Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 85

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“Ah, then shall we go to the Incubus? That won’t be too difficult.”

It’s fun to pretend to be a dreamer.

Noir said so. In other words, there is no need for Yujin to disguise herself as a dreamer unconditionally. Disguise is just that lunatic’s prank.

“I can’t give you the name Eugene, so I will need a stage name. what would be good… … . How about Terius? It’s a stage name that incubus like to use.”

“get out.”

Eugene sighed and exhaled.

Dragon Princess

It’s only two days after Noir Jebella, who had been visiting for a while, left. Like the last time, she opened the door to the hotel and came in without any contact.

“It’s been decided, my Eugene.”

More than anything else, Eugene was annoyed and angry that Noir called him that. In the first place, Eugene did not understand why Noir showed such a crush on him.

In fact, I didn’t even want to understand. I thought I couldn’t understand. He had learned about the business that Noir Jebella was currently conducting in Helmud, and the conclusion he had reached through him—-that succubus was insane. How can you understand the mind of a madman?

“You will become a true product of gourmet food and enter Yongma Castle.”



Noir smiled brightly and nodded.

I said something, but it was just what it meant. Among the nobles of the Dragon Demon Castle, a demon who claims to be a gourmet has a great interest in human flesh. In this day and age, it’s not something one would say loudly anywhere, but it wasn’t something one could say in the land of Lyzakia, which was famous for its hatred of humanity.

Among the dreamers under Noir Jebela, there is a dreamer who has made that demon a customer.

“My Eugene. As you know, Helmud shows no mercy to smugglers. The moment he is caught by a hunting monster, he is eaten on the spot.”

Even if you get lucky and succeed in avoiding the eyes of the hunting monster, the problem is not over. Demon hunters are smarter and fiercer than monsters. They do not respect the human rights of captured smugglers.

“This isn’t something to talk about openly, but Helmud respects only humans who have officially entered the country. And only citizens who don’t break Helmud’s laws. Other than that… … .”

“Bad demons in this world. I knew it. You pretended to be kind on the outside and smiled, but behind the scenes he extorted the spirits of humans, ate them alive, and enslaved their souls?”

I finally got the count. Eugene stood with his eyes wide open and pointed his finger at Noir.

“No matter how you pretend it’s not, demons are demons. And what, Helmud, a good place for humans to live? An obvious trick to deceive humans with three tongues, make them tasty and eat them… … .”

“Hey, my Eugene, calm down.”

Facing Eugene, who was spitting out in excitement, Noir pretended to raise his hand.

“The only people Helmud doesn’t respect are people who don’t respect Helmur. smugglers. he broke the law As you know, my Eugene, the laws of Helmud are very favorable to humans. As benevolent as they are, they are very harsh on those who break the law.”

“Are you still eating humans? These demons… … .”

“I don’t know why you’re excited. After all, we are different species, right? And my Eugene, as far as I know, the Lionheart family is in charge of protecting Mount Uklas. Right?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Isn’t it the border directly facing the Great Forest of Samar? I know there are a lot of smuggling attempts there. The Knights of the Black Lion, who act as border guards, have the right to summarily execute smugglers, right?”


“It is natural for any country to execute smugglers. Demons eating humans? I don’t enjoy it very much, but among the numerous demons, there are demons with that taste. What are you thinking? Humans still have cannibalism, right? Rather, since human cannibalism is homologous predation, wouldn’t that be more of a problem?”

I tried to deny it, but the natives of Samar Great Forest came to mind. Among those barbarians, there were quite a few tribes that retained cannibalism.

“We of different species can never understand each other. You can try to understand. And my Eugene, the important thing for you right now is not to criticize the demons and Helmud, right?”

Noir raised the black glasses he was wearing before he knew it and said. In that short period of time, he used the illusionary eye for the sole reason of wanting to appeal to his intelligent appearance. As Eugene took a step back with an expression of displeasure, Noir’s glasses disappeared as if they never existed.

“My Eugene. As I said before, you will enter Kara Bloom as a gift from the Dragon Demon Castle demons.”

There was no problem for Eugene to worry about. Karabloom’s dreamers carried out the queen’s orders perfectly. The persuasion of the customer who served as the examiner of the castle gate was over.

The true product of Yongma Castle. only one human. Letting her in with her eyes closed is not a difficult task in the current chaotic Kara Bloom.


Count Karad of the Luol Territory is preparing for the Territory Battle. He hadn’t declared war directly yet, but the rumor alone threw the Kara Bloom estate into great confusion. The lord, Black Dragon, has not been seen for 200 years, and is not responding to Count Karad’s continuous disputes. Thanks to that, the atmosphere in the Karabloum Territory was at its worst, and there were many demons leaving the territory.

“Ah, of course my Eugene. You need to hide your identity. Of course you have to cover the flashy gray hair, and you can’t even take out the holy sword. No matter how sweet the dream is, the taste is gone… … No, even the gatekeeper who kindly accepted the request would not secretly let the hero in.”

“After going up to the dragon castle?”

“From then on, you are free. My Eugene, after all, your goal is the dragon heart of the dragon princess, right?”

Noir grinned.

“You are lucky when it comes to that.”

“Are you lucky?”

“yes. Sooner or later, a war will break out in Yongma Castle.”

Eugene’s eyes widened at the words conveyed with a calm face.

“… … War?”

“yes. Sooner or later, Count Karad will declare war and carry out a bold invasion of the Dragon Demon Castle. Maybe in a few days?”

“Isn’t it too sudden?”

“Not necessarily. Count Karad has been preparing for war for quite some time… … I got a card that I thought I could definitely win in this war. Maybe you’ve heard the name too? The Witchbeast of La Vista. Yagon, the leader of the Beasts and Beasts.”

Yujin’s expression hardened slightly. Yagon. She couldn’t have known the name.

“A mercenary group of beastmen, led by Yagon, has arrived at Luol Manor. It would be impossible for Count Karad to control Yagon, so he had no choice but to launch an invasion immediately. That madman came to Luol because he was lured by the word that he could hunt dragons.”

The reason why Count Karad was able to summon Yagon from faraway La Vista—- was because he provided Yagon with the cause of a territory battle with the Dragon Demon Castle.

“You must already have the confidence that you can win, and there are no civilians in Kara Bloom and Yongma Castle, so there is no need to hesitate to invade. He may have already left Luol.”

Only humans are treated as ‘civilians’ in Helmud’s law. Among the demons, wars such as territorial battles and rankings are frequent, but civilians must be protected first, even if they invade the opponent’s territories.

However, there are no sanctions for demons killing demons in war. Rather, Helmud’s law actively encourages warfare to increase power and elevate one’s rank. If even that was sanctioned, the demons would have gone mad right away.

“That’s why ‘timing’ is important, Eugene. After killing the dragon princess, aren’t you worried about how to escape the dragon castle?”

To be clear, Eugene’s goal was not the dragon heart of the dragon princess. The goal is to find Raizakia, who is in the dimensional rift, using the Dragon Princess.

I’ll have to meet him in person to find out. On the spot where he met the dragon princess, he did not expect much that Lizakia could go to the gap in her dimension.

‘Perhaps it will be in the form of kidnapping… … .’

