Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 93

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“Can’t Tomac be returned with the power of the Earth Spirit King?”

“It’s impossible. As Balzac said. This tomac is already irreversibly twisted, leading to a different place from the flow. Do you know what that means? As long as consciousness is not destroyed, this land will die.”

In fact, the trees and grass here were dry enough to feel a big difference compared to other places, and the soil was dry as if it were dry.

“Right now, I’m enduring with my original vitality, but… … It won’t be long before they all dry up. The grass dies, the trees die, the forest dies… … Wait, is the grass dying? My excellent gag sense is amazing.”

Eugene clenched his teeth.

Since when did you become such a flying girl?


A conversation with Ciel a few years ago came to mind. Even thinking about it again, I feel unfair and ashamed. It wasn’t a joke Eugene meant to laugh at. It was just what she wanted to say.

What’s even more humiliating is that at the moment Melchis said that, Eugene had the same joke in his head. And when Melkis spits out a joke, he almost laughs involuntarily… … .

“The technique here is no different from what Balzac said.”

Loberian, who had been carefully examining the ground, finished checking. Melchis agreed with that opinion.

‘sister. How is it?’

[There are still black magic and magical powers. It is possible to purify this, but it is impossible to correct Tomac’s distortion with divine magic.]

Anis concluded that way too. He confirmed it himself, so his suspicions about Balzac had to be lessened.

“Then go back… … .”

The ground shook lightly. It wasn’t a vibration that could be called an earthquake. Eugene was surprised and looked at the place where the ‘trembling’ started.

The soil rises and clumps together. In an instant, a pillar of soil the size of a human body was created. Before the party could react to the sudden phenomenon, the pillars of soil split apart.


The twinkling eyes from inside met Eugene’s eyes.

balzac rudebes

The eyes between the gaps move. The eyes that had stopped on Eugene for a moment looked at the others. And his eyes stopped on Christina.


momentary thought. It was only for a moment that their eyes met, but Eugene felt a chill run down her spine.

He involuntarily took a step forward. Even though it was only that, the skin and the senses noticed it first. terrible magic. I’m sure it’s black magic. yet not unfamiliar.

It was just as fleeting. The pillars of soil that had risen suddenly were shattered. Something inside it jumped out. I even missed that explosive Eugene for a moment. No, rather than missing it—- I was overwhelmed even for a moment.

strong? It’s not like that. What overwhelmed Eugene was a terrible hatred and murderous intent. Hate and murderous intent, stronger than the intention to kill everyone in the world, passed by Eugene and rushed to Christina.

Christina is neither a knight nor a warrior. Although she has the fighting power she learned directly from Raphael, her role is as a cleric who assists knights and warriors in the rear. In fact, even if she was an excellent knight or warrior, she would not have reacted properly in the current situation.

bewilderment and dismay. Christina’s body was still stiff.

It wasn’t just Christina. Even Anise, who was in her body, seeing the same thing as Christina, was at a loss and astonished at this moment.

Hatred and murderous intent aimed at the nape of Christina’s neck. Her hand, which she swung like a blade, was about to tear at Christina’s throat. Finally, Eugene intervened.

Kwak! A collision right in front. Instead of hugging Christina to protect her, Eugene hastily pushed her back.

“oh… … !”

Cristina staggered back and let out a slightly belated scream. Had her Eugene been a little too late to intervene, that hand would have ripped Christina’s throat. Eugene glared at her hand, which she barely held onto.

The hand he held was cold, unlike a human. It was like holding onto a block of ice.

… … But she got used to it. Hands with calluses from rough handling. The fingers are thick and bumpy. The back of the hand with multiple scars intertwined.

“I heard that they look alike.”

The man did not look at Eugene who was blocking him. The distorted face and wide eyes were fixed on Christina, who was covering her mouth from behind Eugene.

“They look so much alike that I jump at them without even realizing it. Christina Rogeris, right? Is that really all?”

I saw a distorted face.

ferocious eyes. A scar cut diagonally and a scar cutting the bridge of the nose. Other minor scars. Eyes filled with murderous intent and hatred. twisted smile. Shaggy bangs. The back hair that was roughly tied up because it was annoying.

“that is… … It makes no sense. No matter how much I think about it, it makes no sense. 300 years. That’s like 300 years. By the way, 300 years later, the saintess of this era. Christina Rogeris, you. your face Even if you chew on it, how can the hat be so similar to anise?”

Eugene and Anis knew that face well. Cristina, who had seen Anise’s memories, also recognized that face.

Arot’s Royal Library, the top floor of Akryon. In Senya’s hall, images of former colleagues remain. Merwa, the familiar there, and Loberian, Melchis, and Balzac, the mage masters, also knew who that face was. Xi’an, who had seen the statue erected at Lionheart’s home, also recognized who the man was.

“Aren’t you actually Anise?”

The Death Knight, made from Hamel’s corpse, laughed. Anis, recognizing its existence, screamed in Christina’s head.

[Death Knight… … !]

I heard from Eugene the other day. But when she actually saw it, she couldn’t help but scream. The Death Knight who revived the corpse. I had seen that undead countless times even 300 years ago.

The reason why the wars of that era were so terrible was that even death did not give them complete rest. Fearing death and giving up victory, countless knights and warriors sold their dignity and souls to warlocks and demons. Those with poor skills died and became the lowly Undead, and the strong people who were recognized by everyone died and became Death Knights.

Death Knight is made by raising a dead body with black magic and tying the soul that needs to leave this world to the body.

I know that it is a Death Knight made from Hamel’s corpse. However, Hamel’s soul was reincarnated and is here, but who the hell is the soul that entered the body of that Death Knight?

“… … you… … .”

Eugene swallowed his nausea. A Death Knight made from his own corpse had already been seen years ago.

“Who are you?”

He claimed that he was a stupid Hamel, but the Death Knight at that time was an imperfect imitation that settled the soul of an unknown Lycanthrope. Although she had imitated at least some of the memories left in her body, she was a completely different being from Hamel’s personality in her previous life.

“Hamel Diners.”

Death Knight answered.

He didn’t introduce himself as stupid Hamel. The Death Knight turned his gaze away from Christina and saw Eugene right in front of her.

“… … gray hair. golden eyes. Vermouth looks like that bastard. It’s amazing, it’s been 300 years. That pup really shed a lot of pups like a dog, but how did all the puppies shed so many have gray hair and golden eyes?”

Nausea added. It’s a fact I don’t want to admit, but unlike the previous Death Knight, the Death Knight in front of me—- imitated Hamel very well.

“So your name is that… … Are you Eugene Ryanhart? Like Vermouth, he was recognized by the Holy Sword. Although I’m seeing you for the first time now, I heard a little about you from the Master.”


