Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 86

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[Tell me honestly. I just don’t like the Dragon Demon Castle, so I want to destroy it.]

I didn’t deny it. It was true that there was a desire to throw down this huge castle.

Laimirah was speechless and stared at Eugene.

Now she was wondering if all of this was actually a dream… … . But she felt the pain of being beaten by the ruby ​​was so terrible, and seeing that the area around it still tingled, it seemed like it wasn’t a dream.

After acknowledging that, Raimirah felt her heart beat faster.

this dragon castle. Crash the Dragon Demon Castle of Black Dragon? The Dragon Demon Castle, which is like a pearl, destroys its core?

It was a vicious act that Raimirah had never even imagined. Thirsty in excitement, Raimira swallowed a gulp.

“eww… … hmm. If I can’t do that, then I have no choice but to do it. Are you going to destroy the core right now?”

“Do you know where it is?”

“It is in the basement of the castle. you… … If you say you’re going to destroy it right away, the original woman can personally guide her. Because the main palace is so vast that a lowly person like you can’t imagine it, she won’t be able to find her way without the original woman’s guidance. Aaaagh!”

I didn’t like the attitude of showing off when there was nothing, so I hit Hong-ok with my finger. Raimirah screamed and struggled as she arched her back.

“I won’t break it right now.”

I could do it now, but it’s too noticeable. At her reply, Raimira stopped her screaming and gave her a look of disappointment.

“Then how long are you going to keep the original girl? If her original daughter does not come back, the chief of the Four Guardians will release her pursuit party.”

“What would it be?”

Even from the point of view of the head of the Shinigami, Lymilia was an existence that had to be secured until the war. However, she has already made contact with her, and she can’t just send Raimirah back to her Ryoma Castle.

“If you make a few promises to me, I will return it.”


“If you don’t promise me, I will keep beating you.”

A dragon cannot break the promise of a dragon.

It was childish to keep beating Mappak, but to Raimira, it was the most terrible threat in the world.

Dragon Princess

Don’t tell anyone about the intruder and your plan to escape the Dragon Demon Castle. After uttering many other promises as dragon words, Raimirua was able to return to the Dragon Demon Castle.

“Are you here?”

All the commanders of the four gods came out of the gate that was wide open. They, who had belonged to Black Dragon’s family for 300 years, are among the sacred bones among the many retainers of the Dragon Demon Castle.

It’s been 200 years since Black Dragon disappeared from the castle. The 4 chiefs of the Four Commandments have been in charge of the seongju deputy and have led the yongma castle until now.

“What is this?”

Returning with complicated thoughts, Raimirua looked at the vassals lined up from inside the wide open gates. All the retainers living in this vast castle lined up on the road leading to the castle. However, among those many vassals, the only ones Raimirah knew were four envoys.

“Since Yonggongnyeo has finally reigned as the new lord of the castle, shouldn’t all the castle keepers know about her noble body and existence?”

Gongson lowered his body and raised his horse to the giant Demon. He was a great general of the castle, who was the best in terms of military force among the commanders of the four gods, but the 200 years of peace accumulated flaky belly fat in his abdomen.

“It’s not just the vassals. Everyone living in the city will know that the dragon princess has become the new lord of the castle.”

“Everything has been prepared for today. We have prepared a gorgeous palanquin, so everyone in Yongma Castle will be able to see the figure of the dragon princess.”

A few hours later, if it was Raimirua, she would have felt great joy at the words of the Four Commander.

In fact, I was still a little happy. She returned after making a promise of words, but she still couldn’t unconditionally trust the intruder’s words.

“… … I heard that war clouds are approaching at Yongma Castle. Is the original woman becoming the new lord of the castle in order to prepare for war?”

So I decided to ask outright.

It wasn’t a bold move. The atmosphere in the city outside her castle was so blatant, and if the Grim Reaper really wanted to hide her war from Raimirrah, he wouldn’t have bothered to let her out of her castle.

“Did you come to inspect the city yourself! You are truly a dragon princess.”

“Why didn’t you tell the original woman about the war? This girl… … She is not familiar with this situation.”

“Dragon Princess. The owner of this castle has been Black Dragon since 300 years ago, and we and the castle are all Black Dragon’s vassals. However, 200 years have passed since the Black Dragon suddenly disappeared… … .”

“During those 200 years, our Sasinjang led the Dragon Demon Castle, waiting for the Black Dragon. However, as we did not have the proper qualifications, the only thing we could do was to maintain Yongma Castle.”

“Yonggongnyeo’s father, Black Dragon, was a great and strong demon. For the past 200 years, only the reputation of the Black Dragon was able to maintain the peace of the Dragon Demon Castle… … .”

“200 years is not a short time even for demons, so demons in other territories noticed the absence of Black Dragon.”

The head of the Four Commandments surrounded Laimirah and spat out words without pause. They did not give Lymilia time to think and answer.

“As you can see, Dragon Maid-nim, war clouds are approaching the Dragon Demon Castle.”

“The one who prepares for war is Count Karad of Luol Territory adjacent to Yongma Castle. He is a rude person who does not know how to show respect and courtesy to his ancestors, and he was a child who could only babble when Black Dragon was alive and well.”

“Earl Karad started a war after learning that the Black Dragon was not in the castle. However, if the dragon princess newly ascends to the lord of the castle, Count Karad will not bother to wage a war.”

“The Dragon Princess is the only blood relative of the Black Dragon. He is one of only two dragons in the Helmud Empire, and he is the one who inherits the lineage of demon dragons started by Black Dragon. Even the warlike Count Karad would not dare to wage war if the dragon princess became the new lord of the castle.”

The uninterrupted words stopped for a moment. Only then was Lymirah able to swallow a gulp and nod his head.

“If peace comes to Yongma Castle again, the demon king of confinement in Pandemonium will directly confer a title on the dragon princess.”

“Perhaps you can succeed the Black Dragon and receive the dukeship.”

Raimirah’s heart, which had been tilting and swaying, barely stopped. Listening carefully, the words of the commander-in-chief sounded plausible.

In fact, isn’t the commander-in-chief’s words correct? Although Lymira didn’t know much about war, she knew that war wasn’t going to happen so easily.

“Hehe. Indeed, you are right. The original woman does not know who Count Carrad is, but if she knows the existence of her original daughter, who is the blood relative of the Black Dragon Duke, she will not dare to wage war.”

“Obviously it will.”

“Come on, Dragon Princess. Come on, eat it in the palace. Tonight, we have prepared a splendid banquet and march for the dragon princess.”

Lymilia opened her chest and entered the Dragon Demon Castle. that terrifying intruder. I can’t talk about him anyway because of the promise of the dragon.

‘I’ll keep you as insurance just in case.’

He was a rude and violent intruder, but there was no need to kill him right now.

You just need to find him and hold him accountable when the war is definitely not going to happen. In the unlikely event that war breaks out, then all you have to do is escape Yongma Castle with the help of an intruder whose name you have not even heard of.

“She is smart after all.”

Raimirua smiled happily at her demonic way of life.

* * *

Black Dragon Raizakia’s Hetzling temporarily ascended to the lord of the Dragon Demon Castle. The news spread from dawn to the outside of the dragon horse stone.

