Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 92

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When the spell was copied from Hector’s memory. Edmond was delighted with the feeling of a God he had never believed in. A magic that Edmond himself could not complete even after decades of pursuit. I never thought I would receive help from the remnants of the demon king who died 300 years ago.

The luck didn’t stop. Black Dragon Raizakia, one of the Three Kingdoms… … I wondered where the powerful being had disappeared to. I never thought that the traces of it would be entirely engraved on this land.

‘It is also a great fortune that the grave of the stupid lizard is here.’

Laizakia’s thoughts engraved on the land. It seems that Raisakia herself is wandering around the dimensional rift, but Edmond decided to use this condition happily. This great forest land is used as the base of magic, and it draws the magic power of Lyzakia just as it draws the power of the leyline.

Countless souls to be offered as sacrifices. Edmond’s magical power recognized as the staff of confinement. Bloodmary’s magic that used the whole dragon heart. In addition, the old dragon and the demon dragon, even the magical power of Raizakia!

It can’t fail. But Edmond was in no hurry. For perfect success, human bone towers are still being built throughout the forest to serve as catalysts for the ritual. It creates a stream of blood that binds the soul and spills it over the forest.

‘Theoretically, even the power of the World Tree can be used as mine.’

Had Iod succeeded in the ritual, he would have become the Demon King. At last, becoming a demon king would have been the best.

when the ritual was successful. Edmond will be reborn as a greater being than that. He will seize the power of the real Great Demon King, not the demon king of the lower ranks.

Edmond will abandon the existence of a weak, mediocre, and even too many human beings, and become a great demon king whose essence is complete.

There is no regret in human life. Are you reborn as the Great Demon King or remain as a human? Is there any room for concern? Edmond had confidence in his success and the ability to make it happen.

“I can do it, if it were me.”

Edmond muttered with a confident smile. It was a confident declaration. Hector followed quietly behind him, bowing his head.

‘Everything changes.’

Life in the sidelines where all abilities were not recognized. He didn’t want to settle for that, but Hector didn’t have the ability to overthrow a huge and prestigious warrior called Lionheart.

Even though he was evaluated as the best in the collateral, his heart was always empty.

No matter how much recognition it is, it is a collateral in the end. Baek Yeom-sik, passed down from the great ancestors, is in a position that cannot be learned. ㅡ While wandering in the void, he was contacted by Edmond. Edmond acknowledged Hector’s abilities and showed him a future he couldn’t achieve.

If it is a family that needs recognition, it is rather abandoned. Instead of the Lionheart of the continent, the Lionheart of Helmud should stand tall. The 300-year history of Lionheart will be insignificant in the age of the new Great Demon King.

… … Even while the two are drawing a future full of confidence, battles are taking place all over the forest.

Warriors from Kochilla, wearing masks made of woven bast, raided the lesser tribes. Too many hostages were reduced by impromptu massacres. The warriors followed Edmond’s thorough training.

He cut the hostage’s chest with the handed black magic dagger and pulled out the heart while alive. Without the need to draw directly, the dagger guided the blood of the sacrificial animal and made it a cog in the ritual.

Blood seeps into the soil. Deep in the ground, blood flows like water veins. After that, he hacks up the soul-deprived corpse, excavates the bones, and builds a tower… … .


where the massacre has passed.

A man wearing a robe stood up in a village full of blood. He approached the human bone tower that stood tall in the center of the village and looked at it while caressing his chin.

“I see how you interpreted it. Edmond, I admire your friend’s magic sense.”

Balzac Rudbesse. He knew the purpose of this human bone tower. This tower is not a totem built by the natives of Cochila only through cruelty. The Bone Tower connects the river of blood flowing underground and guides it to flow in the right place.

“It’s magic that I can neither try nor think of.”

Balzac admitted with a wry smile.

It is called the Samma of the same confinement, but as a ‘wizard’, it is Edmond Codlet who has the highest capacity. That’s why Edmond is called the staff of confinement, and he was bestowed with Bloodmary.

Balzac knows that as a wizard, he falls far short of Edmond. It has been confirmed even now. From before, the warlock named Balzac Rudbeth had no particular advantage over Amelia and Edmond.

Nevertheless, the demon king of confinement made a contract with Balzac. In other words, Balzac has qualities worthy of attention by the Great Demon King.

You know what your organs are. I was aware of it from the time I was in the Blue Magic Tower in the past.

Balzac Rudbesse is good at deception.

Ivatar Zahabu

few years ago. There were so many things to take care of when you and Christina crossed the Great Forest alone.

At that time, the purpose was to search for Senya, who had gone into seclusion, and the elven territory. Along the way, he had to find a village of wandering elves. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes, the native tribe went round and round, and it took a long time to search here and there.

But this time it wasn’t necessary. Ivata, who led the way, was accustomed to the wide forest path.

Rather than being familiar with the road, the forest opened the way for Ivata.

Ivatar just moved forward, but the dense trees moved their bodies as if they were alive and made a new path. And the bumpy and muddy ground, which was difficult to walk on, became flat and hard when Ivata stretched out her feet. Not only that, but the ground pushed his feet and the wind pushed his back.

“It is the protection of the forest inherited by the chieftain of Zoran.”

The natives of Samar are loved by the forest and primitive spirits.

Among them, the explicit and strong affection is Ga-ho. It is a power that can be said to be the matrix of spirit magic that has been passed down since time immemorial. It was a power that could not be inherited a few years ago, but as the situation in the forest became unstable and Ivata came of age, the divine protection was inherited.

There was no need to go around other tribes. Native people are very sensitive to the territory of the tribe, but Ivata did not care about that and penetrated the territory.

Zoran was one of the largest tribes in the forest, and Ivata was confirmed as the next chieftain and between the battles of Zoran, so it was okay.

Loberian’s summons were also of great help. The horses he summoned moved swiftly even in the complex forest and did not slow down. Thanks to this, the party was able to arrive at the territory of the Zoran tribe deep in the forest within a week of leaving the trading city.

The Zoran tribe had the largest territory among the tribes Eugene had seen in the forest. It was partly because the great forest was so huge, but the tribal territory was larger than most noble territories.

We moved for another day and a half from the outskirts of the territory. He saw warriors standing guard from the outskirts, and after passing through dozens of villages, he was able to come close to Zoran’s capital.


