Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 83

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This space inside the cloak contains several items, including a soft chair. It wasn’t the chair Eugene took out and put in to sit on. It was one of several pieces of furniture put in only for Mer’s convenience.

Mer Merdin. She sat tucked in her wide, soft chair and smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

[Finally, finally, you are moving to save Senya-sama. Senya is finally resurrected.]

‘Is it that good?’

[Of course it’s good. I’m meeting Senya-sama for the first time in 200 years. And, and… … If Senya wakes up and returns, my long time of contempt and persecution will end.]

‘When did you say that you were humiliated and persecuted… … .’

Eugene grumbled because he was dumbfounded. But Mer didn’t bother to argue. She peered out through the cracks in her cloak, relishing the feeling of an early winner.

“What are you going to do when you return to your family?”

I saw Ciel smiling and talking.

“I’ll just do what I’ve been doing since the old days… … .”

Since he couldn’t say that he would return to Helmud, Eugene answered with a sting. It was an insincere answer, but Ciel and Xian didn’t care. Since the only thing he had been doing since long ago was training, he thought it was an answer worthy of Eugene.

‘Whoops… … It’s funny because I don’t even know the truth… … Eugene-sama is going to rescue Senya-nim and me.’

Mer laughed at Ciel’s sullen smile. So she didn’t go out of her cloak. Until Senya-sama comes back. For that short period of time, Ciel decided to show her mercy by giving her a seat next to Eugene.

‘… … .’

That said, being in the cloak was only for an hour or two, and the thought of having to stay inside the cloak for days and days made my heart choke. Eventually, Mer twisted her body and came out of the cloak and sat on Eugene’s lap.

“Are you going to take a seat?”

“no, I do not want. I like Eugene’s side.”

‘You cheeky old kid. You can’t take the seat next to you, so sit on your lap? I have to think of the time that has existed, living for 200 years and behaving like a child with a look and attitude… … .’

Ciel thought while glancing at Mer sitting on Eugene’s lap. Still, he thought he could concede to this extent. First of all, isn’t Ciel sitting next to Eugene?

“… … .”

Xian looked at Eugene across from him. Ciel in the seat next to her, Mer on her lap. The sight of her brother glancing at her little girl made her feel complicated. But he couldn’t afford to point him out to Xian.

Everyone goes back to Lionheart, but Xi’an doesn’t go back right away. He must go to the royal castle of Hameln with the head of the household, Guilade, and meet 11-year-old Isla Luhar, the daughter of Aman Ruhar.

I’m not going to get married right away, but… … perhaps… … Maybe we’ll get married… … .

‘With an 11-year-old princess… … .’

Isn’t 11 years old younger than Mer’s appearance?

Along with that thought, he thought of Aman and Moron, who were enormously muscular. The Bayar tribesmen seen at the fortress were all giants. Maybe 11-year-old Princess Ayla… … .

‘… … .’

Still, isn’t it better than Princess Scalia of Simuin, who seems to be half insane even with her sober mind?

I tried to comfort myself, but the melancholy in my chest didn’t go away… … .


Lionheart’s birthplace. Even at dawn, all the lights are not extinguished here. The mansion, the garden, the forest, and all the grounds are guarded by knights. In addition to that, various magics are guarding the inside of the mansion, so invading from outside is close to impossible.

Of course, people in the mansion can move freely. Whether late in the morning or early in the morning, anyone from the main family could go anywhere on the grounds of the mansion.

Jehard went to Gidoll’s home with Rahman, and Xian and Gillaid had not yet returned from Luhar. The 3rd Division of the Black Lion Knights, led by Carmen, is training at night in the depths of the forest. There are no exceptions in training, so Ciel must be covered in blankets in the forest right now.

Eugene decided that today was the right time to leave the mansion.

I decided not to use Lionheart’s warp gate in the back of the forest, but to use the warp gate in Seiris, the capital city. I decided to use the blank ID I had used in Samar before to move to Helmud, and to make a decision according to the situation when entering Helmud.

I also wrote a letter, wondering if Lionheart’s worries were excessive. He didn’t write down the exact destination, he just wrote that he would visit the world once. He even added a few more lines, wondering if that wasn’t enough.

[Leaving in search of self. Don’t worry too much. I will definitely come back.]

It was a post that was carefully calculated and added to Eugene. No one else would understand, but Carmen would understand that line.

If someone in the main family makes a fuss about finding Eugene, Carmen will never stop them from looking for her. Eugene understood Carmen enough to convince him.

‘… … .’

It’s not because of homogeneity. Yujin tried to think that way and placed the tightly written letter on the desk. All the preparations for the trip were inside the cloak of darkness, so only the body needed to go out.

“Eugene? Where are you going?”

After leaving the room, on the way down the hallway, I ran into the elven servants, Narissa and Revera.

Nina, who was originally Eugene’s exclusive attendant, became the chief maid in charge of the annex, and now Eugene’s exclusive attendant is Nina and Revera together. His career as an attendant at Lionheart was not very long, but it was thanks to his experience as an attendant, sincerity, and loyalty to Eugene, which he had accumulated during his past slave life, that worked as additional points.

That is, it is special. It was unavoidable. Eugene is not conscious of anything, but the real power of the family is Eugene. Raman Shulhoub, who was brought from Nahama, joined the White Lion Knights and is currently serving as Jehard’s personal escort. It was thanks to Hadoraman saying that he was bothered by following him while lord and lord.

– I’m fine, so go and escort my father.

The reason why Narisa and Levera became exclusive attendants right from apprenticeships was because Eugene, seeing the two so enthusiastic, said something to Nina in passing.

-Isn’t that enough to get an apprenticeship ticket? It’s inconvenient to use other people, so I just tell them to be mine.

In the first place, Nina herself became Eugene’s exclusive agent as soon as she got out of her apprenticeship, and she is the one who rose to the rank of chamberlain of the annex in a few years. Nina felt that she needed more education, but she had been learning for 8 years that she had to follow Eugene’s words unconditionally.

That’s why Narissa and Revera became Eugene’s exclusive attendants. Now, the two of them were each carrying a large laundry basket and carrying it. All of them were Yujin’s training clothes, towels, and underwear.


“Then I will wait on you.”

Narisa quickly replied. Then Levera glanced at Lisa with her only eye and muttered.

“Wouldn’t it be difficult to match Eugene’s stride with a prosthetic leg?”

“I-I can walk quickly with my prosthetic leg, so it’s okay.”

Tok, tok. Narisa went up and down the stairs with her prosthetic leg. Eugene couldn’t understand why the two of them were fighting against each other when he didn’t want to, and why he needed an attendant on the walk.

“… … i’ll just go by myself The laundry was put out earlier, so don’t go into the room while I’m gone.”

