Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 97

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Even after hundreds of years passed, the blood of the progenitor did not seem to have thinned.

Everyone with the last name of Lionheart, with at least one drop of Lionheart’s blood flowing in them, is born with gray hair and golden eyes. And even though hundreds of years have passed since Vermouth, descendants have handled the demon king’s arms a little bit.

Weapons that neither Moron nor Hamel could handle. That Dominic and Doynes had been dealt with.

Just because Lionheart’s, Vermouth’s blood flowed.

“Amazing. How amazing.”

The orbs that appeared in front of Rizakia began to tremble.

Eugene’s body stopped trembling. The power that seemed to shatter the whole body subsided rather calmly the moment it was filled.

But now. Inside Eugene’s body, there was a flame that was hotter and more intense than hellfire. The flame burned all over Eugene’s body. The lion’s mane fluttered furiously.

“I crave that blood.”

Raizakia laughed and whispered. Ten breaths were fired all at once. Eugene roared at her, pouring out the passion that filled her heart and head.

Aww! The overlapping ignition pushed Eugene’s body.

Lightning drew black lightning trails.


The rushing thunderbolt penetrated between the breaths fired in succession. The black lightning of the thunderbolt did not disappear in the huge force that could not help but be caught up even if it brushed, no, even if it did not.

Eugene used Geddon’s shield to receive the breath’s wave that was about to devour him.

This shield turns everything that blocks it into empty space, but I wasn’t sure that even Geddon’s shield could block the breath from the front. Even if it was possible to block it, the consumption of mana at that moment seemed unbearable.

So he avoided a direct hit. While avoiding as much as possible, only the pulling force was blocked with Geddon’s shield.

Get rid of all unnecessary thoughts at this moment.

Vermouth, Moonlight Sword, Demon Lord of Perdition. All of that was useless now. What Eugene should be thinking, longing for, and desperate for now is to kill that demon dragon.

Break through the bombardment of the breath. I saw Raizakia floating in the dark, where there was nothing. He was not at all surprised that Eugene broke through the breath without a single wound. Rather, Raizakia smiled while bending the giant dragon’s eyes.

ㅡHwaaaak! Raizakia flapped her wings. It was a tattered wing that was no different from rags, but with just one flap, a storm of black magic rained down.

Tempest’s voice is not heard. As I feared, it seems that the spirit king cannot interfere in this space. In fact, even if they were able to borrow Tempest’s help, it would have been impossible to resist that storm with a storm.

It is impossible to penetrate from the front. Geddon’s shield could block it, but she didn’t want to waste mana doing unnecessary things.

Space leap, is it possible? brief moment. Awakened and wide-open thinking calculated the possibilities.

Not impossible. Coordinates are specified. Even a small mistake would throw him to the far side of the dimension, but making a mistake was impossible for Eugene now.

The feathers of Prominence shone. In a series of leaps, he jumped over this magical storm. Raizakia’s head was right next to it. Raisakia’s big eyes were looking at Eugene without even moving.

Eugene shouted loudly and stabbed the moonlight sword at Raizakia’s eyes.

Kwakjijik! The moonlight sword’s light collided with Raizakia’s magical power. The ominous moonlight began to dissipate magic. Eugene added the power of the holy sword of the 4-stacked sword without delay.

Raizakia did not watch it meekly. ㅡ Kwak! A huge force pushed Eugene back. It wasn’t just the wielding of mana, it was magic.


There is no physical damage. The power obtained by overlapping the ignitions protected Eugene from the dragon’s magic, and in addition, the holy sword and the protection of the young light on the rosario offset some of the magical power.

“You’re doing something unusual.”

Raizakia laughed and said.

Woo woo woo! Darkness began to vibrate around Laizakia. That Demonic Dragon silently raised the dragon word magic and interfered in this space.

“Did you think that the magic created by humans would work in front of a dragon called magical manipulation? Your magic, something I had never seen before, but I understood it because I had seen it once. It replaces feathers with coordinates.”

In the changing space, the feathers of Prominence vibrated together.

“Hey, let’s play tricks one more time. If you can.”


Yujin straightened up after being pushed back for a while and spat out. I understood what Raizakia had done.

It completely distorted this space and confused the coordinates of Prominence. If he uses Feather’s Spatial Leap like he did just now, he will immediately be caught in Lyzakia’s trap and fly away to an unknown dimension.

“It looks difficult to deal with, doesn’t it? huh?”

“ha ha ha! I? like you Hamel, you are provoking me. Do not be mistaken. I just don’t want to let you run away.”

Lyzakia giggled and let out a breath. Her mana didn’t swell and clump like before. A small breath instantly became a breath and penetrated the space.

Leap cannot be used. Eugene accelerated with lightning, dodging the breath as he did at the beginning. Then, Lizakia let out his breath in succession. The rampant breath, limiting the direction and intending to move. It’s an obvious trick.

Eugene narrowly avoided the breath and recharged the sword with magical power.

This time, I didn’t dodge them like before. It was because the breath he exhaled quickly did not have the same power as the first. Eugene broke through his breath and moved forward.

But to the dragon, the breath is just a basic and simple weapon. In particular, that Raisakia is familiar with battle, and uses dragon words that make non-existent magic come true.

The darkness that enveloped Eugene suddenly added weight. It seemed that the whole world was pressuring Eugene.

The sudden braking, Yujin immediately twisted her body and swung the moonlight sword. At that moment, Lyzakia’s attack invaded Eugene. Pooh! The unannounced light aimed at Eugene’s blind spot.

Eugene sighed and waved his arms. Instead of clearing it with the same attack, he blocked the light with Geddon’s shield. The moment it touched, the light completely disappeared, but the attack did not end.

Hundreds, no, thousands of small dots appeared in the darkness. The dots moved swiftly, scattering throughout the space.

“Are you going to avoid this or stop it?”

Raizakia laughed. Light shot from the dots without sound.

The light of high-density condensed magical power. It was an attack that could not be grasped with the naked eye, but Prominence’s feathers were connected to Eugene’s senses. Everything the feather saw was engraved in Eugene’s head.

Accelerated thinking. Replaced magic for all calculations required for movement. Mer, who had come to her senses before she knew it, took her out of breath and acted as the backbone for Eugene’s operation.

The brain light moved chaotically. The lightning trail was entangled here and there. Eugene raised mana as he roamed among the lights that were relentlessly targeting him.

Eclipse. It was not a number comparable to the dots created by Lyzakia, but it made many feathery sunspots scattered by Prominence. Some sunspots blocked the emitted light, and the remaining sunspots blocked the movement of the dots.

Kwagwagwang! Points with different power collided.

was lacking for a long time. Yujin moved her bloodshot eyes to and fro and raised the moonlight sword and holy sword.

The frenzy of twin swords began. The black flame of the sword and the moonlight slash. The sura light broke the light and cut it.

far. The distance with that gigantic Raisakia was hardly shortened.

Do you have any answers? I couldn’t kill Raizakia even with my perfect moonlight sword. With the moonlight sword that’s not even half right now, and me who’s not even vermouth.

erased This kind of thinking doesn’t help anything. He remembered Senya who was sealed in the World Tree. I thought of many people waiting outside.