Mer, who was riding the summoned beast, looked back at Eugene with a worried face.

“He’s always weird.”

Lymilia was riding in front of Mer. While Mer openly kept Raimir A in check, they got along well with each other, perhaps because he had many things in common with her.

Usually, it was Mer’s pattern of arguing about the arrogant and ignorant stories that Lymira was talking about, but they got along quite well and rode the same summoned beast even in the forest.

“The original girl is fine… … .”

Lymilia answered immediately, but her voice didn’t have the usual strength. Eugene stared at Raimirah’s pale face.

It was yesterday that her condition started to get weird. While she was sleeping, she suddenly woke up screaming, and even after that she could not sleep deeply and was pressed against her scissors. Even when she got up, she refused to drink water, let alone eat, and she broke out in a cold sweat like rain and shivered.

It was the same even now. Raimira sits in her arms as if hugging her Mer, her shoulders slightly hunched. Repeatedly, her chewed lips were not tattered, but the teeth were clear and red and swollen. Her bangs, too, were clinging to sweat and hanging down.

“Bonnyeo… … Since she was born, she has never left the palace. She was born, she grew up like a flower in a greenhouse. As the original woman leaves her villa and crosses this hot and sticky forest, she is severely persecuted… … So, of course, she could be unwell.”

“A dragon?”

“I think it’s a problem that has nothing to do with dragons. This… … This is not a physical problem, it is a mental problem.”

It wasn’t entirely wrong. Among them are Christina and Anis. Raimirrah’s condition became strange yesterday, and the two rushed to check her condition immediately, but Raimirrah’s abnormality was not a matter of the body.

“It’s not that I don’t have something to point out.”

“radish… … What is it?”

“Your father is watching you.”

Yujin smiled and said. That was the only reason why Lymilia’s condition suddenly became strange.

After entering the great forest, I periodically check the dragon magic. As initially thought, it was impossible to open the door leading to Raizakia from the outskirts.

The moment you are banished to the outer dimension. Raizakia had no choice but to be desperate.

With the tenacity to save his life and return to this world one day, he tied his existence to Daesurim. He confirms that the deeper he goes into the forest, the stronger the connection, but it seems that he will have to go all the way to the center of the forest to open the door.



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As he got close enough to check Raizakia’s condition from this side, the tenacious Black Dragon might also be feeling this side. In particular, the ruby ​​embedded in the forehead of Laimira brought here is part of Laizakia’s dragon heart.

“If it is a psychological factor that causes your condition to be strange, then you must have a vague sense of ‘why’. no?”

“Ooh… … .”

“When I asked yesterday, did you just say you had a bad dream? Is that really all there is to it? Do you not remember your dreams at all?”

Raimirah’s eyes shook.

Eugene was right. She said she couldn’t remember, but she did in fact vaguely remember the content of her dream.

black darkness. In the eerie, thick, sticky darkness, where you can’t even see your own body. I thought I was the only one standing alone, but it wasn’t.

On the other side of the darkness, someone was staring at Lymilia. She tried to run away out of instinctive reluctance and fear, but Lymirah in her dream made it impossible to escape.

Your existence is for me.

I heard the voice of the Black Dragon Master that was clearly in my memory—- my father. The darkness that had slowly approached, no, the darkness that had bound Raimirra from the beginning added a clear weight, murderous intent, and greed.

At that moment, the darkness changed. It’s something I’ve never experienced in my life. Raimirah didn’t know ‘this’ feeling. Nevertheless, Raimira’s dream made her understand the situation.

Lymilia was in someone’s mouth. She was alive and well, she had entered the mouth of a gigantic creature—and sat on its cold tongue.

There was no such thing as sharp teeth chewing and swallowing the body. Rather, it gave Raimirah great fear.

It was swallowed and swallowed alive.

“Hee-hee… … .”

It’s a nightmare you don’t want to recall. I woke up once and went back to sleep. The nightmare did not recur, but rather unpleasant and disturbing consciousness.

From outside this world, someone is glaring at Lymilia. I didn’t reach out my hand directly, but it felt like my soul was being pulled just by looking at it… … .

Mer felt sorry for Lymilia, who trembled and trembled. So she stretched out her hand and stroked the crown of Lymir Ah. Before I knew it, Cristina was also approaching Lymir A with her summoned beast.

“… … ah… … I get it.”

The hand gently stroking the back of her hand and the touch on the top of her head calmed Lymilia’s trembling. Raimira opened his closed eyes and stared at Eugene.

“You evil human being. You must have invaded her mother’s mind.”

“What is he saying now.”

“The original woman’s nightmare was a lie that could never happen. You, Eugene Ryan Hart, are the only ones who show such a dream to her original daughter and benefit her.”

It wasn’t just a random word.

Why would the Black Dragon Master kill and eat his daughter alive? It must have been that the evil hero had an evil plan to create a rift between him and the Black Dragon.

“Eugene, be patient.”

“You have to be patient.”

Seeing Eugene’s fists tremble, Loverian and Cristina added their words.

[Why should I be patient? Even if you are right, if you say rice, you must show a tingling taste.]

“The opportunity to hit a dragon in the head is not common.”

“Are you going to put up with me behaving like that?”

Anise, Melchis, and Xian had different opinions. f*ck! Before Eugene could even come forward, Mer hit Lymirah on the top of her head.


Zoran’s capital. A city built in the forest.

What can be seen from afar was a temple made of stones piled high. It is a temple dedicated to the god of Daejin, a common belief in Samar. The pyramid-shaped temple was the tallest and largest structure in the capital. The rest of the buildings were low, square, monotonous buildings, as we had seen before coming here.

The capital was wide. Of course, it was not comparable to Kiel’s capital, but it was bigger than Eugene’s hometown, Gidol.

“It’s a new thought, but my hometown was really a rural corner.”

“Are you admitting it now?”

Xian looked back at Yujin with an expression of regret.

“Even though you insisted on saying no, when you were little, your body really smelled like cow dung. It doesn’t smell like cow dung, even in this forest city.”

“Be quiet before you put your face in the poop.”

Xian knew very well that it was not just a verbal threat. He quietly kept his mouth shut and gazed at the capital’s walls with narrow eyes.

“The atmosphere is strange.”

Not a welcoming atmosphere. The gates were closed, and the vigilance was strong even on the barriers. The warriors, even wearing battle makeup, were looking down at us with strained eyes.