It wouldn’t be easy to defeat the Dragon Princess and escape the Dragon Demon Castle.

“I see what you mean.”

Yujin frowned and murmured. He realized why Noir said ‘timing’. The moment Count Karad and his army invaded the Dragon Demon Castle. If you aim for that moment, escape will be very easy.

“During the invasion, the barriers of the Dragon Demon Castle will be destroyed. And beasts, led by Yagon, will attack Yongma Castle. My Eugene, you just need to escape the Yongma Castle during the chaos.”

Noir said with a wicked smile.

Of course, it won’t be that easy. First of all, the assassination of the dragon princess. Even a Hetzling who is over 200 years old, a dragon is a dragon. A creature with the hardest scales and bones than anything else in the world is a dragon. It is impossible to assassinate a dragon with all sorts of magic with one sword.



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‘If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to escape the chaos of the invasion after killing the dragon princess… … If you’re not lucky, you’ll be caught by Yagon before you can escape.’

Noir smiled as he imagined the scene.

* * *

As Noir had promised, there was no problem passing through the castle gate with the dreamer.

“From now on, the place we are going to is the mining town.”

The dreamer sitting in the driver’s seat of a luxury car spoke with a bewitching smile.

“I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but Kara Bloom’s mining town has the most dwarves in Helmud. The dwarves there donate handicrafts they made to the Dragon Demon Castle once a month.”

The dream demon slightly tilted her head to Yujin and whispered.

“My clients are appraisers checking handicrafts. Humans will go up to Yongma Castle with handicrafts. First of all, my role is to send humans along with handicrafts… … Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“doesn’t exist.”

Eugene replied without even giving the dreamer a glance. It’s an appraiser. Yujin furrowed her eyebrows and recalled the information she had learned while researching Yongma Castle in the past.

The handicrafts of the dwarves are being stolen. It would be impossible for a dwarf bound by Raizakia to do such a thing, so I guessed that someone else was stealing it from the middle… … It seems that it was the work of a demon connoisseur who could be called a middle leg.

‘To think that a person called a connoisseur stole handicrafts and let humans in from the territory of Raizakia, who hates humans… … That’s how rotten it is.’

The judge’s bold flight also meant that the Demons of the Dragon Demon Castle were convinced that Raizakia was not in the castle.

From the looks of it, it was clear that there would be no loyalty to Hetzling, so it was clear that the soon-to-be war would be a crappy fight that could hardly be called a war.

The moment Yongmaseong was invaded. The aristocrats who live there will surrender en masse. The Dragon Demon Castle will be trampled down without even resistance, and beasts led by Yagon will attack the Dragon Demon Castle to tear and kill the Dragon Princess.

‘I can’t even earn time… … .’

If the dragon demon castle resisted fiercely, they would be able to seize the gap and kidnap the dragon princess and escape comfortably.

“… … How are you sent to the Dragon Demon Castle? Do you use warp gates?”

“yes. The forensic officer will directly ride the warp gate and come down to the mining town. Humans can be put on a cart with other presents, and then go up with the connoisseur.”

“What if that bastard said he would eat me on the spot?”

“Uhuhu, that never happened. Didn’t you hear from the Queen? That demon prides itself on being a gourmet.”

The dreamer who was behind the wheel winked one eye at Yujin.

“I was the one who told the Queen about it. booth… … Ah, Boud is the name of that demon. Every time I dreamed, he kept asking me to call his name, so I memorized it. Anyway, it’s soft. When I said I was giving a human as a gift, she was overjoyed and said: He said he would cook a human in various ways and hold a secret dinner party with his friends.”

“… … .her.”

Eugene clicked his tongue and clenched his fists.

decided. What to do with the demons who opened the way after climbing the Dragon Demon Castle? I’ve never thought about it, but I’ve made up my mind about what the dreamer just said.

As soon as they arrived at the dragon horse castle, they decided to cut their heads.

Kara Bloom is so small that it would not be considered a duchy. It was because Laizakia herself did not want a large estate. Laizakia made Kara Bloom, which had the best jewel mine in Helmud, as its duchy rather than uselessly large land masses.

In terms of the size of the estate, Kara Bloom was smaller than Eugene’s hometown, Gidol. Thanks to this, after driving for about 5 hours from the gate, I was able to arrive at the mining town on the outskirts.

I put on a thick hood and got out of the car and headed for the warp gate of the mining town. This is Helmud’s number one jewel mine. The jewels mined here are processed through the hands of the Dwarves and presented to the Dragon Dragon Castle.

for 300 years. The dwarves had offered jewels to Raizakia, who didn’t even exist. It is impossible to escape. Laizakia’s restraint makes the dwarves work here until they die. That contract lasts through generations. Although the dwarves died 300 years ago, their descendants are still working in the mines.

“Poor dwarves. They can’t leave this area for the rest of their lives.”


“Because of the contract with the Black Dragon. Of course, the contract was made through Black Dragon’s threats, but they can’t leave this mine area without Black Dragon’s permission.”

Maybe that’s why, the eyes of the dwarves I saw in the village were dull and dead.

But even if the eyes are dead, a dwarf is a dwarf. The wagon that had arrived at the warp gate in advance was loaded with handicrafts made by the dwarves, and even to Eugene, who was not very good at seeing handicrafts, they all seemed unusual.

That, too, was natural. It is an item dedicated to the tyrannical and greedy dragon, and if the quality is poor, you will receive the dragon’s wrath.

“Boud will be here soon.”

Eugene went into the empty box on the cart as the dreamer ordered.

“You must remain calm until we reach Ryongma Castle.”

The lid of the box was closed. Eugene looked outside through the keyhole in the box. After a while, the warp gate was activated.


The demons who walked out of the warp gate looked like half-mixed orcs and pigs. He rocked his protruding belly and approached the dreamer.

“It’s different to see it here rather than in a store. Will we be able to meet outside the store from now on?”

Boud nodded and picked up a necklace from the cart. Then, after taking a sneak peek at the surroundings, I stabbed the dreamer’s necklace into the chest bone.

“Oh my goodness… … .”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Compared to the present I will receive today, this is nothing… … So Aris, is that the box?”

Budd asked, twitching his cheeks. As the dream horse smiled and nodded at her, Boud came over to the box slithering his uvula.


A large hand tapped the box once. Eugene made a face and curled up inside her box. Tung, Tung. After a few more knocks on the box, Boud turned around with a satisfied smile.

“What a wonderful gift.”

Boud hummed and pushed the cart to the top of the warp gate. The warp gate was activated again.

From Kara Bloom on the ground, to the Dragon Dragon Castle floating high in the sky.

brief floating sensation. The scenery through the keyhole has changed. We finally arrived at Yongma Castle. Then you don’t need to be in the box anymore. Eugene immediately kicked out of this place, and he was about to tear off Boude’s neck, as he had decided beforehand.

“Who, who is that?!”

But before Eugene could get out of the box, Boude yelled in surprise. Eugene was also surprised. Outside the warp gate, a girl in light clothes stood alone.

“Appraiser Boo! Heaven knows your flight, the earth knows it, and you know it!”

the girl screamed out loud. It was just a cry, but Boud couldn’t resist the girl’s cry. He couldn’t understand it himself, but Boud fell to his knees on the spot.

