Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 89

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‘So we have to go together.’

Hamel licked his lips.

“Vermouth is right.”

Moron opened his mouth.

“We are not dying. As always, everyone will survive. After the fight, we will all drink together in front of the corpse of the demon king in captivity.”

I emptied the glass that Vermouth was holding. He set the glass down with a rare brow furrow.

“Hamel is right. It’s an awfully tasteless drink.”

“… … Mr. Vermouth.”

“I think morale is as important as challenging a tough place. It’s not fun no matter what you talk about with this kind of alcohol.”

Vermouth’s fingers cut through the air. thud! A poison as big as his torso fell to the floor. Seeing that, Anise jumped up from her seat with her eyes wide open.

“Mr. Vermouth! Didn’t I tell you that the alcohol is already out!”

“It was a lie. sorry.”

“Why do you lie like that!”

“Because I thought I should save some alcohol to drink when it’s really important and I’m happy.”

Vermouth smiled and opened the bottle. Anis was already standing in front of the wine pot holding the Holy Grail. The atmosphere in which I was standing changed in an instant.

Senya didn’t like that. It was an issue that shouldn’t be passed over.

“What are you going to do?”

Anis, who returned with a chalice full of wine, sat down next to Senya. She set the small glass in her other hand down in front of Senya.

“Hamel will not give up his stubbornness. We cannot change Hamel’s mind.”

“Why not? I’d rather make it into a half soldier… … .”

“Stop talking about things you can’t even tell, Senya. If he did, he would be resentful of Hamel for the rest of his life. Can you afford it?”

The thinly opened eyes turned to Senya. Senya couldn’t say anything at that gaze and bit his lips tightly. When she turned her head, Hamel was sitting between Morron and Vermouth, grumbling.

“… … None of us will die.”

Anise said, bringing the Holy Grail to her lips.

“The Demon Castle of Confinement will be a difficult place, but we will survive as we have so far. Even if you fall down and get hurt, you won’t die if I’m with you.”

“… … .”

“And Senya, aren’t you there too? The most serious thing about Hamel is the core and heart. If you’re by my side when the core is about to explode and collapse, you’ll be able to stabilize the runaway. Rather, Hamel may be safe to go with us.”

“… … huh.”

“Hamel is not fighting alone. … … A lot will be different from when you fight the sword of confinement. There is me, there is you, there is Morron, there is also Vermut. Hamel doesn’t have to do everything from the front. therefore… … .”

Anis stopped talking for a moment.

“… … What am I supposed to be talking about? I’m afraid that even if I leave that asshole alone, it will survive on its own… … .”

“You also need to be convinced.”

Senya murmured.

“I want to leave Hamel behind, but I can’t. She thought that even if she didn’t leave it here, Hamel wouldn’t die. She doesn’t want to be resentful of Hamel, because she understands Hamel. So she spits it out herself and comforts herself that it will be okay.”

“… … I’m your colleague and a saint, so it’s natural.”

“Is that really all there is?”

Anise put down the Holy Grail. The sounds of nearby chatter could be heard very far away. She involuntarily turned her head and looked in Hamel’s direction.

Hamel was laughing while clinking glasses with Morron. The wounds are all healed, and nothing is wrong. There is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol. She patted her scar-covered chest while talking like that.

‘Useless care.’

… … We also met eyes with Vermouth. He nodded his head, widening his golden eyes. Thanks to his consideration, he was able to have a comfortable conversation with Senya.

“Did you know?”

“Isn’t it strange that you don’t know? Except for those idiots and idiots, everyone knows. … … Seeing that you used magic, Vermouth would know.”

“I thought you were good at hiding.”

“You must be skilled. But, Anise, you didn’t mean to hide it. is not it? Even though it was obvious to Hamel.”

“oh. It seems that my greed has been buried without even realizing it. Or Senya, did you feel frustrated and wanted to stimulate… … . Did you want to pick stupid Hamel?”

Anise smiled and picked up the Holy Grail again. Shaking it proudly, he whispered to Senya.

“My feelings are not as sincere as yours. just… … yes. I have never experienced anything like this, and I live a chaste life.”

“Who is not chaste?”

“It is fate. I’m a saint. just light… … yes. Mild grumpiness, pranks, things like that. The thought of taking it away from you… … .”

“Is that all?”

Senya smiled bitterly and asked again.

“Can you be satisfied with that?”

“… … What do you do if you are not satisfied? As I said earlier, I am a saint. My body is light… … .”

“Don’t be silly. alive… … If we go back, we can do anything. We deserve to be happy. If Seongguk tells you not to love men, and you don’t like it. I will help you. Do you think you and I won’t be able to get a headgear for the Pope?”

“… … That’s an ignorant word. If you’re not religious, you can, but I can’t. My existence itself is based on faith. If I betray my faith, I will die and go to Hell.”

“Do you want to live in hell and die and go to heaven? Then it doesn’t pay off.”

Senya sipped her drink and laughed.

“We already live in hell. And we’ll save this hell with our own hands. … … You should be happy like that, Anis, but I don’t want you to be the only one left in hell.”

“… … .”

“We did a lot. In particular, you saved a lot of people. I am… … I don’t believe in the god of light. The saintess who saved countless people… … I don’t think God is so petty as to throw her into hell just because she married a man.”

“How can a person know God’s will?”

Anis smiled and turned to Senya. There were still tears in her eyes. Anis stretched out her finger and wiped away Senya’s tears.

“… … As you say, we live in hell, so we can have happy dreams. After all, yes. I’ll think about it again then.”

“It’s all messed up.”

Senya let out a short breath and shook her head.

“Emotions don’t work out. Just a moment ago, I felt like I was going to cry, get angry, and go crazy. now… … Rather, it made me feel at ease.”

“Because I have faith.”

“… … trust?”



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“The belief that none of us will die. Trust that Hamel will be fine.”

Anise’s chalice and Senya’s goblet collided lightly.

