Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 84

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“If that’s the case, we should change the name to Arena. Christina, don’t you think so too? I mean, it had its own reasons.”

“what reason.”

Christina’s words are short. Eugene’s pupils shook as if an earthquake had struck.

“Uh… … therefore… … .”

Did you want to emphasize that it is a secret, shadowy place?

When you first enter the mine. Eugene looked around and thought. Mineral wagons are dented here and there, and even the wheels are missing. The rails were rusty and crooked because they were not maintained.

However, the more I went through the tunnel, the more I felt that many things changed. I thought it was a mine in name only, but the inside of the tunnel was surprisingly neat and tidy. From the middle, there was no boundary of black magic, so from then on, I was able to focus on figuring out the fragments of the moonlight sword and the identity of the mine.

“Have you been caught by demons along the way?”

“Ah, what do you look at people for? Since my previous life when I didn’t even learn magic, I’m a master of infiltration and reconnaissance… … .”

“I heard that the infiltration and reconnaissance always went together with Senya-sama. So in the past, Eugene-nim probably didn’t need to use magic.”


Eugene let out a painful moan without realizing it and clutched his chest. The irrefutable facts became a dagger and she was thrust into Eugene’s chest.

“field… … Kiji… … ! didn’t.”

It wasn’t a lie. While hiding, she was not noticed by the demons.

“Then why?”

Christina asked, frowning.

Khazad Mine Underground Tunnel. Eugene pulled out the moonlight sword from the depths. The muddy blade shone in the dark, but the unknown and ominous black did not illuminate the darkness widely.

The hilt of the moonlight sword resonates with the fragments. That’s what I had previously confirmed when I first got my hands on the hilt. If there are more fragments of the moonlight sword remaining somewhere in this mine, you can find them through the hilt.

I wondered if Akasha’s dragon magic would be more reliable, but the risk was too great. The first time the dragon magic was engraved on Akasha. Eugene tried to find Vermouth’s location through the moonlight sword.

Failed. I suffered a great blow to my mind from an ominous feeling that I could not bear. If the demon king of confinement had not pushed him away along the way, Eugene’s spirit might have been eroded by the ominous abyss of the moonlight sword and collapsed.

Looking back on it, it was a shitty experience, so I didn’t have any regrets.

While going down the tunnel, only expecting the resonance of the moonlight sword.

The light of the moonlight sword shook. The hilt of the sword began to vibrate slightly. Even though Eugene didn’t intend it, the light on the tip of the sword pointed in the direction, and the vibration of the hilt helped her determine the location.

“At the bottom of the shaft was the Colosseum. It was as rumored. An arena where lower-level demons fight.”

Because he deliberately chose a day without a duel, the arena was quiet. Only the manager and the guard demons patrol.

“The moonlight sword pointed below the arena.”

There were no exposed roads or doors. I checked again using magic. Hidden devices and magic hid the door leading to the basement.

“Isn’t that just very suspicious? I didn’t go in blindly either. I searched with magic first. There were more demons swarming underground than the ones I passed through in the tunnel.”

If he could send even the feathers of Prominence, he would be able to grasp the situation down there with certainty, but the great magic spell, Prominence, had too strong a wave of mana. So I had no choice but to use detection magic, which was uncertain but less likely to be discovered.

Eugene had no choice but to think seriously. No matter how much you think about it, if you break open this hidden door and go down inside, you’ll have to give up your stealth.

What number is that? The hilt and the light are pointing down there.

“So I went downstairs. First of all, I’ll tell you in advance, I opened the door in a nasty way and went down to the basement, but I didn’t kill the other guy immediately after entering. First of all, at top speed, I followed the resonance of the hilt without even having time to run into another guy.”

The place we reached is the lowest floor of the basement. Unlike the upper floors, it had the appearance of a proper mine. The trolley contained mounds of dirt and various minerals, and the rails were neat.

“They don’t just take them out and sell them, they’re digging something deep underground. That’s why I stuck to the name mine.”

“What were you digging up?”

“Yomyeongseok (窈冥石).”

Eugene wrinkled his face and replied. Christina couldn’t understand that expression, but Anise immediately understood why Eugene was making that expression.

[You seem to be doing something worthy of the family of slaughter.]

‘sister. What do you mean?’

[Yomyeongseok is a whitish colored ore. It is an ore that is not excavated on the continent and has no magical value. It is an ore that was only excavated in the Slaughter Mansion in Helmud.]

“It was 300 years ago. The demon king of slaughter’s followers used to shove the spirits and mana of his subordinates or other demons into the talisman stone and use it when needed.”

The sword of confinement, the demonic eye of prestige possessed by Gavid Lindman, to the demon king of confinement. The Demonic Eye of Darkness possessed by Raksha Princess Iris is an authority bestowed by the Mad King.

It’s not just Ma’an. The demon kings each possessed various powers, and bestowed those powers on their descendants.

“Simply put, I grind low-level demons and put their power and essence into the Yomyeongseok.”

[But that must be the authority of the demon king of slaughter? The Yomyeongseok used by the family of Slaughter was directly gifted from the Demon King.]

Anise muttered, and Christina passed it on to Eugene instead.

“There’s no way that Roddy could have reached the power of the Demon King. He was just sitting underground, hoarding a lot of yomyeongseok and doing nonsense. It seems that he wanted to imitate the master’s authority by making the lower level demons who were defeated in the arena work in a secret underground mine while digging up the Yomyeongseok, and grinding and grinding the arguing ones.”

“… … Is that Eugene-sama’s guess?”

Christina asked, narrowing her eyes.

Eugene didn’t answer and averted his eyes.

Christina rose from her seat. She strode and stopped where Eugene looked. Then Eugene quickly turned her head to her side. Cristina took her steps and followed. When Eugene tried to turn her head again, Cristina grabbed Eugene’s cheeks with both hands.

“Eugene. Look me in the eyes and tell me.”

“They said while crying when I pulled out their legs… … .”

“Did you just pull out your leg?”

“for a moment. It seems like they see me as a madman who will lash out at me whenever I meet their eyes, but don’t misunderstand and listen. I was going to do nothing.”

This too was true. A pile of Yomyeongseok. A facility that does not seem to have anything to do with mining. In particular, some of them reminded me of a fountain of light, and it was true that it made me feel very uncomfortable.

Still, Eugene didn’t run amok. Whether dozens or hundreds of demons split up or not is not a matter for Eugene. He intended to focus on recovering the fragments of the Moon Lightsaber as his purpose.

But if you run into them, there’s nothing you can do about it.

the bottom of the basement.

The excavated soil and miscellaneous minerals piled up several mountains in the underground cavity, and the center was filled with a crude magic circle pretending to be complex.

Roddy Lonick. I wondered what I had been doing for 300 years, but did I want to learn magic belatedly? The level was appalling for that. It wasn’t that he had no talent for magic and was not eager to train.

In fact, Roddy’s strength from underground didn’t look much different from 300 years ago. Rather, they were more devastated than they had seen on the battlefield.

“He was squeezing blood from a lower level demon corpse underground… … .”

“What do you mean it was squeezed… … .”

