Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 88

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So I decided to kill Yagon, and in the end I did.


It was a short answer, but Noir understood what Eugene was talking about.

“I see. Yagon was weakest today, so if I had to kill him, today was the right time.”

Count Karad would have won this war. The Earl decided to get Dragon Demon Castle and Kara Bloom as spoils, and Yagon decided to have a war. As a result, most of the Demons in the Dragon Demon Castle must have been digested by Yagon.

next. The honor of sinking the Yongma Castle would have served as a bridgehead for the Count to advance to the central capital, Pandaemonium. The contract between the Count and Yagon is until the Black Dragon Princess Raizakia appears, so Yagon remains by the Count’s side.

A new aristocrat advancing into the center. There must be no one or two demons who want to quarrel. The Count uses Yagon as a hitman, and Yagon uses the Count as a justification for fighting the high-ranking demons. The more he defeats and eats him, the higher Yagon’s rank will be. For Yagon, such a future was certain.

So, if I had to kill Yagon, it was the right time to do it today.

“aha… … .”

Noir was well acquainted with a human named Eugene Lionheart—no, Hamel Dynas.

The hero, the companion of the great Vermouth. Among them, Hamel was the one Noir was most conscious of and interested in.

He had a background that was different from that of his peers.

An archmage raised by elves.

The great warrior of the northern battle tribe.

An imitation incarnation created by fanaticism and delusion.

—-It wasn’t those three who fought standing next to the hero who was recognized by the holy sword. A man who was a mercenary with no special past fought alongside the hero.

The reason was well known to Noir Jebela. 300 years ago. Noir once invaded the depths of Hamel’s dreams.

It was a feat achieved when the warriors and the party were not accustomed to being attacked in their dreams, and it was also the reason why Hamel fiercely hated Noir Jebella, the queen of dreams at that time.

“300 years have passed, but there are still some things.”

Hamel was a genius.

There was not a single one of Vermouth’s colleagues who was not a genius. Hamel was a genius, but he was rather a genius, so his limitations were clear. He was born as a weak vessel compared to his genius.

Even so, he was able to stand by Vermouth’s side. It was because he had a ‘simple’ intent to kill the demons more severely than his other colleagues.

Vermouth was a warrior.

Senya had to kill the demon king for the future of the elves. As long as the demon lord exists, the elves cannot shake off the demons, and the World Tree is dying. In particular, the massacre of the elves committed by Princess Raksha Iris inflamed Senya’s intent to kill even more.

Moron is the next tribal chief and great warrior of the northern Bayar tribe. His tribe was adjacent to Helmud, and the demons released from Helmud trampled Moron’s hometown. Moron decided to subdue the demon king for the future of the tribe and the snowfield.

Anise is an imitation incarnation created by the Holy Empire. From the very beginning of its existence, it is designed to fight the devil and save the world. Even if Anis herself did not wish for him, everything except her will was following the fate of the saintess.

On the other hand, what about Hamel? He does not carry the fate of the tribe on his back. He was not in a position to be responsible for the future of a race. He was not even recognized by the Holy Sword. From the moment of his birth, his fate was not forced upon him.

Hamel could have lived a different life if he wished.

He lost his family and lost his village. There were countless numbers of people who suffered such a thing during the war. It was a world where it was natural for someone to want revenge and for someone to give up revenge.

In such a world, Hamel was special. He never gave up on revenge. And he’s in the best position to get his revenge. He killed as many as three Demon Kings. It was the life and destiny that Hamel had chosen. He has chosen and proved the fate of the demon king and the massacre of the demons by holding the sword.

save the tribe save the tribe save the world There was nothing so grandiose about Hamel at first. He only longed for revenge, no, to kill the Demon King.

“After all, that’s what you wanted to do.”

I want to kill all the demons in the Dragon Demon Castle.

I want to wreak havoc on Karabloom.

I want to kill Yagon.

Such a desire was the essence of the human Hamel Diners that Noir saw. It was the source that allowed him to stand by Vermouth. The initial pure intent to kill later became a mission to save the world, but the process did not change.

To save the world, you must kill all the demon lords.

Vermut and his colleagues thought so at the time, but it was Hamel who took the lead by burning his life like firewood without caring for his own life.

He was more suited to being called the adversary of the demons than the hero Vermut.

“Still lovely.”

At the bottom of the dream, I faced Hamel.

The curse and hatred that Hamel was spewing out at the time. In a dream where noir should be absolute, Hamel’s intent to kill shattered the dream. Though he repeatedly showed hope and despair through the demonic eyes of fantasy, Hamel’s intent to kill was straight.

I couldn’t help but fall in love.

“There are so many things I want to ask you.”

The body is hot. I want to hug you right now I want to share all kinds of love that the body can do, and to dig deep into the bottom of the dream and share the deep sympathy that the body can’t.

“Why are you still alive when you died 300 years ago? Why are you using Lionheart’s last name? Rebirth? by whom? how? Is the mock incarnation you are traveling with really Christina Logaris?”

Eugene glared at Noir without answering. That disrespectful, reckless, venomous gaze was even more lovely.

“Why is a moonlight sword whose name is not left in history in your hand? Why is the dragon princess not dying and being held captive by your hand? What are you going to do from now on?”

Noir’s words stopped. Ryan Hart family. The missing moonlight sword. Vermouth who died 200 years ago. The reincarnation of Hamel Dynas.

“Vermouth Lionheart. Indeed, the eye is excellent. okay. If he had to let someone do what he couldn’t do… … Whoops, you must have been the right person. my hamel. There’s no way the demon king of confinement couldn’t have noticed your existence. We even met in person.”

“What do you want to say?”

“It’s nothing. Can’t you just give me one answer though? my hamel. Did Gavid Lindman notice your presence?”

Noir leaned over and whispered. Eugene felt contempt at the affectionate gaze toward him.


“cool… … ! So, are you saying that the only ones who recognize you in Helmud are me and the demon lord in captivity? Oh, so good. So I won’t ask any more. A certain amount of secrecy is the way to excite each other, right?”

“Leave Helmud.”

Eugene put the moonlight sword into the cloak as if showing off.