“It is easier to believe than not to believe.”

it’s faith Senya set down the cleanly emptied glass. A liquor that Vermouth has been saving for special occasions. Maybe that’s why the ‘taste’ seemed to be felt clearly.

“… … It might just be because the alcohol tastes good.”

It’s fine now. It’s okay. She thought so and she laughed. I saw the glass I put down and Akasha next to it.

‘are you okay.’

As Anise said. Many things are different from when I suddenly encountered the sword of confinement. There is vermouth. There are also Morrons. There is also anise.

‘No one dies.’

Senya raised her head while stroking Akasha with her fingers. Hamel, who was drinking across from her, met her eyes.

The son of a bitch raised his middle finger proudly as soon as our eyes met. Senya smiled in amazement and raised her middle finger in the same way.

‘Hamel doesn’t die.’

I won’t let you die

extravaganza, interlude

I don’t think I slept much, but I woke up. I didn’t open my eyes right away, I kept my eyes closed for several minutes. It was to fall asleep again, but once I woke up, the sleep never came back, no matter how hard I tried.

Eventually, Senya sighed in frustration and opened her eyes. Before going to sleep, she stabilized her mind with Anise’s holy magic, and Senya herself used sleep magic.

However, in this place close to hell, such defenses were of little use.

The area is filled with intense demonic energy emitted by the demon king of confinement, and Noir Jebella and the dreamers try to invade the dream whenever they have a chance. In the end, it is only blocked, but all of those things become ‘attacks’, removing divine power, scattering magic, and contaminating the mind.

Other wizards might deny it, but Senya thought that all wizards were bound to be sensitive psychopaths. Besides, there have been so many things that have bothered me, annoyed me, and stressed me out lately, so insomnia and shallow sleep were commonplace.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?”


Senya rubbed her tired eyes and turned her head.

I saw Vermouth sitting in front of the campfire. Beyond the swaying flames, golden eyes floated calmly. Senya waved his finger as he received that gaze.

“It’s better to force yourself to sleep.”

This party with the archmage and the saint is desperate for sleep. This is because they only sleep for the minimum amount of time, and the lack of time can be replaced with magic and divine magic.

“It’s fine for now. There is no problem with the condition.”

Senya answered with a smile.

Even if it wasn’t desperate, it wasn’t unnecessary. Resolving mental and physical fatigue with magic and divine magic would eventually be postponed until later. Going without sleep for too long eventually cuts down on your lifespan.

“Aren’t you overdoing it?”

Vermouth asked. Senya didn’t answer right away, but stared at Vermouth’s face over the bonfire.

Pale white skin and gray hair were stained with the color of the light, but only the bright golden eyes remained. Even though they had already been traveling together for 16 years—- when he was stared at by those eyes, Senya still felt a startling sense of difference.

“Who among us doesn’t overdo it? Vermouth, you’re overdoing it too. is not it?”

Senya smiled calmly and replied.

Vermouth Lionheart. That man hasn’t changed since his first meeting until now.

Senya, Anis, Morron, and Hamel all went through a journey and changed something. But the vermouth hasn’t changed. At least Senya thought so.

That man was transcendent and perfect from the beginning. It is undeniable that it has become ‘more’ transcendent and perfect, but that doesn’t mean that the first vermouth was incomplete.

He was mysterious and heroic, first and now. It was as if he was born that way, no, he was that kind of being.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to worry.”

I don’t know what the great hero is thinking. Other colleagues will agree with this. Vermouth Lionheart does not reveal his true intentions. However, he never doubted Vermouth’s ‘sincerity’.

Like everyone else, Vermouth was also blind to killing the demon king and saving the world.

A perfect and transcendent being. A mysterious hero whose true intentions are unknown. That’s why the world calls vermouth a warrior. Senya and the other companions who have traveled together with Vermouth for 16 years also consider Vermut a hero.

That’s why vermouth became the center and support for everyone. Even the grunting Hamel acknowledged this.

Without Vermouth, we would not have come this far. Let alone the three demon lords, he probably couldn’t have defeated even the first demon lord of slaughter he encountered… … .

‘… … far.’

There was only one bonfire between them. However, Senya felt that Vermouth was truly distant. Fighting, talking, eating, drinking together. Vermouth is now close to every moment that can be called daily life. warrior, colleague, friend. Of course he thinks so.

But when it’s like this. When Vermouth stared at him aloofly, the close Vermouth felt very far away. Rather, because Vermouth feels that way, it may be that he feels absolute trust in the words he occasionally spits out.

“… … what the.”

Senya shook her head a few times to get rid of the throbbing headache and looked around.

Moron lying down and sleeping. A little beside Senya, Anise curled up and fell asleep.

Hamel was nowhere to be seen.

“Is it for us? Or is it for Hamel?”

A wry smile came out involuntarily. Vermouth didn’t answer right away and shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Vermouth. You seem particularly soft towards Hamel. It has always been like that.”

“It is unfair to say that it is only me. Aren’t we all especially soft towards Hamel?”

Vermouth laughed as if he was embarrassed.

the depths of hell. It is a place where even the slightest sound has no choice but to be sensitively accepted. They talk in low voices, but Anis and Moron do not wake up. Right now, even Senya couldn’t hear the sound from beyond the darkness.

It’s because of Vermouth’s magic.

“I’ve said it dozens of times already, but I’ll say it again. vermouth. If we leave this disgusting Helmud and return to the continent… … .”

“You want to study my magic, right? To be honest, I don’t really like it.”

“How are you? At that time, the world will be at peace, and I will do you no harm because I study your magic. For the sake of the development of magic… … .”

“Isn’t your curiosity bigger?”

“My curiosity is satisfied and I get answers, which is the development of magic.”

It’s an arrogant thing to say, but Senya said it from the bottom of her heart. She stood up and smiled without any embarrassment.

“Is there still time before shift? … … Just in case, I’ll go see Hamel.”

“Senya, it’s okay if you don’t change shifts if you want.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s just a little bit more courageous.”

Vermouth said with a thin smile. … … Senya didn’t immediately understand the words and blinked her eyes.