“Are you going to do it?”

Eugene asked while looking at the back of Ivata, who stood in front of him. Eugene knew why the atmosphere was like that. Before he left for Samar, he had heard the story from Ivatar.

The atmosphere in Ivatar was unusual. The muscles of her whole body were twitching enough to be seen with her own eyes, and the open display of anger and murder made the space tingle.

“Of course I have to.”

Ivatar exhaled. He dismounted from his summons and strode forward.

“Ivatar Zahabu!”

The man standing on top of the barrier shouted out loud. Although it was a little smaller than Ivata, it had a particularly stern face, considering that it was a mixed blood of a human and a gorilla.

“Even if you are the next chieftain, your actions will not be tolerated!”

“You mean Moore?”

“This is a war that Zoran and her allies must resolve. But you! The patriarch took advantage of his senility to act arbitrarily!”

“Did you abandon the pride of Zoran?”

The shouts were loud.

It was Ivatar’s own decision to come to Lionheart for help. The first battle in which we retreated without deciding whether to win or lose. Ivatar’s father, the Zoran chieftain, barely survived, but was mortally wounded.

Ivata also participated in that first battle. He neither won nor lost. No one advanced and retreated… … . He insisted on that, but—-the difference in strength was felt right from the start. Coachilla had a certain amount of room. They didn’t use the monsters supported by Helmud, nor did they mobilize the evil shaman.

There was room for victory and defeat in Zoran as well. It was a battle that started suddenly. The coalition of alliances was not complete. I couldn’t even raise the ceremony for victory to the god of the earth. Just as Kochila did not mobilize shamans, Zoran and the Alliance did not mobilize shamans.

The elders of the tribe and relatives of Ivatar. Warriors with high pride. The chiefs of the allied tribes said so. But Ivatar couldn’t think that way. In the first battle, Ivatar saw the destruction of Zoran and the annihilation of his tribesmen.

“I got permission from my father.”

Ivatar exhaled. Zoran and the alliance cannot defeat Kochilla alone. Ivata wondered if he could get help from Eugene, so he got permission from the chieftain and left the forest.

“Chief! brother passed away While you, son, emptied the tribe! Suffering from the pain of his injuries, he was finally embraced by the earth! You couldn’t even keep your brother’s deathbed!”

The man who yelled at first. The chief’s brother is Ivatar’s uncle. He pointed his finger at his nephew and contorted his face.

“You said you got permission from your brother? There is no way that my older brother, who came before the honor and pride of the tribe, would allow humans from the outside to enter a battlefield that should be sacred.”

Eugene listened silently to that cry before opening his mouth.

“It’s something I’ve felt since the old days, but most bastards who spit on sacredness as an excuse are idiots.”

“Are you talking about me?”

Cristina opened her eyes and glared at Eugene. Her Eugene avoided Christina’s gaze and shut her mouth.

“Ivatar Zahabu. You were aiming for the dying patriarch of Zoran, whose consciousness is confused.”

“Is there any reason for me to do that?”

“You don’t need to know why. By trying to involve outsiders in this war, you yourself have lost the honor you deserve as a chieftain.”

“It was Coachilla who first attracted foreigners.”

“Cochila and us are different. Kochila gets help from Helmud, but Zoran doesn’t get help from outside the forest.”

“What if we lose the war?”

“We are not defeated.”

The shouting was only coercive and had no logic. Ivatar shook his head with a bloody smile.

“What do you want from me?”

“Leave Zoran, and don’t come back.”

“Do you really hate losing the position of chieftain to me, my nephew?”

“Do you think I am blinded by such courage? I am for the honor and pride of the tribe.”

Of course, Ivatar didn’t believe that. Eugene and the others behind Ivatar didn’t believe it either. Even the warriors lined up on the barriers were trembling.

However, Ivatar’s uncle and the tribal chiefs of the alliance, who acted as chieftains, had serious faces.

That appearance made Eugene have an obvious and pitiful imagination. Apparently, after pretending to be a war, an agreement was reached to accept defeat and go under the umbrella of Kochilla.

The power struggle of the natives here was not a big deal for Eugene.

“Look behind you, Ivata. Aren’t those 7 reinforcements you brought without even watching your father’s deathbed?”

“There are only three men who do not seem to have the courage of a warrior.”

is it about us?

Eugene glanced at Xian and Loberian who were beside him. Even so, the magician Loberian and the insignificant Xian.


You don’t seem to have the bravery of a warrior?

“Why did you bring the two women? Is this an offering to cover your infidelity?”

“Be my wife.”

“Aren’t the remaining two children not even old enough!”

The chieftains laughed at Ivata and Eugene. Melchis, who had been standing there blankly, let out a blank laugh.

“Hey, I just thought I heard it wrong. Didn’t that old man over there ask me to be her wife?”

“It must have been about Christina, not Melchis.”

“huh? why? Why do you think so? I think you said something to me? That man is looking at me right now.”

“A normal person would want to marry Christina more than Melchis-sama.”

Those words calmed the irritation and rage that was wriggling in Christina’s chest.

‘Does that mean that Eugene wants me as his wife too?’

[Hamel is not an ordinary person, but Christina, I think it’s safe to say that what you just said is actually a proposal.]

Anis also made a fuss. Melkiss looked straight at Eugene.

“Isn’t it? why? Both me and Saint Christina are pretty?”

“Because Melchis-sama is three times older than Christina.”

Melchis’s eyes fluttered at the plain reply. Even while having a leisurely conversation, there was laughter on the top of the castle wall… … .

Ivatar’s face was still viciously distorted as she glared at the wall. Ivata took a deep breath, then turned around and looked at everyone.

“I’m sorry everyone.”

Ivata bowed her head deeply and apologized.

“I said I might not be welcome, but I never imagined that I would be insulted so lowly.”

“Ivatar Zahabu! Who is the next chieftain bowing down to?”

the man yelled. Ivata ignored the words and continued.

“I was short-tempered. A warrior who talks about honor and pride could never be that ugly. I don’t want to bother and offend you with this matter any longer, so if you wish, I will lead you out of the forest right away.”

“Ah, you don’t have to. Like I said, I also have business in the forest.”

“Then wait a minute.”

Ivata lifted her bowed head.

There was no need to ask for help. Ivatar turned around, gritting his teeth.

