Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 90

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Moron was blocking Urogos, who was bigger than himself, from the front. The ignorant threw down his weapon and blocked Urogos’ shield with both hands.

The screams of the two of them echoed through the hall. Urogos pushed the shield with all his might. Each time Moron’s foot was pushed back little by little, his swollen muscles burst through his skin and blood gushed out.

Still, Moron was not completely pushed back.

a little push? It didn’t matter. Moron is not the only one fighting Urogos right now. While he was blocking and holding Urogos like that.

Vermouth dug into the gap. The holy sword and the moonlight sword swung crosswise, covering Urogos’ body with light.

ㅡ Kwagwagwang! Urogos was pushed farther than he had pushed. His sturdy armor was cracked, and black blood spurted from the helmet that covered his face.


Vermouth shouted. An uncharacteristically passionate cry.

On the battlefield fighting together, Vermouth always shouted Hamel’s name. It was because Hamel was the only one who could keep pace with himself in close combat. When Vermouth strikes, Hamel immediately follows up the attack. And Vermouth attacks again. In the battle between the demons and the demon king, the two always fought like that.

Hamel twitched his lips, feeling the concern carried by the cry.

it’s okay because Hamel muttered in a low voice and placed her hand on her left chest.


Senya, who was staring at her anxiously, screamed.

Because it’s okay. Hamel murmured again, clutching her heart and core together.

I knew it a long time ago, but I knew it again.

Hamel cannot use divine power like Anise.

It’s not like she can use magic like Senya.

All Hamel can do is just go out and fight.

Hamel is strong.

Not stronger than vermouth. Hamel couldn’t wield the Holy Sword, let alone the Moonlight Sword. Like Vermouth, he couldn’t do everything.

Hamel is strong.

Not stronger than Moron. Unlike Hamel, who was almost killed by Urogos’ blow, Moron is still receiving Urogos’ attack from the front.

ㅡIf someone had to die.


Even if Hamel dies, Morron will remain and endure. Even if Hamel can’t fight, Vermouth will fight.


The dimly extinguished fire started to burn again.

There are times when the sky brightens for a while before the sun goes down. The light burns bright just as it is about to go out completely. Hamel used his life as firewood in his own embers. The remaining lifespan, the limitations of the body, and such things were not taken into account from the very beginning.

The flames that engulfed Hamel’s offering grew larger and larger. The withered core spewed incredibly intense mana. Hamel bent her knees as she swallowed her breath.


The moment I stepped out, mana exploded. Hamel used the rushing torrent of mana as acceleration and stood beside Vermouth in an instant. Vermouth flinched for a moment when he saw the huge mana that Hamel was wearing and the bright eyes.

But he didn’t speak.

The renewed battle was one-sided. Hamel and Vermouth’s attack broke Urogos’s spear and shattered his armor.

Moron snatched Urogos’ shield and swung it like a blunt weapon, knocking Urogos against the wall. Concentrated magic and divine power exploded on Urogos. The barrage of bombs completely shattered his armor and tore his body apart.

The moonlight sword decapitated Urogos.

“let’s go.”

Hamel was the first to cross Urogos’ corpse. He calmed his raging core and rubbed the dried blood from his chin.

“Are you crazy?!”

Senya rushed at it without taking care of her injuries properly. She grabbed Hamel’s shoulder with her outstretched hand.

“What are you going for?! your body… … .”

“You move well.”

Hamel said with a faint smile. It was the same as the battle on the Red Plains. Even though he uses ignition, there is no recoil on his body. Hamel knew why.

Light remains in the core, which is about to collapse completely. If this residual fire is extinguished, we will be unable to fight forever. No, life will go out with the fire.

However, you can move while the embers are lit. can fight The body that had been fighting for the rest of its life—- is giving its final resistance at the end that is about to come.

Hamel did not want to sit down and guard the embers so that the remaining fire would go out as late as possible. If I could still burn more, I wanted to burn more and more life. This place was still in the lower level of the demon king of confinement, and he only killed one shield, let alone the demon king of confinement.

“… … go up.”

Maybe my judgment was wrong.

Vermouth didn’t want to think about it anymore. Hamel’s eyes opened… … saw the light Vermouth couldn’t possibly ignore the light. He wanted to believe in the light.

“… … You can’t afford to relax once you’ve entered. Just because I have more time, I’m not sure I can cast spells and curses on the entire castle.”

Anis desperately shook off her anxiety. She looked back at the closed castle gate and chewed her lips.

The demon king of confinement had no intention of returning the intruder intact. As soon as he entered the castle, the gate was closed. In order to reopen that gate, you will have to kill the demon king in captivity or negotiate with the demon king.

But out of these five, who the hell would try to negotiate with the demon king?

“The Demon King will not let us rest.”

Morron also clenched his trembling hand. He strode forward and lifted Hamel’s body. Hamel was dumbfounded and tried to escape from Moron’s hands, but Moron didn’t mind and let Hamel sit on her shoulder.

“Let’s go like this. Hamel. You should rest as much as possible on my shoulders.”


Hamel laughed, but did not jump off Moron’s shoulder. Senya didn’t say anything and grabbed the hem of his robe.

“It can’t be helped.”

Shaking off her anxious thoughts, Senya forced a smile.

“Hamel, you are a little behind. So that you don’t get caught up in this archmage Senya’s magic.”

It’s a joke that was often told. Senya lifted Akasha up and touched Hamel’s leg, which was sitting on Moron’s shoulder.

‘… … are you okay.’

I thought about the words I had repeated dozens of times over the course of several days.

Even though he used ignition, Hamel’s body looks fine. And everyone has leeway. She had never fought comfortably since entering the Demon Castle in the first place.

