Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 96

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I don’t know later, but now… … And there was never a time when Balzac was Eugene’s enemy.

Of course, it is true that Balzac is a black magician, and even what he contracted is the demon king of confinement that Eugene must kill.

One day, Balzac may become Eugene’s enemy. But not yet, not now. Therefore, Eugene decided not to oppose Balzac right away.

“… … Hmm, okay.”

Loberian, assuming that he should, immediately stretched out his hand toward Balzac’s chest.

Hwaaak! A magic dagger was pulled from Balzac’s chest. When the fully drawn dagger disappeared into light, Balzac smiled and caressed his chest.

“Thank you for trusting me.”

“I chose it because I didn’t believe it.”

“but. If it’s Eugene-nim, you can kill me anytime.”

Saying that, Balzac shrugged his shoulders. … … In my heart, I thought that as soon as the dagger was drawn, he would either attack or flee, but Balzac really did nothing.

“… … Now that Edmond is dead, it can no longer be called the sama of confinement. Or will someone else take Edmond’s place?”

“well. If there is a black magician that the demon king of confinement has his eye on, he might make a new contract… … I don’t know anything about such a warlock.”

“But can’t you empty the ‘Stand of Confinement’? Bloodmary was also recovered.”

After saying that, Eugene glared at Balzac.

“… … Surely you are not in the state of being dropped as the next rod of confinement?”

“Do you think I cooperated in killing Edmond for the name?”

“It’s not a nonsense story at all.”

“haha… … It seems difficult for me to prove my innocence in Eugene’s suspicions… … .”

Balzac was stroking his spectacles and was lost in thought for a moment.

“To begin with my story, I am not interested in the name Staff of Confinement. Bloodmary is an enchanting wand, and the authority gained from possessing it is great, but… … Rather than the name of the staff of confinement, I am the owner of the Black Tower of Arot… … No, I am obsessed with the name Balzac Rudbesse.”

“Are you saying you’re not interested in status?”

“The fame I seek is different from being a stick of confinement. The Staff of Confinement is the name that represents the greatest Warlock in the world. In other words, the moment you become a staff of confinement, you no longer have a ‘name’ to pursue.”

Eugene didn’t immediately understand what he said. Balzac looked into Eugene’s eyes and spoke slowly.

“Think of the dead Edmond. Edmond was dissatisfied with the existence of a human being, even though he was a human being. As a human, as a warlock, he thought that there was no further stage to pursue, so he tried to become a demon king. But not me. The ideals and longings I pursue are not only becoming non-human, but also not the pinnacle of warlocks. So I don’t want to become a demon king, and I don’t want to become a staff of confinement.”

“… … So, what is your secret wish?”


Balzac smiled.

“Come to think of it, we promised to tell you if we achieved our goal. My wish is… … Haha, I’m very embarrassed to say it myself. You will become a legend.”


“This is vague, but to be more specific… … okay. The greatest wizard in the world. I want to become a wizard like the wise Senya, whose name can be engraved in the history of magic for hundreds of years.”

It was an unexpected answer. It wasn’t just Eugene who was surprised by those words. Loverian and Melchis, who had been listening with their ears wide open, also looked at Balzac with surprised faces.

“… … I’m serious?”

Melchis asked, blinking.

“You want to become a legend? in the world… … The greatest wizard ever? Balzac, how old are you when you say that?”

“Every wizard has a childhood dream… … .”

Loberian also muttered with a confused face. Balzac laughed in a low voice and nodded her head.

“Yes, it is. Especially, any mage who learned at Alot would have dreamed of becoming a mage like Senya. It’s just me too.”

“Why did you become a warlock when you had such a wizard as your secret wish?”

“Baektapju. Didn’t you make a contract with the three spirit kings right away?”

“that… … Because I’m an elementalist. My wish is not to become a great wizard, but to become a great elemental mage. In fact, I think it has already been achieved.”

Melchis snorted and smiled sternly.

“Yes, so I think you are great. why… … Did you make a contract with the devil? hmm. Non-warlocks might think otherwise, but I don’t think there’s much difference between a contract with a demon king and a contract with a spirit king.”

“Are you saying that in front of me?”

“On the contrary, I think that the owner of the white pagoda would actively sympathize. A power that is impossible for me right now, a power that I cannot obtain even if I practice for the rest of my life. Isn’t it too self-righteous to say that a contract with a being who can give me the possibility to change my future is unconditionally wrong?”

Once upon a time, Balzac said this to Eugene. He said that it would be better to have a demon king who definitely exists in Helmud and can make a contract directly than a god whose existence is uncertain and vague. He said that a contract made with the soul as collateral is more certain and valuable than the miracle that is realized by offering faith, faith, and such things.

– Warlocks are pragmatists who pursue extreme efficiency. As Eugene-sama knows, magic is a harsh, spiteful, and absurd discipline. No matter how hard you try and aspire, if you don’t have the talent, you won’t be able to become a wizard.

– For such people, contracts with demons are bound to be very attractive. Sell ​​your soul, get the magic you want… … . The burden is entirely on oneself. It doesn’t harm others. They are not satisfied with it and commit sins.

Iod was like that, and Edmond was like that.

They wanted more than the power of the contract. So he harmed others’ lives, made them sacrifices, and committed sins.

Most black magicians are like that.

-If the profit to be gained by abandoning human duty is clear, it is possible to seek practical benefits by violating him.

It’s not just the black magicians. There were many wizards among those who committed this kind of crime.

“You mean you signed a contract with the Demon King to become a great wizard?”

Eugene asked, recalling the conversation with Balzac at that time. Balzac also smiled and nodded his head.

“Because I wanted more than what came naturally.”

It was also the answer I gave then.

“I am not a wise Senya. He was loved by magic, and he was a wizard who could threaten the demon lord, and no such wizard has appeared since Senya. … … As Eugene said, I made a contract with the Demon King to become a great wizard. I was lacking in my own strength, and I opened the way to the ideal that I could not reach with my potential through a contract with the Demon Lord of Confinement.”

After saying that, Balzac shook his head in embarrassment.

“Well, in the end, I couldn’t let go of the tricks I had when I was a child, and as I got older, I twisted things around and came up with my own answers. Still, I am pure and earnest in my ideals. That’s why I don’t want to become a stick of confinement, or anything other than human. I wish… … A great wizard must be thoroughly human.”

“Does it have to be human?”