Instead of answering, Eugene raised both hands up and twisted the air as if wringing a rag. Christina’s lips twitched, but in reality, Roddy was squeezing the lower demons like a rag and pouring them into the pile of bright stones.

Fragments of moonlight were buried in the silt and mineral crevices.

Not much is known about Vermouth’s moonlight sword. Strangely, not only did it not remain in the record, but it was also a sword that was not used outside of important fights, and most opponents who saw the moonlight sword died. In particular, since Vermouth obtained the Moonlight Sword after fighting the Demon King of Murder, it was only natural that Roddy, who ran away because his life was precious, did not know about the Moonlight Sword.

Eugene appeared and tried to retrieve the fragments of the moonlight sword. Roddy, who was weaving her demon tribe, naturally recognized Eugene passing in front of her eyes.



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who are you? human? How can humans… … .

It is not against the law for demons to kill demons in Helmud. But it wasn’t that what Roddy did was anything to be proud of.

After a banal conversation.

Roddy tried to shut his mouth by killing Eugene. Helmud’s laws are merciful to humans, but that doesn’t mean they favor and discriminate only against humans. One tourist missing? That much of a problem, Roddy was confident in solving it.

“That bastard tried to kill me first. So should I stay still? If you look at it, it’s self-defense. It would be nice if you just pretended not to know… … .”

“Say something that makes sense.”

“Anyway, it was Roddy who tried to kill me first. I resisted because I didn’t want to die.”

I reached out to grab it, so I cut off my wrist first. Rhodes freaked out and backed away. His severed wrist started to regenerate. He cut a little further inside than the regeneration line. Like that, he sliced ​​Roddy’s arm hundreds of times.

In a battle against demons who are good at regenerating the body, an effective and efficient attack is to destroy the spirit. And to break down the mind, the pain that changes little by little as it is repeated is effective.

So I kept cutting. Roddy tried to run away, but he wouldn’t let him run away. Rats that had their arm sliced ​​off faster than they could reproduce had the other arm sliced ​​off.

The regeneration of demons is not infinite. A mind shaken by repeated pain slows regeneration. And regeneration naturally consumes mana. When all mana is consumed, regeneration is no longer possible. When the opposite arm was completely cut off, Roddy stopped regenerating.

I pulled out both of Roddy’s legs. She was in no condition to run away without needing to, but she just pulled it off. Roddy also realized that he had been chosen for no particular reason, and from then on he answered all of Eugene’s questions.

“I asked why you’re doing this, but it’s to get revenge on Noir Jebella.”


Why does the name of the dreamer queen appear here? Christina and Anis were equally questioned.

At that time, Eugene felt the same question. She slapped Roddy about ten times on the cheek for some nonsense. Roddy then shed tears of sorrow and explained the reason for his revenge.

300 years after the war. Three demon kings died, but some of their retinue survived. But most of them have declined. The dead Demon King’s family fell into pleasure for a long time and fell into disrepair.

It was the work of the dream queen, Noir Jebela. Roddy has spent 100 years in vain, falling into the dreams of advanced dreamers who have come to comfort her. Most of the power of his heyday was lost in a time when reality and dreams seemed to be mixed.

Fortunately, Roddy was in good shape. Among other members of the family, there were many who forcibly pledged allegiance to Noir Jebella and were captured with their souls as collateral.

After taking most of their strength and spirit, the dreamers abandoned Roddy. It took decades to complete rehabilitation from a disabled person, and well over 100 years to rebuild strength. However, no matter how hard he tried, it seemed impossible to defeat the dream queen by force, so he tried to reproduce the power of the dead demon king.

Of course, that also failed. There was no way Rody, who was not great, could reproduce the power of the demon king of slaughter.

“I left Roddy alone and retrieved the fragments… … uh… … As the fragments coalesce, something unexpected happens… … .”

“Something unexpected?”

“The mine collapsed.”

Regarding this, Eugene was truly unfair. He had no intention of collapsing the mine. Just, he thought of killing only Roddy and escaping naturally.

However, as the fragments merged, the power went out of control for an instant. The collapse that started was something that Eugene could not help, and it was not something that he had to stop. I just decided it was better to bury it neatly.

Swing the moonlight sword and annihilate Roddy. They escaped outside before the tunnel was completely buried. Her whole body was covered with dirt, so I washed it with magic.

Mer made a fuss about how to do this. She recalled what she had been eyeing. She shuts her mouth, eats dessert, and returns to her hotel room.

… … And now I am on my knees like this.

[…] … If you retrieved the fragments of the moonlight sword, that’s it.]

‘sister. but… … .’

[It was dangerous and radical, but it falls into the category of ‘only’ compared to the recovery of the moonlight sword fragments.]

Anis sincerely thought so. Had she failed to retrieve it, she would have gladly listened to her flail. But when she said that the recovery was successful, she gave her body back to Christina because she didn’t want to stop anymore.

“… … Uhm.”

Cristina also got her emotions under control.

At first she was just as furious as Anise. This is the Magic Castle Helmud. It is an empire that has developed absurdly, but it is an enemy country to Eugene and Christina. So, you have to be careful with each and every action, but Eugene’s actions were too extreme.

“… … please.”

Cristina let out a long sigh and lifted Eugene up.

“Please don’t worry too much about me.”

I don’t know why.

Cristina unknowingly hugged Eugene. Yujin’s body stiffened at the sudden action. She was about to tell how many fragments of the Moon Lightsaber she had retrieved, but Cristina’s sudden action left her speechless.

[oh my god… … !]

Anise screamed too. The scream rather awakened Christina’s spirit.

It was pure, pure worry. Like her mother hugging her child when they go out, no, no not like that… … . Worried about a lover going to the battlefield… … .


‘I am not me. Poetry, poetry, sister, sister can take over my body… … .’

[Christina! If I really tried to move your body, I would have stolen Hamel’s lips without ending with a hug.]

‘Huh… … .’

The words in her head were so outrageous that Cristina hurriedly let go of Eugene. Mer, who looked at her like that, couldn’t sit on her knees any longer. She sat cross-legged in her protest and glared at Eugene and Christina.

“Don’t be afraid of the price, when are we going to Yongma Castle?”

But no answer came back. Eugene closed her parted lips, and Cristina turned around, patting her hand on her blushing face.

“When are we going to Yongma Castle?”

Mer screamed loudly.


Eugene Lionheart came to Helmud.

Noir Jebela smiled brightly at the story she had heard. If this was an incident, a meeting of royalty could have been held, but Babel is silent.

The reason was easy to guess. The Night March held at Lehain Fortress. A brave Moron appeared there, and the demon king of confinement descended. Gavid Lindman, who had visited to gauge the strength of the continent, was only humiliated and withdrew.

“A guest.”

Noir giggled and shook his wine glass. The demon king of confinement said that he was looking forward to the hero coming to the castle. So Gavid, who is full of loyalty, cannot touch Eugene right now.

It’s not just Gavid. The demon king of destruction has been silent in the territory of La Vista for hundreds of years. Even if the servants who support silent destruction and the demon king of destruction himself are alive and well, it is the demon king of confinement who has ruled Helmud for 300 years.