Anise and Christina. How much despair the two would feel if they couldn’t go back. draft. I said I’d go back, I said it’s okay, and that’s how I got into shape. Loverian. I would curse myself for not doing anything in the death of my disciple. Even Melchis would scream.

Ciel. That cunning little boy would cry uncharacteristically if Eugene died. Gilade. He had already lost his son and he did not want the uncle to know about the loss again.


my father.




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Eugene shouted as if throwing up and raised the moonlight sword.

It’s a moonlight sword that hasn’t even been halved. This dog-like sword cannot be amplified with an air sword. This is because the moonlight sword itself does not accept mana, but rather extinguishes mana.

on such a subject. It takes an enormous amount of mana to create that moonlight. In the past, it was difficult to wield because the consumption of mana was unbearable, but that was not the case now. Nested Ignition. The mana from the runaway core poured into the moonlight sword.


The moonlight swelled. An ominous light that was incomparably longer than usual stretched out. Eugene shouted at his throat and swung his moonlight sword.

A slash curved like a crescent moon cut through the darkness. All the lights that attacked from the front were swallowed up by the moonlight sword and disappeared. The moonlight reached Laizakia, who was so far away. The pupils of Lizakia, who had been relaxed all along, widened.

The magic that protected Raisakia was cut by the moonlight. Although the momentum slowed down with that, the moonlight finally reached Raizakia.

Quadd! The scales covering Lyzakia’s long neck were crushed by the moonlight and disappeared.


Raizakia screamed and pulled her neck back. Thanks to his thick, strong scales, his neck was rarely cut. The moonlight cut only the surface of the scales. Even so, Lyzakia screamed.

because of anger The scales were cut by lowly and lowly human beings. That moonlight sword reminds Laizakia of humiliating and terrifying memories.

300 years ago, there was a time when I tried to save trivial races that didn’t need to be saved. It was impossible for humans to do it, so they agreed that a great and dignified dragon should save the world himself. All the dragons that could fight rose up and flew through the sky to the land of the demon king.

Most dragons are dead. Every time that ominous and destructive light flashed, the dragon’s life, which should have been great and dignified, was wasted.

“Dare, dare, dare!”

I was afraid of that light. I didn’t want to die for trivial things in a place like this. So he ripped out the heart of the rod, chewed and swallowed it, and corrupted it. she survived that way

Lyzakia thought that her actions at that time were neither humiliation nor corruption. It is humiliating and degrading for a great and dignified dragon to die for humans and other lesser races.

It is the same now. The fact that humans and the like used the power of the terrifying demon king, and that he had his own scales shaved off with that power. All were humiliating and depraved to Raizakia, so Raizakia felt great anger.

Kurur-! The darkness shook. The huge body of Lyzakia floating in the sky began to move. Just flapping her wings and moving her body spread the darkness in all directions.

Eugene calmed his rapid breathing and glanced at the hand holding the moonlight sword. She only swung, but her arm felt numb. she didn’t last long Little by little she is coming back to her senses.

‘It’s such a burden just to wield it.’

It was absurd, but I had to keep fighting. In front of Raizakia, magic started to whirl again.

It wasn’t just there. The magic power that spread in all directions transformed into violence to kill Eugene according to Raizakia’s will and words.


It seemed to embody hell. Every type of weapon Eugene could imagine appeared out of the darkness. Even though they were not held in anyone’s hand, they floated and moved freely. Hundreds and thousands of weapons made with Laizakia’s magical power aimed at Eugene in the dark.


I laughed out loud at the absurd sight.

Weapon movement in the dark. It wasn’t a simple movement like swinging a weapon or stabbing and hitting. Those were solidly linked forces to kill Eugene.

Weapons rushed towards Eugene. Yujin spun like a top on the spot and swung his holy sword. Quarrrrr! The black flames created by the 4 stacked swords extinguished the weapons.

‘Cutting away his mana. Does it make sense?’

Even a great wizard would run out of exhaustion if he used magic of this magnitude. That’s a human standard, so it might not work for the old dragon, Raizakia.

I had to do it though. It’s because you can’t ignore the attack attack.

Eugene distributed mana while crushing the attacks that came at him without rest. As it became 6-star, the transformed Phantasmal Formula has excellent mana efficiency. As long as it doesn’t completely disappear, the mana used in the attack can be immediately circulated.

It is equally applicable to ignition. In particular, this overlapping flame in connection with Prominence is not easily extinguished. As long as Eugene’s body can withstand, it continues to burn.

‘The body… … are you okay.’

The body of the previous life could not maintain the ignition for a long time. But for now, it’s still fine. Eugene took a deep breath and made a big spark.

Kwakjijik! Lightning with sparks. The soaring prominence became a weapon in itself and swept away the weapons that attacked Eugene’s back.

Lyzakia, who was watching from above, let out a roar. The exploding breath had a different temperament than before. If the breath he had been using since the beginning was simply consuming mana, the current breath seemed to pour out black darkness.

I know what that breath is. The Black Dragon’s poison breath that tried to kill Senya. A magical poison created within the body.

Eugene tried to wield the moonlight sword in response, but the holy sword shone first. The light emitted from the beautiful sword pierced the black flame of the sword and covered Eugene’s body.

‘Divine power?’

It was the same when he attacked the Well of Light and Gavid Lindman. Eugene didn’t even want to be conscious of it, but the holy sword caused light on its own. As if it was to protect Eugene and add strength.

In fact, the light of the holy sword worked like that. The pouring venom tried to hit Eugene, but the light of the holy sword blocked it first. The rosary on her neck shone as if responding. The miasma that tried to kill Eugene was purified by divine power.

but. Just because the divine power purifies miasma, I couldn’t stand still. Although the light pierced the flame, the air sword did not disappear. Rather, the divine power was entangled in the sword and amplified the flame.

Wow! The flames that burned into the air engulfed the breath. The sight made Raizakia’s eyes twist. Attacks of magic and magic. I shot my breath and used magic several times, but it was offset by the holy sword and moonlight sword.

“I didn’t really want to do something like this because it’s not dignified.”

Raizakia let out an annoyed voice.

“I can’t help it.”


There was a loud, heavy, simple sound. It wasn’t an attack that focused on mana or magic. Raizakia only swung her tail once.

However, the speed far exceeded Eugene’s imagination.

The body of a giant dragon. I thought it was just a big target, but it never was. The tail in the dark was so fast that even a sense synchronized with Prominence would miss it for a moment. This is because the dragon was added to the movement of the tail.

Even at that moment, Eugene’s consciousness was cut off for a very short time. The blessing of divine power and the flames of the white flame ceremony protected Eugene’s body. However, the attack of the ignorant mass gave Eugene a bigger shock than when he was beaten up by Moron.


It wasn’t actually smashed, but it felt like my body was smashed. The body of Eugene, who was hit by the tail, flew to the other side of the darkness.


Mer screamed. are you okay. Eugene replied while coughing up blood.

“It’s worth it.”

