Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 91

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“Mr. Melchis.”

“I didn’t steal. This older sister is not that rude.”

Down in the garden stood Melchis Elhair. He looked down at Melkiss with thin eyes at Eugene, and Melkiss raised his arms wide with a look of genuine regret.

“Is it real? Honestly, I wanted to hear it because I was curious, but it’s just too rude. so i didn’t steal I was just standing down here.”

It wasn’t surprising that Melchis, the owner of the White Mage Tower, was at Lionheart’s home. She rose from a ‘guest’ to Anicilla’s ‘friend’ through continuous exchanges and gifts to Anicilla.

Is that all? Melchis dug into Anicilla’s pity for the forest elves.

Melchis recommended that the elves learn spirit magic for the independence of the elves and the reinforcement of Lionheart’s strength. Eventually, he obtained permission and was able to freely use the warp gate in the forest.

Winid inside the cloak vibrated.

[She is truly a vicious woman. To bewitch her mistress and even use the situation of the elves for her own interests and greed.]

Tempest, who hated Melchis, raised his voice.

[One day, that vicious and disgraceful Elementalist will pay for his sins.]

‘Why do you hate Melchis so much?’

[Hamel, why are you asking the obvious? That woman even made a contract with the spirit king, yet she blindly believes in unfounded superstition. It’s ironic indeed. A fake like that is the best elemental magician of the time… … Right now, her ugliness is not widely known to the world, but one day everyone in the world may know about Melchis Elhaire’s ugliness.]

Tempest said with a shudder.

Chutaera… … Eugene scanned Melchis’ clothes with thinly opened eyes.

Now she was wearing knee-high leather boots and an intense red jacket. But why? Maybe it’s because I came to see Noir Jebela, but I thought that Melchis was so individualistic that I could accept it.

“… … So why are you standing there?”

“Why, boy. I want to hear the story of you who left to find yourself, and I’m curious about the story of the natives who came to see you in Samar… … Hee hee, do you have a feeling that something interesting is going to happen? This older sister has been very free lately, so she wants to leave her daily life… … .”

“What do you mean… … .”

“Anyway, that’s why I’m standing here. Even if I don’t overhear, won’t you talk to me if I stand here?”

Melchis winked as if squinting one eye and smiled.

“And it actually happened!”

“… … All right, come up here.”

“Does this sister need help? this this… … Are you sure you haven’t forgotten? This older sister is the owner of Arot’s White Horse Tower. What I said is that you can’t buy it even with money.”

“Just stay there.”

“But Eugene, aren’t you and I on a normal relationship? I can go anywhere if you need my help. Of course you can only go up a few floors!”

Melchis jumped over the window frame. Eugene clicked her tongue and closed her window.

“Oh my goodness… … She got a glimpse of it yesterday as she passed by, but it’s huge. I would believe it even if it was a human and an ogre.”

“You are so rude.”

“It’s because the culture is different. This is very light in Arrot… … It’s a joke that can be passed on even between unfamiliar people. Couldn’t Kiel or Samar not make jokes like this?”

Melchis sat across from Ivatar with a smirk. Far from Ivata being angry, she chuckled and introduced herself.

“My name is Jahabu Ivatar from Zoran.”

Didn’t you learn honorifics while learning common language? Or is it to appeal to his feelings for Melchis… … .

Eugene sat a short distance from Melchis and explained the conversation he had with Ivatar.


After hearing all the stories, Melchis smiled brightly.

“Isn’t that? For elementalists, the great forest of Samar is treated as a holy place. As you know, it is a land full of spirits. Do you know what one of the regular subjects of Arot’s magecraft is? That’s the origin of magic. Ancient magic from the mythical age when the gods existed has been modernized to become today’s magic. … .”

“Can’t we just talk about the main topic?”

“The sorcery of Samar is a kind of primitive spiritism. Whether or not human souls should be regarded as spirits is a debate I don’t like very much. To say that humans are spirits, isn’t that an insult to spirits? Spirits are not as filthy as humans.”

“So what?”

“Well, regardless of my opinion, Samar’s magic… … In particular, necromancy is primitive yet quite self-assertive magic. Ah, I think witchcraft is magic after all. But, after all, necromancy is about tying another soul to a person’s body for a while, right? It is a particularly high art among witchcraft, but what I just said is very different from how necromancy deals with souls.”

The corners of Melchis’s mouth twitched slightly.

“I know that there are many types of magic in Samar that use souls and spirits as catalysts or sacrifices. However, what is specialized in handling ‘soul’ is magic other than witchcraft. Eugene, you know that too, right?”

“I guess, but I’m not sure. I don’t know much about witchcraft.”

“Huh, in that case, this older sister will make sure of it for you. Human Bone Tower? Mass human sacrifice? That’s a barbaric culture, I’d like to. The souls of those who died in war were stolen? What kind of magic could there be other than black magic?”

Ivatar did not respond. He quietly folded his arms and listened to Melkis’s story, and Eugene also closed his mouth with a wrinkled expression.

“I don’t know what to do with so many souls… … I’m not sure about this Black magic that uses such a soul as a sacrifice is a terrible heresy. Even if it was the war era 300 years ago, that kind of black magic is not tolerated in ‘now’ black magic. In the first place, since the War Era, it has been strictly forbidden to deal with human ‘souls’ in human black magic.”

“Has Helmud interfered?”

“I heard that the demon king of confinement came directly to Night March? I heard that story too, but what the demon king of confinement said… … Was it very ambiguous? The demon king of confinement said that ‘himself’ would not end peace first.”

Melchis giggled and crossed his legs.

“I don’t think there’s any way the demon king came and lied. If you’re that kind of person, every word you say will have an existential meaning. If so, does the black magic that is about to take place in Samar threaten the peace of the present era? And the Demon King himself didn’t even intervene… … .”

“Is it a trivial matter that will end in the great forest of Samar?”

“I don’t know exactly what is going to happen, but eh, wouldn’t it? From the perspective of the demon lord of Helmud, it might be a small happening in the forest in the corner of the country.”