Next in line for the vigil is Senya. … … Is it okay not to shift? Are you saying that vermouth will keep vigil in succession? why?


—-I understood. Senya’s eyes widened, and his mouth opened as well. His throbbing headache was gone, but he could feel the burning heat on his cheeks.

“What what, what, what are you saying?!”

“Did I say something so strange?”

Vermouth put on a calm expression and tilted his head. Seeing that, Senya struggled for no reason and patted his hot cheek.

“Oh, that’s out of the blue… … You say weird things! Yo, courage… … .”

“For me, your reaction is rather embarrassing. Can you still be ashamed of the love you’ve had for 16 years?”

“16 years… … this… … no… … !”

“I can’t do that.”

Vermouth was not a teasing face. He was as calm as always. Rather, it drove Senya crazy.

She tugged at her messy hair, groped for memories, and counted the years.

“… … Technically… … About 15 and a half years… … .”

“If you are still so ashamed and embarrassed, it will be difficult for you to muster up the courage. Need help?”

“Nothing… … summer solstice… … mind! my, i’ll figure it out and… … And I mean, isn’t that the case?”

Said Senya, desperately adjusting her expression.

It wasn’t a random excuse. No matter how great and heavy the feelings you have been harboring, the priority right now is to kill the demon king and save the world. Emotions… … It is right to postpone it until after everything has been accomplished.

“Then someday.”

Vermouth’s lips moved slightly. He stared at Senya, who stood up with a thin smile.

“… … One day everything will be over, and we will enjoy the future we laughed about.”

The story of the future was often shared.

Moron said he wanted to be king. Anise said he wanted to go on a peaceful and free journey. Hamel was shy and tried not to say anything, but she said several times that she would like to teach an orphan who lost her parents in the war a knife.

is Senya.

I wanted to get married like everyone else, have children, live like that, and become a grandmother. It would not be possible to say that such a life was an ordinary life, but Senya wanted such a life.

Even Vermouth, whose expression hardly changed when talking about such things, would laugh like that.

It was an unfamiliar smile.

“… … Heh, you don’t know the human heart, Vermouth. Right now I… … uh… … Well, Hamel, yes. That’s how it happened, but it’s something you don’t know about later, right? huh? Back on the continent… … .”

Anyway, I couldn’t speak any more.

Senja couldn’t imagine feeling in love with a man other than Hamel. Even if it was just a simple word, he didn’t want to spit out that nonsense and a future that shouldn’t exist. That alone made her feel like she was cheating on herself.

In the end, I couldn’t speak and only pouted my lips. Seeing Senya like that, Vermouth laughed in a low voice.

“I don’t mind being the subject of your magic research, but you and Hamel are going to a wedding… … okay. The officiating seems to be able to stand. If you can.”

“Mimi… … don’t be crazy come to a conclusion? Because people don’t know what to do! I, I’m going, vermouth. I won’t listen to any more bullshit that isn’t like you!”

My hot face felt like it was about to explode. Senya stammered and jerked her body around.

I never thought I would hear something like this from Vermouth. Vermouth, who usually doesn’t joke around, said something that made my emotions even more fluctuated.

… … but. Independently of emotions, delusions were developing in my head. Because I’ve already imagined ‘something like this’ many times. It’s a shameful delusion that I can’t tell anyone.

‘Dog~ bitch.’

No, in fact, there was one that I knew. The delusion in my head can develop concretely when I am attacked for the first time by Noir Jebella… … It’s because I had a ‘dream’ by that damn bitch.

I hate simple weddings. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. If I were to have a wedding, I wanted to have a grand wedding that everyone on the continent would know and record in history. If it was a wedding of heroes who saved the world, not anyone else, it should have been.

The largest and most colorful royal castle on the continent. I don’t know if it’s the king or the emperor who lives there, but if you let them know, they’ll vacate the castle on their own. much grander and more splendid than the coronation ceremony. Yet majestic and beautiful.

All kings of the continent must attend as guests. if not? You will taste the naive wrath of the archmage that even reaches the demon king. All the aristocrats who claim to use their strength will have to attend and present the offerings they have collected while the heroes save the world.

… … Vermouth officiates. Shall Moron be seen as a society? It must be too heavy a burden for that backbone… … Then what about anise?

‘no. That’s too cruel.’

You can do it to any king. Originally, I wanted to be blessed by Anis, but now I can’t. What about a joint wedding? Everyone will be surprised, but what is it? A hero who saved the world can do anything.

‘Hamel must have saved the country in his previous life.’

No, rather, he would have saved the country and the world in this lifetime, so he can enjoy that level of luxury. … … I imagined it to be a pretty good sight.

‘… … Standing on either side of you in a tuxedo that doesn’t suit you, Anise and I are wearing a pure white dress. When Vermouth calls us, the three of us enter together. After all, that idiot is going to cry out loud when he sees us entering.’

Rather good. Everyone will be holding a bouquet in their hands, so at the end you should throw it towards Vermouth and Moron.

‘I don’t think those two would have gotten married then either. For some reason, Vermouth seems to be single for the rest of his life… … Moron is… … hmm… … .’

When I thought about it again, it seemed that Moron would marry unexpectedly quickly.

‘Then am I not worse than Moron? uh… … I can’t help it. If I lose to Moron, I’ll be teased for the rest of my life, so I hee… … Cheer up and get married sooner than Moron… … .’

Maybe now I’m under attack from Noir Jebela? Could it be that the wicked Gal X queen is doing a mental attack? Otherwise, I couldn’t have gone deeper into these crazy and embarrassing thoughts.

“… … Uhm.”

It can’t be.

Seeing Hamel in the distance, Senya thought that all of this could not be a dream. All the delusions that raced through her head, this feeling that made her heart race, were not hypnotized by Noir, but were unmistakably sincere.

It wasn’t difficult to admit. As Vermouth said, 16 years… … No, it’s a feeling I’ve had for 15 years and a half. The confusion about this was understood, acknowledged, and accepted 10 years ago, no, maybe 9 years and a few months ago.