More insults came from above the barrier, but Ivatar didn’t think to listen to them any longer and respond. He clasped his bare hands, which did not carry even a single weapon, and strode towards the barrier.

It happened in an instant. It looked as if the ground had bounced off Ivatar’s feet like a spring. Like that, Ivatar soared to the top of the barrier with a single leap.

The deputy chieftain of Zoran was not greatly surprised. If it was Ivata, I thought that would be the case. no. He even thought of killing Ivata altogether by inducing Ivata to attack in anger.

He wasn’t just a silent warrior. Few warriors were as good as him in his entire tribe.

The window hidden behind his back was lifted up. The deputy chief gave a mighty roar and threw down the spear. A spear wrapped in huge mana pierced the space with a roar.

The fiercely flying spear was so easily caught in Ivatar’s hand. Ivatar twisted his body in the air and threw the spear back.


Without even mana, the spear that was thrown with only force penetrated the body of the deputy chieftain. Kwurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring! It broke down the barrier that did not lose its power even after penetrating the body.


The tribal chiefs nearby shouted. They leaped from the collapsing barrier and attacked the falling Ivatar.

It didn’t take long for Ivatar’s bare hands to tear off each of their arms one by one.

“Turn it off… … .”

The deputy chieftain, who was buried in the rubble of the collapsed barrier, was lifted high with a spear. Ivatar spat, waving at his spear-pierced uncle.

“You are not a warrior.”

It wasn’t something I spat out to get an answer. Ivatar slammed the high spear on the floor.

Kwajik! The body of the deputy chief who had been thrown to the ground exploded, and his blood splattered in all directions. The tribal chiefs, who had become one-armed in an instant, were unable to utter an order to kill Ivatar, only holding on to their wounds.

“Order the door to be opened.”

Ivata ordered without wiping the blood that spattered on her face.

The barrier door opened.

balzac rudebes

The deputy chieftain died, and the chieftains of other tribes who sympathized with him all amicably had their left arms pulled out. A corner of the barrier collapsed, and some of the warriors lined up nearby were also caught and injured.

Even so, the warriors of the tribe did not rebel against Ivatar. The elders of the tribe, who most likely sympathized with the deputy chieftain, also greeted Ivata and the others.

It was because Ivatar crushed and killed the deputy chieftain from the front and tore off the arms of the other chieftains.

Like other countries on the continent, the forest tribes valued strength. It was only natural that there would be no backlash as Ivata, who was well-versed as the successor, killed the deputy chief with similar legitimacy by force.

‘It’s strong.’

Xian remembered Ivatar.

I didn’t think of them as simply oversized natives. Xian also has eyes to evaluate the opponent’s ability. He recognized that even in the Knights of Lionheart, he had the skills to be at the captain’s level, no, to be at the top of them.

However, when I saw my skills, I felt like I needed to raise my evaluation higher than that.

Among the knights of the continent I saw in Night March, how many knights could be said to be stronger than Ivatar? Even the natives, who were condescending as acting chiefs, would have been able to become the commander of a country’s knights if they went to the continent… … .

‘That rice cake stand, even me and Eugene are the same age.’

When I thought about my age, I felt even more shabby.

It was also an unavoidable reality. Eugene is a monster who is evaluated as the best talent in Lionheart history, and isn’t that Ivata Zahabu also a great warrior who can discuss the best in this vast forest beyond Zoran?

“Again, I’m in awe again.”

Yujin saw Xian’s expression hardened and spoke to him. Then Xian turned to Eugene in a fit of rage.

“What am I?”

“It’s obvious. Seeing Ivata’s skills, don’t you think why am I so weak?”

Can you read my expression that well? Xian crumpled his expression and touched my face.

“How many more people are there in this wide world? If you line up among humans with fighting talent, yes, you can aim for the top… … Famous articles you know well. At Lionheart, the family head, Carmen-nim, and me?”

“… … .”

“Ivata has the same qualities and skills. To put it calmly, you and Ciel can be at the top, but the top is difficult.”

“Who knows?”

“Oh, of course, this is the plain truth. Reality doesn’t always work out the way it should. What is it, I… … Among the great people I admire and admire… … .”

“Uhm… … .”

It wasn’t until Eugene’s words were finished. Mer, who was beside her, opened her narrow eyes and looked at Eugene. Eugene tried to ignore that gaze and continued.

“… … That’s Hamel. Well, the beginning was unexpectedly ordinary, right? Contrary to the heroic strides he made. He made quite a name for himself as a mercenary, but in fact Hamel-sama of those days was far from being a great hero… … .”

“I know the story. Hamel-sama, who was not very strong, quickly became stronger as he became an ally of the great Vermut-sama.”

Sian snorted and said.

“But Hamel-nim was able to become stronger because Vermut-nim was by his side. Vermut-nim guided Hamel-nim… … .”

“City X Who is it? It’s not? Hamel-sama didn’t receive Vermouth-sama’s guidance. Hamel-sama became stronger because Hamel-sama worked hard alone.”

Lymilia, who was with Mer, also opened her eyes and looked at Eugene. Eugene ignored that gaze as well.

“and… … uh… … It’s thanks to the many battlefields. Hamel’s natural talent is, uh, at first… … hmm… … I guess it didn’t bloom. After going through many battlefields and repeating battles, the flower bloomed.”

It wasn’t just a random word. It seemed to Eugene that he was like that in the past. He made quite a name for himself in the mercenary world… … There was no comparison between the continental battlefield and the demonic battlefield.

If I had gone to Helmud without meeting Vermut and becoming an ally.

‘… … He probably died within a few years.’

I’ve never been taught by Vermouth… … there was However, in Hamel’s opinion, rather than the map, the fact that there was a monster called Vermut right next to him stimulated him more.

I don’t want to lose to Vermouth. I want to become stronger than Vermouth. Hamel had been obsessed with it all along.

“I see what you’re talking about, but what the hell are you looking at me for?”

Xian was still frowning. However, seeing that his droopy shoulders shrugged before he knew it, it was clear that Eugene’s encouragement had helped.

“I realized the strength of you and Ivatar, but that doesn’t mean my spirits died. He said he already felt that frustration in the snowfield. I am fine.”

It’s because of pride that I can’t say thank you. And as he said himself, Xian already felt his own weakness in the snowy field. I also knew that it wouldn’t be very helpful for my growth.