“Are you on your knees admitting your sins? But your light knees cannot forgive the sins you have committed!”

“who… … who, who are you?”

Boud did not know why he had fallen to his knees, nor did he know the identity of the crying girl. The moment she saw the red jewel embedded in the girl’s forehead, she instinctively fell to her knees.

“You don’t know who the original woman is? Cancer, yes! However, as of today, everyone in Yongma Castle will know the original woman’s name! The original woman is the legitimate owner of the Dragon Demon Castle, and the only blood relative of the Black Dragon!”

flutter! The girl waved her wide sleeves and stretched her palms toward her boot.

“The original girl’s name is Raimir! You wicked man who dared touch the treasure to be presented to the Dragon Demon Castle! The owner of the Dragon Demon Castle will order you to commit suicide right now… … .”

The girl’s cry did not continue until the end.

The lid of the box with the handicrafts was smashed, and Eugene jumped out.

Dragon Princess

As soon as I arrived at Yongma Castle, I ran into someone else, which was not in the original plan.

It was also something that was unavoidable. Even in Eugene’s opinion, the plan to infiltrate Yongma Castle was loose and full of holes, so there was a possibility of a sudden problem occurring at any time and in any situation.

I was determined to respond immediately depending on the situation. When someone stood in front of Bud and shouted. Eugene thought, ‘It’s like X’. I was prepared, but I never thought that trouble would arise as soon as I entered the Dragon Demon Castle.

What do we do? what to do There was only one thing I wanted to do in this situation. He kills Budd, and also kills the unknown demons. Then, as if nothing had happened, they infiltrated the Dragon Demon Castle.

Thinking so, I saw the opponent through the keyhole.

A self-proclaimed original woman with a desire to show off. A consciously spit out ridiculous tone. The appearance of a girl who looks a few years older than Mer. open forehead. Long golden horns.

A red jewel in the center of the forehead.

‘no way.’

I had no choice but to deny it. She heard from Noir that the existence of the dragon princess had not been revealed for 200 years. But now, in a moment like this? like that?

“You are the legitimate owner of Dragon Demon Castle, and the only blood relative of Black Dragon!”

When the girl shouted in a bold voice and stretched out her palm toward Bud. Eugene no longer doubted.

“The original girl’s name is Raimir! You wicked man who dared touch the treasure to be presented to the Dragon Demon Castle! The owner of the Dragon Demon Castle will order you to commit suicide right now… … .”

I didn’t have to listen anymore. In my own words, I am the blood and blood of the Black Dragon. The new owner of the Dragon Demon Castle, Raimir Aranda. Maybe, maybe she’s a psychopath pretending to be a dragon princess… … .

I thought about that because the situation was so absurd, but I decided to hold on to it for now.

“What, what?!”

This pig demon was not wary of the humans in the box at all. It was inevitable because Eugene was thoroughly hiding his mana and power. Boud looked back at the box, terrified.

The field of vision that had widened eyes suddenly soared upwards. Although it was greatly different from what was planned, Eugene stubbornly carried out what he had decided to do with Boude.

As soon as he jumped out of the box, he reached over Boud’s head, grabbed the creature’s large head, and yanked his neck out.


Lymilia screamed at the sight of her head and spine being pulled out together. Still, she didn’t die even at that moment, as if she had accumulated quite a bit of magic. Instead, she stood with her mouth open and let out a pig-picking scream.


The long-suffering scream turned into a final scream. The flames from Eugene’s fingertips engulfed Boud’s body. It wasn’t just a spark of mana. The sharpened sword steels were intertwined with each other to form a round sphere. Boud’s body, swallowed in the center, was endlessly hacked into the whirlwind of sword steel.

Infinite Purgatory! Bud’s body refused to die and tried to regenerate, but in the Infinite Purgatory, where endless slashes raged, the regenerating body was only pulverized. Ever since his previous life, infinite purgatory has been a perfect technique for killing demons with strong regenerative power.

Eventually, Boud could no longer scream and was hacked to pieces in infinite purgatory. Right now, I’m going to have a breath, but sooner or later, I’ll die with all my regenerative power.

Eugene left Budd alone and looked ahead.

“Hey… … !”

Lymilia’s face turned pale and she stepped back. Her wide open eyes are trembling. After confirming that there were no other demons around her, Eugene took a close look at Raimira.

It did not resemble Raizakia in appearance. In fact, she did it for granted. Because the figure that imitated that human was realized with Polymorph, one of the dragon’s powers.

However, the similarities were not entirely absent. In order to reveal themselves, dragons usually match the color of their hair and eyes to match their body color, even when polymorphed. Black hair and purple eyes. That was a characteristic of Raizakia, no, Black Dragon.

“Yes— you bastard! What is your guy… … What are you doing?”

intruder! The word was intensely engraved in Raimirah’s mind.

… … His legs trembled and his heart thumped. Behind the intruder, the appraiser, Boud, is turning into minced meat… … . The sophisticated and powerful flow of mana used in it made Lymilia’s expression even harder.

It’s scary to be honest. However, Lymira did not show her fear. Contrary to such feelings, Laimira’s legs were trembling, but Laimiria was so nervous and scared that she didn’t even notice it.

“dare… … dare! Harassing a vassal of the castle in front of the original woman, the owner of the Yongma Castle! Even if I die ten or a hundred times, I will not be able to pay for that sin!”

a groaning cry. Even though it was Hetzling, a dragon is a dragon, so Lymilia’s cry was accompanied by Dragon Fear. However, that Dragon Fear was weak enough to be incomparable to the Dragon Fear that Ariartel exhaled.

[What is he?]

To the point where even Mer didn’t feel threatened. Because of that much power, Lymilia’s dragon fear could not bind Eugene’s body and mana.

So, without hesitation, Eugene jumped towards Lymilia. attack! Lymir Ah was startled and swung his outstretched hand away.

It was a sloppy attack. However, the power attached to the hand was not negligible. Since he had no intention of accepting it readily, Eugene pulled out the storm sword, Winid, from within his cloak.

[The Spirit King of Wind! I, Tempest, have come to Helmud!]

In recent battles, the weight of the holy sword had increased so much that Winid could barely use it. Today was the first time he had chosen Winid after coming to Helmud.

So Tempest let out a shout as if he had waited. In fact, I only used Winid as a catalyst at first, but since I signed a direct contract with Tempest, I can talk to him at any time… … It was Tempest’s own stubbornness to show his presence every time he held Winid himself.


[Hamel! Anyway, my shouts can only be heard in your head.]

‘I know, I know, but just be quiet.’

Tempest’s wind loosened slightly at the cool answer.

Are you appealing that you’ve pouted now? Of course, not all winds were loose. Only the wind blowing around Yujin loosened up. The wind that met Lymilia’s attack was a fierce storm itself.

ㅡQuaaaang! A loud noise erupted. But it didn’t spread far. The sound echoed like the inside of a deep cave. Eugene’s soundproofing magic blocks out the sound in this space.

If Raimira had been in a calm and rational state, she would have noticed the magic acting on this space and tried to dispel it. However, the current Laimirah was cold and unreasonable.