It’s not special because it’s a demon castle of confinement. It was impossible to get out of the previous demon castle once entered. I went up to the top floor without a break and fought the demon lord. These five people have always fought such a disadvantageous and hopeless fight.

‘It’s the same this time.’

I imagined after the fight was over. After killing the demon king of confinement and conquering the demon castle. Just by drawing such a future, my heart, which seemed to be going crazy, calmed down a little.

Rather than going mad under the weight of natural despair, I was conscious that hope that seemed unattainable was near.



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Senya chewed her lips and pressed her hat on.

* * *

Staff of Confinement. The owner of Bloodmary. rich. Belial.

You have overcome the terrible traps he has set. He passed over the repeated surprise attacks.

It was only when I entered the middle layer that I met him head-on. This entire floor was Belial’s dungeon. He summoned a number of summons to greet the intruder.

Belial’s magic, which handles the demon lord’s magic, was threatening, but Senya’s and Vermouth’s magic was not lacking too much. A summoned corpse that rises endlessly. Senya hated necromancers.

The aspect of the battle doesn’t matter.

Senya did her best.

Everyone did their best.

Time seemed to have stopped.

Everyone saw the same thing.

Belial’s life vessel was destroyed. Although it is a lich that is close to immortality, if the life vessel is destroyed, it will of course die.

While being swept away by the moonlight sword, Belial made the final attack. It was an attack that he fired at the risk of his death.

It was so obvious. Berial’s curse targeted Vermouth, but he could have avoided it if it was Vermouth.

Everyone doubted him.

Hamel would have been the same. Even if someone else doubts vermouth, Hamel does not doubt vermouth.

Hamel knows how vermouth fights. I know how strong vermouth is. Vermouth doesn’t die from that attack.


Senna spit out involuntarily.

It was a sudden action. So even more, I couldn’t believe it. Hamel—- jumped in front of Vermouth on his own. Before Vermouth could escape the curse, Hamel used his body as a shield against the curse.


I don’t know. I couldn’t figure out why.

Hamel shouldn’t have been there. In the magical battle with Belial, there wasn’t much that the warriors Hamel and Morron could do. The role of the two in this battle is to thoroughly protect Senya and Anis.

I fought like that this time too. Although Hamel struggled, he did a good job at what he had to do. … … It had to end like that.


Senya staggered towards Hamel. Vermouth stood blankly and looked down at Hamel. please. Senya muttered, and Moron screamed.


Moron lifted Hamel’s body.

… … light. Mauron’s eyes trembled. Moron hesitated and turned her head, then she approached a nearby wall where she sat Hamel down.

“ah… … no, anise. Come here quickly. Hamel… … Hamel… … .”

Anis sat down and covered her mouth with both hands.

her role as a priest. It’s to keep your comrades from dying. But now, Anise couldn’t fulfill that role.


It’s not even an ordinary curse. The staff of confinement, the worst black magician in history, and the curse called Lich, Belial, exchanged his life for it. A fatal curse passed through the body just by brushing against it.

“… … under.”

Hamel tilted his head back and smiled. As soon as she opened her mouth, black blood poured out of her. Tears poured from Anis’s eyes at the sight.

Anise knew what would happen from now on. The curse of the lich, which used the demon lord’s magic, would slowly disintegrate Hamel’s body from now on.

Even if Anise is a saint made of an imitation of light, it is impossible to completely purify the demon lord’s mana. In the end, Hamel’s body will completely disintegrate and disappear.

That’s not the end. A soul cursed by the devil cannot go to heaven or hell. Upon death, it becomes the possession of the demon king. That fact——even more so, made Anis despair.

Hamel cannot go to heaven.

“Hamel… … Hamel, Hamel… … !”

Senya cried. She stumbled and tried to reach Hamel, but on the way, her legs gave out and she collapsed. She had to stand up again, but her legs just couldn’t work.

Eventually, Senya crawled on her knees and approached Hamel.

“… … What are you crying for?”

Hamel said with a grin.

why are you laughing Senya couldn’t understand why Hamel was laughing. She shook vigorously across her tear-stained face. With her messy, shaky vision, she saw Hamel.

through the center of the body… … A hole was visible. However, Hamel’s body could not be seen through the hole. The hole itself was filled with curses, and only black darkness filled it. And the curse spread and gnawed at Hamel’s body.

“anise… … What are you doing? come fast. the wound… … The wound is growing.”

Not even blood flowed from the hole. Senya slipped his trembling hand into his robe.

Elixir. Yes, there is an elixir. An all-purpose medicine that combines holy water filled with divine power and magic. It’s an emergency medicine to use when you can’t wait for the recovery of divine magic, but there’s nothing to use when fighting Anise, so there’s quite a bit of extra.

“… … are you okay.”

Senya muttered the same thing again. Of course you should be fine. Senya muttered repeatedly and took out the elixir. He opened the bottle and poured the elixir into the wound. He poured the entire bottle, but the wound showed no sign of healing.

“are you okay.”

There are enough elixirs. And isn’t there anise too? Right now, it seems to be sitting down in shock, but it will soon come to its senses and jump this way. Hamel, you idiot! As always, I will shoot and heal Hamel.

“… … are you okay.”

I poured several bottles of elixir. Hamel couldn’t say anything and only vomited blood. Every time she blinked, the light in Hamel’s pupils dimmed.

“go away.”

said Hamel. It was a weak voice, as if he had barely squeezed it.


Senya looked at Hamel while crying.

My head hurt. A terrible taste was felt in the mouth. His beating heart was sore and anxious. My body was cold and hot, so I shivered.