Eugene and Ivatar are strong. cyan is weak But what is it? Xian did not think that even his future self would be weak.

“My brother encourages me to the best of my ability, but the way he speaks is clear.”

Yujin got embarrassed and kicked Xian in the leg.

It was around sunset when Ivata returned from the tactical meeting.

The appearance of Ivata who entered through the closed door was different from before. He wore a helmet made from the skull of a beast, and he also wore colorful necklaces and bracelets.

“It looks like you’ve officially become a chieftain. congratulations.”

Loverian congratulated you first. Ivata smiled bitterly and bowed his head as he entered the room.

Among the changes, the most notable was a new large tattoo on the chest. Even though it hadn’t been long since it had been engraved, the skin was intact and not red and swollen, but the smell of blood was strong.

“Who did you kill?”

It’s not the smell of blood from tattoos. Eugene asked while glancing at Ivata’s large hand.

“I killed pathetic old people and came.”

“To think that he started purging as soon as he became chieftain.”

“Even if they didn’t become chieftains, they deserved to be killed.”

It was as I had guessed.

Young warriors are looking forward to war. But the dead chieftain deputy and chieftains of other tribes. And some of the elders of Zoran have already given up on the war.

They were once warriors who enjoyed fighting through the forest, but now that they have grown old and have so many things in their hands, they want a comfortable old age rather than a battle of death and death.

“It was decided while I was away. Repeated defeat in the wars to come, giving enough blood and soul to Kochilla’s satisfaction. Then surrender, and become part of Kochilla.”

Of course, Ivatar doesn’t want that. Young and warlike, he hopes to win this war. Like most of his warriors.

“I heard that there were already several more battles before my return. Four tribes were destroyed, and parts of the northern forest of Zoran were also trampled by Kochilla. We did not advance further.”

Ivatar unfolded the large animal skin she was holding in one hand and hung it on the wall. I did something and it was a map of the forest. Ivatar stared at his map with his eyes wide open.

“If your memory is correct, this is where the world tree and the elven territory are located.”

Ivatar stuck a large awl into the map.

The world tree does not mean that it is located in the center of the Great Forest. Rather, it is located quite far west from the center.

Of course, there was no real World Tree in that place. To be precise, the World Tree exists in a separate space that spans over there.

“From here on, it is Kochila’s territory.”

The awl was stuck in a place far away from the World Tree.

Eugene was a little relieved by that. It would be impossible to open the barrier there unless you had the leaves of the World Tree, but you were on your guard.

“This is a conquered place.”

Several awls were stuck in the map. Yujin, who had been watching silently until they were all plugged in and flew off, nodded.

“It is not a simple war of conquest.”

If they wanted to expand their territory, they would have eaten the land of the surrounding tribes first. In fact, several awls were inserted around Kochilla’s main base, but many other awls were also inserted far away from the main base.

“I think so too.”

Ivatar nodded. The expressions of Loberian and even Melchis, who were looking at the map together, were serious. The two archmages were convinced that this war was a precursor to black magic.

“I guess.”

Loberian opened his mouth.

“If you are a wizard, you have to distinguish between the magic you can handle and the magic you can’t. However, the wizard dreams of great magic that he—no, no one can handle. In that case, I look for other means to fill my shortcomings.”

“It’s not necessarily limited to sacrifices or contracts with high-ranking beings.”

Melchis took the word.

“There is a thing called Tomac. It is the circulating flow of mana dwelling in the earth. Spirit veins are places where mana is particularly abundant in Tomac, but spirit veins are very rare in general… … .”

“I think many of Kochila’s conquered lands are descended from Tomac. The black magician behind it must have played a trick so that he could use the mana flowing through the tomac.”

“Bastard Balzac.”

Eugene exhaled. Loberian’s eyes widened at the sudden curse.

“… … Personally, I don’t think Balzac was behind it… … .”

“That is something we don’t know yet. So, for now, let’s think that Balzac is behind it.”

“hmm… … .”

Like Eugene, Loberian couldn’t bear to curse Balzac unreasonably.

“… … of course… … This is still speculation. As for me, I want to leave this place right away and see it with my own eyes.”

“The advance preparations are complete. If ordered, all the assembled warriors will go against Kochilla.”

“It’s a quick and easy solution. It will be over if you step on the conquest land step by step and strike Kochilla’s main base.”

“If it’s black magic, it might be possible to purify it on its own.”

story going around. Xian clenched his fists nervously at the tangible war.

Mer didn’t bother talking about things that had nothing to do with her, and in one corner she was engrossed in playing rock-paper-scissors with Lymilla.

“for a moment.”

someone knocked on the door Ivata asked for common sense and turned away.

Ivata, who had gone out the door, returned with a puzzled expression.

“Balzac Rudbesse surrendered.”

“What did you just say?”

“Balzac Rudbesse surrendered.”

Everyone looked embarrassed like Ivata.

I couldn’t believe it even after hearing it myself. But seeing it with his own eyes, he had no choice but to believe it.

Samma of confinement. Arot’s Black Mage Tower Master. A black magician who should have been behind this war, whose intentions were unknown and whose behavior was suspicious.

Balzac Rudewes was bound by the warriors and led into the room. Even the robe he was supposed to be wearing had been taken off, and all of his weapons had been disarmed.

A longsword with a black blade. 4 daggers. A pocket artifact using space magic. magic wand. Even the glasses I always wore were taken away, and my bare feet even took off my shoes. Both of his hands were bound so that he could not move, and his mouth was gagged to prevent him from chanting the chant.

It was a slovenly look.

Balzac, who was brought into the room, first bowed his head toward everyone.

Due to the gag in his mouth, he did not say hello directly. Eugene, still embarrassed, pointed at Balzac.

“What are you?”

Balzac couldn’t answer and smiled bitterly. Ivatar sent the warriors who had led him this far out of the room and looked back at Eugene.

“… … Should I torture you?”

Balzac shook his head. Eugene raised his finger while twitching his eyebrows. A sharp wind tore the rope from Balzac’s mouth.

“Long time no see.”

Balzac had said that as soon as his mouth was free.

Eugene’s eyebrows twitched again. He pondered for a moment whether to break the restraints that bound Balzac’s hands or cut Balzac’s neck.

“Why are you here?”