“all right.”

“How would you like breakfast?”

“I’ll call you if you’re hungry, so don’t knock on the door in the morning.”

It’s better if the letter is found late.

Eugene left the mansion behind Narissa and Revera. From there he didn’t run into anyone else. The patrol route of the knights guarding the mansion site is known. Even if they met, they killed their presence so that they would not be noticed, and they also hid their appearance with magic.

At the point where the mansion was far away, there was no need to watch your steps. As she soared into the night sky, Merga poked her head out from within her cloak. She grinned as she watched Lionheart’s mansion move away in an instant.

“The next time you come back, will you come back with Senya-sama?”

“If things go well, maybe.”

“Of course it will work out. If Eugene-nim is alone, I’m probably anxious, but Anis-nim is going with me, right?”

On the contrary, wouldn’t that side make things more twisted? Eugene was worried about that. I don’t know if it was before. It is now known that Eugene is a hero and Anise is a saint.

From Helmud’s point of view, a traitor who will one day kill the demon king is entering the country… … I was worried about whether I would be able to enter the country in a normal way. Try it with a blank ID, and if it doesn’t work, smuggle it… … .



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“Eugene. Don’t be ignorant, why don’t you just leave it to Cristina-sama?”

“Are you ignorant? I?”

“Eugene, you just thought about smuggling. That Devil’s Land Helmud isn’t even a local hole-in-the-wall shop, so there’s no way they could smuggle people into the country?”

“You’ve never been to the Devil’s Nest, but you’re pretending to know where it is.”

“Of course, I spent most of my time in Acreon, and the only other places I’ve been to are places I went with Eugene-nim. But I know that Helmud is a country where smuggling is impossible.”

“Don’t I know?”

“Even so, worrying about smuggling proves that you are ignorant.”

Mer was delighted with the neat nonpa and opened her chest wide. Her triumphant smile was not to her liking, so Eugene slapped her Mer in the center of her forehead.


Although he took a hit, Mer was right. Helmud cannot be smuggled into the country. The demon king’s empire is governed by laws different from those of other countries on the continent.

If you are a citizen of Helmud, your livelihood is guaranteed without having to work for the rest of your life just by paying your regular monthly tax. If I had to say it was a regular tax payment period, I would have no energy for the day. If you sign a contract to become an undead worker after death, you can become a quasi-nobleman and lead an affluent life.

An empire where you can play and eat without having to work. The cost of immigration is quite expensive, but it is not too much if you think about living for the rest of your life.

However, there are not one or two people in the world who want only comfortable and enjoyable things without paying the money they have to pay. People who do not want to work even after death. They secretly cross the borders of Helmud without receiving help from Helmud’s immigration support system and without purchasing permanent residency.

And die. Helmud is an empire ruled by the Demon King, so it is incredibly humane to humans, but shows no mercy to smugglers and illegal residents.

No wonder.

A dreamer like a succubus forcibly sucks in spirit through dreams. That’s why it’s not only dreamers who covet spirit. Spirit, human vitality is the power to fatten the demons.

The reason why Helmud’s humans don’t have to work is because they donate energy to the demons of the aristocratic class and the demon king at the top. Smugglers and illegal immigrants who receive preferential treatment without paying regular wages are killed by hunting monsters without even having a chance to stand in court.

“Of course, with Eugene-nim’s skills, you could be able to outwit the hunting monsters. But what are you going to do after that? Eugene is still a smuggler, and Helmud’s law unconditionally kills smugglers.”

Mer explained with a tut tsk.

“therefore. Don’t think it’s strange, you trust Christina. Alcart Parish, which we took as our route, was originally Christina-sama’s residence, right?”

It was a theory that could not be refuted. So Eugene hit Mer in the head one more time.

Magician Helmud, Alcart Diocese. It is a territory where the borders of Euras and Helmud meet. Originally, Christina served as an assistant bishop of the Diocese of Alcart, and was in charge of spreading the faith and edifying the eccentric demons and immigrants of Helmud who were staying in the area.

As it is a place that faces the border with Euras, it is possible to enter Helmud through Alcart Parish. You will have to go through immigration, but you will be able to see many conveniences through old connections.

“The world has changed so much.”

Bishop of Alcart.

Yujin frowned at the thought of him.

* * *

A blank ID could be used to leave Kiel, but it could not be used when entering Euras because it was discovered.

The Vatican issued this blank ID card, and the immigration inspector was a bishop belonging to the Vatican. I was fully alert that the Vatican’s blank ID card could be misused, so I stood close to the checkpoint.

“Excuse me… … !”

A blank ID was discovered, but there was no problem. Since he was dragged into the interrogation room, he secretly released the magic and showed his original appearance, presented an ID with Eugene Lionheart’s name on it, and showed the holy sword. With that alone, Eugene could solve all the problems in his kingdom.

A few more warp gates were used. The place to join Cristina is Neran, a city at the northern end of Jurass.

From there, they ‘departed’, and after crossing the plains for several days, they arrived at Alcart Parish.

“Long time no see.”

Christina had already arrived in Neran the day before and was waiting for Eugene. Thanks to this, Eugene was able to meet Christina again immediately after arriving at Neran’s warp gate.

“It’s not like it’s been a while.”

It’s been about a month and a half since we parted from Lehein’s fortress. It had already been four days since I secretly left Lionhart Mansion in the middle of the night.

“This is my second visit, but I hate this country. Gates are sparsely located in each city, so moving around is cumbersome and time consuming. … .”

“Annis-nim said, there were no warp gates 300 years ago, but he asks if it was frustrating back then.”

“Hey, are you saying that? You didn’t even know warp gates were convenient because they didn’t exist 300 years ago. But now that I’ve used warp gates… … .”

“Anis-sama tells you to stop talking and shut up.”

“You’re actually Anise impersonating Christina, aren’t you? Or Christina, are you pretending to be Anise and telling me to shut up?”

Cristina covered her mouth and giggled. She then cleaned up her laugh and started moving.

“… … I have been in touch with the parish priest.”

“To be honest, I don’t like the Bishop of Alcart.”

“Fortunately, the parish priest promised cooperation.”

“Are you trustworthy?”

“In my judgment, yes, he is true and faithful.”

Eugene and Christina, Anise.

There is an unavoidable difference in common sense between these three people.

Eugene and Anis are people from 300 years ago. Anise did have the experience of living in an era of radical peace after the promise. But Eugene and Hamel have no such experience. In Hamel’s common sense, demons were enemies that had to be killed unconditionally.

Such straight-line hatred was tempered only slightly as he reincarnated and lived the life of Eugene Lionheart. very little. Warlocks must be killed, of course, but in some cases, they can think that it is okay to keep them alive. In the case of demons—- I honestly don’t know.