Even so, the reason I was still ashamed and excited was because Senya had such a personality.

It is said that it is an emotion that has been accepted right away, but it is impossible to reveal all of them and put them in. Yes, one day I will have to properly confirm this feeling with Hamel.

but. If possible, I would like that stupid idiot to notice before Senya herself speaks… … .

Rather than blushing and conveying his feelings on the side of Senya, if possible, Hamel would first bring the bouquet… … No, I wish I could confess to you with a wild flower.

Senya has been inducing Hamel to fall in love with her.

The problem was that the man was a very stupid idiot.

changed the way Very occasionally, when it is unavoidable and necessary. Senya showed her feelings slightly to Hamel. It was also perfect for Senja’s own retrospective. Except for Hamel, no one else could notice her.

‘… … .’

Vermouth and Anise noticed, but that was because the two of them were quicker than necessary. On the other hand, that bastard Hamel seemed to be more than a moron in this matter.

“Why are you doing that again?”

Senya adjusted her expression and spoke to Hamel. Is her face still red? Rather, wouldn’t the red side be the right appeal for that idiot?

hate. My red face, I don’t want to show it because I’m ashamed.

“Then why aren’t you sleeping?”

Hamel, who was sitting on the floor, raised his head and looked back at Senya. When our eyes met like that. Senya smiled involuntarily.

Ultimately, this is it.

Even though it was 15 years old, Senya was still ashamed of this feeling.

I was thrilled with Hamel.

“You have a night watch next to Vermouth, you idiot.”

“You have more than an hour left before your shift.”

“It’s manners to wake up early and prepare.”

“You’re doing something that doesn’t work. It’s obvious, aren’t you going to sleep again?”

Hamel laughed and wiped the sweat from his forehead. Instead of answering, Senya snorted. As Hamel said, it was obvious, and it happened often.

“Force yourself to sleep. It’s been a while since you haven’t slept properly. Then you get hurt.”

“Can you please stop worrying about me? Who cares about whom?”

Senya adjusted her expression once again. It was the sincerity that removed all the jokes.

Hamel shrugged his shoulders instead of answering. His scarred upper body was drenched in sweat. Hamel’s favorite weapons are scattered around the seat.

This is also obvious and happens often. Even at dawn when everyone was asleep, Hamel did not leave his body still. He disciplined himself, wielding his weapon as if he were compulsive.

“Have you seen me do this once or twice?”

“Have you forgotten what we talked about earlier? Your body is an idiot, so just get some rest.”

“If you rest, you become rather dull. You have to tune it like this so that your body moves well when needed.”

“Don’t say anything ignorant. Do you want to be beaten by Anis again? Or yes, I could beat you right now.”

“Don’t overdo it.”

Hamel stood up. He brushed off his muddy hands and picked up the towel lying at his feet.

“It’s about knowing where I’m okay and where I can move.”

“… … It’s serious enough to be aware of.”

“Is there anyone in the world who wants to die?”

Hamel laughed as he roughly wiped his sweaty body.

“This is all about trying not to die.”

“… … just… … .”

“Yeah, I’m not going back. I won’t be waiting alone. I’ll just go with you, and if you’re worried about me, you’ll protect me so I don’t die.”

Before Senya could even utter a word, Hamel fired a quick shot. Senya licked his parted lips a few times, then cracked his expression and slapped Hamel in the chest.


It was nasty, so I hit it with quite a bit of force. However, Hamel smiled without showing any sign of her pain.

“… … No matter how I think about it, vermouth seems strangely soft to you. Why did you let an immature idiot train?”

“Because you know me well.”

“Even just before, yes. If Vermouth pushed you… … .”

“Same as you.”

Took. The greatsword lying nearby was kicked by Hamel’s foot and floated upward. Hamel grabbed his greatsword in the air and slung it over his shoulder.

“Senya. After all, you couldn’t even push. Vermouth is the same. Pushers know I won’t listen. If that’s the case, it’s better to put it where you can see it.”

“… … You pack the words that you are a stubborn idiot who runs rampant without knowing how precious your life is.”

“Look, Senya, you know me well.”

“Every time you do that, I feel like an idiot for worrying about you.”

“Then don’t worry.”

Hamel smirked and pressed his thumb to my chest.

“I am not dying.”

That’s funny. Anyone in the world can say that they will not die. And in the world, there were countless people who died after uttering such words. Could Hamel be an unconditional exception?

Senya—- couldn’t believe it at all. Still, I wanted to believe. I thought it must be that way.

Because, everyone, including Senya, survived until now. Because each of us has dedicated ourselves to not letting each other die.

“… … fool.”

Senya murmured in a low voice and let out a deep sigh.

“I know I will be careful. I won’t even bother So, Hamel, you should too. Be careful, don’t overdo it. me… … If you don’t want to kill me, you must protect me. I will protect you too.”

“Is it just you and me? We all would. I think, if one of us dies… … . Maybe it’s a Moron? Because that bastard rushes ignorantly.”

Words without heart. Even so, Hamel smiled mischievously. The conclusion about what he just uttered was already drawn a long time ago.

If one of us has to die.

“… … If you don’t die, here’s the next one. Hamel.”

Saying that, Senya smiled proudly. She seemed to have been found out. Hamel blinked his eyes, then smiled and swung his greatsword once.

‘I don’t want to have a conversation like this.’

Senya thought so and sat down.

We were used to this situation. As Hamel tempers himself by wielding his weapon. Most of the time, Senya was sitting near him like now.

At this time, there was no need to talk to each other. It was like that today too. Senya silently watched Hamel swing his sword.

“… … A childish bastard.”

I had to say something.


“Are you doing this on purpose just to see me? Wielding a weapon with her bare body without spending mana. Are you protesting that your body is fine?”

“It’s not? Are you just training your body? This is why mages are a problem, that bastard’s mana almighty. Isn’t it good to train only mana unconditionally? You need to train your body as well… … .”

“I know, so do it in moderation. Everyone knows you practice late at night, but if you get hurt, Anise won’t let you go the next morning.”