Count Karad, who was looking at the situation at the Dragon Demon Castle, naturally heard the rumor. He stared at the Dragon Demon Castle floating in the distant sky with thinly opened eyes.

Count Karad is a Giant Demon, a hybrid of a demon and a giant among demons. He currently maintains a size of about 2 meters, as he has many inconveniences to act as his main body. It may not be comparable to the legendary giant head Kamash, but Count Karad’s true body is well over 5 meters.

The man standing next to him.

Neither the giants nor the giant demons. Even so, her man was taller than Count Carrad, and the gray-brown hair that covered her body was thick and sharp enough to be considered more like a spiky iron than hair.



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Even though the whole body is covered in hair, the outline of the muscles is clear. Both arms and legs were thick and rugged, like an old tree that had lived for a long time, and in particular, both hands were big enough to hold the head of the giant demon Count Karad with one hand and crush it.

The smell of old, stagnant blood lingered around the man. The stench that claims that killing and eating someone else every day is a daily routine. In fact, the man was a predator, and just a few hours ago he ate 4 demons and 2 demons.

The Witchbeast of La Vista. Yagon.

To be honest, Count Karad was afraid of him.

He bet a lot on the war against Yongma Castle. The fate of his estate, and his own life. So he spent billions of dollars to hire Yagon and his subordinates as mercenaries. He brought the demons of the territory to Yagon every day as a meal.

Although he was hired with money, in this relationship, Count Karad could not stand in the position of a boss worthy of an employer.

Yagon has no title. However, Yagon is a member of the demon king’s family of terrible destruction, and he is a bastard who ate his father. Although they stand together like this now, if Yagon suddenly changes his mind, that gigantic hand will dismember Count Karad.

‘… … Dangerous but… … It’s that sharp.’

Count Karad smiled as he noticed Yagon.

In this war, the variable on the Dragon Demon Castle side is the Black Dragon. Count Karad had speculated that the Black Dragon had been away from the castle for a long time. As of today, I am convinced of the Black Dragon’s absence.

It is unknown what the hell happened to the Black Dragon, but it is Hetzling who has lived for more than 200 years, not the Black Dragon, Raizakia, who reigns over the Dragon Demon Castle.

“… … It’s nothing else, Yagon, a letter has arrived from the Dragon Demon Castle.”

Yagon had been standing here for a while, staring at the Dragon Demon Castle. Even though Count Karad came right next to him, Yagon didn’t even look at him. Earl Karad continued talking while clearing his throat.

“There are 4 old demons called Sasinjang in Yongma Castle. They were demons who made a name for themselves 300 years ago, but they are old people who have been bred by the Black Dragon and have become obsessed with peace and comfort and turned into pigs. They say they have no intention of fighting this war.”

“… … .”

“It means that you will surrender unconditionally. As evidence of that, the daughter of the Black Dragon Princess who became the acting governor of Seongju… … The army that wants to dedicate Laimirah. If you give in that far, I think it’s a good suggestion. Rather than just going to war… … .”

“I came all the way here to wage war.”

Yagon opened his mouth. The creaking head turned and looked at Count Karad.

A face that looks like a mixture of a human and a bear. Black eyes that couldn’t read any emotions were staring at Count Karad.

“If you don’t go to war. I have no choice but to go to war with you.”

“Wait, wait! Calm down, Yagon. War with me… … .”

“I will kill as many of your territories as the number of people living in that floating castle.”

madman… … ! Thinking of the words he couldn’t bear to say, Count Karad forced a smile.

“Seriously, Yagon. I am… … I only said it was a good offer, but I have no intention of accepting it. This war is also to wipe out the old pigs of Yongma Castle who sent me letters.”

It wasn’t just words to appease Yagon. Count Karad has his own ambitions and beliefs. In current Helmud, he is a young demon, and he did not participate in the war of 300 years ago.

that war. I heard that it was a terrible war on an enormous scale. Almost all of the demons belonging to the high class in Helmud are those who were active in the war, and they are the heroes of the Three Kingdoms War era who have maintained their position for 300 years.

ㅡThough I don’t think all demons who survived the war era are evil. There are many demons who have rotted in the hundreds of years of peace in Helmud’s high-ranking ranks. OBs who do not have qualifications or authority, but only force respect and treatment.

Yongma Fortress can be said to be a symbol of such corruption.

Look at that show-off. The territories living in that wealthy castle are a privileged class called Noblesse. The territories who did not become the privileged class are suffering from labor for the privileged class in Kara Bloom, the territory on the ground.

In such a structure, the top of the Yongmaseong was completely rotten. It must have been over 100 years since the Black Dragon disappeared, but what did the Sasinjang, who was supposed to manage the territory in the castle lord’s absence, do?

Didn’t do anything. No, it turned into a fat pig. The war against Yongma Castle will be a great springboard for Count Karad’s ambitions.

He couldn’t take away his title because he didn’t have the Black Dragon, but if he crashed the Dragon Demon Castle through this war. All of Helmud’s attention will be focused on Count Karad.

‘I’ll be able to receive a higher rank and title.’

Ambition starts there. Right now, it is still on the edge far from the ‘centre’ of Helmud, but it will be possible to advance to the center through the war against the dragon horse castle.

Capital Pandemonium. Standing tall there, someday with Samgong… … .

“It’s different from what I said at the beginning.”

Yagon murmured. Count Karad’s thoughts suddenly stopped at that low voice.

“count. You promised me a war against the dragon.”

“… … Dragon Princess Raimirah. She’s right that she’s a dragon too… … .”

“The dragon I wanted is Black Dragon Raizakia. It is a demonic dragon of the age of war.”

“Even a dragon… … There will be infidelity. Isn’t it? Who would have imagined that the Black Dragon Master had children? He even hid his one and only flesh and blood deep inside the castle, out of sight of the enemy.”

Count Karad looked at Yagon’s eyes and continued.

“If you kill the dragon princess and let the whole world know about him… … The hidden Black Dragon will jump out. And even if it’s a hatchling that isn’t ripe, isn’t a dragon still a dragon? It may not be enough for your playmate, but it will give your tongue a rare taste experience.”


Yagon opened his mouth.

“Tomorrow we strike the dragon castle.”

Count Karad’s mouth was half open.

The physical distance isn’t that far, so if you want to, you can attack Yongmaseong immediately tomorrow.

But isn’t there an order? You have to reply to and ridicule the letter sent by the ruler of the Four Commandments, and you have to report the Battle of Yeongji to Babel in Pandaemonium. Besides that, there are not just one or two things to do before the war.

“Ambush is quick and good.”

However, Yagon had no intention of listening to Count Karad’s opinion.

La Vista, the realm of destruction that is also called the real Devil’s Land. There, the law of Helmud, ruled by the demon king of confinement, does not exist. There is no need to follow clumsy justifications such as rank-and-file or Yeongjijeon. Kill if you want to kill, eat if you want to eat.

“If you declare war and give it time, the dragon dragon’s prey will run away. count. You hired me and my men to go to war. The honor of victory is yours, but the war is mine.”

Yagon tilted his head. The bloody smell of the deceased rushed towards me.