At those words, Ivata’s fists rang out.

“I think there is no doubt that someone is preparing a large-scale black magic in Kochila. Oh, Eugene. I know that?”


Melchis turned to Eugene and smiled.

“Balzac Rudbesse has disappeared from Alot.”

Ivatar Zahabu

Arrot’s black mage lord, Balzac Rudbeth.

black-rimmed glasses. Short hair with neat parting. A thin face and sharp eyes. Eugene remembered the face of Balzac, whom she had met many times.

Despite talking with him several times, Eugene still had no idea what kind of person Balzac was.

You yourself know why. 300 years have passed since Hamel died. Even though the world has changed, so much has changed.

But Eugene was still Hamel. From the moment he was born, he was Hamel, and even though he lived as Eugene, he could not completely shake off the remnants of his time as Hamel.

Even though Helmud, which I actually visited, became an empire where humans were quite, no, very comfortable to live in. For Eugene, Helmud is a hell and a demonic realm. Now, the demon king of confinement is a sage who carries out policies for the sake of the continent and humans, but to Eugene, the demon king of confinement is a terrible demon king who kills humans like insects, and the demons are the same.

and the black magician. In this era, black magic is recognized as a school of magic, and black magicians are also respected. However, to Eugene, the black magician is the pawn of the devil and the devil, and the son of a traitor who betrayed his fellow human beings.

… … Times have changed so much. Eugene has also tried to compromise to some extent with respect to change. However, if you say black magician, you will wear colored glasses and see.

The reason why I didn’t know what kind of person Balzac was was, in the end, because of my prejudice against black magicians. Balzac had never shown any ill will toward Eugene. Rather, he would always help Eugene. He warned of the dangers, gave the creation of Signatures advice he would not give even to his pupils.



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Even so, Eugene could not accept Balzac’s favor innocently. Could it be that there is a reason? Wouldn’t he be so kind and try to betray him someday?

“I knew that bastard would do that.”

After all, black magicians are bastards who should not be associated with each other. Melchis looked at Eugene, who immediately showed his anger, and grinned.

“Should be called a disciple of that master, you hate warlocks too!”

“I was suspicious of Balzac Rudbesse from the beginning. While pretending to be blatantly close to me, he keeps telling me something and trying to help me. I wanted to know why, but now I know.”

“What do you mean?”

“The baby was good because he wanted to get hit by me later.”

That stern answer even stopped Melchis from speaking.

Melchis stared at Eugene blinking for a moment, then cleared his throat and nodded.

“… … yes, well, that’s right But that’s it. It’s still not clear that Balzac is the ringleader… … .”

“It’s not common for black magicians to be able to perform black magic on that scale. And I heard that Balzac disappeared from Alot?”

“hmm… … It’s a sudden thing, but I heard that he officially left the Black Magic Tower.”

Melchis ignored his stinging conscience. Originally, the mage tower master is a being who should not move lightly in the mage tower that he reigns over. It’s not very inconvenient, but when Arot goes out of the country, he has to give a word to the Mage Tower and the court.

… … But Melchis did not. He even bothers to fill out a vacation letter, and he just goes where he wants to go, so what should he even look at?

It was like that even today. Melchis came to Lionheart without giving any word to the White Magic Tower and Arot’s court.

But isn’t it a very different feeling when Melchis behaves selfishly and Balzac behaves selfishly? Balzac was a man who had never left Alot in the decades since he ascended the Black Mage Tower.

“What’s on your vacation book?”

“hmm… … He said he wanted to go on a short trip for a vacation. It seems that the destination was not announced.”

“As Melchis-nim knows, from the beginning I was awarded by Balzac Rudbess. He pretended to be a very nice person, but said something because I was reluctant to say I was a warlock. I think you said that black magicians are rational beings. He said he made a contract with the demon king for Silly.”

Since ancient times, most people with a friendly smile and uttering words that sound good and have logic have been scammers.

“… … I don’t know much about that Balzac.”

Ivata, who had been listening silently, opened her mouth.

“I know that there are magic and monsters in the various support that Helmud sends to Kochilla. The mages of Helmud perform the role of sorcerers in Kochila and train young sorcerers. And I serve monsters for Kochilla.”

“You mean there are other warlocks besides Balzac.”

“Are you absolutely convinced that Balzac is the ringleader?”

“Isn’t it? I’m not quite sure. It’s just that the bastard was suspicious from the beginning, so it could be that~.”

In fact, I’m more suspicious of Amelia Merwin. But why would she leave the desert, a battlefield where she had an overwhelming advantage? With just one word from her, Nahama’s army would be able to move, and all the dungeon mages in the desert would be mobilized.

‘Still, I’d rather be Amelia Merwin.’

If Amelia had left the desert and was doing something in the Great Forest. It was good for Eugene too. The first meeting with her in the desert was not pleasant, and I had been waiting for Amelia Merwin all along. If confronted in the Great Grove, she would rip Amelia limb from limb and slit her throat.

‘or not… … Edmond Codlet. There is too little information on this side.’

The owner of Bloodmary. The staff of current confinement. Maybe it wasn’t Samma, but another black magician. … … For example, the black magician or demon tribe who instigated Hector.

What is certain is that the demon king of confinement is not the instigator of this. As Melchis said, there was no way an existence of the level of the demon king of confinement would do such a modification.

If it was the demon king of confinement, there would be no need for sacrifices in black magic. If they need a purified sacrifice, they will just start a war.

What is happening now in the great grove is confined only to the great grove. A struggle between indigenous tribes. This has been commonplace in the history of the vast forest, and is something the continental states do not engage in.

“I’ll go with you.”

Eugene cleared his mind and nodded.

“I also have business in Samar.”

“What to see? What to do?”

“It’s a secret.”

“I want to go too.”

Melchis whined as he clung to Eugene’s arm. In that action, there was no dignity worthy of a white mage tower lord.

“I will go too. Sounds like fun! I’m curious about what’s going on in the Great Forest, and more than anything, it’s unforgivable.”