The demon king of confinement is the emperor of Helmud. No one among the demons denies that fact, and most of the high-ranking demons are members of the household who have sworn allegiance to the demon king in captivity. As long as Duke Gaby de Lindemann, the pinnacle of which can be called the sword of confinement, is silent, other demons under his command will not rush forward.

In other words, Eugene Lionheart is surprisingly able to walk safely through Helmud. If he chooses only ‘safe’ cities, the violence of the demons will not threaten Eugene Lionheart.

[What are you going to do?]

“What can I do about it? I don’t know what Gavid thinks, but I think he and I are friends. And I swear allegiance to the demon lord in captivity.”

The man on the screen smiled wryly at the words he said while laughing.

“So, I have no intention of provoking you.”

Noir took a sip of his wine and puffed out his chest proudly. The man kept a smile and stared at Noir.

If the nature of demons is chaos, that dream queen was the most chaotic being among the demons a man knew.

The dream queen doesn’t want confusion. She hopes for the second coming of the nightmarish era 300 years ago. She had no intention of provoking it first, but she was sure to step in without hesitation if necessary.

To hurt Eugene? no. That doesn’t suit the nature of the dream queen. Now, she would rather help Eugene Ryanhart.

A hero who has been recognized by the holy sword. A descendant of the great Vermouth. He’s not the only one. Eugene Lionheart’s nature is to hate demons intensely. A human named him is destined to become an enemy of the demons, and his innate qualities, background, and accumulated power are steadily aiming for the demon king’s neck.

That’s why the queen of dreams has high expectations for Eugene Lionheart. I hope that her existence will become the spark of a war that will break the 300 years of peace. She sincerely hopes that she will challenge the demon king of confinement. Like that, if I could wage war and fight again with the hero—- with an existence like Vermouth.


My body shuddered just by imagining it. she may die Is it really so? Even the thought of it was fun.

Noir’s magical eye of fantasy erodes dreams into reality. The dreams created by the dream queen are sophisticated enough to be indistinguishable from reality, and perfectly realize all the ideals that have not been achieved in reality.

However, there is a dream that even that noir Jebella cannot create. Despite his many attempts, Noir was unable to make his ‘death’ a dream. It was very simple to show someone else a dream leading to death, but Noir himself could not create his own death.

Noir himself knows why. She couldn’t possibly imagine her own death.

A sleep that will never wake up? Or the pain of being torn apart? An empty void? Tried several things. I’ve heard of death by summoning souls who have already died.

However, Noir failed to picture his own death in a dream.

No wonder. When you die, everything comes to an end. Isn’t it possible to break such an ‘end’ someday, even in a dream controlled by oneself? She is the one with her magical eye of fantasy, who controls dreams and makes her reality her dream, but her own death was an unknown that could never be dreamed of or created.

“ah. But there is something very, very disappointing. I mean, the other day myself… … Not in person, but when we met in the snowfield. Didn’t I even give you a special coin to come to my Jebela City?”

[I would have thrown it away.]

“I know yeah! really threw it away Even on the spot as soon as you receive it. Isn’t it really too much? I honestly expected you to stop by at least once.”

[There’s no way you can go.]

“There is nothing I can’t come. I don’t know about you, but my Jebela City has been overcrowded since the first day it opened. The rooms in all accommodations have been sold out, and even at the lowest level casinos and other stores, there are days of waiting in line. It’s so crowded that they even control the distance.”


The man spoke with sincerity. Jebela City, which was proud to be a new landmark in Helmud, was a huge success that far exceeded expectations.

It was also a natural success. The person in charge of all the development of the city is the Queen of Dreams with an extreme talent for bewitching existence.

Even if the city’s entertainment falls short of expectations, Noir Jebela has a magical eye of fantasy. Those countless people and demons who had already entered the city must have become prisoners of the ‘dream’ that Noir Jebela shows them.

Even the amount of money earned per day would be astronomical, but what is truly valuable is the regularity to be stolen and accumulated.

“Why don’t you come and play? If you come… … Hehe, I won’t deal with you, but I can make you dream of me appearing.”

[I will decline.]

At the refusal that came back, Noir shook his completely empty wine glass and giggled.

“You are a funny and boring man, Balzac Rudbesse.”

Arot’s Black Mage Tower Master. Balzac Rudbesse laughed bitterly on the screen.

[Is that so?]

“But I like you quite a bit. yes… … Giggly, your ideal as a wizard is very fun and engaging. Actually, a man like you is too faithful to his ideals and blind, so it’s not fun.”

[I also like the duke quite a bit. The Duke donates a huge sum of money to the Black Mage Tower every year. Also, he helped me not only with the Black Mage Tower, but also as a personal supporter.]

“yes? But I’m pretty dissatisfied with you. Why didn’t you entice Eugene Lionheart to come to Jebela City?”

[I’m not very close with him. Eugene rather hates me.]

“If it’s true, Eugene Ryanhart is very bad at heart. Balzac, haven’t you been good to Eugene Lionheart in many ways? He warned of the dangers and helped create the signature? Does he still hate you?”

[He has a great hatred and prejudice against black magicians, so I think I can’t help it.]

“Huh… … I’ve seen many warlocks in my very long life, but I’ve never seen a warlock as different as you. If you’re going to be hated that much, why didn’t you sell information about Eugene Lionheart from the beginning?”

[I’ve never had information worth selling.]

“Are you not going to sell it to me?”

Noir laughed coquettishly and crossed his legs.


Balzac answered without hesitation. Noir was very pleased with the answer.

“You really are a freak, Balzac. If he was a wizard, he would have been just that kind of guy, but he’s very special because he’s a warlock. So fun.”

Noir chuckled and tilted his head.

Balzac Rudbesse, Edmund Codlet, and Amelia Merwin. The three black magicians who are said to be the Sammar of Confinement. The demon king of confinement made the same contract as those three, but the powers of the three are not equal.

If you simply look at ‘strong’, Amelia Merwin, who has lived for over 200 years, would be the pinnacle. Edmund Codlet, who was bestowed with Bloodmary, would be the pinnacle of his ‘capacity’ as a mage.

Who is Balzac Rudbesse? —-There is no such thing as long term. Although he is a person who can be called a ‘genius’ when it comes to magic, he was once mentioned as a candidate for the master of the blue mage tower. Compared to Amelia or Edmund, there is nothing particularly superior.

Nevertheless, the demon king of confinement made a contract with Balzac Rudbeth. Noir Jebelado is also supporting Balzac Rudbesse. Although the true intentions of the demon king of confinement were unknown, Noir was amused by Balzac’s ideal.

“So, I will tell you what you want to hear. Edmund Codlet left for Samar ten days ago.”

[As expected.]

“You know? Among the natives of Samar… … Was it Kochila? Those who are human but eat people and act like demons. The tribe Edmund interacted with. He said he would go to Samar in relation to that… … .”

Noir stopped talking for a moment and widened his eyes.

“The exact reason was not given. I didn’t even ask. Balzac, do you know why Edmund went to Samar?”