“You said you were pretty strong? I hear the world calls you the second coming of vermouth. Because I, at least like this, came back to life. Do you know what your first thought was?”


The Death Knight’s hand wriggled. A huge weight began to rest on her cold, hard, icy hands.

“I decided to exterminate all the seeds left behind by that bastard of Vermouth. And Moron, who built the kingdom unbecomingly, will also annihilate the royal family of that asshole.”

The added weight began to push away Eugene’s hand. Every time Death Knight uttered a curse, the expression on Eugene’s face disappeared.

One word, one word. every time you exhale. The Death Knight’s hatred and intent to kill grew in size and tried to eat Eugene.

“This is a bit unfortunate. Anis and Senya didn’t have babies. I don’t know Anise, but I thought Senya would leave something behind.”



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didn’t get caught Even in the hatred and murderous intentions of the Death Knight, Eugene existed. There was no expression or emotion on his face anymore.

“Come to think of it. You say you’re Senya’s heir? don’t you know anything Senya, that dog-like bitch ate secretly… … .”


Eugene’s mouth opened. His blocking hand was no longer pushed back. An eerie light came on in her emotionless eyes.

“Say no more.”

I didn’t swear. Her breath was choked, and it was difficult to even speak her voice. It felt like a knife had been lodged in her throat. His head was hot, as if he had been thrown into hellfire, and a grimace rang in his ears.

My chest, my heart—- I didn’t think about it any more. Eugene let out a breath and withdrew the hand that was blocking him.


As soon as he removed his hand, he clenched his fist and threw it away. The Death Knight reacted immediately and took her fist, but flew behind her with her body intact.

My outstretched fist tingled. Eugene brushed her wrist and strode forward.


Eugene wasn’t the only one who was enraged after hearing what the Death Knight had to say.

Cristina screamed and grabbed Rosario. Even Loberian, who had heard the insults against the Archmaster, had his staff in his hand before he knew it. Melchis and Balzac also prepared to attack the Death Knight, and Xian also drew his sword.

“Don’t step out.”

Eugene spat out without looking back.

I didn’t want to understand, and I didn’t want to hear an answer. this fight. No, killing that dog was something to do alone. That body belonged to Eugene in the past.

I don’t know who the soul dwells in the body that has turned into a Death Knight, but that guy—- makes a noise as if he really is Hamel. Although she refers to herself as Hamel, she is saying things Hamel shouldn’t.

why? Judging from his personality, he seems to have projected his physical memory. Why are you saying that?

I didn’t bother to ask. Anger and intent to kill were stronger than questions. Eugene was no longer expressionless or emotionless. His eyes flashed like a mad beast, and an unconditional intent to kill pushed his body away.


The Death Knight, who had been pushed back for a while, shook his hands. It was a fist that had not been started, but it was unbelievably heavy. and see Can a kid born in this peaceful era be so brutal?

“You don’t look like a kid these days.”

The Death Knight giggled and opened and closed his hands.

Lionheart and Arot’s mage lord intervened, so please step in.

That is the request I heard from Edmond. The capital of Kochila, where Death Knight and Edmond were located, is far away from here, but the coordinates are engraved in this place where Tomac is twisted. If you have the coordinates, you can send the Death Knight, an undead summoned object.

The Death Knight, burning with false hatred and vengeance, did not refuse Edmond’s request. Believing himself to be Hamel, he seeks revenge on all who betrayed him.

Lionheart, a descendant of Vermouth. I was hungry for blood just for that, but I even saw a saint of the present age who looked just like the abominable snake, Anise.

The Death Knight licked his lower lip and gripped the hilt at his waist.

Lionheart’s kid who just became an adult… … However, he is called the Second Coming of Vermouth. As for the Death Knight, she remembered clearly when she was ‘alive’. When she first met Vermouth, he was just an adult, but he was incredibly strong for his age.

He hates Vermouth for betraying himself and stabbing himself in the back. But apart from that, I had to admit Vermouth’s strength.

Eugene Lionhart. I wanted to find out why he was called the Second Coming of Vermouth. I wanted to kill a guy who was praised so much with my own hands.

Death Knight drew his sword.

I was told not to go out. The emotions conveyed by those words were so bloody and heavy that everyone stood there and looked at Eugene’s back. Of course, no one was completely relieved. Everyone was ready to support Eugene in case of emergency.

Eugene did not look back. He didn’t run, he walked. Eugene, who was approaching the Death Knight, also put his hand inside his cloak. Numerous weapons grazed Eugene’s fingertips.

Passed the magic spear Luintos. The crushing weight phalanges passed by Las. Passed the predatory sword Aspel. I passed Pernoa, the Lighthouse of the Brain. Passed the Dragon Spear Carvos.

I paused for a moment at the Holy Sword Altair. passed I tried to hold the moonlight sword. That was the moment. Winid vibrated at will and got entangled in Hamel’s hand.

[Hamel… … !]

A cry in my head. Eugene also twisted her lips and laughed at her pure anger.


I grabbed the hilt of Winid’s sword. The moment she pulled the silver-blue blade out of her cloak, Eugene’s hair and the hem of her cloak fluttered wildly.

“If you are, you know how I feel.”

A huge wind blew up behind Yujin. The storm, the Tempest roared. Eugene raised Winid high and glared at the Death Knight.

“Winid… … ! Tempest, you are the one who will kill me too!”

The Death Knight laughed and shouted.

Don’t fall! Black flames were wrapped around the sword that came out of the scabbard. The hugely swollen black aura was magical power, not mana. The Death Knight rushed towards Eugene while raising an ominous, dark-colored sword.

Purple flames wrapped around Eugene’s body. Sparks flew like manes.

Kwaaaang! Magic and flames collided. A storm swept behind him. The Death Knight swung her sword at the storm that should not be able to cut it. A hacking slash tore through the storm.


Tempest roared.

[This guy has no human soul! It is a monster created by mixing the spirits of monsters!]

“I guess so.”

Eugene muttered in the tearing storm.

I was convinced through the knife action I just had. Death Knight, who used the soul of Lycanthrope, could not reproduce Hamel’s sword skills. However, the current Death Knight is perfectly reproducing the sword technique.

Among the numerous monsters, only the doppelganger can perfectly copy the opponent’s movements.

However, copying is also at the level of imitating what you have seen in the end. I can’t imitate the depth. But that Death Knight is perfectly spreading the light beam.

‘It seems to have amplified the doppelganger’s sympathy and completely projected the memories left in the corpse.’

who made it Amelia Merwin. Did that bitch who should be in the desert come to the great forest?

That Death Knight, I said ‘Master’. You must be talking about Amelia. … … The theme of completely projecting your memories, serving a warlock as your master?