Eugene answered with a twist of his blood-stained mouth.

“It’s just right.”

It was honestly a lie.


bone. It seems to have cracked, but luckily there are no broken places. The impact from the tail slightly damaged the internal organs. coughed up blood That was all. Compared to the wounds he suffered in his previous life, he is not even lightly injured.

But it shouldn’t be any more. With the blow that had just happened, Eugene realized that fact keenly.

Even though it was simply hit by the tail, the body flew this far. If it wasn’t for the protection of divine power and mana, the moment I was hit, my body would have exploded in shock.

Yujin stopped flying and straightened her posture. Naturally, Raizakia did not just let Eugene fly away.

Bang, bang, bang! As explosions erupted one after another, spheres of magical power flew. It was an attack that did not shoot the breath for a long time, but concentrated it into a sphere and shot it as a whole.

Eugene moved his aching arm. Pooh! The moonlight sword and the holy sword crossed and crossed the front of the sphere.

Dig low under the explosion. Some of the floating feathers gathered in Eugene. And other feathers rushed to Lyzakia. As they approached, the feathers gathered together to create dozens of eclipses, and Eugene himself poured mana into the eclipses.

Raizakia watched it all. Dozens of sunspots flying in first. It’s quite powerful, but it’s still a human attack. He didn’t even need to use defensive magic. The mana worn on his body and the dragon’s scales were enough.

However, the sunspot created by Eugene himself. Even Raisakia could not help but be wary of its power.

The weapons that were still left for a long time blocked Yujin’s path. It was just to pass the time.

The moment Eugene’s flames burned more intensely, lightning spread out in all directions and swept away the weapons. Eugene raised Geddon’s shield towards the explosion of flames and magical powers exploding right in front of his eyes.

Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! The black torrent split as soon as it touched Geddon’s shield. Eugene opened the road like that and reached right under Laizakia. Lizakia, who had cleared all the sunspots in succession, opened her mouth to Eugene.

Quarrrrr! A black torrent poured from Raizakia’s mouth. It was the same poison breath as before, but it was mixed with not only miasma but also terrifying mana. It’s a shame because it was such a space, if you fired a poison breath of that power from the outside, the entire Great Forest would have died.

But in this space, you don’t have to worry about that. The only thing Eugene had to protect was himself.

The Holy Sword and Rosario shone. Akasha, who was floating behind Prominence, poured out mana as Eugene wished.

An eclipse was already formed in front of my eyes. This technique combines the Hwanyeolsik, created by Yujin by transforming the Baekyeomsik, and the Dragonic family’s secret weapon, the Gongsword.

The sun of mana that compresses and circulates to the limit. Similar to the Phantasm type, inside the Eclipse, a similar core made of mana rotates and explodes, creating countless cores in the process.

It is an eclipse that covers the surface of the sun with an air sword. Eugene—- added more layers of air swords to Eclipse. As the swords overlapped, the ultra-high-density mana that made up the sun repeated fusion and explosion.

1, 2, 3. Originally, Eclipse’s limit was at the end of 3 stacks, but as Gongsword reached 4 stacks, Eclipse also evolved more.


The Eclipse in front of me became 4 stacked. Eclipse is more powerful than an air sword wielded directly. For him, forming instead is probably later than a public sword.

So it was close. The Eclipse was completed only when Lyzakia’s poison breath broke through the light of Eugene’s divine power.

The 4 stacked Eclipse moved forward. Poison Breath and Eclipse met.

In front of Eugene’s eyes, mana and magic were mixed. It became a small whirlwind at first, but then a torrent that seemed to swallow everything followed the whirlwind. Quarrrrr! The breath started to fall back.

‘Get caught up in it?’

Raizakia couldn’t believe it. It was a breath of magic and miasma that the Demon Dragon fired directly. Humans as well as demons melt the moment they touch that breath. No, it disappears before it melts like that.

Breath, the size of that fist… … It is being caught up in the sun of mana as if it had achieved a solar eclipse.

no. It’s not about getting involved. As the breath decomposes in reverse, the power that should be dispersed is rewinding to that sun.

the sun is getting bigger Raisakia didn’t want to admit it, so she poured her breath even more. But the result did not change. As the breath grew stronger, the size of Eclipse, which defies him and rewinds its power, also increased.

‘is it.’

Eugene saw it right in front of him. As the 4 stacked Eclipse splits the breath, using some of the scattered magic power as its own power. It was not what Eugene intended.

I guessed why. The 4-layered sword seizes the surrounding power. Eclipse is a crystal of mana that is purer and stronger than swords and swords that cover holy swords or other weapons. It is impossible to slow Raizakia’s magical power with a 4-layered sword, but if it is the same 4-layered Eclipse, even Raizakia’s magical power is invaded and used as its own power.

Eventually, the breath was completely torn in two. Lizakia stepped back in fright, concentrating his magical energy and using dragon words to build a strong defensive barrier.

Kwakjijik! Eclipse hit the barrier. Even if you say breath, it is actually pouring out mana and miasma through breathing. However, the dragon itself does absolute magic. The magic that was decided in that way did not easily penetrate Eclipse.


Lyzakia roared. It wasn’t even a sword of destruction, but rather a defense using dragon words for human attacks. Even if there is only one opponent!

“Dare, dare, dare!”

The barrier of dragon words is gradually breaking through. It didn’t grow by rewinding the power like Breath, but it means that the barrier of dragon words that should never be broken is being broken. Raizakia raised the dragon again to respond to it.

no. he was trying to get up. Before Lizakia could unleash his dragon words, Eugene moved first. In an instant, he leaped to Eclipse, which broke through the barrier of dragon language.

‘What are you trying to do?’

Lizakia didn’t understand for a moment what Eugene was trying to do. It was because Eugene let go of the sword in both hands. A holy sword entwined with dark flames and light. The moonlight sword eaten by the ominous moonlight. let everything out of hand

The cloak fluttered. A tangle of elongated, wriggling blood vessels. A handle protruded from the gap in the cloak. Laizakia was familiar with that handle.

‘A crushing weight?’

The weapon of the demon lord of slaughter. Crushing weight phalanx.

Kwaaaaang! The crushing weight that I swung ignorantly hit Eclipse. The Power of the Crushing Weight is simple. Break what you hit with a hammer. Explode what you hit with a hammer.

Rather, it seemed as if the crushing weight had been smashed. A huge power that can only be mistaken tore away Eugene’s grip.

Eugene did not let go of the crushing weight. He gripped the slippery, hot blood with his grip. The veins in his handle writhed and he drank Eugene’s blood. The crushing weight advanced a little further.

ㅡ Cranky! The crushing weight that advanced shattered the high-density condensed Eclipse. The ‘explosion’ added with the crushing weight’s power covered Laizakia’s dragon barrier.

It’s broken. Raizakia watched with wide eyes as the dragon barrier was shattered.


Eugene shouted and jumped at Rizakia. The holy sword and the moonlight sword that had been placed were in Eugene’s hands again.

Laizakia looked at Eugene with wide-open eyes. what? What happened? Liza Kia, who has lived such a long life, but he did not understand what was happening.