[You are asking a nasty question. As you already know.]

“I have no intention of stopping. Gavid is the same, and the Demon King of Confinement is probably the same. I don’t know what exactly Edmund is trying to do there, but he’ll probably succeed. If he didn’t have the confidence to succeed, that prudent warlock wouldn’t have gone.”

[It will be.]

Balzac replied calmly.

Noir was curious about the basis for that calmness. But he didn’t ask for details. It is more pleasant to be surprised by a certain amount of ignorance than to know in advance what will happen.

“… … My body is tickling.”

Noir muttered in a low voice and bent his toes. A tickling urge rose from his toes and knocked on his chest.

“Hey, Balzac. I am thinking about it now.”

[What are you worried about?]

“I mean. Aren’t you the dream queen? There are so many nightmares under me. Also, I am the Duke of Helmud, the lord of Vaniris, the owner of Black Duskwood, and the mayor of Jebela City.”


“Isn’t it rude for me to lightly move my hips? But since I haven’t always put a heavy weight on my hips, shouldn’t I be free to move around if I want to?”

[Who would be dissatisfied with what the duke is trying to do?]

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

Noir’s voice became small. She glanced at Balzac, like a shy girl, and continued in a low voice.

“This is illegal. I’ll tell you secretly Did I find out about Eugene Ryanhart’s use of Warp Gate today?”

[…] … .]

“What is that silence? I am the Duke of Helmud. I can do something illegal like this. Anyway, I checked… … They arrived at Malela Mansion today. Do you know where it is?”

[If it’s Malela’s territory… … yes i know Southwest of Helmud.]

“It’s right next to Kara Bloom.”

A territory ruled by the black dragon Raizakia. It is a floating spirituality. Balzac for a moment forgot his answer, and searched his memory. He couldn’t understand why Eugene Ryan Hart had arrived at the Malera estate near Cara Bloom.

“You don’t seem to know why either?”


“I have a little guess, but… … I haven’t heard from Eugene Lionhart myself, so I’m not sure. So very curious. Also, I felt like this.”

Noir’s smile changed. She was no longer bashful, but had a wicked grin, like a rascal who had discovered a funny prank.

“The owner of the Dragon Demon Castle changed immediately, but that fact was not announced. That’s why the Dragon Demon Castle, Kara Bloom, and the law set by that damned Raizakia remain as they are.”

Raizakia was a terrible human hater. Not only Dragon Demon Castle, but also Kara Bloom, humans are not allowed to enter.

“If Eugene Ryanhart is in Kara Bloom… … What if you want to enter the dragon castle? I mean, I can help with that. If it were me, I could send Eugene Lionheart to the Dragon Demon Castle very easily.”

[…] … If it’s the duke, it’s possible. But you don’t have to ask for help, do you? As far as I know, the atmosphere in Kara Bloom right now is unusual.]

There is not only Malela’s territory near Kara Bloom, where the Dragon Demon Castle is located. The lord of the nearby Ruol estate, Count Carrad. He is a demon from the Giant Demon, and although young, he is an excellent and strong man. Recently, Count Karad has been arguing with the Dragon Dragon Castle, which has been silent for hundreds of years.

Perhaps because he was afraid of the name of the Duke of Laizakia, he did not directly apply for a ranking job or territory war. However, Count Karad continues to invade Kara Bloom’s borders. If the current atmosphere continues, the Battle of Yeongji will break out someday.

[I don’t know why Eugene wants to enter Kara Bloom. It’s not even clear if there’s really something wrong with Kara Bloom. However, I know a little about certain things among the floating rumors.]


[I heard that Count Karad hired La Vista’s magic beast in preparation for the war against the Black Dragon, Raizakia.]

“Have you heard the rumors of Helmud in Arot?”

[It’s not because I didn’t keep my eyes and ears on Helmud.]

Territory of destruction, La Vista’s Witchbeast.

There is only one entity to which that name refers.

300 years ago, one of the four Demons called ‘Children of Madness’ along with Rakshasa Princess Iris, the leader of the Dark Elves. Oboron of defeat led the beasts and beasts who reigned as predators.

You bitch his neck, killed him, and ate him. A predator who succeeded Oboron and became the leader of the Beasts and Beasts. Yagon.

“… … Other demons wouldn’t want to fight Raizakia without certainty, but Yagon, he’s a beast that doesn’t follow reason. I don’t know how much he paid for hiring him, but Yagon must be the best among the powers money can buy in this Helmud.”

[There are rumors like this. There is a big problem with the Black Dragon’s safety. maybe he’s dead That’s why Black Dragon didn’t show up for 200 years… … . Is the Black Dragon really dead?]

“You wouldn’t have died?”

[You’re saying that the Duke doesn’t know the truth either.]

Noir did not answer and smiled. Balzac stared at that smile and continued.

[…] … If Yagon was hired by Count Karad, Kara Bloom is too dangerous for Eugene. If Yagon is a madman as rumored, he will fight unconditionally with Eugene-nim, who is said to be the second coming of the great Vermouth.]

“I think that would be fun too.”

[…] … yes?]

“it is not so? Yagon is a descendant of Oboron. And he deceives the Fist of Perdition. Eugene Lionheart is a descendant of Vermouth and a warrior… … .”

Noir imagined the two in his head for a moment. Then he jumped up from his chair. I couldn’t stand it any longer.

“I want to go see Eugene Ryanhart. I don’t like it, but I’ll send you into the Dragon Demon Castle.”


“Perhaps this opportunity might spark a friendship between Eugene Ryanhart and me. Because I helped! Could I then ask for an unripe dragon heart in exchange for help? And by making the small buds of friendship blossom into love, the forbidden love between the hero and the demons… … Hmmm, that’s also immoral, so I like it.”

[A dragon heart that hasn’t ripened… … ?]

“Oh, this was a secret… … . Don’t tell anyone, okay?”

Noir smiled and waved at Balzac.

[Are you leaving right now?]

“There’s no reason to go later, is there? I’m free at the same time. Bye then, Balzac.”

Noir’s eyes widened.

“Dead or alive, see you next time.”


Malera Mansion is a secluded place with no special tourist attractions. It was like that in the past too. It was in a place far away from the five castles of the Demon King, so I had never been to it at that time.

… … I felt like the world had gotten a lot better. Eugene leaned over the railing of the hotel terrace, staring down her blank eyes down the street. She could see the streets dozens of floors below. A black road where magic cables are buried. Even that paved road used a special material with high magical conductivity. On such a road, various horsepower vehicles are running at high speed.

[Unlike yesterday when it rained, the sky today will be very clear and blue. It will be warm during the day, but please be careful of the daily temperature difference. If it’s a little past noon, you’ll be able to see the view of Yongma Castle passing through the eastern sky… … .]

The weather forecast is broadcast on the screen in the living room. Even in the magic kingdom Arot, magic did not melt into everyday life as much as Helmud. … … Now that I’m used to it, it wasn’t surprising.

‘300 years ago, it would have taken 5 years to travel this distance.’