“A bastard.”

Winid in his hand spun around.

Boom! The sword steel cutting through her body was blocked. Eugene did not push back at all, but rather advanced his sword.

In an instant, slashes collided with slashes. It was entwined and passed by. It seems to flow along the grain, but it digs into the moment.

Death Knight was not pushed back either. He watched Eugene’s movements as he removed each piercing slash.

The position of the feet is constantly changing. He is also good at using weight. A slash fired from a posture in which one cannot swing a sword creates numerous anomalies.

‘What is this bastard?’

The Death Knight’s eyebrows twitched.

It can be said to be the second coming of vermouth. however… … I felt a strong sense of incongruity in Eugene’s sword skill. This is not the level of excellence. It is already complete. Even the completion was similar to Death Knight’s, Hamel’s.


Hector Lionheart. I heard about Lionheart from the traitor of the family. Among the Black Lions created by Vermouth, there was one that inherited Hamel’s secret technique.

And Eugene Ryanhart discovered Hamel’s grave and said that he was the one who inherited Hamel’s secret technique. So he wanted to kill him even more. What I didn’t leave behind, the detestable Vermouth stole and taught his descendants.

‘Even though… … Do you know how to write like this? I didn’t even teach myself… … No, did Vermouth leave it well?’

Even though I already know, the sense of incongruity does not go away. Eugene’s swordsmanship was not at the level of being inherited. It was like looking in a mirror.


Such thoughts made the Death Knight’s hatred even greater.

It is to imitate oneself in front of oneself. I told you in advance who I was, that I was Hamel. Even so, using Hamel’s sword skills—

“There are degrees of insult.”

Kwadeuk. The Death Knight spat out with a distorted face.

Let’s see if we can make it this far.

The Death Knight’s sword shook. The overflowing magic power condensed and clung to the sword.

Hamel’s sword technique does not have a clear form. There may be an exemplary flow, but you have to know how to twist it whenever you need it.

Now Death Knight changed his sword like that. The sword in his hand became a flesh sword only to kill Eugene.

Slashing is concentrated in one place. Just as Eugene adds the power of the storm, Death Knight adds magic. If it was simple magic, he would push it away, but that wasn’t just magic.

The body of a corpse strengthened by magical powers. Explosive power created by unified magic power.


Lightning mixed with Eugene’s flame. The moment when the concentrated slash is about to hack Eugene. The sword, accelerated by lightning, pierced the center of the slash.

“… … What is it?”

I had no choice but to back off. Otherwise, this side’s chest would have been pierced.

This corpse’s body would not die even if its chest was pierced, but the Death Knight, who had all the memories of his life, did not want to be pierced by a sword. He didn’t want to be hurt by Vermouth’s descendants.

“Are you really a descendant of Vermouth?”

That sword was a move that perfectly grasped the ‘where’ the Death Knight was wielding the sword, what he was aiming for, and how he was driving it. Death Knight couldn’t understand it, so he asked.

Eugene didn’t answer.

Storm and slash danced again.

balzac rudebes

Something keeps getting entangled in the sword you wield. I couldn’t wield it the way I wanted.

Descendant of Vermouth. As if that kid was reading his mind, he blocked the sword’s trajectory.

‘He’s good at reading. very… … I’m looking far away.’

It is not just an innate sense. It is an experience that has been learned and tested.

I never thought that in this era of peace, there would be someone as adept at fighting as I am. I heard from the master that wars have hardly been fought since 300 years.

‘Not good.’

I thought soberly. It wouldn’t matter if the only opponent I had to fight right now was that Eugene Lionheart, but there were three magic tower masters of Arot behind me. Even the saintess of the present era, who resembles Anise, is a force that cannot be ignored.

‘If you use ignition… … Can you kill them all?’

The heart no longer beats in a body made of Death Knight. But the core exists. Although it is a core composed of mana, not mana, it was possible to amplify its power by intentionally running it out of control.

If you use Ignition, you can generate so much magic that the undead body can’t stand it.

The burden was still there. It is not the kind of burden that makes you unable to move your body after using it like it was in your lifetime, or reduces your lifespan. The bigger the magic power to explode, the more the body of the undead will collapse.


The Death Knight clicked his tongue and wrinkled his eyebrows.

The sword that was fighting the storm crumbled right in front of it. The Death Knight threw away the sword that was no longer usable and covered her hands with her magic. The magical power that was condensed between her palms became a black bomb.

ㅡQuaaaang! An explosion briefly interrupted the storm. that short gap. The Death Knight’s right hand was covered in sword steel.

There were no co-workers looking after him. different from his previous life. He has no comrades to fight by his side, no comrades to stop him, no comrades to support him from behind, no comrades to take care of his wounds.

I didn’t think it was sad. The body of the undead, which had already been revived after dying once, was capable of bold actions that humans would not dare to attempt. The Death Knight protected the whole body with magic armor and pierced the front of her slash.

The storm was blocked by an explosion, but Eugene’s sword was not. Every time Eugene’s hand moved, purple flames followed, and the flames were the trajectory of the slash.

Kagagak! The magic power worn by the Death Knight split into flames. A line was drawn on the body of the undead as well.

That moment. Death Knight’s hand disappeared. A blade of magic struck from outside the focused field of view.

Eugene was not taken aback. Making fun of the sight in a close distance was a catch technique that Eugene had enjoyed using since his previous life.

Winid blocked the blade that flew out of sight. And his left hand stretched out elsewhere.


The dagger that was thrown aiming at the blind spot of consciousness was caught in Eugene’s hand. The dagger was aiming for Christina. I wanted to kill that nasty face. The Death Knight stepped back while kicking her tongue in her regret.

“You bastard, you look really good.”

I got annoyed when my goals were blocked one after another. Is your body not yet relaxed? I woke up after 300 years, and it’s been a long time since I’ve had a battle at this level. The difference in weapons could not be denied either.

‘Even if it wasn’t for Ryan Heart, he would have stroked my head.’

To be honest, it was a very complicated feeling.

He left no heirs in his lifetime. He had never taught anyone a sword. He died like that, but after 300 years, he met the successor in this era.

The problem is that the successor… … That he is a descendant of Vermouth. The things that led to that kid were the skills that Vermouth stole at will.

Because he trusted Vermouth during his lifetime, Death Knight felt hatred and anger at all of this. That feeling made her move forward again.

I felt regret that I only brought one knife with me. If this was a battlefield, I would be able to find useful weapons around me. All that existed here was dirt, gravel, and trees.

Fortunately, this body revived as undead is very strong. The Death Knight spread her hands loosely and lowered her body.

There was no sound at the gallop. The fully lowered body slid to the ground. Her languid hand swung like a whip.