“Mu-moo, what is it?!”

Lymilia jumped up and stepped back. His pale face and cheeks trembled.

“Yes, yes man! Intruder guy! Go, go, go, do you dare to attack the original girl?! If you stop even now… … that, yes! If you stop, I will forgive you… … .”

Laimirah poured out words without even breathing.

direct collision. Eugene paused for a moment without pressing further. She felt it even before the crash, but she definitely knew it when she hit it herself.

‘It’s not magic.’

The power used by demonic tribes such as demon kings and demons is demonic energy. It can be said to be mana that has melted mana. And the refined magic is magic power. 300 years ago, the corrupted Black Dragon, Raizakia, had converted all the endless mana spewed out by the dragon heart into magical power and wielded it.

However, her blood relative, Lymilia, did not wield magical powers. The mana she felt from the clash just before was extremely pure, like her dragon.

[Hamel. she is… … .]


Eugene’s expression crumpled. I know what Tempest is trying to say. There is no way that Eugene himself, who was in direct conflict, would not know that fact.

However, in the current situation, Raimirah couldn’t care about herself. Anyway, isn’t it certain that Lymilia is a dragon?


Even if Raimirua flinched as if she had never fought in her life, screaming without any dragon-like dignity. Eugene never let his guard down.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa … .”

Regardless of his personality, tone, and screams, it was clear that he was not an opponent to be caught off guard.

It was like that even now. Eugene’s purpose is not to kill Lymira right away. The goal is to subdue them and search for Raizakia using Akasha’s Dragon Word Magic. As a result, he couldn’t wield the sword with all his might.

The criterion for its strength is the degree to which one slash is too strong and does not blow away the entire Lymilla. He is so much that only the cut parts are cut out. In other words, Eugene was thinking of cutting off Lymilia’s limbs.

“Ahhh… … ?”

But it didn’t work as intended. Again and again, she grazed Lymir-Ah’s body, but the sword steel of her bloody flame cut only the hem of Lymir-Ah’s clothes. Sword steel and blades grazed her skin, but not even a single scratch was left, let alone a cut.

Even Laizakia was taken aback by the fact. She opened her eyes wide, staring at the immaculate skin without a single blemish.

“ah… … Ahaha! Ahahaha! look! A lowly human intruder! You can’t make a single drop of blood flow through your body with your weak blade!”

Lymira immediately changed her attitude and opened her chest. Then she flapped her sleeves proudly and stretched out her hand to Eugene.

“Even now, repent of your sins, ask for forgiveness, and beg for your life! Now, now, the merciful original woman, if you sincerely ask for forgiveness… … I will make you reconsider your forgiveness!”


Of course, those words were nonsense that did not need to be heard even with the back of your ears.

Eugene looked at Winid and Geomgang with frowning eyes. Seeing that disapproving gaze, Winid’s desire grew stronger. It is to appeal that Tempest has lost his pride.

“You can’t do it unless you intend to kill it.”

Eugene quickly came to a conclusion.

intention to kill At those words, Raimira’s lips parted wide. He staggered back, his legs still trembling.

“main… … intend to kill? Yes, yes, you came to assassinate her original daughter… … ! How do you know who the original daughter is and assassinate her… … .”

He did not respond to the stuttering and talking. Eugene shoved Winid inside the cloak and knuckled her fingers. The thump made goosebumps run through Lymilia’s skin.

I want to run away. However, I couldn’t show the shameful appearance of turning my back and running away. Although no one sees Lymira here now, her dragon’s pride prevented her from turning her back and running away from a human intruder.

Eugene lowered her knees without guessing at her conflict.

brain light. A flash of purple lightning covered Lymilia’s vision. A nervous and frightened mind slowed down the response.


I was out of breath. rush from the front. She puts everything into speed without complicated finesse. If she hadn’t been nervous and scared, she wouldn’t have responded. Eugene, who had rushed towards her in a straight line, pressed Raimira’s stomach with her shoulder and held her waist firmly with both hands.

Eugene’s feet fell off the ground. Huge mana controlled the floating body. Kwaddeuk! I put Lymilia’s back on the ground and pushed on.

Detected from previous attacks. Even when polymorphed, a dragon is a dragon. It is impossible to inflict wounds with sword steel. However, it was possible to take away freedom with simple and enormous force. In fact, Raimirah was crushed by Eugene and screamed.

“Kyaaaagh! Wow! let go, let go! Let go! Rain, Bibi, bikini on me!”

It wasn’t painful. However, it was unfamiliar and frightening to have such pressure applied to my body.

For a moment, Eugene didn’t understand what bikinira meant. It was clear that he had not learned how to speak properly.

ㅡQuad Deuk, Quad Deuk! Behind Eugene’s back, Mana, who formed a form, pressed Lymilia’s arms and legs more strongly.

“Yes, yes, you bastard! This girl… … It is the blood of the Black Dragon! Bo, if you even put your fingertips on the original girl’s body… … . He hurt her mother-in-law! The Black Dragon Lord will not forgive you. De, the dragon’s breath will erase your body without a trace… … ! That, and your soul will suffer forever… … .”

“Be quiet.”

Wow! Eugene’s fist slapped Laimira’s cheek. No pain this time either. However, when the violent punches turned Lymira’s head to the side, her screams stopped.

“… … at the time… … .”

momentary silence. Tears welled up in Raimirah’s eyes. She couldn’t put her head back, but only managed to turn her gaze back to her Eugene.

“paper… … I hit the original girl, her original daughter… … ? of the original girl… … jade body… … !”

Eugene raised his fist again. Then Raimira let out her hiccups, shrugged her shoulders, and closed her eyes tightly. Tears streamed down her tightly closed eyes.

He didn’t punch me in the cheek like he did earlier. Instead, Eugene grabbed Laimira’s cheeks with her open hands.

“Ugok… … .”

When I grabbed both cheeks with my fingers, Lymilia’s lips protruded like crucian carp. Eugene glared at that stupid looking face with indifferent eyes. In Raimirah’s eyes, Eugene’s golden eyes looked as fearful as those of a beast.

Eugene’s other hand moved closer to Raimira’s face. Raimirah’s trembling eyes followed the movement of her hand. Her thumb and forefinger, which formed the shape of her pincers, reached Lymirah’s forehead.

“Oh, that can’t be! Stop!”

Lymilia hurriedly shouted, but her cheeks were crushed and her lips were protruding, so she couldn’t pronounce it the way she wanted. In Eugene’s ears, it only sounded like a ‘grumble’.

ㅡ Quick! As Eugene’s finger moved close to the jewel in the center of his forehead, black lightning bolted out.


Lymira screamed. The screams so far had been just spit out without pain, but the screams now were definitely screams of pain.

‘I can’t pull it out.’

The feeling of resistance transmitted to the fingertips was unusual. Instead of pulling out the jewel, Eugene flicked his fingertips and tried to hit one.

“Kyaa agak!”

Raimirah’s eyes flipped over. Instead of screaming more, she bit her bubble and passed out. Rather, it was a comfortable thing for Eugene.

Eugene stood up from the body of Laimirah, who passed out, showing white hair, and took out Akasha from the cloak.