“I have nothing more to do in Helmud right now.”

“Leaving will not be easy. my hamel. You crashed the Dragon Demon Castle and annihilated countless demons. Besides, he kidnapped Raizakia’s only daughter.”

“Then what? Will you be judged by Helmud’s law? I’ve been reincarnated at most, but I’m sure I’ll die.”

“ah… … .”

That shamelessness! Noir let out his moan, feeling heartburn.

“My Hamel. I can’t let you die like that. If you really have to die, then your death should be more precious and noble than it was 300 years ago.”


“Challenge the demon king of confinement and die.”

Noir’s head tilted.

“Challenge a demon that is equivalent to the demon king and die.”

It was such a blatant statement. Noir smiled and snapped his fingers.



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A black casino coin flew to Eugene. It was the same coin as the one handed over in the snowfield. She didn’t take it then, but she had to take it now.

“Just having it, Hamel, you will be free from all checks in Helmud. Even when using the warp gate, present the coin instead of your ID. Even if you are not a dragon princess, but you bring dozens or hundreds of demons with you, you will be able to use the warp gate without any problems if you have that coin.”

“All good.”

Eugene put the coin in his hand into his pants pocket.

“Don’t call me Hamel.”

“ah… … It was. This is for you and me, hehehe… … Because it’s a secret. all right. Ah, but what if the dragon princess has already gone?”

“What do you do? I need to stop talking.”

“That is very easy for me. You can even change your memory. to cooperate with you.”

The twinkling eyes turned to Lymilia. Even though it was a dragon, there was no way that Hetzling, who was still young, could resist the illusionary eye. However, Eugene shook her head and hid Rymir Ar behind her back.

“Don’t do anything stupid.”

“Have you become a little kinder? That aspect is also attractive. All right, my Hamel. I won’t do it because you said no.”

Noir withdrew his evil eye and smiled brightly.

“At the moment you really shouldn’t, no matter how much you beg, they won’t listen.”

“Is it just you?”

Noir licked his lower lip at the answer that came back with a snort.

… … Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little hug or kiss before we part? With that, Noir would be able to calm down the immediate excitement, and Hamel would have more hatred, anger, and murderous intent. Wouldn’t it be fun for each other to part like that for the next meeting?

‘Be patient.’

Noir subdued his boiling desire. A fateful reunion with first love. That alone was enough to excite me, but it seemed that if I touched her even lightly, I would not be able to suppress the immediate urge, let alone promise the next time.

It shouldn’t be. This wasteland is too shabby a setting to be the climax of a romance.

“Let’s decorate our last in Jebela City.”

He squinted one eye and whispered. Jebela City is already perfect and beautiful enough, but it will become even more beautiful after today.

The moment the yongmaseong is about to fall. Noir deployed his magic shield to prevent the destruction from the fall from spreading outside of Kara Bloom. He let all the dreamers in the city escape.

The Dwarves in the mine also escaped. There was nothing they could do about the mine, but they robbed the contracts of the entire Dwarf clan that belonged to Raizakia and helped them escape. The Dwarves, who have been making handicrafts for Laizakia for generations, will now live as the architects of Jebela City for Nua.

“Where you will kill me. It should be there that I will kill you.”

“Shall I fight on your estate because I’m crazy?”

“Crazy is right. Hamel. you and your colleagues. You dared to invade and kill the demon king 300 years ago.”

“You are not the Demon King.”

“Do you really think so?”

Noir smiled mischievously and spread his wings wide.

“what. my hamel. If you wish, I will build at least one of my demon castles in Jebela City.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t say anything sad.”

The bat’s wings flapped. Noir’s body was pushed back.

“That’s what romance is all about.”

my hamel

The figure of Noir Jebela had disappeared. Eugene snorted at her and came downstairs.

“I know you are nervous.”

“It’s not?”

“You were nervous that the dream queen might be attacking you.”

“Isn’t it?”

“Eugene is a liar.”

“Something is wrong, but everything is on my account. I was convinced from the beginning that Noir Jebela could not kill me here.”

“Yes, yes. Eugene is truly amazing.”

After combing through Mer’s hair, who was giggling, she stood on the ground. The land where the destruction stopped and the dust settled, the entire civilization was erased and became a wasteland.

“… … This… … .”

Raimira, who came to her senses belatedly, looked at the wasteland. She was still clinging to Eugene’s arm, her shoulders hunched. Lymir Aga, who was looking at her wasteland and Eugene’s face, tilted her head and opened her lips.

“… … Is it a hidden camera?”

“What is he talking about?”

“very… … very well made… … A blockbuster hidden camera… … Uh, maybe the original girl is having a dream created by the Duke of Jebela… … A hidden camera of great transformation set on the stage of the dream of the original woman… … Are they being sent all over Helmud? … ?”

stuttering words. Eugene was dumbfounded, but it felt very credible to Raimi.

Isn’t it? Duke Noir Jebella, who is the owner of the magical eye of fantasy and the queen of dreams, said to create any kind of dream… … All the incidents that had happened since yesterday were far beyond Lymilia’s common sense.

Suddenly, the door to the palace opened and I was free. He was humiliated by an unknown intruder. The next day, Yongma Castle was invaded. The war shattered the barrier and swept the city. After a fierce battle, the Yongma Castle crashed and the ground territory was devastated.

What is the identity of the intruder? Hamel Diners. Dumb Hamel who died 300 years ago. No, Eugene Ryanhart?

“that… … I see This, all of this is her hidden camera to surprise her real daughter… … . otherwise it doesn’t make sense How on earth could this happen?”

The time has come for the hidden camera to end. After a while, you will wake up from your dream and open your eyes in a peaceful villa… … .

“I will soon wake up from my dream… … . Farewell, invader of dreams. I’m saying this now, but even considering that it’s only a dream, you’re rude!”

The words he continued with a relaxed face turned into screams. I had no intention of putting the rhythm to the bullshit.

So, I hit Hong-ok with a chestnut. It made it clear that this is not a dream. It was a moderate hit, but Raimira wrapped her ruby ​​around and rolled on the ground.

“Listen to me carefully from now on.”