Eugene did not move. Standing still, only Winid moved slightly.

The battles did not collide. The moment he tried to reach the defense built by Winid, the Death Knight twisted his body. The hand she wielded avoided the blade and aimed at the scruff of Eugene’s neck.

This time, Eugene didn’t move. Instead, the ground the Death Knight was stepping on was overturned.

The distance increased instantaneously. Instead of retrieving his arm, the Death Knight rotated his entire body. Magical nails that stretched all over Eugene’s body.

In response to that attack, Eugene also moved. The distance between them was not very wide. The current gap was not uncomfortable for Eugene or Death Knight to fight.

Xian watched the battle between Death Knight and Eugene with a face that could not hide his astonishment.

No one backs down and fires an attack. The two attacked repeatedly without reaching each other. I couldn’t tell how many moves I was looking ahead. The moment you pay attention to the attack right in front of you, the flow is taken away. Both Eugene and Death Knight were pushing their attacks to take away the flow that was advantageous to them.

Before long, differences began to emerge.

Eugene’s sword is lighter than Death Knight’s attack.

It wasn’t even significantly faster than the Death Knight.

However, the tide of the battle was leaning against Eugene before he knew it.

There was no way the Death Knight could not feel him. His head is throbbing. The ‘remembering’ combat method is not working as expected.

‘I feel like my body doesn’t move well.’

It is an illusion. This undead body is moving better than before. A body that had been damaged by frequent battles and overuse of ignition.

A body that was destroyed once, but was restored from extinction by the authority of the demon king of confinement. Although it was completely restored and ruined, Amelia Merwin gave the damaged body more specs than it did in its prime.

‘… … Head… … .’

Incompatibility of soul and body? no. Even Edmond contributed to the tuning of this Death Knight. Existence itself is incongruent, but that doesn’t mean that the body and soul’s fitness rate is low.

If they fight ‘the same way’, there is no way that Death Knight, who relies on memories from 300 years ago, can win against Eugene.

Eugene knew all too well how the Death Knight would move and how it would attack. Even so, Eugene himself does not think and fight like he did 300 years ago.

21 years of being reincarnated as Eugene Lionheart. Eyes that looked far, far too high as her previous life was her previous life. Now the view was neither high nor far. The movement of the Death Knight never escaped Eugene’s field of vision.

It’s just that Death Knight himself couldn’t admit it.

My head was throbbing. The projected memories flowed too perfectly. cannot be overpowered Rather, it is pushed.

There is no shortage of skills. What about strength? speed? It’s just that mana has been replaced by magic. In the end, something decisive is lacking, but at this time, ‘Hamel’ is.

The right hand, which had bounced off from the hit, was bent downward. The bent fingers headed for the Death Knight’s chest.

ignition. If you don’t care, the undead’s body could collapse, but for the current Death Knight, such a recoil was insignificant.

Hatred of Lionheart. That fiery mane that reminds me of vermouth. A saintess who looks exactly like Anise. Senya’s successor. She couldn’t admit it. Rather, I want to deny it from the front. Only by killing them all will this stuffy and terrible hatred be resolved.

The dead fingertips dug into the non-beating heart. The will of the Death Knight was added to the magic of the rage injected from the core that existed there.

Eugene, of course, knew that movement. I never thought I would be able to use Ignition with a dead body. I want to kill him with the same ignition. It didn’t seem necessary.

Hwareuk! Purple flames began to gather behind Eugene’s back.

ㅡ Cranky!

The sound of something breaking. Cristina, who was behind her, covered her mouth with her hand, but her inability to stop the blood flowed between her fingers.

Melchis looked back at Christina in surprise. Loberian immediately made a hand sign and worked his magic. Balzac also lowered himself and put his palm on the ground.

It was useless. It was Edmond’s interference, mobilizing Tomac’s mana, Bloodmary, and even the devil’s magic. He broke the barrier of divine power that surrounded this space with force, and immediately broke through the obstruction magic that Loberian had spread.

‘Balzac Rudbesse.’

Edmond’s eyebrows twitched.

I don’t think I’d ever bother you in this way. The obstruction cleverly penetrated was more irritating than the solid barrier of divine power.

But it’s not too late.

“… … what?”

The Death Knight fell from the air and spat out. He looked around, taking his gaze away from his blazing hands.

Neither the descendants of Vermut, nor the saintess resembling Anise, nor the archmage following Senya were visible. He was on the battlefield just a few seconds ago—- and returned to the capital of Kochilla in an instant.

“You can’t force it.”

Eugene’s signature was completed, and Death Knight’s ignition was about to be activated. Edmond used the summoning magic from Amelia to bring the Death Knight back here.

“Aren’t you a little motivated?”

Edmond straightened his furrowed eyebrows and looked at the Death Knight. There was a saint who was lethal to the undead. There were also three masters of the Mage Tower in Arot.

And Eugene Ryanhart. I knew it was strong, but… … I guess it will be like that Edmond shook his head as he clicked his tongue.


The oncoming attack was blocked by Edmond’s defense magic. Edmond opened his eyes thinly as he gazed beyond the hazy barrier.


The Death Knight’s face was distorted like a demon. He spat out, shaking his body with rage.

“therefore. You mean you sent me there to motivate me?”

“It wasn’t just that. I wish I could kill them all on the spot if possible. Unfortunately, that was impossible.”

“impossible? don’t bullshit If you hadn’t called me out, I could have killed them all!”


Edmond asked in a calm voice. The Death Knight immediately opened her mouth to answer, but she didn’t say anything. Rather, the Death Knight calmed down her immediate anger and closed her lips.

“… … I’m not sure.”

He calmed down his intense emotions. Combat must be rational. Emotions shouldn’t take precedence. It’s something I know all too well… … It didn’t happen this time.

I felt that there was nothing I could do. Descendant of Vermouth. Hamel’s successor. Senya’s successor. Warrior. Eugene Lionhart.

The Death Knight shook his head while chewing on the name clearly left in his head.

“… … If we had fought more, we might have killed a few. But killing them all would have been impossible.”

“I am in a position not to lose you.”

Edmond continued.

“You wouldn’t want to collapse without getting all the revenge you want. It’s just that the battlefield wasn’t good this time. Your motivation was also boosted, and I knew the other person for sure… … Next, I can help you too.”

“… … .”

“How do you feel?”

The Death Knight no longer attacked Edmond. He stood still and relived the battle he had just had.

“Am I normal now?”

Death Knight asked.

“I know that my body is healthier than before. Perhaps, now… … If it is this undead body. Moron, it would be possible to have a nanta fight with that back-and-forth. But, I couldn’t overwhelm a single kid.”

“hmm… … .”

Edmond didn’t answer right away, but was lost in thought for a while.