“The Great Forest is like a sacred place for spiritists! But why is a black magician carrying out an evil plot in the Great Forest? I, the greatest elementalist of the time, Melchis Elhair, have my eyes wide open!”

“As expected, she is the spirit princess of the White Magic Tower.”


Melchis was frightened and shook off Eugene’s arm. It was difficult for Ivata to maintain his composure any longer, seeing that maniacal appearance. She couldn’t even put on a look of disgust.

I came here without even being sure that I could get help from Eugene, but things didn’t work out very well. I never thought she would be able to get help from not only Eugene, but also from Melkiss El Heyer.


Ivata stood up from her seat and bowed her head.

“When this is done, I will prepare a reward that you will feel is sufficient. And apart from that, I will never forget your help.”

“I am?”

Melchis, who was trying to shake off the shame of childhood with his ears closed, raised his head.

“Are you going to help me too?”

“… … I will also prepare a reward for the owner of the white pagoda.”

“Cancer, that’s it. And Eugene! Do you have anything to say to me?”


“You were supposed to bring me a present from Lehain!”

Melchis said with a straight face, which was rare. Eugene looked at Mel kissing with a sullen expression, then lifted her cloak and took out a large stone.

“I’d give it to you, but you have an impatient personality.”

Fire crystal, a stone with flame that is rarely mined in Lehain. That alone is a material with high value, but the Hwajeongseok that Eugene took out now is the highest grade Hwajeongseok that cannot be easily bought even with money.


Melchis’s eyes flipped over at the bright red color of the fire crystal. She smiled happily as she rubbed the Hwajeongseok handed over to Yujin on her cheek.

“It’s hot! It looks like it was just taken out of the fire… … !”

As she shouted, she lifted her collar and pushed the Hwajeongseok into her breastbone. Eugene’s expression crumpled at that figure, and Tempest screamed in her head.

[Hamel. Ask that lunatic why he is doing that.]

“Why are you doing that?”

“Are you asking because you don’t know? It is to increase the sensitivity with the catalyst. Transferring this heat to my skin, adding to my body temperature… … .”

[That kind of superstition! Ifrit is not normal, there is no way I can sign a contract with that pseudo.]

Tempest glowed. Eugene jumped up from his seat, ignoring the Tempest screaming in her head.

“There is no need to leave for the Great Forest right away, right? Let’s leave in a few days.”

“Me too, I need time.”

Melchis also rose from his seat. She wrapped her arms around her, smiling brightly from the heat between her breasts.

“Why don’t you tell Loberian too?”

As I left the drawing room, Melchis started talking to me.

“Your master hates warlocks more than you do. Especially if it’s a problem you’re caught up in, will you fly right away?”

“I tried to contact you even if you didn’t say so.”

Loberian also knows that Senya is currently sealed by the curse of Lyzakia. He won’t be able to count on help in killing Lyzakia, but he will be able to get help in solving the Great Forest’s problems.

“then! I’m going to sign a contract with Ifrit.”

“It’s not necessarily something you can sign a contract with, is it?”

“I can do it. I feel that way for some reason.”

Melchis jumped out the hallway window with a confident smile.

… … I couldn’t figure out why I was jumping out of the window.

* * *

Xian was at the training ground.

My brother came back, but his face is not showing up. Yujin thought about punching Xian out of anger, but changed his mind after seeing Xian wielding a sword while sweating profusely.

‘It has improved a lot.’

Compared to the last time I saw you, your skills have greatly improved. His movements were also impeccable, and his mana coordination was particularly good. He had fully mastered what Eugene had taught him years before.

‘After all, it’s thanks to my good teaching.’

Eugene felt a sense of pride tickling in his chest. She seemed to understand why she was growing older and raising disciples.

“What do you keep looking at?”

Sensing the blatant gaze, Xian stopped his sword. He breathed heavily and glanced back at his Eugene.

That cheeky look changed Eugene’s mind again. Eugene strode towards Xian and landed a low kick on his thigh.


“This bastard. I’m afraid I won’t be able to say goodbye to my returning brother!”

“Has it been once or twice that you have left the mansion on your own!”

“No matter what, I shouldn’t have to say that I’m glad to see you back!”

Xian seemed to be going crazy. How can you be so proud of the subject of leaving an embarrassing letter to find yourself? I thought it would be embarrassing to meet her face, so I took care of myself and greeted her as usual… … .

“Give me the shield of Geddon.”


“Give me your shield. You’re not even using it right now anyway.”

“What are you talking about, you came back all of a sudden!”

Wow! Eugene kicked Xian in the thigh once again. Xian let out a shriek and rolled on the floor.

“Give it to me!”

“You crazy bastard! Tell me why and give it to me!”

“I have something to write about.”

“So, where are you going to use it!”

Xian squealed. I didn’t want to make you worry by talking about useless things. He recklessly pushed and tried to rob it, but since things were things, Xian’s resistance was strong.

In the end, Eugene roughly explained why Xian needed a shield. I’m not talking about Raizakia, it’s like it’s necessary to solve the problems that are happening in Samar Great Forest.

“Are you crazy?”

Xian was dumbfounded and asked.

“Why do you intervene in the fight of the natives in the forest there?”

“It’s what a warlock does, and I’m a warrior.”

Hearing that answer, Xi’an was speechless. Yujin saw Xian’s expression crumpled and continued.

“And it doesn’t have anything to do with me very much.”


Eugene explained about Iod’s black magic in the Black Lion Castle and how Hector’s soul had been captured by someone. Xian’s face stiffened as he listened to the story.

“… … therefore. The black magician contracted with Hector might be reproducing Iod’s black magic?”

“It’s just a suspicion. I’m not sure.”

I thought it was impossible. The reason Iod was able to do that was because the remnants of the Demon King were with him.

“Even if it’s not certain, it’s possible. … … Hector is Lionheart’s descendant. And iodine… … My hometown.”

I didn’t want to say that Eugene clicked her tongue and shook her head.