“Yes, yes yes, four.”

“What I did today. my identity. what things like that Don’t tell anyone.”

He pointed his bent finger at Raimirah’s forehead and said calmly. Raimir Ah gave him a hiccup and nodded quickly.

“Don’t even think about running away from me.”

“paper… … Where are you going to take her original daughter… … . Can’t you tell me that… … .”

Lymira was terrified and sobbed. Eugene grabbed Raimira’s hand and lifted her up.

“I’m going to find your father.”

“What… … ?”

“I’m telling you in case you misunderstand. I will use you to find your father.”

“My father… … Heh, are you going to find the Black Dragon? What are you trying to do by finding the Black Dragon?”

Lymira asked in a trembling voice.

… … Mer gently grabbed Eugene’s collar. Mer didn’t like Raimira that much. However, since she became like a kidnapping and went around together, she was able to build a relationship with her, albeit shallowly.

Shouldn’t we think a little bit about the heart of that foolishly naive little dragon? With that in mind, he grabbed Eugene’s collar.

“I will kill your father.”

Even Eugene knew Mer’s intentions. But she went so far as to lie, she thought she didn’t need to be considerate.

A lie is a lie, whether it is done in good faith or out of sympathy. And when this kind of lie is betrayed. Later, as much as lies, no, much bigger resentment and hatred would return.

So I told her honestly. Her Mer’s mouth fell open, and Lymir Ah’s eyes widened.

“I honestly don’t know if I’ll take you as a hostage or not in that situation. I don’t like holding anything hostage, so I probably won’t use you as a hostage.”

“You, you, I heard that you are a hero who has been recognized by the holy sword… … . Yo, how could a hero do something cowardly like a hostage… … ?”

“So you said. They probably won’t use you as a hostage.”

Eugene answered with a sullen face and dragged Lymilia by the hand.

“Think of mutual understanding. You want to meet your father, and I want to meet your father. Of course, I’m going to meet you to kill your father, but won’t your father die easily to me?”

“radish… … Of course. The original daughter’s father, the Black Dragon Duke, is the Duke of Helmud… … . It means that he is on the same level as the Duke of Jebela.”

Raimirah’s head turned quickly. The ‘force’ of the Duke of Jebella, which she had seen earlier, made Raimirah unable to even breathe properly.

intruder… … Eugene Lionheart, the reincarnation of that stupid Hamel, was also very strong, but I didn’t think he would be stronger than the Duke of Helmud.

“You’d better give up on that nonsense dream now… … ! You, you will never be able to defeat the Black Dragon. So, quietly let go of her original daughter… … .”

“Yeah, I’ll take care of that, so shut up and listen to me. In any case, I will take you to find your father. I want to kill your father, and your father will want to kill me too. Which of the two will win? It’s something you’ll only know when you do it, so don’t be silly and follow me.”

“Doesn’t the original woman have the right to refuse? … ?”

“Why do you ask for the obvious? pissed off? If you lose a few, will you quietly follow me?”

“Bo, the bonnyeo has been quiet since before… … .”

When Eugene shot her eyes with flashes of light, Raimira covered her mouth with both hands. After making her shut up like that, it became easier to think about it.

‘What do we do… … .’

I messed up this time too. In fact, it turned out better than I thought. He killed Yagon and killed a lot of demons while crashing the dragon castle. Raimiria, which will connect the road with Lyzakia, has also been secured. Noir Jevela decided to take responsibility for all of this… … .

‘Anis and Cristina will be angry… … .’

That made Eugene uneasy… … . Since Anis had been scolded several times even 300 years ago, just thinking about it made me shudder.

… … Perhaps because she shares the same body, Christina is also beginning to be influenced by Anis. Sophistry and the temperament of an abusive speaker have existed since before, but they are getting sharper under the influence of Anise.

Eugene trembled as he recalled the last time he was on his knees.

-please… … .

after I was on my knees.

– Please don’t worry too much about me.

Moist eyes and voice. trembling hands. arm that embraced. Touched and pressed… … .


The uselessly excellent memory forcefully shook off the memories and sensations it was trying to recreate. Eugene closed her eyes tightly and slapped her on both cheeks with a stupid sound. She had a spicy slap mixed in between. When she opened her eyes, she saw Mer coming out from between her cloak and slapping Eugene.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m beating myself up.”

How dare you indulge in such thoughts over Senya! It is because the black saint duo in the midst of it shakes Eugene’s heart by launching an impossible physical attack on Senya-nim. Mer felt that it was only at times like this that she had to make sure she was centered.

“Don’t think anything strange, Eugene. Even Senya-sama’s revived skin will be as soft as Cristina-sama’s.”

“There’s nothing he can’t say… … !”

Eugene was frightened and pushed Mer’s head into the cloak.

Lymilia, who was still covering her mouth with both hands, was following Eugene, who was making a fuss.

* * *

Christina and Anise were still at Malera’s hotel.

[Breaking news, breaking news. Yongmaseong… … Dragon Demon Castle, Duke of Laizakia’s aerial domain, is crashing!]

Standing on the terrace, I watched the dragon castle fall.

[This is a war started unilaterally by Count Karad of the Luol Territory. It was expected that the negotiating table would be laid after a light skirmish… … haha! It’s very surprising. I never thought there would be a tough demon like Count Karad in these days.]

[It didn’t even end with occupation. That yongmaseong! It crashed the Dragon Demon Castle, which had reigned as the symbol of Black Dragon for 300 years. It’s not over. There was no evacuation advisory at all in Karabloom, the land territory. What does this mean? It means that the leadership of the Dragon Demon Castle was annihilated before the evacuation advisory was issued!]

[Even after Helmud became an empire, there were many territory battles and rank-and-file battles, but this is the first time in a territory battle where the opponent’s territory and its people are destroyed… … . Count Karad. I thought it was a common upstart aristocrat on the frontier, but it turned out to be a tiger with teeth hidden.]

[If I had survived, I would have been able to advance to the center and create a new wind… … It’s really unfortunate that he didn’t survive.]

[In a way, it can be called an honorable death. The Count burned his own life to end the war victoriously. He must have had no choice but to do that.]