“Because I am human right now. Also, the one I want to leave my name on is from ‘Human Magic’. It has no meaning if you become a non-human being. isn’t it? Elves who live long, dragons who control magic, demons who play with magical powers like toys, and demon lords who create black magic. Even if you become such a being, can you leave a name as ‘The Great Wizard’?”

I thought I was a strange person.

A human named Balzac Rudbesse was distorted somewhere, but at the same time he was pure. At least, I felt that there were no lies in the ideals he spit out and pursued. He felt a rather strong passion and conviction.

“Even the Demon King of Confinement understands my intentions, so he won’t use me as a staff for confinement. Maybe Bloody Mary will go to Amelia Merwin.”

After saying that, Balzac looked at Eugene for a moment.

“… … and… … hmm… … The Death Knight that Eugene killed is probably still alive.”

“City X what?”

“Even if the body was completely destroyed, the soul would have returned to Amelia. Strictly speaking, the being was not a proper Death Knight. The body of a moving corpse, a synthetic soul… … Perhaps Amelia has a life vessel that resonates with her soul.”



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“it’s okay.”

He was irritated for a moment, but Eugene quickly calmed down his emotions.

“… … Because the body was destroyed.”

sick of it.

I destroyed Hamel’s corpse from my previous life. Maybe next time the son of a bitch will appear with a new body, but the new body will no longer be Hamel.

Eugene could be satisfied with that for now.

‘… … Maybe next time I won’t even have to hold it with my hand.’

There was no way Senya would forgive the guy who was parasitic on Hamel’s corpse, claiming to be Hamel and talking bullshit.

Eugene trembled involuntarily, imagining Senya running amok with anger.

Footprints of the Earth God

After breaking up with Balzac first. Eugene’s party decided to prepare for the ‘next’ in earnest.

The subjugation of Raizakia takes place not in this world, but in a dimensional gap.

The space I had glimpsed the other day had very little mana. In such a place, not to mention the strength of the magician, there are more restrictions than usual. Even the opponent is the dragon that is considered to be magically manipulated, and among them, the black dragon Raisakia, which is considered to be the oldest and strongest.

It can be said that he is the opposite of a wizard just by his existence, but the environment in which he is stuck puts restrictions on the wizard.

And that wasn’t all. If it was a gap in an unknown dimension, there was a high possibility that communication with the King of Spirits would not be smooth. Likewise, there was a possibility that even Loberian, who summoned summons from another dimension, could not summon the summons he wanted from the gap in the dimension.

In other words, you can’t ask for help from anyone else. Loverian and Melchis were very sorry for that fact.

Loberian wanted to save Senya, even at the cost of his own life. Melchis also wanted to help save the wise Senya, whom he had no choice but to respect as a wizard.

but. It was highly likely that it would be dog death. So, Eugene decides not to ask for their help and goes to kill Rizakia alone.

“Is there a chance of winning?”

Melchis asked first. Instead of returning to the capital of Cochila, the party that sent Balzac was moving closer to the World Tree. It was because the ‘door’ leading to Laizakia, confirmed by Laimira and Akasha, was on that side.

“There is none.”

I thought it was the same for each other that was not perfect. Raizakia was also stuck in the dimensional rift for 300 years.

Even if a dragon does not eat or drink, it can survive as long as it has mana. The thin mana drifting in the dimensional rift must have been insufficient to keep Raizakia alive without any inconvenience. So, Lizakia must have had no choice but to survive with her own mana.

… … There were many things to worry about. First of all, how much mana was consumed in the dragon heart of Raizakia. And another thing to think about is that Raizakia is not an ordinary dragon. He is a special demon dragon just by his existence.

There had never been a fallen dragon before or after Raizakia. He didn’t sign a contract with the demon king of confinement like a warlock, he accepted Helmood’s magic and corrupted himself.

There are many uncertainties about Raizakia. However, during the battle with him, Eugene was clearly aware of what disadvantages he had.

First of all, in the battle against Lyzakia, Prominence’s abilities cannot be fully utilized. Prominence amplifies Eugene’s power by controlling mana and primitive spirits in the air, but it is difficult to use all of Prominence’s abilities in a dimension where mana is scarce and there are no primitive spirits.

“hmm. I think I can help you a little.”

Since the creation of Prominence was helped by Loberian and Melchis, both of them were aware of the disadvantage Eugene faced.

“If I put as much mana as I can into Akasha, Eugene-sama will be able to use the ability of Prominence.”

“Is that okay?”

“I don’t care. Even if I won’t be able to use magic for a while, I want to help Senya-nim and Eugene-nim.”

Spent mana is replenished over time, but it is fatal for a wizard to run out of mana.

“… … Why even me?”

“Anyway, even if you run out of mana, you can get help from the Spirit Kings, right?”

“It is, but… … joy. Red Pagoda You said that first, but isn’t it a little ugly to take it out because I don’t like it?”

“Keep in mind that it is ugly to say that already.”

Naturally, Melchis was not ashamed of himself. There was no reason for Eugene to refuse Loverian’s consideration.

While going to the World Tree, Loberian and Melchis scraped the mana they had to the bottom and put it in Akasha.

Although Akasha, made by processing dragon hearts, contained an enormous amount of mana, it was impossible for Eugene to freely handle that mana. This is because Dragon Heart’s mana is used to realize Akasha’s various powers and Eugene’s magic.

‘At my level, casting a spell on Raizakia is suicidal.’

Except for Prominence, magic is excluded. In the battle against Raisakia, you must thoroughly fight as a warrior.

can i do it

—-It was something I didn’t want to think about. The closer I got to the World Tree, the more questions like that popped up in my head.

Is it possible for me now? stronger than before Yes, I got that certainty right away.

But is that enough? Helmud’s three attacks. The sword of confinement, the dream queen, and the demon dragon. He was a guy who could never win alone in his previous life. He couldn’t even fight alone. My colleagues and all five of them were the ones that could only be killed if they attacked.

I can’t get anyone else’s help this time. Moron is blocking the Noor that Vermouth warned about at the northern end. Whether Vermouth was dead or alive, I don’t know why.

“… … .”

Cristina can’t go with either. If they go together to the dimensional rift where they don’t know what will happen, there is a high possibility that Anise possessed by Christina will disappear. Christina and Anis also understand that fact.

So the two prayed for Eugene every day. They placed the holy sword Altair on their lap and allowed the countless miracles they could convey to dwell in Altair.

“Light… … .”

The two called upon God over and over again.

I hope Eugene can achieve what he wants. I hope I can kill the black dragon who forsook the protection of the world and chose corruption. In the process, I hope Eugene doesn’t die with him and doesn’t suffer irreversible fatal injuries.