“tomorrow. Me and the mercenary corps attack the dragon castle. I will leap to the high sky and break the barrier. I will kill and eat everyone in the castle without giving you time to escape.”

“that… … .”

“I will eat the dragon’s blood, flesh and heart as per the contract. After killing everyone, I will tear down the castle and hang the flag of your family, Count. That ends my contract with you.”

It is not an opponent that can be persuaded. I didn’t want to look into Yagon’s eyes this close. Count Carrad took a few steps back and nodded.

“… … I got it. However, if you want to invade Jung, I will go with you. I started this war, and it will be a historic moment for me. So I have to be there too.”

“If you don’t stand in my way.”

Yagon licked his lips and smiled. He turned his head again and looked at the dragon horse castle.

That gigantic floating object looked like a closed dish to Yagon.


After sending Raimirah back, Eugene hid in the shadow of the Dragon Demon Castle. It was impossible for him to use accommodations, so he intended to hide himself and stay home while watching the situation.

At the same time, there was also the purpose of reconnaissance. As for the Dragon Demon Castle, I had already finished the investigation I could. Since 300 years ago, the privileged class selected from the ground territory of Kara Bloom have been staying here.

If it was a privileged class enough to be selected in Eugene’s perception, it had to be those with a high status as a demon. Besides, Lizakia, that lizard was more arrogant than anyone else and had a sense of privilege, so it should have been the Noblesse that he selected and made into the castle.


In fact, I didn’t feel that way at all. It’s the same as Budd, who was said to be a forensic officer. Absence of Lyzakia, which is too peaceful, has no enemies, and should be a formidable means of control and terror. As it continued for hundreds of years, the Demons of the Dragon Demon Castle decayed and gained weight.

There is no discomfort or struggle in the lives of the demons here. The necessary labor is provided by the Demons of Kara Bloom, the ground territory. They fear the shadow of Lyzakia and dare not rebel.

Especially, the big factor that had no choice but to corrupt was because this place was a dukedom. Since Raizakia did not have humans in its territory, the Dragon Demon Castle could not collect human spirits as taxes.

However, Raizakia is one of the three kingdoms. Pandaemonium’s Babel is sending too much energy to the Dragon Dragon Castle.

Raizakia hated humans, but he didn’t even hate eating and killing humans. As a demon, he understood that in order to increase his strength as a demon, he could not reject the human spirit. In other words, it is a picture of a future in which pride and aesthetics are compromised, raising the status by breeding Hetzlings without leaving humans in the territory.

The madman Black Dragon has disappeared, but he continues to spend his life in Babel. That spirit made the demons of the Dragon Demon Castle fat.

‘The magic is strong, but that’s all… … . They are literally fat pigs.’

So did Boude. Despite the absurdly weak subject matter, the regenerative power alone was quite remarkable, and it survived for quite a long time in Infinite Purgatory without dying.

Even though he had that much magical power, he could only use it as a regenerative power.

The strength of magical power is not an unconditional measure of the strength of demons. In the end, the important thing is how well you handle and apply magic power.

In that respect, the demons of the Dragon Demon Castle were pigs with only too good conditions to become prey to other demons if it were not for the name of Raizakia.

“The original daughter is Black Dragon’s only blood relative! The Dragon Princess Raimirua! Lowly and poor demons of the Dragon Demon Castle! Worship and praise her original daughter!”

The march started from the wide open city gates. Lymilia stands tall on a gorgeous palanquin, her wide sleeves waving. The demons who came out into the streets cheered and clapped for Raimirua.

“… … .”

Standing on the roof of the building, Yoo-jin looked down at the scene in amazement.

A war might break out in the next few days, so what are those idiots doing? And Raimir, that crazy girl seemed to have taken it seriously earlier, so why is she talking shit up there now?

“I told you to just kill me and take me away.”

Mer, who was sticking her face out of her cloak, grumbled with her lips pouting. Strangely enough, Mer was worried about Lymilia and hated her.

The daughter of the Black Dragon who tried to kill the beloved Senya? She wasn’t without a reason. I don’t think it’s right to ask her daughter for her father’s sins, but the heart can’t be rational.

… … Actually, that wasn’t the only reason. Mer was conscious that the time she had been in existence and the age of Lymir were similar, and that both had the same childlike appearance. Just as Mer was imprisoned in Acryon, Laimira was imprisoned in the separate palace of the Dragon Demon Castle… … .

Eugene, whom Mer has been through so far, has a mean personality and is like a bully, and speaks a lot of swear words, but in fact, I knew that the personality itself is not a very mean person. That’s why she didn’t bother to kill Raimir Ah and took her away.


when we go together. Mer was convinced that Lymirah would become her rival and enemy.

“Mer, didn’t I keep telling you not to say bad things?”

“Why are you doing that to me, saying that Eugene-nim is a bastard, a cuckold, and a f*ck? And when did I say something bad?”

“Killing someone is a bad word that should not be used carelessly.”

“Eugene-nim said that often, too.”

“I’m a bad guy, so it’s okay to say things like that.”

“I don’t know if Eugene is a bad guy, but I do know that he’s a shameless and impudent person who doesn’t want to lose a word against a child.”

Eugene could think of over a hundred refutations to that statement, but he did not dare to say them out of his mouth.

No matter what you say, as Mer said, you will become a person who doesn’t want to lose a word against a child.

Still, I had to say this much.

“You are older than me.”

This time, on the contrary, Mer kept her mouth shut. In the end, the two of them fell silent amicably, watching the riotous march down the street.

A few hours later, at dawn, the march came to an end. When Raimira, who was making a fuss on the flower palanquin, went back to the Dragon Demon Castle, the gate that had been wide open was closed.

The demons who chanted the dragon princess Raimirah. The Demons, who had waved their hands and shouted thrilledly until just a moment ago, but when the gates closed, they became silent as if they had never done so. They scattered and disappeared with extremely businesslike faces.

Eugene watched it all from the rooftop. Most of the demons who returned to their respective homes were preparing to leave, no, run away.

Seeing that, Yujin laughed. At the time of the march, it seemed as if the entire Dragon Demon Castle was united as one with Lymilia and prepared for the future. In the end, all of that was an agitation against one Lymira.

“I feel a bit pitiful.”

Mer, who disliked Lymilia, also muttered as she watched the rapidly changing streets of the Dragon Demon Castle.

Without saying a word, Eugene ran her head through Mer’s head with both hands and turned around.

“Where do we sleep?”

“back street.”

“Actually, I don’t care where. In the end, Eugene is sleeping on the bare ground, and I will sleep comfortably in Eugene’s arms.”

“It’s not my arms, it’s a bed inside the cloak.”

“Actually, it is.”

Mer laughed and put her head inside the cloak.

Eugene sat down in a deserted alley. She didn’t want to be caught, but after making sure she was prepared, she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

next day. I thought it might be, but the fact that no one really noticed it made Eugene collapse.

Helmud after 300 years was very different from the horrible hell Eugene remembered… … . In particular, this Yongma Castle was a pig pen itself, where no tension existed.

‘At this level, it’s okay to break into the castle and destroy the core without aiming for war… … . I don’t think anything big will happen even if I kidnap Raimirah like this.’