There was no warp gate, and of course there was no magic wagon. Ordinary horses did not move well because they were afraid of monsters, and only trained warhorses were good enough to be used as mounts. There were many monsters and demons that stood in the way.

In this day and age there is no such thing. monster? I did see it a few times. Giant monsters plowing the fields in the vast grain field… … I also saw that it was used as an exotic vehicle different from a horsepowered vehicle. Even the cleaning of the deserted streets at dawn was being done by monsters.

“Can you see it?”

Cristina came out of the room and came to the terrace. It was past noon.


Dragon Demon Castle in Laizakia. The castle that flies in the sky moves very slowly, and on days when the weather is good and visibility is clear, you can see Yongmaseong from this city.


About 10 minutes passed, and Mer let out an exclamation. From the other side of the distant sky, I saw the approaching ‘Castle’.

it’s a dragon The castle was different from Helmud’s building, and the continent’s castle was also different.

after the war. Lyzakia, who had a strong desire to show off, wanted her own specialness, differentiated from other demons in Helmud. In the first place, the reason why the Dragon Demon Castle dared to fly in the sky was because of Raizakia’s desire to show off and her chosen people.

The dwarves enslaved by Raizakia did their best to satisfy their master’s desires. Dating back to the ancient civilization that had collapsed a long time ago, the castle was built by selecting an architectural format that is not used in any country in the present era.

“How do you look?”

The distance was far, but in Eugene and Christina’s eyes, the dragon castle seemed close. Christina asked, glancing at Eugene, who was concentrating with her eyebrows furrowed. Right now, Eugene was looking at the external magic of the Dragon Demon Castle, holding onto Akasha.

“It must be difficult to infiltrate.”

Eugene evaluated honestly. It was too far away to see through all the magic, but even at this distance, it was possible to see the barrier surrounding the entire Dragon Demon Castle.

It’s not even a barrier made with magic. Since the dragon dragon castle floating in the sky was such a big and obvious target, it was only natural that the defense against it was certain.

‘There will be no Lizakia, but the magic continues. It would not be enough to maintain and repair the barrier with only the mana in the air… … .’

I thought so, and immediately came to a conclusion. After all, it was clear that there was Hetzling of Raizakia in the Dragon Demon Castle. You may still be young, but a dragon is a dragon. The level of dragon words and magic might be low, but just maintaining the barrier would be possible with the power of the dragon heart.

‘As expected, it’s hard to infiltrate.’

It is true that Eugene is an excellent magician, but it was impossible to deceive the barrier built with dragon words.

However, it was impossible to infiltrate, but not impossible to break in. It is possible to break the barrier of the Dragon Demon Castle from the start and then invade.

Even Eugene himself thought it was too much. The collapse of Khazad Mine didn’t draw attention to Eugene. It must have been because what was happening in the underground of the mine was not shameful, but it was also because the owner of the mine, Roddy Lonik, was a demon who was treated as an outcast in the vulgar language.

In addition, the arena is a place where neither tourists nor humans go. The demons who came and went were only the lowest-class demons who lived in the lower classes. In the mine, the demons were literally squeezed out. Since the mine collapsed neatly and buried everything, it seemed that the investigation had not even started.

However, there is no way that Yongmaseong will have the same luck as mine. Regardless of Raizakia’s safety, he is one of Helmud’s three enemies. Invading Yongma Castle was a challenge to the duke’s authority, so it could not be done lightly.

In fact, Eugene’s purpose was to challenge the duke’s authority.

‘No matter how much it is, attacking the Dragon Demon Castle in a situation where you don’t even know who Laizakia’s bastard is… … .’

Yujin vigorously shook her head as her thoughts became complicated. Even if you immediately aim for the dragon castle, there is no answer. First, infiltrate Kara Bloom, the territory below it… … .


Yujin stopped thinking for a moment and looked back. The phone, a product of Helmud hextech, is ringing. Eugene tried to pick it up herself, but Mer, who was next to her, hurriedly ran over and picked up the phone.

“hello? yes yes… … ?”

Mer’s expression quickly changed while answering the phone with a smile. Mer tilted her head and looked back at her Eugene.

“Eugene. A guest has arrived?”

“customer? Where are the guests coming to me? Ask who he is.”

There was no way that there would be a guest coming to Eugene from Helmud, not from another country. Mer nodded at Eugene’s words and put the phone to her ear again.

“It’s cut off.”

“What are we going to do?”

Eugene frowned and entered the living room from the terrace. I was going to call the lobby on the first floor, but Eugene’s body froze while holding the phone. The same was true of Cristina, who was still on the terrace.

The door that should have been firmly closed was already open. Standing beyond it, Noir Jebella was wearing her sunglasses and even a mask.

“Because I am famous.”

Beyond the lenses of the dark sunglasses, the pupils drew curves. Noir Jebella smiled as she took off her mask that was covering her nose.

“I wonder if I over-covered it, but it can’t be helped, can I? Recently, due to the great success of Jebela City, I have appeared so often on TV and newspapers that even small children in the countryside can recognize my face… … .”

There was no reason to listen to it until the end. Eugene immediately took out his holy sword from his cloak and aimed it at Noir. He didn’t surprise me with blindly decapitating him. It’s not an opponent that such a surprise attack will work for, and isn’t the case different from the time of Gavid Lindman?

“… … Oh, nice.”

Noir looked at the holy sword with hazy eyes. When they met in the snowy field, Eugene did not take out the holy sword himself. Noir felt a chill at the light of the holy sword he had seen in 300 years.

“It was cool when it was held in Vermouth’s hand, but I think the holy sword now is even cooler. Do you know why? Vermouth’s murderous intent at that time was not explicit. Having killed as many as three demon lords, Vermouth’s intent to kill was very vague.”

There’s no way Eugene didn’t know that. Vermouth was originally that kind of guy. He is a guy who not only has murderous intentions, but also has little emotional expression.

… … Isn’t the intent to kill blatant? I can say that because I don’t know much about vermouth. When he had to, Vermouth’s intent to kill was more blatant and stronger than anyone else in the party.

“What are we going to do? why are you here?”

“Don’t be naive, my Eugene.”

Noir gave a soft voice. my Eugene? Those words sent goose bumps all over Eugene’s body. A rampaging murderous intent overtook Noir.

ㅡHwaaaak! Noir’s hair fluttered back. His whole body went numb as if he had been electrocuted.

“This is Helmud. It is a country of demons. There’s no place in this country I can’t go to. Could it be that you haven’t thought of this? That I miss you so much that I come and throw it away.”

Of course I thought. He didn’t sneak in, he entered Helmud with official permission. Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. I wondered if that crazy demon would try to contact them for no particular reason.

“What are you here for?”

Noir Jebela is insane, but it’s not that the conversation doesn’t work very well. At least, Noir didn’t feel the intent to kill.

Of course, the fact that Noir did not show any intent to kill was not a reason for Eugene to reap the holy sword. Rather, Noir felt love for that blind look.

She smiled and peered into the room beyond the point of the knife. My eyes went first to Mer, who was staring at me.