Please, please come back with a bright smile.


Eugene looked at the campfire and smiled.

To worry about this much… … no, more than that. Eugene looked at her fingertips across her lap. She tries to stay calm, but her fingers are trembling.

… … How many times have you been this nervous since your reincarnation? Excluding the enemies who encountered the demon king who suddenly descended into captivity, I was so nervous about the fight with the “enemy”… … Have you ever felt afraid?

‘… … Prepare a little more… … .’

Baek Yeom Sik is still 6 stars. You can still grow more. Or, rummage through Helmud to find even a few fragments of the Moonlight Sword. Regardless of Eugene himself, Lionheart’s wealth might be able to find more unknown pieces of metal.

Either way it will take a lot of time… … . Are you sure you get that time? I do not know. Wanted by freeing money for fragments of the Moonlight Sword? From there it will be impossible.

Old demons know about the moonlight sword. In particular, Gavid Lindman and Noir Jebela know all too well how disgusting the moonlight sword is.

Noir knows that Eugene has the Moonlight Sword. But Gavid doesn’t know. The moonlight sword that should have disappeared is in someone’s hand.

Someone is collecting fragments of the Moonlight Sword… … . It’s hard to guess what Gavid will do when that becomes known.

And the demon king of confinement. Will the Great Demon King, whose true intentions be unknown, give Eugene ‘how much’ time? I said I would wait at Babel, the demon castle, but… … until when?

‘Lizakia is also a problem. He’s not fully incapacitated. In the dimensional rift, he protects his body from being destroyed. He’s looking for a chance to escape… … .’

Eugene turned his head to the side. I saw Lymilia curled up in the blanket.

As she got closer to the World Tree, Lymilia’s nightmares intensified. She tried not to express herself, but from a certain point on, she stopped talking about the food she ate well, and endured moaning in fear of nightmares every night.

Every day, Cristina calmed her anxiety with divine magic and helped her fall asleep in her arms, but when Cristina was praying like now, there was no one to hug her.

‘… … Raizakia’s thoughts are getting stronger and flowing in.’

The fact that such an intervention was possible made Eugene uneasy.

What if Lizakia escapes while Eugene gains ‘confidence’ that he can kill Lizakia? The reason Senya was able to endure for hundreds of years was because the miracle of the World Tree and the origin of the curse, Raizakia, did not exist in this world.

Will the miracle of the World Tree protect Senya even when Raizakia escapes from the dimensional rift and returns to this world?

‘I can’t let him go away.’

There was no way that proud Lyzakia would leave Senya alone, who had banished her for hundreds of years.

Eugene stared at the campfire and then stood up.

When you want to shake off the dizzying thoughts. It was better to move my body so much that I had no time to think than to shut up and go to sleep.

“Where are you going?”

Xian raised his head and looked at Yujin. He swallowed his breath as he looked at Eugene’s hardened face and his hair wet with cold sweat.

In Xian’s memory, Eugene was always relaxed. This was the first time I had seen such a nervous and mentally driven face.

“you… … are you okay?”

“I can’t sleep.”

Eugene smiled proudly and pointed to the back of the campsite.

“Because I will swing a sword or something. don’t worry, grow up Don’t worry about me.”

How can you not worry when you hear something like that? Xian tried to raise her body to follow her Eugene, but Yujin firmly shook her head at the sight.

“I want to focus on myself.”

In the end, Xian couldn’t follow Yujin. He clenched his fist as he watched his brother walk away.

I didn’t feel helpless or anything like that. Instead, she only felt worried about Eugene. … … She couldn’t fully empathize with how much of a burden Eugene was feeling right now.

For Xian, the existence of a dragon only comes from legends. Not just a simple dragon, the Black Dragon Raizakia was a real legend that existed during the time when the founder Vermouth was active.

… … Having to fight and kill such an existence… … It was unimaginable for Xian.

‘If you… … .’

really? Eugene’s back was no longer visible.

As always, I tried to think that it would be okay if it was Eugene. Even if it’s nonsensical and unimaginable. Xian wanted to believe in Eugene. No, she had to believe it, she thought.

They did not come very far from the camp. Even after taking a walk at night, I didn’t seem to be able to calm down.

At a moderately distant place, Eugene drew his sword.

It was a simple, ordinary sword. Eugene glared at the sword for a while.

The sword to be actively used in the battle against Raizakia is not this sword. Probably, the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword will play a large role in the battle this time as well.

However, in the end, it is Eugene himself who wields the sword. … … Unlike in my previous life, good weapons came into my hands. Rather, isn’t that what makes your skills dull?

“I have all sorts of thoughts.”

Eugene snorted and started swinging his sword.

Naturally, there was never anything like that. Compared to the previous life, when he used ordinary good weapons, the proportion of weapons increased, but that did not dull Eugene’s skills. Rather, it has become sharper and more complete than in the previous life. He honed his skills so that he could use those wonderful weapons perfectly.

It was to gain confidence in myself. To win in any situation. Because the enemies to fight and kill are too strong. So I desperately honed myself. Continued training, learning magic, and creating new skills.

did my best. She had never wasted time after being reincarnated. All were necessary. Because of all of that, Eugene is what he is today.

‘It can be killed.’

I focused my mind. She moved her body innocently without using mana. The sword in her hand felt as if her nerves were connected. You can fight in any situation without being swayed.

‘It can be obtained.’

I thought of Senya. Stupid, poor girl. on the chest… … A huge hole was drilled through it, and it was surviving on the miracle of the World Tree. You never know when your condition will deteriorate and you will die.

I want to save Senya like that. In the end, this is the reason why Eugene enforces the subjugation of Raizakia.

I want to save Senya quickly. I want to meet Senya. If something happens in the time that is still flowing, and Senya can’t be saved. If Senya dies.

It will be completely unacceptable.

It was for Anis’ sake that he was so furious at the Well of Light. It was for Christina that she was made just like Anise and made a plaything of fate.

At that time, Eugene eventually rescued the two. She destroyed the Well of Light and saved the spirit of Anise that was dwelling in Sam and Christina. He broke the fate that had been playing with Christina and gave her freedom.

The reason why he dared to fight Moron in Rehein Yar was because he couldn’t leave Moron alone, who had been exhausted and maddened for hundreds of years. In the situation Moron was in, Eugene could not come up with a sane answer.

No matter what Eugene did at that time, Moron had to continue to block Nur in Rehein Yar, as he had done until now. Even if I couldn’t come up with an answer, I couldn’t leave the Moron alone. As a result, he was beaten up by Moron, but Eugene wanted to make him come to his senses even if he beat Moron.