“so… … so you said just go back Why are you stubborn and following me… … .”

It was a word that came out of nowhere. Senya shut his mouth in disgust for herself.

“Senya. Just put it in.”

Hamel smiled weakly and looked at Senya.

“Elixir. Why are you trying to use something precious that doesn’t even exist? Don’t be fooled.”

“but… … !”

Senya sobbed and shook her head.

Elixir is precious? This thing that can’t even heal Hamel’s wounds and doesn’t help at the moment of greatest need?

Anis, who had stumbled over, sat down beside Senya. She clutched the rosary in one hand and recited her prayers as her tears poured out. The light emitted from her fingertips covered Hamel’s wounds.

The light did not illuminate the darkness.

“it’s okay. I know my body best. i can’t live He will die soon.”

Hamel spoke calmly even as he vomited blood.

that… … Speaking, Senya didn’t want to hear it at all. I didn’t even want to accept it. I feel like throwing up. Senya gasped and lowered her head.

“… … I could have avoided it.”

Vermouth, who staggered towards me, murmured.

“You didn’t have to do this.”

Belial’s curse was directed at Vermouth. Hamel blocked it on his own accord.

Senya couldn’t possibly look at Vermouth’s face.

“Because it’s off.”

Hamel laughed and spat out.

“You would have known.”

Vermouth grabbed his pale face.

“… … You didn’t have to die like this.”

Senya was silent and sobbed.

don’t want to accept don’t want to believe However, in the end I had to accept it. In Hamel’s hands… … The warmth is gone. The light in Hamel’s eyes goes out.

“This is an honorable death.”

What the hell is an honorable death?

Senya barely lifted Hamel’s hand. He brought it to his cheek. The flowing tears were so hot, I wanted to add this warmth to Hamel.

“Even if we went together, it was obvious that we would end up as baggage. I didn’t want to go back.”

In the end, Hamel is an idiot and stubborn.

That Hamel’s physical condition is not normal. In fact, Senya knew that saying “it’s okay” was nothing but forced hope. Passing through the lower layer, as the battle repeated, Hamel’s body became dull. Even in battle he was not centered.

If we go together, we get in the way of everyone.

I can’t go back once I’ve been there

“Since you’re so damn good, I wouldn’t have to cover it.”

Hamel’s voice fades. please, it’s okay, please Senya muttered repeatedly and wrapped Hamel’s hand.

“… … I’m sleepy, so go now.”

didn’t say anything else. Hamel slowly closed his eyes.


Vermouth knelt in his seat. He hung his head and muttered in a low voice.

that was the last Hamel said no more. I didn’t even open my eyes again. Hamel’s gripped hands drooped.

Senya—- hated Hamel’s actions terribly. It hurt. It was resentful not to leave a heart. He wished to make another will. Even if it becomes a lifelong curse to all who survive.

Be sure to kill the demon king.

save the world

Be happy.

I hoped that he would make such a common will.

But Hamel, that son of a bitch, did not leave such a curse behind. Do you trust your colleagues? Even if it is.

“For me… … For me, I need it.”

I have never imagined a future where Hamel died. He can’t believe it even though he’s watching it right in front of his eyes. There was never a time when Hamel was not without happiness in the future that Senya had drawn.

“For me… … I mean, I need it.”

Even if the will becomes a curse, I needed a reason to live.

If Hamel had told her to kill the remaining demon kings and save the world, Senya would have lived for him for the rest of her life.

If Hamel had left a will to be happy… … .

“… … please… … .”

That curse will make your whole life miserable. Senya would have been forced to be happy for Hamel.

“O omniscient and omnipotent god of light, please… … Please protect and watch over this stupid little lamb. A difficult journey after rest… … second… … black… … Mercy and love… … With love, lead, the lamb on the way… … .”

Anis was unable to recite the prayer and sobbed. Moron, who had been standing in a daze, screamed. He went on a rampage like a maniac, smashing walls and floors with his fists.

bang, bang. Anis and Senya sobbed together amid Moron’s screams and roar. Vermouth was still on his knees in his seat, his head bowed.

“Oh, no.”

Senya, who had been crying for a long time, raised her head.

Hamel’s hand, which was still wrapped around it, was too light. The curse that penetrated his body was consuming Hamel’s body. Senya shook her head as she hugged Hamel’s disappearing body.

“No, no, no… … ! go, can’t go me… … don’t leave me… … !”

Senya cried out as she brought her cheek to Hamel’s face. Anise, unable to finish reciting the prayer, looked at Senya and Hamel with bloodshot eyes.

“please… … tell me.”

Senya said with tears in her eyes.

She couldn’t hold onto Hamel’s corpse any longer. The demon king’s curse completely destroyed Hamel’s body.

“No, please. Hamel is… … Hamel, did you go to heaven? huh? to heaven… … You have to go.”

More than anyone else in the world, we deserve to be happy. Of course, we should live happily ever after. … … If I couldn’t be happy while alive—-even if I died. Senya gasped for breath and looked back at Anis.

“… … egg plant… … I couldn’t.”

Anise said while crying. At those words, Senya screamed and grabbed Anis by the collar.

“why?! Yes, you always said there is a God, there is a heaven… … ! Everyone who died can go to heaven… … You said so… … !”

“Hamel’s soul… … of course… … I have to go to heaven, but… … That soul is now… … It is in the demon king of confinement. As long as the demon king of confinement doesn’t let go, Hamel… … .”


I didn’t want to hear any more. Senya fell to her knees and screamed, banging her forehead on the floor.

I couldn’t see the end of the war, I couldn’t even be happy, I was wandering around the battlefield for 16 years, fighting, fighting. Dying like this… … You can’t even go to heaven? That I have to be held in the hands of the demon king for the rest of my life?