I haven’t seen it in the snowfield, but I’ve heard rumors. Arot’s proud royal library Akryon. It is said that the familiar that the wise Senya made himself became the property of Eugene Lionheart along with Akasha.

“I don’t even know Senya Merdein. Why did you create a familiar that resembles you to such an extent?”

Noir continued with a wink in one eye at Mer.

“Did you want to have children? If that’s the case, I don’t understand it even more. Why is there a need to make a familiar? Senya’s looks were great, so she could get any number of men if she wanted to… … .”

The words didn’t come to an end. The holy sword cut Noir’s neck in two, and his head flew into the sky. Pudeuk. Rather, the grinding of his teeth rang later than the slashing.


The head that had risen in the air was caught in Noir’s hands.

“… … Aha.”

Noir let out a laugh once, but even that didn’t go well. Not only was the head cut off, but the head was also cut in two. Noir fixed the disjointed head with both hands.

‘Even if you cut your throat, you won’t die as if it were natural. Playback is also fast. Cutting beyond the speed of regeneration… … It won’t work.’

I even cut it with a holy sword. Yujin opened her tightly closed lips.

“I asked why you came.”

“I was wrong. sorry. Don’t be angry. My Eugene, have you forgotten that you are Senya Merdein’s apprentice?”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Are you offended by the name of my Eugene? If nothing else, how I call you is my heart.”

I didn’t want to talk more. The door that Noir had opened at will closed by itself. Naturally, Noir did not let the door close. She hurriedly blocked the door with her raised hand, and thrust her head into Eugene.

“I didn’t come here to play pranks like last time. Really. I’m here to help you.”

“It helps me to get you out of my sight right now and not to contact me until I go to kill you.”

“He says ridiculously selfish things with a calm face. Are you going to come and kill me someday?”

Noir opened her eyes wide and looked at Eugene. Eugene didn’t say anything more and grabbed the doorknob to close the door himself.

—-Noir felt a great fate at those words.

She stuck out her toe and inserted it between the doors, then grabbed Eugene’s wrist.

tried to catch Eugene, of course, did not want to be caught by Noir. The moment his fingers tried to grab him, Eugene escaped Noir’s grasp.

“Are you going to kill me?”

Their bodies did not move. Only two hands moved quickly. Noir tried to catch him, and Eugene tried not to be caught. … … Rather, Noir felt the pleasure of tickling his heart even in the present act.

300 years after the war. She never had what she wanted.

“then. Shall I not kill you?”

“no. I wish you would come to kill me. When that time comes, I will kill you both happily and sadly.”

If this isn’t fate, then what is it? grievous tragedy. Noir imagined that one day Eugene, the hero, would come to kill him.

You can’t die slowly. To be honest, his defeat, his death, was unimaginable. If they try to kill each other, the only one who will survive will be themselves.

Hugging the bloodied Eugene, or carrying the severed head with both arms. If you kiss the bloody lips that are still warm—

My body heats up just by imagining it.

“Do you want to enter the Dragon Demon Castle?”

The hand-to-hand play of tag has stopped. Eugene pulled his hand back, and Noir stopped trying to hold on to Eugene. Even this has been postponed for pleasure for later.

“If you want to enter the Dragon Dragon Castle, I can help you.”

“… … Why are you helping?”

“There are several reasons. First of all, I like you. It’s good to be a descendant of Vermouth, a hero who has been recognized by the holy sword… … It’s also nice that he’s a completely different, greedy person from Vermouth. Do you know what I mean?”

Noir slightly lowered the sunglasses on his nose and showed Eugene his eyes. The eyes filled with the light of countless stars stared at Eugene.

magical magic. It was captured by those eyes, but Eugene did not dare to back down. If you really want to be wary of the magical eyes of fantasy, you shouldn’t stand in front of Noir Jebela in the first place. Her magic power and that absurd demonic eye are not powers that can be covered up with sunglasses.

“You are a fantastic being to me. My Eugene.”

It was horrible, disgusting, and gave me goosebumps. But more than that feeling, I was intrigued by Noir’s offer to help him enter the dragon castle.

“… … How can I trust you?”

“Duke of Helmud. Why would I, Noir Jebela, the queen of dream horses, lie to you at all?”

Noir smiled as he glanced at his shoes tucked between the cracks in the door.

“Open the door, invite me inside. I prefer alcohol to tea, but I don’t think you want to drink alcohol with me… … How about having a little tea time and chatting?”

Tung. Eugene kicked the door lightly with her foot and turned her around. Noir walked in through the open door. She met her eyes with Mer, who was frightened, and Christina, who was glaring at her, and smiled.

“Ah, good… … .”

The murmur escaped his lips involuntarily.

A descendant of Vermouth who resembles Hamel. A saint of today who resembles Anise. A familiar resembling Senya… … It’s not out of place, but this place now reminds Noir of 300 years ago.

“The bed is wide.”

Walking through the living room, Noir glanced at the large bedroom and murmured. Hotel suite. Most of the beds tailored to demons of different physiques are large.

“3 people… … No, even 4 people can roll around. how is it? Before we talk, let’s have a good dream… … .”

“go away.”

“Because even cold rejection is sexy.”

Noir giggled and sat down on the sofa.

“Then, the young master of the Dragon Demon Castle… … Let’s start by talking about the dragon princess.”

Dragon Princess

“Dragon Princess?”

Eugene tilted his head at the first nickname he heard. However, it was explicit about who that nickname was referring to.

The young owner of the Dragon Demon Castle, the Dragon Princess. It was an obvious fact, but unlike what I had deduced so far, it was now directly mentioned by Noir Jebela, Duke of Helmud.

‘As expected, the one in the Dragon Demon Castle right now is Hetzling from Raizakia.’

It didn’t show on his face. It was because he was wary of Noir. The word “helping me enter the dragon castle” was very attractive, but I couldn’t understand why the madman was helping me.

“Well, the name Yonggongnyeo is a nickname that only those who know about her existence call it. her real name is… … That’s right. ‘Raymir’. Is the name explicit?”

“… … Wasn’t the owner of the Dragon Demon Castle the Black Dragon, one of the three kingdoms of Helmud?”

“Pretending not to know is cute.”

Noir giggled and crossed her legs as if tempting. It was a sensual look, but of course, Eugene’s emotions didn’t even budge. Rather, every time Noir trembled like that, Eugene felt the intent to kill him by cutting his throat and squeezing his heart.

“Eugene Ryanhart. Didn’t you come to know that there is no Raisakia in the Dragon Demon Castle?”

“… … I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Eugene did not show his emotions. Then Noir giggled and nodded his head.

… … Noir, who had been sitting across from Eugene with her legs crossed, was wearing underwear in an instant.

“Don’t be a bitch.”

It’s a fantasy magic eye. To use that fraudulent magic eye like this… … I felt contempt, but I also felt my bones soften.

The body of Noir Jebela. The magic eye of the illusion that he encountered directly did not even have a knowledge of the operation of the authority.

The Darkness Mystic Eye possessed by Princess Raksha Iris has signs that you need to look at the point where dark matter is created, and that the Mystic Eye shines at the moment of creation.

However, the signs are not absolute either. In fact, at the last moment, Iris created dark matter without any indication.