“That’s why you said it didn’t matter. I’ll go check it out, so don’t bother with it.”

“I have to report it to the head of the household.”

“Then the work is too big. If it’s the family head’s personality, he’ll definitely feel a sense of responsibility and mobilize all of Lionheart’s power.”

“What is it about? Isn’t that what it should be?”

“It’s not certain, and I just made my own judgment. ‘Not yet’ is my personal matter, but I don’t want to mobilize the power of my family.”

I thought that the power was too much.

I decided to get the help of two archmages from the 8th circle right away, and Eugene was there too. There is also an army of Samar tribes led by Zoran. The war would be fought by the natives anyway, and Eugene was determined to destroy black magic thoroughly and target the ringleader.

However, if the Knights of Lionheart were mobilized, that would not be possible. If you deal with a wide range of black magic, even the knights can’t help but suffer damage. Eugene did not want to make Lionheart shed blood in this war.

“… … Are you considerate of the head of the household?”

Sian, who was silent for a moment, opened his mouth.

It was a straight line.

“When the baby was crazy and gone. The head of the family suffered greatly.”

It has to be. Iod is Gilreid’s eldest son.

Iod tried to overthrow Lionheart by smearing the name of the family, conspiring to do something that the direct descendant of the family should never do. but. Whatever Iod may have thought of his father, Gilreid loved Iod.

Guillaid was grieved over his son’s death. He blamed himself for this because he hadn’t raised his son properly.

The black magic in Samar may not have originated from Iod. However, I didn’t want to face his son’s death again by telling a story that wasn’t even sure.

“… … I will lend you Geddon’s shield.”

Xian let out a long sigh.

“instead. I will go with you too.”

“What is this bastard saying?”

“I will go with you. You might be lying, so I’ll see for myself what’s going on in Samar. … … You are not alone in this matter.”

Xian was also in the forest of the Black Lion Castle at the time. After being ambushed by Hector, he collapsed and was captured by Iod.

“I am the next head of Lionheart. If it’s a problem that the current family head can’t step forward, I have to check it out.”

“It might be dangerous.”

“What is it? Don’t you want to take me because I’m afraid I’ll catch you like last time? Do whatever you want, because if you don’t take me, I’ll go check it out myself.”

Bullshit lacking in logic. One-sided insistence. … … Eugene’s heart ached.

“Yeah, that’s how it feels.”

Yujin wrinkled her expression and muttered. I never thought I would sympathize with the feelings of my colleagues at that time after 300 years have passed… … .

I honestly don’t want to take it. However, I thought that Xian’s words had some truth. At the same time, I also thought that I didn’t want to take Xian to a dangerous battlefield.

‘That’s your selfish wish.’

in the snowfield.

When Xian and Ciel were sent first after being attacked by Noir Jebela.

Anise had said that to Eugene, who felt sorry for the twins who were suffering from a sense of shame.

– Times do not flow as we wish. Humans living in this era are weak and light, so they have no choice but to get caught up in the huge flow. In particular, those twins are Vermut-sama’s descendants. As long as their name is Lionheart, they have no choice but to stand at the forefront of the upheaval of the times.

-Will you walk yourself into the line of fire when you have to? or not… … Will you eventually abandon everything and run away? That’s not for you, Hamel, to decide. A man’s destiny must be his own.

-If you really care for your brothers, don’t treat them like children. Respect their will.

Xian didn’t have to insist on following. It was something I just had to leave to Eugene. But a clear sense of responsibility made Xian say that.

“I get it.”

Eugene did not want to break that will. In Xian’s stubbornness and push, he saw himself 300 years ago.


Xian laughed and stood up.

“If you had acted not to take me, I would have reported this to the head of the household.”

“You son of a bitch.”

Eugene landed another low kick on Xian’s thigh as he stood up.

Hamel 300 years ago was not so petty.

Eugene sincerely thought so.

Ivatar Zahabu

“so. Did you really sign a contract with Ifrit?”

“Call me Ifrit, the spirit king of flames.”

“Did you really sign a contract?”

“it is a secret.”

“I don’t think we signed a contract? If you signed a contract, there’s no way Melchis-sama would be so quiet?”

Melkis’ eyes darkened at the teasing he handed over with a smile. However, Eugene did not stop and continued talking.

“You said you felt the feeling that you could sign an unconditional contract, so in the end you couldn’t sign with Ifrit, right?”

“Call me Ifrit, the spirit king of flames.”

“Why do you have to call me that?”

“You might be listening to this conversation right now!”

Melchis, impatient, let out a loud roar. She took out the Hwajeongseok, which she had treasured between her breasts, and placed it on her table.

“Let me be clear, the contract is not a failure. Failure does not exist for this Melchis Elhire. Wasn’t it just a little, that each other’s opinions were not coordinated? That’s what a contract is. Keep tuning and adjusting to each other, and when you think you’ve reached this point, let’s make a contract! I mean.”

“It’s a failure, right?”

“Because it is not! Now is the time to reconcile opinions. So Eugene, you should also be careful with your words. Right now, this conversation is being overheard by Ifrit, the great and passionate spirit king of the flames. Ifrit-sama, I adore you so ardently.”

Melchis held up the fire crystal with both hands and rubbed it against his cheek. Seeing that scene, Tempest gnashed his teeth in his head.

“How long are you going to strain your eyes?”

Yujin tilted her chair back and looked around. I could see Xian putting strength between his eyes.

“What am I?”

“You’re still straining your eyes.”

“Those bastards have been glancing at us since before.”

As Xian spat that out, he suddenly unbuttoned his sleeve and rolled it up. His tight forearms twitched as he clenched his fists. As if that wasn’t enough, Xian unfastened the sword from her waist and leaned it against her table so that she could be seen by others.

“It varies.”

“The natives of Samar kidnap, eat and sell foreigners. In particular, they say that this trading city is a hunting ground for natives.”

Ryanhart’s mansion left two days ago. Since there is no warp gate in Samar, I arrived at the southern gateway of Kiel and moved directly across the border to the trading city located just before the Great Forest.