There is no difference even now. Because I want to save Senya. ’cause I can’t let it go so it’s enforced.

It was because he knew Senya’s circumstances and met and talked with Senya for a while. I cried unsightly in front of that stupid girl. To Senya, I took her form by saying that I would definitely save you.

“Let’s not be rude.”

Eugene stopped swinging his sword and murmured.

“I said that, but it’s funny to ask for it too late.”

It was a word he spat out to himself, who was nervous and anxious.

“It’s nothing new. Chasing a bastard you can’t seem to beat.”

It was always like that in my past life. What are you talking about now?

Eugene laughed at himself and wiped the sweat from his forehead. He thought he was good at swinging his sword. The sweat that had flowed in front of the campfire had cooled and made her tremble, but the sweat now flowing was as hot as a beating heart.

“that’s right.”

Mer, who had been calm inside the cloak, suddenly poked her head out.

While thinking about what to say to Eugene’s tension and fear, he thought that just being calm would help Yujin find his cool. So she kept her mouth shut all along, but Eugene regained her coolness and enthusiasm. Mer believed that now was the time for her to step in and encourage Eugene.

“Eugene-nim will surely be able to kill that Laizakia and save Senya-nim. After that, I will share my hand with Senya-sama, who has returned to health, and go out to play.”

“Where are you going to play?”

“We could go anywhere. The most important thing is this. Eugene-sama should hold my right hand, and Senya-sama should hold my left hand.”

After Mer said that, she closed her lips for a moment. Mer tilted her head in serious agony.

“… … Or, Eugene-nim can just hold hands with Senya-nim.”

“Why am I holding her hand?”

“Aren’t you going to catch me? You can hold my hand anytime, every day, even right now. You won’t be able to hold Senya’s hand as easily as I do.”

“It is not easy to catch… … .”

“That means! Are you saying that Eugene-sama can hold Senya-sama’s hand at any time!”

Mer did not miss Eugene’s muttering. Mer ran around with a bright smile.

“Well, of course it is! Eugene-nim and Senya-nim are also close friends.”


“Ullericholleri, Ullericholleri. Didn’t Eugene say that?”

“When did I say that!”

“In case you forgot, I can read Eugene’s surface psychology. I already know that whenever Eugene-sama thinks of Senya-sama, she first thinks of Ullericolleri.”

Eugene’s face turned bright red.

Mer wanted to tease Eugene more, but she had learned from her pattern that if she teased her any further, she would be beaten with spicy honey chestnuts by Eugene. Mer fled quickly into her cloak as her Eugene trembled.

“… … Big hum… … .”

Eugene was in the process of letting go of his anger. I heard a clearing of my throat from behind a tree, and someone peeked out.

“I tried to give him a hug because he seemed frightened, but he seems to be fine.”

It was Lymira. Ignoring the tears in her reddened eyes, she proudly stepped out of the tree with her breasts out.

“Why are you here? Cristina?”

“mother… … Uhm… … The holy man is absorbed in prayer. It would be better if she hugged her original daughter rather than praying for you… … .”

“I’ll make sure to add one more word.”


When Eugene opened his eyes, Raimira quickly shrugged.

“… … Uhm. I’m glad she seems to be okay, but that’s what the original girl thinks. If she’s really scared, she doesn’t have to go to fight the Black Dragon… … .”

“Are you going to say something nonsense?”

“Heh heh… … All the original daughters are saying this because they are worried about you. and… … And um, I wonder if she wasn’t ready with her heart to meet the Black Dragon Master yet… … .”

Raimirah hesitated and looked at Eugene.

It wasn’t entirely a lie that she worried about Eugene. That rambunctious human man, even though his personality was half-assed and trashy, he treated Raimirah quite well during the journey.

He allowed Lymira to get inside the cloak so she wouldn’t get hurt, and when she was shaking too much, she held her hand inside the cloak… … .

“I hope the original woman doesn’t want the Black Dragon Master to kill you.”

“I don’t know who cares about whom. I am going to kill your father.”

“hmm… … Um, hehe. The original woman believes that Black Dragon will not die to you. She’s an evil human being. I know that you are strong enough to be called the best among humans, but there is no way that power can reach the Black Dragon, who is the best among dragons.”

“Oh yeah. Well, good for you too. Because when I die, my father will be very pretty with you.”

“Uhhhh… … As I said just now, I wonder if the original daughter is still not ready in her heart for her reunion… … .”

Lymilia’s shoulders drooped again.

After all, this is it. Raimirua was afraid of the Black Dragon. I was afraid of the nightmares that intensified every time I approached, and the trembling of my heart and mind.

Raimirah herself also felt doubt about that. Why, was he so afraid to get close to his father, the Black Dragon?

“therefore… … She thinks it would be better for her to go back alone. He, I’m worried about you… … .”

“Stop talking nonsense and go to sleep.”

“profit… … The original girl is personally concerned about you… … !”

“It’s because you’re scared.”

“Bo, why is the original woman afraid? She has no reason to be afraid of Black Dragon. Well, if I had to pick something scary… … that… … It’s scary to see the Black Dragon eat you in one bite.”

The memory of the nightmare came back to me. A nightmare of being swallowed alive by something. Raimirah hugged her trembling body to herself.

“… … hmm… … if… … if you say If the Black Dragon Gong is about to swallow you, the original woman muster up her courage… … hmm… … I beg the Black Dragon Master not to swallow you.”

“You’re saying weird things again.”

“Keep listening… … ! So, um, this Dragon Princess herself will beg you so that you who try to kill the Black Dragon don’t die. And, if possible, I will make sure that you, as her main daughter’s attendant, keep her life.”

Normally, I wouldn’t have listened to Lymilia’s nonsense and would have punched a ruby.

However, Eugene listened to her words silently after seeing her voice tremble and her eyes blushing.

“however… … if you say Bo, the bonnyeo… … If she gets swallowed by something… … .”

“Then I will pull you out of the mouth of that something.”

Eugene snorted and said.

“For me, I don’t know what the heck that something is.”

“paper… … I don’t even know that.”

“What if you get chewed up and die?”

“Don’t say anything terrible!”

Lymilia roared loudly.

“Anyway, this is a promise between you and the original daughter. Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes.”

It’s not a big deal, but Lymilia’s trembling subsided. Raimir Ah sighed her hugh and lifted her head, meeting Mer’s eyes as she flicked her finger between the cracks in Eugene’s cloak.