“… … yet.”

Vermouth opened his mouth. He raised his lowered head. Only then did Senya look at Vermouth’s face.

The face of Vermouth, who was always calm and seldom emotional, was distorted. Tear marks were smeared under his empty eyes.

“It’s not over yet.”

“end… … ?”

“We are still here.”

Vermouth sighed and stood up staggeringly. Moron, who was frenzied at those words, stopped abruptly. Anis also looked up at the vermouth with blank eyes.

“… … that’s right.”

Senya also muttered. … … A hand covered in blood was visible. It was unknown whether the blood was Hamel’s or his own. Senya slowly opened his bloodied hand. Hamel disappeared, and the remaining necklace was visible.

“You just have to kill the demon king of confinement.”

The shaking eyes subsided.

“You just have to kill the demon king of confinement and save Hamel’s soul.”

Vermouth is right. It’s not over yet. we have i have Senya grabbed Akasha, who had thrown it on the floor.


He brought Hamel’s necklace to his cheek. It seemed that Hamel’s lost warmth was still there. Her tears continued to flow. There was still a terrible taste in her mouth. Senya chewed her mouth and tasted the blood.

‘I am… … I’m alive.’

He thought this reality terrible, and put the necklace around his neck.

“… … someday… … I hope I can meet you in the world you wished for.”

I wanted to make the words I uttered a curse for the rest of my life.

Senya glared at the ceiling with dark eyes without any light.

Vermouth started walking first.

Vermouth, who was staggering as if he would collapse at any moment, followed Moron with his shoulders drooping.

Anise opened the holy water bottle with trembling hands. He tried to pour holy water, no, alcohol into his mouth, but there was not a drop of alcohol left.

Senya held onto Akasha and shuffled her feet. On the way he looked back several times.

I saw the wall where Hamel died. No body remains. Even so, Senya saw Hamel on the wall.

“… … Wait, Hamel.”

I grabbed the necklace.

“I’m going to save your soul.”

Ivatar Zahabu

It was as Noir had promised.

Eugene was not investigated for the fall of the dragon castle and the disappearance of Kara Bloom, and he was not investigated for the identity of Lymirah, a party with no relatives. Really no problem, he left the hotel he was staying in and moved to the capital, Pandemonium.

The reason why I came to Pandaemonium was because I had to use the international gate located in the capital to get out of Helmud. When entering the country, it was the first time to see Pandaemonium in this life, because it came through the Alcart parish of the border.

Eugene compared the Pandaemonium he had seen 300 years ago with the Pandaemonium he had seen now.

“A lot has changed.”

A 99-story building that rises from the concrete jungle. The tall demonic castle that seems to reach the sky, Babel. Eugene stuck out her tongue as she compared the Babel from his past life with the Babel from now.

The red plain, which could be called the front yard of Babel. The land where the legend of the Black Mist ended, filled with the corpses of humans, demons, and monsters.

Numerous buildings were erected here, and at the center was a memorial park for those who died during the war.

‘Where did Centipede Mountains go?’

Three hundred years ago, the Centipede Mountains surrounded the outskirts of this territory, but now the hideous, wriggling, moving mountains were nowhere to be seen. Did you push away the entire mountain range while building the city?

‘Or I put it somewhere.’

The Centipede Mountains, which had been infamous from the previous life, were more like large monsters than terrain. The giant centipede might be buried under that neatly paved road.

… … Thinking so, I laughed out of embarrassment at myself. The changes in Helmud were remarkable, but the changes in Pandaemonium were particularly startling. Why is the Demon Castle turned into a 99-story building, floating in the sky… … What about hundreds of small fish?

“I am being watched… … .”

Mer made a worried face and grabbed Eugene’s collar.

Air Fish. The perfect security system that Pandaemonium is proud of, introduced in the tourist brochure before entering Helmud.

“Look at that fish, Eugene. They say they keep an eye on this vast city 24/7. That information is sent to the control office of Babel, the demon castle.”

“Hehehe, you know it well, Mer. As you said, that air fish is the perfect security system that Pandaemonium boasts. If something illegal is observed within the city, Babel’s control bureau will immediately dispatch security forces.”

Raimira, wearing a large hood, raised her chin and smiled. Her forehead was originally crowned with winding gold antlers, but now they don’t. It was because Eugene threatened to hide it because it stood out too much.

Of course, Lymira protested. Because to her, the daughter of the Black Dragon Lord and her dragon, the carnelian and horns on her forehead were her identity as a dragon.

However, if you listened to the words that if you didn’t get rid of the horns right away, ruby ​​would be cut down with a sword, you could put down your dragon’s dignity for a while… … .

“So Mer, Eugene-sama. You will have to look at the eyes of her original daughter at least here. If bonnyeo is subjected to undue violence and harassment, she will let out a high-pitched scream for everyone in Pandemonium to hear… … .”

Raimirah’s words gradually lowered. It was because Eugene opened his eyes fiercely and glared at Raimi. Ruby wasn’t beaten, but that bloody gaze gave Lymilia enough fear.

“Scream… … don’t scream… … it won’t Bo, the original woman would not do such a thing… … .”

“Why are you mortifying him?”

tight. Christina glanced at Eugene as she wrapped her arms around Raimira’s. Seeing this, Raimira was deeply moved and looked up at Christina. Although she had never had her mother, she wondered what she would be like if she had a mother.

“He’s talking shit.”

“Even if it is, it is not right to use violence unconditionally. Children are sensitive and need to be disciplined with special care.”

“A child… … His age should be 4 times your age and mine combined… … .”