Seriously, I was even thinking about this. There will be many problems in executing it right away, but I decided to look at the situation for a day or so and look for an opportunity to infiltrate the dragon castle.

‘If you think it’s possible to infiltrate? If you try it once and infiltrate without being noticed by anyone… … Should I look for the core first? I thought it was in the basement. Or right away, killing bastards called four gods… … .’

Thinking about this and that, I resumed the search for the Dragon Demon Castle, which I hadn’t finished the previous day.

And how much time has passed.

It’s past noon, when the sun is starting to move and there’s still quite a bit of time left before the sun goes down.

“… … .”

He was neither relaxed nor relaxed. No one would threaten Eugene in this pigpen, but that said, Eugene had gone through too many things in his previous life to relax and be vigilant.

So Eugene quickly noticed. He felt an intense, massive murderous intent from far away.

It was not hostility, but an unconditional intent to kill. An unbelievably large and promiscuous murderous intent. It’s not sharp, but it’s so huge that it will swallow everything. Pure murderous intent stemming from a desire to kill, without resentment or any other reason.

Such murderous intent was unfamiliar to Eugene as well. At least in the life of ‘Eugene Lionheart’, I had never felt such an unconditional, strong, and great murderous intent.

The moment he realized the intent to kill, Yujin unconsciously turned his head and looked at it.

The sky seen from the Ryoma Castle is seen from the inside of the barrier, but it doesn’t look cloudy. However, there is no doubt that there is a barrier there. The barrier makes Yongma Castle an inviolable, impenetrable fortress, and even controls the climate and temperature to make Yongma Castle comfortable.

A barrier of dragon words built by Black Dragon Raizakia herself. That barrier is maintained by the mana in the air, the core of the Dragon Demon Castle, and the ruby ​​and dragon heart of Lymilia. Not only that, it was supported by some magical energy from the dragon demons, so it was one of the most powerful barriers Eugene had ever seen.

A gigantic murderous intent that can be felt even from the depths of such a barrier. The distance gets closer and closer.

Eugene opened his eyes wide and faced the source of his murderous intent. The distance was considerable from where Eugene was now standing, but he focused his eyesight and was able to capture the rapidly flying ‘gnomer’.

see for the first time

But I knew who it was the moment I caught it, no, the first time I felt the intent to kill.

At a time like this, there is only one person who can attack the Dragon Demon Castle. And crucially, I felt the temperament of a savage beast in that promiscuous murderous intent.


He leaped from the far ground. He didn’t need help midway, and he didn’t even try to fly. For him, this movement was nothing more than a simple leap. All I had to do was put strength on my two legs and jump up.

Yagon jumped up to a height where he could look down on the entire Dragon Demon Castle. Even if you’ve gained weight and lost your mind like a pig, if your intent to kill is this close, you can’t help but feel it even if you don’t want to. Numerous demons of the Dragon Demon Castle looked up at the sky with surprised faces.

Yagon’s dark eyes saw countless foods. However, it was a pity that there was no strong smell of meat and blood that made him happy. However, my heart rejoiced at the slaughter, meals, and wars that were about to begin.

Now is the time to open the plate. High in the sky, Yagon threw her whole body back.

ㅡPud deude deuk! Yagon’s arms swelled greatly. Even so, Yagon was small compared to the size of the Dragon Demon Castle. However, in the eyes of the demons looking up at Yagon, Yagon never looked small. Rather, Yagon looked so big that he could swallow the entire Dragon Demon Castle in one bite.

Yagon slammed both fists into the barrier.

ㅡQuaaaaaang! As soon as they collided, the entire Dragon Demon Castle was shaken. This powerful barrier could not withstand Yagon’s blow. The transparent barrier turned to a cloudy milky white color, and cracks spread from the part where Yagon’s fist met.


Yagon licked his lips and smiled. Then he raised his arms once again.

Since the barrier had already been broken, there was no need to concentrate on power like before. Even if left as it is, the barrier will collapse. Still, one more hit was because Yagon didn’t want to wait any longer.


Two fists broke the barrier. A heavy blow lowered the altitude of the Dragon Demon Castle. but don’t fall Even though the barrier was destroyed, the core of the Dragon Demon Castle is still intact.


I thought it would come in ignorantly. But no way, I thought that Yujin would attack Yongma Castle the day after he broke into it. Eugene was shocked and dumbfounded, but he was not overwhelmed by Ya-gon’s murderous intent and presence.

Rather, it was what Eugene wanted for Yagon to invade so ignorantly.

—-The entire Dragon Demon Castle started screaming. It was Yagon who fell first, but Yagon did not attack alone.

Beast beast tribe mercenaries following him, and Count Karad’s enlisted soldiers appeared in the sky above the Dragon Demon Castle. Since they couldn’t jump to this height naked like Yagon, everyone was riding flying monsters.

Among those monsters, there were quite a few monsters that Eugene was familiar with. A large demon looking like Count Karad raised his hand. The flying monster, which looked like lumps of lumpy flesh, opened its mouth wide.

Quarrrrr! Dark rays of light shot from the demons’ mouths. The target point was correct. The tightly closed gate of the Dragon Demon Castle collapsed under the fire of the monsters.

Demonic spirits descended into the city. The wild beasts, impatient and impatient, resembling the leader, jumped down from behind the monster.

In this short span of time, Yagon collapsed several buildings in the city. Running away, or attacking, pathetically crouching down and screaming in terror. He just tore up all the demons he could see and shoved their flesh, blood, and bones into his mouth.

Eugene ignored all of that. Whether all the demons in the Dragon Demon Castle die or not is not a matter for Eugene. However, he did not feel the need to stop or fight to kill Yagon right now. The first thing to do right now is to secure the dragon princess Raimirua.

[Yes, yes, you bastard! this… … What the hell happened to this? Yongma Castle… … What the hell happened to my castle?]

Raimirah’s loud voice echoed in her arms. It was the sound transmitted from the communicator I had given Lymilia the day before, just in case of an emergency.

Eugene put the communicator in his ear and spat out.

“Where are you?”

[What, what… … what?]

“Where are you? Don’t move, just stay there.”

A single wing of flame soared from behind Eugene’s back. In order to go at the fastest speed, he even extended prominence.

[Bonnyeo… … He is now in the constellation of the Dragon Demon Castle. As for where this is… … .]

‘It must be the highest and most splendid place.’

[right… … ugh… … .]

Lymilia began to sob. Eugene didn’t want to hear the crying, so he turned off the communicator.

Purple lightning bolted through the ruined gates.


For Laimira, today was supposed to end as a perfect, beautiful, and historic day.

Last night, Laimirah imprinted her noble figure on the people of the Dragon Demon Castle with a splendid procession reminiscent of a festival. And today started my first day as Assistant Manager Seongju. He was greeted by his vassals while sitting on the throne on the top floor in the center of Yongma Castle.

I heard a report about the Yongma Castle’s business. In fact, I couldn’t understand what he was talking about when I heard it, but even in my ignorance, I could see that the report was of little importance and ceremonial.

In the end, all Lymira did sitting on the throne was nodding her head, but even that alone made her feel happy and proud. It was because she was thrilled just to come out of the detached palace where no one came except her husband and sit on the throne in the castle room.