[During this war, the count hired La Vista’s magic beast, right? Yagon. He and his subordinates died together at Yongma Castle… … You have lost too many young demons who will lead the next era of Helmud.]

[Yes, that’s really unfortunate. But can’t you think of it like this? Even if there was no Black Dragon, the Dragon Demon Castle was strong. The Four Gods who took charge of and led the Dragon Demon Castle on behalf of Black Dragon—- Yes, well, a distant senior to young demons these days. OB!]

[Oh, that’s true, I didn’t want to say that. It can also be hollow, yes. Isn’t that right? These days, young people don’t treat OBs and just say that they are incompetent and do everything. We are not old yet! something like that.]

[Ah, I know what you mean. I feel like I can’t help it. Haven’t the times changed too much? It was an era of war 300 years ago when our OB was rampaging, and now it’s an era of peace… … It’s not that we don’t fight because we have no strength, right? for peace anyway. Oh, let’s continue watching the advertisement.]


The TV is turned off. Anis clicked his tongue and turned his head away.

“I think OB and all are cheap. But well, as a human, it’s quite fun that the generational conflict between the younger generation demons and the old generation demons is an issue. It would be nice if the younger generation of demons staged a coup d’état.”

“… … haha… … I mean.”

“If the guy named Karad, who died in the Dragon Demon Castle, survived, would a coup take place someday with him as the center? Maybe that’s why Noir Jebella approached me. Because she is also an old generation demon.”

“haha… … Maybe… … .”

“Are you laughing?”

Even Christina is scared when she gets angry. But when Anise gets angry, it’s even scarier. At least Christina won’t hit me. Anise beats. Kill half of it and restore it to normal.

“There is no way that Noir Jebella intervened to avoid aggravating the generational conflict. There’s no way you could have quietly escaped with your personality. That Dragon Demon… … .”

“I am.”

“I will commend you on that, honestly. Hamel, thanks to your ignorant and bold decision, tens of thousands of demons were slaughtered.”

mate. Anis clapped and nodded her head.

“I was also lucky. You did that and no one caught you. I never saw your name on the news.”

“haha… … .”

“If you don’t tell me honestly, that head… … .”

Anise grabbed the flail. Eugene immediately knelt down and confessed everything.

Said about Yagon. He said why he dropped the Dragon Demon Castle. Meeting with Noir Jebela… … .

“Are you saying that crazy Gal X somehow noticed your reincarnation!”

“My child is listening, so it’s a bit… … .”

“Shut up, Hamel. How can you be so unconcerned? That gal X plays with dreams. I don’t know until now, but now that I know that you are Hamel. That Gal X might be actively pursuing your dreams.”

Anise put on a disgusted expression as she recalled her nightmares from 300 years ago.

Onslaught of dreams. A series of nightmares. Sometimes terrible, sometimes outrageous dreams. Perhaps because she was the queen of Gall X, Noir was very good at creating such dreams.

“What are you worried about?”

Eugene replied with a calm face.

“Ouch… … .”

Eyes full of trust. Anise involuntarily took a step back. She used to lose her heart at Hamel’s straight eyes from her previous life… … .

“… … Be that as it may, Noir Jebela. The Queen of Gall X is a formidable enemy. have you forgotten? Hamel. We couldn’t kill Noir Jebela 300 years ago, even though there were only 5 of us.”

“Because the damn thing didn’t fight to the death. We weren’t in a situation like that.”

“… … It was because I put too much priority on killing the demon king.”

Anise let out a short sigh and caressed the handle of the flail. … … still holding Eugene glared at the black iron ball and swallowed his anxiety.

“… … The last one is in Jebela City, Ra.”

It’s not a promise. It’s just light words spoken with a smile.

“It’s romantic.”

They are demons who have lived for hundreds of years, no, even longer. The owner of the magical eye of fantasy that achieves anything he wants to achieve. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they surpassed the demon lords of the lower ranks in terms of rank and power. Words uttered by such a demon.

“There were many opportunities to kill. It was just this time.”

but didn’t kill Eugene was sure. The queen of dreams is Noir Jebella. She won’t kill Eugene unless he ‘challenges’ her in Jebella City.

“… … great. I will understand.”

Anise clicked her tongue briefly and nodded. Eugene let out a sigh of relief.

“By the way, Hamel. What is that little boy like?”

Not all conversations were over yet. Anise’s fingers pointed to Lymilia, who stood quietly behind Eugene. As her fingers were pointed at her, Raimira shook her large sleeves and exclaimed.

“The original woman is the dragon princess Raimir! Blood of the Black Dragon… … .”


The flying iron ball pierced Lymilia right next to her ear and crashed into the wall.

Iron gruck. The chain, which had been pulled taut, drooped and slung over Lymilia’s shoulder. Raimirah slumped in her seat as her legs gave out. Her dark eye smile made her eyes invisible.

but. Raimirah sensed a vicious murderous intent behind her crooked eye smile.

“Why is Lyzakia’s daughter here alive?”

“count… … It’s because I need that kid to save Senya.”

“Didn’t you save it because your heart was weak?”

“It’s not like that… … uh… … Look at you, Anise. It’s true that she’s Raizakia’s daughter, but she’s not a demonic dragon. It’s just a dragon.”


The murderous intent that had pierced his eyelids had completely disappeared. Anis smiled brightly and retrieved the iron ball from the flail.

“Me too. I was too excited to notice. Oh, please understand. It’s my first time seeing Hetzling, so stop… … .”

“Hiccup… … .”

“Come on, there is no need to be afraid. A body that has been called a saint for 300 years. It is very familiar to take care of a frightened lamb. Come and let me be in your arms.”

Anise put down her flail, spread her arms wide, and approached Lymilia.

For a moment, the void of the intent to kill was filled with kindness and warmth. It resembled the motherly love Raimirah had longed for since childhood.

“eww… … ugh… … .”

Emotions about suffering surged up. Raimirah sniffled and fell into Anise’s arms.


While sweeping the back of Lymilia who was sniffing. Anis smiled brightly.

extravaganza, interlude

Chewed the meat.