Xian’s words are not entirely wrong.

Samar is a lawless area where the laws of the continent do not apply, so there are many criminals who have fled from each other. Such criminals commit crimes in collusion with aggressive and violent natives, and the wealthy and mindless tourists who ventured to these dangerous places were good prey.

“You’re not an idiot, are you going to target us?”

Eugene and his party were sitting at an outdoor table in a street bar. I made eye contact with people passing by on the street a few times, but most immediately looked away and hurried past. It was the same with the guys watching from the shadows.

People always have an atmosphere. Although he didn’t wear Lionheart’s uniform, Eugene’s atmosphere was brutal enough that others wouldn’t dare to make eye contact.

“This is so delicious.”

The atmosphere at the table was just warm. Raimirah gave her big smile as she indulged in the strange stir-fries that came on her plate.

“I got it on my cheek.”

Christina, who was sitting across from her, wiped Lymilia’s cheek with a napkin.

“mother… … .”

Raimirah muttered involuntarily.

I have been receiving this kind of care for several days already. At his first meeting, he was almost killed by a vicious flail, but after that, the blonde cleric became very kind and kind. Raimirah wished with all her heart that Cristina would be her own mother… … .

‘I’ll tell the Black Dragon Duke that I’ll take that human as my nanny.’

Raimirah thought so seriously. When she heard the story, Eugene Ryan Hart was the only one who challenged to kill the Black Dragon. Dying like that could not be helped by Lymilia, but that cleric could be saved.

“Me too, Eugene-nim, something is on my cheek too.”

Mer, who was sitting next to Lymilia and eating, whined. Eugene didn’t bother and wiped Mer’s mouth.

“Is that really a dragon?”

“Call me Dragon Princess, insignificant human.”

“That’s really a magically controlled dragon… … ?”

Melchis muttered with a face of disbelief. Now that he was brought to Samar, he had to share some of that with Xian and Melkis as well.

He did not mention that he was involved in the fall of the Dragon Demon Castle and the disappearance of Kara Bloom. Just, during the war, he infiltrated the dragon castle and kidnapped the dragon princess. he just said that.

“My illusions about dragons have been shattered.”

Xian murmured and shook his head. —-The reason Xian continued to be nervous and looked around wasn’t just because Samar was a lawless area.

To figure out the identity of the black magic that takes place in the Great Forest. I thought that was all, but there are more important things.

Save the wise Senya. It seemed that Xian would be crushed by that heavy purpose.

“Can’t we interfere here?”

“I think we need to go deeper.”

As soon as I arrived at the trading city, I tried to use the dragon word magic on Lymilia. However, it was not possible to reach the dimensional rift where Raizakia was located.

Lyzakia, who crouched in the dimensional gap, tied her existence to the land of Samar Great Forest. The dragon’s dignity was abandoned, and it fell into an existence no different from the Earthly Spirit. As a result, Raizakia did not disappear for 200 years and was able to exist in the dimensional rift.

In order to reach the space of Lyzakia, you have to open the door using Lymilia as the key. And the door is rooted deep in the Great Grove.

‘Or erase the whole Great Forest.’

It’s an impossible story. Erasing the entire Great Forest meant that Senya would blow away the sealed World Tree and the elven territory as well.

Kill Raizakia. Save Senya. In order to bring the two together, there is no choice but to open a dimensional door deep in the great forest.

‘If there is nothing like this, it’s not difficult to break through the Great Forest.’

Eugene frowned and looked outside.

The trade city had a very different atmosphere from the last time I came. Eugene was well aware of this atmosphere. He had to get used to it.

This city is embroiled in war and is preparing for war. Traded goods are mostly war materials such as weapons, and tourists are rare. You can also see the death merchants and hyenas who smelled the smell of war. Mercenaries hired by the tribe were also often seen.

‘I heard that the frenzied independence army withdrew. It seems that Iris was not involved in this war.’

A group of dark elves led by Iris. Frenzied Independence Army. The last time I visited, those dark gnomes were taking root in the trading city.

Although the leader, Iris, was defeated in the territory war against Noir Jebella and fell into a pirate position. This does not mean that the purpose has changed. Iris still hopes to grow her own power and be recognized for her status to become the Demon King.

Rather than having fun in this war, she seemed to have decided to focus on plundering the sea while retreating so that not many of her people would be harmed.


Melchis said with a laugh. I saw a man in a dark red robe with blond hair tied back coming this way.

Red Magic Tower, Loberian Surface. He, who departed straight from Arot, was supposed to join us here today.

“Long time no see.”

Loberian approached and said with a thin smile. Ivatar decided to stay outside the gates of the city, and Loberian, who had been waiting for him, had also arrived, so he did not need to sit here any longer.

After exchanging light greetings, Eugene and the others started moving down the street.

“It’s a secret from the head of the household.”

“Yes, I know.”

Loberian nodded slightly and glanced at Xian. Seeing them together like this, the contrast was clear. 21 years old, the same age, but Eugene was calm and could afford it. However, Xian was walking while catching his breath several times.

‘… … That’s normal.’

Loberian smiled bitterly in spite of himself.

He has seen Xian, Ciel, and Eugene since childhood. The twins from the original family were extraordinary enough to be called geniuses, but they were nothing compared to Yujin.

Isn’t that the case even now? In the depths of the great forest, an unknown plot is being plotted. Numerous natives gather and wage war. And—- the rescue of the wise Senya, who had disappeared for 200 years, was attempted.

Even Loberian, who had lived for a long time, couldn’t help but feel the pressure. It is understandable that Melchis, who had come to kill time, was aloof. But Loberian couldn’t do that.

Hatred of black magic. If that was all, he would be able to arm himself with bloodshed, but when he thinks of Senya, whom he served as a master teacher, his heart feels heavy and his mouth dries up.

How can Xian, a 21-year-old young man, do anything? Moreover, the fact that Xian came here added a sense of duty as Lionheart’s next head of household.

