Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 95

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Eclipse swallowed the Death Knight’s hand. At the same time, the holy sword pierced the Death Knight’s chest.

“This… … .”

The heart pierced by the holy sword disappeared. The Eclipse’s flames swallowed the rest of the body whole. Death Knight laughed while watching all of that.

“I can’t win.”

Those were the last words. Eclipse turned all remaining bodies to ashes. Yujin muttered as she glared at the scattering ashes.

“Of course it’s a nail.”

ghosts of the past. Fake not even real. If you felt it was hard to kill that guy, wouldn’t all the time you’ve been reincarnated and lived in vain?

Yujin snorted and lowered the holy sword.

Footprints of the Earth God

Magical chains tightly bound Melchis’ limbs. If it was a real body, every bone would be shattered, but the limbs held by black magic were not the real body.

The limbs made of clay collapsed. He judged that he could not escape from the restraints of magical power, so he gave up altogether.

It’s not even a risk taking action. The limbs that had collapsed into dirt immediately clung to the body and formed anew.

‘A nasty child who persistently stares… … !’

The center of the Infinity Force.

Melchis frowned while concentrating. The attack of black magic continues from the end of the wire.

Edmond Codlet, the son of a bitch, sought Melchis’s life from a safe place out of sight.

It was like that even now. The darkness covering the ground is suppressing the power of the Earth Spirit King, causing Melchis. The black magic passed down from the darkness holds the Infinity Force from moving and is aiming for Melchis, which functions as the core.

Of course, Melchis did not take it lightly. To be honest, if there were only two spirit kings, the earth spirit king and the lightning spirit king, it would have been the only thing that could have endured. No, considering the firepower Edmond mobilized, he wouldn’t have been able to hold out until now.

but. If it is the Infinity Force, it can withstand it. It does not stop at holding out, but can also plan a counterattack at the necessary moment.

… … Paper weave! A long rod like a lightning rod soared from the Infinity Force’s head. The enormous energy contained in the giant body was concentrated at the tip of the lightning rod.

Lightning and flame mingled into one. The target is the Cube, Edmond Codlet. Concentrated energy was fired as a laser with flashing light.

Qurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The penetrating energy was unusual. Edmond clicked his tongue and deployed his defensive magic, but at that moment, light crashed from beyond the veil.

A sword of light as big as a giant would wield—there were dozens of them. The fallen sword of light tore through Edmond’s defense magic.

Christina Rogeris. A hideous doll made from the bones and flesh of successive saints. Beyond the curtain, on top of the cliff, I saw Christina spreading her eight wings.

… … Did a doll made with such a crude method reach that level of performance?

“On the subject of counterfeits… … !”

Edmond let out a roar of anger and annoyance.

Wow! The laser that Melchis shot reached the area where Edmond was standing. Shamans who were not protected by the Cube. Even if they were in perfect condition, the result would not have changed, but most of the shamans had already performed the role of Edmond’s magic battery and were exhausted.

The exhausted shamans had no defense against the lasers that swept through the area. Nothing but the Cube remained in the place where the lightning and flames swept away. Even though this amount of attack was a direct hit, the cube was not scratched.

‘not good.’

Edmond thought as he held up the Bloody Mary.

The engagement in the blind is getting longer. The blinds had already taken away the sight, hearing, and smell of the warriors. Gigam was still alive, so it was possible to distinguish between fia and foe, but the morale of the warriors was already falling to the bottom.

‘Summoned Summons of the Red Tower… … It devours the corpse and imprisons the soul.’

It’s not fatal to the ritual, but it’s annoying. Should I kill the red pagoda owner and the saintess on top of the cliff first? The desire to do it himself was like a chimney, but Edmond, the center of his consciousness, could not escape the footsteps of the Earth God.

Then you have no choice but to borrow someone else’s hand. First of all, Edmond shared his consciousness. One conducts the ceremony. As for other rituals, he focused on necromancy magic. Although he was used to it and not enjoying it, he was not incapable of using necromancy magic.

The dead bodies began to rise. It wasn’t just Kochilla’s corpse that the necromancy magic had captured. The corpses of Zoran and his allied tribal warriors also became undead and stood up, and the dead monsters also stood up again and started rampaging.

I saw that even that was not enough. The black magic following necromancy targeted warriors who were still alive and fighting.

I didn’t want to lose the purity of the soul, so I didn’t want to use it… … Since the war situation was going like this, he was not in a position to hide.

berserk. The magic that was planted in the warriors made the reason opaque and strengthened the body.

The warriors let out a beastly roar and started rampaging. Sharp blades grew out of fingernails and claws on the strengthened limbs. The swollen muscles did not break or explode even when hit by enemy attacks.

“I never thought it would end like this… … !”

Edmond spat out, shaking with rage.

I came to Samar because I wanted to filter out and control variables as much as possible. Variables run amok more than I imagined.

What’s particularly annoying is that I couldn’t kill that Melchis Elhire quickly enough. I wouldn’t know if it had been an all-out attack. It was difficult to kill the master of the ceremony and the great spirits who had made contracts with the three spirit kings at the same time.

Moreover, even that firepower is suppressed by divine power. Christina Rogeris. She clutched the rosario with a pale face.

Whenever Edmond attacks, Christina’s divine power interferes. It was impossible to completely purify her, but it was possible to reduce her power.

‘There are too many yeonnom to kill.’

There wasn’t a single thing to worry about. Even Balzac, who hasn’t been showing up all this time, is annoying… … .

What the hell is he doing? Did he simply disappear to remain blind? Or, are you focusing on maneuvers to usurp consciousness at the crucial moment?


Edmond found the Death Knight fighting on the battlefield. First of all, it was to borrow his hand to kill the saintess and the owner of the red pagoda on the cliff. If you call yourself Hamel, you should be able to do that.

‘Hamel. I need your help. Go up the cliff right now and find the saintess and the red pagoda… … .’

Kwaaaaang! A loud noise pierced Edmond’s ears. The entire darkness of space shuddered. Right after the explosion that seemed to shatter the world, a flashing light illuminated the darkness for an instant.

Again the blinds blocked the light.

But in that brief moment, Edmond understood what had happened. An incredibly powerful force split the world, albeit for an instant.


Edmond hurriedly called the Death Knight. No answer came back. It wasn’t because the Death Knight was ignoring it, but the target they had given their voice to was not designated at all.

It meant only one thing. That Death Knight, created by reforming the corpse of a hero from 300 years ago—- was destroyed on this battlefield.

“No way… … !”

