into mana and spirits of the world tree. All of that made Eugene’s mana like a gigantic organism. Eugene’s dominance and manipulative power are added to the mana that has such a property, making it possible to leap at high speed.

The essence of the feather is Eugene’s mana.

So this is also possible. Eugene looked down at Moron, who was pinned to the ground, and raised his arms up.

Roaring! The feathers scattered by Prominence moved according to Eugene’s will. Numerous stars were created as feathers and feathers combined with each other.

No, it was the sun, not the stars. Although there is a big difference in power from Eugene’s direct Eclipse, the Prominence Eclipse is short and fast.

Dozens of sunspots poured down. It was before Moron, buried deep in the ground, could even raise his body. Kwagwagwang! The whole mountain shook, no, began to collapse.

‘If only it could end like this.’

Eugene opened his eyes wide and manipulated mana. Every time Prominence fluttered, her feathers fluttered, the feathers clumped together to become sunspots, and fell down.

That alone wasn’t enough. Sparks coalesced between the palms raised high. Instead of bombarding sunspots through Prominence, they tried to create sunspots by directing the white salt ceremony.

before the sun turns black. The mana storm caused by the bombardment disappeared as if it had been splashed with water. Moron, who had fallen down with the mountain that had completely collapsed, raised his body.


Loud laughter shook the world. Eugene got goosebumps and stopped the formation of the eclipse.

There was no time to delay. If you’re even a little late, you’ll get caught up in that ignorant bastard.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Hahaha!”

Moron continued to laugh. The giant was still unscathed, but he was groggy with dirt from being slumped so low. His fist, which jumped up and stretched out again, couldn’t even catch Eugene’s shadow. He must have been angry that he couldn’t even brush her collar after going through this far, but Moron was just so happy that he continued to laugh.

“How fast! Hamel!”

Kwakwang! A sunspot exploded in front of Morron’s nose. But Moron did not turn his head back or back down. Rather, he stretched his head out and spread his hands wide as if he were about to headbutt an explosion.

“You probably didn’t even use ignition. So, does that mean we can go faster here?”

Bang, bang, bang! Explosions erupted one after another.

Morone did not stop. The dozens and hundreds of feathers scattered by Prominence became eyes and saw Moron’s figure. His arm muscles swell, his blood vessels squirm, and where is the force aiming to tear that gigantic body from the inside out? I saw where Morron’s eyes were looking.

“It’s hard for me to pursue you.”

I didn’t say it was impossible. Since childhood, Moron has climbed up and down this vast mountain and ran across the snowy fields below. From the days when his feet were slow, he hunted beasts and monsters. To hunt is to pursue and capture.

Moron, who was proud of being a great warrior, was the best hunter in Bayar. No matter how fast the prey’s feet were, Moron finally succeeded in hunting. The hunting he was doing was not considerate of the lives of his prey.

I can’t hunt like that now. So Moron neatly gave up chasing Eugene.

“So I won’t chase you, I’ll catch you.”

The smile disappeared from Mauron’s face. Her wriggling fingers gripped the empty air.

This isn’t magic. Moron, neither 300 years ago nor now, does not know how to use magic. It wasn’t even a special gift from Vermouth along with the mission, like this space.


It was a change infinitely close to magic, caused by ignorance and absurd power. Moron’s fingers now gripped space itself. Punching a hole in space isn’t particularly difficult. If enough force is focused on one point and fired, it can penetrate space.

What Moron is doing now is a phenomenon incomparable to that. Moron’s grip moved the spatial axis. He gripped this space in the palm of his hand with only force and pulled it as he wanted.


An irresistible force wrapped around Eugene’s body. Eugene couldn’t think of a suitable way to deal with it. No matter how fast Eugene flies, crawls, and moves, all of those movements are taking place within the space. It wasn’t just Eugene who was ‘caught’. Even the fluttering feathers stopped altogether.

and dragged Moron’s power has become a law, and he is pulling everything he holds onto himself, just as gravity pulls.

Slow at first, then faster. The pulling speed did not change, but it was the same as the first time that the force was so strong that it was impossible to escape.