Queen of Dreams, Sword of Confinement, Princess Rakshak. Of course, those who were notorious and ran rampant in the world 300 years ago are killed.

What about other demons? Who is the demon who was born in a peaceful world and does not know war? Should even those who were born as demons, who do not know war and do not wish for war, be defined as enemies and killed unconditionally?

ㅡ I don’t know. I don’t even want to take it seriously. Just, if you want to kill and have a reason to kill, just kill. Eugene was neither a saint nor a wise man, so his murderous intent was not straightforward.

“You are not human.”

A matter of common sense, different from the unconditional intent to kill the demons.

That the demons have faith. To believe in and worship the god of light who purifies demons. I understand that since the world is different, there is bound to be a difference in common sense, but I couldn’t understand or understand this.

“… … You are half human.”

Christina replied with a wry smile.

If the race is different, offspring are not born.

It’s not like you’re never born. Very rarely, children of different races are born. The least common is the half-elf, born between a human and an elf. Besides that, there are a few cases where children are born between demihumans belonging to different races.

Alcart Diocese for the purpose of reforming Helmud’s Demons and Humans. Eileen Flor, the parish head there, was born between a demon and a human, and is the rarest half-human and half-human among the mixed race.

It is not a known fact to the public. The Vicar of Alcart always wears a white robe over his head and covers his face with a mask. What the parishioner looks like is not known to the faithful.

but. Christina, who served as Auxiliary Bishop of Alcart, knew the secret of her vicar. Mixed blood between demons and humans. Because he had such a special blood, Bishop Eileen’s faith was sincere, earnest, and sincere.

“… … It is natural that Eugene is misunderstood, but Parish Eileen is the right person. I have never doubted his faith.”

[I feel a sense of kinship. The more pitiful and tattered your fate is, the more you rely on faith.]

Anise sneered.

“The Parish Bishop is a prominent figure in Alcart and holds a diplomatically important position. In particular, he maintains a close relationship with the demon nobles of Alcart.”

“A close relationship?”

“yes. To the extent that they came to ‘see’ the service conducted by the parish priest.”

They do not have the slightest bit of religious faith, and just watch the service with friendship.

“You said you couldn’t cooperate with identity forgery and smuggling, but you said you would help me get a visa right away, ignoring the waiting line.”

“… … Visa?”

Eugene blinked his eyes, not understanding what he said.

“Helmud is also very famous as a tourist bureau. To the extent that rich people wish to see Helmud at least once before they die. Do you know about Helmud’s Demonic World, Eugene?”

“… … What is it?”

“It is a huge amusement park in Helmud. They say it’s full of rides that will drive children crazy. In addition, Helmud is a resort with numerous tourist facilities, so many people visit Helmud every day for sightseeing purposes. However, Helmud strictly manages the ‘humans’ of the empire. Enough to not overflow, enough to manage.”

To think that the country ruled by the Demon King is famous as a tourist country… … Eugene suddenly realized the gap between common sense.

“Visa is proof of entry permission that foreigners have. Applying to the Immigration Office in Helmud and getting a tourist visa… … According to the message of the parish priest, there are too many tourists now, so we have to wait at least a year.”

“… … .”

“The tourist visa also needs to be renewed once a month by paying a large amount. If you are a citizen of Helmud’s empire with permanent residency, you can pay the regular tax instead of money, but tourists can’t pay the regular tax.”

Originally, there must have been a lot of money to rot and overflow, but I wondered where the financial power to handle the enormous empire came from. The tourism business seemed to make enough money to explode.

“but. Archbishop Eileen said that she would help us so that we can get a residence visa without difficulty. Ignore the years of waiting in line, and today.”

“… … Aren’t you being rejected at the immigration screening stage? What if the hero and the saint cannot enter?”

“I was wary of that fact too, but Bishop Eileen said there was no problem. I don’t know if he persuaded him himself, but… … .”

Cristina was speechless and opened the door of the waiting carriage.

The continent’s best tourist destination? A demonic world that drives children crazy? vacation spot?

An evil empire ruled by a demon king?

“The world is going crazy.”

Eugene shook his head.


Alcarte Cathedral.

Eugene and Cristina sat in the drawing room there, waiting for the vicar to come. Maybe 10 minutes passed. Knock, I heard a small knock.

Cristina got up and opened the door. Eugene also stood up from his seat.

The parish priest, Eileen Flor, entered the drawing room. As she was known, she wore a pure white robe, the ceremonial garment of light, and also covered her face with a pure white mask. Cristina gave Eileen a thin smile and bowed her head.

“It’s been a while, Bishop Eileen.”

“Are you safe, Saint Cristina?”

After a light greeting, Eileen turned to Eugene. At the pure white mask under the hood, Eugene tilted her head. The mask Eileen was wearing was a mask that covered her pupils with black lenses inserted into her eye sockets.


What did you obsessively cover up? Eugene guessed Eileen’s true identity and smiled. Eileen looked at Eugene and bowed her head.

“Meet the owner of the holy sword, Eugene Lionheart. My name is Eileen Flor, the parish priest of Alcart.”


Eugene bowed his head and accepted the greeting.

“Are you a vampire?”

Immediately after the greeting, Eugene asked. I was aware that it was a rude question, but I thought it was necessary to confirm it further than that.


Eileen did not hide her identity. That’s why he didn’t even take off his mask. Eugene didn’t even force it.

A robe worn over the top of the head, a mask covering the face and eyes. I don’t know about half-vampires, but the sun has long been a natural enemy of vampires. That costume would be to protect my body from sunlight.

‘Or was it to hide the fascination.’

Vampires suck blood by sticking their fangs in the nape of their necks. It has evolved to make such hunting more comfortable and successful. It’s not even a magical eye, but eyes that seduce and charm opponents are one of the basic abilities of vampires.

‘It could be simply to cover up the pale complexion. or not… … Scars or burns or something like that.’

Since a half-vampire became an archbishop, there must have been a bleak life story behind it, but Eugene didn’t want to know about that.

“that… … What. Visa to enter Helmud? I heard that it should be issued… … .”


“I have heard that the parish priest is helping to get the visa… … .”

“To be precise, I am arranging a meeting with the head of the Alcart Immigration Office.”

“therefore. The person who is the manager… … Are you human?”

“You are a demon.”

“… … Can I meet that demon, talk about it and get a visa issued?”

“yes. I am only the parish priest of Alcart, and I do not have the authority to issue visas.”

Yujin’s face crumpled at the answer that came back. He didn’t quite understand the concept of a visa yet, but he thought it might be something like a pass. He knew that he would be able to pass through the gate of Alcart right away if Eileen gave him two passes.