We received greetings, heard reports, ate, and looked around the castle. Then, like yesterday, we were going to march in a palanquin. Yesterday, too, a splendid march was held, but perhaps some people could not see the march yesterday due to unavoidable circumstances.

Deputy Seongju. Imprinting the existence of the Dragon Princess Raimirah is a very important task for the Dragon Demon Castle in the future. So, the name of Lymir had to be known through a more colorful and louder procession than yesterday.

—-While talking about that, the barrier of the Dragon Demon Castle was shattered. The flying monster unit led by Count Karad has destroyed the gates of the Dragon Demon Castle, and mercenaries led by Yagon are rampaging in the city.

“Uh, uh, what should I do?”

Lymilia gripped the armrest of the throne with her hand and shrugged her shoulders. As she sat in her seat of honor, she could clearly see the confusion and agitated expressions of her retainers in her eyes.

“This can’t be… … . This shouldn’t be like this… … .”

Among the envoys, the Foreign Minister muttered, not knowing what to do. As he waved his hand in the air, the system linked to the Yongmaseong showed the scenery of the street.

It was terrifying. Numerous buildings have already collapsed, and the streets are a mess. No corpse was visible from such a distance. However, it was easy to infer what kind of situation the demon people in the city suffered through the scattered blood and the spitted bone fragments.

“Wow, what happened to the barrier?”

“Totally destroyed… … . Again, even if I can’t restart it, I need an hour… … .”

“What’s the point of restarting when the villains have already invaded? Yo, is there no interception system?”

“Such magic does not exist… … .”

“Instead of martial arts! Isn’t it your role to protect the Dragon Demon Castle? Instead of leading soldiers and monsters to fight against the enemy, what the hell are you doing right now!”

The tantrums went to Minister Muhun. Although they were the same commander and had a lot of loyalty, what was needed in the current situation was someone who took responsibility and died first, rather than keeping loyalty.

Of course, Muhun’s face was crumpled as if he had chewed shit.

300 years ago, he was the strongest of the four gods, but he didn’t go to the battlefield, he didn’t compete, and he was devastated by the peace. As a result, he couldn’t even remember how the hell he fought in the past.

“This… … It’s too sudden a surprise. The army was not prepared for anything. So, for now, the dragon princess, the lord of the castle, must come forward and persuade the enemy general… … .”

“What are you talking about? They have already broken the barriers, are causing slaughter in the city, and have broken down the gates!”

Isn’t that too immersive? Muhun looked at the throne in amazement.

The plan agreed upon at the beginning is to offer all the sacrifices of that Dragon Princess and the Dragon Demon Castle to Count Karid. The head of the envoy had decided to leave for the resort of Helmud under the tacit protection of Count Karid after being guaranteed his property.

“Minister of Finance. What the hell is this? Didn’t you show enough sincerity to Count Karid?”

“that is… … I don’t know either. I haven’t heard anything about this surprise attack… … .”

“Are you sure our lives are guaranteed?”

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Finance had a conversation in low voices. The vassals who sat lower than him could not even raise their voices and only trembled.

It was the same with Lymira. In the end, everything the unknown human intruder said became true. What should I do? I was not told what to do when this situation arises.

The intruder, just told me to stay still. Didn’t you hear that before? Don’t move, stay still… … until when? What do you believe in?

Lymilia looked at the streetscape illuminated by the system with frightened eyes. Enemies are gradually approaching the castle as they destroy the city. Count Karid’s forces are still firing on the city from the air on the flying monsters.

“Dragon Princess.”

“Now is the time to make a decision worthy of a lord.”

“Please make an honorable decision befitting the blood of the Black Dragon.”

An honorable decision? In this situation, what the hell is an honorable decision? You will die in the next few days. A few days later, after hearing that, only one day had passed.

His head would probably be chopped off and hung at the gate of the Dragon Demon Castle. The castle gate had collapsed from the bombardment earlier, but Lymira let out her labored breath and caressed her own neck.

Perhaps, he was stuck in front of the castle gate as a skewer that was pierced from the crotch. that… … Was such a terrible death possible in the world? Raimirah pulled her legs together for no reason and chewed on her lips.

Limbs may be pulled out. The teeth started grinding together. It’s the Dark Elf’s execution method, but it’s to put him on his knees and open his stomach alive and take out his intestines… … .

“Ugh… … .”

My stomach rumbled and hurt. Lymilia covered her chewing lips and began to whimper. Dragon-like dignity did not exist. Her vassals, including the priest, looked at Raimirrah.

“paper… … The original woman is the lord of the Dragon Demon Castle. He, so follow her due responsibilities… … will follow.”

Raimirah, conscious of the gazes, hurriedly corrected her expression and spat out. Of course, she had no intention of following her lordly responsibilities.

It was the same with Eugene. His purpose was to escape the Dragon Demon Castle with Lymilia and take her to the Great Forest of Samar, not to let her do something like the responsibilities of the castle lord.

so he broke in It didn’t take long. The thunderbolt that was released after activating Prominence is the fastest that can be extracted without using ignition.

All of the castle’s vassals failed to detect Eugene’s movements. Before they knew it, Eugene was standing right in front of Lymilia, in their field of vision.

“… … oh.”

Raimir also noticed Eugene’s existence only when he came right in front of her eyes. Her feelings of hopelessness and fear had been sobbing until just before, but Lymirah’s emotions reversed as if it had never been. She jumped up from her throne and opened her palms, shaking her sleeves at her vassals, who looked up at her with their blank eyes.

“Ahaha! Poor vassals of the Dragon Demon Castle! The original woman has no intention of dying with you pigs! of course! I will not even lay down her precious life of her original daughter for you scumbags!”

“Sir, lord?”

“Cursed castle that used to restrain the original woman! The wormy pigs who took advantage of the original woman and claimed to be her godfather! Fall together and become part of the soil! Ahaha! Ahahaha!”

Raimirah laughed loudly and jumped up and clung to Eugene’s arm. Eugene was suddenly dumbfounded by her Lymir, who pretended to be close to her.

Raimirah, who hit her buttock, looked up at Eugene with eyes that were shaking in focus.

Could it be that he has changed his mind? Are you going to leave me alone to die? Although it was a short moment, all sorts of thoughts and despair crossed Lymilia’s head.

“wake up.”

It wasn’t that I felt sorry for those eyes. She just hung on her arm and didn’t want to go.

Eugene reached out his hand to Raimira. With that alone, the focus returned to Lymilia’s eyes. She let out a sigh of relief and grabbed Eugene’s hand.

“Stop, Lord!”

After belatedly coming to their senses, the commanders shouted and rushed at Eugene and Laimirah.

ㅡWoe! Prominence drew a circle around Eugene. The commanders of the four gods could not break through the circle drawn by Eugene. The flames and hot wind created by the intense mana pushed the four gods back. In the meantime, Eugene grabbed Raimirah and dragged her away.

The retainers of the Dragon Demon Castle stared at the throne with bewildered faces. The craze still lingered, but the appearance of the intruder and the dragon princess was nowhere to be seen.

“I wouldn’t have gone that far. Chase right now… … .”

“Wait, wait! Leave the two alone, and let us go to Count Karad.”