… … It would be Eugene who should feel a greater weight than that.

A hero who has been recognized by the holy sword. Senya’s successor. Even Eugene is the one who has to fight Laizakia who is in the dimensional gap. The fight could not be interfered with by Loberian.

Even so, Eugene’s face was calm. … … It was a feeling she had felt many times before, but this time the feeling of incongruity was intense.

“Is Eugene okay?”

“yes? Why me?”

“You don’t seem to be nervous… … .”

“It just looks like that. I am very nervous.”

It didn’t look like that at all.

‘… … perhaps… … .’

I know it’s a crazy idea, but Loberian is a wizard. He believed that there was no such thing as ‘really’ nonsense.

From the moment he created his signature, Eugene was equal to Loberian as a wizard.

You shouldn’t differentiate between the types of magic you can and can’t do. In the magic battle using the signature, Loberian can no longer gain an advantage over Eugene. That alone is a big deal, but what if Eugene does everything in his power? Loverian didn’t have the confidence to beat Eugene.

He’s a 21-year-old young man.

… … perhaps… … Loberian recalled his suspicions again and looked at Eugene’s back. That back walking right in front of him was a 21-year-old young man, so he looked unbelievably reliable and seasoned.

‘Maybe Eugene… … .’


What cut off Loberian’s thoughts was Xian’s shrill scream. Eugene suddenly hit Xian, who was walking right next to him, with a low kick.

“Spread your face, it’s a baby. While the face is bleeding, the shoulders are also stretched out a bit. What’s so bad about a subject you stubbornly followed?”

“Why are you hitting me… … ?!”

“To ease your tension.”

… … Could it be that I’m thinking something wrong? Loberian put on a puzzled expression as he superimposed the suspicion that had arisen in her head with the current appearance of Eugene.

Deep down, Loberian thought that Eugene Lionheart must be the reincarnation of the great Vermouth. But when I saw that… … I thought it couldn’t be.

The great Vermouth and Eugene Lierhart, who have been handed down in stories and legends, couldn’t possibly overlap. Rather, that light and smirking figure resembled the stupid Hamel.

‘That is truly impossible.’

The reincarnation of the great Vermouth as a descendant of his own blood. Hard to believe, he thought, but it might be.

But how could stupid Hamel be reincarnated into Lionheart, who has no connection whatsoever? A dead soul is supposed to flow according to the law.

‘Unless some lunatic goes against the order of things and seizes the stupid soul of Hamel… … .’

I thought about it once, but it was absolutely ridiculous. Loberian tried hard to ignore the eerieness and trembling.

“Has there been any news about Balzac Rudbesse?”

“ah… … yes. there wasn’t He submitted a leave of absence 15 days ago as per the procedure and left the Black Mage Tower.”

“You don’t know where you went?”

“It is certain that he left Arot. Frankly, I don’t think it was Balzac who plotted this scheme. I agree that Balzac is a dubious figure, but if he’s up to a scheming… … I will not be so blatant.”

“It is. For some reason, Balzac seems like he’s experimenting on the human body in his secret workshop that’s not revealed anywhere.”

Melchis said with a chuckle.

[It’s frustrating. Christina. Go and pet Hamel’s butt.]


[When I was traveling with Hamel, I was able to come out at will, but since the party has increased, I can’t come out.]

‘When did you care about that? You can come out if you want to, Sister. As long as you’re careful to call Eugene Hamel.’

[No, it won’t come out. If I had to step in, I would have no choice but to… … I’ll leave it up to you this time if possible.]

I meant it sincerely. Just as Eugene smelled of war, Anis smelled of war. Anise is used to war. But Christina is no stranger to war.

[…] … You will see many corpses in this forest. You will learn how brutal the war is, what you, a cleric, can do on the battlefield, and how small you are in a ruthless war.]

‘… … .’

[I hope the first war you see won’t break you. I hope it will be an experience that will grow you. Cristina, my immediate advice is… … Let go of your arrogant greed to save everyone. See only what you really want to ask for.]

‘Yes, sister.’

Cristina answered in her mind and looked at Eugene’s back.

—-I said I would follow you. she said so She decided that she would see the same things Eugene sees. She is not a saint following her warriors. Christina Rogeris decided to follow Eugene Ryanhart.

When I was so conscious, my face felt a little hot. Cristina hurried her steps, fanning her hands across her flushed face.

* * *

“I wish I could have looked a little more human.”

Hector frowned and murmured.

It was a valid complaint. The appearance of Hector now was absolutely not human, even in empty words.

The number of arms that should have been 2 became 6, and 2 of the arms that had been increased that way belonged to a vicious monster. The lower part of his body also had monster legs instead of human legs. To balance the extended arms, the torso became larger and thicker, and the face on top of it was also ugly.

“Aren’t you in good shape?”

“I got used to it pretty well. I just don’t like the way it looks.”

“Don’t be too dissatisfied. An ideal body for you, created to fit the shape of your soul.”

Hector Lionheart’s body died and disappeared.

At that moment, Hector’s soul was summoned to the contracted warlock, Edmond Codlet.

That was already a year ago. a form of the soul Hector clicked his tongue and looked down at himself. Existed only as a soul, but only recently received a body.

This hideous body was as strong as it gave up its humanity, and it moved well. At first, it was awkward and awkward how to handle six arms, but now I’m completely used to it. Hector moved his six arms lightly and looked around.

A spacious arena. Opponent is invisible Edmond was the only one sitting in the stands. Originally, this is where Kochila’s slaves kill each other to survive. Perhaps because it was a tribe where cruelty was established as a culture, there were traces of it everywhere.

The smell of blood in every grain of soil. A fence made of human bones was built in front of the walls of the arena. The bodies of yesterday’s dead are hanging from the ends of long skewers erected like decorations.

I didn’t feel any revulsion. She was so calm about everything that even she herself was amazed.


A cracking voice broke in. The man who entered the stands frowned at Hector.

“It looks awful. I want to kill you.”

“I told you beforehand, where did you go?”