By the way, would you arrange a meeting with the demons who are eating as the head of the immigration office? Doesn’t that mean that you have to greet and talk to the demons you meet for the first time, and directly ‘ask’ them to issue a visa because you need a visa?

… … I have to do it, so I can do it. It just felt uncomfortable, as if something had been put on her chest.

“When can I get it issued?”

after speaking out.

Eugene’s expression changed. The sharp hostility he let out licked the air in the drawing room. Eugene tried to stand up straight away, but Cristina, who was sitting next to her, hurriedly grabbed Eugene by the sleeve.

“… … Oh.”

The voice came from the wall. A man in a neat suit stuck his head out of the wall.

He said he was a man, but he didn’t look like a human. It was a demon with 4 eyes and 4 arms and a sharp tail like a blade.

“As expected, Ryan Hart… … No, should I be a warrior? The enmity released in an instant is so sharp.”

The demon trembled and passed through the wall. Each of the four pupils looked at a different place. One for Eileen, one for Eugene’s face, one for Christina’s face, and one for the hand holding the weapon inside the cloak.

“Sorry for the sudden interruption. I am Drunus Freed. Viscount Helmud, and I am in charge of the Immigration Office at the Alkart Gate.”

Although it was a bizarre appearance, the demon smiled happily and lowered its head. Drunus Freed. As soon as he heard the name, Eugene searched for her memory.

I recalled 300 years ago. The demons I met then. the ones I couldn’t kill. I traced the names of the guys I was supposed to kill.

Drunus Freed? does not exist. Including the ones you killed, is there anyone with the last name Fried? does not exist. Drunus Freed. That demon is not as big as I remembered 300 years ago. Maybe he wasn’t born in that era.

“… … What is it?”

“That’s true, because they were the people I personally really wanted to meet. Even so, inviting everyone to my mansion or workplace is against the public order. I thought it wouldn’t be right for me to visit him in person.”

Having said that, Drunus raised his head and stared at Eileen.

“I’m afraid I may have put Madame in trouble. Please understand. I skipped various procedures for visa issuance at my own discretion, but the final examination is ultimately something I have to face.”

Drunus laughed and pointed to an empty seat.

“Can I sit down if it’s okay?”


Eugene answered with hostility.

Magician Helmud. Since I decided to enter there, I have to face many demons in the future, whether I like it or not. Every time that happens, I can’t contain my desire to run amok and kill while feeling this uncomfortable and shitty feeling. I mean, you have to get used to it. In 300 years, the world has changed a lot as if it were crazy.

It’s something I’ve felt many times before. He took a couple of deep breaths and quickly calmed himself down.

“That visa. I heard that being issued quickly is a special case. Are you buying it with money?”

His head is tilted crookedly and his tone is ferocious. That was all. Eugene took his hand out of his cloak and put it on.

‘Enmity has turned to irritation. Sijo’s… … Is it Lionheart’s nature? Or was it because he had such hatred that he was recognized by the Holy Sword?’

Drunus had a lot of interest in Eugene.

“I don’t need money. I just want to have a short conversation.”

“If I give you money, will we not have to talk?”

“Hahaha, I won’t accept it, so we have to talk unconditionally.”

That interest was not a feeling unique to Drunus. As for demons, everyone is interested in Eugene. Eugene not only harassed Gavid Lindman, the grand duke of Helmud, but is also the one who summoned the demon king of confinement, who never came down from the palace of Babel, to the far north.

“Eugene-sama and Christina-sama. Are you two entering the country to assassinate the demon lord in captivity?”

It was a very direct question. Cristina half-opened her lips in bewilderment, and Eugene twitched his eyebrows.

What answer are you expecting? I thought about that for a moment, then opened my mouth to answer. Drunus chuckled and waved his hand.

“ah… … This is a question you don’t have to be nervous about. Whatever the answer, I will not disturb Eugene. Rather, my personal wish is that Eugene came to assassinate the Demon King.”

Drunus smiled calmly and said. Eugene couldn’t understand the words and blinked his eyes.


“Well, isn’t the demon lord of confinement looking for him? I absolutely respect the will of the Demon King.”

Drunus pulled out a large seal from within his bosom.

“And it is because I am convinced that no matter how hard Eugene and the saintess try, they will not be able to kill the Demon King. maybe… … Wouldn’t the two of them’s efforts be recorded as the best happening in Helmud’s 300 years of history? I think so.”

Oh, take out your ID, please. Drunus smiled and added. Eugene looked at Drunus with a sad face and took out her ID from her arms.

“I don’t think you’ve come to assassinate me yet… … Wouldn’t that be tourism? I think it might be reconnaissance. Haha, you fell for Helmud’s charm during the reconnaissance, so it seems like it would be very fun for the two of you to settle down in Helmud… … .”


The table where the ID card was placed was smashed. Eileen, who was sitting across from her, shrugged her shoulders in surprise. Cristina showed no reaction. Feeling her annoyance, she felt the same way.


Tok, tok. Eugene said as he brushed off his ID that had debris stuck to it from the table.

“If I kill you here and now and stamp your ID with my own hand. Can you pass the gate of Alcart?”

Hostility turned into complete murderous intent. Drunus stared at Eugene’s face without replying. He tried to gauge his level with Eugene for a moment.

“I have committed a great disrespect. sorry.”

Drunus immediately stood up, took a few steps back, and bowed his head. Eugene clicked his tongue and snapped his fingers. Then, the fragments of the smashed table gathered together to form a crude table. Eugene placed his ID on it and crossed his arms.

I put a seal on the back of my ID. The seal is invisible to the naked eye because it is engrave magic on the ID card itself.

“This is the end. I don’t know how long you two will be in Helmud, but your visa is valid for the next five years.”

It won’t take 5 years. Eugene put the returned ID in his arms.

“And this… … This is Helmud’s travel booklet that is mandatory for all immigrants. Helmud is different from the continent in many ways, so reading it will be helpful.”

Drunus bowed his head after handing over the thick booklet.

“then. Have a nice trip.”

I was interested in it, and I wanted to find out what it was. So I touched it lightly, but the reaction that came back was too intense. It was an intention to kill that wouldn’t be strange even if his head was blown off.

‘Up to the intermediate hierarchy, flesh that seems to be crushed like a worm… … If it’s an actual battle, it’ll be stronger than you feel.’

Drunus didn’t want to provoke Eugene any more.


When Drunus left the room, Eileen, who was restless, stood up from her seat and nodded her head.

“I never thought that Viscount Drunus would act so rudely.”

“it’s okay. In the first meeting, there weren’t a couple of people who were annoyed with me… … Ah, that person wasn’t a human, but a demon, right?”

Eugene shuddered and opened the travel brochure. … … The head of the book contained the scene of the demonic castle, Babel.

‘This long and tall building is Babel, the demonic castle of confinement… … .’