“hmm. When you call me like that, I can’t refuse.”

Raimirah approached Eugene with gunfire and squeezed through the cloak.


As soon as she entered, Lymira’s screams flowed from between the cloak.

“You cheeky bastard. Who are you to tell Eugene not to go?”

“evil! sick! It hurts!”

Mer’s punishment made the cloak shake.


There was no need to enter the elven territory where the world tree was located. It was because he was able to open the ‘door’ just by coming close.

“Since we came this far, wouldn’t it be the duty to see the world capital and meet Senya-sama at least once… … .”

Melchis regretted not being able to see the World Tree and the elven territory with his own eyes, but Eugene firmly shook his head.

“It’s not even in a condition to meet, and Senya-sama won’t want it either.”

I was at a loss for words to describe the hole in my chest.

In fact, the biggest reason was that I was worried that if I saw Senya for no reason, tears would flow freely like the last time. The reincarnated body has a handsome face, a healthy body, and everything is fine, but sometimes there is a bizarre disorder in which tears run down regardless of the person’s will.

[That’s not a handicap, isn’t it because Eugene-nim naturally cries a lot?]

‘Don’t talk nonsense. Do I have a lot of tears? I’m one of the few people I’ve ever cried in my previous life.’

[Is it really right to count on your hand? No matter how little you catch, shouldn’t you add up to your fingers and toes?]

‘You know what?’

[It’s strange, I think I said this the other day. I know a lot about Eugene. I know that Eugene is fierce and unlucky on the outside, but in fact, surprisingly, her heart is very tender and kind.]

“shut up.”

Words that he unknowingly spat out. Melchis, who was about to say that since he has come this far, should take a look at the World Tree, opened his lips and looked at Eugene.

“that… … Eugene. No matter how much I am older than you, isn’t it too much to tell you to shut up?”

“I didn’t say that to Melchis-sama.”

Eugene replied, but Melchis did not believe. She put on a look of genuine regret and pushed herself closer to Yujin.

“absolutely? Brother, did you really never tell this sister to shut up? Wouldn’t you have just imagined it?”

“I imagined a lot. And now that imagination is about to come out of my mouth.”

“yes! In fact, my younger sister is the same as telling me to shut up, so can this older sister be depressed? Also, wouldn’t it be nice to show the world tree once to relieve this sister’s depression… … .”

“Don’t keep talking nonsense. If you keep doing that, I won’t bring you next time.”

When Eugene spoke with tears in his eyes, Melchis’s mouth fell open. She grabbed Eugene by the shoulder and jumped in her place.

“Brother! Does that mean, next time you will definitely bring me to the World Tree?!”

“Ah yes… … Well, that’s about it… … . Melchis-sama helped me this time too… … .”

“right! yes?! That’s normal. You can’t enjoy the help of Melchis Elhaire-sama, the darling of the era who signed a contract with the three spirit kings, for free. Does pleasure without responsibility make sense?”

“But if you think about it, Melchis-sama also signed a contract with Ifrit thanks to me. I gave you the Hwajeongseok, and if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have come here either.”

“that! but… … Still, I did something… … Yes… … I wrote a lot of mana to wish you well… … .”

“Yes, yes. Okay, I’ll bring it to you next time, so stop thinking about it.”

“Hey, what did I do?”

Melchis smiled and stepped back. I’m not a bad person… … . Eugene clicked her tongue and glanced at Melkiss.

In fact, coming all the way to Samar for Melchis is a hassle, so I thought of giving him at least one leaf from the World Tree after this job was over.

‘With that, I’ll be able to enter the elven territory.’

Right now, the leaves of the World Tree are vibrating in my arms. It meant that they had come close to the elven territory.

… … It wasn’t just the leaves of the World Tree that trembled in her arms. Lymira. Now she couldn’t even come out and was trembling in Mer’s arms inside her cloak.


Final adjustments are done. Loberian let out a tired sigh and approached Eugene. He carefully handed over the Akasha he was holding in both hands to Eugene.

“I did everything I could.”

Over several days, the mana of Loberian and Melchis dwelled in Akasha. It wasn’t just pouring in, he even refined it so that Eugene could use it right away. Eugene bowed her head and handed over Akasha.

I knew it as soon as I held it in my hand. Enormous and powerful enough to feel heavy, mana dwelled in Akasha.

It was natural. Arot’s mage lord and the two archmages in the 8th circle poured mana until they were about to run out of mana.

“thank you.”

Cristina approached Eugene who raised her head. Her Cristina’s face was a little emaciated, probably from not getting enough sleep for days.

“are you okay?”

Christina’s steps faltered weakly. Eugene supported her Christina with a worried face on her face.

‘What kind of a saint is that? There is no other fox… … .’

Melchis thought with a grin. The reason she couldn’t bear to say it was because the heavy flail that hung from Christina’s waist and her thighs was so vicious.

“Yes, I am fine.”

Actually, it wasn’t on purpose. It was true that she hadn’t slept properly for several days, and because she poured out her divine power too much, her body was weak and her head was dizzy. Christina barely smiled and handed Eugene her holy sword.

“I also put as much strength as I could contain.”

The holy sword emitted a soft light even though Eugene did not intend it. After Eugene received the holy sword, Cristina carefully put both of her hands behind her neck to free Rosario.

“and… … In this, we put our wishes and prayers separately. … … I dare you to ask, can I hang it around Eugene-sama’s neck myself?”


Eugene nodded and lowered his knees to make it easier for Cristina to put the rosario around her neck.

Cristina looked down at Eugene’s head and felt a shady urge, albeit for a moment. It was the urge to feel the texture of her rich gray hair. I want to stroke her hair… … .

“… … what are you doing?”


I thought I had suppressed my impulses, but in reality I didn’t. Anise, who had partially taken control of her body before she knew it, moved Christina’s hand to caress Eugene’s head.

“… … May the care of the light be with you… … .”

Cristina reacted to the situation without changing her expression.

Oh, you are praying for me Eugene didn’t ask any more questions, and quietly closed her eyes and accepted Christina’s prayer. That alone gave the atmosphere a sudden reverence and solemnity.

Cristina put on a serious face and leaned forward to place the rosary around Eugene’s neck.

[Christina. Honestly, I have to do this.]

‘yes? Why should I?’

[Yeah, that Rosario is because Hamel personally gave it to me as a birthday present. So I have to do it with my own hands to walk to Hamel.]

‘That story is unacceptable, Sister. The fact that Eugene-sama gave Sister a rosary doesn’t mean that Sister has already tasted such pleasure? So you have to yield to me.’