“You are a child because your personality is not properly formed and you have infantile thoughts.”

Cristina did not deny that Lymira was bullshit. And the dragon, Lymilia, was said to be a child not suitable for her age.

However, the inner meaning of the words was not conveyed to Lymilia. Rather, she held Christina’s hand dearly and smiled as she cradled her arm in her arms.

“I want to call you mother.”


“no… … Bo, the bonnyeo didn’t say anything… … .”

In fact, this was a conscious training led by Anis.

He thought it was unlikely that the black dragon Raizakia would have fatherly love for his daughter, but the dragon princess still has value as a hostage. It was because, apart from her fatherly love, it was certain that Lizakia placed her possessiveness and value as a sacrifice to her daughter.

Apart from that, Anis judged that Lymyra could be used as a counterhorse against Mer. Senya, the girl cleverly left behind a familiar that looked exactly like her childhood.

It must be because of the obsession and longing for the ‘happy future’ that was talked about during the journey, and Senya herself did not even think that the familiar would lead to Eugene… … .

Anyway, didn’t Mer end up with Eugene? The cunning and cunning familiar that resembles its owner is showing off its presence by behaving like a child born to Hamel and Senya.

Even now, the seat next to Eugene is of course attached to him as if it were his, but what if Senya is resurrected someday? How destructive would the actions of two people who act like mother and daughter be?

‘… … Sister anyway. Pretending to be a mother and daughter with a dragon princess who has nothing to do with us… … .’

[Christina! There is no need to pretend to be mother and daughter. It’s just a house play enough to deal with Senya and Mer. As you know, Hamel has a weak heart, so she won’t be able to get rid of the dragon princess with an unfortunate story.]

‘I do, but… … .’

Cristina had a slightly different perspective from Anis in dealing with the dragon princess.

Value as a hostage, counterhorse against Mer. Rather than that, the situation of the dragon princess was pitiful.

[So, isn’t that what you want to take care of? In fact, if possible, I would like to have a child with Hamel before Senya returns… … .]


I was so surprised and embarrassed that my voice came out of my mouth.

[What are you surprised about? Cristina, you didn’t even secretly wish for it… … .]

‘When did I do that?!’

[One of the cute things about you is that you freak out and lie to me as I share your consciousness. Or Christina, how about you playing the role of Mer?]

‘Keep it, don’t say anything horrible… … !’

[Yes, I knew you would answer that. You wouldn’t want to call Hamel your father… … . hmm… … I guess it wouldn’t be too bad if I did it… … . Cristina, I just came up with a very nice idea, when I pretended to be you and told Hamel like a child… … While making short tongue sounds… … .]


Unbelievable shadyness for being a saint!

Cristina couldn’t hear it anymore and let out a shriek. Her face flushed with embarrassment and embarrassment.

“It’s another start.”

It’s a sight I’ve seen so often that I’m not surprised anymore. He wondered what the hell Anis was talking about in his head that caused him to have such a seizure, but Eugene didn’t have the confidence to face the truth.

“Cow, if you scream, you’ll get caught… … !”

Mer made a fuss and clung to Eugene’s arm, but Yujin clicked her tongue and shook her head.

“I can’t hear you.”

A black casino coin received from Noir. Since he was such a dubious great man, he did a lot of research on coins.

What dwells in this coin is not magic. The mighty magic power of Noir is reconciled with authority and dwells there. Just having a coin causes a change in perception around you.

‘The magic eye of fantasy.’

It doesn’t cause a colorful change in perception like Noir himself opens his eyes, but Helmud’s strict background check is lightly teased.

Even now it is. Pandaemonium’s Airfish monitors the identity of all captured objects.

The fall of Dragon Demon Castle and the disappearance of Kara Bloom are still being reported as news on Pandaemonium’s display board and hologram.

However, even though the dragon princess, the survivor of the dragon demon castle, is here, the air fish is not sticking to it. In other words, the black coin given by Noir cheated even the observation of Airfish.

‘The power of the magic eye is too strong. If we’re going to fight Noir, we’ll have to prepare countermeasures against the demonic eye… … .’

There is no solution right now. Just the other day, when Noir came to visit him at the hotel, Eugene could not resist the power of the phantasmagoric eye unfolding in front of him.

[Lalala~ Lalala~]

[Happy happy happy Jebella~]

[Everyday~ Jebella Day~]

[Welcome to the Jebela Park~]

[Dream Scom True~~]

“… … .”

I saw demonic idols dancing on the hologram screen.

Dreamgirls debuted under Jebella entertainment agency. In front of a 5-member girl group with the concept of liveliness, Noir Jebella was promoting Jebella Park while wearing identical costumes… … .

“That… … no shame… … How can you wear such an outrageous outfit… … .”

Cristina, a priest, stuttered as if she was experiencing culture shock.

Eugene felt the same shock. He glared at the sword dance taking place on the hologram screen, but eventually turned his head away.

“… … let’s go.”

Thanks to the coin, I don’t have to worry about the inspection, but I couldn’t put my mind at ease.

This is the capital, Pandemonium. It is the place where the demon castle of confinement is located, and where Gavid Lindman, his henchman, is located. In particular, Gavid is the grand duke and is in charge of Helmud’s chief of security.

If you’re aimlessly snooping around Pandemonium and get caught by Gavid or the Black Fog, things will get a lot of trouble. No matter how strong Noir Jebela’s power is, it won’t be able to fool Gavid’s eyes.

“Didn’t you say you were going back to Lionhart Mansion?”

“It doesn’t take long. I’m going to stop by and borrow something.”