“You’re lucky.”

I never thought I’d meet the Dragon Princess as soon as I entered the Dragon Demon Castle. Eugene smiled happily and aimed Akasha’s dragon heart at Raimira’s forehead.

The dragon magic unfolded.

Dragon Princess

A transparent magic thread was released from Akasha’s dragon heart. The dragon heart stuck in the center of Lymilia’s forehead and the magical thread met.

Yujin closed her eyes and concentrated.

The fulfillment of the conditions was overflowing. With only the blood of Lymir, her blood relative, she would have been able to track down Lyzakia, who was somewhere in the dimensional rift, without difficulty. Ariartel, the dragon, had guaranteed that. This is because blood ties are the most fundamental and powerful contract for existence.

In addition, Raizakia’s own dragon heart. there is even a part of it. Under these conditions, there is no way you can’t explore Laizakia.

ㅡHwaaaaaagh! The darkness that can be seen with closed eyes shakes. I wasn’t upset. It wasn’t the first time I used dragon magic, and I already knew how tracking was done.

‘… … no.’

I immediately noticed that something was different. because the cases were different. In the past, the subjects of the dragon magic were Winid, the necklace, and the moonlight sword. Everything was a ‘thing’.

However, the target of the dragon word magic now is the existence of Lymira. and dragon heart Thanks to this, the Dragon Word Magic showed a completely different form from before.

A large room—- no, it should be called a detached palace. This detached palace was spacious but desolate. They had everything they needed, but no warmth in them. The minimum communication, even that, is mostly about meals for today and tomorrow.

The question of whether there is something you need or want. No matter what you answer, the rejection is repeated saying that what you really want is impossible. Feelings that did not belong to Eugene spread from the depths of his heart.

more forward.

Eugene was conscious with his eyes closed. The dragon magic responded to the wind. Going back to ‘memory’ Emotions that have been eroding also fade and disappear. Before long, another memory appeared in front of Eugene’s eyes.

Sleek black long hair. bright red eyes. distorted smile. A man in an old-fashioned and fancy long robe comes with his hand outstretched. A small red jewel floating on his fingertips gave off a magical light.

“Your existence is for me.”

An eerie voice echoed in Yujin’s head.

Black Dragon Raizakia. He took on the human form he had enjoyed from his previous life, and implanted a dragon into the forehead of his newborn flesh and blood. Then he smiled greedily and whispered like that.


Eugene was conscious again. What he wants to pursue is not the memories and origins of Lymira. This Dragon Heart and the person who is connected by blood are Raizakia. As he strongly desired that, the scenes unfolding in Eugene’s head collapsed.

The tracking magic maximized to use like this reached the realm of the dimension beyond space. Dimensions, dimensions, and existence are incomprehensibly vast, but the blood and dragon heart that originated from Rizakia opened the way to the owner.


Cold sweat broke out on Yujin’s forehead.

If everything goes well without any problems, the moment you reach it, a dimensional door connected to Lyzakia will open. After that—you just need Eugene to go through the dimensional gate and kill Raizakia. If you succeed in that, you can rescue Senya who is sealed in the World Tree.

dimension gap.

It felt like a high, high night sky. A darkened room, a deep cave, or the depths of the basement, deepening shadows. It is different from the darkness that exists in such places. The darkness that filled the gaps in the dimension continues to flow, and things that are not known whether they are stars or clouds are mixed together.

Eugene’s consciousness followed the dragon magic and observed the far beyond. How far have you come Yujin’s tightly closed eyebrows twitched.

I saw something huge. Crouching with her long neck bent, her tail wrapped around her body, and her large wings covering her body.

Black Dragon Raizakia. was a bastard Its scales were torn as if worn by the wind and waves, and the skin on its wings was torn.


My body shuddered, and joy rose from the depths of my chest. Eugene reflexively stretched out his hand towards Lizakia.

ㅡwoooooooooo! Lizakia closed her eyes and fell asleep, but the strong barrier wrapped around her pushed away the interference of Eugene and the dragon magic.

‘Forcibly piercing is impossible.’

You have to find a way. Eugene opened his mind and fully resonated with Akasha. It felt like her brain was burning, but she didn’t stop. She did this, and she never expected that she would be able to reach Lizakia.

Finding was successful. It also touched the barrier he was wearing right now.

What is the barrier for? Akasha saw through the nature of the barrier. Raizakia is not a demon lord. It would be impossible to unfold it directly, but if it is dragon-level magic, it is possible to detect it with Akasha.

The scenery began to change according to what I saw through and understood. Eugene no longer roamed the gaps in the distant dimension. The image of Lyzakia, who had fallen asleep with her eyes closed, faded away again. She regretted not being able to lift her middle finger herself.

At some point, Eugene’s mind left the dimensional gap and was looking down somewhere on the ground.

ㅡI know where it is. It wasn’t a place so unrecognizable that it was unrecognizable, and there was only one place like that in the entire continent.

Samar Great Forest.

Eugene’s spirit looked down at the Great Forest of Samar from the high sky. The barriers of Lyzakia are carved throughout the great forest, to be precise, in the land itself.

understood. Senya tried to banish Raizakia to the outer dimension. It was a great magic impossible even in perfect conditions, but the world tree that protected Senya and the elves at the time added strength.

But it didn’t work out. Raizakia was not exiled to another dimension at all as Senya had hoped, but instead fell into the gap between this world and the intervening dimension. It was partly because Senya’s condition was critical, but it was also because Raizakia was struggling with all her might.

The barrier worn by Raizakia. I tied his existence to the land of the Great Forest so that he wouldn’t be banished to the outer dimension at all. Throwing away the dignity of dragons as a great race, they fell into an existence no different from the Earthly Spirit. That’s how it maintains its existence.

‘A magic that has been in good health for 200 years.’

It is a magic that penetrates the entire existence of Raizakia. Among the dragons called magical manipulation, Raizakia was said to be the most powerful.

It was impossible to interfere with the magic that Raizakia had left for my bowie. In the first place, in order to do something with that magic, the Great Forest—no, the land itself would have to be erased from the world without leaving any soil behind.

but. It is possible to use Lymilia and the Dragon Heart as keys in the Great Forest land to open the portal leading to the gap. Then you can try the first plan.

Kill Raisakia in the dimensional rift. He thought it would be better to do something about Lyzakia than to completely erase the Great Forest, which was larger than the Empire, from the world. In the first place, erasing the Great Forest would mean that Senya would have to erase the sealed elven territory as well, so it was something she couldn’t even attempt.

“Mr. X Lizard.”

Eugene grumbled as he took Akasha. Not quite as much as when she targeted the moonlight sword, but her head was pounding from observing too far. Eugene pressed his temples to relieve his headache and lowered his gaze.

Lymira was still in a state of fainting. She tried to tap her foot, thinking she might be pretending to faint, but she got no response.

Rather, it was better. Eugene first carried Laimirah on his shoulder. Even before he came to the Ryoma Castle, he didn’t have high expectations of going to correct Lizakia, so his disappointment wasn’t great. Anyway, I did the observation, and I knew the method.