Loberian asked after clearing up his bewilderment.

sudden surrender. Since he is a character whose true intentions are unknown, even this may be a scheming that leads to something. Melchis was already preparing to summon the Spirit King, and Christina also grabbed the handle of the flail.

“It is Edmond Codlet that is running Coachilla.”

said Balzac.

It didn’t answer why I was here. I was thinking of burning myself out with magic if I gave an answer that was different from the question. Loberian could not unfold the magic he had prepared and only half-opened his lips.

“Edmond disperses the elite to occupy Samar’s Tomac, and the purpose of the war is to interfere with the flow of mana.”

“for a moment… … .”

“Edmond’s purpose has already gone quite far. When the magic is completed, Edmond will become the Demon King.”

The story left everyone speechless. Cristina jumped to her feet involuntarily, and Eugene’s eyes darkened coldly.


there were suspicions But deep down I thought it was impossible. Iodine was a special case. The remnants of the demon king remaining in the demonic spear and crushing weight paid attention to the corruption of Iod and whispered, so the ritual was able to be held.

On that day, all the remnants of the Demon King were annihilated in the Black Lion Castle. Even if the spell was leaked by the late Hector, it would be impossible to become a demon king with that spell unless there were remnants of the demon king.

“That would be impossible.”

“It is impossible for me. It would be impossible even for Amelia Merwin. But with Edmond, it is possible. He has Bloodmary and is using the many advantages of this forest.”

“First of all, Black Tower Master. Why are you here? What is surrender?”

“As for surrender, it is as you see it. I surrendered in order to cooperate with Eugene-nim and you.”

Balzac paused for a moment and looked at everyone’s expressions.

“… … You may be offended, but I saw you coming to Zoran’s capital. I was watching the situation of Zoran, who is at war with Kochila.”

Familiars for monitoring purposes were hidden all over Zoran. I also saw the commotion at the wall.


Eugene glared at Balzac’s face with thinly opened eyes.

“I can’t believe that. I don’t even know if what you’re saying is true.”

“Then why don’t you listen to me first, and then go check it out for yourself after the story is over? If you are a Red Pagoda or a White Pagoda, just by seeing Tomac occupied by Kochilla, you will know whether what I am saying is true or false.”

“Why are you betraying Edmond?”

“ah… … Eugene, that is wrong.”

Balzac shook his head.

“Edmond and I are not in a relationship where betrayal exists. I have never been sympathetic to Edmond’s will from the beginning. In the first place, Edmond will not even know that I am in this forest.”

Balzac paused for a moment and was lost in thought.

“… … But now you will find out. I have been moving very carefully since I came to this forest, but I have exposed myself by surrendering to Zoran.”

“Are you saying the tribe has a coachilla eye?”

Ivatar growled. Balzac replied without showing any sign of shrinking at Ivatar’s gigantic figure approaching close to him.

“It is strange that there is none. Don’t worry too much. After this conversation, I will explore Edmond’s eyes in the capital.”

“… … If it’s a problem to be caught by the eye, I’ll come to you secretly. Why did you openly surrender?”

“I thought that if I approached secretly, there was a high chance that I would die from Eugene’s blind knife. And, surrendering to Eugene-nim and cooperating with him would be much better than me going undercover.”

“Who are you better off with?”

“For all of us, of course. If Eugene is here and I know that I have been added… … Even Edmond, who is always cool and composed, will get nervous. Especially that friend… … ah… … Edmond is not really my friend. I just don’t have anything to say, so stop talking normally.”

“Okay, why is Edmond getting nervous?”

“Because we both signed a contract with the Demon Lord of Confinement.”

Balzac said in a dignified manner.

“Edmond’s sure I’m up to something. He will be wary that the magic he has prepared so hard for will be usurped by me, and will try to complete the ritual in a hurry even if the preparation is not noticeable.”

“You say it like Edmond would be so misunderstood, but you really could be.”

“If I really wanted to, why would I be here?”

I felt that Balzac was right. If he really intended to usurp Edmond’s black magic, there would be no reason for him to come here. Rather, it is reasonable for him to stay hidden all the time, revealing himself and stealing magic even at the moment of conflict with Eugene and Edmond.

“I swear by my being and my soul.”

Balzac’s voice became a magical oath.

“I have no intention of becoming the Demon King. I want to be a human being, to remain a Balzac Rudbesse. I long to live as a human and die as a human.”

“… … .”

“The reason I came here. It is to prevent Edmond from becoming the Demon King.”

Balzac smiled and looked at Eugene.

“For helping the hero Eugene.”

It didn’t feel like the words of a black magician.

balzac rudebes

Eugene looked at Balzac with his still wary eyes.

What Balzac had just said was not like a warlock, but in the end Balzac is a warlock. Especially in the current situation, Eugene couldn’t trust Balzac or the warlock.

magical oath. Even if it’s ‘unconditional’, a magician never utters an oath like that. This is because from the moment the oath is spoken out of the mouth, strong restrictions are placed on future actions. There is no way that the black mage—- Balzac, the great mage, would not know that.

Nevertheless, Balzac spat out his oath with ease and lightness.

Do you have absolute confidence in your actions? That may be the case, but as suspicious as Balzac was, Eugene had no choice but to think otherwise.

For example, that oath is false. That Balzac, the black magician, has some secret plan to ignore the magic oath… … .

“You don’t look like you believe me.”

Balzac smiled bitterly. Eugene snorted at her and opened her mouth.

“I’ve told you many times, but I think the only good warlock in the world is a dead warlock.”

“Is it because you are unhappy about meeting me right now that you stopped using honorifics?”

“Do I need to speak up for a bastard who might stab me in the back? I haven’t been hit in the back of the head yet, so I’m calling you you. Or should I call you a bastard?”

“I will decline that. I am very proud of myself as a human being.”

I remembered the conversation I had with Balzac at Alot. At that time, Balzac was curious about the ceremony that took place in the castle of the black lion, but Eugene did not tell him about the ceremony. Instead, they told us what the ritual was about.

-Reconstruction of the soul and creation of the body… … It is regarded as a taboo in terms of magic, but it is a research direction pursued by many black magicians.

– It’s not a topic that interests me very much. Reconstruction of the soul is eventually transforming my soul into something else, and the creation of the body is also changing the vessel I have been living in since I was born… … In other words, isn’t it changing the essence? I don’t want any magic like that.

I don’t know yet if I can call him a believer, but at least Balzac at that time seemed sincere.