The reason I hurriedly came to the Dragon Demon Castle was to confirm Raizakia’s Hetzling. Fortunately, things went well, and the dragon princess was also captured, and it was also confirmed that Raizakia was tied to the land of the great forest.

I thought about heading to the Great Forest of Samar, but I decided that a little more preparation was needed to defeat Raizakia.

“I’m going alone, Cristina, you’re watching this kid.”

“all right.”

The story was told beforehand. In terms of pure combat power, Christina is lacking, but Anise will add her strength in case of an emergency. Besides, since she has received a dragon word from Raimirrah in advance, it is impossible to escape.

‘In the first place, I don’t think that Hetzling, who has a low mental age, will think of running away.’

Thinking so, Eugene headed for the warp gate. She held onto Christina’s collar as she walked along, pouting her lips.

“Even the original girl wants to see what is called Lionheart’s mansion. The original woman heard that Lionheart was the best samurai on the continent and the mansion was magnificent. And I heard that it is a place where many rare elves live.”

“You know very well.”

“The original woman came in contact with various information inside the villa.”

That means watching TV all day. Raimirah smirked, spreading her breasts wide, but Eugene didn’t bother to deal with it.

“Lionhart will hate you. There is no place for you.”

“What are you talking about? What did her mother-in-law do to mean that Ryan Hart hates her mother-in-law?”

“Isn’t it natural to think of your father?”

“Wow… … Bo, she thinks that although her original daughter is the daughter of the Black Dragon Duke, her hatred for her father should not have anything to do with her original daughter… … .”

Raimirah said with a teary face. However, no matter how much she begged, she had no intention of taking Raimirah to her hometown right away.

It was for a simple reason. It’s because the eyes are visible.

It wasn’t intentional, but whenever Eugene left his hometown and went somewhere, he always brought back diners.

Raman in Nahama, 100 elves in Samar, and Christina in the Holy Empire. And what if I took the dragon princess with me this time? Annie Scylla’s fan might just run out of her hands… … .

‘… … Maybe you will like it… … .’

Anicilla, the hostess of Lionheart, has now lost many of the poisonous points of the past. I mean, it’s harmful. Judging by the way she treats Mer, it seems that she is particularly fond of children. So, Raimirah might be pretty cute too. For Eugene, that was even more difficult.

I didn’t even think of Lymilia as a hostage, but that doesn’t mean I’m a target to give affection to. After she killed Lyzakia, she still hadn’t come up with an answer about her treatment, but there was no way she could get along with her father’s enemy based on common sense.

“Mer, you shouldn’t be so mean to your original daughter. If you keep doing that, I will talk to Black Dragon and scold you.”

“What are you talking about? Your father will be killed by Eugene.”

“There’s no way Black Dragon would die to humans, right? If you honor her original daughter even now, even if that human dies, you will make her your original maidservant and make sure she lives.”

The story they shared all the time made Yujin clench his fists… … .

* * *

The purpose of stopping by Lionheart Mansion was to borrow Geddon’s shield from Xian. When he left for Helmud, Xian hadn’t returned from Ruhar yet, so he couldn’t borrow a shield.

Geddon’s shield transmits all attacks it blocks into void space. As long as it supports mana, it can block any attack.

As much as it is an absurdly powerful authority, the burden of mana is also great. The stronger the blocking attack, the greater the mana consumed in one defense. Even that Vermouth couldn’t use Geddon’s shield in succession.

‘Even though the opponent was the Demon King.’

Lyzakia in the dimensional rift was not in a normal state. However, Eugene did not think that Raizakia would be weaker than he was in his prime.

So, prepare as thoroughly as you can. If you use Geddon’s shield, you will be able to block Raizakia’s breath several times.

‘It’s not like the dimensional rift is an advantageous battlefield for me.’

Mana and primitive spirits almost did not exist there. It is an environment similar to the back side of Rehein Yar, who had a fight with Moron.

‘I can’t use Prominence properly.’

It is impossible to replace Ignition as it was in Yongma Castle.

‘Space leap using feathers… … It might be impossible.’

Even if the feathers replaced the spatial coordinates, it was unlikely that the space jump would work properly in the dimensional gap.

What if you accidentally jump from one gap to another?

[If that happens, even Eugene-sama will die without any help. Or, like Laizakia, get stuck in an unknown gap.]


It’s too early to make a definitive judgment, but the odds are high.

‘If Prominence is sealed, the battle becomes very difficult. No matter how much mana I have, a firepower showdown with a dragon is impossible.’

[That dragon has been trapped there for hundreds of years.]

‘Lizakia is an old dragon. His Dragon Heart should contain near-infinite mana, and if he had endured her sleep for hundreds of years, the consumption of mana wouldn’t be too great.’

If you can use Prominence properly, you can try a frontal firepower confrontation, but under the current conditions, head-to-head confrontation should be avoided as much as possible. Deflect the unavoidable attack with Geddon’s shield, and use the moonlight sword and other weapons… … .


While thinking, I arrived at the front door of Lionheart. Yujin raised her head at the startled cry that came from in front of her. The knights of the White Lion Knights who were standing guard at the front gate approached with surprised faces.

“Are you back from a journey of self-discovery?”

“If you had given me a message in advance, I would have opened the warp gate in the mansion… … No, rather than that, why are you coming on foot? He does not ride in a carriage or horse… … .”

We left Pandaemonium safely and arrived at Kiel’s capital. Leaving Lymilia in Christina’s care for a while, Eugene arrived in front of Lionheart’s mansion on foot. This is because Eugene’s running is much faster than the carriage’s running.

It was efficient, but it was a movement without noble dignity. Of course, Eugene didn’t care about that.

“Because I need to think.”