At those words, Hamel’s expression hardened slightly. Her face was genuinely worried about Anise’s violence. Senya giggled as Hamel secretly released mana.

“… … What did you and Vermouth talk about?”

Hamel cleared his throat and asked if Senya’s laughter was embarrassing.

“What were you talking about? I just cursed at you.”

“You do it every day.”

“that’s right. Just, every day… … No, I said it often.”

“I know what you were talking about. What are we doing later, talk like that?”

Also know each other well. Senya laughed at that thought.

“that’s right. now… … You can seriously think about it. There are only two demon lords left.”

“I think the remaining two will have a harder time than the three people I killed before.”

“After being so stubborn, are you saying that you are weak now? So, Hamel, are you really going to teach orphans knives? Shall we make an orphanage named after you?”

“I’ve been thinking about it, why not build an academy rather than an orphanage? We gather war orphans from all over the country and teach them this and that.”

“Aha, yes, Hamel Academy named after you, something like that? If you build an academy, people other than war orphans will line up to enter.”

“I don’t think there will be any idiots who come to kill their normal parents… … .”

“Stop talking crazy.”

Senya stopped talking with a straight face.

“… … I think the academy will be pretty good.”

Aside from that nonsense, Hamel’s opinion moved Senya a little. Whatever the purpose, isn’t it to save this terrible world and then take care of it?

“Because I’m going to continue researching magic… … . um, yes Hamel, if you establish an academy, I will personally be the professor of magic.”

“The magic academy is also in Arrot. There is also a mage tower.”

“under! The wizards of Arot are old-fashioned people who only want to be treated with inferior subjects than me. I assure you, I will develop much more magic than all the magic tower masters and professors put together, and teach the future generations well?”

The future everyone was talking about. The roaring wind wasn’t always the same. Every time we talked, it would change a little or a lot. It’s because the wind and mind have changed each time.

“So, let me help you. Such a future… … I think it’s pretty good.”

Senya murmured with a faint smile. Hamel, perhaps embarrassed, turned his head and swung his greatsword.

“I can’t imagine you becoming the principal of the academy.”

“I thought about it again, but I just won’t do it. I just go to a place where the air is nice and peaceful and I farm and live there.”

“To be ashamed.”

Senya smiled and hugged her knees.

The future changes little by little every time we talk. Still, there are things that don’t change.

Senya wished for a happy life.

Hamel was always by her side in the happy life that Senya was drawing from some day.

It had to be.

extravaganza, interlude

The demonic castle of confinement is surrounded by a huge centipede mountain range.

The winding mountain range, like its name, wriggles like a living centipede. In that way, the centipede mountain range becomes a huge wall and confines the demon king and the demon castle. At the same time, intruders trying to enter and cross the mountain range are confined in the mountain and killed.

From the moment you cross the terrifying and gigantic Centipede Mountains, the sky changes. The Demon King of Confinement. This absurdly powerful demon king dyes the world his colors simply by existing.

Beyond the Centipede Mountains, there is no day or night in the sky. The sun cannot light up the sky where the demon king of confinement exists, and the night cannot be darker than the magic power emitted by the demon king of confinement.

Under the hazy gray sky, neither bright nor dark. There is a land dyed red. red plains. The only thing that exists and drifts there is a dull black fog.

Demon Knights led by Gavid Lindman, the henchman and sword of the demon king of confinement—-Black Mist. In order to reach the Dark Castle of Confinement, you must cross the Red Plains, the base of the Black Mist.

Black Mist is strong. The knights, composed of 300 demons, are called Helmud’s Nightmare. Several knights and armies targeting the imprisoned demon castle were annihilated by the black mist.

There are those who do not give up even in the face of endless sad news.

Some people despair and run away, but others dare to come here. Those who believe that even if they end up being hacked to death, someone else will extend a sword for them while the blade is driven into their body. People who decided to turn back the steps they had been running away from and to give their lives for the faintest hope.


Among the overgrown corpses was a familiar face.

Before crossing the Centipede Mountains, the defeated knights met by chance. One of the three who lost most of their comrades to the black fog they encountered. A knight who cried while handing him a filthy tasteless drink, begging him to defeat the demon lord.

The dismembered upper body was mixed in with the other corpses. It was not a face of resentment, nor a face of pain. Perhaps her head had been cut off before she could even make that expression, but Senya didn’t want to think of such a depressing and horrible thought.

Why did he die here when he said he would leave the demonic realm and return to his hometown? where are the other two? Did we all change our minds together, or did we decide alone?

… … A crude sentence is engraved on the dented breastplate. lion’s crest. It was a crest that became the symbol of Vermouth Lionheart from some time ago.


Shouts are erupting from all sides. Currently, more than 1,000 knights and soldiers are advancing on the Red Plains. The lion’s crest is engraved on the chest of all who advance.

The hero Vermut and his companions head to the imprisoned demon castle.

After hearing that story, they were knights who voluntarily gathered. They carved the crest of a lion on their dented armor and crossed the Centipede Mountains with Vermouth. And rushed towards the black mist that blocked this wide red plain.

The vanguard rushed in and died.

The Black Mist, led by Gavid Lindman, is as strong as, no, more than its evil name. With the vanguard’s poorly maintained armament, it was only possible to receive a single knife cut with the body.

Is that all? The enemy on this plain was not only the Black Mist. The army of demons pouring out of the imprisoned demon castle followed the black mist.

Many people have already died, but the morale of the allies did not drop at all. On the contrary, as the ally died, the morale mixed with madness and became more and more energized.

Because I know that death is not meaningless. The hero, Vermut Lionheart, is now here. That Vermouth is shouting for an advance while holding high a dazzling holy sword.

Is that all? It’s not just Vermouth Lionheart that’s here. He has four companions who have been fighting alongside him since the beginning.

Morron rushed with the vanguard. Even the sharp blade of her Black Mist could not cut through Moron’s body. Every time the vanguard who rushed together fell, Moron howled as if vomiting his blood. The ax and hammer held in both hands burst the fog, crushed the demon’s head, and crushed the monster’s body.