I listened while grasping the information about Helmud, but I was dumbfounded no matter how many times I watched it. The Confined Castle, where Hamel died 300 years ago, had the appearance of a ‘castle’ as the name suggests, but the current Babel is a ‘building’. Helmude was the only one with a building style called a building across the entire continent.

The culture is so different that you can’t even think of it as the same era. The demon king and demons of Helmud independently developed magical engineering for 300 years, and the capital, Pandaemonium, built a state-of-the-art infrastructure that the continent could not catch up with.

That was possible because of the existence of Babel standing tall at the center of Pandemonium—-the ‘Demon King’ who looked over the entire city from the top.

The demon king of confinement does not just exist. Its existence itself supplies unlimited magic power to the entire city, and Babel processes the demon king’s magic power and uses it as energy for the entire city.

In other words, it is the grace of His Majesty the Great Demon King that the capital Pandemonium can be the most livable and developed city not only in Helmud but also in the entire continent. … .

… … It says.

‘The only city that has developed to the extent of being special is Pandemonium… … I heard that most of the high-ranking demons also live in the capital.’

The name of that person is not written in the booklet, but the investigation was done in advance. Duke Gaby de Lindman does not set aside his estate and lives in Babel. Besides that, among the demons that Eugene ‘remembers’, there were quite a few of them who lived leisurely in Pandaemonium.

‘There are a lot of guys who have been killed by sequencing.’

300 years have passed, and the world has changed greatly. However, the reason why I felt that even the nature of the demons had not changed was because there was still a ‘sequence-seeking’ among them.

The rank among demons organized by title or reputation. A lower order can challenge a higher order, and a higher order cannot refuse a challenge.

win or lose.

Usually losers die. Regardless of ranking dominance, the winner has everything the loser has. The bigger the return, the bigger the risk, so the ranking job doesn’t happen without a lot.

The humans of Helmud. Among them, those whose souls were pledged for post-mortem labor can live a luxurious life because the contract puts a high-ranking demon as their sponsor. The rank of the humans was determined by which demon tribe they had behind them.

Because rank is so important to the demons, this was also written in the travel booklet.

[There is also a demon matching service for travelers. A sudden fight during the trip, a fight between delinquents. Are you worried about that? Calm down. If you visit the Helmud Tourist Center located in each city and request a matching service, we will arrange a brief contract with a demon of at least intermediate level!

*The above contract is a contract that pays only the regular amount agreed upon, and the soul of the contractor is never taken as collateral.*

However, the order of the matched demons may not be superior depending on the situation. So, in an unavoidable situation, please present your ID first rather than violence, or reveal the name of the demon you matched!


Yujin shook her head and turned to the next page.

[Jebella Entertainment Management, Jebella Construction Company, Jebella Fashion Group, etc. An invincible and beautiful businesswoman who has succeeded in all the businesses that put her name on her name for 300 years. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he leads Helmud’s trend, Duke Noir Jebela… … .]

Eugene’s expression crumpled.

[…] … Jebella City, a theme city that transcends theme parks and boasts three times the scale of Demonic World, will finally open next month… … .]

Seeing that there were many formulas attached to it, it was clear that Noir Jebela’s influence had been added.

[The Demon King Tour for Tourists.]

You can go back to the history of Helmud and experience the era of 300 years ago. Starting with the demon castle of slaughter, we tour the ruins of the demon castle of misery and madness.

“her… … .”

Demon King Tour. That word made Eugene very embarrassed.

“The world is going crazy.”

Yujin shook her head and folded the booklet.


Alot is also actively developing magic cars, but Helmud’s magic cars are at the forefront of the field.

This mechanical device is a product of magic engineering that Helmud is proud of, and it also uses the magical power of the demon king in confinement. Babel stands tall at the center of Pandaemonium. The 99-story building serves as a transmission tower that transmits the infinite magical power of the imprisoned demon lord to various parts of Helmud.

The black tower, which serves as a landmark in various parts of Helmud, receives and amplifies the magic power sent by Babel, and transmits it to the entire city through the magic cable buried in the ground.

—-The magical road created in that way, as the name suggests, has magical power flowing through it. The reason why Helmud succeeded in commercializing automobiles by surpassing all the countries on the continent was that the magic engine that moved automobiles was completely replaced by magic roads.

Therefore, this horsepower vehicle does not need to be recharged, and even humans who have no knowledge of magic or mana can drive it.

“The essential course of Helmud tourism, the flower of travel! Welcome to all the tourists who came to the Demon King Tour!”

Wealthy and laid-back tourists alighted from the huge tour bus. The demonic guide, dressed in a neat outfit, did not use a microphone, but the magically amplified voice clearly reached the ears of the tourists.

“The place we arrived at now is the Demon Castle of Slaughter. The Demon King of Slaughter was particularly tyrannical and ruthless among the 5 Demon Lords that existed 300 years ago. As the name suggests, the Demon King enjoyed killing… … .”

The guide raised his finger and pointed to the hideous Demon Castle behind him.

“300 years ago. The heroes of the continent, led by the great Vermouth, have infiltrated the Demon Castle of Murder. While the Continent’s knights dealt with the army of slaughter, Vermut and his heroes climbed to the top floor of the Demon King’s Castle and battled the Demon King of Slaughter. The battle lasted for three days and three nights… … .”

Even now, the memories of that time are vivid.

The first demon king to fight and defeat. It’s not just the demon lord of slaughter. Even if you kill the demon king, he will not die even if you kill him. He cut the head of the demon king of slaughter dozens of times over three days, but he didn’t die and stood up again and again and drove Vermouth and his party to their deaths.

If it wasn’t for Anise’s divine magic, I wouldn’t have lasted even a day, let alone three days. It doesn’t remain in his body now, but when he looked at the castle of the demon king, his left shoulder felt aching.

A wound inflicted by the phalanx of the crushing weight. If he had been hit directly, half of his body would have disappeared, but he managed to shed it out in a fit of fuss. However, with just a slight brush, a scar that will never be erased remains on the body.

“As you all know, the demon castle of slaughter completely collapsed 300 years ago and was in ruins. However, the demon king of confinement said that there was no future for the demons who had forgotten their history, and rebuilt the three demon castles that were completely in ruins… … . 300 years ago, a war caused by demons. Folks, our demons and tribes have committed sins that we must pay for over hundreds or thousands of years. The reconstructed Demon Castle is a symbol of the sinful war our race committed, and reminds us of our long-standing sins… … .”

As the story progressed that way, Eugene didn’t want to hear more. He pulled down the sunglasses that were on his head as he gritted his teeth.

“Selling it as a tourist product and eating it because it was rebuilt in order not to forget the sin.”