So I just looked around. I thought it was a neat answer, but the expression of the knights was strange.

“however… … Do you?”

Is it even late puberty? Or is it similar to Carmen Lionheart?

brain light, blood lion. The knights were convinced once again, recalling Eugene’s nicknames.

“I wonder how much the head of the household and the mother-in-law searched for Yujin… … .”

“I’m glad you came back safely.”

At those words, Yujin tilted her head.

“You two were looking for me? Didn’t you leave the letter properly?”

“ah… … yes. But since a few days ago, Eugene-nim’s guest came to visit us.”


Are there any other guests coming? No one immediately came to mind.

“Who the hell is coming?”

“I am the next chieftain of the Zoran tribe in Samar Great Forest.”

“Ivatar Zahabu. Four days ago, I came alone as Eugene’s guest.”

It came to mind. Two years ago, when he left the Great Forest of Samar with the elves, he was once protected by the warriors of the Zoran tribe, led by Ivatar.

– I don’t want material things from you. Someday, if I visit Lionheart’s mansion. I just want to welcome you as your guest.

– That much can be done.

After we broke up like that, we haven’t been in contact with each other for two years.

“I was told to send me a letter before coming.”

“Even before Zahabu Ivata came, there were several letters from Eugene.”

“Seeing that he came right away without waiting for a reply, it must have been something urgent.”

Yujin furrowed her eyebrows and murmured.


It didn’t seem like a mere coincidence that Ivatar came to the car to leave for Samar Great Forest.

Ivatar Zahabu

“Where have you been… … .”

Jehard, who hastily rushed to meet his returning son, swallowed the words he was about to say without realizing it. It was a belated reminder of the family conversation that if Eugene returned, they would accept it without asking for details.

“… … You made a nice face.”


“Yujin. This father is weaker than you and a man of little importance. The only special thing in my life is you, my son.”

“What are you talking about?”

“When you first ran away… … She was very worried, but this father trusted her son. Find her self… … . haha. The coming-of-age ceremony has already taken place, but it seems that you have finally become a real adult.”

It was a random word, but when he said it, Jehard’s heart thumped. Tears welled up in his eyes when he saw the face of his son, who had grown up to be a dependable man.


Eugene had a shy face, but he did not escape from the arms of his father who had embraced him. mate. Raman and Nina, who were standing behind Jehard, also started clapping as if they were in a good mood.

Upon briefly returning to the mansion, Eugene was most wary of Carmen Lionheart, but fortunately, Carmen was currently absent.

I don’t know if she felt something from Eugene’s letter, but Carmen had left the mansion as a knight’s apprentice, taking Ciel, her pupil, and Desiira, her servant.

‘It’s fortunate.’

Although he trusted Carmen and left a letter, Eugene didn’t want to have a long conversation with Carmen about this trip and the self he found… … .

“From my point of view, Eugene-nim is very similar to Carmen-nim. The reason Eugene-nim is reluctant to Carmen-nim is because she feels a strong sense of kinship with her. But I think it’s homophobia that I really don’t want to admit.”

“Are you f*cking crazy?”

“It is said that a strong negative is a positive. The fact that Eugene-nim is even cursing at me and getting angry means that my words hit the point.”

“What do you know about me?”

“I know that Eugene-nim is actually thinking a lot about cool technical names. I know that whenever you create a new technology, you spend a lot of time thinking about whether you should name it or not. I really like the technical name that I put so much effort into, but I also know that you don’t dare say it out of your mouth for fear of being ridiculed by someone else.”

As Mer continued to speak, Eugene’s eyebrows trembled.

“But sometimes, Eugene-sama unknowingly spits out the name of a technology. At that time, Eugene-nim is surprised, but still observes the reactions around him. Eugene hates Carmen and thinks that she is not worth her age, but whenever he hears from Carmen that his skills are cool, he feels good.”

“all… … shut up.”

“I know Eugene very well. Only I understand Eugene’s dilemma.”

Mer shrugged her shoulders with a triumphant smile. The sight made her fist tremble in her Eugene, but she couldn’t bring herself to smash Mer’s head.

“Your fists are shaking, Mr. Eugene. Since you cannot properly refute my words, do you want to suppress me with unreasonable violence?”

Mer asked with a smirk on her lips.

Why should I put up with it? Eugene quickly changed her mind and punched Mer in the head.

“ouch! Look at that! This violence is proof that I am right!”

Eugene walked away without saying anything.

After hearing the news, Ibata said that she had gone to the parlor beforehand, but Eugene couldn’t go to the parlor right away.

Since he left abruptly and returned after a month or so, he had to say hello to the head of the household, Gilade.

“You made a nice face.”

Have you made any arrangements in advance? Gilreid said the same thing as Jehard and patted Eugene’s shoulder.

“Did you come back alone?”


“What about Bishop Cristina?”

“We broke up for a while because we had business to do.”

Anicilla looked at Eugene with eyes that were half suspicious and half wary. Every time I went out of the mansion, I brought someone with me, but it seemed strange that I came back alone this time.

“Did you hear why Ivatar Zahabu came to visit?”

“I asked, but I never got an answer. He said it was a story to share with you, not Lionheart.”

Guillaid had a suspicious look on his face, but it was not a questionable word for Eugene. In the first place, when leaving the Great Forest, Ivata was very interested in Eugene, not Lionheart.

‘There’s no way I’d come all the way to this far away to have a chat… … Is there a request you want to ask me personally?’

I was helped by Ivatar when I left Samar.

Deep in the Great Forest, when Eugene and Christina tried to escape safely with over 100 elves. If the Ivatar and Zoran tribes hadn’t volunteered as escorts, it would have been a headache in many ways.