I also got the key. Dragon Princess Raimirah. It would have been difficult for her to escape if she made a commotion within the Yongma Castle, but fortunately she did not cause a commotion yet.

‘I just need to take this kid with me right now.’

Eugene smiled and approached the warp gate.

Warpgate is still in operation. As it is, if you warp to the mining town down there, and then somehow get out of Kara Bloom… … .


The moment I climbed the warp gate with Lymilia on my back. The connection that had been connected just before had been severed.

Eugene immediately checked the status of the gate through Akasha. Soon, Eugene realized something in her and frowned at her.

“To rot.”

After coming down from the warp gate, I put Lymilia on the floor. I lightly slapped Lymilia, who was still fainting, on the cheek. However, Lymira did not wake up.

“Eugene. Hit the night.”

Mer, who was in the cloak, poked her head out. Mer smiled her mischievous smile, her round eyes twinkling with curiosity and playfulness. It was a pretty good opinion, so Eugene nodded as well.

f*ck! A snapped finger hit the center of Lymilia’s forehead. The dragon heart, the size of her thumb nail, throbbed with shock, and Lymir Ah’s limp body convulsed.


Lymira screamed. Eugene grabbed and suppressed the body of her paroxysmal Lymir, and brought her curled fingers in front of Lymir’s pupils.

“From now on, answer the questions directly.”

“You, you, you! intruder! What the hell did she do… … .”



I didn’t hit too hard. It’s because it’s annoying to pass out repeatedly. Her screams were less sharp than before, perhaps because she had reduced her power, but it still looked like she was in pain, so Lymirah shook her body.

“Is it impossible to take you on a warp gate?”

“radish… … What are you talking about?”

It was still an incomprehensible way of speaking, and it was not the answer Eugene wanted.

f*ck! Raimirah couldn’t even scream more and opened her mouth wide. Instead, her wide-open eyes filled with tears.

“Isn’t there a way to get out other than the warp gate?”

“paper… … Bonnyeo… … black… … Don’t insult the original woman anymore… … . The original woman is Black Dragon’s blood relative… … Enemy of Dragon Demon Castle… … rightful owner… … .”

right! I slapped him lightly, but Raimirua burst into tears. It was sad tears that did not even have dragon-like dignity.

Originally, Eugene is a man of iron blood who does not weaken at the tears of his opponent. However, seeing a girl who didn’t look much different from Mer was crying so sadly, I felt like I was going to weaken a little bit.

“Calm down, Eugene. This Mappagi only looks young, but has lived for 200 years.”

“It’s more difficult because it’s similar to you.”

“It’s different from me.”

“What’s the difference?”

shameless guy. Eugene rolled her eyes, and Mer also rolled her eyes as if he couldn’t lose. That was all. She was Merdot, she could not bear to dispute the years of her existence.

The reason why Eugene was uncomfortable with Laimira wasn’t just because he was conscious of Mer. Unlike her father, Lyzakia, Raimirah was not corrupted by Magi. And as she used her dragon magic, she saw a brief glimpse into her past of Lymir Ah. Her past was in a sense reminiscent of Moron, and Eugene couldn’t be quite insensitive about it.

It wasn’t that I wanted to care and take care of it. Eugene slowly put his finger on Raimira’s forehead. The wriggling veins, the fingers bent to the limit… … .

“Bo, bobo, Bonnyeo is a body that cannot leave Yongma Castle.”

Raimirah hurriedly spat out.

“The original woman’s heart and the ruby ​​on her forehead are connected to the core of the Dragon Demon Star… … . It is no exaggeration to say that the existence of her original daughter maintains her Yongma Castle, so Bobo, the original daughter can never leave the Yongma Castle.”

also. Eugene frowned and thought.

During the 200 years without Raizakia, this huge Dragon Demon Castle flew through the sky without falling once. Is that all? It even maintains a barrier that neatly blocks external attacks.

All of that is established by the existence of Hetzling, Lymira. Because of this, Raimirah could never escape the dragon castle.

Lymilia hasn’t matured enough yet, but that ruby ​​embedded in her forehead is the Dragon Heart of Laizakia. The small jewel and the central core of the Dragon Demon Castle resonate, maintaining the enormous scale of magic.

gulp… … .

Raimirah swallowed dry saliva and glanced at Eugene.

Right now, Eugene was frowning while concentrating on the thoughts in his head, but Raimirua was very afraid of that expression. How many times has Ruby been beaten! She was so sore and startled that Raimira couldn’t even remember how many times she had been hit.

It was worth it. After being born into this world, no one had treated Lymilia like this. It was the first time he had experienced physical pain, not his heart.

‘Is it a human being?’

frowning eyes. Emotions of anger and annoyance were read. Raimirah shrugged her shoulders even more. Her chilling fear made her body tremble even though she only saw the emotion on display… … .

“you. Why are you here?”

Suddenly, Yujin opened her mouth. At her sudden question, Lymira startled and curled her toes.

“What, what?”

“Why are you here?”

The memories of Lymilia that I saw with the dragon word magic are not clear. It was because Eugene didn’t want to look closely, and because the dragon word magic itself wasn’t magic that read the other person’s memory.

I vaguely saw how Laimira was doing in the Dragon Demon Castle.

The daughter of Raizakia, the Black Dragon. Black Dragon’s Hetzling. Dragon Princess. Her existence is unknown to the public. Only Noir Jebella, her fellow trio, was aware of Raimirua’s existence.

It had to be. The retainers of the Dragon Demon Castle did not reveal the existence of Lymilia to the outside world. While Raizakia was away from the Dragon Demon Castle, Raimila was imprisoned in the innermost villa in the castle. Even the garden attached to the detached palace was a world that was allowed to Raimira. Feelings of solitude and sadness that I felt at the same time through the dragon word magic.

However, Eugene glared at Raimirah with sad eyes. Raimirah was at a loss for what to do with that gaze and twitched her fingertips.

“radish… … I don’t know what you’re talking about. The original woman is the legitimate owner of the Dragon Demon Castle… … This castle belongs to her mother, and she can go anywhere. She said, what the hell is the original woman here?

Lymilia tried to build up her pride and dragon-like dignity once more, but Eugene bent her finger and brought it close to her forehead, shaking her head vigorously and pulling herself back.

“Don’t talk bullshit, answer honestly. Dragon Princess Raimirah. I know that you have been imprisoned in the separate palace of the Dragon Demon Castle.”

“radish… … What? How do you know that… … eww… … Ahaha! You’re trying to make fun of her original daughter with her lies. No one knows of the existence of her original daughter except the vassals of the Dragon Demon Castle, among them the Four Gods, who are favored by the Black Dragon Lord and pledged their allegiance!”

“I know, damn it. If you don’t want to get lost, just answer the questions I ask.”

Instead of beating Hong-ok, he sincerely showed his intention to live. Then, Raimirah let out a hiccup.

“Bo, Bobo, Hib, Bonnyeo came out of the villa, Baba, for the future of the Dragon Demon Castle. The judges and the chief priests also told me that the original woman should become the new owner of the Dragon Demon Castle. gee, so… … That’s it. She was the first woman to succeed the Black Dragon Master, and she became the owner of the Dragon Horse Castle… … that… … that is… … .”