I guessed why. That Death Knight firmly believes that he is Hamel. He has no hesitation or doubt about calling himself Hamel.

But that doesn’t mean that Death Knight is the ‘real’ stupid Hamel. He is just a doppelgänger who implants memories of his life and projects him completely.

Amelia Merwin believes that the doppelganger will be able to reproduce everything, including Hamel’s personality, from the moment he fully adjusts to his memories. Not simply relying on memory, but after digesting the memory. It is hoped that only then will an independent self be born and the soul will dwell.

Amelia’s loan of the Death Knight to Edmond is also a debt for later, but… … It was because he thought that the experience on the battlefield would be an opportunity to sublimate the Death Knight beyond the embodiment of memories.

‘Such a possibility… … To be expected, but well. I’m skeptical that it can transcend the essence.’

Edmond, like Amelia, does not believe in uncertain possibilities. All he believes in is the perfect design. That Death Knight has plenty of room for growth.

However, it was honestly skeptical that the doppelganger, who only projected memories, would be reborn as a higher-dimensional being as Amelia expected.

It is impossible to confide such feelings. Edmond finished his thoughts and opened his mouth.

“You are too swayed by memories from your past life.”

I decided to stimulate him while talking moderately.

“It is also unavoidable. You were human, and died 300 years ago. It came back to life, but not as a human being.”

“… … .”

“Since he has been dead for hundreds of years, his soul and memory may be incomplete. But don’t worry too much. Amelia Merwin, who brought you back to life, is the pinnacle of all the Necromancers I know. She is incomparable to the necromancers you played 300 years ago.”

“That makes me feel complicated.”

“haha… … Your instinctive disgust may also be contributing to your current discomfort. You asked if you were normal, well, to be honest you are not.”

The Death Knight did not answer and glared at Edmond. Edmond smiled without averting his gaze.

“It can also be said to be a characteristic of the old dead. Right now, they are repulsed by their existence, and they are obsessed with memories of their previous lives… … Ah, but that doesn’t mean you should give up your attachments. For the dead, obsession can be said to be the foundation of existence.”

As Edmond’s words continued, the Death Knight’s expression became calmer.

“Just focus on your feelings and not on your memories. Rather than relying on countless battles in my life, thinking anew might be the answer that will ease your discomfort.”


Death Knight nodded slowly.

“surely. Maybe it’s because I was killed once and came back to life, but it seems like my head isn’t working well. If you think about it… … I am… … It was always like that in my life. past experience… … passed on… … diagonal. memory. But the battle right now is different. You mustn’t be swayed.”

It seemed that his pounding head was getting clearer.

“how… … will fight always thinking… … I had to. Eugene Ryanhart’s goal didn’t work… … He must know me well. Because I didn’t go beyond his expectations… … .”

Death Knight muttered and turned around. Wouldn’t that also be a habit of the past? Edmond looked at the back of the Death Knight, who was moving away, and thought.

It was clear that the collision with Eugene Lionheart, which was much stronger than expected, stimulated the Death Knight. I couldn’t overwhelm you in this battle, but… … If he used the ignition that Death Knight had promised, the result might have been different.

‘But it’s not good.’

Edmond’s expression frowned again.

I was planning to finish the preparations slowly, but I never thought that Lionheart and the masters of the Magic Tower would intervene. In fact, more than that, Balzac Rudbesse’s presence made Edmond nervous.

‘What do you want? also… … Are you trying to steal my consciousness?’

and one more.

‘There was Hetzling in Laizakia. … … Did you escape when the dragon castle fell? Did Eugene Ryanhart interfere with that fall?’

I continued thinking. The Great Forest is connected to the extra-dimensional Lyzakia.

… … The wise Senya should be hiding in the elven estate hidden in the Great Forest. Eugene’s bringing Hetzling was probably not irrelevant to the wise Senya.

The fact that the wise Senya didn’t show up for over 200 years meant that it was inevitable. The reason Edmond used the Great Forest as the stage for the ceremony was because he was certain that Senya was sealed. He failed to find the World Tree himself, but he also expected that if the ritual was completed, he would be able to eat the World Tree and even Senya’s power.

That’s why I wanted to hold the ceremony with perfect preparations… … After confirming the existence of Hetzling, Eugene, and Balzac, he could no longer relax.

Edmond had two possibilities in mind. One is to lose consciousness to Balzac Rudbesse. And the other is, the wise Senya being resurrected.

Either way would be Edmond’s worst misfortune.

“I can’t afford to relax.”

Edmond frowned and spat out.

balzac rudebes

The mana gathered to activate Prominence was scattered. Eugene stared at her sky with her wrinkled face, then straightened her expression and turned her around.

“are you okay?”

I saw Christina wiping the blood from her mouth with the back of her hand.

The barrier of divine magic was not immature, but the power Edmond mobilized was too powerful. Christina herself had to bear the shock of being crushed by an ignorant and destructive force.

“Fine… … It is.”

Cristina caught her rapid breathing and raised the light.

The throbbing pain in his body was subdued by divine power. I was relieved of the pain, but my heart was not at ease.

“I’m sorry, Eugene. I was lacking… … .”

“do not say that.”

Eugene replied with a calm expression. She didn’t want to show her displeased face to Christina, whose mouth was covered in blood. However, such an answer made Christina even more distressed.

Cristina chewed her lips and bowed her head. Eugene clicked her tongue at the sight, took her handkerchief from her arms, and approached Christina.

“He is called the staff of confinement at the time. There, he is using this and that power. No matter how much you are a saint, it is impossible to maintain the barrier under such conditions.”

“… … yes.”

[Hamel is right, Christina. Even I was unable to suppress the staff of confinement alone 300 years ago.]

It seemed that the hatred and curses that the Death Knight had spewed continued to linger. However, Anise collected her feelings. This is because the Death Knight, who escaped, knows that she is not the real Hamel.


It’s not calming down. It was tempered with sharp anger.

Anise couldn’t forgive the death knight and the warlock. Even playing with Hamel’s corpse was an unforgivable insult, and he made the Death Knight claim himself and imitate Hamel. Is he all there is? He inserted false memories and insulted everyone from 300 years ago with Hamel’s mouth.

“… … hmm.”

Loberian also raised a pale face. The magic that represents Arot’s Red Magic Tower is summoning magic, and the owner of the red tower, Loberian, is a person who can claim to be the best summoner of this era.

And yet it failed. Loberian mixed several magics to try to stop the Death Knight’s reverse summoning, but he couldn’t interfere with Edmond’s enormous power.

“Please look at this.”

But it wasn’t without success. Loberian had too little mana to interfere with the reverse summoning, but in that brief moment, Loberian reversed the flow of his magical power.