Are you too undercooked? Every time he chewed, dark red blood dripped down, and it was so tough that his jaw hurt when he chewed.

The meat of a monster that is not even a beast. It’s meat that I wouldn’t want to eat with my sober mind, but it was still worth eating.

You get used to this type of meal after a few years. After purifying demonic energy, which is no different from poison to normal humans, it can be eaten, even though it is nasty. I had my own know-how about recipes, but this time I didn’t use those secret recipes.

There was no time, no place for elaborate cooking. However, I did not blindly bake it. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, or other spices.

Most of them were captured by demons. This damn land is not devoid of food for humans. This is because demons also have a gastronomic culture. The ingredients are very different, but if you filter and filter, there are quite a lot of things that humans can use enough.

“Is it delicious?”

“It doesn’t taste good. There is nothing to drink.”

“You’re still drinking for that.”

“It’s been a while since we’ve had human alcohol, not demonic. In fact, this is trash that can’t even be called alcohol, it’s just poisonous water with no depth… … But it was given as a gift, so why not try it?”

The sound of grumbling and pouring could be heard at the same time.

Five needlessly splendid drinking glasses were placed on the floor compared to the poor situation. It’s a trophy I got once, but I’m using it on a special day. A pale, thick drink filled the glasses.

“Okay then. Let’s all have a toast.”

Anise Slewood. Her lover, she was the first to raise her glass.

It’s only one drink, but I thought it was heavy. because of the alcohol inside.

It was a drink given to me by the three knights I met a few days ago. Originally there would have been many more of them, but they said they encountered a black mist.

blood clot… … No, only 3 people escaped during the massacre and survived. They lost their fighting spirit and said they would leave the area. And if possible, he said that he would escape from the demonic realm and return to his hometown.

Perhaps their wish will not come true. He healed his injuries, but he couldn’t help his broken heart. If the three defeated soldiers in despair had managed to escape and return to their hometowns, this land would not have been called the Devil’s Land.

– I hope you return home safely.

At that time, Anise looked very much like a saint. With a benevolent smile, she said prayers for the fallen and mourned her dead comrades. She even healed the wounds.

This drink was received from the knights. Although he didn’t say it directly, I could guess why the defeated soldiers cherished that strong drink. When the fear and despair reached its peak, it seems that he was about to commit suicide while drunk enough to come to his senses.

In the meantime, we met

Actually, it wasn’t uncommon. There are so many experiences similar to mine that it is hard to count now. I came too deep to run away, but somehow… … People who decided to run away. Defeated soldiers who survived the loss of their comrades. Or an army that turns away with a wise commander’s decision.

Knights and soldiers with old, dented armor beaten and armed with teeth and cracked weapons. A dog tag worn around the neck or wrist, a memento of a comrade, or a medal made by oneself.

They eventually fail to fulfill their mission and retreat. I couldn’t overcome the fear and despair. I gave up on saving the world and decided to live my life for now.

You shouldn’t criticize. No one can blame them.

… … However, usually those who were confronted in that way were ashamed of fear of being criticized. At the same time, they wish this side what they could not achieve and gave up.

When facing such people, I always had to manage my expression and behave properly. I had to show a resolute and relaxed appearance. we are fine No fear or despair. We can do it. I had to show that confidence.

Greetings when meeting. Longing, eager gaze, admiration and respect. At some point, these five people became everyone’s hope.

Please save the world. Please defeat the Demon King. The greetings exchanged when passing by were always those words.

‘It’s heavy.’

the center of the magic.

The closer you get to the depths of hell, the more things you have to carry. Each time they come over those who run away or fall, they become more numerous and heavier.

Senya Merdane.

She opened her twisted lips and bit into her glass. It’s a strong drink, but it went down as easily as water. It was unpleasant for the gooey liquid to stick to her throat.

That was all. The meat, which had been chewed and swallowed for a long time, had no taste even though it was sprinkled with spices.

So was this drink. It was poisonous, but it had no taste. I know why. It looks like your head is a bit messed up.

Senya bit her lip and put the glass down.

“Does it taste like X?”

I heard a voice right next to me. Senya clenched her fists for no reason and looked away.

The man wrapped in bandages—- Hamel Dynas. He was half-lying, shaking his glass.

“It’s a taste that has no consideration for patients. anise. Everyone knows that you like alcohol, but you can’t call it alcohol anyway, can you?”

“Didn’t I tell you earlier, Hamel? This isn’t alcohol. As you say, water tastes like shit.”

“How nice of you to say that. Again, I thought your head was spinning and you suggested this as alcohol.”

Hamel put down his glass and trembled. Senna’s eyes met slightly. The eyes that were revealed through the bandages that were wrapped around him were frowning.

crazy guy Senna laughed involuntarily. He was unnecessarily sharp-eyed, so it seemed that he was concerned about Senya’s distorted expression for a moment.

“I suggested that we taste it together. Hamel, you are someone who needs no consideration.”

“Because you really lack consideration. Not only this liquor, but also this porridge.”

“Didn’t you lick the bowl and eat it?”

“If you give it, you have to eat it, so what? I know your cooking skills are terrible.”

“Seeing that your tongue is working well, everything seems to be better?”

“that’s right.”

Hamel stood up. He laughed as he undid the bandages from his face.

“I was trembling and tried to lay down and rest, but the alcohol tastes like X and the porridge tastes like X, so I can’t. It’s all better as you said, so let’s stop being useless.”

The bandage fell to the floor. Hamel’s face was revealed.

A torn left ear that was half blown off. Small scars on the face. Among them, a particularly deep scar was visible.

A diagonal scar from the tip of the right chin to the eye and forehead. … … It’s a new scar that appeared a few days ago. Seeing that scar, Senya’s heart started beating wildly. She let out her low groan and squeezed the center of her chest tightly.

“Because I don’t care.”

Hamel’s eyes stared at Senya. I almost lost my eyeball because of that scar, but fortunately the slash didn’t reach my eyeball. Because she cocked her head right before Hamel. Glad it ended with that.

Captain of the Black Mist, Gavid Lindman. He was strong enough to be called the ‘sword of confinement’.