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

The reception room of the main house.

Ivatar Zahabu, the heir of the Zoran tribe, stood up to greet Eugene as he opened the door and entered. As much as Ivatar stood up, Eugene’s head and gaze went up.

“… … her… … .”

Eugene wasn’t short either, but Ivata’s physique was beyond human standards. He is taller than the Beast King, Aman Lu Har.

‘I think it’s similar to Moron… … Moron that bastard. Since he’s the king, he must have had several concubines.’

Could it be that Moron’s lineage fell to Samar and became the root of the Zoran tribe? Eugene seriously thought about that while looking at the huge Ivatar.

Still, there was a crucial difference between Ivatar and Moron.

Ivata seemed to care about common sense and manners. He was wearing the neat ceremonial clothes of the city nobles, not the clothes of the natives, and his body was so muscular that he felt a great sense of incongruity in the ceremonial clothes.

“It’s been two years. I heard about you in the great forest.”

“Do the rumors get there?”

“The Zoran are not a closed tribe. Rather, they are actively accepting and exchanging with the outside world.”

A face burnt with copper. White teeth glistened between the curved lips.

“I sent a letter in advance, but even after waiting, there was no reply. I didn’t think it was polite, but I had my own circumstances, so I couldn’t wait for a reply. sorry.”

The heir of the great tribe bowed his head and apologized.

‘It doesn’t look like Moron’s bloodline.’

Seeing that common sense, Eugene denied the possibility of Ivata’s lineage. Yujin shook her head excitedly and sat down on the sofa.

“Since I was leaving the mansion, there is nothing I can do. No need to apologize.”

“Thank you for saying that.”

Ivata smiled and sat across from Eugene.

“so. What did you come for? Please welcome me as a guest when you visit someday… … was a story Then, isn’t there another reason why you came back after 2 years? I bet you didn’t come here because you really wanted to be treated like a guest.”

“I really wanted to do that. As for me, I wanted to build a friendly relationship with you and build a long-term friendly relationship.”

Ivata straightened her smile and stared at Eugene.

“Let me tell you first. What I am about to tell you from now on, strictly speaking, I am not asking you.”

“As expected, you came because you wanted something from me.”

“That’s true, but I have no intention of pushing a favor on me. It doesn’t matter if you say no after hearing everything. Two years ago I helped you a little, but the weight of that incident and the story I will tell you now are very different.”

Judging from what he said, it didn’t seem like a trivial matter.

Eugene didn’t say anything and lightly raised his hand. Her gesture was to continue the story.

“Among the many tribes of the Great Grove, there is one that is the most massive and ferocious. It is the Kochila tribe.”

It was a name that even Eugene knew. As Ivatar said, the Cochilas are the largest tribe in the Great Grove. At the same time, it was also a tribe that received various support from Helmud.

Kochilla has settled in the deepest part of the Great Forest and dominates the surrounding tribes. And it is a very closed tribe. They do not interact with tribes other than those they control.

“Recently, the movement of the Kochila tribe is strange. They invaded and conquered five tribes in just a few months. It’s been a few times before that Kochilla conquers other tribes, but this time it’s strangely strong. And that’s not all.”

Ivatar’s voice lowered.

“The warrior’s soul is being taken away. The soul cannot return to the earth.”


“My father, the tribal chief of Zoran, said he would not leave Kochilla’s solo. Zoran wasn’t the only one who thought so. Several tribes had already rallied with Zoran, and faced Kochila’s army.”

Samar has the culture and beliefs of Samar. Their faith was influenced by the World Tree and the Elves from the distant past. Aboriginal people believe that spirits or spirits reside in everything, and that when a person dies, the spirit returns to the earth and goes through the soul cycle.

Originating from such culture and belief, Samar’s unique magic is witchcraft.

Eugene had also experienced it two years ago. The warriors of Samar are not spiritists, but they receive the help of spirits, and sometimes they use the spirits of monsters or warriors to suffocate themselves.

“In our first clash with Coachilla, we neither won nor lost. No one advanced and retreated.”

It was then that I noticed the abnormality. Traditionally, a warrior’s burial is performed by a tribal shaman.

“All corpses were the same. Neither the strong warrior nor the weak warrior had a corpse connected to the soul.”

“… … Didn’t you just become a Buddha?”

“Even though the great shaman of Zoran used necromancy, he was unable to summon the soul. Rather, the soul of the great sorcerer who was trying to summon the soul was almost taken away.”

Eugene is also a wizard. She didn’t listen at first, but as Ivata continued to speak, Eugene’s expression changed to serious.

“It was brought by the spy who infiltrated the territory of Kochila.”

Ivatar pulled out a torn piece of paper from her bosom. It was not a video recorded with magic, but a piece of paper on which something was drawn.

Upon handing over the paper, Eugene’s expression crumpled.

A tower made of human bones.

“Cochila is a unique cannibal tribe in Samar. They prey on slaves within the tribe as a hobby, and receive regular sacrifices from the ruling colonial tribe. And at every tribal event, many humans are sacrificed to the tribal gods.”


“God of the Earth. Most of the Samar tribes regard the earth god as their main deity. However, the form of faith is different. Zoran doesn’t do human sacrifice, but Kochila does.”

Ibata, too, seemed to be displeased, and with a wrinkled expression, continued.

“But I think that human bone tower is too much. I’ve always spied on the territory of Kochila before, but a human bone tower of that size was only recently built. It’s not the only one. The spy said that in the territory of Kochila, new human bone towers are being built continuously, and that offerings of prisoners as sacrifices continue every day.”


Yujin nodded slightly and stood up from her seat. Then he threw open the door of the window in the wall.

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