The foreign minister raised both arms and said.

Judging from the intruder’s skill just now, it seemed impossible to get the dragon princess back even if the old and fat themselves tried. So, I thought it would be better to inform Count Karad of the kidnapping of the dragon princess and ask him to protect her rights and interests.

“It’s really a good idea.”

Even the assistant minister, who just a moment ago had ardently pretended to be loyal to the dragon princess, nodded and agreed.

“What are you looking at? If you want to live too, you’d better run away right away!”

When the other vassals looked at him with resentment, Muhun shouted out loud without even blushing. The life of the other vassals and the people was not a concern to the chief of the envoy.


My body jerked and pulled. It was an acceleration that humans could not endure. In fact, even if you weren’t human, you wouldn’t be able to survive. Even Lymir Ah, the hetzling, was sore all over her body, as if beaten.

“evil… … .”

When the short scream that I opened my mouth and spit out ended. Raimirah and Eugene were already in the hallway far away from the sacristy room. Raimira closed her parted lips and looked up at her Eugene.

“… … uhh… … .”

“Go underground.”

Eugene took the lead with a calm face. His hand, which he had been holding just a moment ago, was suddenly gone. Raimira was pulled so hard that she caressed her aching wrist and followed Eugene.

“yes… … Dude, why are you here so late? If she had been a little later, the original woman would have been pushed aside and become a sacrifice to those pigs.”

A whining that doesn’t even deserve an answer. Eugene didn’t even look back. Raimirah followed Eugene and continued talking.

“Your helpless and insensitive behavior is frightening the girl… … I mean, she got scared! The dragon princess, the original dragon woman. What shame is this… … . yes you guys! Immediately tell her mother-in-law that she’s sorry for being late… … .”

Hearing this, I turned my head away in embarrassment. Seeing her glaring gaze, Raimirah covered her mouth with both of her hands. She smiled at her servile eyes as she broke out in a cold sweat.

“… … The core is at the bottom of the Dragon Dragon Castle. The original woman will personally guide her.”

“There is no need for that, so come along.”

It’s not just about flying at top speed. From the moment he entered the castle, Eugene scattered the feathers of Prominence all over the place. It was the first time I had entered Yongma Castle, but I was used to it as if I had lived in this castle for the rest of my life thanks to the floating feathers.

If Eugene was alone, he could jump to the position of the feather, but it was impossible to jump with Lymilia. So, Eugene moved himself and found a way down to the basement.

The central core of Yongmaseong is not particularly hidden. Since it is directly connected to the system of the Dragon Demon Castle, it is necessary to be able to check if something went wrong in the event of an emergency.

However, this huge castle—perhaps because it supported the land mass—was very deep. If I had walked down the stairs normally, I would have had to come down the stairs for a long time.

Eugene didn’t have to. He immediately grabbed Lymilia’s wrist and jumped down the long stairs.


Eugene accelerated, and Lymilia’s body swayed up and down in the air.

Quan Dang Tang! When you reach the bottom of the basement. Eugene mercilessly let go of Lymilia’s wrist. Lymilia’s body rolled on the floor.

“eight! The original woman’s arm!”

It wasn’t broken, pulled out, or broken. Even though she’s polymorphic, her skin, flesh, muscle, and bones are dragon’s. However, it was painful enough to imagine being broken, pulled out, and cut off.

“I really didn’t mean to say that, kid. Are you a real dragon?”

“Are you doubting the blood of the original woman? The original woman is the Dragon Princess, the only blood relative of Black Dragon… … .”

“So, why is that proud dragon so hot? There is no dignity, and it is severe… … .”

The corner of Raimira’s mouth went down at Eugene’s grumbling. She gasped for breath and silently squeezed her throbbing wrist.

“Eugene-nim was too kind.”

Mer, who slightly raised her head, chattered.

“What am I doing too much?”

“Unlike me, he has never received love or education from the Creator. That’s why it’s so stupid and has no dignity. It’s too harsh.”

“You little thing like a mouse, are you the one who is making fun of the original woman who is the blood relative of Black Dragon and the magic controller?”

“What are you proud of being a blood relative of the Black Dragon? I hope she’s the daughter of the crazy black dragon. I don’t know what’s so good about being a hen and being eaten.”

“What are you talking about?”

Raimirah tilted her head, not understanding Mer’s words. She tried to ignore it because it was a childish argument, but Eugene dared to turn her head and glance at Mer.


Mer pursed her lips and muttered. Yujin slightly nodded her head and gazed at the central core of the Dragon Demon Castle in front of her eyes.

It was a huge golden orb. High purity gold with almost no impurities. A sphere as large and smooth as the mansion, made of such gold.


Gold is a metal with high mana conductivity, but compared to Orihalcon or Mithril, its efficiency is not so good, and it is too soft to be used in weapons or armor.

But it was an irrelevant matter to Raizakia. Since ancient times, dragons have liked yellow and shiny gold, and Rashizakia is a dragon with a particularly strong desire to show off.

And under his command, there is a tribe of dwarves. Eugene could easily imagine how the smooth sphere in front of his eyes was created.

Lyzakia would have eaten a few dwarves as examples, and the dwarves would have listened to their request because they didn’t want to die. A perfect golden sphere without any angular spots that will wonderfully contain the magic of Raizakia. On it, the magic formula concocted by Raizakia was closely engraved.

Eugene slowly reached out his hand toward the core. As a magician, even awe-inspiring magical body. If I brought it to Alot as it is, it could be enshrined on the high floor of Acreon, but I didn’t intend to do that.

“Hey… … .”

The argument between Mer and Raimirua was over before anyone knew it. Raimirah hesitantly spoke to Eugene’s back.

“How long are you going to stay like that?”

thud… … thud. The vibrations from the far-high ground reached the underground. It meant that the battle in the distant city was gradually approaching the Yongma Castle.

“I told you yesterday… … Unless her core is destroyed, the original woman cannot leave her Dragon Demon Castle… … . All right, she has to break her core and escape from the Dragon Demon Castle.”

Eugene didn’t answer and stared at the core.

Wow… … ! The heavy vibration caused dust to fall from the ceiling. woo woo woo… … ! It felt like the blood in my body was vibrating in my veins. Raimirah trembled, shrugging her shoulders.

“excuse me… … An unknown intruder. Bo, the original woman is starting to get a little scared. Why is she standing still… … ? stand, please… … . Did she judge that the core cannot be broken? So, Bo-bo-bo, are you going to abandon her mother and run away by yourself?”

can’t you break it? No, it can be broken. It’s an elaborately well-crafted magic body, but it’s not something that can’t be broken with a moonlight sword.

The reason why he didn’t break it right away was because Eugene was seriously thinking about it.


Mer, who read Eugene’s mind, raised her head with a disgusted expression.

“I put aside the scolding later, is that okay?”

“Noir Jebela will not kill me right away. On the contrary, if they knew who I was, they would love me to death and try to make convenience for the moment for later.”

The tone of voice has subtly changed. Mer knew very well that the current Eugene was closer to ‘Hamel Diners’ or ‘dumb Hamel’ than ‘Eugene Lionheart’.

Mer didn’t have the talent to convince Eugene now.