“It’s not the wounds I got through your fault, did I get hurt once or twice? Senya, it’s just that you and I were out of luck. I wonder if you could have imagined that you would encounter the sword of confinement during reconnaissance.”

“… … I had to run away with you in time.”

Senya pressed her trembling chest tightly and continued. Her voice trembled and cried as if her heart was beating madly.

“I fought because I couldn’t run away. Let’s not talk nonsense. You and I both survived.”

Senya was not hurt.

Because Hamel blocked the front. It always has been. As a magician, Senya never took the lead. Hamel, Morron, and Vermouth. While fighting in front, Senya unleashed powerful magic that they couldn’t use.

It was the same when he encountered the sword of confinement. Needless to say, there was no vermouth, moron, or anise back then. Hamel and Senya were the only two.

As always—- I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal. Anyway, they were used to it, and Senya liked the time spent scouting together with Hamel. It’s just a trivial conversation, but I liked walking with Hamel. She liked that Hamel only saw me.

“Don’t be embarrassed.”

Hamel furrowed his eyebrows. He didn’t like Senya’s drooping shoulders and chewing her lips. Encountering the sword of confinement was a truly unavoidable accident.

Were there any limits to each other? It wasn’t. Senya, as always, no, as a place is a place, she was overly vigilant. Same with Hamel. It was familiar reconnaissance, but I didn’t regard it as a leisurely walk.

Even so, the two couldn’t see through the encounter with Gavid. The demonic eye of the god of prestige, which I had only heard about through rumors, blocked their way, ignoring Hamel’s senses and Senya’s magic.

“Rather, it’s because it’s you and me, so it stopped like this. If it was Moron, he would have lost his head while fighting ignorantly?”

“Was the sword of confinement that sharp?”

“Of course you were sharp, asshole. He’s a bastard whose nickname is ‘Knife’, but if he wasn’t sharp, he would have been called by a different nickname than ‘Knife’. Still, I’m glad I went through it once. I knew roughly the gap. I don’t think I’ll ever win on my own.”

Took. Hamel lightly tapped Senya on the shoulder. Normally, he would have been scolded, but Senya couldn’t do that.

My throat was still sticky. No, it was rough. It was like chewing up sand. Her heart was still pounding and the inside of her eyes hurt. In the shaky vision, Hamel was clear.

“Vermouth. If I match the sum with you, I win enough. While I receive in front… … no, tell me what are you doing If it’s you, you’ll be fine, you’ll take care of it.”

This is also something that has always been done.

All the way to this point, Hamel always fought alongside Vermouth. Even when he kills the demon king of slaughter. Even when killing the evil king. Even when fighting the mad children. Even when killing the biggest and strongest among them, the giant leader Kamash.

“And I’m fine too. You can do it yourself.”

Hamel said as if it didn’t matter.

Senya saw Hamel’s fingertips tremble. It wasn’t just his fingertips. His whole body was trembling little by little. As usual, he shuddered and made an unlucky expression on his face, but he saw a cold sweat dripping from Hamel’s forehead.

The bandages wrapped around the body come off. A body full of scars. A large scar on his right shoulder from a crushing weight. Besides that, dozens of scars. Too many scars that could not be healed even with Anise’s divine magic.

Senya remembered all of those scars. About 10 of them were scars from protecting Senya. The more powerful the magic, the longer it takes to cast.

‘Because I’m weak.’

Wrong. Senya is strong. Among the wizards of this era, no, throughout the past and the present, there will be no wizard as strong and great as Senya.

Senya Merdane. Her magic is equivalent to that of a dragon, and she can even aim at the head of a demon lord. Today’s Senya is that much of a wizard. This is the stage she reached while wandering around the Demon Realm for 16 years, killing numerous demons and three demon kings.

I was weak 16 years ago.

Being weak, he used to make fatal mistakes in many battles. His mistakes always brought Senya close to death, but Hamel always stood in the way, preventing his death from coming any further.

A scar that will never go away. up of the battle. These are things that you can’t get used to until you get used to them, but today… … Now, it was especially painful for Senya.

“So when are you going to start?”

I was not conscious of the trembling of my body.

My heart hurts. Muscles don’t work well. I rested enough… … The recovery of the body is delayed.

I know why. My body, which I have abused for 16 years, is begging me to stop.

“I’m fine. I can fight any number of times.”

It’s just annoying that the answer doesn’t come back right away. Anise and Senya’s silence, which had been warned over and over again, was taken for granted. But I really didn’t like the fact that even that bastard moron looked at her without saying anything.


At the end of the short silence, it was Vermouth who spoke.

They made a toast, but Vermouth hadn’t emptied his glass yet. During the conversation, Vermouth continued to look down at the glass.

I heard Vermouth’s gaze. Gray hair reminiscent of a lion’s mane, just like the last name ‘Lionheart’. Beneath it, golden eyes shimmered.

“You stay here.”

Hamel’s expression hardened. Senya was startled and turned to Vermouth. Anise let out a short sigh and nodded his head.

‘That’s right.’

Anise knew Hamel’s condition better than anyone else. Because it was she who took care of her whenever her party was injured. Moron’s body has as many scars as Hamel. However, although the bodies of Moron and Hamel are different, they are very different.

Morron’s body is strong enough to be called a miracle of God. Morron’s body was not damaged even after the reckless battle. Vermouth was rarely wounded, but his body was strong enough that he would not get tired even after continuing a tough battle.

Hamel is different. It’s tough, but it’s nothing compared to Morone and Vermouth. The reason why Hamel survived and was able to bear the weight next to Vermouth in battle—- was because he was strong enough to cover his weak body and was good at fighting.

but. Ignition, which puts too much strain on the heart and core, is a technique that is far beyond the standards of the body. The deeper you go into the demon realm, the stronger your enemies become. Hamel’s skills also improved.

It was lacking. The closer Hamel got to Hell, the more frequently Hamel used Ignition.

It’s been 16 years since I’ve been wandering around the Devil’s Realm. The number of times I have used Ignition in the last 3 years since I entered the domain of the demon king of confinement is more than the number of times I have used it in the previous 13 years.