Loberian raised his staff. Then, the space distorted and the landscape began to be projected.

Reversing the flow of magical power, he succeeded in summoning an ‘eye’ in the space where Edmond was located. Since distance is distance, it was impossible to manifest a powerful summoned beast, but observation was possible.

Everyone watched the scenery Loberian showed. The capital of Kochila, far away from here. The capital city seen from high above was brutal and bloody.

A large altar in the form of a pyramid. Countless prisoners are climbing the altar. At its top, shamans, clad in masks and robes of bast, were driving serpentine knives into the prisoners’ chests without rest. It was a ritual in which the heart was removed alive.

The captives whose hearts were pulled out stumbled and tumbled down the pyramid. The bodies of the captives fell into the pits dug below, inside which were piled up what seemed to be thousands of corpses.

Even though it was plucked from the body, the heart did not stop and was beating. The warriors at the side of the shaman wearing the mask of bast were handed the heart. They carefully moved the heart to the back of the pyramid.

A large pot made of woven skulls was installed there, and inside it was bubbling with a sticky, dark red liquid. The beating heart melted and mixed with the liquid as soon as it entered the cauldron.

“Terrible… … .”

Even Melchis muttered with a straight face in the scenery he could see. Xian, who doesn’t have much tolerance for corpses, chewed his lips to hold back his nausea.

There was not one altar where such a ceremony took place. There were five such altars in the capital of Kochila, and the form of the altar could be clearly seen as much as looking down from a high place.

reverse pentagram. It is a symbol that has been used in black magic since ancient times.

“Isn’t it too rude to spy?”

A voice came from the video. When Loberian moved his magic eyes with a hard expression, he saw the figure of a man who had flown closer before he knew it.

Wearing a bowler hat and even a short cape, he was dressed inappropriately for the scenery. Edmond Codlet stroked his beard and smiled.

“It’s not Balzac’s magical power. Red Pagoda… … Is it a loberian surface? I guess so. I’ve seen Melchis Elhaire, the White Pagoda Lord, but you’re not good at this type of magic.”

“What do you think I know?”

Melchis grumbled, frowning. But it was true. Melchis was also skilled in various magics to the point of being called a great wizard, but like Edmond said, he was not a master of impromptu yet delicate summoning magic.

“First of all, as a person who walks the same magical path… … I want to commend you. No way, in that short moment, even counter-detecting magic whose power difference is incomparable, and summoning even a familiar from this distance.”

“I don’t want to hear your compliments.”

“Is it because I am a warlock? I know your childhood was miserable by warlocks… … Hmm, stop talking about this. You and I will never understand.”

Edmond’s eyes moved while looking at Loberian.

“but. You and I think we can understand each other. What do you think? Balzac Rudbesse.”

Naturally, Edmond glared at Balzac. Although the distance between this place and the capital of Cochila is far away, the cold anger in Edmond’s eyes was deep enough to be seen in the projected image.

“I don’t know what you thought, but I thought we were friends. We’ve known each other for that long, and we’ve talked a lot.”

“Think about it, Edmond. We obviously talked a lot, but… … Aren’t most of the stories useless? I think it was a very formal conversation.”

“You are telling a terrible story. So, are you betraying me because our exchanges are futile?”

“I think the word betrayal is wrong. In the first place, I was never on your side. Just as you are moving for your own benefit, I am only moving for my own benefit.”

Balzac answered in a soft voice. Such composure made Edmond’s eyebrows twitch.

“Are you going to steal my consciousness?”


“I know you well. Balzac Rudbesse. You don’t have that kind of ability.”

“Do you really think so?”

Edmond did not answer the question that came back with a smile. It’s because the words I know well were lies.

Edmond couldn’t specifically recall what kind of wizard Balzac was. Even Amelia Merwin knew what kind of wizard he was, but he couldn’t answer the question of what kind of wizard Balzac was.

Before making a contract with the demon king of confinement. Balzac was an excellent mage enough to be mentioned as the next Mage Master in the Blue Mage Tower. In the meantime, he suddenly left the blue mage tower and came to Helmood.

There are countless wizards who come to have an audience with the demon king. Of course, most of them couldn’t even enter Babel, let alone meet the demon king. However, since Balzac was an excellent wizard enough to be mentioned as the next Mage Tower owner, the demon king in confinement also allowed him to have an audience.

but. You can’t make a contract with the demon lord with only your abilities as a magician. Rather, if only competency was considered, the contract would have been impossible. At that time, the demon king of confinement had Amelia Merwin and Edmond Codlet.

Balzac made a pact with the devil.

A desire to be fulfilled through a contract. That desire, which was not exactly what it was, attracted the interest of the demon king in captivity.

Thus, the samma of confinement was created. Exchange is… … did. It wasn’t deep enough to understand each other’s thoughts. ability? I thought it was insignificant if it was a visible ability. In order to understand more deeply, they had to compete with each other in magic.

I’ve never had a contest.

“… … There is nothing to be offended about.”

Edmond spat out with a smile on his face.

“If you say so, I will definitely declare it. Balzac. The rituals I supervise are perfect, and not insignificant enough to be taken away by the likes of you.”

Balzac did not answer and shrugged his shoulders. Edmond’s sparkling eyes turned to Eugene.

“It will not break, and it will not fail. Eugene Lionhart. I know that you are a hero, and I know that you are attracting the attention of the demon lord in captivity. If you think that I will not kill you, you are mistaken.”

“Can I kill you?”

Eugene twisted his lips and asked.

“The knife you sent is dull. Do you think you can kill me with that knife?”

“The anger and hatred are blatant. After all, he’s not only a lion heart, but he’s also the successor of stupid Hamel, isn’t it? Do it right from the start. Whether the knife is dull or sharp, it doesn’t matter to me. I am not a weak warlock desperate for a sword.”

Shall we induce them to march to the capital of Cochila? If this place were to be used as a battlefield, Edmond would have to be tired to lose. This large and brutal city has long been Edmund’s domain, and it is the center of ceremonies and a great concentration of power.

Your opponent will know that too. Edmond was not in a position to relax. Not knowing the clear purpose of the opponent took away Edmond’s composure. While waiting for the other side to march, Edmond will be able to make many preparations.

Likewise, the opponent will have time to prepare. I do not know to what extent Balzac was capable of manipulation. The two masters of the Mage Tower, the great wizards, are also annoying. Not to mention, those two are magicians specializing in ‘war’ among the great wizards of Arot.

An enemy tower lord who can attack with summoned beasts. And a white pagoda master who can command numerous spirits by contracting with two spirit kings.

‘Those who use this place as a battlefield… … With the addition of wise Senya… … .’