“What are you thinking? Aren’t people on the continent doing something similar? When I heard about the entrance fee to Senya’s mansion, I felt a disgust for humans. I hated Euras from the beginning for exhibiting my sexuality.”

Anise, who got out of the driver’s seat, sneered and said, In Helmud, wagons are completely abandoned, and even tourists can purchase horse-drawn wagons with money and a license.

Kristina, who was the Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Alcart adjacent to Helmud, surprisingly had a driver’s license for a horse-drawn carriage.

So I bought it. A massive off-road horsepowered car. Warp gates were used for long-distance travel, and horsepower vehicles were used within the city.

Anise really liked the ride, which was completely different from the horse, and from the middle of the road, driving alternately with Christina, she arrived at the parking lot of the Demon King of Slaughter.

“It hurts my stomach seeing that the terrible castle of the Demon King has been restored.”

“It was almost 100 years ago that the castle was restored. At that time, it was said that the movement against the restoration of the demon castle was intense in various parts of the continent, but the demon king of confinement took the lead and persuaded the continent. They said it was not to glorify the war 300 years ago, but to remember the sins.”

Anise became Christina again. She smiled bitterly and took off her sunglasses. Now, Christina was wearing clothes that could hardly be imagined as a saint or a priest.

It was the same for Eugene. The hairy black cloak stands out wherever you go on the continent, and it is even more noticeable in Helmud, where the continent and culture are different, as if it were a different world. So now the cloak of darkness has been changed into a large coat.

The gray hair, which could be the symbol of Lionheart, was also dyed black. I can’t use fake IDs, but I don’t want to advertise that I’m Eugene Ryanhart.

“Mawang Castle and its nearby facilities are all classified as tourist attractions, but the Khazad Hills are not included in the tourist attractions.”

researched and identified in advance. 300 years ago, the whole plain collapsed in the aftermath of the battle with the demon lord of slaughter. The ruins where the moonlight sword was sealed were also found at that time.

They searched the ruins, but only one moonlight sword was found, and no other ancient artifacts were found. The moonlight sword and the origin of the ruins were also unknown.

I left the ruins at the time, but… … No ancient ruins remain in the Khazad Hills at this time.

‘It must be vermouth.’

A fragment of the moonlight sword from Arot’s auction house. The place where it was found is Khazad Hills. In the process of destroying the Moonlight Sword by Vermouth, the ruins were also destroyed, and some of the smashed fragments were buried… … .

“… … Are you planning to sneak in as well?”

Christina asked with a firm expression.

“That’s the neatest.”

The Khazad Hills are not included in the tourist list, but they were not open enough for anyone to enter easily.

For decades, the Khazad Hills have been the private property of a demon tribe. The demons carried out major construction work on the entire hill and developed it into a huge mine.

Master of Khazad Mine. Roddy Lonick. A demon tribe that was under the control of the demon king of slaughter 300 years ago. Even Eugene, at least faintly, remembered him. It is a Demon-type Demon, and I have encountered it on the battlefield several times.

At that time, Eugene—- Hamel’s skill could hardly be said to be in its heyday. He thought that if he cut off his limbs, stabbed his heart, or cut his throat, he would surely die, especially since he was completely used to fighting the demons, who didn’t die easily even if he was killed.

Of course, most demons will die if you do that. However, Roddy was a demon who was barely outside the standard of most, so he did not die.

That’s all. He was tough like a cockroach, but not a threat. Roddy participated in the Battle of the Demon King of Slaughter 300 years ago, but he couldn’t even go up to the top floor and only snooped around the ground battle, then ran away as soon as Slaughter died.

‘It’s been a long time. That kind of guy is now a businessman in name only… … .’

Khazad Mine. The horse is a mine, not mining minerals there. At least in recent years, no minerals from the Khazad mine have been produced.

Even so, demons visit Khazad Mine, and how the mine is used is an open secret.

Helmud is a two-faced place. Eugene thought so. The most developed city on the continent. A human-friendly empire that promised so many welfare benefits to humans that it was impossible to think of it as a land of demons.

Such welfare also applies to demons. Helmud’s demons and humans live a more stable life than any other country on the continent.

But at the same time, Helmud did not completely break out of the ‘Magic Land’ of 300 years ago. Just as a beast is a beast even if it pulls out fangs and claws, a demon is also a demon in the end. In Helmud, the culture of the demons still remains openly.

‘… … Aren’t humans no different?’

Eugene clicked his tongue.

deep in the mine. It is an arena where low-level demons participate. Demons fight there and kill opponents to increase their strength. Buy regular with fight money.

If you stand out there, you might be reaped by Roddy, who condescends to be an OB to a businessman. Or, being introduced by Roddy, it is possible to become a member of another demon tribe, so if you are a lower class demon tribe in the gutter with a dark future, you can snoop around the arena.

An arena like that doesn’t mean it’s open every day. The arena is not open today. Because he didn’t want to do the tiring thing about entering when it was crowded, Eugene planned to infiltrate the mine tonight.

“Even if I persuade you, I have no intention of changing my mind. Since I entered Helmud, there is no reason not to do that.”

I don’t know if there are more fragments of the moonlight sword left. Even if you find more fragments and add them to the moonlight sword… … It won’t be as strong as before.

Even so, the power of the moonlight sword was too attractive to give up.

“If you get caught… … .”

“If you get caught, you have to run away.”

About that, Eugene didn’t worry too much. He was confident that he would run away in any situation, and in the unlikely event that he could not escape.

Eugene searched for a memory he couldn’t recall and thought of Roddy Lonick.

… … The demons who lived in that era of war became stronger for 300 years. That 300 years was a long and long time has been experienced through many encounters.

He was beaten one-sidedly by Moron.

Gavid Lindman and Noir Jebela. Those monsters that were close to the Demon King from the beginning became even stronger.

Even that iris is stronger than it was 300 years ago.

“… … .”

when you think soberly.

Eugene now has a fight with Iris. When we met just a year ago, there was such a difference that it wouldn’t be a fight.

However, Baek Yeom-sik rose to 6 stars and even developed a signature.

I thought that killing Iris would not be impossible if I was prepared and gave my best in the current situation. It remains to be seen, of course, but we are close enough to get an estimate.

… … What about Roddy? Roddy Lonick? The roadie who killed Hamel 300 years ago, even when Hamel was not in his prime and he was clumsy?

‘How strong will that bastard become if he waits for 300 years?’

I couldn’t help but feel bored when I thought about it compared to Iris. Eugene smiled at Christina, her worried expression.

“Don’t make that face. It’s not dangerous, and it won’t take long.”

“… … but… … .”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be waiting for you at the inn.”

Eileen, the parish head of Alcart, could have endured being half-human and half-horse, but demons are sensitive to divine power. So from 300 years ago, missions such as infiltration and reconnaissance used to be taken exclusively by Hamel and Senya, excluding Anis.