To him, humans were insignificant, small, and weak. Even if hundreds or thousands gather, it is the same. One breath and he can annihilate. … … 300 years ago. Among those people, there are five who are special.

It was because there was a guy at the center who couldn’t be trusted to be human. Without Vermouth Lionheart, the other four would have been unable to kill the dragon, even if they were at their extremes.

Senya Merdane.

I was humiliated and humiliated by that human woman. The situation itself was abnormal. There is no way that a dragon would be defeated by a human mage, a rogue. If it wasn’t for the miracle of the world tree, this wouldn’t have happened.

Hamel Diners?

The only one who died 300 years ago.

That person who couldn’t use magic like Senya, wasn’t as strong as Vermouth, couldn’t use divine power like Anise, and was smaller than Moron?

He, splitting the breath and destroying the dragon barrier, holding the sword of destruction and the holy sword together.

‘You cut my throat?’

There was no sense of reality. It is not because reason has been clouded over hundreds of years. This arrogant black dragon despised humans just as much.

The Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword, both wielded together, dug into Raizakia’s neck, the root at the bottom.

It is the ‘neck’ that I have barely reached. It shouldn’t be shallow. I’ve never actually killed a dragon, but I’ve met dragons that were dying in the demon realm.

dragon heart. Dragon’s Heart. I looked at the location then. Where the chest and neck connect. In the center is the dragon heart. To kill Raizakia, you must break the dragon heart.


The scales are torn. The skin is cut. The moonlight sword and the holy sword swung in the same direction. The power does not mix with each other, but ‘cuts’ where Eugene wants. The huge neck of Raizakia—- was severed by two swords.


Raizakia’s head fell back. Black blood spurted from the cut surface.

Eugene trembled and looked at Laizakia’s head. Her body and severed head were seen falling into the darkness. Her blood, which rose high, began to pour down like a waterfall. Just like the breath it fired, that black blood was poison that melted everything it touched.

[I did it! La, Raizakia. I killed the demon dragon!]

Mer’s cheers could be heard in the distance. Eugene… … He looked at the holy sword and moonlight sword he was holding in both hands.

It was my first time cutting off a dragon’s head, but I did it neatly. he aimed right. The slash aimed at the dragon heart in the center did not miss even a bit.

[Eugene… … sir?]

The dripping black blood stopped on Eugene’s head. As if turning back time, the blood returned. Eugene immediately swung the holy sword and the moonlight sword. It was to completely annihilate the body of Lyzakia that still remained.


Eugene’s body stiffened. The thin light emitted from Lizakia’s stomach pierced Eugene’s stomach. The light that followed followed and penetrated both of Eugene’s shoulders.


Blood gushed from Eugene’s mouth. The intense flame of mana faded. just light. It was stealthy and strong. It was an ambush not like a ‘dragon’.

“I am!”

Whoop, whoop! Something ripped through Laizakia’s stomach and came out. It was a pair of ‘hands’. Not a dragon’s hand, but a human hand.

“I thought this mimicry was a game… … !”

Cheer up! The black scales that covered Laizakia’s body peeled off, and both hands that had torn open her stomach were covered with scales on the contrary.

“Dragon! You have to look like a dragon… … ! The body of an insignificant insect, small and convenient… … ! I don’t hate it either, because it’s mimicry! Because it’s play! Even if I am in the form of a bug, I am not a bug!”

Crispy! The scaly hands completely tore the ‘Dragon’s belly apart.

“but! When it’s not play, you shouldn’t imitate. Because I am a dragon! Because it’s not a bug! To mimic a dragon’s battle as an insect… … ! What humiliation is this!”

It was a man with black hair who ripped open his stomach and stood up inside it.

Sleek long hair and bright red eyes. Eugene—-she knew that figure. It was the form that demon dragon Raizakia took when polymorphing into a human.

“you! It humiliated me like that.”

Standing staggered, Lyzakia walked out of the dragon’s body.

Cheer up! Every time Raizakia walked, the scales covering the giant dragon’s body clung to Raizakia. The black blood that returned also flowed into Raizakia. Every time that happened, the dragon’s body shrank smaller and smaller, and eventually completely disappeared.

“You, this, Raisakia… … ! I! to live! It made me throw away dignity and pride. not to die… … I mean, they made me mimic with worms!”

Death was right around the corner. If Raizakia had insisted on the form of a dragon, Eugene’s sword would have cut Raizakia’s dragon heart in half.

But at the last moment, Raizakia gave up on the dragon. He narrowly unfolded the polymorph, creating human flesh within the dragon’s body. He transferred the dragon heart that should have been cut into a human body.

The wit that I did not want to die. But for Raizakia, it was a humiliation worse than death. The great and dignified dragon did not want to die! He mimicked a bug and saved his life.

“Don’t expect to die easily… … !”

Raizakia raised her arm.

Although it was polymorphed, Raizakia didn’t really become a human. The body, which was not wearing anything, was covered with layers of black scales. Dragon Heart’s magic fills the human body. Rage and murderous intent dozens or hundreds of times greater than that dyed Laizakia’s eyes red.

“I will give you more despair and pain than a hundred deaths.”


The arm he wielded changed in an instant. Partially modified polymorph, changing the arm into a dragon’s tail. The whip-like tail flew at Eugene.

“… … Mr X.”

I thought it was too easy.

Yujin laughed and raised her arm. Her stomach was neatly punctured. Both of her shoulders were also pierced. She wouldn’t kill easily, he said. He said he would give them more despair and pain than a hundred deaths.

Is that why The hole in the stomach didn’t take his life, and neither of his arms were completely severed.

then you can fight Eugene blocked his tail with his swords, which moved in time. ㅡ Kwak! Eugene’s body was plunged into darkness.

I couldn’t even scream. It felt like my whole body was being crushed.

“Eugene-sama, Eugene-sama, Eugene-sama… … !”

Mer gasped with tears and pulled her face out of her cloak.

She looked at Eugene’s bloodied face and barely swallowed the screams that erupted. Instead, she started pouring the potions she had stored inside her cloak into Eugene’s wounds. Holy water made by Christina and Anis. The elixir brought from Lionheart was poured.

“good job.”

The wound heals. Yujin muttered that while stroking Mer’s head with her hand, which had become slightly easier to move. I saw the figure of Raisakia approaching from the other side. Eugene glared at her and pressed Mer’s head.

“… … Go in.”

“but… … Eugene… … !”


Eugene lowered his head and whispered.

“Before I die, you die. that… … no. Stay inside.”

“I-I’d rather die. Eugene… … !”

“If you die, I die.”

At those words, Mer’s shoulders trembled.

“… … And that’s it. i’m not dying As long as you don’t die.”

“how… … how… … What are you talking about… … . Uh, it’s a mess. Everything Eugene is saying right now is a mess… … .”

“You said you would save Senya.”

back. Eugene rubbed Mer’s head with a little more force.

“Then get inside. Senya will want to see you too.”

Mer said nothing and burst into tears. Lymilia’s hand grabbed Mer like that. She drew her mer into her with her panting breath, and then, on the contrary, she tried to come out herself.