What Edmond is most wary of is Senya’s resurrection. I’ve never competed before, so I can’t compare her abilities as a mage, but Senya Merdein is a great mage who even threatened the Demon King. Wouldn’t it be better if it was a one-on-one magic battle on an advantageous battlefield, if the wise Senya was added to the already equipped forces… … He judged the odds slim.

“… … So I will kill you all with my own hands.”

made a decision Abandon the capital and march. A single all-out war supplies the necessary sacrifices for the ceremony.

It is not known how long the enemies will need, but one full-scale battle will suffice for the ritual sacrifice.

“I will march the barbarians to the footsteps of the Earth God right now. If you want to run away, run away as much as you like. I will give you that much mercy.”

I knew what the footprints of the Earth God were by looking at the map yesterday.

A wide valley located halfway between Kochila and Zoran. The only place in this dense forest that is not a forest. The natives of Samar believe that the deep valley is the footprint left by the god of the earth, and used it as a battlefield during wars between great tribes. Even when Zoran and Kochila first clashed months ago, the Earth God’s footprints were the battlefield.

Edmond’s words were blatant induction. The footsteps of the Earth God are also the land where the human bone tower was built and the earthenware was twisted. Even so, he thought it would be better to fight in the footsteps of the Earth God than to go to kill Edmond, who was trapped in the capital of Kochilla.


The video is messed up. The magic eye was destroyed. Loberian clicked his tongue and shook his head.

“… … As you said. Black Pagoda. Edmond is hastening the ceremony.”

He said he would march even though he did not need to march. That much means that Edmond is desperate for the success of his ritual, and cannot tolerate obstacles and variables.

“It seems to be in a hurry than expected, but I can guess why. Eugene’s existence… … And it must be to be wary of Senya-sama’s resurrection.”

Balzac muttered that while examining Eugene’s expression. He hadn’t heard of Senya’s resurrection, but he guessed from his circumstances that it had something to do with Senya’s whereabouts.

‘If Senya is free, there is no reason not to join… … It seems that other conditions are required for his resurrection.’

Balzac paid attention to Lymira. I couldn’t quite hear her identity, but the little girl was a very blatant henchling.

“… … That Death Knight earlier. Are you really Hamel-sama?”

Sian opened his mouth. He said, rubbing his pale face with his hand.

“I don’t understand a single word he said. You want to annihilate Lionheart? Why the hell is Hamel talking like that… … .”


Eugene exhaled.

“That Death Knight. The body is Hamel… … It’s true that you wrote Nim, but the person you were talking about wasn’t Hamel-sama.”

“How do you know that?”

Because I am Hamel, you bastard. Eugene almost spit it out without realizing it, but she kept her mouth shut just before. Now that she had come this far, it seemed that no big problem would arise even if she revealed that she was Hamel.

Separately, I thought that I might commit suicide out of shame. Up until now, Eugene had been talking a lot about the greatness of Hamel’s ‘sama’ to Xian, but when it is revealed that I am Hamel-sama… … .

“… … that… … I mean spirits, because they can see human souls? Tempest said that, that Death Knight is not Hamel.”

“Are you sure? Other than that, he said he was Hamel-sama.”

“Why am I lying like this? I’m saying this because you don’t know, Hamel-nim is not an idiot like that Death Knight. And as you said, why would Hamel want to annihilate Lionheart? Moron… … What is the reason to curse you, Senya-sama, or Anis-sama like that?”

“… … Could it be that he was angry after learning the contents of the children’s book?”

Melchis, who was listening, murmured. At that moment, Christina’s shoulders trembled. It was because Anise suddenly cleared her throat in her head.

“That makes sense.”

Even Eugene had no choice but to say that. Senya and Anis are co-authors of the children’s book. The two couldn’t imagine Hamel’s reincarnation and left a storybook like that. When he was reincarnated and read a children’s book for the first time, Eugene also gritted his teeth.

But I couldn’t curse Senya and Anis over the children’s book.

Actually, isn’t it? I was able to think after being reincarnated like this, but death in the confined demon castle… … It was a selfish suicide.

A broken body, in the reality of not being able to fight any longer, he chose to die himself. To be honest, he thought that dying like that would protect his pride. His comrades resented his death and hoped to defeat the demon king of confinement.

The script made various excuses, and the death was ugly and selfish in the end. Eugene had no choice but to admit that fact. It was shown that they were dying right in front of their eyes, but it was a trivial matter to the extent that Senya and Anis played a joke on a children’s book.

‘… … It would have been nice if they had a little less selfishness.’

Eugene shook his head, remembering the last words of Hamel written in the children’s book.

“… … Uhm. Hamel-nim is not a shallow person to curse his colleagues because of the contents of that children’s book.”

“How do you know?”

“How do you know? All I can know. yes? I’m Hamel-sama’s successor, Senya’s successor, and I’ve met Moron-sama too… … uh… … I heard how heroic Hamel was from them.”

[Christina. How could Hamel say such a thing with his own mouth?]

‘… … I am… … I think Eugene’s self-objectification is great… … do.’

[oh my god… … ! Christina, you are firmly used no matter what is written on your eyes.]

Anise screamed, and Cristina only blushed slightly.

“Honestly, that Death Knight is not something to be wary of. I can deal with it with my own abilities. Rather, I’m annoyed that Death Knight’s owner, Amelia Merwin, colluded with Edmond… … .”

“I only borrowed the Death Knight, Amelia would not have come to the Great Forest.”

Balzac replied.

“How can you be sure?”

“Just as Edmond was wary of me, Amelia must be wary. In the first place, Edmond does not receive any help from other warlocks or demons for his rituals here, and only uses warriors and shamans from the Kochilla tribe as tools. It’s great that you don’t get help from other warlocks for this great ceremony. I did that not to show off my abilities as a warlock… … I wanted to exclude variables as much as possible.”

Balzac smiled bitterly when he said that.

“If Amelia had cooperated with Edmond, this ritual would have been completed in no time. If Edmond is a well-balanced master warlock, Amelia is a necromancer who has reached the pinnacle of necromancy. She doesn’t need supplies or rest if she uses an undead army that doesn’t die even if she kills it.”

“I hate all warlocks, but I hate necromancers the most.”

Eugene spit out while recalling the face of the Death Knight.

balzac rudebes

A declaration of war to wage an all-out war in the footsteps of the god of the earth.

The faces of the tribal elders were terribly hard, but Ivatar and the young warriors were rather welcoming. It was because of the various symbolism of the footprints of the god of the earth.

“It seems that even Coachilla knows honor.”

Ivatar said with a grin. Since ancient times, the footsteps of the Earth God have been used as the stage for a war on which the fortunes of the great tribe were staked. Wherever you die, the earth god guides the warrior’s soul, but if you die in the footsteps of the earth god, you can lie in the warrior’s cradle in the arms of the earth god.