Moron did not move from the spot. As she continued to pull the space, she proudly pointed her fist at Eugene. Eugene was certain that that fist would be extended at the moment he could never avoid.


Eugene spat out swear words and operated Baek Yeom-sik with full force. As if in response, Prominence emitted light.

ㅡIt was a little regretful. This space is the other side of Rehein Yar. As a result, mana in the air was scarce, and primitive spirits did not exist at all. Because of that, I couldn’t draw out the power of Prominence as I had originally planned.

‘… … Even if I had fought under the conditions that were optimal for me, the odds of winning would have been slim.’

I thought it was a pity that the various means to devise were blocked.

If so, you have to write it differently.

Sparks and lightning intertwined between Eugene’s fingers.

The first thing I created was a very small dot. Just as an ember eats up oxygen and grows in size, just as electric currents gather into one and become a giant lightning. The sun between Eugene’s palms began to swell. Eclipse, which began to be made like that, is different from when it was written in a darkroom. And that’s not all. The black spots created by the feathers of Prominence floated around Eugene.


There’s no way Morron couldn’t measure its power. His hair swayed like fireworks. Power dwells in tightly clenched fists. It was to the point where the fist, which Eugene had judged that there was no way other than avoiding it earlier, felt like a light greeting.

The gap with Moron continues to grow closer. Now, it doesn’t matter when the fist is extended. She had a chimney-like desire to attack first, but Eugene desperately suppressed that desire.

When the distance between each other is narrowed just right.

Moron smiled and stretched out his fist. A fist that looked like it was going to engulf the whole world approached her. Eugene also completed Eclipse without error. The Eclipse thrown by Eugene and Moron’s fist collided first.

It must have been a fleeting moment, but in Eugene’s eyes, everything seemed slow. The enormous power that made up Eclipse is sublimated into an explosion. Morron’s fist engulfs the entire explosion. In an instant, Moron’s fist is pushed back. At that moment, the sunspots that were floating as if escorting Eugene were shot. The moment I got the momentum, I planned to push and sink it.


I heard that. It came from Moron, from the knuckles of her fingers, from her muscles.

The posture of the fist stretched slightly changed. When I asked what had changed, it was nothing special. Put his foot a little further forward, load the weight, pull the muscle. It’s just that the sloppy fist stretching posture has become a full-fledged ‘hitting’ posture.

Just changing your posture changes the weight of your fist. It was the same even now. If Moron before had just stretched out his fist, now he was in a striking stance.

Eclipse explodes. disappeared right away. It was elaborate and strongly bound mana, but it couldn’t stand the power of Moron’s ignorance.



The moment Eugene recalled that sensation. The fist, which seemed like it would explode and break this body for granted, stopped right in front of Yujin’s nose. The enormous power disappeared in an instant, and instead, only the wind made Eugene’s hair flutter.

“Is it done now, Hamel?”

Moron said with his fist extended.

“That asshole.”

The face of Anis, who was watching from a distance, crumpled terribly.

Eugene didn’t say anything and looked at Moron’s fist and Moron’s face beyond. She didn’t even think of having to close her parted lips because of the shock, the wind blowing, or whatever.

“You are strong. but i’m stronger I am stronger than I was 300 years ago. So you can’t beat me.”

“… … .”

“Hamel. I still don’t know why you want to fight me. Are you angry that I have changed? You were rough and kind hearted from before. So, I think what you are doing now is for me.”

“… … .”

“While fighting you, I recalled memories of the past. I recalled the mission given to me. My hundreds of years were meaningful. You and Anise met again. With that alone I… … .”


It was belatedly that Eugene’s lips closed. Her hair, bristling in her wind, slowly came down. Eugene put a hand on her throbbing chest. Her head was dizzy and her pupils were throbbing.

“Are you crazy?”

just now.

Moron stopped his fists altogether. She didn’t hit Eugene. Do you think it will kill you if you hit it? Thank you for your consideration, but my stomach turned upside down. At least, she wouldn’t have felt this way if she had reduced her power to just ‘not enough to die’.

What really really upset Eugene was that Moron had completely withdrawn the power of his fists.