Edmond spat out in horror. I know that Eugene Ryanhart is strong. In the last short skirmish, rather than gaining the upper hand against Eugene, Death Knight had been pushed back.

but. Like Eugene, Death Knight had plenty of energy. He thought that if he fought with all his might, the outcome would be unknown… … .

Possibility of defeat? I had it in mind, but I wasn’t sure. It was a natural thought. It’s a Death Knight made from that stupid Hamel. Rather than physical performance, he maximized his combat ability by projecting Hamel’s own memories.

That such a Death Knight was defeated and annihilated in such a short time? Even if it was recognized by the holy sword, to the 21-year-old still?

My head was dizzy. As much as he did not receive help from other beings in Helmood, the Death Knight borrowed from Amelia Merwin was a great axis of his power for Edmond. The Death Knight was destroyed too quickly.

‘I don’t want to die with you. At least a fatal wound… … .’

Edmond immediately cast a search spell. He hoped that Eugene would be fatally wounded and unable to fight—but the reality was too ruthless towards Edmond.

There was not a single minor wound, let alone a fatal wound. Her tiredness wasn’t great either.

… … The cold golden eyes moved. The eyes of Edmond and Eugene, who were watching with search magic, met.



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At that moment, Edmond unknowingly grabbed Bloodmary.


It’s an insignificant power that can’t be compared to the Death Knight, but it’s better than nothing. But even that Hector did not immediately respond to the call. It’s a situation where you can’t move your body quickly.

Edmond was enraged when he realized who Hector was fighting.

“Cyan Lionheart? I even made you a new body, but you’re being held by that kid?”

By mobilizing all the shared consciousness, we grasped the situation and predicted the future.

soon came to a conclusion. You have to let go of regrets and greed. The ideal and perfect consciousness initially conceived has already failed. He tried to complete his ritual in all-out war, but there was no time for that.

There is too much power dispersed in consciousness. It is because of the pursuit of perfection. I calculated that it would be enough to buy time—- the enemy’s power is too strong.

If you go on like this, everything will fail. It shouldn’t be like that. Edmond held Blood Mary with both hands and concentrated his mana.

I interfered with the ongoing ritual. The blood and soul used as a sacrifice pursued quality rather than quantity, but the quality of the sacrifice is no longer a concern.

Therefore, the number of sacrifices is rapidly increased. Edmond’s lips moved.

The movements of the warriors who had been fighting in berserk changed again. They had no more humanity left. To thoroughly supply living sacrifices. And in the end, they themselves began to run amok to become the sacrifice.

It wasn’t just the footprints of the Earth God here. The capital of Cochila, far away. Edmond’s black magic regurgitated the Tomac and spread in the capital city as well.

There are no warriors left in the capital. Most of them are old people, women and children who have withdrawn from the front lines.

Dark magic dwelled in their minds. Madmen who had lost their reason cut open each other’s chests and pulled out their hearts. Suddenly, a massacre began in the capital of Cochila.

That’s how consciousness accelerates. The blood and soul that flowed from the capital will be sacrificed as the footsteps of the Earth God on a tomac.

Now that this was the case, Edmond did not need much time. He wouldn’t be able to become the Great Demon King with the level he wanted—-but he couldn’t help it.

‘Eventually I take off the human.’

This is the secret that Edmond longed for. To become a being that far transcends humanity. It is true that even if you are just a demon king, not a great demon king, you are an existence that transcends humans, so even if you compromise, your longing can come true.

‘At most 10 minutes until all the offerings are met. I can endure that much.’

Since the content of the ritual was changed, there was no need to suppress Melchis anymore. On the contrary, the supply and demand of her sacrifices will be faster only if she goes wild at will.

Although Loberian’s summoned beasts are interfering with the supply and demand of sacrifices here, it is only enough to cover the sky with the palm of your hand. How will you stop the massive amount of blood and soul coming from the capital?

‘I won.’

I have abandoned the ideal I pursued, so I must win.

Edmond lifted the Bloody Mary with a confident smile. Just as his consciousness was simplified, Edmond’s own magical power became stronger. As much as Melkis’ suppression was also given up, Edmond was now able to use his magic with all his might.

That pure magical power turned into a black hand and stood up. The hand of death, which destroyed everything it touched, moved forward.

If the ritual fails here. There will be only one cause.

Eugene Lionhart. Edmond was wary of the ‘power’ used to kill the Death Knight earlier.

… … Even that power would not be able to invade the cube. But I couldn’t ignore it.

To be honest, I wanted to sacrifice Eugene. I gave up much of my consciousness, but as strong as I was… … If it’s a special soul. It may be possible to evolve the consciousness that was simply changed to a higher level.

Dig! Eugene suddenly appeared in the air where only embers were flying.

‘Magic… … I don’t know such magic. A signature you created yourself? Using feathers as coordinates… … Right.’

A child who has not been introduced to magic for 5 years has reached the level of a great wizard… … You’ve created a signature as high as mine?

“Your existence itself is irrational.”

I’ve never felt jealous of a human in my entire life. I’m honestly jealous of that unreasonable youngster.

That’s why I wanted to kill him all the more as a sacrifice. There is no magician-like theory. But Edmond was convinced.

If I could sacrifice Eugene Lionheart. It seemed that even through such a downfall ceremony, he would be able to obtain the status of the Great Demon King.


Edmond spat out, holding the hand of death. Kurrrrr! The hand of death advanced on Eugene. The hand, which was gradually growing in size, was as big as the edge of the cliff when it was about to reach Eugene.

That huge hand came crashing down like a wave, but Eugene’s actions were very simple. The holy sword is already in his hand. Ignition, which was replaced by Prominence, is also maintained. Mana is already burning as a flame.

The lion’s mane fluttered. Dark spots spread across the flames covering the holy sword. ㅡQuaaaang! A slash cut in a straight line completely cut off the advancing hand of death.

Only one magic was destroyed. There is no blow to Edmond.

He sneered and summoned magic. This space centered on the cube was already Edmond’s domain. He could unleash hundreds of spells at the same time in one breath, and all the magic he spread could easily kill at least one human being.

As if to prove him, the magic materialized. Eugene held Akasha in his cloak. All magic manifested. It’s not just unfolding randomly. All magic is organically connected, and there was no way to escape from magic in this wide space.


Mer in the cloak also came to the same conclusion as Eugene. Even Mer, who was specialized in secondary, couldn’t find any magical gaps in Edmond.

I had no choice but to admit it. Edmond’s ability as a wizard, his personality, and everything were superior to Eugene’s. He can never win if he fights with magic.