[Senya, whom Hamel is going to rescue, is an old colleague and friend of mine. I’m giving her a blessing for saving her, but she can’t possibly yield to you.]

That brief moment of bending over. The opinions of Christina and Anis were sharply opposed.

[Then let’s do this, Cristina. For now, I’ll put the rosary around Hamel’s neck, the next time I get the rosary back from Hamel. At that time, you will enjoy the moment yourself.]

‘oh my god… … ! Sister, are you a genius by any chance?’

Conflicting opinions met a dramatic compromise. Cristina took her graceful step back, imagining the moment her necklace was caught directly on her Eugene.

[Don’t be surprised at all of this, Cristina. I’ll show you soon what I’m truly genius about.]

Anis, who completely seized the initiative of the body, straightened her back while hiding a sinister smile.

Then, lowering the knees slightly, he boldly pushed his body forward a little more. As she lowered her upper body like that, her huge breasts went up on Eugene’s head.



[oh my god!]

Christina screamed.

[Pa, unscrupulous! How, how can you think of such a thing?]

‘Remember, Cristina. Senya can’t do that. But we can. These will be our mighty weapons.’

Anis felt proud of her genius and demonic idea and hung a rosary around Eugene’s neck.

… … Eugene didn’t want to imagine what the soft, fluffy, heavy thing that was weighing down his head was. At that moment, Eugene deliberately let go of his consciousness halfway. Mer’s screams clattering in his head were rather appreciated and needed at this moment.

“It is done.”

The weight pressing down on the head goes away. Eugene was startled and raised his head.

A familiar smile. Anise looked down at Eugene and moved her lips.


‘Please take care of Senya.’

Words that cannot be uttered directly because there are other people around. Anis spoke to him without a sound, only moving his lips, and Eugene nodded his head as he understood.

“of course.”

Akasha and the holy sword were handed over, and Rosario was also hung around her neck. Eugene straightened up and caught his breath.

“I am going now.”

“uh… … Um, yes.”

To those who did not know the circumstances, Cristina’s behavior just now was so sudden and unconventional that it was hard to believe that she was a saint. She even opened her mouth in astonishment at Melkis, who was unique in that respect.

Xian was particularly surprised. what the hell did i just see? Xian closed his mouth that had been wide open, cleared his throat, and approached Yujin.

“… … be careful.”

Xian couldn’t put his power somewhere and give it to Eugene like other people. Instead, he took out the shield of Geddon he had been holding and handed it to Eugene. What Eugene needed most in the first place was that Geddon’s shield.

“Of course be careful. I’m waiting for you here While taking good care of the adults.”

“No matter how weak the tower lords are, aren’t they something I have to protect?”

“But you should draw your knife, what do you want to do among tired people?”

Eugene grinned and placed Geddon’s shield on his left arm. After that, he put his hand inside her cloak and tapped the back of Rymir Ah’s hand.

“Hey… … .”

Raimirah, who was trembling in fear, reflexively grabbed Eugene’s hand. Eugene let out a deep sigh and pulled Lymilia out of the cloak.

“city… … hate. don’t want to go Bo, the original woman has not yet prepared all of her heart… … . Oh, oh, can’t we go tomorrow instead of today… … ?”

“Coming all the way here, what tomorrow is? I’ve already set the mood to go, so stay calm.”

“hate… … . This girl is still… … Hick… … Boo, what’s the atmosphere like? What do you mean by this atmosphere? Bo, if the original woman dances in front of you lowly ones, can she go tomorrow?”

No matter how much she didn’t want to go, Lymilla cried out and shook her shoulders and gently shook her waist. It was nothing more than a gesture she could hardly call a dance.

Eugene looked at Raimirah with a terrible face, then shook his head.

“do not do that… … . And you just need to be with me for a little while. After entering, do not come out and hide under the cloak.”

“but… … don’t do it… … As a daughter, I have no choice but to say hello to the Black Dragon Master… … .”

“On the subject of making a fuss about being scared, what kind of daughter is your daughter? Don’t worry she won’t be any big deal. You promised.”

“really… … Is it really good?”

Raimira looked up at Eugene with tears in her eyes. Yujin looked at the ruby ​​stuck in the middle of her broad forehead and nodded her head.


Lymilia seemed to have calmed down a bit and took a few steps back while catching her breath. Eugene slowly lifted her Akasha towards Laimirah.

A dragon spell that has been used many times before. Raimirah swallowed her breath and closed her eyes, and Akasha emitted a red light.

woo woo… … .

The dragon magic that Akasha created was connected to Lymilia. Using Lymilia as a catalyst, the other side of the dimension beyond space. I opened the door to Raisakia in a gap somewhere.

Space was distorted and warped. Eugene slowly approached Raimirah and grabbed her by the shoulder.

Immediately, Eugene and Lymilia were swallowed up in the distorted space.

ㅡMy head was ringing and I was dizzy. I wasn’t sure if I was standing on the ground on my feet or lying on the ground from my back.

It was like a long time ago, when I first drank alcohol. Just like when he was so drunk that he couldn’t come to his senses, he couldn’t immediately figure out what he had become.

“Hehehe… … .”

He shook his messy head. Raimirah sat down as her legs gave out, holding Eugene’s hand tightly with both hands. Eugene slowly calmed down and raised Lymilia.

“Stay in.”

“Black… … .”

It seemed like my mind would turn around. The ruby ​​in the middle of my forehead was stabbed like someone was banging it with a hammer. Raimira held her vomit-like mouth shut, and she slipped into the slit in the cloak that Eugene had opened.

Only then did Eugene look around.

Dark… … Darkness lingers. As if dozens of hundreds of different night skies were mixed together, the wandering darkness was distinct and had different depths. Just looking at it seemed to make my mind go crazy.

Opening the door and getting inside was a success. Eugene swallowed a gulp and moved forward. —-Without even walking a few steps, the darkness that had been floating in front of his eyes had cleared away.

The place where Eugene was standing now was not the ground, but the darkness, and a little ahead, like a precipice, went far down. Eugene looked down without relaxing.


I saw a really huge, black dragon.

Lizakia. Just like the first time Eugene peeped at him, he was crouching inside with a barrier. A dark, scaly tail covered his face.

‘… … Are you sleeping?’

If possible, I hoped so. Eugene slowly raised the moonlight sword towards Raisakia below.

That moment.

Raizakia’s head, which was hidden by her tail, lifted up.


The process seemed very slow.