Eugene is weaker than Moron. If you want to realize it, the method is not difficult. It was enough to beat Eugene to the point that he couldn’t fight, to the extent that he couldn’t attack anymore.

Eugene thought it would be the case with Moron. I don’t sympathize with anyone. He must clearly convince of victory and defeat. That was what Moron said about the warrior’s fight.

“Did you look at me?”

If the other person was someone else, you wouldn’t feel this intense emotion. Because the opponent is Moron… … .


In fact, it wasn’t necessarily because it was a moral theory. It’s a law that nature doesn’t change even if you die once and reincarnate, and Eugene hated it like crazy.

Even if you can’t punch it, you’ll have to pour out a nosebleed, stop right in front of you—- what? did it now? no need to do more? can’t you win?

“Hamel. misunderstood something… … .”

misunderstanding? It was nothing to hear. He didn’t mean to do it this far, but Eugene still clutched at his beating heart. My heart, which was throbbing with displeasure, irritation, and anger, added a violent beat.

Anis, who was watching the scene from a distance, let out a deep sigh. Moron, too, flinched and took a step back. There was no way that those two people who fought together with Hamel from 300 years ago didn’t know what Eugene was doing now.

My fingers caressed my heart, and the spinning core started to run wild. ignition. But it is different from before. Even Eugene himself could not guess how explosive Baek Yeom-sik’s 6-star ignition would be.

Rather good isn’t it? I can’t pour out all my strength, but if the opponent is Moron, I won’t have to worry about killing him. Purple flames swirled around Yujin. Prominence’s single wing grew taller and soared.

Moron said nothing more and stood there. A flame of mana that burns fiercely. I saw a much more intense glare than that. Moron belatedly lowered her fist, which was still outstretched in front of her. She didn’t open her fists either. He laughed involuntarily, then raised his clenched fists back into his fighting stance.

Eugene brought forward a body full of strength that was about to explode.

Yeah, if you think about it, it was wrong from the beginning. Fighting a skill-oriented battle, such as Prominence’s space jump or sunspot bombing, against that moron? Moron is not good at fighting like that, and he’s an asshole who doesn’t have a chance to dig in.


Whether it was 300 years ago or now, this is suitable for fighting Moron.

The feathers of Prominence burned all at once. The fastest thunderbolt pushed Eugene’s body forward in an instant. Although not as sophisticated as the Eclipse, the sword that overlapped his sword steel nested in Eugene’s fist.

Crackle! Eugene’s fist landed on Moron’s cheek. The attack until now did not move Moron at all, but Moron’s head turned to the side ‘slightly’, perhaps because of her ignition.


There was a wound in the mouth. Moron reflexively spat blood and froze for a moment.

How long has it been since you shed blood? When he thought of him, Morron’s head was no longer cloudy. He felt the same as he had 300 years ago, and his weary eyes lit up with the same light as in his youth. Kwadeuk! Moron gnashed his teeth at the taste of his blood and punched him.

It was a fist to hit Eugene. didn’t miss Eugene concentrated his consciousness to the limit and received Moron’s fist. It was not a force to be taken head-on. ‘Shedding’ is something she’s been good at since her previous life, but no matter how well she sheds this amount of power, it makes her bones tingle.

‘But I can accept it.’

It’s not to the extent that I feel death like before. It feels like a single blow will crush your body, but you can survive as long as you don’t get hit directly.

The brawl began.

How long has it been since you’ve been swinging your fist like this? He hadn’t punched like this in hundreds of years. Nour is an ominous entity, but he was never an opponent for Moron to do his best. One punch, one axe, that’s enough to kill.

Whenever the desire boils, he punches me in the face. He scratched the floor and hit his head. All of those things were futile.


Moron knows that he hasn’t put all his energy into the fist he’s swinging now. Even so, he couldn’t swing his fist with all his might. No matter how strong Hamel, who unleashed her Ignition, becomes, irreversible things will happen if she receives Moron’s power.

But strangely… … My fist felt heavy. She didn’t put all her energy into it, but her heart wasn’t tight. It was because something other than strength was contained in the fist. It was a variety of complex emotions that even Moron himself could not describe.