Hamel ran right behind him. As in all battles so far, Hamel kept pace with Vermouth by keeping his side. Even on this chaotic battlefield, the battle between Vermouth and Hamel was free and one-sided slaughter.

‘Ignition is… … didn’t write thank god.’

For a moment, Senya was relieved by that fact. As the number of people fighting together increased, Hamel’s burden was reduced. That was the wish of the knights who came here.

The hero Vermouth and his friends. It is to prevent the heroes who will defeat the demon king of confinement from taking great damage. To help them keep their full potential. He came to give his life for it.

ㅡShoot it! In the sky where the sun never rises, dazzling light poured like rain. Senya raised her head and looked across the sky.

I saw Anis holding a rosary in both hands and praying. Directly below her, clerics in old white robes drenched in her blood were on her knees. Anis, who received all the divine power they emitted, performed a great miracle impossible for other priests.

The pouring light healed the wound quickly. He turned his fear of the blade that grazed his eyes into courage. It revitalized the tired and sluggish body. Vermut lighted up his black mist with the holy sword and offset his demonic magic. Demons whose magical powers were not pure were purified just by being exposed to light.

“Senya! Ready!”

A shout came from behind. Senya nodded her head slightly and grabbed Akasha with both hands.

After flying high, Senya lowered her gaze and looked down.

The survivors of Arot’s magic corps. And the battle wizards of each country… … At best, there were only dozens of people, and among them, there was no ‘real’ archmage that Senya saw.

Does not matter. The complicated technique was propagated in advance. From the tuning to the development of the spell, Senya was in charge of everything.

What does it matter that there are few numbers and no archmage? Senya herself is an archmage superior to hundreds of wizards combined.

The stockade began. Every time her lips moved, a huge mana looped through Senya’s body. One by one, the rings became nine and overlapped into one.

“iced coffee… … .”

The mages on the ground looked at Senya with eyes full of admiration.

They don’t know how Senya uses her magic. However, they knew that Senya’s realm was a transcendental realm that they could never reach.

Senya Merdane. We don’t know how the war with the demons will end, but one thing is certain.

Her name will be etched loudest and clearest in the history of magic. The name Senya Merdein will be a turning point for wizards.

Even if the demon king wins in this war and all beings on the continent are destroyed by the demons. When the demon tribe mentions the study of magic, Senya Merdein’s name will not be forgotten.

—-If the continent wins in this war. The Continent, no, all wizards to be born in the future should have Senya Merdein as their focal point.

The magic is complete.

The death rain began to fall. Hundreds of tiny bullets rained down like a meteor shower.

It wasn’t just a bullet. Heavy rain carefully created one by one with high concentration of mana. The mana that has been condensed to the limit penetrates the magical power and armor worn by the Black Mist Knights, gets stuck in the body, takes root to the heart, and explodes.

It was in the middle of a melee fighting entangled, but Senya’s magic moved swiftly and only targeted the demons. Among the black fog, dozens of low-skilled demons exploded after being hit by dozens of bullets, and over a hundred monsters became ground meat and soaked the plains with blood.

“Senya of calamity… … !”

The face of Gavid, who was commanding the Black Mist, was distorted. As his pupils emitted red light, the magic bullets that had been relentlessly aiming at the black mist exploded one after another and disappeared.

Senya’s chanting wasn’t over yet. She accelerated her incantation, her bloodshot eyes flashing. Akasha radiated light in response to her incantation. The wizards on the ground desperately kept pace, pouring blood from their eyes, nose, and mouth.

The sky was distorted. The artificially created orb with overwhelming mass and weight began to fall down as it crushed the hazy sky.

Meteor. It’s not a meteorite brought from space, but if a mass of that mass landed on the ground, a nation, no, even a civilization would perish.


A meteorite falls. Gavid and the Black Mist looked up at the sky in a fright. Even if Senya of Disaster and Anise of Hell were present here, there was no way they could protect their allies from the destruction that would occur when a meteorite of that mass landed on them.

“Demon King!”

Gavid screamed. That gigantic Meteor was about to strike directly at the demon castle of confinement, not this red plain.

If it was an attack that was manifested with mana, there was a possibility that it would be easily blocked by the demon king of confinement. The tribe of demons often sneers at human magic and destroys it.

That’s why I insisted on the physical bombing called ‘Meteor’. That Meteor, which was already made a few days ago and now summoned and dropped, was huge enough to crush the entire demonic castle in confinement.

Blood is dripping from his lips as he sighs. Inducing that gigantic meteor, dozens of offensive magic were added to the surface as an aid.

‘die… … !’

Senya sincerely wished him. Please, this Meteor will completely crush that terrible demon castle. May the confined demon king not be able to resist and be buried with the demon king.

Woo woo woo woo!

Black darkness soared from the towering demon castle of confinement. The darkness seemed to become a curtain and wrap around the castle, then gathered at the top of the spire into a single point. Cheer up! The chains woven by the darkness wrapped around the falling Meteor.

… … No sound was accompanied. There was a roar, a roar, no sound at all. Meteor, entwined in her chains, vanished like that. Senja staggered in the air, unable to believe the sight.

‘… … The demon king of confinement.’

Senya opened her eyes wide and glared at the demon castle.

The top of the spire from which the chains rose. I saw a man standing there.

The demon king of confinement was a different and different appearance from all the demon kings he had killed and met so far. Although he was a daemon with horns on his head, he looked very human. Compared to the Demon King of Destruction whose form was not clear, or the other Demon Kings who were vicious and gigantic even though they were demons, they were strangely calm and small.

Did you feel the gaze? The demon king of confinement slightly turned his head and looked at the sky where Senya was standing.

ㅡkeying! It felt like my mind would collapse just by looking at it. A dizzying headache shook her consciousness, and Senya’s body plummeted downward.

“hey. Are you okay?”

Fire! The wind that blew carried a familiar body odor. Senya opened her momentarily closed eyes and turned her head away.