As a result, Hamel’s body was damaged too much. It was to the point where it wouldn’t be strange if his heart stopped or his blood vessels burst and he died. In the worst case, the core may completely run out of control, and the body may burst and die along with the mana inside the body.

“… … I agree with Vermouth-sama’s words.”

Couldn’t strongly recommend it. Anise knew Hamel too well. That man would take this invitation with humiliation. If I had been wise enough to take care of myself, I wouldn’t have been so broken.

“Don’t say shit.”

Hamel was also enraged. He grabbed the sword he had placed beside him and jumped up from his seat.

Senya was startled and tried to grab Hamel, but Moron reached out and grabbed Senya by the shoulder.

“What are you asshole?!”

“Hamel’s anger is justified.”

Moron said in a low voice. He also knows that Hamel’s body is not normal. However, I couldn’t unconditionally agree with Vermouth’s words.

Hamel is a warrior. If you want him to fight, you must let him fight.

If—-if Hamel were to die in battle. At that time, he would regret not sending Hamel back and weep, but Moron thought he should respect Hamel’s will.

Senya didn’t know that. Hamel is not normal. I’m not talking about the body, I’m talking about the brain. I don’t know why you’re stubborn about a subject that’s ruined as much as it’s ruined.

Didn’t everyone laugh and talk someday? Save the world, return to the continent, what to do.

Nothing is definite. Everyone just said it vaguely. Well, at the time, I really didn’t think I could save the world.

But now it’s different. Killed 3 Demon Kings. There are only two Demon Kings left. What felt vague and distant—- now became visible to some extent.

We should be happy. You should spend the rest of your life happier than anyone else in the world. For us, we deserve it.

Because he is a hero who saved the world.

“Sit down, Hamel.”

not happy now In fact, it’s scary and hopeless, and it’s like going crazy. From one day on, no matter what I ate, it had no taste. I didn’t even get drunk when I drank. I was more afraid of the nightmares she had alone than the nightmares of the dream queen. sleep did not come

I was afraid to sleep. He developed magic to cleanse and stabilize the mind. She asked Anis and tried to cast off her fears with divine magic.

It’s a vicious cycle. Even if you wash your hair right away and calm down your emotions, when you look at the gray sky above your head and turn your head to see the demonic castle in confinement—- fear strikes you again.

I don’t want to die.

Those who irresponsibly left everything behind and ran away. Even in the midst of dying, those who passed on their regrets as a will. Everyone who had their own expectations and made us their hopes.

Why do you want us to fail?

You shouldn’t criticize. but it’s hateful

I was envious.

If possible, I want to give up and go back together. It’s because I did well enough if I killed 3 demon lords. Even if one day, again, he comes to kill the demon king with only two left. right now… … Yes, only until Hamel’s body heals.

“You can’t even fight properly.”

Senna herself knew very well that such a wish was impossible. I couldn’t act according to my selfish thoughts.

There are two Demon Kings left. As long as the Demon King exists, the world will continue to be chaotic. Demons and demons will kill people, and horsemen will kill elves.

You must avenge the grudge of the dead elves.

“If you go together, you will rather get in our way.”

I don’t want to die. so you won’t die Not happy. someday you will be happy No matter what you eat, it doesn’t taste like anything? Because the food doesn’t taste like dogs. It’s because the stress made my head spin.

In the end, all of that is solved by killing the demon king.

“So, Hamel, I’m waiting for you.”

All five must live. The one with the highest chance of dying right now is Hamel, and his body isn’t normal, so it’s only natural to keep him waiting here. Even if Hamel didn’t agree—- Senya thought it must be.

Senya’s happiness is to survive together.

‘I hate small houses.’

On sleepless nights, I used to draw a vague future.

‘I prefer a large mansion.’

I believed that we must reach it.

‘A place with many forests, good air, high and blue sky. A place full of stars at night. A land where gentle rivers flow rather than salty, windy seas.’

An embarrassing imagination that I can’t tell anyone.

‘I want to use an entire outbuilding as a study. When the sun goes down, a fireplace is lit, and a warm orange light illuminates the study. There, I’ll be sitting in a rocking chair, reading a book, or writing something.’

How old was I then, and what would I look like?

‘You will still be there. After wielding various weapons and sweating profusely, he would come into the study alone after washing himself and brushing his wet hair. I’ll take issue with your attitude and scold you, but I’ll end up laughing at your jokes.’

I would glance at Hamel, who was on watch, and would jump up when our eyes met.

‘Sometimes I go camping outdoors while reminiscing about old memories. We invite Anise, Moron, and Vermouth, and laugh all night long.’

I can’t sleep. It’s going to be a shift soon anyway, so I’ll just stay awake.

‘Then Hamel. you are by my side The one closest to me.’

Senya caught her breath and looked at Hamel. He couldn’t quite guess what expression he was in now.

‘In my future, in my happiness, I can’t imagine not having you.’

Probably, I thought it was an unsightly face.

extravaganza, interlude

“You son of a bitch. Everyone’s worried about you, why are you f*cking crazy? Why do I have to cry for you?”

Senya kicked Hamel while yelling at him for nothing. The kick stung Hamel, and she hoped to fall. Look, you’re so weak you can’t stand my kicks.

so just stay here we will definitely come back Just believe and pray that we will come back.

“Don’t talk bullshit, Senya.”

Hamel did not fall. He didn’t even stumble. Rather, he came closer and grabbed Senya’s shoulder.

“Do you think you can kill the demon king of confinement without me? Who buys time for you without me? If I’m not there, who’s holding back the Morons? Who will watch over Anise without me? Without me, who fights alongside Vermouth?”

“Don’t be stubborn, Hamel… … ! You know best that that is impossible for you now!”

“Yes, I know my body well. I know what you’re talking about. I’m becoming an anti-villain. I can still fight One day you won’t be able to fight, but that’s not right now. Send you guys and wait here?”

Hamel laughed and put Senya on the shoulder.

“I—do you think that will happen? Senya, Anise, Vermouth. you know me I… … Do you think you can accept that? become a burden? Are you holding your ankle? So what. If I get in the way, you guys take care of yourself. I’ll even crawl after you!”