But can we trust Balzac unconditionally now? Can I trust his information and keep the surrendered Balzac by my side? They may betray you at the crucial moment. Besides, isn’t Balzac’s master, after all, the demon king of confinement?

“… … What does the demon king of confinement think of this?”

“You are careless.”

Balzac replied with a face that said, “Isn’t it natural?”

“Edmond did this alone. Edmond is Coachilla’s biggest benefactor… … No, in fact, it’s more like the ‘lord’ of Cochila.”

“Is the great tribe of Samar the domain of Duke Helmud?”

Ivatar’s face was in disbelief. Balzac continued with a nod of his head.

“I know that the Great Forest and the tribes have a long history. But to be honest, the history of the Great Forest tribes would have been cut short if the states of the continent had intervened.”

“I hate to admit it, but you are right. … … The powerful people of the continent have always been greedy for this wide forest. If the demon king of Helmud hadn’t spoken about the preservation and freedom of the forest, the forest would have become a city hundreds of years ago.”

It was a story that even Eugene knew. From that time on, Helmud started supporting the tribes of the great forest. It was a check against the countries of the continent occupying the forest and not exploiting the natives.

The biggest beneficiary is Coachilla. A great tribe deep in the forest. The savage, cruel, and closed-minded Kochilla grew even bigger with Helmud’s support.

“… … .”

Suddenly, something popped into Yujin’s mind.

It’s something I don’t want to admit, but because the demon king of confinement was in that position, the Great Forest ‘didn’t change’ for 300 years. It is still a forest after 300 years, and the natives guard the forest.

Raizakia tied her existence to the land of the Great Forest. If the forest disappears, the connection is lost. However, that does not mean that Raizakia will disappear from the dimensional rift.

However, it is only that Raizakia will not be able to return to this world. Conversely, in this world, it is not easy to search for Raizakia.

‘… … It’s a guess.’

Because the forest remains a forest, the connection with Laizakia is maintained. If you find a way, you can reach Rizakia through that connection. Eugene glared at Akasha with her thinly open eyes.

It was relatively easy to find Raizakia thanks to the dragon word magic received from Ariartel. However, even without the Dragon Word Magic, I would have been able to find Raizakia somehow.

Didn’t Senya tell you? If you reach the place connected to the gap, Akasha will respond.

In other words, as long as the forest remains and the condition of obtaining Akasha is met—- somehow, Raizakia can be found. Even if you obtain Akasha, you cannot find Raizakia if the forest does not exist.

Can’t save Senya.

“… … What does the demon king of confinement want?”

Yujin stroked his hardened cheek.

It’s not just this one. The demon king of confinement is the demon king. That is undeniably true. Eugene knew all too well what the demon king of confinement had done 300 years ago.

The demon king of confinement slaughtered dragons together with the demon king of destruction, and caused a war with other demon kings. Black magicians following the order of the demon king overthrew the country, and demons and monsters flocked to the continent. While the demon king himself did not move in Helmud, the power of the demon king steadily ate the continent.

But what about in this era? The demon king of confinement was able to achieve complete victory in the war. He was able to slay all the heroes who challenged him and quench the world’s hopes.

It didn’t. promise? The era of peace was opened with the contents of which we do not even know. The Demon King became an empire, and the Demon King became an emperor. Helmud, which Eugene saw in person… … It was more developed, prosperous and peaceful than any other country on the continent.

And that’s not all. The demon king of confinement knows that Eugene is Hamel. I also know that Cristina is Anise. She even saw Moron in person. Even when she saw the enemies who had come closest to her in the past, she showed kindness instead of hostility.

“I don’t even know what the detained demon king wants.”

Balzac opened his mouth.

“But I know this much. For the demon king of confinement, all countries except Helmud… … It is nothing more than a landmass that can be conquered at any time. In fact, the demon king of confinement probably doesn’t have much interest in peace on the continent. Except for Hellmood, which he rules over.”

“Is that why you are indifferent? First of all, let’s assume what you say is true. They hope that Edmond will be the dark magician behind the scenes and become the demon king. And if you succeed, the demon king of confinement will get one demon king that can’t go against him. In the end, Helmud’s power grows… … .”

“That is different. When Edmond completes the ritual, his body and soul—the very existence itself ceases to be an ‘Edmond Codelet’. Devil… … No, if you look at the scale of the ceremony, the offerings, and the power used, you’ll be the Great Demon King.”

“… … So the demon king of confinement… … .”

“well… … . I think that Eugene-sama’s thoughts are reasonable, but I wonder if the demon king of confinement really needs to do that. From what I feel, the demon lord of confinement is just… … Edmond will not be interested in becoming the demon king or not.”

It was even harder for Eugene to believe that. Similarly, he could not trust Balzac. Conscious of Eugene’s distrust, Loberian took a step forward.

“… … Black Pagoda. If you are really innocent, may I add restrictions?”

“If it is something I can accept.”

Balzac nodded. Loberian uttered a small incantation and raised his hand. ㅡWoe! A small dagger formed from mana landed in Loberian’s palm.

“I will drive this dagger through your heart. You won’t feel any discomfort with the magic dagger embedded in it, but the moment you become hostile to us or try to harm us, your heart will be ripped out.”


“Please understand. … … The dagger will be pulled out if Edmond’s ritual fails. … … I think the feeling of hostility is ambiguous. Perhaps, you can betray us without harming us directly and without the slightest hint of hostility. So, let’s get another insurance.”

The dagger in the palm split and became two.

“I will give these twin daggers to Eugene, not me. Even if you don’t have any hostility, the moment Eugene injects mana into the dagger, your heart… … .”

“Plug it in.”

Balzac said with a face without the slightest strain. That calmness and boldness were hard for even Loberian to understand.

“… … I have never been able to know your true intentions.”

Loberian shook his head and approached Balzac.

When the magic dagger was driven into the heart, there was no blood, let alone pain. Eugene is handed his twin daggers to Loberian.

“I could rip your heart out right now.”

“Eugene-nim, if you want to do that, it’s okay.”

“How can you say that?”

“Even if I die here, won’t Eugene stop Edmond?”

“I don’t know the reason for that trust.”

“Isn’t the hero Eugene the one who can’t accept Edmond becoming the demon king?”

It was a word that was heard even blindly.