The former chieftain of Zoran, Ivatar’s father, died from injuries sustained during the war with Kochilla.

The stage of the first war was also the footsteps of the Earth God, so it was only natural that Ivatar’s fighting spirit would be encouraged. He made it his cause to avenge his father’s enemies in this war and to recover the souls of the warriors who had been stolen by Kochila.

Zoran and the warriors of the allied tribes performed the ritual from dawn.

center of the capital. The temple that had been set on fire was roaring. Tall flames rose in the sky and heat spread in all directions. The warriors who were about to go out threw personal belongings into the huge flame, and the shaman threw various herbs.

The smoke created by burning herbs disperses. The warriors acted and screamed or danced. Although it is a hallucinogenic herb that is treated as a drug in many countries of the continent, it was a common favorite among the natives of Samar.

Herbs were not only burned, but also spread as alcohol. The taste wasn’t that great. A drink made by marinating psychedelic herbs in a large amount of alcohol. It is a kind of doping that makes people forget the pain and fear of wounds.

Eugene’s party did not participate in that noisy ceremony. Because everyone was busy with their work. Christina contacted the city’s water source and unleashed her divine power.

It was not a special or strange appearance to Eugene. Even 300 years ago, I saw Anise do that many times.

Holy water made in abbreviated form. Where psychedelic herbs numb pain and promote insanity, holy water heals wounds and illuminates consciousness to encourage courage. Eugene also received the help of Seongsu several times in his previous life.

“If I had known this, I would have brought the priests from Jurass.”

Mass production of holy water is Anise’s specialty. Anise, who had been sharing her body while tutoring Christina, grumbled.

In Yuras, there is a battle priest organization called the Light Ming Priests. After the Night March, the pope organized a special unit led by Christina within the Order of Light.

silver light. A special unit composed of priests carefully selected by Anise and Cristina. Although it was not formally launched, the battle priests of Eun-gwang began receiving combat training from Crusader Raphael as soon as they were organized.

“I chose them based on my own standards, but they are kids who don’t know about war. Still, you can lend me your divine power, so if you brought it to me, it would have saved me a lot of trouble.”

There is a limit to the miracles that even anise can bestow on a large army. This is because no matter how much she is a saint, her divine power is not infinite. However, the story is different if she can enlist the help of other priests. If there are many priests, you can borrow their holy power to perform a wide range of miracles.

The reason why the demons called Anis ‘hell’ was because it was very difficult to kill humans on the battlefield with Anise.

A powerful miracle impossible for other priests. As soon as the anise’s light dwells, the wound heals instantly, and even if killed, it does not die easily. It’s a contradiction of words, but humans become living undead.

But this time, he won’t be able to show off his presence as much. The natives here do not believe in a god of light. As a result, Anise’s face was bloodless and her fatigue was evident. This is why he poured out his divine power while repeating prayers with minimal rest.

“I wouldn’t mind the death of the natives here.”

Anise took a drink and said.

Just saying that, Eugene knew full well that Anise was never the kind of person who would let someone die. 

“Yes, yes. What are you struggling to live for? Just let it die.”

After answering that, Anis caressed her sore eyes and glanced at Eugene.

“… … What a nasty thing to say, Hamel. Do you think the me you know is capable of that?”

“Rather, I know you well and trust you too much. Anise, it will be the same this time. I know you’re someone’s… … I can’t imagine being indifferent to human death.”

It was like that even now. Anise continues to make holy water while grumbling. On behalf of the exhausted Christina.

Even so, Anis Slitherwood wanted to save all humans. He sympathized with every human being who died in a terrible age of abandonment.

“It is a war in which human death becomes a ritual sacrifice. If you die too many times, the ritual might be completed, so shouldn’t you try to avoid dying easily?”

Anis muttered that and stood up. I felt light dizzy as if I had used too much of his divine power in a short period of time.

But it wasn’t to the point of falling. This level of dizziness, the degree of momentary loss of strength in the legs. Anise can balance anything. But Anise didn’t bother.

“are you okay?”

Eugene immediately came and helped Anis. Anise didn’t answer, and for a moment Eugene supported her. No, that wasn’t enough.

Anis wasn’t the only one who thought so. Anise felt Christina’s emotions coming into contact with her presence. She smiled bitterly and lifted her consciousness slightly.

“… … big… … .”

Anise’s head tilted. She rested her forehead on Eugene’s chest and said nothing. That made Eugene perplexed.

I know that Anise enjoys this kind of skinship. He had never been like that in his previous life, but perhaps because he actually died once, he is mischievous and greedy unlike his previous life.

I know why.

“… … I think this is fine.”

Anise murmured.

… … Is it really anise? For a moment, Eugene was not sure.

Anise and Christina. It was never difficult to differentiate. Even with the same face and the same voice, there were minor differences.

But now it is difficult to tell them apart.

“After this war, Eugene will go to rescue Senya. I believe that Eugene-sama can save Senya-sama.”

It was Christina.

“I am grateful that Senja is not dead. I want to see Senya. but… … I am thinking this without even realizing it. Now, I, Hamel, by your side… … I wonder if the reason why I can do this is because Senya isn’t here after all.”

It was anise.

“… … I know it’s not the right idea. “I” shouldn’t be thinking like this. But I think of it without even realizing it, and I become engrossed. And at the end you feel guilty and miserable.”

“Hamel, I know you are more conscious of Senya than I am. From before, I was just a ‘unfortunate colleague’ to you.”

“I was saved by Eugene. I would have been special to Eugene. that… … It was a reality that I knew but did not want to admit, rather making myself miserable. Even so, I was happy that I was chosen by Eugene. big… … Without being greedy, by Eugene’s side. No, I tried to be content with following behind.”

Christina’s and Anis’ voices trembled.

“I couldn’t be satisfied. Hamel. I don’t know how you looked at me, but I’m a selfish woman. Just watching from the sidelines wasn’t enough.”

“I am afraid and terrified. When Senya-nim resurrected and came to Eugene-nim’s side. At that time I… … Can I stay by Eugene’s side like now? Can I look at Eugene-sama like now?”

“I didn’t want to make a big fuss. I tried to be satisfied with the first kiss. I thought I was used to being patient. It wasn’t. My greed and heart are getting bigger, so I can’t go my own way.”

“If Senya-sama comes back… … I am… … .”

The trembling voice did not continue. Cristina was ugly and ashamed of herself. Anise couldn’t even raise her head because the sincerity she spat out in the end was so corrupt.

“… … There’s no way your position will change just because Senya returns.”

Those trembling shoulders were pitiful. She was also confused at the same time.

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