“paper… … Bon, Bonnyeo will tell her… … The original woman begged the Black Dragon Princess… … .”

“Go in.”

Eugene forced a smile and pushed Raimirah’s forehead.

“It gets in the way.”

Wounds heal slowly

… … Eugene looked at Agaroth’s ring on the ring finger of his left hand. This ring forcibly activates and amplifies the body’s regenerative powers. It lets you fight while cutting your life.

It is dangerous to use Agaroth’s Ring while using Ignition. It’s like committing suicide. The pressure on the body is heavy with only the heart beating, but if you forcibly activate it with Agaroth’s ring… … .

‘It’s better than doing nothing and being killed by Raizakia.’

Eugene was conscious of Agaroth’s ring without hesitation.

Quadruped! His left hand was twisted and veins sprouted. Dduk, dduduk, ddduk! The blood flow started from the left hand and spread all over Eugene’s body. My heart raced so much that it wouldn’t be strange if it exploded at any time. The intense taste of blood and death lingered in his mouth.

I was used to it. The experience of dying once made me feel very grateful now. Still, I’m not dead to this extent.

Eugene put his trembling left hand on his chest.


could kill

If Raizakia hadn’t given up on the dragon, it would have ended with Eugene’s victory. However, Lizakia wanted to live by abandoning his pride and pride, and is now approaching Eugene in human form.

Ignition has already been used. During the battle against Lyzakia, Eugene literally used up everything he could use right now. He also wrote Prominence, overlapped Ignition, Moon Lightsaber, Holy Sword, Gongsword, Eclipse, etc.

The flame of mana did not weaken. This flame, overlapping with Prominence, continues to burn as long as Eugene’s body can withstand it.

But it’s not enough. Raizakia threw away the dragon’s huge body. Taking human form as a polymorph, the scales that covered the large body were concentrated on that small body.

To crush that thing, more power is needed.

A hand with bulging veins. Trembling and trembling, his bent fingers dug into his chest. ㅡThin. The heartbeat transmitted from the fingertips created an intense echo in my head. Eugene held his breath and gritted his teeth.

I felt resistance. Is it really okay to do it? Instinct resisted orders given by reason. may become irreversible. I might really die.

‘If I continue like this, I will die anyway.’

I thought soberly. He thought that even if he had fought with this body, he would have a higher chance of dying from Raizakia.

if so, if so. It burns life until it is on the verge of death. Even if you take one step into the line of fire, as long as you don’t die. If you can kill Raizakia.


Fingers that gave strength dug into the skin. ㅡThump! My heart beat got stronger. The heart that was beating like it was going to explode made the body that was lying on the ground shake.

My hair turned white. It had to be. It was something he had never done in his previous life, when he was recklessly doing crazy things. Having Ignition superimposed on Prominence is also a huge burden on the body, so I even used Agaroth’s ring to heal wounds quickly. With that alone, Eugene’s body was already close to death.

Even that wasn’t enough, Eugene once again made his heart and core run wild. She poured oil on the already roaring flame.

Raisakia, who was approaching with a stride, stopped involuntarily.


The arrogant creature contorted his face as he realized why he had stopped. Feelings that shouldn’t exist, shouldn’t be felt. No matter how many times I feel it, I can’t get used to it, and I can’t accept it.



Raizakia swung her hand while screaming. Quadd Deuk! Again the huge tail cut through the darkness. Eugene was still unable to stand up properly.

The darkness that filled the space stopped in an instant. The tail that had fallen in the middle also stopped.

ㅡFurruleuk! Soaring flames engulfed the darkness. Raizakia’s tail was also engulfed in the flames and turned to ashes.


Lyzakia screamed and pulled her tail back. In the midst of the fiercely burning flames, Eugene stumbled and raised her body.

Even in the clear black flames, Eugene’s figure was clearly visible. Her gray hair rose with the flames and fluttered like sparks.

In the center, golden eyes flashed and shone. its appearance. It looked like it would collapse any moment. The appearance of Yujin who stood up looked dangerous, and the steps she took were staggering. The way he walks step by step is staggering and leaning.

However, Raizakia couldn’t move hastily. This Demon Dragon, who has lived for a long time, has barely admitted what he doesn’t want to admit.

The human standing in front of him now was by no means an insignificant insect.

The trembling of the body stopped. My steps were no longer staggering. She didn’t even lean as if she was about to fall. The power that was so intense that I couldn’t control my body stabilized.

The flame that had been burning up to reach the sky was extinguished. All of that enormous power was compressed into Eugene.

Eugene raised his left hand forward. Tuuk! The fallen holy sword flew into Eugene’s hand and was grasped.

At that moment, the holy sword and rosario emitted a brilliant light. My heart, no, my whole body hurts. His body, which was about to be destroyed, was held together with Agaroth’s ring and holy power.

I can’t fight for long. Eugene’s feet are already on the line of fire. If you can’t keep your balance, your whole body will go over the edge and you will die. Eugene smiled, distorting her face.

Eugene’s figure disappeared. Lizakia raised his arms without hesitation. Quadd! The dragon’s arm, covered in scales and transformed into a gigantic body, swept through the darkness.

The scales popped up. torn to shreds Black blood splattered everywhere. The space occupied by Raizakia’s slash. Eugene broke through by slashing and crushing everything that stood in his way.

“Hamel… … !”

Raizakia roared at the name and moved her feet. He took on this form, and he had no more dignity to defend. He changed all the verbs he liked to use.

Attacks with magic do not pose a fatal threat to that being. So, Raizakia decided to use the other advantage of her dragon.

solid scales. strong body. Near-infinite magic power.

The words he uttered turned into dozens of strengthening magics, awakening Laizakia’s body.

Kwadeuk, Kwadeuk! Each of the scales that covered his body was also imbued with defensive magic. acceleration of thinking. detection. Uncountable dragon spells widened Raizakia’s field of vision.

Only then did he catch Eugene’s movements.

It was right in front of you. Raizakia kicked the ground in fright. Following the trail of the holy sword, the darkness split apart. Right after that, the sword’s flame filled the cracked darkness and attacked Raizakia.


Raizakia screamed and waved her hand at the flames. A partially deformed dragon’s arm. It felt like part of the scale’s surface was melting, but it cut through the flames. Soon after, the slash of the moonlight sword struck.

Didn’t back down. Lizakia greatly deformed his left arm to hold onto his moonlight sword. No, he couldn’t catch it. The absurd force made the moonlight sword move forward, cutting through Raizakia’s left arm.

But no blood flowed. What the moonlight sword cut was just a hollow ball of scales. Lizakia opened her mouth at the gap where the moon lightsaber had passed.

Flash! The breath was fired in a thin line. Eugene reached out her hand, avoiding his breath. He did not wield a holy sword or moonlight sword. With the hand holding the hilt of his sword, Eugene hit Lizakia in the chin with his fist.

Kwap! The mouth that exhaled breath closed. Lyzakia’s whole head was blown off. Her body, missing her head, flew backwards together. she didn’t die Her new hair appeared. Instead of shouting something, Lizakia jumped right into Eugene.