That fact didn’t disappoint Eugene in the slightest. Eugene’s weapon is not only magic.

The moment when black magic attacks everywhere. Eugene let go of the Akasha he was holding inside her cloak. Then she grabbed the other hilt.

‘That’s… … .’

Something was pulled out of the cloak. A dull gray light spread through the darkness. All the linked magic attacked Eugene, but the ominous gray light moved and the magic was no longer maintained. The sources of magic were consumed by the moonlight and disappeared.


Edmond unknowingly moved the cube backwards.

Cheap! The swinging moonlight drew a crescent moon. Magical power could not block the moonlight. What’s the use of well-crafted magic when you’re annihilated the moment you touch it?

“… … no way… … .”

Edmond’s face went white.

Demon King Babel. In the material I read in the special records room there… … A ‘sword’ similar to mine was recorded.

It couldn’t be. A sword that has not been seen in 300 years. Why was that sword, which was not even recorded in history, here?

“Moonlight Sword… … ?”

Edmond spat out in disbelief, and Eugene blinked before laughing.

“Do you know me well?”

Edmond’s face contorted at that answer.

Footprints of the Earth God

The moonlight sword of Bermut Lionheart was not recorded in any history of the continent. Vermut himself had never taken out the moonlight sword or shown it to anyone since returning from Helmud, and the Lionheart family did not leave the moonlight sword either.

Although the sword was obliterated like that, there is a record of the moonlight sword in the special records room of Babel.

The sword of confinement, a record left by Gavid Lindman. In fact, it was Gavid’s personal obsession rather than a record. He feared the moonlight sword, was jealous of it, and was obsessed with it.

Edmond knows why. Gavid’s magic sword, Glory, could not surpass Vermouth’s moonlight sword.

When the moonlight sword failed to leave its name in history and disappeared even from Vermouth. Gavid thought that Vermouth had destroyed or sealed the moonlight sword, and had been searching for the moonlight sword’s whereabouts until hundreds of years ago.

However, Gavid stopped searching midway. Whether it was to escape the sense of defeat over the already dead Vermouth, or because of the belief in Glory he already had, Gavid gave up his moonlight sword midway through.

However, the record of that time was left in the special records room, and Edmond had read the document.

Moonlight Sword. Ruin in the form of a sword. A sword that emits ominous moonlight. That black mana as well as dissipate magical power. Even the demon king’s mana could not gain an absolute advantage in the power of the moonlight sword.

‘Unbelievable… … !’

The agitation was even greater because he knew the identity of the Moonlight Sword.

He was confident that no matter how strong Eugene’s power was and how he wielded the Holy Sword, Cube’s defense would not be broken. The divine power emitted by the holy sword is the power of a god of light that doesn’t even exist here right now, and Edmond didn’t think that the power of that ambiguous divine being was absolute.

However, the story is different with the moonlight sword. The power contained in that sword was not some kind of vague divine power.

A destructive force of unknown origin. It was as recorded that it was ominous. That dull gray moonlight gave Edmond a sense of danger just by looking at it.

You shouldn’t let it come close. Edmond immediately worked his magic. Layers of defense barriers blocked the front of the cube. The magic that penetrated the space ignored everything and rushed to kill Eugene.

moonlight sprinkled Eugene extinguished the attacking magic and moved forward. It’s true that the moonlight sword has a huge advantage over magic, but if it’s this strong, it’s a burden on yourself. Even that Vermouth hadn’t been able to wield the moonlight sword recklessly.

The moonlight sword Eugene now possesses is not perfect. It’s only a lump of fragments, at most about 1/3. Although the burden was reduced by that much, the power was also reduced. It is impossible to erase the magic of a black magician of that level with a single stroke.

However, Akasha allows you to understand magic. Even before her black magic manifested, she was visible to Eugene. As Eugene cut the link between her magic, she distanced herself from Edmond.

Bloodmary gave off an evil light. That magic wand, like Akasha, used the whole dragon heart. However, the authority imbued with it is different.

Akasha’s authority is the understanding of magic. It makes you understand the magic you have never learned, and optimizes the existing magic by empowering you to understand it.

Blood Mary’s authority is more violent and combative than that of Akasha. Bloodmary’s power is to make people understand the magic, but to press it down with force and power. Even if you use the same magic, the magic you use with Blood Mary is ‘heavy’.

Wow! The moonlight that was swinging was blocked. Bloodmary’s power was applied to the magic that was so easily cut, so it was not easily cut even with the moonlight sword.

Yujin twisted her lips and smiled. Looking at that Bloody Mary, I couldn’t help but think of the old days.

Lich, Belial, who was called the staff of confinement at the time. 5 people, including Vermouth, tried to pierce his magic.

‘But you are not Belial.’

It is true that Edmond is called the stick of confinement of his time. But I didn’t think it was as strong as Belial or stronger than Belial.

Just look at it now Even though it is a moonlight sword that is weaker than before, it is not greatly pushed by Edmond’s magic.

Prominence scattered feathers. Eugene swung the moonlight sword while continuously leaping into space. The moonlight formed a circle and filled it with a full moon.

Quarre! A gap where the flames of black magic have been consumed. Eugene focused his strength on the holy sword held in her opposite hand.

air sword. It cannot be used with the Moonlight Sword, but the Holy Sword has no such restrictions. A flash of light illuminated the darkness once again.

The cube’s surface vibrated. The defense was not broken. Edmond was relieved for a moment, and he felt humiliated at what he had done.

The magic of the demon king of confinement raised his body. Four hands soared in front of the cube, and black flames rose from between the palms. At the same time, countless pupils appeared around the cube.

It is the cursed eye. Just being in sight slowly tightens your body, core, and heart. Just one pupil, but dozens of pupils captured Yujin.

For an instant, my body stiffened. Edmond did not miss the moment and fired the hellfire. Right before the dark flames hit, the light that fell from the sky enveloped Eugene.

It was the divine power of Anise and Christina. The curse that had hardened the body disappeared, and the flames were blocked by light, albeit for a brief moment. The holy sword responded to the fallen light. Chow! The slash with the holy sword cut the hellfire in two.

Eugene didn’t jump into that gap and took a leap of prominence right away.

Quarrrrr! The light from the moonlight sword hit the cube. Beyond the shattering moonlight, I could see the surface of the cube shaking. After all, it was impossible to destroy the cube with a single slash.

But Edmond’s eyes widened. The cube didn’t break right away, but damage was transmitted to the spells that made up the magic. If this continues, the spell will collapse and cracks will appear. Edmond hurriedly drew out his mana and repaired the damage caused by the spell.