“I only saw him briefly, but Yagon is a pretty dangerous bastard.”

Yujin nodded and murmured. ㅡHwaaaaaagh! The secretly hidden mana became a purple flame and burned.

“So I’m going to kill you today.”


I sensed an uncomfortable energy in the Dragon Demon Castle. I was a little intrigued, but I didn’t run right away. Yagon thought the aura was Hetzling.

I’ve never experienced it myself, but I’ve heard that dragons emit a unique and overbearing energy called ‘fear’. Maybe that awkward aura is Dragon Fear. Yagon guessed it, but he didn’t go to Yongma Castle right away.

Because there were many pleasures on the way there.

Killing prey that is frantic, running away, crouching down and screaming, and moving on. Yagon enjoyed the slaughter while being conscious of them one by one. Just as all the demons you killed were different, the taste you could feel from them was also different. Yagon ate and ate and was hungry, drank and drank and was thirsty.

unless you run away

No, I thought chasing the runaway was a special fun.

Dragon Princess Raimirah. Blood and blood of the Black Dragon Raizakia. Hetzling has been around for over 200 years, so you won’t feel the joy of fighting. Then shouldn’t there be at least the joy of hunting? If so, I wondered if letting them escape would double the pleasure of hunting.

The leisurely pace came to a halt.

It was because the energy emitted from the Yongma Castle suddenly changed. When I felt it lightly, I thought it was Dragon Fear, but when it became intense, that thought disappeared completely.

It’s not like Dragon Fear. Murderous intentions and speculations that are purer and simpler. who the hell Hetzling, about 200 years old. Even during that time, without being exposed to the outside world, it is impossible for Hetzling, who has been imprisoned in the castle, to radiate such refined murderous intent and jealousy.

Then who is it? The Four Gods who were said to be the closest aide to Black Dragon? I heard that in the peace that lasted 200 years, he became a fat pig. Still, the reputation that made a name in the past war era hasn’t been very dull.


Yagon strode towards the Dragon Demon Castle. Each time, Yagon’s body moved forward, and his footsteps caused an earthquake on the ground.

‘I’m not a demon.’

If the opponent is a demon, there is no choice but to mix with the murderous intent and speculation that is revealed with the unique magic and temperament. The demons assert their status in that way, and subdue the opponent before directly clashing. If it was the murderous intent and jealousy that excites Yagon this much, it should have been loaded with that level of magic.

However, Yagon could not feel the slightest bit of magic from this intense murderous intent and jealousy. Rather, it gave Yagon a different feeling. How can it be so huge and so strong, yet so pure? It is impossible for the demons.

If so, the opponent is not a demon.

“Mmm, stop!”

Yagon’s joyful worries suddenly stopped. Beyond the already collapsed gates. On the road leading to the castle, the retainers directly come out and kneel and bow their heads. And white flags are raised on the castle.

I saw 4 demons on the ledge on the upper floor.

“Yo, Yongma Castle will unconditionally surrender to this invasion. In other words, everything in the dragon castle will be the property of the victor, Earl Karad.”

The Minister of Finance emphasized the word ‘possession’. In a duel between demons, the winner takes away what the loser has. This duel is not a one-on-one battle to rank each other. It is a battle between territories and territories that collide with territories.

Unconditional surrender was declared. While expressing that he no longer had to fight, he emphasized that everything in the castle had become the property of Count Karad. It seems that the prisoner is not Count Karad himself, nor is he a private under his command. In other words, he is in a position where he cannot arbitrarily decide the treatment of the demons who have become prisoners and possessions.

“We had a discussion with Count Karad earlier about the content and outcome of this war. that… … Rigo… … There is something else you really need to do right now.”

“Agent Seongju… … The dragon princess escaped from the castle. That, that incident has nothing to do with us. The cunning dragon princess secretly sought her outside collaborators and prepared and executed her escape.”

“I couldn’t have gone that far. So right now… … .”

A voice that roars ahead. Yagon’s lips twitched. He listened no further and leaned his body forward.

ㅡ Awesome! She just jumped forward. Even though that was all, the shock wave emitted from Yagon exploded his kneeling retainers like water balloons.

“Now, wait… … .”

The frightened Reaper tried to run away. But Yagon decided to kill them much faster than they decided to run away.

In the end, the commander of the four gods could not escape from Yagon. Just like the vassals who died before them, their entire bodies exploded and died without even a slight resistance or a scream.


As Yagon climbed over the railing and climbed onto the roof, the large castle began to collapse. Yagon’s body did not shake even on the creaking and shaking roof. He did not come down from the lowering roof, but looked down at the back garden at the back of the building.

Since when have you been there?

A man was looking up at Yagon. Black hair, black eyes. Yagon realized that it was camouflage.

Eugene came this far and thought that there was no need to use magic like this anymore. Everyone who saw Eugene here today will die anyway.

Tok, tok. After brushing his hair a few times with his hand, the black hair returned to its original gray color. Yujin looked at Yagon with her golden eyes blinking.

Son of Oboron.

I felt it even when I saw it from a distance, but there were many similarities. A mix of a bear and a human, with grayish-brown fur as stiff and sharp as a steel needle.

I thought they looked alike. Oboron was also violent enough to have the word depraved (悖惡) attached to his name, but compared to Yagon’s now spewing murderous intent, I wondered if Oboron would have been a decent guy.

“Eugene Ryanhart?”

Yagon creaked, tilted his head, and murmured.

Gray hair and golden eyes. A characteristic that has never changed in a lineage that has lasted 300 years. There are many families on the continent, but there is only one family with such strong characteristics. Even if he is a collateral of the end, he is born with gray hair and golden eyes.

Kiel’s Lionheart.

“Do you know who Barangi is?”

Lymilia was left underground where the core was located, and leaped with the feathers of Prominence that had been scattered beforehand.

Right now, Eugene was alone.

“It’s a name I haven’t heard in years.”

Yagon murmured. The news broke a few years ago. That’s all Yagon thinks of when he hears the name Barang. There were no other impressions.

“The bastard said you were his brother-in-law.”

“It did.”

For Yagon, a sworn brother is not a precious relationship. He killed his own father by biting himself, but the relationship of bloodless brother-in-law could not be precious. For him, a sworn brother was only his own recognition of a man with sharp teeth and claws.

“Was Varang proud of him?”

At some point, Yagon stopped thinking of others as brothers. Similar to when his father was not considered his father, Yagon abandoned his sense of sworn brotherhood. father. Oboron of defeat, called the child of madness.

I once admired However, for Yagon, respect was only a courtesy for those stronger than himself.

Oboron was old, and Jagon was young. When his teeth and claws wanted to touch the scruff of his father’s neck, Yagon stopped respecting him.

The same goes for step-brothers. Their fingernails and toenails didn’t grow as sharp as I thought, so I didn’t even pay attention.

Barang? Yes, he was once Yagon’s sworn brother. More and more things came to mind. Varang lived the longest of his brothers, and he used to insist on standing by.

That was all.

“I wasn’t too proud. Anyway, it’s strange that you and your brother-in-law actually got along.”


“I thought you sold your name because I didn’t want that bastard to die.”