His hands were wiped clean, but the man smelled strongly of blood. Edmond smiled bitterly and shrugged his shoulders.

“I can’t help it if it’s a walk. Still, thank you for coming.”

“so. Is it okay if I kill him?”

The man raised his finger and pointed at Hector.

“no. can’t kill I just want to test the performance and fitness rate of that body.”

“If that’s the reason, you don’t even need to call me, right? Don’t say obvious phrases, you want to take a look at my skills.”

“Of course there is a reason for that.”

“I don’t like it. If it hadn’t been for Master’s request, I would have killed you too.”

The man twisted his mouth and spat out, but Edmond only smiled.

“Please understand my feelings. It’s not natural to want to see the skills of that stupid Hamel… … .”

It was before Edmond’s words were finished. The man who approached in an instant— Hamel thrust his sword into Edmond’s throat.

“Don’t call me that.”

The man exhaled, his eyes glinting dimly. A blade stuck to his uvula, but Edmond’s complexion was calm.

“I know that you have helped me in many ways. But, that doesn’t mean you’re my master. Do you see what I mean? I mean watch out for your mouth.”

Edmond shrugged slightly and nodded.

“Okay. Be careful.”

The man snorted and drew his sword. He jumped in front of Hector in his arena and threw the sword he was holding behind him.


“Is it necessary to use a sword to beat a bastard?”

Hector didn’t answer and stood up. The man chuckled as he looked up and down at Hector, who was holding a sword in six hands.

“It reminds me of the old days.”

Ivatar Zahabu

The great hero of 300 years ago, Hamel Diners.

Among the demons of Helmud, the great demons who experienced that era call him the annihilating Hamel. However, Edmond, who was not a demon, was more familiar with the nickname Hamel the Stupid rather than the nickname Hamel the Massacre.


Edmond stood with his hands behind his back and looked down at the arena.

That is not the stupid Hamel himself.

Hamel’s grave found in the desert by Amelia Merwin. A death knight made using a corpse that had been excavated from there and that had not rotted even after hundreds of years.

‘It’s still the same.’

Amelia Merwin has a unique stubbornness. Perhaps because she is herself, she is obsessed with her unsuitable existence.

Right now, the Heretic Questioner of the Maleficarum she’s been playing with lately. Outwardly, it has a human appearance, but its body is a chimera that was cultivated using a vampire as a base. It is said that the soul was not originally born into the body, but was blown into it during the cultivation process.

I had heard about that Death Knight for a long time. Amelia had made several attempts with the perfect material to make into a Death Knight, which she had luckily dug up. She even imbued with the spirit of a beastman who is more aggressive than a human and has a stronger fighting instinct.

The rejection reaction was so great that I put in a completely different race, and then I tried the soul of the lycanthrope slope.

A species that has mutated from humans. Thanks to that, I got some decent results. Although Amelia herself was not satisfied with it, she called her ‘pet’ and attached herself to it for several years.

Even that was ruined. Eugene Lionheart, who suddenly entered the tomb, destroyed Amelia’s cherished Death Knight. In the process, the soul disappeared, but fortunately Hamel’s body did not.

changed the way In the process, Edmond, who was also a member of the so-called Samma of Confinement and was in charge of the staff of Confinement at the time, also helped a lot.

If Amelia had broken her stubbornness, she would just have to inject a human soul with a high level of fitness into it. If you think her skills are not enough, you can steal her soul by killing one of the best knights on the continent.

But Amelia didn’t want it that way. Still she clung to the unsuitable, the twisted existence, the world wouldn’t welcome it—a being that shouldn’t have been born.

This is the Death Knight made after many experiments and attempts. A monster that projects and imitates the opponent’s appearance, combining the soul of a doppelganger. The undecomposed brain of the corpse was projected onto the soul.

That is not the great hero of 300 years ago, stupid Hamel. Strictly speaking, he is a lunatic who believes that he is Hamel.

but. That Death Knight deserves to call himself Hamel. With Hamel’s own body, she projected Hamel’s images and memories. Of course, her vengeance against her demons was castrated for her complete obedience. It was changed by inscribing her forced memories, and made them sincerely understand.

The Death Knight made like that. A puppet warrior who follows and is loyal to Amelia Merwin as her master, and has lost her unconditional intent to kill the demons.

“Should I do more?”

The Death Knight turned his head and looked at Edmond.

simple armament. Because it reflected the habits of his life, that Death Knight did not prefer heavy and cumbersome armor. As for weapons, I prefer weapons that can be broken and have a variety of weapons rather than special ones.

The various weapons include bare hands. It took less than 10 minutes for the Death Knight to completely dismantle Hector’s heterogeneous body. Hector’s body, endowed with powerful regenerative power, continued to regenerate even after plucking, tearing, and crushing, but each time the Death Knight laughed happily and repeated the destruction and dismantling.


Edmond replied with a smile.

Hector is not regenerating anymore and is lying around, but nothing to worry about. His soul wasn’t broken, his mind just slightly disintegrated from the repeated pain and shock. That much can be fixed with the lift of a finger.

“It may seem a bit excessive, but it is.”

Still, since he was a subordinate he was quite attached to, he made a formal remark. Then the Death Knight snorted at him and crushed Hector’s head, which he tore off his body, with his feet.

“I was going to take it easy, but my hands got rough without me knowing. I can’t help it, this baby, Ryan Heart? ”

“yes. Although not direct.”

“The problem is that the blood of the bermut is mixed.”

You died betrayed by your comrades.

At the last moment, Vermouth’s sword pierced your heart. All your colleagues betrayed you. The four deaths of fighting the demon king are now being treated as a joke after 300 years have passed.

My colleagues didn’t tell me about my ugly betrayal, and I didn’t even fight the demon lord in captivity. Rather, they negotiated with the demon king of confinement for their own protection.

The demon king of confinement, who pitied you, took care of your body and soul. And your existence was bestowed upon Amelia Merwin.