… … If I had been skilled, I would have used it that way from the beginning. Iris’s level in that battle was over. Creating dark matter without any indication is not an easy task for Iris either.

However, Noir Jebella casually uses the magic eye of fantasy without warning. That is the difference in class that exists between Iris and Noir.

“Don’t you like wearing underwear? Or is it just an illusion after all, so your heart doesn’t move?”

“Because I don’t care.”

“How are you? I was afraid that my eyes would get bored during the conversation, so I tried to make it fun. If you have any preferences… … Oh, how about this?”

Noir smiled wickedly and pointed a finger at his face. Her jet-black hair was starting to turn purple.

“Were you joking around too much?”


Noir’s head rolled off his shoulder and landed on the bridge. Noir smiled as he placed his severed head on his thigh.

ㅡHwaaaak! Noir’s appearance changed again. The fantasy is over. In real life, she wasn’t even in her underwear, and her hair wasn’t cut. She just giggled as she pushed her sunglasses across the bridge of her nose over her.

“all right. I won’t do more. Don’t be angry. Come on, let’s continue the story. Eugene Lionheart, you came to know that there is no Lyzakia in Yongmaseong, right?”

“I bet you said you didn’t know what I was talking about.”

“Really, it’s cute how you keep pretending you don’t know. Eugene Lionhart. If you really met Senya Merdane, and she became her successor. You must have heard about her Lizakia from her?”

Noir smiled brightly and stared at Eugene. True to her words, it was Senya who told Eugene about her Lizakia. But she, Eugene, didn’t feel the need to answer.

“Why do you think so?”

Rather, I asked outright. Then, Noir giggled.

“It seems like you don’t want to talk about it, but I know. Why am I saying this? Raizakia is a dragon with a bad taste, right? A dragon that betrayed its race. It is very famous that he killed an entire dragon lord and swallowed its heart whole.”


“Lizakia had a great obsession with power. But he had no idea how to increase his strength. Even if it is a corrupted dragon, a dragon is a dragon.”

Raizakia was arrogant and stubborn like a dragon. He didn’t try to increase his family through contracts like other demons because he didn’t fit his status. Because she hates humans, she doesn’t make contracts with humans or harvest their energy.

“Then what did Raizakia become obsessed with in the end? That’s Dragon Heart. The arrogant lizard sincerely boasted that the only thing that could nourish him, a noble dragon, was the same dragon’s heart. Bloodmary’s Dragon Heart was also greedy, but at the time, Bloodmary was being managed by the demon king in captivity… … In that era, most dragons were hidden and hard to find.”

“… … so?”

“In the end, Raizakia became obsessed with Senya Merdein’s Akasha. Liza Kia even made a dragon magic to check the dragon heart’s energy response, so she used to wonder if there was a way to steal Akasha.”

“Why didn’t you try to kill Senya and take it away?”

“Of course I couldn’t. Do you know how sensitive the times were then? No matter how crazy Raizakia was, she was aware that she shouldn’t attack Senya Merdein in the era when peace was just beginning.”

Noir smiled and glanced at Mer. Mer fears and hates Noir, so she doesn’t even sit in her seat, and she stands behind Eugene with Christina.

“Okay, this is my guess. Me, Gavid, and Raisakia, who are called the Three Kingdoms, have been keeping each other in check. In particular, Raizakia is a greedy dragon, so Gavid and I couldn’t help but pay special attention to it because we didn’t know when he would do something crazy.”

In Eugene’s opinion, Noir Jevela was a very crazy person, and Gavid Lindman was also a crazy person who wasn’t lacking too much. The same goes for Raizakia. The mad dragon is the first traitor of its kind.

“Lizakia left the Dragon Demon Castle. I don’t know why he left, but I knew he left. Oh my, it’s amazing, Senya Merdane went into seclusion at the exact same time, right? So she lets her imagination run wild. Raizakia raided Senya Merdein to steal Akasha. Until then, I had been quiet, so why? At that time, Senya Merdein was in Arot.”

Noir’s eyes drew a round curve.

“Samar Great Forest. It is a place where the eyes of the continent cannot reach. Elven Forest. It’s not easy to enter unless you’re an elf. Raizakia must have searched for Akasha and found out that Senya Merdain went to the Elven Forest. If it wasn’t a crowded Arot, if it was an elven forest, she would have thought it worth taking Akasha away.”

What Noir says now is her guess. But she was close to the truth. Raizakia went to the Elven Forest to take Akasha away. Knowing that Senya was mortally wounded, she decided to kill Senya and take Akasha from her.

“But Raizakia hasn’t come back for 200 years. The same goes for Senya Merdein. The two fight… … Raizakia failed. Well, that’s what I think. To be honest, I don’t understand why Black Dragon was defeated by a human wizard, but I don’t think it’s impossible if the opponent is Senya Merdane.”

Originally, it was thought that Senya Merdein was dead, but seeing that Akasha was handed over to Eugene Lionheart, it would be clear that Senya Merdein was alive.

“If you really met Senya Merdein ‘in person’ and received Akasha, then you must have heard about Raizakia as well. Is it for the sake of Senya Merdein that you keep pretending not to know? Or just pride?”

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of Hetzling in Laizakia.”

Noir spoke proudly and opened her chest wide, but Eugene did not respond at all and asked a calm question. Noir puffed out both cheeks proudly and stared at Eugene.

“Of course, this is the first time you hear it. It is a story that is not known to the public.”

Even a dragon cannot lay eggs alone.

“Lizakia took ‘Egg’ from the beginning and committed herself to Helmud. This is what it is, of course. Which dragon in the world would lay eggs with Laizakia, who betrayed her race?”

Dragons have a long lifespan, so it takes hundreds of years to grow. Even just being born from an egg is enough, and it takes 100 years.

before betraying the race. Raizakia, who already belonged to the old dragons, laid eggs with other dragons. When the dragons battled the demon lord of destruction and the demon lord of confinement, Raizakia’s wife was killed and annihilated by the destruction. Then, in the melee, Raizakia stole and swallowed Lord’s heart and threw herself into Helmud.

with their own eggs.

“… … It seems that traitor dragon also had fatherly love, right? Why would you even take an egg and throw yourself into Helmud?”

“What did you just say?”

Noir tilted his head at Eugene’s murmur and asked.

“Even that traitor dragon has fatherly love… … .”


I told him again, but Noir didn’t even listen to the end. She grabbed her stomach and let out a loud laugh.

“That Laizakia is paternal! Ah, ahaha! All right, Eugene Lionhart. You are human after all, so it seems that way from a human point of view. But no. Laizakia is fatherly… … It’s not another dragon, there’s no way that crazy black dragon has such feelings, right?”

“Then what?”

“It is natural. I brought eggs to raise and eat.”

Just as Noir did not understand the word fatherly love, Eugene did not understand that word either. He stood with his mouth half open and looked at Noir.

“Ah, to be precise, I meant to raise them, make them give birth to them, and eat them. This is not my guess. As I said before, Raisakia was arrogant and had a great desire to show off. Sometimes, whenever we met at Pandaemonium, Raizakia would talk about her plans.”