‘It’s not like there’s no damage.’

Eugene confirmed that the magic power reinforces the cube. Then what you had to do was simple. Instead of Edmond repairing and reinforcing the cube, you just need to attack faster and continuously.

Of course, Edmond did not leave Eugene alone. The distance should not be shortened. Bloodmary was imbued with magic again.

Quarrrrr! The high-density magical energy coalesced to form five giants. Giants created only with magic and mana attacked Eugene.

It’s just to earn time. Edmond ignores the giants and works his magic again.

The eyes of the curse are still catching Eugene. However, since the light shining from beyond the veil was protecting Eugene, it was impossible to stop Eugene like before.

A complex magic circle was drawn on the surface of the cube, then floated into the air.

Kwurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring! At that moment, an explosion occurred in Eugene. It wasn’t Edmond’s explosion.

He looked at Eugene in shock. The giants created with magic were disappearing without a single one left.

Eugene pushed the sun from his palm toward Edmond. The moment the spreading sunspots dyed the sun black, the eclipse was complete. Frightened, Edmond overlapped the magic circle floating in the air.

The artillery fire from the magic circle and the Eclipse collided. I wondered if the forces were canceling each other out, but the ominous moonlight cut the intertwined forces in two.

‘What is it?’

Edmond didn’t want to be aware of the feelings that crept up from the depths of his heart. He worked his magic without stopping. Quadduk! The overturned earth rushed at Eugene with their own will.

A simple lump of land doesn’t have much deterrence, but Edmond’s magical power dwells in every grain of soil. The magical energy was connected to each other and became a new magic.

Dark chains connected the land masses. The chain stretched all the way and bound Eugene in the entire space. As the chain was pulled tight, it narrowed, and a crumpled space came over Eugene.

Wow… … ! Eugene was no longer visible. Edmond hoped that Eugene would be crushed together in the crumpled space. He once again wrapped the chain around the clinging mass of land, and set fire to hell to consume it entirely.

but. Moonlight streamed in again.

Kwadeuk, Kwadeuk! Yujin jumped out of the dark magic spell wielding the moonlight sword. Edmond involuntarily roared and set off the hellfire.

“Die a little!”

How many times is this? I’m using a series of magics that can kill unconditionally, and it’s okay to die. It doesn’t even kill, let alone hurt. That damned moonlight sword keeps destroying black magic.

It was like that even now. The fire of hell, which was supposed to devour and burn everything it touched, was blocked by the light of the moonlight sword and extinguished in reverse.

Edmond let out an angry roar and deployed the magic circle again. The spears of death were fired in succession, and lightning fell from the magically distorted space.

Prominence fluttered. An abbreviated Eclipse intercepted the thunderbolt and exploded. The spear of death was blocked by the moonlight sword and holy sword that he swung continuously.

“I mean die!”

Edmond shouted again.

thump, thump, thump! As Bloodmary slammed the ground, awls, blades, and chains rose from the ground. Chains hold, blades cut, awls pierce.

First the chain broke. The awl collided with another awl. The blade that struck at the end was also blocked.

“Magic spear!”

Edmond screamed. Eugene ignored the cry and hit the ground with his magic spear. The spear blade that appeared beyond space collided with the cube, but the cube did not break. Next is crushing weight. Eugene threw the magic spear into the cloak, took out a crushing weight, and hit the space with all his might.

Kwak! The crushing weight didn’t break the cube, but it did break the magic circle that was being prepared on the surface of the cube. Eugene threw the crushing weight into the cloak without feeling much regret.

Eugene’s hand went back into the cloak. Seeing that, Edmond involuntarily held his breath and grabbed Bloodmary. What came out of the cloak this time was a silver-blue sword. Winid. It was the sword I had seen before.

However, Eugene did not swing Winid around and threw it to the back. His wandering feathers clung to Winid and disappeared together.

“… … What did you do?”

Edmond spat out, wary of Winid’s disappearance, and Eugene shook his head in reply.

“You don’t have to mind.”

Tempest’s complaints were ignored. After confirming that Winid had been passed on to Xian, Eugene grabbed the holy sword and the moonlight sword again. … … The sight made Edmond’s eyes tremble.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

Edmond asked sincerely.

“If only you hadn’t come here. If you don’t disturb me now! I was able to achieve my long-cherished wish. Throughout the history so far and the future, the only one that no one in this world has achieved! Humans, with magic, could have fulfilled their long-cherished wish of becoming the Demon King.”

He cried out as if vomiting blood. Edmond worked the magic by moving the cube backwards. The space between Eugene and Edmond was distorted. I was moving forward, but the distance didn’t get any closer.

“Eugene Ryanhart! what the hell did i do to you? I’ve never stood in front of you and disturbed you, and I’ve never threatened you. But why are you disturbing and threatening me?!”

Edmond’s cry resounded dizzy in the distorted space. It was a fairly powerful hallucination magic, but it was of no use to Eugene. Having experienced the illusion of Noir Jebella, there is no way that his mind would be contaminated by that kind of hallucinatory magic.

“Well, why are you doing this to me? I wouldn’t have done anything to you just because I became the Demon King. my purpose! It was not about becoming a demon king and doing something, but simply transcending my existence and becoming a demon king! If the ritual had succeeded and I became the demon king, I really wouldn’t have done anything.”

Edmond’s screams also embarrassed Eugene.

You bastard, are you seriously thinking and saying that? Wouldn’t it be natural to stop a black magician from making a foolish claim to become a demon king? It wasn’t that he was quietly sitting alone in a corner of his room and trying to become a demon king, but he was performing a ritual that required countless sacrifices. Did he think that no one would disturb him?

“What the hell is this bastard talking about?”

Eugene raised his moonlight sword while distorting his face in displeasure. That bullshit wasn’t worth listening to anymore.

In fact, it was also something that Edmond felt unfair about. The continent has no interest in the wars waged by the natives of the forest. So I came to Samar not to be disturbed by anyone else.

As Edmond said, if Eugene hadn’t come here, there was a high probability that his ritual would have succeeded.

“Don’t come any closer!”

When Eugene raised the moonlight sword, Edmond screamed and swung Bloodmary. Dark magic became a wave and hit Eugene.

Kwaaang! Eclipse intercepted the wave first, and the moonlight sword cut the temporarily stopped magic power.


Edmund clutched his chest, feeling unfair and sad.