Eugene stuck out his tongue and took the dagger. The blade of the wind cut off the restraints binding Balzac’s limbs.

“… … I didn’t ask anything important. What is your secret wish?”

“It’s not a big deal, but if we succeed in our purpose. I will tell you then.”

“I’m not going to tell you right now, so I want to hear more.”

Instead of answering, Balzac smiled bitterly and put on his glasses.

* * *

next day. Before the massive advance, Eugene’s party left the capital of Zoran first. It was to confirm the northern frontier of Zoran, where Ivatar was trampled by Kochilla while he was away from the tribe.

It was Balzac’s proposal. He swears an oath and even drives a dagger through his heart, but the party still doesn’t fully trust Balzac. Therefore, it was necessary to see the Tomac trampled by Kochilla with his own eyes and confirm the reality of Edmond’s consciousness.

“As I told you yesterday, the technique in this forest uses Tomac. Twist the flow of mana along Tomac and lead it to Edmond, sacrificing the dead of war. The blood and soul that permeates the land is guided to Edmond by the twisted flow of the tomack.”

As for the contents of the ceremony, I heard from Balzac yesterday.

“In the conquest of Kochila, a human bone tower using human bones is built. The human bone tower is a ritual device. However, it is useless to destroy the human bone tower now. The moment the Human Bone Tower was built, the flow of Tomac was already twisted.”

“Then, shouldn’t we catch up with the flow?”

“It is a device that sacrificed the blood and souls of dozens of people by catching few. Even that magic is functioning with the demon king’s magical power in confinement. No matter what we do, we cannot reverse the flow of Tomac.”

Balzac glanced at Eugene and spoke slowly.

“… … Of course, I have the same condition. Like Edmond, I have dozens of… … No, considering their capabilities, if they offered sacrifices that were at least twice as large as Edmond’s. Yes, you can twist the flow.”

“You didn’t say it with the intention of getting permission, did you?”

“Of course not. I thought there was no way that Eugene would allow it, and I am also reluctant to use live sacrifices. Didn’t you always say Not all warlocks are good at necromancy and unconcerned with living sacrifices.”

but. It is important that Balzac ‘can’.

All morning Balzac searched for Edmond’s eyes hiding in the capital. Balzac pointed out those who had gained strength or affluent lives by collateralizing their souls, and Ivatar executed them without a shadow of a doubt.

In addition, familiars hiding around the capital were found. Edmond’s eyes no longer exist in the capital.

That doesn’t change the outcome. Edmond found out that Eugene’s party had already come to help Joran, and that Balzac Rudbeth, who was also imprisoned, was cooperating.

that there is no choice but to be in a hurry. The hero may ruin the ceremony. Perhaps Balzac will try to steal consciousness by offering a sacrifice.

“In order to destroy the consciousness, we need to destroy the center where the twisted Tomac is heading… … The backbone in this case would be Edmond himself and Bloodmary.”

A black magician who made a contract with the demon king. Like Akasha, a magic wand that uses the whole dragon heart.

“In other words, the consciousness is not destroyed unless either Edmond or Bloodmary is completely destroyed. Since we can no longer prepare step by step, Edmond will hurry up and proceed with the ceremony.”

“You mean there will be a head-on collision.”

“yes. We’ve secured Tomac close enough that we won’t be lacking, so what we really need is blood and soul. In a head-on collision, Edmond will come out too.”

You no longer have to be in the background. Dispersing Kochilla’s large army to secure other lands, Edmond himself goes to war. He appears in person, quickly clears the battlefield, and secures blood and souls.

“What is the first thing to do after identifying Tomac?”

Xian, who was listening, gave his opinion, but Yujin shook his head.

“If this ceremony is just a simple eating of land, it will be okay. To Edmond, securing Tomac is no longer of great importance. It’s good to secure more, and if it doesn’t work, we can proceed with the ritual as it should.”

“As expected, shouldn’t you have brought the Knights of Lionheart? In the end, it turned out just as I had initially guessed. Hector, that traitor bastard was colluding with Edmond Codlet. Iodine’s modified work has been leaked and is being used.”

“Great. At the time, I didn’t know it would turn out like this. And shouldn’t we also think about how long it will take to bring the Knights of Lionheart?”

Xian put on a puzzled expression at Eugene’s answer.

They say this and that, but in the end, isn’t it that they don’t want to entangle the family? Even Xian could understand that thought. Xian didn’t want to see someone from a family he knew bleed and collapse… … .

‘… … But Lionheart is nothing.’

It is a knight’s family name. We should not hesitate to go to war when we have to. If blood must be shed to do what is right, Lionheart must bleed before anyone else.

It was chivalry that Xian had been educated by Anicilla and Gilreid since he was a child, and it was Gaheon that had been passed down from the founder, the great Vermouth.

‘… … still… … .’

Xian glanced at Eugene, who was riding on the beast’s back.

Of course, the ‘blood’ Xian did not want to see included the blood of his brother. He didn’t want to see Ciel, who wasn’t here, and Eugene right next to her, bleeding.

Rather than let them bleed, I’d rather… … .

‘… … for a moment.’

Ciel wouldn’t have known it, but he couldn’t imagine seeing Eugene shed blood.

‘It’s me, not Eugene, who’s going to be the next one.’

If Eugene was chosen as the next head of household, Xian was willing to shed blood for Eugene.

But isn’t it Xian, not Eugene? Even though I suggested you to become the head of household several times before, didn’t you suffer the violence that accompanied your refusal?

‘I can shed blood for you, but I, who should be the head of the family, can’t bleed.’

Of course I thought it should be.

The trees in the forest didn’t open the way because there was no Ivatar, but thanks to Loberian’s summoned beast and Melchis’ spirit of the earth, the movement was fast enough.

The northern frontier of Zoran where the battle took place. The corpses were immediately recovered, so there is no smell of blood left. The human bone tower, which was built after the battle, also collapsed in the process of collecting the bodies of Zoran.

but. As Balzac said, it is useless to destroy the human bone tower later. The blood and souls of the recovered corpses had already permeated the ground, and were led to Edmond along the twisted tomack.

“I hate black magic.”

Melchis grumbled. Even in this jungle, she was wearing high heels and tight, even ripped, damaged jeans.

“The earth spirit does not exist in this land. The moment Tomac twisted, the spirits left the land. Yanos is also very angry.”

Melchis made a stern expression as he touched the ground.

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