A royalty meeting at Babel in Pandaemonium. It became a looser social gathering over hundreds of years, and at first it was a place where the three forces gathered together to check each other.

“It’s not something to be excited about. Liza Kia will grow my hatchlings, keep her laying eggs, and re-breed the new hatchlings… … Well, I was thinking of giving birth to a lot of descendants like that.”

“… … .”

“They kill and eat the children or descendants who want to be lacking. He was thinking of making the dragons he gave birth into his family instead of the demon family. Normally, when inbreeding is done, the taste goes somewhere, but is that the case with dragons? I was curious about that in my heart, but I can’t confirm because Raisakia has disappeared.”

“Crazy bastard.”

I never imagined it would be that crazy. No, was that even possible in the first place?

“Nothing is impossible. Lizakia, though her head was spinning, did not lack his ability.”

Before Raizakia disappeared.

A hatchling is born from the egg. Lyzakia removed a portion of her own dragon heart and implanted it in the middle of her first child’s forehead, destined for endless egg-laying.

It was to completely control Hetzling so that he could never disobey orders.

“It wasn’t Raizakia’s intention, but thanks to the dragon heart that was implanted at that time, the dragon princess is ruling the dragon demon castle.”

Raizakia’s few followers. The contract that oppresses them is linked to the dragon heart embedded in Hetzling’s forehead.

“If Raizakia died, even that would have been useless. So, my Eugene. Won’t you keep talking? You heard from Senya Merdein and Raizakia. Judging from the fact that the dragon magic of the Dragon Demon Castle and the contract with the attendants are still alive, I don’t think he’s dead.”

“Well, I don’t know.”

“To tell an obvious lie. You don’t seem to have any intention of talking about it, so let’s ask something else. My Eugene, why do you want to go to Yongma Castle?”

“Because I’m greedy for Dragon Heart.”

I did need an excuse to cover something up.

“Ah, too. Are you like that too? dragon heart… … It is a precious treasure. If I knew the world would turn out like this, I would have killed a few dragons 300 years ago and taken them away.”

Noir licked his lips in genuine regret. Then he looked at Eugene with a deep smile.

“What I just said, after all, am I right? You came to know that there is no Raisakia in the Dragon Demon Castle. It seems that she wasn’t sure about the existence of the Dragon Princess, but she was guessing about Hetzling.”

“Think whatever you want.”

“Huh, it’s really cute how you desperately pretend you’re not. My Eugene, I can guess why you are greedy for dragon hearts. Is it because you’re nervous? I want to somehow quickly increase my strength. Then I have no choice but to cooperate.”

“… … I don’t understand that. Noir Jebela, why are you collaborating with me? Am I your enemy?”

I definitely needed to know. So I asked, but Noir let out a strange moan and hugged my chest.

“enemy… … enemy Oh, so good. Why are you collaborating? I want you to be a crazy vermouth like Hamel.”

what kind of bullshit is that? Eugene was shocked inside, but desperately corrected his expression.

“Is that all?”

“I guess you don’t like my answer? If so, I’ll tell you another reason. I hate both Raizakia and the Dragon Demon Castle. That’s why I wanted to kill him from the beginning. But I’m in no position to do that. why? Our proud sword of confinement, Duke Gavid, is holding my solo drink in check.”

Noir didn’t like the name Samgong, which had been going on for hundreds of years. He sincerely thought that it would be better for Edmund or other emerging demons to become the duke than for Lyzakia, who was not present, to take the position.

In other words, what Noir wants is a change of situation. Trying to help Eugene was part of that. Eugene Lionheart, the hero sinks the Dragon Demon Castle. I was excited and excited to see what kind of change it would bring.

“First of all, you should know the atmosphere of Kara Bloom. Do you know what condition Kara Bloom is in right now?”

“… … I heard that the lord of the Luol estate right next door is arguing.”

I came here and figured out the situation from the news I heard every day.

“It has been a simple quarrel so far, but Count Karad wants something bigger than that. He’s preparing for the ‘real’ Yeongji battle.”

“Isn’t he ignorant of the situation in Laizakia?”

“Since he is also the keeper of the estate right next to him, he seems to have noticed a little about the reason for his silence for 200 years. That is not the only reason.”

Kara Bloom’s mining district managed by Yongma Castle. The offerings of the dwarves who are working there are released on the black market.

“Earl Karad is openly preparing for the battle against the territory, but Yongmaseong is not showing any response. Rather, the territories living in Kara Bloom on the ground expect that the owner of the territories will change to Count Karad. That’s why public opinion is not good.”

A lord who hasn’t stood in public for 200 years. The lord neglecting the territory and its people. I just can’t openly criticize them because I’m afraid of the names Dragon and Duke.

“The more vicious and anxious the people are, the more they find peace of mind.”

Noir said with a smirk.

“Of course there are many dream horses in Kara Bloom. First of all, I will introduce you to Kara Bloom through my children. It is very easy.”

“What next? The place I want to go is Yongma Castle.”

“I don’t think that is too difficult. The easiest thing is to use the Mystic Eye myself… … I have no intention of getting directly involved. I don’t want to take responsibility later.”

“Aren’t you already directly involved?”

“different. I only help through my children. That way, when it becomes a problem later, it can be solved neatly by offering my children’s heads.”

On the topic of friendly speaking ‘children’. Noir said that as if it was not a big deal.

“Only the chosen aristocrats live in Ryoma Castle. Because of Laizakia’s useless ideology of chosen people, they couldn’t let a dream horse into the Dragon Demon Castle. However, wishing for pleasant and pleasant dreams is the same for commoners and nobles, right? Among my children who work hard at Kara Bloom, there are high-level dream horses who deal with the nobles of the dragon castle. Even if we use those children as our connections, we should be able to infiltrate Yongma Castle.”

“… … I don’t think it can be that easy. I am human.”

“If Raizakia is alive, of course not. My Eugene, don’t think too hard. In the 200 years since Raizakia disappeared, his estate has rotted away. Ah, of course it would be impossible for you to infiltrate by yourself.”

Noir boasted, emphasizing that.

“But no matter how much I am, I can’t help but do this one thing. Christina Rogeris. You can’t go to Karablum. You know why?”

“… … I knew from the beginning.”

Cristina straightened her expression and replied. With divine power, she is too conspicuous to her demons.

“It’s good that you understand quickly. Now, let’s start with a stage name, shall we?”

Noir smiled broadly and said.

Eugene, Mer and Christina. Even the anis in my head couldn’t understand Noir’s words. Noir rather tilted his head at the bewildered gazes directed at him.

“What are you looking at? You just said it. My Eugene, you will infiltrate Kara Bloom with the dream demons I rule.”

“… … uh.”

“Then, of course, pretending to be a dreamer is fun, right? Her physique is too big, she’s a bit like a succubus because she’s dressed as a girl… … No, since I’m a demon anyway, does physique matter? There is also a taste for muscularity. Compared to the body, the face is pretty, so if you put on makeup and put on a wig… … .”

“ji… … Don’t say it.”

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