“How did you get out?”

“… … The commander-in-chief opened the door to the detached palace. Bo, Bobonnyeo hasn’t been able to go out until now… … Reaper… … Now is the time to step out… … .”

Eugene guessed the inside story and snorted.

I don’t know the details about those four gods, but it was clear that they weren’t demons loyal to Raizakia, as Raimira said. No, I would have been loyal at one time. After 200 years, they must have betrayed themselves.

‘The reason why I’m stealing the dwarves’ handicrafts right now is probably because of their connivance. It would be easier to blame later on if we put the blame on the lowest-ranking examiner.’

and. At the same time, releasing Lymilia, who had been imprisoned for 200 years, was blatantly offensive to the point of displeasure. Sooner or later, Count Karad of the neighboring territory will declare war. Those who are called the Four Gods will not want a war.

That’s why he wanted to put an end to the war as much as possible by asserting the existence of Lymilia, expressing the absence of the Black Dragon Master, and having Lymilia admit defeat.

‘If Count Karad wants the head of the lord, he can offer the head of Lymilia, who was appointed as the lord’s representative.’

I can also guess why Raimira came here.

-You don’t know who the original woman is? Cancer, yes! However, as of today, everyone in Yongma Castle will know the original woman’s name! The original woman is the legitimate owner of the Dragon Demon Castle, and the only blood relative of the Black Dragon!

These were the words Raimirah had been shouting from the beginning. Now she no longer had to hide her own existence. Rather, her Shinigami chief wants Raimirua to show off her own existence to the fullest.

“tooth… … intruder man. How long is she going to hold her own daughter? See you now… … If you release her original daughter, get on her knees and ask her forgiveness, the merciful original daughter will forgive you… … .”

There must have been a push to punish the corrupt appraiser, and that stupid kid came here to show off that he is the new owner of the dragon castle.

“That, yes. What do you think of this? From my own point of view, intruder, your skill is very good. She is not lacking even if her martial skills are compared to that of the four gods. Therefore, the original daughter may take you personally and make her an escort knight who stands by her original daughter. She said that she could give her a knighthood right now… … .”

“Poor thing.”

Yujin clicked her tongue and shook her head. She said it on purpose, but with a hint of sincerity.

“Boo, Boo, Poor? Intruder! You, a human, to the original woman, a dragon! did you say sorry? She could never bear that insult!”

Lymilia shouted out loud. However, apart from the roaring cry, Lymilia was still unable to escape Eugene’s suppression.

“Intruder! The original woman is not pitiful! Cancel that right now… … .”

“It’s pitiful, what’s not pitiful?”

“Because I’m not pitiful!”

“You will die in the next few days.”

Eugene clicked his tongue and said.

Raimirah opened her eyes wide and looked at Eugene.

Dragon Princess

What is that man talking about all of a sudden? Raimirah blinked her eyes in incomprehension.

Today was a special, happy and good day for her. She was meant to be. The gates of her villa, which had imprisoned her for hundreds of years, were wide open. Only occasionally came to visit, and the envoys who had been watching Laimira from outside the gate opened the door themselves.

From now on, you don’t have to live alone in the palace. You don’t have to have long sleep periods to kill time.

I don’t know where the Black Dragon went. It would come back someday, but until the Black Dragon returned, the throne of Dragon Demon Castle belonged to Lymilia. The chief priest also said so. Since the lord of the castle has been away for a long time, his blood relative, the princess, must protect the castle.

But what the heck is this? I heard the accusation of the small corruption of Yongmaseong by the chief of the Four Commandments. A low-level appraiser is stealing treasure that should be presented to the lord!

good night. It was a commemoration of becoming the lord of the castle, and to show off the name of ‘Laimirah’ to all the retainers and people of the Dragon Demon Castle. Raimirah came here to fix the corruption with her own hands.

… … They encountered an unknown human intruder. Unable to move, he was overpowered, pinned to the floor and beaten by Ruby. I don’t know what is from one to ten, but I feel sorry for them.

will die in a few days

“… … She couldn’t hear properly. What did she just say?”

“You will die in a few days.”

“mind… … Don’t talk nonsense, don’t talk nonsense. Suddenly, why is she saying that the original woman will die?”

“Probably, his head would be chopped off and hung at the gate of the Dragon Demon Castle. Or become a skewer pierced from the crotch and stuck in front of the castle gate. Limbs may be pulled out… … .”

“Mu-mu-mu-mu, what can I say… … .”

“This is the execution method of the dog-like Dark Elves, but there is also a method of cutting open the stomach and taking out the intestines while still alive on their knees.”

“Yeah man! Two, it is clear that you are trying to agitate the original woman with a fearful story! Bo, no matter how much the original woman hears your nonsense, ah, it doesn’t matter!”

“Do you know what the execution methods I mentioned have in common?”

Yujin asked with a bored expression on her face.

There was no way Raimira knew that. Most of her executions she knew were those she had seen in historical dramas or movies she had seen before at her villa, and even her death by taking poison or being stabbed was the only thing she knew.

“It’s an execution to use as a symbol.”

“buy… … symbol? What do you mean by that?”

“Soon there will be a war in Yongma Castle. If it’s really fast, you could be hit by an air strike in just a few hours. The enemy will attack within three or three days at the latest.”

It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. Raimira opened her eyes wide and looked at Eugene’s lips.

I thought so, but I really don’t know anything. Yujin clicked his tongue and informed him about the war cloud that is currently targeting Yongma Castle.

There was no way that Lymira knew the circumstances.

In the detached palace where she lived, there were various entertainments that helped her survive the long time. There were books such as children’s books, novels, and history books, as well as comic books that were only pictures. After the Black Tower was built throughout Helmud and TV culture developed, it became possible to indulge in visual media such as dramas and movies.

However, news like news was not allowed in the media that Raimirua could access. Because of this, the situation outside the Dragon Demon Castle remained completely unknown to Lymilia.

“jeon… … fight? Ahahaha! What a lowly, stupid human invader you are! This is Dragon Demon Castle ruled by Black Dragon! She doesn’t know that her original daughter is Count Carrad of the Luol Territory, but how could the Countess invade the Duchy of the Black Dragon?”

“Then, what am I doing without a title to break into this place?”

“that… … that you are rude… … It is because he is a human being who does not know how precious his life is.”

Raimirah hesitated and answered.

She laughed out loud, but she wasn’t really mindlessly stupid. She had heard stories about the war, and there were several things she noticed.

The castle of Yongmaseong was very bustling. The faces of the four chiefs who opened the gates of the detached palace also looked worried. Is that all? The street, which was expected to be colorful and noisy, was gloomy and gloomy, and for some reason, there were many people packing their belongings… … .

“… … If your words… … that… … even if it is true Why is she saying that the original woman will die?”

“That’s right, the vassals of the Dragon Demon Castle do not have the heart to go to war. As you said, if Raizakia was alive and well, we wouldn’t have dared to go to war, but Raisakia doesn’t exist now.”

“instead! Instead, there is a daughter-in-law. The original woman is Black Dragon’s only blood relative!”

“That’s why I want to end the war by sacrificing your head. Do you really think Count Karad, who will invade the Dragon Demon Castle, will see your face and back down?”