The damn moonlight sword. I thought it was a record, but in reality, there was no weapon as absurd as that one. What kind of sword is that, just a sword! Do you mean to cut down Bloody Mary and the Demon King’s magical power so easily!

“The magic I have dedicated my whole life to! Only for the sword!”

Eugene did not respond to that cry. Still, she felt queasy inside.

The moonlight sword is not a weapon to be evaluated as a mere sword. Just as Edmond devoted his life to magic, Eugene devoted his life to wielding a sword well. If you add the previous life, it means that he devoted his second life to this.

“I mean don’t come!”

Bloodmary hit the ground, and the cube moved. The entirety of the absolute defense protecting Edmond rose into the sky.

hour. It takes time. how much more? Haven’t you already put off enough time? Edmond checked Eugene’s consciousness while watching his movements.

Footprints of the Earth God. The war here has already killed many natives. The blood and soul that can be supplied from this land has already reached the minimum standard set by Edmond.

and the capital of Cochila. Massacre intended by berserk. Edmond calculated the blood and soul flowing through the tomac.

Is this enough to try the ritual? I wanted to concentrate on calculating it, but I couldn’t.

Crackle! Eugene broke through the obstacle and swung the moonlight sword. Gray moonlight scratched the surface of the cube and the light broke.


Edmonds shouted heartily.

Restoration of the Cube and completion of the ritual. It was impossible to do both at the same time. Should I come all the way here for an adventure? I couldn’t even carry on with this thought.

Kwadeuk! The light from the moonlight sword that attacked continuously created cracks on the surface of the cube.

‘… … If it’s me… … !’

last minute. Edmond believed in himself.

The completeness of the ritual itself is beyond doubt. The quality of offerings was lowered and the number increased.

There is no way that number is not enough. sacrifices accumulated so far. An offering flowing from the capital. offerings here. Twisted Tomac was connected to Edmond from the very beginning.

As originally intended, the magical power of Lyzakia and the power of the World Tree cannot be obtained, but… … If he greedy even for that, his throat would be blown away by that moonlight sword.

Edmond gave up restoring the cube and focused his mind. All of his existence was connected to the consciousness of the land through Bloodmary.

ㅡQuarrrr! The footsteps of the Earth God began to shake. The ceremonial spells carved into the ground began to emerge.


The magic was linked to Edmond’s existence. Sacrifices are offered and magic runs toward completion. Reconstruction of body and soul. The ceremony to transcend humans and become a demon king has begun.

Yujin squinted her eyes and lowered the moonlight sword. However, Edmond was no longer afraid of the moonlight sword and instead burst into laughter.


The moonlight sword’s light made a huge crack in the cube. It all seemed very slow to Edmond’s eyes.

The thinking of ‘human’ is changing. It is changing to the thinking of a transcendent being who regards insignificant things inferior to his own existence. The body of a weak human is changing into that of an immortal demon king… … .

“I won… … .”

Edmond’s cry cut off.

The consciousness that was being completed began to collapse. The spells organized around Edmond were tangled up.

what? Edmond couldn’t understand what was happening. He had no reason to fail. He had enough sacrifices, and the ritual was perfect… … .

“… … Aww!”

Edmond screamed and turned his head. The accident that stopped him while he was upgrading made him understand why his consciousness failed, albeit belatedly.

The offerings were not sufficient. There’s no way I can’t, there’s no way I won’t notice. I was deceived.

The blood and soul of the capital city that had to flow into this place. It should be dedicated to the ceremony whole and pure, but someone else has preoccupied and usurped it.


Right in front of me, there is an ignorant and terrible guy who is supposed to die, but rather than die, he attacks without a single wound. He was oblivious to Balzac because he was dealing with Eugene.

… … how? Even the absurdly transcendent accident could not understand Balzac. Did you know that you would change the contents of the ceremony along the way? Since when did you start preparing to rob the capital city?

Edmond looked back into the darkness, looking for Balzac with wide eyes. But Balzac was still nowhere to be seen. It completely assimilated into the darkness of the blinds and hid its existence… … .

‘Is the purpose to usurp my consciousness?’

Part of the consciousness flows to Balzac. But it was a tenuous connection in Edmond’s eyes. It is impossible to change a human into a demon lord with something like that.

Balzac’s goal is not to become a demon king. Edmonds concluded again. The sacrificial offering was taken away, and part of the ritual was connected to oneself. All of that was intended to destroy himself the moment Edmond was convinced of the success of the ritual and attempted it.

Balzac made Edmond impatient.

The darkness of the blinds did not invade the cube, but from the moment Balzac was captured by Edmond, Edmond became wary of Balzac. Enemies, including Balzac, hastened the ceremony. Changed the contents of the ritual of the darkness and unfavorable melee in the footsteps of the Earth God, and made the supply of sacrifices from the capital.

“this… … son of a bitch… … !”

Edmond therefore felt a greater dislike for Balzac.

If only Balzac had tried to steal consciousness. If he tried to become the Demon King in place of Edmond. Even if Edmond himself couldn’t fulfill his longing, if Balzac took away this consciousness and became the Demon King—-even if they were divided, they would be able to acknowledge it.

But Balzac didn’t want that. He took away only part of the ceremony, and only part of the sacrifice.

Edmond’s ritual failed because of just that.


Edmond roared madly in anger and resentment.

The moonlight that smashed the cube and engulfed Edmond’s body.

Footprints of the Earth God

The body is perishing. The unconsciously transcended consciousness tried to find a solution to the current hopeless situation, but there was no way for Edmond to survive in this situation.

… … but. if you ask for help. if help is given.

‘You are the Demon Lord of Confinement.’

Edmond begged desperately. Wouldn’t it be a shame to lose an outstanding subordinate even for that confined demon king?

Edmond believed he was worth that much. Rather than dying and being reaped as a soul, he thought that it would be more enjoyable for the demon lord in captivity to be faithful while living, albeit pitifully.

‘Please, please me… … .’

No answer came back. The grim reality made Edmond even more desperate.

The demon king of confinement let Edmond try to become the demon king. Rather, in this ritual and war, Edmond sent magic power as he wished.

However, he did not help Edmond ‘directly’. It didn’t even bother Edmond. Even if Edmond succeeded in the ritual and became the demon king, the demon king in confinement would not have interfered at all. And even if Edmond fails and dies… … The demon king of confinement will not feel any regret.

The demon king of confinement was such an existence. He wanted to turn away and deny it, but in fact Edmond knew it too.

Edmond believed that he was special, and hoped that the demon king of confinement would help him—-but silence continued despite his earnest prayer.