Eugene smiled and said, but Yagon did not respond. He just stood there for a while and looked down at Eugene.

“Is it over?”

“The talk is over.”

A brief conversation ensued. Took. Eugene brushed the hem of her coat once.

I’ve been forced to wear it for a while, but I’m not used to it. So it changed to her original form. Her neat black coat was replaced by a dark cloak with plentiful fur hanging over her shoulders.

It’s a moment when the coat turns into a cloak.

At that moment, Yagon was already putting his hand down on Eugene’s head.

Yagon doesn’t care about the prey in hunting. Originally, they don’t even talk.

but it did waited patiently. We even had a short conversation. This hunt—- no, I felt that the battle would be fun. So you can be willing to do things that you didn’t have to do.

I didn’t ask anything really important. Is the dragon’s collaborator Eugene Lionheart? Where the hell is the dragon princess you took with you? Such a question is something that Count Karad should have. Yagon doesn’t have to question that.

A question for Yagon.

How did Eugene Ryanhart just get out of the way.

It was clearly below. Eugene Ryanhart remained motionless until he slammed his palm down. It does not assert the arrogance that there was no escape. could have gotten away with it.

But the movement was strange. Yagon did not understand ‘how’ he had Eugene Lionheart behind his back.


A black dot burst from his fingertips and swallowed Yagon. A flash of light burned his vision white. Then, they gathered at one point and flickered black. Eugene took a step back from the huge mana storm.

Yagon’s hair was not even singed. It was no surprise. Oboron 300 years ago. It’s not as strong as Moron now, but he’s as strong as Moron in the past. Of course, Yagon would be that hard as well.

Prominence soared upward. Countless feathers were born from the blazing flames. Hwaaak! The light that exploded under the wing accelerated Eugene’s body.

Yagon stretched out his hand. A crooked fingernail protruded from one of his shaky hands. Those claws tore through the air.

He drew his weapon from the inside of his cloak. I didn’t pull out my favorite sword.

Crushing weight phalanx. Arms of the demon lord of slaughter obtained in Black Lion Castle. This is also a weapon that is taller than Eugene’s height like the magic spear. It was natural since it was the weapon of the Demon King, a demon who was bigger than a human.

However, Eugene held the crushing weight with one hand. It’s heavy, but if it’s Yujin’s strength, she can wield it with one hand. So, it doesn’t take much power, but the crushing weight is not a weapon that you have to hold with both hands and swing harder.

Compared to a demonic spear that stabbed a spear blade into space coordinates, the Power of the Crushing Weight was very simple.

Break what you hit with a hammer.

Explode what you hit with a hammer.


Yagon’s arm flew back. The only thing that flew away was the arm. Yagon rather stretched out his feet and pulled his body forward. Then he stretched out his hand opposite him and tried to grab his Eugene.

moment to be caught. Eugene’s figure disappeared. again However, his outstretched hand did not become empty. Eugene disappeared, but a sunspot that had just begun to swell remained in his place.

Yagon caught it with his hand before the swelling sunspot was complete and exploded. The explosion that stopped on the way made the back of Yagon’s hand shake once.

Eugene leaped to the high sky and slammed the crushing weight down. A huge force was thrust into Yagon’s body.

However, there is no slight movement in Yagon’s body. Rather, despite the power of the crushing weight, he raised his head and looked at Eugene. Light began to flicker in those dark eyes.

Eugene laughed, feeling terrified. It resembles Morron in that it is good and strong, but it is not comparable. No matter how strong Yagon was, there was no way he could be stronger than Moron.

It was the same for Eugene. He said that since he didn’t use a weapon against Moron, he had no choice but to lose, and that if he used a weapon, the result would have been different… … Perhaps he would have lost even with a weapon.


The left hand still holds the crushing weight.

The right hand, which did not hold anything, was tucked inside the cloak.

‘It’s not a Moron.’

He killed Oboron by biting him.

what did that mean The oboron did not pass the moron 300 years ago. I don’t deny that Oboron was strong, but Moron 300 years ago was stronger.

I know that La Vista’s witch beast, Yagon, is quite strong enough to build up a bad reputation. But he is not a Moron. He’s not Gaby de Lindman, he’s no Noir Jebella.

but. If you leave him alone, you will one day stand shoulder to shoulder with those monsters. Watching Yagon run amok, Eugene was convinced of him. So he dared to inform Yagon of his existence.

After destroying the core of the Dragon Demon Castle, he escapes with Lymilia during the chaos of the castle falling. A demon like Yagon would not die even if it fell with the Dragon Demon Castle, but a lot of demons would still die with the castle.


Putting aside the very, very cool and exciting things for a while.

Eugene decided that he had to kill Yagon today.

The place where the signature Prominence was first used was on the other side of Rehein Yar. It was not a suitable place to fight with Prominence, even with empty words. In the battle with Moron, his ability was limited to leaping feathers and shooting sunspots in shorthand.

There was almost no mana behind Rehein Yar, and there was no primitive spirit at all. Even one continuous jump would have enough value as a signature, but what Eugene wanted to give to Prominence was not just leaps.

The feathers sprayed with Prominence, and the Spirit of the World Tree, melted into Eugene’s mana, attracts the Primeval Spirit. The mana that spreads out as a flame consumes the mana in the air and gradually increases in size.

The interlocking spirit takes control of mana and primitive spirits.

This is not an ignition. It doesn’t make your heart and core run wild like ignition. but. It allows Eugene to deal with incredibly high-output mana that he would normally not be able to handle.

If you put that huge mana into your body and use it, even a body that hasn’t neglected training will quickly get tired. But it’s okay. That you don’t use ignition. That the heart and core do not run out of control. If it is pure physical pain.

The ring on the ring finger of her left hand glowed red.

The ring of Agaroth, the god of war. The power of this ring is very simple. It is to forcibly activate the regenerative power of the body. In the end, it’s a kind of magic that gnaws away at life span, but the natural body that can be said to be innate and the training that it has gone through to the limit will make it a bit tired after everything is over.

Without the stiffness of the heart and core, the all-powerful feeling at the time of ignition began to spread throughout the body.

Eugene grinned and pulled out his right hand that had been tucked inside his cloak.

Magic spear Luintos.

That black spear pierced the air.

Hundreds and thousands of spears shot out from under Yagon’s feet.



Repeated vibrations shook the basement. Lymirah curled up in her body, screaming startled at the dust falling from her ceiling.

I wrapped my arms around my head and waited for the vibration to pass. In fact, even if the ceiling collapses and this underground space is buried like this, Lymilia will not die. Humans will of course die and quite a few demons will be buried alive, but Lymira is a dragon. He can escape as much as he wants by abandoning the form he is maintaining as a polymorph and returning to his full body.

Of course, that is a very ignorant way of escaping. Since he is still Hetzling, it is impossible to use advanced dragon magic, but escaping from the underground is a magic without any difficulties.

However, Raimira did not even feel the desire to escape the underground. It was because the vibrations transmitted from above—-the sound of war was frightening.

His keen senses allowed him to feel what was happening upstairs without seeing it directly. In particular, the dragon Lymira is sensitive to the temperament such as mana or magical power possessed by the being.

The Reaper is dead. He would have died without being able to resist.

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