But the biggest emotion among them was known.

maybe it’s loneliness Hundreds of years of solitude, packed into a fist, is heading towards a friend from a time when I wasn’t lonely.

Fists come and go. Even with that, Morron’s heart felt a fullness like never before.


Blood spurted from his nostrils, which had been hit repeatedly. Moron didn’t even wipe her nosebleed and she laughed.

cooong! A panting breath came. Eugene’s fist pierced Moron’s stomach, but Moron’s body trembled very slightly.

“Why but! Hamel!”

Moron shouted in a voice full of laughter. Even though he was aiming for the pit of the stomach, his breathing was fine. But Eugene’s breathing was messed up. The flames, which had been so intense at first, soon dwindled to a lesser extent than at the beginning.

“I can still fight more!”

blah blah! Moron’s palm slapped Eugene’s shoulder. I exerted as much power as possible. I made fire as a defense. It was completely smashed. Even Eugene’s bones could not escape being smashed. His left arm is no longer usable.

“Look, Hamel!”

Morron chuckled and raised his fist. Her fist landed on Eugene’s head. Eugene was dizzy, but responded in a hurry. All the feathers of Prominence moved and blocked the top of Eugene’s head. Eugene himself raised his right arm and prepared to block his fist.

Crackle! The feathers were gone, and the right arm was broken. The power that could not be dispersed plunged into Eugene’s body, causing him to fall to his knees.

“I won!”

The victory Moron was talking about was completely different from before. He laughed heartily and exclaimed proudly.

Eugene’s insides boiled. I wanted to refute something, but unlike before, I couldn’t refute now. Both of his arms are broken. The legs tasted good too. In addition, the internal organs were also damaged due to minor fractures. Is that all? The ignition is slowly coming to an end.

A reckless melee.

There was no way that Eugene could defeat Moron in that. Had Hamel in his previous life also had a slugfest with Moron, he would have lost unconditionally.

“Yes, this is a dog.”

Eugene spat out while enduring the exasperation and resentment in his whole body.

“Is it good to win at 300 and win at 21?”


“Are you okay?”

“I don’t know what you mean, Hamel. Wasn’t it you who started the fight?”

“Is it good!”

Eugene only yelled out loud.

brave moron

“Are you okay… … .”

Moron hesitated, blinking his eyes. She was feeling some emotions now, but she was worried about how to express them.

While Moron was immersed in such troubles, Anise narrowed her eyes thinly and glared at Eugene.

“How pathetic, ashamed, and ugly I am… … !”

Mer wanted to take Eugene’s side for a while, but now she couldn’t help but warmly sympathize with Anis’s words.

Who was it who came here on purpose?

It’s Eugene.

What was it that begged Moron, who said he didn’t want to fight, to fight?

It’s Eugene.

The one that started a fight that was once over with a lot of excitement?

It’s Eugene.

All of this was done by Eugene. I even wrote ignition and lost. If you lost so perfectly, you should keep your mouth shut even if you are embarrassed and ashamed. So Mer nodded her head in sympathy with Anis.

… … Christina felt that way too. Cristina, who has fallen in love with Eugene since the fountain of light and sees everything Eugene does as meaningful, noble, beautiful, and cool, but Eugene, who is now on her knees on the ground and bleeding from her nose, shouting loudly that it’s good to win, is honestly ugly.

“… … hmm… … .”

Moron still hesitated, unable to answer right away. She gradually realized the true nature of her feelings.

Are you good? Of course it’s good. Even if it is different from her previous life, the opponent is Hamel. It’s fun to fight that Hamel like this, and it’s fun to win with an overwhelming margin even though I even used ignition.

But Moron couldn’t bear to answer. Thinking about it with her head clear of madness, it was clear that if she answered yes, she would be mad at Hamel this time.

The moment Moron hesitated without answering right away. Prominence, which had not yet disappeared, spewed fire. A spark of mana ignited in the air. Although the limbs did not move as intended, it was possible to move like this using mana rather than muscles and nerves.

The fastest you can get right now. Eugene’s body became a single lightning bolt. He lifted his broken arm and loaded a warhead of flame into his fist. I aimed for Morron’s chin like that, but–


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