The moonlight sword’s slash swept through the air. The body that Edmond desperately held onto disappeared without leaving a single piece of flesh. But Bloodmary did not disappear.

Blood Mary was created by the demon king of confinement. Bloody Mary rose alone in the scattered moonlight. Eugene swung the moonlight sword once more to destroy the terrible magic wand.

The moment the moonlight was about to swallow Bloodmary, bright red magic flowed from the dragon heart.

Charleureuk! Magical power became a chain that wrapped around Bloodmary and blocked the moonlight.

Soon the chains and Bloodmary disappeared together. Eugene gnashed his teeth as he landed on the ground.

The Demon King of Confinement. He didn’t intervene until the moment Edmond died, and only took Bloodmary back.


Eugene swears and pulls out a dagger from within his cloak. … … Edmond uttered Balzac’s name before dying.

It was Balzac’s trick that the ritual that was almost completed failed.

It was unclear exactly how the prank was carried out, but Eugene was wary of Balzac, who had not yet appeared. Perhaps, as Edmond had been wary of, Balzac might have tried to steal his consciousness and become the Demon King himself.

‘… … I don’t think so.’

If Balzac had become the Demon King. The magic of the blinds surrounding the footprints of the Earth God must have changed first. But the blinds were the same as the first.

Eugene looked around and raised his dagger.

“Please save me.”

I heard a voice right behind me. Balzac, who had been lying flat on the ground, got up.

“I didn’t do anything that would make Eugene-nim wary.”

Balzac had a face of genuine regret. Eugene stared straight into Balzac’s face, still clutching the dagger.

“How long have you been here?”

“Eugene-nim has been here since the time he attacked Edmond.”

“Why did you lie down without saying anything?”

“Because my disappearance could make Edmond impatient.”

“If so, did you even say that first?”

“Just now, my stealth couldn’t do that trick.”

said Balzac with a wry smile.

“What have you done?”

“They took away the offerings that flowed in from outside and interfered in some of the ceremonies.”


“Nothing. I slightly shook the contents of the ceremony so that Edmond, who had lost his cool, was mistaken.”

Saying that, Balzac bowed his head to Eugene.

“It’s thanks to Eugene-nim pushing Edmund.”

“There was no need for you to interfere with the ceremony.”

Eugene pointed the dagger at Balzac and said.

“If the purpose was to disrupt the ceremony, I only needed to take the sacrifice. is not it? Consciousness will be delayed as a result, and I could have killed Edmond in that time.”

“Maybe it was.”

The words just now were too far-fetched for Eugene to think about, but Balzac did not object and kept his head down. Eugene looked at Balzac with a sullen face before inserting the dagger.

“… … Can I close the blinds now?”

I looked around.

The war was almost over. Edmond is dead. The magical energy that dwelled in his warriors was extinguished, and the magic of berserk was over. The surviving warriors were staggering, unable to even groan properly, let alone shout.


I could see Melchis laughing loudly in the distance. She flaunted her overwhelming presence on this battlefield, spraying sparks and lightning all around her.

After Melchis advanced like that, Loberian’s summoned beasts followed. On the other side, Ivatar swung the ax without a sign of fatigue.

Eugene looked away from them and looked for Xian.

* * *

multiple arms. rushing attack. The guy, Hector, was big, fast and strong. To be sure, Hector was stronger than Xian.

Xian knew that too. However, no matter how strong he was, Xian couldn’t back down. The moment he stepped back, it seemed that he would lose something very important to the human being ‘Xian Lion Heart’.

That something, I thought, was probably pride.

Lionheart’s traitor. The one who tarnished the family’s name. Likewise, there were several other people besides Hector who betrayed the family, but none of them was directly punished by Xian.

Both Iod and Dominic were killed by Eugene. At that moment, Xian was unable to do anything and lost her mind. Even then, Xian was powerless.

Even now, that is not the case. Even if he was defeated due to lack of strength, he did not want to turn his back on the traitor Hector and run away.

So Xian continued to move forward. The reason for each step is pride, belief, mission, and such things. The sword he wielded contained his intent to kill.

In a sense, he thought of this battle as a proof of himself. Even if no one is watching, if you kill Hector yourself… … I thought I could get the realization that I had come a little bit closer to what I was aiming for.

I couldn’t remember. How he responded to Hector’s attack. Blocking with a shield, spilling, stabbing at an opening, dodging, swinging again, jumping and twisting, I did many of those movements without being conscious of it and when I had to.

At some point, I felt a burning heat deep inside my body. She never felt tired even though she was moving non-stop. On the contrary, the more I moved, the lighter my body was, and it seemed that new strength was welling up. The moment Hector’s sword was about to touch the uvula, it suddenly felt as if time had slowed down, and he avoided it with a single difference.

Hector didn’t die no matter how much he was cut down. He regenerated her wounds in an instant and attacked again. On the way, Hector kept shouting something, but Xian didn’t listen to anything Hector said. traitor’s words. The words of a monster that had become inhuman were not worth listening to.

Unlike Hector, who does not die easily even when killed, Xian’s body is human. When injured, it hurts, bleeds, and does not move well. All fatal injuries were avoided. blocked by a shield Still, minor wounds piled up, but at some point the wounds disappeared. Xi’an was grateful for Saint Christina’s divine magic.

The sword is broken. He replaced the broken blade with sword steel, but the attack was shallow. Hector’s magic offset and weakened the sword.

There were many blacks around. Swords held in the hands of a dead body. But there was no time to grab it.

I didn’t have to go there myself. Suddenly, a sword appeared in front of his hand.

Storm Sword Winid. The first sword that Eugene held at Lionheart’s home. The moment Winid came to his hand, Xian grabbed the sword without hesitation.


Xian, who was standing there, opened his mouth.

Hector is dead.

how… … could you kill I did it myself, but I can’t remember. The memory from the moment I held Winid was blurry.

It just seems like we fought ‘well’. I think I fought better than usual even before holding Winid, but the moment I killed Hector was really… … It was like I wasn’t me.

A vague sense of reality still lingered. My memory is hazy, but it was Xian himself who killed Hector, not someone else. Xian thought that he had overcome a certain wall and reached a realm that could be called the limit of his own.

got stronger

can become stronger

Xian looked at Hector’s fallen corpse. He shouted something at the moment of his death, but, as before, Xian did not listen to Hector. The monster’s will was not worth listening to.

While looking at Hector’s corpse, he glanced at Winid in his hand. Xian tightened his twitching lips and turned his head.

“Did you see it?”