You must not increase your distance. I was afraid to blow away the sunspot with that kind of ‘power’. close combat? Something not like a dragon. That doesn’t mean you don’t have one. A body strengthened by dragon words. dragon scales. regenerative power. On the other hand, what about that human being?

The power that fills the body is amazing. But that power is by no means permanent. He’s burning his life. If left unattended for some time, that gigantic flame will burn all life and perish.

Running away until then? hate. Raizakia didn’t want to compromise on that.

kill. They will be chewed alive and eaten before the flame goes out and turns to ash.

Flames and magic collided. clung to each other and entangled. no one left The Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword caused a rampage. Raizakia swung both hands while protecting her body with scales.

Scales and blood spattered. Played immediately. The swinging legs didn’t turn into huge tails like before. This transformation was clever and cunning.

Thin snake-like ‘tails’ wrapped around Eugene’s body. Of course, he didn’t really become a snake. All of them are covered in dragon scales and radiate evil magic.

When the snakes try to wrap around your waist. Black flames soared from Eugene’s body. The scaly snakes were all burned.

Fuhuaak! The snakes vomited black blood while burning in the flames of mana. Lyzakia’s blood. Toxic blood. Poison fog invaded Eugene.

The holy sword vibrated. The protection of divine power resisted the poison fog.

Chow! The white sun rose from Prominence behind her. Eclipse. Seeing this, Raizakia’s eyes widened. The attack I saw earlier took some time to complete, but now it was much faster than that.

Eclipse, which turned black in an instant, was shot at Raizakia. Raizakia built a defensive barrier and leaped backwards.

Crackle! I couldn’t even last long. Eclipse flew through the barrier and swallowed Laizakia’s left arm.


The flame ate his arm. Lizakia screamed and cut off his left arm. Although his arm was severed, the Eclipse did not go out and burned his left arm completely before exploding.

I was barely able to get out of the explosion range, but an eerie glow followed. It was Eugene. He swung his holy sword around the empty waist of Lyzakia, and stabbed his moonlight sword through his chest.

Raizakia was more wary of the moonlight sword that pierced her chest than the holy sword that cut her waist. Cheer up! The scales covering his body focused on his chest. The holy sword cut Laizakia’s body in two, but the moonlight sword couldn’t completely pierce the concentrated scales. The body that had lost its lower body rolled on the ground.

Before I could roll a few times, my body regenerated intact. Lyzakia hit the ground with both hands and fired his breath one after another. Kwak Kwa Kwak! Breath attacked Eugene even before the second Eclipse was created.

Eugene threw an eclipse that was not completely determined. The explosion of mana and flames became a thick barrier and blocked the breath. Immediately, Eugene jumped into the flames.

The holy sword cut the flame. No, the flames clung to the holy sword. A sword with a blade wrapped around it. A spark was added to it. Raizakia’s eyes could not help but tremble when she saw the scene.

200 years stuck here. It is an undeniable fact that power has weakened. Although he took some of the magic that the cheeky black magician had gathered, the current Raizakia was not as strong as it was in its prime.

… … Even so, does this make sense? Even though he threw away his dragon form, he fought, but he couldn’t even overwhelm him?



I don’t want to admit it. I don’t want to think about it. Lizakia screamed and reached for her holy sword.

The massively deformed dragon’s arm blocked the holy sword’s path. crushed whole. It is not cut. It was crushed by overwhelming power. Raizakia did not back down even as she watched her arm explode in front of her eyes.

The tail created behind his back dug down and aimed at Eugene.

Naturally, Eugene did not miss the attack. Wide open Prominence sparked. A thick barrier of flames blocked the tail first, and Eugene accelerated towards Rizakia with the explosion on his back.

The front looked very good. However, a creeping darkness is creeping in from the edge of the field of vision. A feeling of foreboding continued to float around her body, which was stronger and faster than ever.

It was a premonition of death. Either I die, or Raizakia dies. Eugene danced on the line of death. He poured out everything he had, could, and could.

Something keeps blocking my way. My body moved before I could figure out what it was. Because I thought it had to be.

After cutting, crushing, and crushing, I noticed. Blocking the way is a mass of scales. It was the best defense Raizakia could do.

But defense is meaningful only when it blocks an attack. In that sense, Laizakia’s defense was meaningless. No matter what defenses they put up, they were all destroyed by Eugene.

Run away and kill time.

A thought I had just a few minutes ago. I did not want to endure such humiliation, so I moved forward. kill with this hand Chew and swallow. I longed for it so much.

However, before anyone knew it, Raizakia was stepping back. How can you be like that? It wasn’t that Eugene didn’t get hurt in the melee just now. Although Lyzakia died overwhelmingly, Eugene was also wounded.

look at that

It’s a full blown window.

The torn side is dyed red. The organs also protrude a little. Both arms swung around like crazy. Muscles and skin have already been torn, and broken bones sprout like thorns. The leg that made me move forward over and over again was broken to the point where I couldn’t even stand properly if it was normal.

Even so, Eugene does not stop. If Raizakia attacks, the attack is cut. If the barrier is opened, it will be completely destroyed. As much as Raizakia retreated, it continued to approach.

Breath. No matter how many times you shoot, the result is the same. I hurt him as much as I did, but I can’t kill him.

I could see her hair flying like fireworks. His eyes were shining like a madman.

Lyzakia felt fear at the sight. This isn’t fear. It was more of a fear than that. Raizakia staggered back and barely opened her mouth.

“… … you… … really… … Are you human?”

To Raizakia, humans are insignificant beings whose names are not even worth remembering. Humans are small, weak, and swarm like worms. like worms? No, humans are just worms.

But that human, Hamel, that, didn’t feel like a human at all. Raizakia could not regard that being as small, weak, and insignificant.

Every breath Eugene exhaled smelled of blood and death. Even at this moment, that monster is dying… … .

When? when will you die? so many wounds. It is not cured. That person has no regenerative power.

Pudeuk. A wound cut through the side. The intestines that leaked out were annoying. Eugene didn’t let go of the sword in his hand and thrust his intestines into the wound. His bleeding wounds were torn open and crushed with his hands, ripping off the skin.

Legs that were tattered and dragged. Every time I walked, I heard the sound of my bones breaking. Eugene did not walk by relying on his legs, but slightly raised his body. Both arms protruded from broken bones, but the bones collided with each other forcibly and were roughly fitted together.

It all seemed terrifying to Laizakia. Lizakia’s body was still faltering and backing him.


Eugene paused and let out a cracked voice.

“Don’t run away.”

escape… … ? It’s an insulting word. Raizakia could not burst into anger.

thump, thump, thump! Every time Eugene came closer, I heard a sound that I couldn’t believe was the sound of a body that was broken like that. It was the sound of a heart beating.

To Laizakia, the echo felt like the approaching steps of death.


I felt that death was very close, but it’s still okay. You can move and fight more. Eugene moved forward, ignoring her troubled mind and her eyesight being eaten by the red and black.

[…] … ! … … . … … !]