It is the same this time. Christina understood her circumstances, but rather Anise was displeased.

[I hated Senya very much because of this from my previous life.]


[Since Moron is a two-headed man, infiltration and reconnaissance missions were impossible, and Vermut had to remain with the main unit in case of an emergency. Of course I was excluded as I was not much different from a criminal unless I used divine power.]

Is there a big difference between the culprit and the culprit? Cristina didn’t know anything else, but she didn’t quite understand that.

[That’s why I always went on patrol with Senya and Hamel. Every time that happened, the girl, Seña, seemed like she was going to die of joy, but pretending that nothing was wrong, she would give strength to the cheek and hold her lips so that they wouldn’t twitch. She seems to be saving money with that blatant face. How much she held back the desire to hit one… … .]

I decided to try infiltrating Khazad Mine after dark, and I finished reconnaissance. Even so, there was quite a bit of time left, so I came here to think about the old days and come to the demonic castle of slaughter.

It is forbidden to enter the inside of the castle walls by horse-drawn carriage. Therefore, all horsepower vehicles must be parked in the parking lot outside the city walls.

“This is the demonic castle of slaughter… … Where the legend began… … .”

Mer opened her mouth halfway and looked up at the demonic castle of slaughter.

The tourists, led by the guide, have already entered the gates of the castle, but Eugene’s party did not participate in the tour in the first place. Eugene and Anise here are living witnesses of 300 years ago, so there was no way they needed a guide.

“It reminds me of the old days.”

Eugene stroked Mer’s hair once and approached the castle gate. … … He was indignant that he sold it as a tourist product and ate it, but there was no entrance fee to the demon castle of slaughter.

“This aspect is better than Yuras or Arot.”

Eugene smirked and took the lead. The first thing I saw inside the wall was a memorial stone as tall and large as the wall.

“This monument contains the names of the heroes who challenged and fell 300 years ago to restore peace to the world. The names of all the heroes who perished here are not left, but the demon king of confinement promises to honor all those who gave their lives for peace… … .”

The guide who came in first was explaining about the memorial in front of the tourists. Cristina turned her head away, worried that Eugene might be going crazy after hearing that, but her Eugene’s face was calm.

“It sounds like X.”

He spat out curses with that calm face.

The demonic castle of slaughter that the demon king in captivity rebuilt himself. Eugene remembered the last time he left this place, 300 years ago.

The day after killing the Demon King.

Everyone together destroyed this castle. Moron swung a huge hammer to break down the wall, and Hamel tore down the castle tower. Senya also fired magic, and that Vermouth laughed as well and fired a thunderbolt and a spear.

It’s not just them. Everyone who fought and survived in this demon castle participated in the collapse of the demon castle. All of the bodies of the comrades whose names were put on that memorial were moved outside. While everyone united and demolished the castle, Anise and the priests recited prayers in honor of the souls of those who had passed away.

[I thought I would never see this castle again.]

Anise muttered in Christina’s head.

[…] … I’m just saying this now, Cristina. It’s a secret from Hamel, but I… … . I thought everyone would die in this castle.]

At those words, Christina involuntarily stopped walking. Now, they have entered the castle and are waiting for the elevator leading to the roof.

[Elevators exist now for convenience, but 300 years ago they didn’t exist. We at that time… … It was a dead end. A death squad that must kill the demon king. In order to send us 5 people, hundreds of times more people than us fought outside the castle.]

‘… … .’

[However, that does not mean that the Demon Castle of Slaughter was empty. High-ranking demons in the concept of the Royal Guard were guarding the castle. That alone has accomplished its purpose. Since the large army was sent outside, we had to defeat the small number of high-ranking demons and face the demon king of slaughter.]

The elevator has arrived.

[The battle with the high-ranking demons… … It wasn’t difficult. We were inexperienced then, but it was a battle worth fighting for. Since the demon king of slaughter was ranked 5th, his followers must have been weaker than those of other high ranking demon kings.]

‘… … sister.’

[yes. Although it was a very brief moment, I was arrogant. So I easily despaired of the shock that followed. The demon king of the 5th rank. The weakest of the five demon lords. That is the devil of slaughter. However, that existence, the demon king I met for the first time, gave me the fear of death the moment I encountered it.]

‘… … but… … Sister, no, didn’t the heroes of 300 years ago eventually succeed in killing the demon lord of slaughter?’

[yes. In the end, he succeeded in killing him. Three days and three nights, crossing dozens and hundreds of lines of fire.]

The elevator goes up. Inside the spacious elevator, there were many tourists besides Eugene, Christina, and Mer. Everyone was human. With a happy expression, they chatted about the scenery of the castle and the legend of the castle.

[I have many feelings.]

Anise whispered.

[We killed the demon king and destroyed the demon castle. And 300 years have passed. The incomplete peace we gained is still going on, and the demon castle, where blood and corpses piled up in that era, was rebuilt and became a tourist destination. And I died, leaving only my soul, and Hamel reincarnated… … I am here.]

‘… … Are you offended by that?’

[I don’t think you can be displeased. The very existence of this place is offensive to Hamel and me. Doesn’t this battleground we fought on seem to be treated inappropriately? but… … Beyond that, there are many emotions. I am also proud. Because we fought here and won. We can be here now.]

At that, Christina laughed involuntarily. She nodded her head as she grabbed the rosario she had hidden inside her jacket.

“Wow… … .”

The elevator arrived and the door opened. Spacious and open rooftop. Mer let out her exclamation involuntarily at the sight unfolding before her.

The specialty of the Demon King of Slaughter.

killing department.

300 years ago. Everyone worked together to destroy the Demon Castle. But one wall was left alone. It is because everyone was attracted to the words of someone who fought in the castle, saying that something must be left in order not to forget today.

– Write down your name.

Moron said. At first, I thought of writing down everyone’s names, but the commander who led the allied forces at the time shook his head. He insisted that the names of the five people who killed the demon king should be written down because the fewer names that would become symbols, the easier it would be to follow.

I was the first to push the back of Vermouth, who was not very reluctant. In the end, Vermouth wrote his name on the wall with a face that couldn’t be helped.

Vermouth Lionheart.

Hamel Diners.

Senya Merdane.

Anise Slewood.

Moron Luhar.

Write down the names of 5 people like that.

The names of the demon lords were written in red.

Demon King of Destruction.

The Demon King of Confinement.

Mad King.

Demon King of Horror.

The Demon King of Slaughter.

X-rays were drawn on the name of the demon king of slaughter at the bottom. He stood it tall on the ruins, and everyone giggled while watching. Thinking about it now, it was childish, but at the time, everyone laughed together.