To be honest, Raimira, who had been thinking that way, couldn’t say any more and kept her lips shut.

Because of some guessing, Raimirah was completely persuaded by Eugene’s words before she knew it. She opened her lips as she rolled her eyes around in her uneasiness.

“… … please… … Isn’t there a guarantee that you will definitely kill her original daughter?”

“Well, there are no guarantees. There’s no guarantee that you won’t be killed.”

“why… … Why are you telling such a scary story… … . Hey, what the hell are you guys doing in the first place? Why are you invading her Dragon Demon Castle, torturing and terrifying her original daughter?”

“I came to kill you.”

The blood drained from Lymilia’s face at the sudden answer.

“After checking, I thought I didn’t have to kill him.”

I wasn’t sure if it was okay to kill Lymilia.

Will the mapak’s ruby ​​retain its form even after killing Raimirah? Can she open the portal to Lizakia with her dragon heart and blood? These are things you can’t know because you haven’t tried them, but what if you do something you’re not sure about and things go wrong?

So I decided not to kill him, but to take him alive. Beyond that, there were other reasons. To be honest, she felt a bit sorry for Raimira, who was stuck in one place like Moron or Mer.

Most importantly, Lymilia did not fall. She is Raizakia’s blood relative, but she is just an uncorrupted dragon. A daughter she gave birth to lay more eggs and someday to catch and eat.

Like Anise and the saints before.

‘You have all the points that I was like X.’

When I became conscious again, my expression crumpled. Indeed, Raimira doesn’t quite understand Eugene’s sympathy.

“mind… … It means you’ve changed your mind How wonderful. Bobo, since the original woman is the dragon and blood relative of the Black Dragon Master, she is an existence that should not be easily killed.”

“Where did you learn to talk like that idiot?”

“I learned from reading books and watching TV.”

The more we talk, the more I want to kill myself… … .

“… … intruder. You said that you would not kill her original daughter and changed her mind, so why not let her go? … ?”

“I said I wouldn’t kill you, but I didn’t say I would let you go.”

“It is really difficult. Then what the hell are you going to do with her original daughter… … .”

“I’m going to take you out of the Yongma Castle, but I’m thinking about what to do.”

In response, Raimira opened her eyes wide.

“Did you say you would take your original daughter with you?”


“Are you planning on kidnapping the original woman and demanding a ransom for Yongma Castle?”

Raimirah asked with a rather serious expression on her face. She thought this question was a very sharp one, but she was just a dumbass question that didn’t even deserve an answer to Eugene.

“Don’t you think you want to run away?”

So, Eugene opened his eyes thinly and stared at Lymilia.

“Everything I said is true. Seeing that they are not even more assertive because they are blindly false, you must have guessed something about the war.”

“radish… … Of course. She is a dragon. Dragons are the greatest and wisest race in the world.”

“So you don’t think you want to run away?”

No answer came immediately. If it had been a question of wanting to die, it would have been very easy to answer.

Of course, Lymira doesn’t want to die. She came out of her villa after 200 years, and there was no way she wanted to die.

“If you don’t run away, you will die.”

Eugene didn’t have the talent to read Lymilia’s heart. It was just a urging that the answer was too late. Those words made Raimirah open her mouth.

“Bo, the original woman does not want to die. However, she is the blood relative of the Black Dragon… … The one who should be the owner of the Dragon Demon Castle. How could the lord of the castle abandon his castle and leave… … .”

“Do you have the will to save the puppies here?”

Eugene asked while furrowing his eyebrows. Raimirah pursed his lips as he was speechless.

loyalty? We’ve known each other for 200 years. But it didn’t build up as much affection as those years.

In the Dragon Demon Castle, the only one who knows about Raimirah is the head of the four gods. They imprison Lymirah in her villa while Lyzakia is away.

They made a direct contract with Laizakia, and even Laimiria’s ruby ​​could not enforce their orders. They had never shown affection to Lymilia.

Loyalty to save? does not exist. Raimirah doesn’t pay much attention to whether or not the death god who didn’t serve her.

Because she is a dragon after all. It was not a matter of knowing whether her Shinigami, who was not even her own, and who did not show deep favor to her, was dead.

“… … But dragon magic… … .”

It is the Dragon Demon Castle and the very existence of her father, Raizakia, that is holding Laimirah now. The ruby ​​pierced into her forehead is evidence of the madness and obscenity of Raizakia.

That, Raimirah herself knew best. Being a dragon, she has all of her memories from the moment she was born.

when it comes out of the egg. Father. He clearly remembered what kind of eyes Black Dragon King Raizakia was wearing.

Your existence is for me. She doesn’t know ‘why’ Raisakia gave birth to her, raised her, and what kind of future she drew. But she knows that her own existence is for her father, the Black Dragon Gong.

So Raimirah couldn’t think of leaving the Dragon Demon Castle. Even if he ascends to the lord of the castle right away, he also understands that it is a temporary position.

He might be able to reign over the dragon castle for a short while without Raizakia, but if the black dragon comes back someday. Raimira will yield her seat and all her powers to the Black Dragon Master without the slightest regret or rebellion.

In the end, Raimirah refused, not because she was “running away,” but because she couldn’t imagine disobeying Raizakia’s orders.

‘but… … For Black Dragon, what is really important is not the existence of the Dragon Demon Castle, but the existence of the original woman?’

I had a sudden thought. It’s a dragon horse castle that has been in good health for hundreds of years, but with the power of the Black Dragon, dozens of castles like this one could be built. And even if all the lives of the demons living in the Dragon Demon Castle were combined, it would be worth less than the life of a single dragon.

Lymira doesn’t want to die.

‘The original woman should not die so quickly and this way. The existence of the original woman is for the sake of the Black Dragon. She is a body that cannot be killed without the permission of the Black Dragon Lord.’

Raimirah clenched her fists tightly and reaffirmed her resolve.

“Uhm… … intruder. I know what you mean. Since you want to take Princess Jeong Yi-yong out, I will give you a special opportunity to rescue her original daughter.”

[Why don’t you just kill it? Eugene.]

Inside the cloak, Mer grumbled while pinching Eugene’s side.

“but… … As I said before, the original woman is a body tied to this Dragon Demon Castle. As long as the core of the Dragon Demon Castle remains intact, she cannot escape the Dragon Demon Castle.”

“Then we can destroy the core.”

Eugene replied with a sad face.

At the bold answer that didn’t go well with her expression, Raimirua started to hiccup.

“If you destroy the core, the Dragon Demon Castle will fall… … !”

“Of course it will fall.”

Since Lymilia is bound to the core, it is impossible to secretly escape with her.

So, wouldn’t it be better to do it completely ignorantly? Anyway, within a few days, Count Karad will invade the Dragon Demon Castle. It was because Yagon, who killed Abby by biting him, took the lead.

I don’t know how they will invade, but at that moment, the confusion of the Dragon Demon Castle will reach its peak. It would be a battlefield anyway, but at that moment, if the core was destroyed and the Dragon Demon Castle crashed, who would care?

[No, Eugene. Of course you would care. Who cares if this huge castle is crashing?]

‘In a war, all sorts of things happen.’

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