“… … Hamel.”

Vermouth let out a long sigh.

Hamel passed Senya. Startled, she grabs Hamel’s wrist, but her wild swing shakes off Senya’s.

“If you leave me, I’ll think it’s like X but I can’t help it. ‘Cause I’ll follow you however… … wait here? Look at me, do that? I hate you son of a bitch.”

I grabbed Vermouth by the collar.

“… … I will defeat the Demon King together with you.”

Vermouth did not avoid Hamel’s eyes.

“I said it was for you. You don’t know how long it will take to get to the palace where the demon king of confinement is located. there may be some danger We open the way Rest here until then. And when fighting the demon king of confinement… … .”

“Does that make sense?”

Hamel snorted and let go of Vermouth’s throat.

“If you’re going to throw it away, throw it away or what? Take me back when I fight the demon king of confinement? Do you think I did this shit for 16 years hoping for that kind of honor?”

“Hamel, I don’t mean that. I just… … .”

“I am.”

Hamel sighed.

“If I become such an asshole scum that I can’t even crawl, I’ll just die.”

“Hamel… … !”

“Because there is no point in living. However, when crawling is possible… … I go with you.”

It is stubborn like a sick person. Hamel himself knew that. He knew that everyone was saying that for him.

Still, I couldn’t accept it. You can still fight a few times. This broken body still moves as it pleases.

Even if you can’t move.

At that time, you will be able to do something with your broken body. But if you stay here, you can do nothing but commit suicide in misery.

“You know I’m stubborn like an idiot.”

Hamel returned to his seat and sat down.

“… … If I told you to stay, did you think I would stay thank you? I’d rather die. Like I said, if I get in the way, just drop it and go. I mean go first. I’ll figure it out.”

“You idiot!”

Senya screamed and tried to punch Hamel in the face. Usually at times like this, Hamel dared to stay still and greet Senya’s slapping, but this time he didn’t. He quickly shook his head to avoid his slap.

“look. my body moves well You can avoid the slap from that archmage, Senya Merdein.”

“This, you bastard… … !”

“Let them do as they please.”

Anise spat. There was still about half of the liquor left in the bottle in front of her, but Anise blew the bottle and emptied it in front of everyone.

“Don’t we all know that bastard won’t listen to what he says? If you really want to leave Hamel behind, you’ll have to give that bastard’s leg right now.”

“I’ll follow you even if I crawl.”

“Then you can break both arms. If you do that, will you follow me, bobbing around like a caterpillar? Oh my gosh, I just imagined it, Hamel, that looks like it would suit you very well. In preparation for that moment, why not practice crawling even now? This worm.”

Anise sneered. Hamel furrowed his eyebrows at those words and approached Anis.

“Hey Anis, no matter how much you talk too much… … .”

It was before the words were finished.

Kwakjak! Anis hit the bottle he was holding with Hamel’s head. The bottle shattered and shards of glass flew everywhere. Senya and Moron were stunned by that hot blow and opened their mouths wide.

The most surprised was Hamel. I never thought I’d hit you on the head with a bottle! It was I who was insulted, so why should I be beaten?

Hamel was dumbfounded and looked at Anis.

“Would it be nice to hear it when you speak nicely?”

It was a face that had just been smiling.

I didn’t laugh now. Long eyelashes tremble. The bloodshot pupils are giving strength so as not to tremble. Senya ended up crying, but Anis didn’t. She was good at hiding her emotions. It was thanks to him that she could not cry now.

“… … Hamel. You’re really in the way, so you’re not asking me to stay here, are you? Senya and I… … No, all of us. I am asking you to stay here because I do not wish for your death.”

“… … .”

“The demonic castle of confinement will not be compared to the demonic castle we have passed on so far. I’ve survived so far, but maybe, this time… … One of us may die.”


Hamel meekly admitted that fact. It’s been 3 years since I’ve been wandering around the territory of confinement.

this land is hell In the territory of the other demon lord—- there was a little bit of hope. There were people who had hope and moved forward. They were incomparably weaker than Hamel’s comrades.

Even if you are weak, you can save the world. I believed I could do something for the world.

In the land of confinement, not even the remnants of such hope remain. Die, survive, just run away. Now, in this land, there were only five people here with the goal of subjugating the demon lord in captivity.

The Great Demon King, number 2 in the hierarchy.

All the previous demon lords sneered and cursed as they died.

You will eventually be killed by the demon king of confinement. The demon castle of confinement will be the grave of all of you. The slaughter, misery, and madness uttered the name of the demon king of confinement, not the demon king of destruction ranked first in the ranks.

“If any of us die… … .”

“That would be me.”

“… … yes. So you are here… … .”

“I must die in your place.”

Saying that, Hamel brushed off the glass shards on his hair.

“… … Whatever you say, I’ll go with you. You can still fight, that’s all.”

“You asshole!”

Senya squealed. She glared at Hamel without even wiping the dripping tears.

ㅡHow should I say it? My head hurt. I think I said it so you can understand. But that bastard won’t listen. Do I really have to suppress it?

After that, next time, will I be able to face Hamel?

“It’s a mess.”

Vermouth murmured. He chuckled and shook his head.

Everyone looked at Vermouth in surprise at that low laugh. Vermouth doesn’t usually smile. In particular, the current situation is not even a laughing matter.

“Hamel. Your words are contradictory and have no logic. I just insist on being stubborn.”

“So do you pick it?”

“no. Rather, I think that side is like you.”

Vermouth raised the glass he hadn’t drunk yet.

“I know what you mean. … … Let’s go together. The demon castle of confinement, it must be a terrible place that cannot be compared to other demon castles. but we don’t die No one will die.”

Vermouth’s ‘words’ are miraculous. Even though you are saying absurd things, you give me the belief that it will definitely happen. Warrior. Everyone calls vermouth that way. Same with Hamel.

It’s a guy you don’t want to admit, but it makes you have no choice but to admit it. If there was hope in this hell, it had to be vermouth.

No matter how strong the demon king of confinement is. Even if there is a demon lord of destruction who seems to never be able to fight.

If there was vermouth, it seemed like it would work somehow.

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