I tried not to laugh The moment she turned her head, her smile finally spread. Xian looked at Yujin with a smirk.

“Did you see it? huh? Because you saw it, you sent Winid to me.”

“Yes, yes.”

“I mean, hey, it’s a bit embarrassing to say it with my own mouth, but I really fought really well, right? really. Did I just feel like I wasn’t me… … . That bastard, Hector, was just swinging his arm around, but it really didn’t reach at all.”

“I think I’ve reached quite a bit.”

Xian’s uniform was covered in blood. When Eugene looked at it and said, Xian waved both of his arms proudly.

“It’s not my blood. Hector or… … uh… … It’s the blood of the other guys I killed. Look, I don’t have a single wound on my body.”

“There was, but you were treated.”

“Anyway, there are no wounds now. So, how was it?”

“He fought well.”

“Is that all? Can’t you say something a little deeper? Look, I killed Hector!”

“Good job.”

“I think Baek Yeom-sik has changed a bit… … that… … Between 4 and 5 stars… … No, it’s like getting very close to 5 stars… … I just felt something If I do a little more here, I think it will reach 5 stars.”

Xian said excitedly. Eugene nodded his head, feeling a little happy to see Xian like that.

“You’ve grown a lot.”

“… … What is he saying now? I grew up from the beginning.”

When Eugene said that, Xian was embarrassed for nothing and let out a cough.

They’re the same age, even considering their birthday, Xi’an is a few months earlier. There were times when Eugene acted like an older adult. In most of those cases, I used to act like an old man, so I used to think that bastard was a jerk again… … He didn’t feel bad to hear the compliment like he does now.


Xian licked his lips in regret as he returned Winid to Eugene.

“It was a good sword. membrane… … The wind blows like a sword river.”

“I don’t give.”

“Who wants to soothe?”

I was hoping that I would be able to use it in the future. Xian did not show such thoughts with his expression.

[…] … To make a human without a contract hold Winid… … .]

As soon as I held Winid in my hand, I heard Tempest’s grumbling.

‘It seems like he helped me a lot for something like that.’

[If you don’t help, Xian might be dead. If Xian died, Hamel, would you have left me alone?]

‘Of course he wouldn’t have stayed still.’

I didn’t want to imagine, but if Xian died… … Eugene would have split Winid in two first. Winid’s sword body trembled slightly as if he had read those thoughts.

[…] … big… … still… … I don’t think it was bad. Compared to Vermut or Hamel, it’s far lacking compared to you, but I felt a very good possibility for Xian.]

‘Doesn’t it feel like you’re naked?’

[It’s not enough to call it awakening, but it is. I have grown as much as I have overcome the wall. If you embody the state you reached in the trance state, I think you will be able to gain the dignity worthy of the next family head.]

Tempest muttered that, then let out a deep sigh.

… … It was because of Melchis. Melchis continued to riot even as the darkness of the blinds slowly lifted. The warriors of Kochilla could not resist any longer, but Melchis’ fire and lightning mercilessly consumed and destroyed them.

[…] … I made a contract with the three spirit kings… … To think that the one and only Grand Spirit is such a person… … .]

‘Aren’t you weird at this point?’


‘You hate Melchis, but look. The spirit king of flame, the spirit king of lightning, and the spirit king of the earth signed a contract with Melchis.’

[Are they right and I’m wrong?]

Tempest exclaimed in rage.

[How can a madman who communicates with the spirit naked be right! The flames, lightning, and earth that make a contract with such a madman are madmen!]

Eugene didn’t know. It was just fun to use Melchis to weaken Tempest.

“Are you going to stay here?”

Xian has spoken. He caressed his chest, still unabated with excitement, and glanced at his battlefield.

“It seems like it’s over, but it’s not completely over.”

“What am I doing over there? Go if you want to go.”

“… … Uhm.”

Xian didn’t answer right away, but pondered for a while.

It was never about killing people or anything like that. However, when fighting Hector… … When killing Hector. I wanted to capture the feeling of being in my body and hands once again.

“When you’re at a loss, it’s better to do it with your body rather than worrying over your head. If you procrastinate for no reason, you will forget about it.”

“Grunt… … .”

Xian nodded and picked up a sword nearby. Yujin smiled as she looked at Xian’s back as he walked away.

At first, I was worried that I might have brought it for nothing. Looking at her slightly enlarged back, I thought it was a good thing to bring her.

‘The problem is me.’

Yujin rubbed her aching wrist and sat down. I didn’t use the ignition, but it wasn’t that I wasn’t tired.

‘Rather, from now on is more important.’

The ritual failed, killing Edmond. The war here will end soon.

But for Eugene, nothing is over yet. Rather, from now on is important to Eugene, and he was desperate.


Eugene thought as he grabbed the necklace.

Footprints of the Earth God

No prisoners were taken.

You might think that a neat slaughter would be too cruel, but none of Ivatar, who became Zoran’s chief, or the chiefs of allied tribes, thought that way.

Eugene and the others who didn’t grow up in the forest didn’t bother to interfere. Kochila is a tribe that has taken cannibalism and human sacrifice for granted.

Rather, they were savages who should not be spared even from a non-native point of view.

“It was a huge help.”

The battlefield’s recuperation is over. Although there was Christina’s divine magic, the damage to her allies was not small. Quite a few people died, and many were injured.

Kochilla was annihilated without leaving a single survivor, so it was a landslide victory for Zoran. Ivata put a smile on his face and bowed his head to Eugene’s group.

“If you hadn’t helped, the war wouldn’t even have happened.”

The war at the Footsteps of the Earth God is over, but Ivatar’s army decides to advance to the capital of Kochilla instead of immediately returning to Zoran. All of the elite troops died here, and there would be few survivors in the capital city due to Edmond’s black magic.

So, driving the momentum, it was Ivatar’s idea to completely conquer Kochilla. With such a landslide victory, the chiefs of his allied tribes supported Ivata without going against his will.

Eugene smiled at the chiefs who looked at Ivata with envy. Most of them had had their arms pulled out one by one by Ivatar the other day.

“Eugene. Dear and grateful friend I’m still struggling with how to repay your help, but I’ll make this one clear. I will give you all the spoils from conquering Kochila.”

“Everyone is too much, give me half. Aren’t you supposed to have something to earn?”

“I am?”

Melchis quickly intervened. Melchis, who approached, gave off an acrid burnt smell… … . Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and pulled his head back.

“You are very greedy. Thanks to this war, you signed a contract with the Flame Spirit King, what else do you want?”