My head was already dizzy, but incomprehensible screams and begging kept bothering me.

it’s okay because Eugene grumbled aloud as if he wanted to be heard.

Actually it’s not okay. Anyone can see that. Bone broken limb. Legs can be moved instead with floating magic. Arms, for one thing, are holding a sword. Even the protruding bones were roughly fitted together.

Since the first aid wasn’t done properly, serious aftereffects may remain, but in a situation where you don’t know what your life will be like right now, are the aftereffects ‘later’ significant? Even the aftereffects would disappear if Christina and Anis slapped her on the back a few times.

flank wound. It split pretty deep. The intestines were pushed in and the affected area was touched, but the pain did not go away. But that, too, was insignificant. Because it wasn’t just the side that felt the pain.

Still, the body still works well. The flame did not go out. full of energy. can wield a sword Mana, which burns wildly, bursts out at will and tries to devour all of her, even if her Eugene doesn’t want it.

That’s why, especially if it’s not now. 1 minute 1 second is a waste of time. Eugene saw the young horror on Lyzakia’s face. Does that arrogant and crazy black dragon make that kind of expression when it’s afraid?

Because of the moonlight sword? Because it’s the sword of destruction? Or am I just afraid? I wasn’t particularly curious. On the contrary, Eugene found it difficult for Raizakia to make such an expression.

He was arrogant and crazy all the time, and he wanted people to be looked down upon as insignificant. Since her previous life, Eugene has killed countless demons and strong people.

The one who considers my existence special and superior. The more he is like that, the more he believes in his own strength and comes forward. He shows an arrogant gap because he firmly believes that he is unconditionally stronger than his opponent.

Such a guy is easy to hunt. Even if his own attack doesn’t work, and he is cornered by an opponent he despises. Either he dismisses it all as a mere coincidence, or he simply attacks with his eyes wide open in anger at the destruction of his pride.

Raisakia from earlier did so thankfully. But now, Rizakia’s face was filled with fear.

A guy like that is hard to hunt and annoying. It is because he abandons the arrogance of the strong and equips himself with the meanness of the weak.

Just look at it now Previously, she denied the feelings she felt and attacked her with a curse to protect her pride. She is not denying the feelings she feels now. She’s pulling back… … . she is trying to escape

“Don’t run away.”

Eugene sighed again. He was there to provoke Lizakia. He hoped that it would screech at the humiliation and defend his pride, just like before.

Was your voice low? Rizakia continues to pull back… … . No, it couldn’t have been smaller. Even if it was too small to hear, there was no way that the dragon, Raizakia, couldn’t hear it.

“Am I scary?”

Eugene twisted his bloody lips and smiled. At those words, Raizakia’s eyes fluttered and trembled.

“An old dragon that has lived for 1,000 years. The black dragon that was called the strongest. The first demon dragon among dragons to fall. You, who were called the Three Dukes of Helmud, the demonic realm, Raizakia. Are you frightened of me, a human who thought of you as an insignificant insect?”

Lyzakia couldn’t answer anything. He wanted to laugh and deny it, but because even at this moment, Lizakia was holding back.

“If you’re afraid of me, keep running away.”

The bloody smile twisted.


Raizakia screamed. Dark magic arose. It’s something that didn’t fit in the first place. Raizakia tried to deny all of that. His receding foot advanced forward.

Quadduk! The scales covering her arms changed first. Raizakia blocked Eugene’s advance by swinging her sharp-edged arm. Eugene did not dare to swing his sword at such an interruption. Knock out, knock out! Lightning mixed with the flame that covered Eugene’s body.

Dark lightning leaped over the obstacle in the way. It was a speed far beyond imagination. Raizakia was frightened and set up a defense barrier, but the holy sword and the moonlight sword completely cut through the defense. Just as the sword was about to touch, Raizakia jumped up.

The dragon magic that turns anything into magic.

-I think it’s funny to talk about the depth of magic to you, a dragon, but Rizakia. How to say, your words are a little… … Are you poor? Yes, I mean imagination. After all, it’s a dragon word, and it’s confined to the frame of magic.

A debauched and vulgar dreamer’s ridicule floated through my head.

There is nothing to see other than those handsome and great eyes. If they actually fight to kill each other, there’s no way they’ll lose to that dreamer. But what? It’s something that can’t interfere with reality, something that uses hypnosis.

Scales that neutralize most attacks and grow anew even when broken. immortality. Poison and breath that can destroy a country with one breath. A power superior to any other creature or being.

-In the end, you were terrified and betrayed your own people. The things I got from the fall were a suspension of life and… … Even if you swallowed Lord’s dragon heart, aren’t you dragons overflowing with mana in the first place? Is the rest just that mana has been turned into her magical power? Unfortunately, Raizakia. The power you gained from your fall is not so great compared to when you were a dragon. Rather, you have lost your integrity. To be the best of the three kingdoms on such a subject… … I’ll pretend I didn’t hear what you said.

I remembered the gaze that looked down without any joy.

A little guy for a while. Do you think that being called a ‘knife’ really means a knife? Not even a great being, but something like an insect that was born as a demon, parasitic to the demon king. A traitor after all? Do you think yours can override my power?


The ‘Demon King’ who always looked down from his throne.

The demon king who killed countless dragons without changing a single expression. Even though one of the dragons corrupted themselves and bowed their heads, the demon king of confinement remained indifferent without revealing his passion.

An ominous mass of unknown nature. Even though I tried to fight myself, I couldn’t even properly check his appearance. The Demon King of Destruction, who seems to have shaped the incomprehensible itself into reality.

For Raizakia, they were the only ones who were equal to her and could look down on her. If you have a fear of a being, that being… … .

“Huh… … !”

It was a piece of paper. A sword of certain length. However, the flames and moonlight that spewed out make the gap immeasurable. All of the thickly layered scales were cut off, but the neck was not blown off.

Cuts on the neck are meaningless. Even if your neck is blown off, you can play it as many times as you like. I didn’t want to be cut.

Even if you don’t die, the memory of the moment your throat is cut accumulates. fear builds up The moment your throat is cut, when the accident is cut off. I was afraid that I would never be able to open my eyes again.

Magic and flames collided. The moonlight cut the two merging forces in two. Lyzakia desperately resisted every attack that came upon her. He attacked Eugene. Geddon’s shield turned all attacks into empty space. Unable to block the attack, he boldly interfered and twisted it. Shallow wounds began to increase.

But it didn’t stop. The collision was not even. After getting entangled a few times, it was Lizakia who always backed off.

It was like that even now.

No, it was a little different. This time he couldn’t back down. The rampant slashes restricted their actions. The outstretched, swinging arm was hacked to pieces. The dragon’s scales, which should be harder than anything else in the world, were torn like paper.

little bit more.

Laizakia thought so. Lizakia saw Eugene through the broken scales and black blood.

bloody lips. Even at this moment, I am coughing up blood. The bones that had been inserted in both arms are protruding again. very little. With a little more attack, I should be able to completely sever those arms. Or that body can no longer fight and die.

little bit more.

Eugene thought so too. The scales continue to shear. Arms, legs, tail, mana, everything that got in the way was cut off.