I could see Hamel’s face leaping from afar. Senya let out a gasping breath as she braced herself in Hamel’s arms.

“It smells like blood.”

“Of course it is.”

Hamel replied with a sullen expression and licked the blood flowing down his cheek.

The blood of a slain demon. And the blood flowing from my wounds. Senya felt the warmth of the blood soaking her robe, and gripped Hamel’s collar tightly.

“… … You didn’t use ignition, did you?”

“I didn’t write it.”


“I wrote it for a while, so I hardly wrote it. There is less recoil with this.”

Hamel grumbled and slapped Senya’s forehead with his finger.

“Why don’t you worry about me instead of worrying about me? huh? I told you yesterday too Don’t think about aiming for the Demon King. The demon king of confinement isn’t even an idiot, can’t he cope with a magic attack from the top of the castle?”

“… … It was worth a try.”

“Yes, yes. Thanks to that, I knew in advance that your magic wouldn’t do much damage to the demon lord in captivity.”

“You can use other magic besides that kind of magic.”

Senya let go of Hamel’s collar while muttering in a low voice. percussion. Standing on the ground, Hamel put Senya down and shook his head.

“Don’t use great magic, but take care of your body while assisting in moderation. I go again.”

“… … Are you going to Vermouth?”

“Then who am I going to go with but that bastard? I was surprised to see you fall, but I came here, but the vermouth side is f*cking hard too. First of all, I want to slit Gavid’s head today… … .”

Hamel clicked his tongue and turned his head.

ㅡQuaaaaaang! An explosion exploded on the other side of the tangled battlefield, and a dull moonlight soared into the sky. Vermouth took out the moonlight sword.

“… … I don’t think I can.”

I saw Gavid leaping into the sky, avoiding the moonlight that spread in succession. Its two eyes emitted black light, and huge magic power hung like flames from the sword held in one hand.

Demon Sword Glory. When the power of the demonic eye of prestige was added to that demonic sword bestowed by the demon king of confinement, even the moonlight that destroyed everything could not advance properly.

“… … It’s not a moment.”

Senya murmured as she pressed her throbbing chest with her hand. Hamel crosses his battlefield and joins Vermouth. In order to keep up with Vermouth who pulled out the moonlight sword, Hamel had no choice but to use Ignition.


I promised not to use ignition in this battle.

… … I didn’t expect to keep that promise in the first place. In order to enter the demon castle of confinement, you must conquer this red plain and obliterate the black fog. That’s why everyone is desperate.

Even though they were outnumbered, the flow of the battle was one-sided because Senya, Anis, Moron, Vermouth, and Hamel dominated the battlefield. But even so, the number of enemies was too many. In order to annihilate the enemy, one ally had to kill dozens of demons and monsters.

The knights and soldiers fighting on this battlefield are incomparably weaker than Senya’s comrades. They did not hesitate to plunge their swords into the body of their enemies, even when their limbs were blown off. There were many who self-destructed by exploding the mana accumulated in their bodies.

Everyone is desperate, knowing that today’s victory is important. That’s why, Senya couldn’t complain any more about Hamel’s lies. She took out a mana potion from the subspace inside her robe and gulped it down.

After that, it was the same battle that I had been fighting for 16 years.

To prevent mana depletion, he drank the potion like water and cast magic. She supported her body with the light of anise, and followed the path opened by Morron, who was rampaging in front. She was conscious of Hamel and Vermouth, who were driving the enemy’s leader. Whenever she had a chance to air strike, she threatened Gavid by shooting her magic.

fought for a long time Day and night don’t exist here, but it seemed like a good day to fight. The cheers, which seemed to never cease, faded and intermittently cut off. As the name suggests, the plains were covered in red blood, and the smell of corpses and blood was everywhere.

He chanted magic with dead eyes. Her lips, which had been moved too much, were instantly dried and torn and bleeding, but Senya continued to stagger as she chanted magic.

“… … Senya, Senya!”

The arms clasped behind her back stopped Senya’s body. Senya was startled and looked back at him.

A bloodless white face appeared. … … Anise, who smelled of her blood all over her body, gasped for breath.

“It’s done.”

“… … anise?”

“It means it’s over. Are you stupid… … ! On the subject of always swearing at Moron and Hamel, you are no different. Have you been consumed by magic again?”

It was unavoidable. In order to distinguish between enemies and enemies while using magic in a long-term battle, consciousness must fully resonate with magic. At that moment, Senya became a moving magic cannon optimized for combat magic.

“… … It’s not about getting eaten. This… … .”

“Yes, I know what you mean. Anyway, it’s over.”

Anis said, enduring the stigmata pain. She clicked her tongue as she watched Senya’s torn lips, her tattered hands, and her dragging feet.

“… … Still, your wounds are shallower than Morron’s. Fortunately, the.”

“What about Moron?”

“well. What to say… … Both arms were cut off about 4 times, and the lower body was blown off once. Oh, the leg injury is different.”

“… … .”

“The damage of allies is… … In short, about 200 people lived there. Excluding those whose lives are only going to be attached, there will be less than 100 people, but yes. Being alive is what matters.”

“What about Hamel and Vermouth?”

“All right.”

Anise let out a long sigh and reached out to Senya.

Hwaaak… … ! Compared to when the battle started, the light was very dim, but the miracle caused by Anise quickly healed Senya’s injuries.

“… … Although I missed the sword of confinement.”

“ah… … .”

“I couldn’t catch him because he made up his mind and ran away. Noir Jebella’s Mystic Eye of Illusion was also difficult, but Gavid Lindman’s Mystic Eye of Prestige… … To be honest, without Vermut-sama, we would have been annihilated right away.”

Anise chewed her lower lip and made an angry face. It is said that the demonic eye of prestige that Gavid Lindman possesses was directly bestowed by the demon king of confinement.

What is God for Gavid? It is the demon king of confinement. As the name suggests, Gavid’s magic eye manifests the power of God. It means borrowing the power of the demon king of confinement.

“… … .”