The tail, which was densely covered with sharp, rough scales, went down first. The giant dragon’s head slowly lifted upwards. His raised head was thrown back a little and he looked up.

Eyes haven’t opened yet. Slowly, very slowly, the eyelids moved upward. As the pure white sclera opened, the upturned pupils rolled.

The eyes of a giant snake with vertical pupils. Wild and fearful eyes looked at Eugene. I didn’t feel that our eyes met. Those big eyes captured Eugene one-sidedly.

Dragon Fear.

Inside the cloak, Mer passed out. The same dragon, Lymilia, couldn’t overcome her fear and screamed.

Eugene wanted to do the same. Lose your mind, or at least scream in peace. But Eugene couldn’t do any of that.

It didn’t work. As soon as they met, they were terrified and screamed unsightly. Eugene gritted his teeth and operated the white salt ceremony. It was to resist the intangible pressure strong enough to crush the bones of the whole body and crush the internal organs.

Ariartel, the red dragon. I had also experienced the dragon fear she exhaled.

But there was no comparison. It was natural. She is very mature when compared to Raimir Ah, a spoiled brat, but Ari Artel is at most 300 years old.

On the other hand, how about that black dragon Raizakia?

An ancient dragon that has lived for over a thousand years.

Even before he fell, he was able to argue that he was the strongest among dragons, betrayed the Lord, stole the dragon heart, and chewed and swallowed it. It is a demonic dragon that has become the best, strongest, and worst dragon because all the ancient dragons except him died.

In my previous life, I had encountered Raizakia several times. She crossed the line each time her death came right up to her throat.

Raizakia’s Dragon Fear… … It’s not unfamiliar. Because I’ve been through it several times already.

But now, Eugene couldn’t feel the familiarity of what he had experienced. Lizakia’s dragon fear seemed to be stronger than her previous life.

Dragon Fear is the murderous intentions emitted by dragons. Even 300 years ago, Raisakia had a strong peer as much as her twisted personality, but it was a gap in an unknown dimension. Being stuck here for hundreds of years, even madness grew in size.

The Dragon Fear of Lyzakia, which had become like that, made Eugene’s body hard like ice. Even with the white salt ceremony, the tremors did not subside.

… … Whoa!

The rosary on her neck glowed. A brilliant and warm light enveloped Eugene’s body.

The divine power that Christina and Anise breathed into. It turned out miraculously.

It may be an illusion, but Eugene now felt Christina and Anise behind his back. It seemed that the two of them wrapped their arms and wings around Eugene’s body and supported Yujin’s back so that he wouldn’t back down and fall.

The trembling of the body stopped. The cold, frozen mind melted in the warm light. Eugene took a few deep breaths and took another step forward. Just like that, she met Lizakia’s eyes directly with her.


Although he didn’t open his mouth directly, Raizakia’s voice echoed through the darkness.

“No. It resembles vermouth, but it is not vermouth. Are you his descendants?”

“It’s Hamel.”

Eugene answered without hiding himself. As if Lizakia hadn’t imagined such an answer, he looked at Eugene without saying anything for a while.

“… … Hehe! Is that so, reincarnation? Someone has violated a taboo that even dragons do not violate. Who are you? Senya Merdein, is that bitch? Or is it Vermouth himself?”

“Shut up your mouth.”

“If you really are Hamel, why did you come here… … . And I can see why you are angry at my words. Senya Merdane. It must be because I turned that cheeky bitch into a living corpse.”

Kurrrrr! The darkness vibrated. Lizakia slowly lifted her body from her crouch. Her folded wings slowly unfolded.

“I remember everything. didn’t forget anything Insignificant and cheeky humans. Especially among them, not eaten by me. Senya Merdane, who put me in this miserable place. I want to chew and swallow that bitch.”

Murderous intentions, peers become stronger. Dark malice and madness boiled in Laizakia’s eyes.

Seeing that appearance—- Eugene thought, once again, that he was very lucky.

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. And Gavid Lindman, the sword of confinement.

The power of the two is not at all inferior to that of Raizakia. Eugene survived despite encountering them several times. In the case of Noir, he has never expressed his intent to kill Eugene in that way. Gavid was also in a position where he could not kill Eugene because of his loyalty to the demon king of confinement.

but. Raizakia has none of that. The reason why that mad dragon wouldn’t kill Eugene right here and there was no reason to refrain from killing Yujin.

‘It’s incomparable.’

Yagon killed in Yongma Castle. The one who was called La Vista’s Demon Beast was considered the strongest among the young demons. The murderous spirit that Yagon exhaled was strong enough to make Eugene nervous, but it was incomparable to Raizakia’s Dragon Fear.

“Where did you hide my daughter?”

Yujin’s hair fluttered in the wind. Eugene did not back down, but raised his head and looked up at him. Raizakia, with her tattered wings spread wide, was looking down at Eugene.

“I know you made my daughter the key to coming here. that cloak… … It’s an artifact with space magic. It must have hidden my daughter in it.”

Inside the cloak, Lymira covered her mouth.

called daughter. It was a calling I had imagined countless times. She believed that if she was called the daughter of the Black Dragon Lord, who would return one day, she would feel great emotion and joy.

But the reality was not like that. I didn’t hear another word, and even though I heard the word ‘daughter’, the trembling in my body did not stop. Those cold snake eyes did not look directly at Lymir, but just looking at those eyes made it difficult for Lymir to breathe properly.

“Hamel. I will kill you and get her daughter back.”

Raizakia’s mouth opened slightly. In front of him, black mana swirled and gathered.

Eugene intuited what was about to happen. Breath. However, the magic power gathering right in front of Raizakia’s mouth was so great that its power was unfathomable.

‘Am I weak?’

It has been stuck in a crevice for hundreds of years. Of course, I thought it would have weakened, but the Raisakia I actually saw did not seem to have weakened in the slightest.

The Akasha that Eugene was holding in his hand floated upward.

Whoa! All the mana stored in Akasha’s Dragon Heart poured out. At the same time, Eugene showed prominence. Purple flames blazed and became wings. Prominence swallowed all the mana pouring out of Akasha and formed numerous feathers.

“haha! Akasha, it’s nice to see that cursed wand after a long time. Did Senya hand over Akasha to you? I’ve been wanting that wand for hundreds of years.”

Raizakia smiled darkly. The breath that hadn’t been fired yet grew in size. Eugene glared at Lizakia with wide eyes and measured the magic power that her bastard possessed.

“pup. What have you done?”

Soon, Eugene couldn’t help but be astonished. Right now, Raizakia had a magic power other than his own mixed with it.