It appears that the body is horribly disfigured. My arms are tattered, I can’t overcome my strength and I feel like I’m going to be ripped off. But strangely, there is no pain. At some point, Eugene became unable to feel pain. Is the mind that has been overworked broken, or is it made incapable of feeling pain in order not to be broken?

‘little bit more.’

Again, I thought. I drove that demon dragon, Raizakia, into a corner.

A little further ahead. One more step and he kills Raizakia. There is no such variable as before. Make no mistake. A dragon heart somewhere in that body. If that body, all, all, is cut down. if you break it Even if it’s a dragon heart, it will perish.

Then everything is over.


Blood spurted from Lyzakia’s mouth. The wound is deep. It cut her chest too deep.

Raizakia covered her chest with her hastily created tail. she was useless A series of slashes hacked at her tail. The shimmering flame draws closer and closer.

moonlight and fireworks. Pooh! Both of Raizakia’s hands, which she raised to block, flew backwards. —-Regeneration of the arm is delayed! Lizakia opened her mouth at her slash, which attacked her already cracked chest.

A breath that was fired like a squeeze. But it became a shield. The slash that was about to sever his chest was briefly blocked by the breath, and Ryzakia jumped up behind him, startled. Because he knew that his breath could not completely counteract that slash.


The slash, which had been interrupted for a very short time, completely tore off the breath. No, it wasn’t just the slash that broke the breath. An orb the size of a fist floated between the split breaths.

ㅡQuarrrr! The mana that was supposed to be scattered was rewound into the sphere. Eclipse. Raizakia did not know its name, but she knew the horrors of that sphere from having experienced it many times before.

recited the verb He bound his magical powers with a certain and strong will. Even Eclipse cannot entangle magic that is controlled and bound, not random magic. Clog up, tear up, break up, explode, disappear. Again and again, the left dragon generated magic.

Kwakjijik! Magic blocked Eclipse’s explosion. A jaded Lyzakia was blown up behind her by the lingering blast.

What kind of ugliness is this… … ! Raizakia barely raised her body. He didn’t even have time to vent his anger. There’s no way that monstrous bastard would miss this opportunity.

“… … ?”

but. Of course, the attack that was supposed to come over did not come. Neither the ominous light of destruction, nor the darkly burning flame, nor the hypocritical and brilliant light. nothing came close

“… … What?”

Raizakia staggered to her feet and looked ahead. where he shot his breath. Where Eclipse flew.

Eugene was lying there.

… … how… … what? Laizakia could not immediately understand and believe what she was seeing with her own eyes.

The human who attacked like that devil. A specter that should have died and disappeared 300 years ago. Why are you lying down like that?

Could it be that he is playing a trivial trick? Falling down like that, making this side careless… … Are you trying to attack it the moment it approaches? Maybe.

Lizakia glared at the fallen Eugene, swallowing a gulp.

… … sound.

the sound of a beating heart. Footsteps approaching death. That clear and loud sound… … I can barely hear it now. The sound was low, as if it would cut off at any moment… … .

“… … under… … .”

Lyzakia’s lips twitched and went up.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

It is exhausted. The power that humans couldn’t handle, that was so huge that it was unbelievable that it was a human being, was eventually turned off. Yeah, it should have been like that right away. A body that was so miserably ruined had to collapse like that right away. Lizakia shook her head and laughed maniacally.

that laugh too.

Even the screams inside the cloak.

Eugene’s ears couldn’t hear it right now. … … more. little bit more. Only the words I repeated countless times lingered in my head.

[Eugene-sama, Eugene-sama… … ! hey, wake up You have to get up… … !]

I think it was Mer’s voice, but I couldn’t understand the meaning.

Why is it so noisy? If I had known it would be like this, I would not have brought it. … … where is lyzakia? did you kill I think I almost killed him. really killing… … is it over?

‘… … Senya.’

Both bloody hands touched the ground.

when did you fall down? … … You mustn’t fall yet. However, the body did not move well. Blood doesn’t circulate well throughout the body… … No, because you shed too much blood? Because your limbs are rags? Is the core broken?

As Eugene tried to stand up, Lizakia, who had been laughing like crazy, also flinched. However, Eugene couldn’t stand up properly and sat down on the ground.

Raizakia twitched again and laughed. And she slowly began to approach Eugene.

‘I, I have to protect it.’

He is still connected to Eugene. I don’t know if it was in Acreon where I could use many things. Right now, there weren’t many battle magics that Mer could use with this connection.

I saw Raizakia approaching. Mer gasped and opened the slit in her cloak. Even if there was nothing she could do, she couldn’t let Lizakia keep coming.

really… … Really, just a little bit more. I wished it was No, it’s not over yet. If you hold out for a while, Eugene-sama will stand up again. Mer believed so.

Terrible and terrifying.

Dragon Fear attacked Mer’s body. It felt as if the body of the magical familiar was being torn to pieces. Even so, Mer did not let go of her consciousness. She tried desperately to get out of her cloak, resisting.

Something grabbed Mer’s wrist. Then, he pulled Mer back on his own accord.

It was Lymira. Her face was white, and her eyes were red from crying so much. Raimir Ah shook her head vigorously at Mer.

“What, what are you doing? Don’t stop me!”

“ah… … Can not be done. Yes, what can you do?”

At that, Mer tried to get angry, but before Mer could say anything, Lymyra crawled out of the gap in the cloak.

“Hey… … Hick… … .”

The first thing Lymira smelled after coming out of her cloak was the strong smell of blood. Covered in her blood, she saw Eugene’s broken figure.

Lymilia swallowed the scream by covering her mouth. And he staggered to his feet.

I wanted to check the wounds and do something. But Raimirah knew full well that now she wasn’t supposed to be doing anything like that.

She turned to the source of her maddening fear.

“Oh oh… … Oh, oh, long time no see… … is, ah… … Father, no, no… … . Black Dragon… … .”

Raimirah tried to smile somehow. But her lips didn’t move as she thought. All I could do was squeeze her voice out.

ㅡMy head hurts. It was as if the ruby ​​stuck in the middle of her forehead was crushing the brain in her head.

I couldn’t stand up at all. Raimirah sat down in her seat, cupping her head with both hands. But he didn’t close his eyes. She didn’t drop or turn her head.

Raimirah saw Lyzakia approaching this way while shedding tears of pain and fear.

“please… … My, please, Black Dragon. this… … Can’t you save this human… … ? This human can no longer threaten Black Dragon… … .”


Raizakia’s pupils curved like crescent moons. That smile did not reassure Raimirah. Rather, her body trembled more and more strongly.

“yes… … Yes, this is Lymira… … . Heh, Black Dragon’s only blood relative… … Me, while Black Dragon was away… … Choi… … Choi Choi, I did my best to protect the Yongma Castle… … . and… … And, Black Dragon, Dada Da, to save you… … come here this person… … This human… … Boo, couple, please, look at me and save my life… … . Zeze, let me brand myself, stamp, enslave… … .”

“Come here.”

Raizakia smiled and raised her hand.

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