“Strictly speaking, the contract with Ifrit is my fault.”

Melchis put both hands on his waist and proudly pushed out his chest. But he soon put on a servile expression and shrugged his shoulders.

“ah… … okay. Got it. I won’t get anything else, so let’s continue the contract. huh? It was nice that you signed a contract with me too… … .”

I didn’t mean to Eugene. Listening to the chatter, it seemed that Ifrit was displeased with Melchis’s greed.

Melchis quietly backed away and begged Ifrit, who was talking to him in his head.

“And the spirit king’s contract is not something you can back down so easily… … . I, I’ll do really well. huh? Yeah, how about renaming my signature? Or change your name to Ifrit Force, which makes you stand out a little more like the main character, rather than Infinity Force… … . Or I’ll make a signature just for you… … . Special treatment for him and the wizards who contracted with the flame spirit in the White Mage Tower… … .”

These were pathetic and servile words. Tempest coughed in displeasure, and Eugene also turned away from Melchis.

“… … big… … Anyway, Eugene, I owe you too much. First of all, as you said, I will give you half of the loot, and we can discuss the rest after the conquest is over.”


Ivata did not ask Eugene to go with him. It was because he understood that ‘here’, the war that Eugene would be involved in had already ended. He, likewise, did not ask for help from Eugene’s colleagues.

The corpses of Kochilla warriors were piled up in a corner, doused with oil, and set on fire.

Ivatar and the warriors did not mourn those many corpses. They didn’t even pay attention to whether the god of the earth would even embrace their souls. However, he mourned for his dead comrades.

Cristina, too, knelt down with a weary face and prayed for the dead. Seeing that, Ivata was thrilled and fell to her knees. Ivatar was thrilled that a priest who was neither a resident of Samar nor worshiped the Earth God was praying for the dead warriors.

Likewise, all the warriors knelt in their seats, thrilled by Christina. Many of them were spared by Christina’s miracle.

Cristina, who had been concentrating on praying, was startled when she opened her eyes. It was surprising, however, that thousands of dreadlocked natives fell on her knees as if worshiping her.

Ivatar and the warriors left the footprints of the Earth God first. Eugene’s party didn’t leave right away, but stayed in this land for a while to complete the magical verification.

Now that Edmond is dead, Tomac, which was twisted around him, will slowly return to its original flow. However, it was impossible to save all the souls sacrificed in the ritual. This is because many of them disappeared during the ritual.

[I can’t help it.]

Anise felt Christina’s sadness and opened her mouth.

[Didn’t you tell me, Cristina? Even if we are saints, it is impossible to save everyone.]

Cristina sighed and bowed her head.

Anis couldn’t possibly see Christina like that. The sadness that Cristina felt now was something that Anise felt many times 300 years ago.

[We didn’t save everyone, but we did save many. now… … I don’t know how you will take it, but I have to say this.]

‘What are you trying to say?’

[Good job.]

A faint light rose from the rosary worn around her neck. It was the light that Anise had illuminated. The light passed over Rosario and wrapped around Cristina’s body as if it were an embrace.

[You did your best in this brutal war. Christina. You saved those who were supposed to die from dying, saved many people, and protected the people who are really important to you.]

‘… … It’s because of the sister’s help.’

[Even so, I, who died soon after, looked at Hamel’s back… … It was because of Christina and you that I was able to illuminate him. Because you saw Hamel, I was able to see Hamel.]

Anise felt grateful that her dead self could tell her these words.

300 years ago. The god of light, whom Anise longed for her voice, had never once said ‘well done’ to her.

“good job.”

Although the God of Light never said such a thing.

I’ve heard that a few times from colleagues. Eugene approached and stretched out her hand to Christina with a smile.

[They’re smart enough to be clever only at times like this.]

Anise murmured, feeling love. Christina blushed in a similar thought. … … At the same time, she also felt strong concerns.

A really precious person.

To Christina now, that person was Eugene.

In this battle, Christina’s eyes always followed Eugene. She didn’t help much because Eugene fought so well, but whenever the black magic grabbed and threatened Eugene, Christina also sent light to her Eugene.

In this battle, it could be. However, in the upcoming battle… … It was impossible for Cristina to keep her Eugene.

Anis felt the same concern as Christina. Just like Christina, Eugene and Hamel were really precious to Anis.

The same goes for Senya. Anis definitely wanted to save Senya. He wanted to see her again, chatting with her nonchalantly and drinking her wine.

However, Anis herself could not go to rescue Senya. She already died 300 years ago, and Christina, who is possessed by her, cannot go with Eugene this time.

[…] … trust.]

Anis murmured after a long sigh.

Cristina also nodded while holding the rosario.


Eugene stood crookedly and looked at Balzac.

The magic dagger is still embedded in Balzac’s heart. If Eugene wished, he could have torn Balzac’s heart right now.

“Can I not pick it up?”

Eugene asked while looking at Balzac’s face and the dagger in his hand. Loverian, the person who actually inserted the magic dagger, had a puzzled expression on Eugene’s shamelessness.

Loberian was steady and sensible in this respect, so he naturally intended to draw the dagger after killing Edmond. Is there any reason not to? Balzac did nothing suspicious, did nothing in war, and contributed greatly to Edmond’s ruin.

“If Eugene wants to do that, I don’t mind.”

Balzac smiled broadly even though he had heard words that amounted to violence.

“If Eugene-sama will continue to trust me with this dagger.”

“He said he wouldn’t draw the dagger because he didn’t trust me.”

“But while this dagger is stuck, Eugene-sama will be less wary of me, even if he doesn’t want to.”

It was something I couldn’t deny, but hearing him say it so openly made me even more suspicious.

Is it possible, according to common sense, to be so nonchalant in a situation where a magic dagger is stuck in my heart, and someone might tear it out at any moment?

‘… … No, maybe that’s what I mean by thinking like this… … .’

Balzac is good at this type of psychological warfare, as well as the fact that he mentally pressured Edmond and ruined his consciousness.

… … But if you think differently, couldn’t the magic dagger just pose no threat to Balzac? What if I reassure you that the dagger is embedded, then betray me later? Wouldn’t it be more fatal to be betrayed in a state of vague trust?

“… … take it away.”

Eugene crumpled his face and spat out. Either way, the answer was unknown. In fact, the fastest thing would be to use a dagger right now to rip Balzac’s heart, but even Eugene couldn’t bear to do something so drastic.

First of all, it was true that Balzac had not betrayed anything in this matter, and it was also true that he had always helped Eugene and acted favorably.

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