Edmond’s magical power that he felt in the footsteps of the Earth God. No, to be precise, Laizakia had magical powers that he gathered from here and there for the ceremony and amplified it by offering thousands of sacrifices.

“ha ha ha!”

Raizakia burst into laughter.

“You arrogant human warlock. I didn’t even know the subject, and I coveted my magic power out of my own greed! I, a mere human, tried to steal the magic power of the black dragon Raizakia!”

The magic power gradually swells. Prominence opened the ignition first. Eugene put Akasha behind his back and held the holy sword in his left hand.

“It was a pretty fun game. If you succeed, that is! Did you think it would be difficult for me to reap the mana that has failed and scattered? That black magician, you, looked at this Laizakia too funny. Did you think I was rotten after being stuck in this terrible place for hundreds of years?”

The magic power displayed in front of her mouth did not grow any further. Instead, it vibrated the space as if it would explode at any moment.

“You die here, Hamel. This Lyzakia will kill and eat you. And I will bring back the daughter you hid. After that, it won’t be long before I leave this place!”

Raizakia’s voice grew more and more heated. Dragons live a long time. It doesn’t matter how long this great and elevated race lives.

But Raizakia is different. This black dragon went mad 300 years ago.

dimension gap. There really is nothing here. There are many types of darkness that I don’t know where it came from, but there is no mana, magical power, or spirit in that darkness. I can’t even feel the passage of time.

This mad dragon has been stuck in this gap for 200 years. Because he had nothing, he was only conscious of his madness.

why did you fail Akasha’s master was isolated. There wouldn’t have been a big problem even if it was in perfect condition, but even that human wizard was on the verge of dying.

That said, there was no reason to fail. Elves and the like were no obstacle. I was thinking of killing Senya, killing the elves, stealing Akasha, and, yes, burning the World Capital just for fun. I couldn’t. Failed.

A miracle, yes, what happened then was truly a miracle. The World Tree directly stepped forward to protect the elf and Senya. The human magician’s hand on the verge of death made him arouse his will. The result was misery for hundreds of years.

I never once thought about dying. Ma Ryong always survived where he had to die. Even on the battlefield where half of the dragons were slaughtered by the demon king of destruction and the demon king of confinement, and in the battlefield where all the old dragons died, he betrayed Lord himself, chewed his heart, swallowed it, and survived.

It is the same this time. I don’t know how much time has passed, but Raizakia survived, and because she survived that way, she got another chance.


Laizakia spat out in ecstasy, eagerness, and madness. —-Flash! The magic power that had gathered in a circle exploded. Dark breath poured towards Eugene.

Dragon spear Karvos. This spear reproduces the dragon’s breath as a bombardment.

… … Eugene realized how arrogant that was. Even if there were dozens of dragon spears, they wouldn’t be able to handle Raizakia’s breath.

Don’t fall! The sword was covered in the light emitted by the holy sword. 4 overlapping air swords were completed in an instant. Eugene swung the power of the enormous weight he felt in his grasp.

The power of the 4-stacked sword is overwhelming enough to slow down other forces that exist around it. However, Raizakia’s breath was not able to control the sword.

The colliding magical energy and sparks shattered in front of Eugene’s eyes. I could see the Holy Sword shaking. Eugene gritted his teeth and shoved his right hand inside the cloak.

Moonlight Sword. The dull moonlight was pulled out. When the slash of the moonlight sword was added to the 4-layer air sword, the breath that blocked the air sword completely disappeared.

However, Eugene’s face turned pale. It was because there were 10 spheres of magical power that looked like the breath from earlier floating in front of Raizakia who had risen in the darkness.

“Moonlight sword?”

The demon dragon recognized the moonlight sword. He flapped his huge wings and giggled.

“What a contradiction, Hamel. I don’t know about Vermouth, who didn’t look like a human, but you were a human no matter who saw it. And out of all your colleagues, you hated the demon tribe and the demon king more than anyone else.”

Eugene didn’t know what Lizakia was trying to say. What he had to think and judge now was the odds of killing Raizakia.

Even if it was very thin, Eugene could not hesitate now. He let go of his holy sword for a moment and then grabbed his chest with his left hand.

“You who did that. The Demon King’s, that’s why he uses the sword of destruction. Can you really be called a human being who uses powers that humans cannot handle and are not permitted to humans?”

What are you talking about? Eugene was surprised and wanted to ask, but she didn’t open her mouth as she wanted. The moment her fingers dug into her chest and touched her heart and core. The ‘runaway’ that started like that was so intense that it was incomparable so far.

This is because Ignition, which was unfolded with prominence, was used at the same time as Ignition, which made the heart and core run wild.

Theoretically, it was possible, so Prominence was created, but it was the first time for Eugene to directly unfold it with his body. Unknowingly, his whole body was energized. His lips couldn’t even open, and he bit hard enough to shatter his molars. If he opened his mouth, it felt as if his whole body would be crushed by the power that was charged from deep inside his body.

“Awesome, great! Even the sword of destruction is not human, but now your power really exceeds the standards of the human species by far!”

Raizakia laughed madly.

… … Sword of Destruction… … Moonlight Sword? The power of the demon lord of destruction? It must be a shocking story, but I accepted it as plausible. Without that, the ‘power’ of the Moonlight Sword was incomprehensible.

in a past life. Eugene felt that just holding her moonlight sword would drive her insane. It wasn’t just the Moon Lightsaber that gave her that kind of resistance when held in her hand. The crushing pendulum obtained by killing the demon king of slaughter, and the demon spear obtained by killing the demon king of misery. Just holding it in her hand made her go crazy.

Only Vermouth could handle those weapons. Even the strong Moron screamed as he wrapped his head around the demon king’s weapon, and Vermouth handled it casually. An unknown ruin found near the demon castle after killing the demon king of slaughter. The moonlight sword stuck in the center—- Vermouth treated it as if it were natural.

at that time.

When you find the moonlight sword in an unknown ruin. Eugene couldn’t remember what kind of expression Vermouth made. —-At that moment, Vermouth must have had a calm expression as always. If it was a different expression, ‘do you make that kind of expression too?’ because you would have thought

“Ashen hair, golden eyes, power that burns like a flame… … ! Hamel, you have been reincarnated as a descendant of Vermouth. Vermouth’s ‘blood’ was also flowing through your body. I see, so I’ll handle the moonlight sword. Since a human who was not like a human handled the moonlight sword, can you, whose blood flows, handle the moonlight sword too?”

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