Senya clasped her trembling hands tightly and turned her head away. She looked back at her battlefield with her sore eyes.

There were far more corpses than living people.


I saw Hamel being supported by Vermouth. He rubbed the blood from the corner of his mouth, then looked up when he felt Senya’s gaze.

“That bastard. He ran well.”

Hamel spoke hoarsely and waved his hand.

* * *

I gave up on recovering the bodies of my allies. But even the funeral did not give up. Anis and the surviving priests knelt on the bloody plains and prayed to God that the souls of the dead warriors would be guided to heaven.

“I decided to leave it behind.”

Vermouth said while staring at the confined demon castle.

“The black mist and the army of monsters were annihilated. … … Now, the forces remaining in that demon castle break through with the five of us. Although the shield, staff, and sword of confinement will remain in the castle… … The five of us will be able to overcome it.”

“Yes, five.”

Hamel, sitting on top of the monster’s corpse, murmured. Even though she wore an ignition, Hamel’s face was rather calm. She seemed completely devoid of her terrible recoil.

“… … It’s better to go by ourselves than to rush around. Because we can fight under any circumstances, and we can take care of each other.”

“Shouldn’t we be mindful of the addition of demons and monsters from outside the Centipede Mountains?”

“That’s why I’m leaving it behind.”

Morone replied. … … Although they won the battle, their allies were devastated like defeated soldiers. However, only the pupils were bright with light.

“They are warriors. They will protect us even at the cost of their lives.”

“I’ll leave right away tomorrow.”

said Hamel. Anis was taken aback by those words and looked at Hamel.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Especially when you need a break… … .”

“There is no recoil.”

Hamel answered while raising his body as if showing off.

“On the contrary, my body is very light. And if you stay here for several days just because of me, there will be no point in attacking the plains.”

“but… … .”

“Because it’s okay.”

Hamel grinned. Vermouth stared at Hamel quietly, then nodded her head.

“… … You are right. We’ve come this far, so we can’t delay any longer. But, Hamel, promise me this much. I… … You must not leave us, just as we will not leave you.”

“You’re annoyingly repeating the word ‘don’t die’.”

“We have to go together from the beginning to the end. … … If you feel like you’re going to fall down on the way, don’t force yourself to hold on and lean on it.”

“Yes, yes.”

Hamel waved his hands and jumped down from the monster’s corpse. Senya kept an eye on Hamel’s movements.

When I used Ignition before, I couldn’t even control my body… … It seemed that saying there was no recoil was not a lie.

‘The flow of mana… … It’s stable. are you okay.’

Senya let out a sigh of relief and nodded.

I will climb the demon castle of confinement tomorrow.

extravaganza, interlude

Among the demon kings he killed before, the 3rd-ranked demon king of madness had four servants under his command. They are powerful demons who were called the children of madness or the Four Heavenly Kings of madness.

They were favored by the demon lord, adopted by the demon lord, and endowed with great power.

Kamash of display, Sign of bloodshed, Oboron of evil, Iris of Rakshasa. He was strong enough to be incomparable to other demons—-but he could fight and kill him. The 5 heroes who climbed the castle of confinement today are the ones who killed Kamash, the sign, and the mad king, and defeated Iris and Oboron many years ago.


The children of madness and the henchmen of confinement were incomparable. Even though the class was different, it was so different.

The strength of the shield and staff of confinement was understood only by rumors from the beginning of the war when they came out of the castle and swept the battlefield. I’ve never actually met the two of them.

However, he has already suffered two battles with Gavid Lindman, the sword of confinement. Confinement’s henchman is strong. Don’t compare yourself to the children of madness. I thought so, and I made up my mind.


Hamel coughed up blood and raised his head. … … Hit by the shield, his memory was cut off. It seems that he lost consciousness for a short time.

“Hamel! Are you okay?!”

A scream came from the front.

I could see Anis’s back with wings radiating light. It was so powerful that it would not be strange even if the body exploded the moment it was hit. If it wasn’t for Anise’s divine magic, my body would have really collapsed.

‘… … It wasn’t an attack worthy of being hit.’

Hamel swallowed blood and stood up.

Shield of Confinement, Urogos. As the name suggests, he is a giant demon. He’s not as big as a giant, but twice as tall as Morron, and he’s wearing dark armor. And in his left hand, he held a large shield that would have been trusted even if he had torn down the entire castle gate, and in his right hand, he held a large spear that could pierce even a dragon with a single blow.

… … As large as it was, there were many places to attack. Even after passing through his armor and shield, Urogos’ body was strong, but if that were the case, he would have to be defeated until he was broken.

counterattack? Urogos was by no means a slow demon. Rather, it was incredibly fast because of its size and armor. But it wasn’t fast enough that Hamel couldn’t avoid it. And the bigger the action, the easier it was to predict.

Still, I couldn’t avoid it. I tried to avoid it, but for a moment my body didn’t move on its own. I was beaten like that, and in the end it was like this. Hamel chuckled and rubbed the blood from the corner of his mouth.

‘It’s still okay.’

The bones in his body would have been crushed at the moment he was beaten, but Anise’s holy power healed the wound. … … It was not complete. Bones that were not properly attached creaked, and the broken intestines ached.

This is because this is the demon castle of confinement. The magic that weighs down the entire castle is putting a lot of strain on the body… … The staff of confinement, the black magic that the withered Lich spread from the castle gate is delaying the healing of the divine power. Still, it wasn’t to the extent that I couldn’t move. Hamel staggered out and glared at him.

The first thing I saw was Anise’s back with its wings spread. It was hidden from view by the robe, but Hamel could imagine that there were stigmata on his back, soaked in blood.

His eyes met with Senya, who was standing a little beside him. Senya glanced at Hamel with her worried eyes, but was unable to express her concern.

It was natural. Most of her consciousness now controlled magic, and her lips were chanting incessantly.

“are you okay.”

Hamel said with a grin. She even waved her hand proudly. She did so and she walked forward. Beyond the swirling divine power and magic, Moron and Vermouth could be seen.

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