—-It was a memory that Amelia had altered. The Death Knight, who believes himself to be Hamel, does not doubt that memory. She is grateful to the Demon King and Amelia. She hates her and her former teammates, especially Ryan Hart, with a huge murderous intent.

“If you hadn’t betrayed your family, I would have completely killed you.”

The Death Knight whispered to Hector who was wriggling and regenerating. The Death Knight brushed off her bloody hands and climbed into her stands.

“It’s annoying to have people like you doubt my skills, but since I’m a friend of the Master, I’ll put up with it. but there is no next Don’t bother calling me when there is no battle.”

“Be careful.”

“The world has gotten so much better. The warlock, the old man, laughed in front of me.”

The Death Knight snorted and passed Edmond.

Edmond swallowed a laugh as he watched the Death Knight move away. I made it like that… … To be honest, it was hard to hold back a laugh whenever I heard something like that.

Twisted memories and one-sided hatred. While not Hamel himself, he believes himself to be Hamel. He talks as if he still has hatred for warlocks and demons, but that Death Knight doesn’t have that kind of feeling.

Even so, the Death Knights talk about their hatred for the warlocks and demons. It is too faithful to her projected memory.

“Amelia deserves love.”

That incongruity is what Amelia insists on and clings to. Is it that even that terrible witch cannot be free from the essence?

Edmond chuckled and waved his finger. Hector’s body, which had been shattered and scattered, melted once. Then, they were entangled with each other and restored to a normal appearance.

“How was it?”

Edmond asked, smiling round and round. Light slowly returned to Hector’s eyes, who had been standing there.

“… … Can you control that?”

There is no pain left in the body. But just thinking about it made Hector’s body tremble.

demonic No other reviews came to mind.

Hector is also confident in his skills. From the beginning, he was evaluated as the most talented person in the branch of Lionheart. In Luhar, where he trained as a knight, he was appointed as an honorary knight of the White Fang, which is always indispensable when discussing the continent’s best.

It was the skill that was evaluated ‘before life’.

The real talent that was not revealed. Even though he was given a body that was overwhelmingly superior and stronger than that of humans, he was no match. Whatever method they attacked, they were intercepted with ridicule and ruthlessly trampled upon.

“Isn’t it very well made?”

Edmond said with a laugh.

“I reproduced the fighting ability of that great hero, stupid Hamel. By making the dead body into a Death Knight, it has become incomparably stronger than when it was alive. In exchange for not being able to use mana, I use magic freely. Is that all? What’s really great about that Death Knight is that it still has a lot of room for growth.”

“… … So you’re asking. Can you really control that?”

“It’s a question that’s so obvious to me that it’s not even worth answering… … Haha, I’m pretty sure you’re ignorant of magic. Can you control it? of course. After all, that’s a Death Knight, and such a being can never go against the Master/Servant contract.”

“But, Mr. Edmond. Isn’t the owner of that Death Knight not you, but Amelia Merwin?”

The ritual being prepared in the great forest is an important ritual that must succeed not only for Edmond but also for Hector.

Hector was fascinated by the secret wish of the rod of confinement. He had already died as a human being, but he was so sincere that he would die many more times for Edmond’s secret wish.

… … But there are too many uncertainties about this ritual. The Black Dragon’s thoughts penetrating the entire land of Great Forest. Edmond is confident that he can use and control even that, but Hector, who is ignorant of magic, has difficulty sympathizing with that confidence.

Is that all? It was hard to believe transparently that the dubious desert dungeon master cooperated with Edmond.

“Me and Amelia are not enemies.”

Edmond stroked his beard and laughed.

“rather… … It’s a position to cooperate with each other’s aspirations. Listen carefully, Hector. For a magician, a secret wish is an ideal that must be achieved by immersing oneself in one’s entire life, but it is not necessarily a competition with other magicians.”

“… … Is that so?”

“Because the direction of each other’s longings is not the same. That’s why Amelia and I are cooperating well. I have a promise to help Amelia after I fulfill my wish with Amelia’s help.”

Amelia and I have known each other for a long time. I am well aware of how vastly different the directions of the two are. There is no reason for each other to betray each other in this matter.

“I helped create that Death Knight. And I borrowed it to reinforce our strength here. When everything is over, that Death Knight will only go back to Amelia. And when Amelia needs it, I’ll offer her help.”

“… … I know what your longing is. But I don’t know what Amelia Merwin’s secret wish is.”

“Her wish is quite complex… … Simply put, Amelia wants power.”


It is an answer that has been shortened too much even if it is abbreviated. So Hector couldn’t understand that answer. In the first place, it was questionable that a warlock the size of Amelia Merwin would want more power.

“A lot of power.”

Edmond laughed and stood up.

“It would be impolite for me to elaborate on her secret wish, not even myself. But, you can see why we’re working together. When everything in this forest is complete, I… … Haha, it will be a helper that can add the great power that Amelia desires.”

“… … Can you really succeed?”

A question asked with a worried face. Edmund’s laugh deepened, and his voice gained strength.

“of course. There are no variables.”

A spell that Iod Lionheart obtained from the remnants of the Demon King. Reconstruction of the soul, creation of the body.

Iod almost became a being comparable to the demon king by transcending the remnants of the demon king into the spirit king of darkness.

But it failed. Iod himself was a big variable. It was because the unqualified snoring got too much power in his hands.

The demon king’s thoughts, which had fallen into remnants, desired the blood and soul of Lionheart’s family as a sacrifice due to his hatred for the hero Vermouth.

‘Only’ that’s about it. If you think differently, Iod could have completed the remnants of the demon lord and become a new demon lord with just that amount of sacrifice. It was because the remnants of the Demon King were always with Iod.

However, Edmund has neither the spirit of darkness nor the remnants of the demon king.

Even so, Edmond does not fail.

I knew the goal of the ceremony. It was reinterpreted and supplemented. The scale of magic is the scale, and Edmond’s goal is special… … A large amount of sacrifices will be required, but even if the seeds of the natives dry up in this forest, the eyes of the continent do not turn to this place right away.

‘I’m lucky.’

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