Isn’t it natural

Defeated the Demon King for the first time. It means that the humans, who were only being trampled by the demon king and his army, killed the demon king for the first time.

That moment. Everyone had hope for the future. The hope that one day I will be able to defeat all the demon lords.

Eugene did not come close to the killing stone. Why didn’t you put what was down there up to the roof? Eugene looked back at the castle wall with a wry smile.

I found it without difficulty. Was it what Anise wanted? Christina was also looking in the same direction as Eugene.

—-A battle that lasted for three days and nights. Finally, when Vermouth’s holy sword pierced the demon king’s heart…

At that time, Hamel was right next to Vermouth.

Hamel pierced the demon king’s neck with the spear in both hands. Moron was receiving the crushing weight of the demon king who was trying to crush vermouth with his bare hands. Senya held the demon king immobile with her magic, and Anise kept her divine power so that the demon king would not regenerate and everyone would die.

It was repeated dozens of times over three days and three nights. and last. It was only in the twilight of the sun setting that he succeeded in killing the demon king of slaughter.

When pulling out the holy sword stuck in the chest of the demon king of slaughter. At that moment, he remembered what Vermouth looked like.

At that time, the brilliance of vermouth was as brilliant as the dawn. Everyone was excited about defeating the demon king, but Vermouth’s appearance with his back to the light was pious enough to dampen everyone’s excitement.

Vermouth rarely laughed. But at that time, he smiled so brightly that he couldn’t believe it was his usual vermouth.


-Because no one dies and you come with me… … thanks.

Eugene and Anis looked at the place where Vermouth was standing then.

The sun floats normally in the sky. It’s not particularly blinding. However, the two felt the dawn they had seen then.

“That day, this is where the legend began.”

The guide standing in front of the killing department opened his mouth. When Eugene said that, she laughed involuntarily.

I thought the word legend was too grandiose.

It is true that on that day, something started here.

Promise to kill all demon lords.

determination to save the world.

The hope that the seemingly impossible can be achieved.

It all started here 300 years ago.


“… … .”

Unsurprisingly, Christina and Anis look alike. From the first time I saw the face, I felt that it resembled it, but after Anise dwelled, perhaps it was influenced by it, and the atmosphere began to resemble the old Anise.

especially. Just like now, sitting in a chair, legs crossed, head tilted, eyes wide open, forced smile mixed with uncontrollable emotion—- when holding back annoyance and anger. Except for the tear points, it is so similar to anise that it gives you goosebumps.

“… … .”

Perhaps it was anise that dwelled in the body that was sitting like that. Up until now, Eugene had never confused Christina and Anise, but now, to be honest, he couldn’t tell them apart… … . I don’t know if he said anything, but Christina or Anise had been glaring at Eugene with a forced smile.

“… … .”

In fact, whether it was Christina or Anis in front of him, Eugene had no intention of changing his behavior. Now he sat on his knees proudly. It’s not just Eugene. Right beside him, Mer also knelt down with the corner of his mouth all the way down.

“Why did you do that?”

After a long silence, Christina opened her mouth.

Downtown hotel, family room. I tried to get another room, but Anis insisted on the family room, saying that it would be difficult to deal with unexpected situations if I used each room in this dangerous Helmood.

Fortunately, this family room shares only the living room, but the rooms are separated. Anise didn’t like it at all, but decided to concede to this extent because Cristina was about to overheat.

It was just yesterday. Until then, no, until last night, there was no problem.

While Cristina was left in the room, Eugene and Mer went to the Khazad Hills—no, to the Khazad Mine. It was to collect the fragments of the Moonlight Sword.

“… … that is… … Umm… … .”

Eugene recalled the conversation before the silence began.

-Yujin-nim, you’ve been… … .

– Uhm… … .

-… … Hamel. Look straight into my eyes.

-Kuhm… … .

-It’s too neat for a trip to the mine. Your skin, your hair, and even your coat are smooth. The shoes were not stained with dirt, let alone coal ash… … Your body smells like freshly washed.

-that… … My body odor is like this… … .

-Look me straight in the eyes and say it. I must have said it several times. If you lie, you cannot go to heaven. That means I will personally send you to Hell.

-… … that… … hmm… … .

-Mer Merdein. Neither do you. Why don’t you look me straight in the eyes? I feel the sweet scent on your lips. Oh, no excuses. Mer Merdin. Did Hamel block your mouth by stuffing sweet treats into your mouth?

-I… … Let me explain.

– How many people did you kill?

At that point, Eugene meekly knelt down.

I didn’t really think of it as humiliating. Anise was the most annoying person in her previous life when she was angry, and that was the case even now. Even that Senya would stick out his lower lip and fall to his knees when Anise got angry.

“… … I said it before, but I couldn’t help it… … .”

Anis did not listen to the end of the story and went inside. And from earlier, Christina is forced to smile at her Eugene.

Up until now, Eugene had thought that Cristina was more gentle than Anis. In fact, when the two of them went to Samar Great Forest together, Eugene used to tease Christina several times.

Was it then and is it now? Cristina in front of me never looked more meek than Anise… … .

“Have you succeeded in seeing through the magic at the entrance and entering the tunnel? Until then, nothing really happened.”

I saw through the magic installed at the entrance with Akasha. Since demonic magic is destructive from birth, it is impossible to cause various phenomena like normal magic. So black magic follows the framework of general magic and uses a mixture of mana and magical power.

In other words, black magic is also magic after all. It has various limitations and is complicated compared to normal magic, but it is not impossible to interfere depending on the skills of the caster.

workmanship? There is no way that Eugene’s skill in creating the signature, which could be the symbol of the great wizard, is lacking.


Merga, who was kneeling next to her, made a sound as if she wanted to be heard.

“… … I did receive quite a bit of help from Mer.”

Eugene clearly acknowledged those facts. However, being able to trust Mer enough to be of help, handling Akasha freely, and successfully interfering with boundary magic under all these conditions are all Eugene’s skills.

“Eugene-nim is very nauseous sometimes.”

“shut up.”

“Why are you arguing casually? That’s not what Eugene-sama should say right now.”

Christina said with a twinkle in her eyes. Mer, who subtly laid her knee aside, was startled by her gaze and straightened her posture.

“… … that… … A problem has arisen.”

You passed the magic at the entrance to the mine. This type of magic doesn’t end in one, it’s inevitable that it’s arranged in a row, and Eugene was accustomed to breaking through dungeons lined with such magic from his previous life, when he hadn’t even learned magic.

Mana was manipulated to the limit to kill signs, and magic was mixed with it. Eugene became invisible and walked into the tunnel.

It is not a place where rare treasures are hidden, nor is it a warlock’s dungeon. It is an open secret that Khazad Mine is an arena where low-level demons come and go.

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